mahpete_: sup chat
SquareDotCube: ooh, a shed that contains soul bees that gather wild magic
Metric_Furlong: gnome_friend one would hope it's the shed -putting your soul in a living creature is not a smart plan
gnome_friend: Oh yeah, doubly-ensouled bees sound like a problem
Metric_Furlong: especally not bees, which have a pretty short lifespan
gnome_friend: So then an ooze shouldn't cause too many problems, right?
SquareDotCube: I mean, for being a lich, you'd think being able to transform your soul into something is a capable power to gain
Metric_Furlong: gnome_friend again, depends on how it interacts with the bees
mahpete_: first time tuning in for jackbox, I assume the chat interaction should be relatively straightforward?
ky0dar: Something something Wow Wow reference
r10pez10: yeah very straightforward :)
gnome_friend: @Metric_Furlong If the soul is stored in the shed, how do the bees affect it?
ky0dar: break it out before you get bees
FifthAbyss: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
r10pez10: usually invoilves going to a site and entering a room code on whatever device you have handy
Metric_Furlong: gnome_friend ah, that's the question, isn't it?
Juliamon: Codes will be shared for the normal audience participation things.
gnome_friend: Indeed
mahpete_: cool, thanks!
FifthAbyss: nice, Jackbox Hype
SquareDotCube: because what kind of adventurous group is not going to expect an angry swarm of etheral bees behind a locked door?
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PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! PrideWave
Metric_Furlong: what are the effects of bees on a soul that's been seperated through dark magic (and vice versa)?
SquareDotCube: Bees that could set you aflame in your skin through their stings!
Metric_Furlong: one of the many important questions fantasy zoology has failed to answer
Joalni: Thanks for the KPOPfan @sydnius
Calaban161: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (31s from now).
DeM0nFiRe is continuing the Gift Sub they got from HealsWithBeard!
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (29s ago).
InquisitorGaia: anybody else tired all the time lately?
gnome_friend: If I ever DM, I'm going to put in a rust-proof bee shed lich
Pteraspidomorphi: Excited for pack 7. Who's participating?
DiscordianTokkan: @InquisitorGaia yarp
Coolhand2: G'evening everyone!
mochabeanie: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
gnome_friend: !pani
gnome_friend: !panic
DoodlestheGreat: In the audience? Me. It the stream? No clue.
agentsmithradio: !findquote box
LRRbot: Quote #2471: "This is a box of lies! A box of poop! A box of lying poop!" —Paul [2016-05-09]
DiscordianTokkan: Soon™
Metric_Furlong: (up there with "Can chimera surivive on just the things the goat head would eat?")
flatluigi: snoo
InquisitorGaia: good to know im not alone then @DiscordianTokkan
ihlendrax: !adult
drfox17: jpwdu cjat
Pteraspidomorphi: In the stream, yes :D
JaysonMaxwell: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: another box
drfox17: *howdy chat
Metric_Furlong: InquisitorGaia yea, but then I am an isomniac so that's pretty normal for me
DiscordianTokkan: Everyone's phones charged up? Ready to go particupate at ?
JaysonMaxwell: PrideWave @drfox17 ~ thanks for the translation :P
NightValien28: drfox17 sup
mowdownjoe: ¡next
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Narcuru: Wooo!
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mowdownjoe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
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TehAmelie: my desktop is in good order, but i may fall asleep at any moment. slept like six hours in the last two days
agentsmithradio: I found that my group loves Devils and the Details. I don't think that it will show up on stream too well though.
InquisitorGaia: @Metric_Furlong sorry dude, i hear insomnia is a b
LeeshaJoy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
AWildTransgirlAppeared: @TehAmelie Sorry to hear that =(
DiscordianTokkan: It's normal for Jackbox streams to start a bit late, due to the wrangling of Discord, Jackbox, webcameras... Everything's Fine
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
Meyari: Thanks for the KPOPdance @snackpak_
theleerm: good evening yall
Juliamon: agentsmithradio We actually forewarned LRR about it so they may have looked into ways to make it streamable
Metric_Furlong: InquisitorGaia it's not something I'd recommend to people, if I'm honest
damascus_crowe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
agentsmithradio: @Juliamon Excellent! I can think of ways to do it technically, I just hope that it isn't a big nightmare for Paul to handle.
ky0dar: ive just been watching DB vods of the room being subjected to Neil Cicierega. There is joy in the world. :)
TehAmelie: i'm sure if there was a job too big for Paul, he'd know that upon first look
quasi79fu: best game ive seen of this new jackbox pack is Blather point...or something like that wehre they make a speech while another player controls the images and text they are talking about
gnome_friend: I'm looking forward to Desert Bus so much
chickenace11: I hope they play party pack 7 because in my opinion all of the games are soo good
thesurfaceofthemoon: "Subjected to" read: "Graced with"
djalternative: all they need to do is have someone playing in a browser and capturing it
3cbb: "being subjected to neil c" implies that there is something bad about it
3cbb: rather than being a transcendent experience
Juliamon: That's the plan chickenace11
SergeYager: You don't even know what you're missing right now.
SergeYager: It's gold.
agentsmithradio: @TehAmelie The screen itself isn't important for the game, it's really just a scoreboard/progress meter. You'd need to just have an overlay of Graham's (or someone else's) screen from, preferably through PC brwoser.
quasi79fu: Hi Serge
Loonatic93: Neil C implies a Neil A and B.
gnome_friend: lrrSERGE
SergeYager: Ben sang a song. Nelson had a bagel.
quasi79fu: Or is this Snerge?
ky0dar: I mean, the one of Alex finding out it's not the friends theme, but a Neil C song is amazing.
chickenace11: Blather point is a good one but there is one where you have to get somebody to guess something from random sceneces you form
SergeYager: We laughed, we cried.
Naarius: Why does the Serge teases us?
DaSunao: Serge, why would you let us know!
damn_i_am_pretty: @SergeYager don't give away the secret sauce!
coachNelly: almost there
ky0dar: It's like his OS just crashed
coachNelly: stay on target
Metric_Furlong: ky0dar yeah, that was a fun one
DiscordianTokkan: I need to relisten to Mouth Dreams againagain. It's so goooood
gnome_friend: @coachNelly how was your bagel?
Pteraspidomorphi: What was the song Ben sang?
coachNelly: stay on target
Manae: but did you eat snail pie?
DiscordianTokkan: I'm Just a Baby
Metric_Furlong: DiscordianTokkan right?
Narcuru: weird, I cant show my gift subs badge.
coachNelly: it was yummy
InquisitorGaia: @Metric_Furlong i would assume so, ive got an irl homie with insomnia and hes either always tired or smokes so much weed he goes into a stupor sleep
Naarius: What kind of bagel?
ky0dar: I think my favourites are My Mouth and Closerflies @DiscordianTokkan
RandomTrivia: Oh hi Nelly! lrrHEART
chickenace11: Hey SergeYager I bought something from humble bundle as soon as you went offline so I'm not sure you got the notification about it
Bengineering: benginHeck
3cbb: i thought dreams didn't have as many standout songs that i want to listen to repeatedly as the first three
CommiePuddin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (7m ago).
RandomTrivia: And a Serge too! sergeHeart
3cbb: it's still good just doesn't have the same energy
Faulpyr: Did I pop in while people were talking about Mouth Dreams?!
RandomTrivia: And Ben! benginHeart
Metric_Furlong: DiscordianTokkan the 'bells' thing shouldn't still be getting me as much as it does, but it is
TheWooglie: Narcuru if it's been a month since you last gifted they take it away
ky0dar: I feel like Dreams is more of an album, than a collection of songs.
Faulpyr: Closerflies is lit!
ky0dar: OMG
ky0dar: Bells.
DiscordianTokkan: Yeaaaah
3cbb: yeah i agree with that @ky0dar
Faulpyr: Bells.
ky0dar: i forgot bells.
ky0dar: *dies*
mahpete_: still need to listen to dreams
thavleifrim: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (7m ago).
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damascus_crowe: 35 months!
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MacabreAurora: You've had too much wine...
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: beefy jeefy
NimrodXIV: Thanks for the KPOPheart @damascus_crowe
gnome_friend: NO
Narcuru: @TheWooglie ahhh that explains it. It's been a long time since i've been abel to catch a live stream
gnome_friend: LRRbot pls
serramarkov: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @damascus_crowe!
gualdhar: broxhOra broxhOra broxhOra broxhOra broxhOra
ky0dar: that song just kills me
agentsmithradio: TV says donuts are high in fat, kazoo. Found a hobo in my room. It's Princess Leia, the yodel of life, now give my sweater back or I'll play the guitar.
Faulpyr: For all of the mouth albums, I like to listen to them completely from beginning to end.
3cbb: i will absolutely say that superkiller murdered me the first time i heard it
Narcuru: thanks!
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chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive LuvGift PrideTake PrideWingR
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Metric_Furlong: ky0dar yeah, I'd agree
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the KPOPheart @chatstone
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play games together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (8m ago).
Faulpyr: It opens really strong with Spongerock.
Faulpyr: You hear that and you're like. Oh, I'm in for a time.
agentsmithradio: !findquote devil
LRRbot: Quote #4288: "Even the devil has standards!" —Kathleen [2017-06-24]
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: Sponge bob Sponge bob Squarepants laraClap laraClap laraClap
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narset6691: 31 months! wow so many
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LordZarano: NeilCic said in his launch party on twitch that he didn't think it was as good as his previous ones
Metric_Furlong: Faulpyr it truly is a world of doors
3cbb: see i thought spongerock was one of the worst songs
Faulpyr: Doors that lead to doors.
Poggifers_LRR: jlrrIcream jlrrIcream jlrrIcream
ky0dar: Dreams just has that flow where i like to just listen to it all. As opposed to just, putting on random songs
thesurfaceofthemoon: !findquote existential
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
FacelessManAboutTown: !findquote butts
quasi79fu: anybody want a weird cat is hiding in a paper bage and wont come out Roflmao
Coolhand2: !findquote ice-cream
agentsmithradio: @thesurfaceofthemoon That's weird, I'd figure there'd be at least 70 quotes from Cam under "existential."
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: !butts
asthanius: !findquote life
LRRbot: Quote #2970: "Yes, I dated Joe Namath. 93 to 94. Happiest years of my life." —James [2016-07-13]
thesurfaceofthemoon: @agentsmithradio i know right?
theovenbird: !findquote signal
gnome_friend: lrrSIGNAL
Faulpyr: Spongerock isn't my favorite on the album, and is probably on the weaker side... but I think it sets up the album well.
Naarius: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
quasi79fu: I even tried bribing him to comeout of the paper bag..nope he likes it in the paper bage
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Metric_Furlong: signal
DaSunao: !findquote doom
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LarkSachrosis: lrrSIGNAL
agentsmithradio: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
mahpete_: lrrsignal
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pjmelbourne: ayyy
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Coolhand2: !findquote icecream
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
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theovenbird: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
narset6691: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
mahpete_: lrrSIGNAL
mahpete_: ah
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LordZarano: I listened to My Mouth on repeat the other day. It's SO GOOD
Riandisa: xivCactuar xivCactuar xivCactuar
damn_i_am_pretty: It is Time once more! Light the beacons! For Gondor!
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
jessieimproved: big energy bgc for jackbox hype
TehAmelie: were doing it, were makin it hapen
ky0dar: as someone whos been back on the David Byrne, Superkiller was a nice surprise
dangerous_safety: lrrSIGNAL_WH
gnome_friend: @TehAmelie I warned you about the stairs
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNALLet's GOOOOO!
asthanius: Time for JokeBox
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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DiscordianTokkan: @quasi79fu Yessss. Bagcattes are the best. My past cat used to, no lie, steal paper grocery bags and arrange them in a circle in a high-foot traffic area of the house. So he'd jump out of one, bat our feet a bit, and dive into another. He was a mad genius.
Faulpyr: I'm reaaaaally partial to 10,000 Spoons.
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GhostValv: 30 months. that's like a year!
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Faulpyr: That's probably my fave
lord_wertornion: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
mechmagic: Thanks for the KPOPfan @ghostvalv
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mechmagic: Woo!!!
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JaysonMaxwell: !findquote soon
LRRbot: Quote #4365: "'USB WHY???' 'That's not out yet, but soon. USB Y is coming, I'm sure.'" —Dandygeek and Paul [2017-09-18]
TehAmelie: ohno not the stairs
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Nigouki: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!
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ChaoticObserver: Woo Hoo
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Brozard: 23 months? That's almost two years! rytronScrem
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gnome_friend: BOX BOX BOX
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LordZarano: jlrrCooltunes
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TheWooglie: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @brozard
ky0dar: its weird that "The trials of MAN" plays when i'm listening to "The Spirit of Man"
rogerivany: Yay. Not late.
AshBurnem: Thanks for the KPOPlove @nigouki
DiscordianTokkan: cheer300 I haven't seen any JBPP7 beyond Quiplash 3, so I'm HYPE
DiscordianTokkan's Cheer shared rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Mysticman89: ooo a strim
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agentsmithradio: Thanks for the KPOPlove @chaoticobserver
asthanius: Thanks for the KPOPglow @playmaster500
FacelessManAboutTown: juzBanger
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themlin: almost a sub baby! naming them Beej
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randomletters5: hi
ky0dar: i have 5 ads? 5???
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InsaneVioletMage: Thanks for the KPOPdance @playmaster500
mowdownjoe: Hooray for new Jacky!
FacelessManAboutTown: lrrBEEJ
Garfman314: i have 9 ads
lirazel64: Wheeeee
forestfieldforestfield: lrrSIGNAL
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MegaDosX: Jackbox hype!
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: Jackbox hype. and i'm in a capacity to fully enjoy it live Woo
fastlane250: oh guess i got in before the notification
ky0dar: well, now i have no ads
MTBoot: LRR music always gives me big Mega Man vibes and I am 100% into that.
Narcuru: :D
Metric_Furlong: ky0dar congratulations
ky0dar: Thank you for gift subs.
agentsmithradio: !findquote box
LRRbot: Quote #22: "I don't *open* boxes. I smash them into tiny bits." —Graham [2015-02-27]
MacabreAurora: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @ashen_prime
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benv0li0: good to see y'all
TheWanderingNomad: I thought it had gotten cancled since it wasn't on the schedule
fuzzy_died: Thanks for the KPOPfan @theovenbird
gnome_friend: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always encouraged.
ky0dar: Covid unemployment sucks
TheOneCalledStu: Thanks for the KPOPdance @ghostvalv
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DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
Metric_Furlong: well, I'm up too late but, eh, screw it, let's open the part pack
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Metric_Furlong: @Dog_of_Myth Thanks for the gift sub!
TheOneCalledStu: protonAlert protonAlert lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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Squiidd_pope: 58 months? thats...... quite a bit of time honestly
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SultaiDiva: 7 months, that’s a long time considering we are still in March?
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MAPBoardgames: Mario Party, Gang beasts, Minecraft
AshBurnem: Thanks for the KPOPfan @ard_rhys
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TehAmelie: look on the bright side, you're not on the worst date ever
ChaoticObserver: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @squiidd_pope
MacabreAurora: Thanks for the KPOPheart @gophersaurus
sharkfinnigan: Thanks for the KPOPglow @gophersaurus
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rhade7: Stream crossing hype!
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benv0li0: So many nifty people
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agentsmithradio: I'm hungry after the treadmill. It's time for a lrrDILLY!
Poggifers_LRR: Thanks for the KPOPTT @squiidd_pope
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BrainBetter: Another month of LRR!
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quasi79fu: the drawing of champions game is interesting for party pack seven
Dog_of_Myth: And so it begins....
jessieimproved: I've never heard this track, it slaps
quasi79fu: its go time
agentsmithradio: !findquote slap
LRRbot: Quote #5485: "An MIT slap fight is what happens when two people in Klingon cosplay collide on their segways." —Cameron [2018-11-08]
themlin: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
PharaohBender27: SOON(tm)
quasi79fu: where we going?
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amative1: 85 months, how time flies when March has over 200 days...
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GhostValv: seabatTROG
NarishmaReborn: Are we playing Go?
Metric_Furlong: only thing I know about this pack is that it's got a bit of a 'claymation' aesthetic
Mysticman89: we going to see what jack has cooked up for us
Diabore: when is go?
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote go
LRRbot: Quote #5974: "We've already established that if I die I just keep going." —James [2019-04-06]
mowdownjoe: Let's rock!
DiscordianTokkan: It is Go Time, friends
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Gophersaurus: they're heeeeeeere
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu To cross some streams! Also, ahoy-hoy, long time no see!
FarrinDelmirre: Go time? Heck yeah
agentsmithradio: lrrHORN
theovenbird: woo
quasi79fu: i hope Jack is a good cook
DiscordianTokkan: I'll go with Black stones
Diabore: now is go!
VmKid: SourPls
dangerous_safety: lrrHEART_PM lrrHEART_PM
quasi79fu: hi Pharoah been busy this month
RechargeableFrenchman: Oh perfect timing
Alahmnat: I will never get tired of this intro
Mysticman89: oh, instead of jackbox they're going to play Go. never did learn how that game works
chickenace11: twitch please work
Anstu: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
LordZarano: Is this the best intro?
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Poggifers_LRR: @Dog_of_Myth I would like to learn more about this myth you come from , how does one do so ?
agentsmithradio: This intro is still boss.
RechargeableFrenchman: 15 minutes late to a LRR stream is exactly when I needed to arrive anyway lmao
Nigouki: it is time for shenanigans
quasi79fu: How does the game Go work
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MarsIsDead: Why did I just get 7 ads in a row?
AnAnonymousCheerer's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
AshBurnem: lrrHAM_PM
ky0dar: @LordZarano I say Rhythm Cafe
TheWooglie: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @AnAnonymousCheerer
Stoffern: hello!
4dSwissCheese: Always a good time for shenanigans
jessieimproved: wheeeeeee
Diabore: bens hiding?
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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drfox17: We don't talk about the rule associated with this month ;)
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amative1: Uh... Ben?
quasi79fu: hi Kathleen
Anstu: benginHi
DoodlestheGreat: HAIIIIIII!
TehAmelie: hello!
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
A_Dub888: Am Ben OK?
chickenace11: oh goodie
RechargeableFrenchman: Ben Ulmer being cheeky I see
mowdownjoe: Thanks for the gift sub!
thatladyinplaid: Hubs gets mad if he misses the intro.
SpookySpaghooti: BEN
ky0dar: But then the Rhythm Cafe theme is a happy place.
BusTed: Wait for the dramatic reveal.
PharaohBender27: We can still see you, lrrBEN !
kumatsu: I'm sure you're wondering why Ben's brought you here today
monakai: Woo!
quasi79fu: and a dead body in the lower right?
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SkylerRingtail: Nice.
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MTBoot: Ben dead? D:
patbaer: Ben loves to make an entrance
NavelWarfare: Super villain Ulmer?
narset6691: is ben ok?!
Rekcus: izelduPOG izelduLove
YakkersHoungan221B: Ben just blair-witching down there
Metric_Furlong: the same zroom
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @drfox17
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Hype! lrrHORN
quasi79fu: I think Ben is dead?
quietcat: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @skylerringtail
TheAinMAP: Ben?
chickenace11: This is the best pack all of the games are bangers
mowdownjoe: Beb?
Calaban161: so you could say they have the Zoomies?
CyberColossus: heyyyy chat
NightValien28: zroom
cgwonder: oooooh new stuff? how exciting!
ChaoticObserver: KPOPselfie lrrHORN
LordZarano: @ky0dar Bonus stream is beautifully simple too
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aussz: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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jessieimproved: Ben, come out this instant young man
JoomaTWF: Thanks for the KPOPglow @skylerringtail
lordling1: hello
TheNerdWonder: I see they’ve killed Ben early to save time
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Kumakaori: twitxh troed to show me an 8 pack of ads over the intro. wtf twitch
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drfox17: i assume ben is petting a cat or a snake
quasi79fu: Ben felll asleeep?
BusTed: Allow him to ask why he brought us here this evening.
CommiePuddin: Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube Beej?
gnome_friend: SUSAN!
TamesLovesGames: Ermagherd Jorkborx
PharaohBender27: ShowLove300
monakai: We did this.
agentsmithradio: Ben is doing one heck of a joke setup here.
PharaohBender27's Cheer shared rewards to 3 others in Chat!
DoodlestheGreat: I believe Kathleen's sound is a second ahead of her video.
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monosceros: did Wheeler eat Ben
cgwonder: ben fell asleep in his streaming chair again
MTBoot: DEAD BEN, itrhiCursed stream /o\
Kramburger: I can't believe Ben died
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Ard_Rhys: who murdered Ben?
flouncy_magooo: Ben is dead in Electrical
01thorin01: cheer1000
ratzgobbler: Is the guest star tonight Gnoggin?
01thorin01's Cheer shared rewards to 25 others in Chat!
DaSunao: Thanks for the KPOPheart @zombiekira
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SourceQuench: 32 months? That's almost since April 2020!
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quietcat: Thanks for the KPOPglow @01thorin01
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pyrehand: Glad to be back!
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quasi79fu: Ben is dead
NightValien28: excuse you, its paying suckers
flatluigi: we can't hear the music
YakkersHoungan221B: Ben-feld
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Alahmnat: Benfeld
ladylinzington: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @pyrehand
Mysticman89: is beej hearing music the rest of us aren't?
quasi79fu: Omg its BEnnnnn
RandomTrivia: Amazing
TehAmelie: it's Dr Claw! no wait
amative1: Ernst Stavro Bengineering
A_Dub888: Benjamin Blofeld Ulmer
MegaDosX: Like a well-oiled machine
drfox17: Kathleen has been watching along with FRWL i guess
Brozard: Is Ben actually Adam tonight?
quasi79fu: Ben is ALiiiive
IgnisDeus: timing yo
Loonatic93: He can Blow my feld anytime!
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jessieimproved: this is amazingly awkward in the most adorable way possible
CommiePuddin: Ben say "I'll get you, Gadget!"
Easilycrazyhat: lewd
chickenace11: Well butts it looks like I'm going to have to catch the Vod because Twitch is being such a Butt
thmanwithnoname: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @01thorin01
ky0dar: He'll buy us a delicatessen. IN STAINLESS STEEL!
TamesLovesGames: Blofeld LUL
lordling1: Necromancy!
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djangoman11: You all have been so amazing in these trying times, its made moving to a new city alone so much easier.
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DoodlestheGreat: Can't be Blofeld, no cat.
NightValien28: good pay off
Radyin: I'm looking forward to the PowerPoint game.
Diabore: tbph, i probably would left ben to last just to see the reaction
RandomTrivia: OMG Ian
BloodForTheCorelab: I've never jacked a spud before but here we are
gredgredmansson: Hi I'm back, was off filling out Nicknames
dangerous_safety: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the Hatchet Men from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2
YakkersHoungan221B: I was gonna make a Bond joke... have that on the mind lately
RealGamerCow: Ian, are you okay?
gnome_friend: !findquote ox
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
GhostValv: :O
mowdownjoe: Ben has always been Spectre!
YakkersHoungan221B: but she do it for me
RechargeableFrenchman: Wheeler please
gredgredmansson: I thought that was going in a different direction, Wheeler
Ivalenz_: Professionals.
TehAmelie: look, keeping 8 people alive concurrently is a tall order
chickenace11: Blofeld would have been scarier with a snake
MTBoot: Disaster, I love it.
jessieimproved: best. intro. evar.
DiscordianTokkan: Those are good oxen, Wheeler
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
A_Dub888: !card yoked ox
LRRbot: Yoked Ox [W] | Creature — Ox [0/4]
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doomlimit: LRR Jackbox Party Times is one of my favorite times.
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Foxmar320: Hello
quasi79fu: Oh gahd this sstream went insane fassst
cgwonder: ian has... a thing
Phosphatide: looks like you guys blewfeld the timing there
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monakai: I'm getting motion sick.
Pteraspidomorphi: Please do this again
serramarkov: Cool thing, Ian!
ratzgobbler: Wheeler. save the good shit for mid-stream you fuckin animal!
InsaneMuadib: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
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KingOfDoma: jackbooooooooox! have fun tonight, guys!
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Diabore: beej is infecting everyone
MTBoot: itrhiLUL
damn_i_am_pretty: :o
LinearGif: Y'all have such a beautiful awkward energy
asthanius: No game audio
drfox17: @YakkersHoungan221B that joke scared The Living Daylights out of me
Nigouki: why did Ian decapitate Danboard
gredgredmansson: WHAAAAAAAT
ChaoticObserver: Levels of professionalism is off the charts
sir_jack_DB: the hot newness
RealGamerCow: Long haired Matt is so different
Questhere: no game sound?
TheNerdWonder: Professional what?
Pteraspidomorphi: Quiplash at the beginning? What's this madness?
TheWooglie: no sound
gredgredmansson: QUIPLASH AT THE START?
RechargeableFrenchman: No game audio on stream
sdooweloc314: game sound
themlin: here comes chaos
mahpete_: game sound?
HavenJunde: game quiet
CaptainSpam: Game needs more sound?
Radyin: Game audio please?
TheOneCalledStu: no game audio
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cgwonder: no game sound
amative1: Wait, STARTING with Quiplash!?
LeeshaJoy: no game audio
CommiePuddin: game sound!!!
MTBoot: very crisp, very clean.
