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LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news :D) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
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TXC2: Hello Everybody
RockPusher: !advice
LRRbot: Never pull your ghost out in a fight.
TXC2: !findquote ghost
LRRbot: Quote #1212: "I need a ghost computer so I can look up... ghost porn." —Paul [2015-12-02]
TXC2: good lord Paul
RockPusher: So that's where all that ectoplasm came from!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! PrideWave
TehAmelie: or. . .Ectopaulsm
PharaohBender27: I see I walked into a . . . thing
TXC2: hello PharaohBender27 welcome
RockPusher: !box
LRRbot: Step one: cut a hole in the box.
red_shoes_jeff: Ahoy! Is everybody ready for some CHENKPONK!?
PharaohBender27: @red_shoes_jeff I sure am! Also ready to punt some chonks and chill some pints
TXC2: hello red_shoes_jeff welcome
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrFINE lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Nigouki: my volume was set way too high when that music kicked in
TXC2: same here
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: as was mine
TehAmelie: woo
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: Right when my tunes stopped, no less!
RockPusher: slytqDance jamieDance katesDance KPOPdance
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Heather, Beej and Paul and chat about this week's gaming news. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElmxRZCVcAAfX3Q.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1322282913153515520
PharaohBender27: katesDance slytqDance
TXC2: damn this is a banging remix
Juliamon: definitely one of the better remixes on the album
TXC2: hello Juliamon
PharaohBender27: Dammit Twitch, why you got to start crapping on me now? :\
Juliamon: hello!
djalternative: time to nap to chillpoint
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PharaohBender27: Corgo300
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ryuhimora: Any Second Now XDDDD
TXC2: specific second then
Reforminginsomniac: The one coming up after the others.
PharaohBender27: It will be . . . wait for it . . . THIS second
Countzeroor: Gives me a chance to clean my glasses after having delivery Ramen.
PharaohBender27: Dangit!
lirazel64: Wheeee!
red_shoes_jeff: T O D A Y . . .
GrassVortex: LUL
PharaohBender27: Oh no! :O
mercano82: RIP the Derrys
TheMerricat: uh....
kamelion84: lol
RockPusher: lrrSPOOP
mercano82: Oh, no, I'm hearing Heather from beyond the grave
TXC2: there we go
constablecrab: lrrSPOOP
red_shoes_jeff: HEY!
PharaohBender27: Jumpscare!
Laurence72: It's like I can still hear them!
TheMerricat: Beej Mozart!
Reforminginsomniac: If you could just turn on the lights.
Wolfstrike_NL: HahaThisisfine
MidgardSerpent: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NotCainNorAbel: oh right, i need to restart my router too
cuttlefishman: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Stoffern: Did something happen at the internet place?
RockPusher: Networking - it not perfect system
cuttlefishman: 2spoops4me
TheMerricat: Or is it more Beej Betovhan?
Dared00: hello!
ashiok_nightmare_moose: i had that with my cheap isp modem/router, just overheated after a while
RockPusher: srs busness
GrassVortex: So, is that more or less screaming than on Checkpoint? :D
TXC2: TheMerricat I was gonna say Doc Brown, but yeah Beethoven works
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Sogheim: oh hey it's my favorite Paul! right above Rudd and Bettany!
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TehAmelie: high stakes
Laurence72: Thanks for the KPOPdance @sogheim
Snowcookies: lol
Sogheim: owl mug? owl mug!
lirazel64: Beej's hair: a mystery worth delving into. But who would dare?
veelofar: Checkpoint is srs bzns
PharaohBender27: I'm sorry, the heck?
RunningMonkeys: I thought graham was talking about lrr comments for far to long.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There are comments?
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peachyprieto: Wow 41 months - where has the time gone?!
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KriegerSan: do people post angry comments?
TXC2: Gen Z has humour? Kappa
accountmadeforants: They went on the defence, so they couldn't focus on offence
Laurence72: On the internet?? NEVER!!!
Raiz0k: Arghh, staggered daylight savings strikes again. Hi everyone! What did I miss?
TheTekkieman: Feeling "Good Night, everybody!", from what I saw.
PharaohBender27: I'm not even sure which part of this week's episode would make them feel called out
Creideiki_SE: My ad blocker also blocks YouTube comments. I do not consider this a bug.
TXC2: hello Raiz0k almost nothing, we're just starting
cuttlefishman: They were feeling called out on main
Laurence72: @Creideiki_SE That is definitely not a bug
cuttlefishman: which is what you get for being horny on main
accountmadeforants: I think they just hooked into some big streamer's Twitch chat and put all the words that came up in there.
RockPusher: KH down with the double-D
Raiz0k: @TXC2 : so "only" the starting banter :/. Well, could be worse. Thanks for the info!
Creideiki_SE: @Laurence72 "Unintended feature"
Sogheim: @Creideiki_SE I had a few months of that on Chrome but they patched it and I can't get it back
mercano82: You'd think the OS would have a dictionary of bad words that all games could use.
RockPusher: The Internet Naughty Word Database
accountmadeforants: I've seen horrendous regexes, too.
TXC2: I mean, Beej is not wrong
Laurence72: @Creideiki_SE Totally a blessing
heronblademaster: Amazon has its own internal list(s). It's amusing to search for them in source control.
Athelgar: the lists were compiled in the late 90s?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun - http://www.bannedwordlist.com/
GrassVortex: Maybe those brands have very zealous layers?
Raiz0k: Yeah, Beej pretty much nailed it on the head with the UD about why "public" doesn't work.
Juliamon: yeah, the meds are really outdated
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heronblademaster: 44 bottles of LRR on the wall...
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TheHaCoFo: that's the 8th resub in march 2020, I'm a bit confused.
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Juliamon: kids are all about the xans now
TXC2: us DB mods had Bumashave as a baned word, so there may be good reasons
Sogheim: I think MC Chris did a song about "the 'tussin"
Plasterboard: Wasn't there a robutussin challenge of some sort?
djalternative: Thanks for the KPOPTT @thehacofo
Radyin: Having worked with educational content filters for years, the default list of blocked things can be very strange.
Loonatic93: I think Robutussion refers to "Purple Drank." Basically drinking cough syrup with codine for the "high?"
Anubis169: Shurbabave?
Manae: "Robi-tripping" used to be a thing
Loonatic93: It's a big thing with hip hop and rappers.
TXC2: hello Anubis169
Anubis169: yo!
PharaohBender27: @Loonatic93 Oh, that actually scans
accountmadeforants: This could've been solved quite easily with GUIDs...
ashiok_nightmare_moose: pretty sure sizzurp is cough syrup of some sort
Raiz0k: @TXC2 : I want to ask what's the derivation chain to that from the actual "Burma-Shave", and the associated subtext, but I'm mildly afraid.
gglppi: Yeah, that's why my workplace has a badwords.txt that we use to make sure we don't accidentally make obscene random tokens
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GaelanS: enjoy the Bezos bucks
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Loonatic93: @ashiok_nightmare_moose Exactly.
KriegerSan: @loonatic93 a specific group of the hip hop community / rappers #NotAllRappers
TXC2: Raiz0k it was being spammed, so it got baned
EvilBadman: I'm sure there's list of Jackbox room codes that can never be rolled
heronblademaster: There was an amazon system that used four random words to represent tickets internally (not twitch clips), one was "sexual" and it caused some issues combined with some of the other words...
GaelanS: but people can recognize swear words without vowels?
Raiz0k: Oh, way better than I imagined.
ContingentCat: yeah because nobody can parse words with vowels removed
RandomTrivia: The Welsh do
Dread_Pirate_Westley: cwm
RockPusher: If you want to be scientific about your naughty words - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0022/91624/OfcomOffensiveLanguage.pdf
TXC2: there are 5 vowels symbols and 12 vowel sounds in english
KriegerSan: do trust the Welsh language
RandomTrivia: Almost like a double-u
KriegerSan: it's all made up nonsense
llahsram555: The welsh aren't allowed to speak
fiftymcnasty: But are we talking English, or Welsh
TheMerricat: So we remove Monophthongs and diphthongs.
RandomTrivia: Idiot Monkey Brain like see pattern
Raiz0k: In Polish, we don't count vowels as actual valid phonetic elements at all.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: it is tho
Sogheim: once I realized the 26 character alphabet is not the same in Welsh except visually, I understood it better
Raiz0k: (/jk ofc)
EvilBadman: was it a backronym?
mercano82: I played an MMO called Puzzle Pirates back in the early 00's. It shipped without a chat filter; they added one in in a patch that swapped bad words pirate lingo. Problem is, one of the devs screwed up with the whitespace in the subsitution file, and as a result of the patch, instead of swapping bad words for pirate lingo, they started swapping pirate lingo with bad language.
TXC2: that campaign is from like 15 years ago, Gods I'm old :p
zuchen_120: lrrBEEJ_WH
mercano82: It was a memorable day before they rolled back or fixed the patch.
Sogheim: oh man I miss Puzzle Pirates. loved being swore at for not bilging fast enough
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Baseball Stars?
Raiz0k: Funny you mention that Beej, because the British Company House has a propensity of being littered with entries for XSS injections, SQL injections, and the like.
Agu_Sakku: Hats got banned in my school. Cause folks got Florida State University ( FSU ). And removing the S. Leaving the F and the U.
