cgwonder: looks like a cool game aesthetics-wise, kinda different to recent stuff so that will be interesting
Mysticman89: reminds me of little nightmares base don my quick google
CompletelyUnsure: I'm just happy it's not a first person stealth game with minimal-gameplay elements
Seth_Erickson: Little Nightmares 2 comes out in Feburary right or was it later?
JonTheGoose: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: GYLT) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (2m ago).
Mysticman89: feb seems to be correct for little nightmartes 2 yes
Seth_Erickson: sweet I love the first one and from what I've seen of the second one it looks like good fun as well
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: GYLT) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (6m ago).
SmithKurosaki: lrrSPOOP Ben gonna scare us isn't he?
Mysticman89: I'm all for horror that isn't a secret action game with horror elements. Of course its very difficult to do non-action gameplay without it sometimes feeling slow
PotatoWraiths: hello
eric_christian_berg: Most horror games are secret puzzle games with horror elements. :)
eric_christian_berg: Well... "secret".
Nigouki: is it time for the Putt-Putt stream?
serramarkov: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4007: "Don't panic, James. The panties can tell when you're panicking. They can sense it." —Paul [2017-02-09]
SquareDotCube: Oh yeah, that was the 18GAC that was crafting and Heather left them a project
Saintnex: oh right, it was the 18 games and counting crafting stream
TwitchTVsFrank: no they were making panties
TwitchTVsFrank: so many staples
elah806: !quote james
LRRbot: Quote #7013: "Teeth don't work now." —James [2020-06-22]
Jean_Jacques_EB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: GYLT) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (12m ago).
serramarkov: I learned a new thing (mechanically) in chat, you can reveal the stars if something is hidden.
SmithKurosaki: Whats the over/under on tech issues
PotatoWraiths: probably
Dish_KP: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: GYLT) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (14m ago).
Dish_KP: ooo gylt
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
PotatoWraiths: woo!
GhostValv: :O
PotatoWraiths: sigil
serramarkov: lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Koshindan: lrrSIGNAL
mechmagic: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
zeldakid1999: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
Saintnex: very relaxing sounds
serramarkov: Spoopifer!
Makrosian_Tae: Made it!
Gaytanic_Panic: <message deleted>seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
SmithKurosaki: lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP
Mister_Hush: lrrSIGNAL
Cartographers_Ink: I'm here!
Juliamon: Please, 7 or less emotes
fastlane250: yous late
Eille_k: lrrSPOOP
theonlybm: Hello gamers
Gaytanic_Panic: @Juliamon My bad LUL
mgknominator: Sup
Mysticman89: due to technical issues, the horror has been replaced with relaxing nature sounds
Makrosian_Tae: How you fine trogs doing tonight?
dreamyxcupcakes: lrrADAM lrrBEN lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mister_Hush: this checkout line is 7 items or fewer, please retreat citizen
mgknominator: Good
Juliamon: Just keep in mind: if it looks like spam, we'll delete it
Lord_ZYRK: Surely this will be a comfy stream PrideFloat
ArdCollider: super excited to see if we get to murder another baby this week!
matthaus_c: TrogChamp, TrogChamp, TrogChamp PridePog
Nigouki: the real horror is that you can no longer go outside to enjoy these sounds
mgknominator: Ok Julia
Seth_Erickson: Gylt sounds like it won't have any underlying mental issues to base it's horror on Kappa
Gaytanic_Panic: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
mgknominator: None at all
Mister_Hush: oh surely not, and surely no references to Catholocism
Sethalidos: Due to technical difficulties the part of Adam will be played by a smaill white dog with a nervous bladder
RockPusher: ohai Windows
mgknominator: Oh no references to religion of any kind
Juliamon: [USB disconnected]
SajuukSjet: ^ :D
Lord_ZYRK: Oh no, I hope they didn't unplug Adam's brain D:
Manae: So was it a Windows update, surprise patch, or forgot to download game?
Bengineering: lrrBEEJ
Manae: Who's got bets on what?
Mister_Hush: Probably also 0 references to gold coins and usury, too
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer69 sixty-nice
lirazel64: Someone's mouse not working?
druidofspores: Arasoka hacked us :O
Sethalidos: It was Beej
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'm going to bet on aliens again, it's always aliens
Juliamon: Manae I'm going with "how the hell to stream a Stadia game"
mgknominator: Wow it’s Ben in chat
Mysticman89: metagame streaming
mgknominator: Beej in chat anyone?
ArdCollider: could've sworn that was Beej. so lifelike.
abracadaver23: Rad
itira: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
RockPusher: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
mgknominator: Oh shot here we go
zeldakid1999: lrrSPOOP
Eille_k: lrrSPOOP
ducking_mad: lrrSPOOP
BusTed: Hello.
mgknominator: Oh shit here we go
TheWriterAleph: omg hi-eeee
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CompletelyUnsure: new background
journojared: FILMING!
Raiger: Oh my goodness, I have never been here for that intro before
druidofspores: Spoopifer is Lord
BrindleBoar: PHIL!
TheWanderingNomad: Filming things!?
hesterbyrde: Hi gentlemen!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Phil!
Pteraspidomorphi: Filming is good news
matthaus_c: commodoreHUSTLE return!
RockPusher: It was Ben blowing his lines! lrrBEEJ
Kramburger: Ben, you're looking GOOD today
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e_bloc: Corgo1000 my favorite spoopy friends
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Ben, how goes packing and moving?
Robot_Bones: it wasn't Ben still playing CIV either
magical_writer: Cheer50 money sent
BusTed: Hello corner.
niccus: someone in ottawa is going to be really happy in 3-9 days
wolvsbane: dead zone
Lord_ZYRK: EVERYBODY loses \ seabatTROG /
mgknominator: Welp there goes my life savings
ducking_mad: Dirk needs it more than me
Koshindan: cheer200 Sending money
Manae: Hey now I thought I was playing the part of the house on that betting D:
bubbles_the_unicorn: Hello!
wolvsbane: lrrFINE
RockPusher: Out of sight, out of mind!
RvLeshrac: My money was on Ben getting his head stuck in the bannister.
ChimPANGzee: Yay såppås!
ChimPANGzee: *spoops
druidofspores: when the only snac in the office is you B)
Juliamon: Look, I already have both of you AND LRR on my Patreon roster, that'll have to be good enough
Sethalidos: oh noes muh imersishuns
Juliamon: *Patreon/Twitch
Lord_ZYRK: That's offscreen's problem
serramarkov: That seems legit
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gualdhar: Lets go Spoopy Boyz!
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niccus: wow! power of the future!
PMAvers: I assumed Ben got stuck in a giant line for nuggies.
Makrosian_Tae: Oh no
SmithKurosaki: Fancy
BusTed: aw shiiii
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enfys_book: Spoops!
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Seth_Erickson: Stadia PogChamp
niccus: and fat office pipes
BusTed: "was"
matthaus_c: oh no
Koshindan: Stadia still exists?
ATrophonian: Ohhhhh, Dear...
RockPusher: Well this is going to go well then lrrBEEJ
BusTed: They're trying hard to keep it relevant.
Manae: I hope there's not QTE's on this game. I tried playing Celeste on Stadia and it was awful
mgknominator: Beej in the chat yall
Uzumaki15: My condolences Ben
ATrophonian: Stadia? What could go wrong?
Nigouki: well, if LRR can splurge on 5 PS5s I guess they can splurge on Stadia
Seth_Erickson: It's Google's game streaming service similar to Xbox Game Pass
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forte_and_chai: Hooray!
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Juliamon: Apparently this game is solid. The devs also made Rime.
ducking_mad: people were playing Baulders 3 on there so they didnt have to download it
Mysticman89: you basically play the games on googles (high end) hardware
Gizmoloid: Streaming Stadia, so we're gonna have video compression on top of video compression? :D
druidofspores: yo, Rime was cool
KeytarCat: I thought today was wednesday
Makrosian_Tae: Exclusive spoops!
Arclight_Dynamo: Stadia has exclusives? Whoof.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Juliamon This is Rime devs? I'm excited now
BusTed: So if it's bad, it's our fault.
PMAvers: So if it's bad? Their fault.
itira: ^
Seth_Erickson: @LoadingReadyRun any thoughts on going through Little Nightmares since the sequel is coming out soon
Seth_Erickson: oh you read my mind
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Pteraspidomorphi: I'm Protected. I take no responsability for anything :P
Talin06: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Robot_Bones: Correct
BusTed: Heheh.
lirazel64: Gee, people don't want to feel scared right now? whyever not?
BusTed: Little Nightmares was pretty spooky.
SmithKurosaki: @Pteraspidomorphi Pusher or Shover Robot?
BusTed: Little Monsters, yeah.
BrindleBoar: Fiddle Mobsters!
Snakebyte36: what could go wrong
itira: Goosebumps is scary as hell! i think we're in for a real shock tonight chat
YawnLance: A voyage of discovery!
RockPusher: I dunno, some kids movies have some A-grade existential questions…
BrindleBoar: Griddle Lobsters.
Robot_Bones: or that purple guy from Ghost Writer Kappa
NightValien28: good luck to your upload speed
Lord_ZYRK: Streamer beware, you're in for a scare
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AdzyW: I'm looking at the name of this and thinking "Art Incoming". Thanks for keeping me shooting air out of my nose in my second window you lovely lads.
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lirazel64: Ben, are you in your new home?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Would you watch a Netflix original starting Ben and Adam in which they rob banks in order to fuel a underground, highly illegal, Yu-Gi-Oh! themed fight club? | Me too, but this is not that. This is Let's Nope, and they're playing Stadia exclusive GYLT. ||
YawnLance: Crawling through the mines to find horror games
TheWriterAleph: wow that's a tweet.
Juliamon: The tweet's up!
Seth_Erickson: Our eternal quest to escape the horror puzzle mines
korvys: Did James write the tweet again?
YawnLance: James sure did a tweet
theneatestburrito: What a tweet.
korvys: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
matthaus_c: well if that's your quest just replay Lost In Vivo ad nauseam :p
Kramburger: The horror game is the stream and the games are the keys that you're forced to find
Manae: I wasn't paying attention due to helping the wife with something: was it one of the free Stadias they gave away recently for... uh... can't recall exactly what it was Google was giving them away for being a part of
Mysticman89: I actually kinda liked nevermind as a horror game, but it's very explicitly and directly a mental issue focused game
Robot_Bones: I didn't hate it is big praise
YawnLance: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
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DrWreckage: A thought I had was what if you and Ben did something spooky before a new game, like read a creepy pasta, to put you in the mindset to be scared?
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matthaus_c: wait, a horror game with content warnings? specific ones?!
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Kramburger: GOTTEM
BrindleBoar: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
BusTed: seabatYIKES
TheWriterAleph: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
NimrodXIV: lrrWOW
unicornvector: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
hesterbyrde: oo topical
vaso1313: Little hope is pretty good
ducking_mad: WHOOOOOAA got'em
zeldakid1999: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
gualdhar: ouch that hurts
gamercat88: whoa
TheWriterAleph: ssssspicy
ThirdFloorDraft: bazinga
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ducking_mad: he cant even see this burn
thraximore: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Talin06: lrrHORN
korvys: Joke's on you, Scotty's on holiday
IsaTheEngie: gottem
ATrophonian: Mawp
MegaDosX: "Sometimes"
theneatestburrito: Surely that tweet could be spun up into a Hustle.
lirazel64: ooo, bullying is a nope for me... But thanks for the warning.
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matthaus_c: mawp headphone rippers
Lord_ZYRK: Kramburger seabatPjorg
Shirts_: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
jwholla: I wanna know more about this underground yugioh fight club
Seth_Erickson: Down with Booth Cam Long Live Game Capture
OnyxOblivion: Hey it's Ben the Warmonger
BusTed: Good catch.
GhostValv: nice
Makrosian_Tae: Good on ya!
Koshindan: Good resolution.
BrindleBoar: Man I wish I could quit that.
cgwonder: lrrHEART
Ignatiuspants: Oh! I like the aesthetic of this game!
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ATrophonian: Let's Nope!: A Better Investment than Stadia. Love you all!
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x0den: good goal
hesterbyrde: Good resolution!
bubbles_the_unicorn: CoolCat
itira: Ben youre my favorite stupid :)
magical_writer: new years revolution ...give up chicken tenders?
amuseoffirebane: Oh!! it's time! I forgot what time this started in in this time zone XD
unicornvector: Me too, Ben! it's great for you positive mindset :)
Juliamon: You can no longer deny being the "cute one"
Kramburger: @Lord_ZYRK You're not getting out of this that easily
Ignatiuspants: Also, that's a great resolution, Ben!
gualdhar: favorite doo-doo head
James_LRR: But you're still gonna be mean to me right?
druidofspores: Good for you Ben, that's fantastic!
ducking_mad: Nice Goal! you should add up to it by complimenting the person back
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You *are* my favourite though. My favourite comedy troupe. gottem.
BoblinTheGoblin69: hello friends!
NimrodXIV: #BlameJames is always in effect
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IgorApp: Catching up with the SpoopyBoys live!
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itira: But for real Ben thats great! :D
DoctorAddams: But you ARE my favourite stupid!
cnutter23_: Chat! Help! I need a commander to brew
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NightWingMistHawk: cnutter23_ Shalai, Voice of Plenty
PipeSmokingOwl: Doomed I tell you! Doomed!
letfireraindown: I mean I would stop self depreciation humor, but theni wouldn't have any jokes
Seth_Erickson: They're combining their collective power NotLikeThis
adamjford: Chat please wish me luck as I go to open my Great Vault
Kramburger: Coming at you from both sides
ATrophonian: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
matthaus_c: are you guys bad luck charms? cause I just lost 2h of Persona 3 progress right as the stream started :P
James_LRR: was my tweet acceptable today? I know last week you were a bit let down and fairly so, it wasn't my best work.
IgorApp: "Eegor" that's how we say it in Brazil!
druidofspores: that tweet was fire
ducking_mad: Oh damn I'm down with this ParaNorman vibes
korvys: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [5m ago] @loadingreadyrun> Would you watch a Netflix original starting Ben and Adam in which they rob banks in order to fuel a underground, highly illegal, Yu-Gi-Oh! themed fight club? | Me too, but this is not that. This is Let's Nope, and they're playing Stadia exclusive GYLT. ||
Juliamon: Horror games tend to go first-person for the "immersive" feel.
MegaDosX: Show tweet
Seth_Erickson: I like the art style quite a bit
e_bloc: show tweet
e_bloc: how much to show tweet
Lord_ZYRK: Show Tweet, streamer
RockPusher: Yes, yes, I would watch that series
itira: "starting"
ducking_mad: yu-gi-oh not magic?
MegaDosX: James needs a spellchecker I think
MegaDosX: :p
James_LRR: that's fair
matthaus_c: but is it soft G or hard G :p
BrindleBoar: now I'm imagining Adam with card anime hair
MegaDosX: Also, "a underground"?
travis_danger: @cnutter23_ dargo and keskit
gamercat88: illegal YuGiOh is my GYLT-y pleasure ;)
itira: a bit careless James
Raiger: Maybe the show only starts with you, but ends with others
Koshindan: But it started with Ben and Adam. So it was accurate.
thevikingbear__: is this game spooky yet?
cnutter23_: Thanks travis
Seth_Erickson: makes it more likely to find the missing person Kappa
TheDailyMapleSyrup: We need to make that tweet into a fan fic
Lithobraker: Amelie?
bv310: Full Yami Savidan
Gaytanic_Panic: Paranorman vibes. I like it.
Raiger: GYLTY Gear?
Makrosian_Tae: Oh damn, this gon' get heavy ain't it
spethycakes: R.Miak was too much for Emily
TheWriterAleph: Guilte-t's Theme
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EJGRgunner: So many months.
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MegaDosX: She looks a little short to use the binoculars anyway
Koshindan: You must be this tall to use the binoculars.
Seth_Erickson: was that a ski lift I just saw in the background?
frozenphoenix7: Hi chat and LRRs. Did Ben ever figure out that Stadia stuff or is this something different?
PMAvers: So this is a gritty Paperboy remake?
druidofspores: Ah, it's store-brand Life Is Strange
MegaDosX: Oh no, asshole kids!
BoblinTheGoblin69: was promised heist ft ben and adam
itira: stoopid kids
Makrosian_Tae: Very sweet
ducking_mad: comic cutscenes?! What doesnt this game have
Seth_Erickson: by walking you young whippersnapper
NimrodXIV: :D
Kramburger: Get Out
ATrophonian: Just Walk Then.
e_bloc: I get that reference
MegaDosX: You did just crash your bike
Arclight_Dynamo: UI for asthma inhaler?
warboss5: It takes a LOT of force to bend a bike tire, how is she still in one piece?
ducking_mad: I'm calling it she is dead
TheWriterAleph: this is the Dark Souls of Life is Strange
forte_and_chai: Your sister's missing? Ha! Nerrrd!
RvLeshrac: Can you parry yet?
Bluemage76 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 52 months!
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RockPusher: you fell off your bike Ben - that can hurt!
BoblinTheGoblin69: also kids can be butts
Neddy471: What is it with 80s Bullies and trying to murder people?
edgeyberzerker: Selling those pushes like Lex Lugar LOL
CompletelyUnsure: Dodge Roll?
Koshindan: That shove seems like it hurts you more than anybody else.
matthaus_c: ooga chaka ooga chaka
bv310: Just full Luger
cgwonder: ooooh that's an inhaler! i thought it was a sock
Snakebyte36: inhaler makes more sense than sock
NightValien28: not how inhalers work but okay
RvLeshrac: I... also thought it was a sock.
Piperlyon: I mean you did just take a nasty spill, makes sense that you'd be down a bit of health
Esoterus: inhaler makes way more sense than sock, good thinking
Makrosian_Tae: Big same on that sock imagery
NightValien28: I thought it was a flashlight
matthaus_c: Y for ynhaler
Manae: Wait are we just using random inhalers off the ground?
TheWriterAleph: get lost CHET
edgeyberzerker: Oh no! Stephen King bullies!
BoblinTheGoblin69: please tell me the parries are gonna be the shoves
MegaDosX: Yikes
Seth_Erickson: they just ran us off the road and they still won't leave us alone rude
warboss5: Was not killing her almost enough? Are these fucking Steven King bullies?
Makrosian_Tae: It's fine on our end
Snakebyte36: STADIA
Koshindan: Looks fine on stream.
Lord_ZYRK: It's having a bit of a time
BusTed: Looks ok to me.
Arclight_Dynamo: That's... actually kind of a clever way to do health? Makes a LOT more sense for an emergency inhaler to immediately make you feel better than, like, a bandaid or an anime boneham.
LurkerSpine: looks perfect on stream
itira: Looks ok here
Juliamon: Doesn't look any worse than 25fps
Nigouki: thanks game for reminding us that kids are total dingbats to each other
MilkInBag: Did Adam write that tweet
mgknominator: It’s fine for me
lirazel64: Yeah... not for me. See you guys another time.
Seth_Erickson: @MilkInBag wrong it was James
TheWriterAleph: oh this isn't Life is Strange. It's Alan Wake.
druidofspores: looks a-okay to me
Juliamon: lirazel64 Take care!
forte_and_chai: "Risks Ahead"
MilkInBag: I don't believe it was James
MegaDosX: "Risks ahead" Mood, sign.
BoblinTheGoblin69: its twitch chat
edgeyberzerker: I legit love her Lex selling
NightWingMistHawk: Protagonist's voice deeper than I was expecting for a middle school girl
RvLeshrac: If you have high CPU usage in Chrome with Stadia, Chrome might not be using GPU acceleration for decoding, which is what happened to me during the AC Odyssey test.
MegaDosX: Bullies gonna bully
Seth_Erickson: that's because it doesn't happen
Arclight_Dynamo: "Let's get her!" To what end, kid?
Arclight_Dynamo: Like, why?
Makimachine: That's because you are a good person. :)
BoblinTheGoblin69: is this worse twitch chat?
Akaiatana: I was chased like this as a kid.
Lord_ZYRK: Never discount assholes in groups
snowmonkey99: Now you have wet socks though
Juliamon: Bully groups chase because they know you'll run.
Seth_Erickson: I love the look of the game so far
MilkInBag: I was chased like this as a kid, and when cornered, I showed that I studied the blade. We had a beyblade match and then I got all their pokemon cards
druidofspores: I got hella bullied as a kid, this stuff totally happens
Esoterus: walk through muddy water, then right into the snow. that's fine.
itira: slorp
Mistborn83: Hi friends!
Lord_ZYRK: Fuck yeah, Milk
Koshindan: I wonder if the murder gang killed the other girl.
Robot_Bones: better keep moving, this is Wendigo territory
warboss5: Oh hey, a cameo from Firewatch, lol
Seth_Erickson: Milk a gamer since birth
RockPusher: Get that Ben some gumboots!
circusofkirkus: and it's just our prescription!
Lord_ZYRK: Just steal some inhalers seabatTROG
Gaytanic_Panic: @MilkInBag How many star chips did you win?
Makrosian_Tae: Loving this music
RumbletumStudio: Let me stick this strange inhaler in my mouth...
Easilycrazyhat: Dude, those things are expensive. Who's just leaving them around?
snowmonkey99: But we can use random medications not prescribed to us
RvLeshrac: The best part is that you're just picking up random inhalers.
cgwonder: calling it now, we're gonna find a lot of unlikely inhalers
TheWriterAleph: "I'mma take all these drugs I found!"
MilkInBag: @Gaytanic_Panic 1.5
ducking_mad: Freaking idiots who cant breathe dropping stuff
Ignatiuspants: This is already reminding me of Inside, but like ... better?
Shadwhawk: That aren't your prescription
Raiger: I mean, i'd hope you wouldn't use bullets to heal yourself :D
BoblinTheGoblin69: milk is the real gamer here
NimrodXIV: maybe don't use random inhalers you find
Juliamon: Now THAT I don't believe
Mistborn83: Kart Gang Kart Gang
Esoterus: all inhalers are the same, everyone knows that
Juliamon: Ain't no way a cart that loaded's gonna move that smoothly
Gizmoloid: @Koshindan the game's called guilt, I think that's a big fat hint from the writers
blip2004: Was I the only kid who lived in a town that taught you not to take random meds (or pick up fallen army supplies)?
forte_and_chai: Just keep shootin up that off-brand inhaler
Lord_ZYRK: I wonder why
hogzilla_12: Hey sorry Ben I haven’t made the clay sculpture yet it’s cus I don’t know how to dm you but I’m working on it 🥰
Makrosian_Tae: She's being bullied you fool!
serramarkov: Because it's so much safer to teach kits to grab random inhalers.
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NightValien28: she got bullied out of a road, I would be sad too
Kramburger: This looks like sad budget Coraline
BoblinTheGoblin69: if depresso drink expresso
mgknominator: Sad
druidofspores: Now THIS is a kid that doesn't freeload
Koshindan: Maybe the factory gave everyone lung injuries and they all need the same prescription.
MilkInBag: I made homemade icecream with strawberries, it's good!
Seth_Erickson: Coraline is great
PMAvers: Man, imagine if there was a horror game where the main character was *stoked* about everything happening.
DeathWarrior555: how's it going folks?
itira: I did not like Coraline
Easilycrazyhat: Coraline is SO good
PipeSmokingOwl: the cable car connects bethelwood with the factory....and the WENDIGO
thraximore: Coraline is superb
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Lord_ZYRK: You're a very good looking movie
kumatsu: I'd say Coraline would be your jam, Adam
Kramburger: Turns out Neil Gaiman's good at writing, who knew?
NightWingMistHawk: "Makin' up a song about Coraline"
mgknominator: It’s good
cgwonder: saw it for the first time very recently and I loved it! would recoomend
BoblinTheGoblin69: its kinda scary. but its still a great movie
radioshackraider: Wasn't Bethelwood Cab;ecar the star of BBC Sherlock?
GhostValv: coraline is pretty dang good
FormOfSquirrel: Coraline holds up really well since it's stop motion and not CG.
Pteraspidomorphi: Coraline's Laika right? Laika is an awesome studio
gualdhar: who builds a *factory* on top of a *mountain*. have they never heard of logistics?
Robot_Bones: Brogineering???
TheWriterAleph: @radioshackraider LUL
MegaDosX: "No ticket"
ducking_mad: he is the grim reaper
forte_and_chai: Listen to the ominous old man. Follow the rules.
itira: If Adam doesnt like the Nightmare before Christmas he might not like Coraline either :P
Seth_Erickson: Them's the Rules
MilkInBag: Hell
Makrosian_Tae: Is it a magic car-pet ride?
PipeSmokingOwl: louisville
ATrophonian: Our last CableCar adventure was Until Dawn, right?
wynternyghtynggale: murder vill?
TheWriterAleph: Magic car, use splash attack!
kumatsu: silent-hill type fog realm
mgknominator: Get the fucking ticket
thraximore: Silent Hill.
Xed_Regulus: Narnia
RumbletumStudio: Isekai Tram
Eille_k: a magi-car(p)
Ummon_: cable car to silent hill
reallegitstreamer: Silent Hill
MegaDosX: Does it turn into a Gyarados?
DrWreckage: It goes to her subconcious
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Aliens, it's always aliens
BusTed: Where she lived happily ever after.
Arclight_Dynamo: ALso agree.
MilkInBag: Oh yeah 100%
Saintnex: umm
Gaytanic_Panic: It's all Hot Topic's fault
Utopos: I'm assuming that this is entirely liability-related and there will be no supernatural shenanigans.
Koshindan: Ew, dirt ticket.
matthaus_c: do you wanna meet the Candy Man
niccus: is it the isekai tram because it kills you
MAPBoardgames: This game looks cute and innocent. How is it so far?