IgnisDeus: Game sound no hear
InsaneMuadib: no game audio
mowdownjoe: Not saving for the end? Cool.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 36 months!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I've watched lots of these shows, never seen the jackin-the-box. How long you gotta crank it until it pops?
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gredgredmansson: WE can't hear the game
empyreon: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @kitsumekajime
Alahmnat: yeah the awesthetic on this version is pretty cool
DiscordianTokkan: Bingo game audio
agentsmithradio: I hate the circus music theme in Jackbox 3, the silence is a saving grace.
YakkersHoungan221B: brb listening to Neverhood soundtrack
InsaneMuadib: fixed
Diabore: there we go
RechargeableFrenchman: There is now game audio
CommiePuddin: dere it is!
gredgredmansson: THERRRRE IT IS
Alahmnat: *aesthetic
DiscordianTokkan: There we go
MikoKisai: much better
TheWooglie: fixed
Robot_Bones: its the new fall guys
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GaelanS: game audio here
Stoffern: there we are
Mollylele: If they play that Powerpoint game without me we're fighting.
gredgredmansson: HI SCHMITTY
r10pez10: game audio is live thanks
IgnisDeus: there it is
LeeshaJoy: here we go
DoodlestheGreat: There we go.
drfox17: xiof, the alternate form of xion
mowdownjoe: There's the audio.
SpoonfullOfSugar: so then original quiplash would be: old and busted"...what then is quiplash 2?
patbaer: thank you
CommiePuddin: But we missed the music. lrrAWW
lady_olynder: there is absolutely game audio
cgwonder: there is now
VmKid: Oh hello, Schmitty
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Drasvin: Box those Jacks!
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chickenace11: Nobody picked the poop?
YakkersHoungan221B: @drfox17 bitterAyy
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Ritaspirithntr subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 10 months!
Ritaspirithntr: WOOO!!!! Jack box!!!
Lord_ZYRK: Hey, Ben's mooning us D:
PharaohBender27: Beej plz
jessieimproved subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 13 months!
jessieimproved: Jackbox!
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A_Dub888: !findquote meyers
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
JadedCynic: yeah, apparently the final quiplash isn't such a letdown this time (I mean it's good, but compared to the expectations built during the game, it's just....fine)
MegaDosX: Oh boy, Paul's got the thing going so we know who's talking, neat
TehAmelie: we're jackbox like a FOIX
gredgredmansson: Oh hey, new avatars
CaptainSpam: Ah, I see motion sickness prevention mode is on. A fair choice.
r10pez10: claymation is an interesting choice
MTBoot: Nice stormcount
Juliamon: what, no kitty avatar?
JadedCynic: *the previous ones' final
Calaban161: shock it is the same question
NarishmaReborn: with words, serge
TheWooglie: Be funny
CommiePuddin: You became a ball
gredgredmansson: Moon, Cactus, and Rain
TehAmelie: well, a backwards foix
Tidom_Kamf: Remember Serge there are no wrong answers for this test
Drasvin: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a live cat
Dread_Pirate_Westley: With word, Serge. With words.
themlin: !stormcount
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 69 (new subscribers: 5, returning subscribers: 64, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 1600, new followers: 12
Sheikun07: !venga
LRRbot: Come on, ride the Bus, hey, ride it
Ard_Rhys: I like the new music
Fantusta: silly told me to wait for them to finish their tasks but this isn't Among Us
quasi79fu: Im scared is that a butthole?
Nigouki: this music is effing great
sir_jack_DB: look at Ian's name xD
GaelanS: Kathleen has quipped, now we must lash
KingOfDoma: Why does Wheeler's icon look depressed?
Mollylele: "This is not a good question" is the coward's out. 'Tis a poor craftsman who blames their tools.
Juliamon: no LRRbot, there SPECIFICALLY isn't a cat
Lord_ZYRK: Tidom_Kamf don't say that or he'll take it as a challenge Kappa
Foxmar320: I love the clay
korvys: Love the claymation
MegaDosX: It's the LRR hivemind
gnome_friend: !quote Molly
LRRbot: Quote #3829: "It's like she sweded what the inside of a duck vagina looks like." —Molly Lewis [2017-01-09]
JadedCynic: and it IS getting bigger...
SpookySpaghooti: The Roil
A_Dub888: Heh "Duties"
agentsmithradio: The Link
ky0dar: The Great Link?
jonnykefka: OOOORRRRRBBB wait wrong stream
chesul: the great link!
NarishmaReborn: the great link
RechargeableFrenchman: Oh good, Bengineering keeping Cori here in spirit as The Banana
Darth_Litigious: The Great Link
DiscordianTokkan: The Great Link
damn_i_am_pretty: Great Link
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu I think it's some sort of ball above a whirlpool?
JadedCynic: The great link
narset6691: the great link kathleen
control_rig: The Great Link
YakkersHoungan221B: Get glumped into the singularity
DoodlestheGreat: Agglutinate?
Mr_Whyt: the great link
drfox17: Ian why
IgnisDeus: ball orgy?
LinearGif: the really good hookup
ratzgobbler: Whirling Meld is a magic card that I need to play
elah806: Isn't that Sense8 Kathleen?
themlin: happy fun ball!
agentsmithradio: Wow, the DS9 fanbase here is strong!
lordling1: nooooo ben
TotallyNotaBeholder: !card Whirling Meld
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
BrindleBoar: Mood.
GreayStone: odo's people !
drfox17: that's what... he said?
TehAmelie: this looks like Clay Fighter stage select
RechargeableFrenchman: Five for sure
SourceQuench: Whirling Meld is the name of my Ozric Tentacles cover band.
DiscordianTokkan: All of the Changelings want to become all up in every other changling
IbunWest: cliffLove good evening lrrsmn and char.
jordorowsky: Sisko is best captain
JaysonMaxwell: ysbrydPunjail
asthanius: Calling it now: Second one's Matt
gredgredmansson: "There is a planet named after you. What is in the core?"
Alahmnat: Serge...
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MTBoot: I feel like one of those is an Ian answer
fastlane250: Iron Y
flatluigi: talky borders!
ratzgobbler: Right is WHeeler
jordorowsky subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 42 months!
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Arclight_Dynamo: Serge streamed for seven hours earlier today. Cut him some slack. :D
themlin: well we know Serge is on the left
SpookySpaghooti: Oh no
LinearGif: It's a strange premise
Ukon_Cairns: NICE
m_logan2000: The planet "Serge Yager"
DiscordianTokkan: Serge got 9 audience tho
monakai: Old Jackbox score or New Jackbox score?
mahpete_: 68%. not nice
DiscordianTokkan: *69
Snowcookies: lol Serge
gredgredmansson: That's they can
ratzgobbler: Planet Serge is just full of Hets fucking in cars
quasi79fu: thats they?
TehAmelie: i like the misspelled one. looks like what a dog might write
BusTed: i yam what i yam
amative1: akekekekek
empyreon: Thanks for the KPOPTT @jordorowsky
cgwonder: always vote for the typo
TehAmelie: shame fridge!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'd be down for a Popeye Sonic cross over
LeeshaJoy: What's unappetizing about "leftovers"?
TehAmelie: new word accepted
virre_: I see you know how my fridge looks
Diabore: im on that double down energy
Foxmar320: I would have went with "disapointment"
Alahmnat: the prompt said *more* appetizing...
TheWooglie: cgwonder I do the opposite
LinearGif: you mean you don't call them eat-em-agains?
mowdownjoe: Shame tickets for shame fridge
Paranundrox subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 62 months, currently on a 62 month streak!
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Lord_ZYRK: nice
ratzgobbler: Beej I know that challenge and have yet to lose
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
Diabore: 69%!
MegaDosX: I really liked Fridge of Shame
CaptainSpam: You should be able to do so, yeah. Hitting ESC should get that option, I think.
PharaohBender27: katesNice vote there
control_rig: I kinda agree, the carnival music is starting to get grating
MTBoot: More birthdays!
JadedCynic: @LeeshaJoy the name itself - left OVER, stuff you didn't want the first time? Usually I LOVE 'seconds' :)
xythrogar: aw i missed the start!
r10pez10: reeses peaces holy hell
Sheikun07: Gravity Falls!
sir_jack_DB: infinipizza
RandomTrivia: EZ Slam Dunk
HadesLeprechaun: reeses' peaces is good
gregoryvanmerrsquerr subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 4 months!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, gregoryvanmerrsquerr! (Today's storm count: 73)
BusTed: Does that mean no crust?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> After a few weeks off, @jackboxgames returns to the channel! | Join the LoadingReadyRun crew for an evening of all sorts of shenanigans, friendship and jokes! | ||
RechargeableFrenchman: Misspelled Reese's Pieces lol
gredgredmansson: Gravity Falls!
quasi79fu: peaces?
stupidforgames subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 6 months!
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themlin: bad pun
DiscordianTokkan: Moebius Slice
mowdownjoe: I'm hungry now
damn_i_am_pretty: Thanks for the KPOPfan @gregoryvanmerrsquerr
KaleidoscopeMind: world piece.
mahpete_: @SydPreviouslyHeadache would Popeye Sonic slashfic be acceptable?
TehAmelie: i know there is an infinite pizza "box" SCP
DiscordianTokkan: The Calzone of Shame
DaSunao: I heard someone say WAP.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: This answer should have been more lewd.
CaptainSpam: Oh, wait, no, hitting ESC here just gives the quit menu. Never mind me.
frozenphoenix7: So like, does the Pizza refill itself from the crust? But then what happens when I eat the crust?
RechargeableFrenchman: Ooh I want moebius pizza
Ukon_Cairns: the 8 fold pizza
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: biscuits!
Alahmnat: how many times can you fold pizza?
GhostValv: isn't that just a bagel bite
MelvinMTG: none pizza none left
Dragonality: Stolen
MegaDosX: The chat's all about that pizza
cgwonder: oh man now i want pizza.....
DoodlestheGreat: Pizza forever!
LinearGif: mobius the living pizza
ratzgobbler: It'll make sense when Nolan makes the movie
TehAmelie: chat does love proper grammar
TamesLovesGames: Pizza always wins
LarkSachrosis: Sotp throwin shade at thin n' crispy Horner
chrisrd19 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak!
chrisrd19: 3 months is almost one entire March!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, chrisrd19! (Today's storm count: 75)
Kramburger: "You're my wife"
evan_333333: i voted for u wheeler
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Hairballs!
quasi79fu: what is a grizzle pillow?
lochnessseammonster: Thanks for the KPOPlove @chrisrd19
amative1: Fridge full of honey
MegaDosX: Kathleen pls
HatsWearCats: I have those anyway
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I forget what slash fic is
Dragonality: I mean, one of those just sounds like a good time
TotallyNotaBeholder: Who here is dating a bear... uhhh wait
DiscordianTokkan: It might be a cougar!
NightValien28: what even is a grizzle pillo?
gredgredmansson: "They are 2/2 and cost 1 and a G"
gualdhar: no kink shaming chat!
aussz: in one end and out the other and in one end and out the other and in one end...
patbaer: Who am I dating?
MTBoot: Or just someone with super sharp nails, even
northos: apparently I'm dating a grizzly bear :O
blackkittygirl subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 15 months!
blackkittygirl: Hype
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, blackkittygirl! (Today's storm count: 76)
JadedCynic: your partner might just have big hands
SourceQuench: Next up on "Who Wants to Date a Deathclaw?" ...
amative1: gredgredmansson nice
lirazel64: Or just running away from a bear...
control_rig: @gredgredmansson That was amazing
MTBoot: WAP.
mahpete_: @SydPreviouslyHeadache it's the rule 34 of fanfiction
JadedCynic: oooo
MousseFilledCat: bow chicka wow wow
NonMint: Kathleen. Cougar was RIGHT THERE.
gredgredmansson: I don't know the second one
quasi79fu: omg the second one
TehAmelie: why are those bad
gnome_friend: WHat does WAP mean?
Lord_ZYRK: Buckle in all
Irishlawyer: oh my god Ben
cgwonder: oh ben
NimrodXIV: oh Ben
Metric_Furlong: Ian
Garfman314: poor ben
themlin: w.a.p.
GhostValv: oh no
aussz: Wireless Access Point
Dragonality: There it is
ContingentCat: katesLol
Mr_Whyt: wet ass kittykat
HadesLeprechaun: Wasted Ass Potential
Alahmnat: Beej no
ky0dar: ben, my dude
iris_of_ether: Oh honey oh no Ben
Kramburger: Oh HONEY
TotallyNotaBeholder: Weaponized Armored Penguins
Dragonality: Wireless Access Point
xythrogar: Waffles and Pancakes
Diabore: @TotallyNotaBeholder 1 in 10 people are dating a bear, if you dont know anyone dating a bear, you might be a bear
quasi79fu: OIh poor Ben
PharaohBender27: O_o
ratzgobbler: Wanking At Parents
JadedCynic: Wireless Access Point
YakkersHoungan221B: My dear boy,
dcqc79: Hey LRR cast ! :) (and everyone else too lol)
patbaer: Wireless Access Point
Malkmaven1176: Oh ben...dear sweet Ben
korvys: It's actually a pretty good song
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no one said "secret level" from Battle Block Theater?
SpookySpaghooti: Wild Ants Please!
dcqc79: Do you guys think you'll play "among us" again ?
LinearGif: walruses and penguins
CommiePuddin: wet ass-p
Lord_ZYRK: ratzgobbler do you mean in their direction, or. . .
amative1: Who are penguins?
NimrodXIV: speaking of
Alahmnat: what
MegaDosX: "I was going to keep it family friendly" just after saying what WAP stands for
TamesLovesGames: LUL
gnome_friend: Robert much?
CaptainSpam: Wow. Robert much?
iSmartMan1: Robert?!
ratzgobbler: @Lord_ZYRK yes
control_rig: Wow
DiscordianTokkan: sergeHolyMoly
Snowcookies: wtf?
Squiidd_pope: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Oh that song slaps
thrythlind: oh good, I guess I haven't missed much
RechargeableFrenchman: Robert Munch reference
gredgredmansson: I don't get it and I don't care
34Witches: ???
fragilepaper: @jadedcynic hi
TehAmelie: Robert much?
Sarah_Serinde: I love Robert Much ahaha
JadedCynic: Bobs of the world, unite in lrrWOW
kitsunestudios: Murmel Murmel Much?
quasi79fu: Robert Much? What does that mean?
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r10pez10: canadian references
ani_laurel: I loved his books
RechargeableFrenchman: Children's author Robert Munch
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I know someone who has that as a ringtone
JadedCynic: @fragilepaper heya! lrrAWESOME
DiscordianTokkan: Robert Munch is legit good
mahpete_: ELI5 robert?
MegaDosX: lmao wow
A_Dub888: benginUroPog
monakai: Audience coup.
JadedCynic: soooo close!
RandomTrivia: Ohhhhh the upset!
TotallyNotaBeholder: @Diabore Hmmm, now is that one of the 72.5% of the statistics online that are made up or not...
Kikazi: Feel attacked
Metric_Furlong: chat, what is wrong with you? :p
theleerm: what???
Mysticman89: robert munch is/was a childrens book author
Arclight_Dynamo: American audience...
themlin: some weird canadian meme?
CommiePuddin: We clearly have no culture tonight
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
TheTekkieman: A fatal mistake.
DiscordianTokkan: BUCKER
TheWooglie: never heard of him
LinearGif: we did it chat
NimrodXIV: bucker
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Come on crew. Leak much, right after explaining WAP... had to happen.
Squiidd_pope: BUCKER
Alahmnat: <3 Wheeler
quasi79fu: we dont get some of these\
djangoman11: chat are suckers for a good ol' piss joke
LarkSachrosis: Bucket?
flatluigi: bucker
TamesLovesGames: LMFAO
CaptainSpam: THAT bucker in particular!
rogerivany: Bucker?
patbaer: ah the ol' bucker
CommiePuddin: T H E B U C K E R
Iceberg_Man: bucker
InsaneMuadib: bucker
ani_laurel: Robert Munch is a national treasure. I still love his books
quasi79fu: What is a Bucker?
kltsurumaki: mother buckers
monakai: Just like in Flavor of Love.
JadedCynic: how does that first one even WORK?
TehAmelie: okay imma overlook spellings for this round
CopperAstronaut: Hey chat! :D
HatsWearCats: I came here to f**k spiders
Diabore: @quasi79fu a typo
Snowcookies: Bucker is a synonym of busser?
SourceQuench: Not my bucker, nor yours, nor anyone's. The universal bucker.
thrythlind: so....other Mentor Assistant on duty was sick today, and it was just I'm a bit wiped out....also, yay for back twitching out sometime early today
LinearGif: a big ol bucker
quasi79fu: Its wasnt Munch ....It was Much
RechargeableFrenchman: The misspelling is still very funny
TehAmelie: motherbucker
northos: there's a hole in my bucker, deal Liza, dear Liza...
thrythlind: fortunately wasn't too much
aussz: hey, they misspelled "busker"
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu Probably meant to be "bucket," but pressed the wrong key
MelvinMTG: Is this a new party pack? It has a new look!
quasi79fu: ok
thrythlind: so yay for watching LRR to recover
korvys: I'd bet even money on a "Bucker" callback at some point tonight :P
dcqc79: Anyone know if LRR will play among us again relatively soon ? :)
gredgredmansson: lrrIAN lrrBEN lrrBEEEJ
GreayStone: bucker (plural buckers) A horse or other animal that bucks
Diabore: @MelvinMTG yup! number 7
TehAmelie: way to go Ïåñ
Squiidd_pope: Shitting in the Buc eey's is acceptable here in texas
JadedCynic: duh-bulled?
NimrodXIV: I dig the claymation on this version
ratzgobbler: Prepare for trouble
RechargeableFrenchman: @quasi79fu it was a play on "Munch", Robert Much sounds like Robert Munch, a Canadian author all the players would know, making it funny
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @dcqc79 iirc, it's not planned
kalira77: damn I'm late. did I miss any other games?
RechargeableFrenchman: Just not to Twitch chat apparently
quasi79fu: This yellow and greeen looks illll
CaptainSpam: I like the Kathleenctus.
Electrodyne: Buckeroo Banzai
LordZarano: Audience:
gnome_friend: Do you Robert often?
JadedCynic: @Squiidd_pope I'd better remind Seb Stan to not go to Texas then ;)
Dog_of_Myth: @dcqc79 They have played several games now.
PharaohBender27: @kalira77 Nope, just round 1 of this one
Calaban161: @kalira77 first game
Diabore: @kalira77 nope, first one
BrowneePoints: this music SLAPS
kalira77: awesome, thanks!
tehfewl: the furious typing
LarkSachrosis: Is this song The Halls of Montezuma?
serramarkov: I'm excited to be in the audience for the first time
DiscordianTokkan: I love that the Audience version says "Please wait for the players to complete their tasks". I don't know if it changes or not, but it's great
ContingentCat: Spoilers!
LinearGif: this evil circus music
ky0dar: Oh Der..y?
SourceQuench: This music is the music of scary clowns that haunt my dreams.
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stupidforgames: I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but the game is a little loud compared to the players
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mowdownjoe: I do smell a Jinx
kitsunestudios: Grahamma
JadedCynic: yeah, music good, animation good, the small sample of the questions/prompts is pretty good so ar
thrythlind: apparently Buckaroo Bansai is available to watch on YouTube's movies channel
Diabore: @DiscordianTokkan it might but i have the same message
JadedCynic: *far
DanTheMediocre: Thanks for the KPOPheart @falcon_talos
quasi79fu: back and i have chocolate cake
amative1: DiscordianTokkan makes it sound like Among Us... waiting for someone to finish Simon Says
m_logan2000: was inevitable after Beej came out of the vent and killed Graham
ContingentCat: yay accesability
gredgredmansson: You know, I was wondering about that
ratzgobbler: AFK Arena
SkylerRingtail: The accessibility settings this time around are really awesome!
2Flower: Yeah, the animated background is a bit much, even if you don't have motion sickness.
CommiePuddin: That means two things
gnome_friend: Viking Secret Wildcard Poker
TehAmelie: 52 cleanup
quasi79fu: 52 Sh*(?
JadedCynic: Wow, I'm gonna lose four times as much money now!
xythrogar: when AFK proper comes back we gotta play 52 shit first
Squiidd_pope: Now poker i usually net money, but Double poker im not too sure about
Alahmnat: 52 shit in the bucker
Loonatic93: Raid Shadow Legends.
kumatsu: When are we teaching Serge 52 Shit on stream?
Metric_Furlong: (as opposed to craps)
kitsunestudios: @TehAmelie HA!
TriseAlpha: Double Poker? I don't even know her! Kappa
LinearGif: double poker? I hardly know her
amative1: Reminds me of Lewis Black... just flush the quarters down the toiled, every so often it overflows and you FEEL LIKE A WINNER
DiscordianTokkan: @amative1 I legit think they added it in Because of Among Us! So good
Diabore: chat likes shit
JadedCynic: wow, that was pretty close
mahpete_: 52 shit is clearly iterated craps
CommiePuddin: ummmmmm
MegaDosX: Kathleen, no
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
DiscordianTokkan: Phrasing
LeeshaJoy: Never put "shit" and "mouthfeel" in the same sentence again.
JadedCynic: wat?
thrythlind: I had an Among Us game recently where someone identified me near a body, but mistook my suit for my color, and accused Black called sus on him...and us two imposters said "that sounds fair" and also voted...and said guy got vaped
Nigouki: ahahahaha
theleerm: EAT THE RICH
TehAmelie: Most rad.
Squiidd_pope: Definately a tony hawk custom move\
Nigouki: just for the weebs
Juliamon: Windmill slam dogeza
MikoKisai: Ian wrote the right one, didn't he
DiscordianTokkan: YES, BEEJ and/or IAN
RandomTrivia: Two completely different takes on the word "radical" LUL
quasi79fu: I think im missing jokes tonight
SourceQuench: "52 Shits!" sounds like something Alex would say on Watch&Play when things are moderately b ad.
JadedCynic: Seize the means of production, comerade
gibbousm: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:47.
gredgredmansson: 3 VOTES
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iSmartMan1: WOW
PharaohBender27: So close! :O
DiscordianTokkan: WooooooW!
TamesLovesGames: CLOSE
JadedCynic: VOTE
LinearGif: Matt has chat appeal
rasterscan: Nooooo
mowdownjoe: By 3 votes
Squiidd_pope: BEEJ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: room has been split
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rasterscan: Angry Zen Master
gredgredmansson: "mixed"
cgwonder: oh god
TriseAlpha: The Angry Zen Master
LeeshaJoy: oof, tough choice
control_rig: Cheap callback
Snowcookies: call backs lol
JaysonMaxwell: lrrBEEJ jlrrCarrotmilk
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @garbonzo42
TehAmelie: gotta love a good running joke
JadedCynic: in-game callbacks are the BEST
quasi79fu: I like the second one
Phosphatide: “dogeza” is when you get down on all fours and bow low in repentance
PharaohBender27: One of those doesn't grammatically scan!
RechargeableFrenchman: Not the Angry Zen Master? RIP a great opportunity
YakkersHoungan221B: I'd listen to Beej and the Bucker morning radio
Calaban161: Angry Zen Master
themlin: and theres the callback
Nigouki: Beej and the Bucker is just a future Crapshot
thrythlind: kikoskHey I have voted kikoskHey
GreayStone: bucker (plural buckers) A horse or other animal that bucksbucker (plural buckers) A horse or other animal that bucks
DanTheMediocre: gilbert gottfried
Phosphatide: if you need to know
patbaer: There's a way to have you mods moderate all the games in 7 and that's very cool.
Seagulyus: quasi79fu Dogeza means to kneel on the ground, head touching such, while apologizing
gualdhar: Beej and Bucker in the MOOOOOOOOOOR-ning!
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MaladyDark: LRRBOX LRRBOX! thanks for being great. seriously. I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this week. it's nice to have some cheer.
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JadedCynic: play the audience
ratzgobbler: Everybody pause I'm gonna get a snack. ZA WARUDO!!!
RechargeableFrenchman: Very nice
niccus: ouch
DiscordianTokkan: HA
Squiidd_pope: THATS STRONG
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly
TehAmelie: why the "blank"? that's a complete sentence oh i see what you did
ky0dar: NICE
Alahmnat: roflmao
MelvinMTG: hahahaha
gredgredmansson: PUBIC LARCENY
MegaDosX: Well.
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Snowcookies: that got my vote
TheAinMAP: Wow.
Baldrash: Called shot!
tehfewl: no scoped
Ryenji: LUL
Foxmar320: Wow thats really strong
LarkSachrosis: DansGame
RandomTrivia: Windmill slam
thrythlind: the way I used to be 20 years ago
drfox17: that is a power move
cgwonder: no scope
IgnisDeus: rofl
SnackPak_: it's so clean
CommiePuddin: perfection
JadedCynic: NELLY with the SICK BURN!
MegaDosX: That is a /powerful/ answer
The_Quiet_Alestain: :)
TamesLovesGames: highlight reel
LeeshaJoy: If this isn't a Quiplash then the entire universe is wrong.
Malkmaven1176: Good Answer!
JadedCynic: WHEELRR wow
Pteraspidomorphi: Wheeler with the quiplash
TehAmelie: ouch
Phosphatide: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LarkSachrosis: Full goddamn dtop
Alahmnat: oof
Foxmar320: yikes
NimrodXIV: ugh hotmail
JadedCynic: nah fam; when you can't get just your '
northos: gotta go for the hotmail
TehAmelie: yeah, Hotmail is over
RealGamerCow: jeff.jacques@dog.fart
drthvd3r: Man, no email?
