grifftastic0ne: Anyone else humming "Deja Vu"?
PendelSteven: I just wonder if Martin Thielen is from Antwerp or Breda
PendelSteven: Andis Guillaume Brunner from Luxemburg? Could be
lode1: @grifftastic0ne i'm humming "Gas Gas Gas"
constablecrab: I'm stuffing my face with Goldfish and raisins... whatever song that is.
PendelSteven: in my Europen trained my instinctly pronounce Guillaume as French and Brunner as German
PendelSteven: *mind
PendelSteven: inb4 Guillaume was born in Montreal
grifftastic0ne: Mental chain: Deja Vu - Multi-track drifting - Man, I'd love another lrrBEEEJ Train sim stream.
TehAmelie: i'm thinking Spain
Caffine1138: the absolute focus on this man!
Caffine1138: I'm Sorry for the distraction!
PendelSteven: You gotta be focused to play this
lode1: NYOOOM
Ruble_streams: I was so used to the F1 games and Forza that it took me forever to get used to Project CARS and I was still bad at it
TehAmelie: is it just me who assumed WĂĽrth is some local recipe of bratwurst?
PendelSteven: hehe
PendelSteven: they connect things
TehAmelie: sausage links, right
PendelSteven: something like that
PendelSteven: for the actual answer, there's always google
TehAmelie: but where's the fun in that
Ruble_streams: When it's wet I like to exit out of corners a gear too high, helps reduce wheelspin
Ruble_streams: YMMV though
PendelSteven: That should be their slogan
PendelSteven: Goole: where's the fun in us?
xantos69: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:52:57.
TheNerdWonder: so where's the gate to the subocean in this track?
TehAmelie: google: don't be fun
xantos69: How goes the racing Ian?
PendelSteven: That's Austia for you: every turn is uphill :D
RandomTrivia: Thanks Ian! See you in a few!
PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream!
Ruble_streams: The corners are uphill as well, which doesn't help lol
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
frnknstn: thx for stream!
ky0dar: a pleasure, as always
margieargie: In my day we had to walk to the finish line, in the rain, uphill, both ways!
xantos69: cheer50 Guess I got here a bit late. Well have Bits!
Juliamon: We had a good run, but now it's Taiko Time!
PendelSteven: Silverstone <#
Snowcookies: rattle rattle
PendelSteven: I mean <3
RandomTrivia: Silverstone HYPE!
TreeGamer35: love that track
PendelSteven: I even raced on Silverstone on my MSX2
TehAmelie: lrrDARK
ContingentCat: Thanks Ian lrrHEART
SnowBuddy18: I missed it, where did we finish?
mizzytastic: seeing the f1 race at silverstone was my 18th birthday present
PendelSteven: something something Adventure
grifftastic0ne: lrrIAN Thank you for teaching me the term "Metis". I now know how to refer to that part of my linage without "Stolen glory."
PendelSteven: oh well, some nice game up next
ky0dar: right, its monday (australian time)
PendelSteven: Thanks for racing!
PendelSteven: Newsflash: it's almost monday for all of territorial Europe
Ruble_streams: @mizzytastic How was it#? Was hoping to go this year but COVID happened
RandomTrivia: MIC 5
Gen2Gengar: hot mic
Caffine1138: MIC 5!
ky0dar: thump thump
Snowcookies: mic 5
ButButTheJesus: *shuffling intensifies*
ky0dar: bang crash smash
PendelSteven: terrirorial? Hm. I mean, Europe that lies in Europe
Armyguy0: Mic 5
Juliamon: Continental Europe?