TheMerricat: Is Puzzle Pirates still alive? I remember playing it for a whole day and thinking it'd be cool but never coming back
mercano82: @Sogheim Match-3 faster!
KriegerSan: mai shiranui is in snk games, they don't really have a leg to stand on
heronblademaster: I played one of the Lego MMOs a while back, they blocked TONS of stuff because they didn't want kids to give out personal info. They blocked so many words (and numbers) that you couldn't even tell people how to get past certain areas
itomeshi: wait, is this CheckPoint+ discussing yesterday's episode? I don't normally catch CP+...
heronblademaster: actively interfered with playing the game
lirazel64: Try Danish. y=u, g=y, and d,t,and l all = l.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: people have got seriously hurt from people doign the motorcycle thing irl
EvilBadman: @itomeshi exactly that
Juliamon: itomeshi That's how they've been doing it during the pandemic
ContingentCat: @itomeshi yup and stories that didn't make it
TXC2: I wouldn't call them light Kappa
TheMerricat: @itomeshi checkpoint+ now comes after the actual episode is recorded so we talk about the most recently posted one on YT.
Raiz0k: @itomeshi : yes, normally it's back-to-back, but due to [GESTURES BROADLY] that's how it's been going for a while now.
ContingentCat: only slightly sub but still
TXC2: what are Big tits subtext for? Kappa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: How sub does the subtext have to be before it just becomes text.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: like a guy broke his arm and killed a lady on a bicycle recently doing this
TheMerricat: @itomeshi before "all this" though, yes, we'd be talking about the episode that was being recorded ATM instead of afterwards.
EvilBadman: I'm holding out for super text
itomeshi: Oh yes, I'm aware of *gestures at world*.... just wasn't aware of this shift.
TXC2: Dread_Pirate_Westley when it's in a ball gag Kappa
cuttlefishman: Subtext is for cowards
Sogheim: @TXC2 lower back problems
Sasha_conyst: have they talked about cyberpunk?
TXC2: Sogheim good point
Juliamon: Sasha_conyst Not yet but they will
Raiz0k: Sasha: yes.
TheMerricat: not yet @Sasha_conyst only two items so far, the SNK bad ad bad take and the bad word filter on the game I can't remember the name of already
TehAmelie: i know writers who use subtext, etc
Manae: Am I the only weirded out by the models? The one girl moves causing the... loinclothy thing to go to the side, and it looks like her thighs go up to her navel
KriegerSan: so kula who is in the ad is between 14 and 18 years old in the kof games
Sasha_conyst: ok I have major problems with that game
TXC2: 13? WutFace
NimrodXIV: ew
RandomTrivia: No stop, you're making it worse!
PharaohBender27: katesPalm
KriegerSan: kula with the blue hair
Raiz0k: @itomeshi : previously we just had Chillpoint, but rules in British Columbia got relaxed enough to enable for filming.
KriegerSan: the first one
ContingentCat: wow my brain isn't doing great I thought "kingdom fighters" was referring to some Kingdom Hearts fighting game.
cuttlefishman: The models are not great @Manae - but they're from not great models which the fighters were orgiinally develoepd
TXC2: I think SNK can't tell....
Camail: snk and arc sys are very weird
Raiz0k: Wait, one of those was 13?!
TheMerricat: @Manae Mai and no that character is famously infamous about her costume being..... not great?
beowuuf: i came in the at the wrong time *does the abe simpson walk back out the door*
Juliamon: Manae They really are so bad
ashiok_nightmare_moose: heres the story but it was a minivan, and both people died https://lasvegassun.com/news/2020/oct/25/intentional-strike-by-van-passenger-kills-woman-on/
TXC2: beowuuf fair
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Kula, with one of the most amazing throws i've ever seen
SydPreviouslyHeadache: or command grab? idk, but it's incredible
Manae: Oh, I know her costume isn't great, but it looked even worse than normal
Countzeroor: If it was Billy Kane this would be totally in character.
EvilBadman: Sakurai have Terry slap Kirby's round hindquarters you coward
KriegerSan: Terry is super dumbs though
cuttlefishman: Also, the animation models look p. old
beowuuf: txc2: i'd say i'd watch the vod later to figure out what i missed but...ignorance is bliss?
cuttlefishman: like early 2010s old?
kamelion84: lol
RandomTrivia: LUL
BusTed: Put Karnov in smash
LurkerSpine: Terry Bogard
cuttlefishman: He's not like a Johnny Sasaki or anything
LurkerSpine: I love that anime tbh
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100abrahamlincolns: Can't wait to catch the replay after work!
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TheMerricat: remember chat, this IS a mobile game we are talking about
Earthenone: was low budget pre 2000's anime whatever it was :P
niccus: who's not suffering from anime time compression atm
Lord_Hosk: Its gonna be like 2006
Laurence72: I remembered that anime, mid 90s
Laurence72: YES
red_shoes_jeff: @LoadingReadyRun To be fair, the 90's didn't end until like 2005.
KriegerSan: the snk all-stars game isn't that bad
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff the 90's ended in september 2001
KriegerSan: granted I got burned out by gatcha nonsense
Raiz0k: I mean, I would contest the fact that the ad was "misogynistic" in isolation given that a) it is made clear that the women don't like it b) karma hits him immediately c) it is implied additional karma is incoming d) the additional karma is administered by the women directly, without any "help". But e) now I get Beej's exasperation with "hero" subtext.
Countzeroor: From the director of the Lensman anime.
Raiz0k: Watch for the Coriolis force!
Dared00: bleh, that story is just... sad.
TXC2: that segay
RockPusher: can't flush, won't flush
Lord_Hosk: constipated turd.
fastlane250: Moving swiftly on....
cuttlefishman: I want to hear Paul's anime opinions
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RakdosPvnk19: who wants some Halloween simic slaw
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KriegerSan: Well and death threats
Sasha_conyst: the amount of transphobic stuff surrounding that game
Sogheim: how hot are Paul's anime takes?
aerobeing: @Sasha_conyst Which game?
TXC2: Sogheim hotter then the surface of the Sun Kappa
KriegerSan: cyberpunk
Sasha_conyst: cyberpunk
TehAmelie: hot as anime
wildpeaks: I wish they had delayed a lot more because pushing barely a few weeks is too little
Plasterboard: It is only interesting because we can all be Nelson, point our finger and yell "HA HA!"
fastlane250: CDPR should’ve just went the route of “It’s done when it’s done” and kept their collective mouth shut.
PharaohBender27: Feel like the "It won't be delayed" is a prime example of "Don't make promises you can't keep"
RakdosPvnk19: they should delay cyberpunk release until 2077
Raiz0k: The only good thing about the story is between that, and Our Wonderful Government's™ general sh*tf**kery is that their stocks dropped well bellow $100 now.
TheMerricat: The vibe I get from Paul is that he's one of those folk who will patiently listen to his friends tell him everything they love about the anime they watch but has zero interest in watching it himself.
Countzeroor: My suspicion is if they push back into 2021 they'll run into contractual penalties.
KriegerSan: cyberpunk will ultimately be a massive letdown for most people
LurkerSpine: the blizzard route
Dared00: unfortunately, they have investors, and investors want to know when they're getting their money
Sasha_conyst: not even gonna bother watching streams with anyone playing that game. and yes that includes here
Raiz0k: They should - but probable push from investors.
KriegerSan: cdpr did the done when it's done thing in their first trailer
aerobeing: They have the actual release date right in the title.
LurkerSpine: I'd rather game developers cut scope. I don't have 50 hours to give to every freaking game.
Laurence72: As someone who played the TTRPG Cyberpunk 2020 game, all this happening in 2020 is slightly surreal
TheMerricat: The problem with that route is that they still have to tell the devs they are doing a death march and the devs are the ones complaining/leaking info to the game sites
beowuuf: themerricat: the "I'm happy if you're happy" and "people I like being interested in things is interesting" approach? :)
wildpeaks: a deadline right before xmas is definitely coming from the execs
TheMerricat: @beowuuf yes exactly.
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : as is now apparent....
RockPusher: We've always known Beej's brain was a problem lrrBEEJ
EvilBadman: The marketing team still needs a window to operate in, too.
ContingentCat: !findquote brain
LRRbot: Quote #5494: "My brain works!" —Ian [2018-11-09]
accountmadeforants: There's also console bundle things and such
ashiok_nightmare_moose: yup making holiday 2020 probably gets them a lot more wiggle room for the year
wildpeaks: what do you mean exclusive on console ? it comes on pc too
TheNerdWonder: Supposedly the pc version is complete and it’s the console versions that are delaying it
ashiok_nightmare_moose: from sony or xb perspective
KriegerSan: wasn't cyberpunk meant to be out originally in June / July
EvilBadman: April, Krieger
Dared00: @KriegerSan April
Radyin: It's apparently the PS4/XBOne version that is delaying it.
KriegerSan: eff me sideways
Sasha_conyst: honestly I know it won't but I hope cyberpunk doesn't sell that well
aerobeing: My guess is it's something to do with the new consoles.
TXC2: you will almost never see a multi platform game come out on PC first
ashiok_nightmare_moose: yeah gotta hit that captive market first
KriegerSan: it is to do with consoles
IslandersCaper: Thanks for the KPOPcheer @rakdospvnk19
InkyGhoast: they should make it a "PC timed exclusive" :P
accountmadeforants: TXC2 Except when they're strategy games that are ill-advisedly ported to consoles.
