walabane: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (9m from now).
TehAmelie: anyway, now you too can be dummy thicc https://i.imgur.com/bsJpfzC.png
TimeToFry: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (9m from now).
Earthenone: it is imitations, its a capitol "i" i think
Earthenone: weird
Porsgaard81: I hope to see a rabbit wizard today...
Jhake_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (5m from now).
gnome_friend: I can't tell if the rabbit wizard is more Alice in Wonderland or Aesop's Fables
TehAmelie: imagine the death rabbit of baerbannog or whatever it was rolled up with Tim the enchanter in one magic card
ihlendrax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (3m from now).
gnome_friend: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Potion of Healing!
gnome_friend gains 3 life
beowuuf: So like modal DFC card called Returned Sorcerer // Is That The Monster ?
TehAmelie: tap, B: deal damage equal to its power to target creature or plainswalker; unstap, R: deal damage equal to its power to target player or planeswalker or destroy target land
TehAmelie: maybe a little unbalanced
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a very glossy jpeg of a goat
TXC2: Hello Everybody
gnome_friend: lrrGOAT
beowuuf: sergeHi
theevilslime: hello!
margieargie: !findquote goat
LRRbot: Quote #5222: "Would you rather fight 12 zombies, or one goat named Clyde?" —Ian [2018-08-01]
RockPusher: !advice
LRRbot: Focus, boy!
RockPusher focuses
gnome_friend: I've never met a goat named Clyde
margieargie: Be glad, then
FLAREdirector: oh between the zombies and the goat i think i take the zombies
theevilslime: way more dangerous than other goats.
beowuuf: but the white rabbit's name is probably Claude
TehAmelie: the only named goat i've even heard of is Bengt
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FLAREdirector: a zombie is basically just a human with less skin and more, uhh, awful zombie bits
FLAREdirector: i know what a zombie's weaknesses are
LurkerSpine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (16s from now).
FLAREdirector: goat? do goats even HAVE weaknesses
TehAmelie: or maybe it was Ralph. i don't remember
gnome_friend: I mean, you can befriend a goat with food
gnome_friend: Although maybe Clyde is a wild goat?
margieargie: Meanwhile, to the zombie, you are the food to be befriended with
frnknstn: PPR hype!
margieargie: The question is, who's trying to befriend the zombie?
FLAREdirector: i would not call that a weakness personally. goats are not weak to Having Food
margieargie: Clyde?
Chaotically_Random: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (49s ago).
gnome_friend: Clyde the Necromancer Goat
IR0NB0RN: <3
beowuuf: CurseLit panicBasket CurseLit
ihlendrax: Nevinyrrel's Goat
SquirrelLord1111: Hype?
beowuuf: I mean lrrFINE
gnome_friend: !card nevinyrral, urborg
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
theevilslime: As much hype as i'm allowed to channel late in the evening!
WarlordWulf: hype
FLAREdirector: oh, i guess they haven't updated that yet. you did spell it correctly, so it's not a matter of typos
Malchior: hyyyyype!!!!!
SquirrelLord1111: Hype!
beowuuf: oh yes, discm'n is now a card
Kamotetop: !card nevinyrral
LRRbot: Nevinyrral's Disk [4] | Artifact | Nevinyrral's Disk enters the battlefield tapped. / {1}, {T}: Destroy all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments.
Houseboy23: how long must I wait for in person drafts? I'll do it in the woods if I have too lrrGREED
SquirrelLord1111: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN HYPE lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
TheEnigmaEngine: when are we starting?
Malchior: Discman got his own card, which has a disc on it
TXC2: None of the new cards are in the lrrbot database
beowuuf: soon (tm)
TXC2: TheEnigmaEngine SOON
gnome_friend: I guess since James is the card identifier Paul didn't have to update LRRbot
Harvest25: lrrARROW Let's Play!
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beowuuf: yeah, card reader is not being used, it's most likely the J.A.M.E.S. device for card displaying purposes today
TXC2: gnome_friend that and we didn't get the list from WotC :p
Kamotetop: Watching Ryan Pancoast paint Hans Eriksson and Ugin was cathartic for me last night.
kaziel0: benginHype benginHype benginHype
mastershake29x: Reminder: this stream will start at 2:00pm Moon time, which is generally a few minutes behind Pacific time, exact time varies because physics things.
Didero: It takes a while for the signal to reach Earth from the Moon, yeah
Didero: Hello!
beowuuf: oh wait. yeah, usually you still get the card shown in chat don't you :(
BasilHunter: time dilation is a tricky thing
OldBenX: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (3m ago).
Gen2Gengar: !next
IbunWest: feenFine lrrFINE
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:04 AM
OldBenX: the8bitFine lrrFINE
mastershake29x: Note LRRbot uses earth time, weirdly
theevilslime: I do suppose that leveas a minute to go get a drink that my foolish butt forgot to grab.
monkeyrama: Really looking forward to this set
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (4m ago).
IbunWest: Title change feenGasp
gnome_friend: Title change
djalternative: !picnic
TXC2: Lisa needs braces
monkeyrama: Can't wait to catch the vod to see what I miss for work
p99076feb: lets gooooooo
Malchior: It's time!!! feenHappy feenHappy feenHappy
Houseboy23: But I live in AZ, we don't deal with any of that silly timey wimey change daylight savings, moon time means nothing to me! :P
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrSIGNAL lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrSIGNAL
kinslayer6788: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
413th: lrrSIGNAL
Haroldholmes25: wheelerPog
dtape467: countdown time
lethrblaka666: yay
Fantusta: Hooray, ads!
Alma_v: sergeScopeCreep
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrJUDGE
jjsneeze: It is time to DUEL
Terradana: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PsychoI3oy: lrrSIGNAL
413th: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
jorit83: PogChamp PogChamp
MyrddintheWizard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TimeToFry: lrrSIGNAL
p99076feb: its happening inniq
water_polo_man: Its time (in 4:30)
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gredgredmansson: Lucky that this got timed with the PPR!
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beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Seth_Erickson: I'm ready PogChamp
monosceros: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
bobAkirafett: yay
GrandiaKnight: Here we go!
Cyborg135: Comander legends
Nameless_Sword: Signal? Signal!
Earthenone: pride51 lrrHEART
CastleOtranto: Hello chat!
KaminaDuck: lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
OldBenX: lrrSIGNAL the8bitGO lrrSIGNAL
mishmish3: hii
floki4242: as someone from Arizona what in the heck is Moon time
TriadGaymers: hello World! :)
Zaroth339: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MrPandaaaGaming: i am so ready!!!!
js2062: hype for commander legends'
mayday_24: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheOneCalledStu: ssjRollin ssjDeep ssjBanger lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
sblue333: Hype hype
CGSguy2: lrrHERE
Rogue_07: Let's Gooooooo
water_polo_man: I want to watch the draft video very much
theevilslime: signal? A command beacon signal!
mishmish3: wooooo
Ominouslyominous: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
evan_333333: hype trainnnnn
falcn120: woooo!!!
Nameless_Sword: Time to get our Commander draft on
garunkl: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Rogue_07: Today is a very good day!
AP4rk3dC4r: Hello people o/
RocknGrohlNerd: oh hi, didn't see you there
hippiecheeto: yee
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wynternyghtynggale: !venga
LRRbot: Turn down for BUS!
sblue333: I can't draft this myself, time to vicariously draft through Serge
DorkmasterFlek: SourPls
monkeyrama: I hope someone got Akroma 👀
IR0NB0RN: Hype! LuvCool
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ShadowboyTyler: Hub Sype!
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DorkmasterFlek: Woooooo PPR
monosceros: this song is such a banger
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kuriboLXIX: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE
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Seth_Erickson: Akroma is Pog
username_taken43: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Orgmastron: Hello friends!
Tr3nzyyy: Pog
bobAkirafett: @floki4242 hi5 Az time, DST is for suckers
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Veraphage: I'm just here so I don't get fined.
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Dish_KP: Is this... bus? I s b u s c o m i n g ?
Count_Grumpy: wait what did i just acidentally catch this live and right at the start?
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kamkazi: POG
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Cartographers_Ink: I can't wait to see what awesome decks have been built today!!
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Tr3nzyyy: Commander time?
monkeyrama: Cards with paragraph textboxes Kreygasm
JokerBoney: wheelerY wheelerH
chillmill1: pog
gredgredmansson: Has anyone tried to use Draftsim for this set?
Underachiever28: Is this right? I thought twitter said the ppr is delayed
Leonhart321: So, we've had a Woodsdraft, I'm calling Parkdraft as my choice
monosceros: this sounds like a YMO/Kraftwerk song
TXC2: Remember everybody: keep emotes to 7 or less, no allcaps NO talk about the election, no backseating and be wonderful to each other lrrHEART
linearCurvature: ad 2 of 7 :/
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alphasapphire234561: “Jumps down from ceiling” Hello there
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL gdqTunes
sblue333: Who else tyrna watch the whole stream as Desert Bus prep?
danman5115: I came looking for content but I got an ad
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carrtoondragon: Had the day off fortunately! Ready for some commander legends!
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gredgredmansson: @Underachiever28 delayed by 6 minutes, apparently
kirbytronic: !Findquote commander
LRRbot: Quote #1157: "Cube is not Commander Draft. Cube is Momir Constructed." —Cameron [2015-11-26]
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bob_baggins: PPR hype!!!!!!!!
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Obos_TAB: haha this jackbox commercial is very good
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SconeforgeMystic: 7 months? Feels like one month.
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monosceros: @linearCurvature we'll be here waiting for you lrrHEART
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TheSeraphmin: PPR HYPE!!! can't wait to see everyone's sick decks!
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lesbianpunkpyromancer18: WOOTWOOT
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Dish_KP: I think this draft was done entirely by post
rabbiti3: I was just about to @ graham on Twitter lol
truemardusoul: hype hype
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kerbalized_: huzzah!
Merp33: i forgot this was today
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monosceros: I think they drafted while skydiving
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kerbalized_: I almost forgot!!!
Unnwell: wahoo
sblue333: This remix is FIRE
LRRMTG_Judge: Who is ready for some commander draft action? pharma2Vial
gredgredmansson: I IS
sblue333: HeyGuys
x3digestivez: me
TXC2: hello LRRMTG_Judge
mowdownjoe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Commander Legends PPR (Join the LRR Crew, along with Special guest Gavin and Olivia for a day of Command Legends! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (7m ago).
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Who__x: <- is ready
MrPandaaaGaming: me me me!!!!
kirbytronic: Insert that crapshot here
theprophetofcthulu: hey twitch i'm not interested in your ads
bopias: Exciting times.
magiccam5: Definately
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xplodingpenguin: PPR
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IbunWest: My body is not ready.
monosceros: @LRRMTG_Judge I'd say I'm ready but that'd be hubris
sblue333: Commader + Draft = MtG Heaven
wassacre_murm: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: Soooo curious to see how drafting this went
Magicalhobo72: I’m so excited! I love the lore and stories behind legendaries.
kuriboLXIX: wheelerMuldcb wheelerT
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doortodoorhentaisalesman_: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
sblue333: I want to get boxes soooooooooo bad
evan_333333: could you draft the two of the same commander and have them be your commanders if they have partner?
Yakkie221B: Oh cool I caught it
monosceros: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
gredgredmansson: @evan_333333 yes
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Undeaddroo: oh shit ppr day?
garunkl: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
TangleTrail subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 81 months!
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evan_333333: cool
sblue333: Oh yeah they probably had the remaining lore come out today
Graham_LRR: Good news, we’ve got a whole draft video for your enjoyment. There’s a lot of it.
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
monkeyrama: Sweet!
freshmaker__: Banger alert btwe
gnome_friend: GOOD NEWS!
kat2kool: Yay!
urkleturtle: I'm getting french ads. wut?
MrPandaaaGaming: sweeet
StreetRach: I like good news.
Yakkie221B: That is very cool
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CodenameJD: I've been doing sim drafts of this nonstop since draftsim put it up, it looks like SUCH a cool set to actually draft
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SeiichiSin: It is dangerous to go alone, take this money from Jeff.
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MRForceOFWill: the storm count is already in lethal territory
sblue333: @urkleturtle Serge Mange Du Poulet?
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BlightningHelix: As I go to clock out, let goes live. good times tonight
hippiecheeto: 40
monosceros: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
namagem1: lrrPAUL
mastershake29x: @MRForceOFWill this is commander so not yet
hippiecheeto: 30
Zedruu_the_Goathearted: LETS gooooo im pogging rn
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riktracer: I hope so bad someone cracks the Kobold and plays around it
Leonhart321: Oh baby, gimmie that sweet draft content
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Pleijpje: Scooping on the stack!
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hippiecheeto: 20
trichronos: So excited for this!
pmunney: jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrCai jlrrLlou
water_polo_man: pumped! lets get it going
TXC2: riktracer same here
js2062: pumped for this
hippiecheeto: 10
rdiffee7: with the election i completely forgot about this, nice surprise :)
OldBenX: 5!
Fantusta: I have to start with the stream on mute for a work call, I'll be there soon enough chat!
OldBenX: 4
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: nerd3PrideL lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR nerd3PrideR
hippiecheeto: 5
monosceros: @Pleijpje I think scooping has split-second :p
hippiecheeto: 3
hippiecheeto: 21
andy1503: so psyched
garunkl: Poggifers fetch me some Hype, please
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thirsty_kitteh: meow :3
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Unnwell: whole draft video sounds great
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
kuriboLXIX: wheelerMuldp
username_taken43 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 13 months!
username_taken43: PPR hype!!!
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hippiecheeto: go
poggifers: @garunkl I'll go check the hype closet
hippiecheeto: goooo
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We're live with the final PPR of the year! Join us for the Commander Legends PPR all day long! We've got draft, we've got sealed, later today we'll have @GavinVerhey and @goberthicks. It's wall to wall awesome! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmKY-xVVcAADJMP.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1324790303748878336
benjamin_wheeler: Buckle up
OldBenX: the8bitGO the8bitGO the8bitGO the8bitGO the8bitGO the8bitGO
RandomTrivia: the8bitGO
gredgredmansson: I tested out draftsim and got a Simic deck with 10 6+ cost cards and the Cascade commander
MyrddintheWizard: GO TIME!!!
TXC2: sready
CardKingdom: Let's goooooo
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ttkblazer97: lezgo!
LittleGiant524: YESSS
pmunney: jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrCai jlrrLlou
CaptainSpam: It's showtime! Nothin' but go time!
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Yakkie221B: Buckling
LoganAura subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months!
LoganAura: Came for commander legends, staying for all of y'all being awesome
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, LoganAura! (Today's storm count: 39)
Yakkie221B: and upping
kaziel0: I hope they go draft this out in the woods again. That was sweet!
NighSeptem: lrrSPOOP
sblue333: yeeet
TXC2: hold
evan_333333: oh boy
LRRMTG_Judge: as always, the judges on this account are here to answer your rules questions, feel free to @ us so we can see your questions.
themlin: HYPE
zhrang911: Buckle.... Upped
W0NGINAT0R subscribed with Prime.
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TXC2: here we GO!
IR0NB0RN: Hype! <3
neb_200: Is it wrong that I read that in the Panalysts voice @gnome_friend
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countingku: commanding the anniversary.
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monosceros: lrrDOTS seabatUseless lrrARROW
FionasGotIT: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
GrandiaKnight: HYPE!!
water_polo_man: yes!!
Fistacles: numotYES numotYES
MelvinMTG: Good luck team!
Nameless_Sword: Here we GOOOOOO
Unnwell: yes
angeiras1: YES
OldBenX: lrrHERE
ryanthelion42: PauseChamp
mastershake29x: woohoo
kaziel0: benginHype benginHype benginHype
DorkmasterFlek: skaiHYPE skaiHYPE skaiHYPE skaiHYPE skaiHYPE skaiHYPE skaiHYPE
gnome_friend: @neb_200 that was the intention
TXC2: riktracer please don't all caps
kamkazi: SourPls
eshplode: wheelerPog
OldBenX: the8bitHype the8bitHype the8bitHype the8bitHype the8bitHype the8bitHype
neb_200: Hi friends benginHi
kuriboLXIX: wheelerT wheelerH
AP4rk3dC4r: lrrHORN
GrandiaKnight: Just as the intro started fireworks started going off outside!
monkeyrama: Yesss
theevilslime: and now comes the point where i dip out of the chat for full-screen glory!
chrono2x: Oh hey, in the theater?
IbunWest: philli2Dab
virtualcatastrophe: PPR :D
gredgredmansson: benginDab
EJGRgunner: oh Adam
sblue333: Yassss Queen
TXC2: my boy Adam!
monosceros: benginDab
polaris415: yAAAAAAS
NightWingMistHawk: Adam portraying my current mood
riktracer: Sorry, I shall refrain from kt kn the future @TXC2 😅
Ominouslyominous: Helloooo!
RandomTrivia: Ah, that old Friday Nights feel
Fistacles: looks like 2020 hit adam haard
sblue333: HYPE
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Adam is there
SmashTCG: adam no, what did you do
Nameless_Sword: Wooo woo
monosceros: look at these COOL TEENS
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StageMgrRob: Still waiting in the burnt out hulk of the American East Coast on the winner of this weeks PPR
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MrPandaaaGaming: @LRRMTG_Judge can i scoop as aspecial action like mutate?
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fishthemfishfish: Hello, this is a sub message
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Kendog61: first time sub. happy I can do it
CravenInsomniac: I always forget the ridiculous amount of production goes into these streams.
Didero: All these people are lookin' good
mastershake29x: this is awesome
Pharmacistjudge: ah COVID hair everywhere
chrono2x: I love your aquarium mask, Cam!
Easilycrazyhat: I caught it in time for the intro, sweet!
orimazer: spice8Wagg
monkeyrama: Hello!
niccus: OH SHIT
virtualcatastrophe: teens on the street
TimeToFry: The theatre?
Snowcookies: ooh Belfry
sblue333: God, I can't wait for Cam to get dumpstered
IbunWest: Graham had a stylin' mask
TehAmelie: ohaio
gredgredmansson: hi lrrGRAHAM
TXC2: Pharmacistjudge you guys have hair? Kappa
denitar: Such a great team for this PPR! Love it!!
RocknGrohlNerd: very nice intro benginHeart benginHeart
based_jishin: help I got 8 ads right as the video started
CodenameJD: HYPE
TimeToFry: Wait, 10 players??
CanPlayGames: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:37. lrrSPOT
riktracer: everybody looking real classy!
TheSeraphmin: so many awesome peps in here!
chrono2x: Belfry Theater is lovely
Nameless_Sword: To... the theatre
Didero: Is the sound volume varying on my end?
TheWarbo: but wait if Graham is the one with the camera, then how is Graham *on* camera 🤔
KuraTheDog: oh no, audio feels very slightly desynced
Joalni: Ooh, I was wondering if they were gonna use the theater again!
evan_333333: Adam? pog
kamkazi: 10 Players PogChamp
GrandiaKnight: Hi Graham!
Dix: Hey Hey chat!
Underachiever28: Woohoo!
theprophetofcthulu: same @based_jishin
LRRMTG_Judge: @MrPandaaaGaming you can scoop at any time. pharma2Vial
Mangledpixel: Commander Leg Ends!
Leonhart321: That was a cool downtown shot. Have we ever seen that part of Victoria on the channel before?
mtg_fanerdic: Hi Graham! Looking gud
monkeyrama: looool
bobAkirafett: just got my daily genshin impacts missions done in time lol
mowdownjoe: @TimeToFry One draft pod and one sealed game.
RandomTrivia: lrrKATHLEEN !
malc: hi Kathleen.
water_polo_man: Kathleen!!
monkeyrama: Hi Kathleen
chrono2x: Hi Kathleen
freshmaker__: woooo!
Veraphage: lrrKATHLEEN
angeiras1: RUN
chillmill1: hi Kathleen
wargodmogis: Hi Kathleen!
Diabore: woods draft!
Manwedraithancaranfin: Not the Theatre! (Artagan, 2020)
gnome_friend: lrrKATHLEEN
Leonhart321: Yo Dix, how goes it
TXC2: Kathleen crptid
Count_Grumpy: swoosh
CanPlayGames: lrrDOTS lrrKATHLEEN lrrARROW
GrandiaKnight: Speedy Kathleen activate!
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InfinityToPlanck: Looking forward to a great day of magic
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Dish_KP: Hai Kaffleen
themlin: a kathleen driveby!
Dix: It goes @leonhart321
pyronils80: Hello and good evening! Greetings from Germany! :) :) :) :)
Wiliart: A wild Kathleen as joined the stream
freshmaker__: nyooom
KnightKadosh: lrrFINE @rosielongclaw23
angeiras1: Run Kathleen, run!
doubleayrun: i've been here for a few minutes now, and then twitch gave me 8 ads right during the intro?? :( at least i'll be able to catch the replay
Beeff1986: wow just a Graham starts to speak twitch decide to give me 5 ads. I was just about to sub as well
photosinensis: Hello! We get signal!
GrandiaKnight: oooh getting fancy
Dix: yay Olivia!!!
Malletmaster: Olivia affini5Yeah
SmashTCG: slushpKekw kathleen just Wooshin by
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monkeyrama: A whole lotta commander
Mattmitchell45: Better than a Beej run through
photosinensis: Wait, what's Kathleen running away from?
Leonhart321: Going is about as well as it gets this year, so I'll take it
RandomTrivia: We will be here ALL NIGHT lrrHEART
Nameless_Sword: That is a lot of commander
LRRMTG_Judge: hey everyone! Judge Squirrel checking in :) - Squirrel
gnome_friend: @photosinensis the Lhurgoyf
EzLemons13: I love Kathleen!
sheer_falacy: 4 games of commander... will they actually all be today?
angeiras1: A commom card
MTBoot: Olivia and Gavin are 2 of my favourite guests frivLove
RomanGoro: photosinensis the right hand side of screen?
water_polo_man: rules video hype
mastershake29x: 4 games of commander sounds perfect
gredgredmansson: lrrJUDGE
Easilycrazyhat: Is anyone else getting a *little* bit of delay on audio?
TXC2: Judge Time!
RocknGrohlNerd: theasiDab theasiDab theasiDab theasiDab Olivia
angeiras1: Olívia <3
Dix: the rules!
Underachiever28: These judge videos are awesome
GrandiaKnight: Hi judges for today!
michele6963: so exited for ppr
ArcOfTheConclave: do you have to draft the prismatic piper or can you just add it like basic lands?
Nameless_Sword: Judges video!
photosinensis: Yeah, a bit of delay.
Zaghrog: Easilycrazyhat maybe
Diabore: rules!
sblue333: Woooooo my hype is uncontainable
kameliali: Audio is desynced a bit
Wolfstrike_NL: A little delay yes
MRForceOFWill: lrrJUDGE
Zedruu_the_Goathearted: @Easilycrazyhat I saw that too
mastershake29x: @ArcOfTheConclave the latter
JadedSimulacrum: Wow 10 players?
WhiteWizard42: @Easilycrazyhat yeah I have some desync too
AP4rk3dC4r: I'll be honest. I forgot they were commander games after drafting...
riktracer: an every so slight delay there on Graham there yeah
TimeToFry: Usually?
electrum516: tiny delay
Diabore: hans!
Easilycrazyhat: Cool. Just checking that it's not me.
Terradana: ach! hans run!
Diabore: excitement!
malc: LOL
monkeyrama: lol, poor finks
TheWarbo: Hans!
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VapidAbacus: LET'S GOOOOOO
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mastershake29x: @JadedSimulacrum 8 for the draft, 8 for the sealed, 6 are doing both
boristhewizard: that's not serge, he's not wearing a chain necklace
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
benjamin_wheeler: @TimeToFry Planeswalker commanders
Reavh: @TimeToFry Some planeswalkers can be your commander
evolirium subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 23 months!
evolirium: Yeay, this is a great finale of my day. Cutiepies drafting commander <3
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EJGRgunner: ooh. the Kitchen Finks dig at Serge
EvilBadman: Hahah that Serge shade for Finks
manfred909: lol
413th: the finks!
electrum516: Hans!!1
Xafty: ah finks
LoganAura: PFFF kitchen finks
Dix: Get outta here Fink's!
Svendryn: Love that Serge is explaining the color identity rule
gnome_friend: !card kitchen finks
LRRbot: Kitchen Finks [1{G/W}{G/W}] | Creature — Ouphe [3/2] | When Kitchen Finks enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life. / Persist
Leonhart321: I think the usually applies to the creature, not the legendary
ArcOfTheConclave: lol fimks
Pharmacistjudge: ah kitchen finks and serge
NarishmaReborn: lol kitchen finks
riktracer: my boi Hans
Domidwarcer: Nice Serge call out there with Finks
mastershake29x: haha kitchen finks
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kerbalized_: lol finks
ItsMajorMineral: kitchen finks is my favortie bit
monosceros: rip finks
Nameless_Sword: Had to throw that finks in there
Tikosh_: @LRRMTG_Judge there has been some discussion in the JA Discord.. how do you handle a player who plays an additional copy of their commander in their deck? Especially if both end in the library
Diosu: TWO!?
frnknstn: loool editor shade
gualdhar: yeaaaaaa booooooy we heeeeere
JokerBoney: @benjamin_wheeler wheelerY wheelerH
martian_kyo subscribed at Tier 1.
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GrandiaKnight: So basically Brawl
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LackingSanity_: 1 more month till the funny number
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kerbalized_: wuht
Undeaddroo: love that surge tells the color identity rule lol
JadedSimulacrum: Ah ok! Thanks @mastershake29x
benjamin_wheeler: I'm just sitting here DESPERATE to play my deck
Diosu: Did you know that both of your commanders can be Prismatic Piper
judgementkazzy: lol kitchen finks
jdgmoney: that's not how you spell color
asthanius: Oh that's a REALLY nice rule
kuriboLXIX: wheelerY wheelerT wheelerH
mowdownjoe: wat
jdgmoney: dang canadians
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH
GrandiaKnight: Hi Ben!
sheer_falacy: ooh you do not want to be stuck with that commander
water_polo_man: Wheeler in chat!
Joalni: Soon! @benjamin_wheeler
innovativemethods: that finks is a great reference
sblue333: Smooth like butter
TimeToFry: @benjamin_wheeler Super stoked to see what you drafted!
TXC2: jdgmoney no but it is how you spell colour
riktracer: will Pipers be provided like basics in things like boosters?
Diosu: @sheer_falacy R&D said they only used it once in playtesting
Leonhart321: Oh all the time Judge Serge, that's why I play duplicate effects Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that's how Piper works
Zedruu_the_Goathearted: @innovativemethods yeah i love that shade
soundlord775: cool!
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Dirk_Strider_tT: Sup wheels wheelerY wheelerH
StoryRun: Are prismatic piper in the token slot?
thehokeypokey: wow, six ad break
mastershake29x: @riktracer yes, they appear in 1 in 6 boosters
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Undeaddroo: Hans look its the sub train!
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GrandiaKnight: If it's anything like his double masters draft his deck will be awesome!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Wooo, not too late
innovativemethods: ok so how is Encore different from Unearth?
CommanderPulsar: @maadneet Thanks for the gift sub!
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flagonmaster: nearly a whole year woot
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LRRMTG_Judge: @Tikosh_ that's still under debate, but I would find a way to denote which one is which, use substitute cards if you need to. pharma2Vial
DeM0nFiRe: Damn I spaced out for part of the video, is this video available somewhere?
judgementkazzy: they also attack that opponent, right?
LRRMTG_Judge: @Tikosh_ that's a legal thing to do, so there's no problem besides the logistics of mixing cards together. If the commander gets shuffled into the deck between games, it can be retrieved. If it gets put on the bottom during gameplay... is there a card that does that in the set? :P - Squirrel
riktracer: @mastershake29x that's so cool! thanks for the explanation 😊
chrono2x: ooo
ArcOfTheConclave: ooh!
kerbalized_: oooooo
Graham_LRR: @innovativemethods you get many tokens, and they attack every opponent
Didero: Friendship In Magic
TotallyNotaBeholder: Friendship is Magic! (The gathering)
innovativemethods: Ah! Thank you.
