TehAmelie: twitter is happy tonight. it's unnerving, like Bob Kelso being nice
Juliamon: I'm watching kittens fight over who gets to hide under the soft basket
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
korvys: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Ba_Dum_Tish: @Juliamon Now that is content
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM lrrBEN lrrCORI lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Life is like a hurricane, here in....... @Darksburg | Adam, Ben and Coriander | Streaming it, on LRR | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1324516138718355456
xythrogar: came because of that going live tweet very nice
BooperOfHonks: Hi everyone! How hype for soup are we? xD
Juliamon: We're at soup
monkeyrama: So ready for more soup guy
OriginalGarwulf: This is going to be Darkberg, right?
josh___something: Hi everyone!
Juliamon: Yes, please disregard the title
monkeyrama: Yes Darkburg
monkeyrama: hasn't quite updated yet
LoadingReadyRun: woops
YawnLance: Souper hype, BooperOfHonks benginFingers
Ba_Dum_Tish: Soups on
josh___something: Magic:the Darksburging
monkeyrama: Too busy thinkin bout soup
Irsaan: benginLol
BooperOfHonks: Soup's all over! Oh no! xD
MrsLlante: lrrADAM_SG lrrADAM_SG lrrADAM_SG
corianderd: more liek dorksburg amiright?
BusTed: lmao gottem
monkeyrama: lol
corianderd: hehehe
Juliamon: update: kittens have flipped the basket over to the 'normal' orientation and lost interest
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BusTed: Spill. That. Soup.
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Allow the soup to wash over you
monkeyrama: Dinkleberg
Vanbael: Soup's on here at the pants store!
sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 29:16. lrrSPOT
CururuGuasu: Soup, there it is!
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BooperOfHonks: @Vanbael Soup in every pair o' pants xD
Bengineering: What do you mean you're at Soup
monkeyrama: Clean intro :O
Juliamon: intro is VERY quiet
monkeyrama: Hello
Juliamon: But you are fine
Omthebox: NOPE
BusTed: Good evening.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I'm at the combination Soup and zombie apocalypse
josh___something: hi Adam
ShortRound2099: what lesson are we learning today
Vanbael: sup Adam?
josh___something: yes?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: I love ice cream
gamercat88: harrow Adam
monkeyrama: Someone got into the soup early
EustaceTheSunBro: I was told there would be soup.
Zaraka00: Those are some good friends
theanthonydee: Adam's here to play Putt Putt?
monkeyrama: lol
josh___something: We're here!
Juliamon: Ben is quiet
monkeyrama: when was the last time you even said it though sergeThinking
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
ShortRound2099: you need to pay royalities for that
Izandai: PrideLaugh
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben sounds like he is in another room away from his mic
JakeKamas: Help! Adam's identity has been stolen
BooperOfHonks: Yeah, Discord's a little quiet
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Omthebox: They're stealing your sayings. How am I supposed to know who's Adam now?
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Every house is tilted in 2020
42MiLLyWays subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 32 months!
42MiLLyWays: thank you all for the joy you bring. many thanks!
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WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Who isn't tilted right now?
josh___something: BUS IS COMING
Izandai: "Every house on the street is tilted! Shit!"
Ferisar: "jungle never ganked top!" it's that house!
monkeyrama: The bus is literally almost here
ShortRound2099: it's ouuutside
LordZarano: !venga
LRRbot: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield to the oncoming Venga Bus.
TheAinMAP: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (7d, 16:55 from now)
Ba_Dum_Tish: Probably do this again afterwards simply because everyone brains will be melted after a week
Omthebox: I am also currently playing vermintide, You should try it
MegaDosX: TQ is streaming Vermintide right now! :p
hatboozeparty: im literally playing vermintide in the other monitor
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monkeyrama: Excited to see what it's like with more people
snowmonkey99: Oh.... *this* soup game. I remember now
Juliamon: @LoadingReadyRun Ben and Cori are quiet, Ben moreso
monkeyrama: Naaaah
BusTed: Hell yeah.
MegaDosX: The best kind
monkeyrama: chunky is nasty
Ba_Dum_Tish: Maximum CHUNK
BusTed: x-tra crunchy for life
EustaceTheSunBro: porque no los dos?
Omthebox: Smooth is for people who don't like texture.
PhilanthropyLich: Smooth gang
circusofkirkus: CRONCHY
Uzumaki15: Chunk Squad!
josh___something: Umm
monkeyrama: Hey Ben, need a new mod Kappa
kumatsu: oh I don't like "Chunk Squad"
sithenin: Smooth gang
virtualcatastrophe: we still talking about soup?
CururuGuasu: Chunk!
JadedCynic: Ben - not just Smooth but WHIPPED and airy! :D
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chunk Squad
Juliamon: What even is the point of chunky, just put whole-ass peanuts in there
MelvinMTG: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
josh___something: I don't know what's happening already
Ba_Dum_Tish: Smooth Criminals
MrsLlante: Is discord is a bit quiet?
RandomTrivia: The Peanut Butter Wars have begun...
MegaDosX: Smooth brains?
circusofkirkus: smooth gang, more like smooth brain gang GOTTEM
Omthebox: Smooth Gang = Smooth Brain
SquareDotCube: Smooth Gang rule!
monkeyrama: schmoothin
serramarkov: Chunky for sandwiches, smooth for frosting.
IgorApp: "Please sir give me your CHUNKIEST peanut butter"
JadedCynic: Smooth Gang - the unreleased single from Michael Jackson
Scy_Anide: Why settle for one or the other? Make a peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich with creamy AND crunchy.
neb_200: Adam you hypocrite benginLol can't just take something that is Ben's thing
Lafajet: I would like to fund this West Side Story remake
monkeyrama: Ben spamming thos einvites LUL
EustaceTheSunBro: Gabe says no soup for you.
BusTed: Whoopsie doodle.
sithenin: Smooth peanut butter, no pulp orange juice.
MegaDosX: So who's playing soup knight?
kumatsu: help, Ben's been hoisted on his own petard!
nervousdavid: is that a pet class?
monkeyrama: No soup NotLikeThis
BusTed: no soup for you
josh___something: How will we be nourished?!
Juliamon: Bengineering please tell Adam we can't hear you or Cori very well
I_Am_Clockwork: it's ok I brought my own soup, Ben
Zaraka00: where can I buy clothes now
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man she's got a strong Tracer vibe
Lafajet: They got out of the soup aisle?
silenceaux: Is this punishment for our chunky peanut butter crimes
kumatsu: No soup, only stew
itira: Hey hi hello
monkeyrama: That's too much LUL
EustaceTheSunBro: joeks.exe
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josh___something: Thats good
MelvinMTG: Yes, better!
JadedCynic: AH! there we go
RechargeableFrenchman: Turn down? For what?