Squiidd_pope: Theres a reason why i have a professional email
zimmercj23: my email is my twitch handel
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KhalessiAmanda: love yall!!! this sub isn't for babies :p
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monakai: I love my hotmail. It's an antique now.
rrtycoon2: handle is a game I enjoy.
LarkSachrosis: Wake Me Up!!
thrythlind: I have no problem using
HatsWearCats: But what about Faster Car
MaladyDark: I still Use my Hotmail.
Diabore: chat is on matts side
Pterodactal: @RealGamerCow He has so many good domains
CommiePuddin: I mean, chat is kinda giving LRR the finger today, eh?
BrindleBoar: NotLikeThis
Squiidd_pope: Ok, WAP got me
LinearGif: Chat <3 Matt
RandomTrivia: OH NO
xythrogar: wap stands for Warm Ass Pillow
Rufran: I bet most chat doesnt even know what hotmail is
tehfewl: Yes pillows? heck ya
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quasi79fu: ok the second got me....Why does grandma know Wap
themlin: fricken WAP again
Graham_LRR: Kathleen ALSO had [song]@hotmail btw
Kramburger: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @gdwarf
Metric_Furlong: CommiePuddin I imagine a lot of chat voted before the 'song' title was clarified
CommiePuddin: warm ass-pillow
HadesLeprechaun: disqualified, the P needs a period after it
rasterscan: These chat betrayals
MelvinMTG: Serge sergeHeart
TriseAlpha: wait... is it a warm-ass pillow or a warm ass-pillow?
ContingentCat: wow printing out an email just to shred is next level
HatsWearCats: I met the 87 yearold that has She was lovely
Diabore: 1100 actually
CommiePuddin: @Metric_Furlong Not the first time we've gone against the crew tonight, though.
thrythlind: Fundamentalists
Thequickgreyfox: 1000 now!
gredgredmansson: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 500
quasi79fu: Omg the first one
DiscordianTokkan: oof
NimrodXIV: Pity Kappa
A_Dub888: !findquote devil
LRRbot: Quote #4288: "Even the devil has standards!" —Kathleen [2017-06-24]
SonofThoth: Russian Bot
sir_jack_DB: I'm here out of SPIT Kappa
hyaundredneer: Chat loses even we win
Mysticman89: I heard there might be pizza
sir_jack_DB: SPITE*
lochnessseammonster: for pure joy
Kumakaori: theres 1k viewers dammit
RandomTrivia: Generousity, pity, spite, take your pick really
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ContingentCat: that's less than half
SquirrelEarl: The other 600 are clearly bots
MegaDosX: What an appropriate quote, LRRBot
northos: wow, relevant LRRBot
Bengineering: @sir_jack_DB spit Kappa
Twilight_Spark: Hey guys, what's up, the Devil told me this was a great stream...wait.
ratzgobbler: Resume stream
TalecArashi: Im also here out of spit
JadedCynic: jokes on that player, the other 650 laugh at you, nelly :D
Pteraspidomorphi: sir_jack_DB: Spit was better :D
Snowcookies: The devil convince non-lrr fans to watch this confirmed
hyaundredneer: even 'when' we win
sir_jack_DB: god dammit @Bengineering
ky0dar: wheeler is ok
drfox17: @sir_jack_DB nono, you spit and leave!
VmKid: Man, I'm so used to the background moving, it's kinda weird having the motion sickness mode on
Squiidd_pope: OH MY GOD
sir_jack_DB: I'm never living this down now
Ignatiuspants: we've got a Wide Audience Present today!
quasi79fu: ?????
DiscordianTokkan: Same answer!
SourceQuench: Both of these are safety quips.
Anstu: benginOh benginNo
2Flower: 100% Whitesnake music videoing it.
Alahmnat: I don't know what it means but I voted for it, lol
TehAmelie: look it can't just be me who desperately would not want to see gramma in the same room as WAP
drfox17: eating nachos nude is so dangerous, the cheese is so hot!
ratzgobbler: Why would you eat nachos with clothes on?
RandomTrivia: BEEJ NO
rasterscan: CHAT
JadedCynic: true story, I used to have <username>, then spent two years offline and it got locked, so M$ suggested me three with ## after them, and I just grabbed the middle one....and it offered #s 67-71....and I regretted my lazy ignorance for YEARS...
cgwonder: it's like those pictures of dogs chasing the google earth car, but it's nelson and it end with him leaping onto the camera
monakai: Get that taint tanning.
theleerm: what? the first was so good
boppers_io: yessssssss
affinityforpie: "IN MY EYES-"
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
theonlybm: Wont you come...
boppers_io: in dispose
LarkSachrosis: Real talk one of my friends was caught by the Google earth car picking their nose.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I know it's fun for chat to participate... but can that be disabled. We keep getting it wrong.
TehAmelie: thrip?
Twilight_Spark: I totally read "Nelly" as "Nessie" and thought that was getting a picture of the Loch Ness monster from the bottom up.
RealGamerCow: Stussy S
LinearGif: "I uwu democracy"
GreayStone: superman S
TehAmelie: [Mare Internum intensifies]
asthanius: This is EXACTLY in LRR's wheelhouse
Squiidd_pope: Cool S? or cool infinity?
IgnisDeus: narrator on point
gredgredmansson: Now, let's find out who didn't pay attention
JadedCynic: wow, annoucner calls wheeler out ;)
BusTed: The ol' two and a half.
RaklarLS: 3 act jokes
Malkmaven1176: Don't kid about Black Holes, Black Holes are killing Blaseball
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's a Quip Haiku
flatluigi: three separate parts yeah
Pteraspidomorphi: MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Agreed!
iSmartMan1: Somersloop
Alahmnat: the rule of threes
lochnessseammonster: oh man the cool s...
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teavian: 42! That's some sort of referance
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, teavian! (Today's storm count: 86)
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the KPOPlove @teavian
gredgredmansson: they finally figured out the final round
VmKid: @JadedCynic Schmitty is good at that.
MyBuddySuperfly: cool ass? lrrBEEJ
lochnessseammonster: big nostalgia mood
patbaer: very cool improvement over final rounds in 2
AWildTransgirlAppeared: narrator calling everyone out
Sheikun07: I'm still waiting for someone to just write "Nico/Nico/Kneecaps"
PharaohBender27: Oh, so a three-part joke, and not 3 jokes?
JadedCynic: three possible interperatations
Flying_MTG: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:45.
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @themlin
AshBurnem: Warning: The Commissioner is doing a great job.
Metric_Furlong: rip comic lash, you won't be missed Kappa
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Alahmnat: having seen the Polygon folks play this, it's *way* better than the comic/word lashes
HadesLeprechaun: you can also just have it be one answer with the third thing as a punchline
stevefromdetroit: the audiance message " please wait for the players to complete their tasks" is sus
TehAmelie: speaking of thrips, holy cats Mary Internum was good
monakai: Finally a good idea for the 3rd round.
Laserbeaks_Fury: This does kinda remind me of the CAH final Haiku round
Type_One___: Cheer100
LarkSachrosis: The three parts of any joke: The Setup, The Punchline, The Explanation.
Diabore: @stevefromdetroit shhhh, we dont want to be ejected for not doing tasks
gnome_friend: What's on second?
stevefromdetroit: moistStab
JadedCynic: @stevefromdetroit confirmed - chat AND players are is impostor?
LarkSachrosis: !sus
SourceQuench: Setup, Punchline, Retraction/Apology
amative1: Do your tasks!
djalternative: thrip lash is the best final round
SkylerRingtail: I do like the comedy Rule of Three final round...when players understand the concept
johkmil: Blue doesn’t seem to be doing their tasks — pretty suspicious
MyBuddySuperfly: like, share, subscribe
gnome_friend: NOPE
Foxmar320: O_O
RandomTrivia: OH NO
teavian: WAM
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHA
LinearGif: A well formed joke begins with an overture to establish the themes that wil recur
control_rig: Oh noooo
NimrodXIV: needs a diaper change
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
JadedCynic: Okay, I LIKE THIS
TalecArashi: the building CONCERN
cgwonder: this is very hard to choose
Phosphatide: oh god
RandomTrivia: benginOh benginNo
TehAmelie: mommy. git. gud.
CommiePuddin: Wet Ass, Mommy!
MyBuddySuperfly: moist?
thrythlind: older brother's first words were walking up to my dad's Playboy calender and going "Mmmmm, nice."
MAPBoardgames: I. WANT. BLOOD.
PharaohBender27: OK, now I get the mechanics of this round
boppers_io: oh no
themlin: the shtick, the shtick escalated, the shtick forgotten
ratzgobbler: GIT. GUD. N00B
aWabbajack: minimariMOIST
MadmanOreo: better than saying moist
HatsWearCats: Its short for Wetticles
MegaDosX: Sorry Serge
RechargeableFrenchman: @MAPBoardgames Slaanesh is pleased
Dmc3628: ultra lash
IbunWest: This is already way better than previous iterations
saberpilot: lrrIAN
Metric_Furlong: stuck in baby prison#
TheWanderingNomad: Well Ian is the Baby that Walks Like a Man
MTBoot: damnnit not again
MegaDosX: Oh no.
sekunder: ian's stuck in baby prison, he knows he can't be free
schwimmschik: Thanks for the KPOPlove @themlin
JadedCynic: oh hell
cgwonder: oh god
SydPreviouslyHeadache: He'll check on Adam
stevefromdetroit: hey @IbunWest feenHey
johnalogue: yeah don't be so overconfident
MikoKisai: too real
IbunWest: feenHey @stevefromdetroit
RandomTrivia: Favourite or least painful?
quasi79fu: Omg the second one
Foxmar320: Free Cheese!!!
NimrodXIV: Ian does that in 3...2...
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Free cheese!
gredgredmansson: they said BOLD predictions
amative1: Ooh, free cheese
nolly3 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 38 months!
nolly3: woo jackbox is back!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, nolly3! (Today's storm count: 88)
Dmc3628: right one is not BOLD though
Fantusta: I voted for free cheese I'm really bribed
cgwonder: i want free cheese
JadedCynic: 2021 is gonna be hell...
empyreon: StinkyCheese ~FREE CHEESE~ StinkyCheese
Iceberg_Man: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @nolly3
aWabbajack: Free Cheeese!
LarkSachrosis: I just can't see Serge losing his shit.
RandomTrivia: I really want Ian having an Inspector Gadget background
thrythlind: incidentally, that's about when my dad decided to put his porn out of sight
RechargeableFrenchman: So it's free, but it's also 7/11 food
NimrodXIV: #TeamCheese
mahpete_: oh
ContingentCat: free cheese, something we can hope for
A_Dub888: !findquote cheese
LRRbot: Quote #6877: "Take the cheese. Eat the cheese." —Heather, to Ian [2020-04-05]
MyBuddySuperfly: I've read free cheese at november, 7th
blackkittygirl: PrideRise PrideCrown PridePaint
Mysticman89: free cheese doesnt seem fiscally repsonsible
themlin: free cheeeeseee
Foxmar320: I don't have a 7/11 near me tho :(
mahpete_: I thought it was free chess
LinearGif: Free the cheese!
rrtycoon2: The nacho cheese is free, by the way.
quasi79fu: wrespect?
johnalogue: in America, all cheese is free!
MelvinMTG: these are both stellar
control_rig: Wrespect is SO GOOD
MegaDosX: My god.
cgwonder: wrespect is excellent
JadedCynic: damn, don't care - nearest 7/11 is about 3k miles from me :(
MAPBoardgames: Wrespect.
ratzgobbler: The cheese is already free. Its just my head can't fit under the dispenser
Serifina: @Foxmar320 ...HOW
DiscordianTokkan: WRESPECT
Dmc3628: now im split here
asthanius: These are both so good
TalecArashi: Wrespec'
SonofThoth: I didn't know Jonathen Ross was in the game
patbaer: the 3 Ws
Snowcookies: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! It's like an al fresco general store!
TamesLovesGames: Wrespect got me
LeeshaJoy: I'm sorry but that's 4 things
johnalogue: not that kind of free though
frozenphoenix7: I had to flip a coin
Anaerin: Seconds of the ass?
korvys: Beej Mullaney
RandomTrivia: Wow we have descended so far into the gutter we've appeared out of the gutter on the other side of the world...
Robot_Bones: was that from the AOC stream?
TehAmelie: do i have to choose
Thequickgreyfox: that's 4 things tho!
MegaDosX: Both are home runs
themlin: wespewct
Foxmar320: Serifina I live in hell
control_rig: Wrespect, windmill slam
boppers_io: helll yeah
JadedCynic: Matt G - "Vote early, vote often" ;)
Serifina: @Foxmar320 No kidding
boppers_io: spit the bars beej
DaSunao: Congress is coming to us these days
ContingentCat: double voting is very frowned upon
SnackPak_: Chat loves eating ass
BusTed: Ben is in tune with Twitch chat
Foxmar320: Serifina we have been over this before my town sucks
LarkSachrosis: Chat loves voting
coelopteryx: well you go back for seconds because you voted in the primary first, then the general election second
NimrodXIV: Desert Bus Forever
northos: chat is always back for seconds
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu So that it's the 3 "w"s - think of the "Three Rs - Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmatic"
hyaundredneer: uh.....
gredgredmansson: I LOVE MONEYU
RechargeableFrenchman: Hey more Canadian references
amative1: "Donate to Desert Bus"
hyaundredneer: ummmmm
MegaDosX: Who is Steven Page?
2Flower: Ask Blaseball how well blowing up the sun went for them
Anaerin: I think "Attend the funeral"
TotallyNotaBeholder: I present.... Sun 2.0
Serifina: @Foxmar320 I know but I am constantly amazed anew
ContingentCat: Name it Sun 2?
TheWooglie: pay inheritance tax
Sibwow: absolutely screw over desert bus at the last hour
Garfman314: desert bus is a good plan
quasi79fu: how do you rebuild the sun?
LinearGif: google "how many is a billion"
RechargeableFrenchman: For chat's reference, Steven Page wrote "If I Had a Million Dollars" for the Barenaked Ladies
korvys: Gimme a sec, gotta google "Steven Page"... Ok yeah, that one's funny
MelvinMTG: Canada Joke!
DiscordianTokkan: Blow up the Sun? What are we, Blaseball? :P
hyaundredneer: This seems sus...
Scy_Anide: I already played Frostpunk. It didn't cost me a billion dollars.
mowdownjoe: @megadosx From the Barenaked Ladies
boppers_io: a billion bucks and the sun is NO MORE
RoseShark: oh it's Jackbox today! blathiYay
flatluigi: i got that ian
thrythlind: Pay all my family's debts
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gibbousm: it is the will of Beej
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Radyin: I really hope they play Talking Points tonight. It was hilarious on the PAX Online stream.
djalternative: Blowing up the sun costs far more than 1 mill. I've priced it out.
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can just buy a Milky Way
Foxmar320: Serifina nearest 7/11 is like 50 miles away
TheWooglie: all these canadian jokes
patbaer: I see you Wheeler.
iamkaiserbear: dont talk to me or my new sun ever again
SydPreviouslyHeadache: He's the one who got caught with cocaine
MegaDosX: Kathleen with the last minute snipe!
thrythlind: Fund my projects and many other artists
gredgredmansson: lrrKATHLEEN VICTORY! lrrKATHLEEN
Vector_Zero: I got it wheeler
Dmc3628: kaff with the clutch
djangoman11: Jimothy Page
benjamin_wheeler: @patbaer ayyy thank you
JadedCynic: Sigh....not-Canadians :P
Lord_ZYRK: Oh I always thought it was "If I had a million cruellers"
PharaohBender27: katesWin lrrKATHLEEN katesWin
thrythlind: donate lots of money to lots of people
Roosevelt: wrespect to kaffleen
TehAmelie: the claymation graphics are growing on me
Dmc3628: pee and callbacks name a more iconic duo
cgwonder: lrrKATHLEEN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrKATHLEEN
Orgmastron: gg Kathleen
DiscordianTokkan: But her Claymoji is all crushed now!
ContingentCat: I'd get a real green dress, I don't care if they're cruel
ptay313: chat loves our pee jokes
BusTed: "Pee and Callbacks" could be the tagline to this game.
Robot_Bones: that is a much better final quip
MegaDosX: That was such a strong answer though
aWabbajack: best answer: .
patbaer: @benjamin_wheeler of course
RandomTrivia: Minimalism is victorious this day!
SciNerdRobb: lrrWOW
TriseAlpha: no, that's Drawful
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GamesAndInk: I didn't know the name of a singer from a 32 year old song, oh well :P
TehAmelie: it's pictionary without "wíndmill", so strictly better
CaptainSpam: I mean, fair enough, that actually ISN'T how you play Pictionary, that isn't wrong.
Electrodyne: Jackson Pollocktionary
BusTed: 😳
RandomTrivia: @Electrodyne LUL
Electrodyne: awwwyeah
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AWildTransgirlAppeared: Ah yes, the bougie Wheeler attitude
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dig not knee
sir_jack_DB: Ian has the Inspector Gadget car in his background
SkylerRingtail: Oh this is going to be delightful chaos
quasi79fu: that syncronized driking by Serge and Ben LOL
flatluigi: oh let's hope this goes okay
LinearGif: "devil and the details" my favorite Disney movie
CaptainSpam: Welp, everyone get ready to be a cat.
thundershot879: this one might be hard to show
Poggifers_LRR: Serge no like the wub wubs
Mollylele: LOL good luck
CommiePuddin: game?
JadedCynic: whuups
patbaer: Enjoy this Wario-Ware like
Twilight_Spark: anneLewd
BusTed: Do you like rollers skates? Everyone likes roller skates.
gredgredmansson: Where is the visual?
SourceQuench: How off the hook is the cat going to be with 500 peeps in audience?
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Furvias: I am still here after all these (checks notes) years!
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RoseShark: so this is the new Jackbox? I haven't seen any of this yet.
quasi79fu: this one will be hard.. I hear its a tough game
iSmartMan1: Game?
gnome_friend: !findquote demon
LRRbot: Quote #5175: "So are you summoning a demon?" —Dale, looking very hopeful [2018-07-16]
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I'M IN
ChaoticObserver: @RoseShark Yep
LarkSachrosis: Is that Tom Kenny?
RechargeableFrenchman: @Bengineering "It's 'dignity', Wheeler" gave me a spittake. Thought I was safe with the round over. Figured you should know of your success.
HavenJunde: game?
VmKid: Time for SHOUTING
KeirenH: I think I've seen that anime
mowdownjoe: On the plus side, chat gets to be a cat.
GaelanS: A lot of this game happens on the phone - if possible, I'd recommend streaming someone's phone screen
asthanius: We can't see the game
sir_jack_DB: can we see the game please
FDR101: we can't see
boppers_io: cedmonhumanrelTIONSPROGRAM
SoaringDragon42: gaaaaame?
monakai: Can't see game.
KeytarCat: wheeler is a sorcerer?
Snowcookies: si this supposed to be in booth mode
flatluigi: so for everyone else: this is basically spaceteam
gredgredmansson: That sounds like the cat from Split the Room
DaSunao: I've definitely seen that anime
djalternative: the intro for this game is THE BEST
quasi79fu: weve gone blind?
ratzgobbler: WHeeler. C'mon you never heard of the DHRP?
boppers_io: game plz
RatekStormcrow: Demon Human relation we used to call it "sacrifice" in my days
iSmartMan1: GAME
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3cbb: pls to give game
JadedCynic: WHeeler: "You merely adopted the demon-human relations; I was BORN in it." :D
thavleifrim: this is one of those games that i feel is designed to ruin relationships
MelvinMTG: Hi lrrPAUL!
VmKid: Folks, they're joining the game still
Foxmar320: Chat give them some time
IbunWest: Chat breathe
StageMgrRob: Game?
agentsmithradio: !findquote satan
LRRbot: Quote #80: "Hail Satan!" —Adam and James [2015-03-28]
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: chat, prepare to be lechat
TehAmelie: not that we wouldn't stare at you all's handsome mugs for 3 hours
quasi79fu breathes
DiscordianTokkan: The room code may be showing before everyone's in
MAPBoardgames: RWTR?
gredgredmansson: It's a coop game
theleerm: chill chat
serramarkov: Love your faces, but need to see game
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: 8le chat
mowdownjoe: Ooooo
flatluigi: hell yeah
KyubiStormMage: The devil and the Details is a long game with only 1 screen for chat to see. but it should be fun for y'all
korvys: It does sound like it
TriseAlpha: is that Penelope singing "All By Myself"?
gredgredmansson: I think it's the same guy who voiced the cat in Split the Room @LoadingReadyRun
RechargeableFrenchman: RSWTR works really well, cutting another letter is tough
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun can't see game?
VmKid: This is NOT Tom Kenny.
thrythlind: RWTR is not a color
chumpofthemonth: Am I Tom Kenny?
flatluigi: you spell it MARO
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damn_i_am_pretty: It can't be Tom Kenny
boppers_io: amdma is not here our wfull force is unable to be realsed
JadedCynic: whew
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Nigouki: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @mantafold
MAPBoardgames: Got All Very Murdered
JadedCynic: yeah, this is the voice from "Split The Room"
tehfewl: pick the hot demon mom
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Found this game to be moee of a couch game. Not that great for online.
djalternative: Ben is Mom
XIIV13C100111: Ben Pyrope
DiscordianTokkan: KITTY
ArcOfTheConclave: that's a good cat name chat
mowdownjoe: I am cat. CoolCat
gredgredmansson: It's framed as a sitcom
SkylerRingtail: Could we turn subtitles on for future games, perhaps? ^^
Easilycrazyhat: Is that...Fairly Oddparents?
red_shoes_jeff: benginButt benginButt benginButt
Phosphatide: you’re always apparent to me, ben
circusofkirkus: hips like Mrs. Incredible
DiscordianTokkan: HA
Ignatiuspants: okay, like, I would watch this show for real
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: cat gang!
Lord_ZYRK: Now we get to see how Ben would make the ideal mom
VmKid: Lesser Known Waifus, literally
Squiidd_pope: PROM SCENARIO
control_rig: Wow called shot
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AllTheWeasels: lrrHEART
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northos: that's pretty sus
secretbranch: did someone say TASKS
MAPBoardgames: Redirect power to comms
control_rig: I feel attacked
flatluigi: spaceteam from hell
rogerivany: Sounds like Among Us.
RealGamerCow: Did they see my list for this weekend?
Foxmar320: I stand in one place and sigh all the time
GaelanS: @flatluigi basically yeah
JadedCynic: @cgwonder "Jackbox Party Pack"
Thequickgreyfox: make sure the ghosts do theirs tasks too
Lord_ZYRK: Every time humans do something that isn't wailing I get very confused
RoseShark: sighing is how I go through life.
ariborealis: gay ass is here for the devil milf
DiscordianTokkan: All the teens are sus
patbaer: Co-op jackbox
kalira77: doogDevil did I hear cattu gangu?
JaysonMaxwell: inb4 the imposter jokes :D
mowdownjoe: Where's Serge's view?
superdude097: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:10.
thrythlind: This sounds a bit like Ninja Burger, to be honest
Thequickgreyfox: emergency meeting
frenchcookie1: YeA
hyaundredneer: That doesn't look right. The pool water should've been boiling
RechargeableFrenchman: Ben sus
quasi79fu: so who among the Loading Ready Run crew is the most selfish
Phosphatide: is this space team? this sounds like space team
circusofkirkus: okay mom ben
secretbranch: wheelerGreed wheelerGreed wheelerGreed wheelerGreed
A_Dub888: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
JadedCynic: ah, there's the hook - the Prisoner's Dilemma
Squiidd_pope: god i miss playing ninja burger with my friends
Goorguy: Ben seems sus
MAPBoardgames: 50 bits says Town implodes
gredgredmansson: And here is this episode's Plot
frenchcookie1: Fail
Naarius: So... my high school career
ArcOfTheConclave: ah, the prisoners dilemma
TehAmelie: very Monster Prom vibes
Easilycrazyhat: "Prom qualms" XD
flatluigi: time for us all to be the cat
ky0dar: meow
XIIV13C100111: So just normal high school
frenchcookie1: AMOGN US BUT JACKBOX?
JadedCynic: ouch
Serifina: Professor Morikitty!
LadyAiluros: It's Among Us but people know who is who
chumpofthemonth: I zoned out around mow the lawn
DiscordianTokkan: Nya
MAPBoardgames: hehehe
YakkersHoungan221B: Oh thanks cat
ContingentCat: katesLoad
TotallyNotaBeholder: That explains some things
TalecArashi: Oh
asthanius: This is feeling like its own full game
aWabbajack: we cats now
Dog_of_Myth: Team Chaos
Squiidd_pope: lets do it
quasi79fu: my soul is gone?