GrandiaKnight: Friendship is the true magic
Rynn___: Oh Sweet Thanks @maadneet lrrWOW
LRRMTG_Judge: @Tikosh_ (I would suggest to a player in this position that they put something inside the card sleeve to mark which one is the commander. - Squirrel)
MelvinMTG: Ah yes, Halana and Livio
riktracer: @totallynotabeholder beat me by one second
Leonhart321: *calls from back* Errata Animar with Partner
TXC2: De5ert bus: Firendship is magic the gathering
Joalni: @DeM0nFiRe The VOD will be here on Twitch and later on LRR's magic youtube
CodenameJD: Oh...what's the starting life total in this format?
mastershake29x: 40
Zedruu_the_Goathearted: woahhh
sheer_falacy: partner with myself
benjamin_wheeler: PIPES
TimeToFry: Big pipes
Whisle: what was that scary cat D=
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noSmokeFire: peeking piper
Naarius: #BigPipes
TXC2: #BigPipes
freshmaker__: Something to note that was a little different than in the wording in this video. The encore tokens are made for each opponent and attack THAT opponent if able, not just 'attacks if able'
monkeyrama: LUL
dtape467: big pipes XD
Diosu: Cards thats care if you control a commander also see stolen commanders
Tikosh_: 40, draft 2 cards at once
TamesLovesGames: PIPES
photosinensis: JUDGE! I just tried to cast Panglacial Wurm with a mana source that produced a nondeterministic amount of mana!
DeM0nFiRe: Joalni Thanks. Was kinda hoping I could rewatch it so I know what is happening during the play today LUL
riktracer: #BigPipes
FionasGotIT: BiG pIpEs
TheOneCalledStu: B I G P I P E S
WhiteWizard42: oh man mono-white Double Horse commanders
Diabore: the DREAM!
cuttlefishman: "not enough randomness"
GrandiaKnight: RNG for life!
Snowcookies: Yay
DiscordianTokkan: Cascade baybeeeee
TheWarbo: Cascade, cascade, cascade, cascade.
gnome_friend: And then they CASCADED into another lrrEFF ing Bloodbraid ELF
RocknGrohlNerd: and I mean big big #BigPipes
flagonmaster: fingers crossed for that big hydra
snicketysnick: BIG PIPES just sounds wrong
Tartarga: Nice, back from work just in time for the stream.
benjamin_wheeler: real talk Twitch Chat, drafting this set was some of the most fun I've ever had drafting
sheer_falacy: wait how many cascades did that card have
beowuuf: the two deck construction changes ape other constructed to limited changes, so other rules are the same
Nameless_Sword: Well no cascading into a bloodbraid elf this day
benjamin_wheeler: like there's just SO much going on
TXC2: apex Devestor = Christoper
MTBoot: If you have 2 of the same commander with partner, do they fall under the legends clause- is one sac'd if the other enters the battlefield?
raaabr: Ooh
DentedPockets: Cascade x4 seems deece
kuriboLXIX: wheelerPog
MelvinMTG: @sheer_falacy Yes
innovativemethods: @sheer_falacy Three! And one on the counterspell!
freshmaker__: I can't wait to draft this.
LRRMTG_Judge: @photosinensis not sure that is possible, but sounds funny. pharma2Vial
Carsonogenics_: @benjamin_wheeler does it compare well to misty boosties?
TXC2: benjamin_wheeler neet
GhostValv: castcade if you will
P1xelPaul: Got 2 boxes reserved for draft with friends! so excited
Leonhart321: Wait, so actual question, if you COULD have a partner with something other than Piper, do you have to pick it INSTEAD of Piper, or can you choose Piper instead of an alternate Partner Legend?
gualdhar: @benjamin_wheeler how highly did you value commanders?
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Kendog61: go LRR!
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SmashTCG: @benjamin_wheeler shame most people wont be able to draft IRL safely
Neisan29: Oh hi
Joalni: @DeM0nFiRe NP :D It's kinda late for me here, so I'll probably watch the sealed portion later from the Vod too.
riktracer: really gonna have to play this, so hyped for the set!
pupsnapgaming: lovely preroll ads twitch -grumbles-
TangleTrail: @MTBoot yes
Loonatic93: @MTBoot Thank you. I was going to ask the same thing.
TXC2: pupsnapgaming tell twitch, not us
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priestofzentu: hi everyone
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TheMightyTaylor: Magic magic magic magic magic.
monkeyrama: So hyped for the return of monarch
ArcOfTheConclave: stutter?
pupsnapgaming: I have. I'm just complaining
siltyroach: T H E G A M E
mastershake29x: monarch is such a good mechanic
monkeyrama: hopefully they fixed the monarch token OpieOP
GrandiaKnight: It's good to be the king
SmashTCG: the gamethe game
Snowcookies: doubled audio
LRRMTG_Judge: @Leonhart321 You're more than welcome to use Prismatic Piper as your commander even if you have legendaries in your deck, if you really want :) - Squirrel
Leonhart321: Side note, I am super glad Monarch is back
photosinensis: @lrrmtg_judge It's a known headache with Selvala and Chromatic Star.
TXC2: if you are the Monarch you must talk like Doc Hammer Kappa
Fistacles: probably a miscut during editing
mastershake29x: @monkeyrama they did
RocknGrohlNerd: @TheMightyTaylor magic magic magic
northos: at the beginning your end step :P
grifflet subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 21 months!
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monkeyrama: Sweet
monkeymasterse: yea more stuff and a reprint for Queen Marchesa which warms my heart
EdExecute: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
Leonhart321: Thanks Judges
Graham_LRR: That was a weird rendering glitch, I’ll fix it for YouTube.
flojosch: m'monarch *taps hat*
WillowWiffs: wait, can you stifle someone taking the Monarch from you???
riktracer: thanks Serge and Nelly ❤
LRRMTG_Judge: @photosinensis I think you meant sphere
TXC2: monkeyrama whatever do you mean fix? Kappa
Graham_LRR: That audio isn’t there in the edit. Oh well!
HerNameIsAlice: Wait? Does this mean the new Legendary Grixis creature that ends the turn is able to prevent another player from being able to take the crown?
monkeyrama: LUL @TXC2
TimeToFry: Oh well
evan_333333: ah papa graham
benjamin_wheeler: its not a glitch, its just the cascade trigger
TheOneCalledStu: it happens
WrightJustice: REL:axed
Orgmastron: REL:AXED
Leonhart321: Twitch doing Twitch things Graham?
mastershake29x: REL:axed
ninja_theory_ashrams: AXED
soundlord775: hey graham !
GrandiaKnight: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheMightyTaylor: Fun? Magic is serious business. lrrSPOT
cuttlefishman: Thanks
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun unfortunately we are going into lockdown so no drafting Commander Legends for us here
jameswanders: Anyone complaining about ads hasn't been watching MSNBC all week...
raaabr: A GRAHAM
freshmaker__: the small audio hiccup is nbd. :)
TimeToFry: @HerNameIsAlice Its a may ability :P
photosinensis: Yeah, I meant sphere.
Snowcookies: Relax, chat
flagonmaster: thanks lrrJUDGE
flojosch: wheeeelerrrr
omdorastrix: Nope
TXC2: sure why not
noSmokeFire: @benjamin_wheeler I honestly thought it might be intentional the first time because of that
Diabore: nah fam but ill be fine
DiscordianTokkan: Hah!
themlin: what happens with say, cascade 4?
GrandiaKnight: No sorry Graham
MelvinMTG: Is this Magic?
bob_baggins: hello LRR! I wish I wasn't at work so I could watch without interruption!
Leonhart321: I'm up to 60mph, could go to 88
riktracer: Someone get on the custom card the REL Axe
mastershake29x: judge video great as usual
LittleGiant524: Yeiii
CravenInsomniac: Man, the insane amount of prod
ArdCollider: @jameswanders Alien Tape is my commander
TriadGaymers: Wow, that was a disclaimer for sure lol ! :) Still gonna be fun
monkeyrama: 👀
flojosch: lrrHEART lrrHEART
MTBoot: Draft in the woods 2: Electric Boogaloo?
Dix: Prerecorded content!
GrandiaKnight: Hype!
gredgredmansson: @themlin each one triggers seperately
sheer_falacy: pigeons!
IbunWest: Birbs
mtg_fanerdic: Not a effing clue
LRRMTG_Judge: @photosinensis big fan of Panglacial Wurm rules interactions here, although I'm gonna say that's more an issue with Selvala than Panglacial Wurm really :P - Squirrel
flatluigi: birds!
DiscordianTokkan: Birbs!
A_Dub888: !russel
rainbowmage42: I hope draft is outside again
Tikosh_: birbs
GrandiaKnight: BIRBS!!
Ammondale: we heading back out to the forst?
Diabore: more woods draft?
kuriboLXIX: SeemsGood SeemsGood
CardKingdom: TACOS
beowuuf: birbdraft
water_polo_man: Hi
Unas84: Birbs and Bikes!
gizmofreak1: the first "formally" judged commander game
Dix: f e r n w o o d
razorswift: wait, so 2 5-man pods?
CaptainSpam: Fernwoods draft.
SciCat: Outside draft!
Earthenone: a whole neighborhood for coffee
dtape467: this doesn't look like the moon
CodenameJD: Had a feeling they'd film the draft in the same place they filmed Dice Friends
chrono2x: God, Victoria is lovely.
Zaroth339: infinite tacos
TheACTR: I have the hunger
mega_mega117: 80808
Leonhart321: Ah ha, Fern WOOD draft
Evochron13: that boom's got great pick up range lrrBEEJ
garunkl: Beerfest!
Dix: 8 person draft
sheer_falacy: says 8P draft
photosinensis: Yes. Don't put Panglacial Wurm in a Selvala deck.
siltyroach: Fernwood is definetly a strain.
Suffix: Jordan - I'll wrap some up and mail them to you.
GrandiaKnight: Fernwood coffee neighbourhood?
FionasGotIT: @CardKingdom No, they're my tacos!
mastershake29x: @razorswift gavin and olivia will join for the sealed
Didero: Draft sounds good, ventilation is important
CardKingdom: For once forget Magic, gimme those TACOS
sblue333: brrrrrrr
sheer_falacy: hard to draft with the people who aren't in Canada, probably
adambomb625: Hey I think this is pre-recorded, strimer prove you are live by putting your hand on your head
TheACTR: Bear Force One
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mega_mega117: <message deleted>8080808080808080808080808080808
Diabore: booooo
Underachiever28: I heard this set will be available on MTGO
flatluigi: theater!
monkeyrama: Yay theater again!
Nameless_Sword: no woods... but to the theatre
TimeToFry: Oh that's FANCY
IbunWest: Wow I love it
TheWriterAleph: wooo
Hawkfrost000: this is amazing
riktracer: the Thespian's Stage!
Dix: t h e a t r e
gredgredmansson: 8 enter, only one may leave
GrandiaKnight: Oooh fancy
Joalni: It looks so good!
snydepels2: NICE
TXC2: mega_mega117 you ok ?
Armoric: Woah
eye_h_bar: Ooo, cool
sblue333: OOOO shit
LittleGiant524: Miss the woods
innovativemethods: Oh, is this the same theatre they used for Heat Death?
water_polo_man: theatre draft!!!
garunkl: Heat Death!
DiscordianTokkan: Yesss, thank you Belfry, Thelfry
Leonhart321: Technically still a Woods Draft
ABMsalamader99: Ahh hell yeah!
Didero: Just put a thin layer of lead into your card sleeve, can't blow away then
TheMightyTaylor: That place looks beautiful
sblue333: that looks dope
TXC2: innovativemethods yes
benjamin_wheeler: Breaking News: Group of theatre nerds decide to go to theatre
beowuuf: i eat
raaabr: I wonder if LRR will be single-handedly keeping Belfry going
Unas84: uh oh, beware the Aliens crawling about!
sheer_falacy: oh I hope the play isn't about Marit Lage
TheSeraphmin: classy drafting setup!
flojosch: aTheatre of Legends!
MTBoot: That looks rad AF to draft in a theatre
rainbowmage42: I wonder what was needed to be allowed to draft there
Ammondale: @benjamin_wheeler shocker
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soft_sunset: whee manymoons
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Snowcookies: Where the Heat Death and after DB Dice Friends were shot
mastershake29x: this is quite cool
thanzo: seamless transition
KartoffelKaiser: @benjamin_wheeler WHAT
SmashTCG: Nice, santized BEFORE removeing the mask
RedJackz: Ok so first I read somewhere it was a 10p draft and now it's a 8p draft
doubleayrun: this is extremely blessed
Joalni: I still hope we get another woods draft even after the current situation resolves.
sblue333: He said the thing!
SmashTCG: i noticed G
photosinensis: I like that they're showing their precautions.
Leonhart321: Looks like we have a Booster Box in The Belfry
AP4rk3dC4r: I really appreciate how this has been done.
HerNameIsAlice: Commander Legends is out this month!!!! HeroQuest is on crowd fund right now to be released the first time in 20 years... great time to game
mastershake29x: @RedJackz 8p draft, 2 will swap out for gavin and olivia, then 8p sealed
cuttlefishman: I like Graham's shirt - where can I get one?
Diabore: @RedJackz 8 lrr people draft, 2 guests are doing sealed
CodenameJD: @RedJackz 10 players are playing today. 8 in the draft, 2 just joining later for sealed
RocknGrohlNerd: birds in the opening shot, it must be Mr. Wheeler drafting today, wheelerBless
Kykiwi: thicc
riktracer: wait
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malc: yes, very happy how present the precautions are
A_Dub888: T H I C C
Scarbble: cuttlefishman the LRR merch store
Graham_LRR: @photosinensis it’s important to us for a variety of reasons :)
photosinensis: It's the Pride shirt.
mastershake29x: @cuttlefishman LRR store
RedJackz: Thanks for the info guys
pupsnapgaming: GO BEN GO
TheWarbo: TIRED: basic land station WIRED: basic commander station
raaabr: Nelson without the beard!
sblue333: Thicc
TimeToFry: Dizzy
HerNameIsAlice: I hope the LRR team plays some HeroQuest once it's re-released
Malletmaster: T H I C C B O O S T I E S
riktracer: Can you just fill your deck with Pipers?
GrandiaKnight: 360!!
sheer_falacy: that is a really great shot
chrono2x: I love the camera work
Hawkfrost000: what a shot
noSmokeFire: oh, those tables are much tinier than I thought
gredgredmansson: serge got REACH
Snes_Controller: Graham could have just passed that to his left
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niccus: long way around huh
HerNameIsAlice: Boosties
averythetiger: So much quarantine beard.
Fruan: I still think the smart way to do this is to lay the cards out on the tables and rotate the players.
riktracer: like can I fill my deck with crap and then just go Mono Pipers?
Dix: t h i c c
jawz77: I do enjoy a T H I C C BOOSTIE
beowuuf: RedJackz: 8 person draft for two games(LRR only), then 2 sealed games adding in olivia and gavin instead of nelson/serge, i beleive
Oneluckyghoul: can someone help? i bought my first box and its commander legends from LGS, would i be able to pick it up today or is it not out for us to get
photosinensis: Well, yes. Serge is Green, therefore he gets reach.
TXC2: easy on the allcaps chat
Dix: b o o s t i e
RocknGrohlNerd: Class, no passing notes lrrSIGNAL
pupsnapgaming: Except Gavin. Gavin knows all
thanzo: everyone's got a lil' cocktail table
ttkblazer97: pack asmr
electrum516: It's the gamer crew I love them all
cahstar133: this is gonna be on youtube right ?
CardKingdom: Card Kingdom is here for those thicc boosties
Diabore: oh ive missed that sound
Joalni: Gimme that pack opening sound
beowuuf: wow, i was slow to type
TheWarbo: "oh boy"
mastershake29x: @cahstar133 yes it will
gingerrrmattt: Let’s do this!!!
snydepels2: i miss that pack cracking sound
Malletmaster: Liesa POGGERS
monkeyrama: Oh yessss
sblue333: G is happy
Tom_Bruise: "That's a common?" always a good sign
Leonhart321: Go oooo
TheSeraphmin: Liesa is so cool!!!!
RockPusher: rayfkKing
flojosch: ooooooh yeeeaaaah
sheer_falacy: ooh that's a cheap commander to recast
GrandiaKnight: Fancy!
sblue333: Interviews aw yea
TXC2: the first good Orzov angle maybe?
DorkmasterFlek: The final angel sister! wheelerPog
BanditoHorse: nuts I missed most of this already
ArcOfTheConclave: @riktracer the judge video said you can add 0, 1, or 2
beowuuf: bandit: barely started, first pick!
M0D3Uz: Hey - First time to catc a PPR live - rare to get that here from Denmark
Didero: "Whenever a player casts a spell, they lose 2 life" :O Luckily this isn't a game about casting spells
IbunWest: Nelly without a beard is weird.
MelvinMTG: The Piper stays in the picture!
sblue333: OH no Ben, Adam G is cutting Orzhov!!!
TXC2: Hello M0D3Uz welcome
Dix: wow nelly WOW
CodenameJD: Beardless Nelson DOES NOT COMPUTE
RedJackz: Oh wow Nelson got rid of the beard
scheater5: Stoked for the new orzhov...but it being the final angel sister was kinda disappointing
GrandiaKnight: No Nelson beard!
SpookySpaghooti: Liesa seems like a not great pick in a draft like this? I mean kinda but hard to build around
photosinensis: Wait a minute. Prismatic Piper is a common legend.
garunkl: nelson shaved!
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UntapUpkeepCaw: Look at those THICC packs
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snydepels2: Me too M0D3Uz
Diosu: "So many words" LUL
Armoric: So do you draft the Piper or do you "borrow" it to someone who did if you lack a general?
handmaderobot: Nelly out here lookin like Mark Ruffalo
denitar: <3 Nelly
TXC2: handmaderobot wow he does
gredgredmansson: you can add Pipers to your deck like Basic Lands
monkeyrama: Perfect
Dix: Cascade hype
pupsnapgaming: @photosinensis So is Chandler!
Leonhart321: This reminds me I should get in touch my my local and see if they're taking orders and such for CL with the new lock down in the UK
TimeToFry: Can't go wrong with Cascade
Diabore: nelly, a man after my heart
minksterella_: wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita
TheWarbo: "I love cascade" yup
CravenInsomniac: Cascade is very pog
riktracer: perfect Kobold gear right there Nelly 👌👌👌
sheer_falacy: if pipers are like basic lands then why are they draftable cards in the pack
RocknGrohlNerd: @M0D3Uz representing europe, nice, czech republic here
Intangible360: I feel like that baby upset that they don't recognize their father who shaved
Dix: Kamhal!!!
Rogue_07: I have a hard time recognizing Nelly sans beard
GrandiaKnight: Nice!
DiscordianTokkan: Ooooh
Diosu: I love Kamahl, hope I get an etched one
atlantisascend: ItsIt’s still so weird seeing people draft in person
TXC2: Numa numa hey
flojosch: wheelerRita wheelerRita
TheWarbo: numa numa?
rainbowmage42: I remember him from onslaught
freshmaker__: omg that rita emote
thanzo: Kamahl-aline
Pharmacistjudge: oh look it's Dix, I mean Kamahl
dtape467: passed the hullbreacher?
Joalni: !card numa
LRRbot: Found 7 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Leonhart321: Wheeler..... are you mono Green?
photosinensis: So is Joven.
LRRMTG_Judge: @sheer_falacy Basic lands are actually draftable in packs, they're just often removed by players theman20Heart
Ukon_Cairns: wheelerRita wheelerRita
MTBoot: Cascade is hype. It feels super good to pop off on it.
Dix: hahaha right @pharmacistjudge
Toonela: lrrBEN lrrBEN
CodenameJD: ha
TXC2: it's 2005 again, Numa numa's back Kappa
Diosu: Onslaught was my first set so I'm building Akroma/Kamahl
jhmv: Man, Wheeler is really looking the Waldo look.
Diabore: memes!
Dix: memes
Malletmaster: Sailor of Memes!
hd_dabnado: Memes!
CleeKru: sailor of memes
CodenameJD: Pillow fort? TIME FOR GRUUL SMASH
pupsnapgaming: SAILOR OF MEMES. YAY BEN
Toonela: Lumberjack Ben
monkeyrama: loooool
GrandiaKnight: Liar!
sblue333: Numa Numa deck is auto win
Dix: hahahaha
monkeyrama: It was fate
TheSeraphmin: LMAO
accountmadeforants: freshmaker__ Repulsive, isn't it? wheelerRita
Shoki_Donai: They would!
gredgredmansson: how about a monored mythic
sheer_falacy: everybody's got the right to their memes
Hexy_Lexy234: BEN
Kykiwi: the biggest burn
raaabr: Had to say it ben
adambomb625: All hail sailor of memes
rainbowmage42: yes
RocknGrohlNerd: the memes are real
cuttlefishman: hahaha
FionasGotIT: LUL
TXC2: !clips
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sblue333: Called
alexanderthefine: oop
Tikosh_: Go UW you coward!
Snowcookies: lol Ben
chillmill1: LUL
Leonhart321: I dunno Ben, WOULD THEY?
Nameless_Sword: mono-red mythic
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raaabr: BIG RED
photosinensis: There are apparently 13 commanders that are commons: https://scryfall.com/search?q=is%3Acommander+rarity%3Acommon&unique=cards&as=grid&order=name
TimeToFry: This card seems fun
Naarius: benginChaos
sblue333: Do eeeet
sheer_falacy: holy crap
KartoffelKaiser: YO that card seems rad!
GrandiaKnight: Huh
monkeyrama: Amazing LUL
Diabore: "forsake flesh, choose fire
Tom_Bruise: I can't wait for that card to do absolutely nothing when I cast it
CodenameJD: Daaang... I think I'd have gone for Amareth there
flojosch: totally rigged LUL
GrandiaKnight: Amareth!
TheWarbo: 9 mana red spell sure sounds Ben-ish
RockPusher: benginFingers RPGFireball RPGFireball RPGFireball
CodenameJD: But hard choice
Nameless_Sword: benginChaos
KharadBanar: notably, you still need to pay the manacosts on those cards
PiGuy2000: Oh no I'm late!
minksterella_: ooh wrong choice
benjamin_wheeler: oh cool dragon wheelerKappa
RedJackz: Unarmed Oracle never dissapoints
gredgredmansson: also hope ben gets a red legnendary
minksterella_: i woulda gone middle
TheWarbo: (as he noted, commander-Ben-ish)
mowdownjoe: Damnit, Cam!
sblue333: Haha Cam
CtrlUltDefeatLive: Are there double rares each pack?
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freshmaker__: One of the most blessed LRR days! PPR! Commander! The hype is real. Thank you all for everything. lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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Hawkfrost000: "Forsake Flesh, Choose Fire"
EJGRgunner: are those relatively new glasses for Cam?
LittleGiant524: new glasses?
Nyxshade: Jeska, Jeska, ooorrr Jeska
thanzo: scry scry scry!
GrandiaKnight: And of course Cam gets blue
TXC2: EJGRgunner yeap
CodenameJD: Ooh, draw all the cards
ttkblazer97: draw cards cam!
snydepels2: foil sailor of memes
CapnKush420x: Do you play the games 4p or 1v1?
Pharmacistjudge: yes those are new glasses
riktracer: wait what
TimeToFry: Oh god that's so good
IbunWest: That seems pretty good
Joalni: Wait what!
photosinensis: That's exactly what I'd expect Cam to play.
RomanGoro: Cameron didn't want to draft mono blue, but mono blue drafted him
benjamin_wheeler: WHAT
Diabore: @EJGRgunner i believe about a month, based on highlights
CodenameJD: Nice XD
Ominouslyominous: lol how is everyone getting packs just for them
Dix: I love the confessional shots @graham_lrr
Alphaetus_Prime: yup that's a cam card alright
riktracer: that's INSANE! So goooood
doubleayrun: Cam has very beautiful new glasses, they make him look great!
innovativemethods: divining top being 3 times worse is still pretty good
photosinensis: I mean, #value? That's Cam.
TheGcsmith: did wotc seed these?
TXC2: CapnKush420x 4 person I belive
l1ttl3m1ssk: how does ben get red, and cameron blue???
Kykiwi: ah yes the forest packs
TXC2: TheGcsmith yes
gredgredmansson: JUND IT OUT
benjamin_wheeler: not gonna lie Cameron, had me in the first half
sblue333: Serge y
monkeyrama: Burn PogChamp
raaabr: JUND EM
sora_mayura: umm... why are they taking 2 in a draft?
FionasGotIT: Mana burn booooi
CodenameJD: Oooh Serge on Jund mana burn!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: YO Yurlok
probablyanerd: mana burn!!!
Nameless_Sword: Jund em
razorswift: JUND EM
adambomb625: Mana burn is BACK
RocknGrohlNerd: it is sooo nice, seeing the joy of opening packs
DiscordianTokkan: Mana Buuuuuurn!
niccus: the judge special
Shoki_Donai: Oh boy!
photosinensis: JUND EM.
TheGcsmith: in this draft, you take 2
sblue333: Yesss Serge
Leonhart321: Wait, What?
Tikosh_: what a name xD
Unas84: oh right, this is the first time you guys see each other's decks/picks, huh, @benjamin_wheeler ?
PrimalTheRaptor: Uh yeah baby! Yurlok my buddy!
GrandiaKnight: Jund em out Serge! Jund em out!
pupsnapgaming: Yunddd
ryuhimora: Mana Burn is BACK????
TheWarbo: oh the judge opened the mana burn card yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
freshmaker__: Whose-lok is it Anyway?
gredgredmansson: let's just hope the Serge actually drafts creatures this time
Leonhart321: What did that say about unspent mana?
sithenin: Yes, mana burn
CardKingdom: Mana burn baybeeeee
TriadGaymers: That's some serious Warmonger Serge energy there lol
riktracer: @graham_lrr did you guys do interviews separately to keep people surprised?
JaysonMaxwell: Okay. "Mana Burn as a wincon" is lovely.
RomanGoro: TheGcsmith TXC2 no, Wotc did not *seed* these, they *sent* these :D
sblue333: Alex is smiling down upon serge
TXC2: it's 1997 again, mana burn is back baby!
Dix: @ryuhimora on that Jund card yes
kuriboLXIX: my boi adam
giganticdork: YOOOO Cuombajj Witches!?!?
MTBoot: Cuombajj yes
TimeToFry: Ooh, that's spicy
sheer_falacy: commander is so weird for draft because pivoting becomes way harder and splashing is kind of impossible
CravenInsomniac: My boi the command tower
CaioSIC: "I get to kill people" Serge, 2020
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Diabore: adam with the strats
TXC2: RomanGoro Dyslexia strikes again :p
monkeyrama: SAfe seabatBRAIN
mowdownjoe: Command Tower seems super safe in this set.
RocknGrohlNerd: time to pivot Adam?
monkeymasterse: it has the MTGO art
Graham_LRR: @riktracer Only kinda. We were limited in that ability.
BrowneePoints: Even better, SEB MCKINNON Cumbajj Witches
WillowWiffs: schrodinger's pack eh
evan_333333: lovin adams hair
sblue333: Shrodingers Pacl
CardKingdom: AH thank you Poggifers
mastershake29x: it's cool to see them seeing so many cards for the first time given when they recorded this
remyjette: did they also reprint Jandor's Saddlebags?
thanzo: infinite possibilities in each
SmashTCG: adam no did you just forget to draft a legend?
Joalni: Schrodinger's packs
kerbalized_: command tower seems like a super legit pick 1
Hexy_Lexy234: @poggifers reminder that youre fantastic and appreciated
raaabr: Grafted wargear?
Diabore: nev!
riktracer: @graham_lrr Okay, thanks answering 😊
Malletmaster: :O
monkeyrama: Kathleen! PogChamp
CodenameJD: oh baby
Kykiwi: ya boi nevi
Nyxshade: LARRY
rdiffee7: foil pipes
kerbalized_: wargear!
ttkblazer97: we got there!!
TimeToFry: Ooh, that Etched Piper though
Ominouslyominous: Wowsers.
gredgredmansson: Nevinyrral, what has a Disk
RocknGrohlNerd: ohhh disk jockey
leaf_archer: PogChamp PogChamp
BecauseGnomes: Larry Niven!
Shoki_Donai: Rad
GrandiaKnight: Oh yeah!
kerbalized_: ooooooo
sheer_falacy: ha, he's so thematic
probablyanerd: LARRY NIVEN
Diosu: Is that an etched piper
RedJackz: Perfect color wedge for Kathleen
Wiliart: These are some very nice shots and the lighting is great. My compliments to you LRR.
DiscordianTokkan: Disk-o's not dead!
Nameless_Sword: Larry Niven!
TXC2: #TheDisk
Dix: let's go!
photosinensis: Larry Niven gets a vanity card!
flojosch: fffc yeeah
thanzo: yoooo
Snowcookies: a Zombbie Wizard!
rainbowmage42: Yea nevinryyal
keep_it_lobster: shiny piper
CodenameJD: What are these openers even
ryuhimora: when was this recorded?