EvilBadman: the delay is almost assuredly is a fail on day0 patch for a platform and they want a simultaneous release
FlyboyZeb: if its stadia causing a problem I will be soooo different disappointed
Radyin: @wildpeaks It's the classic difference between "exclusive," "console exclusive," and "timed console exclusive."
TXC2: accountmadeforants fair
KriegerSan: they failed validation and it takes another 3 weeks to get revalidated
Raiz0k: The worst thing is that they've lost all the good will by now.
TheMerricat: I'm 100% OK with the game taking howver long. I'm also 100% against crunch. CPPR used to hold a high spot in my eyes, it's fallen a lot this year.
Raiz0k: Yeah, exactly what Beej said.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: or working for the mob
InkyGhoast: they got voluntold
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PharaohBender27: Ah yes, the good old "No one's putting a gun to your head!" defense katesRage
ButButTheJesus: @TheMerricat same
ContingentCat: where they expect your job to be your whole life
Plasterboard: Working Salaried vs working Hourly. There are different expectations.
Sasha_conyst: it started falling with the transphobic ads last year to be honest
aerobeing: @TheMerricat Yes.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: theres some issues with that analogy
KriegerSan: pox should be contained
TXC2: ooof
Raiz0k: :D
KriegerSan: never spread
PharaohBender27: @Plasterboard Which is why I don't mind being an hourly employee. When my 40 hours are done, that's it.
Countzeroor: We know how the sausage gets made.
ContingentCat: that's one think I liked about a job I had for a while, there was a general understanding you probably have another job and that one might be the priority
EvilBadman: @pharaohbender27 as you should
KriegerSan: EVERY game dev usues crunch
CururuGuasu: Who let the pox out? Who? Who? Who?
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : yeah, that's the thing, from what I hear CDPR is one of the last "large" gaming companies that should be catching flack for overtime etc. I think there's cracking from [GESTURES BROADLY].
cuttlefishman: I cant ignore the metaphor
Raiz0k: Beej, everyone softdev company, gaming or not, crunches from time to time.
wildpeaks: to be fair, it was a special year
TXC2: something something game Dev unions
storiers: also not sure i trust a company that's so clearly the villain in a cyberpunk story to have anything interesting to say in a cyberpunk setting?
Dared00: when it's delayed again Kappa
KriegerSan: crunch is a failure of management not the coders / boots on the ground
EvilBadman: Don't say that Paul, you may have to crunch out another Kappa
Raiz0k: Indies ESPECIALLY DO, but they hide it behind "passion". And that's where the enablement starts.
InkyGhoast: Crunch is 100% evil and unnecessary and reflects a management failure
TheMerricat: @Raiz0k and everyone in Japanese companies are pressured to live in their office and look as if they are killing themselves for the company. Just because it happens doesn't mean it should be
InkyGhoast: it's like watching doctors do 24 hours shifts during normal times: that's just a good way to cause burn out as your best case failure
wildpeaks: or if you buy it, at least buy it on GOG directly
Zappeljakob: maybe wair for the first big patch after a week or 2
diamondmx: I won't be buying it for a bit just to not support the shitty practices.
Sasha_conyst: I hate cyberpunk its very transphobic
Radyin: Being a patient gamer is the best. You get the same games, all the bugs are patched, and you get them for cheaper.
aerobeing: Fuckulus.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: oh we getting some T poses fo sho
ButButTheJesus: nope
wildpeaks: ugh, Oculus x.x
LurkerSpine: I haven't played any CDPR games, are they as bad as Bethesda with horrible bugs?
GhostValv: D:
EvilBadman: @lurkerspine No
KriegerSan: wanted to get a rfit NOT ANY MORE
TheNerdWonder: Peanut butter and minr
Countzeroor: Like mint toothpaste and a cold glass of milk.
Laurence72: Well, I mean, eat the rich, s you would have to taste them?
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : I absolutely agree, but before I elaborate, which one of the messages were you reacting to?
Radyin: @LurkerSpine They can be, but CDPR fixes theirs eventually.
accountmadeforants: Like shit in a toothpaste tube, and orange juice that spoiled 5 years ago.
PharaohBender27: @LurkerSpine I've only played two of the Witcher games, but I'd say no, based on my experience with them.
TXC2: like 10 day old milk mixed with actual dog shit, it's Facebook X oculus Kappa
TheMerricat: @LurkerSpine I don't think so, given that Bethesda games are released almost assuming that there will be an unofficial community patch out there to save their butt
aerobeing: Seems like one of the future steps is gonna be "you lose access to life if you close your facebook account".
KriegerSan: re VR, is super hot vr available elsewhere
Questhere: i thought facebook didnt delete accuonts, just disabled them
Raiz0k: Oh nice, the newspiece we can all hate together!
LurkerSpine: Lol thanks y'all. Seems like Bethesda is still king of never patching bugs
TheMerricat: @Raiz0k Beej, everyone softdev company, gaming or not, crunches from time to time.
wildpeaks: a very intrusive facebook account iwth a lot of restriction and that's known to ban randomly because The Algorithm
diamondmx: Also, lots of people spent a fortune on a device that didn't have this requirement. It's changing the deal.
Dared00: Oculus infuriates me, because despite all the bullshit, they're the only company that treat VR as mass market product and not some niche expensive enthusiast proof of concept, and we desperately need more mass market VR.
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TheOtherTrevor: I need to give an Advertising Company access to these Head Mounted Cameras I use in my home
Radyin: At what point do our Twitch accounts get rolled into becoming Amazon accounts?
GaelanS: or say if Microsoft bought mojang and said you have to have a Microsoft account…
TXC2: GaelanS too soon Kappa
wildpeaks: you're supposed to switch account also if you have a guest playing, and you also get banned if they detect that it's not you playing
wlandy13: When google merged youtube and gmail/G+ accounts was super annoying
aerobeing: @Radyin When you get your third passport from now.
Plasterboard: It is in the same vein as having to sign up for an Xbox Live account to play multiplayer with other people on the same local network. It is an over engineered solution that isn't thought out 100%
EvilBadman: I believe someone put a bounty on jailbreaking the oculus to avoid needing an account and it has been achieved this week.
Radyin: @EvilBadman One of the people creating the jailbreak was the founder of Oculus.
SquareDotCube: Inconvienence for security's sake
wildpeaks: yeah but how long will the jailbreak work, can't rely on that on make any development or research
LurkerSpine: The thing is, a facebook account is a social media account, and you definitely might not want those things tied, whereas an MS account is only as public as you want it to be.
aerobeing: @Radyin, heh.
fastlane250: I don’t like the possibility of losing access to a bunch of stuff just because I got banned in one place.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: peoples phones are a common failure point that can really just wreck your life given all the 2fa etc
TheMerricat: Thing is I'm 100% more willing to have an "Uber" Microsoft account over everything than I am to have an "Uber" Facebook account. MS is cancer but their cancer isn't the sort that makes me afraid they are going to sell everything they know about me for monetary
lirazel64: I mean, I don't use an electric mixer and still manage to cook all the things, so... yeah?
Mangledpixel: I had my Spotify linked to my Facebook account, then I deleted my Facebook account, and so now my Spotify account lists my name as a big long error code. It's kinda cool, actually.
ANeMzero: Another problem is if you buy two headsets and register them to a single account they'll ban your account and delete your games if both are in use at once
ANeMzero: But you also can't have two accounts
accountmadeforants: Yeah, MS actually just charges you money, most of the time.
Laurence72: We want to avoid being horny on main! Kappa
wildpeaks: exactly ANeMzero
Mangledpixel: it also lists my gender as blank, which is also kinda cool
KriegerSan: getting rid of the Facebook app has been a god send for myself
NimrodXIV: I disabled my FB account a couple months ago. Felt good]
TXC2: Mangledpixel ah yes the one true gender Kappa
Gizmoloid: @Mangledpixel That's really kind of awesome.
KriegerSan: still log in through the browser but it's only once a week rather than a daily habit
wildpeaks: until 2023
wildpeaks: Quest 2
Mangledpixel: TXC2 hehe
TXC2: qwest?!
wildpeaks: TXC2 :D
Mangledpixel: Qwest!
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : oh, I see. So there's a difference between a 6-day crunch (which IMO is unproductive, but AFAIK recoverable), to going full kiroshi (sp.?) track. That's why I "defended" CDPR on of the last time on Chillpoint - there's a difference for that, especially if you are getting your due compensation. Still shitty, but a difference between stepping on one and drowning in a cesspit ;p.
RandomTrivia: TXC2 lrrHEART
accountmadeforants: I mean, I went through this years ago when I uninstalled the Facebook app from my phone through ADB, and found that somehow completely broke the Oculus/Gear VR side of things. Like, it expected some weird APIs/services? That was... spooky.
Qvdv: There's a lot of cool technology hidden in those paperweights
ContingentCat: maybe this'll open things up for another VR thing to become bigger?
LordZarano: Valve Index
Raiz0k: (also, opening the thesaurus on "difference", because apparently I desperately need that)
EvilBadman: @raiz0k Assuming that crunch is recoverable is short-sighted. if you are crunching you're affecting your outside life and those relationships.