BusTed: Do not listen to twitch chat.
josh___something: maybe too much for ben ;p
kumatsu: Is it twitch chat?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: !listen
Driosenth: chat?
snowmonkey99: Twitch cat!
ShortRound2099: the chat?
josh___something: !listen
JadedCynic: Yeah, Adam - it's the pesky veiwers! :D
Uzumaki15: Streaming Minecraft?
itira: ??????????
monkeyrama: probably headphones vs speakers users
Driosenth: too verbose
josh___something: ah nuts, sub-only command
Laserbeaks_Fury: This porridge is TOO HOT
ShortRound2099: toulouse letrec
CururuGuasu: It’s too medium
pyrelight: not enough beej.
Nosser2: It's too mean now :(
Lafajet: Oooops all goldilocks
monkeyrama: Alright man LUL
serramarkov: Twig is so cute! I love squirrels!!!
itira: Adam why are you so mad!
BrindleBoar: I am perfect in every way, how dare you.
lord_wertornion: they are always the best at pissing you off
Ferisar: the twitch gestalt thinks otherwise
Grenevil: Adam, just stop being quiet and loud at the same time.
itira: katesSass
Driosenth: your homies are the ones who know how to piss you off the best
josh___something: LUL
Milocw: The problem is the other voices talking over Adam
kumatsu: Nah, Cori has Protection from Critique
Uzumaki15: We are blameless :P
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART lrrADAM
saucemaster5000: I'm immune to criticism cause I' prefect.
MelvinMTG: What is this voice acting tho
I_Am_Clockwork: then why am I even WEARING this critisism proof armor for?
gualdhar: who's bringing the S O U P
Scy_Anide: Chat, what would you describe life like, here in, Darkburg?
itira: Yeah Ben provides a service... im not sure what Adam does Kappa
monkeyrama: Crossbow needs to be larger than you
RandomTrivia: @saucemaster5000 I don't know if that typo was intentional but that whole package was 10/10
pyrelight: it's not the size of the crossbow.. It's the size of the BOLTS :D
VoyRising: Will there be any more Median XL?
serramarkov: It's only too big if you can't wield it accurately.
Earthenone: they lost their charicters for median XL
Lafajet: It's not the size of the bow but the pulling of the bowstring?
MegaDosX: @VoyRising Potentially not, Adam and Ben's characters broke
BusTed: Their character progression was lost, so unlikely @VoyRising
gualdhar: 4/20 blaze it
monkeyrama: Reading the comand list LUL
josh___something: Reading?!
Ferisar: wait which input
VoyRising: Ooooh, thanks folks
pyrelight: you got hit StinkyCheese
monkeyrama: Quarter circle vs Half circle
josh___something: Never gets hit savidan!
monkeyrama: And yet the man was still kicking butt
Mysticman89: what prompted you to learn it correctly if you went 3 months without doing it right?
DiabeticMaddness: Any know why the stream is capped at 480?
JadedCynic: Adam, that's just an indication how great you are "I'll beat you, and I'll just use my left thumb."
VoyRising: The movement speed in this is not very high.
monkeyrama: He was looking at the name of his commands instead, I believe. Then he realized
Milocw: Ah squirrel, we always new you were really evil
RandomTrivia: @DiabeticMaddness I've seen people speculate that it's certain adblockers, but not confirmed anywhere
Driosenth: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
Alas_Babylon: Oh hey, it's McCree's Combat Roll
monkeyrama: No getting hit allowed
EustaceTheSunBro: stacks on stacks?
gualdhar: uh, why is my quality stuck at 480p?
monkeyrama: Welp, nice knowing ya
josh___something: Well
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fiftymcnasty: Validate me!
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Mysticman89: I've also seen adblockers blamed for low resolution, although im nott sure that makes sense to me.
JadedCynic: Adam is all about the Phat Stacks. lrrGREED
Alas_Babylon: But nothing else matterrrrs
josh___something: F for adam
monkeyrama: This passive seems.... difficult
EustaceTheSunBro: It shoots birds *and* fire?!
monkeyrama: RIP
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
e_bloc: I'm dying here squirtle
GhostValv: gg
josh___something: F
Juliamon: If your stream is capped at 480p, try disabling your adblocker
josh___something: speedrun
MegaDosX: Well, last time they played this they got nuked early, and then they got good and started beating face, so I have faith
JadedCynic: but this is a roguelike, right? Death is an ESSENTIAL mechanic of the game, right?
MegaDosX: Though it's probably balanced to higher difficulty because there's three of them now
gualdhar: S O U P
saucemaster5000: Get out of the soup aisle!
monkeyrama: Mine is at 1080 with an adblocker?
Mysticman89: allegedly some adblockers, but mine remains immune
Alas_Babylon: the game will start s h o r t l y
Juliamon: It's apparently only certain adblockers
Fanklok: I'm at Soup
gualdhar: if you're using ublock, update the definitions and it'll go back to 1080
korvys: Doesn't seem to affect me, but I've started getting ads, anyway
MegaDosX: I have mine low because of Australian internet so it doesn't actually matter to me >_>
Asimech: Meanwhile I tend to cap myself to 480p b/c I'm used to my internet going "nope" at times.
JadedCynic: must not be the two I use - I'm at 720p with them both on
Nosser2: @Asimech I'm the same, 480p squad rise up.
gualdhar: twitch has started waging war against ublock origin, it's affecting people in weird ways, even if you're subbed
monkeyrama: Ah, we have soup this time
monkeyrama: can't die PogChamp
JadedCynic: oh, okay, I recently un- and re-installed ublock; that might be why; the definitions are fresh?
Asimech: Should be different now that I'm not on 3G, but 480p is still better than we got for games in the 90s so, eh.
Fanklok: Are you a stack brother or a slack brother?
Juliamon: I think FFZ added a plugin that will tell you if Twitch will cap you
josh___something: Dang, not relevant anymore I guess
monkeyrama: Soup guy is just so good
RandomTrivia: Get SOUPED!
Asimech: @Nosser2 But I don't have a standing desk.
RandomTrivia: Heh, you get souped up, I just got that
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xhres2: sup adam
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josh___something: Ben is the blight now
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, they're buying clothes?
Bartlebad: Why are you trying to buy gear at the Soup Store??
Nosser2: @Asimech 480p gang comfortably sit!
monkeyrama: What do your stacks even do?
Fanklok: Make numbers bigger
Alas_Babylon: adds to stats I imagine
josh___something: "make you better" according to ben
Alas_Babylon: X% per point or something
Asimech: @Nosser2 That's more like it.
Bartlebad: I love the Dark Souls version Pruld did. Why are you looking for Light in the Abyss?!
monkeyrama: More soup benginDab
MegaDosX: I wonder what kind of soup it is Ben's character is making
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Zu_o: @MegaDosX French Canadian Pea Soup?
BooperOfHonks: @MegaDosX Orange soup, so my guess is pumpkin?