SoldieroFortune: OhHai Mr. Niven
ttkblazer97: disc wizard!
Hawkfrost000: zombino
ritchards: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
RockPusher: lrrDARK
benjamin_wheeler: oh cool they edited out my scream when Kathleen said "Nevinryyal"
Graham_LRR: @smashtcg there are 2 legends in every pack, you don’t need to pick one early
CanPlayGames: lrrDOTS lrrWOW lrrARROW
Armoric: Poor Graham with BW and an Esper drafter to his left
RAZRBCK08: they recorded last weekend I believe
Diosu: <message deleted>WAS IT AN ETCHED PIPER
Graham_LRR: @ryuhimora last Friday
Diabore: was that a plaid penguin?
elah806: Calling Kathleen wins all the marbles
sblue333: Every body is so on brand in this so far
TXC2: Diosu please don't allcaps
SydPreviouslyHeadache: blue black tokens?
Malletmaster: R)\
monkeyrama: LUL
Malletmaster: R)
RocknGrohlNerd: I'm already team Kathleen, just for esper pick
ryuhimora: Yar!
raaabr: Oh wow yeah, esper drafter next to an orzhov drafter. Mood.
Dix: WotC is now including this in their Draft Booster Box products
RockPusher: sergeJustRight
DorkmasterFlek: Yarrrr
freshmaker__: @benjamin_wheeler if it makes you feel better, I have no trouble imagine you screaming. :)
snydepels2: big bois
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Leonhart321: Blue White Flyers is an Archetype? This is brand new information
ScourgeOfNeltoth: Go Kathleen! Zombiessss
A_Dub888: SMASH
DiscordianTokkan: RG Thicc
innovativemethods: "red green large creatures" ya don't say
mastershake29x: @Dix it's a great idea
Diabore: oh, nope, its a PLAIDapus
CodenameJD: Good pokerface, Ben
MyBestHat: no Dreadmaw no Buy
Yakkie221B: Ooh! Did y'all just rent a theatre?
Naarius: Big Dumb Idiot tribal?!
Hawkfrost000: RG THIC BOIIS
Snowcookies: Yay green blue!
Graham_LRR: @yakkie221b yes!
Bengineering: Im known for my pokerface you see
IbunWest: Gruul beef is the best archetype.
gredgredmansson: Simic 6+ manacost matters
Yakkie221B: @Graham_LRR Cool!
TheWarbo: RG big dumb idiots, UG draw cards and ramp
riktracer: "Not Gruul? Then small!"
TimeToFry: "Everyone T-pose"
Alphaetus_Prime: those archetypes are not particularly inspired are they
SmashTCG: @Graham_LRR Thats fair, im just terrified of drafting a Set of cards and not opening good legends later
sheer_falacy: holding hands via packs
jawz77: wheelerY wheelerH
Shoki_Donai: It's the circle of caaards!
benjamin_wheeler: Well Amareth I made it, despite your directions
Traion: Ben please never play Poker :p
Yakkie221B: Red hat bitterHype
kuriboLXIX: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE
A_Dub888: Ben "Pokerface" Ulmer
frnknstn: red white pants!
GrandiaKnight: Do it Ben!
asthanius: EGGS
gredgredmansson: this is still PACK ONE
freshmaker__: Amareth is so busto
noSmokeFire: I love Amareth's bismuth horns
CravenInsomniac: "It Calls to Meme" - Wonderful
ABMsalamader99: ffs
Diosu: Please don't listen to the card's lies
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You are being very aggressive, I'm going to need you to simmer down.
jawz77: wheelerGreed
Leonhart321: Boooo
AtrusOfMyst: Hell yeah Cowboy Magic
TXC2: benjamin_wheeler wow
GrandiaKnight: EGGS EGGS EGGS!!
CodenameJD: Do it, Wheeler. Play Kamahl in your Amareth deck
CleeKru: nice
minksterella_: jesus christ ben
Rogue_07: Steamed dragons
SmashTCG: can we see the pick?
sblue333: @benjamin_wheeler LUL
Snowcookies: lol Wheeler
DanTheMediocre: Bant? in this economy?
TheSeraphmin: aaand it's over, we've peaked
DiscordianTokkan: Localized entirely in the Belfry
Blizzinam: Bless you funny man
margieargie: Wow, that steams my hams
A_Dub888: !findquote egg
LRRbot: Quote #5919: "I was distracted by my egg child." —Serge [2019-03-16]
ryuhimora: dammit ben
ABMsalamader99: steamed bant
Yakkie221B: Egge
Tikosh_: that card IN THIS ECONOMY?!
Bearudite: wheelerJoke
noSmokeFire: f o r c e e g g
xenagosthesatyr: hey, Wheeler is back in his iconic red beanie!
thanzo: e g g
JokerBoney: Well Wheeler I made it
Grusommegeir: LUL
PiGuy2000: E G G
FionasGotIT: VaLuE tRaIn
Dish_KP: It's not a Wheeler draft without a steamed hams reference. ^^
WillowWiffs: love everyone just forcing 2-3 colour decks from pick 1-2
LRRMTG_Judge: that was the most eloquent "how is this still in the pack" ever - Squirrel
DorkmasterFlek: This is Wheeler's brand wheelerDroopy
kerbalized_: e g g
eshplode: wheelerY wheelerH
JokerBoney: despite your directions
northos: "this card is great. what does it do?"
flojosch: wheelerY wheelerH wheelerPog
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh white black, i misheard. oops
OpenYourEels4TheNextFeels: Streamed ham and eggs
Rogue_07: Ben, the plushie!
xenagosthesatyr: <message deleted>wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH wheelerGuts
sheer_falacy: "token you control" is a very narrow blartist
Obos_TAB: I know they were safe but the no masks is giving me so much anxiety.
Yakkie221B: Plaid bird
Foxmar320: Hello
Rogue_07: I didn't notice!
Snowcookies: Flannel plush
monkeyrama: wait a sec, Ben has a real plaidapus?
IbunWest: Ben's table friend. feenAww
Diosu: Oh man that blood artist is nuts with that black elf
MaskedThespian: #PlaidPengy
KaleidoscopeMind: the plaid-ypus
Armoric: When did they draft? How long did @Graham_LRR work to edit this in time? Are crazy are y'all?
TXC2: xenagosthesatyr please keep emotes to 7 or less
DiscordianTokkan: The diamonds are at common? Oh BAYBE
Leonhart321: I see your Plaidypus Ben, and I like it
gredgredmansson: at least Ben he can always wind up with the Prismatic Piper
innovativemethods: you should be able to pick up a commander in pack 2 pretty easily, if everyone gets one pack 1.
Hexy_Lexy234: Ben's plushie is so damn good
before_damage: Ben, where do I get that plaidypus?
ritchards: Piper if nothing else
Diabore: dargo is ready
Yakkie221B: Dargo is the best name
James_LRR: @Armoric We drafted this last friday.
raaabr: I see Ben is on BIG RED
Bengineering: It was fan made for me :D
Snowcookies: Wow ambitious
CodenameJD: Punchy pirate
Yakkie221B: I want to name my child Dargo
beowuuf: drafted last weekend before ttc?
riktracer: Time for Dargo to Bargo!
RocknGrohlNerd: Ben doesn't need commander, he is so good
kuriboLXIX: t h i c c idot
Diosu: GivePLZ Show us the etched Piper TakeNRG
TimeToFry: benginDab
rainbowmage42: we're there giants on icalan?
BrowneePoints: benginHype benginHype benginHype
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apocalyptic_squirrel: This set looks fun as hell!
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raaabr: That plushie is adorbs
Traion: That is so cute Ben
sheer_falacy: I want it all and I want it now
innovativemethods: Is 2 cards per pack going to be th enew standard of draft?
Armoric: @James_LRR oh I thought it was a couple days ago. So they were really missing a lot of the spoiler context
TXC2: "who lives in deck box under the sea? DARGO SHIPWRECKER!"
gredgredmansson: @rainbowmage42 no, this is a different plane
Naarius: !venga
LRRbot: You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry. You'd better like to party, I'm telling you why. The Venga Bus is coming to town.
CodenameJD: I hope we get to see more twists on draft rules like this and Double Masters
LittleGiant524: s a f e
thanzo: the packs keep coming and they don't stop coming
pupsnapgaming: Wait... is that a PLAIDapuss? benginHype
NrgSpoon: oops, missed the first 30 minutes
Toonela: smile.amazon.com/Gravity-falls-Plaidypus-Plush/dp/B07F1DZ4RG
benjamin_wheeler: this card is absurd
leaf_archer: "Azami" gibiHmm
sblue333: Araumi, Azami - Potato Potahto
freshmaker__: Oh yes, plaidypus is very good. You get the Australian seal of approval. :P
gredgredmansson: After reading the lore, I think Araumi and Dargo may be from the same plane
Diosu: @NrgSpoon Don't worry, they finished up judge corner 15 minutes ago
evan_333333: ayyyy wheeler
raaabr: Poor Graham, next to an esper drafter :P
MillerDark: @NrgSpoon They only just started drafting, you didn't miss anything
monkeyrama: Araumi looks so good
garunkl: @benjamin_wheeler I love it for my sidisi
giganticdork: same thing they're both blue :p
Rogue_07: Wheeler- the dragon you picked or the UB card Adam was talking about?
sheer_falacy: any removal is good removal in limited?
benjamin_wheeler: @Rogue_07 why not both
TimeToFry: I want thsi card so bad
TheWarbo: what was that card called? "Mildly Inconvenienced Bird"?
andy1503: filigree familiar plus arum straight value
Malletmaster: Ghastly Demise is a card I once thought was super great
TXC2: highlander plaiyble? Kappa
Yakkie221B: Oh hi Nelly
MadmanOreo: Are the matches 1v1 or 4 player free for alls?
sheer_falacy: ooh how does that interact with the mana burn commander
gmt1507: the crew pass packs a s Bill Cipher is vanquished
BanditoHorse: big mana vs mana burn please
rainbowmage42: solid removal
GavinVerhey: Oh hello everyone
Rogue_07: @benjamin_wheeler that's fair! gabyDope
Orgmastron: Ghastly Demise really takes me back
TXC2: hello GavinVerhey welcome
malc: grund?
Sniknob: Can we talk how handsome nelly is loonking there
AnDagda: Bring back matters of import you cowards
monkeymasterse: hi
Pharmacistjudge: Greetings Gavin
TheWarbo: oh hey it's a Gavin!
TheOrigamiGamer: I love Serge's jacket and I want to get one.
CravenInsomniac: Mon Green Jund.....Why Serge
TimeToFry: @sheer_falacy You don't lose mana, so you don't get burned
Scarbble: oh hello GavinVerhey
beowuuf: hey gavin!
linsonas: @sheer_falacy It prevents mana burn
Foxmar320: Welcome Gavin
garunkl: @GavinVerhey Hello there
Joalni: @sheer_falacy Painfully, I would guess
Toonela: Hi, Gavin, shouldn't you be working?
the_garfielf: gavin !
ttkblazer97: hey gavin!
niccus: jundegreen
sblue333: Mono green Jund sounds Dope
CodenameJD: Serge, you're fine, you had so much fixing there
noSmokeFire: it's pronounced "gund"
naThanathos: I'm realizing nelson would look similar to mark ruffalo if he got a bit of a beard.
Yakkie221B: God that shot of Serge in the balcony was sweeeeeet
boyesie: good evenig @gavinverhey wombleHug
Graham_LRR: Hey @gavinverhey
riktracer: Jund is everywhere. You can always Jund em.
bob_baggins: the t-pose pass
Ankylosaur: Cam, playing Blue? Never!
riktracer: hey Gavin!
Unas84: hey Gavin
freshmaker__: Oh hey @GavinVerhey Fancy seeing you here!
theprophetofcthulu: Hey Gavin
Tikosh_: A wild Gavin!
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qrpth: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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Malletmaster: Hey Gavin!
ttkblazer97: how are you liking the draft, gavin?
gredgredmansson: <message deleted>GOLD AND ALE AND CARDS
GavinVerhey: @Toonela I think watching people play the set and provide feedback on it is working. ;)
Yakkie221B: Oh Hi Gavin
KharadBanar: How did Gavin and Olivia build their decks?
LittleGiant524: cut blue, always cut blue
Underachiever28: @GavinVerhey Looking forward to the new set!
TXC2: "blue does a bunch of things" yeap that's blue all right
Traion: I love the different locations for the interviews. Makes this feel more dynamic and shows how beautiful the theater is
Awesem: I miss Nelly's beard
GavinVerhey: @KharadBanar We are playing sealed!
Ammondale: yo Nelson got Malcolm and Breeches!
TXC2: gredgredmansson please don't allcaps
zigboy22: roo1 roo2 roo3 rooComfy
gredgredmansson: sure
KharadBanar: Thanks Gavin!
Snowcookies: Serge this draft is very similar to Serge last draft lol
averythetiger: Oh lord. Did he get Breeches and Malcolm, the dream?
GrandiaKnight: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
WillowWiffs: oh, Cam <3
sblue333: Cam I feel that
thanzo: I have pirates, game plan is not pirates
MelvinMTG: @GavinVerhey If I have a household of three players should we draft or sealed?
Leonhart321: I need me that Moon Kraken for my Animar Eldrazi ramp
gmt1507: just want to thank LRR for putting this on at a time I can finally watch live
The_cake_of_lies: An out of body draft experience
TheWarbo: oh hey it's time for this part of the draft video :D
rainbowmage42: in mono green jund, you can always bluff removal
benjamin_wheeler: Moon Kraken best name
sheer_falacy: Graham was indeed in black
naThanathos: I'm getting documentary vibes from this.
giganticdork: I'll take anything for my big Sea Monster deck :)
mightymightyrauros: Kind of wanting to pick up a box to draft post-COVID now
hd_dabnado: oh no
Dragoknight101: What did I miss?
benjamin_wheeler: @naThanathos the theatre lighting is so DRAMATIC
hamahimana: everyone in blue lol
sheer_falacy: Graham was indeed in white
malc: !card Malcolm
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
GavinVerhey: @MelvinMTG For fewer than 4, I suggest sealed! In general: 6-8 draft, split into 2 games. 4-5 draft, 1 game. under 4, sealed.
MelvinMTG: @GavinVerhey ty!
gredgredmansson: oooooh
KartoffelKaiser: Alena! <3
TXC2: LRR's Strip Search skills coming into play making this video
naThanathos: @mightymightyrauros I'm thinking the same thing, friend.
Malletmaster: Alena! #Halena
Armoric: she works well with that giant
SmashTCG: Ohh partener combso
Traion: The Belfry is just such a cool set. Both for this and Heat Death
freshmaker__: mono red mana dork loool
mightymightyrauros: @GavinVerhey - This may be elswhere, but how many packs for sealed?
judgementkazzy: yes ben play the power gays
BrowneePoints: GayPride GayPride GayPride GayPride GayPride
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GavinVerhey: @mightymightyrauros 6!
thanzo: honestly LRR has fantastic shooting, editing, writing, and people
BecauseGnomes: I just checked the full spoiler and I'm so excited that the Naya legend is Jared Carthalion! Naya is my favorite shard and my name is Jared!
cuttlefishman: Is sealed notably any different with Legends?
mightymightyrauros: Thanks!
jawz77: Awesome to see so many new cards for pauper @GavinVerhey interesting to see how the meta will evolve thanks for mentioning it in your box opening video! :)
Diosu: Did they show the etched piper
Hawkfrost000: play the gruul friends!
Shoki_Donai: Cam's mood is me in 90% of drafts
Hawkfrost000: yessssssss
Alphaetus_Prime: lol nice
Foxmar320: Dat good pop!
Leonhart321: Graham why?
giganticdork: Nice!
niccus: nice hiss
jawz77: wheelerPog
TheWarbo: wow Ben lrrSACK
apocalyptic_squirrel: "two more packs to make terrible mistakes" is such a good line
TimeToFry: Lesbians!!!
A_Dub888: If you're not making terrible mistakes, you're drating wrong
the_garfielf: GIRLFRIENDS
Taveena: Giiirlfriiiiends! :D
DiscordianTokkan: Friends!
kbatra: poggers
MelvinMTG: Got there!
Raxoneth: LUL
Snowcookies: nice
GrandiaKnight: Nice!
FionasGotIT: benginDab benginDab benginDab
gredgredmansson: The Innistrad Galls!
rainbowmage42: I want to se Hans Erikson during this PPR
Nyxshade: GIRLS
monkeyrama: benginDab benginDab
LittleGiant524: yesss
TehAmelie: idea for regular draft: the second pick of each pack is for two cards
kinslayer6788: GAY POWER COUPLE
MadmanOreo: Let's go lesbians!
BrindleBoar: the luck
Easilycrazyhat: Regulars at my store do that all the time and I still don't know how to pop a pack XD
pupsnapgaming: BENS POWER COUPLE
iris_of_ether: Yessss
Haroldholmes25: gruulfriends pog
Naarius: Ben " lrrSACK " Ulmer
monkeymasterse: gurrl friends
YawnLance: benginHype benginHype benginHype benginHype benginHype
PiGuy2000: the "power" couple LUL
kbatra: girlsss
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red_shoes_jeff: benginTry
freshmaker__: haha the nissa cosplay card pack pop
ariborealis: power couple
judgementkazzy: GayPride GayPride
TXC2: Top Girls doing top Girl things
metaldog564: new gruulfriends
kuriboLXIX: wheelerKappap
frnknstn: goat-shaped cryptid
CravenInsomniac: Dumb Idiots......awesome
ArcOfTheConclave: Gruulfriends!
manfred909: slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh
DorkmasterFlek: LesbianPride LesbianPride LesbianPride
Jensling: Gruulfriends 2.0?
TimeToFry: LesbianPride
gredgredmansson: so that's two canon pairs right there
Hexy_Lexy234: Big Gay Gruul!!!!!!
maniac_fish: The true gruulfriends
theneatestburrito: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Malletmaster: Yaaas! GayPride
themlin: power lesbians!
Toonela: @GavinVerhey I want to try drafting with my family (3 kids, 1 spouse, and me) Would it still be 3 packs each?
GavinVerhey: @jawz77 I'm glad you liked the video!! It was super cool to open a box of Commander legends this early. :)
codatski: @bengineering Living the dream!
bob_baggins: GayPride GayPride GayPride GayPride
Leonhart321: Praise the GruulFriends
KeiRaccoon: @Shoki_Donai Oh it's only limited to drafts for you?
Diosu: @Easilycrazyhat You kinda stretch the top of the pack to let air into it
MelvinMTG: LesbianPride
TXC2: the Real GruulFriends
sblue333: @GavinVerhey I want to draft this so bad, set looks super fun! :D
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JanusKain: :eyes:
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GavinVerhey: @Toonela Yep! 3 packs each
gredgredmansson: The end is coming!
ultrajelle: PrideLGBTea
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DerSkript: oh cool
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giganticdork: I love this one!
TheWarbo: even the flavor text is opposite of Visionary!
Diosu: Play Griever
CanPlayGames: Omg "Gruulfriends" I love it
Ankylosaur: @GavinVerhey So excited for this set -- going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life waiting for it to come out!
rainbowmage42: What did he crack?
Yakkie221B: Plague Reaver, very large and very plague
Easilycrazyhat: @Diosu I'll have to practice at some point >.>
CanPlayGames: LesbianPride TransgenderPride LesbianPride
Tom_Bruise: Graham, Graham no
sheer_falacy: who needs other creatures
Toonela: Agreed, can't wait to draft this
thanzo: if you're tokens, it could be good
CodenameJD: Wait, Kathleen is on Esper... the players either side of her are dimir and orzhov... oh nooooo
riktracer: more lrrGREED
RocknGrohlNerd: yes, why not Graham, live a little :)
gredgredmansson: oh no, rip Malcolm
Hexy_Lexy234: PLEASE tell me ben goes all in on Big Gay Gruul
Diosu: @Easilycrazyhat Yeah, though I think you actually pull at the fold in the middle
LegionofLashes: plaiDuck
bob_baggins: who is that behind Nelly?
CleeKru: a lot of big mana going on
Traion: Close up on the plush!
JanusKain: Slurrk!
Rogue_07: God, this plaidypus is soo good
razorswift: sluuurk
Foxmar320: wow
hd_dabnado: Oozelord
IbunWest: Gross
DiscordianTokkan: Ooze lord!
TXC2: CanPlayGames it's what we used to call the Chandra/ Nissa Realtionship they baited us with :P
JoshMelnick: slurrk pog
Ominouslyominous: good ooze boy
ArcOfTheConclave: Plaid platapus!
TamesLovesGames: O O Z E
thanzo: mmmmm, delicious
DorkmasterFlek: Mooooooon squid! Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
rainbowmage42: oh I love that creature.
Toonela: Who designed Sluurk?
freshmaker__: love to slurk
TheACTR: plaidapus
Leonhart321: Best ooze
Easilycrazyhat: @Diosu I'll keep that in mind! Thanks.
MillerDark: @ArcOfTheConclave Plaidapus
MTBoot: Slurk is fun, but it's not SCUTE SWARM.
GavinVerhey: We knew we wanted an ooze commander in design
MyBestHat: BibleThump no frog legend BibleThump no wurm legend BibleThump
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Mivair: Love me some Green Sluurk
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rainbowmage42: bring the plague. I realize I say this during covid times
YawnLance: I love Ben's Plaidypus friend so much benginLol
JanusKain: I have 5 boxes of this coming so I can draft it in 2022
TehAmelie: sluurk: it's highly repulsive!
Ammondale: oh dear
gredgredmansson: @MyBestHat there is turtle legend though
Diosu: @Easilycrazyhat Yeah and then, obviously you slap the pack
thanzo: it's all about pivoting
razorswift: oh cam noo
sheer_falacy: 5 color good cards, best draft commander deck
leaf_archer: Oh Cam LUL
MyBestHat: frogs > turtles
snydepels2: Gavin i love these card facts
jjsneeze: F Cam
thanzo: always be pivoting
Hexy_Lexy234: @YawnLance i love YOU so much!
Rainw0rm: @GavinVerhey what are the odds of getting an ooze planeswalker in the next 10 years?
Armoric: Wait if they drafted A WEEK AGO they had to wait that long to play? Or did y'all play some test games?
Tikosh_: 5C good stuff?
MyNameisJennieFuchsia: My cat is about to be renamed Slurrk the All Ingesting
Rakoui64: Oh hi @GavinVerhey HeyGuys
monkeyrama: LUL Cam
sblue333: Normal Cam, Normal PPR
Malletmaster: :salamander:
Nameless_Sword: Salamander man!
Lazarenth: Cam is everyone who drafts
RocknGrohlNerd: salamander salad
am_snek: the S A L A M A N D E R S'
IR0NB0RN: Salamanders <3
wurmbane: lol
GavinVerhey: @Rainw0rm Depends ooze asking. ;)
razorswift: rip
gredgredmansson: ooooooooo
MTBoot: Awwh, Cam :(
Alphaetus_Prime: oh no cam is getting philosophical
CodenameJD: Hot dang
DiscordianTokkan: Yoooo
TheWarbo: "excited"
SmashTCG: ohh
Rogue_07: "excited"
sblue333: Yoooooo
James_LRR: @Armoric No test games.
ttkblazer97: oooooooh!!
MyBestHat: so how about those powerful white cards
kbatra: lol excited
kuriboLXIX: boooo
averythetiger: "excited"
GrandiaKnight: Oh Serge!
Leonhart321: Excited..... that's the word to use, sure
ritchards: Money draft!
Diosu: #raredrafting
freshmaker__: yeeeah serge
TXC2: Salamanders? (Gets Flamerthrower)
ChimeraMTG: pffft
GavinVerhey: @Rakoui64 Hi!
sheer_falacy: not sure how good massive tempo is in multiplayer with 40 life?
ChimeraMTG: lotus what trash
thanzo: lol
not_not_7: $$$
jawz77: wheelerY wheelerT
ChimeraMTG: xD
predrag11: Salamanaverage
Armoric: @James_LRR how much time did they spend daydreaming about their decks during work? :p
TheElectrician01: lotus!!
TheWarbo: the best cards do nothing, tbh
rainbowmage42: better than being turned into cowards
water_polo_man: This is so amazing
Shoki_Donai: Art draft time
James_LRR: @Armoric let's say... 5
TheEnigmaEngine: of course the three color deck gets lotus
TheWarbo: that art is great
rainbowmage42: the lotus!
benjamin_wheeler: I def picked up 4 of these lands lol
Awesem: I'm waiting for the moment Ben opens the Rabbit
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Ominouslyominous: this is a rollercoaster
Tikosh_: foil
TimeToFry: Wait, who got the lotus? My stream froze D:
Nyxshade: JARED
Ragnarakk: wait... blasphemous act is back.. hell yeh
MyBestHat: fabio!
the_garfielf: E G G
water_polo_man: such a complex draft to do
Awesem: Serge got lotus
gmt1507: serge
Joalni: Serge @TimeToFry
razorswift: @TimeToFry serge
Diabore: @TimeToFry serge
BecauseGnomes: My boy Jared!!
Easilycrazyhat: This seems like a tough format to draft
ryanthelion42: serge
thanzo: do nothing, but faster and faster
TimeToFry: Oh Pog, thanks Chat
MRForceOFWill: serge got a lotus
felipaid: ben is my spirit animal
sheer_falacy: my grandfather's deck has no prophetic cards!
TheWarbo: PPR chat: ask a question, get the same answer 27 times :D
BanditoHorse: how many packs do they go through?
niccus: since when do decks do things
TXC2: TheWarbo it's the best lrrEFF Kappa
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TehAmelie: sweet rainbow socks Serge
Foxmar320: Nice to have too many options
Diabore: @TheWarbo at least the hive mind seems on the same path with their answers
Joalni: Chat is "helpful" like that @TheWarbo
raaabr: So wait, there's a dimir player, an esper player, and then an orzhov player all next to each other?
cotillion1850: I don't think Lotus is that good in most commander decks (though the ones it is the lotus is probably obscene), but in draft commander I imagine that the lotus is really bad
Ankylosaur: ~gets two picks per pack~ But I wanted 3 BabyRage
benjamin_wheeler: I will never forgive Serge for taking all those Elves.
TXC2: #AmIAnElfDeck?
RandomTrivia returns from dinner and is loving the interviews from the gallery
KharadBanar: RB Elves LUL
snydepels2: 3 fyndhorn elves lol
WillowWiffs: same, Serge
gredgredmansson: !card rootweaver druid
LRRbot: Rootweaver Druid [2G] | Creature — Elf Druid [2/1] | When Rootweaver Druid enters the battlefield, each opponent may search their library for up to three basic land cards. They each put one of those cards onto the battlefield tapped under your control and the rest onto the battlefield tapped under their control. Then each player who searched their library this way shuffles it.
noSmokeFire: @raaabr yup. courtesy of first picking legendaries :P
The_Lewtz: rofl... social distance, yet passing everything around.. i mean really at this point, they would have been the same just sitting normal
Kykiwi: LUL
sblue333: Ben Ulmer is the only one living his best life
Tom_Bruise: oh Grouphug...
DiscordianTokkan: *slaps twitch on the side to make it work again*
Dragonheart91: I'm excited to play that in my terrible commander decks that don't try to win
TheWarbo: @Diabore Yeah, but just wait until the questions aren't as clear as "who picked that one card"... :P
Naarius: Peer pressure strikes again
Armoric: With half the table picking up commanders from the start it must be weird to talk about signals and stuff since it's hard to pivot
Boon_33: who's the dude between graham and wheeler?
monkeymasterse: they also all santized
WillowWiffs: I think Rootweaver Druid would've been a really cool white ramp card
averythetiger: Yeah, not the best ramp piece ever.
flatluigi: @The_Lewtz they're using hand sanitizer between each handoff
LRRMTG_Judge: that is a strange card, and it importantly says "your control" pharma2Vial
WillowWiffs: but in green it just feels very bad
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JoshMelnick: rootweaver druid is a really really strange card
monkeyrama: oooh, that seems good
gredgredmansson: oooooh
Taveena: oh heck merchant raiders with encore my GOD
sblue333: Ok actually so is Adam
Joalni: Yeah @WillowWiffs It kinda does feel like white
DiscordianTokkan: Woah!
thanzo: excellent with encore
Graham_LRR: @the_lewtz that’s not the case, but I’m not gonna get into it
Rogue_07: So in a 4 player game, the Rootweaver ramps you by 3 and each opponent by 2?