TheMerricat: The side effect of this is going to be that in a year there will 100% be people who have figured out how to decouple the occulus and playing SteamVR and Homebrew shit instead of Occulus stuff.
gglppi: I keep reading "CDPR" as "California Data Protection Regulation" instead of CD Projekt Red x)
Dared00: @LordZarano Index is a $1000 headset that needs a beefy PC to run. Quest is a $299 standalone. They're incomparable.
ANeMzero: @Raiz0k the problem with the "it's only 6 day crunch" thing is that at this point CDPR has been shown to have lied about basically everything they've said on this crunch so far, so the idea we should trust that they're not pressuring employees for 7 is.. silly.
fastlane250: gotta love attempted vendor lock-in
ashiok_nightmare_moose: @accountmadeforants its like trying to break googles trackers, it takes down all sorts of other formatting fonts etc
TXC2: king of con more like Kappa
EvilBadman: gottem txc2
ashiok_nightmare_moose: oooh nice txc2
beowuuf: new run out has been fun, expecially for the concentrated snark :p
accountmadeforants: Royalty in Exile, Billy Mitchell
Juliamon: King of Desperately Clinging to a Meaningless Title
KriegerSan: twin galaxies
beowuuf: *news round up, get it together fingers
ashiok_nightmare_moose: ohohoh maybe Cling of Con
Pteraspidomorphi: TheMerricat: I believe a bounty was already paid to someone for rooting the quest 2
EvilBadman: Man who lost a Donkey Kong court case, name forgotten
aerobeing: There are potential timing differences.
TheMerricat: @Raiz0k thing is, I've never met a company that once they've tasted the sweet sweet nectar of forced crunch in order to meat timelines/recover from failed management that haven't then decided to drain that well dry and start turning their employeebase into hamburger in a grinder.
Raiz0k: @EvilBadman : there's a difference between "crunch" and "death march", which as an actual softdev term that's woefully underused in reporting/media.
TXC2: chat can we move on from the crunch talk please
TheMerricat: meat timelines.... I'm hungry appearently.. :D
EvilBadman: @raiz0k No, they're on the same scale just further gradients.
Xafty: @Juliamon idk about meaningless, if i was to put the effort in to make it to the top, i would fight for my title, because otherwise i wasted effort
Raiz0k: @ANeMzero : oh, that I absolutely agree on, that's pure panic-driven mismanagement, especially since I hear some people heard it first through Twitter. I just don't want to hang the incorrigible with the reformable.
MagicalAttackGecko: yes paul!
PharaohBender27: So, an upwave battle?
wildpeaks: the famed salmon navy
TheMerricat: ysbrydPunjail Paul ysbrydPunjail
ashiok_nightmare_moose: against the current?
Qvdv: It's all over, twitch chat has the high ground
TheNerdWonder: Upstream
cuttlefishman: Salmon are OP
TXC2: fighting a in tide battle
aerobeing: Airforce is the branch that handles fights in the water that is high up.
Raiz0k: @EvilBadman : I don't disagree :).
beowuuf: qvdv: less low ground, perhaps :p
accountmadeforants: What I wanna know is why isn't it called US Nav-E-Sports
aerobeing: @accountmadeforants heh
GaelanS: lol they recruit in high schools
RockPusher: Navy hoping to win the PR war through capillary action
Mangledpixel: if they aren't recruiting, then why are they bothering?
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants because the people in charge are still 100 years old. :P
NimrodXIV: they literally come to high schools, so....eehhhh
Qvdv: beowuuf yeah, it already felt wrong as I hit enter
Xafty: like, its for sure recruiting, they cant not be recruiting and have an online social platform pressence
LurkerSpine: I don't think there are. They tried recruiting me when I was 15.
beowuuf: accountmadeforants: because they haven't had genius like you working for them...as the news items shows :p
PharaohBender27: Yeah, my tax dollars are going to eSports!?
AWells44: More of a PR
wlandy13: Maybe they think they can earn more money for through Subs and donations XD
Kazman20a: this was set up by congress.. Navy is just doing it
fastlane250: the US military has a LOT of money to waste
PharaohBender27: @wlandy13 katesLol
aerobeing: Reminds me of the video where someone is going around asking a bunch of military folks what they would say to their recruiter.
Raiz0k: Honestly, that recruiting campaign fell of the back of the truck 'guv.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The entire military is a waste of money. At least this isn't actively harming people.
Xafty: thing is, if they told us its actually recruiting, it would still be bad, but it would be less bad
Raiz0k: *off
GaelanS: hey, it's probably one of the less harmful things the military can spend money on
beowuuf: village people did more for the navy thsan any PR firm... prove me wrong
Laurence72: I'd say PR first, recruiting a secondary boon
TheMerricat: @LurkerSpine there are laws about how they can recruit but the military has always had a plethora of 'trench lawyers' who specialize in looking for loopholes
chaostreader: The E-sports team is like the football team.
KriegerSan: prefer the soft serve
PharaohBender27: @aerobeing Let me guess - none of them had complimentary things to say
diamondmx: @Dread_Pirate_Westley It could be argued that convincing people to join the military and be part of that is harmful.
Mangledpixel: I don't know of many basketball teams that have comitted war crimes, though
Xafty: its putting the group into the light
Xafty: making it more visable
RockPusher: "Did you like being in band? Join the Air Force today!"
GapFiller: well thats embarrassing
aerobeing: @PharaohBender27 A couple did. It was 200% sarcasm.
RandomTrivia: PR, like "Look, we're relatable! Hello, fellow kids!"
GapFiller: having had a whole week to not get caught out by DST its happened again
ashiok_nightmare_moose: im not recruiting im just giving out free candy
beowuuf: Mangledpixel: well that could just mean they have a better PR firm working for them
Henshini: We are living in dystopia, maybe the navy is already a corporation, like snow crash.
EvilBadman: Just call up the Knights Templar
GapFiller: nice one Paul
IslandersCaper: Thanks for the KPOPfan @wyleecoyote556
Raiz0k: Beej is a Mason confirmed. Also, Paul is Illuminati.
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TXC2: "hey kids, want some Military?"
ContingentCat: is the military just the least secret secret society?
itomeshi: @Raiz0k Paullumnati?
Xafty: @Raiz0k ah, you just figured it out? i see you must be new...
Lord_Hosk: Benine, benine and a half
beowuuf: "My dad says if I bring a Navy back again he'll make me smoke the entire ship as a lesson"
TehAmelie: we can have wars in PUBG in the future
Mangledpixel: benign, and relatively cheap
ContingentCat: not directly anyways
EvilBadman: Top Gun
Naarius: Then there's the paperwork
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cuttlefishman: You gotta also be a Sub
Qvdv: Lord_Hosk platform Benine and three quarters?
GapFiller: oooh fetch quests for entry
Dared00: the secret words are "butt" 3 times
wildpeaks: "would you kindly" ?
GapFiller: just like in every RPG
ButButTheJesus: PAUL YES
Lord_Hosk: I really wanted to join Heathers secret club now
KriegerSan: skrt is a secret word right
Saunabath: Also, isn't American Army still an existing game? USAF has been using games as recruiting tool for years
PharaohBender27: It IS a dumb slogan!
The_ChartreuseKnight: Army of all the people
TehAmelie: if you wanna join my secret club you just have to find me. it's very exclusive
InquisitorGaia: ya army of one was tossed like a hot rock
Gadora: So something tells me that coming into this from a Marines recruitment ad is a thing?
Mangledpixel: are the three words gerflibble, honkashlonk, prib?
diamondmx: And someone else is going first!
SquareDotCube: Worked out for Lightning in FF13 Kappa
EvilBadman: most FPS team shooter can prove an army of one sucks
ashiok_nightmare_moose: good luck dave go get em
CastleOtranto: Solo v. squads?
RockPusher: I want to watch the anime of how Lord_Hosk joined Heather's secret club
Loonatic93: Are the three secret words "Moon Prism Power?"
Mysticman89: Apparently theres specific numbers for what qualifies as a squad, a platton, an army, a division, etc.
TXC2: a squad of one, so heres 400 lbs of gear.....
Raiz0k: @itomeshi : I'm not familiar with that ending of Deus Ex.
fastlane250: LUL
Lord_Hosk: Thats why "an army of one" only lasted for about two years
EvilBadman: You can win one now
Dared00: Yup, they have a giveaway on Twitter
red_shoes_jeff: "Army of two, MINIMUM. Pretty sure someone's gonna have to DRIVE while I shoot!"
Raiz0k: @Xafty : now can talk about it in public!
beowuuf: oh, so when the secret of the army is learning to fight as one person they meant...
diamondmx: Three, you say? HL3 on Xbox confirmed.
cuttlefishman: Would the Moonbase benefit from one?
Scy_Anide: Does it come with the donuts?
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Ukon_Cairns: a technically-not-none amount of ppl can have an xbox fridge
cuttlefishman: It looks better than the moonbase fridge
niccus: 4ps4 paul would have all three fridges
TehAmelie: can you ever have too many fridges?
aerobeing: "--Can I have a buddy? --Yes, you can, they're behind that door." <Opens door. There's a mirror behind it.>
Raiz0k: wat
ContingentCat: I thought it was intentional you didn't promo the giveaway
The_ChartreuseKnight: Gonna sell on EBay for like a billion dollars
SquareDotCube: Also who puts donuts in the fridge?
wlandy13: They should have done it as a few 100 limited edition haha
TheMerricat: @Mysticman89 in the sense that each military has it's own definition, yes, and since a lot of militaries coordinate these days, they tend to match each other.
cuttlefishman: It's fullsize
Qvdv: it looks large
cuttlefishman: it's a big boi
lirazel64: Itty-bitty ice cube tray?