PMAvers: To the most terrifying place possible: Their LGS on FNM night.
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
BoblinTheGoblin69: agreed, but still a good movie
Seth_Erickson: I don't think it's over rated but it is definitely over played
Akaiatana: But This isn't Goth, This is Hoth
bv310: Game's just going full Isekai
I_Am_Clockwork: it is the ONLY christmas/halloween movie that gets any real air time
mgknominator: What goblin said
AdzyW: Nightmare before Christmas has an extremely outsized cultural footprint that I cannot adequately explain
BusTed: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
itira: lrrSPOOP
Gaytanic_Panic: A g-g-g-g-g-ghost
wynternyghtynggale: I like nightmares music but not the movie
druidofspores: and now we're in Until Dawn O_o
Kramburger: Hoth Topic?
Nigouki: The only thing free is cheese in a mousetrap Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: I tend to think most things are overrated, but that just means I'm an asshole, right chat? Kappa
Neddy471: Considering that there's basically a *Cult* around Nightmare.
TheWriterAleph: the spooky beatnik guard DISAPPEARED
Ignatiuspants: Yep! Magic train
Koshindan: He just wanted an excuse to close up shop because you came at the last minute.
Roger_Job329: one ticket to nightmareville
Robot_Bones: but where does it fall in the kingdom heart power ratings?
dappercuttlefish: evil ticket? evil ticket
MilkInBag: Everything that has a fandom is ruined by it
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Gildan_Bladeborn: Silly protagonist - the cable car operator has been dead for sixty years!
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BoblinTheGoblin69: this kid is stupid
Seth_Erickson: Ghost Train Ghost Train Ghost Train
Ferra0729: Ghost light
DoctorAddams: I saw it at age 5 on Christmas day and it shaped me O.O
circusofkirkus: we got a sweet hairstyle
BusTed: We're doing it!
MegaDosX: I wonder if you could've made the decision to just go to the factory, or if the railroad tracks would lead you here
MilkInBag: Magic cab to HELL
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Dang it. It's ghoests. I'm still hoping for alien ghosts though
druidofspores: Wendigo in 3...2...1...
Akaiatana: @LoadingReadyRun Magic Cars. Ride the Fekking Car
mgknominator: Baby face again
Neddy471: This is where her Cousin went!
Arclight_Dynamo: Now, if I know my James Bonds...
Makrosian_Tae: It's all fun and games until Sabin suplexes your train
cnutter23_: Magic Train!
Ummon_: Cable car gonna go 88 MpH
CleeKru: oh.... it Is an isekai
x0den: i like brentalfloss's analysis of nightmare before christmas
BusTed: Spooky mist.
RumbletumStudio: But do you wanna go REAL fast?
Seth_Erickson: we in the Phantom Zone now
CompletelyUnsure: How far out on her bike did she go to need a cable car to get back?
Kramburger: Oh it *IS* Coraline
Manae: Gonna find some Langoleers
Gaytanic_Panic: There is no earthly way of knowing, where exactly we are going....
Koshindan: Does this other world have inhalers?
Lord_ZYRK: The Land of Cable Cars and Ghosts
PotatoWraiths: birb
itira: I personally dont like Nightmare before christmas but thats just me i guess i have OPINIONS :o
Seth_Erickson: that's what it's called in Danny Phantom right?
BoblinTheGoblin69: to get off, you must solve these riddles three....
Makrosian_Tae: Gyle-t
Juliamon: And now the game TRULY begins
PipeSmokingOwl: @druidofspores total wendigo times
cgwonder: you 100% crossed the ghost threshold
TheTekkieman: Oh hey, it's Eureka.
mgknominator: We’ve gone into the shadow realm
Laserbeaks_Fury: You've been SPirited Away
PMAvers: "Okay, kid, don't get in that one car, it's actually out of order and very dangerous. Get in the one in the back... wait, where did they go?"
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m working on it still
Arclight_Dynamo: GYLT: Ghosts! Your Last Ticket.
AdzyW: next stop, Isekai Station, end of lin
TheWriterAleph: gennaLUL
PipeSmokingOwl: tight tight tight
Grevas13: give your lips touch
itira: Ben...
Drathak: Guilty?
Makrosian_Tae: Toight
Ummon_: Get Your Life Together
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Ghosts You Left There? I don't know but still
Seth_Erickson: Girl you left Toto
Easilycrazyhat: Wait...are you addressing God? Or is that just an exclamation?
Arclight_Dynamo: Toight loike a toiger.
MegaDosX: A GYLT is like a BLT, except it's goat, yams, lettuce, and tomato
M0N0P0LE: Good luck, youtubers
ShadowAce0: girl you lookin' thicc
AdzyW: get ya little toes
mgknominator: Sounds good megados
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onethousandneedles: Girl, you look tired
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Koshindan: Get your large Tacobell
themightybucch: Is that flashlight the ghost?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Giving you a flashlight is always a good sign that nothing bad will happen that you'll need the flashlight to see.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We Alan Wake now
wynternyghtynggale: Ghost you like Turner
Grevas13: don't dead open inside
DoctorAddams: Is this... Alan Wake?
MilkInBag: Good Year Lieutenant
Makrosian_Tae: Salutations and good you, luck tubers
Kramburger: Get Yummy Little Tacos
Roger_Job329: momsters
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
mgknominator: Good YouTuber love tea
PMAvers: Club membership: 0
Mysticman89: gone yodeling, leave tips
kumatsu: Gosh! Yggdrasil Lays Tumbled!
spethycakes: Groovy Yummy Little Tater
RumbletumStudio: Shit, now I want yummy little tacos
AdzyW: Goblin! Yikes little tyke!
ducking_mad: As a former youtuber I can say we deserve it
itira: Why do i feel accomplished. im not even adding to the convo...
Akaiatana: GYLT. Girl you love totally
bv310: Great Year, Loser Toddlers
snowmonkey99: I hope those bullies are currently being questioned by the police tbh
BusTed: Guilt Youtube, Look at Twitch
Gizmoloid: A kid that wouldn't just climb that fence? Immersion ruined!
Golldum: how did we get out here?
mgknominator: Good youtubers love switch
TheWriterAleph: Dude if shadow creatures start attacking and this is legit My Little Alan Wake it might make me buy Stadia LUL
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
AdzyW: Goblins Yeet Their Legwarmers
spethycakes: Go Yeet Losers, Teen
Seth_Erickson: Get Your Life Turnt
Arclight_Dynamo: God, how far did we bike from home that?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Do your parents even exist in the ghost zone, or do horrible monsters wearing their faces like a mask exist in the ghost zone?
mgknominator: Good youtubers love twitch
druidofspores: Get Your Lost Taters
Arclight_Dynamo: *that this seems normal to us?
Dergib: Idk about get yummy little tacos
TheOneCalledStu: I have been engaged into content
James_LRR: Gosh, you like Tim?
BusTed: hashtag engagement
Gaytanic_Panic: Good Yonkers Little Tonkers
GhostValv: Good Yucks Late Tonight :)
circusofkirkus: unique chatter tuning in
spethycakes: Twitch chat was spoiled by last night's RPG stream
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Is this... Daymare?
qwertiest_mint: Hey, just in, what have I missed? Hows the game? :D
IgnisDeus: Unique Chatter here
itira: an out couch
Arclight_Dynamo: Outside couch seems like a good idea until it rains.
Kairanie: unique!
Mister_Hush: Outside couch? Full'a bugs
kumatsu: BRB, making some fake twitch accounts to post new jokes and drive analytics
Seth_Erickson: wet and spoiled
RumbletumStudio: Good couch for smokin' a dart
wynternyghtynggale: looks like one of my animal crossing yards
NimrodXIV: it's a brave choice
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
Dergib: Out of context is very bad
Akaiatana: I've lived in places with outside couches
Makrosian_Tae: Outside couch!
magical_writer: That isn't an outside couch, that is just the green room.
Lord_ZYRK: Get Yunique Loud Twitchers
Neddy471: HA! I know a lot of College student houses with outside couches.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Meanwhile, in Silent Hill
Uzumaki15: Oh I doubt that's real leather
dappercuttlefish: mold couch
InkyGhoast: super van
Kramburger: Graham Yeets Little Tampon
Gildan_Bladeborn: No comment on the road... just people being missing?
Shirts_: guys you liking this?
kumatsu: you definitely get Outside Couches in SoCal
circusofkirkus: spider couch
InkyGhoast: all these cars are boats
FENIXA5HE5: “Goblin Your Level ... Two”
LithelyUnshod: When I was 25 we had a porch couch.
Arclight_Dynamo: Outside couch... or indoor BBQ? (Note, do not BBQ indoors)
themightybucch: Looks like they took the cable car to silent hill
Grevas13: fallout: gylt
AdzyW: an average tuesday in Fucktopolis
RockPusher: Go to a student town, the couch would be on fire
snowmonkey99: @Gildan_Bladeborn it's a small town, maybe the road is always like that
Nigouki: is this the small town that Superman smashed in Man of Steel?
mgknominator: Good youtubers love twitch
Manae: I'm from a bit of a hillbilly area. There were many outside couches. Sometimes just in fields
Snakebyte36: is it... a GHOST town
TheWriterAleph: Go Yeet a Lotta Treats
Arclight_Dynamo: Good game. Shame about the Stadia.
odocoelus: I'll echo the Silent Hill comparisons.
Pteraspidomorphi: Stadia exclusives are like that, no one knows they exist
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
Kramburger: Hmmm... these Hills are awfully Silent
ducking_mad: Looks like Little Hope
James_LRR: I mean, Stadia might not be very good, but it's still Google and they have CASH!
CleeKru: get Yargle looting Tolaria
BusTed: Is this a version of the town stuck in the past?
PipeSmokingOwl: Guess You Like This? .....
Lord_ZYRK: Manae sometimes you just find a couch in the woods
korvys: It's a kids game, so maybe a fine juice instead
spo_okymulder: hogzilla chill haha
CommanderPulsar: "My car can totally make it over that rubble" -- owner of car abandoned in rubble.
Raiger: Google has money!? SINCE WHEN!?
Mysticman89: could go back and play a flash horror game. exmoritsi or something like that was cool
755yoyo: Google plus
zeldakid1999: Touch it
Arclight_Dynamo: Lick it.
circusofkirkus: Google Reade....oh
EvilBadman: This game slaps on Google Glass
itira: thats dangerous... lets run towards it
BusTed: Haven't you learned anything from GI Joe?
MegaDosX: Kinda amazing to think that Google started as a search engine and became what they are now
IgnisDeus: Science
mgknominator: Guys, you love twitch
ducking_mad: you wont step in it
wynternyghtynggale: gross your licking things
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
Ignatiuspants: This place looks like a Grave Yard's Lost Town
NightValien28: they would
Seth_Erickson: How does google have any money google is a free website Kappa
Roger_Job329: get a tickle
druidofspores: Ah, looks like Silent Hills actually got released and we have it right here B)
forte_and_chai: inhaler...
Kramburger: Google doesn't have Money because Money is made up
mgknominator: Guys you love twitch
RockPusher: Name me one service that Google hasn't killed off! lrrBEEJ
Gildan_Bladeborn: They won't kill the child - they'll make YOU do that Ben. Kappa
Koshindan: Man, you're going need to use an inhaler to fix that electric shock.
Ivalenz_: They won't kill the child. Ben on the other hand...
biosomniac: Is this like Silent Hill for twelve year olds
magical_writer: I can't hear someone say "the Child" without thinking of the Mandalorian.
Gaytanic_Panic: oooooooooohhh Ominous children's choir
Juliamon: hogzilla_12 Can you take a break from posting that? Maybe try again later.
LithelyUnshod: I miss Google Reader :(
Laserbeaks_Fury: Welcome to Midwitch School
kumatsu: so it's looking like Silent Hill was the correct Called Shot
forte_and_chai: Finals?
ducking_mad: I thought spooky child singing voice was the free space
Mister_Hush: Cool birds!
MegaDosX: This kid failed a spot check when she went through the veil
hogzilla_12: Hey Ben I’m sorry I haven’t made the clay sculpture of you yet I don’t know how to dm you and I’m still working on it
Arclight_Dynamo: Lost child that everyone stops looking for, turns out she was in the Ghost Zone. Is this Stranger Things?
StreetCornerPoet: Is this like My First Silent Hill
Seth_Erickson: amirite BabyRage
Ferra0729: Free food and wifi?
odocoelus: Where's Turner and Overdrive?
mgknominator: You already said that hogzilla
druidofspores: I would rather shart myself than go in that creepy school
Kramburger: School? More like SKOOL
rick0chet008: STARS....
PMAvers: BANG BANG BANG BANG pull my devil trigger
Gildan_Bladeborn: Double-tapping all them ghosts.
Koshindan: That sounds awesome.
MegaDosX: That would be something of a left turn
BoblinTheGoblin69: that would be rad
Piperlyon: Bachman School? Now we're just missing Turner and we can get the overdrive
ducking_mad: Worst hedge maze ever
Darleysam: music starts up, announcer voice cuts in, COMBOOOOO
korvys: It's looking like Gylt is to Silent Hill as Bully is to GTA
BusTed: The music is pretty sweet from what I've heard.
Mister_Hush: Powerman 5000
Lord_ZYRK: Powerman 5000
NimrodXIV: Powerman 5000
RumbletumStudio: Powerman!
biosomniac: Powerman 5000?
korvys: Powerman 5000
IgorApp: You enter the school, sirens start blasting and its SILENT HILLS
Gizmoloid: Bachman school? Is it at the corner of King street and Lovecraft alley? :D
Mysticman89: who knows, but it was in tony hawk
hogzilla_12: Ok makes me feel better 🥰
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oh yeah. FFXIV knows how to music
James_LRR: that song is a banger and a half
BoblinTheGoblin69: as someone in school, online school is ass, and very draining
serramarkov: When you're pursued by bullies as hard as this girl, for trying to find your missing cousin, yeah, school sucks.
PipeSmokingOwl: this is fact..what its like
RockPusher: [Skateboarding Intensifies]
Koshindan: I'm glad the flashlight doesn't have batteries.
EvilBadman: rob zombie's brother
Esoterus: no, Powerman5000 was totally cool with it
druidofspores: that sounds like something they would do
Kramburger: Bob Zombie
Lord_ZYRK: What if Spider One just works for Squeenix now?
theinvisiblevoice: isn't spyder from pm5k rob zombie's cousin or something?
NimrodXIV: they released an album last year
dappercuttlefish: and the flyers... were of YOU
BoblinTheGoblin69: at least there are not as many bullies
Seth_Erickson: there are other people who can go missing Little Kid
itira: LOL
Makrosian_Tae: ADAM!
ducking_mad: Says the kid that was chased because her cousin was missing
MegaDosX: The only Powerman 5000 song I know is the Dudley Boyz theme they did
RockPusher: gabyLul
Seth_Erickson: Get him
Easilycrazyhat: dude...
BrindleBoar: LUL
frozenphoenix7: Ben's face
druidofspores: his brother
NightValien28: it really was
EvilBadman: At your discord, coward
Juliamon: !clip
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ducking_mad: Adam those are fighting words
fastlane250: yous better be kidding
MegaDosX: Also holy shit that got a reaction
Roger_Job329: hot takes here
Makrosian_Tae: GET HIM
ATrophonian: THAT LOOK
Lord_ZYRK: theinvisiblevoice his brother iirc
itira: Ben lolol
IgnisDeus: I believe you just blew Ben's mind
Gaytanic_Panic: justam1Shh justam1Shh justam1Shh justam1Shh justam1Shh justam1Shh justam1Shh
odocoelus: Huh. Tal Bachman lives in Victoria, BC.
BusTed: Adam's too old for Recess.
Tartarga: I'm sorry Adam, we can't be friends.
until_may: wow
wynternyghtynggale: can we bann hammer adam?
Gaytanic_Panic: OK BOOMER
empyreon: Top 10 Bentrayals
Arclight_Dynamo: Adam "Randall" Savidan
itira: DansGame
RockPusher: I just saw Adam murder a man!
RumbletumStudio: Grab an inhaler, Ben
Koshindan: Recess still holds up today.
BusTed: He can't have a valid opinion of it.
qwertiest_mint: tangom3NotLikeThis tangom3NotLikeThis tangom3NotLikeThis tangom3NotLikeThis
AdzyW: *furious typing stops*
MegaDosX: Adam you can't just drop bombs like that
bv310: Man, Adam declaring war on Twitch Chat with that one
Gildan_Bladeborn: I've never even heard of the show you're talking about.
StreetCornerPoet: Its like Silent Hill and Little Nightmares got mashed into one game.
Raiger: Old Man Adam Yells at Clouds
Gaytanic_Panic: Ding Dong your opinion is wrong
ducking_mad: Adam was told old when he was a kid
Robot_Bones: I mean its no Caillou
Kramburger: Recess wan't good enough to be exported to Aus
Darleysam: *several people are typing*
drawnbinary: Recess School's Out absolutely slaps
Koshindan: Pile on stream or pylon stream?
forte_and_chai: It's the janitor
druidofspores: this Ben-trayal will not stand
BrindleBoar: fishman
Seth_Erickson: Upside down face PogChamp
Arclight_Dynamo: Shoggoth?
Mister_Hush: why is it wet
ducking_mad: First key this truly a horror game now
itira: yucko
Piperlyon: oh hey, a friend!
BusTed: Ol' Upsidedowny Face
snowmonkey99: It's head is upside down
BusTed: 🙃
Lord_ZYRK: It me seabatTROG
MegaDosX: It's like a mutant kuo-toa
bv310: This rules
AdzyW: Baby's first Demogorgon
jessieimproved: topsy turny fishman
dappercuttlefish: mmm don't like this dude
call_me_Aras: 500 bits it's her sister
Mister_Hush: @Lord_ZYRK why are you wet
Koshindan: It's a trog! seabatTROG
Mr_Dirty: go debate children's cartoons with it
Gaytanic_Panic: Who's that kid from Family Guy?
LithelyUnshod: The PC's design is very Laika.
Raiger: Oh nice, convenient child escape hole
JakeKamas: It's like if Boogy Woogy had flesh and went on a diet
enki1256: Its got like, an oogie boogie head, upside down of course.
755yoyo: dark souls
mgknominator: Imagine something funny in this message
forte_and_chai: Old man Slithers
Uzumaki15: Man, School Mascots took a turn
Lord_ZYRK: Mister_Hush why would I not be lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's a rad design. It's cutsey but still frightening
Ignatiuspants: It's a Ghost Youngster Looking for Trouble!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well it's a creature with exposed muscles and a single prominent eye Ben. What does it look like?
Kramburger: SEKIRO
druidofspores: she's an imposter!
kumatsu: I missed the monster reveal cuz I was clipping that Recess moment
Mister_Hush: It's all the boring parts of a Splinter Cell game!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Hurray - everyone's favorite mechanic!
TheWriterAleph: Silent Hill is Strange?
themightybucch: Snake, this is a sneaking mission
ducking_mad: I wasnt expecting this to turn into Metal Gear
AdzyW: Toe to tip that's a Demogorgon
call_me_Aras: Is this a horror game made for young kids?
IgorApp: Go for the stealth kill
forte_and_chai: So glad they have convenient hedge mazes in front of the school
Makrosian_Tae: I adore stealth games
themightybucch: Metal Ghost
Raketon: I like that they leave sparkle trails so you know where they went if you just missed em
ducking_mad: Metal Gylt
Raiger: Obviously you have NOT played any recent Assassin's Creed games...
Arclight_Dynamo: The AssCreed stealth missions always honk.
druidofspores: My pizza is here <3
Piperlyon: people still play Assassin's Creed?
M0N0P0LE: you know what? I have this game on stadia and never bothered to try it and now I'm super intrigued...
BusTed: The other half is flippy shit and killing people through history.
bv310: People play Assassin's Creed because they
kumatsu: stabs them with the key
SmithKurosaki: Miss old school AC
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 32:28.
Kramburger: I literally played AC for the Stealth Assassinations :'( I miss those days
Ignatiuspants: You can't really flip in Ass Creed ... just jump off of things mostly
MegaDosX: I'm waiting for the kid to find a lightsaber and start going HAM on the monsters
Gildan_Bladeborn: Answer me this Adam: If gamers DIDN'T love mandatory stealth gameplay... why would developers keep making them do it, over and over and over again? Kappa
PMAvers: "Get the GYLT pre-order DLC for Emily's iconic hat!"
Gaytanic_Panic: Just moonsault into assassination
Raiger: @Piperlyon I just played the most recent one, it was pretty fun...granted, I also got it for free
druidofspores: hell yeah
onethousandneedles: adam is right. i've abandoned stealth in AC since like... 2. flips all day
wynternyghtynggale: she uses the key to stab it
SmithKurosaki: Im not a fan of Assassins Souls as much
Tartarga: Assassin's Creed is a great jumping into bales of hay simulator.
forte_and_chai: StadiAccomplishments
AdzyW: Serious question, do American schools actually look like this?
Kramburger: You've got Cheevo dust all over your game now
qwertiest_mint: Stadia? :O
ducking_mad: 12 is a little high
Mister_Hush: @AdzyW No.
snowmonkey99: Audrey II
BrindleBoar: neat eyeplant
Mister_Hush: Not in my experience, anyway
TheWriterAleph: "Seyyymourrr"
Uzumaki15: 12? That's generous XD
Lord_ZYRK: 👁️
Ignatiuspants: You've got to Get Your Leet Trophies!
Esoterus: giant eyeball monster, a true classic
Seth_Erickson: she still hasn't figured out she's in the Phantom Zone
druidofspores: nononononono
MegaDosX: It's Emily's book!
M0N0P0LE: @qwertiest_mint yeah this game is a Stadia exclusive
Arclight_Dynamo: @AdzyW No. This is the idealized version of what an American school looked like in the "Good Old Days."
Gaytanic_Panic: Ooohhh noooooo
Kramburger: Is this our Diary or the cousin's?
Seth_Erickson: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ducking_mad: Oh god I need to work now so I have to join back with those youtubers
qwertiest_mint: @M0N0P0LE Thank you! No idea what stadia is but cheers :D
spethycakes: Wow getting us with the fear AND the sadness, all at once
Makrosian_Tae: I'm getting anxiety
Gaytanic_Panic: Yeah, let's just go right towards it.
DoctorAddams: Ah, it's Alan Wake's Stranger Things
MegaDosX: @Kramburger I suspect it's the cousin's, since if it was this kid she'd recognise her own diary
Kramburger: Adam you bully us all the time
magical_writer: You adam, minutes ago saying recess was a bad show.
Shirts_: if there is one thing I know about humans its their never mean
itira: punch it
AdzyW: for those who need cards
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Larkonus: The real fear here is the terror of childhood.
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forte_and_chai: Just your casual Elementary school eye stalks
mgknominator: Children, mean? Never.
druidofspores: this might actually spook me *crams pizza into mouth for comfort*
Lord_ZYRK: Let me pet the eye, you cowards! SwiftRage
Arclight_Dynamo: Just bongo that eyeball!
Shirts_: I may be an alien
Snakebyte36: MY BONES
TheWriterAleph: you need to find the rocket launcher to get in
edgeyberzerker: YESSS
Tartarga: Shoot them in the eye like in Breath of the Wild.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we keep throwing our back out
bv310: She really does Luger-sell everything
Gaytanic_Panic: "My bones are so brittle. But I drink plenty of...malk?"
BrindleBoar: why is there a light in the vent?
Piperlyon: "Does not open from this side" Is this... Dark Souls?
Koshindan: What school has ground level vents for kids to hope into?
Shirts_: Game you looking terrific!
I_Am_Clockwork: I saw red vent
I_Am_Clockwork: very sus
Manae: Why does a school have child-sized vents?
wynternyghtynggale: this game is eVentfull
itira: someone elses inhaler PERFECT
theanthonydee: Sir! They've gone up the ventilation shaft!
Mister_Hush: Your HP is literally albuterol, I love it
MegaDosX: Ominous.
Seth_Erickson: kid finds a used inhaler on the ground, "SWEET!"
BrindleBoar: the ORB
M0N0P0LE: @qwertiest_mint it's Google's cloud gaming system, basically allows you to play games that are streamed from their servers, if you have a decent connection it works pretty well, I've used it to play stuff that won't run on my PC.
BusTed: @Gaytanic_Panic Now with Vitamin R.
Mister_Hush: finally, asthmatic representation in video games
korvys: 20
txzen_: Badam!!!
korvys: D20
AdzyW: Oh sweet! My exact prescription sure glad this won't kill me
Gildan_Bladeborn: Perhaps... the prominent eye-stalks are what sees you.
Mysticman89: when you said eye hommies, I thought you were talking about apple users. IHommies
PMAvers: Or a flamethrower.
NightWingMistHawk: Oh I can tell where this game wants to go thematically and I'm not sure I like it
CompletelyUnsure: Eyes in front of office and teacher's desk. Places of adults/authority?
txzen_: The graphics are pretty cool
Grevas13: clearly you shoot the eye with your bow. i've played video games before
itira: ah!
Uzumaki15: We just not going to talk about the eyes staring at us? Ok
BrindleBoar: so much water on the floor
Manae: Call Gwyneth Paltrow
txzen_: Throat chop!
Arclight_Dynamo: Getting some strong Link vibes, here.
SmithKurosaki: @NightWingMistHawk Evil Within time
quillilian: Manae, for the same reason adult-sized buildings have adult-sized vents Kappa
druidofspores: I amend my previous statement, I would rather shart myself than than have any contact with those eye monsters
txzen_: This is like cell shaded but not?