Anstu: benginChaos
AllTheWeasels: jorbsGlare
BusTed: theblu69MEETING
ContingentCat: katesLoaf
Dragonality: hah, chat working together
Sheikun07: I'm so glad we got Professor Morikitty
JadedCynic: and we're basically the imposter
aWabbajack: Among Us meets push the button?
hyaundredneer: Or do they?
knickknacksnackery: cat sus
Dmc3628: love our representative is demon kitty
A_Dub888: Chat as a jerk cat? Sounds right
fastlane250: oh hey the bidiots guy is back
aWabbajack: cohhMVP itmejpMVP
asthanius: Oh my lord
gredgredmansson: FUCK YOU LITTERBOX
RoseShark: audience is the cat? score! motherrHype
DiscordianTokkan: Take THAT litter box
kerbalized_: this game is just PUIRE CHAOS and its a blast
cyanMu42: among us x prisoners' dilemma.
empyreon: BIG MESS
monakai: We are powerful cats
MegaDosX: Fuck yo litter box
SpookySpaghooti: I dont get this one lmao
frozenphoenix7: The cat's name is amazing btw
KeytarCat: I love this cat
YakkersHoungan221B: SUPLEX that litter box
InquisitorGaia: we made a mess!
gualdhar: kaives?
flatluigi: this is spaceteam, everyone's supposed to be telling each other what they need to get done
rainy_sam229: ah, this is among us
cgwonder: oh god this seems so chaotic
TamesLovesGames: M E O W
MelvinMTG: what is this game?!
r10pez10: this is wow
gnome_friend: !findquote giraffe
LRRbot: Quote #1487: "Did you just get negged by a giraffe?" —Ian [2016-01-09]
CururuGuasu: Waiting for the next opurrtunity
JadedCynic: chore can expire....
mahpete_: good job chat
ArcOfTheConclave: I pulled out an autoclicker
secretbranch: this is so great for in-person. i feel so bad for jackbox
quasi79fu: Mattt LOL
frenchcookie1: Cause mayhem
Snowcookies: Matt smh
mowdownjoe purrs contently
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SpookySpaghooti: Matt!
frenchcookie1: CrreamAwk
IbunWest: Wow this went from 0 to 60 real fast
Phosphatide: talking over each other, the game
LinearGif: Family emergency, Matt is being a dink
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MelvinMTG: sergeOrder sergeOrder sergeOrder
lawful_neutral_wizard: What Jackbox game is this?
quasi79fu: devil in the details
ChaoticObserver: Let's go cat
MagicalAttackGecko: destroy chairrr!!
DiscordianTokkan: This is Jackbox Warioware and i love it
MegaDosX: Die, chair, die!
Phosphatide: eff this chair
amative1: taptaptaptaptaptaptap
Squiidd_pope: FUCK YOU CHAIR
empyreon: fnuh fnuh fnuh
NimrodXIV: HahaCat
VmKid: DxCat
frenchcookie1: Die!
r10pez10: shout out to paul
secretbranch: SHAME
quasi79fu: Uh oh Ian
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat meows
starlitdiscord: chat is an evil kitty is a wonderful thing
quasi79fu: LOL
ptay313: fuck that chair!
TehAmelie: i killed two chairs, just to go above and beyond
ContingentCat: @lawful_neutral_wizard Devil's in the Details it's new
theleerm: fuck that chair!
DiscordianTokkan: RIP chair; TEAR chair
TriseAlpha: oh! it's not Among Us, its Space Team
MelvinMTG: thanks lrrPAUL!
Serifina: Chairs scratched!
ArcOfTheConclave: HahaCat HahaCat HahaCat
jessieimproved: I'm not going to be happy until I get to knock cups off the table
MegaDosX: Get away from us Wheeler! We'll bite you!
MAPBoardgames: I'm hearing furious clicking
Foxmar320: I may have ruined a chair
Phosphatide: temporary paws
kerbalized_: the swipe if finicky
Snowcookies: I only did what the devil told me
thrythlind: funnily enough "Demon Next Door" is the name of one of the things I sell on DrivethruRPG
SpookySpaghooti: This game doesnt seem great
VmKid: Of COURSE Ian uses a trackball
TwitchTVsFrank: this game seems not great
Thequickgreyfox: I'm not sure I like this game for streaming, but it seems fun to play
TehAmelie: this is just Kitty, the videogame. i love it
red_shoes_jeff: TRACK BALL? Oh Ian...
quasi79fu: Ian again
flatluigi: this game is good but not great for streaming
SpookySpaghooti: cool idea, but weird execution
tomorrowboy: I thought it was fun to play, but I don't think it's a great watching experience.
DiscordianTokkan: knock ALL the things over
Phosphatide: yesss stuff smacking
quasi79fu: Omg Ian
quasi79fu: LOL
RedRaptor: This is...weird.
r10pez10: holy shit
AllTheWeasels: Serge on full "behave, children" duty
Vector_Zero: I had fun playing it with friends
quasi79fu: Ian is evil
bubba0077: yeah, at the very least this isn't great for a stream game
frenchcookie1: Knock the STUFF
jessieimproved: ahahahahahaha I got to knock stuff of the table
MegaDosX: Cat gonna cat *shrug*
empyreon: that kitty task was the best
flatluigi: there's also weirdly little crosstalk happening now
TriseAlpha: Space Team with Betrayal
Easilycrazyhat: Serge!
Diabore: i dont think i like this game
Easilycrazyhat: XD
RoseShark: I have no idea what's going on. blathiLaugh
A_Dub888: Take THAT tablestuff
iSmartMan1: Goal!
DiscordianTokkan: nummy bugs
GreayStone: 3 new personal best
ArcOfTheConclave: look LRR in the eye *push*
CururuGuasu: Bug time
amative1: I love this: "Mischief is on a temporary PAWS"
MAPBoardgames: Nom Nom Meow!
scissorsmith: @roseshark same
saberpilot: good job XD
quasi79fu: Ian did it
frenchcookie1: KILL THE BUGS
Thequickgreyfox: emergency meeting!
iSmartMan1: lrrIAN
SoaringDragon42: NOM
MegaDosX: Om nom nom!
Aarek: sergeSnerge
teavian: BUGS :)
r10pez10: this is like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes + Among Us
ptay313: i have no idea what is going on, but I get to be a kitty, so I like it
Ujai321: it is sadly not great on stream
ArcOfTheConclave: om nom
LadyAiluros: yeah this really wants you to be on a phone and that's weird for streaming
quasi79fu: Ian is going to make them fail
Phosphatide: definitely space team for 2020
AllTheWeasels: LUL
virre_: I don't see how our interactions effect the game
Malkmaven1176: This game is better with a phone
CodenameJD: ẁhy did we eats bugs?
quasi79fu: Ian and Ben
Phosphatide: wet paw time
SpookySpaghooti: "I SHIT MY PANTS"
CururuGuasu: Tap and hold this time
TriseAlpha: because we is kitty
frenchcookie1: PUT THE WATER PAW
DiscordianTokkan: Tap and HOLD chat!
LinearGif: pspsps
tomorrowboy: it's very much a chaotic "yell at your friends" game
monakai: Water
empyreon: MY WATER NOW
denu55: take that water
MegaDosX: Yum, delicious water
kerbalized_: swiping works like 25% with mouse
theleerm: love the chat chores
MAPBoardgames: I just saw the name of the cat: Prof. Morikitty.
CaptainSpam: We are totally cat.
amative1: So... this game definitely doesn't work with a mouse, I guess
MegaDosX: I think they made it though
Serifina: These kinds of games are fun but extremely chaotic
ChaoticObserver: This feels very Warioware
DiscordianTokkan: I love how Warioware this is
Phosphatide: doing cat things add extra tasks to the game, apparently
TwitchTVsFrank: i think this game would work better if everyone was in the same room and on their phones
NimrodXIV: this is kinda chaos
WowoT: nelly just got up and quit XD
Sibwow: it doesnt stream particularly well
asthanius: This doesn't feel like Jackbox, tbh
zuchen_120: I just got here and I have no idea what’s going on in this game yet.
Arclight_Dynamo: This is not great for stream.
TriseAlpha: so also Papers Please
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friendtrain: I missed my sub baby!
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Radyin: This is Space Team, but household chores instead of space jargon.
LinearGif: It's very chaos, I'm here for it
superdude097: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @friendtrain
Meyari: Thanks for the KPOPfan @starlitghost
Ukon_Cairns: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @starlitghost
GaelanS: I kinda feel like this is the zeeple dome of the pack tbh
ky0dar: it doesnt stream great, but it is amusing for the soundbites
ContingentCat: Wow Serge
Dmc3628: serge nearly there with mark of the beast
MegaDosX: Serge? Or Snerge?
Easilycrazyhat: Ian did so many XD
Dragonality: Serge with the 66(1)6
ky0dar: ok, this isnt serge
VmKid: Ian did like five
kerbalized_: sergeSnerge sergeSnerge sergeSnerge
ky0dar: this is SNERGE
LarkSachrosis: I thought that was a stylized 4
frenchcookie1: Easily snerge
quasi79fu: Ian is definilty the msot evil of this group
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control_rig: This is.... not really fun to watch, sadly
SourceQuench: Playing this with people in the same room with you sounds like an assault conviction waiting to happen.
frenchcookie1: CLAW
2Flower: Why would you ever do selfish tasks? I mean it's good for stream drama but useless for the game.
RoseShark: I was hoping for halloween emotes. these kpop ones are super meh. HahaReindeer
CururuGuasu: Pet-icure time
PharaohBender27: ^
MegaDosX: I also love our name, Professor Morikitty
Wonderdoc: This goes on for 7 days? Thisll take an hour
Phosphatide: because selfish tasks make you win
gredgredmansson: @2Flower There is a prize for individual score
Phosphatide: technically
CodenameJD: but my claws let me break things
TriseAlpha: because you get lots of points
tomorrowboy: 3 days I think
teavian: lrrSPOOP
gnome_friend: lrrSPOOP
SourceQuench: @2Flower short answer: multiple-replay prisoner's dilemma
A_Dub888: lrrSPOOP
Anstu: lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: Ben what are you doing
2Flower: @gredgredmansson Yah, but if you lose the game as a family your individual points don't matter
StarlitGhost: lrrSPOOP
cyanMu42: among us x prisoner's dilemma x keep talking an nobody explodes.
gredgredmansson: @2Flower risk vs reward
quasi79fu: Ian is at ti again
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Rhynerd: I love how the cat is known as Professor Morikitty. Also I just got here after doing some Wild Talents with friends.
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Calaban161: computer
quasi79fu: so tooo goes Ben
SoaringDragon42: so warm
TriseAlpha: doing an evil
MegaDosX: No laptop for you!
NimrodXIV: laptop good
ky0dar: i live here now
Phosphatide: this laptop is mine now
MegaDosX: My bed now!
GoblinRanger: I feel all toasty
monakai: Laptop is mine now.
Alahmnat: we're helping!
VmKid: They're gonna get locked out again
SkylerRingtail: Our laptop.
virre_: We hvae the laptop
ContingentCat: not a bron thrum
ArcOfTheConclave: heated bed
LarkSachrosis: "Stop being selfish!" Is my 2020 mantra.
SkylerRingtail: Put us down, Ian!
Obijam78: this game is pure chaos
Kairanie: My cat put his paw on my phone and helped
Phosphatide: escape
quasi79fu: omg wheeeler
CururuGuasu: Sneaky time
Solid_Fuel: I am so confused
MegaDosX: Freedom!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: zhooom
Squiidd_pope: NYOOM
empyreon: mwahaha
frenchcookie1: Sneak
Sheikun07: Sneaky cat
GreayStone: 3.5
virre_: We're free hahahah
A_Dub888: We Ninja Cat NOW
BlackIsis: I am gonna say this game isn't as good as the others.
ArcOfTheConclave: chat is so fun
LadyAiluros: it's among us meets keep talking and nobody explodes
flatluigi: we're gone
empyreon: this is like Keep Talking but with more chaos. I LOVE IT
Phosphatide: no one remembers space team lol
gnome_friend: !findquote horse
LRRbot: Quote #2602: "Absolute horse bananas!" —James [2016-05-25]
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CaptainSpam: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @vector_zero
MAPBoardgames: This game is making me think uncomfortably about how many tasks my own cats make me do.
Loonatic93: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @vector_zero
Kramburger: Thanks for the KPOPlove @vector_zero
r10pez10: you guys are doing really well
ContingentCat: oh no wheeler and horses, this might take a while
SoaringDragon42: Thanks for the KPOPTT @vector_zero
dangerous_safety: Thanks for the KPOPfan @vector_zero
SourceQuench: Thanks for the KPOPheart @vector_zero
frenchcookie1: Social time
AnderKryst: Thanks for the KPOPdance @vector_zero
PharaohBender27: This is fun as an audience member, but I'm sure I'd *hate* this as a player FAKE EDIT: katesSub
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NimrodXIV: lrrHAM
monakai: Hamming cats.
ArcOfTheConclave: insta famous!
A_Dub888: lrrHAM
empyreon: we gonna be famous cat, chat!
mowdownjoe: We an Insta-cat!
Squiidd_pope: this actually reminds me a bit of Bomb INC
TheAinMAP: Thanks for the KPOPglow @xhres2
Snowcookies: these cat puns
MegaDosX: I'm ready for my close up now, Mr DeMille
ContingentCat: lrrHAM
until_may: hmm
flatluigi: blaugh
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RandomTrivia: Time continues to make fools of us all. Thank you all for the boundless entertainment in these... times.
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frenchcookie1: Vomit
RoseShark: probably particpating as the cat would make this fun, but on mobile so no dice.
tomorrowboy: I'm in the junk drawer, i'm in the pizza hut, i'm in the combination junk drawer and pizza hut
x0den: so what impact are we, the chat having on their game?
VmKid: We send tasks to them
Phosphatide: we add tasks
NimrodXIV: hurk
gredgredmansson: @x0den we are generating extra tasks for them
CururuGuasu: Keep horking!
frenchcookie1: PUKE
BusTed: benginTraitor
A_Dub888: benginTraitor
quasi79fu: Bad Ben
MAPBoardgames: HYORK!
MegaDosX: Hork!
x0den: cool, thanks!
ChaoticObserver: @x0den add tasks as the house cat
SourceQuench: Ben is the traitor. Again.
mowdownjoe: Classic Ben
KeytarCat: Oh, we're le chat
mynameisie: We can make it harder for them but they’re not having fun so
frenchcookie1: HYORK!@
SoaringDragon42: That ham was bad for Chat
LinearGif: "I have no smother"
ratzgobbler: Who else but Ben?
TehAmelie: such high effort hurling
Naarius: chat est un chat
TriseAlpha: guys, someone sabotaged O2
Phosphatide: sus af
CururuGuasu: And we helped!
quasi79fu: Im liking the stream
ky0dar: meow
teavian: meow
NimrodXIV: meow
MegaDosX: We are cat!
CommiePuddin: loving this
MAPBoardgames: We be kitty
saberpilot: we're... alive? XD
Sheikun07: We're having a blast as the cat
captain_wulf: lrrDARK lrrDARK
gnome_friend: meow
Serifina: MROW
KaleidoscopeMind: meow
monakai: Nelly showing that good clean play is all you need to win.
JacquesSnacques: we cat
SourceQuench: We're super green!
GoblinRanger: Nyan
A_Dub888: meow
flatluigi: meow
CrookedPenguin: Being a mean kitty is fun
YakkersHoungan221B: I puked and escaoed
Naarius: mrow
RandomTrivia: We're doing great. Also, MROW
AWildTransgirlAppeared: meow
Nigouki: meow
VmKid: DxCat
FDR101: meow
red_shoes_jeff: MEOW
ContingentCat: yeah
YakkersHoungan221B: good day
djalternative: meow
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: mew
SoaringDragon42: mow!
RaynMurfy: Meow
GhostValv: finyan
Thequickgreyfox: we're vibin'
Snowcookies: meow
LinearGif: we are cat c:
gredgredmansson: yes, you get points for stopping selfish tasks
saberpilot: nyan
quasi79fu: Meooooowww
rogerivany: Meow
Anaerin: We're Twitch CAT.
kerbalized_: meow
x0den: meiw!
mowdownjoe: Meow!
Luminaire_p: lumina1YOWL
Calaban161: Meow
stevefromdetroit: woof i mean meow
TriseAlpha: le chat
steven_strangle: You get 750 for stopping selfish tasks, iirc
YakkersHoungan221B: wheelerMulder
YakkersHoungan221B: fuck
northos: chat cat
codyfoti1999: Never better playin Minecraft
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I am officially a catgirl
lochnessseammonster: veekay1Love veekay1Drool
DiscordianTokkan: We are Catte wheelerMulderce wheelerMuldr
AshBurnem: Meow
Rhynerd: HahaCat
flatluigi: fuck this roomba
stevefromdetroit: moistHey
lord_bry0n: we are a tiny tigger that lives in your house
CururuGuasu: Die roomba!
CaptainSpam: The vicious vaccuum cleaner!
starlitdiscord: fight roomba!!
NimrodXIV: hiss
ratzgobbler: Broke: Streaming Woke: Human contact Evoke: Mulldrifter
A_Dub888: The
MegaDosX: Die, roomba!
Sheikun07: take that roomba
SoaringDragon42: DIE BOT!
RandomTrivia: Die evil vacuum cleaner!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Take that roomba
VmKid: Eat it, Roomba
virre_: Vaccum evil
Dr_fragenstien: I helped!
MAPBoardgames: We rumpused that roomba
northos: lrrHEART melon
LinearGif: non-union robot vacuum
quasi79fu: lol making out with a watermelon
A_Dub888: The Reviling Roomba doth hath been Ruined
rasterscan: Surge and that melon
Mysticman89: french kissing the melon is an important life skill
matchmaker86: poor serge having to practice kissing 🤣🤣
kerbalized_: Serge: Known Melon Lover
mynameisie: Absolute melon
RoseShark: good job making out with that watermelon!
KingOfDoma: note to self: the four finger multi tap is the most effective way to destroy toombas
TheWriterAleph: wew, i came in on a VERY hectic game looks like LUL
quasi79fu: Ian noooooo
jessieimproved: well that literally doesn't work on the computer
RandomTrivia: Wheeeeeeeee!
TriseAlpha: SHORYUKEN!! ...I think?
flatluigi: belly rubs
Songar87: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:38.
YakkersHoungan221B: BELLY RUB
Naarius: Belly rubs for chat
MegaDosX: Pats!
VmKid: Belly rub <3
Rhynerd: belly rub please
teavian: :3
SoaringDragon42: We demand rubs!
Phosphatide: that was awful with a mouse lmao
MAPBoardgames: Fuzzy kitty belly!
34Witches: Mm, belly rub <3
Serifina: Belly rub!!!
DiscordianTokkan: such good belly rubs
ArcOfTheConclave: we is not gog
northos: lrrHEART melon!
lamina5432: opurrrtunity's are fun
CaptainSpam: Belly rubs for kitty! IT'S A TRAP.
monakai: You can make anti progress by flipping in the other direction.
CururuGuasu: We demand belly rubs!
Lysander_Gustav: This is like keep talking and nobody explodes
quasi79fu: Mattttt
NimrodXIV: chat demands pets
ChaoticObserver: Belly rubs!
TheWriterAleph: @jessieimproved it does, you have to click and drag in a circle
Lysander_Gustav: only more chaotic
SourceQuench: Rotate right with a trackball is no bueno.
LurkerSpine: what is going on
LinearGif: now melon is my boyfriend
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I'm doing cat tasks as well
quasi79fu: there goes wheeeler
Sarah_Serinde: Okay it's depressing that most if not all of the selfish tasks I've noticed for the mom are basically just "take a little time for yourself"
kerbalized_: serge really loves that melon
gnome_friend: @Sarah_Serinde oh no
RandomTrivia: We demand belly rubs again! (definitely not a trap)
gnome_friend: lrrAWW
RoseShark: oh wow I don't like that. @sarah_serinde
ratzgobbler: WOuldn't it be priceless if Massage chairs were programmed with Python?
Serifina: Cat task cat task cat task cat task
SoaringDragon42: Don't touch me!
MegaDosX: More pats! (only not, surprise!)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: also, they had the hit song Radar Love
mowdownjoe: Chat wants belly rubs!
teavian: >:3
Phosphatide: belly rubs!
Alahmnat: I love "(but it's a trap)"
YakkersHoungan221B: christ I rotated so hard
flatluigi: it's accurate for sitcom moms at all
MAPBoardgames: Maor fuzzy belly!
stevefromdetroit: thanks beeeeeen
Lord_ZYRK: Does this mean the cat has a beard?
A_Dub888: YAY
aussz: it's a trap!
GhostValv: :)
PunkRockZoologist: We are the cat gestalt
YawnLance: Thank you Benjamin
flatluigi: it's a trap
quasi79fu: awwww belly rubs
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I consent
ContingentCat: thanks ben
Rhynerd: You fool
merc_tounsi: so someone.have a download Link for Android please
ky0dar: Bear is driving
red_shoes_jeff: meow
LarkSachrosis: Do it Ben
ky0dar: How can that be?
theonlybm: Rub Rub uwu
quasi79fu: meoooooowwww
Lord_ZYRK: You've got such soft hands, Ben lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
LinearGif: bite now
MegaDosX: Die chair!
RandomTrivia: Be a shame if something happened to that chair...
YakkersHoungan221B: fuck yo couch
quasi79fu: Bennnn
Rhynerd: gonna need a new chair
VmKid: @merc_tounsi No need to download anything, just go to
A_Dub888: lrrEFF this chair in particular
kerbalized_: GRTEEEEED
NimrodXIV: Ben was givin us belly rubs
Anaerin: merc_tounsi You go to
Twilight_Spark: LOL
CaptainSpam: BEN!
flatluigi: GOOD
mowdownjoe: BEN
YakkersHoungan221B: Ben
circusofkirkus: classic family photos
A_Dub888: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
YakkersHoungan221B: why u flood
iSmartMan1: And it all falls apart
RechargeableFrenchman: Ben you monster
Rhynerd: Ben's the traitor
Anstu: benginChaos
GhostValv: ben is sus
LarkSachrosis: How is giving cat belly rubs selfish?
UnhappyYak: what have they played so far before Devil
MegaDosX: Ben vented, vote Ben
Phosphatide: dang it mom
Voidhawk42: veeeeery sus there Ben
gnome_friend: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
GreayStone: puur puur hiss
lochnessseammonster: ben just wanted to pet twitch cat
Vector_Zero: saw ben bent
gredgredmansson: @UnhappyYak quiplash 3
stevefromdetroit: I saw ben come out of a vent
Lord_ZYRK: The Flood are in the basement NotLikeThis Someone call 117 NotLikeThis
abaoa_qu: Ben gets mad when people say hes the traitor...
SoaringDragon42: mow!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: meow?
MegaDosX: Also we were totally Twitch Cat
Foxmar320: I destroyed that chair good
CrookedPenguin: Ben can't be mad when he actually is tho
YakkersHoungan221B: mrow
Bengineering: @abaoa_qu I get upset when it's unfounded. relax.
VmKid: lrrGOAT
flatluigi: success!
LarkSachrosis: Did Ben fall for our trap?
flatluigi: he did
LinearGif: jellicle cats come out tonight
abaoa_qu: Im fully relaxed :)
A_Dub888: !findquote sweat
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
DiscordianTokkan: Cs get Degrees!
merc_tounsi: ah ok but there is No random rooms ?
expat_with_cat: Oh, no! I wanted to see this today. I’ll have to catch up in the VOD.
flatluigi: wooow
Goorguy: Nelly knows how to run a ahouse
xythrogar: well Nelly is the family man
MegaDosX: I'm somehow not surprised Nelson was the biggest family person in this game
VmKid: Ian was Most Selfish
gredgredmansson: :lrrNELSON
gualdhar: daddy wins!
Lord_ZYRK: Pro Dad
RoseShark: go Ian, make chaos!
NimrodXIV: cat chat should get a score
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CaptainSpam: The character design in this game is amazing.
stevefromdetroit: #1 most
TotallyNotaBeholder: Interesting, the father of multiple children knows how to be selfish while helping out, who would have thought
Rhynerd: #1 Dad
merc_tounsi: and thanks @anaerin and @vmkid
PharaohBender27 steps away for some food
saberpilot: I think this is a game that works best in person
Vector_Zero: noice
StreetRach: The game is much better on your phone.
abaoa_qu: Oh boy!
MegaDosX: The rotating was the most janky out of everything
Scy_Anide: That seems like a cool Cook Serve Delicious style game and not at all a Jackbox game.
LinearGif: oh good, just in time to make an instant dinner
VmKid: This game's theme song is REALLY good tbh
TehAmelie: i had only the barest grasp of what you all were doing at any point
GoblinRanger: That was an odd viewing experience
Nevermore_Painting_Studio: there is also the THICC demon mom
abaoa_qu: Yeah, this was fun to watch the chaos once tho
fry_dx: It's a little like Bomb Corp from JPP2
SoaringDragon42: Yeah, more focused on cat tasks
infinity_225: We enjoyed it
Nigouki: Ian BEHIND YOU!
Bloodrush192: talking points is totally up your guys' alley IMO
IbunWest: That game was a lot.
FacelessManAboutTown: it was really hard to figure out what was going
amative1: LoadingReadyRun we can still see Serge's screen, may want to be careful before the new code goes in
NimrodXIV: Just noticed Ian did what I expected
ptay313: that one seems fun to play, not so fun to watch
RandomTrivia: It wasn't that great on stream, the chaos was entertaining but it's weird not to have any clue what's going on
MAPBoardgames: TMP!
DiscordianTokkan: This was great BEING in the audience, but I can see how it'd lose a lot in the VOD
Lord_ZYRK: Nevermore_Painting_Studio I am all about thicc thighs that damn lives
drfox17: yessss
flatluigi: murder!