Lord_Hosk: It looked like a full sized fridge
TXC2: SquareDotCube psychopaths is who
7gorobei: its full size
brainbosh: It is huge
KinoGami: there is an xbox series x inside
PharaohBender27: @Mysticman89 Yes, though I think it has varied over time. The size of a regiment nowadays is different from the size of a "full strength" regiment in the American Civil War (quotes because in that war they generally just raised new regiments and let existing ones . . . deplete)
KinoGami: to show scale
RockPusher: buy commercial fridge, apply XBox branding wrap
Raiz0k: Wait, do university dorm fridges in NA don't include a freezer?!
BusTed: There are pictures with people standing next to them, no?
cuttlefishman: It's a big fullsize fridge
itomeshi: I'm betting it's a beverage cooler and not a fridge.
red_shoes_jeff: Is it bigger than a breadbox!?
EvilBadman: It's Xbox Hueg
cuttlefishman: I watched a video
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cuttlefishman: Never challenge the chat
Athelgar: isnt it a custom fridge? couldnt they really make it whatever dimensions they want?
PharaohBender27: @Clench_Eastwood katesNice
Scy_Anide: Either way there has to be a better way to keep an Xbox from overheating.
Dared00: checking contest rules right now
Clench_Eastwood: o/
itomeshi: IE, not intended for food safety
AWells44: they show it with an xbox
diamondmx: Show us a picture of Nadella in the fridge.
niccus: we can fix that!
KinoGami: @LoadingReadyRun there is an xbox series x inside to show the scale of the fridge
KriegerSan: ! chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
TehAmelie: it's just funnier to challenge chat than asking nicely
RandomTrivia: @brainbosh beat me to it
aerobeing: Verge: "This fridge is a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X, measuring more than six feet tall and weighing 400 pounds."
red_shoes_jeff: Don't challenge the chat, Beej. It never ends well for James.
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TXC2: are you saying Snoop Dog is not real? Kappa
cuttlefishman: No, fridge without freezer is more energy effecient - better to have a seperate freezer unit
Sogheim: mashable says 6' tall and 400#
Raiz0k: It's going to turn out like that one photo of Andre the Giant holding an airline-size can in his palm.
wildpeaks: or it could be a miniature snoop
mercano82: Fridgeless freazers do exist. I suppose they have more use in retail (with a glass door) or restraint work.
niccus: what if there's actually only one xbox fridge
CururuGuasu: Snoop Dog not to scale
mercano82: resturant
aerobeing: I think he already got one.
itomeshi: wait, they are storing real food in it, color me impressed.
diamondmx: He just really likes fridges.
brainbosh: Snoop Dogg did get one yes
Qvdv: Snoop is a long time collaborator with Xbox
cuttlefishman: chest freezers are also more effecient
Mysticman89: computer cooling in fridge(s) is a bad idea for a variety of reasons
Lord_Hosk: Snoop is promoting it because they gave him money
iris_of_ether: Wouldn't you have to worry about condensation!?
TheMerricat: "Complete with the latest next-gen cooling technology and inspired by one of the internet’s favorite console memes, the fridge is a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing in at 400 pounds."
Dared00: "One winner will receive a custom Xbox Series X branded refrigerator (Approximate Retail Value $499), pending confirmation of eligibility. The refrigerator manufacturer and model to be determined soley by the Sponsor."
KriegerSan: ijustine for scale
TheOtherTrevor: It is just a box with a fridge mounted inside
Naarius: Think of all the mimosa you can fit in that fridge
EvilBadman: The link I linked has an I Justine for scale
TXC2: 6 foot tall, 400 lbs, makes ice, sounds like a dream woman Kappa
ContingentCat: god the shipping for that will be insane
itomeshi: The one picture shows it is 'Electrolux' brand
Mangledpixel: and it came in a scaled up version of the actual packaging: https://www.ungeek.ph/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/xbox_series_x_fridge_microsoft_image4.jpg
ContingentCat: * ridiculous not insane
NotCainNorAbel: Darn, I already have a breakfast fridge
Raiz0k: @mercano82 : yeah, but for consumers I always encountered at least a ~10cm-tall freezer compartment.
EvilBadman: Can we have a second breakfast fridge
GaelanS: this is like that NYT "trump fridge vs Biden fridge" thing all over again
LordZarano: Brunch fridge
aerobeing: There's a video of it on the Snoop Dogg page. https://youtu.be/i0MfnscxSM8
ashiok_nightmare_moose: its a shell for fridge
TheOtherTrevor: It is literally just a fridge inside a box
ButButTheJesus: Fred's Frigidaires
wlandy13: The one in the ad might nto even be a fridge.
NimrodXIV: they're gonna give you a fridge with an Xbox sticker on it
RandomTrivia: So that qualifies as false advertising, right? lrrBEEJ
TheMerricat: Beej, you realize they pretty much just took a joe standard fridge and put a latex skin over it, right?
Athelgar: desktop usb fridge
Sogheim: I'm super confused
EvilBadman: Power Your Memes
Raiz0k: @TXC2 : how does it make ice without a freezer lrrSPOOP ?
TXC2: Raiz0k with skill Kappa
Dared00: They've released Valorant recently
Mysticman89: riots making games of basically every genre now
jdb399: Valorant still exists lol
ContingentCat: they can do both
diamondmx: I think they mostly produce kPop and misogyny now.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: lol did you mean ongoing project rather than growing concern?? true either way but lol
KriegerSan: thought the new song was trash
Laserbeaks_Fury: More like they are franchising the IP
Mangledpixel: Riot is in the business of going "see that? we could do a version of that"
mowdownjoe: Valorant... they have a fighting game in the LoL universe coming up...
TXC2: league is still a thing?
Athelgar: i assume they're giving more value to their animation studio
EvilBadman: @kriegersan thanks for alerting us :p
mowdownjoe: Oh, yeah, Runeterra.
Mysticman89: theres valorant, legends of runeterra, league, tft, and theres like a couple adventure/rpg things coming, and a fighitng game apparently
TheMerricat: Aren't most of these KPOP videos mostly created for their tourney openings and etc? Kinda like how Blizzard used to make cinematic movies for their expansions?
beowuuf: Look, the monkees were manufactured and they were cool. it's fine
accountmadeforants: They won't even show gameplay, the cowards. I know how you feel completely.
cuttlefishman: Wow Heather, savage
ContingentCat: like those ads that look like a cool anime and turn out to be a cup noodle ad
cuttlefishman: absoulately savage
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, they make these commercials and these characters in them look neat. its a shame theres no games for these characters. miasShrug
Mysticman89: and yeah, the new kpop songs have often conicnided with the world championship
kumatsu: Reminds me of when someone at SDCC asked if I knew what Deviantart was and I laughed in her face
Mysticman89: whichc is very soon afaik
ashiok_nightmare_moose: poor guy lol
iris_of_ether: benginLol lrrHEATHER
red_shoes_jeff: The K-Pop is expanding. It will consume the host before long.
Raiz0k: @TXC2 : ah, I see you're a fellow engineer as well (if not in formality, then in spirit) :D
TheMerricat: As a Monkee's fan I do have to point out that they did write a lot of their own music.
Mysticman89: havent followed worlds this year really
AranMathai: Ah, yes. The Kubrow issue.
lirazel64: @themerricat Here too!
TXC2: Raiz0k I did computers in College, so kinda I guess :p
Naarius: Legally distinct space dog
niccus: it's like a dog if it was descended from a bat
Sogheim: I would never let that dog come to harm
TXC2: "dogs don't lay eggs" "what did you just see lisa?"
BusTed: And there's poop everywhere?
AranMathai: I think that they're supposed to be monotremes.
Raiz0k: @TXC2 : well, your preceding part of the conversation is all the proof I need ;).
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun they USED TO die
llahsram555: it's health does decrease when you leave it
RaynMurfy: IT used to di
TXC2: Raiz0k thanks
SketchyDetails: The xbox fridge is full size. iJustine unboxed one on video
RobotInProgress: it doesn't die, its health and loyalty decreases
Raiz0k: :)
Raiz0k: What.
TheMerricat: If you were gone long enough they would devolve into goo
llahsram555: it goes into a fridge
TXC2: powerful dog then
accountmadeforants: It became a neopet
cuttlefishman: This sounds like Seaman
TehAmelie: the entire spaceship is full of dog residue
Athelgar: another new currency, needed to repair ship decorations
Naarius: dogoo
diamondmx: F2P mindgames at its finest.
ritchards: !clip
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beowuuf: nightmare fuel, who odered the nightmare fuel to power their ship?
ashiok_nightmare_moose: the collar is in the puddle
Naarius: Thank you tooltip
AranMathai: It used to die, yes. Then they realized that was messed up, and they auto-fridged it when it was about to die. Then they realized that was still awful, and now the dog just gets sad that you haven't pet them for a week.
aerobeing: The goo would be wagging its tail all happy to see you back.
Raiz0k: Oh, the dawning horror....
EvilBadman: Warm liquid dog
TXC2: a label that said dog goo, I'd assume it was shit
Lord_Hosk: can you pet your goo?
fastlane250: lrrSPOT
Sogheim: this feels super manipulative
LordZarano: Can you pet the puddle of goo?