SnowBuddy18: @PendelSteven mainland Europe
PendelSteven: that yes
PendelSteven: continental
PendelSteven: since in some parts of my country it's still sunday
PendelSteven: still getting used to that
3and4fifths: @PendelSteven like west coast europe?
mizzytastic: @Ruble_streams it was a while back now in the cheapest seats, but it was fun - it's very much about the spectacle more than actually seeing the race, that and lots of ear protection
PendelSteven: Saba, St. Eustatius & St. Maarten
Juliamon: brb gonna heat up some madras lentils and rice real quick
PendelSteven: special municipalities of the Netherlands
Ruble_streams: @mizzytastic aren't the cheap seats out toward the old pit straight, or are they out towards Becketts and Copse? At least you get to see them go pretty fast there, even if not much actual racing happens in those turns =p
grifftastic0ne: Just a quick reminder to anyone with Sherb on their AC:NH island. The 18th is his birthday.
mizzytastic: @Ruble_streams corner after hanger straight
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for Rhythm Cafe! Heather and Ian are about to start an adventure. A Taiko no Tatsujin Adventure! đź“· ||
mizzytastic: this is the game with the awesome/surreal taiko drum skins isn't it?
Ruble_streams: @mizzytastic Ah, I wasn't too far out on the second guess, then. Get some decent fights into that corner as well
Territan: Taiko no Tatsujin? This is going to make it so much harder for me to play along on bass...
Territan: Mind you, that's NOT going to stop me from trying.
PendelSteven: And I'm still learning
PendelSteven: It's Bonaire, Saba & St. Eustatius which are the special municipalities of the Netherlands
LunarJade: Hi Chat!
PharaohBender27: katesLurk
constablecrab: hawoo
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
SnivianMoon: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Unpronounceable: I'm here for some drumventuring!
RandomTrivia: Hi Heather!
Lizardman175: beep
PendelSteven: Sint Maarten is a Constituent country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands
grifftastic0ne: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW Mic 5
RandomTrivia: Banger alert
RandomTrivia: Oh... lrrAWW
constablecrab: awww. bye, music
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @PendelSteven iirc, St. Maarten is super weird
PendelSteven: Yeah, erm, The Kingdom of the Netherlands can be equated to the United Kingdom
PendelSteven: but to make it complicated TKotN shares part of it's name with the underlying country I live in: The Netherlands
PendelSteven: Or as we like to call it ourselves: Netherlands. Or even Netherland.
LunarJade: Time to drum up some rhythm
EricTheOrange: Question, Now I know that rocksmith had to be taken down for copyright reasons, will games like Taiko be the same?
Juliamon: Taiko streams have generally been OK
ButButTheJesus: but where will we find thythm at a tyime like this?
LunarJade: We haven't had issues with Taiko being muted in the past so it shouldn't be an issue.
Juliamon: It's only really English-language songs that DMCA looks for
ButButTheJesus: y'know i was gonna correct those typos and then i figured :D
LunarJade: For the record I did try to put up the rocksmith ones on YT but they got blocked.
constablecrab: Welcome to Thythm Thafe
PendelSteven: Anyhow, it's mostly monday in the Netherlands :)
PendelSteven: I mean, that's technically how it is
constablecrab: This Monday is a holiday in the States so that's fine.
PendelSteven: Saying that it's monday in the Netherlands would be technically incorrect since ten years
PendelSteven: - and it's ten years now, we gotta start learning that by now
grifftastic0ne: Antici/...
ky0dar: i keep saying it, but the rhythm cafe theme is a bop
PendelSteven: 10... 9... 8...
grifftastic0ne: ,,,PATION
ky0dar: it is, apparently, go time
ButButTheJesus: its the happiest lil theme
patbaer: I am not looking forward to chat being introduced to Pietro.
PendelSteven: Wait,are we gonna play Go?
mtvcdm: Timing!
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: Henlo
ky0dar: <3
ButButTheJesus: <3
PendelSteven walks to a stool in the café
mtvcdm: Summon The Heather
ky0dar: ear... drums?
Unpronounceable: Hiya both!
constablecrab: The beacons are lit!