MegaDosX: I would've thought pumpkin too
Juliamon: Butternut squash soup maybe
MegaDosX: Could be other vegetables and such though
itira: butternut squash?
Asimech: I'd go with carrot, since they're usually the source for orange dye in foodstuffs.
MegaDosX: All I know is it isn't chicken noodle :p
Mysticman89: occasionally tomato can end up with an orange hue
vandristine: just at games like this? Kappa
BooperOfHonks: uuu yea, carrot and cheddar!
monkeyrama: It's super easy to lose track of your mouse when the screen gets busy
WonderfulGlory: Is this multiplayer hades?
MegaDosX: I remember you guys doing well last time Adam, so I have faith you'll pick it up again this time
Bartlebad: No, like validate their parking
DanTheMediocre: your parking is also very good at wacraft?
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Jelkimantis: Be well, Adam. Have a good stream.
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Zettabit_Fox: Hello Friends! \o/
Milocw: Well think of it this way, your bad at it and was the last to die last time
MAPBoardgames: I got this game, but it is a 2 player minumum game. I mean, you CAN play with an AI, but who wants that?
BrindleBoar: validate my parking, senpai UwU
monkeyrama: Perhaps they'll get through the higher level difficulties
MegaDosX: Oh yeah, this game would be pretty tedious single player
monkeyrama: now that Cori can carry them
monkeyrama: LUL
MegaDosX: Cori pls
Mysticman89: that may have just been cori being annoyed at your question
itira: BabyRage
BooperOfHonks: Eh, that's an easy mistake to make xD
josh___something: just dont get hit 4head
DanTheMediocre: every stacks character in every game
monkeyrama: One tapped seabatYIKES
monkeyrama: lol Ben
josh___something: ben was pooping the whole time
BoblinTheGoblin69: soup time
monkeyrama: check your control options?
DanTheMediocre: there's a medkit that heals and restores lost healt
DanTheMediocre: salve I believe?
Alas_Babylon: This really feels like a MOBA that became a different game while keeping the same shell
josh___something: So adam's the tank now right kappa
monkeyrama: that defense debuff is pretty nice
BusTed: Remember Fruit Brute cereal?
DanTheMediocre: it just did yes
drshellbell: man, that squirrel debuff is really strong
DanTheMediocre: you got 3 stacks from hamsterfriend after walking away from the aoe
e_bloc: Corgo500 Vengabuds hype
monkeyrama: LUL Ben's a bouncy boy now
josh___something: Ben, literally just the blight now :p
BooperOfHonks: @josh___something Beat me to it!
josh___something: The soup is even orange to match :p
anokosecret: what do you mean you're at soup? go to a different aisle!
monkeyrama: wooow
GhostValv: very good
monosceros: I'm making chicken nuggets right now, stuck it streamer
Fanklok: you're supposed to chew nuggs not suck them
monosceros: don't tell me what to do with my nuggets
josh___something: Just don't have reduced health, ez :p
monkeyrama: hahaa
Zu_o: I've played that character, still have no idea what the stacks *do*
Aenir798: That guy was moonwalking
josh___something: Dang, hit again?
monkeyrama: Bet this lady sounds like Duke seabatPjorg
gualdhar: chicken soup?
korvys: Reminds me a bit of Torchlight
monkeyrama: Did Torchlight 3 leave EA yet?
itira: Yeah it definitely looks similar to WoW
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: TL3 did leave early access but reviews seem to suggest that maybe it shouldn't have
monkeyrama: oh, dang
MegaDosX: The Soup is strong with you
wolfsark: this game has online co op?
Fletcherizer: the jokes please miso please make more
monkeyrama: Some would say
josh___something: Hit again, streamer?
josh___something: :p
monkeyrama: Never gets hit, wdym
Asimech: "Do not adjust your stove. We control the temperature and the exhaust."
Fletcherizer: it was all an illusion can't hit this streamer
Electrodyne: Hey it's my favorite Loveable Rogues playing more Loveable Roguelikes
RealGamerCow: ben is the traitor
BusTed: Roguish
silenceaux: Adam. Please.
Fletcherizer: Stream seems sus
GhostValv: adam's a bard
BooperOfHonks: You frikkin are!
monkeyrama: Ah, Adam's playing Nasus
monkeyrama: Gimme those stacks
Ferisar: "shouldn't we back?" "welll i'm 200 from BF sword"
Electrodyne: Dashing Rogues playing Dashing Roguelikes
josh___something: Never gets hit savidan :p
Bartlebad: Is Johnny coming next?
monkeyrama: Puposely avoiding Ben's soup buff
silenceaux: The unexpected scream afterwards is also on-point for 200 from BF
BooperOfHonks: Adam doesn't like the look of Ben's soup? xD
monkeyrama: It's really good for someone who loses their stacks a lot :)
josh___something: "Did I hear the distressed noise of a chicken" thought cori was talking abt adam LUL
Milocw: While yes it looks like soup, let's be honest as gamers, orange puddle usually = Bad
Lord_ZYRK: He had his bib on and everything
josh___something: Orange puddle means lava, lava bad
BooperOfHonks: @Milocw Would you rather some green soup?
monkeyrama: Oh no, not the angle one
MegaDosX: The gamer instinct of "don't stand in stupid" can be hard to suppress when there's stuff you actually want to stand in :p
Bartlebad: Can you hold shift to stay in place?
Milocw: @BooperOfHonks as a gamer, maybe a greenish blue, maybe teal would work
Asimech: @MegaDosX Hmm. Maybe that's why people never get on the point?
KilrenKrae: !venga
monkeyrama: RIP attack speed dream
BusTed: You pose an interesting proposition.
monkeyrama: Good lord
Kramburger: I though Adam was going to say that he doesn't stand in soup because he's a gamer and gamers can't stand due to their unhealthy lifestyle
BooperOfHonks: @Milocw Maybe, but me thinks that flavour-wise that would not be great :-P
josh___something: that seems... srtong
josh___something: *strong
Electrodyne: You ever notice how we never see Adam and Doctor Strange in the same place at the same time?
MegaDosX: Are you saying Adam has the Time Stone?
KilrenKrae: have we covered the "hows it going?" portion of the evening
Electrodyne: the Eye of Agomotto
MegaDosX: Sanctuary!
josh___something: Ben cosplaying blight
monkeyrama: LUL
GhostValv: eye of avocado
josh___something: Steal the healing salve :p
monkeyrama: Welp
Milocw: @BooperOfHonks How about going full in on the mushrooms are poisonous and going with glowing purple soup
josh___something: LUL
BusTed: Sucks to suck I guess
monkeyrama: Ben's going to pay for Adam's lrrGREED
Kramburger: Adam spamming the healing emote like a genji main
Asimech: @GhostValv So, the seed? Now I kinda want to make an amulet/necklace with an avocado seed as the stone.
Zu_o: or you could have bought the first aid kit which is THREE healing salves
monkeyrama: Standing in the poison OpieOP
MegaDosX: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Soup-Man!