Meyari: Wait, what game was this for?
AranMathai: Three pets per day, 10% per pet.
Conrii: Dog is now goo isn't even in the top 3 of worst things goign on in the warframe player dropship.
Raiz0k: Efficient storage, but not as compresible.
TheMerricat: @Meyari Warframe
diamondmx: Nah, this is manipulative af.
beowuuf: AranMathai: that still seems a little bad, can't they turn it in to a cat so it doens't give a shit how long you were away for?
Meyari: Thanks @TheMerricat
Ukon_Cairns: the space cats love you forever tho.
LordZarano: Polygon FTW
aerobeing: They should have an AI function of the ship where it plays with the dog..
ANeMzero: 8 ways to pet a dog: you won't believe number 6!
Raiz0k: "Squish the dog"
EvilBadman: ah, the Polygon vid
Countzeroor: I mean, there's an Instagram account called Properly Petting Puppies.
niccus: the dog costs like no resources, it's very circumstantial
Sogheim: I was still upset about having to make the dog in Stardew Valley like me and I could only pet it once a game day. it's my dog
AranMathai: @beowuuf The cat, amusingly, doesn't give a shit.
Mangledpixel: dog->pet();
Raiz0k: (don't squish the dog actually)
ContingentCat: that's why I loved the cat savepoints in Ikenfell
GhostValv: ye :)
captain_wulf: is this an occulus game... petting animals on your lap? cause i can get behind that
llahsram555: in warframe your dog's damage is linked to it's affection level
beowuuf: AranMathai: good AI :p
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] Petting the dog is the reward onto it's self.
LRRbot: New quote #7316: "Petting the dog is the reward onto it's self." —Paul [2020-10-30]
red_shoes_jeff: Cerberus is Best Doggo. THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.
Raiz0k: Oh, the "yeah" in unison was so wonderful.
Countzeroor: I was so happy when I found I could pet the foxes in Ghost of Tsushima.
TheMerricat: The irony is the current situation appearently is that despite the game text telling you the dog hates you etc. the actual gamepplay has the dog acting loving and as normal, so you can ignore the text if you want and there is no impact.
Naarius: Cerberus in Hades is a good example
ANeMzero: a number of games have achievements for petting dogs
WyleeCoyote556: so it's like the strippers in GTA
Saunabath: It's not even that. Usually you just press a button and the petting animation happens
Plasterboard: The dog reacts to the petting. If it didn't react, would petting still be viewed as its own reward?
Naarius: @red_shoes_jeff Three headed dog, as played by four dogs
Mysticman89: There are "people" who don't like dogs/cats/etc so forcing affection for gameplay reasons might not be universally agrred upon as desirable
diamondmx: Petting Cerberus has mechanical effect in Hades.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: chimera
RandomTrivia: @TXC2 "unto" ?
red_shoes_jeff: @Naarius One's an understudy.
AranMathai: You used to be able to cross-breed the cat and dog! It was a complete bug, and the resulting creature was a glitchy nightmare, but it was -incredible-
ashiok_nightmare_moose: you have to calm him down cause he all riled up T_T so cute
Naarius: @red_shoes_jeff the goodest understudy
BusTed: hunnh hunnh, hunnh
Countzeroor: Hugging the blob was originally meant to be a gameplay mechanic, but they dumped that part of the game, but kept being able to hug the Blob.
Countzeroor: (IN the Boy and His Blob remake)
EvilBadman: I dropped an apple for a korok puzzle and the horse walked up and ate it
WalrusOntheCourt: Ever see a horse choke on a crab apple? It's sad in that game.
BusTed: They do sometimes lead you to treasures.
red_shoes_jeff: Not an unfair assumption, in a post-apocalypse.
Countzeroor: Is it getting The Haunted Tank from DC Comics?'
Basic_Human_Decency: nope
WalrusOntheCourt: Don't mess with the Yurei and Oni tanks...
EvilBadman: Finally, a pyramid tank
Zappeljakob: he's in your tank!
TXC2: I mean being in an actual tank is kinda scary given how cramped they are
Basic_Human_Decency: they are all just blood splattered with some black goop inside Kappa
accountmadeforants: "Scary stuff like that", like being a tank
Raiz0k: Silent Hull [Down]
ButButTheJesus: "We canceled Silent Hills... so hey here's some content for Dead by Daylight and... *checks notes* ... World of Tanks.
ButButTheJesus: *checks notes again*
BusTed: World of HorrorTanks
Bitter0ne: Pyramid tank, it's all about sloping
Sogheim: but where do the aliens come in?
Nemo_Rasa: finally a reason to have "tank controls"
WyleeCoyote556: It was you all along!
warkettletwitch: woohoo chillpoint
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
ShadeofHades: @Nemo_Rasa Boo (nice one)
Sogheim: that sounds terrifying
ButButTheJesus: @Nemo_Rasa omg I completely missed that. Thank you.
TehAmelie: "tank controls". that was pretty much the only joke we needed
Radjack: Like that one episode of Angel?
KriegerSan: just muppets or muppet babies
beowuuf: i was just about to say that radjack!
red_shoes_jeff: "C O O K I E E E . . ."
Sogheim: @Radjack I forgot that existed. that episode was weird
Radjack: :D
Raiz0k: So it's like that FNAF RPG?
TXC2: Radjack well I've got to look forward to now :p
diamondmx: Unless you choose the viscera option at build-a-bear
BusTed: Diretide is back in Dota.
WyleeCoyote556: I would play a Muppet Hostage Rescue game
TehAmelie: Real Grinder has a very low key one
Radjack: Hehehe.
diamondmx: Tarkov has taken its very serious game, and put pumpkin heads on a bunch of the npcs.
adamjford: a radical concept in 2020
Snowcookies: receiver got a halloween update
mowdownjoe: Pokemon Sword & Shield is having special Max Raids where you can get shiny Pumpkaboos.
RandomTrivia: What a novel concept
adamjford: a game just being... done
BlackIsis: It's baby yoda
TXC2: yodii
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ranknullity: yodae?
TXC2: yodpodes
Mangledpixel: Yoda's species is not named because George Lucas decreed it would never be so
beowuuf: that confused me, i assumed the mandalorian was originally set in the past with actual baby yoda
PixelArtDragon: Watch it be a reincarnation of Yoda, so it actually is Baby Yoda
ritchards: then there is Mattel's remote controlled Baby Yoda
Phosfur: I wouldn't mind so much, but they're Still working on Anthem but not Squadrons lol
TXC2: beowuuf that would have made more sense really :p
aerobeing: Or it may turn out Yoda can time travel.
beowuuf: txc2: maybe once The Child gets too old to be cute, they will do the actual baby yoda spin off :p
PixelArtDragon: @aerobeing That bit could actually fit with canon
BrindleBoar: The Least Interesting Man Alive
PharaohBender27: "Steve"
TXC2: what bar?
diamondmx: Well, won't most people choose pretty default things for most slots but mix it up in other slots, to avoid the model looking like a cluttered mess?
Snowcookies: default man!
red_shoes_jeff: "Least threatening"
accountmadeforants: Not convinced by their "default guy" metrics. Like, there's gonna be a pretty boring average for any amount of customization.
beowuuf: Heather is a dairy milk, beej is an old style dairy milk, paul is red/orange and i've run out of bars
Raiz0k: Oooh, engage Beej defensive stance, for a moment there.
Phosfur: That's because Gale Is the worst one lol
wildpeaks: he does turn into a bear though
The_ChartreuseKnight: He eats artifacts though! and he's pretty hot
ArcOfTheConclave: the Guy I Go Drinking With Each Week?
frogomb: Human won't be the most popular once all races are available
TXC2: is this the golden mean fallacy ?
WyleeCoyote556: a biased article in Kotaku? the heck you say!
ashiok_nightmare_moose: the plurality
wildpeaks: or is it a different one ?
PharaohBender27: Would 33% qualify as a "pluarity" in this case?
ANeMzero: Monogamy in games illustrating the problems with first past the post.
Scy_Anide: There is absolutely a point of "too much" in character creators.
Earthenone: also, if its an early access game, you might want to just play default and save your hours of charicter creation for your "Real playthrough"
TXC2: PharaohBender27 if it's the largest group then kinda yes
TheMerricat: So I lost interest in BG3 when I found out that it's another "everyone hates you at the start" setup.
accountmadeforants: In both Adam and Ben's streams, Gale and Lae'zel were probably the only characters who were like, kinda fun? At least.
mowdownjoe: That me
BlackIsis: How many Beej clones are there!?
TXC2: ANeMzero :D
Ivalenz_: Miis don't have polo shirts?
wildpeaks: I'm sorry, a whip ?
RockPusher: I thought we concluded that Ian was in fact the default character model lrrBEEJ lrrIAN
wildpeaks: ohhhh
Raiz0k: cowlick?
TXC2: Brown hair and a WIP Kappa
wildpeaks: Chat's mind went somewhere else :D
beowuuf: abdsmeebo
Raiz0k: :D
JohnLockeCole: But Human Male isn't actually default, it rolls what fantasy race you're first presented with - or am I wrong on that?