MAPBoardgames: Howdy LRRfolk and Chat
RealGamerCow: Ian is still high on race adrenaline
Hexi_Lexi: "a very while" Ian Horner (2021)
PendelSteven: I think this is the first time this café is open this year
grifftastic0ne: ^long
PendelSteven: as I sit down on my stool
Bobtheninjagoldfish: DBDQ did not count?
PendelSteven: with law... & love
Ranakel: Punch'em with the law!
Snowcookies: !clip
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mtvcdm: do not actually punch them in face
otakon17: oh boy what did I walk into?
Dog_of_Myth: \o/
constablecrab: pennyWhat
Caffine1138: oh gods, the segues. Ian why?!
Unpronounceable: Only punch them in the face if they're a nazi
Juliamon: otakon17 Welcome to the House of Lies
CaptainSpam: @otakon17 I think it's some sort of boxing match promo.
PendelSteven: Aha, Taiko
GDwarf: "Rhythmic Adventure Pack"
otakon17: I got a good feeling about this
EricTheOrange: I am curious about trying these games
Caffine1138: Rabbit friend is on ALL the good drugs
PendelSteven: let me just say: Bandai Namco!
JAGxTERRA: hi friends
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
otakon17: >Normal eyes of any inanimate object
MAPBoardgames: HOPped up on drugs, no doubt.
rocketjohn: it's a mask
PendelSteven: actually, I should write BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
ButButTheJesus: the Animal Crossing "wow" eyes
otakon17: He opens up
otakon17: it's another face
rocketjohn: that's what we call a face on a face - it's a mask
mtvcdm: !clip
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PendelSteven: but that's screaming in chat?
patbaer: 1 has a really terrible enemy.
PendelSteven: click
Caffine1138: good old EULA
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DiscordianTokkan: Heck Yeah, Taiko Tatsujin
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Dog_of_Myth: @otakon17 Come in and stay awhile and listen to the dulcet tones of Ian and Heather and Rhythm
grifftastic0ne: Playing these in an Akihabara arcade is checked off on my bucket list.
CleeKru: A
rocketjohn: notifier a bit loud...
patbaer: Pietro was a problem in the 3DS days and he continues to be a problem.
mtvcdm: Either game audio is soft or notifier is loud
CaptainSpam: Notifier is significantly louder than gameplay.
MrLephisto: by picking 2?
PendelSteven: and yes, it's X, not cross
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PendelSteven: (that's PlayStation)
Dog_of_Myth: I thought that was the Christ button?
Caffine1138: gah! sub alerts are loud
MAPBoardgames: MAWP- Notifier
Bobtheninjagoldfish: notifier is super loud and heather is super queit
RealGamerCow: Does anyone actually still have the joycon straps?
Juliamon: Heather's a little quiet
ButButTheJesus: heather i saw that too and was confused
Territan: I have a small herd of them, yes.
Dog_of_Myth: Better
otakon17: I have my joycon straps
ky0dar: more pepper on the heather
otakon17: I left them in the box
Hexi_Lexi: thanks heather <3
RandomTrivia: Why are all these characters SO DAMN ADORABLE?!
Juliamon: RealGamerCow I do... because they're on joycons not in use (drift during pandemic = buying new ones)
otakon17: The Rabbit-dar
patbaer: Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is the game with the pot that's being referenced.
EricTheOrange: I like pirate princess
PendelSteven: a blue kangaroo
constablecrab: A mystical ninja
otakon17: That's a Digimon
mizzytastic: cleoCATra, please
GDwarf: Looks more like "Cleo-cat-tra"
otakon17: they have armor and a weapon
constablecrab: And a mechanic
Caffine1138: Neko-Cleopatra.... why Japan.... Why
CaptainSpam: @Caffine1138 Because it sells, clearly.
grifftastic0ne: Too many Yakuza games. Which ones have Taiko at the arcade?
otakon17: Taiko is Arcade
train_diskenth: I mean, why not, right?
Caffine1138: @CaptainSpam fair
EricTheOrange: @Caffine1138 sounds like a straight upgrade to me
ButButTheJesus: we stan these plots!