Gildan_Bladeborn: One of the Splinter Cell games did something like that, I want to say.
druidofspores: aw I said than twice
AdzyW: Shitter's damp
BusTed: Always check for poopers.
TheWriterAleph: somebody sprung a leak
Raiger: Poopers my scoopers
Ignatiuspants: Oops, my internet connection Got Yeeted, Losing Twitch for a minute there
itira: everything is so wet
M0N0P0LE: @txzen_ reminds me of Pixar a little
SmithKurosaki: @txzen_ I'd say claymation style is more accurate
druidofspores: dumpers my rumpers
BrindleBoar: PooChamp
Seth_Erickson: I do
Larkonus: [New York accent] I'm poopin' 'ere!
circusofkirkus: Can I see your hall pass, miss?
Mistborn83: actively dumping
Electrodyne: Hi internet friends!
Mister_Hush: Bait them C we'll push A
ATrophonian: Dumping in the Damp Room?
TheWriterAleph: Goofy Yoyos Love Torches
itira: doodoo head
Lemontartz: haha poop head
Mistborn83: @Electrodyne hi
Front_Ranger: Baitn'
forte_and_chai: Nice poop hat
Gildan_Bladeborn: The smell lines are on point.
Mysticman89: who would stay still long enough for an entire coil to form?
Arclight_Dynamo: Kay chat, tag yoself.
Lord_ZYRK: The fools! To gave such a tool to a master baiter such as Ben
MegaDosX: Uh oh, stinky!
BusTed: Aw, you got the stink lines and everything.
txzen_: picture has dark hair... James has dark hair
AdzyW: "Ya got the stink lines and everything?" Moe
CompletelyUnsure: Game about bullying. Bullies James.
druidofspores: there's a sign in a field near my house that says "No Dumping" and it makes me laugh soooo hard
NightWingMistHawk: I thought we weren't making self-deprecating jokes :p
Mistborn83: are you saying James is a poo poo head
EdoardoZone: is this baby's first horror game
Gaytanic_Panic: Pipe used SCALD
Koshindan: They're sending a message. "Stay away from Steam. Use Stadia!"
Kipstar: Stadia game saying Steam is bad - controversial
Seth_Erickson: can't wait till we punch out one of these ghosts
matthaus_c: what was that? Steam is bad, Stadia rules? Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: We're not *saying* taht; we're *showing* that!
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's a Stadia Game for you: "Steam is Bad"
BusTed: How dare you. Edward James Olmos is a treasure.
Shirts_: Steam is bad. we stadia now!
txzen_: Just when you draw him.... with love, and poo
GhostValv: James Edward Olmos is a goddamned saint
Mistborn83: my mistake
MegaDosX: His name is also Edward James Olmos
GhostValv: D:
BrindleBoar: :O
txzen_: Eddie Jimmy
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txzen_: my man eddie jimmy
Kramburger: he's had it too good for too long
Piperlyon: huh, this is giving me some Metroidvania vibes
druidofspores: James: Patron Saint of Dumping
LithelyUnshod: You will not badmouth Admiral Adama!
Arclight_Dynamo: Go into left vent?
Front_Ranger: go over to vent
Gildan_Bladeborn: Maybe... take the ladder to the vent?
GhostValv: Big Battlestar
AdzyW: Suckling on the teat of Big Twitch
ButterBall000: Edward James Almost
korvys: You got it Edward James Almost right
itira: find a way toi assume you need to turn off the steam
Front_Ranger: hurm...
Ignatiuspants: Can't climb into the litter boxes?
ShortRound2099: aww is that an inhaler icon for your health
Mistborn83: this games visuals are great
CompletelyUnsure: Turn off steam by following pipe?
magical_writer: what about that white window on the vent to the right ?
Seth_Erickson: can we follow the pipes to turn of the steam?
M0N0P0LE: @shortround2099 yep!
Makrosian_Tae: Physically enter the vent
Laserbeaks_Fury: When I was a kid, you couldn't keep me *off* the shelves
AdzyW: Apt that in a Stadia exclusive your worst enemy would be Steam
ShortRound2099: thats neat
Front_Ranger: yeah, trace the steam pipes
txzen_: twist the business
itira: aha!
tehfewl: No good, its full of steam
circusofkirkus: actively gaming
Lord_ZYRK: seabatBRAIN
Lemontartz: we're gaming now
Front_Ranger: progamer
druidofspores: @adzyw :D totally
wynternyghtynggale: now we are on valve
kumatsu: bad news, everyone. Rotface is ead
PMAvers: Steam is bad, says the Stadia man.
kumatsu: dead*
itira: oomph
Ignatiuspants: Take that, Valve!
TheWriterAleph: Steam is dead! lrrHORN
Gaytanic_Panic: That vent's still gonna be hot AF
Front_Ranger: gamerlogic
snowmonkey99: To keep it out of reach of 8 year olds?
Lord_ZYRK: "Quick, we can escape through that steam pipe. . . No good! It's full of steam!"
Seth_Erickson: It's the Phantom Zone Ben what did you expect
BrindleBoar: countdown to fuse hunting
Mistborn83: @Gaytanic_Panic it sure would
Laserbeaks_Fury: Steam heating?
IgorApp: "No more STEAM" Noooo my game collection
DrWreckage: It's the terror dimension it's a metaphor
dappercuttlefish: it's Ghost School it's fine
I_Am_Clockwork: there are upsidedown fishmen, and the VALVE is what you question?
Koshindan: The school has a small budget, okay? They needed a boiler replacement, but no funding to expand.
ButterBall000: No more Steam was what Stadia was trying for
forte_and_chai: Emily makes monsters
itira: ahg
Makrosian_Tae: Oh shit
Ignatiuspants: Is that because Batman did it?
Front_Ranger: stinky boi
BrindleBoar: moldm'n
circusofkirkus: boss fight!
TheWriterAleph: Do Not Startle the Witch
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah. The human foreskin.
druidofspores: no
mechasully: lick it
fastlane250: @Lord_ZYRK that's one of my favorite lines in the whole show and i have no idea why
Seth_Erickson: Nice
dappercuttlefish: Yikes
NightWingMistHawk: The hell is that
Gildan_Bladeborn: You should go be its friend, Ben.
Mistborn83: now that is poo poo head
Electrodyne: he stink
MegaDosX: The steam could have been a reference to Steam, and if so, then so was the Valve reference
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah, Rock.
itira: ew
Lord_ZYRK: fastlane250 it's a very good line
Seagulyus: a veru sad golem, it looks like
druidofspores: nej
Koshindan: "Prescription drug abuse. Nice!"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Clayface
themightybucch: It's Dwayne Johnson!
BrindleBoar: an ORB!
BusTed: Korg?
MegaDosX: Korg
Makrosian_Tae: Taika Waititi
Koshindan: How would she know?
MegaDosX: Also wait what?
BusTed: rip
circusofkirkus: we killed a man
Mistborn83: doug
mechasully: you killed that guy
themightybucch: Bye Dwayne
adamjford: Pjorg
snowmonkey99: You broke the golem
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Fungidoctor: 22 and time for Spoops!
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Manae: Murderer!
Electrodyne: It's the dude from Rocky 3
Seth_Erickson: she saw it on the ground and just picked it up
Koshindan: Ew ew ew don't breath the guy ashes in.
TheWriterAleph: byebye friend
Mister_Hush: Okay sure, video game!
AdzyW: OK. I am a rational human from the real world. But if I was in a hecked up version of my town and I saw MONSTERS I would twig pretty quick that I wasn't in Kansas any more.
dappercuttlefish: if I had an orb, i would just hold it at things
Lord_ZYRK: How would you NOT know to do that
NightWingMistHawk: "The natural curiosity of a child, Benjamin" Kappa
Seth_Erickson: The Rock's only weakness another smaller redder rock
Ignatiuspants: Seems reasonable
Mister_Hush: What edgelord in chat wrote this
Makrosian_Tae: @AdzyW Agreed. I always hate it when a writer doesn't take their audience seriously. Write your characters as real as you want them to be seen!
Ignatiuspants: Huh... this IS like Assassin's Creed
Seth_Erickson: Is this Assassination Classroom?
cnutter23_: lrrHAM
BusTed: ur angle and ur debil
Mistborn83: lul
cnutter23_: Do you agree
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ElFuzzy: 85 months! The one life! wait-
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Electrodyne: You are the lychee man.... and I am the devil
jessieimproved: this is getting heavy man
Makrosian_Tae: War...has changed
TheDailyMapleSyrup: if adams the devil then ben's the devils advocate
AdzyW: The author of this note is either 12 or poorly written. Perhaps both.
Laserbeaks_Fury: War...War never changes
SmithKurosaki: War. War never changes
Robot_Bones: ok slow down Kratos
Kramburger: It's the Devil Trigger Voice
dappercuttlefish: I see what the game is trying to do, but it's really Not doing tha
Lord_ZYRK: Dear Dr. Ben, when are you and Adam releasing your cover album?
MegaDosX: Is the kid going to find one of this guy's guns?
mgknominator: 4 months bet
infinity_225: I thought this was about bullying, but I guess they had to fit ptsd in there somewhere
Kramburger: This game is literally Coraline x Silent Hill
Makrosian_Tae: Ok, seriously, a grade school kid would look at this and think A) this is too long I'm not reading it, or B) what is this dude even TALKING about??
Mistborn83: He is not giving away his shot
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AdzyW: $20 says this guy is just a JROTC dropout
TheWriterAleph: the guy that wrote that probly has guns. let's go find him
Ignatiuspants: I mean, bullying *causes* PTSD ... at least when they do it like the kids at my school did
Gildan_Bladeborn: Maybe you'll find TWO guns, and then wield them simultaneously whilst jumping sideways through the air Ben. Kappa
forte_and_chai: Is this a Hospice School?
Avizonarix: Hiya Ben
Lord_ZYRK: 😬
eric_christian_berg: I've always liked the word diarist.
druidofspores: yo, that pizza was fire 🦄🤩
Roger_Job329: Ben resolutions
Mister_Hush: I love the juice box and the drawing in the vent
AdzyW: I was a diary keeper until my cousin found it and threw everything in it all over school.
Makrosian_Tae: Narrator: he was not tripped up
Seth_Erickson: the new teabag PogChamp
druidofspores: I write in a journal every day. Helps with my anxiety
AdzyW: not that I still suffer from that or anythung
Larkonus: Making the vents kid-sized is just asking for the children to go into them.
txzen_: how will you know the power is on with some sparks
BusTed: mmhm
forte_and_chai: What's that leather Outside couch doing in here?
fastlane250: that looked just like my living room TV
AdzyW: Ol buzzy
bv310: Really, every vent is children-sized if you ahve a committed enough kid
Lord_ZYRK: Smash Community's banging on the gates
Mysticman89: those computers look llike they're from the 80s
gibbousm: YEET
Seagulyus: Larkonus you joke but that is a legit problem they have to consider....
jessieimproved: that teacher lounge is as big all all the teacher lounges i've ever seen put together
Seth_Erickson: she's got quite the arm
bv310: Also, *cries in high school teacher*
RockPusher: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerT
themightybucch: Any of these computers have Oregon Trail?
PMAvers: So the monsters are the melee players coming for the CRT?
gibbousm: Yeet for distance, Kobe for accuracy
FormOfSquirrel: As a teacher, I beg to differ. :P
BrindleBoar: fill this kid with pop
Ignatiuspants: Gotta Yeet Lemonade Tins!
eric_christian_berg: I still have a huge CRT because it is too heavy to get rid of.
Seth_Erickson: Key number 2 PogChamp
NewMetaNerd: So this IS basically the last of us
gibbousm: gdqHeart
HundreydAundre: Where's the baby.....?
Larkonus: @Seagulyus I'm not joking at all, the children would find a way.
HundreydAundre: THERE IT IS!
Seagulyus: Larkonus oh indeed
Makrosian_Tae: Love the music. This is spooky AF from an audio standpoint
AdzyW: bean them with it coward
gibbousm: I think it was too far away
BrindleBoar: make it rain soda
Mysticman89: can you just bop him with a can?
HundreydAundre: Where's Duh Baby....?
dappercuttlefish: bonk him with it
TheWriterAleph: monster just thirsty
OnyxOblivion: this is reminds me of the Natalia DLC from Revelations 2
BrindleBoar: stealf
OnyxOblivion: a lot
gibbousm: those monsters don't look too scary relatively speaking anyways
Seth_Erickson: what happens if we hit the monster with the can?
themightybucch: It's not very interested. Must be a La Croix
bv310: *SEKIRO*
Lord_ZYRK: Larkonus then they just send Willie in to get the kids
Seagulyus: I love how the monster sees this can fly out from behind the desk and just goes to the can. I've never understood that behavior in games...
RockPusher: 'Monster' just wants people to stop wasting soda
dappercuttlefish: Bean Him
AdzyW: Their jaunty little walk is pretty great
TheMerricat: Chad I'm trying to remember a game that I think was played on let's nope, it had a woman and a little girl. you had to protect the girl and in a lot of scenarios, you'd send her into rooms you couldn't enter to push buttons and whatnot. anyone remember what I'm talking about?
TheMerricat: chat even
DarknessKingCoH: Metal Gear sneaking music starts
Makrosian_Tae: I actually think stealth games have some of the best opportunity for horror, given that you need to worry less about the problem of a player dying a bunch of times and having to experience the jump-scare again
Mister_Hush: Wow it's almost like this game wasn't designed in the PS2 era
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Kaaosa: borp
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HundreydAundre: Lucky. That or you've set it to easy....
TheWriterAleph: [Yell Dead Cell . mp3]
HundreydAundre: Which be practically normal. (maybe....)
Lord_ZYRK: So that Emily can hear her, duh
itira: pathetic!
snowmonkey99: Bullies everywhere
BrindleBoar: mannequin bullying
mechasully: @TheMerricat Plague Tale?
tehfewl: no bully
korvys: METAPHOR
dappercuttlefish: why are the mannequins so Lanks
BusTed: Dropped their butts.
HundreydAundre: No I'm not!
dappercuttlefish: Lanky
Gaytanic_Panic: S Y M B O L I S M
TheWriterAleph: poor Buckethead
Mysticman89: Can't do squats when you've got back pain
druidofspores: I love her backpack
Gildan_Bladeborn: How badly would it upset you Ben if those mannequins suddenly turned to stare at you?
eric_christian_berg: We fear them for they stole our buttocks.
TheMerricat: @mechasully similar but this was a modern setting, almost scifi
BusTed: They're all munged up.
txzen_: are the eye balls friends?
Arclight_Dynamo: "But maybe I *want* to repeat history, teacher!" Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: "We're gonna kick your ass!" "At least I have one!"
Gaytanic_Panic: The symbol is your crouching too much. Your 12-year-old spine needs a break.
ShortRound2099: need that for breathing
AdzyW: Ah, the eyeball closet
NightWingMistHawk: Ok chat, question: how metaphorical do you want your games getting? Subtle, explicit, all throughout?
Kaaosa: you don't understand the inhaler
Kaaosa: that's what adam means
Kramburger: I'm guessing that you'll get a slingshot to shoot the eyes eventually
Koshindan: Do the mirrors work?
snowmonkey99: metaphor?
RumbletumStudio: He gettin swirlied
korvys: The bullying is a metaphor for bullying
thraximore: subtle
Ignatiuspants: Why are those maquettes bullying each other?
TheWriterAleph: seems a little more overt than a metaphor
druidofspores: is this art?
forte_and_chai: They're just holding their hair
Mysticman89: ah yes, swirly time
Larkonus: Woah, wait, kids bully each other?
snowmonkey99: it's an outright depiction of bullying
Kaaosa: is it a metaphor if it's just the thing happening?
until_may: hardly really a metaphor
eric_christian_berg: Shit, my contact!
magical_writer: It is holding its hair back while it throws up.
txzen_: let me hold your hair while you get a drink
Gaytanic_Panic: Has anyone in chat been swirlied before? I haven't.
ZeroskieS: are we sure this is a metaphor and not a baseball bat over the head? Kappa
Seth_Erickson: these mannequins all look the same what's their to bully eachother about?
BlackIsis: "I know authors that use subtext, adn they're all cowards."
DrWreckage: This game is showcasing bullying from the 90s. Like, is this going to land with modern young people at all?
Gildan_Bladeborn: I want the mannequins to hold up a prominent sign that says "this is a metaphor for bullying". Obviously.
dappercuttlefish: i'm fine with on-the-nose metaphor but there needs to be subtlety with it
korvys: Well you see, the bullying is a metaphor for bullying
Seagulyus: magical_writer I think the one is giving the other a swirley
x0den: what was the quote? subtly is for cowards
HundreydAundre: Is it that NPC that moves when you're not looking?
Kaaosa: I can't tell what the game's stance on bullying yet
Mysticman89: at my school the bad boys just wrote on the walls with feces. the VP *really* got upset over the loudspeaker for that.
HundreydAundre: The Mannies?
Kaaosa: is yet*
Seth_Erickson: Ben can we hit the monster with a can?
M0N0P0LE: @themerricat Was it Amy?
korvys: !findquote bully
LRRbot: Quote #7445: "I'm lost and I'm being bullied by pigs." —Serge [2021-01-12]
HundreydAundre: Free!?
Kramburger: 'twas Merely a Cunning Ruse
Ignatiuspants: Do kids not physically harass each other like this these days?
HundreydAundre: That school is a lie!
DarknessKingCoH: Finds out its just carbonated water
Gaytanic_Panic: Remember when Recess treated a swirly like a death sentence?
Makrosian_Tae: Cool class
Seth_Erickson: this seems like a hazard
TheWriterAleph: this school does not seem safe
Mysticman89: my school years had a deeply unfortunate thing known as "bag tag"
Lord_ZYRK: Uhhh shit's on fire, yo
korvys: These fires just... like... chilling there.
NotCainNorAbel: Yep, that's the science room
druidofspores: gotta water my plants, brb
Pteraspidomorphi: School casually on fire
dappercuttlefish: well this seems cool and fine
amuseoffirebane: not the best place for a fire
thraximore: I find most bullying to be more akin to psychological warfare
Larkonus: Woah, LRRbot just parsed a different tense of a word? Impressive.
Xan_The_Quiet: fire is definitely what I want in chemistry classrooms
adamjford: Pog
txzen_: in the future there will mannequins positioned at phones shit posting each other
Roger_Job329: Just leaving this fire right over here
Koshindan: This school doesn't have much time left.
LemonOnRye: Well, at least the fires are socially distant Kappa
HundreydAundre: The sodas must be made of Mannies and Horrors and Nightmare Fuels.
TheMerricat: @m0n0p0le that was it! thanks!
Kramburger: Trippy Didgy?
korvys: It's where they store the fire
snowmonkey99: I wanna see Cam's reaction to this lab
kumatsu: gonna hit a point where viewers are younger than watch streaks
Raiger: I got to help PREP labs back in my high school
Manae: Massive pipe for a school lab
Koshindan: I had to dissect a cat for anatomy.
until_may: Ben actually just looked at ants in the sane at school
Robot_Bones: ben you went to Art School
Front_Ranger: magic valve is magical
LithelyUnshod: We dissected a fetal pig in Grade 11
BrindleBoar: frog dissection honks. Formaldehyde smell for days.
Kaaosa: you scumbag
NotCainNorAbel: seabatBRAIN water
Lord_ZYRK: We dissected fetal pigs
Kaaosa: this is violence
itira: i had to disect an eyeball.... it was horrifying
spethycakes: good thing it wasn't an electrical fire
TheWriterAleph: "Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to inform you of a fire..."
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh man, I remember those sinks
petey_vonwho: you should check out that blue sparkly water in the corner
Gildan_Bladeborn: I dissected a shark. Way more interesting than a frog.
Raiger: Even once made a carcinogenic compound because they failed to tell me NOT to prep one of the solutions...
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
TheWriterAleph: KOBE
Koshindan: Yeet!
txzen_: YEEET!
Pteraspidomorphi: Physics!
Seth_Erickson: Gamer!
Front_Ranger: baller!
BusTed: yeet
BrindleBoar: lrrHORN
Mister_Hush: YO
LemonOnRye: PogChamp
Makrosian_Tae: GOT IT IN ONE
zeldakid1999: Clap
forte_and_chai: Beautiful shot
NotCainNorAbel: yeet!
HundreydAundre: And anyone who'd be drinking them would have mutated into a Mannie, Horror or Nightmare without paying their mana costs...
txzen_: ;)
korvys: \o/
thraximore: GAMING
Thequickgreyfox: Nice!
fastlane250: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Manae: GAMIN'
Seagulyus: damn good throw
Gaytanic_Panic: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
Ignatiuspants: Aw yeah!
circusofkirkus: that's a kobe
bv310: KOBE
Makrosian_Tae: PogChamp
LemonOnRye: HE'S A GAMER
Nigouki: 11/10 GOTY
HundreydAundre: What?
Makrosian_Tae: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
themightybucch: And now it's Madden
druidofspores: Adam it's pronounced Kos, or some say Kosm
Gildan_Bladeborn: Whatever you do, don't push the button again.
MegaDosX: Wait I was alt tabbed, what happened?
thraximore: first try, BABY
AdzyW: lrrDOTS lrrBEN lrrARROW
Gaytanic_Panic: Mamba mentailty right there.
NightWingMistHawk: Game has instantly gone up in my opinion due to actually allowing you to solve problems in ways that make sense
Seth_Erickson: The Recruiters saw it and they're coming by to talk to you later
Seagulyus: oh man I wonder if you can lure the monsters in now and turn on the electricity
dappercuttlefish: now I REALLY want you to bean the monster
Pteraspidomorphi: MegaDosX: Ben pushed a button from far away by tossing a can at it
Kipstar: "that's the best thing you'll ever do and no-one was around to see it"
Larkonus: @MegaDosX Ben hit a button by throwing a soda can at it.
druidofspores: thanks Adam :D
MegaDosX: Wow, what a gamer
itira: haha i get that joke :P
forte_and_chai: Christmas class
Seth_Erickson: this some sweet digs in here
NotCainNorAbel: teacher's lounge
TheWriterAleph: tastes like Stranger Things in here
BusTed: This is where Newt lives.
Boon_33: lrrHERE
Mysticman89: how to christmas
Juliamon: Uh-oh, we Stranger Things now
BusTed: They mostly come out at night
Lord_ZYRK: Is this HahaShrugLeft seabatApp the room of requirement?
Nigouki: emily's room?
Front_Ranger: megalight!
circusofkirkus: dual wielding flashlight
IgorApp: Stranger Things 101
dappercuttlefish: it's for blinding people
snowmonkey99: They are cousins
Ferra0729: Ummm... The wall says it sees you
Front_Ranger: gamer!
dappercuttlefish: SICK
druidofspores: @lord_zyrk that emote 🤣
thraximore: alan wake after all
Koshindan: Ew.
Seth_Erickson: Get Lasered
tarpanherder: What a birthday present
Makrosian_Tae: YTou fucking KILLED him!
fastlane250: zoop them eyes
brainbosh: ALAN!
Mister_Hush: It's the flashlight from Alan Wake!
snowmonkey99: now you need more batteries
Koshindan: Now you have lasers.
BusTed: Wow, that eye stalk wasn't doing anything to you.
Roger_Job329: get toasted
HundreydAundre: dun dun dun dun..!!!
DarknessKingCoH: r/popping!
Gildan_Bladeborn: We needed the super flashlight, all along. Of course!
Front_Ranger: LOLOL! Halo
Koshindan: What if Emily was using that to survive?
AdzyW: Where we're going we won't need eyes to see.
Gaytanic_Panic: You were the bully all along!
HundreydAundre: Dun dun duN DUNK!!!
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, using Alan Wake logic
MegaDosX: Was it looking at you funny like Australia were in your Civ stream this morning? :p
itomeshi: Serpentine! Serpentine!
gibbousm: oh its like Alan Wake
Roger_Job329: Fight the power
Lord_ZYRK: boopin the boopities
TheWriterAleph: holy shit it's Alan Wake
KeytarCat: Oh, it's dbd
HundreydAundre: Boooo
Makrosian_Tae: I get the Alan Wake reference. Definitely
DeM0nFiRe: Yeah but the weapon is a flashlight that requires batteries, so it's still a horror game lol
Seth_Erickson: We have our gun 👀
Front_Ranger: now we're in DOOM Plasma Gun mode!
BoblinTheGoblin69: its now a 3rd person shooter
Koshindan: It's basically Doom 3.
serramarkov: Now we're killing the bullies!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also, just want to put this out there - you now have (technically) TWO flashlights. That are guns.
druidofspores: Yo, this is some Lovecraft nonsense goin down
FlamesInTheSnow: e1m1 time?
7gorobei: baby's first monster diehard
Kramburger: A game about bullying with a flashlight to kill monsters? We're Allen Woke now!
PMAvers: Ben finds Emily and puts her on a hook.
HundreydAundre: Change it back to Amn-knees, game!
KeytarCat: I watch a flashlight main :P
txzen_: that was a weird lock on that door
Seth_Erickson: Killers my jam
circusofkirkus: eww friends
MegaDosX: What a shock.
Gildan_Bladeborn: If they let you jump sideways through the air while shining them, then all my wild predictions came true!
HundreydAundre: IT looks fine, dough....
itomeshi: This game is weirdly cute.
AdzyW: Who's your main in DbD Ben?
txzen_: what the heck was that
BrindleBoar: RIP fishguy
Dumori: Super Cute Alan Wake?