Taveena: You get to tap down NINE things.
kerbalized_: OHHHHHHH @LRRMTG_Judge
Toonela converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
TXC2: Boon_33 Nelson I think
gredgredmansson: Serge gets one of those
JoshMelnick: i like it a lot but what a card
KuyashiiPlays: rootweaver seems sweeet
TheWarbo: the art with heavy Keira Knightley vibes tbh
Easilycrazyhat: The "bad limited pick commander flag" is a funny card in this set XD
sblue333: Woooo
gredgredmansson: from each player
MyBestHat: i thought encore was per player
HammerTheWise: Hey, I've finally caught a PPR live! Yay!
gredgredmansson: encore is per opponent
boyesie: that rootweaver druid seems good in a landfall based deck
Didero: Queen Kathleen sounds very good
sheer_falacy: heavy is the head that bears the crown
gnome_friend: Queen Kathleen
raaabr: Yes, queen.
TXC2: hello HammerTheWise welcome
benjamin_wheeler: Rootweaver druid is an auto-include in my Big Gay Kings Treacherous Terrain deck
Nuurgle: Kathleen "I want to be the monarch" DeVere
GavinVerhey: BAd nes Kathleen: I ALSO want to be the monarch
Dr_fragenstien: encoring that pirate would let you tap down 9 things that turn
Dish_KP: This is so sweet to watch
djalternative: I noticed the literal elf ball
thanzo: is kathleen gonna be the monarch?
sora_mayura: what is monarch?
Traion: Queen Kathleen of the de Veere dynasty will rule justly and with tyranny
elah806: Kathleen's Romanian Princess senses are tingling
edmaffei: damn kathleen is looking cute af
JoshMelnick: @benjamin_wheeler always good to know a card's home
MelvinMTG: So many viewers!!
raaabr: Poor cam is all over these blue commanders
sblue333: Oh no, the Loading Ready Dynasty begins again. Some one call Rich
kynelwynn: Glaceon?
CodenameJD: Glacian... seems weak to me
flikerz1: I support queen Kathleen
sheer_falacy: please do not eat the delicious cards
gredgredmansson: "do not eat the delicious cards"
TehAmelie: everybody wants to be the king but nobody wants to avert the revolution am i right
NathanLonghair: What's the venue they're playing at?
walabane: ben why
zigboy22: y
Armoric: Savage Benjamin D:
Sniknob: teeth gang
Didero: Ben being some cards short because he ate his last pack
Leonhart321: Ben why
flojosch: Hand her the crown alrready!
monkeyrama: Oh sweeeeet
noSmokeFire: @sora_mayura you draw a card on your end step, but anyone who deals combat damage to you becomes the monarch instead of you
malc: !teeth
sblue333: yooo
CravenInsomniac: That way of ope\ning packs hurt my soul
PiGuy2000: Cam's deck currently can be summed up as "things blue does"
MadmanOreo: power AND toughness, in this economy?
gnome_friend: TEETH
TheElrad: that wasn't very covid safe of ben :(
red_shoes_jeff: TEETH
GrandiaKnight: Nice!
HammerTheWise: "You may eat the cards you draft"
beowuuf: monarch lets you draw a card each turn but is stolen if you take combat damage
Seth_Erickson: Sure is a vampire
averythetiger: So many cards, I keep thinking they already opened a new pack.
sheer_falacy: !card sengir vampire
LRRbot: Sengir Vampire [3BB] | Creature — Vampire [4/4] | Flying / Whenever a creature dealt damage by Sengir Vampire this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Sengir Vampire.
captain_wulf: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gmt1507: @graham_lrr did you have a crown for the monarch or would that have pushed the covid safety?
mowdownjoe: TEETH
snydepels2: im so happy to see Glacian and Rebbec get cards
razorswift: 'I like monarch' now that sounds like a good script for Friday Nights Kappa
KharadBanar: @sora_mayura If you're the monarch you get to draw an extra card at the end of every turn, but if someone deals combat damage to you they become the monarch
maniac_fish: opening with teeth during covid. welp
malc: nathanlognghair: Belfry Theatre, Victoria
MelvinMTG: @NathanLonghair The Belfry Theatre in Victoria!
Qvdv: NathanLonghair the Belfry Theater
flatluigi: @gmt1507 matches are being digital
Boon_33: thanks TXC2!
RandomTrivia: Adam's affinity for big, dumb creatures is so wholesome and heartwarming
sora_mayura: @kharadbanar thank you!
CodenameJD: @gmt1507 Well they're playing the games remotely...
NathanLonghair: Thanks @MelvinMTG @Qvdv :)
tim_e_time: in a pandemic? used teeth to open pack 😬
Diabore: @gmt1507 the players wont be in the same space
accountmadeforants: Start noting down your opponent's life at the start of turn, every turn. To send a message.
monkeyrama: Ahh, the courts
Traion: gmt1507 they haven't played yet. I guess they could each have a crown at their locations :p
monkeyrama: so strong
sheer_falacy: holy shit
zigboy22: oh ysss
LRRMTG_Judge: @sora_mayura The monarch is a mechanic. Cards can make someone "become the monarch", which gives that player a monarchy status and removes it from all other players. The monarch draws a card at the beginning of their end step. If another player deals combat damage to the monarch, that player becomes the monarch instead. :) - Squirrel
gredgredmansson: Court of Timmy
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MrPolyK: lrrHEART
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Ankylosaur: Green Court so good
Leonhart321: Oh Heck yeah
Kykiwi: wow
flatluigi: y'all i'm sure they sanitized all the packs a long time before they played
GrandiaKnight: oh yeah!
sheer_falacy: keep monarch for one roundand just... put anything in?
Kykiwi: the heckj
gmt1507: oh yeah, I forgot that - derp, sorry chat
linearCurvature: the whole court cycle is awesome
Amentur: lrrWOW
PotatoWraiths: mm pack noises
Shoki_Donai: WOW
CodenameJD: Love the courts
CravenInsomniac: What?!?!
jawz77: wheelerPog wheelerPog wheelerPog
TXC2: it's oath of druids Kappa
Leonhart321: Ben, you have the best deck
Didero: Only upsides!
Malletmaster: that is insane
the_garfielf: all the courts are extremely extremely good
sheer_falacy: does not let you play your commander though
pupsnapgaming: <message deleted>BEN IS CHEATING
TXC2: pupsnapgaming please don't allcaps
Kykiwi: pog the staff
kbatra: this is so much fun
rainbowmage42: that is an insane card
DorkmasterFlek: They really did go DEEP with some of the lore references.
gredgredmansson: Tevesh Szat
LittleGiant524: Sad will
monkeyrama: s tizzle LUL
jawz77: LUL
kynelwynn: Ess-Tizzle
ExtremeDinosaur: imagine social distancing and then just handing cards they touched
FionasGotIT: S-tizzle LUL
Graham_LRR: There’s plenty of sanitization you don’t see in the video
RandomTrivia: Big S-Tizzle LUL
Toonela: Kathleen in Black, who would have thought?
DorkmasterFlek: As someone who's been playing since Ice Age, I love it.
thanzo: Szat's All Folks!!
JadedSimulacrum: Does anyone know if it was actually banned?
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MyBestHat: Zaat!
gredgredmansson: @DorkmasterFlek Like Toggo, Juri, and HANS
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sblue333: Tevesh Szedat
TXC2: thanzo boooo Kappa
Joalni: Nice to see older planeswalkers make an appearence
erased_citizen: @loadingreadyrun really digging the adaptations you made for this PPR
the_garfielf: pilgrim's eye basically an egg
Dragonheart91: im worried that drafting might not be very interesting if everyone just gets super siloed by their early commander picks and can never really change colors
rainbowmage42: @dorkmasterflek and as a more nerd. I love that
TimeToFry: Does a commander's CMC on the stack include the tax?
Seth_Erickson: oh no Cam NotLikeThis
DecaDang: how are the guests factoring in if they are not in the draft?
sblue333: Cam on brand
raaabr: SAVED
gredgredmansson: @TimeToFry no
Seth_Erickson: oh wait PogChamp
Tom_Bruise: what's a good draft without mistakes
CodenameJD: Oooh, nice one Cam
sheer_falacy: I don't think cmc ever includes cost modifications
BecauseGnomes: Look at that good boy!
Graham_LRR: @dragonheart91 you can always Piper
Rogue_07: That is a very Cam card
DiscordianTokkan: Aggro Crag!
kerbalized_: ooooo
Diabore: dog!
Malletmaster: ooo Jeskai Chimera!
flatluigi: lmao cam
beowuuf: sealed games with guests later
TXC2: leg and dairy
MaskedThespian: Cam on Storm?
TheWarbo: !findquote curve
LRRbot: Quote #2168: "My deck curves out at 7, so I put in 8 lands to be safe." —Cameron [2016-03-26]
CodenameJD: So many 3 colour commanders here
DecaDang: I see I see
RandomTrivia: See, it's Gnostro bad after all!
Seth_Erickson: I can now play several cards Pog
Scarbble: CMC doesn't change even if you end up having to pay more, as far as i know
monkeyrama: Blessed Gnostro
hamahimana: going storm Pog
Nukified: playable deck, feels good
Dragonheart91: true graham, but that never lets you play more than 2 color decks. No multicolor pile of nonsense decks unless you luck into the exact right commander. No splashing colors allowed
CodenameJD: I hope someone has Obeka for sealed
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DaSunao: Whee sub message
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MTBoot: Yay, Cam getting it together.
freshmaker__: gnostro seems good with the draw instead of scry creature
FDSuprema: This set looks amazing.
DorkmasterFlek: And Tevesh Szat! The Goldfish crew was like "Wait who is this?" 🤣
nutty03: i know tevesh
TehAmelie: note that covid touch transmission almost doesn't happen, and everyone has hand sanitizer anyway
CravenInsomniac: OH MY GOD
MyBestHat: Emoji
giganticdork: @RandomTrivia moon2BOO
linearCurvature: timmy.dec
Diabore: oh, thats a 3/1
nutty03: hey gavin big fan
Kykiwi: LUL
JadedSimulacrum: Imoti!
Graham_LRR: @dragonheart91 Yup. And that’s fine. This is a unique format and they planned for that.
sheer_falacy: go big and go home
sblue333: Oh noooo
thanzo: go small? no
jawz77: wheelerGreed
gredgredmansson: I hope Ben gets Hans
Ammondale: oh boy
linearCurvature: go big or go away
HammerTheWise: Removal AND it flies? Oh man the power creep
Dragonheart91: it will definitely be interesting to see how it plays out
CanPlayGames: Whats Cascade do again?
Seth_Erickson: Love this homie
oliveinthesky: i love kathleen and her commitment to black
nutty03: hans looks more like oaken
thanzo: adam's deck is looking sweet
monkeyrama: lol Adam
Joalni: Oh I loved playing this in limited
Sangsterman: Oh shit it's the Belfry
Diabore: @thanzo how does one "go small"?
noSmokeFire: ole dickie
ItsMajorMineral: ol' dickey
Nyxshade: OL DICKY
SmashTCG: Old Dicky?
Snes_Controller: Ol' Dicky
FionasGotIT: Good Ol' Dicky
ArcOfTheConclave: Old Dicky
Seth_Erickson: ol' Dickey PogChamp
Malletmaster: LOL
kaziel0: @gredgredmansson I've been wishing this since he went big red!
Snes_Controller: Tricky Dicky
kerbalized_: Ol' Dicky
Naarius: Peak Ben card
cuttlefishman: I feel like there is going to be so much milling out with all this Cascade
flojosch: oh Adam lrrHEART
Alphaetus_Prime: whoa I haven't seen that one
gnome_friend: Gambling? I'm in!
SamNu_RV: Ah. Ole Dicky
nutty03: its tricky
mowdownjoe: Gambling?! I'm in!
Snes_Controller: Dicky G.
HammerTheWise: Let's go gambling!
kuriboLXIX: wheeler bun-bun wheelerPog
minksterella_: @benjamin_wheeler get ready to wheel sub optimally
freshmaker__: Dr dicky garfield
Tikosh_: we know you love gambling..
Hexy_Lexy234: please never say "ol dicky" ever again
benjamin_wheeler: NO BEN NO, NOT THE G WORD
JoshMelnick: god wheel of misfortune is a hilarious sweet card
Toonela: Dicky is a nickname for Richard
DorkmasterFlek: Wheel of %$&* the Reserved List wheelerKappa
KaitoAIDA: Super peak Ben card.
Tom_Bruise: Good ol' Dicky, why he gave me my first boosterpacks in the summer of '98
IR0NB0RN: Good ol' Dickie! CoolCat
Leonhart321: Ben, can I just buy your draft deck?
garunkl: Gamble!
minksterella_: goblin?
gredgredmansson: Ben got Toggo!
HammerTheWise: Sounds like the usual Serge
Ammondale: BEN GOT TOGGO!
carrotboi4: t o g g o
Nyxshade: TOGGO
minksterella_: rocks?
WillowWiffs: wheel of misfortune looks so much fun
ryanthelion42: ol' dicky
sheer_falacy: if you wheel of misfortune and pick a number less than 300 you're a coward
flatluigi: !card toggo
LRRbot: "Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith" [2R] | Legendary Creature — Goblin Artificer [2/2] | Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, create an artifact equipment token named Rock. It has "Equipped creature has '{1}, {T}, Sacrifice Rock: This creature deals 2 damage to any target.'" and equip {1}. / Partner
thanzo: @Diabore going small is going home
KuyashiiPlays: Rock Goblin!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ben got the artificer! Toggo
carrotboi4: I LOVE TOGGO
TehAmelie: Dickie Garf, PhD
freshmaker__: Toggchamp
minksterella_: toggooooo wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita
Ammondale: Poggo tbh
HerNameIsAlice: WHEEL is BROKEN! It's essentially 3 mana burn spell that kills multiple players!!
WillowWiffs: until everyone chooses the same number and you all lose life and no one draws anything
gredgredmansson: "Lightning, my greatest invention since the rock!"
not_not_7: !wheel
Anexmedia: This is exactly how I expected I would draft this set, and i'm curious to see how "Big, dumb stuff" goes for them
Joalni: !captain vargus
Joalni: !card captain vargus
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Nyxshade: i wonder if cam has seen the ghost or rameirez
Diabore: oh cam noi
jameswanders: I think you need to reread Wheel
TimeToFry: Oh no
cuttlefishman: oh no
monkeyrama: Oh dear LUL
zigboy22: LUL
PiGuy2000: LUL
TXC2: oh no
flatluigi: caaaaam
JanusKain: oh no Cam gabyFine
HammerTheWise: Oh no
Ammondale: Oh no cam
DiscordianTokkan: oh no
HammerTheWise: F
Alphaetus_Prime: LUL
wiigamer1995: zhephzFine
js2062: oh no
TheSeraphmin: oh no
Nukified: lol
FionasGotIT: LUL
oliveinthesky: rip
JoshMelnick: sounds like the general sentiment at the table was "pack 1 went great! pack 2 was a nightmare! pack 3 saved my deck im feeling great!"
not_not_7: !card wheel
LRRbot: Found 16 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Dragoknight101: !Oh No
Malletmaster: oh no.... Cam...
CravenInsomniac: LUL
SmashTCG: cam No
CodenameJD: Oh Cam XD
RandomTrivia: uh oh
Foxmar320: Oh no
WillowWiffs: oh cam
Mangledpixel: oh Cam <3
Obos_TAB: Oh no
carrotboi4: F
gredgredmansson: doesn't it work though?
sora_mayura: caaaaaaaam
nextday415: Cam just says fuck!
Hurtrax4: oppsie dasy
Toonela: Reboot Cam
Hexy_Lexy234: oh no cam
IR0NB0RN: Oh no Jebaited
KaitoAIDA: <message deleted>THE DREAD IS REAL
sheer_falacy: !card makeshift munitions
DorkmasterFlek: Oh no... LUL
MRForceOFWill: oh no Cameron
Tom_Bruise: Mistakes!
Nameless_Sword: oh dear.... poor cam
CanPlayGames: lrrFINE
Rogue_07: lrrFINE
hamahimana: Cam is great
TheGcsmith: did he draft cleveland browns?
sblue333: Realizing after the fact
ThirdFloorDraft: oops, hte munitions pile blew up
TXC2: and then Cameron saw torugh time
averythetiger: Lightning rig is THE card for Breeches though
gnome_friend: lrrJUDGE
HammerTheWise: "I'd allow it"
bradlby: let serge have kitchen finks
ultrajelle: oh no
MelvinMTG: Serge too real
rainbowmage42: it's fine. everything's fine
HammerTheWise: Best Serge
DorkmasterFlek: I actually really like the design of Wheel of Misfortune. The fact that you can opt out by picking 0 is very nice.
bobAkirafett: "You're a judge!"
CtrlUltDefeatLive: why is this box so stacked?
ContingentCat: oh hey they're in the same room wow
RocknGrohlNerd: everybody is on big bumb idiot creatures except Graham?
LRRMTG_Judge: as a judge I would like to officially remind you that cheating is still disallowed, even if Snerge snuck out for a moment there - Squirrel
WillowWiffs: @DorkmasterFlek flex on the opt out by picking -1
rainbowmage42: technically its not cheating if the cards allow you
CodenameJD: I wish the uncommon WB legend from Dominaria was in here XD
garunkl: Snerge
HammerTheWise: It's gonna be fun to see Serge Pivot 3/4 of the way there
jameswanders: Yeah, I didn't even know that that take on Wheel was wrong or what it does. Needing to reread it is just the base state for that cards
Suffix: @LRRMTG_Judge sergeSnerge
garunkl: Sneaky serge? :-D
sora_mayura: what card was Cam so stressed about?
DorkmasterFlek: @WillowWiffs That would be fun, but unfortunately you can't pick a negative number if you're asked to "pick a number" according to the comp rules. LUL
Nyxshade: does it kill cam?
giganticdork: Hell yeah! Team Big Dumb Creatures! :D
Uzumaki15: Ben can't escape who he is XD
beowuuf: contingentcat: same theatre as heat death
sheer_falacy: if you draw enough cards, eventually someone will lose the game
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
therisingtithes_: Snerge (snake Serge)
CodenameJD: Actually, Kethis. I wish Kethis were in this set XD
polaris415: sergeSnerge sergeSnerge
gmt1507: it wouldn't me mtg if cam couldn't draw more cards
andy1503: this sounds like a cam Friday nights deck
Malletmaster: 🧠
Didero: "Several of my cards have power and toughness" :D :D
flatluigi: thicc
IR0NB0RN: Thicc meme <3
LRRMTG_Judge: @DorkmasterFlek @WillowWiffs Wheel of Misfortune does specify a number of 0 or greater on it :) - Squirrel
Nukified: ugh lol
gredgredmansson: GOOD MAN
Dr_fragenstien: sometimes you just win because you drew 10x more cards than everyone else
naThanathos: Thicc Angel Dragon Elf... I've seen that before.
HammerTheWise: Don't worry about it Adam, it's commander, I'm told you don't have to kill anyone
WillowWiffs: @LRRMTG_Judge @DorkmasterFlek dangit
Nyxshade: peak kathleen
Seth_Erickson: a bold strategy Cotton let's see if it pays off
Foxmar320: lol G
mightymightyrauros: "And I chose to ignore them" love it
sheer_falacy: is 0.5 a number
TehAmelie: Sky Queen Kathleen De Vere
Diabore: g channeling the snips
Nukified: that's the way to do it Kathleen
Armoric: I'm waiting to see if people will manage to deck themselves
gmt1507: Kathleens life motto of live and don't learn...
DorkmasterFlek: Ah there it is, well I love that option regardless cause getting a good hand Wheel'd away is frustrating. :)
KeiRaccoon: @sheer_falacy In Magic Rules, numbers have to be whole numbers, I believe.
RocknGrohlNerd: cmc only five??
CtrlUltDefeatLive: this location looks amazing
TheWarbo: "number" is contextual, and in the context of silver-border-less Magic always means "integer"
Kykiwi: question is it 100 card or 60 cards?
LRRMTG_Judge: @sheer_falacy interestingly, no. There's a bit in the comprehensive rules that says that Magic only uses integers, not decimal numbers. (Before someone asks, silver-bordered cards e.g. Little Girl don't count here.) :) - Squirrel
Ankylosaur: 60 cards
rainbowmage42: So 60 cards 40 land or what?
RocknGrohlNerd: 60
MrHofer: Do they make 100 crard decks?
Seth_Erickson: Pog Pod
ryanthelion42: 60
iris_of_ether: benginHi
TXC2: Kykiwi 60
DorkmasterFlek: Thanks me!
Kykiwi: ah
Diabore: @Kykiwi 60
GavinVerhey: Woooooooooo
uzupge: lrrCAMERON
EvilBadman: @CtrlUltDefeatLive They used it for the last two heat death eps
Ammondale: 60 card decks
gredgredmansson: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrSERGE lrrADAM
monkeyrama: LUL
Nukified: lol
thanzo: the moment has passed and it is now
Malletmaster: lol
sora_mayura: ayyyyy
kbatra: hi gavin
HammerTheWise: Hey handsome people!
RedPhoenixCasts: LUL
water_polo_man: sooo good
Seth_Erickson: This Pod is actively Pogging
Nameless_Sword: hey g, ben, serge and adam
Snes_Controller: This is Dave's Spokesman!
TehAmelie: now you're thinking with editing
gibbousm: Spoopy Pod
mowdownjoe: Pull a real-life spokesman. "And now, over there!"
unarmedoracle: The Picard maneuver
AP4rk3dC4r: I'm stoked
before_damage: Why does my twitch talking about ice cream
monkeyrama: Nailed it
snydepels2: thanks me is such a corona-lockdown thing to say
TimeToFry: Cool shirt Ben!
bush_feet: helloooooo
David_Strid: these are some hot canadians
Quarokcaddhihle: i used to like watching LRR and then is started watching everyone's streams and now i love watching LRR
TXC2: hello unarmedoracle
wiigamer1995: is it 8 draft and 2 sealed ?
benjamin_wheeler: I ran the actual numbers and my average CMC is legit 4.98
RocknGrohlNerd: process of ilumination
martian_kyo: Now I ask myself why isn't every draft a commander draft
HammerTheWise: *checks notes* Wait a minute!
kirbytronic: 8 decks with no wincons. Sounds like commander!
Underachiever28: I can't stand myself. I think that guy is sleeping with my wife
Suffix: What a pod.
Joalni: There could have been a surprise Beej
squirrelking319: I hope someone is running a surprise kobold
gredgredmansson: Happy to see Graham 2 is still getting work
kalku__: beard pod
Slasheboy: wait, 10 player draft???
rainbowmage42: I'm pulling for Ben or Graham
Winbrick: Graham Voice Out of Sync with Graham Mouth
AnOddSmith: @benjamin_wheeler, including lands ?!
TheOneCalledStu: Noice wheeler
gualdhar: so who are the last two people? or are we switching out for sealed later?
CtrlUltDefeatLive: @EvilBadman I was not aware of that. I haven't been able to catch up with the videos
dreadskulll: @benjamin_wheeler you lied to us in the video D:
benjamin_wheeler: ADAM\
sora_mayura: jeez Louise u were close
Leonhart321: I am 100% here for Ben's deck
mastershake29x: @wiigamer1995 8 for sealed, olivia and gavin will swap in
Seth_Erickson: liar DansGame
sheer_falacy: couldn't even hit cmc 5, disappointing
wulfram77: Couldn't even make it to 5
Armoric: All the more excitable people in the same pod PogChamp
ryuhimora: 4.98 what?
linearCurvature: cmc
OneTrueGamble: 10 Player?
TXC2: ryuhimora CMC
kbatra: rubles
GavinVerhey: Sounds like a classic commander deck
kalku__: overlay says 10 player
flojosch: lrrGREED wheelerHub wheelerUro
IR0NB0RN: Yay! <3
Diosu: Was that an etched foil piper pack 1
malc: 4.98 jiggawatts
bob_baggins: i live in the states, and this is such a good distraction from doom scrolling..
Ragnarakk: why does it say 10 player tho?
JadedSimulacrum: Including lands?!
garunkl: 4.98 POGs
evan_333333: seems like adam and graham are delayed
HammerTheWise: Let's go!
TehAmelie: and then, sixty hours from now
CodenameJD: @benj
monkeyrama: Oh daaaang
beowuuf: my brain just twisted as i forgot we were live again and graham responded to chat :p
ThirdFloorDraft: 15 hours stream it is
sheer_falacy: there will be a cumulative 10 players
KharadBanar: @Armoric I think you're missing Wheeler and Olivia for that
Naarius: Collecty boosties
monkeyrama: Collector's boosters seabatPjorg
CodenameJD: 4.98 jigawatts!?
AP4rk3dC4r: I'm just excited for big spells being cast
Nukified: thick packs
Ragnarakk: ahhhh
HammerTheWise: I see, 24 hours of stream
CtrlUltDefeatLive: Is sealed still 6 packs per person?
Hadouken_lol_catz: 4 games of comander thats like 18 hours
RockPusher: 10 Guests
SoldieroFortune: 8 + 2?
Armoric: Olivia wasn't in the draft tho
gredgredmansson: @Ragnarakk 2 games of draft, 2 games of sealed.
seemsdeece: collecty boosties
sblue333: 8 + 2
NrgSpoon: 10 People draft
hamahimana: is there a deckbuild for the sealed?
The_Wooba: 8 Player Draft and 10 Player Sealed @LoadingReadyRun ??
Malletmaster: Math! PogChamp
jarjaross: I wanted nelson v serge to get manaburn against the store up mana deck.
Leonhart321: 8 Player draft and 10 Player Sealed?
FionasGotIT: 8+2
Veraphage: 10*
ryuhimora: Thank you Paul
elano123124: paul magic
TheOneCalledStu: Got there
RandomTrivia: Thanks Paul! lrrHEART
KuyashiiPlays: 10 player games!
Joalni: Thank you, Paul
IR0NB0RN: Boosties!
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Mrmontythepogostick: Adam counts as two people due to a rounding error
Edgeng: Looking forward to this!
flatluigi: collecties!
RocknGrohlNerd: tasty boosties
Seth_Erickson: Boosties PogChamp
AP4rk3dC4r: lol
TXC2: GavinVerhey please stop allcaps :p
Sk1nnee: collecties
Shoki_Donai: Bonus cards!
Dix: S P I C Y B O O S T I E S
Hexy_Lexy234: #TeamUlmer
Kykiwi: who ever gets the best card goes frist?
ItsMajorMineral: delicious cardboard
beowuuf: we've seen that friday nights, james retires chanpion in the end
maniac_fish: serge gets an alt art lotus, calling it now
TimeToFry: Are the tokens foil?
accountmadeforants: Ooh, neat voice effect on the life totals
Tom_Bruise: a 10 player commander game would be hell; It would take about as long as a game of cricket
mightymightyrauros: @GavinVerhey - What's longer: 10 player commander games or lockdown?
Slasheboy: foil Mana drain let's go!
snydepels2: ben is the only guy with partners, nice
CtrlUltDefeatLive: shotty serge gets foil mana drain
TheWarbo: oh wow i like the "who is speaking" on the overlay, is that new?
boyesie: @GavinVerhey that sound hellish, i played a 6 person planechase commander game at uni once, that took long enough
riktracer: Foil Kobold!
Toonela: Now I want to send Ben stuffed animals, he has a nice collection. Wonder what he likes...
WillowWiffs: oo, i like that the new "who's talking" border thingy from crossing the streams made it here
TehAmelie: are dual face tokens a thing or does that just save on card estate?
HammerTheWise: "Oh, mox diamond"
ryuhimora: 6 person planechase????
benjamin_wheeler: there's literally dozens of us
elano123124: I actually played 10 player planeshift commander. it went off the rails FAST
KuyashiiPlays: HAL AND ALENA!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Ben you managed to get Gruulfriends! You legend!
monkeyrama: Yessss
DecaDang: alena halana, what a wonderful phrase
apocalyptic_squirrel: Seraph of Dawn was one of my favourite cards when I started playing <3
Seth_Erickson: Hell yeah
RandomTrivia: Kobold HYPE!
Nyxshade: AIR HORN
Impel_Gaming: That's awesome the mic activates the border around each name.