Dog_of_Myth: Japan loves them nekos
Hexi_Lexi: wait, people ARENT here for the story?!
otakon17: Yeah when you play on just the Switch
Juliamon: Cleocatras have been around for decades at least... it was my favorite Lisa Frank design back in the day
PendelSteven: and usagis, don't forget the usagis
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mtvcdm: Don Katsu
otakon17: SUddenly...GRACKLES
PendelSteven: Sugoi
Territan: "I can't wait for everyone to beat on my face!"
mizzytastic: I assumed Katsu and Don were gonna be the rabbit and watch ... I was wrong
mtvcdm: Don, wait up, don!
PendelSteven: There's our rabbit
PendelSteven: Mr. Usagi
CaptainSpam: This is the SAME location!
constablecrab: He's late for a very important date.
DeM0nFiRe: A rabbit that is very concerned about a pocketwatch. Is this Alice in Wonderland?
CaptainSpam: This festival is a möbius strip!
Territan: "Let us help you or we'll beat on YOUR face!"
PendelSteven: a date with Spider-Girl
Hexi_Lexi: katsu don? boo!
mizzytastic: I think the eyes are like that cos Rabbit is secretly robot
EricTheOrange: It's weird that the drums are named after food, and not like Tai and ko
patbaer: oh great. it's Pietro
PendelSteven: There's the other usagi
otakon17: Radar Rabbit is PEEVED
PendelSteven: or is that still the same one?
CaptainSpam: The spatial continuity going on here is proving very confusing.
PendelSteven: I get confused by the mirrored positioning
DoppoBijou: Just made it to the stream! Didn't know the Taiko games had a story mode. 030
PendelSteven: warning: low battery
mtvcdm: I wish we could save Ticky, but as you can clearly see, we're out of time now
ritchards: Tocky looks like a nightmare creature that should be put out of our misery
MAPBoardgames: Discount team rocket right here.
RandomTrivia: OH NO
otakon17: oh lord
otakon17: it figure
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
EricTheOrange: do you have a dog ear?
ButButTheJesus: heather no!
Hexi_Lexi: "ill get low battery next time gadget, next time"
train_diskenth: Evil can wait, charging comes first
PendelSteven: or just anylyse the art
CleeKru: whaaat
patbaer: Pietro was a poor choice in the initial release and certainly didn't belong in this this port.
CleeKru: best console
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3and4fifths: sergeChair
RvLeshrac: No USB-C cable anywhere?
grifftastic0ne: PrideTrans PrideWingL BisexualPride Just trying to balance out Pietro.
Manae: Wait it didn't come with a charging base?
johkmil: Is Pietro the character furthest to the right?
GDwarf: Manae: I think they mean a charging cradle for the joycons
PendelSteven: You're Helga and you'ge to TD on your hat
Juliamon: Pietro is the problematic one
PendelSteven: sure, that's logic
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun don't you have another pair for parallel charging?
CaptainSpam: "I'm Vinegar, one of Ammo Baron's lackeys, moonlighting in another game. Call me Helga for now."
PendelSteven: oh, Helga got's.... Ah, Taiko...
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constablecrab: Helga looks like a Chrono Trigger character, and no one else does.
PendelSteven: Taiko Drum
niccus: they're really into tower defense
Manae: Half of them look like Akira Toriyama characters
PendelSteven: Ticky! Ticky! Ticky!
kirbys2: Oh dears. It's him...
PendelSteven: And the other half look like Dick Bruna characters
Gen2Gengar: I was gonna say Oda characters
PendelSteven: that's a reference to the Miffy etc thingie
CaptainSpam: Oh my. Things are getting serious now. Hawt.
grifftastic0ne: Don-red-3 letters
PendelSteven: just google nijntje
PendelSteven: RPG-Rhythm game
PendelSteven: 'cause every game is an RPG nowadays
PendelSteven: Ah!