ANeMzero: Storebrand Serge
WyleeCoyote556: Serge isn't boring!!
red_shoes_jeff: Right down to his JACKET.
frogomb: When the full game releases I'm sure everyone will be a tiefling, just like tabletop
RockPusher: hahahahah
itomeshi: whip as in a sweet car?
beowuuf: default ian is stronger
cuttlefishman: Clip please
Raiz0k: Oh, absolutely!
kamelion84: lol
ContingentCat: well there's at least 1
RockPusher: gabyLul
Questhere: Ian is one of kind for sure
TXC2: I mean we found an Ian in ikenfell Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: "bald" and "round glasses" are common options
fastlane250: Or he just invented a time machine to come here from the 1800’s and he won’t tell us
beowuuf: i mean crossing the streams proved years ago that ian is just a character in gang beasts
accountmadeforants: There have been a few games where we found that Ian was straight-up the default character model, yeah.
itomeshi: I want a recut of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie with Ian as Robotnik.
Spacepup: I think Ian has the default *Body Type*, not necessarily character design.
Sogheim: Ian looks far more like Doctor Robotnik than Jim Carey, but I understand why he didn't want the role
aerobeing: @fastlane250 Or he's going to invent one and goes back in time.
Loonatic93: Ian looks a lot like the lead rapper of Movitz.
lirazel64: That's OK. I look like a smiling Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Mangledpixel: look up the Duckworth Lewis method
fastlane250: @aerobeing I could see that happening on a TTSF one day
RandomTrivia: Oh, the ID into top8 approach
red_shoes_jeff: @itomeshi Pretty sure we could just slice in some Road Quest footage.
aerobeing: @fastlane250 yep
itomeshi: @red_shoes_jeff When he's in the truck!
red_shoes_jeff: *splice
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff itomeshi Ian with his head sticking out the roof window of sabine is pure Robotnik
LordZarano: There was an Olympic badminton match where both players were trying to lose right?
itomeshi: oooh, point
aerobeing: @TXC2 heh
TXC2: LordZarano yeap, they all got banned
Dared00: There was also that soccer match where both teams tried to score own goals to end up in a better position by losing
RockPusher: ^
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: OH NO
BrindleBoar: wow
ContingentCat: whoops
PharaohBender27: katesPalm
kamelion84: wow
MagicalAttackGecko: OH BOY
TXC2: some powerful saying the quiet part loud there :p
Wolfstrike_NL: Yes to Heather
accountmadeforants: Getting some practice in, too.
RandomTrivia: Forfeits tend to involve withdrawal
Manae: There was also a soccer game whre a team had to defend BOTH nets to prevent own goals by the opponents
frogomb: In the NFL if your team can't make the playoffs it makes more sense to lose all of your games for the rest of the season
RockPusher: Twitch breaking that link there
WyleeCoyote556: @frogomb in most sports with draft picks. it's called tanking
RandomTrivia: It sort of undermines the idea of "qualifying by merit"
DoodlestheGreat: @frogomb, keep your players from getting hurt in the final games?
frogomb: Because then you get a better draft pick
TheMerricat: The fact that Beej is looking for loopholes.... :D
TXC2: DoodlestheGreat the lowest ranked team of a season gets the number 1 draft pick the next season
Traion: Formula 1 banned that too Beej
ContingentCat: @TheMerricat reminder he went to business school
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : so on point, eh :D?
frogomb: I know what tanking is, I'm a Jaguars fan
RandomTrivia: You play the game/sport, rather than the tournament format
aerobeing: Tekken. King of Fighters.
PixelArtDragon: It's also Yugioh
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wolgo: Teams kinda entertain too, and teams forfeiting just directly remove profit for championship organisers.
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lirazel64: Moral combat?
adamjford: "I don't watch Mortal Kombat" is very good
Plasterboard: MLB & NFL & NHL teams during the last game or two of the regular season that play second stringers to "rest" starters for the playoffs
xantos69: I hate cheaters as much as the next guy....But if there is a strategic way to lose early on to win more later....That just feels like a good strategy. Its called playing the long game.
Snowcookies: Beej, that's not reality
ButButTheJesus: @adamjford ikr
Raiz0k: Wait, is Paul fidgeting with a hex key/inbus?
Mysticman89: designing systems without opportunity to metagame that both feel sensible and don't open up other holes is kind of tricky
TXC2: this by the way is why dives almost never actually happen in Boxing/MMA
PixelArtDragon: What was the elimination structure of this tournament?
lirazel64: Beej, that's the theory behind the infield fly rule...
Oghara: !schedule
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Bitter0ne: gambling will add a whole new level to that
TXC2: PixelArtDragon presumably double elim or round robin
ashiok_nightmare_moose: that cannot work lmao
Earthenone: what if the coach was just trying to cover for the team going out for drinks the night before by pretending they lost on purpose for standings
red_shoes_jeff: That seems... WORSE, somehow.
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kumatsu: lrrJUDGE as someone who works in esports I hate this idea
PharaohBender27: What in the world are you even proposing, lrrBEEEJ ?
infinity_225: I love just watching Paul siting back with a “let them fight”look
ArcOfTheConclave: like how winning that coinflip allows you to pick play or draw?
Snowcookies: !clip
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PixelArtDragon: @TXC2 Double elim would mean it doesn't matter where you are in the standings, they'd end up with 1 loss afterwards
red_shoes_jeff: No, not even somehow, that just seems worse.
ContingentCat: this is the kind of thing you can do in splorts not sports
MagicalAttackGecko: YES BEEJ
Saunabath: In rally there is sometimes a rule that the top 10 drivers start in reverse order because the roads get cleaner after a couple cars, so not being the first car to drive is an advantage
Tikosh_: If you try that and they disagree and you play bad.. you will be in a lot of trouble
TXC2: PixelArtDragon yes but then they might have an easier time in the losers bracket
iris_of_ether: Mawp
Raiz0k: :D
ButButTheJesus: Maximum Beej
Radyin: This happens in Magic tournaments all the time. People on teams scoop to each other in order for more of them to qualify for the Top 8.
PharaohBender27: Who let Beej have sugar?
PixelArtDragon: @TXC2 True, but that would make it all the weirder
adamjford: Heather cannot contain the Beej
cuttlefishman: Beej 4 E-Sports Shoutcaster
DoodlestheGreat: "We're playing Fall Guys, dude!"
TheMerricat: Beej and Heather make a perfect couple :D
Zephyr256k: It's a problem with the math. there's basically no tournament structure besides single elimination that leads to a clear winner in a reasonable number of rounds without creating situations where it's advantageous to intentionally draw or lose.
PinballWitch: Hello my lovely lrrspersons <3
TXC2: hello PinballWitch welcome
ContingentCat: holy moly
diamondmx: Double elimination also works, afaik?
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PinballWitch: 35 months? that's almost 3 years!
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Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : it's like watching an early XXI sitcom, only without the annoying laugh track ;).
RandomTrivia: 1st ed Base Set?
RandomTrivia: Woah
Zephyr256k: @diamondmx but in double elimination, a team with no losses might be advantaged by losing to face weaker opponents
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: highly experienced furniture yeeters
diamondmx: Sure, but they'll still have to face the stronger opponent at the end. Though I guess you could get 2nd more easily.
ContingentCat: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (13d, 19:35 from now)
RandomTrivia: Must be amazing to be the person who sold them that box
the_canuck_mystic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:22:06.
RandomTrivia: OH NO
DoodlestheGreat: SCAMMAZED
DeM0nFiRe: ooof
ContingentCat: oh NO
Raiz0k: Oooops.
itomeshi: uh....
Tikosh_: expected that
TXC2: they opened up a black lotus Kappa
accountmadeforants: Also, EA went to court in the Netherlands to try and get out of a fine from the gambling authorities for their FIFA nonsense, judge decided they need to start paying the fine or change their ways. EA is now trying to appeal.
Earthenone: sounds like a boxnard bit, the BOX was first edition, not the cards within
xantos69: @diamondmx But having a "sure thing" to get to second place can mean big money payouts in alot of tournaments.
itomeshi: LOL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
ButButTheJesus: katesLol
Mysticman89: beej only has one piece of advice
red_shoes_jeff: Three of them were in German, another half dozen were Digimon...
cuttlefishman: Plz do it
cuttlefishman: Plz
beowuuf: heather is so supportive of beej's dreams :p
diamondmx: @xantos69 Yeah, I see that being an issue
GapFiller: Ben will no dobt love it
Tikosh_: oh yead do that.. on Sunday
accountmadeforants: There is a gun fish thing, that might work
quietcat: that sounds great haha
DeM0nFiRe: octillery is like artillery shoot them with that
RockPusher: benginFingers RPGFireball benginOh
MajorFrostbyte: I DEMAND BEEJ DO THAT!
ContingentCat: can we add "Shoot him with that fish" to !advice
RockPusher: benginOh benginNo
DeM0nFiRe: ContingentCat LUL
TXC2: !addquote (Beej) [now] Shoot him with that fish! | to an imaginary Ben Ulmer
LRRbot: New quote #7317: "Shoot him with that fish!" —Beej, to an imaginary Ben Ulmer [2020-10-30]
ButButTheJesus: @TXC2 :D
RandomTrivia: A bunch of people with more money than sense got some good PR
ogundiety: WOw, the actual UHF reference
ogundiety: Well done
TheMerricat: I still remember how big that was back then and how much egg geraldo got in his face over it
red_shoes_jeff: !findquote fish
LRRbot: Quote #6408: "How big does the fish tank have to be before it's a pool?" —Paul [2019-09-19]
PharaohBender27: Why won't you let me clip, Twitch? NotLikeThis
SAJewers: PharaohBender27: oh, so it's not only me
RandomTrivia: @PharaohBender27 I'm also having issues loading the editor
Earthenone: pride301 lrrHEART
Raiz0k: The contents were the friendships we've made along... had we not been narcissistic, egotistic plutocratic neooligarchs glorifying our parasitic lifestyle.