RandomTrivia: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Snowcookies: Hopefully chat wins
FifthAbyss: yeah other groups I've seen try that game have gotten five minutes in and just bailed
ky0dar: meow
mowdownjoe: MURDER PARTY!
jessieimproved: Sweet murder stuffies
RoseShark: I still barely understood what happened. motherrLOL
gredgredmansson: Thats now Party Pack 7
stevefromdetroit: I had fun, i got to do some tasks IRL
DaSunao: Oh boy
Calaban161: Are we gonna kill them all again?
Arclight_Dynamo: I also didn't care for that game at all.
SkylerRingtail: Aww, I thought we'd be trying all of Jackbox 7. Alas.
DanTheMediocre: yeah, great game, not the best for streaming imho
drfox17: we can win thi stime!
gredgredmansson: I really hope they do CHAMPD UP
LarkSachrosis: Put the trivia in my brain!
flatluigi: skyler: i bet we will
KilrenKrae: when is desert bus south again?
Pteraspidomorphi: I hope they do the one with the pictures fighting each other later
gnome_friend: !findquote south
LRRbot: Quote #1213: "Oh yeah. Desert Bus South: we are totally doing that. You can quote me on it." —Cameron [2015-12-02]
DaSunao: Anyone have the clip from trivia murder party of Beej getting dunked on by chat?
APODionysus: Awww Murder Party? I was hoping for Talking Points
Evandill: I'll be honest I love it when jackbox breaks out of the just funny spectrum.
APODionysus: Talking Pounts is GREAT
stevefromdetroit: which time @DaSunao
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Pteraspidomorphi: (Murder Party is great too)
superdude097: Thanks for the KPOPTT @thyeggman
djalternative: Well, we can't do blather round because it's only 6 max
TehAmelie: i'm just guessing from context that the players were trying to clean up a house while chat was being counter productive cats about it
Easilycrazyhat: Blather Round is a good one for stream, imo.
LunarJade: Don't worry, everyone. There's LOTS of stream time tonight for us to play LOTS of games.
flatluigi: they could have two people sit out for blather round imo
LunarJade: THis is Beej, BTW.
2Flower: They’ve literally played Talking Points on LRL. It’s a good match
VmKid: Talking Points is good, apparently I'm pretty bad at it tho
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Alas_Babylon: 15 months? That's 657 thousand minutes!
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gnome_friend: Hi lrrBEEJ
flatluigi: hi beejade
MyrddintheWizard: Hello Friend lrrBEEJ
SoaringDragon42: lrrBEEEJ
zimmercj23: How's chat tonight? PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
ky0dar: eh
DaSunao: Oh yeah, there's LRL this weekend!
ky0dar: im ok
Alas_Babylon: @LunarJade Hullo Beej
ContingentCat: and there's streams in the future too we don't have to get to them all tonight
zimmercj23: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: Listen to the Beej that is using Heather's account to post in chat. The Beej that is using Heather's account to post in chat is wise.
Bengineering: @Evandill I agree! I actually really enjoy monster seeking monster and the alien game
VmKid: I'm apparently really good at Blather 'Round, but for some reason there's only 6 players in that game.
ky0dar: heather themed beej drop?
djalternative: @VmKid it's a matter of information influx
gredgredmansson: Did they fix Blather Round? I thought it was far too easy for the audience to win that game
gredgredmansson: but I only saw one vid of it
gnome_friend: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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ArrestedHouse: SourPls
VmKid: Is it highlights time?
NimrodXIV: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @abaoa_qu
Poggifers_LRR: @Bengineering yes please do alien Ian again lol
ani_laurel: Monster Seeking Monster is a blast
djalternative: Audience doesn't win the game in blather, they just give points to the presenter @gredgredmansson
TheWriterAleph: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrHEART
gredgredmansson: oh i'm thinking of talking points
MAPBoardgames: lrrHEART B.G.C.
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VmKid: Audience doesn't win in Talking Points either
Poggifers_LRR: lrrDOTS sergeCanal lrrARROW
JacquesSnacques: seeing them that close in the ad thumbnails actually made me do a double take; its been so long that ive been in quarantine
gnome_friend: CANAL!
zimmercj23: Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride25
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Caffine1138: A year gone already..... actually can someone load up the next year please? I think we're all ready to leave this one.
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TheWriterAleph: lrrDOTS jlrrIronball lrrARROW
JaysonMaxwell: lrrDOTS seabatUseless lrrARROW
jdb399: What is happening to the music XD
neb_200: How is everyone doing?
DaSunao: lrrDOTS jlrrWalldiamond lrrARROW
neb_200: Hi chat benginHi
gredgredmansson: I AM doing! Thanks for asking
sirspate: imagine when quarantine's over, back at the office, and it's no longer 1:1 person to washroom ratio
Poggifers_LRR: Im just a boy whos 4
gredgredmansson: lrrDOTS tomBicep lrrARROW
ContingentCat: lrrDOTS kathle3HEX lrrARROW
jdb399: Paul to the rescue fixing the music out here
Nuurgle: lrrDOTS feliciaWhiffle lrrARROW
Kreiseler: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:50.
RandomTrivia: Poggifers_LRR NO! BAD!
Poggifers_LRR: each day i grow some more
IbunWest: lrrCIRCLE_PM
gnome_friend: Poggifers, please dump the Caillou outside
TehAmelie: we can skip over the several months of counting, contesting and recounting votes in the US election. . .
TwitchTVsFrank: seabatBRAIN_WH
agentsmithradio: !findquote cailou
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Kreiseler: darn. which games have they already played?
TheWriterAleph: lrrCHKN coxChicken coxManleee
saberpilot: quiplash 3
saberpilot: and the demon house one
gredgredmansson: @Kreiseler QP3 and Devils
RoseShark: I'm back with candy! motherrNom
JacquesSnacques: @neb_200 i'm alright, maybe a bit stressed due to life, but alright. you?
IbunWest: coxZen
djalternative: There is no game in Jackbox 7 where the audience can win. (unless you count making the players in devil fail due to cat shenanigans)
agentsmithradio: !findquote caillou
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL What's wrong with the music?
eric_christian_berg: Caillou and the election? I'm outta here.
VmKid: lrrDOTS HolidayOrnament lrrARROW
JaysonMaxwell: lrrDOTS HahaBall lrrARROW
Kreiseler: ah so not the powerpoint one? excellent
Dog_of_Myth: coxBam
saberpilot: the powerpoint one is *quite* good
MyrddintheWizard: lrrBEEJ_WH
tidehollowcat: lrrDOTS sergeCanal lrrARROW *can* you make a canal in Jackbox?
ContingentCat: @LoadingReadyRun nothing it's good now
saberpilot: lrrFINE
mahpete_: @loadingreadyrun idk, sounds basically fine to me.
jdb399: @LRRbot The music was like cutting in and out a bit ago, it has stopped now, maybe it was just on my end
JacquesSnacques: music is fine for me
fry_dx: jlrrCai stumptRa stumptSh
IbunWest: lrrDOTS HahaShrugMiddle lrrARROW
JaysonMaxwell: lrrDOTS PrideWorld lrrARROW
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
Poggifers_LRR: Im gunna send Sarah a nice Caillou blanket to keep warm in :)
neb_200: A little all over the place I'm "renovating" my room @JacquesSnacques
Nuurgle: that's just how that remix sounds
RandomTrivia: @tidehollowcat It's not called a "Can't-al" now is it?
ContingentCat: @jdb399 or twitch sometimes struggles
mahpete_: if there was an issue, I assumed it was my internet acting up
RealGamerCow: Do we know how much longer Diablo 2 will be happening?
Sarah_Serinde: Poggifers_LRR I'm so happy you don't know where I live
gnome_friend: Poggifers, please dispose of the Caillou
frenchcookie1: Why graham no play?
CaptainSpam: Blather 'Round DOES have a Steam cheevo for winning the game as the audience...
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrCai jlrrLlou PogChamp
serramarkov: Human beings are disgusting, the human being writes.
Poggifers_LRR: @Sarah_Serinde :p
drfox17: wait, that wasn't a zelda song?
ContingentCat: @Poggifers_LRR jlrrNo
frenchcookie1: Graham
TheWriterAleph: critroleBees lrrBEEEJ
agentsmithradio: !findquote zelda
LRRbot: Quote #2132: "They were using the statue of Zelda to hold up the ceiling." —Paul [2016-03-21]
frenchcookie1: Where
Sarah_Serinde: frenchcookie1 He and Kathleen have a child to look after and Kathleen is playing today.
djalternative: Talking Points is literally a LRL bit
ContingentCat: @TwitchTVsFrank jlrro
KilrenKrae: oh no
MyrddintheWizard: lrrBEEJ_WH Spoopy Beej!
IbunWest: feenWut
KilrenKrae: is caillou gonna happen at desert bus?
JacquesSnacques: we back!
Sarah_Serinde: KilrenKrae Probably, unfortunately
Poggifers_LRR: @Sarah_Serinde 2 kids , dont forget James
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
IbunWest: Caillou is happening to us all the time
MAPBoardgames: TMP! TMP!
drfox17: @KilrenKrae not if @Sarah_Serinde can help it
ContingentCat: @KilrenKrae jlrrNo please no
TehAmelie: girl power!
Snowcookies: Yay murder
NimrodXIV: woo Murder!
TheWriterAleph: cross! those! streams!
ani_laurel: woot
Calaban161: Are you ready to DIE
Sarah_Serinde: Poggifers_LRR Since when is James the kid and not a dad?
fry_dx: Bus is coming
LinearGif: Trivia is like my favorite
agentsmithradio: Not Jackbox 7, but TMP is amazing. No objections your honour.
IbunWest: Time to do a murder.
Radyin: Are we only doing two games from the new pack? Interesting.
Mal2mad: Does this mean tha Kathleen is Last Girl by default?
UnhappyYak: oh I gotta get in on the audience for trivia
LordZarano: @drfox17 Zelda's Lulaby yes, that song is based on it
Dog_of_Myth: Let's go Chat!!
RandomTrivia: To be fair, LRR has a strong complement of Car Trivia People
djalternative: filter america stuff is new to 7
asthanius: IAN
MAPBoardgames: CLLH Cross Lost Loans at Home
ursus_unusual: thank you @flatluigi
Snowcookies: Yeah, ppl have been complaining
zimmercj23: PrideStrong Let's do this chat!
Thequickgreyfox: ah sweet. More tmp
NimrodXIV: let's win back our title
Dr_fragenstien: This is the first time catching a lrr jackbox since I set up a second moniter. i's quite fun!
knickknacksnackery: I thought Let's Nope was on Tuesdays?
rogerivany: Chat! Chat! Chat!
quasi79fu: a plant
gnome_friend: Unfortunately this is no longer true
JaysonMaxwell: Oh hey, I know this one.
LinearGif: mr stay puft
mariomario42: 4 for sure
gnome_friend: They now come from gelatin
AranMathai: None of these are technically correct anymore.
leebenningfield: it's a root, right?
quasi79fu: the bush i think
RoseShark: I did always feel bad seeing all the American centric questions.
quasi79fu: or herm
Alas_Babylon: marshmallow planet
Sibwow: the candy factory
RealGamerCow: Ian is right.
snowmonkey99: High Fructose Corn Syrup right?
quasi79fu: herb i think
drfox17: we can do this! even though this part of the game deesn't really matter
circusofkirkus: that's gelatin
gredgredmansson: DON'T GIVE THE ANSWER IN CHAT
kalira77: remember, no answers in chat!
Arclight_Dynamo: Ian is right.
Sarah_Serinde: knickknacksnackery Yes and today is Wednesday
34Witches: There's no marshmallow in them these days :(
minksterella_: the grocery store
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm going to go with what i think Morrowind taught me
gredgredmansson: THEY CAN SEE US
zimmercj23: Code: CLLH
Dr_fragenstien: this has to be a children's tv refrence
CururuGuasu: It should be frog
RealGamerCow: But really, marshmallow is a root. I grow it.
JaysonMaxwell: Root - unless I'm mistaken.
circusofkirkus: hoofs = gelatin, not marshmallow in general
niccus: from the sugar cane
quasi79fu: I think bush
Thequickgreyfox: dang
CururuGuasu: I demand frog justice
ratzgobbler: Ghostbusters !
ContingentCat: Marshmellows aren't just jello, at least their shouldn't be
monakai: Huh.
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NimrodXIV: I thought tree :(
quasi79fu: oh it was a herb
djalternative: I've interacted with a marshmallow thing but I have no idea what it would be classified as
LinearGif: uwu yay Matt
amative1: it's technically called Marshmallow Root
MegaDosX: Go Matt!
MAPBoardgames: The Staypuft Man's Thicc Thighs
asthanius: WOW
gnome_friend: Yeah marshmallows aren't made with Marsh Mallow anymore
expat_with_cat: Holy fuck, I lucked out.
ky0dar: WOOOOWWWWw
Creature_Comforts: LUL
Diabore: YES
rasterscan: FFfffffffff
CaptainSpam: OH HO HO.
Alahmnat: roflmao
NimrodXIV: HA
MyBuddySuperfly: XD
mariomario42: GASP
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
TheWriterAleph: BUNT
ArrestedHouse: LuL
DoodlestheGreat: WELP
TheWanderingNomad: Oh wow
Alahmnat: PERFECT
DiscordianTokkan: Jesus Christ Jackbox
monakai: Big cheats.
ani_laurel: amazing
LeeshaJoy: Speaking of America Mode...
aWabbajack: ryonLimitless1 feliciaToronto feliciaToronto feliciaToronto
SoaringDragon42: lol
Malkmaven1176: Oh no
knickknacksnackery: @Sarah_Serinde sorry, was trying to make a goof because this is a "spoopy" game
TamesLovesGames: LMAO
Dmc3628: perfect Jackbox
PharaohBender27: katesLol
scrapsavant: what are the odds?
damn_i_am_pretty: Oh Crud, New Canadia?
zimmercj23: PrideShrug
quasi79fu: That is hilarious
LurkerSpine: Newfoundland and Labrador
Goorguy: Who says BC
rogerivany: Who spells Saskatchewan right?
ani_laurel: no duplication though
Calaban161: BC
minksterella_: they're all dead
asthanius: Spell Sask right
expat_with_cat: South Canada.
gredgredmansson: You don't have to answer with the truth
ratzgobbler: I thought it was about apples
JaysonMaxwell: Creed to whoever goes with Quebec
fastlane250: Morth Dakota
RealGamerCow: in b4 no New Brunswick
gredgredmansson: NAILED IT
Eklinaar: lol everyone avoided BC
agentsmithradio: Nobody expects PEI!
Arclight_Dynamo: Big PEI energy.
JaysonMaxwell: Well done Wheeler :D
UnhappyYak: good coverage
Mysticman89: Good job Kathleen
underhill33: yessss
Lord_ZYRK: The ol' triple eddy, eh?
Calaban161: I Bet Ian
Sarah_Serinde: knickknacksnackery Ah, missed that, I just figured days are hard for everyone these days :P
minksterella_: wow they don't know where they live?
ursus_unusual: Beej... in a mood?
Blade_Tiger: Everyone forgets New Brunswick
ky0dar: Noone remembers PEI, so everyone remembers PEI
quietcat: Everyone also avoided alberta, which is fair
JacquesSnacques: technically not wheeler died sooo
lumlite: Always go Nunavut.
ContingentCat: Beej is always in a mood
PharaohBender27: Clearly Jackbox realized Canadian streamers were playing this game Kappa
monakai: We're in 2nd!
Tiber727: North Seattle, Little France, The Frozen Wastelands...
YakkersHoungan221B: Love you too Beej bitterSweet
LinearGif: Oh, Canada.
ani_laurel: they said no territories
ContingentCat: @lumlite it said not territories
Arclight_Dynamo: I contend "New Ireland" should count.
Vector_Zero: I'm having none of it
Thequickgreyfox: Beej isn't in a mood, he IS a mood
MegaDosX: I hate that I know this
ky0dar: too easy
quasi79fu: Excuse me?
NimrodXIV: pfft
RealGamerCow: It's gotta be
ky0dar: TOO. EASY
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, know this one
RoseShark: no idea.
PharaohBender27: Just guessing here
Vector_Zero: one for the commonwealth
HatsWearCats: Yeah mate too easy, just jump on silly point
MegaDosX: Not expecting a lot of people to get this
Garfman314: i suspect
Alas_Babylon: sportsball
Dr_fragenstien: that's too brittish to not be cricket, the most brittish sport to exist
JaysonMaxwell: Darts has points, right? PrideShrug
sirspate: Puerto Rico. ... in a few years
ArrestedHouse: LuL
expat_with_cat: I feel like I know this, but it’s not coming to me. I think I got it wrong.
Sogheim: but only one of those isa serious game
Loonatic93: Isn't Lacrosse a French game?
monakai: Darts, very British.
DiscordianTokkan: Lacrosse is Cree, isn't it?
Arclight_Dynamo: Lacrosse is Indigenous Canadian.
Ukon_Cairns: darts?
Goorguy: Hockey?
ky0dar: Silly Mid Off, Silly Mid On
ContingentCat: Lacrosse is a silly canadain game
YakkersHoungan221B: Eyy
gnome_friend: Lacrosse is First Nations/Native American
LinearGif: it's pronounced "la croix"
underhill33: ye
MegaDosX: Eh, above 50%, not bad
Mysticman89: canada is known for hockey, but lacrosse is our actual thing
expat_with_cat: Woot!
Arclight_Dynamo: Lacrosse is the national summer sport; hockey is the national winter one.
ratzgobbler: Lacrosse is Mohican in origin
PharaohBender27: Dangit, I got it wrong
Diabore: uh oh
Tiber727: Hockey isn't on this list!
SourceQuench: Go left!
Dmc3628: time to channel Ian
gredgredmansson: death zones!
ani_laurel: A number of tribes played lacrosse
mowdownjoe: Lucky hit!
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Drkwlfalpha: JACKBOX TIME
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Drkwlfalpha! (Today's storm count: 125)
Garfman314: was there some connection to norse with lacrosse too? or is that debunked?
ashteranic: kathleen is from new zealand, she has less of an excuse than most :P
TheAinMAP: Oh no.
RoseShark: motherrSweat
NimrodXIV: OOF
MegaDosX: Oh that's /brutal/
Easilycrazyhat: woof
Dmc3628: that's a lotta death
kerbalized_: chilledF
Lord_ZYRK: EZ clap
empyreon: lrrWOW
Malkmaven1176: Wow...
YakkersHoungan221B: bitterEnd
ContingentCat: awww
PharaohBender27: katesRip
MAPBoardgames: lrrSPOOP
gnome_friend: Inertia is a property of matter
Phosfur: Thanks for the KPOPdance @drkwlfalpha
RandomTrivia: benginRip
underhill33: 80%!
Diabore: 20% of chat had faith
jdb399: Another Scottish tragedy
quasi79fu: she got a hole in one did she win?
NimrodXIV: please, The Scottish Play
expat_with_cat: Uh oh. My video’s lagging. Poor Kathleen. I did vote for you, though.
knickknacksnackery: Science Rulez
gredgredmansson: BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL
SourceQuench: 80% of audience bet against Kathleen. Harsh.
Pharmacistjudge: i don't think it counts when your online
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP cohhBeer
Calaban161: Mat Kiled 3 people
asthanius: On her dragon
quasi79fu: omg wabbbajack that is awesome
ky0dar: protagonist?
NimrodXIV: oh fuck I read this and have no idea
neb_200: 3?
quasi79fu: I know this one
MegaDosX: I haven't read this, so guessing
thrythlind: 4
andysoo89: Kathleen dying day 2 is surprising
InquisitorGaia: 4
Mr_Whyt: 4
thrythlind: I think
JaysonMaxwell: "What's a titular" lrrBEEJ
DrearyMelodies: it's in sweden! I know this!
thrythlind: but total guess
doug_carstereo: 4
lamina5432: big toe
RoseShark: never watched the movie or read the book.
ani_laurel: NOt in chat
NimrodXIV: don't answetr in chat
quasi79fu: its 4
minksterella_: ankle
VmKid: DO NOT put answers in chat
rasterscan: Chat, do not put guesses in chat.
gredgredmansson: chat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i know nothing about this book
Dmc3628: the movie adapation
Snowcookies: Chat, put your answers in the game, not chat
MegaDosX: Reminder to chat to not give the answer in chat, as they can see us
kalira77: don't put answers in chat
minksterella_: its always on the ankle
djalternative: no answers in chat guys
mowdownjoe: I saw that one, too
ratzgobbler: Movie or book?
Lord_ZYRK: DrearyMelodies seabatBRAIN
control_rig: No answers in chat!
Dr_fragenstien: no clue, but if it's so popular, i hope it's not as cliche as the back
gredgredmansson: DON'T GIVE THEM THE ANSWER
ArrestedHouse: it's a good soundtrack
ky0dar: Isnt the guy the protagonist?
monakai: Is this the one where there are 2 version?
jdb399: Left middle finget
IgnisDeus: Swedish version is better
NimrodXIV: I hated this book anyway
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DiscordianTokkan: Eyyyy
Metric_Furlong: do not type the answer, chat
ContingentCat: that was a very Kathleen recomendation
RoseShark: well that makes sense.
PharaohBender27: Wheeler plz
Obijam78: Kathleen! NIN fan! <3
gredgredmansson: WE CAN'T WIN IF THEY DON'T DIE
VmKid: Put answers in, not in chat
Vector_Zero: The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo?
underhill33: shit
MegaDosX: There's no way Wheeler whiffs on this
mariomario42: 100%
kalira77: wheeler wins this
Dr_fragenstien: whelp, we know how to bet Kappa
orellien2773: It means the titular girl needs to get her shirt off, of course its on her back
DrearyMelodies: ah, rightm, can't type a fake answer even whe it's super obviously a fake answer.
dangerous_safety: The Tattoo with the Dragon Girl?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: why is no one trying to distract him?
YakkersHoungan221B: *frantic key noises*
RandomTrivia: *clickety-clackety*
theonlybm: tap tap tap
SnackPak_: The good ASMR, there
quasi79fu: been in love with cheese?
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
BeardedAndJaded: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Because they all have to type the message
YakkersHoungan221B: SERGE holy fuck
Makrosian_Tae: WOOO Serge
frenchcookie1: Click click
agentsmithradio: THAT SERGE ENERGY
DiscordianTokkan: HELL yeah Serge
monakai: Serge!
LinearGif: I wear the cheese; it does not wear me
Dmc3628: Serge with the decaptitaion
SoaringDragon42: SERGE!
gredgredmansson: @SydPreviouslyHeadache because everyone else is typing
kalira77: holy crap, serge
MegaDosX: WHAT
SydPreviouslyHeadache: only one of them nmeeds to beat him
Calaban161: Serge with 39
Bloodrush192: LUL
Alas_Babylon: Serge the ultra gamer
ContingentCat: Canadian spelling
RoseShark: tokki8RIP
Arclight_Dynamo: AMERICANS!
YakkersHoungan221B: Getting that fat cash
MAPBoardgames: Let's go Chat!
ani_laurel: *gets Canadian knife out*
mariomario42: oh wow
ky0dar: screw you america
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh i guess that would distract everyone
expat_with_cat: A round of applause for Serge.
Twilight_Spark: Same.
frozenphoenix7: Serge with the biggest brain
monakai: America wins again!
Dr_fragenstien: you should
Angreed66: extra u are a waste of ink
VmKid: revGalaxy
gualdhar: we hate you too Wheeler
jdb399: US americans hate us too
MegaDosX: We believed in you Wheeler! How could you betray us like that?
frozenphoenix7: It's ok Wheeler, we suck
Despoiler98: MURICA
amative1: We love you too. You're our favorite.
LinearGif: Our primary export is egocentrism
ContingentCat: alright that's it let's invade
aWabbajack: Bezos land
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL The Girl in the Spider's Web just popped up on Netflix in Canada
zimmercj23: To be fair. I'm from the USA and use favourite
DiscordianTokkan: America HATES U's. Or Us.
Phosphatide: boozled
quasi79fu: Its Egypt right?
ratzgobbler: Murderers don't care about U
Alas_Babylon: Themyscira
gredgredmansson: lrrBEEEJ
Mr_Whyt: 4
amative1: Wait... Dominican Republic?
Mal2mad: Wow, so easy
asthanius: Mesopotamia
SydPreviouslyHeadache: gray? grey? idk
DaSunao: Easy
LinearGif: Amazon is a book company, smh
expat_with_cat: Atlantis/
gredgredmansson: @Mr_Whyt what are you telling us for?
Dog_of_Myth: Austria
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: on the words americans don't know howt o spell
kalira77: @ratzgobbler best response right there
Metric_Furlong: I'm going to be concerned if people don't get this :p
Calaban161: @quasi79fu you are in de-Nile
MadmanOreo: this can't be american mode, we don't know foreign geography Keepo
quasi79fu: The Nile is in SOuth America right?
LurkerSpine: Letterkenny is sooo good
TheWanderingNomad: Sounds like McMurray
gnome_friend: It's always brazil
rasterscan: Multi-pals showdown.
ContingentCat: yess pick the big one worked!
gredgredmansson: The Nile is in Africa
frenchcookie1: No Dominican Republic
gnome_friend: !findquote Brazil
LRRbot: Quote #602: "It's always Goddamn Brazil!" —Alex [2015-08-21]
IgnisDeus: how do you miss that question?
mariomario42: oh, it wasn't a trick question
RobotInProgress: Letterkenny the best
frenchcookie1: Serge
asthanius: Choose the carpenter's cup!