HundreydAundre: Ow, lol. the it just slipped
Makrosian_Tae: They should've just had it for puzzles
NightWingMistHawk: Flashlight battery is at 75% FYI
Seth_Erickson: well the flashlight beam uses batteries
spethycakes: Will the flashlight battery burn out?
zeldakid1999: You wanted a gun
bv310: Oh cool, it has the battery gauge on the side of the flashlight
MegaDosX: @AdzyW From his prior DBD streams, Pyramid Head
Kramburger: Cue the monsters that are immune to light
Seth_Erickson: I think that's the other shoe
NUTSOFODEN: just wait till the demons with sunglasses show us
druidofspores: It's official, this kid is not a freeloader, she's putting in that hard work
brainbosh: I mean, it does take battery to shoot them
circusofkirkus: sigma phi pi?
circusofkirkus: wat
MegaDosX: Oh god, mood.
Randoplh: Bohemina rhapsody!
Arclight_Dynamo: YIKES mom.
itomeshi: :(
BusTed: 😬
Juliamon: Suuuure isn't
druidofspores: Ah, you found my journal
Makrosian_Tae: I appreciate that they aren't going with the *actual* lingo that kids her age are acquainted with. It's mild censorship, but I get it
YawnLance: Well this is too real :)
forte_and_chai: All those times those bullies just left when I smiled at them.
BusTed: :(
HundreydAundre: wtf?
soupgiraffe: :C
AdzyW: OUCH that hurt
MegaDosX: Man I just want to give this kid a hug
BoblinTheGoblin69: benginCry
circusofkirkus: no one told me this was a sad game
Kaaosa: okay but to be fair maybe the kid deserves it?
Gildan_Bladeborn: If you smile isn't working, you clearly don't have large enough teeth.
Gizmoloid: uh, whoever mentioned a game with a woman escorting a kid earlier, were you looking for Amy?
itomeshi: Seriously. This is a horror game again.
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weff47: Ah yes the best advice: just stop being sad.
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hesterbyrde: oh no! not an emotion!
TheWriterAleph: go find those bullies and BEAT the SHIT outta them.
KeytarCat: And you've always had a weapon to stop the bullies!
druidofspores: Ah, you found my journal
Kramburger: I'm so lucky that when I moved interstate I was still in kindergaten. Regular school was bad enough
TheMerricat: @gizmoloid that was it indeed, thanks :)
soupgiraffe: theyre pretty zoomy
ButterBall000: Get lit!
quillilian: Light gun can't stop bad feels
circusofkirkus: is this a metaphor for therapy? shining a light on your problems?
Makrosian_Tae: It's a horror game in the sense that my memories of school are as scary as the years I spent there
CompletelyUnsure: Careful, you've got limited battery.
forte_and_chai: If you get bullied in school, shine a flashlight at them until they disappear!
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> There ARE! It’ll come after the full set spoiler, for obvious reasons. | @NedWhiles> @LRRMtG Forgive me if this has been asked already, but I was wondering if there were any plans to do a Kaldheim mythical/historical origins TTC a la Theros? Cheers 😊 ||
The_Color_Twelve: katesLurk
txzen_: so the lazer
MegaDosX: Does your flashlight laser beam work on the bully mannequins?
txzen_: what if you zap an eyeball?
Koshindan: All eyes must be popped!
InkyGhoast: Yeah we can go grab the glowy red thing behind the eyeballs for the mannequin people
themightybucch: Your HMO has to be pretty bad if you have to destroy evil eyes with a flashlight just to get an inhaler.
itira: omg ben
Ignatiuspants: Man... you really can put someone's eyes out with that
forte_and_chai: That's some cold shit, Ben.
Earthenone: !findquote eye
LRRbot: Quote #103: "If a strange woman ever tells you to shut your eyes, be wary." —Cameron [2015-04-02]
BusTed: Remember when I said I'd save you for last? I lied.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
druidofspores: can we re-skin this game as a Major Lazer game?
circusofkirkus: well there goes our battery
Makrosian_Tae: Blood Quartz? We Dark Souls now, homies!
dappercuttlefish: uhh did that description say the rock was beating like a heart? not a fan of that
Front_Ranger: red light on side of flashlight
Shadwhawk: Riight on the side of the flashlight
AdzyW: Oh hell yeah, gotta find a lightsmith so you can give your flashlight bleed damage
Makrosian_Tae: It's visually represented on the side
7gorobei: battery is glowing red, it started green
forte_and_chai: Try jamming an inhaler in there, seems to fill bars.
Koshindan: Can you soft lock if you run out before progressing?
LithelyUnshod: It was green beforee
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
thraximore: @Makrosian_Tae more Bloodborne imo
Front_Ranger: going ham has its costs
HundreydAundre: What do the eyes even do?
DarknessKingCoH: You need one of those wind-up flashlights
BoblinTheGoblin69: hes zoning you out
Makrosian_Tae: @thraximore Fair
Lysander_Gustav: Is this a little girl version of Dead Space?
MegaDosX: Y I think
Makrosian_Tae: Hold Y
Pteraspidomorphi: HundreydAundre: They Are Watching
BusTed: Dead Alan Wake Space
AdzyW: That's what you get for showing your ankles.
HundreydAundre: Is the school under attack by another dimension?
JoeTrollo: DOG?!
Lord_ZYRK: OhMyDog
Gaytanic_Panic: What breed?
DeM0nFiRe: OhMyDog
jessieimproved: dog! dog! dog!
teavian: lrrSPOT
Makrosian_Tae: DOGE
BusTed: Aww
KeytarCat: Gasp! A mammal!
Kramburger: Joe has entered the chat
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JoeTrollo: DO IT
Seth_Erickson: OhMyDog
Roger_Job329: GSH right?
dappercuttlefish: lrrSPOT
circusofkirkus: dogs and snakes? basically a zoo :P
TheWriterAleph: get da dog, Ben!
Makrosian_Tae: Dogineering
MegaDosX: Aren't you allergic to, like, everything?
Gaytanic_Panic: Pomeranian?
korvys: No, that's the job of your Landlord
Lord_ZYRK: Barkgineering
Gaytanic_Panic: Xolo?
AdzyW: You fight against it then become its grumpy dad
BrindleBoar: [ten dogs later]
Gaytanic_Panic: St Bernard?
PigmyWurm: arent you super allergic to like all animals with hair?
petey_vonwho: i said no to getting a dog for years.
Shirts_: Bengindogo
PMAvers: Dogs are just the first step before babies.
nicolebarbaraann: dog
Gaytanic_Panic: Pitbull?
AdzyW: @PigmyWurm get a Sphinx Dog
NightWingMistHawk: Hi Nicole :D
Gaytanic_Panic: Bull terrier?
petey_vonwho: my cats currently wish I had still said no
JonnyGlitch: Hi Ben! Hi Adam! Hi Chat!
nicolebarbaraann: hiiii!!
JonnyGlitch: that monster is adorable
Makrosian_Tae: That classic game, ring around the wheelchair
thraximore: the scariest thing is... the concept of scarcity!
Makrosian_Tae: Ads?
nicolebarbaraann: not trying to distract ben with dog pics just wanna make sure he sees all of them benginLove
JonnyGlitch: have we though?
Gaytanic_Panic: lol get deked
LightingExpert13: good score for game
itira: Im proud of you Ben
NimrodXIV: splort
NightWingMistHawk: nicolebarbaraann What breed?
Makrosian_Tae: Should we do ads?
JonnyGlitch: ah, exactly like BOTW
M0N0P0LE: batteries gettin' looooow....
Gildan_Bladeborn: The West - a setting known for all of its flashlights.
itira: uhm ... use the stairs :P
Front_Ranger: noice!
nicolebarbaraann: @nightwingmisthawk just a beautiful mutt! looks like a black gsh cross??
DeM0nFiRe: Because kids definitely can't climb on furniture
Ignatiuspants: I would feel gylt about burning those eye monsters
NotCainNorAbel: yeah kids would never climb over furniture
JonnyGlitch: 620 yeeeeeeeee
infinity_225: What if you’re the eye ball bully?
Koshindan: What if you were supposed to be peaceful?
The_Color_Twelve: katesADS katesADS katesADS
NightWingMistHawk: nicolebarbaraann That sounds adorable!
Kramburger: !water
Electrodyne: the ol' 6-20 if you know what I mean
JonnyGlitch: has anyone seen these so called "monsters" do anything "wrong"?
nicolebarbaraann: @nightwingmisthawk he has one pointy ear and one floppy ear benginCry
codatski: Game seems deec. Too bad it released on Stadia
nicolebarbaraann: I'm in love already
BrindleBoar: JonnyGlitch they shoot black, asthmatic goo at kids with asthma
JonnyGlitch: Vote #1: Monster, he won't goop you
bv310: They also do claw at you if they see you
Kramburger: We're a bullied child, we're lashing out because it's all we know
JonnyGlitch: @BrindleBoar So what, it's MY responsibility to make sure I don't kill anyone by exposing them to my right to goop? Kappa
JonnyGlitch: those are love claws, like what my kitty do
BrindleBoar: JonnyGlitch exactly, yes. If you have unwanted children, buy them lawndarts, like our forefathers.
DeM0nFiRe: Wowee
NimrodXIV: awww!
BusTed: Cute.
RockPusher: Doggo!!!!!
GhostValv: :)
Kramburger: PUPPER
Larkonus: CUUUUTE!
edgeyberzerker: BABY!
JoeTrollo: SO CUTE
Nigouki: PUPPY!
JonnyGlitch: the original Mr Potato head has spikes on the limbs to stap into actual potatoes, or annoying siblings
jessieimproved: tongue waggle
TheWriterAleph: dawww get the dog BEN
itira: pupper!
JonnyGlitch: Puppers!
petey_vonwho: GET HIM!
SmithKurosaki: d'awwwww'g
wynternyghtynggale: yes!
Arclight_Dynamo: I have seen the dog, and judge it good.
quillilian: heckin' pupper!
Electrodyne: That's a fine dog
Gaytanic_Panic: justam1PRIDE justam1PRIDE justam1PRIDE justam1PRIDE justam1PRIDE
nicolebarbaraann: a beautiful mutt
Tartarga: Look at that doggo. That is a good doggo.
serramarkov: We always miss you when you're gone. Verry cute puppet!
Makrosian_Tae: Cute pupper!
Koshindan: Dogstream!
gibbousm: omgdogs
PMAvers: Get both dogs!
RockPusher: tqsBORK Dogs! mattlrBork
serramarkov: Pupper!
Himyul: oh my dawg!
JonnyGlitch: Have we tried making peace with these "monsters"?
BrindleBoar: the orange dog doin' a boop
NimrodXIV: oh absolutely get settled first
DoctorAddams: Durg!
The_Color_Twelve: katesWine
FlamesInTheSnow: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Electrodyne: Y'like dags?
nicolebarbaraann: dog would be a February decision fer shure
Lord_ZYRK: Ultra Platinum in the cuteness department
RumbletumStudio: Wait, everybody knows that smoking ain't allowed at school!
korvys: It's a fireman
Koshindan: Eyes want revenge.
Nigouki: Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank!
TheWriterAleph: absolute u n i t
NightValien28: holy shit its nemesis
wynternyghtynggale: had a mutt growing up named JAM ( just a mutt)
ShortRound2099: it's the not tyrant
JonnyGlitch: He'll burn himself out soon enough
Himyul: dry eyes? Try visene.
rasterscan: Adam has hit upon the classic advice: Ninjas Can't Catch You When You're On Fire.
BrindleBoar: Assassin's Kid
itira: wow
ShortRound2099: the backstab
BusTed: oh shit
Koshindan: What
fastlane250: zappo
Ignatiuspants: Damn!
JonnyGlitch: o.... kay....
Larkonus: DAMN, kid!
The_Color_Twelve: ah the surprise glomp of death
zeldakid1999: That is amazing
dappercuttlefish: HELL YEAH
theneatestburrito: AC School
circusofkirkus: this game has BACKSTABS?
Gaytanic_Panic: Daaaaaaaaamn
NightValien28: requiesca em pace
wynternyghtynggale: babys first assassin
petey_vonwho: that took a ton of battery tho
Manae: I think that zero to mass murder box is ready to check
spethycakes: never even saw it coming
JonnyGlitch: yay mannequins!
RaemonDamon: took half your battery it looked like..
Gaytanic_Panic: Can you zap the mannequins?
brainbosh: I'm sorry, did that thing have testicles?
Kramburger: Gylt? More like KYLT!
dappercuttlefish: oh my god this kid is so powerful
HundreydAundre: What is this stuff?
rasterscan: So it's not Dead Space Alan Wake, it's Dead Space 2: Wake Harder.
TheWriterAleph: so is that why stadia didn't have a lot of original games on it? they combined every other game into Gylt? Kappa
Koshindan: 2021, and people still not coughing into their elbows.
Arclight_Dynamo: Looks like wasted charge to me.
HundreydAundre: SAVAGE CHILD
Seth_Erickson: Backstabs PogChamp
TheWriterAleph: shove that light RIGHT UP there
ShortRound2099: where's your iframes?
Lord_ZYRK: da bits da bits da bits
JonnyGlitch: Leave you alone? They were minding their own business!
gibbousm: Its just Alan Wake for kids
bv310: I love this having its own Onew Gined Angel adjacent soundtrack
InkyGhoast: well now we get to play Resource Management: The Game
gibbousm: flash light to fight monsters? trying to find a missing person?
JonnyGlitch: Babbys first Horror Game
Seth_Erickson: who cares if the monster sees us we have a Flashlight Gun
edgeyberzerker: it's about a 6-8 hour game by the sounds of it
JonnyGlitch: It looks like a Fortnight Map, but less stupid
druidofspores: oof, the pizza isn't sitting well in my tummy 🤢
Kanitaria: so spooky
Saintnex: I would have thought that the fighting would be a only if necessary but it doesnt seem like it
HundreydAundre: You didn't?
itira: the spook
circusofkirkus: Witcher-style comics
HundreydAundre: Oh, look.
korvys: Isn't that the guy from Venture Bros?
gibbousm: Strange old man
Seth_Erickson: why do you know this old man?
HundreydAundre: Reality-bending...
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also, give me your TICKET!
JonnyGlitch: The monsters were the friends we made along the way
Snakebyte36: another key!
gibbousm: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:09.
JonnyGlitch: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
Saintnex: yes, thats the question, not him randomly appearing
Kramburger: The school's full of monsters and there's these weird eyeball things too!
fastlane250: only enough money for keyframes
opussoul: We had 3 building and i come from a village
Seth_Erickson: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
itira: GOOD
Koshindan: Good
BusTed: peace
Easilycrazyhat: wut
NimrodXIV: what
dappercuttlefish: hm
Roger_Job329: Nicceee
gibbousm: wut
Larkonus: I don't feel so good, kid...
Esoterus: GOOD.
Chulump: Good
JonnyGlitch: Worst. Adult. Ever.
Xenovita: Good
Seth_Erickson: Good,"dips"
Ignatiuspants: The ghost man knows who Sally is but keeps calling her "little girl" just to be a jerk
CompletelyUnsure: That was peak meme-reaction gif
Makrosian_Tae: Byyeeee
blip2004: Do your job little girl
NightWingMistHawk: Idea: this guy is the one who had the guns
GhostValv: GOOD
Gaytanic_Panic: Wow. THank's trailer park Santa
Favre_Studios: expositon man
ShortRound2099: neenGood
NightValien28: good, I don't feel so well dr stark
Tartarga: Dude Thanos'd himself.
Fancy_frenchman: GOOD
Arclight_Dynamo: If nothing else, as a first horror game for a kid, it sure beats the first horror game I ever played. 7th Guest. Yikes.
Makrosian_Tae: If I could only do that in normal conversation
FlamesInTheSnow: Good. *returns to the soul stone*
korvys: Mr Stark, I don't feel so GOOD
Himyul: welp, you seem to have this handled, little child. I'm out!
JonnyGlitch: lick the exposed wire
RumbletumStudio: HAVE A NICE EVENING
Larkonus: Ben you had one job.
dappercuttlefish: man just gave some exposition and left. icon
Kaaosa: You gave yourself one piece of advice
fastlane250: Injured? GOOD.
Kaaosa: and you couldn't even follow it
TheWriterAleph: down is where the spoops are
JonnyGlitch: yeah, electricity, it just makes you go "ow"
ShortRound2099: you must go down to go up
Bearudite: WHY DO WE FALL
Makrosian_Tae: Dammit Ben, you had one job
Bearudite: oops caps
Lithobraker: It's a horror game, when do you ever go up?
Ignatiuspants: It's a kencu!
BrindleBoar: teleporting crow boi
druidofspores: when I get knocked down
circusofkirkus: do not like that
JonnyGlitch: another cutie
korvys: Dope design
Uzumaki15: Good idea small child, now I an Adult will leave you to climbing a fire truck ladder on your own with no supervision what so ever
Koshindan: Caw caw!
Seth_Erickson: This one knows Magic!
Saintnex: this game is a lot different then what I was expecting
Tiber727: Nightcawer
yalc321: Just addind to the unique chatter count
Gildan_Bladeborn: I was going to say... don't you HATE birds Ben? Like, actually for reals?
Seth_Erickson: what is the god of war line
ShortRound2099: oh good sewer level
Koshindan: "Good" "Maybe I should go down instead."
HundreydAundre: Let the fear mongruuls flow thru you....
Seth_Erickson: He wields MAGIC!
JonnyGlitch: the art style is beautiful
TheWriterAleph: it might be very sweet
Makrosian_Tae: There might be spiders
Manae: Sewer batteries!
PMAvers: Oh no the DMCA monster is coming for you
yalc321: It always comes back to ska
Kaaosa: no doubt, eh
jessieimproved: Tragic Kingdom
Kaaosa: time for me to talk shit
matthewjudesghost: What a banger
RumbletumStudio: Hell yeah
jessieimproved: My first CD
Kaaosa: er, smack
Kaaosa: family stream
Electrodyne: I have a pet spider named Henry who is very nice.
JonnyGlitch: I loved, No Doubt, I think, I was very young
circusofkirkus: The bird is the word
LithelyUnshod: I remember hating so many song's cause they were overplayed. I got over it.
RumbletumStudio: Gwen Stefani was very early celebrity crush
adamjford: that explains a lot
Kaaosa: Alanis Morrisette, Jagged Little Pill
JonnyGlitch: my first CD was Shakira... *shudder*
Front_Ranger: Wow. I feel old.
itira: my first CD was Backstreet boys :) lol
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matthaus_c: my first CD was a single of Song 2 by Blur
Roger_Job329: Seal
LeeshaJoy: My first CD was the Lion King soundtrack
GhostValv: first cd was Lost Highway soundtrack
Seth_Erickson: the fact that you can't climb on anything is even more unrealistic as a child
LithelyUnshod: Blues Traveler - Straight on Till Morning.
Arclight_Dynamo: Big Shiny Tunes 4!
Gildan_Bladeborn: I learned the other day that an episode of Peppa Pig called "Mister Skinny Legs" got pulled from televison in Australia over complaints that it encouraged children to "befriend spiders".
Tartarga: Oh, so your first cd was a total banger.
x0den: my first cd was some christmas cd.
dappercuttlefish: my first CD was the soundtrack to a kirby game, can't remember which one
jessieimproved: @Kaaosa I only had money for one, I almost bought Jagged Little Pill
Tiber727: Dang it, I was so proud of calling the crows "Nightcawer." Is a little recognition too much to ask?
bv310: I think the first CD I bought with my own money was Welcome To The Black Parade
Larkonus: My first album was Incubus's "Make Yourself"
Lord_ZYRK: I think my first CD was Europop by Eiffel 65 that my parents got me for Easter
ShortRound2099: ah solar panels
Juliamon: LeeshaJoy That was probably my first cassette purchase!
JonnyGlitch: SMASH by The Offspring
Himyul: like generators do
circusofkirkus: THE JUICE
itira: Jagged Little Pill rules... my mom didnt want me to have it (but i got it anyway)
Saintnex: and now a bit of Alan Wake too?
Electrodyne: My first CD was a sampler that came in Alternative Press magazine
Juliamon: My first CD was TMBG Factory Showroom
M0N0P0LE: My first CD was an MxPx live album, but I had some DC Talk cassette tapes before that.
gualdhar: vijima gaemz
RockPusher: LeeshaJoy mine too lrrAWESOME
Kaaosa: I only knew Ironic when I got it but yeah that CD is actually straight fire
Seth_Erickson: can we snipe from up here
Makrosian_Tae: My first CD was the Darude album. It had 9 tracks, including Sandstorm and 7 tracks that sounded like Sandstorm :)
HundreydAundre: aw, sheet. It's Nevermore.
LightingExpert13: Shinaia Twain was my first CD
LeeshaJoy: @Juliamon Now, my first *cassette* was Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em.
enfys_book: One of my first concerts was the No Doubt Tragic Kingdom tour
Larkonus: Hell yeah, Adam. Such a wonderful album. A2Horns
edgeyberzerker: My first CD was Moist - Silver
jessieimproved: My boyfriend now husband had a roommate that played Incubus all. the. time. I just can't take it anymore
itira: fuck this stream. lets go listen to incubus
spethycakes: My first CD was Greatest Classical Piano Works
DoctorAddams: Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark forme
Alrawn: I remember listening to Third Eye Blind's Blue album in high school. I definitely did not understand a lot of those lyrics
Seth_Erickson: I think that's against your contract Kappa
itira: rahhhh!
CompletelyUnsure: we Brave New Faves now bois
PMAvers: Welcome to Adam's New Faves for this week.
BusTed: vein bulging in forehead
Gamshyd: impromptu brave new faves take over, dethrone kathleen
Kramburger: I too like things that I remember!
wynternyghtynggale: my first CD i bought was evanescence
JonnyGlitch: Anyone a fan of Custard? I didn't know I was when I was very young until I saw a retrospective and remembered I loved them\
Gaytanic_Panic: Just play it on stream! How bad can one DMCA be?
Makrosian_Tae: Yeahh
TheDailyMapleSyrup: try to sing maybe
Chulump: "Remember that one time we did that thing? Yeah good times"
Seth_Erickson: Nostalgia seabatTROG
PMAvers: Heather finds out and pulls a knife?
NightValien28: easy there grandpa gonna throw your back screaming that much
Kramburger: Pirate Radio!
NDCazzy: Evening all lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: Most of my cassettes bought as a kid were soundtracks because my parents were of the "if you like [popular song] just record it off the radio instead of wasting money" variety
itira: omg that would be an amazing super power.... Heather would be my hero
JonnyGlitch: And neither Ben nor Adam were ever heard from again
edgeyberzerker: Cori could make a midi version of the album???
fastlane250: free soda for all humans
jessieimproved: We play the songs that remind us of the good times
Seth_Erickson: hit one of them please
M0N0P0LE: don't do it Ben!
serramarkov: I bought Weird Al Yankovic, Weird Al in 3D and Dare to Be Stupid all at the same time. I was like, challenge accepted, Al.
kalira77: these people are all very bad at parking
M0N0P0LE: They'll be sticky!
jessieimproved: We play the songs that remind us of the better times
DarknessKingCoH: Lookout that kids got a flashbang!
BusTed: 'Cheevo get
Seth_Erickson: we got a cheevo for that
JonnyGlitch: LUL
circusofkirkus: at least we got an achievement
JonnyGlitch: what was the cheevo for?
itira: ur fucked now
lamina5432: hows it going
circusofkirkus: hello mr birdy
Easilycrazyhat: wut, how
NimrodXIV: lrrSACK
Makrosian_Tae: Holy shit
JonnyGlitch: the real horror are the neighbors
infinity_225: It said something!
BusTed: :3
BrindleBoar: :3
Lord_ZYRK: Good parking, driver :)
itira: "nice parking job asshole"
circusofkirkus: :3
spethycakes: :3
Kaaosa: "I wish I could park as good as you! (:"
Koshindan: Great parkjob PogChamp
TheDailyMapleSyrup: First CD Much Dance 94
brainbosh: Just leave a page from a coloring book.
JonnyGlitch: I had to learn how to reverse park into my space
Lord_ZYRK: Parkchamp PogChamp
Seth_Erickson: Impossible
Gaytanic_Panic: w-w-what?
brainbosh: "So you can practice in the lines!"
Koshindan: But for the person that would know, WOULD KNOW.
YawnLance: "G-great parking senpai uwu"
itira: ahg
Kramburger: seabatTROG
BusTed: teleports in front of u
Larkonus: Nothing personnel, kid.
gibbousm: i guess you are my little pogchamp
BrindleBoar: Finish the fight, Master Child!
Juliamon: Most people that know what pogchamp is are too young to drive
Gildan_Bladeborn: I've had to explain to MULTIPLE people that the phrase "pog champ" isn't referring to pogs, the little circular plastic things.
755yoyo: just had the loggers discussion with my parents... they are still confused.
Front_Ranger: s'ok you got battery to burn + a spare battery
755yoyo: *poggers
lamina5432: looks like destroy all humans reverse edition
bv310: Nothing personnel, kid
itira: im scurd the music makes me scurd
Seth_Erickson: so many battery packs out here
themightybucch: They saw you get that battery, they were scared.
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The_Brony_Vamp: So this is just Alan Wake for kids?
BrindleBoar: LogChamp
Lord_ZYRK: swiggity swooty comin for that Fruit by the Footy
Gaytanic_Panic: お前はもう死んでいる
Seth_Erickson: PogLog
themightybucch: Alan Wake Babies
Koshindan: Loggies my doggies.
JonnyGlitch: The Log Driver's Waltz? Is that the name of the song?
edgeyberzerker: Log Champ - that's what they call me when I leave the bathroom
itira: donkchamp
mgknominator: Any fellow lumberjacks in chat
Arclight_Dynamo: Donk 'em in the bonkus!