DiscordianTokkan: Foil Boy!
ryanthelion42: ban Gavin mods don't be cowards
kerbalized_: is the entire pack foiled?
sheer_falacy: chonky
malc: ooh you've got who's-speaking animations, very neat, good job Paul
squirrelking319: KOBOLD
itsr67: w i d e
Diosu: @TehAmelie They started double sided tokens in commander decks but foil double sided tokens have been in every collector booster
Leonhart321: I miss Avacyn Restored
gogt200: I'm so happy Ben drafted lesbians.
Mangledpixel: W I D E
Sk1nnee: wide fleshbag
apocalyptic_squirrel: "overfull fleshbag"
TXC2: Avacyn restored is the best set 'cause it has Gisela, Change my minds Kappa
rainbowmage42: i wonder if we will ever see a birds of paradise reprint ever again?
riktracer: Daaaang!
Ragnarakk: WIDEBAG marauder
David_Strid: camera closer pls
monkeyrama: YO
DarkAbyssKeeper: "A very wide flesh bag" is not nice to hear, either, Graham.
benjamin_wheeler: YO
Kykiwi: LUL
PiGuy2000: "Wide fleshbag" is a sequence of words I didn't ever expect to hear
TimeToFry: Big Braags
Nukified: nice
eshplode: Widest marauder
RandomTrivia: LUL
maniac_fish: SICK
Didero: Pretty cards!
Alphaetus_Prime: NICE
riktracer: Looks so goooooooooooooooooood!
HammerTheWise: NIce
Shoki_Donai: Nice!
BusTed: flip flop
kcritical: Nice
MyBestHat: H O T
flatluigi: hell yeah
monkeyrama: That's amazing
Seth_Erickson: PogChamp
CodenameJD: NICE
ariborealis: NICE
CardKingdom: NAILED IT
Leonhart321: Got there
Malletmaster: <message deleted>LOL RIGGED
Dix: big cheats
itsr67: LOL
MelvinMTG: hahahaha
mightymightyrauros: Niiice
snydepels2: Wow
thanzo: fleshbag for your flesh sculptor
bradlby: lemme upgrade ya
kamkazi: clap clap
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Never didn't have it! lrrHORN
FionasGotIT: Big cheats LUL
dreadskulll: PogChamp
Diosu: Get in a sleeeeeeeeeeeeve
Hurtrax4: clap clap
bobAkirafett: lmao
Seth_Erickson: 👏
polaris415: RIGGED
pete_haderlein: susdFineMove
walabane: upgrades people
GavinVerhey: NAILED IT
HammerTheWise: 10/10
Wolfstrike_NL: SO GOOD
TheSeraphmin: what perfect timing LMAO
SmashTCG: IT was destiny
Tom_Bruise: Well done.
Snes_Controller: PogChamp PogChamp
sovietbear1919: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
KaitoAIDA: So sick!
DorkmasterFlek: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
dtape467: that's amazing
bob_baggins: nice
Derthon: LUL
falcn120: nice!
IR0NB0RN: Already blinging out the deck! PogChamp
theneatestburrito: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
JoshMelnick: holy shit that rules lmao
cosarprime: always had it
vr_doggo: Wide fleshbag...
ttkblazer97: now that's an upgrade!
LoganAura: Yoooo!
cahstar133: PogChamp
Nameless_Sword: oh wow! perfect
CtrlUltDefeatLive: upgrade
kbatra: poggers
freshmaker__: Etchy goodness!
monkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
MyBestHat: <message deleted>SEEDED PACKS monkaS
whoppernugget: Wowie zowie
electrum516: PogChamp
thanzo: <3 <3 <#
A_Dub888: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
sheer_falacy: big cheats!
Ukon_Cairns: fleshsculptor is just another name for a bodybuilder yeah mpieThink
KaitoAIDA: Love it!
CravenInsomniac: What is this? r/thathappened?
martian_kyo: Now everyone has to open their commanders
GrandiaKnight: Nice!
SmashTCG: lets see it ben
RocknGrohlNerd: brago, my man
Easilycrazyhat: Well then
AP4rk3dC4r: nice
Off1ine__: scripted, pack was resealed obviouslyu
wtrob: seabatTROG
codatski: So is everyone at the table ready to lose to Ben today? His decks seems ridiculous
HammerTheWise: Going up in style
ThirdFloorDraft: done, snap keep
MyNameisJennieFuchsia: benginHeck benginYe
Dix: not so humble brago
sharkfinnigan: PogChamp
chrisvonclause: lrrWOW
sharkfinnigan: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
Diosu: Not sleeving the brago?
Leonhart321: Book Dix
malc: Hakuna Alena
sheer_falacy: can't believe they let Graham put a card from an outside pack into his deck
Foxmar320: wow
WarlordWulf: PogChamp
mjolnrvii: LIESA! Nice.
theprophetofcthulu: now all of them have to get showcase arts
ryanthelion42: PogChamp
itsr67: whooooa
apocalyptic_squirrel: Halana and Alena, for the rest of your dayyyys...
carrotboi4: !card yoriok
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MelvinMTG: That is trippy
maniac_fish: Those were the first two etched arts I'm gonna buy lol
RandomTrivia: Remember chat, if you draft a card but own a prettier copy of it, you can absolutely play the other version instead!
Easilycrazyhat: @CravenInsomniac G oppened the same commander he drafter, but fancy.
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CodenameJD: Are the uncommon partners in etched foil?
Diosu: Foil copy token from ZNR is pretty sweet
LoganAura: Alena Halana. What a wonderful name!
gredgredmansson: wait is that legal
LRRMTG_Judge: well done Dix on the pun. pharma2Vial
baskwalla: Nice Adam
NrgSpoon: foil is nice for treasure, very fitting
MelvinMTG: Adam with the old SNL joke
KeiRaccoon: Cool 25+ year old reference, Adam
carrotboi4: !card yuriok
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Tommadness: lmao Adam "Makin copies"
BusTed: It's a good timely reference.
Seth_Erickson: He's so S T A U N C H
Easilycrazyhat: That Pauly Shore ref XD
MillerDark: Wow, those cards look so curled
ox42: Big man, making copiiiies
TimeToFry: Wait, Ben's not using sleeves?
noSmokeFire: cronch throneguard
punmaster10: pringles
gredgredmansson: DePietro!
BiscuitHipster: Literal actual pringles
benjamin_wheeler: does Cameron know there's a new Ramirez?
SmashTCG: Cam is Nonplused about Ramerz
monkeyrama: LUL
MelvinMTG: Why does Cam like Ramirez?
somekindofsam: I can see the curling from here
sheer_falacy: !card ramirez
LRRbot: Did you mean: Ghost of Ramirez DePietro; Ramirez DePietro
CravenInsomniac: @Easilycrazyhat Thanks for the clarification, but it was unneeded. Forgot the /s
paintedsteel: Pretty disappointing
TXC2: MelvinMTG he had a commander deck with Ramirez
sheer_falacy: !card ramirez depietro
LRRbot: Ramirez DePietro [3UBB] | Legendary Creature — Human Pirate [4/3] | First strike
Easilycrazyhat: @CravenInsomniac Ah XD
HammerTheWise: I see the chip-like curled foil are still a thing
Stiggy1605: @MelvinMTG he has a Ramirez pauper EDH deck
sheer_falacy: what a great commander
monkeyrama: Jesus the courts are so good
TheWarbo: Court of Aiur?
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
DiscordianTokkan: Not 3/6? Nice!
oliveinthesky: ire
SmashTCG: the NEw spliter
Paranundrox: yeah Court of Ire is absurd
Leonhart321: All of the Courts are so good
Armoric: R court looks nice in cube for R control decks
Malletmaster: You are a pirate! R)
thanzo: yar har
sheer_falacy: do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirate!
TiagoToledo: dllhey @graham_lrr , did you know that they reprinted Cuombajj Witches? OpieOP
TheWriterAleph: do what you want cuz a pirate is free
dtape467: KITTY
Pteryon: did they draft? are they opening collector's boosters just as an extra?
TimeToFry: Do what you want çause a pirate is free
MelvinMTG: You Are A Pirate Now
freshmaker__: do what you want cos a pirate is free
Nameless_Sword: Pirates!
ThirdFloorDraft: that's how pirates get maade
RedJackz: That recruiter works with Splinter Twin btw. It's a Kiki Jiki combo
benjamin_wheeler: BEN
LRRbot: Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker [2WU] | Legendary Creature — Bird Monk [1/1] | Flying / Whenever an opponent casts a spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker. / Partner
benjamin_wheeler: BEN
gnome_friend: !findquote pirate
DanTheMediocre: yo ho fideleedee
benjamin_wheeler: SHIP
monkeyrama: Wheeler!
Mangledpixel: yar har fiddle dee dee
sblue333: Yer a Pirate Harry
Malletmaster: :bunny:
RandomTrivia: Bunny!
Ankylosaur: Ishai PogChamp
the_garfielf: WHEELER
Malletmaster: 🐰
SmashTCG: Correct
oliveinthesky: bunny!!!
itsr67: Ishai ooooh
Haroldholmes25: wheelerPog
Ankylosaur: Bunny!
GrandiaKnight: He's a bird whose also a wizard!
ItsMajorMineral: Bunnygang
sirsquirrel13: yurrr a pirate Harry
Dirk_Strider_tT: GIVE TO WHEELER
A_Dub888: BUNNER
Ankylosaur: Give bunny to Wheeler!
kbatra: wheeler
Nameless_Sword: rabbit wizard!
Carsonogenics_: ben is gonna show up at ben's house during the game
GoodBuddha: bunny rabbit? Eminem?!
sirsquirrel13: amazonBlasting amazonBlasting
HammerTheWise: Bun Bun!
CodenameJD: I heard y'all like Azorius etched foils
TimeToFry: So you only open Azorius legends from these boosters? Interesting
kbatra: foil etched
MyBestHat: @benjamin_wheeler sounds like he's selling it...
SmashTCG: @benjamin_wheeler i think the packs got sent to the wrong ben
snydepels2: 3 azorius etched foils lol
felipaid: If Ben Ulmer wheels is he now Ben Wheeler?
TheSeraphmin: lot's of UWU legendries so far
Pharmacistjudge: be careful gavin is here. "Foil Etched"
Diosu: @TimeToFry no
Orcakite: what are they doing right now?
OldBenX: the8bitUwU legends eerywhere
Nyxshade: opening packs
nutty03: UwU
flatluigi: they got some collector's packs before the actual game starts
Seth_Erickson: they're opening Collector boosties @Orcakite
Nyxshade: collector boosters
oritejordan: cold press
benjamin_wheeler: @GavinVerhey Do you know off-hand who designed the rabbit?
Orcakite: Ohhh
Voidhawk42: !card etched champion
LRRbot: Etched Champion [3] | Artifact Creature — Soldier [2/2] | Metalcraft — Etched Champion has protection from all colors as long as you control three or more artifacts.
Diosu: What were the etched foils in the draft
TXC2: looking at fancy cards
mastershake29x: @Orcakite opening collector boosters before starting the game
Unas84: or for short, Fetched
CardKingdom: Fetched for short.
cahstar133: the foil in the pack it self is the better one LUL
GavinVerhey: @benjamin_wheeler Hmmm, let me go look in our database!
RocknGrohlNerd: oh I want that Brago. damn it
IR0NB0RN: Makin' copies!
Unas84: @CardKingdom jinx!
MelvinMTG: Same joke Adam lmao
monkeyrama: Every time seabatPjorg
TheWriterAleph: makin' copieeees
oritejordan: someones gonna hit a nice lad
nutty03: brago is prob my main
oliveinthesky: "oooh"
LRRbot: The Prismatic Piper [5] | Legendary Creature — Shapeshifter [3/3] | If The Prismatic Piper is your commander, choose a color before the game begins. The Prismatic Piper is the chosen color. / Partner
oritejordan: land
sovietbear1919: yoooooo
Kykiwi: yooo
riktracer: #BigPipes!
Malletmaster: :O :O :O
giganticdork: Oooooooh!
Seth_Erickson: Yo
CleeKru: wowow
Dix: phat pipes
TXC2: I'm hearing that as shiny coffee token :p
The_Wooba: <message deleted>GETTIN PIPED BY MY DENTIST
monkeyrama: wooooow, Serge
IR0NB0RN: Big pipin' PogChamp
itsr67: ooooh
TimeToFry: Oh that's gotta be money, right
benjamin_wheeler: holy smokes
linsonas: Can I get a Marchesa in draft packs?
Ammondale: money
pupsnapgaming: Wowowow
kuriboLXIX: gib
TheSeraphmin: that's a sic foil
Ankylosaur: Whoa that Preordain
Diabore: jeebus
Diosu: @GavinVerhey Can we get more etched commanders? I want Tatyova
seemsdeece: yoooooo
lady_olynder: cash money that preordain
HammerTheWise: That looks amazing
Dix: money preordain!
riktracer: Mm
ttkblazer97: preordain for cam!
kbatra: poggers
The_Wooba: oops
ALEISmALPTO: !card preordain
LRRbot: Preordain [U] | Sorcery | Scry 2, then draw a card.
TheOneCalledStu: Get the SLEEEEEEEVE
riktracer: That sexy extended art
kerbalized_: so pretty
jawz77: That is going to look sick in my pauper decks! :O
Fire_Summoner: Shiny cards are so nice
cahstar133: @GavinVerhey HeyGuys
Seth_Erickson: Turts
Diabore: big turts
dtape467: TOITLE
ttkblazer97: master oogway!
MyBestHat: wheeler about to go into a diabetic coma from how sweet these are
Splosion: #AllGloryToTheHypnoPreordain
linearCurvature: TURTLE
Malletmaster: Turtle friend! 🐢
TheSeraphmin: non-durdle turtle!
Nyxshade: THE TURTLE
flatluigi: sloooow doooown
Taveena: Alhara, Solemn ritualist is notably nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns!
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aceofroses_: what is going on what did I mis?
RaklarLS: Geriatric Ninja Turtle
maniac_fish: oh look the bant turtle. oh wait
nutty03: master oogway!
benjamin_wheeler: Is Serge not turtely enough for the turtle club?
Nameless_Sword: Turtle... turtle turtle
MRForceOFWill: my precious
sora_mayura: hello!
aceofroses_: sealed?
CtrlUltDefeatLive: Franklin
TheAlmightyBrushwagg: I put preordain permanently on the stack
GrandiaKnight: Turble!
JakeKamas: Hey! The mono white turtle!
Bionull: What's the point of foil piper? It's useless outside draft. Cubes, I guess?
LRRbot: Armored Skyhunter [3W] | Creature — Cat Knight [3/3] | Flying / Whenever Armored Skyhunter attacks, look at the top six cards of your library. You may put an Aura or Equipment card from among them onto the battlefield. If an Equipment is put onto the battlefield this way, you may attach it to a creature you control. Put the rest of those cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.
KuyashiiPlays: !card turtle! turtle turtle
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
GavinVerhey: @benjamin_wheeler Looks like it's not written down. Who knows! If I find out I'll lety ou know
sheer_falacy: kitty!
LRRbot: Opal Palace | Land | {T}: Add {C}. / {1}, {T}: Add one mana of any color in your commander's color identity. If you spend this mana to cast your commander, it enters the battlefield with a number of additional +1/+1 counters on it equal to the number of times it's been cast from the command zone this game.
GaelanS: sorry, I'm a little confused - why are they opening packs now?
eeeeetsben_1wk: Oogway!
MyBestHat: serge would love that knight
Diosu: @GaelanS Why not?
Carsonogenics_: @GaelanS because they got them
GrandiaKnight: Pretty...
monkeyrama: seraphic wing!
RocknGrohlNerd: turtle turtle turtle I mad you out of clay
LRRbot: Seraphic Greatsword [1W] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +2/+2. / Whenever equipped creature attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life, create a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying that's tapped and attacking that player. / Equip {4}
noSmokeFire: @GaelanS they're collectors packs
gredgredmansson: Fun Fact: Turtle and Rabbit come from the same plane!
Hexy_Lexy234: @GavinVerhey thank you to whomever helped make that preordain, its SO GORGEOUS
LoganAura: They're showing off the Collector's boosters.
TimeToFry: We Jedi Masters now
RandomTrivia: @GaelanS random Collecter Boosters they were given to open
TXC2: GaelanS these are fancy packs
cahstar133: @GaelanS just 4fun
NrgSpoon: these are collector boosters
Scarbble: GaelanS showing off collectors packs
benjamin_wheeler: @GavinVerhey Thanks I'd really appreciate it. I want to pass some kind of gift their way
KuyashiiPlays: These are collector boosters @GaelanS
mastershake29x: @GaelanS collector boosters
MyBestHat: stinky
Gillgamesh10: They were sent collector boosters and are opening them now
Bionull: Poor Serge
LRRbot: Radiant, Serra Archangel [6W] | Legendary Creature — Angel [6/4] | Flying / Tap another untapped creature you control with flying: Radiant, Serra Archangel gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn. / Partner
sheer_falacy: awkward equip if you have the most life
Hurtrax4: that damn sword...
Dix: Radiant!
benjamin_wheeler: yo that's a clean looking foil
kbatra: thats a bad mythic
RocknGrohlNerd: projONE
notthepenguins: yoooo
TXC2: Radient Gang!
Nyxshade: luds
CleeKru: Ludevic!!!!
monkeyrama: Krark!
Fistacles: LUL
Scarbble: you're a bad mythic. gottem
Foxmar320: lol
minksterella_: Goblin!!!
sheer_falacy: oh no his thumbs
aceofroses_: that sword is amaizing in Boros equipments
Malletmaster: LOL
GrandiaKnight: KRAK!!
snydepels2: KRARK
oliveinthesky: cool pack!!
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Edgeng: LUL
riktracer: The thumby boi!
JoshMelnick: K R A R K
Nameless_Sword: Krark!
sheer_falacy: poor guy
DiscordianTokkan: Time for THUMB
PrimalTheRaptor: Oh no, he is commin!
TheMagicalSazerac: But what if now?!
riktracer: #GetKrarkThumbs
HammerTheWise: *a car rumbles in the distance*
LRRbot: Krark, the Thumbless [1R] | Legendary Creature — Goblin Wizard [2/2] | Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, return that spell to its owner's hand. If you win the flip, copy that spell, and you may choose new targets for the copy. / Partner
RandomTrivia: Aside from Graham these packs were in the wrong places
Diosu: Did Serge get the best pack
FionasGotIT: Ben just yeeting himself over to Serge's LUL
notthepenguins: [door slams, car starts up]
Ukon_Cairns: those really have some depth on camera
Joalni: But he wants it NOW
Nameless_Sword: Flip those coins!
cuttlefishman: KRARK
TheWriterAleph: by the krarking of my thumbs...
Diosu: I think he got the best pack
Leonhart321: Now is later compared to Then
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Tom_Bruise: Ben is just frantically tying his shoes rn
TXC2: talking about vibrating bens Kappa
Ukon_Cairns: thats actually p neat
kaziel0: THUUMBS!
Naarius: Both of them
riktracer: #ThumbsUpForKrarksThumbs
giganticdork: he gambled them away :)
boyesie: KRARK! get the thumbs ready
Ammondale: Double or Nothing!
sheer_falacy: !card krark's other thumb
LRRbot: Krark's Other Thumb [2] | Legendary Artifact | If you would roll a die, instead roll two of those dice and ignore one of those results.
kaziel0: ALl three of them!
cahstar133: he gamble it alway BOTH OF THEM LUL
flatluigi: !card krark's thumbs
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
DorkmasterFlek: Ben has all of them wheelerKappa
CodenameJD: Who's got 0 thumbs and a janky deck to brew??
andy_reeed: Thumbs up
DanTheMediocre: Who's got no thumbs and is ready to flip some coins
flatluigi: !card krark's thumb
LRRbot: Krark's Thumb [2] | Legendary Artifact | If you would flip a coin, instead flip two coins and ignore one.
Rogueist: although krark did win his thumbs back
MRForceOFWill: Ben is raiding serge
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: He lost them in a bet.
jkoon78076: he gambled them away
EvilBadman: Who's got four thumbs, two of which are Krark's? That dude (points at Ben)
TheWarbo: just gotta use Bludgeon Brawl to equip KRark's Thumbs to Krark
RandomTrivia: I love that he lost the other thumb on a double or nothing LUL
Voidhawk42: Krark the Thumbless + Both Thumbs + Bludgeon brawl = "We can rebuild him"
d_rocko1x: do we know if these foils pringle yet
TheWriterAleph: !zombieorfivedrop
gnome_friend: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
aceofroses_: So eeach one will open a collector booster and then play with their draft decks?
GavinVerhey: Krark wagered his thumbs, and lost them gambling. He then wagered a third thumb to try and get them back. This is canon, I am not joking.
MelvinMTG: I love that one of Krark's Thumbs only exists in silver border
TheACTR: there are cards for TWO of them. but not all THREE
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: But got one back in another bet.
Quarokcaddhihle: <message deleted>Is adam tired?
GreenMittenz: I just noticed the overlay animation for when people are talking so you know who it is... That is so smart!
MillerDark: !card Krark's other thumb
kbatra: they dont pringle
zatengo: adam v quiet
flatluigi: !card krark's third thumb
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Vandred921: Adam is quite quiet.
NrgSpoon: poo snake!
Diosu: @GavinVerhey Where did this third thumb come from
monkeyrama: sweeet
MaskedThespian: Krark + new Sakashima + Krark's Thumb + all the Artifact clone cards + any flip a coin card = :D
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL who has two thumbs and love flipping coins? it's ....oh sorry Krark
benjamin_wheeler: Adam opens... a Grim Guardian?
LRRbot: Acidic Slime [3GG] | Creature — Ooze [2/2] | Deathtouch / When Acidic Slime enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact, enchantment, or land.
TheSilverGekko: @GavinVerhey who's thumb was the third?
gredgredmansson: @MelvinMTG I think the Goblin Rigger somehow got it
PainlessQuill8: his flavor txt says it all
OldBenX: @GavinVerhey did he win the third gamble tho?
KharadBanar: @GavinVerhey Are all the Unstable cards canon? Or is it just specifically Krark's Other Thumb?
Fistacles: ah yes, a commander staple until rec sage existed
Ammondale: GOR MULDRAK
LRRbot: Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist [1GU] | Legendary Creature — Human Scout [3/2] | You and permanents you control have protection from Salamanders. / At the beginning of your end step, each player who controls the fewest creatures creates a 4/3 blue Salamander Warrior creature token.
monkeyrama: Salamander homie!
snydepels2: salamander boiii
benjamin_wheeler: ooooh
Hurtrax4: ooooh
RandomTrivia: Ooh, pretty!
gredgredmansson: CROIKEY
TXC2: Spicy
Malletmaster: oooooo aaaaaaa
TimeToFry: Dang
sheer_falacy: that guy is really into salamanders
MRForceOFWill: !card krark's other thumb
LRRbot: Krark's Other Thumb [2] | Legendary Artifact | If you would roll a die, instead roll two of those dice and ignore one of those results.
GavinVerhey: Unstable is not canon, this is just the actual story! Haha
LRRbot: Magus of the Order [2GG] | Creature — Human Wizard [3/3] | {G}, {T}, Sacrifice Magus of the Order and another green creature: Search your library for a green creature card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.
benjamin_wheeler: ADAM
benjamin_wheeler: ADAM
nutty03: croikey!
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: @TheSilverGekko He didn't actually have a third thumb. He just convinced the other goblin he was "good for it."
LRRbot: Keleth, Sunmane Familiar [1W] | Legendary Creature — Horse [1/1] | Whenever a commander you control attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it. / Partner
minksterella_: @GavinVerhey can you just stay in chat and tell us only goblin lore for the rest of the stream
TimeToFry: Adam
eshplode: I have no idea how to build Gor Muldrak, but I'm excited for it
freshmaker__: Large Pog
sheer_falacy: of course, of course
TXC2: GavinVerhey lies, it's all canon Kappa
maniac_fish: these are some great wheeler packs
Fistacles: BRAUM is here
benjamin_wheeler: I need that horse
Hurtrax4: my favorite herder
raaabr: It's just Adam as a card
Nyxshade: BRAUM
SmashTCG: Burse
the_garfielf: best pack ever
MRForceOFWill: benginChaos benginChaos
OldBenX: Stand behind Braum!
GrandiaKnight: Herder!
GoodBuddha: charles bronson!
the_garfielf: BRUSE AND A HORSE
monkeyrama: Adam's running that horse as a commander, right?
Grusommegeir: Sick pack Adam!
Seth_Erickson: Mardu Enchantments 👀
Ragnarakk: @OldBenX you beat me to it >:
monkeyrama: You can bling it out PogChamp
HammerTheWise: That was a nice packeroo
freshmaker__: oh baby the mardu enchantment person
CodenameJD: Oh wow, foil etched Ghen even looks gorgeous from here
pyrojakk: IT seems like you always open one of the partners?
samsoni1: GEN
RocknGrohlNerd: looks like johny the combo player
Voidhawk42: Mardu Demonic Pact
beowuuf: i think maro said the multiverses are different but sometimes they can have parallel lines (hence Urza's head, different urza :p)
RassilonDND: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 56:29.
gredgredmansson: Ghen is cool
Bionull: Hah, with it tilted so the magic orb didn't show up he looked so normal.
Hurtrax4: noice
samsoni1: Ghen is pog
Dish_KP: Look at that horse. That horse is amazing
boyesie: was that the last one the mardu enchantment commamnder?
ElektroTal: God I'm so jealous
Naarius: f l a t hype
GavinVerhey: @benjamin_wheeler Looks like Kwan was Jules Robins
sblue333: Yeah that Mardu Commander is the one I want to build
carrotboi4: !card yurlok
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
AP4rk3dC4r: Mardu Enchantress is top of my list for building now.
OldBenX: @Dish_KP can I give it a lick?
monkeyrama: loool
Hurtrax4: clap clap
nutty03: fblthp in quarantine can finally go home safely
benjamin_wheeler: @GavinVerhey thank you!
IR0NB0RN: Is it possible to get each players commander on cam? :)
WhiteWizard42: @OldBenX then it'll DEFINITELY bend
Joalni: Here we go!
UrbanSamurai_22: I always have bens luck
hmwd138: I'm interested to see what the Araumi deck does
Splosion: Wait...Yurlok brings back mana burn?!
bosk113: Who’s in Pod #2?
DarkAbyssKeeper: The audio-flare in the corners is just top notch overlay design. Good job, probably Paul.
monkeyrama: ooooh, powerful t1
LRRbot: Fyndhorn Elves [G] | Creature — Elf Druid [1/1] | {T}: Add {G}.
freshmaker__: I love the bunny so much.
cahstar133: no shield ben ? WHAT A SHAME
RedJackz: Sol rin is in this format
Dish_KP: @OldBenX You can! It tastes just like raisins.
Hurtrax4: noice
MelvinMTG: Woo!
ArcOfTheConclave: yes, soul ring is an uncommon
sheer_falacy: could people talk about their commanders? We didn't have that much view of all of them during the draft
kbatra: no sleeves
kumatsu: The first card cast in Commander Legends is Fyndhorn Elves, someone call Shivam
gnome_friend: Sol ring is not in limited
kaziel0: Paging Shivam!
kbatra: also sol ring isnt in the set
gnome_friend: ONly in the commander decks
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @DarkAbyssKeeper thanks!
Fistacles: sol ring is only in the precons, nto the limited packs
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Qvdv: RedJackz I thought it was in the set, but not in the draft boosters
MaskedThespian: @ArcOfTheConclave It's in the precons only, I think
aceofroses_: Sol ring is only in the precons NOT normal boosters
Hurtrax4: wait is Ben playing without sleeves????? the audacity
monkeyrama: Fancy Liesa
LRRbot: Liesa, Shroud of Dusk [2WWB] | Legendary Creature — Angel [5/5] | Rather than pay {2} for each previous time you've cast this spell from the command zone this game, pay 2 life that many times. / Flying, lifelink / Whenever a player casts a spell, they lose 2 life.
LRRMTG_Judge: Sol Ring is not actually in the draft boosters theman20Heart
LoganAura: I thought it was huh. Ah well
Edgeng: Sol ring can be found as an extended art in the collector's packs, too
hmwd138: Is Gavin Verhey watching the stream?
Taveena: You MUST pay 2 life instead-
Malletmaster: you HAVE to pay 2 life that many times
DaMullet14: Not can, must
TheWarbo: not you *can*, Graham
GRrrrrat: it's not optional
giganticdork: the extended art sol ring is in collectors boosters, not in draft boosters
NrgSpoon: it's not a may, it's a must
sovietbear1919: It's not an instead
Tikosh_: not can you have to
thirsty_kitteh: Is that a may?