PendelSteven: I know this song
kirbys2: PIZZA TIEM
glmdgrielson: Ah, the joys of Taiko.
grifftastic0ne: Katsu-blue-rhymes
Territan: Perhaps?
ky0dar: um
RandomTrivia: This is the strangest version of this I've ever heard...
innovativemethods: Oh! It's a Theatrhythm game!
PendelSteven: The Helmut Lotti version was weirder... :P Just kidding
niccus: it's a game alright
PendelSteven: Yalalalala
RandomTrivia: It just..... ends?
PendelSteven: Funiculi funicula
RandomTrivia: Welp
Snowcookies: is this a fighting game?
otakon17: suddenly a Yamero
otakon17: Professor TD
PendelSteven: Cotton-eye joe
grifftastic0ne: @Snowcookies Its not NOT a fighting game
RandomTrivia: What in the name of sanity just happened
Musherino: why he got a subway logo on his cape?
mtvcdm: Meowth! That's right!
PendelSteven: one step closer...
PendelSteven: And I'm about to break
RandomTrivia: I love it when Rhythm Cafe blurs into Talking Simulator :D
PendelSteven: Bam
RandomTrivia: WHAT
constablecrab: Taiko puuuuuuucnh!
EricTheOrange: Gen 1 was the only game where I did catch them all
SnivianMoon: Mmmm Katsu don.
PendelSteven: It's Chrono Trigger all over again
RandomTrivia: *Back to the Future theme plays*
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Armstrong11139: I guess I'm about to find out if I'm psychologically prepared for Taiko no Tatsujin deep lore
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DoppoBijou: Time for some Space-Time shenanigans! the8bitLUL
constablecrab: byeee
PendelSteven: As I said: Chrono Trigger all over again
RandomTrivia: "ok, time has passed"
EricTheOrange: we are in the time of grave stones
johkmil: He’s going there, and then he’ll be there.
Caffine1138: If there is a "Ziggy" analogue that would be amazing
MAPBoardgames: So, only, what? 800 years?
EricTheOrange: on no were gonna get nobunaga'd
Caffine1138: Ziggy was the best part of that show
grifftastic0ne: lrrIAN_SG Gonna go Back... To the Future!
glmdgrielson: Let's do the time warp again!
PendelSteven: I thought it was a Plot Gate
otakon17: suddenly they get attacked by Samurai
Territan: "Were you not paying attention? TIME GATE, you numpty!"
kirbys2: We were caught in a Time Warp!
johkmil: The Warring States Period? That explains the velociraptor...
Earthenone: !quote Chopin
DarkMorford: Are we gonna meet Inuyasha?
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW Heather not pulling any punches today
couldntpickausername: asking where you are is a perfectly valid question when time travelling
glmdgrielson: And now, insert Warrior game here!
PendelSteven: Yes, where is your catsuit?
mtvcdm: Any Japanese time travel game will inevitably go to the Warring States Period.
EricTheOrange: warring states period well known for trees
otakon17: time slip?
MAPBoardgames: With a bit of a mind flip...
grifftastic0ne: I can sense it? With his ear?
PendelSteven: I said catsuit, not timeslip
mtvcdm: Hanzo Hattori in 3, 2, 1...
otakon17: oh lord
glmdgrielson: Terminology shenanigans!
RandomTrivia: If only there were a helpful document! LUL
PendelSteven: Oh dear
glmdgrielson: Boss fight!
grifftastic0ne: I seenocrows.
otakon17: suddenly an oni
EricTheOrange: little oni man
Juliamon: The cutest oni ever
RandomTrivia: That is an adorable oni
EricTheOrange: I like his little outie belly button
RandomTrivia: The widdle teef! lrrHEAR
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART
PendelSteven: Yay
MAPBoardgames: The famous Onis of the Warring States period.
otakon17: and he's dead
PendelSteven: Gulden
otakon17: yeah physically moved him
PendelSteven: I dunno, old Dutch currency
Territan: Take me! Take me!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we're pulling 3g's? wow
Juliamon: oh noooo we get to NAME THEM
grifftastic0ne: Now to fight a kappa.