JonnyGlitch: I only know that song from LRR
Makrosian_Tae: For he goes WHIRLING DOWN AND DOWN the white water
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JonnyGlitch: 1
itira: Ben no! it will be stuck in my head forever!
petey_vonwho: 1
BusTed: benginHeart
Seth_Erickson: Loggers
js1813: 1
GhostValv: 1 :3
HugeCandySquids: 1
ATrophonian: 1
Lord_ZYRK: Oh looog dude
Manae: But are they okay?
LeeshaJoy: Are the lumberjacks okay, is the question.
JonnyGlitch: I laid a HUGE log this morning
Gildan_Bladeborn: Loggers always logging.
Kaaosa: a/s/l stands for age/sex/LUMBERJACK???
serramarkov: I'm okay.
Pharmacistjudge: i can't lie as you know my profession
matthaus_c: lumbies my doggies
bv310: Loggers my doggers
mgknominator: Holy shit my message got seen
Shirts_: 0 instructions unclear
petey_vonwho: It's Pog, it
Mysticman89: most candians are also lumberjacks, it's true facts
Arclight_Dynamo: Wow, this chat has great lumber support. Kappa
Manae: Floor inhalers are still weird
Kramburger: You're not a REAL lumberjack unless you're from the region of outside the ring, stopping wrestlers from escaping
Kaaosa: wow
Koshindan: Some messages have no value.
Kaaosa: WOW
codatski: I mean. I legit did small scale logging for a summer
GhostValv: D:
omniep1c: hi Adam Love you
Lord_ZYRK: 😬
JonnyGlitch: not all of us are worth a response
Front_Ranger: lol, truth
magical_writer: true
druidofspores: I mean... I dropped a log earlier...
Keondo: savage LUL
RockPusher: lrrWOW
itira: *hangs head in shame*
adamjford: pain
awmcmillan: that's fair
Makrosian_Tae: Wow!
Gaytanic_Panic: justam1Notlikethis justam1Gasp justam1Gasp justam1Gasp justam1Gasp
RockPusher: fugiWow
empyreon: I mean, harsh but fair
Tripleyew: tough but fair
matthaus_c: I thought we were all funny
spethycakes: so many tears in Twitch Chat
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Critisisum noted lol
petey_vonwho: it's pog, it's pog, its better than bad, it's good!
jessieimproved: can't be having chat with a big head now
Dumori: Harsh truths from Adam!
Dragonality: Hey! That's.... accurate...
Saintnex: wait but if some of us are funny... then all of us are funny!
JonnyGlitch: Don't you?
Triforcecwp: its okay some of your lines done land either.
EvilBadman: Fair play
Seth_Erickson: @Seabats that's a lie and you know it you your self said we were one entity
Lord_ZYRK: Do you not, Ben?
Triforcecwp: dont8
Pteraspidomorphi: She's a nerd!
YawnLance: Some people make funny jokes in Twitch chat, other people are me :)
Dish_KP: labels
Shirts_: not funny you say? finally I feel seen
codatski: Hey now! I resemble that statement
Eille_k: isn't chat on entity if he talks to one of us he talks to all!
Pharmacistjudge: Adam, you have very high comedy are and are around professional funny people.
BrindleBoar: who DOESN'T know how to operate a cherrypicker?
Kaaosa: This is why I need adam's camera on, so I can see when he is reading my hilarious content and choosing to rudely not vocally acknowledge it
Easilycrazyhat: BTs took the battery!
BusTed: Maybe she's a volunteer firefighter on the weekends.
gibbousm: plot twist prediction, I bet you're not real
Lord_ZYRK: Ah, the ZYRK technique
gualdhar: don't you know Americans have ladder-operating classes in elementary school?\
Seth_Erickson: that's my go to message
itira: i regret nothing!
Tiber727: Kids love firetrucks.
Kramburger: The shotgun approach to comedy
Keondo: soooo what is the "Gylt"??
Gaytanic_Panic: お前はもう死んでいる
ATrophonian: Tindr and "Spray and Pray" don't mix...
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh, they gave you stun grenades.
NoNane09: wait, where did the other 2 come from???
Koshindan: You're a flashlight mage!
Front_Ranger: aoe
NimrodXIV: getting more and more Alan in here
TheDailyMapleSyrup: You are already dead indead
Front_Ranger: yep, def Alan Wake + Coroline
itira: oh yes lets go in a spooky hole
JonnyGlitch: yes small child, get in the dark deep hole
circusofkirkus: there's an arcade! do you think they have junimo kart?
Makrosian_Tae: Down down down
NDCazzy: down the hole always seems like a good idea...
ButterBall000: We're going down so it must be a horror game
Makrosian_Tae: Dark Souls message: try hole
BusTed: tqsShrug
gualdhar: oh, so Ben was a charity case
itira: BabyRage
ATrophonian: I stand corrected?
Kaaosa: I was gonna make a joke about not using "Spray and Pray" using the word Blaspheme instead, but the only rhyme I could think of was Cream and that might be too much
The_Color_Twelve: ah yes I saw that highlight
Triforcecwp: 1/1 sample size.
NDCazzy: Cool Technology!
Boon_33: Was hoping for a longer ladder so we'd have time to sing the whole Snake Eater song.
Kramburger: Back in my day we just got drunk and hooked up at parties, like normal people
Gildan_Bladeborn: What a strange game... the only winning move is not to play.
Arclight_Dynamo: Welp! Time to get all my bad opinions out! No consequences!
Seth_Erickson: ResidentSleeper Lore
bv310: Ice Cream and Blaspheme?
itira: Adam
Front_Ranger: Adam?
JonnyGlitch: Any match would be lucky to meet Ben so I'm not sure that counts
itira: LUL
ATrophonian: I mean, "the exception" and "proving the rule" DO mix, right?
Makrosian_Tae: Blaspheme and spleen?
Koshindan: Lore-ning.
itira: you call this a mine?
wolvsbane: Did he say strap in or strap on?
petey_vonwho: ok, so I missed something, what did we just do to that body?
NimrodXIV: lrrFINE
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Mysticman89: this author needs more chill
JonnyGlitch: aww he's checking his phone
kalira77: I hate the mine carts I have to constantly jump across gaps in the track
Makrosian_Tae: Tomm with two M's
Lord_ZYRK: Too greedily AND too deep, you say
Seth_Erickson: They dug to deep NotLikeThis
NightWingMistHawk: Either Tomm is non-binary or that's a very weird name for a mining company
Gildan_Bladeborn: @petey_vonwho We held up a blood quartz next to it and "set it free".
Juliamon: Redstone?
itira: here comes the balrog!
PMAvers: Ah, so it's a ruby mine.
PMAvers: Damn you DeBeers.
Makrosian_Tae: And dug too greedily
Robot_Bones: And they call it a Mine! A MINE!
kalira77: I hate the junimos that try to steal the carts
Seth_Erickson: Unleashed the Balrog seabatPjorg
Gildan_Bladeborn: The game has not actually explained how that works, or why we knew to do that.
ButterBall000: "Constant phychological tests" i.e. "How's it going Frank?"
Lord_ZYRK: Ah, mercury poisoning driving everyone nuts
Boon_33: If your mine needs a lot of psychologists to function it might be a bad sign
The_Color_Twelve: as long as doctor and coal miner were the only options i suppose
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's the 2nd note at least that's mentioned green eyes now.
itira: green eye guy says GOOD
NDCazzy: this is the story of James's punch-a-chunk gone wrong lrrFINE
HundreydAundre: Ticket?
Makrosian_Tae: GOOD
Seth_Erickson: NEver seen it
Lord_ZYRK: Enemy Mine seabatTROG
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't remember anymore but did Rime have any text whatsoever?
Darleysam: good film
Ignatiuspants: I'm anticipating some kind of future plot twist that'll put everything into perspective
Front_Ranger: Ben Gosset Jr.! Woot
M0N0P0LE: Hell yeah Enemy Mine!
Tripleyew: it's solid
Gildan_Bladeborn: I haven't thought about Enemy Mine in a while now, but Adam is exactly right.
Makrosian_Tae: Oh shit. I know that!
Front_Ranger: Enemy Mine is awesome!
Electrodyne: Lou Gossett Laura an egg!!
serramarkov: That was such a good movie.
ButterBall000: Saw it once but I don't remember it very well
Makrosian_Tae: A classic story
Front_Ranger: Er...Lous Gosset Jr.
JonnyGlitch: wait isn't that one of the Ridduk movies?
Seth_Erickson: what about critically acclaimed trilogy Lord of the Rings? can we talk about that
Electrodyne: lays
Makrosian_Tae: They learn each other's language and such
Eille_k: is enemy mine real or just a chat joke that i'm not in on?
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, it's the one with Dennis Quaid.
Gaytanic_Panic: Zap the panel?
itira: Adam plz
Ignatiuspants: Enemy Mine is a real movie
NightWingMistHawk: Eille_k It's apparently a real movie according to IMDB
StreetCornerPoet: That is such a great movie
Makrosian_Tae: Spoiler's, they have a child
Electrodyne: !holes
LRRbot: Do you ever just think about rest holds?
Pteraspidomorphi: :|
M0N0P0LE: @jonnyglitch Nah it was made in the 80s I think
Seth_Erickson: LUL
BrindleBoar: NotLikeThis
JonnyGlitch: The Hobbit movies blew chunks that's for sure
circusofkirkus: The Hobbit trilogy > LOTR Kappa
gualdhar: y'all motherfuckers need Gandalf
Kaaosa: Are you saying Lord of the Wings, the competetive eating documentary?
ButterBall000: I've seen the "Enemy Mine" Star Trek wpisode
DarknessKingCoH: Listen here you little shit
edgeyberzerker: It's an Isakai anime
BusTed: They even named the main guy Aragorn.
Himyul: it's the one with Geralt, right?
bv310: The trick is going for beloved 24-film franchise James Bont
NightValien28: ima fight you both
mochabeanie: im in pain
Makrosian_Tae: Oooh, you playing with fire now Ben
The_Color_Twelve: benginTraitor
Seth_Erickson: notable plagiarist J.R.R. Tolkien
codatski: Guys Please
itira: Eragon is the greatest book ever written!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Geralt confirmed for Eragon.
kireawolf: That hurts Ben
Eille_k: @NightWingMistHawk i can't do any real research.
CompletelyUnsure: One of the character is literally eragon but with a A, they stle the name and everything
circusofkirkus: JUNIMO KART
JonnyGlitch: They're all just a rip off of Natrnia
Larkonus: Same here Ben, I love that line.
Ignatiuspants: Arcade games!
BrindleBoar: LARGEBOI
JonnyGlitch: Narnia*
Seth_Erickson: We're going to need a bigger Flashlight
itira: Stranger things? is that you?
Gaytanic_Panic: TITAN
Ignatiuspants: This game being set in the 90s confirmed
Gildan_Bladeborn: That would be why the ground is shaking, yes.
circusofkirkus: it's the iron giant
Eille_k: a titan?!
Lord_ZYRK: He comin for those high scores
DarknessKingCoH: Is this a Death Stranding?
kireawolf: I know you're joking but it still hurts
bv310: Oh neat
petey_vonwho: shine your light at it!
JonnyGlitch: Slender Dude
Dog_of_Myth: Superman
NightWingMistHawk: Siren Head?! Is that you?!
TheWriterAleph: Shadow of the Colossus it's ass!
gibbousm: it's almost as big as Adam
gualdhar: they're ripping off Stranger Things now
itira: Vin is that you?
Kramburger: Puzzle boss incoming
The_Color_Twelve: Ah the Colossal titan
Kaaosa: I love Eragon; I saw the move in theatres without knowing anything about the books with a bunch of friends who were super into the books. They hated it, I liked it
serramarkov: Ouch, my heart and my sides.
Kaaosa: good time
itomeshi: I... have a confession to make. I've never read any of the Tolkien books, and I've watched The Fellowship and like HALF of the Two Towers.
Makrosian_Tae: Slendermyn
Reduce_Sanity: Man thats James talk
JonnyGlitch: If it
Boon_33: Anime music intensifies.
BrindleBoar: with the way the game has been going it's probably the Eye-ron Giant
Talin06: need a big rock for that
Lord_ZYRK: Iron Giant 2: Giant's Revenge
Gildan_Bladeborn: How appropriate considering people were discussing the Chronicles of Riddick moments ago.
Seth_Erickson: Now that's an underrated movie The Iron Giant
tycoonbosh: Lord of the Rings is that sequel to Lord of the Flies, right?
Front_Ranger: cables everywhere
LithelyUnshod: Silmarillion still sucks tho
itira: Adam you are not allowed to have opinions. obviously
Pteraspidomorphi: Note how Adam didn't retract his Silmarillion statement ;)
JonnyGlitch: gAmEpLaY
quillilian: LoTR the show based on DnD
Makrosian_Tae: They were filming
Easilycrazyhat: Big Guy thought it was spaghetti
bv310: @tycoonbosh Nah, it's the prequel to Lord of the Dance
DarknessKingCoH: I go, you stay, no following... Gets me every time
Makrosian_Tae: No safety committee
Uzumaki15: This is a excessive amount of power cables
boristhewizard: A bit late. how's the game been so far?
BrindleBoar: you don't have to recant the truth
kalira77: safety third
JonnyGlitch: Honestly, I can never get through the first LOTR books, it's so SLOW
ArcOfTheConclave: Silmarilian is a text book
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is a political game about the dangers of "big electric" Ben. Obviously.
eric_christian_berg: Great, Adam, now Stephen Colbert is going to show up and kick your ass.
boristhewizard: Good to hear!
gibbousm: it's because that's a history book, not a fantasy novel
Seth_Erickson: Rock's People?
JonnyGlitch: Love
Eille_k: i hope you can just play arcade games for the rest of the stream.
The_Color_Twelve: As would I
JonnyGlitch: goddam I'm messing up typing today
Seth_Erickson: wait was that street fighter?
LightingExpert13: kid just hop the desk
eric_christian_berg: :-D
Juliamon: Silmarillion is just Tolkien loredumping straight into your face
BusTed: Now that he's conquered it.
Electrodyne: CAN YOU SMELLLLELELELELLL what the Rock people are cooking
itira: did you beat it yet Adam?
Uzumaki15: Then we really couldn't go to the arcade. Cus we'd be in Juvie
gualdhar: tweeting the late show with that clip now
NimrodXIV: that's a good arcade floor
Makrosian_Tae: Junimo cart!
Dog_of_Myth: Yep
bv310: Rock some Legend of the Prairie King
Front_Ranger: Assainsation
Makrosian_Tae: That's wild
itira: Truuuuu thooooo
BrindleBoar: when you die in Junimo Kart you die in real life
boristhewizard: if you die in junimo kart you die in real life
lamina5432: just beat AC yesterday
Ignatiuspants: The stealth flashing looks a little too brutal for a child protagonist in a horror game
Seth_Erickson: Can we look at some of the names of these arcade games?
boristhewizard: luckily Adam has 500 lives
Lord_ZYRK: Real talk: this arcade carpet rules
itira: I missed it i guess
circusofkirkus: you're a ghost
Boon_33: The whole town is powered by some dude's gaming PC backup power supply in the manager's office of the Arcade
Makrosian_Tae: Wow, that cost you a TON of battery!
JonnyGlitch: that you're dead and don't know it?
Dog_of_Myth: You're a lich, Adam?
Snakebyte36: how do we know Adam isn't a ghost
Seth_Erickson: I think street fighter is legitametly one of them
until_may: he still poops the data from it
Kramburger: Adam, how are you going to beat FFIV?
BusTed: Gravitonic!
Electrodyne: if you die in Junimo Kart, you die in real life
Arclight_Dynamo: No Polybius? Lame.
bv310: Legally, Adam's required to tell us if he's a ghost, so clearly he beat Junimo Kart
Tartarga: Spear Quest sucks, Axe Adventure is way better.
Lord_ZYRK: Kids playing Game Boy while waiting for their turn
mgknominator: Sup I’m back
BusTed: Gettem Ezio.
Koshindan: Spear Quest, Spear Quest 2: Tip of the Blade, Spear Quest 3: The Shaft
couldntpickausername: have you found audio logs in the arcade yet?
KeytarCat: Undefeated fighter is a reskin of spear quest, and both are Ultima ripoffs
itira: that scared the hell out of me
CompletelyUnsure: all the prize-corner stuff is baterry opped
Eille_k: @Arclight_Dynamo someone heisted it
NightWingMistHawk: Wow that got me
Makrosian_Tae: Adam, I'm not sure you know this but most arcade machines are battery powered. Little known fact
HundreydAundre: The rug looks like pixelated emotes
Seth_Erickson: don't forget we can stun them
Front_Ranger: stun greande
Questhere: can we talk about the poor wiring job they've done in this arcade
BoblinTheGoblin69: turn off light
Kaaosa: Locked from the other side?! this is just Dark Souls?!?
Seth_Erickson: How many triple a's that take
Himyul: that's why the cabinet is so big
Makrosian_Tae: LULA
ButterBall000: 8 D batteries
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
Gildan_Bladeborn: Arcade machines aren't battery powered! There are tiny little gnomes inside of them winding cogwheels, in shifts.
DiscordianTokkan: Those big cables are pneumatic tuuuubes for all the batteries
ArcOfTheConclave: good night, I remember why I can't handle lrrSPOOP games
CompletelyUnsure: It's three d-cells taped together according to this game
Tiber727: It's 3 game gear's in a trenchsuit.
HundreydAundre: Game Over? How. Foreshadowing....
BoblinTheGoblin69: do they pop out like minigun rounds?
theinvisiblevoice: I really want an arkanoid cabinet :C
Eille_k: neo yokio, the classic video game
LightingExpert13: this makes me want to go to galloping ghost
petey_vonwho: I wanted a full DDR arcade machine
GhostValv: :3
Lord_ZYRK: You guys sure have trouble with your g's
Manae: Doesn't Ian mostly have a hacked cabinet now?
itira: Ben is unhappy
KeytarCat: You can get a lot of the neo geo games on switch
zeldakid1999: Adam's very punchy tonight
KeytarCat: And the switch doesn't correct your pronunciation!
Electrodyne: Neo-Geo was awesome. I could beat World Heroes on a single quarter
Easilycrazyhat: Wait...I don't know who's right. I've always pronounced it with the soft G.
Makrosian_Tae: Wait, legit is it not Neo Geo, with a hard G? Is it actually Geo, with a soft?
itira: pronounced samooree showdoon?
tycoonbosh: Sounds like a Tuesday to me!
codatski: It's on my bucket list to build an arcade machine from the ground up, cabinet and all
Kaaosa: Flashlight, meet ass
Gildan_Bladeborn: Don't kink shame Ben, Adam.
Front_Ranger: clearly, they're into flash-fisting
Electrodyne: YOU HEARD ADAM, I'M A GAMER!!!!
Lord_ZYRK: Nightcrowler WutFace
KeytarCat: Aww, they have CC??
DarknessKingCoH: it's pronounced jee-yo
Arclight_Dynamo: @Makrosian_Tae I always thought it was legit how Adam pronounced it, but then I've never heard it said out loud, so...
Seth_Erickson: SEKIRO
Koshindan: Aged like sweet wine.
Makrosian_Tae: Wait, stop the stream. STOP EVERYTHING. What is the proper pronunciation for Neo Geo??
circusofkirkus: wait, is this the Persona 5 casino?
Seth_Erickson: yours didn't Kappa
fastlane250: no but they should
Arclight_Dynamo: It's the battery conveyor. Doy.
TheWriterAleph: gamers never look up
GhostValv: gamers never look up
itira: ^
Tartarga: Only the good ones.
dappercuttlefish: HM
The_Color_Twelve: I don't want to go to an arcade that doesn't
Eille_k: my arcade is in a literal basement, so no
Manae: Heavy duty cable conduit
Seth_Erickson: it's got a movie reel on it's back 👀
Gildan_Bladeborn: I saw that film all of once, like a year after it came out. It's STILL indelibly burned into my brain.
BrindleBoar: some kind of projector guy?
onetrueseth: Yes, where else would the arcade's lighting director work her magic?
kumatsu: dude's way too HANDS-y
DiscordianTokkan: It's how they get the batteries into the pneumatic tube hopper
druidofspores: I love that your weapon in this game is The Bulba 🤣 The Bulba always wins!
CompletelyUnsure: It's the homie from Bendy and the Ink Machine
Boon_33: ah, yes the catwalk where they watch for cheaters.
Pteraspidomorphi: I think It's neo jeo. But gif is still gif
fastlane250: i went to an arcade that had a mezzanine but it's just not the same
apparently_dionysus: @makrosian_tae it's pronounced Neo Geo Kappa
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm honestly surprised Adam didn't get there on his own.
circusofkirkus: PIPE DREAM
Makrosian_Tae: @pteraspidomorphi I'll take it!
Arclight_Dynamo: Gotta teach the young gamers disappointment. Kappa
Gildan_Bladeborn: They're your favorite thing Ben.
Pharmacistjudge: I'm sorry but that'd devolving to Belopa in my brian
KeytarCat: @Makrosian_Tae wikipedia says niojio
Koshindan: The hacking minigame.
CompletelyUnsure: That wasn't even a puzzle . . . which means there's more
Dog_of_Myth: But where are the keys.....
BrindleBoar: F
Electrodyne: Good hacking
Gildan_Bladeborn: Haven't you enjoyed all the many circuit puzzles from the many quality video games you've played before?
Faulpyr: everybody loves pipe dream!
DiscordianTokkan: Ehhh, Belopa, ees the best pod racer, Belopa always weeeens!
StreetCornerPoet: Excuse me with those flashlight kills it seems you got some Alan Wake in the Little Silent Hill Nightmares
BusTed: Then they went away for no raisin
The_Color_Twelve: An auspicious name
Easilycrazyhat: Don't worry about it
Himyul: auspicious!
Koshindan: Liquid cooling
HundreydAundre: People kept asking "where's my car?" these days, but the most interesting question I never heard was "What's my car?"
Makrosian_Tae: Ok, @keytarcat thank you <3
VrolikSyndrome: It's steam powered.
Arclight_Dynamo: They're running Steam on that cabinet.
circusofkirkus: that's where Wreck It Ralph is from
Nigouki: the cables seems to be just as invasive as the monster eyeballs
gualdhar: we're Tron now
Dog_of_Myth: Super Mario
Seth_Erickson: they compiled all the triple a batteries into one mega battery
fastlane250: now youve done it
TheWriterAleph: i'm sorry... did a KID... make a BATTERY? that's your question?
onetrueseth: Its like you've never even heard of a Tron...
HundreydAundre: I knew it!
Seth_Erickson: that's very Little Nightmares
Eille_k: titan
NimrodXIV: NO
BusTed: It has its own flashlight
GhostValv: D:
tergonis: that's all kinds of unpleasant
Tripleyew: oh, heck now
Boon_33: you've found the Kernal cabinet which powers all games
Gaytanic_Panic: The WENDIGO
Easilycrazyhat: "Are you my mommy?"
serramarkov: It is the Ur game. That's a Nosferatu.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think an even better question, perhaps the BEST question even, is "why is my car?'.
circusofkirkus: it's a content creator
druidofspores: reminds me of RVB when Caboose is pretending to be a zombie and saying "Briaaan"
HundreydAundre: Ben you biffed it!
Tripleyew: heck no
ATrophonian: Are you my mummy?
Tartarga: That must be the owner of the arcade.
dappercuttlefish: YIKES
itomeshi: Hey, horror game again!
Dog_of_Myth: Now Kiss
Tripleyew: so much no
jessieimproved: This game art is amazing
fastlane250: New Objective: GTFOutta there
lock3dinabox: nope nope nope
HundreydAundre: It really is Game Over.
Makrosian_Tae: Holy shit, this got ACTUALLY scary!
KeytarCat: I wanted this to turn into a Dragon's Lair style trial and error game
bv310: It's a movie projector?
DarknessKingCoH: It's a Thrull clearly
call_me_Aras: It's a fiolm projector
Himyul: he can't eat you if he's got a flashlight in his mouth
Shirts_: I hope this game comes to other platforms so it can get the attention it deserves
CavemanKellen: thats some slenderman shit
BusTed: Now it's defeated and gone forever.
Seth_Erickson: Down with Exclusives
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes... gone forever.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Won't run into it as many as 4 more times, no sirree.
druidofspores: I'm really rooting for this kid
HundreydAundre: Oops, more than one.
serramarkov: The first rule of not being seen: Don't stand up.
Himyul: PopChamp!
NightWingMistHawk: Soda pog
Easilycrazyhat: Clearly she's a vampire
Koshindan: But the inhaler heals the light pains?
HundreydAundre: The A
BrindleBoar: more like some kind of Cinematic Blast
apparently_dionysus: deals psychic damage
CavemanKellen: we dead
Arclight_Dynamo: Quick! Huff a haley!
Seth_Erickson: Just tank it we have heals
circusofkirkus: walk it off, walk it off
Koshindan: Do you need to sneak right now?
Front_Ranger: vape
Makrosian_Tae: Damn
KeytarCat: Face tank the big scary
Easilycrazyhat: That's basically how they're used in 80s movies, anyhow.
KeytarCat: That's the speedrunner way
Makrosian_Tae: You may not need to sneak.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The first rule of not being seen is to wave your arms about and stand very tall, whilst shouting out with a commanding voice "I am being VERY STEALTHY right now!". The more you believe it, and the louder you say it, the stealthier you'll be.
Makrosian_Tae: Run?
Boon_33: Ben got confused and started tanking the boss there for abit
until_may: forgive me player for I have sinned
fastlane250: so i was doing things whille having the stream on in the background but this game's really got me
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ducking down and being quiet are rookie mistakes.
HundreydAundre: Is it really?
Electrodyne: wow they ripped off the dungeon music from Link to the Past
Lord_ZYRK: That's bait
HundreydAundre: So, that's it?