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BusTed: Sauce-ke
josh___something: *Loses health* "Guess I'm dead"
Electrodyne: Souperman Returns
floki4242: I mean from Sasuke point of view it was
Kramburger: I'm like a supporting Anime character, I'll get killed oof for someone else's character development
BooperOfHonks: @Milocw But wouldn't that mean that the soup is also poisonous? Or are the mushrooms buffing them because they're ... special? :-P
MrBrightside1: will you do more fighting fantasy at some stage adam?
josh___something: What do you mean what's hitting you, you never get hit! Kappa
MegaDosX: "He's too fast! I can't even see his movements!"
Kramburger: Adam's doing a solo rpg stream on next week's dice friends
Bartlebad: Ya gotta Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit style
monkeyrama: Been Grim Dawn this whole time
monkeyrama: That grab is so strong
KilrenKrae: Has the crew talked about making just an ARPG show? honestly this is great everytime
SnackPak_: that'd be fun!
MAPBoardgames: POE is a lot.
vandristine: would love to see you guys play Baldur's Gate 3 or Divinity 2 Original Sin
monkeyrama: There's sooo much
Aarek: When does this stream turn into the Shadowlands Raiding stream? Kappa
Naarius: The current one is extended into January
BrindleBoar: PoE leagues are ~3 months long
Naarius: But otherwise they are 3 month leagues
BrindleBoar: normally, 2020 is a shitshow so
BibitteNoire: I just hit 99 on poe, soo long
MAPBoardgames: POE is in many ways more than Grimdawn.
monkeyrama: Revive the Gamehaus, but like... not on Saturday
lord_wertornion: It is extended to januari because of Cyberpunk >.<
Omthebox: 99 to 100 is like hitting 95 again
PhilanthropyLich: At some point I need to lvl my 89 hardcore to 90 for the achievement, but I am scared
BrindleBoar: 1-90 is about the same as 91-10
BrindleBoar: *100
BibitteNoire: Ya, unless ur rich and spam perfect chayula lol
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Aarek: When does this stream turn into the Shadowlands Raiding stream? Kappa
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BibitteNoire: The grinding isnt the worst part, its dying and losing 10 pct xp
monkeyrama: lol
Milocw: do powder kegs count as lock picks?
BrindleBoar: isn't it 20% exp in the epilogue?
BibitteNoire: No, 10
BibitteNoire: 20 would be crazyyy
MegaDosX: They can break open locks when applied properly
Molladia: Torchlight 3?
BusTed: Ben has startled the Witch
BrindleBoar: it used to be 20, back before act 2
BrindleBoar: er part 2
monkeyrama: Oh my goodness
vandristine: Divinity 2 or more story based Arpgs?
BrindleBoar: words
BibitteNoire: Ufff
MegaDosX: Sounds like a fae curse
serramarkov: I thought that every little thing she does is magic?
monkeyrama: Accident, yes
Adamantcheese: is this the soup stream
BusTed: Maxwell Level
monkeyrama: MaxLevel Ulmer
monkeyrama: Go extravagant seabatPjorg
BusTed: Extravagant has to be good.
chesul: be Extravagant Adam, you deserve it.
monkeyrama: Treat yourself
Mysticman89: its an investment into your future
BusTed: How will you know what you're aiming for unless you unlock it?
josh___something: You should probably buy it now anyway?
Omthebox: Your job is playing videogames. Its an investment for the future
monkeyrama: Might as well unlock it to see how expensive the items are?
Milocw: my strat, is find ability I want to equip, then unlock a new slot, look for new ability I want and so on
monkeyrama: oh dang LUL
BusTed: It's only two hundo.
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D1cey1: 49 months?! That's like 7^2 months!
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monkeyrama: The boss will fill you right back up
Omthebox: what an Extravagant purchace
vandristine: Many whelps
monosceros: you wanna know how it feels to have free, quality higher education? lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: ouchie
monkeyrama: Niiiiice
MegaDosX: Success!
BusTed: lrrGOAT
monkeyrama: Perfect timing
BusTed: 😬
josh___something: The only thing that matters :D
monkeyrama: Least damage, but you rezzed the most OpieOP
x0den: cori with the kills
monkeyrama: True support
monkeyrama: Welcome back
korvys: Hey, when will the game start?
Alas_Babylon: it will start S H O R T L Y
itira: SHORTLY
beckett_brass: Just got here. What we doing today?
Milocw: chicken tastes too good to store up to 15 of them
BusTed: help us
BusTed: don't leave us
beckett_brass: help us. don't leave us.
monkeyrama: GEt ready for the big chomps
beckett_brass: @monkeyrama But I don't have a big mouth.
monkeyrama: SeriousSloth
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MAPBoardgames: Ben's cross is heavy, because it's so full of mercy.
mtg_fanerdic: Adam, you thicc werewolf boi
Milocw: I like it when they all stand around a treasure chest, then walk away from it
monkeyrama: oh no
Ferisar: what does everyone think about feet
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: Use the dedicated Mario buttons.
BooperOfHonks: Are we talking about feet again?
enki1256: Big slow boi.
monkeyrama: here we go again
monkeyrama: Nice taunt 👀
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Foxsploder: lrrSIGNAL
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monkeyrama: Taunted enemies that hadn't aggroed yet, which apparently... does nothing LUL
monkeyrama: lol, here we gooooo
F1SHOR: wth am i watching lol
nervousdavid: same thought
monkeyrama: The best ult LUL
gamercat88: oh goodness this rampage is lit
ThirdFloorDraft: rythm cafe?
BooperOfHonks: @F1SHOR An excited puppy xD
korvys: He's popping off?
cotillion1850: So I gotta ask Adam and Cori did one of you introduce the other to the Malazan books or did both find them on your own?
silenceaux: That lasts for a long time...
monkeyrama: Got the lrrCHKN
Milocw: there is a bar that is unfilling, damage is done when it empties
chaostreader: Good thing there is literally no detailed notes anywhere about the abilities.
monkeyrama: This ult is so funny LUL
chaostreader: Wounded is 20% or 10% health on the Wolf. I think.
monkeyrama: Chomp Train incoming
mtg_fanerdic: He's DEAD JIM!
Alas_Babylon: That ability seems a wee strong
monkeyrama: Oh noooo
mtg_fanerdic: You looked cool doing it though.
mtg_fanerdic: And that's what's important.
KeytarCat: Man, y'all had no healing that time!
monkeyrama: Adam bringin the soup this time
monkeyrama: What kind of soup do you make, Adam
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chaostreader: !findquote well
LRRbot: Quote #1163: "Well this honks! Penis!" —Graham [2015-11-26]
e_bloc: tasty split pea soup
BooperOfHonks: Pee soup?
KeytarCat: Vommy Mommy's pea soup!