ButButTheJesus: oni frand!
JohnLockeCole: Bob
johkmil: You just beat up a child!
otakon17: NO!
niccus: time to kill the lv1 oni
EricTheOrange: oh god were are getting pokemon
mtvcdm: NOOOOO
otakon17: WHAT DID YOU DO!?
constablecrab: The Oni with No Name
glmdgrielson: Well, so much for that name.
RandomTrivia: Can I use my nuggies to name this oni? lrrBEEJ
ClankyLily: Noooo
DiscordianTokkan: Noooo
dangerous_safety: Oni-Chan
PendelSteven: That makes sense
Caffine1138: You must EARN your name!
glmdgrielson: Also, Mystery Emote! (oh yeah) PogChamp
mtvcdm: His name was Rob Paulsen
3and4fifths: lrrFINE
constablecrab: Overalls, no shirt, and a bowtie sure is a look.
RandomTrivia: We punched a child and now it's our friend...
EricTheOrange: maru is like circle or round right? so this is "round oni"?
PendelSteven: I think those are called pets
mtvcdm: Can we go back and re-rename them?
grifftastic0ne: OMG is that Kate as pogchamp?
Juliamon: EricTheOrange It's also a common pet name
Caffine1138: well when you beat the over the head, amnesia is a distinct possibility
otakon17: you can beat people up then make them fight for you
obijam_: i wasnt watching the screen and i heard that as: Xmen U.
otakon17: NOBUNAGA!?
RandomTrivia: DAMMIT
xantos69: Wow. That didn't take long.
Juliamon: Time to Nobunaga: 30 minutes
glmdgrielson: And Ian is just quitting right now.
otakon17: NO
DiscordianTokkan: gdi
SerGarretCameron: it's always nobunaga.
otakon17: GDI!
EricTheOrange: YEP, the ONLY person from the warring states persiod
ContingentCat: Of Course
johkmil: Don’t trust him!
PendelSteven: well, 25 minutes, but k
otakon17: wait
glmdgrielson: Battery time!
otakon17: THAT'S RANMARU
glmdgrielson: The only Warring States people most people will recognize!
grifftastic0ne: Ambitious little bugger, that Nobunaga
PendelSteven: It was a plothole, Nobunaga
Unpronounceable: Odds that the joycon battery will run out in a boss fight/song?
otakon17: WAIT NO
ContingentCat: "friend"
EricTheOrange: yeah Ranmaru is like nobunagas, bodyguard? servant? follower?
Territan: The real treasure was the friends we beat up in battles along the way.
otakon17: Ranmaru was Nobunaga Oda's retainer and servant
ky0dar: Is going back and meeting Nobunaga like going back to try to kill Hitler?
RandomTrivia: Why does Nobunaga have Naruto's shit-eating grin?
otakon17: because he's Nobunaga
Rogue_07: I did not no Nobunaga was famous for his taiko skills!
MAPBoardgames: I recall an episode of Dr. Who, when they met Shakespeare and he totally knew they were timetravelers because he gets a lot of visitors. I wonder if Nobunaga is the same way.
JohnLockeCole: glmdgrielson short answer? yes
Gen2Gengar: @ky0dar if Drifters taught me anything, Nobunaga and Hitler would have been on opposite sides
otakon17: yeah Takechiyo is Ieyasu Tokugawa
PendelSteven: Time Travel! Oni Slaying!
RandomTrivia: At least he's adorable
ky0dar: @MAPBoardgames yeah, exactly
PendelSteven: perfectly normal title
EricTheOrange: oooh can we decorate our room?
innovativemethods: You have HP, therefore, you can absolutely die.
PendelSteven: Oh, Onimaru is a Yokai
glmdgrielson: Where's the Name Rater
PendelSteven: interesting
RandomTrivia: We'll just find the Name Rater in another town :D
Territan: Well, get eliminated. Death seems unlikely.