BusTed: it's just a prank bro
BrindleBoar: Ashton Kutcher around every corner
VrolikSyndrome: Get pranked, nerrrrrrrd!
Talin06: game play that is why
Seth_Erickson: the lengths the bullies go to in this town Jesus
BusTed: 👋
Koshindan: "You think light can defeat monsters? Hah!"
CompletelyUnsure: We summoned the forces of darkness, ya nerd!
fastlane250: heh heh heh senior prank senior prank
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ha ha, we sent you to the alternate monster dimension! You're face was priceless!
TheWriterAleph: NERD *punch*
ATrophonian: We built this city. For Shock and Awe.
Arclight_Dynamo: "This is awful, scary, and dangerous. Yep, that's my entire experience of pranks." Welp. Kid needs therapy.
circusofkirkus: it's just a prank
Makrosian_Tae: Pranked you. We're actually minions of an otherworldly god. Get DUNKED
magical_writer: It was all just a scooby doo mystery
Seth_Erickson: sally's never climbed anything other than ladders
BusTed: The ninja turtles might have pizza though.
Easilycrazyhat: But they're Radical
HundreydAundre: A bullied child summoned another dimensions of monsters to attack their hometown?
kumatsu: but Ben, what if you became the new Ninja Turtle
The_Color_Twelve: or just dragging the wires by the insulated parts till they're out of the water
apparently_dionysus: recruit the ninja turtles to your cause!
Gildan_Bladeborn: He would be very disappointed in you.
DarknessKingCoH: They also probably smell like shit
Lord_ZYRK: He's cool, but rude
Robot_Bones: Never meet your heros
NightValien28: you would not let raph down, he would pick you up LIKE A BOSS
Dmc3628: didn't Raph become Shredder in one of their multiverses
Kaaosa: The Ninja Turtles, after meeting Ben: "so that kid sucked, right?"
Shirts_: I too feel like I'd let the ninja turtles down lrrAWW
Koshindan: You meet the ninja turtles, but it turns out the newest movie design was the real one and you're disappointed.
Arclight_Dynamo: "Don't touch Donatello, or you might get salmonella!"
tycoonbosh: @Lord_ZYRK I was just typing that! But yeah, he would be let down by everyone and he'd let you know
Himyul: Turns out Michelangelo said some problematic things on twitter, so....
Makrosian_Tae: My favorite discussion is what do we call the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they aren't teenage anymore?
BrindleBoar: pizza every night, sewers all day
LightingExpert13: i met them on tour they were pretty cool
Gildan_Bladeborn: Point A: they're teenagers. Point B: they live in the literal sewer.
Easilycrazyhat: "You can't disappoint a picture!"
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, probably smell.
zeldakid1999: Clap
circusofkirkus: cool puzzle
Gaytanic_Panic: benginDab
Front_Ranger: puzzlepro
CompletelyUnsure: eating nothing but pizza can't be good for their complexion either
TheWriterAleph: can't or won't, kid
BrindleBoar: Ben "Puzzle God" Ulmer
KeytarCat: I was curious about the speedrun for this game, but it looks like only one person has done it
Eille_k: i hope we find an inhaler down here
circusofkirkus: James
Koshindan: Won't go into sewage, puts sewage rocks in pockets.
apparently_dionysus: sewer rocks PogChamp
Gildan_Bladeborn: Fast forward to the end of the game when Ben gets the "bad end" because he missed one of those mysterious rocks.
HundreydAundre: hmmmm...
Nigouki: protip: if a rock is warm it's probably radioactive so put it down and RUN
druidofspores: puzzle champ
until_may: in b4 adam
Himyul: Graham Stark
matthaus_c: David Bowie, because he'd be a zombie
Makrosian_Tae: Never meet your heroes
Kramburger: My wife and I decided to give our daughter both of our last names (hyphenated) because it meant you can sing her full name to the TMNT theme
CompletelyUnsure: Jesus
mgknominator: Ben ulmer
Electrodyne: CFL legend Warren Moon.
until_may: If I saw adam id p[rolly just touch his knees
BoblinTheGoblin69: jesus
NightWingMistHawk: Honestly? You guys.
codatski: @matthaus_c Nah, David Bowie would be a Lich
druidofspores: touch his knees??
kumatsu: Wayne June
edgeyberzerker: When I met Kenny Omega I paniced and asked him what he thought about Final Fantasy VII Remake annoucement
Seth_Erickson: They've considered this question indepth
Front_Ranger: LOL
Gaytanic_Panic: Zack Sabre Jr. I'd become a pretzel
Front_Ranger: Yeah, totally CFL
Makrosian_Tae: @edgeyberzerker what did he say?
druidofspores: Liam OBrien is my hero
KeytarCat: I like John Cena, but I think I'd have a hard time seeing him in person
Lord_ZYRK: active comedian Electrodyne
edgeyberzerker: @Makrosian_Tae He was like "oooo it's gonna be good"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Seeing John Cena in person does seem like it would be difficult, yes.
Kramburger: You made her Baylate
BusTed: seabatYIKES
bv310: Oh noooooo
drawnbinary: I don't know what I'd do if I met Tyler Breeze and/or Fandango
kumatsu: When I met Scott McCloud I didn't know why I would be doing so and it became an Awkward Hug
HundreydAundre: So they don't die to streetlights per se...
Gaytanic_Panic: ooooohhh nooooooo
itira: I met Cori at the skytrain in Van and made a total fool of myself hahaha
NightWingMistHawk: NGL I want to see a movie animated by these guys
Seth_Erickson: ah perfectly programmed to help us I see
edgeyberzerker: Honestly Kenny Omega is super amazing and nice dude. I got to play smash bros with him (it was for a comic con event in London Ontario)
BrindleBoar: oh god, Projectorback comin' with ya
Lord_ZYRK: Oh, that's cool I guess :)
DiscordianTokkan: The Eberron, Gloom, and TAZ game person! Keith's great
Gildan_Bladeborn: Too bad.
JonnyGlitch: touch it!
BusTed: 🤖
Arclight_Dynamo: I was going to say "Mister Rogers," but I think I wouldn't be awkward so much as I'd just walk up and start ugly crying.
Seth_Erickson: it doesn't
Koshindan: Dolls. Ben's favorite thing.
Roger_Job329: ewww
gibbousm: no, not puppets!
HundreydAundre: Rise thy goreious creation....rise.....
JonnyGlitch: isn't that just Life?
HundreydAundre: Ore. Is. It?
DiscordianTokkan: Or, kid, maybe you're also a doll
matthaus_c: this kid seems self-centered
HundreydAundre: Wait.
Seth_Erickson: Sally I don't know how to break this to you but lots of kids have shoulder length brown hair
HundreydAundre: I get it.
TheWriterAleph: it is a homunculus doppelganger
itira: its weird that she is collecting used inhalers
Darleysam: break soon?
drawnbinary: When I told my friend I high-fived Kenny Omega, they IMMEDIATELY told me to laminate my hand
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, dolls aren't Ben's FAVORITE thing - that was a spider that was MADE of Dolls. Ben LOVED that thing. Kappa
CompletelyUnsure: This game is diving a ton a resources
JonnyGlitch: BOO
BusTed: mmhm.
Front_Ranger: soda can mechanic is really smart, very well designed
HundreydAundre: The more you progress, the more humanized the Mannies become.
TheWriterAleph: Ben, you need to Emi-leave
Gildan_Bladeborn: Especially how it crawled on the ceiling and hunted him.
Gaytanic_Panic: Ben, You're fired.
Front_Ranger: lol
HundreydAundre: Right?
Makrosian_Tae: I like how this kid has enough presence of kind to say "damn, it's like there's a reason all of these things are happening...around me specifically" but not enough to say "wow, I'm actually in another world"
Gaytanic_Panic: Ben you're Emi-fired.
magical_writer: lol
Uzumaki15: Good idea, let's yell in a school we know is filled with monsters
JonnyGlitch: Stream comes back on and it's just Adam
The_Color_Twelve: katesADS katesADS katesADS
BoblinTheGoblin69: baby jail
bv310: We'll have to Emi-let you go
mgknominator: Ben’s ded
HundreydAundre: Every other mannie we've seen thus far has been a blank puppet.
quillilian: Time to but Ben back into the crate for the winter
Electrodyne: Break time! Let's do five pushups, I'll get the first one. Wall pushups count too
NightWingMistHawk: Ah, the joys of "I can't figure out if my stomach's legitimately hurting or if I'm just very hungry"
HundreydAundre: Then we come across this one w/ a bit of hair and makeup set apart from the rest.
Electrodyne: 1 down, 4 to go
Juliamon: NightWingMistHawk Ah yes, the ol' "Sick, Gas, or Hunger" game
Seth_Erickson: I got the 2nd one 3 to go
Electrodyne: @seth_erickson nice!!
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Easilycrazyhat that is the game making those sounds, yes.
apparently_dionysus: the sick gas ir hunger games was my favorite book back when it came out Kappa
technoFinch: I did a set, 2 to go
NightWingMistHawk: Juliamon I swear, my body lately has decided it just wants to mess with me every day
Electrodyne: Two more pushups, we're almost there chat
Makrosian_Tae: @seth_erickson What did you get?
Easilycrazyhat: Cool, cool
Makrosian_Tae: I'm lost
Electrodyne: @technofinch awesome!
amuseoffirebane: I did a pushup!
Makrosian_Tae: Wait, we're working out during the break?
Juliamon: Makrosian_Tae Community break-time pushup goal
Electrodyne: @amuseoffirebane outstanding!
Seth_Erickson: Electrodyne wanted us to do 5 pushups collectively as chat and I did the 2nd
Makrosian_Tae: I've been spinning on my stationary bike. Does that count?
kalira77: I got you for one bad pushup, @electrodyne
Electrodyne: We're doing five pushups, so we don't get lazy
Pteraspidomorphi: Ok, did a set
Electrodyne: @kalira77 finished it off. WE DID IT CHAT
apparently_dionysus: woot
NightWingMistHawk: Nicely done chat!
Seth_Erickson: I haven't done a pushup in at least 2 years so we're really breaking my comfort zone but that's ok
Electrodyne: wall pushups count too, so do knee pushups.
Makrosian_Tae: Nice job y'all!
CompletelyUnsure: It's called a library, dummy
apparently_dionysus: seatbelts everyone
Eille_k: no ywa
TheWriterAleph: "At my old school, we didn't have teleporting raven monsters everywhere..."
Eille_k: way**
Kaaosa: With the Friz? Not a chance, boyo
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Koshindan: Public schools
Arclight_Dynamo: *Gasp*! It's the fabled permanent records room!
HundreydAundre: Oh, noes. The eyes are back.
itira: fuckin uhhhh
HundreydAundre: But where are they?
jetpixi: Fuckin uhhhh Sask School
Gaytanic_Panic: Fuckin' uuuuuuuuuuhhh
Gaytanic_Panic: Subway'
Makrosian_Tae: This is very Little Nightmares
Easilycrazyhat: Spogwarts
tergonis: pigfarts
fastlane250: B.S. Elementary
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think most school libraries aren't full of stacks of books that are each larger than a child. That seems atypical.
GhostValv: mcdonalds
Juliamon: Pigfarts
bv310: I teach in a public school, I can confirm they look exactly like this. Eyeballs in the closet and all
Lord_ZYRK: Pogwarts
BusTed: Durmstrang
itira: fuckin uuuhhh Pogwarts
KeytarCat: I was expecting "public"
DarknessKingCoH: You diggleweed
jetpixi: also hi folks. how we doing this evenin?
Electrodyne: Holy cow, I haven't seen a Card Catalog in years!
Uzumaki15: What was *your* library look like Ben?
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's Dogfarts, Adam.
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Eille_k: logwarts
Kaaosa: Stupid Dumb WIzard Academy
Makrosian_Tae: What a thrill
Favre_Studios: Fuck jk rowling
Seth_Erickson: yeah projector monster especially reminds me of Little Nightmares @Makrosian_Tae
NightWingMistHawk: Hi jetpixi. Doing ok - body can't decide if it's sick or just hungry
BusTed: Emily's been eating crayons.
Saintnex: Simon B Goths Wizard Academy
apparently_dionysus: or in the native language, Ogwarts-hay
HundreydAundre: It's her.
Electrodyne: Are we.... Emily?
HundreydAundre: She. She did all this.
jetpixi: Got anything to eat? I feel bad when I don't eat long enough @NightWingMistHawk
Kaaosa: How does having a big funny nose make him cool?! not fair
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh Simon B. Goth, what CAN'T your wizard university teach us?
HundreydAundre: A figment of her imagination....
Gaytanic_Panic: Oh no.......
Seth_Erickson: It's got the Little Nightmares signature long janky arms
itira: aww grampa
Electrodyne: oh dear, foreshadowing
NightWingMistHawk: jetpixi I got lots to eat - guess I'm just worried about it not solving the problem
Makrosian_Tae: Wholesome
magical_writer: Right after taking him for a walk.
Saintnex: NOEP
rasterscan: Adam! D:
itira: Adam?
jetpixi: oh yeah that makes sense :( @NightWingMistHawk
ATrophonian: Building up for the Rug Pulling...
GhostValv: explains my baldness :(
The_Color_Twelve: Yep same basic principals
bv310: Time for more commercials!
TheWriterAleph: Adam's not allowed at Great Clips, I've heard.
Makrosian_Tae: ADAM
Easilycrazyhat: Would you throw someone off a balcony for combing your wife's hair?
quillilian: Always practice safe hair brushing
Kaaosa: On the sex continuum, "hair combing" is right next to "totally banging"
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
codatski: You wanna take that again Adam?
itira: emi-leave
Eille_k: eyemily
dappercuttlefish: i was going to say something nice about my dad and now i'm just grossed out
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well that made all the times I combed my own mother's hair just suuuuper ackward.
apparently_dionysus: @easilycrazyhat I'd throw someone off a balcony for being on a balcony Kappa
JonnyGlitch: "I'm dying in a vat in the garaaaagggeeee!"
jetpixi: this kid never skips the gym
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Easilycrazyhat: There's a gab next tot he rolly thing
Easilycrazyhat: *gap
Seth_Erickson: Can you pull it toward the wall?
NightWingMistHawk: Can you move the rolly thing sideways?
matthaus_c: Adam only says this because he only got to comb people's hair in high school
Easilycrazyhat: To the wall
Electrodyne: A?
HundreydAundre: I knew it!
SmithKurosaki: Hit a
Easilycrazyhat: Far left
HundreydAundre: She made the monsters, somehow...
HundreydAundre: Or maybe she foresaw them...
Eille_k: on the chalk board "don't fight don't tell" the classic millitary rules
itira: totally....
HundreydAundre: drawing of a poop...
Boon_33: Now rember honey, in the event of monsters destroying the town don't climb over any chest high furniture.
SmithKurosaki: It looks iike you can use the ball to redirect the light ben
JonnyGlitch: Adam "The Comb" Savidan
bv310: Can you long-bomb a soda can into that Eye?
BrindleBoar: laser! that! eyeball!
brainbosh: Can you laser that eye?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Totally insurmountable obstacles: shin-high walls.
Gaytanic_Panic: Zap it?
LithelyUnshod: climb?
SmithKurosaki: Press A by the ball?
Easilycrazyhat: Check the alcove to the left. I think there's a tunnel
Gildan_Bladeborn: Can you... shoot it from there?
Seth_Erickson: Can we climb the stacked shelves there
Gaytanic_Panic: Side handle>
JonnyGlitch: can you zap the eye with the trolly all the way forward?
Seth_Erickson: if we push the cart all the way in
planeswalkagogo: side handle might be the tech
RaemonDamon: maybe shiny a light at the orb thing there?
Easilycrazyhat: She has asthma, Ben lrrBEEJ
SmithKurosaki: There you go
itira: yeah!
JonnyGlitch: New Mechanics!
Dog_of_Myth: Gaming
Dmc3628: behold mirror bending lazors
jetpixi: eh?
Roger_Job329: Big brain Savidan
BusTed: :)
JonnyGlitch: Emil-A
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's how light works.
NimrodXIV: heh heh
Seth_Erickson: Clap
itira: clapu clapu
SmithKurosaki golfclaps
BusTed: good joke, content creator :)
rasterscan: Great joke, Streamer.
Dmc3628: Clap Troglodytes
GhostValv: good joke streamer :)
Mysticman89: good boy, you deserve a treat
DeM0nFiRe: Great Joke Adam Savidan :)
Koshindan: Congratulations Adam. :3
spethycakes: slow clap
TheWriterAleph: cool joke streamer :)
Eille_k: great joke :)
NotCainNorAbel: good joke Adam :)
Halvhir: Great joke, Adam Savidan. :)
Dog_of_Myth: That was a C joke at best
Seth_Erickson: Very Funny :)
NimrodXIV: :)
circusofkirkus: that's a great joke Adam Savidan :3
NightWingMistHawk: Great joke streamers
DrWreckage: congratulations :)
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HondoTrigger: great joke twitch dot tv streamer seabats
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Pharmacistjudge: Great Job Adam Savidan :-)
fastlane250: great jorb :)
BrindleBoar: Congradamulations :3
VrolikSyndrome: Great joke! :)
DiscordianTokkan: Truuuuuuue thooooough
RaemonDamon: He gets one joke a year and just spent it
ImmortalLen: Fantastic joke adam : D
codatski: No
Makrosian_Tae: Clapclap
ATrophonian: Great Joke Adam Savidan. :)
magical_writer: great joke adam savidan and smiley face.
ContingentCat: great joke Adam Savidan :D
tallhobbit97: great joke, Adam :)
RaemonDamon: rip the rest of let's nope
apparently_dionysus: Great joke Adam Savidan :(
Lord_ZYRK: Great joke, Mr. Savidaniel :)
Arclight_Dynamo: Lookit the SIZE of that TV!
quillilian: Dearest Streamer Adam, you have produced an excellent humor :3
Garuuk_Predator_of_Scrubs: Great Joke Adam Savidan :)
mgknominator: The joke sucked
Arclight_Dynamo: You could rent that out for a thou a month in Vancouver!
Zoltas9: great joke Adam Savidan
Gildan_Bladeborn: Great joke Adam Savidan, and smiley face. I'm not sure why I'm supposed to type that last part, but Ben DID tell me to.
Koshindan: cheer100 Remember when Ben said this wasn't a pile on stream. That didn't last long.
rasterscan: Hey, the rest of us liked it!
BusTed: As always, hyper focused on the one negative comment.
Seth_Erickson: I knew this was all a big elaborate prank by the school bullies
DiscordianTokkan: Great Joke Adam, angry cat face
JonnyGlitch: jokes ARE hard, especially when you're not funny Kappa
Seth_Erickson: there's a hole to crawl through
circusofkirkus: there's a hole on the left side
afantastico: Great joke, Adam Savid lrrHAM
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Saintnex: if only we had something to help us see in the darkness
The_Color_Twelve: katesBonk
DiscordianTokkan: >:3
Electrodyne: hole in the wall
matthaus_c: I hear they wrote the Oxford Classification of Jokes by Quality
Electrodyne: there
spethycakes: Getting super meta about the bullying theme here
Koshindan: Where did Emily get all these mannequins?
HundreydAundre: Aw, man. I wish they could stop referring to The Simpsons as oracle prophets of the future.
qwertiest_mint: @Koshindan 2 for 1 deal downtown :)
HundreydAundre: It's the sole reason I dislike that it exists.
TheWriterAleph: m-m-m-MONSTERS???
JonnyGlitch: What if YOU'RE the bully and this is your purgatory? Ala Silent Hill II?
Saintnex: raigeki?
DeM0nFiRe: Raigeki?
HundreydAundre: Because I still kind of watch it from time to time...
bv310: So wait, are we shoving a flashlight into our bullies backs?
Gaytanic_Panic: Depends on the printing
Saintnex: It used to be very expensive
HundreydAundre: What the...YAMI!?
DarknessKingCoH: The 1st ed LOB version is worth money
Pharmacistjudge: it used to be expensive
ArtemisKing: og raiogekis were a lot way back
Koshindan: Wasn't Raigeki in some preconstructed decks?
Easilycrazyhat: oof
Kaaosa: What an idiot you were
Kaaosa: A foolish child
Easilycrazyhat: People like that fucking suck
Gildan_Bladeborn: Apparently Konami is known for reprinting certain cards just into the literal ground.
HundreydAundre: We'd all been so navie of economy ack then.
jetpixi: seabatUseless
ArtemisKing: you can actually play raigeki at 1 now in yugioh
HundreydAundre: back then.
fastlane250: get connned, nerd
Pteraspidomorphi: Don't remember what the card was anymore but the same thing happened to me for MtG
ImmortalLen: Did he rip the card in front of you.
Mysticman89: what a complete shmuck
itira: hahaha
HundreydAundre: I knew it!
Dog_of_Myth: YES
SmithKurosaki: F
Pharmacistjudge: was it still banned back then?
circusofkirkus: LUL
Makrosian_Tae: You square! You absolute rhombus!
Eille_k: it u\
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
fastlane250: lrrSPOOP
LightingExpert13: weeping angel time
bv310: I got my mom called because I kicked a kid in the shins over Pokemon cards
zeldakid1999: Yay dolls and spiders
HundreydAundre: There's always another...
Gaytanic_Panic: justam1Joker justam1Joker justam1Joker
circusofkirkus: the shadow is super creepy
Roger_Job329: Puppet time
JonnyGlitch: Say hello to your new friend! No bullying her becasue she's different
Gildan_Bladeborn: Hurray! It's our favorite friend!
Shirts_: same happened to me with phage the untouchable
HundreydAundre: NO>
Makrosian_Tae: Can you shoot it?
spethycakes: THE EYES
onethousandneedles: nothing to see here. perfectly normal
Dog_of_Myth: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Gaytanic_Panic: It's gonna GETCHA
Rynehawk: that shadow creeeeeepy
62MGcobra: you think thats bad i had a first ed foil charizard. now im kicking my own ass
Roger_Job329: it's aaa you
Makrosian_Tae: The targeting pointer goes red. I think you can shoot it
dappercuttlefish: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Electrodyne: it has eyeballs
Kaaosa: if your mother loves that face, get a new mom
ContingentCat: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
BodaciousNia: looks like something from a Gorillaz video
RaemonDamon: queue chase sequence
Electrodyne: mannequins don't have eyeballs
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's 100% going to stand up and peel its face off at some point.
spethycakes: Definitely going to have some nightmares about being replaced by a mannequin wearing my hair tonight
Gildan_Bladeborn: Just putting that out there now.
amuseoffirebane: chance of that doll chasing us down a hallway?
HundreydAundre: I TOLD YOU. EYES WERE RIGHT. More human while progressing.
Makrosian_Tae: HIGH
ContingentCat: or peel off your face
Gildan_Bladeborn: Somewhere in the neighborhood of... 100%.
JonnyGlitch: What was that?
jetpixi: why do you keep yeeting soda at shit?
dappercuttlefish: don't make it mad at you
DeM0nFiRe: @spethycakes can I have a me-mannequin to go to work for me so I can stay home?
soupgiraffe: it will remember that
bv310: @jetpixi Style points
Gildan_Bladeborn: Build your own tulpa.
Electrodyne: shenanigan accomplished
jetpixi: gotcha SeemsGood @bv310
HundreydAundre: Was that can throw gonna come back to haunt us, chat?
spethycakes: @DeM0nFiRe It may scare off all your win-win?
HundreydAundre: Full!?
jetpixi: oh they're neat looking
jetpixi: LUL
MegaDosX: In the Hall of the Mountain Ben
JonnyGlitch: murderer!
DarknessKingCoH: tbf My first few gameboys were obtained thru trading yugioh cards. Which looking back on it seems strange.
Lord_ZYRK: Okay, if the mannequins slowly start getting more people-like I'm calling an ambiguous ending where we don't know if we actually escaped or a construct that looks like us does
DiscordianTokkan: SEKIRO
ImmortalLen: Mountain king intensify.
Saintnex: So Im just gonna try to no-scope guess the ending twist of the game, Emily is our protag's imaginary friend and not our actual cousin
jetpixi: amazing soundtrack. A regular John Williams here.
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loki_lxix: yay LRR spoopies
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Talin06: use the stun
Seth_Erickson: he teleported when you stunned
JonnyGlitch: you forgot that Hall of the Mountain King turns into combat music
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'mma try a stab at it: WE'RE Emily, and this girl is our imaginary friend.
Koshindan: Quick, use your after image to distract them!
HundreydAundre: Assassinate.
Rynehawk: just joined - have to say this game has a really neat look to it
circusofkirkus: so stealthy
Makrosian_Tae: My no-scope is that Emily was being bullied and the protagonist did nothing to stop it, which is why she feels...Gylt
itira: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: Sealbats
JonnyGlitch: DMCA
Electrodyne: like a passing wind
petey_vonwho: "i am very stealthy..."
jetpixi: LUL @Lord_ZYRK
Saintnex: The clip of Alex being so confused from the Seal game still gets me
jetpixi: nailed it
magical_writer: Stop Ben, you don't want to get demonitized.
Roger_Job329: that way my first cd seal
eric_christian_berg: Ah, Skeal.
HundreydAundre: The child lives long enough to become the JAWS that were hunting her.
bv310: Pearl Jam covering Seal is a crossover I didn't know I needed
Gildan_Bladeborn: Thank you for reminding me of the time Alex played Skeel, Ben.
jetpixi: DMCA strike incoming
Makrosian_Tae: LUL, I love you two bozos
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
Electrodyne: oh but he don't know, so he chases then away-hey
HundreydAundre: @jetpixi OH NO! IT DID HEAR YOU!!!