Trahas: adam ben and who?
monkeyrama: Oh right, he grabs shrooms
monkeyrama: Cori
Electrodyne: skibby dibby doop dum dadup soup... dum dadup soup... I'M THE SOUP MAAAAAAAN
penguinknight76: Hey dudes
Trahas: I figured it would be Cori,
MAPBoardgames: Q: You know the difference between pea soup and mashed potatoes?
MAPBoardgames: A: Anyone can mash potatoes.
penguinknight76: Will this be on YT?
MAPBoardgames: @penguinknight76 yes
monkeyrama: In a little while
MAPBoardgames: youtube.com/loadingreadylive
LordZarano: !youtube
LRRbot: You can find LRR's non-MtG vods at http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadylive , and all MtG vods and other MtG content at https://www.youtube.com/LRRMtG . For non-stream videos, the main channel is http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadyrun
Bartlebad: Reach out and touch Soup
Goorguy: doo do dodo dooo
Kramburger: New Dead by Daylight Hunter: Your Mum who has come home early and you haven't finished your chores
penguinknight76: The bed is calling me, I will say tho Dawn with yal was the best THE VENGABOYS ARE COMING
KeytarCat: @Kramburger I was thinking a Binding of Isaac cross-promotion
monkeyrama: Infinite soup
e_bloc: make soup, throw it at your friends
ryuhimora: why is the stream's title "We're at soup"
Bartlebad: They are making soup
monkeyrama: Well you see...
penguinknight76: No Vengabus then :(
ryuhimora: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
monkeyrama: That ground pound
monkeyrama: hot damn
monkeyrama: Aggroing all the big guards LUL
mtg_fanerdic: Use the SOUP
monkeyrama: Grabby guy is here NotLikeThis
penguinknight76: This reminds me of LOL art style
monkeyrama: Similar
monkeyrama: Gragas trading in the mead for soup
plundypops: alcoholic soup
e_bloc: please do not do that to the soup
mtg_fanerdic: He flew across the screen as a swarm of bats
silenceaux: Soup, but with rum in it
RealGamerCow: Come into my soup - Dinner in the fetish restaurant.
unicornly: welp, now I just have to make beer cheese soup this weekend
monkeyrama: Look at this man's beard
josh___something: The soup man cometh
Lord_ZYRK: Soup is eternal
Halinn: Darksburg, woo-ooh
Bartlebad: Life is like a bowl of soup
monkeyrama: you're already almost able to buy an extravagant item 👀
penguinknight76: where is averge sized kevin
monkeyrama: ranged revive PogChamp
monkeyrama: fuuuck, forgot about the banner noise LUL
MegaDosX: Ah, the best sound effect in the game
thebluecosmonaut: the goosebumps intro music
penguinknight76: its just thor with a pan
Bartlebad: Is Rose's VA the same as Tracer?
josh___something: You could say cori was excecuted
monkeyrama: A tiny amount of dot, looks like
josh___something: 1 whole damages
penguinknight76: Has anyone played through the Last Hope? Are there a lot of choices?
penguinknight76: 1 Dap = 1 hit damage
monkeyrama: They played through Little Hope on this channel
Bartlebad: Just here to toss around Soup
monkeyrama: Not using the banner on CD :thinkies:
gamercat88: all the bells
gamercat88: Ben is a regular Tom Nook up in here
monkeyrama: woooow, she died immediately
monkeyrama: Hold the phone, does your ult charge itself when you use it now??
KeytarCat: What does the cleric do?
MegaDosX: Sanctuary!
kalku__: what is the roguelike progression, other than the trinkets?
kalku__: I'm coming off playing Hades, and omg that game
josh___something: more #Content
kalku__: so good
monkeyrama: Wow, your ult sure does charge itself now
josh___something: Supergiant is fucking great
kalku__: Very much, it's so great
Bartlebad: I'm 8 completed runs in, just a bit more
Tiber727: I won't buy Hades because I hate the metaprogression.
kalku__: the fact that Hades has a story that holds up over many dozens of runs is fantastic
monkeyrama: So many bells
josh___something: The fact that Hades is a roguelike with a narrative at all tbh :p
kalku__: yeah, true dat
Bartlebad: A narrative that acknowledges what happens during your runs
kalku__: mmhmmm
josh___something: Smthsmth for whom the bell tolls
monkeyrama: Don't forget your banner, Adam, we need that midi noise seabatPjorg
kalku__: like, I usually don't go for that type of action game, but Hades has its hooks in me
josh___something: Ben's Character weapon is... certainly unique LUL
kalku__: I don't really care that I'm bad at it :P
KeytarCat: @josh___something I thought it was from Trigun!
gualdhar: more ally damage imo
monkeyrama: Ben's going to have so many bells when you ult LUL
Earthenone: is adam going to stand in a bell or not though
josh___something: I just find the prospect of beating the piss out of zombies with an extended cross is just hilarious
josh___something: Sorry, a REINFORCED cross on a stick :p
BusTed: Delicious.
monkeyrama: Bell build seems fun LUL
kalku__: do the bell damage buffs stack?
josh___something: The bell trail
NarishmaReborn: follow the bell path
josh___something: I just wanna play hades
gualdhar: Ben's bell is going off
x0den: bens character reminds me of the priest from dfo
kalku__: lol @gualdhar
josh___something: The venn diagram of death
monkeyrama: Jesus, Ben LUL
Bartlebad: The Fabled PentaBell
kalku__: more like BEN diagram
NarishmaReborn: that sounds like a cheevo
josh___something: @kalku__ *applause*
Earthenone: the venn(gabus) diagram
monkeyrama: Naptime
Halinn: You need to get yourself some soup
monkeyrama: You might be able to buy something now :O
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MegaDosX: I love that sound
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zephlyn7790: 26 woo
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monkeyrama: Ben built a tower champ
josh___something: so many things on sticks
Electrodyne: lrrSPOOP SOUPIFER
monkeyrama: lol, it's great, Ben!
Electrodyne: 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣 lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
gualdhar: Ben's giving people tinnitus
BusTed: Seems strong.
monkeyrama: Holy shit
monkeyrama: that shockwave is nuts
josh___something: Just stop standing in the slime, adam :p
monkeyrama: You were in the green goo lrrSPOOP
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cthulhudude23: WHY ARE WE AT THE SOUP STORE?!?!?!
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monkeyrama: God, that goo hurts
Halinn: Oh no, split arrow
monkeyrama: Oh dear LUL
monkeyrama: About 75% charge
Halinn: 75% is pretty good
Bartlebad: Now you just need salad and breadsticks
Electrodyne: Don't eat the green snow
Jaesnek: What do you mean you
Halinn: Just shy of 4k lol
Jaesnek: You're at soup
monkeyrama: woooooow
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Soup man can just do it all
Jaesnek: Critting for 10k with soup
monkeyrama: without taking much damage
monkeyrama: Infinite soup?