Nameless_Sword: you MUST
ContingentCat: wow
kbatra: you can get sol ring in the collecters boosters
grindstaff_studios: It's not a may.
TXC2: 2 life for 2 mana, better then pyrexian mana Kappa
Midgetfromrome4: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 58:30.
ArcOfTheConclave: the black powerpuff girl!
GutsTheDog: But she is a 5/5 lifelink so that's not so bad
snydepels2: liesa and yurlok, maybe this game will be swift
LRRbot: Halana, Kessig Ranger [3G] | Legendary Creature — Human Archer [3/4] | Reach / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {2}. When you do, that creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature. / Partner
TXC2: #GruulFriends
RandomTrivia: GruulFriends! lrrHEART
Nyxshade: gruulfriends!
DiscordianTokkan: Gruulfriends!
Dr_fragenstien: oh, i thought it was a may. that's interesting
Nameless_Sword: GruulFriends
gredgredmansson: that's not a may graham
ContingentCat: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
The_ChartreuseKnight: Gruulrieds
Syntheticuh: #gruulfriends
linearCurvature: the gay agenda is advancing
DorkmasterFlek: LesbianPride Gruulfriends! LesbianPride
LRRbot: Alena, Kessig Trapper [4R] | Legendary Creature — Human Scout [4/3] | First strike / {T}: Add an amount of {R} equal to the greatest power among creatures you control that entered the battlefield this turn. / Partner
Nameless_Sword: benginHeart benginHeart
nutty03: gruulfriends
linearCurvature: this is awesome
jawz77: GruulFriends wheelerKappap wheelerKappap wheelerKappap
priestofzentu: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
TXC2: linearCurvature good
OldBenX: @bosk113 2nd pod is Ben Wheeler, Cam, Kathleen and Nelson
Dish_KP: Hell yeah the Gay Power couple! Hear that, WOTC? PridePog
scut_farkus_: those cards are gay
CleeKru: WAIT, is liesa the last legendary Innistrad Angle???
Zaghrog: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
Scarbble: the gay agenda is to make a lot of mana?
hamahimana: Big gay gruul creatures
Flying_MTG: gruulfriends bloobyPride KappaPride
gredgredmansson: partners in work, and in life
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: Highly recommend the two articles covering the lore on every new legendary card in the set. It's just a paragraph or two for each one.
TurnOneForrest: I thought they were sisters, clearly I am not a vorthos
PainlessQuill8: Ben needs some sleeves....
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
Hexy_Lexy234: i wanna make Big Gay Gruul in EDH using them and playing every Nissa and Chandra
TXC2: CleeKru yes
nutty03: @CleeKru yes
Malletmaster: GruulFriends! GayPride
kaziel0: @CleeKru Yes, she is
BanditoHorse: big gay queens yesss
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: @CleeKru Yes. The one Avacyn killed.
CleeKru: nice
DorkmasterFlek: There are two Gruul commanders inside of you...
hmwd138: MANA BURN!
IgorApp: Hey, Ben is playing the #GayRights deck <3
wurmbane: how many mono-colored partners are there in the set? 40?
RandomTrivia: @CleeKru Yep. Avacyn obliterated Liesa and her flight because she didn't like the methods
LRRMTG_Judge: @CleeKru Yes! Canonically, she's dead by the time Innistrad (the set) happens. - Squirrel
Leonhart321: The tapping and untapping I pla. to do with that card benginOh benginYe
flatluigi: mana burn!
OldBenX: don't worry, they'll retcon this in the next set Kappa
gredgredmansson: @TurnOneForrest there were lore articles released in the past few weeks
HammerTheWise: Gruul lesbians let's go!
Hawkfrost000: 4 4 4 4 with vigilance
torpidninja: Is it appropriate to shout-out "From Rewatch With Love" in here?
Skudd: I love bringing mana burn back as an on-card mechanic.
TXC2: OldBenX too soon Kappa
monkeyrama: oofa
hippiecheeto: PrideLion PrideLion PrideLion PrideLion PrideLion PrideLion PrideLion
Joalni: Jund 'em out! With mana!
Tom_Bruise: I feel like lifetotals are gonna go down pretty fast in this pod
sir_glorpsworth: manaburn PogChamp
gredgredmansson: Yurlok, actual Jund
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: The descriptions for the cycle of legendary familiars are great. Written like descriptions at a pet adoption.
flatluigi: bolt _every_ player
Foxmar320: That sounds fun
Malletmaster: bolt opponents each turn
Leonhart321: Oh god, that Commander actually kills me
RocknGrohlNerd: but Ben have gruul deck at home
The_Wooba: thats pretty cool
MadmanOreo: bolt! the! Ben!
Taveena: EVERYONE gets BRG.
CodenameJD: Not bolt A player, EACH.
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schwimmschik: Sub baby time! It's a Yurlok!
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Tikosh_: each
ThirdFloorDraft: mana burn commander?
OldBenX: now everyone can Jund'em out!
Seth_Erickson: you actually get the colors now
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monkeyrama: You get the colors now
FionasGotIT: You can spend it on generic costs
RandomTrivia: You can use for generic costs though
LRRMTG_Judge: you do get the mana of the appropriate colors. pharma2Vial
OldBenX: and everyone can be Junded out!
Nameless_Sword: Black, Red Green
LRRMTG_Judge: Everyone will have the BRG mana. - Squirrel
Flying_MTG: Each player gets that mana, otherwise colorless would be abusable
Dish_KP: I'm still here for Liesa, though. Go Vamps!
thirsty_kitteh: We can't hear Nelson if he is speaking @LoadingReadyRun
LRRMTG_Judge: that was changed a few years ago. pharma2Vial
flatluigi: you can use it for generic right
snydepels2: yurlok is gonna be annoying on mtgo
TheSilverGekko: if nelson spoke on broadcast we cant hear him
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Diosu: They changed when Oath of the Gatewatch came out
rdiffee7: pastrami
RandomTrivia: Haha, mana go BRG
TheOtherTrevor: umami
Diosu: People were abusing off color mana sources to cast eldrazi
ArcOfTheConclave: they changed it when Gatewatch came out
swaggytaco: where we supposed to hear nelson?
HammerTheWise: "Some text"
gredgredmansson: Araumi, she who HATES PIRATES
SniHjen: you can use it for B(2)
LRRMTG_Judge: @flatluigi Yes, you can spend it to pay generic costs :) - Squirrel
JadedSimulacrum: OH dead tide not dread tide
Ujai321: did nelson say something on stream? or was it just chat? because we didnt hear him
Mindmage: Is anyone else having problems hearing?
Rainw0rm: can't hear adam very well
LRRMTG_Judge: I believe it was changed with Oath of the Gatewatch. pharma2Vial
Houseboy23: adam is like half volume of the rest
Diosu: Apparently we couldn't
Ujai321: there we go
Camail: we good
sheer_falacy: well, you can activate Araumi at instant speed
monkeyrama: Hi Nelson
HammerTheWise: A quarter of the bible isn't "some text" Adam
cahstar133: <message deleted>adam sounds sad actually LUL
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
sheer_falacy: but encore is sorcery speed
swaggytaco: fixed :)
Joalni: Hi, Nelson!
Fire_Summoner: Thanks for the fix
BrowneePoints: @LRRMTG_Judge yep mana rules updated with introduction of Wastes
theprophetofcthulu: can hear him now
TheSilverGekko: We can hear him this time!
MillerDark: @benjamin_wheeler Is Araumi highlander playable? Just to give any creature unearth?
TXC2: Neat
aceofroses_: can you use the mana as generic ?
Seth_Erickson: confiscated looks directly at Adam
monkeyrama: Don't be rude @cahstar133
Hawkfrost000: can you spend it as generic mana?
mastershake29x: @aceofroses_ yes
OldBenX: the change that un-fricked Sen Triplets
Diosu: @aceofroses_ Yes
swaggytaco: yes
averythetiger: Yes. It's mana
hamaal1: Wait, you can't spend colored mana as generic?
HammerTheWise: Adam is just a really chill dude
aceofroses_: thank you
Mindmage: You're talking normally Adam it's just hard to hear <3
cahstar133: @monkeyrama did'nt mean to, but yeah
sheer_falacy: you can spend it as generic
TheWarbo: "island, go"
LRRMTG_Judge: @hamaal1 You can spend it as generic as well theman20Heart
Dish_KP: Adam sounds Hype as Heck to play encore, BB!
mastershake29x: adam's volume might be very slightly lower than the others
hamaal1: Thanks.
Flying_MTG: @hamaal1 you can but not as colorless, which matters for some eldrazi cards
freshmaker__: I think Adam always sounds great. lrrHEART
JDMan94: chat, you are typing sad
sigiledscryfish: Hey can we just like not eith comments like that
flatluigi: 'you can spend it as generic' should probably be said on stream since graham didn't say it outright
a_raconteur: Adam is chill and great
LRRbot: Lys Alana Bowmaster [2G] | Creature — Elf Archer [2/2] | Reach / Whenever you cast an Elf spell, you may have Lys Alana Bowmaster deal 2 damage to target creature with flying.
hamaal1: OH. Ok, that makes sense then.
just_gut: I've watched Adam run those solo adventure books so much that I know that is always how Adam sounds
JadedSimulacrum: Do we have a sol ring count for the draft?
sheer_falacy: once upon a time mana that wasn't in your commander's color automatically became generic so you couldn't activate abilities of opponent's stuff that needed it or whatever
TehAmelie: ah, i thought maybe you couldn't use off-color mana at all in commander
monkeyrama: whenever you cast a spell? wow
JoshMelnick: @hamaal1 you can. there used to be a rule in commander a long time ago where you could not produce mana that wasn't in your color identity at all. that rule doesn't exist anymore
sheer_falacy: you can always spend colored mana as generic
LRRMTG_Judge: @flatluigi all good, that's what us judges are for! Better to let the players play :) - Squirrel
LRRbot: Daring Saboteur [1U] | Creature — Human Pirate [2/1] | {2}{U}: Daring Saboteur can't be blocked this turn. / Whenever Daring Saboteur deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.
Seth_Erickson: it used to be like that TehAmelie but it's since changed
sblue333: There goes the turn 2 storm crow play
SniHjen: the UW fliers deck would get fucked up by that
Leonhart321: Serge is playing Historic while the rest play Commander
flagonmaster: @just_gut want more of those vids! really enjoyed them
thirsty_kitteh: @monkeyrama *Elf* spell
TimeToFry: Persona 5 music starts playing
hd_dabnado: a bad rare, a good uncommon
Flying_MTG: this card was a *bad* rare
monkeyrama: Ah
bosk113: What’s the deck size limit? 40 cards still?
raaabr: *Persona 5 noises*
rdiffee7: it shouldn't have been though
Malletmaster: it was originally in before that set too
itsr67: lots of fun downshifted stuff
cahstar133: @bosk113 60
raaabr: They never saw us cominggggggggg
TXC2: Ixalan was such an underrated set
GoblinRoyalty: Adam on a different plane in his mind 😌
Seth_Erickson: it's a perfectly average rare
OldBenX: @bosk113 60 including general
HammerTheWise: *Life will change starts in the distance*
ttkblazer97: normal ixalan,
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Pharmacistjudge: it wasn't very impactful, but it's a 2 drop that did have some relevance in late game.
OldBenX: or generals
hunkajunk: Rivals was... not good. You just suited up a chicken.
NovaZulu: lessgoooo
sheer_falacy: goodbye Graham
AJwr: graham monkaS
TimeToFry: Graham
Hurtrax4: Ixalan was a good block, fight me
MaskedThespian: Graham ramping there with all those artifacts
NovaZulu: I am so excited for this set lmao
LRRbot: Moss Diamond [2] | Artifact | Moss Diamond enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {G}.
wulfram77: Serge didn't have a 2 drop
TimeToFry: Graham's boardstate looked very interesting for a moment there
SniHjen: Graham got flickered
RandomTrivia: Ixalan was so unfortunate having to follow Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks
monkeyrama: Does G have a fancy swamp?
nutty03: Bruse Tarl is a-me, Mario!
Pharmacistjudge: is anyone going for the high note?
GoodBuddha: no sleeves for my boy Ben? D:
sheer_falacy: !card mox diamond
LRRbot: Mox Diamond [0] | Artifact | If Mox Diamond would enter the battlefield, you may discard a land card instead. If you do, put Mox Diamond onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
TehAmelie: Ben does appear to have the shadow realm for his playmat
TXC2: RandomTrivia the Mercadian Masks problem
wynternyghtynggale: lrrSLOTH
SoldieroFortune: We have Mox Emerald at home (Mox Emerald at home)
LRRMTG_Judge: Daring Saboteur was from Ixalan, rather than Rivals, as it turns out - in case anyone's wondering :) - Squirrel
ExpeditionToGamesEnd: I'm the one who sent Adam "Faerie Mound of Dragonkind." Was very glad it got paid. Working on getting the other three Catacombs books.
OldBenX: @monkeyrama looks like swamp from Orzhov guild kit
Seth_Erickson: yeah it's the orzhov guild kit land @monkeyrama
sheer_falacy: basically the same card
HammerTheWise: He's winning, annihilate him!
monkeyrama: Nice
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PARZIVAL9: Love you bois so much
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Joalni: First blood
OldBenX: Plains might be from that kit too
Leonhart321: I see Serge, so you have chosen Death
OldBenX: THE END IS COMING- wait, wrong TCG
tsmnuggetbox: @OldBenX :)
Joalni: Same energy in the art, yeah LUL
lirazel64: When did Serge stop tapping like Arena?
judgementkazzy: "ben has the most life"
Solid_Fuel: @OldBenX nice one :D
LRRbot: Daring Saboteur [1U] | Creature — Human Pirate [2/1] | {2}{U}: Daring Saboteur can't be blocked this turn. / Whenever Daring Saboteur deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.
Wolveroo: love that counter art to elvish visionary
NavelWarfare: Heya team! Just got here. Have I missed anything exciting?
garunkl: Nice Math^^
noSmokeFire: oh, I just noticed the volume visualization on the life totals. that's really cute.
GoblinRoyalty: HS18Hmm
manuelrcasimiro: @OldBenX my mind automatically read that in doomsayers voice lmao
sblue333: Ben has the what?
TXC2: NavelWarfare you missed the draft video
HammerTheWise: Serge! What happened to the 45 degree tap?
MRForceOFWill: dethrone could have been a neat mechanic for this set
LRRbot: Phyrexian Rager [2B] | Creature — Horror [2/2] | When Phyrexian Rager enters the battlefield, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.
monkeyrama: Value town Kreygasm
Diosu: Raging so hard right now
MaskedThespian: @noSmokeFire It's subtle but great, isn't it?
Pharmacistjudge: @lirazel64 he has to remind himself for camera games.
naThanathos: @NavelWarfare Not much. We're in turn 3. Serge started.
TheWarbo: the name, the art, the mechanics, and the flavor text are *all* "Elvish Visiionary but the opposite"
Seth_Erickson: 2/2 draw a card Kreygas
MRForceOFWill: value
Seth_Erickson: Kreygasm
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WhiteWizard42: I'm here to chew gum and support Hal and Alena, and I'm out of gum.
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Bionull: Excited to see Rager encore at some point.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no, Adams going to mill out
naThanathos: @NavelWarfare Although you missed the draft video stuffs.
NavelWarfare: @TXC2 I'll have to find that later, then, danke!
flatluigi: there goes graham again
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
sheer_falacy: oh no Graham has become squares again
footfungus880: I just got here, are Wheeler and Kathleen going to be playing next round?
swaggytaco: that art is so horrifying
Veraphage: duDudu
LRRbot: Filigree Familiar [3] | Artifact Creature — Fox [2/2] | When Filigree Familiar enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life. / When Filigree Familiar dies, draw a card.
flatluigi: yep
Malletmaster: oh jeez Graham's board WutFace
cotillion1850: imagine when Adam encores the Rager
HammerTheWise: Oh no, G's in the shadow realm
kbatra: grahaham
NavelWarfare: @naThanathos Nice and early then, thanks mate!
RandomTrivia: Graham pls, wipe your camera lens
flatluigi: the second commander game is wheeler kathleen nelson and cameron
OldBenX: @footfungus880 yes, with Nelson and Cam
sheer_falacy: that familiar is so adorbs
aceofroses_: familiar!!!
Hawkfrost000: rip's graham's pixels
theprophetofcthulu: pixelation again
monkeyrama: Encored rager seabatPjorg
naThanathos: @footfungus880 Yeet.
cahstar133: helped a little
RandomTrivia: There we are
jjsneeze: Grahm in the shadow realm like
Nuurgle: Graham is definitely artifacting
Bionull: Graham's cat must be torrenting.
sora_mayura: whats up with the shadow realm stealing Graham, please stop it
LRRbot: Brazen Freebooter [3R] | Creature — Human Pirate [3/3] | When Brazen Freebooter enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token.
naThanathos: @NavelWarfare np friendo.
TXC2: graham with plays so sick the camera is getting ill Kappa
kerbalized_: its like a compression issues
RocknGrohlNerd: I'm hoping for Adam's "as is my right" catch phrase
GoodBuddha: Graham is being infected by phyrexians
OldBenX: Graham, what's the weather like in the Shadow Realm?
Unas84: the Brazen Freebooter is dabbing XD
Anexmedia: Diggin' on the new treasure tokens
LRRbot: Path of Ancestry | Land | Path of Ancestry enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add one mana of any color in your commander's color identity. When that mana is spent to cast a creature spell that shares a creature type with your commander, scry 1.
TehAmelie: i bet it hurts when it rains pixels
FLAREdirector: Hal and Alena, sitting in a tree, K-E-S-S-I-and-G
theprophetofcthulu: still a bit over your land graham
footfungus880: @OldBenX thanks
RandomTrivia: @FLAREdirector I see what you did there
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TXC2: FLAREdirector nice
MaskedThespian: Always let you Scry when you cast your Commander
monkeyrama: wooooow Adam
kerbalized_: oh serge
TimeToFry: Ooooooh
jawz77: ROASTED
HammerTheWise: Ohhhhhhh
asthanius: Did Serge just say there aren't Elf Shamans?
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
linearCurvature: OH DANG
BusTed: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Seth_Erickson: rood
flagonmaster: roasted
Voidhawk42: Also, your commander shares a type with itself. So there's that.
Veraphage: lrrHORN
Flying_MTG: roasted, toasted
A_Dub888: Vee a Shino
Traion: Adam Burnerdan
sora_mayura: buuuuuuurn
IR0NB0RN: PowerUpL
Foxmar320: Adam with the foxmarFIRE
Nameless_Sword: adam with the burn
HammerTheWise: Adam Savagedan
SoldieroFortune: Vala Chinoux
linearCurvature: mana burn
CodenameJD: that's harsher than mana burn
beowuuf: jlrrDang lrrSCOOP
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
aceofroses_: wait does that work for shamans AND viashinos ?
WhiteWizard42: @MaskedThespian unless it's a planeswalker :D
TXC2: aceofroses_ yes
oritejordan: wpw path of tribal in tribal decks slaps
FLAREdirector: TIL
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: You also just scry one when you cast your Commander with Patg of Ancestry
NovaZulu: *settles in*
Voidhawk42: @aceofroses_ XOR
TheWarbo: of note, Serge's commander shares a creature type with his commander
evan_333333: !aurami
MaskedThespian: @WhiteWizard42 True, though I'm not really sure why you're including it at that point :p
aceofroses_: @TXC2 thaank you
Waybosset: Valashinos are my favorite cherries
mowdownjoe: Pretty brave to assume you'll get two sealed games. Kappa
freshmaker__: You spilled ughghghghgh lipstick in my Valashino white bag?!
TehAmelie: would be funny if you had some kind of changeling commander
evan_333333: !card aurami
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
monkeymasterse: i left around pack 3 what did i miss
LRRbot: Sailor of Means [2U] | Creature — Human Pirate [1/4] | When Sailor of Means enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token.
sheer_falacy: encore seems like it'd be fun for aristocrats?
Naarius: Fill that sailor full of memes!
The_Wooba: Sailor of Memes?
OldBenX: meeeeeeeemeeeeeeees
SniHjen: Sailor of memes
HammerTheWise: Sailor of memes!
rainbowmage42: hehehe "deck size" hehehe
TXC2: Sailor of memes!
kerbalized_: meeeeeeemes
LRRbot: Corpse Churn [1B] | Instant | Mill three cards, then you may return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
snydepels2: mememan
WhiteWizard42: @MaskedThespian still mana fixing if you're using one of the 3-color planeswalker commanders, or partners.
LRRbot: Codex Shredder [1] | Artifact | {T}: Target player mills a card. / {5}, {T}, Sacrifice Codex Shredder: Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
nutty03: The memes, Jack!
evan_333333: !card Aurami of the dead tide
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
WhiteWizard42: !card aurami
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Voidhawk42: Treasure is such a good mechanic. Is it officially Evergreen yet?
OldBenX: !card Araumi
kerbalized_: poor shredder
aceofroses_: adam sucked all of grahams value
Obos_TAB: damn adam with the engine
gnome_friend: @Voidhawk42 it's deciduous
monkeyrama: Building up those classic commander boards
Bionull: Mill the shredder, return the encore creature. Value.
SAiconjr: just because the attacks aren't good doesn't mean you shouldn't do them Adam :)
HerNameIsAlice: I have not heard this said during the stream: is deck size for this Limited format 60 cards???
gredgredmansson: !card codec shredder
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
DiscordianTokkan: Go Oooooon
Diosu: !spoiler araumi
HammerTheWise: You have my attention G
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LRRbot: Fleshbag Marauder [2B] | Creature — Zombie Warrior [3/1] | When Fleshbag Marauder enters the battlefield, each player sacrifices a creature.
Foxmar320: ummmm
SniHjen: Fleshy bee?
Ujai321: oh yeah, that is awkward
RandomTrivia: Good old Fleshy-B
sheer_falacy: time for a lot of discard
evan_333333: !card araumi of the dead tide
monkeyrama: Poor Ben LUL
OldBenX: @HerNameIsAlice yes, 60 including commander(s)
Diosu: You guys dont have mtgbot?
sheer_falacy: can't !card new stuff yet I think
oliveinthesky: @HerNameIsAlice yes and also not singleton
TheWarbo: APNAP time!
Dr_fragenstien: i love ow exited adam is to discard
Diosu: mtgbot has the !spoiler command for new cards
Flying_MTG: you draw second
TXC2: sheer_falacy indeedwe can't
gnome_friend: @Diosu we have LRRbot
nutty03: last in first out
HammerTheWise: lrrFINE
Nameless_Sword: AP then NP, so discard then draw
RocknGrohlNerd: fleshy B, in this economy? no thank you
Natedogg2: It's Graham's turn, so your draw trigger goes on the stack, and Serge's discard trigger goes on the stack, and Serge's discard trigger resolves first.
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photosinensis: It's decidious. Any set that needs it can have it.
MaskedThespian: Serge doing the Macarena there :D
MadmanOreo: serge with the macerena
Unas84: c'mon serge, finish the macarena!
nolimit70: opp only
jdgmoney: not serge though?
judgementkazzy: each other player, serge
DeM0nFiRe: lrrJUDGE
LastCenturion: not you serge!
Derthon: serge not you
kerbalized_: poor ben
karmic_guide: Serge, other players
WillowWiffs: wait, serge doesn't discard?
KuyashiiPlays: Serge does not discard
judgementkazzy: it
The_cake_of_lies: Ancient anime
DiscordianTokkan: Ancient Anime
RandomTrivia: LUL
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HammerTheWise: Nice
monkeyrama: We saw nothing OpieOP
ninja_theory_ashrams: APNAP at work
oliveinthesky: LUL
HammerTheWise: Shhhh
judgementkazzy: it's opposite visionary
flatluigi: !card ancient animus
LRRbot: Ancient Animus [1G] | Instant | Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control if it's legendary. Then it fights target creature an opponent controls.
OldBenX: lrrJUDGE
Foxmar320: Secrets
d_rocko1x: good ol' AP NAP
Qvdv: LUL
Flying_MTG: ancient anime
LRRMTG_Judge: oh serge....I can only type so fast. pharma2Vial
HammerTheWise: You didn't see nothin'
TheWarbo: ben that was the opposite of what serge said to do
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always composed almost entirely of an advanced carbon-fibre composite.
IR0NB0RN: Ancient animes?! KonCha
the_garfielf: its called roleplaying
Derthon: LUL
dreadskulll: @ninja_theory_ashrams got em with the ol APNAP
RockPusher: gabyLul
neb_200: lrrJUDGE
kerbalized_: seeeeecrets
keep_it_lobster: Classic Anime
rainbowmage42: like Astro boy?
DorkmasterFlek: You don't knooooooooow! 👋
js2062: JUDGE
SniHjen: Ancient magus bride
djalternative: aincent anime. legends of the galactic heroes
RandomTrivia: Wow Nelly
Acorndian: Did Adam take codex shredder from corpse churn?
ContingentCat: there's no rule a dog can't play magic
floki4242: it's more like he's giving himself a handicap
RocknGrohlNerd: oh segrey you fool, it is already in the chat
Diosu: And then the person with the other dies trigger draws a card
RockPusher: sergeSnerge
TXC2: is it cheating if it's bad for you? Kappa
hamahimana: anime so ancient only og weeks have seen it AYAYA
nutty03: <message deleted>TEH JUJ SROOD UP
RandomTrivia: @djalternative That is a quality old reference
Traion: Can't stop the Serge cheats. It's in the Commander rules: Serge Yager gets to cheat
Bionull: Graham with the rub ins
Leonhart321: Is it cheating if he just is a terrible player? Kappa
LRRMTG_Judge: @Acorndian Corpse Churn only allows you to take creatures. - Squirrel
Mycosynthwellspring: Did Graham draw for the familliar?
Dr_fragenstien: 4 mana lotus petal
sheer_falacy: 4 mana lotus petal?
the_garfielf: four mana lotus petal lets go
Slasheboy: The secret is in the carcinomash. Which is a SECRET. SSSHSHHH
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we had worse, but what about second worse
LRRbot: Alena, Kessig Trapper [4R] | Legendary Creature — Human Scout [4/3] | First strike / {T}: Add an amount of {R} equal to the greatest power among creatures you control that entered the battlefield this turn. / Partner
TXC2: Slasheboy I can see that In my mind
sora_mayura: @mycosynthwellspring yep
SniHjen: @Mycosynthwellspring yes he did
ESiridakis: he drew
SoldieroFortune: I don't think he knows about second worse.
TheSuitsHere: Cheer155
d_rocko1x: everyone on the look out for the cheaty face now
LordZarano: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always watching. Waiting. Planning.
GRrrrrat: !card Halana
LRRbot: Halana, Kessig Ranger [3G] | Legendary Creature — Human Archer [3/4] | Reach / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {2}. When you do, that creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature. / Partner
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
romanempire144: did serge draft a kitchen finks? :p
nolimit70: y
Kykiwi: y
itsr67: yep!
nutty03: were gettin the crew out
LRRMTG_Judge: yes, that is how it works. pharma2Vial
hamahimana: yes
monkeyrama: LUL
RocknGrohlNerd: but what about second strike,
SpookySpaghooti: Huh
MillerDark: Tautologies
RandomTrivia: Does Object A share traits with Object A? Why yes, yes it does :D
garunkl: yes. better than any temple :-D
MaskedThespian: A is A
sheer_falacy: is there any way to have a commander with no creature type so that doesn't trigger?
LRRMTG_Judge: "If you cast your commander with mana from Path of Ancestry, and your commander hasn't somehow lost all of its creature types while on the stack, you'll scry 1." theman20Heart
JaysonMaxwell: yeah, i've had games that people tried to fight me about that.
Tom_Bruise: Path of Ancestry triggers on the commander, yes
ninjim84: @traion do we know if kitchen Finks is in this set? if not it may still appear in the snerge deck
TehAmelie: the rules make it sound clunky but it works rather intuitively doesn't it
coriolis_storm: OMG, mana burn is BACK baby!
HammerTheWise: My commander shares a type with... my commander
NovaZulu I love this set haha
sheer_falacy: I guess a planeswalker commander
nutty03: DK! Donkey Kong!
sora_mayura: we been through that in chat lol
DeM0nFiRe: Heh
Tom_Bruise: that, or I've been lying to playgroup for the past few years
Sogheim: I appreciate this layout so much and how each box pulses when they talk
MaskedThespian: Nobody overtap!