TheWriterAleph: shououout your lungs out
DarknessKingCoH: I heard its fun to stay at the DMCA
GhostValv: :3
JonnyGlitch: No, Bozos, Clowns require a degree
itira: Make us laugh funny men
jetpixi: wait what? lol @HundreydAundre
omdorastrix: But Drs' they are Paggliacci...
SurfDownstage: The lets nope boys are lets nope men now
HundreydAundre: The brutish monster of the bunch...!!!
RockPusher: Professional Punnymens
matthaus_c: you've got a job being bozos? talk about career goals
BodaciousNia: Am I here to make you Laugh??
SurfDownstage: They grow up so fast
Dog_of_Myth: @Makrosian_Tae But they are not named Jeff....
HundreydAundre: The DMCA!!!
RaemonDamon: the bird ones are actually kinda cute when they're on the search
metaphics: I kept reading demonetizied as demonized, and I didn't think Ben's singing was that bad :/
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, being a clown was Bozo's job too
Gildan_Bladeborn: Curses! If only I wasn't compelled to narrate my own life out loud all of the time! Who could have imagined this would have negative consequences!
itira: maybe once
jetpixi: once. maybe twice.
circusofkirkus: i have a stuffy nose, so no
Kaaosa: Adam you have never made me nose-toot
JonnyGlitch: My goal every stream is to make Adam laugh
tergonis: i've chuckled a couple times even
magical_writer: you got me with the comment about recess.
Lord_ZYRK: That did it for me
Saintnex: I mean, I just straight up laughed, does that count?
lemmel: Just did.
spethycakes: I've jump-scare jumped multiple times
Darleysam: StrongMad?
Arclight_Dynamo: That is 100% Aaaah! Real Monsters.
Andelwing: You sure got me
circusofkirkus: dildo arm
Makrosian_Tae: Lots for me
ArtemisKing: how many horror games implement microphone? where if you make too much noise as a player it alerts monsters?
itira: jetpixi only once @_@
JonnyGlitch: and a mouth belly?
Shirts_: ok that got me
Seth_Erickson: it's hard to express a heavy noise exhale through twitch chat I feel
drawnbinary: Ricardio
jetpixi: LUL @itira
Rynehawk: imagine having a dildarm
BusTed: I'm pretty sure that's a MUSCLE Man.
jetpixi: Well. We do now.
metaphics: and its the right arm too. Handshakes must be awkward
Pteraspidomorphi: Darleysam: Stinkoman?
Dmc3628: a true one eyed monster
Cartographers_Ink: Damn you Ben! I swore I wouldn't fall for your devilish tricks!
spethycakes: Ol' Dick-Arms Savidan
Gildan_Bladeborn: You got legitimate chuckles from me a couple of times so far Adam.
Lord_ZYRK: Adam Savidong
Snakebyte36: adick savidarm
Darleysam: @Pteraspidomorphi 20X6!
Electrodyne: that said poop
Gaytanic_Panic: Dong CHamp
Lord_ZYRK: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
circusofkirkus: raise your peeners
ATrophonian: Flip a coin to your Donger?
GhostValv: \o/
TheWriterAleph: did dongers ever go away?
quillilian: Hey now, we shouldn't make fun of the phallically appendaged chalkboard monster
itira: what if you dont have a donger
DarknessKingCoH: Adam "Full Mast" Savidan
SurfDownstage: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
JonnyGlitch: what game?
ArtemisKing: i wont fall into the trap of playing league again.....
Seth_Erickson: I don't know if that was good enough for the basketball team Sally
Seth_Erickson: you threw a can at a switch
Dmc3628: unless you're batman and have freeze grenades
circusofkirkus: cool joke streamer
Kaaosa: When the Mundo rework comes out, I'm gonna get pulled back into League
Armyguy0: Ah the donger
Armyguy0: been some time
chefryto90: Cool joke streamer
Makrosian_Tae: Can you throw water at the fire?
Koshindan: That's a horrible way to die.
Front_Ranger: vape
HundreydAundre: HERE. ADAM. COMETHS.
bv310: Help! The steam's bullying me
itomeshi: The steam demonstrated a loop; you must concede.
BusTed: Why do birds... suddenly appear...
SurfDownstage: It's like being bullied by twitter
MegaDosX: What is this, Goldberg's entrance?
Tartarga: Getting stunlocked is the real horror.
Seth_Erickson: who let the birds in?
BrindleBoar: this seems very sunsafe
DiscordianTokkan: Good thing inhalers heal steam burns
Koshindan: Under the steam?
itira: valve you fool
eric_christian_berg: Why do birds suddenly appear?
call_me_Aras: duck
DeM0nFiRe: gdqVAC
spethycakes: This is majorly failing the OSHA standards
MegaDosX: Also you probably could've ducked under it
Makrosian_Tae: I-Frames son!
JonnyGlitch: Lenny!
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think you guys are both hallucinating, that was clearly a dog barking.
Talin06: duck?
HundreydAundre: Aw, noes. Uh message!
JonnyGlitch: LUL
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Dog_of_Myth: hahaha
Pteraspidomorphi: oof
BrindleBoar: gottem
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
fastlane250: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
circusofkirkus: lrrSPOOP
Dmc3628: that was a good ring lite
SnowbirdMike: lol
DiscordianTokkan: oof
Cavemanhar: lol
Rynehawk: LUL
dappercuttlefish: F
HundreydAundre: Nevermind. It was Nevermore.
Armyguy0: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SmithKurosaki: Ben get dolled?
GhostValv: f
MegaDosX: Wow what even was that
DarknessKingCoH: Was not expecting that
itira: jesus lol
circusofkirkus: that was a good'un
eric_christian_berg: I ran a game for a whole party of monks like that. Immune to poison and massive dex saves, they just triggered all the traps.
NightWingMistHawk: Oww
TheWriterAleph: lrrBEN lrrSPOOP
BusTed: We got a gamer down.
BusTed: Repeat. Gamer down.
Seth_Erickson: what even was it
Gildan_Bladeborn: I was soooo expecting that to happen, and then it did.
Electrodyne: jump care
itira: fuck it got me too lol
KeytarCat: That almost made me cry
gualdhar: oh no someone clip that I wasn't watching
Makrosian_Tae: Uber rude
BobROE: You're not wrong Adam.
Gildan_Bladeborn: To be fair Ben, it did also literally scream at you.
DeM0nFiRe: I didnt watch it myself but I heard people talking about a video where a Doom Eternal developer is unhappy about speedrunners breaking the game lol
Arclight_Dynamo: I once entirely ruined a TTRPG session by smashing an NPC's head with a jade statue three minutes into the game.
Arclight_Dynamo: Oops.
SurfDownstage: Gamers are the worst thing to happen full stop
fastlane250: those damn gamers, they ruined gaming! Kappa
Dmc3628: that's NONcompliant
JonnyGlitch: get out
JonnyGlitch: that's strike 2 Ben
Makrosian_Tae: Ben got it Ben. Love you
Roger_Job329: tv
The_Color_Twelve: tv?
itira: screaming tv ?
eric_christian_berg: Rolling cart!
zeldakid1999: Soda can do
Front_Ranger: pull tv into room
BusTed: Hyperbolic at best.
Shirts_: tv?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Bring the TV over maybe?
circusofkirkus: walk on the tv?
JonnyGlitch: Gamers are the second worse thing, Ben's jokes are the first worst
Electrodyne: stack of 490 soda cans to bridge the gap
circusofkirkus: we maneuver this with such ease
Easilycrazyhat: Got a sub for the day, means movie day!
NUTSOFODEN: have we found the sunglasses demons to thwart our flashlight plan yet?
SmithKurosaki: Thats a chonker of a tv
itira: yeouchy
Kaaosa: true tho
Seth_Erickson: okay got the crtv here who brought the Smash Bros?
MegaDosX: Wow
GhostValv: oofa
JonnyGlitch: Got there! My work here is done
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
itira: BEN LOL
Arclight_Dynamo: "But doctor, this *is* my day job!"
BrindleBoar: lrrSPOOP
fastlane250: eyecrab in the vent
Gildan_Bladeborn: The spooky TV "could" just be misunderstood - maybe it needs to scare people to breathe, you don't know!
TheWriterAleph: he just came by to say 'eye'
Saintnex: Welp that definitely got me
ATrophonian: Yesssssss.
DiscordianTokkan: That got me
SurfDownstage: lrrSPOOP
eric_christian_berg: Eye see you!
Front_Ranger: i like the yellow = manipulate design
MegaDosX: You didn't see that coming?
itira: every time you yell it scares me
ATrophonian: Eye on the Prize, lrrBEN
HasturTheYellow: Gallagher made a career out of smashing fruit and veg on stage, you got this Ben
HundreydAundre: Go away!
Dmc3628: Grav Squeeze
HundreydAundre: OW!
Rynehawk: salt and vinegar i hope
fastlane250: i had pringles on hand last break
Kaaosa: a man goes to the doctor and says "I can only make bad puns" and the doctor says, "well don't quit your day job" the man cries and says, "but doctor, that is my day job"
BrindleBoar: pizzingles
circusofkirkus: what's your favority pringles vintage?
HasturTheYellow: Adam knows the way
DrWreckage: They are really good adam
Pharmacistjudge: is there a Pringles All Dressed?
Electrodyne: Pringifers!!!
fastlane250: I will die with you on that hill, Adam.
Eille_k: sour and cream
JonnyGlitch: Sour Cream and Onions are the best flavor of any chip
zeldakid1999: Clap
drawnbinary: I think there's Aussie Meat Pie flavour Pringles here
DeM0nFiRe: Specifically the extreme pizza flavor, the regular pizza flavor doesnt have enough flavor
SmithKurosaki: +1 Sc&O for me
SurfDownstage: Sour xor cream
apparently_dionysus: mmmm I love Cream Pringles Kappa
Dog_of_Myth: Sour Anticream
Sogheim: do we put the pineapple wedge on the pizza Pringles?
zeldakid1999: You got sour on my cream
Koshindan: Sour pringles and cream pringles shuffled together.
ATrophonian: SAWER and CRAME
Gaytanic_Panic: @JonnyGlitch That
Rynehawk: they are both sour and creamy
HundreydAundre: An eye bigger than two staring at you ought to hurt!
TheWriterAleph: i'm just a boy who loved sour and creaaam
metaphics: I like just the sour pringles
Roger_Job329: independent and equally applied
itira: put them together in TUBE i eat
Makrosian_Tae: Sour and Cream
fastlane250: like i literally have a tube of pizza pringles within reach right now
quillilian: Sour and cream and onion. Also chip
MegaDosX: I think this game broke Ben
Seth_Erickson: Sour Cream and Sour Cream
Darleysam: store's out of sour, sorry
Rynehawk: saaaaaaaaaaauuuuusssaaggeees
Easilycrazyhat: Wait till you try sweet & sour & cream
DiscordianTokkan: Their Jalapeno ones are pretty good
Makrosian_Tae: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:18:09.
DrWreckage: Sour and cream sour and scream I'm a little boy who loves sours and cream
Kaaosa: "pls just get some sour; I have leftover cream"
Darleysam: they just had cream
MegaDosX: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 16:07:47. lrrSPOT
eric_christian_berg: Or a porn.
Lord_ZYRK: Sour and Cream is the new FromSoft sequel to Cookies and Cream
BrindleBoar: Sauron Cremes: They're The Naz'Ghuliest!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are my favorite. Unfortunately... they don't like me back (I get a horrible migraine after eating them).
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
omdorastrix: Sour and Cream... Hosting Lets Nope
kumatsu: Sour and Cream? I love Steven Universe :)
Nigouki: oh was that the bird?
JusticeJuice: Shopkeeper I require your sourest cream. You can not handle...
Nigouki: glowing in a cage?
SurfDownstage: Cool and ranch
Darleysam: mayonnaise
SmithKurosaki: RANCH
Arclight_Dynamo: Barbecube!
TheWriterAleph: ranch pringles are dope
fastlane250: ranch? or cool ranch?
Electrodyne: Sour and cream, sour and cream, I'm a little lad who loves sour and cream
Kaaosa: I prefer "wack as fuck ranch"
drawnbinary: Australia only got Cool Ranch Doritos THIS MONTH
itomeshi: Sour and Cream's new album, S'CREAM!
kalira77: there are ranch pringles
Makrosian_Tae: I like Bar, and B, and also Q
Seth_Erickson: He's got shadow step 👀
rasterscan: Wow.
codatski: Mayochup
SmithKurosaki: One of my friends in high school used to just troll the teacher by randomly saying ranch. It was so weird
HundreydAundre: Begone, Nevermore!
drawnbinary: I misheard that as "Bard Beetroot"
BrindleBoar: drawnbinary they had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to invert the chips Kappa
Eille_k: as a midwesterner HOW DARE YOU ADAM
itira: Blue cheese is the worst
Lord_ZYRK: catch pup chip
Cavemanhar: honey mustard pringles rock
DiscordianTokkan: Ranch should not be
jetpixi: aw fuck yeah. best dorito.
captain_wulf: cool ranch and pico de gallo is delish
BusTed: DoritosChip
HundreydAundre: You were never a real crow!
Eille_k: ranch is life
Makrosian_Tae: Bring me the Bar-Bee-Cube!!
itira: blorf!
SquareDotCube: double pickle
Sogheim: why can't we get good ketchup chips in the US? tired of having to import the best chip flavor
Gildan_Bladeborn: What about... buffalo ranch though Adam?
eric_christian_berg: You should come fight in the Buffalo Holy Wars: Blue Cheese vs Ranch.
kumatsu: blue cheese and fig jam burger
rasterscan: Blue Cheeseburger with Bacon
drawnbinary: In the Netherlands, "Cool Ranch" is called "Cool American"
itira: blue cheese tastes like dust
Makrosian_Tae: Hey! You said no self-deprecating humor Ben!
apparently_dionysus: some Blue and Cheese
Armyguy0: oh AND one of the clip texts when its uploading is "the bits are breeding" and that sounds WAY too lewd
JonnyGlitch: Blue cheese is gross, both in flavor and concept
SurfDownstage: blue and cheese
Roger_Job329: I'm from northern mn and ranch is gross
HundreydAundre: But your audtion was still ramarkable...
matthaus_c: what's a Man-ee-too-bah
jetpixi: fig jam and brie
ATrophonian: Sick Manitoba Burn
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Seth_Erickson: Ranch is fine
Gaytanic_Panic: @Electrodyne Do they make honey dill Pringles?
JonnyGlitch: it's literally the worst
itira: blue cheese SUCKS
Lord_ZYRK: biggies on the figgies
kalira77: ranch is worst taste
Arclight_Dynamo: I could fuck up a Stilon.
jetpixi: You are CORRECT @itira
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because Buffalo Ranch Combos are delicious.
Dog_of_Myth: Blue cheese is horrible
Eille_k: we're not real
Rynehawk: i hate bleu cheese but im happy you like it
ArtemisKing: im not cultured enough for blu cheese
Seth_Erickson: FigChamp
kumatsu: I'm just your WoW Key bot, programmed to go brrrr
Koshindan: Where do the bits come if we're not real?
Roger_Job329: Blue cheese best carrot dip.
GhostValv: *dissolves into bits*
qwertiest_mint: oof what is reality
itira: jetpixi we are one. we are one!
SmithKurosaki: We're apparently spirits actually Adam
ATrophonian: Don't Speak - They Know What You're Thinking.
circusofkirkus: we're not
RockPusher: Blue cheese and Baked Beans
Kaaosa: I had some fig jam on new year's and I thought to myself, "adam is rarely correct, and this is no exception"
NotCainNorAbel: We are all HuMANS; right FelLLOW Humans?
Rynehawk: sour
SurfDownstage: im not real so i dont know
jetpixi: We. Are. ONE! @itira
Kaaosa: (actually I liked it)
Koshindan: Smith
qwertiest_mint: James
JonnyGlitch: To me you're just images and voices on my screen, to me you're not real
jetpixi: Kevin
spethycakes: lrrSPOOP McClintock
Lord_ZYRK: Cackensmorf
magical_writer: 4682
Electrodyne: @gaytanic_panic I don't know, but I don't think I'd eat one
Seth_Erickson: the real puzzler
Eille_k: andcream
Garuuk_Predator_of_Scrubs: Kevin
TheWriterAleph: Jabroni
omdorastrix: Kevin?
HasturTheYellow: Bennermum
Saintnex: James Turner
MegaDosX: Dennis
Armyguy0: Bob
SmithKurosaki: Mary
DrWreckage: Cardinal
itomeshi: Susan?
BrindleBoar: Mrs.... Ben... Jammin.
DeM0nFiRe: SourAnne
apparently_dionysus: uhhhhh Jagnar the Red
serramarkov: Dangernoodle!
Easilycrazyhat: You gotta ask what part of the screen is Crosswalk
GhostValv: let me just call her :)
Going_Medium: Like my parking, I feel validated.
NotCainNorAbel: First hit this box and prove you are not a RoboT
Dog_of_Myth: Susan
Makrosian_Tae: Sandra
drawnbinary: My mom called someone in my dad's office FIGJAM (Fuck I'm Great, Just Ask Me)
JonnyGlitch: Jennifer Garner
Cartographers_Ink: My sister is allergic to figs, it stems from her allergy to latex
Talin06: ulmer
Gildan_Bladeborn: Perfectly ordinary humans and not AI-routines programmed to imitate humans. Yes.
opussoul: Geneerin
NotCainNorAbel: Engineering
Pharmacistjudge: If i'm not real Ben, how did you know my real name from earlier?
AdzyW: your mother's maiden name is I pay your bills Streamer! Now get in the magic video box and dance!
codatski: If we're fake, who is paying your bills?
itira: Ben's Mom
Gaytanic_Panic: Oh, they PREEN!
kumatsu: I've changed my mind, I'm going to have a kid just to name her Jennifer Jabroni
jetpixi: k i'm gonna play ffxiv now. night all!
BrindleBoar: bird murder
Gildan_Bladeborn: If we were fake Ben, we'd know the answer to that question, and prove we're all hallucinations that you're having.
JonnyGlitch: A murder of crow monsters
apparently_dionysus: @codatski money is made up
itira: seeya jetpixi
JonnyGlitch: LUL
Front_Ranger: lol
apparently_dionysus: just like us
jetpixi: bye @itira !
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Seth_Erickson: I think you can hit the switch with a sodie pop
AdzyW: I fucking love you guys
VrolikSyndrome: Only if you make me exhale air from my nose.
Roger_Job329: switch is thru window
infinity_225: The jig is up everyone! They have figured out that we are just a ai hive mind made by Cory to boost there self esteem!
Makrosian_Tae: Ooohhhh, I'm just a level 1 steamer!
Front_Ranger: go into room throug window
Dog_of_Myth: Room
SmithKurosaki: Man, the ESA would have a field day
matthaus_c: domo arigato misters streamers
HasturTheYellow: I'm just a wevew one viewer, I don't know how I gowt hewe
Shirts_: jokes on you my nose is stuffed
Makrosian_Tae: I only have 4 followers, I don't even know why I'm here!
NotCainNorAbel: Nice breathing Streamer
Makrosian_Tae: Ooohhh
itira: is the nose exhale the ultimate goal?
circusofkirkus: DONT RUN
Lord_ZYRK: Well you got 40 minutes left to achieve it, or no indoor heating for you
Seth_Erickson: to see if I still taste
apparently_dionysus: Let's Nope: Funny Enough
Front_Ranger: Joonny Cash....
spethycakes: I'm just a tier one subscriber, I don't even know who gifted me a sub
Arclight_Dynamo: "To see if I could MEAL."
TheWriterAleph: omg LUL
JonnyGlitch: My Empire of Snacks
ArtemisKing: i want my super power to be the arc you see in games when throwing stuff
DiscordianTokkan: OmNommy Cash
Gaytanic_Panic: Oh no this kid needs help
VrolikSyndrome: My whole lunchablllleeee.
Lord_ZYRK: You can eat it all. . . my tube of Gogurt
SurfDownstage: This week on shitty punk lyrics...
Roger_Job329: my empire of Doritos
SmithKurosaki: Johnny Cash version of this is so nice
Darleysam: I will let you down, I will make.. dessert
kalira77: tomorrow is the anniversary of Johnny Cash's concert in Folsom Prison
BusTed: 😤😤😤
ATrophonian: I ate my lunch today... to see if I could Nom....
HasturTheYellow: I'm just a level one lunchable I don't know what I'm doing in this sad child!
Talin06: lrrAWW
spo_okymulder: @darleysam I am fucking dying from that omg
Seth_Erickson: Ben did you see the tik tok of how Lunchables are child's Charcuterie boards?
itira: mm brown
JonnyGlitch: nice
Gaytanic_Panic: justam1Lol justam1Lol justam1Lol
apparently_dionysus: LUL
Shirts_: ok I'm willing to sound like an idiot whats Shark cooter E
JonnyGlitch: is beige on the brown end of the colour wheel?
itira: LUL
theinvisiblevoice: I've seen it called shark coochie boards too
drawnbinary: is breadsticks, twiggy sticks and cheese strings a charcuterie you could have a bouquet of
Scarbble: thanks shirts
apparently_dionysus: Shirts is a hero
tycoonbosh: Thanks shirts!
itira: thanks shirts
JonnyGlitch: bone apple tea~
MegaDosX: Hooray, Adam thinks I'm funny, my life is complete
ATrophonian: Much Thanks!
Favre_Studios: Thanks, Shits
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Lockraemono: do u need heals
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Gaytanic_Panic: @Shirts_ Cured meats, fruit, spreads, crackers and bread. The smoked meat is the feature.
Gildan_Bladeborn: You pronouncing that made me legitimately "belly laugh", so humor goals accomplished I guess.
Makrosian_Tae: Ah, my favorite chip flavor, Shark and Cuterie
Shirts_: I didn't get an answer lrrAWW LOL
Ignatiuspants: If a shark bites you, you get the shark cooteries
Kaaosa: lockranono
Electrodyne: miner hat
kumatsu: @Lockraemono haha. Keys
Seth_Erickson: not a single Stussy
Lockraemono: never
Lord_ZYRK: Charcuterie is technically only meat Gaytanic_Panic
Shirts_: thanks Gaytanic_Panic !
Seth_Erickson: they're called Stussy's
RockPusher: myntyfS myntyfS myntyfS
DiscordianTokkan: It's a meat and cheese platter, @Shirts_
Koshindan: S sounds for spirit, so you won't find them in the spirit world.
GhostValv: :O
FlumeToSplume: Hey Ben, and mysterious voice of Adam! Finally made it to a live let's nope stream
itira: la cray ma na
bv310: It is of course the fitfh Shark Cooter plan adter Cooters A thorugh D
DarknessKingCoH: Thank god, I thought you were gonna say us
VrolikSyndrome: I didn't learn to draw one of those until I was like 19.
itomeshi: If you need Cool Ss, play Satisfactory.
AdzyW: What blows my mind about the cool S is that there is no colloqualism for it. It's always just "The cool S"
Mysticman89: Cool S's, and also making an S and then a more different S, and suddenly dragon
Lockraemono: rude
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VrolikSyndrome: Nobody would show me and I was too afraid to ask.
SquareDotCube: do doo do do do
Lockraemono: I'll beat you up
DeM0nFiRe: I once watched like a 20 minute youtube video about the origin of the cool S and they didnt even actually find out what the origin of the cool S was
RockPusher: benginFingers myntyfS
Kaaosa: this is the comedy I came here for
kumatsu: @Lockraemono 100% needs to be your next emote
JonnyGlitch: \ \ \ /
Arclight_Dynamo: This school's motto is "Nothing comes from nothing." Yikes.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ooh, time for a mirror puzzle.
Makrosian_Tae: o7
Electrodyne: You've been hit by, a smooth @lockraemono
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Lockraemono: what is happening
Dmc3628: the school banner reads Nothing from Nothing (if my latin is still good)
JonnyGlitch: you get mono from kissing peolple
Lockraemono: what is this
Scarbble: mono meaning one, and rail meaning rail
FlumeToSplume: Just got here, what's the premise of this game?
Ignatiuspants: Yeah, "Nothing Comes from Nothing"
SurfDownstage: thanks adam
Juliamon: FlumeToSplume We got bullied and found ourself in a parallel world with monsters that we fight Alan Wake-style
Kaaosa: Yugi Muto challenged this girl to a shadow game and she lost
ImmortalLen: So it's PG Silent Hill?
call_me_Aras: this is like a Silent Hill game for kids
Arclight_Dynamo: Or, I guess, "Out of nothing, nothing comes."
DeM0nFiRe: Speaking of Simpsons, I was playing Kingdom Hearts earlier and just realized the genie is voiced by the guy who does Homer
BusTed: A laser mirror puzzle.
Koshindan: Adam, can you explain why you never want to explain anything?
Mysticman89: alan wake meets little nightmares
FlumeToSplume: Hahaha thanks
AdzyW: Girl gets bullied and ends up in legally distinct "Quiet Mound"
Makrosian_Tae: There's two rocks
HasturTheYellow: Alan Wake: Daughter's Dream
Ignatiuspants: This game is like Batman: Arkham Asylum, except it's Silent Hill in an elementary school
serramarkov: It was a good explanation!
chefryto90: Adam, how are babys made?
Dog_of_Myth: Adam: Explain the seashells
Gildan_Bladeborn: That we can use to Assassin's Creed the monsters from behind.
RealGamerCow: The Simpsons QOTD tweet the other day was the "Explain, money can be exchanged for good and services" etc, and I almost tweeted it at Adam.
Seth_Erickson: so maybe we flip it around?
MegaDosX: Are you meant to make one crystal hit the other?