Halinn: Soup test
monkeyrama: looool
BusTed: Soup for all.
noSmokeFire: all you can eat soup buffet
josh___something: infinite SOUP
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Deftscythe: life is like a bowl of souphere indarksburg
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josh___something: "Aww yeah, the soup speed"
Bartlebad: You've heard of the Hamfather, now it's the year of the Soupfather
josh___something: LUL
monkeyrama: It charges so fast LUL
Deftscythe: wow sub message did not like my line brraks
MegaDosX: I think you've broken the game :p
Electrodyne: All your bouillabaisse are belong to us
Jaesnek: Why are you blowing up crypts at the soup store?
kalku__: adam leaving value on the table, missing so many mushrooms!
josh___something: "I put my squirrels on it" and infinite soup
Deftscythe: I was trying to do the ducktales theme but it erased my line breaks lrrAWW @loadingreadyrun
Getter404: "What do you mean you're in soup?"
monkeyrama: Mushroomancer build
Electrodyne: CHOWDAH
monkeyrama: Yesss, buy something good
monkeyrama: Performance
kalku__: perf
MegaDosX: Go with your first instinct Adam
monkeyrama: HEy you there
silenceaux: Find out what Peak Performance looks like
Halinn: I remember looking it up after your first darksburg stream. I think the common ones were better just in general
mtg_fanerdic: Don't you also have a smartphone...?
monkeyrama: Ah, for the PPR tomorrow?
monkeyrama: Not bad at all
Issurru: coffee maker LUL
monkeyrama: jesus
MegaDosX: Holy shit
Getter404: He found a French Press!
monkeyrama: Finally
Issurru: better lucky than good eh? OpieOP
MegaDosX: That's so strong
Electrodyne: Somebody tell serge
monkeyrama: I'd rather be something BibleThump
josh___something: !quote reuben
josh___something: NUTS, forgot it's sub only
Milocw: but by being good at least I know what is going on
monkeyrama: Holy moly, that damage
NightValien28: !quote reuben
LRRbot: Quote #4585: "Luck is a game of skill." —Reuben Bresler [2018-01-05]
Issurru: best to be lucky AND good OpieOP
silenceaux: Because if you're lucky, then 9/10 is always good enough
MegaDosX: I mean, you're brutalising him, but he hits like a truck too
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mtg_fanerdic: Woooooooooooooow you murdered him so fast
josh___something: Thanks @NightValien28 LUL
monkeyrama: Was that even a boss LUL
mtg_fanerdic: Pay those bills!
Pharmacistjudge: now i'm trapped
BooperOfHonks: Leave? Never!
Bartlebad: I'm painting minis, I'll be here a while
Pharmacistjudge: I can't leave because adam asked nicely
fatherllymic: Difficulty: Normal
Electrodyne: Commercial time. Did you stretch and hydrate recently?
NotCainNorAbel: I can't leave because my back won't let me move
Electrodyne: life is like a bowl of soup, here. in. darks. burg.
wynternyghtynggale: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:09:42.
Electrodyne: zombies, demons, greenish poop, it's. a. dark. blur.
Earthenone: the charicters hardly look like ducks at all, i feel misled
Halinn: They look like darks
monkeyrama: Oh hi
Electrodyne: we might save some orphans, lots of endorphins!
wynternyghtynggale: alright
monkeyrama: That's.. it?
Electrodyne: DARK TALES awOOOOOoo
kalku__: 5%? thats like, 2
josh___something: who's filin?
monkeyrama: Fillin and chillin
cotillion1850: So I gotta ask Adam and Cori did one of you introduce the Malazan books to the other, or did you find them exclusive of eachother?
BusTed: What can you do with chickens?
itira: Adam's ready for beddie by
wynternyghtynggale: late to the stream but here to enjoy
monkeyrama: Chickens unlock cosmetics
DragonicDudeYT: lrrADAM gl adam
monkeyrama: I think
Issurru: thats why I had a nap
monkeyrama: Saaaame, Ben!
kalku__: omg the salt and pepper shakers on his beard
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monkeyrama: Minus the other work
kalku__: the art in this is rad
gualdhar: you guys sound like you need to turn off your alarms for tomorrow
wynternyghtynggale: sounds like DB warm ups
BusTed: But the PPR is tomorrow, gualdhar :)
monkeyrama: If they didn't have big ole PPR stream
mtg_fanerdic: Do you guys know what the matches are for tomorrow?
monkeyrama: Cool affix
monkeyrama: loooooooooooool
Issurru: LUL
MegaDosX: lmao Adam and his busted new ability
monkeyrama: Gamed the system
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
itira: LOLOL
monkeyrama: That fuckin coffee maker LUL
Issurru: just have full health 4Head
Milocw: seabatBRAIN
josh___something: one coffee maker, and it goes to his head
MegaDosX: Too bad you don't have enough coffee for your friends
kalku__: big investment, great payoff
monkeyrama: Adam brought soup for his friends instead LUL
Electrodyne: wow that's nearly one hundred damage per hit!!!
josh___something: Shame, huh :p
Issurru: Tims hasnt gotten too widespread here in Darksburg OpieOP
Issurru: Shame, really
NarishmaReborn: damn need to watch Hot Fuzz again
monkeyrama: Oh noooo
monkeyrama: There are so many LUL
BusTed: so many
noSmokeFire: "we' made a mistake
e_bloc: tfw someone poops in the pool
kalku__: the canary's dead! out of the hooooole!
josh___something: I believe Cori took the L here
kalku__: this canary died of natural causes. BACK IN THE HOLE
monkeyrama: Longer CC seems nice
monkeyrama: lol, this coffee is powerful
josh___something: here you can have this, *GLUG*
Issurru: and that perk STACKS
monkeyrama: loooool
Issurru: shit so close
monkeyrama: "You'll be fine" he said
BusTed: Who startled the Witch?
monkeyrama: Just get some coffee, Cori OpieOP
josh___something: It's not like adam needs the salve :p
gawag_: just tuning in here, is adams character literally the card Hot Soup from magic?
monkeyrama: Pretty much
gawag_: hell yeah
Issurru: welcome to soup
BusTed: It's very hearty soup.
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Gulleko: something something sub message
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gawag_: soup gang
MegaDosX: Oh boy
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
e_bloc: seabatYIKES
monkeyrama: Jesussss
josh___something: Adam still has health?
monkeyrama: He has like 1 actual hp
BusTed: It's all temp health.
MegaDosX: Adam's got about a hair's width of health right now
BusTed: A bee's dick of health.
monkeyrama: It does work for you, Adam
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AmeliaR: 20 months! That's almost March done!
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MegaDosX: Soup's on!
Earthenone: has anyone made the "wake up souper" joke yet?
monkeyrama: Actually no :O
josh___something: looks like adam also gets the soup cooldown reduction
monkeyrama: Adam's ult cooldown applies to his as well, yeah
MegaDosX: Choo choo
DiscordianTokkan: Chompchompchomp
gawag_: i may be incredibly dense, but this is intentionally kinda moba-ish, no?