VmKid: I'm honestly kinda surprised that the game marked "favourite" wrong, considering the Jackbox devs have been getting better at internationalizing.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Pick the skull, you cowards.
BusTed: Mind games.
gualdhar: SKULL OR RIOT
LinearGif: the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true
gnome_friend: !smash
LRRbot: Put Sanic in Smash, you cowards!
NeuterCommuter: Pick the flagon with the dragon.
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spicydungus: hi
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northos: boison
JaysonMaxwell: Adam isn't here - the Skull Cup might be safe :D
3cbb: @VmKid this one is still old though
gredgredmansson: i pick number 3
LeeshaJoy: None of them have a pestle or are in a palace, how are we supposed to figure it out??
agentsmithradio: !findquote wisely
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
mariomario42: skull everytime
MAPBoardgames: Chug! Chug Chug!
RoseShark: green one!
LinearGif: the pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle
Alas_Babylon: Skull or coward
Alahmnat: the cup of a carpenter
Makrosian_Tae: !findquote chosen
DiscordianTokkan: Slurp Slurp.
MegaDosX: Ian with the Dusty Rhodes reference?
BusTed: Good coverage.
quasi79fu: eww slurping
Angreed66: cowards live
Sogheim: the flagon with the dragon is the brew that is true
GhostValv: I totally wasn't a coward my last game
ArrestedHouse: LuL
sirspate: the cup of a football player
eeeeetsben_1wk: Ah yes, the cup of a carpenter
gredgredmansson: nicobDead nicobDead
RoseShark: heck yeah, green was safe!
A_Dub888: benginRip benginRip benginRip
Dmc3628: surely the skull cup is safe Adam's not here
mariomario42: everytime.
VmKid: @3cbb It's only from last year.
zimmercj23: !findquote coward
LRRbot: Quote #5505: "Put me in Smash, you cowards." —Graham [2018-11-11]
MegaDosX: We're catching up to you Matt!
monakai: Yes chat yes!
Diabore: chats catching up
frozenphoenix7: I've seen the skull cup be unpoisoned exactly ONCE
LordZarano: Stop answering in chat:
ChaoticObserver: Chat in 2nd
mowdownjoe: Of course Ben and Serge die together
ky0dar: who/
Alas_Babylon: S-serge...
ky0dar: ?
Thequickgreyfox: we can do this chat, we got this
circusofkirkus: hell yeah
Alahmnat: I actually think it'd be funnier if they drank in series
gredgredmansson: I don't know who this is
circusofkirkus: Janelle Monae is the shit
DiscordianTokkan: WHOMST
SydPreviouslyHeadache: UHH, paging James?
quasi79fu: who is Janelle Monae?
drfox17: oh no
stevefromdetroit: whomst't've
Naarius: Hi Nicole
gualdhar: she's a singer
ContingentCat: WOW
monakai: So 3 of these are real albums.
LinearGif: Jenna Maroney?
Paranundrox: dear lord Serge
Dog_of_Myth: Oh Serge....
SnackPak_: Oh Serge
elah806: SERGE
flatluigi: serge pls
ptay313: always drink from the skull cup. also, the skull cup is always poison. always
Arclight_Dynamo: Janelle Monae is a very popular singer and actor, Serge.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: A perfectly valid question.
RobotInProgress: Janelle Monae is a GODDESS
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that's just the way you make me feel
RoseShark: if that's not an album name, it should be.
RealGamerCow: All I know is that she is a fashion genius
thrythlind: Sex Machina would be Rin Tohsaka
Brozard: 4?
Snowcookies: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Dmc3628: Kathleen should have a clue if any of Monae has been on BNF
NimrodXIV: uh...not my style of music soooo
Paranundrox: Janelle Monae is so good
damn_i_am_pretty: GDI Serge
jdb399: Janelle Monae is a godsend
agentsmithradio: Random Ben stream kiss, pay no attention.
MAPBoardgames: I have NO idea who this is.
northos: it's okay Serge I feel the same :P
Sogheim: she voiced Garnet in Steven Universe
Dr_fragenstien: cooties DansGame
circusofkirkus: she is one who can do no wrong
Alas_Babylon: Cute
xythrogar: it's okay serge idk either!
hanzi_keat: who is... what serge said
LurkerSpine: Dirty Computer is one of the best albums
MegaDosX: I literally rolled a d4 to see which I'd pick
Paranundrox: Dirty Computer is one of my favorite albums
YakkersHoungan221B: bitterHype
RealGamerCow: She is inhabited by Prince's ghost
Sogheim: wait, no, that's Estelle
Orgmastron: Janelle Monae is an icon
aWabbajack: ohh! Fate Stay Night! @thrythlind
MadmanOreo: janelle monae was the one from that fun. song, right?
ContingentCat: wow Dirty Computer?
Makrosian_Tae: @thrythlind Fate jokes? In my LRR chat? Amazing
x0den: i have no idea who that is either
minksterella_: beej just guessed the title with sex in it
mariomario42: @MadmanOreo yes
circusofkirkus: @Paranundrox the Dirty Computer emotion picture is soooo good
saberpilot: beej is wise
gnome_friend: lrrGOAT
aWabbajack: People Die when they are killed @Makrosian_Tae
ptay313: who the eff is janelle monae?
Thequickgreyfox: lrrGOAT
LinearGif: abba
quasi79fu: i feel my taste in music has been bullied since i didnt know Janelle Monae
flatluigi: janelle monae owns and you should listen to all her albums
SourceQuench: Jazz, lynx or psst.
MegaDosX: Wow.
Bloodrush192: RIP
Naarius: lrrWOW
ratzgobbler: Wait. Beej, not even wild side?
TotallyNotaBeholder: lynx is a good one
Alas_Babylon: @SourceQuench "Psst" is a legal word?
CaptainSpam: All right, chat, everyone look alive, it's time to not get dead!
RoseShark: tokki8RIP
SoaringDragon42: lol
MegaDosX: In the lead!
mariomario42: I looked away for 1 sec!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: but yeah, admitedly, Janelle Monae isn't entirely my jam, I do appreciate her music
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
monakai: We're number 1!
ChaoticObserver: Chat leads!
BusTed: Aura
TheWriterAleph: i've never heard of janelle monae either
circusofkirkus: I like gnus
agentsmithradio: "Jazz" is a damn good password.
thrythlind: Well, yeah, regardless of path, Rin will find some reason that the answer to whatever trouble going on is "sex magic"
drfox17: okay, here comes the important part
FDR101: We might get it this time!!!!
Serifina: Time for us to TAKE THE WIN
amative1: Well, now we know
IgnisDeus: Chat in first!!!! lrrFINE
SourceQuench: @Alas_Babylon saw it played. Still salty.
Vector_Zero: me?
Serifina: Reclaim our title!
VmKid: lrrBEEJ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ouch
Alas_Babylon: @SourceQuench holy crap
captain_wulf: crux
control_rig: We're in the lead, but the "real" players get a lead >:(
gredgredmansson: lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ
mariomario42: yoke
mowdownjoe: Let's go, chat!
Makrosian_Tae: @aWabbajack Twitch streamers are really made up of streamers
Phosphatide: i’ve won with “zany”
drfox17: here we go!
azureHaights: Bragilian
herph: jort
ratzgobbler: Remember Machinima?
Sheikun07: Time to kill Beej again
Malkmaven1176: Okay Chat, time to claim victory
ky0dar: brazil is my favourite final fantasy setting
gredgredmansson: @ratzgobbler I do
Bloodrush192: Beej's hair is progressively getting crazier like that dude from Ancient Aliens....
aWabbajack: Besaid Aurochs!
stevefromdetroit: it's the newest relm in the new 5.4 patch
HadesLeprechaun: Just got back, did they quit Jackbox 7 already? I thought they had only done 2 games
Easilycrazyhat: Let's gooooo
AranMathai: I do :D
ContingentCat: uhh wasp?
quasi79fu: LOL a fig called that last one
MAPBoardgames: Chat starts so far back
gredgredmansson: @HadesLeprechaun they always jump around
Serifina: Oh, RIP, I was very wrong
VmKid: @HadesLeprechaun They'll come back to it in a bit.
LarkSachrosis: Big Fig Wasp!
Ukon_Cairns: i was actually lookin at the wiki page for types of pluots and apriums, but not figs miasNLT
RoseShark: brown turkey I actually knew.
GhostValv: :)
quasi79fu: Oh come on
Naarius: It's a land donger
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oklahoma, florida
quasi79fu: Like florida
DiscordianTokkan: America, why
Goorguy: Its Florida
SourceQuench: Like a love handle, but geographical
LeeshaJoy: see: Idaho, Oklahoma
Serifina: FLORIDA panhandle
LinearGif: a land penis
34Witches: it's the bit you hold on to
gredgredmansson: FUCK
niccus: we don't either
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rasterscan: That is a lie. Texas isn't a panhandle!
JaysonMaxwell: foxmarWELP
gredgredmansson: MATH IS POWER
vrecken: I am so glad they removed the heartbeat noise
rasterscan: D:
northos: as an American, I have never heard of the "texas panhandle"
quasi79fu: uhhh
Foxmar320: Serifina no we don't talk about Florida here!
Twilight_Spark: xD
zhrang911: All of them
drfox17: math boss!
ratzgobbler: Yes math!
Tiber727: Imagine a pan. Now imagine a handle on that pan.
Anexmedia: Sir, i'm not blocking
knickknacksnackery: where the heck does texas have a panhandle?
DiscordianTokkan: Yes
quasi79fu: come on
Serifina: @Foxmar320 Says who
ArnieNiekamp: Ooo... Trivia Murder Party!
PharaohBender27: I messed up by also chooising MA
Sarah_Serinde: gredgredmansson Please stop shouting in capslock
SydPreviouslyHeadache: math, the only thing i'm good at
Haroldholmes25: Yeah the north bit of texas is the panhandle
leebenningfield: ixn't it a narrow strip of coastal land,
ChaoticObserver: @northos Its that northern bit that thins Oklahoma
gredgredmansson: ok
TheWriterAleph: GO CHAT GO
Dmc3628: matt chasing from behind
Easilycrazyhat: Let's go chat!
johnalogue: as a texan, I immediately thought of the Texas panhandle
lamina5432: wheeler wanted math on his stream earlier today
TalecArashi: Yeah, I've only heard of "texas panhandle" during weather conversations
gnome_friend: @leebenningfield that's an Isthmus
Phosphatide: lmao
UnhappyYak: ArnieNieckamp is here?
PaperDoopliss: Ah yes, Let It Be
DiscordianTokkan: Yess, my youf
quasi79fu: i dont know the last one
TotallyNotaBeholder: Let it Beee
Alas_Babylon: @leebenningfield the Texas Panhandle is its northernmost point
Mr_Whyt: 2
Arclight_Dynamo: Boomer-ass question.
northos: @ChaoticObserver but that's not a panhandle! that's the part that makes the Oklahoma panhandle! :P
ArnieNiekamp: Hello
RoseShark: never second guess, Kathleen!
LarkSachrosis: Luckily I've been watching a bunch of 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown.
Alas_Babylon: @leebenningfield where Amarillo is
RandomTrivia: Oh that's delightfully sneaky
ContingentCat: yes
leebenningfield: an isthmus has water on both sides though
zhrang911: It's Hello Goodbye
RandomTrivia: "Hello, Goodbye"
ContingentCat: hello goodbye
TalecArashi: you anti-nerd!
asddsa28: yesss
quietcat: that one got me too, serge
asthanius: Chaucer trivia!
TheWanderingNomad: YAAS
asddsa28: my jam
Makrosian_Tae: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:19:30.
mariomario42: gottem
NimrodXIV: shrug
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH<K i also appreciate Chaucer
ky0dar: The Handmaid's Tale?
agentsmithradio: Duck Tales
quasi79fu: Omg that takes me back to High SChool
TotallyNotaBeholder: Tail's Tale
Sibwow: the furry's tail plug
DiscordianTokkan: There needs to be more summoning in Shakespeare
monakai: Duck Tales
Twilight_Spark: Spank my tail etc.
UnhappyYak: I'm a big fan, Arnie!
SnackPak_: It's Kathleen's time now
NimrodXIV: Tail Spin
jessieimproved: lit nerds unite
stevefromdetroit: tale spin
ky0dar: The Boneturners Tale?
LurkerSpine: Duck Tales
Sogheim: the pardoner's tale
Goorguy: Theres a lot
ArnieNiekamp: Thanks.
zimmercj23: Good time to br an english major!
gredgredmansson: lrrBEN nicobDead
SourceQuench: SingsNote It's beginning to look a lot like isthmus! SingsNote
azureHaights: Crusty Seans
Garfman314: yay daphnia!
ChaoticObserver: Come on chat
quasi79fu: wait a water flea?
RoseShark: what's a water flea?
MyBuddySuperfly: i think that's a minecraft server
LurkerSpine: nope
gnome_friend: Water flea hype!
LinearGif: we got a hot crustacean band
VmKid: Oh hey, it's everyone's favorite chatter, Devin Chat Kappa
YakkersHoungan221B: Hedron crab, crustacean or not
TheWriterAleph: is this the krusty krab?
LarkSachrosis: I was thinking of brine shrimp
RumbletumStudio: Crust oceans
elah806: IDK in Animal Crossing it's an insect
DiscordianTokkan: Water way to go
Garfman314: it's a daphnia!
tidehollowcat: Currently 1-56.
knickknacksnackery: Krusty the Clown?
RandomTrivia: Ooohh MATT!
gnome_friend: The spiny water flea is invasive in the great lakes
azureHaights: My how the tables have griffithed
RobotInProgress: Bread is my favourite crustacean
Arclight_Dynamo: AMERICANS
MyBuddySuperfly: EAGLE
KaleidoscopeMind: caw caw
MyBuddySuperfly: hahahaha
Twilight_Spark: SCRAWWWW but also no.
Dog_of_Myth: I do.... lrrAWW
empyreon: EAGLE!
Anexmedia: As an american, we also dont know the answer to this
quasi79fu: wait really?
DiscordianTokkan: America why
Ukon_Cairns: tbf none of us know either
RumbletumStudio: Get to know your neighbors, guys
underhill33: ignorant canucks
MAPBoardgames: 'MERICA!
gualdhar: hey there was a CANADA question earlier Beej!
ratzgobbler: Where was the Summoner when I was reading it
Sogheim: is that how you spell "defense"?
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
LarkSachrosis: When in the course of human history...
NimrodXIV: ca caw
MyBuddySuperfly: eagle, lol
azureHaights: Screaming Freedom Eagle
JohnPraw: But the preamble is as far as most of us can remember.
AranMathai: And yet, many of us were forced to memorize it.
xythrogar: we don't know anything about U(S)
Dr_fragenstien: I didn't know what family a water flea was, now I know!
ArnieNiekamp: YOu could turn on the US centric filter in teh settings
VmKid: You guys do know there's a US-centric filter in the settings, right?
LinearGif: pramble on why dont ya
RandomTrivia: The second reversal!
randomletters5: hi
amative1: Anexmedia you clearly never had School House Rock growing up
HadesLeprechaun: isn't "remove US specific questions" in the options menu?
wordmogul: I always start singing this bc school house rocks
Alahmnat: rofl
PharaohBender27: Yeah, we used to spell things the British way
Naarius: Nooooo
MadWolf1290: LOL
Twilight_Spark: lol
flatluigi: beej gets the medicine question
Pharmacistjudge: I got this one
monakai: Rigggged
Serifina: NO
circusofkirkus: LUL
ContingentCat: Nooo
RoseShark: uh what now?
wilcoxchar: wooow
quasi79fu: I dont know this
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Lord_ZYRK: lrrBEEJ
Serifina: GDI
SoaringDragon42: NOOOO
SydPreviouslyHeadache: specifically catered to Beej
control_rig: Rigged!
underhill33: hax
Bloodrush192: uh oh
SourceQuench: !rigged
MyBuddySuperfly: wow
TotallyNotaBeholder: #Rigged
banachspacebar: holy shit
SpoonfullOfSugar: Rigged
empyreon: LUL rigged!
Twilight_Spark: LOL
Thequickgreyfox: YEEEEES
quasi79fu: Riggggged
Dmc3628: BEHOLD the final form PRESCRIPTION allergies
RandomTrivia: LUL
Alahmnat: inCREdible
DiscordianTokkan: *clonk*
TalecArashi: Ahahahaha
LinearGif: second generation antihistamines only
Phosphatide: LUL
RoseShark: I am dumb cause I don't know what those are.
sirspate: wow
Pharmacistjudge: Hey ben Ulmer the second one is the one I tell you to take!.
gredgredmansson: :lrrNELSON nicobDead
Malkmaven1176: he blew it
34Witches: go chat go!
VmKid: Huuuubris
DiscordianTokkan: A+ ocelot
Diabore: we can win this chat
Naarius: Just Antelope things
quasi79fu: LOL Ocelot Roflmao
Dr_fragenstien: I don't know what an oncilla is :(
Mr_Dirty: Beej was the chosen one
Natedogg2: Graceful
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ahh yes, the salamander, my favorite atelope
mariomario42: cmon chat
RoseShark: I love the ibex.
gnome_friend: @Dr_fragenstien like a tiny ocelot
eeeeetsben_1wk: Been gets the Med question?! Rigged lol
frozenphoenix7: Ah yes, Revolver Ocelot, my favorite antelope
ContingentCat: Ocelots are cats
control_rig: Comon chat
ratzgobbler: Who gives a shit about allergies. It's weaknesses I dont have
fragilepaper: @RoseShark they are medications for allergies
control_rig: GO CHAT
agentsmithradio: I only know of Ibex because of Rimworld.
Doom4114: Definitely Ocelot
YakkersHoungan221B: We can do it chat
Haroldholmes25: cmon chat
ani_laurel: sure we do
quasi79fu: Ugghhh
Mysticman89: its our moment
MegaDosX: Come on chat!
CaptainSpam: Come on, Chat, come on...
Serifina: COME ON
SoaringDragon42: nope
drfox17: can we!?
Goorguy: I hate
zimmercj23: PrideStrong PrideStrong PrideStrong
Bloodrush192: do it chat!!!
stevefromdetroit: i only know because of pathbreaker ibex
Goorguy: I hate this
GhostValv: :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: idk who that is
RoseShark: oh thanks! @fragilepaper
frozenphoenix7: We got this chat
minksterella_: GO CHAT
elah806: SERGE
Serifina: Nooooo
Phosphatide: ONE MORE
RandomTrivia: Serge! Look up who she is, she's great!
minksterella_: nooooooooooooo
minibasher_: Come on chat
Dr_fragenstien: nooooooo
LurkerSpine: wow we do not get a lot of time to answer eh
abaoa_qu: Noooooooo
CaptainSpam: DANGIT
minibasher_: noooo
Alahmnat: oh heck
asthanius: THE UPSET
Thequickgreyfox: do it do it do it
drfox17: nooooo
Easilycrazyhat: NNNOOOOOOO
ky0dar: CHAT
Bloodrush192: WOW!!!
control_rig: Kathleen with the STEAL
NimrodXIV: dangit chat
MegaDosX: So close!
InquisitorGaia: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Dog_of_Myth: SO CLOSE!!!
stevefromdetroit: Nicely done!
Serifina: ROBBED
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
monakai: Booooo
VmKid: More money
control_rig: Wow
Serifina: We got ROBBED
ArnieNiekamp: Nailbiter
knickknacksnackery: We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America - I only know this because of Schoolhouse Rock
Atreides42: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Diabore: SO CLOSE
azureHaights: Robbed!
jrat10: Robbed
mariomario42: NO
IgnisDeus: so close
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN lrrKATHLEEN lrrHORN
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Kathleen with the robbery! GG
RoseShark: yeah go Kathleen!! motherrHype
MAPBoardgames: Chat was ROBBED!
leebenningfield: comme on chat
control_rig: So close
Ukon_Cairns: i doubted the boss miasNLT
aWittyUsername: capitalism!
Goorguy: I'm not sad we lost on that one
MegaDosX: That was a nailbiter
ContingentCat: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
JaysonMaxwell: Chat Why D:
abaoa_qu: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
empyreon: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
InquisitorGaia: gordanmit
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Eat the rich
gredgredmansson: lrrKATHLEEN Victory! lrrKATHLEEN
LinearGif: Chat was up there with the best of them in the end
Sheikun07: We beat Beej that's all that matters
Serifina: We were ROBBED
wordmogul: @knickknacksnackery Same
Tiber727: Capitalism wins again!
InquisitorGaia: soclose
Bloodrush192: GG
ptay313: the rich live and the poor die. this is bullshit!
Pharmacistjudge: you haven't?
Dog_of_Myth: Good job though Chat!
Diabore: we had an extra pixel to move, we were robbed!
Sparkwire727: so close chat
TheWriterAleph: gennaGG gennaGG gennaGG
RandomTrivia: Well played lrrKATHLEEN!
DoodlestheGreat: We got close, gang.
sniperserpent: wait wheeler had the same amount of money
YakkersHoungan221B: tite game
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Mal2mad: bronzeGG bronzeGG bronzeGG bronzeGG bronzeGG
CaptainSpam: Talking Points?
LurkerSpine: we almost did it chat
Diabore: @sniperserpent kathleen was a higher seed
gredgredmansson: Champd Up?
SourceQuench: Blather Round?
ArnieNiekamp: Play Talking Points. I'm watching streams with some fo the Talking Points team!
RoseShark: more new things!
quasi79fu: champed up?
ArnieNiekamp: No pressure.
sniperserpent: both had $3500
HadesLeprechaun: Blather Round, Champd Up
quasi79fu: blather point?
stevefromdetroit: lmao Beej i do the same thing at my desk
gredgredmansson: wooooooooo
ArnieNiekamp: Champ'd is also good.
YakkersHoungan221B: Sticky-pad wizard
ratzgobbler: I thought it was about FMA Bhood
eric_christian_berg: What about the Crimson Covenant?
steven_strangle: Champ'd Up is phenomenal
Bloodrush192: oh god champ it up is hilarious
CaptainSpam: Wait... Arnie?
mariomario42: Talking Points is my new favorite
LinearGif: all the other kids with the champed up hits
azkovo: Thanks for the KPOPTT @rabbt300
RoseShark: will Beej's hair one day go full Eraserhead?
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mowdownjoe: PogChamp 'd Up
Radyin: Talking Points is fantastic.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, i just realized, about antelopes. I read ocelot, the cat, as axolotl
fry_dx: Did Kathleen win by being alphabetically ahead of Wheeler?
ArnieNiekamp: Thanks.
quasi79fu: talking point is fantastic
SydPreviouslyHeadache: which is very much not an ocelot
gredgredmansson: The music in that game BOPS
MegaDosX: Socially distanced prop comedy!
stevefromdetroit: man, i miss good noodles
djalternative: they're all great
saberpilot: XD that's great
LinearGif: madlad
Noodles_15: What?
DiscordianTokkan: Oh no! My plastic shrimp!
gredgredmansson: @SydPreviouslyHeadache and neither are antelopes
quentastic: Thanks for the KPOPglow @tropearcana
Naarius: High impact noodles
Nigouki: putting the mystery meat in Beej
YakkersHoungan221B: Man actually pours seasoning powder on his lap for a joke
quasi79fu: Why do I get brady bunch vibes from this screeen
ArrestedHouse: thank you for the commitment ian
ContingentCat: and there goes the little green onions
asthanius: Beej is 48% snake
expat_with_cat: Nice job, guys.
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quasi79fu: Can we get the Loading Ready Run to sing the Brtady bunch song
Snowcookies: I think that's the plastic model one too
mariomario42: he absorbs
ANeMzero: beej eats the WHOLE thing
eeeeetsben_1wk: I just want to hear Beej say conspiratorially “It was ALIENS”
MyBuddySuperfly: stahp
azureHaights: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Ah yes, everyone's favorite gunslinger, Revolver Axolotl
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Beej consumes
gnome_friend: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Vaseline!
MegaDosX: Serge why.
sirspate: and now.. give him a haircut
DiscordianTokkan: In case Ian's reading chat: I get to pick my own Cup Noodle 1:1 kit tomorrow!
Thequickgreyfox: "Beej is pre-oiled"
JaysonMaxwell: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: bees?
MAPBoardgames: !y
gnome_friend: RUST PROOF BEE SHED
gredgredmansson: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: @azureHaights i would play the crap out of that game
kumatsu: Can "We all know Beej doesn't chew" be the next CK pin lrrBEEJ
Mysticman89: I just realised we cna see past ian's curtain
zimmercj23: @quasi79fu The Streamy Bunch
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
EdmundJuniper: Guy smiley?
IbunWest: feenEHEHEH
SnowBuddy18: Beej is a snake, his jaw dislodged so he could swallow the noodles
aWabbajack: dizzyHonk dizzyHonk dizzyHonk
stevefromdetroit: feenEHEHEH
until_may: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stroke the wurm.
amative1: "You're not my Friend, Beej" "You're not my Beej, buddy"
ContingentCat: sergeIrene
stevefromdetroit: thank you @IbunWest - i was looking for that
quasi79fu: does anyone else see Loading ready Run in this screeen as Brady Bunch
gredgredmansson: art!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: brb, learning how to rom hack playstation games
Stoffern: ART
gnome_friend: !findquote art
LRRbot: Quote #5867: "It's art right?" —Adam [2019-03-06]
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, this one will be interesting.