Joalni: "Available"
noSmokeFire: "available"
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge and now to find that somehow :p
RocknGrohlNerd: YESSSSS he did it . thx ADAM
kerbalized_: "available" !yay
hd_dabnado: could be relevent with Alena
WarKr0: we can burn ourselves for funsies
RandomTrivia: Oh boy, now anyone can make their Death's Shadow bigger with mana burn!
Bionull: So the 4 mana petal can become 4 mana lose 1 life!
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL I am always impressed with the layouts
BrookJustBones: We burn ourselves for fun and profit
LRRbot: Sky Diamond [2] | Artifact | Sky Diamond enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {U}.
Diosu: The leader of Pewter City gym is Brock. Who is the commander of Yurlok of Scorch Thrash?
TehAmelie: Power Surge is back, baby
Fire_Summoner: Why does it have to be so hard to draft with real people BibleThump This looks so fun
HammerTheWise: Yurlok adds a new way I can commit sepuku when I'm about to lose, nice!
elah806: !findquote as is my right
LRRbot: Quote #559: "His heart's in the right place: behind a lot of muscle." —Kathleen [2015-08-04]
rainbowmage42: mana burn probably should have been explained in the judge video in case of players who were not around during that time period
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL thanks Sogheim
the_garfielf: sky diamond? how'd it get up there! i'll be here all day folks
nutty03: i went sky diamond i went rocky mountain climbaind
LRRbot: Staff of Domination [3] | Artifact | {1}: Untap Staff of Domination. / {2}, {T}: You gain 1 life. / {3}, {T}: Untap target creature. / {4}, {T}: Tap target creature. / {5}, {T}: Draw a card.
MilkInBag: Go Adam!
ancientspark: Spicy
dart111: is Adam really quiet?
snydepels2: !quote
Kykiwi: the fair staff!
OldBenX: lrrSIGNAL
itsr67: oh the keyblade
ttkblazer97: fooil
TimeToFry: @the_garfielf claps
oliveinthesky: adam is quiet
sheer_falacy: why would Graham use a banned card
kerbalized_: ooooo
sheer_falacy: what a monster
elah806: !findquote I block
LRRbot: Quote #593: "n0rm99! Thank you for BLOCKING MY SCREEN!" —Beej [2015-08-17]
Tom_Bruise: That was banned?! Why?!
monkeyrama: It was? That's wild
Flying_MTG: staff was banned?
tctrain: Staff makes it hard to mana burn Graham
Ujai321: !card araumi
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Diosu: Is that part of Ixidor's wand
Seth_Erickson: quick Graham activate Staff of Domination
NrgSpoon: manaburn card countered
Bionull: Can untap be activated when it's not tapped?
NavelWarfare: @itsr67 I can't unsee that now, thank you
Ankylosaur: You just win the game with Staff + infinite mana
coriolis_storm: Graham flexing that SWAAAAG LUL
OldBenX: @Tom_Bruise enables waaaaay too many infinite combos
NavelWarfare: :D
LRRMTG_Judge: staff was unbanned like ~7 years ago. pharma2Vial
TheSuitsHere: @Tom_Bruise a bunch of infinite combos
GnorbertGnom: No mana burn for graham
HammerTheWise: F
TheWarbo: hahah adam coming to a conclusion here
cahstar133: LUL
kerbalized_: lolol
monkeyrama: LUL
HammerTheWise: Why are you asking? No reason.
minksterella_: it's a 1/4 good buddy
TehAmelie: you really don't wan't infinite mana right now. . .
sheer_falacy: it's generally not that hard to win a game of magic with infinite mana
hamahimana: just asking for a friend
apocalyptic_squirrel: "what's your commander's life total?"
ancientspark: There's a reason it's Araumi of the DEAD Tide
kerbalized_: "whats your life at?"
oliveinthesky: 1/4 btw
JoshMelnick: !card yurlok
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
Seth_Erickson: Serge's commander plus Staff of Domination Kreygasm
MadmanOreo: old gill
Tom_Bruise: @TheSuitsHere that must've been back when the format cared about those. Aight
nutty03: allo
BrindleBoar: moshi moshi, Gilanra desu
garunkl: at leat better thinking than taking bryce back to new eden ;-)
sheer_falacy: oh sweet his commander can tap for one mana now
TheWarbo: oh hey it's olivia's preview card
TXC2: what is the weight of an unleaden Araumi?
freshmaker__: hooray, green card draw. :|
andy1503: graham counted serges deck with a single card
OldBenX: @TXC2 of the living or the dead tide?
MaskedThespian: @TXC2 Oh, about a 1/4 lb ;)
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 it's impolite to ask a wizard their weight
Diosu: So the two etched foils were that and Prismatic Piper?
LRRbot: Alena, Kessig Trapper [4R] | Legendary Creature — Human Scout [4/3] | First strike / {T}: Add an amount of {R} equal to the greatest power among creatures you control that entered the battlefield this turn. / Partner
tsmnuggetbox: Am I the only one suffering from seeing him playing without sleeves? :(
rainbowmage42: i just looked at the card list on Wizards website, was surprised they reprinted Scroll rack
LRRbot: Halana, Kessig Ranger [3G] | Legendary Creature — Human Archer [3/4] | Reach / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {2}. When you do, that creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature. / Partner
floki4242: so when is the Friday night paper fight where we get to see these decks fine-tune
Pharmacistjudge: Staff of Domination was banned in 2010 and unbanned in 2013
TXC2: all good answers chat
oliveinthesky: mana dork tribal
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> Now that donations are open, lets also reveal this year's collaboration with our friends at @CNEGames! Our fabled Button Master Ian will be joining the Crusaders of the Lost Idols! | To unlock this Desert Bus crusader & more, donate via https://desertbus.org/donate/crusaders for your free code! 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmKo7CQUcAApkig.png || ⤵
gnome_friend: lrrHEART
LRRbot: Ancient Animus [1G] | Instant | Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control if it's legendary. Then it fights target creature an opponent controls.
Diosu: @rainbowmage42 They reprinted Mana Drain and Vampiric Tutor too
Nyxshade: <message deleted>GAY ON THE BOARD
Kykiwi: LOL adam
Kykiwi: XD
theprophetofcthulu: ben's unstoppable now
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ninjim84: great people, awesome cards, 16 month combo of both.thank you LRR
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TXC2: Nyxshade please don't allcps
TXC2: *allcaps
monkeyrama: Oh my
nutty03: NOOOO
the_garfielf: burying the gays smh
RockPusher: Ancient Animus! sergeMoly
Diabore: adam was ready
sheer_falacy: she'll get better
NovaZulu: slaps
rainbowmage42: what genre of anime do you think ancient anime is?
Nyxshade: gay off the board...
Tom_Bruise: And thus concludes the tales of Gruulfriends for the round
oliveinthesky: bye halana
Diabore: !card araumi
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Bionull: It's a CGDCT
Diosu: What doesn't kill makes you stronger, stand a little taller
itsr67: @rainbowmage42 mecha
rainbowmage42: maybe harem
HammerTheWise: Did your gay die? Yeah but she got better
gibbousm: Gruul Smash! Eventually
IR0NB0RN: Good ol' animes TehePelo
Diabore: !araumi of the dead tide
hamahimana: @rainbowmage42 older than neon genesis TehePelo
judgementkazzy: at least it took longer to bury the gays than supernatural
Diabore: !card araumi of the dead tide
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
aliciumm: Boo. Heading directly for the trope
floki4242: cruel smash is currently delayed due to technical difficulties please try again later
Diosu: @judgementkazzy hahahahahhahaha
CodenameJD: Did Hal or Alena die in the story?
monkeyrama: There's commander damage in this draft, right?
Armoric: It's fight so the viashinod ies right?
kat2kool: @judgementkazzy omgggg
Diabore: @monkeymasterse there is
Tom_Bruise: leaving 8 mana up, that's not scary at all
lirazel64: Merely hyperaware
LRRMTG_Judge: YEs commander damage is still active in the format. pharma2Vial
TXC2: judgementkazzy ooof
MadmanOreo: @CodenameJD not that I recall
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scut_farkus_: I don't think either died in teh story
InquisitorGaia: what mana did serge pay for ancient animus
Armoric: Took 4 damage from fighting, and 1 from the block
monkeyrama: Totally fair SeemsGood
TimeToFry: @CodenameJD They both survived as of Eldritch Moon
Armoric: Oh nvm he fight at end of turn
TheElrad: Serge passing with the casual 18 mana
Armoric: fought*
ironbacklol: Did anyone open a Lotus?
Diosu: Yes
Solid_Fuel: is commander partner damage split?
LRRMTG_Judge: @Armoric Thanks to the +1/+1 counter, the viashino is a 5/5, and Halana is a 4/3, so it wouldn't die. - Squirrel
grindstaff_studios: Serge, your commander should have died
Seth_Erickson: serge did @ironbacklol
ryanthelion42: serge did
Armoric: Serge did
bottlessbm: 40 seems like a lot of life for this format lol
DiscordianTokkan: Tapperoini
Bionull: Taparama!
HammerTheWise: Instants? What Instants?!
LRRMTG_Judge: @ironbacklol Yes! Serge pulled one. - Squirrel
Diosu: @Solid_Fuel You track commander damage for each individual commander
Diabore: sailor, make 3 mana?
Armoric: @LRRMTG_Judge I meant from the sailor block, but I forgot Animus was an instant and Serge fought and got blocked on different turns
David_Strid: each friday night eu time I wind down after a long work week with the friday nights broadcast thanks for all the great events
Sando_MTG: Rager tbh
rainbowmage42: @ironbacklol i think Serge did
Svendryn: @Shamthewow thank you for the gift sub!
Solid_Fuel: @Diosu oh, ok . thanks
historyman_admu: @LoadingReadyRun but the sailor of means blocked it so it should die right?
grindstaff_studios: It took four from Alena, plus 1 from Sailor of Memese
deeerell: Pog
LRRMTG_Judge: @Armoric Ah! Glad you figured it out, nice one :) - Squirrel
A_Dub888: Casually drawing 3 for 3
Diabore: wait its 40 life start? i thought itd be 30
Joalni: Already providing value
Seth_Erickson: Value City more like Kreygasm
RandomTrivia: I am already 100% loving Adam's valuepile
sblue333: Yeah idk if killing Alena was the move
LRRMTG_Judge: @grindstaff_studios Those were across different turns, with the Animus cast in Ben's end step - Squirrel
InquisitorGaia: what mana did serge pay for ancient animus?
freshmaker__: they have to attack a player each
minksterella_: the fight happened last turn
gizmofreak1: the creature card is still exiled
coriolis_storm: @Diabore It's standard Commander rules
ariborealis: huh. I might have to build an aurami deck... seems cool
historyman_admu: oh got it
ironbacklol: Araumi seems like one of the better new Commanders imho
InquisitorGaia: ah
LRRMTG_Judge: @Solid_Fuel Each commander deals commander damage separately :) - Squirrel
TXC2: Big Daddy Y
grindstaff_studios: k
TheWarbo: Mister Scorch Thrash
monkeyrama: Araumi is a value machine
Seth_Erickson: please Mr. Scorch Thrash is my father's name
SoldieroFortune: Please, Mr. Scorchthrash was my father.
LRRMTG_Judge: Tales of Mr. Scorch Thrash's death are greatly exaggerated theman20Heart
sheer_falacy: please, my dad was Mr Scorch Thrash, call me Yurlok
Kykiwi: mr scorched trash was my father
Diosu: @LRRMTG_Judge Jinx! You owe me a coke
Seth_Erickson: call me Yurlok
Joalni: That's Commander Scorch Trash
IR0NB0RN: Mr. Scorch Thrash to you TinyFace
LRRMTG_Judge: @InquisitorGaia Swamp + Fyndhorn Elves - Squirrel
Jankshank: @InquisitorGaia Was at end of Ben's turn, paid using swamp and elves
MadmanOreo: Please graham, Mr' scorch-slash was his father.
kbatra: oh no
Raptur: Oh Hype Lord Hyperion! Spicy CMD action, best PPR ever!
vr_doggo: Excuse me, Mister Scorch Thrash was my father.
Rogue_07: Throw 'em out the Yarlock!
HammerTheWise: Araumi looks cool but dimir isn't something I vibe with
OldBenX: they call me MISTER Scorch Thrash...
kbatra: stream died for me there
LRRMTG_Judge: as part of cost, exile to encore. pharma2Vial
MaskedThespian: @Rogue_07 Araumi was not the Imposter...
LRRbot: Mindless Automaton [4] | Artifact Creature — Construct [0/0] | Mindless Automaton enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it. / {1}, Discard a card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Mindless Automaton. / Remove two +1/+1 counters from Mindless Automaton: Draw a card.
ESiridakis: you actually sac
CodenameJD: Ooh, Staff of Domination means Graham will never take damage from mana burn
aceofroses_: Adam is playing cEDH Draft
flatluigi: what a neat card
LRRMTG_Judge: the one attacking graham is techinically still on the battlefield and sacrificed at the end step...but we'll hand waive the tapped token. pharma2Vial
Armoric: Encore is sacrifice, not exile, so you gt the death triggers
drumshark13: Adam what a cool deck
HammerTheWise: Actively gaming!
Seth_Erickson: value PogChamp
Diabore: adams deck is sick
Dyllbert: Wow, I need that automaton in Ghave lol
drumshark13: you've done some good goods
Diosu: Untap staff to assert dominance
rainbowmage42: So Araumi's ability, I pay the CMC for the creature once, and then it would create 3 tokens( in this format) I can use to attack someone?
LRRbot: Exquisite Huntmaster [3B] | Creature — Elf Warrior [4/2] | When Exquisite Huntmaster dies, create a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token. / Encore {4}{B}
sheer_falacy: Encore exiles the actual card but not the tokens
Ammondale: also did G take 2?
chaostreader: @ammondale He did.
Flying_MTG: yeah it sacs the tokens, which is really good
SniHjen: `so the dear is a 3/1
Diosu: Encore tokens get sacrificed
flatluigi: @rainbowmage42 one for each opponent
ninja_theory_ashrams: staff is a good way to avoid mana burn
SniHjen: since the elf is a 1/1
itsr67: It feels better than myriad
freshmaker__: oh wow i didnt recognise the new mindless automaton art! sweet!
Seth_Erickson: encore is sweet kinda like escape
LRRMTG_Judge: he did. pharma2Vial
yerba_whitley: Arumi seems sweet to build
HammerTheWise: Encore definitely looks dope
TXC2: Encore = what escape should have been?
Sogheim: I think I like Encore more than Myriad
LRRbot: Scaled Behemoth [4GG] | Creature — Crocodile [6/7] | Hexproof
KeiRaccoon: Encore is like... Myriad + Unearth
monkeyrama: Encore seems pretty good, especially with any etb/death triggers
OldBenX: the8bitThicc
TXC2: beep beep!
rdiffee7: can't target that with removals
HammerTheWise: Look at the size of that lad!
Diosu: Oh lawd he's thicc he's a thicc boi
KuyashiiPlays: big hexproof mama
vandristine: seabatCHOICE
NavelWarfare: teeth teeth teeth
Dyllbert: But encore is much less exciting in a two player format
josh___something: Big boi!
the_garfielf: i mean it IS flat fucker friday
coriolis_storm: Is Encore always cast from graveyard?
Flying_MTG: scaled behemoth seems insane in this format
RocknGrohlNerd: old gil, old dickey, what a line up
TXC2: coriolis_storm yes
MRForceOFWill: look at the size of that hamhawk
PiGuy2000: I just realized that Staff of Domination can combo with Serge's commander to deal lots of damage to people
Flying_MTG: @coriolis_storm yes, and its activated, not cast
sblue333: HAHAH Adam was ready!
JoshMelnick: @coriolis_storm yeah encore is like creature flashback
Diabore: adam so ready for his commander to die
chaostreader: @coriolis_storm Activated from graveyard. Not cast.
TheWarbo: encore basically starts off like embalm
snydepels2: i love how adam is just waiting for araumi to die
LRRbot: Lifecrafter's Gift [3G] | Instant | Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, then put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it.
itsr67: Encore is unearth at the floor
Easilycrazyhat: Fight vs Bite
sheer_falacy: it's like creature flashback but for each opponent
SniHjen: each OTHER
StoneAgeHero: what's the name of that jund commander again?
Kykiwi: each other
monkeyrama: He's resigned to Araumi dying every time LUL
JadedSimulacrum: I bet graham's glad he has that staff
martian_kyo: Adam starts removing his commander whenever somebody says something.
Obos_TAB: each other?
TimeToFry: He misspoke, chat, the card works here
Diosu: He read the card wrong
Obos_TAB: oh ok
rainbowmage42: @TheWarbo I am glad im not the only one to make that comparison
ItsMajorMineral: serge did the card right he just misspoke
DaCardCzar: no he mispoke
LRRMTG_Judge: note - Serge read out the text of Lifecrafter's Gift incorrectly, but executed it correctly - Squirrel
Seth_Erickson: you can use any of the mana Adam
Dyllbert: Serge did it right but said it wrong
Obos_TAB: oh i see
nolimit70: adam can use all 3 mana for that
averythetiger: You can use ALL the mana if you're able, sweetie.
oliveinthesky: yes
dart111: you can use it all
LRRMTG_Judge: Do as Serge does and not as Serge says theman20Heart
CodenameJD: You can use all the mana if you have something to spend it on
monkeyrama: ADam, you can in fact use all of it
The_cake_of_lies: You can us the colored mana as generic though right?
JadedSimulacrum: Oh jeez and Adam has the automaton
Armoric: They can use all mana
ItsMajorMineral: *the sound of thousands of pairs of glasses getting pushed up noses simultaneously*
oliveinthesky: adam use it all!
hamahimana: !card staff of domination
LRRbot: Staff of Domination [3] | Artifact | {1}: Untap Staff of Domination. / {2}, {T}: You gain 1 life. / {3}, {T}: Untap target creature. / {4}, {T}: Tap target creature. / {5}, {T}: Draw a card.
OldBenX: but he'll also need to blow 3 cards
averythetiger: And I bet Graham doesn't realize
deeerell: discard your entire hand
LRRMTG_Judge: everyone gets 3 mana pharma2Vial
flatluigi: does grahama want to use it for his staff?
sblue333: Graham untap Yurlojk for memes
nolimit70: generic costs can be paid with any mana
carrotboi4: can you use the mana from yurlok for generic mana costs?
TimeToFry: @carrotboi4 Yes
MadmanOreo: yes
thanmoonraker: Yes
walabane: we jund on main?
LRRMTG_Judge: @carrotboi4 You can yes
Dark_Stargazer: yoooooooooooooooooo
Diosu: LUL
HammerTheWise: The power move!
leaf_archer: LUL LUL LUL
Kykiwi: samrt
LRRbot: Staff of Domination [3] | Artifact | {1}: Untap Staff of Domination. / {2}, {T}: You gain 1 life. / {3}, {T}: Untap target creature. / {4}, {T}: Tap target creature. / {5}, {T}: Draw a card.
deeerell: omg value
oliveinthesky: very untapped
manfred909: big brain
rainbowmage42: thats a better use ofg the stff
RandomTrivia: There we go!
OldBenX: value the8bitPog
stupidforgames: reverse mana burn!
vandristine: Serge is just giving Graham life
JoshMelnick: staff of domination hard counter to yurlok
monkeyrama: Graham's immune to the burn seabatBRAIN
Lazarenth: infinite times more life than the other line
Tom_Bruise: now that's putting the noggin to good use
Anexmedia: Powerful Magic
apocalyptic_squirrel: brutal hate card. rekt
carrotboi4: huge flex
StoneAgeHero: what's the name of that jund commander again?
Seth_Erickson: staff is so bad when it's not on Serge's side of the board
nolimit70: infinite PogChamp
EvilJin96: hey guys does anyone know how many packs are in a display of commander legends?
sheer_falacy: staff of domination was just a 4 life swing!
Diosu: Okay but what if you untapped Yurlok
snydepels2: yurlok
eshplode: Huh, Graham and Serge could just team up to almost murder the board by generating a lot of mana
Bionull: Yurlok having some real trouble here.
leaf_archer: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
ThirdFloorDraft: wavy brained
Flying_MTG: @StoneAgeHero yurlok
Naarius: Serge "Doomsday" Yager
TXC2: StoneAgeHero Yurlok
RandomTrivia: Not quite infinite on its own
asthanius: G would need 1 more mana to untap
carrotboi4: big brain
Nameless_Sword: ooo nice
sheer_falacy: I don't think it goes infinite
CodenameJD: Serge tapped his commander to let Graham gain a life
deeerell: uhh they absolutely could kill everyone
HammerTheWise: Makes infinite mana, mana burns everything
sheer_falacy: 4 mana becomes 3 mana
OldBenX: Pirateclasm!
tctrain: It would kill Serge too
monkeyrama: loool
sblue333: Big stack rn
StoneAgeHero: thanks guys! stonea3Luck
The_cake_of_lies: Value
aceofroses_: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
monkeyrama: Biggest brain
LRRbot: Fiery Cannonade [2R] | Instant | Fiery Cannonade deals 2 damage to each non-Pirate creature.
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oliveinthesky: wow everyone using mana efficietly
Sando_MTG: RIP
riktracer: The Savidan Value Guarantee
eshplode: Yarr
Diabore: wow, adam coming out of this turn way ahead
Leonhart321: Oof a doofa
Armoric: Poor Serge
Dragonheart91: staff seems like a strong combo with yuriok
Rogue_07: Graham could use all the mana, he'd win in the scenario where he and serge make infinite mana
Diabore: no mana burn atm
itsr67: you don't need to if you want to
vandristine: he doesnt need to use it anymore yurlok if off the field
CodenameJD: Ben planned for Serge to save his creature XD
giganticdork: yeah theres no mana burn
sheer_falacy: "discarding a lot of cards" is not quite getting hahead
maniac_fish: turns out free mana is good. who would have thought
OldBenX: but there's no burn anymore since Yurlok was dead
Dragonheart91: if you are comboing by yourself it costs 2 mana to deal 2 to each other player basically
RandomTrivia: Poor Serge getting dumped on from a great height...
Vandred921: Graham should have a token?
thebirdhawk: they couldn't kill everyone because it costs 3 to untap creature and he would have no mana to untap
TimeToFry: Adam filling his bin so fast
MaskedThespian: First (Commander) Blood
Gabbolot: Graham has an elf
flatluigi: @sheer_falacy you should check what adam's commander does
Seth_Erickson: he didn't need to but I think he wanted too
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: That was an amazing set of things to happen all in Ben's main... love it.
Tom_Bruise: The first time manaburn could've happaned since goodness knows when and it doesn't...
the_garfielf: hnnngggg i wanna play this set so badddd
KharadBanar: They can't quite make infinite mana together, it costs 3 to untap the creature and another 1 to untap the staff
Sogheim: oh wow that layout
gredgredmansson: yeah graham creats a 1/1 elf
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Yurlok being such a double edged sword is part of why i love them
deeerell: adam is gonna pop off w the automaton
Rogue_07: Graham, don't forget your token!
Neddy471: I literally don't understand Magic, or what's going on, yet I'm deeply invested somehow.
schwarmflottezoat: elf token for graham
Bionull: Deploy the colored numbers!
OldBenX: lrrJUDGE
gennapenna91: graham had a death trigger
tahoebyker: 1 mana short of going infinite right? 3 from Yurlock and 3 to untap yurlock. Need 1 more to untap the staff
TXC2: OOOOOH that cammander damage display
monkeyrama: ah
skylordshadow: why are people picking on serge lrrBEEJ
Sogheim: I forgot the commander damage displays when it's needed
ThirdFloorDraft: free mana... the double edged sword
thebirdhawk: need 1 more each time
Reforminginsomniac: No monarch , yet
LRRbot: Nightshade Harvester [3B] | Creature — Elf Shaman [2/2] | Whenever a land enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, that player loses 1 life. Put a +1/+1 counter on Nightshade Harvester.
niccus: it converts all your extra mana to bolts though
Diabore: ???
Angreed66: scry
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Shaman, scry
itsr67: oh okay
TimeToFry: That's so mean
Diosu: Rude
OldBenX: @tahoebyker activating Yurlok costs 1
Nameless_Sword: shaman... so scry
GRrrrrat: scry for shaman
Seth_Erickson: this card is so mean
gizmofreak1: scry serge
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @skylordshadow Cause his initial plays made him look VERY dangerous. :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh that goes well with that rootweaver elf dude
Mistborn83: Scry for Serge
OldBenX: so you need 2 more per loop
LRRMTG_Judge: scry serge pharma2Vial
Dark_Stargazer: punish em
ESiridakis: shaman, scry
sheer_falacy: pretty good card against the premier lands player in the format
averythetiger: It's a shaman, Serge
ArkhamArchivist: Did Serge figure out what that green rare is for now?
Bionull: Serge making no friends. Probably not in a good spot.
gredgredmansson: Shaman Serge
SeiichiSin: I thought the commander damage from partner stuff didn't matter which commander did it, just the total?
sturben222: Is this sealed?
serramarkov: Just got home from work, is this draft or sealed, please?
Diabore: @sturben222 draft
kbatra: draft
theneatestburrito: Serge continuing to be archenemy, huh?
Seth_Erickson: draft @serramarkov
GRrrrrat: @SeiichiSin nope, it matters
LRRbot: Command Tower | Land | {T}: Add one mana of any color in your commander's color identity.
Mistborn83: @sturben222 draft
kbatra: sealed is later
TXC2: serramarkov this is draft, sealed is later
sturben222: Wow cool
MaskedThespian: @SeiichiSin No, count each Partner separately
Wolfstrike_NL: v a l u e
serramarkov: Thank you!!!
sblue333: Adam's deck is gross and Ben let it happen
evan_333333: what a card lol
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: When you punch a polar bear, that's bedtime.
Flying_MTG: its weird, I'd expect adam to be the archenemy
bobAkirafett: @SeiichiSin each commander tracks everything seperately
Armoric: Adam should probably have attacked with his pirate first, serge wouldn't have blocked
Armoric: And then free loot
LRRMTG_Judge: @SeiichiSin it counts for each individual commander - Squirrel
sheer_falacy: you can stop fighting at any time, conceding is free
The_Wooba: but halloween is over
rainbowmage42: peace talks have been initiated by Ben
mightymightyrauros: Do we get to see the pack openings with the sealed games?
Pharmacistjudge: Whoa Serge, you grant peace with no deal? what kind of Civ player are you?
LRRbot: Sailor of Means [2U] | Creature — Human Pirate [1/4] | When Sailor of Means enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token.
Seth_Erickson: ramp PogChamp
monkeyrama: Look at this man ramping
Bengineering: @sblue333 you're wrong, but cool
OldBenX: peace was never an option the8bitGoose
Dark_Stargazer: SAILOR OF MEMES
Suffix: Memes!
karmic_guide: Gotta exile cards
nolimit70: exile pls
Seth_Erickson: it was free Kreygasm
Vandred921: Adam needs to pay exile cost.
RedJackz: exile 3 cards plz
IntegralHamster: Exile cards first?
evan_333333: it just replaces itself
Ujai321: still need to exile 3
Ratchet215: exile
P1xelPaul: araumi is god
LawSilver: lawsilLegion lawsilLegion lawsilLegion
ArcOfTheConclave: did he exile the 3 cards?
TXC2: who knew Dimir could ramp? Kappa
keegeeks: Exile
MercurialVox: remember the rest of the cost Adam
Naarius: lrrJUDGE how can my opponent have this many memes?
CodenameJD: Sailor of VALUE
Armoric: Adam going for the self-mill win
itsr67: reminder that they are playing with the cards for the first time, mistakes will happen
Armoric: Set could have probably used Lab Maniac at rare or uncommon at that point
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hokage of Value Village over here
kaziel0: Oh hello Sengir
JoshMelnick: adam with the LabMan outta nowhere
vandristine: oh god
Kykiwi: oh
Diabore: uh on
LRRbot: Sengir, the Dark Baron [4BB] | Legendary Creature — Vampire Noble [4/4] | Flying / Whenever another creature dies, put two +1/+1 counters on Sengir, the Dark Baron. / Whenever another player loses the game, you gain life equal to that player's life total as the turn began. / Partner
sblue333: Hello
deeerell: wtf adam
sheer_falacy: oh hey 3 creatures are gonna die
the_garfielf: oh noooo
eye_h_bar: Geez
LastCenturion: oh GOD
flatluigi: oh my god
Seth_Erickson: with the three sailor tokens Kreygasm
SquirrelLord1111: uh oh
kbatra: ooooooo
Edgeng: man, that's spicy
BrassHeron: Adam's deck is sweet
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Jesus
gualdhar: he's popping off!
kbatra: this is spicyyyy
Ujai321: adam's deck is sweet
Nameless_Sword: oh dear.... that is a combo with encore
SquirrelLord1111: wheelerPog wheelerPog wheelerPog
MercurialVox: Sengir you say?
eye_h_bar: Sengir is about to be huge
TimeToFry: Oh god, with all the encore??
bobAkirafett: do the tokens die or exile?