MegaDosX: That was very close
BusTed: Whoops.
monkeyrama: Ah dang, it's a one time thing?
gawag_: ooo, moka pot
MegaDosX: It's crossed out now, maybe only works once per run
josh___something: We've alerady said it was OP though, makes sense
MegaDosX: Can someone remind me the significance of the chicken?
monkeyrama: Chickens unlock cosmetics
gawag_: theyre great at parties
MegaDosX: Thanks @monkeyrama
monkeyrama: maybe other stuff too, not sure
Electrodyne: if I go crazy now will you still call me Souperman
monkeyrama: Orbmaster Ben
Lysander_Gustav: hello everyone!
monkeyrama: Hiya
MaladyDark: Soup
monkeyrama: He doesn't really have any "bad" abilities it seems
MaladyDark: benefits of soup: you don't need teeth
TheMerricat: is that hefty man fighting with a frying pan?
MegaDosX: Are they the things next to your health bar? Those little icons?
monkeyrama: Like, a more detailed description of exactly how much they're buffing?
MegaDosX: Arrows appear to be duration
MegaDosX: The arrows shrink as time passes before the buff goes away
josh___something: Adam is claptrap? makes sense Kappa
MegaDosX: Man that shockwave ability's messed up
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
monkeyrama: Cori is a pro gamer
BusTed: Nice.
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TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Yo, hope you’re all having a great evening!
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mtg_fanerdic: REvitalizing soup!
jetpixi: Hello! And how are the VengaBuds this evening?
monkeyrama: Feels like you are
itira: Hey Jetpixi
monkeyrama: Hiya jetpixi
monkeyrama: They're gaming in soup
jetpixi: Hey @itira and @monkeyrama !
monkeyrama: Cori LUL
BusTed: zoomies
jetpixi: Soup gaming all right
monkeyrama: Super stun PogChamp
monkeyrama: Extra 3 seconds PogChamp
jetpixi: What’s in the box?!
jetpixi: Soup?!
jetpixi: Some chowdah
monkeyrama: They expect you to die a lot
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:41:20.
itira: New england clam chowder
jetpixi: The best kind
itira: right monkey?
jetpixi: The only kind as far as I’m concerned
jetpixi: LUL
monkeyrama: SeriousSloth
monkeyrama: No
itira: LOL
monkeyrama: lol
monkeyrama: Best soup is chicken noodle, ezpz
itira: lil bit o chicky noodie
jetpixi: Get them chiccy noods
jetpixi: Lol
itira: katesLol
monkeyrama: lol
MegaDosX: Yeah that's a cursed phrase right there
jetpixi: Ooook fine
AmeliaR: What about chiccy noodies?
itira: Whatever Mr Savidan
monkeyrama: Thiccy Nudes
jetpixi: Oops
josh___something: Thiccy noods
BusTed: oh no
itira: Thiccy Chiccy Noody
mtg_fanerdic: Thiccy chiccy nudes in your DM's
MadWolf1290: !venga
LRRbot: Come on, ride the Bus, hey, ride it
jetpixi: Oh no. What have I done...
josh___something: This is the best kind of cursed
SquareDotCube: Cheeky Breekys
MegaDosX: All of a sudden I want chicken noodle soup
monkeyrama: Working as intended
jetpixi: Idk why I went with two C’s lol
e_bloc: chicken sniped
monkeyrama: Imagine not getting that thiccy chiccy
itira: Because you like the thiccy chiccy
kalku__: s'not good
josh___something: Dear god, this is becoming increasingly cursed
jetpixi: Ben benginOh benginNo
itira: yesss
jetpixi: Oops. Didn’t mean to say ben
monkeyrama: 4 charges of soup??
monkeyrama: LUL
MadWolf1290: eat the soooooup
itira: Chiccy Soup!
mtg_fanerdic: Thiccy chiccy soup!
jetpixi: I cursed chat today. Maybe I should see myself out.
jetpixi: Lol
itira: You stay put
jetpixi: I was here for 5min lol
Neddy471: Hello y'all.
monkeyrama: Howdy
jetpixi: Okie will do @itira :)
Electrodyne: I wanna SOUP baby. Soup, soup that oop, soup that oop that oop that oop
itira: katesHype
monkeyrama: Free damage OpieOP
jetpixi: Hi hi Neddy
BooperOfHonks: @jetpixi Hey, you have enriched the vocabularies of us all. You have done some good work!
jetpixi: Lol oh good
monkeyrama: looool, such soup
7gorobei: soop bath
itira: slosh slosh
Darleysam: come get yer floorsoup
jetpixi: Do the characters knees move in this game?
monkeyrama: then you can replace the coffee sergeThinking
maxthefourth: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:49:39.
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (15:12 from now).
jetpixi: Oooo I have egg nog.
monkeyrama: Good thing there's only one actual healer OpieOP
itira: seabatApp Nog?!
mtg_fanerdic: I always saw Adam as a Paladin-type
mtg_fanerdic: Just...
mtg_fanerdic: not with soup
jetpixi: Heck yeah. It’s nog season!
itira: Wish i had some nog
jetpixi: LUL @mtg_fanerdic
monkeyrama: Overwhelming the game with your soup
Lord_ZYRK: Nogvember is here
Lord_ZYRK: my dudes
BusTed: NogChamp
monkeyrama: Oh fuck
josh___something: Nooo
MegaDosX: lmao wow
Lord_ZYRK: Poggies for noggies
monkeyrama: GDI
itira: Poggers my Noggers
control_rig: Noooo
josh___something: Not again
jetpixi: hell yeah Zyrk!
Earthenone: new seasonal emote confirmed
MegaDosX: Can I interest you in some eggpog?
control_rig: Ugh
jetpixi: LUL
josh___something: No adam pls
monkeyrama: That's... dangerous lol
itira: lolol
Juliamon: well, that's out in the world now
itira: yeah thats a little dangerous
Lord_ZYRK: biiiiiiig nog
NarishmaReborn: yeah without context some might think the second half of that has other origins
Fracaswell: yeah, that's a bit uncomfy
itira: i thought that after i typed it ... too bad i cant edit D:
jetpixi: Nog Champ
ArtemisKing: nogging off
DiscordianTokkan: Nogging Off
monkeyrama: Big slam
MegaDosX: Adam too strong, pls nerf
Stormshot64: You're nogging off
Lord_ZYRK: actively nogging
monkeyrama: Sure does stun too
BooperOfHonks: Big noggin' plays here
josh___something: Oh nog dood
itira: Jetpixi you did it again
jetpixi: LUL
itira: You have power here
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jetpixi: Oh no.
monkeyrama: looool
monkeyrama: when do we mod the game so you can run all soup man
BusTed: slytqShrug
MegaDosX: "Don't mind if I do!" - Ben, probably
jetpixi: My power is cursing chat and annoying the streamer lol
7gorobei: as James is to Sova, Adam is to Soupguy
Lord_ZYRK: Hey Adam did you ever pay attention in history class?
monkeyrama: Mono Soup Party
josh___something: Soup man is a dream
MegaDosX: Well done Adam :D
Getter404: Too much soup, go to Chowder Jail.
eshplode: lrrSIGNAL
ArtemisKing: they know youve had too much nog
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
kalku__: "I'm a genius" "Oh no!"