ContingentCat: um what
SourceQuench: Beej, re: duck anatomy: Did you get clockwise, or anti-clockwise?
djalternative: Champed Up is great
GoblinRanger: ooh I've seen this was pretty fun
LeeshaJoy: Oh yeahh! I saw Drawfee play a beta version of this
flatluigi: skin-covered duck would be a hell of a username
gredgredmansson: I really want to see this game with an audience
LizardDucks: What about ducks?
MAPBoardgames: Is this... art? HahaShrugLeft HahaBall
LinearGif: duck covered skin
gredgredmansson: !findquote duck
LRRbot: Quote #2157: "Kick, block, punch. Duck, duck, turn." —Alex [2016-03-25]
flatluigi: wall art, or "wart"
ratzgobbler: Ducks take to water like Beej to a VW Opal
Sogheim: behold a man!
MrSaturdayNite: Beej is a duck, that’s why he never wears pants
RandomTrivia: Oh I'm an imbecile
flatluigi: the music in this game is REAL good
quasi79fu: yeah music for Champed Up is fantasic
RandomTrivia: Holy Art Style Batman!
saberpilot: this is a really good game
MadmanOreo: Is this the "draw a mascot" one?
Despoiler98: omg these avatars are horrifying
MrPhlip: Big matryoska lady is best avatar
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Those are strong
gredgredmansson: You're listening to KDEZ radio
Sheikun07: This one is so fun
MegaDosX: KDEZ nuts?
saberpilot: yep, this is the mascot one
MAPBoardgames: Kill Dome E-Z!
DiscordianTokkan: "What's for dinner?" "KD, EZ"
Skudd: I'm always happy to see a game hosted by Cookie Masterson
Bloodrush192: good luck!!!
secretbranch: is this pokemon blaseball?
Lord_ZYRK: pog
rocketgirl523: I've never seen this game
neb_200: I've seen this one and it's great
therealkenm135: this game is so fun
RoseShark: I love giraffe guy.
RandomTrivia: Those avatars are all VERY Blursed
VmKid: @Skudd Sadly, the devs have officially said that this character technically isn't Cookie
MyBuddySuperfly: thicc marker
Lord_ZYRK: thicc marccer
ratzgobbler: Kdez is slang from 2028 meaning literally anything
neb_200: f7
Skudd: Eh, same voice actor, close enough
LinearGif: champions only, I don't wanna see no ultimates or megas
theonlybm: thicc marker
Alas_Babylon: thicc
flatluigi: rooting for everyone
34Witches: Setting the bar high, I see
Twilight_Spark: o
quasi79fu: Here we go
flatluigi: can we get the audio up a little louder for the music?
gredgredmansson: @Skudd officially, it's not Cookie, but a different guy voiced by Tom Gottleb. Cookie is still in the simulatoin
quasi79fu: eyyyyyyy
SourceQuench: How could I not root for everyone? I believe in all of you.
Kreiseler: ya no v max or nothing like that
quasi79fu: Ohhhhhhhh
gredgredmansson: oh no I screwed t up
Snowcookies: Who aren't we cheering for?
quasi79fu Rocks out
NimrodXIV: game makigng us choose our LRR faves
SydPreviouslyHeadache: asks me who i'm rooting for like i'm not on board everyones team
Alas_Babylon: In it to blitz it, no matter how you Spritz it
Dog_of_Myth: My money is on Cube
gredgredmansson: I'm not rooting for anyone
DiscordianTokkan: Alternating Rooting Fors for chaos
Scy_Anide: This song confirmed banger
gnome_friend: #TeamHoopoe
VmKid: SourPls
Metric_Furlong: LinearGif how do we feel about armour digivolutions?
MadmanOreo: everyone who didn't say they were cheering for kaffleen in that prompt is dead to me.
PharaohBender27: So . . . what happens if you, hypotheitcally, choose "yes" for "Are you rooting for" for everyone? Hypothetically
monakai: This sounds like Legally Distinct Jock Jams.
Dr_fragenstien: i thought it would only let you pick one, so I said no a bunch :(
quasi79fu dances to the music
RoseShark: I root for everyone, therefore cheering for no one.
steven_strangle: IIRC the 2:30 timer starts when the last person starts drawing, _or_ after 15 seconds, so you've got a bit of thinking time at the start
2Flower: Legit banger
Bloodrush192: anyone remember in the late 90s playing You Don't Know Jack and Acrophobia online?
SoaringDragon42: We'll find out!
teavian: SourPls
LinearGif: @Metric_Furlong well now that's a puzzler
gredgredmansson: @PharaohBender27 wait, it lets you pick more than one?
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a world without boxes
Garfman314: i played tons of YDKJ
ContingentCat: Colours happen when light bounces off things and your brain understands it as colours
ratzgobbler: People should checkout what the drawfee team did when demoing this
knickknacksnackery: tag yourself I'm the copyright-free version of the "hey" song playing in the background
MAPBoardgames: I'm rocking out to the music
mowdownjoe: @pharaohbender27 Then you believe everyone here is a face, to use wrestling lingo.
DiscordianTokkan: It's like the Quiplash Music, but with more Bass. It's damned good
agentsmithradio: !findquote draw
LRRbot: Quote #4647: "Draw some different cards." —Beej, giving Magic advice [2018-02-01]
BusTed: @ratzgobbler That was a good episode.
PharaohBender27: @gredgredmansson I said "Yes" for one, then it gave me another name, and another, and another . . .
VmKid: @Bloodrush192 The Jackbox devs get asked about Acrophobia so often despite having not actually made that game.
MyBuddySuperfly: what did the air did to these people punching it?
Stoffern: en crab
SpookySpaghooti: On crawb?
until_may: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get modded in the borf.
SpookySpaghooti: Incroyable?
gredgredmansson: @PharaohBender27 welp, lesson learned for next time
SydPreviouslyHeadache: crab seems like a bad title for a layer
MAPBoardgames: !findquote crab
LRRbot: Quote #2436: "There we go! Crab laundry!" —Ian [2016-05-03]
TotallyNotaBeholder: Pants are for quitters
SourceQuench: Cintiq support is still crappy. Devs plz fix.
Nigouki: layer0, layersub0, layersubsub0
Bloodrush192: @VmKid I have some great memories of that game, it was so much fun
Goorguy: This is a banger
stevefromdetroit: nice
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote time
Alas_Babylon: [Legally Distinct Cheering Song Plays]
PharaohBender27: @mowdownjoe Well how would I know who's a heel? We haven't seen any matches yet!
until_may: yea this tune slapps
DoodlestheGreat: I'm only cheering for Kathleen.
RoseShark: !findquote pants
LinearGif: I cheer those who cheer themselves
virre_: Does this music sound like KLF to other people (it reminds me of Doctorin the Tardis in some parts)
VmKid: @Bloodrush192 I was too young to play any online games, sadly. But I did play YDKJ Vol 2 a bit later on.
until_may: wheeler im counting on you here, dont fuck up
quasi79fu: It gets more stressful wait for it
gredgredmansson: Kathleen you weren't in
VmKid: Kathleen NotLikeThis
expat_with_cat: Uh oh.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh jeez
Alas_Babylon: holy crud
RandomTrivia: Oh this could become complicated
RoseShark: hmm interesting.
quasi79fu: Here we goooooo
Sogheim: that duck looked familiar
Twilight_Spark: Perfectly on sync.
SpookySpaghooti: AAAAAAAAAH
quasi79fu: Omg that kid screaming fit the music
quasi79fu: LOL
ArcOfTheConclave: guchi
mariomario42: that was with the music
SpookySpaghooti: Child time
Dr_fragenstien: guchi
kerbalized_: i agree small human
agentsmithradio: Why does this music bang so much?
Alas_Babylon: Mini Nelsons are on point tonight
DiscordianTokkan: Guuccii
Hangedman: the real strategy (and nonsense) comes from guessing the other person's prompt as confidently and incorrectly as possible
NazTMann: @SpookySpaghooti Real Monsters?
TheWriterAleph: GUCCI
agentsmithradio: I want this in Rocket League.
Pharmacistjudge: Ok chat, who picked based on what your could hear the LRR person say in their head?
DaSunao: All of Nelly's were mean
Pteraspidomorphi: Gucci is correct
gredgredmansson: why does everyone hate nelson apparently
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wow, we get o hold some powerful signs
Alahmnat: why were Nelly's sign choices all mean? :P
NavelWarfare: Why did I have to pick a bad one for Nelly? I cheered for all of them!
ArnieNiekamp: Oh no. Drawing with a mouse?!
MAPBoardgames: I can't wait to see what the audience imputs will really mean.
Poggifers_LRR: gucci 100%
empyreon: gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, i didn't want to pick any of nellys :( maybe he's going to be a heel?
SoaringDragon42: @Pharmacistjudge Me.
gredgredmansson: Did not enough people say nice things about Nelson?
gredgredmansson: dang
PharaohBender27: @DaSunao Yeah, I chose the one I thought least bad there
Naarius: gyroic work
MyBuddySuperfly: 1:09 → nice
DiscordianTokkan: @couldntpickausername Bueno
kensan_oni: yeah! Jackbox!
VmKid: Just FYI, @LoadingReadyRun, @ArnieNiekamp is one of the Jackbox devs.
HadesLeprechaun: imperfection is part of what makes the Jackbox drawing games work, imo
Orgmastron: Nice couldntpickausername
DiscordianTokkan: This game is Banger Alert, the OST
gredgredmansson: the music during the actual matches is even more hype
MyBuddySuperfly: damn, thats goot
HadesLeprechaun: level playing field, even for those who are already artists
MyBuddySuperfly: whoops
Hangedman: this is Jackbox channelling the ARMS soundtrack
Firnsarwen: @gredgredmansson there was just bad options for nelly, I found that really weird
Twilight_Spark: Your cartoon characters' fight to the rockin' DEATH will be AWESOME. anneKappa
PharaohBender27: Did . . . did LRR do a preview stream of Jackbox 7? Because I *swear* I've seen this game before\
RandomTrivia: Excellent, those are all correct answers to that question! LUL
elah806: It's a little too close to the first Sonic Riders game for me
TheMerricat: chat I'm super late, is this the new jackbox game?
gredgredmansson: @Firnsarwen i'm guessing not enough people said they were rooting for him
Pteraspidomorphi: PharaohBender27: You might have seen it during PAX Online?
ChaoticObserver: @TheMerricat Yes
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coelopteryx: i bet a mashup of this theme & pokemon sword & shield gym battle music already exists
DiscordianTokkan's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
Orgmastron: I guess Nelly has been designated the hell
MyBuddySuperfly: submit[
Orgmastron: heel*
VmKid: I just remembered that some of them have *met* Arnie before and feel dumb
MadmanOreo: @PharaohBender27 are you a drawfee fan?
Firnsarwen: @gredgredmansson I logged into the game late, so I guess I missed that part!
gredgredmansson: you did not
quasi79fu: pretend Gun
MegaDosX: Wheeler made a RWBY character, everything's a gun
steven_strangle: If you don't submit it just takes what you have at the time, iirc
Sibwow: be not afraid
quasi79fu: ugggh
neb_200: @PharaohBender27 I know drawfee did it not so sure for LRR
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ
DiscordianTokkan: Aw HELL yea, Hellish angel time
secretbranch: UHHHH
Despoiler98: LVL 5 JUDGE
ryuhimora: BBEJ
quasi79fu: Ok Beej wins
Kreiseler: oh this is ez
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ'
ContingentCat: oh a canonical angel
Kumakaori: olympic logo vs. Just Beej
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VmKid: lrrBEEJ
WowoT: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @themerricat
VmKid: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @themerricat
ryuhimora: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!
gredgredmansson: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @themerricat
RoseShark: go super judge beej!
TheWriterAleph: BAHGAWD
Sibwow: Thanks for the KPOPheart @themerricat
TotallyNotaBeholder: HAD, had a family
GoblinRanger: Thanks for the KPOPfan @themerricat
Alahmnat: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!
YakkersHoungan221B: Beej stomping that ring
PharaohBender27: @Pteraspidomorphi I only watched the LRR/DB streams for that @MadmanOreo @neb_200 I don't know who dwarfee are, so no?
Drakas: Thanks for the KPOPmerch @themerricat
pellamore: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: demolished
ryuhimora: Yay I'm purple again!
MegaDosX: As god as my witness, he is broken in half!
Twilight_Spark: Decimated.
KaleidoscopeMind: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!
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saberpilot: Thank you@themerricat ! You're wonderful ^^
ratzgobbler: Are those Godheads from berserk?
Firnsarwen: that's a fantastic picture of beej.
dumbo3k: @TheMerricat Thank you!
Pteraspidomorphi: GJ Sign my baby voters :D
DiscordianTokkan: Yesssss
MegaDosX: WOW
NimrodXIV: woooow
Alahmnat: lol
control_rig: Woooooaaah
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
Kumakaori: B33r vs B33r XD;.
until_may: yoooooooooo
aWabbajack: cohhBeer cohhBeer cohhBeer inochiCheers inochiCheers inochiCheers
Bloodrush192: WOW!!!
quasi79fu: Omg that second ONe Yassssssss
Thequickgreyfox: Oof. If it weren't Champ of Friday Night, Lookie Lou would have been a hit
Sibwow: wheres the babushka
until_may: PBR takes me back
DiscordianTokkan: tiltyhCheers joekimBeer
LurkerSpine: how can I choose
Dr_fragenstien: by process of elimination...
Bloodrush192: I actually have kolsh in my fridge!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: "I got some pbr and siracha"
PharaohBender27: Even though it's misspelled, I'm voting Kolsch
ptay313: i know what one of these is...
AllTheWeasels: That was so close
Lord_ZYRK: Sounds like someone needs better parties
ArnieNiekamp: Thank you for the sub. I'm a bit behind.
quasi79fu: LOL
quasi79fu: Omg I like that Lime
ApodoNuevo: There should be a button to flip it?
Ukon_Cairns: fatsPwease
gredgredmansson: you can turn it around
MegaDosX: Or don't!
ky0dar: We Stan Splash of Lime
NimrodXIV: that is a good lime
mowdownjoe: !sus
LRRbot: Everyone was with 3 other people...
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fastlane250: look, look with your splash of limes
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DiscordianTokkan: YOU CAN FLIP THEM? Niiiiiice
PharaohBender27: I drank PBR once, and that was enough for me
RoseShark: he turned!
MAPBoardgames: Lime is head-first in its pants
YakkersHoungan221B: Lime is ready
MegaDosX: Also did they just both turn Super Saiyan?
tehfewl: depends on what kind of crush
DiscordianTokkan: I love this game even more
Alas_Babylon: Lime seems pretty sus
ContingentCat: tuuurn around bright eyes
rogerivany: That's splash of lime's butt crack right?
Naarius: Ben No
YakkersHoungan221B: The Beej's knees
MyBuddySuperfly: ben, pls, no
RoseShark: Lime is good.
RandomTrivia: LUL Ben
Snowcookies: lol Ben
rasterscan: oh no
lordling1: ben...
Bloodrush192: LUL
azureHaights: The Hash Slinging Blaster!
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
Firnsarwen: ben NotLikeThis
Dmc3628: welp
Lord_ZYRK: lrrWOW
quasi79fu: LOL
Alahmnat: windmill slam
MegaDosX: Oh my god
saberpilot: OMG
Kumakaori: waow
ryuhimora: Wow
Goorguy: This is a mood the game
quasi79fu: Oh nooooo
thundershot879: lol
SoaringDragon42: omg
control_rig: Windmill slam
Sogheim: too soon!
nicolebarbaraann: the heck you just say
Thequickgreyfox: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Twilight_Spark: I thought it was a pillow.
Sibwow: the hash blasting, the slash mashing, the bash crashing
until_may: dude the hash blaster was LIT
Noodles_15: Why does Hash Blaster look like Wheeler?
Brozard: Oh, so Russell Crowe in Les Miserble
niccus: hash blaster will be a great tag teamer
RuiFaleiro: Hash Blaster was robbed!
saberpilot: whoa XD
AllTheWeasels: LUL
MegaDosX: What.
quasi79fu: the Bucker is back
fragilepaper: LUL
RoseShark: oh wow. RPGAyaya
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
DiscordianTokkan: Holy MOLY
ky0dar: i do love the bucker, but, come on
gredgredmansson: how does one win at losing
TheWriterAleph: they were literally made for each other!
Firnsarwen: lrrWOW
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is too difficult a question
Orgmastron: HOLY SHIT
RoseShark: go piss queen!
SoaringDragon42: so hard to choose
Firnsarwen: I definitely liked that bucker
SydPreviouslyHeadache: my ba
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAH
NimrodXIV: loll
TheWriterAleph: OMG PLUNT
Firnsarwen: jlrrFacepalm
Baldrash: Go, PLUNT!
Alahmnat: rofl
quasi79fu: plunt?
A_Dub888: PLUNT
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP
Sibwow: kisses for plunt
Goorguy: I want a plunt plushie RIGHT NOW
minksterella_: cuke man dan is my friend
TamesLovesGames: P L U N T
until_may: DUDE cuke man is my spirit animal
fastlane250: gonna have a massive PLUNT
NimrodXIV: I can't choose
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
RoseShark: why is plunt so funny to me?
RandomTrivia: Plunt plushie in the LRR store when?
Alas_Babylon: OuO
LeeshaJoy: close match
MyBuddySuperfly: DUNP
ArrestedHouse: plunt is the failed 5th pac man ghost
Dr_fragenstien: they're both so good
rogerivany: clearly cuke man dan has more questionable choices
empyreon: I have known Plunt for 10 seconds
quasi79fu: I dont know what a Plunt is
quasi79fu: sigggh
Dr_fragenstien: GUCCI
pellamore: Plunt Plushie
coelopteryx: plunt has plank's face
DiscordianTokkan: g u c c i
Pteraspidomorphi: Gucci.
ratzgobbler: It needs to DIE
Poggifers_LRR: egg
quasi79fu: I like toastie soldiers
theanthonydee: Dugtrio?
NimrodXIV: one of these looks like a boss
until_may: dave egg, not close
gnome_friend: !findquote egg
LRRbot: Quote #3674: "All Faberge eggs had teeth, historically." —Paul [2016-11-30]
Goorguy: I mean dave egg is a boss I've had
Going_Medium: Can I offer you this egg?
Dog_of_Myth: This is an actual pokemon battle
RoseShark: come on Dave Egg!
Garfman314: breakfast
YakkersHoungan221B: Dave "Pretend it has an egg" Egg
neb_200: that just dugtrio is it not
RandomTrivia: Rekt
LinearGif: pretend it's a seed ok
knickknacksnackery: Dave Egg definitely has a very commanding presence
Thequickgreyfox: dave came pre loaded with a tie
MegaDosX: Omae wa mou shindeiru.
control_rig: Wooooow
MAPBoardgames: FINISH HIM!
TheWriterAleph: DAMN dave egg
DiscordianTokkan: shashashaaaa
A_Dub888: F A T A L I T Y
gredgredmansson: owae wa mou shindeiro
Kramburger: ALL OUT ATTACK
Dmc3628: sure was a Maximum Wesker
RoseShark: super ultra win. motherrStabby
saberpilot: dawww
circusofkirkus: Paker?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the premier pilot of eggs. getting egged
LinearGif: yas slay queen
quasi79fu: paker lol
ratzgobbler: Nothing like being a Boss of Champions
Twilight_Spark: Wait what?
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHA
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
quasi79fu: I like the second one
knickknacksnackery: piderman!
johnalogue: spider v spider
until_may: that peter paker lives in my night mares
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme
expat_with_cat: What. Yes.
ratzgobbler: NL slayed it
underhill33: the multi color feet is a nice touch
RoseShark: two spiders enter, only one spider leaves.
BusTed: Why are they both spiders!
coelopteryx: that peter paaker is some yume nikki stuff
ratzgobbler: Spoodermunn?
DiscordianTokkan: DR. Daddy would be Galaxy Brain if it had 7 legs
MegaDosX: Beej pls
gredgredmansson: @BusTed because the "champion" is given the matchup, but the "challenger" is only given who the champion is
NimrodXIV: obscene yet sexy!
ContingentCat: don't we all
AllTheWeasels: WOW Serge
gredgredmansson: SERGE.
BusTed: Aha, thanks.
coelopteryx: oh muh gaw.
Pteraspidomorphi: Move over, gritty
NavelWarfare: Holy crap the choices for Quaranteeter
SydPreviouslyHeadache: "why is my name red" in Among Us
ArrestedHouse: uncle ken says with great power comes great electricity
ratzgobbler: Wish the Doctor would step on me
TheWriterAleph: LOCK IT UP
gredgredmansson: oh my god
asthanius: [Serge has been awarded one (1) Yellow Card]
HadesLeprechaun: use hatching
gredgredmansson: LOCK IT UP
flatluigi: someone please screencap LOCK IT UP
RoseShark: This is a much better game than that devil one.
tehfewl: this is the best game I've ever seen
drdudeman: friends how many boxes of brownie mix should I buy?
YawnLance: These signs are sergeJustRight
quasi79fu: tehfewl there is another that is more hilarious
Nuurgle: Serge's grin as he draws is just great
YakkersHoungan221B: I'll see PLUNT in my dreams tonight
Pteraspidomorphi: Good art :D
LinearGif: The audience engagement in this one is great, these signs are a delight
Kreiseler: @drdudeman 7
eric_christian_berg: @drdudeman All of them.
Tantar: solid sign choices
expat_with_cat: These signs made me snicker. I love this game, and I’m not even drawing.
gnome_friend: Cool art
DiscordianTokkan: "That's my Dad" is a great sign, chat
quasi79fu: that one lets one palyer make a speech while a second player decides what they are talking about
thrythlind: @SydPreviouslyHeadache I saw an Outside XBox / Eurogamer stream where someone almost asked "why don't any of the tasks works?"
Kramburger: One day you'll get the fill tool so you can discover you didn't close off your outlines properly
GamemasterAnth: @tehfewl It has Cookie. That’s why it’s good.
gredgredmansson: Those were some great signs
therealkenm135: I cannot wait to see all the kill animations
Alahmnat: @DiscordianTokkan yeah that's what I voted for, lol
Sibwow: jordanraskSlunt is plunt's best friend
starlitdiscord: these signs are great
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Makrosian_Tae: Agreed, the signs are fantastic
GreayStone: don't forget submity
IbunWest: feenBanger
djalternative: I was able to be oddly mean with our sign choices. Let's see how they play out
LinearGif: you can't kick ass if you aint cute
PharaohBender27: Seriously, though, I SWEAR I've seen this game before
gredgredmansson: yeah this time it was a mix of nice and mean
RoseShark: I think being a monstrosity is how you win.
coelopteryx: they have mage armor it's fine
Dog_of_Myth: @PharaohBender27 Did you recently time travel?
ContingentCat: isn't life just a stressful game?
HadesLeprechaun: you can do that in this round
djalternative: @PharaohBender27 did you watch drawfee play it
Goorguy: Run it back!
GamemasterAnth: are supposed to fear the cute ones, so...
ArnieNiekamp: Play Bidiots!
Thequickgreyfox: on par with TKO
Radyin: Please play Talking Points.
niccus: these are all champions
gnome_friend: Vote Lizard! Vote Kathleen!
CaptainSpam: Talking Points would be SO great.
sirspate: hard to keep track of fake names to real when voting
flatluigi: yeah i definitely want to see talking points and blather round tonight
quasi79fu: talking Points is awesome game
PharaohBender27: @Dog_of_Myth Not that I know of? @djalternative I have no clue who drawfee is, so I'm thinking not
stevefromdetroit: they're all good boys bront
Poggifers_LRR: alien Ian again !!
NavelWarfare: @djalternative Wait, drawfee did this one? I need to find it!
StreetRach: Have they already played Blather ‘Round?
saberpilot: !vengabus
LRRbot: Turn down for BUS!
gredgredmansson: they have not
YakkersHoungan221B: The Baja Men need me
quasi79fu: nope streetrach
DiscordianTokkan: "Who let the Gods out? WHO WHO WHO"
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an extremely high-net-worth individual
mowdownjoe: Talking Points is literally an LRL bit. Please do that.
VmKid: @StreetRach Sadly, Blather 'Round is only a 6-player game
djalternative: @PharaohBender27 they were the people who got to unveil this game pre-release
PharaohBender27: Like, was there a game very much like this
NavelWarfare: !badadvice
LRRbot: Eat my sushi.
niccus: to whom are the dogs let out
Dog_of_Myth: But I don't want to go out....
ALLxISxLOST: this music for this game makes me thing invader zim
MegaDosX: This vaguely sounds like the Super Bunny Man menu music
RoseShark: I'm not a fan of TKO to be honest, it always seems to take a long time to get going.
NavelWarfare: I mean if you insist
Arclight_Dynamo: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This?
StreetRach: Oof. Yeah. I forgot about that. It’s so fun though now they’ve fixed that bug.
MyBuddySuperfly: 1:09 → nice
GreayStone: get back you flea infested mongel
RandomTrivia: Draw 2 soulful eyes. Then draw the rest of the fucking animal
DiscordianTokkan: SOULFUL, Ben, not abyss!