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Tikosh_: Beej, Ben's pokemon stream starts at 9am on Sunday!
PharaohBender27: @SAJewers @RandomTrivia OK, looks like it's on Twitch's end
RandomTrivia: That's some very impressive back-end hardware to cope with that
ContingentCat: @Tikosh_ ok let's all show up and tell him Beej wants him to shoot people with fish
TheMerricat: for the folk having editor issues I've discovered if I'm in chat before the stream goes live the clip editor won't show
itomeshi: Oooh, we should have a LLWar.
ButButTheJesus: Heather you need to provide a way for you all to shoot each other with laser cannons
lirazel64: KPOPmerch Oooo!
itomeshi: LLwaR?
DeM0nFiRe: EVE has like special protocol for battles like this, where they kick every other system off that server and slow down the simulation time of the game to try to keep things on as even footing as possible
TXC2: it's LRR
RandomTrivia: @TheMerricat I wasn't in chat before the stream started
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Really? Wow, that stinks out loud
RandomTrivia: I've never had that issue
kais58: comms in fights like that, usually most people are muted, only commanders can speak
the_canuck_mystic: What's the best EVE war news website?
RobotInProgress: Loading Leady Run
TXC2: the_canuck_mystic the sub reddit ?
ContingentCat: checkpoint definitly best Eve news source
kais58: also, will be way less than 8000 actual people, lots of multiboxing in big fights
Raiz0k: @DeM0nFiRe : yup, it's one of the many (one of the last) optimizations they developed for the game to be still "enjoyable".
TXC2: the_canuck_mystic I don't know, I just presume they have one
TheMerricat: depends on what you mean by best news website. most actual websites for Eve are clan run so....
LordZarano: What's the difference?
LordZarano: oh, total vs concurrent, ok
TehAmelie: the servers are in London though
cuttlefishman: Their currency is called ISK
kais58: server is in london though
GapFiller: founded in Rykjavik in 1997
cuttlefishman: just like real Krona
DeM0nFiRe: They even have a monument for all the players who were playing the game as of a certain date in reyjavik (sp?)
Raiz0k: Really? The're like the most known Icelandic companies.
Spacepup: CCP Games has gotten awards from the Icelandic government
Raiz0k: Yeah, what Paul said.
nyquister_: Rio Tinto may have a thing to say about that
Spacepup: Bringing money into Iceland.
kais58: ok, the server cluster is in london :)
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week Monster Mash vs. Humans Brawl! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:27 from now).
kais58: but there's only that *one*
accountmadeforants: Nah, it's just the one. It's a Pentium 4 though, should be good for another 20 years.
Earthenone: no more meaningless news? guess the shows done! :P
ContingentCat: spoopy magic
MrSVCD: It is a cluster in one place, London apparently.
GapFiller: oooh Halloween FNPF
Snowcookies: yay paper fight
GapFiller: theres a whole cH abt that
RockPusher: Generic Human James Turner
RandomTrivia: LUL
GapFiller: *well a Friday Nights
TXC2: !events
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DeM0nFiRe: The humans are the real monsters 🤔
Zappeljakob: Monsters all the Way!
cuttlefishman: Monsters, no competiton
TehAmelie: goo humans!
beowuuf: james is the real monsters
lirazel64: James the Human.
accountmadeforants: We're Twitch Chat, the monsters was us all along
DoodlestheGreat: I'll cheer for whoever gets me ice cream.
frogomb: Monsters
Wolfstrike_NL: James pilots humans? human will fall :(
BrowneePoints: Critical Role and Former Senior Vice President/Writer at Blizzard Chris Metzen each announced their own tabletop companies this week(Darrington Press and Warchief Gaming) @LoadingReadyRun
PixelArtDragon: The real winners are the lands James draws
Snowcookies: #TeamHubris
ContingentCat: Ooo more Serge on horror game, excellent
SAJewers: RandomTrivia PharaohBender27: clips working again for me now
Snowcookies: they played a different Dark Pictures games
TXC2: more losing the critical item in the elevator I hope Kappa
RandomTrivia: @SAJewers Thank you muchly, same here
PharaohBender27: @SAJewers OK, good to know. I'll just go to the VOD after this stream ends to get the clip I wanted
Metric_Furlong: Heat Dies At The End
beowuuf: yay, heat death
Snowcookies: Yay finale
DeM0nFiRe: The last time we'll be able to EAT EAT
TXC2: alien type pokemon
Raiz0k: Or End dies in heat.
beowuuf: they made a new friend, gave and received many virtual hugs
ContingentCat: yeah it was fun having Cam in chat and on stream
Snowcookies: who will befriend the alien
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
PharaohBender27: Yeah, I've seen lrrCAMERON and lrrCORI in there, definitely
GapFiller: bless yr Heather
LordZarano: Rhythm Café is going back to a lot of their favourites and having the other person play
Radyin: Already done.
Kazman20a: voted allready
ContingentCat: or not for non-americans
Vyous: Jokes on you. I already voted.
cuttlefishman: But I already voted in the BC election
PharaohBender27: Already voted by mail :)
kumatsu: Voted last week (o-o)-b
cuttlefishman: do I get to vote again?
Barb4rian: Please vote!
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Commander Legends PPR is happening on Friday, 6 November 2020! For more information: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElhpfEpU0AAKk0u?format=jpg&name=large
GapFiller: !ppr
LRRbot: The Commander Legends PPR is happening on Friday, 6 November 2020! For more information: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElhpfEpU0AAKk0u?format=jpg&name=large
PharaohBender27 high-fives @kumatsu
Earthenone: even if you already voted by mail, just stand in a line as a celebration of voting culture
TXC2: vote early, vote often
ContingentCat: every dang time I hear people reminding people to vote I think there's some election here I don't know about
ButButTheJesus: @Earthenone ...
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xantos69: cheer50 Bits for the LRR folk.
Barb4rian: @contingentcat Where are you at?
TXC2: thanks for streaming Beej, Paul and Heather
ContingentCat: @Barb4rian Ontario
Wolfstrike_NL: Can I vote for Beej as a pokemon "shoot them" coach
Barb4rian: @contingentcat Ah haha, well tell any American friends to vote ;)
Raiz0k: @ContingentCat : I think you're cognizant of *that* election this time ;).
iris_of_ether: <--- voted! <3
PharaohBender27 high-fives @iris_of_ether
TehAmelie: i'd like to think everyone has already voted
Barb4rian: <— voted some weeks ago
PharaohBender27: Scalding hot take, that
TXC2: blazing hot take there
Snowcookies: hot take
PharaohBender27 high-fives @Barb4rian
TXC2: Nice
iris_of_ether: @pharaohbender27 benginFingers
accountmadeforants: đź‘€Whatchu say about Mordor
Saunabath: Thanks for the KPOPglow @gapfiller
JohnLockeCole: I think we could Use More Doors
Snowcookies: is there a competing "mordor is good" account?
TStodden had his ballot in for abut 2 weeks now...
RockPusher: Moose is a cute cute doggo
GapFiller: its not like its false
the_sub_ocean: Hello!
Wolfstrike_NL: Tell us instead!?
the_sub_ocean: Yes! I wanted to make it shorter
TXC2: Hello the_sub_ocean
Snowcookies: hello sub ocean
the_sub_ocean: Hi TXC2!
the_sub_ocean: and Snowcookies
GapFiller: we serve to please Beej
RandomTrivia: Noun-Verber!
iris_of_ether: Oh NO
RockPusher: NounVerber
Raiz0k: :D
accountmadeforants: My username walks without rhythm
NimrodXIV: lol
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrPAUL P lrrBEEEJ B lrrHEATHER H lrrHEART
Raiz0k: In this episode, Beej has an epiphany.
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week Monster Mash vs. Humans Brawl! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:19 from now).
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
TXC2: !patreon
accountmadeforants: Byeeee
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GapFiller: see yr later everyone
TXC2: !discord
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red_shoes_jeff: Buy!
TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: !ytmember
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Raiz0k: Bye!
PharaohBender27: Thanks for streaming, lrrBEEEJ , lrrPAUL , and lrrHEATHER ! lrrHEART
TXC2: Sell!
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Snowcookies: !advice
LRRbot: All relationships should start with a tutorial or a video.
zuchen_120: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week Monster Mash vs. Humans Brawl! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:19 from now).
LordZarano: Bwy!
TXC2: if only lrrbot
RandomTrivia: Welp, since these work again https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperVictoriousMule4Head
Raiz0k: Thanks chat and lrrHEATHER lrrPAUL lrrBEEEJ !
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
RockPusher: 'night TXC2
RockPusher: sergeModLove
LordZarano: Does the w in UwU count as a vowel?
Raiz0k: I think we can all agree the total phonetic load of the phrase counts as "an abomination".
accountmadeforants: It's actually pronounced UuuuuuuuU, yes.
accountmadeforants: It rhymes with lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR , somehow
IbunWest: PrideUwu