Stormshot64: lrrSIGNAL
Electrodyne: Cops: *knock knock* We have a warrant for either Adam OR a gamer.
monkeyrama: oh shiiiiiit
itira: Adam noo
7gorobei: Adam is under arrest for unbrothful assembly
jetpixi: Too Fast Too Soup
josh___something: Papa Soup is here for you
monkeyrama: JEsus
josh___something: WakeUpSouper
xantos69: cheer50 Great stream folks, but I gotta get to bed.
RealGamerCow: SOUP
DiscordianTokkan: @josh___something WakeUpSouper is so GOOD
MegaDosX: "Hold on, you've gotta give me a second to calculate this massive damage!" - the game, probably
mtg_fanerdic: You're just TOO powerful
itira: see ya Xantos
Earthenone: i feel cheated, making that joke forever ago
Earthenone: but im glad it got read at least :)
monkeyrama: lol
josh___something: @Earthenone LUL for what it's worth, I didn't see yours
Lord_ZYRK: If a chatter types a message and the streamer doesn't read it, did it really happen?
itira: whoa
monkeyrama: I rememebr
jetpixi: How does one nerf soup
jetpixi: LUL
Tiber727: @jetpixi water it down
jetpixi: Oh yeah huh lol
sithenin: !updog
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Milocw: thousand years from now when the next hero is searching for the legendary weapon is going to lose it when he finds a giant spoon at the end of the dungeon
mtg_fanerdic: If soup man was a Commander, what color identity would he have?
MegaDosX: RG
Lord_ZYRK: All health is temporary
MegaDosX: Red for that aggression and green for the soup
Tiber727: @mtg_fanerdic Dunno, but he would prevent damage and add loyalty counters to planeswalkers.
MegaDosX: Also probably makes food tokens somehow
DiscordianTokkan: This looks like a job for SOUP MAN
monkeyrama: Oh dear
CaptainSpam: It's the villainous Manfred von Lotsofadds!
Lord_ZYRK: Lewd
jetpixi: Sometimes I forget about the surround sound then I hear fighty sounds behind me and to my right.
monkeyrama: But you're soup man
monkeyrama: you can do this
monkeyrama: oh shit
monkeyrama: The run NotLikeThis
DiscordianTokkan: Soupman, noooo
itira: katesScared
jetpixi: You die?
control_rig: And I said aie aie aie, Souperman's Dead!
GamesAndInk: Wow, two people got knocked out and a second later my browser crashed. MEGA DAMAGE.
monkeyrama: mama soup NotLikeThis
MegaDosX: Second wind!
control_rig: Soup goes brrrrrr
josh___something: Souped up!
mtg_fanerdic: Noice!
iris_of_ether: This is amazing to watch
Getter404: Watching this fight is really making me miss God Mode in Hades
monkeyrama: oofa
BusTed: lrrGOAT
monkeyrama: eyyyyy
CaptainSpam: SOUP!
GamesAndInk: What gamers!
MegaDosX: Holy shit
iris_of_ether: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
jetpixi: LUL
itira: lrrHORN lrrHORN
DiscordianTokkan: sergeHolyMoly
josh___something: Soup mode
kalku__: MVB
jetpixi: Nog Champs!
mtg_fanerdic: Yaaaaaaaay
mtg_fanerdic: GGS
amazingvariable: Savidan. I've challenge you to a hockey hair....challenge?
BusTed: All contributed equally.
kalku__: Most Valuable Ben
monkeyrama: The stats will tell all OpieOP
monkeyrama: Holy shit Ben
e_bloc: holymoly
MegaDosX: Look at Adam's healing though
monkeyrama: He had 8 rezzes too
jetpixi: Ben is scary lol
itira: The decorations on Soupmans beard is salt and pepper shakers???
fatherllymic: Ben with 8 revives
monkeyrama: That was great!
Electrodyne: Ben with 2x as much boss damage as anyone else
e_bloc: thank you vengabuds
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream guys!
BusTed: Good stuff.
Earthenone: !ppr
LRRbot: The Commander Legends PPR is happening on Friday, 6 November 2020! For more information: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElhpfEpU0AAKk0u?format=jpg&name=large
DiscordianTokkan: That was fun as heck
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jetpixi: Have a good night! Sorry for the curses I bestowed upon chat LUL
Electrodyne: Good night Stew Crew
itira: That was fun, thanks Jetpixi and not the streamers... Kappa
Juliamon: Doesn't need to be good, just needs to be fun!
jetpixi: LUL @itira
MegaDosX: YES
itira: lolol
jetpixi: Thanks :)
monkeyrama: Big ole cascade hydra
e_bloc: casca4e is so good
RealGamerCow: Please say that Olivia and Adam are in the same game. That is always wonderful chaos
Manae: Tainted aether all over again?
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
monkeyrama: Book time!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
e_bloc: oh baby
monkeyrama: Beej????
itira: im soexcited
Lord_ZYRK: Reading? Big nog
monkeyrama: Damn, why do I have to work
e_bloc: fighting fantasy?
jetpixi: Call in monkey
Earthenone: lewd
RealGamerCow: cascade cascade cascade Baso ball
monkeyrama: Oh shit, another Faerie Mound
jetpixi: Oooo play on words
itira: this will be great
LordZarano: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (7d, 13:55 from now)
monkeyrama: So tempting @jetpixi LUL
BooperOfHonks: uuu, that's gonna be awesome!
e_bloc: hopefully its stupider
Lord_ZYRK: "Knight of the Living Dead" ha ha good joke publisher :)
Lord_ZYRK: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Alex: twitch.tv/voxlunch | Ben Ulmer: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Jeremy White: twitch.tv/jrhwhite | Kathleen: twitch.tv/kathleen_lrr | Matt Wiggins: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager | Wheeler: twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler
Darleysam: so glad for another one of those streams, they ruled
monkeyrama: DBD PogChamp
BusTed: G'night friends.
monkeyrama: Gnight folks
josh___something: DBD!
Lord_ZYRK: Byeee
itira: MMMMbyeeee
BooperOfHonks: Thanks for the stream!
NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for the stream
jetpixi: Night all
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care!
tapdancingbeavers: thanks for the stream
itira: Night everyone!
josh___something: @Darleysam Hi
ArdCollider: see y'all at the PPR
Darleysam: @josh___something hey!
mtg_fanerdic: G'night ya'll! Thanks for the stream!