LithelyUnshod: Dan Castallanetta also voiced Genie in Aladdin 2.
Seth_Erickson: ah ok
matthaus_c: with Plato?
Koshindan: Babies are made out of Plato?
Saintnex: I think we need to raise the light and then shine in to it with the splitter?
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BodaciousNia: you had position right Ben
Front_Ranger: can you change the side from which you hit it?
Shirts_: its plato the scholor not playdo the toy. yeah that mixed me up too
RealGamerCow: I forgot that he trips on a peanut at the end of that bit
Makrosian_Tae: It's times. Bring up the rock in the bird cage, and then quickly shine a light on the main rock
BodaciousNia: Raise cage,
quillilian: How are babies made? You see, when two people really care about each other, they start brushing each other's hair --
BodaciousNia: then light
Darleysam: Aziz, light!
DarknessKingCoH: Why play-do was never sponsored by the Simpsons is beyond me
Seth_Erickson: look at this gamer
SurfDownstage: Is the baby made of hair?
BusTed: Gamer's gamin'
MegaDosX: He's gaming!
Pharmacistjudge: Adam should I try to solo Torghast level 7 or stick with 6?
Dog_of_Myth: Key got
Seth_Erickson: our 34d key Pog
Koshindan: Certified genius.
Gildan_Bladeborn: We've established that's how sex works, yes.
DeM0nFiRe: You're better than a genius, you're a gamer
AdzyW: Wait a minute! My parents didn't love each other! How was I born?
Seth_Erickson: 3rd
serramarkov: Heard and witnessed!
drawnbinary: who set up this silly key shit
Makrosian_Tae: Gaming out of his mind
HundreydAundre: @chefryto90 Well, you remember the NOPE of Amnesia: Rebirth?
Lord_ZYRK: Don't look at me on this one
until_may: by all the time he means like at least 2
SurfDownstage: Adam can you explaine how to pergnante
Gildan_Bladeborn: Aziz, the receipts!
Front_Ranger: Inception horn
Seth_Erickson: it was the bullies remember it's just one big prank
Shirts_: AdzyW if your like me replace love with hate were applicable
Kaaosa: adam
Gildan_Bladeborn: You have some bullies that really want to go the extra mile.
BusTed: Good reference, world traverler.
AdzyW: help I am just level one child, I don't even know why I enter this school ooooooooo
Dmc3628: see at least Adam isn't like Wiggins and actively inciting the Brits to war
drawnbinary: Londoners shouldn't go anywhere rn
Neddy471: It's on the "Cockfosters" line of the Underground.
Kaaosa: "hi I'm adam and I have random facts"
Front_Ranger: 202
RockPusher: While we're there will we eat some Piccalilli?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Lockdown, yo.
BodaciousNia: the picadilly was a burlesque house iirc
LithelyUnshod: And people should be going to London
Arclight_Dynamo: I think we can all agree with Wiggins: Fuck Wessex!
SurfDownstage: We get it, you London
Dmc3628: it was on one of the Rewatches with Love (the Tube)
Mysticman89: some kingdom hearts weridness i assume
Dmc3628: and is it really called the tube
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh hey, that mannequin is trying to help that other mannequin out of the locker that it's trapped in. How nice! Kappa
Neddy471: When I went to London on my honeymoon, I would make eye contact with any other american tourist and we would giggle like children when they said "Piccadilly line ending in COCKFOSTERS."
drawnbinary: stun?
Arclight_Dynamo: Right, Wiggins mocked the Tube.
Darleysam: running past all the enemies? I knew this was a soulslike
until_may: once I heard London was France, didnt believe it
Front_Ranger: wow, game is remarkably forgiving
Front_Ranger: VAPE
Electrodyne: I appreciate friends of any Wessexual orientation.
fastlane250: huff like your life depends on it
SurfDownstage: Yeah this is basically how I remember middle school
AdzyW: I mean, you can't really offend England by clowningon the tube, we do it all the time.
Front_Ranger: lol
Seth_Erickson: They have goldfish brains
SurfDownstage: Dodging puppets and chugging inhalers
druidofspores: omg I just jumped so hard, there's a kid looking in my living room window 😱
Andelwing: They have adhd
eDRoaCH: was that the batman theme
Gildan_Bladeborn: You just passed a battery Ben.
TheWriterAleph: "Caw?"
eDRoaCH: no-no-no-no-nonono-damnit!
Rynehawk: stupid baby
spethycakes: why do the crows have giant bubos on their arms?
RealGamerCow: Ian's gonna come rumbling into chat
AdzyW: When they mook away after you lose them, they always look like they're going to lose their jobs.
DeM0nFiRe: pjdBord pjdBord pjdBord
Darleysam: Crows are typing...
Arclight_Dynamo: I dunno, I had my identity stolen by an albatross.
Gildan_Bladeborn: @spethycakes - those are their "weak spots".
SurfDownstage: ca caw
drawnbinary: Those birds that like Cool Ranch doritos are less stupid
Front_Ranger: birbs be...bird brains
druidofspores: Ben, you gotta be more caw-tious
zeldakid1999: They just peck the keys
BrindleBoar: they pick-and-peck Kappa
SurfDownstage: You're gonna get cancelled by crow twitter
LithelyUnshod: @spethycakes No, Bubos are owls
Front_Ranger: lol
Makrosian_Tae: Birds are the new babies?
Ignatiuspants: Crows can hunt and peck
serramarkov: Hunt and peck
sesho13: adam is a disembodied spirit now?
Seth_Erickson: it strikes again
Front_Ranger: yes, long enough for a callback
itira: use the valve to turn off steam?
BusTed: Of course.
matthaus_c: it's a callback!
onethousandneedles: even knowing it was coming, that hurt ben
infinity_225: Night guys! Thanks for the company!
Dog_of_Myth: You used it 5min ago.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Half Life 3 confirmed.
Lord_ZYRK: I say we put Adam and Ben into those tool-use tests for crows and see how they fare Keepo
FlumeToSplume: Why is Adam invisible today?
circusofkirkus: 6 minutes
Talin06: its an old joke up it checks out
ZeroskieS: just ghost things
HundreydAundre: Kay. But there will never be a HL# to stream.
RealGamerCow: Adam's mic seems especially good today
drawnbinary: does the valve go on that red thing
Front_Ranger: s'ok Adam-haunting is fine
BodaciousNia: Did you see the new Left 4 Dead spiritual successor?
ATrophonian: I'm happy that you're here, lrrADAM
HundreydAundre: FOUR-EVER.....
Seth_Erickson: there's a pipe back there to put a valve on potentially
fastlane250: I kinda miss the caredboard cutout co-hosts
spethycakes: rude, telling Adam to put a sock in it LUL
Makrosian_Tae: Adam's allowed to not appear on stream. He doesn't have to if he don't want to
ATrophonian: Sock it you Yah?
fastlane250: *cardboard
GhostValv: good job :)
BodaciousNia: It's called Back 4 Blood
BrindleBoar: when in doubt: put a sock on it.
Koshindan: You should test multiple socks and see what works best. Crew cut, ankle? Maybe tube socks.
itira: oh i dunno that pipe over there :P
HundreydAundre: Also Me: You ruined it! You were supposed to say HALF-LIFE 3
AdzyW: hey, if you don't appear on cam, there's no danger of people taking sneaky feet pics when you let your guard down.
ATrophonian: Get Piped!
drawnbinary: Wow that valve is huuuge now
Sogheim: I think Adam's being sarcastic, but if not, I hope these tips help.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Can't just give those feet away for free.
zeldakid1999: Now your foot will be cold, the ultimate sockrifice
Seth_Erickson: oh this boss fight territory
AdzyW: not if, when
ATrophonian: Oh, HAI!
Koshindan: It's Adam!
SmithKurosaki: Here comes halloween?
Lord_ZYRK: We Resident Evil now
The_Color_Twelve: oh no its Adam!
Koshindan: It's Adam and his dick arm!1
dappercuttlefish: resident evil looking mf
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh hey, it's our favorite spider friend!
SurfDownstage: Adam is actually a ghost standing just behind every headphone user in chat
MegaDosX: I've always heard that the water in the sprinkler systems of buildings is stagnant and filthy, good of this building to keep it clean and fresh
fastlane250: oh hey its the chalk drawing with the dickarm
serramarkov: Fire Karn!
Dog_of_Myth: Hey, it's Adam
MegaDosX: Also that was totally the monster on the blackboard earlier
eric_christian_berg: That's the guy whose picture you compared to Adam.
HundreydAundre: Uh. Live.
VrolikSyndrome: Birkin eyeball! Birkin eyeball!
call_me_Aras: The creature is bullying
Electrodyne: Fire + old film cellulose =
HundreydAundre: UH-LIVE...!!!!!
Rynehawk: FRESH MEAT
omdorastrix: It's Adam Savidong
Gaytanic_Panic: Wow. get dong-armed
druidofspores: game: hide behind the flammable desk
Makrosian_Tae: That's the craziest Big Daddy I've ever seen!
HundreydAundre: Euuuuwut?
Uzumaki15: Man, the Rakdos got really weird with thier homunculi
MegaDosX: Blind him first!
DarknessKingCoH: He looks like one of those old monsters figures from the 90s
SurfDownstage: Gottem
SurfDownstage: sekiro
Makrosian_Tae: Blind him so he charges you
DeM0nFiRe: @Arclight_Dynamo lmao true
spethycakes: Hulk smash!
BrindleBoar: three times, like in mario
yalc321: Shriekwing mechanics!?
itomeshi: Sith?
SurfDownstage: It was me
DrWreckage: DnD?
Gildan_Bladeborn: He smashes the desks, so whichever one has pipes.
Snakebyte36: Threesus
MegaDosX: @itomeshi No, that's the rule of 2
The_Color_Twelve: ah he needs to smash the sinks
SurfDownstage: Oh they comin
Talin06: superstition
obijam_: gossamer
BrindleBoar: Gossamer.
Koshindan: Alolan Polywrath is weird.
DeM0nFiRe: lol
druidofspores: 😑
BusTed: definitely a M.U.S.C.L.E. Man.
SurfDownstage: Wow look at this guy
MegaDosX: Also I'm amused at how they haven't realised that the monster on the wall is this thing
itira: Wow ben! youve used a sink? what are you... rich?
RealGamerCow: I say that too whenever anyone mentions Pokemon. "It looks like Gobbledywobbly" "yeah!"
DeM0nFiRe: smh these big streamers out of touch with the people
gualdhar: Ben with all that Streamer money
drawnbinary: There's an inhaler
BrindleBoar: oh phase 2?
itira: punchy boi
AdzyW: Ben is hosting this stream from his yacht
SurfDownstage: monke time
BusTed: I'm just going to start punching the air like this.
BrindleBoar: F
Front_Ranger: lol
IgnisDeus: now he's a steam boi
ATrophonian: I'm going to break you.... Batman....
Dog_of_Myth: OH YEAH!
Electrodyne: bye Bane
druidofspores: now listen here ya little heck
spethycakes: joekimRIP
Front_Ranger: Bane + Kool-Aide man
Seth_Erickson: He's definitely alive
AdzyW: The Private streaming yacht. The HMS AUDIT THIS FUCKERS
Gildan_Bladeborn: That sign instructed you to get lost. So that's clearly our next move.
HundreydAundre: Sue, Weeeeeee
Seth_Erickson: we do have a map
Front_Ranger: why am i?
itira: who am i, what am i
BrindleBoar: You pass the stream.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh hey, it was actually just a prophecy.
omdorastrix: You're Jean ValJean!
HundreydAundre: Explains all the scorch marks left behind.
Gaytanic_Panic: You make us exhale air out our noses
Chulump: You were right about the spider boss
Dog_of_Myth: Why is life?
Violentfrog: @itira is that neil breen?
BrindleBoar: What about guns?
Chulump: What doth life?
AdzyW: Distance is what we call the Shotgun
BrindleBoar: Or bear mace
Pharmacistjudge: Ben going full Melfina. "Who am I? Why was I made? Who made me? And what did they make me for?"
itira: @Violentfrog yes LUL
Gildan_Bladeborn: Man, remember when we were full up on inhalers? Good times.
Violentfrog: LUL
Koshindan: It's Yeet for distance. So the best weapon is yeet?
HundreydAundre: Huh.
Darleysam: the beast weapon is dis dance. Bust a move.
Mister_Hush: @Pharmacistjudge Melfina, there's a reference I haven't heard in a long time
Saintnex: It looks like the map also shows items?
Lord_ZYRK: Audisnorium ResidentSleeper
druidofspores: What tance? Dis tance?
captain_wulf: more like ROCKATORIUM
Makrosian_Tae: Surprisingly, I sprinted to get away from my monsters in elementary too
SurfDownstage: The Trogitorium
Seth_Erickson: That's how you know the devs aren't in tune with the youth because this kid isn't saying Pog every time
MegaDosX: There was an inhaler back there
VrolikSyndrome: They were transporting them to the arcade and a crate fell off the truck.
AdzyW: @Pharmacistjudge You don't just casually drop an Outlaw Star reference in the year of our lord 2021
itira: seabatTROG
Gildan_Bladeborn: Shout out to all the loggers in chat.
BrindleBoar: for real though I have only ever been bored in auditoriums
druidofspores: Pogitorium
DeM0nFiRe: "*sigh* Fine I guess you're my little LogChamps" -- Treebeard when he finally agrees to help Merry and Pippin
Seth_Erickson: Please Explain
dweebert91: Break time
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Makrosian_Tae: Soon, you'll have enough triple-A's to power your very own arcade machine
Front_Ranger: Visionaries! Fight with magical light!
HundreydAundre: Yea, that pipe was definitely not an eye....
The_Color_Twelve: This would be a cool gym if a bit sub-optimal
Front_Ranger: bb + cocktail time
DarknessKingCoH: That would be the Gymnasium Ben...
HundreydAundre: Creepchair back there
Dog_of_Myth: @Pharmacistjudge FBtouchdown
AdzyW: My dyslexic ass thought that said "Smelly"
BusTed: nod
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: new Nope!
Violentfrog: you can't climb these climbable things!
SurfDownstage: Piles of furniture! My only weakness!
HundreydAundre: The key...
spethycakes: can you ram the wheelchair through the door?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Taking bets now on how long until the next, even more detailed mannequin version of us shows up.
Lord_ZYRK: Pharmacistjudge holy shit was that an Outlaw Star reference?
HundreydAundre: Or no key...?
Gildan_Bladeborn: And what feature will be added.
The_Color_Twelve: matching door on the other side
DarknessKingCoH: Adam was that Moby?
The_Color_Twelve: ?
Makrosian_Tae: This is very distressing
NightWingMistHawk: Ben, there was a door on the other side
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I'm more convinced now than ever that the people who make these horror games have never seen a small child and have no idea how fast they can ACTUALLY run (pretty damn fast.)
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm guessing... 2 minutes, and "teeth" respectively.
HundreydAundre: Dammit! I thought we had it!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the power to weight ratio is deffo on their side
Pharmacistjudge: @Lord_ZYRK absolutely
Makrosian_Tae: Broken vent panel on the wall
kumatsu: Take me to De Other Side
BusTed: Strong art department.
SurfDownstage: Maybe they're the students
itira: GOOD
AdzyW: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou You gottaa watch em. One moment they're singing to a flower, you turn around for half a second and they're on the roof playing with matches
Xan_The_Quiet: maybe it's only pretending to be a school but is really a clothing sweatshop
Dog_of_Myth: L O R E
Tiber727: You go, I stay.
BrindleBoar: you're using the quartzes to free the clay men for cable car ticket bits
Seth_Erickson: ResidentSleeper
dappercuttlefish: oops, all lore
Gildan_Bladeborn: You're just too old to get it, it's a kid thing Ben.
BusTed: plees
VrolikSyndrome: Jaaaaason.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @AdzyW it's like butterflies. When you're little, you're just like "hey, pretty butterfly." You never realize they're actually WICKED FAST.
Seth_Erickson: and then they're going to eat me. OH. MY. Goddddddd.
Makrosian_Tae: Mines and fire. Is this actually Silent Hill?
HundreydAundre: In disbelief. This writer is in disbelief...
AdzyW: @Makrosian_Tae Legally distinct Shushy Mound
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ooooooh. So... I have this suspicion that you, and everyone else, is dead.
Makrosian_Tae: @adzyw Shushy Mound, the next installed of the Fighting Fantasy series
Kaaosa: Adam, you speak with caps lock on
codatski: Oh that was weird... I had ya'll in another window, and hearing my name freaked me out
Naarius: Inside voices, please
GhostValv: :O
Roger_Job329: LIES
Violentfrog: *does the Ross asking for quiet gesture*
Juliamon: Chat.
Juliamon: Please.
niccus: i'll have you know adam holds the shift key down like a true gentleman
NightWingMistHawk: is this better adam?
Mister_Hush: look what you started, Zyrk
Makrosian_Tae: There's a vent panel
SmithKurosaki: Sorry Juli
Chulump: Try the other stairwell?
BrindleBoar: was that an eyeball coming through the vent?
Makrosian_Tae: Look up?
Chulump: Oh darn
Makrosian_Tae: Is there anything on the ceiling?
Lord_ZYRK: Everything was fine until you made it a big deal, Adam seabatApp
noisyblizzard: ups sry
AdzyW: I appreciate that we all decided as a species that capital letters were loud.
Violentfrog: look around you...look around you...just look around you
Armyguy0: the 2nd door?
matthaus_c: zyrk you're the trogchamp in my heart benginHeart
Uzumaki15: There's a drop down on the stairs
brainbosh: Have you found all the eyes yet?
SachielOne: Does anyone else hear shotguns being loaded?
Talin06: jump down from the landing
bv310: Hold on, everyone knows gamers can't look up
Gildan_Bladeborn: Everyone knows Gamers can't look up.
dooppatrol: up the right stairs you can drop down
walrus855: thers planks you can walk on ontop of one of the stairwells
Chulump: Maybe the line of play now is to use those CRV's to start a Melee tournament Kappa
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's been bred into them over long generations.
SurfDownstage: Looking up is like captcha for gamers
tergonis: he found it!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Yup. Dogs, gamers, and Vex Hydras. Can't look up. Everyone knows that.
Violentfrog: bless you ants....blants
BrindleBoar: lrrSPOOP
Lord_ZYRK: That one's going in the vault
AdzyW: Ben: *Looks up* Me: *frowns, crosses him out of the "Real Gamer" column
SurfDownstage: It's like streaming
Darleysam: it's like I'm on and everyone's watching
Ignatiuspants: Dang... too real...
itira: tooooo real
meanderingMyra: well dang
FlumeToSplume: that's so sad
theinvisiblevoice: what is this, Celeste?
Gaytanic_Panic: Yeesh.
Makrosian_Tae: Jesus. I didn't come here to get bullied
AdzyW: Good TV
DeM0nFiRe: Oof
Andelwing: Oh no they are calling us out
drawnbinary: Commercial break?
SurfDownstage: Even in real life you can't escape the key hunt
Makrosian_Tae: Should we call it soon? It's getting late
magical_writer: thank you for the stream.
SmithKurosaki: Have a good night everyone
BusTed: "Good stuff.
JonnyGlitch: Thanks for the stream!
Electrodyne: bye
matthaus_c: weeklong commercial break
JuniorRoll: Thanks for the stream
Koshindan: Watch the Stadia service go offline before the next play though.
AdzyW: Thanks lads.
Lord_ZYRK: Yeah, if there was any time to be trying to get keys. . .
fastlane250: 'twas breddy gud
couldntpickausername: *stops*
circusofkirkus: and unsubscribe?
VrolikSyndrome: I can't both my hands are on my keyboard, sir.
GhostValv: why would I do that?
Makrosian_Tae: Good game streamer
GhostValv: oh :O
Violentfrog: zounds, a reverse keyboard
Nigouki: I didn't know Ben had a lefty keyboard
itira: Adam that will make me unfollow Ben
NimrodXIV: but I already follow Ben
The_Color_Twelve: but now I have unfollowed him
zeldakid1999: Thank you for streaming, it was fun. Bye VirtualHug
Mister_Hush: where's the follow key
Makrosian_Tae: Thanks for everything, y'all
couldntpickausername: cbats?
Electrodyne: benginFingers benginButt benginFuse
RockPusher: seabatTROG benginHeart
Gildan_Bladeborn: My fingers were already on my keyboard Adam - that's my secret.
couldntpickausername: seebats?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: instructions unclear, applied to engineering college
AdzyW: Instructions unclear, subbed to benjamin_wheeler
itomeshi: An ISO-format keyboard with the double-row enter key?
Electrodyne: seabatBRAIN seabatYIKES seabatSEAL
circusofkirkus: the fabled YTREWQ keyboard
couldntpickausername: ceebats?
Makrosian_Tae: Seabats!!
Electrodyne: benginFingers seabatYIKES
DeM0nFiRe: Why the hell would I go click follow on your channels? That would just unfollow because I already followed your channels
FlumeToSplume: oooooooh that's a fun one
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yesssssss
HundreydAundre: Yes, uh sort of NOPE game!
AdzyW: YES
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ah.
spethycakes: tres excite!
SurfDownstage: lrrSPOOP
GhostValv: huh
NimrodXIV: twitch plays Graham?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: please tell me half the game is slowly escalating bribing of Graham
Front_Ranger: Oh cool. He's the puppet. Neat.
Gildan_Bladeborn: So... one person mans the board then.
SmoreThanAFeelin: ooooooh
DeM0nFiRe: lmao nice, I def wanna see that
Makrosian_Tae: Oh my goodness
Ignatiuspants: Hype!
AdzyW: How long until Ian and Paul build a robot to cut out the Graham component?
Gildan_Bladeborn: That doesn't sound all that difficult really.
Lord_ZYRK: Just put everyone in the parking lot with fifteen-foot gripper poles to move their pieces.
Seth_Erickson: drafting, but on MTGO
Seth_Erickson: the real curve ball
Tiber727: "Move there!" "No, not there. There!"
IgnisDeus: But will Adam use the right account?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: get that BREAD!!
Gildan_Bladeborn: You just tell Graham what to do, and as long as he doesn't go insane, everything will be fine.
Makrosian_Tae: Catch you later folks. Thanks streamers. Thanks chat. You're all awesome!
HundreydAundre: AFK: Puppet Masters v. Dice Friends: Dungeon Masters
AdzyW: ChomkPomt
Electrodyne: When life gives you Iemons, draft some lemon decks
MegaDosX: Artisan
HundreydAundre: an A R T Cue.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: boardgame in person where everyone uses one of those gripper hands to move the pieces. Half the game is correctly using the gripper hand.
MegaDosX: That's what Arena calls common and uncommon
AdzyW: Dreft
HundreydAundre: Just call it art Ben.
matthaus_c: used to be Peasant, now it's officially Artisan
MegaDosX: Also, neat! Looking forward to see that
DeM0nFiRe: You can make your own cubes in arena?
MegaDosX: seeing that rather
HundreydAundre: Like the last NOPE.
AdzyW: @matthaus_c please, it's called Gentrified Magic
Gildan_Bladeborn: Apparently there was a mechanical distinction between Peasant and Artisan (like, a cap on how many uncommons you could play).
Electrodyne: Desert Bonus?
serramarkov: That is so cool, it makes me cry.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Or so I'm led to believe.
Juliamon: Coming not-last in a series of races
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: dessert boos! that I probably can't watch because it's Mystery Hunt! but I'll drop by from puzzle jail.
RealGamerCow: Two seasons
Saintnex: Theres a campaign mode of sorts
Dog_of_Myth: All Ian, All Weekend
RockPusher: couple of seasons of racing
spethycakes: It goes until Project Cars 3 is released
BusTed: aww
Talin06: race session
Juliamon: The goal is improvement
Lord_ZYRK: It's like you're an inspiration or vannivThink
RockPusher: Thank you Ben. Thank you Adam benginHeart seabatTROG benginHeart seabatTROG
Lord_ZYRK: or something*
AdzyW: I have it on in the evening, Ian's voice is quite soothing
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: goodnight guys!
Front_Ranger: cool stream fellas, thx
itira: Thanks for streaming! Have a good night all!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART o/ lrrHEART o/ lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream guys!
TheAinMAP: Good night.
fastlane250: okay bye
serramarkov: G'nighters!
spethycakes: Thanks for the stream! G'night!
Lord_ZYRK: outies my scouties seabatTROG /
itira: byeeee
AdzyW: lrrDOTS lrrBEN lrrADAM lrrARROW lrrARROW
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
amuseoffirebane: byeeeee
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
Phailhammer: cya :)
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
Ignatiuspants: Bye...!
itira: it is now
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
The_Color_Twelve: well it wasn't
Lord_ZYRK: Yeah, so no one better remember it next week
matthaus_c: outies my papies
Koshindan: Laters my taters.
Lord_ZYRK: goodbyes my french fries
Saintnex: I really do enjoy the music of this game, its really good
Juliamon: The music is good, the monsters are good, the art direction is good.
serramarkov: Hi, Spoopifer!
DeM0nFiRe: I guess the streamers playing it are kinda ok too
Juliamon: Can anyone find a monster bestiary out there online? I'd love to see them more clearly/point Bogleech at 'em
codyfoti1999: Did the stream end? I just got here :(
Juliamon: Yup, just did.
Juliamon: VOD's ready though!
codyfoti1999: Ugh. Ok, Sleep well everyone!
codyfoti1999: Thanks!
Nigouki: oh neat, soundtrack is up pretty much everywhere
DeM0nFiRe: Heh there's a wiki for the game that has like 6 total pages
Juliamon: It deserves better.
Juliamon: 'swhy I'd love to see the monsters get a Bogleech review