Joalni: Way to go, Adam!
Sogheim: holy crap
bobAkirafett: or does it matter for sendir?
wurmbane: he cast it for 3?
ninjim84: Gavin's boy hits the field
HammerTheWise: And Adam was scared he wouldn't kill anyone
chaostreader: The tokens die.
HammerTheWise: lmao
Joalni: That's an impressive setup
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JoshMelnick: i believe the encore tokens get sacrificed
Diabore: one dies in combat, 2 die eot
monkeyrama: And he said he didn't think he'd have a way to kill anyone
The_Wooba: jesus
Tom_Bruise: not even a +2/+2 counter? tsk tsk
bobAkirafett: ah
romanempire144: Adam's popping off
sheer_falacy: 6 mana 10/10 flyer
itsr67: well sengir is MASSIVE
monkeyrama: Adam hustlin
Coolhand2: Woof
sheer_falacy: not bad
sblue333: hmmmm
Naarius: That's the "I'm in danger" laugh right there
sblue333: hmmmmm
monkeyrama: JEsussss
Dark_Stargazer: they're sacc'd because they remembered to make Encore good
tmp_creep: ludwigStinky ludwigStinky ludwigStinky ludwigStinky
kumatsu: lrrJUDGE Adam is popping off?
RayFK: This is what happens everytime I play with Adam
TXC2: Adam poping off
Armoric: That nervous laugh haha
P1xelPaul: what a god
MercurialVox: Large and also In Charge Baron
tahoebyker: Sengir seems really good when every creature has encore
carrotboi4: cml is such a fun set
dtape467: that is disgusting
the_garfielf: 10/10 time
Nameless_Sword: who has a kill spell....
David_Strid: adam is the archenemy nos
TimeToFry: Random 10/10 flier out of nowhere
TheMagicalSazerac: mom come pick me up I'm scared.
kaziel0: 10/10... nbd... >.>
rainbowmage42: somebody kill the vampire!
OldBenX: lrrJUDGE my opponent is popping off
Traion: 10/10 flier
ninjim84: too true @monkeyrama
gredgredmansson: did Graham take one?
Thotptertoken: T H I C C
Dark_Stargazer: 6 mana 10/10
tru_boredom: Adam's deck is so rad
LRRMTG_Judge: Adam sacrificed 3 treasure pharma2Vial
HammerTheWise: Serge: "haha I'm in danger"
freshmaker__: oh baby sengir seems... quite good.
LRRMTG_Judge: Graham gained one from staff earlier chat. pharma2Vial
Dark_Stargazer: with fly
sheer_falacy: better start tracking the amount of life everyone has at the start of each turn
SxNova: coooool
gualdhar: P O P P I N G O F F
ThirdFloorDraft: swoll'engir
sheer_falacy: that's... actually really annoying bookkeeping
Armoric: Man that's not the Magic I expected Adam to play but he's popping off
sblue333: Graham can tap down sengir
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trevor_impersonator: let's go
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TXC2: a 1/1 token (with flying) has won a GP before
Dish_KP: you're not out yet, Graham, get that land, play that Liesa!~
gredgredmansson: oh right
Joalni: sergeHolyMoly
HammerTheWise: Baron von poppinoff over there
Kykiwi: baron von poffing off
chefryto90: Judge! Adam deck seems rad
gnome_friend: Yo baron! I can dig it!
hamahimana: man, sengir is way better than it looked from just reading it
CodenameJD: Awesome, actual commander style synergies in draft, you love to see it
sovietbear1919: I want an Araumi deck now
flatluigi: monarch time
BrindleBoar: how does Sengir work if someone's at negative life and loses their loss prevention?
Naarius: The king is dead, all hail the king
Diabore: graham has the conch!
hestercombe: Araumi looks amazing
aceofroses_: ahahaha noo graham theyll murder you
Dark_Stargazer: LOL
PerplexedPensive: sorry if this was arleady done, but did Adam lose a life from the land coming into play?
itsr67: everyone chilling till sengir kicked down the door
LRRbot: Thorn of the Black Rose [3B] | Creature — Human Assassin [1/3] | Deathtouch / When Thorn of the Black Rose enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.
OldBenX: HyperCrown
ThirdFloorDraft: Swoll'enger, the dark baron!
rainbowmage42: i didnt vote for you!
vandristine: now the game TRULY begins
noSmokeFire: that's a bold move, with no fliers
1y1e: Claps for the crown
kaziel0: Graham is about to get punched by Sengir... D:
jawz77: Pauper Stable wheelerPog wheelerPog
EzLemons13: FallGuysWin
freshmaker__: Defintiely building araumi first. I already have dimir etbs with Gyruda, but I'm sure I can so some finagling.
Tom_Bruise: Man, Sengir and Encore seem really good
Dark_Stargazer: best time to declare monarchy
Rogue_07: Where's your crown, Graham?
CodenameJD: Graham making the bold choice to become monarch when Adam has a 10/10 flier
CravenInsomniac: Monarch
Diosu: @TXC2 I almost died to a 1/1 flying token in a RPTQ once, can confirm
Nameless_Sword: Do we have a monarch visual/indicator?
coriolis_storm: feliciaCrown
thanmoonraker: @PerplexedPensive Yes, he did at the beginning of his turn
TXC2: and thus began the Reighn of Graham og house strak
adambomb625: All hail King Graham!
DanTheMediocre: 3 things: you also get a swanky hat
TimeToFry: Oh neat
monkeyrama: ooo, the crown
Nameless_Sword: Nice
Dark_Stargazer: when there's a 10/10 flier on the field
itsr67: oh that's good
gibbousm: aw....tiny crown
noSmokeFire: omg I love the crown
LRRMTG_Judge: Chat, let's play a game. how many times today is someone going to forget the monarch draw? pharma2Vial
Rogue_07: katesWin katesWin katesWin katesWin
sheer_falacy: lrrPAUL
Vandred921: Paul with the consistently amazing overlays.
RandomTrivia: OMG lrrPAUL that's amazing
monkeyrama: Nicely done, Paul
SpookySpaghooti: Long may Graham reign!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: nice,b ecause we can't see the hat
Naarius: #PraisePaul
Lazarenth: "Shoutout to all my pears" - rick ross
gredgredmansson: HyperCrown
OldBenX: bold move for someone within flyers' range
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL Paul thinks of everything
gnome_friend: !findquote pear
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
tahoebyker: shoutout to pears
mastershake29x: oh cool, well done paul
chefryto90: Winter is coming?
The_Wooba: #PeachesMasterRace
freshmaker__: PrideCrown HyperCrown
Issurru: shoutouts to moms
coriolis_storm: lrrAWESOME lrrPAUL lrrAWESOME
TheWarbo: Adam: "I make a 10/10 flier" Graham: "Now is best time to become monarch"
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge no bet :p
GavinVerhey: How you, uh, eating that fruit? >_>
RandomTrivia: And as a bonus, they printed the token without the typo!
dsmorris1993: quick shoutout to christina applegate
Craterhoof_Finch: Pears = Best Fruit!!!
RockPusher: King Graham, The Auteur
sblue333: Kill Sengir
ArcOfTheConclave: katesWin katesWin katesWin
HammerTheWise: Quick! Call James!
SpookySpaghooti: @GavinVerhey with the wrapper on, obviously
carrotboi4: this is a rly fun strim so far
LRRbot: Elvish Visionary [1G] | Creature — Elf Shaman [1/1] | When Elvish Visionary enters the battlefield, draw a card.
LawSilver: lawsilEmperor lawsilEmperor lawsilEmperor
gnome_friend: A nelf?
Ujai321: *flashback to the monarch Friday Nights episode*
judgementkazzy: it's like a reverse elvish doomsayer!
sblue333: Oh yeah this is gonna be a gud ppr
MaskedThespian: And, ironically, he wouldn't have had to discard the Plains had he not played the Fleshbag Marauder...
Dish_KP: A visionary? Visions are scary.
hestercombe: Did Graham draw a card for Monarch?
noSmokeFire: yeah
Dark_Stargazer: Gavin! I luv your work! Battlebond is insane and I made a cube out of it cuz I like it so much LuvSign @GavinVerhey
The_Wooba: does Ben play without sleeves? Sacrilege..
Seth_Erickson: he did
hestercombe: cool ty
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: ol' FleshyB costing Graham land
monkeyrama: oooooh
JDMan94: at least it's not a wrong pickle
itsr67: oooooooo
TehAmelie: how the crown turns
SpookySpaghooti: Usurpation!
LawSilver: lawsilEmperor lawsilEmperor lawsilEmperor
Dark_Stargazer: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
RandomTrivia: It's good to be the king...
PiGuy2000: I am the monarch now
monkeyrama: monarchy changing hands so fast
TimeToFry: You're the monarch? I'm the monarch
MaskedThespian: Look at me. I'm the Monarch, now
Raptur: LUL
Diosu: No *I* am the monarch :)
GavinVerhey: @Dark_Stargazer eeeeee that's awesome! I love that you are so into it. :D
gibbousm: You are the Monarch? I am the Monarch
sheer_falacy: it was a brief but eventful kingship
Ba_Dum_Tish: No I am spartacus
kaziel0: Correction: Ben's about to get punched by a Sengir.
CodenameJD: LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. I am the monarch now
TXC2: and thus began the reign of Ben the Ulmer
rainbowmage42: Well i never voted for you as king. How did you become king
Amentur: Ooof
MelvinMTG: too real!
Naarius: Topical
StarWarsTHX1138: OUCH
RockPusher: King Ben, The Direct
IR0NB0RN: How quickly the crown turns PogChamp
Rogue_07: Graham setting an example for the USA
Jondare: "looks pointedly across the border"
KartoffelKaiser: I really, really hope that nonviolent transfer of power is topical
Joalni: The fancy chair takes the crown
historyman_admu: OMG G that is to real right now
Diosu: @GavinVerhey Can we get etched foils of every other legendary from Dominaria
Raptur: the "Greeneva Convention"
LRRbot: Court of Bounty [2GG] | Enchantment | When Court of Bounty enters the battlefield, you become the monarch. / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield. If you're the monarch, instead you may put a creature or land card from your hand onto the battlefield.
Radyin: #RealLifeInMTG
wurmbane: The king is dead, long live the king
aceofroses_: The Reignt of Ben "The Diplomat" Ulmer
Armoric: The sass
nolimit70: thought this was a no politics stream Kappa
sheer_falacy: good luck with that
Diosu: No, I am the monarch :)
Dr_fragenstien: here for a fun time, not a long time
monkeyrama: Monarch is such a good mechanic
Diabore: long live the king
GavinVerhey: @Diosu If these ones are popular enough, something to look at for sure. :)
Lwazo: live fast, die young !
sheer_falacy: Serge, how will you become the monarch now
itsr67: very happy they brought monarch back
TimeToFry: Oof
Seth_Erickson: did ben play a land that turn?
rainbowmage42: listen, the casting of spells and polaying of cardboard cards on a table is no foundation for a system of government
InfinityToPlanck: ah non peaceful transfer of power, excellent
Diosu: @monkeyrama Not so good in legacy/pauper
TheWarbo: i mean, ben *does* have a reach creature out...
Diosu: And by that it's *too* good
HammerTheWise: I'll do it again!
PARZIVAL9: I am the cap... er.. monarch now
TimeToFry: That automaton seems so good
hestercombe: Adam's deck is savage
monkeyrama: Well, it wasn't designed for that
sblue333: What's that card?
OldBenX: @rainbowmage42 the8bitClap
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wynternyghtynggale: Adam Savagedan
TehAmelie: somebody has to reduce these life totals
nolimit70: baron gets counters
Diabore: adam gets counters
TheOrigamiGamer: <message deleted>THAT HAS REACH?
sblue333: The automaton? What's it called
Diosu: @GavinVerhey Thanks for the reply, I want etched Tatyova the most
monkeyrama: Baron is a large lad
nolimit70: rules change commanders die now
gnome_friend: YO BARON!
niccus: bigger than before
petey_vonwho: Adams deck is a thing on beauty
gnome_friend: I can dig it!
NightWingMistHawk: I really want to see these decks developed into full 100-card commander decks
OldBenX: we're gonna need a bigger dice
Naarius: Stronk Chonkler rides again
TXC2: TheOrigamiGamer it sure does, please don't allcaps though
HammerTheWise: Ah yes, looking for the 7 on a d6
judgementkazzy: adam: where's the 8 on this d6?
Seth_Erickson: !card Mindless Automaton
LRRbot: Mindless Automaton [4] | Artifact Creature — Construct [0/0] | Mindless Automaton enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it. / {1}, Discard a card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Mindless Automaton. / Remove two +1/+1 counters from Mindless Automaton: Draw a card.
leaf_archer: Baron thicc LUL
TopHatPeezy: Serge being so into Adam's plays is real wholesome
SxNova: green creature , reach, a classic
ThirdFloorDraft: get the dice shovel
wurmbane: @GavinVerhey Any consideration to make a type of Jumpstart packs with the mono-colored Partners designed for commander?
Dish_KP: turns out Sengir with an encore deck is the stone nut
keroan0: What is thicc may never die
flatluigi: lmao
monkeyrama: woooooow
kaziel0: :O
Lwazo: encore seems good
LRRbot: Confiscate [4UU] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant permanent / You control enchanted permanent.
yerba_whitley: !card arumi
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
itsr67: OOOOOOO
Tom_Bruise: Turns out there's no 8 on a six-sided die
gibbousm: you MONSTER!
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Did not realise she had reach
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
Nyxshade: he is becoming l a r g e
Diosu: Nani
aceofroses_: ahahahaahahahahah adam is awesome
pmunney: jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrCai jlrrLlou
sheer_falacy: doesn't make him the monarch yet
mightymightyrauros: @wurmbane - That sounds fantastic
dtape467: Adam is the Archenemy now
Dark_Stargazer: LOL
Paranundrox: bigger than before!
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The_Wooba: lol?
ThirdFloorDraft: gross
Diosu: If you become monarch you draw a card at the end step
wurmbane: @mightymightyrauros I am planning to homebrew whatever ones I open
Dark_Stargazer: at least Ben doesn't get it heh
Kykiwi: didnt take the crown but took the throne !
LRRbot: Crow of Dark Tidings [2B] | Creature — Zombie Bird [2/1] | Flying / When Crow of Dark Tidings enters the battlefield or dies, mill two cards.
itsr67: Adam kicked ben off the throne, but ben still has the cool hat
sheer_falacy: two of these players are running bigger and bigger men and 2 of them forgot something
TheWarbo: all courts give you something,and upgrade the something if you're monarch. so adam still gets the unupgraded version next turn
bobAkirafett: Does Sengir have 7 or 8 counters on it?
Dish_KP: But i wanted Ben to get it
Mangledpixel: !birb
tru_boredom: God Adam's deck is so cool (I know I already said it, I had to say it again)
Armoric: Perilous Myr is nice to encore too
flatluigi: eight, bob
RandomTrivia: LUL
JoshMelnick: @itsr67 ben had a creature with reach. he's still the monarch
SniHjen: seperation of powers, the throne, and the crown
bobAkirafett: !card Sengir
LRRbot: Found 11 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
kaziel0: LAND!
Diosu: Dude where's my throne
Joalni: It's worth repeating @tru_boredom
Countjondi: is this Jaime lannistar sitting in the throne as Eddard walks into the throne room?
TehAmelie: i picture it more like he took the chair from under his butt
DiscordianTokkan: Oh no! My cabbages!
monkeyrama: Wow Serge LUL
rainbowmage42: qouth the raven "never more"
itsr67: @JoshMelnick that's what I was implying. He has the court
TheWarbo: what is a monarch without a court? 🤔
rajok: what round is this?
gnome_friend dobs
RockPusher: benginDab
WhiteWizard42: !card sengir, dark baron @bobAkirafett
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Diosu: round 1
IR0NB0RN: I really like how Adams deck ended up! Encore seems sweet! PogChamp
TXC2: rajok game 1
TimeToFry: benginDab
flatluigi: this is the first commander game, rajok
DorkmasterFlek: skaiDab
josh___something: benginDab benginDab benginDab
judgementkazzy: imagine confiscating an entire court
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deadly_winchester: dobs -ouch-
josh___something: This is the first game?
carrotboi4: !card sengir dark baron
LRRbot: Sengir, the Dark Baron [4BB] | Legendary Creature — Vampire Noble [4/4] | Flying / Whenever another creature dies, put two +1/+1 counters on Sengir, the Dark Baron. / Whenever another player loses the game, you gain life equal to that player's life total as the turn began. / Partner
bobAkirafett: thanks, i was just going to goole it
LRRbot: Liesa, Shroud of Dusk [2WWB] | Legendary Creature — Angel [5/5] | Rather than pay {2} for each previous time you've cast this spell from the command zone this game, pay 2 life that many times. / Flying, lifelink / Whenever a player casts a spell, they lose 2 life.
TXC2: judgementkazzy laughs in British
rajok: nice thanks for the reply
Dish_KP: Liesaaaaaaa!
Dark_Stargazer: all we're missing in this table now is Rystic Study and Smothering Tithe so we can have ALL of the tracking
sheer_falacy: I think he doesn't want to lose life
LRRbot: Sweet-Gum Recluse [4GG] | Creature — Spider [0/3] | Flash / Cascade / Reach / When Sweet-Gum Recluse enters the battlefield, put three +1/+1 counters on each of any number of target creatures that entered the battlefield this turn.
bobAkirafett: ooooh, 2 counters each death, thanks
Kykiwi: LUL
kaziel0: :O
ancientspark: SEEMS GOOD
Edgeng: LUL
monkeyrama: oh
Hawkfrost000: pog
hamahimana: sweet
LRRbot: Jeweled Lotus [0] | Artifact | {T}, Sacrifice Jeweled Lotus: Add three mana of any one color. Spend this mana only to cast your commander.
RandomTrivia: LUL
P1xelPaul: throw up
leaf_archer: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
dsmorris1993: hahaha
flatluigi: ahaha
snydepels2: nice
kbatra: lol
eye_h_bar: OMG
Seth_Erickson: Pog
monkeyrama: LUL
Armoric: Meanwhile, Adam encores instead of casting
RandomTrivia: Cool game!
The_Wooba: LOL
notthepenguins: LIKE YOU DO
TimeToFry: Pog
TXC2: There it is!
Nameless_Sword: nice
JoshMelnick: seems good
ttkblazer97: pog!!
Dark_Stargazer: wow
tru_boredom: hahahaha
jawz77: wheelerPog wheelerPog wheelerPog
Marethyou: PogChamp
CodenameJD: swagswagswag
MRForceOFWill: hahahahaha
chillmill1: LUL
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
hestercombe: wooow
js2062: pog
ThirdFloorDraft: free jeweled lotus
eshplode: Value!
KartoffelKaiser: l m a o
tru_boredom: wow
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Jigokuro: bitterShook
linsonas: Seems kinda terrible actually
mightymightyrauros: Star play
ThirdFloorDraft: but it's free serge
KartoffelKaiser: hey you didn't have to pay mana for it Kappa
TXC2: yes, UNDER whelming
maxxthepenguin: Didn't cost mana though!
BanditoHorse: lol
monkeyrama: oh baby
Slasheboy: PUNISHED
PARZIVAL9: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
freshmaker__: never mind. card sucks.
Raptur: LUL
kaziel0: XD XD XD
ThirdFloorDraft: can't complain aboutt free lotus
The_cake_of_lies: See, it is a terrible card Kappa
benjamin_wheeler: ah yes, the totally normal use of this card
1y1e: and he CASCADED into a....
Joalni: Hello highlight reel! LUL
hestercombe: double free
rdiffee7: at least you didn't draw it
kbatra: lmao
P1xelPaul: 3 counters on the elf
itira: hello everyone!
GrandiaKnight: The Greed!
Nameless_Sword: wow
cotillion1850: I mean yeah it is underwhelming
IR0NB0RN: Mana saved, mana earned pastaThat
P1xelPaul: nvm
Anexmedia: This is so on brand it hurts
Nameless_Sword: just wow
coriolis_storm: The VALUE!
siltyroach: playin starsector rn and i just deleted 2 million lives by accident... Felt i should talk about it somewhere.
jjsneeze: Does cascade not abide by timing restrictions?
BiscuitHipster: Just a lotus petal for Serge, still good
evan_333333: woah
SquirrelLord1111: Is serge complaining about casting 2 spells on grahams turn right now?
OldBenX: lrrGREED too strong
Bionull: In the only 3 color deck here too
CodenameJD: aw, is your Black Lotus not enough value, Serge?
wargodmogis: Is ben going sleevless?
TXC2: !findquote on brand
LRRbot: Quote #2040: "Stop being off-brand." —Ian [2016-03-04]
freshmaker__: !card sweetgum recluse
LRRbot: Sweet-Gum Recluse [4GG] | Creature — Spider [0/3] | Flash / Cascade / Reach / When Sweet-Gum Recluse enters the battlefield, put three +1/+1 counters on each of any number of target creatures that entered the battlefield this turn.
Sogheim: now we get to see the true power of Lotus
seemsdeece: we did it team we found a way playing the lotus sucks
tru_boredom: when cascade becomes just draw a card
Tom_Bruise: So this is what a broken format looks like...
EvilBadman: the value! Someone alert LSV
Obos_TAB: extra card ben!
Dish_KP: we've now shown what all should know all along. Lotus is swatev if not in your first 7.
sheer_falacy: 6 mana black lotus seems fair
Karkatstoaster: !findquote lotus
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i assume, but i feel like i should ask to know, Jeweled Lotus can pay for commander tax right?
keyboardmage: is the limited decks 100 cards?
HammerTheWise: And then he cascaded into ANOTHER Jeweled Lotus!
nolimit70: ben monarch trigger
skylordshadow: liesa seems better now that i remember how cascade works
LRRbot: Sentinel Spider [3GG] | Creature — Spider [4/4] | Vigilance / Reach
ESiridakis: at least he can use the extra 2 mana to pay commander tax
Karkatstoaster: !findquote Value
LRRbot: Quote #3986: "I can't calculate the value of this friendship" —Heather [2017-02-10]
TXC2: that better make plays of the week :p
Mistborn83: ben draws for being monarch
EvilBadman: @keyboardmage no, 60
Kykiwi: big boi spider
RocknGrohlNerd: and now let'see the price of that card sink to the bottom of the sea
tahoebyker: draw for monarch
Nameless_Sword: and ben draws for monarch
Zaghrog: siltyroach it gets hard to track zeroes after a while
Obos_TAB: beennn your card
elfabzzz: #so probably the first pearson to cast the official version ever
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SpookySpaghooti: El spidro sentinale
LRRMTG_Judge: monarch draw count is at 1. pharma2Vial
OldBenX: El Spidro de Serra
DorkmasterFlek: Monarch storm
skylordshadow: lisa lol sergeHeart
jjsneeze: Does cascade not abide by timing restrictions?
siltyroach: @Zaghrog I just wanted to look at them...
sheer_falacy: wow you can't even use all the lotus mana
Dark_Stargazer: yooooo
HammerTheWise: La araña sentinela
monkeyrama: It's useful seabatTROG
sheer_falacy: that's... so sad
TehAmelie: El spidro protego
freshmaker__: hes doing it
sheer_falacy: 2 mana lotus!
gnome_friend: Counting with Serge
TXC2: jjsneeze it was on a flash creature
chaostreader: @jjsneeze Correct.
LRRbot: Yurlok of Scorch Thrash [1BRG] | Legendary Creature — Viashino Shaman [4/4] | Vigilance / A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life. / {1}, {T}: Each player adds {B}{R}{G}.
Diabore: @LRRMTG_Judge is that for reminders? because we should be at 3 if all inclusive
Karkatstoaster: El Spidro de los Ojos
Sogheim: and scry
sheer_falacy: oh right commander tax
Nameless_Sword: scry 1
LRRMTG_Judge: serge, scry. pharma2Vial
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Scry
gredgredmansson: Liesa is not dealing damage, she only causes lifeloss
Mistborn83: and scry
LackingSanity_: scry
LRRbot: Farhaven Elf [2G] | Creature — Elf Druid [1/1] | When Farhaven Elf enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
jaelte: Scry
D00kqc: scry
kbatra: scryyy
BanditoHorse: scryyyyy
ewalkedaway: scry
jjsneeze: My question is can he cast lotus at flash speed
LackingSanity_: oh its irrelevant
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
LRRMTG_Judge: well, there goes the scry anyway.
Karkatstoaster: Can I just say
Tom_Bruise: MATH
hijinx18: scry
HammerTheWise: All this not-spanish is kinda hurting me xD
garunkl: scry
itsr67: scry doesn't matter now
ESiridakis: scryyyyy
andy1503: scry doesn't matter
TXC2: that'll do chat
kaziel0: Liesa doing work!
kbatra: f
maagipoiss: lrrADAM is popping off!
Dish_KP: Omg the value! look, he got his commander AND a 1/1!
Sogheim: Serge ahead by two steps
Dr_fragenstien: BabyRage
BanditoHorse: Serge we love you
siltyroach: regarde le top de ta librairie serge
NavelWarfare: I somehow missed the last line on liesa every time I read the card until now. Makes it much much better :D
monkeyrama: The scry was irrelevant
Diabore: @jjsneeze yes, cascade ignortes time restrictions
karmic_guide: Did he lose two more?
nolimit70: lose life agin from farhaven elf?
Seth_Erickson: he did
Sando_MTG: Order LUL
GRrrrrat: he could play commander after elf?
thakoru: "Take 2"?
Romanator0: serge also needs to take 2 from the elf
Karkatstoaster: I love sentinel spider. But Knee Eyes. Seem. Inefficient
jjsneeze: @Diabore thx!
LRRMTG_Judge: @jjsneeze Cards cast from cascade are always effectively "cast with flash" :) - Squirrel
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TheEnigmaEngine: scry 1
SniHjen: scry 30, then shuffle your library
IR0NB0RN: Green throne trigger at Adam? :)
jjsneeze: thank you judges!
nolimit70: adam had upkeep trigger from throne
monkeyrama: What's it like to have it all, Adam LUL
ESiridakis: are you taking the 2 Serge?
benjamin_wheeler: Hey Adam, are ya winnin son?
eye_h_bar: trigger on upkeep Adam
RedJackz: Throne trigger before draw
Seth_Erickson: Adam can put a land onto the battlefield if he so chooses
MidgardSerpent: does serge still have mana from the lotus in pool? Don't remember mana cost of his commander.
TehAmelie: spiders "usually" have 260° vision, so why more eyes
ewalkedaway: throne trigger?
gredgredmansson: does adam HAVE a land to play?
Ulfgar21: LUL LUL
tru_boredom: yes it is adam
Karkatstoaster: I mean that’s just asking for an elf with a boomerang to fuck you up in a boss battle
IR0NB0RN: Nvm :P
TehAmelie: 360 even
sheer_falacy: how many more counters will he get this turn
kumatsu: Remember an hour ago when Adam had no idea how his deck was going to do anything?
planeswalkagogo: Serge should be at 31
karmic_guide: Did serge lose two for the elf
mightymightyrauros: A boast you can fairly make in draft
gredgredmansson: reminder that adam has the throne, but is not the monarch
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SAiconjr: on no, no lands, just holding all these spells...
LRRMTG_Judge: @MidgardSerpent he does not, thanks to commander tax - good thinking though! - Squirrel
garunkl: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrSACK lrrSACK
HammerTheWise: Road to 50/50 flying vampire
Nyxshade: start swinging with sengir my dude
Dark_Stargazer: man, thats so much to keep track of LUL
itira: I just arrived. Are they all in the same room?
nolimit70: did serge lose 2 life for casting farhaven elf?
monkeyrama: Yeah, this is the man who said "I have no idea if I can even kill anyone"
Raptur: Whoever implemented pulsing voice boxes for each player, ::chef's kiss::
MidgardSerpent: @LRRMTG_Judge Thanks!
MercurialVox: serge has taken both twos he was at 37 at the start of the turn
Dark_Stargazer: this is some wild Limited gameplay