GoblinRanger: This one feels like we have more to do while they are drawing which is nice
ratzgobbler: My churchfolk ringtone is the sound a dinosaur makes
chumpofthemonth: Human eyes
quasi79fu: helo wheeler
TheArchitectX: These aren't Jock Jams remixes, they're Jack Jams.
gnome_friend: donate your EYES Graham
serramarkov: When Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Beast is PISSED.
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: 40 points of acid damage
MrPhlip: Don't forget. Bring me the eyes.
Pharmacistjudge: and the Ayes have it
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @serramarkov
quasi79fu: Ayyyyyeeeee
GamemasterAnth: Soulful eyes? What level do you have to be to get that feat?
Orgmastron: PharaohBender27 There's a card game named Super Fight that has a similar concept. Maybe that's what you're thinking of?
TotallyNotaBeholder: A local shelter was raided today, security footage has identified one of the group as Pete Townsend, leading to suspicions that The Who has let the dogs out
ContingentCat: !quote eyes
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Kreiseler: go for the eyes boo! go for the eyes!
MyBuddySuperfly: do a submit!
Serifina: Yeah, I use my iPad for Jackbox playing.
until_may: hooked on a feeeeelin
Serifina: I even have a keyboard for it
PharaohBender27: Frikkin' return button - was there a game that had this same conceit of drawings in a wrestling tournament in a previous Jackbox?
Serifina: And the Pencil
RoseShark: HahaSweat
Serifina: Big Cheats. :D
gredgredmansson: @PharaohBender27 Tee KO?
eric_christian_berg: Good luck. We're all counting on you.
Arclight_Dynamo: This game is GREAT.
johnalogue: @ratzgobbler dinosaurs don't make sounds, they're all dead
MegaDosX: A tag team match, playa!
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SmoreThanAFeelin: Thanks for the KPOPfan @thiscathasseengod
PharaohBender27: @gredgredmansson No, NOT TKO
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
Tantar: nice
control_rig: Wow
Alahmnat: rofl
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAH
RandomTrivia: OMG
quasi79fu: garplunt
Draynus: WOW
SmoreThanAFeelin: HAHAHA
NimrodXIV: omg
Atreides42: LUL
BusTed: well played
Arclight_Dynamo: WOW
MegaDosX: Your Plunt evolved into Garplunt!
quasi79fu: I love that second one
knickknacksnackery: poggerz
Ownee171: Dear god
PharaohBender27: OK this is messing me up bigtime
DiscordianTokkan: Windmill slam
YakkersHoungan221B: Stronk
Dmc3628: shut it down can't win
empyreon: WOW
SoaringDragon42: wooooooooooow
ContingentCat: WOW
TamesLovesGames: WOW
Gekyouryuu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:44:59.
expat_with_cat: Ah, I couldn’t vote!
Firnsarwen: lrrWOW
RoseShark: Odiesyus is brilliant.
expat_with_cat: It went way too fast.
johnalogue: is this game self-aware?!
ArnieNiekamp: This is great.
Gekyouryuu: AH heck, I missed so much
NimrodXIV: had to go with odiesyus, just for the name
quasi79fu: Oh definitly the second one
Loonatic93: I just found a random bottle of Malt Vinegar Ketchup in my pantry. It's quite tasty!
MyBuddySuperfly: funko doll police is coming
ratzgobbler: @johnalogue THen how did David Attenborough walk with them, smart-one?
LarkSachrosis: lrrSIGNAL
RuiFaleiro: Death is too good for Garplunt.
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
Dmc3628: that was a squash match
johnalogue: @ratzgobbler necromancy
Tantar: wow
DiscordianTokkan: HA
PharaohBender27: I have to leave soon anyway, but I swear I saw this game or something very much like it several months ago
RandomTrivia: OOF
MegaDosX: What the shit.
SmoreThanAFeelin: wowwww
MyBuddySuperfly: D:
RoseShark: holy shit!
quasi79fu: Omg that second one
NimrodXIV: oh nooo
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
MegaDosX: It depends on how you read this one actually
MegaDosX: It could be either
therealkenm135: this feels like an acid trip
ratzgobbler: Nerbil?
MyBuddySuperfly: D: D: D:
quasi79fu: ok now that is Mom
coelopteryx: oh dear
ky0dar: i didnt vote queen! I voted beej!!!
MyBuddySuperfly: hate when that happens
Solid_Fuel: yeet
MyBuddySuperfly: i guess?
expat_with_cat: Ack, it changed at the last minute after I had voted. That’s not fair.
ALLxISxLOST: Digi-Slide-Evolution?
RandomTrivia: oh no, my heart
quasi79fu: LOL
MegaDosX: Outstanding
DiscordianTokkan: Holy moly
LinearGif: grizabella the glamour cat
RoseShark: go cat trying its best!
Baldrash: Ack.
BusTed: accck!
SourceQuench: cat = big mood
LarkSachrosis: HahaGingercat
ratzgobbler: Wait are they treating the anxiety or having it?
coelopteryx: cats trying their best for winning every category
quasi79fu: Roflmao
RoseShark: HahaCat
gredgredmansson: cuke man dan!
MarsIsDead: Seriously this game is amazing!!!!
Goorguy: Cuke man dan just is the Tiger king
NimrodXIV: this is so weird lol
MegaDosX: This one's over folks
monakai: Cuke man owns all the exotic pets.
RoseShark: cuke man dan is the owner of cat trying its best.
Pteraspidomorphi: 100% of audience
x0den: kathleen with th e call back!
control_rig: WHAT
GoblinRanger: wow 100% audience :)
MegaDosX: What!
DiscordianTokkan: YESSSSS
TalecArashi: cat came straight out of Catz
bradlby: wowowow
Baldrash: HOW
quasi79fu: LOL
MyBuddySuperfly: D: D: D:
quasi79fu: wow
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
quasi79fu: HOWWWW
Firnsarwen: lrrWOW
Alahmnat: lol, wow
ky0dar: WHAT
RoseShark: the match of the century!
DiscordianTokkan: Holy SHIT
quasi79fu: how did that happpen
VmKid: LUL
NimrodXIV: how
Tiber727: We're an exotic pet for cats.
lemmel: lrrWOW_WH
until_may: i legit do not understand haha
Zzzzzzzz6: Brother?
Snowcookies: did you to plan this?
Ownee171: It's a family affair!
johnalogue: this game is definitely self-aware
ContingentCat: WOW
ChaoticObserver: These fights are getting dirty
Firnsarwen: nani?
control_rig: HAHAHAHA
hd_dabnado: SNSAAAAKE
Sogheim: what?!
quasi79fu: Omg
quasi79fu: LOL
quasi79fu: Wow
johnalogue: the singularity is here
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: A MIMIC, RUN!
Pharmacistjudge: a twin sister is the best undercover boss
ratzgobbler: But... How?
Ownee171: He'll pak that box
hd_dabnado: wait what
YakkersHoungan221B: 6940 nice
expat_with_cat: Yikes. The time to vote is a bit too quick.
pantheral3o: they get to see who they're up against, chat
MyBuddySuperfly: it's so good to watch they laughing :)
quasi79fu: oooh
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! Blaseball
quasi79fu: thats tough
ky0dar: HIT DE HOLE!
Goorguy: Is that the star from Mario?
CaptainSpam: Maybe that's a bug that needs to be reported...
ptay313: I told you that spooder-man was a menace!
gredgredmansson: <3 STARRRRRRYU <3
LeeshaJoy: It might be the angle brackets?
MyBuddySuperfly: hum
Pteraspidomorphi: The < probably does something html-related
ky0dar: MY BOY
mowdownjoe: It's probably the heart
Firnsarwen: I think it's the angle bra... yeah
RandomTrivia: The grudge match!
quasi79fu: hmmm oh no the rematch
RoseShark: come on lime!
Twilight_Spark: So are the champion prompts the players are shown the same as what's announced in the showdown?
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Firnsarwen: poor sweetness, I love them!
YakkersHoungan221B: A Splash of Lime has a plumbers crack and it ties the entire character together
hd_dabnado: Splash of Lime for Smash When
VmKid: @Twilight_Spark The first one is, the second one's a surprise
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @robothitchhiker
ryuhimora: the voting period for the audience is so short that I can't watch the stream :c
expat_with_cat: I was trying to vote for Suspicious Sweetness, but I don’t know if it took.
quasi79fu: Oh gahd
RoseShark: uh...
control_rig: Windmill slam
quasi79fu: Oh nooooo
flatluigi: @Twilight_Spark one player gets the championship, the other gets their opponent
johnalogue: he arrived via the fursuit vehicle
gredgredmansson: @Twilight_Spark the "champion" sees the matchup, the "challenger" see who their champion is
MegaDosX: Frederique is so extra of a name
Dr_fragenstien: i thought the butcrack was intentional
Nuurgle: one of them definitely gets a raise from wolves
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN?
MyBuddySuperfly: EW
lord_wertornion: Raise by Wolves is a great show
CururuGuasu: Kuma Kuma Kuma
Firnsarwen: aw man, but the bear!
quasi79fu: LOL
RoseShark: wow, fursuit dominated.
NimrodXIV: this is a great game
hd_dabnado: PISS PISS PISS
secretbranch: PISS
PunkRockZoologist: Always Piss Queen
mowdownjoe: MAKE WAY FOR PISS
DiscordianTokkan: MAKE way for piss
ContingentCat: PISS PISS PISS
LarkSachrosis: Dr Daddy Longlegs is a doctor
YakkersHoungan221B: Piss Queen is the best thing
RoseShark: piss queen can be my life coach.
Blade_Tiger: PISS! PISS! PISS!
YakkersHoungan221B: EVER
Ownee171: Should've left the bear in, it's already Pistachio's job!
Twilight_Spark: @flatluigi @gredgredmansson That makes more sense, thanks guys. I was wondering how so many jokes were so tailored in the pair.
control_rig: HAHAHAHA
secretbranch: Dune?
Alahmnat: oh my god
MyBuddySuperfly: "tamago-home and cry"
DiscordianTokkan: Holy SHIT
Snowcookies: I'm sorry Ian
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: Absolutely incredible
quasi79fu: uhhhh
Creature_Comforts: Why is Ian a turtle?
MegaDosX: Tamago-Home and Cry is an /incredible/ name
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
quasi79fu: LOL
HadesLeprechaun: dave egg is holding up a 3!
Thequickgreyfox: Kappa
RoseShark: Dave Egg!
Dr_fragenstien: I like team egg
NimrodXIV: crying
RoseShark: motherrLOL
ratzgobbler: Horner. No Question
TheWriterAleph: you're fired
aussz: they may be correlated
jessieimproved: favorite new jackbox game
MegaDosX: Holy /shit/
quasi79fu: welllll
quasi79fu: uhhhh
Creature_Comforts: Is Dr. No Personal Space just connecticuit?
ulexarX: So many doctors
LarkSachrosis: Or Wyoming
coelopteryx: they do have powerful auras
quasi79fu: LOL
Twilight_Spark: PBR tricking you into thinking it's worth drinking this time.
Dmc3628: that's a very good tag team
PharaohBender27: Briefly popping back in because I think Kate might have done an early-look stream of this, and THAT'S where I remember this from (and also why the aesthetics of Quiplash 3 looked familiar)
Dr_fragenstien: 100% of us voted that?
JacquesSnacques: 100% of audience lol
RandomTrivia: Woah, that is Blursed
gredgredmansson: LOCK IT IN
DiscordianTokkan: A Fibbage face!
Ukon_Cairns: aye got there
until_may: CALLLLLLED IT
SkylerRingtail: If you play a second round with the same players, you can tag in characters from this round too
amative1: "100% of Audience says 'I seek attention'". Truer words have never been spoken.
ratzgobbler: Is this the new season of don't hug me im scared?
Alahmnat: nice, Wheeler
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm of the 9%!
underhill33: I got it right!
DiscordianTokkan: I know Wheeler'd Win
tehfewl: I voted for Wheeler
RoseShark: Odiesyus was too strong.
monakai: Bens on top.
control_rig: That was FANTASTIC!
DiscordianTokkan: *knew
Dr_fragenstien: With the strong judge beej start, i voted on ian
YakkersHoungan221B: Please another
quasi79fu: splash of lime was the best
ky0dar: Splash of Lime is amazing.
Sarah_Serinde: PharaohBender27 Kate definitely played it, I think for PAX with Tycho and some other folks
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
NimrodXIV: this is a very good one
ratzgobbler: We have a Wheelr
control_rig: #Team Splash Of Lime
ky0dar: We need A Splash of Lime in the next rumble
Gekyouryuu: besides whatever all that just was, what games have I missed?
Snowcookies: I think I like this more than Tee KO
CaptainSpam: I'm still hoping for a Talking Points game.
Dr_fragenstien: I'm going to see if i can save some of these
tomorrowboy: my phone hates that game
gredgredmansson: @ky0dar oh my god this is the perfect chance for Autumnal Rumble characters
tehfewl: "Bah God, thats A Splash of Limes Music!!"
ky0dar: oh, this is way better than tko
Pteraspidomorphi: Gekyouryuu: Quiplash 3 and Trivia Murder Party 2, and the one with the tasks
GreayStone: Can we get ble ble ble ble ble ble
tomorrowboy: struggles to load the characters before the voting period is over
chaostreader: @pteraspidomorphi Devils and the details
Gekyouryuu: @Pteraspidomorphi ty
ky0dar: Put Splash of Lime in the rumble you Cowards
Sheikun07: I so hope they play the new presentation game
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks, chaostreader, I don't know the names of the new ones yet
gnome_friend: 100% of audience says "I seek attention" nice @flatluigi
gnome_friend: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
jonnykefka: what is this banger. I know it's BGC, but I haven't heard it before
gnome_friend: Rose in a Field
knickknacksnackery: yo this slaps
Makrosian_Tae: AGRESSIVELY slaps
Gekyouryuu: A Splash of Lime's finishing move: "the rest of the f**king lime"
mahpete_: is there a rough idea when the stream will end?
Thequickgreyfox: this song is a banger
Thequickgreyfox: anyone have a title?
mahpete_: I don't have the schedule open
lode1: evilun1DOsalute evilun1Face
gnome_friend: @Thequickgreyfox I believe it's "Rose in a Field"
Veste: johnny hungy
Thequickgreyfox: I'm assuming its big giant circles?
Narcuru: ~about an hour or so @mahpete_
gnome_friend: About five minutes ago
jonnykefka: It sounds like a remix of it.
Thequickgreyfox: thanks @gnome_friend
lode1: I come representing the DARK ORDER evilun1DOsalute evilun1Face
mahpete_: @Narcuru thanks
LordZarano: From the remix album
ContingentCat: @mahpete_ ~an hour
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DaSunao: Thanks for the KPOPvictory @narcuru
CamelAttack: Thanks for the KPOPfan @narcuru
artificer144: nice!
DiscordianTokkan: @lirazel64 Nice! May your seals be true and your pops later be Great!
zimmercj23: Anyone else think PrideLove looks like Viktor from YOI? Or is that just my default thought when I see an animated boy with blond/silver hair.
jonnykefka: @StarlitGhost beat me to it
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a messenger
StarlitGhost: ;)
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Burn the tent down.
hd_dabnado: !vasalineorbarcode
gnome_friend: Poggifers, grab the matches
LordZarano: jlrrCooltunes
zimmercj23: !badadvice
LRRbot: Well, You died.
Narcuru: that tracks
ContingentCat: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
lode1: !advice
lode1: aw...
artificer144: mute?
Raincoast_Bear: I commend LRR for streaming the always fun Jackbox PP instead of Fallguys or Among Us.
ContingentCat: @hd_dabnado vaseline only has 1 a
flatluigi: i mean they've streamed both before, bear
ratzgobbler: ROUND 2
asthanius: @Raincoast_Bear They've also played those on stream because they're fun
RoseShark: motherrHype
Nuurgle: if they only do one type of streaming, it gets boring.
circusofkirkus: big fan of the royalty free jock jams
ArnieNiekamp: Thanks for playing PP7 by the way.
CaptainSpam: Oh, by the by, the soundtrack for this is awesome, and on Bandcamp.
RandomTrivia: @Raincoast_Bear They have also streamed both of those things. Please don't come here just to dunk on things other people enjoy lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: Again, banger alert
TheWriterAleph: Hi @ArnieNiekamp !
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrCooltunes jlrrCooltunes jlrrCooltunes
RandomTrivia: Top tier soundtrack this one
MrQBear: I knew I wanted to pick up PP7 but now I NEED to pick up PP7, from watching this stream.
Thequickgreyfox: oh my gosh it's @ArnieNiekamp!
ArnieNiekamp: Hello!
CaptainSpam: Glad you could stop by, @ArnieNiekamp !
TheMerricat: chat, lets also not turn someone trying to be positive into negative.
jonnykefka: This is one of the best jackbox games I've ever seen.
asthanius: The real trick is to only draw expressions humans can't make
gnome_friend: lrrHEART lrrFINE
RandomTrivia: When you only have yourself to use as a model, you use what you have!
DiscordianTokkan: @ArnieNiekamp This is a danged fine pack of parties
CanvasWolfDoll: going to be honest, this isn't my favorite drawing game from jackbox.
gredgredmansson: tomBicep tomFist
Nuurgle: Kathleen with the frown of a true artist who hates their work
gnome_friend: I really enjoy this
Raincoast_Bear: I've seen them played here. I'm just over them. I really like LRRs dynamic when they play JBPP
ArnieNiekamp: Is Bidiots your favorite?
johnalogue: it took me way too long to remember where I heard Arnie's name
agentsmithradio: Is this finally the drawing game that's better than T.K.O.?
Dog_of_Myth: @Raincoast_Bear lrrAWESOME
niccus: they are sidegrades
DiscordianTokkan: @agentsmithradio But T.K.O gets me shirts! :O *lol*
Alahmnat: it definitely has better audience interaction than TKO, but TKO is still pretty good
SourceQuench quietly admits to liking Drawful.
Juliamon: I don't know that this is BETTER than TeeKO, but it's at least equal
CaptainSpam: @agentsmithradio Hard to say... there's no t-shirt to buy from this, right? lrrBEEJ
gnome_friend: Vote Lizard! Vote kathleen!
Nuurgle: instead of shirts, they should make cards for this game
TheMerricat: Chat as an antisocial hermit, I never have the oportunity to play jackbox, I hear a lot of them complaining about drawing with a mouse, does the game allow 'normal' drawing pad?
jonnykefka: re: making face while drawing
Juliamon: Without TeeKO we wouldn't have Steely Dan
SkylerRingtail: I definitely like this more than TKO, especially from the audience perspective.
Nuurgle: put some stats on there, audience signs on the back
RoseShark: sailor qwak is the best sailor duck. Kappa
fry_dx: My favourite game is all of them
gredgredmansson: we got happier messages this time
RandomTrivia: @jonnykefka sergeJustRight
Darleysam: the music before this sounded so much like Doctorin' The Tardis by the Timelords
MrQBear: @TheMerricat It does, you either play it on your phone, or with whatever input device your PC allows, in a browser window
asthanius: If you need gray, simply dither Kappa
gredgredmansson: because grey isn't a HYPE COLOR
teavian: lrrDOTS
MacabreAurora: good im glad everyone is positive this time
Nuurgle: stipple
Juliamon: Dither and hatch!
TheMerricat: thanks @MrQBear
DiscordianTokkan: Consummate Vs!
coelopteryx: you just gotta crosshatch some thin black lines :P
RandomTrivia: No no, KDEZ lrrBEEJ
lode1: i'm just sitting here listening to the 1080 Avalanche soundtrack.
Twilight_Spark: Simply solve Einstein's Field Equations.
gnome_friend: 4Head
gredgredmansson: I too love the college band music
flatluigi: this game's soundtrack is so good
flatluigi: lmao serge
SourceQuench: Newspaper-style halftones or GTFO.
gredgredmansson: comic dots
Alahmnat: Kirby Dots
fry_dx: There's no gre/ay because the devs are American and couldn't agree on how to spell it
DiscordianTokkan: Between this and Hades, it's been a good year for music you can just leave on and groove to
fuzzy_died: cotd vibes
knickknacksnackery: what was wheeler's joke he wanted to tell about his character?
Alahmnat: D2's prophecy dungeon has some bangers too
lode1: @SourceQuench those who do the doodles on Splatoon 2 does that.
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
MegaDosX: Holy shit
fastlane250: jinx
ratzgobbler: Was that a Philosophy Tube ref Ian?
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAH
BrowneePoints: This is like Tee KO 2.0
empyreon: lrrWOW
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monakai: lrrWOW
e_bloc: he's never coming back from that
DiscordianTokkan: Wheeler Gunpla!
RandomTrivia: "There
quasi79fu: Thanks for the KPOPselfie @enki1256
RoseShark: crushed em!
DiscordianTokkan: Superhero landing!
ANeMzero: Ben "Killed a Baby from Orbit" Wheeler
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
bat_wool: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:06:08.
Alahmnat: rofl
RoseShark: RPGAyaya
ContingentCat: um
johnalogue: personnel, you mean!
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHAH
RandomTrivia: Wow, we are going DEEP on this one
niccus: oh no they're both big
amative1: dot avi
DiscordianTokkan: holy shit
YakkersHoungan221B: Sepirioth
RoseShark: go evil sword!
gredgredmansson: what IS the name of Sephy's sword?
HatsWearCats: Masamune?
LinearGif: buster sword and masamune
DiscordianTokkan: I love the flippy sword tricks
ContingentCat: the little >:(
asthanius: IT WAS WORTH IT
quasi79fu: lol the second one
gredgredmansson: i still don't get it
BusTed: So many wheels.
Paranundrox: I thought it was a red pickle
asthanius: @gredgredmansson "I'm an ally" + Ally McBeal
gredgredmansson: nice
doomlimit: I thought it was some kind of terrifying pickle-pumpkin.
johnalogue: champion groin
monakai: Ally McBeal is excellent.
DiscordianTokkan: 100% Top Rate I Tell Ya
fastlane250: i will never log off
stevefromdetroit: you called?
VmKid: Coach Z?
e_bloc: lrrWOW
hd_dabnado: oblivious is wisdom
johnalogue: he's the master of jack-in
circusofkirkus: I love the spelling of "Chelsaey"
TheWriterAleph: @VmKid Jark in Starve!
DiscordianTokkan: There's been too many Jackin' stories this week already, Steve!
gredgredmansson: are they supposed to be 100%?
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
Nigouki: IAN
Arclight_Dynamo: O HMY GOD
Alahmnat: wat
RandomTrivia: Holy Moly
Nahmbra: aww yeah L3 point
RoseShark: go burning gas ball!
PaperDoopliss: Ooh, Cam is in this game?
Pteraspidomorphi: Sorry, I'm too nerdy not to vote for lagrange
CaptainSpam: What, you don't vacation at Lagrange points?
SourceQuench: "Sexy Lagrange Point" destroyed me.
LinearGif: ooh lagrange point, I've never been
bubba0077: being at a Lagrange point is the ultimate relaxation
johnalogue: that sun is hot
amative1: Anyone up for an L3 vacation?
hd_dabnado: of course it is ian
sniperserpent: I hear the L4 Lagrange point is nice this type of year
Eklinaar: Sorry, I'm only into sexy miasmas of incandescent plasma
ContingentCat: stare into the Sun
DiscordianTokkan: So BALANCED
HadesLeprechaun: Supernova!
ky0dar: Super Cool Fantastic!
gredgredmansson: I think that chat thing is busted for the votes
asthanius: WOAH
Makrosian_Tae: What a reference! I love this
starlitdiscord: WOW
doomlimit: OH NO
niccus: accidentally really good
MrQBear: This is amazing
DiscordianTokkan: DAaaaaang
rasterscan: wo
Ukon_Cairns: mpieLUL
MegaDosX: Outstanding
NimrodXIV: rekt
RandomTrivia: Wow that is fantastic
gredgredmansson: go go cinnabar
JaysonMaxwell: Cinnabar on multiple levels :D
olwenaufies: I'd listen to Mall Kiosk Ennui
MrQBear: This is Awesome, Clap Clap ClapClapClap!
TheWriterAleph: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Luxatos: I appreciate geology jokes.
rasterscan: Booooo, robbed
rasterscan: T_T
BrowneePoints: Mall Kiosk Ennui needs to be a recurring LRR character
Ukon_Cairns: how did cinnabar lose reyarlCry
starlitdiscord: cinnabar is so good q.q
lirazel64: Man, I can hear the music...
niccus: OH NO
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHAH
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
johnalogue: oh no
RandomTrivia: LUL
control_rig: WWWWOOOOWW
secretbranch: HAHAHAHHAHA
Makrosian_Tae: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:09:39.
GDwarf: Yes
Metric_Furlong: dead
fragilepaper: LUL LUL LUL
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly lrrWOW
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
starlitdiscord: WOOW
VmKid: LUL
Ownee171: PERFECT
lemmel: lrrWOW_WH lrrWOW_WH
monakai: hooly shit
TheWriterAleph: slaaaaAAAAAM DUNK
control_rig: OH MY GOD\
ratzgobbler: Land of the Lustrous. Wholly shit
Juliamon: I literally just clapped
JohnPraw: nice
lode1: DAMN
RandomTrivia: Fuck me that's the best thing ever
Dog_of_Myth: lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN
RoseShark: holy shit balls! RPGAyaya
mowdownjoe: LUL
fastlane250: lrrFINE
DiscordianTokkan: Holy FUCK
Eklinaar: lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN
Dmc3628: HOW