Rogue_07: Who thought that a Taiko game needed a Jidai Geki RPG??
JohnLockeCole: Tokugawa Ieyasu as in.. the person who actually *did* unite Japan and establish a lasting shogunate dynasty
innovativemethods: I wish that's how friends worked in real life.
glmdgrielson: What is this, Doom?
otakon17: and now a Nekomata
otakon17: damn I like this song
mariomario42: this is AMAZING
PendelSteven: Of course we get a random fight, this is an RPG
kirbys2: Oh yeah this song from Yo-Kai Watch
ritchards: when do we get the keyblade?
EricTheOrange: some kind of cat ronin\
kirbys2: -o-o-
otakon17: that's a Nekomata
ContingentCat: this cat oh my god we need to befriend them
RandomTrivia: I need it.
constablecrab: Screw the plot. We must fight-adopt every adorable creature.
otakon17: you can tell because they have two tails
grifftastic0ne: @MAPBoardgames I think he's just glad he isn't in a gender-flipped version.
RandomTrivia: It's literally :3 -ing
glmdgrielson: What do the big faces mean?
otakon17: and LEVEL UP!
innovativemethods: YEET
otakon17: Level YEET!
PendelSteven: Yatta!
mariomario42: goodbye
Dog_of_Myth: Yeet the Pizza cat
EricTheOrange: @otakon17 I mean I feel alot of people with be cartoon animal things without being a specificbeing a specific creature
PendelSteven: well later mariomario
glmdgrielson: It feels weird that the rhythm element doesn't correspond to hit points at all.
Rogue_07: @grifftastic0ne Honestly, Fate Grand/Order's take on Nobunaga is awesome. She gets a summer version who's all about heavy metal.
Juliamon: There are naturally different oni colors
otakon17: he's a Shiny!
EricTheOrange: oooh pallet swap, that means it's more or less powerfull
Juliamon: Green, blue, same thing Kappa
Caffine1138: This one is obviously a Fire type. The other is a Grass type
glmdgrielson: Insert trope page here.
Dog_of_Myth: That is an orc that got lost from Mordor
innovativemethods: @glmdgrielson It's two steps removed. Your rhythm *combo* allows you to do attacks, and every attack removes their HP according to your attack power. You get to attack every time your combo is a multiple of your speed.
otakon17: not Gold
PendelSteven: 80 Guilders sounds more logical
grifftastic0ne: Blue oni diped in lamonade
PendelSteven: that's about € 35
otakon17: RPG...the theme to end all themes
robo__nixon: I wonder if the chests can be trapped? A snare ... if you will.
glmdgrielson: It just feels weird seeing the fight end when there are notes on screen.
otakon17: big faces are "hit the drum on both sides"
innovativemethods: Oh. Yeah. Theatrhythm handled that better.
otakon17: SECOND CHANCE!
Juliamon: Don't fuck it up!
Territan: Ooh! You have a matched set!
Rogue_07: Kevin!
mariomario42: on we're fighting kids
kirbys2: Shrek
glmdgrielson: Call it DAVE!
ritchards: Steve!
ContingentCat: kevin
mtvcdm: Oranger
EricTheOrange: beej?
jpost042: I appreciate that it starts with a name
Rogue_07: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
innovativemethods: Shuten!
3and4fifths: lrrGOAT
ButButTheJesus: Red Five!
xantos69: Name him steve
otakon17: Call him...Reddit
Juliamon: Joestar
RandomTrivia: LUL
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Dashi
PendelSteven: Discord
mariomario42: tOni
SAJewers: james turner?
Nuurgle: MacAOni
ContingentCat: James?
otakon17: Roni!
constablecrab: Onimar2
mtvcdm: A Name
innovativemethods: Onii-ko!
grifftastic0ne: But what if you win just before the beat drops?
Gen2Gengar: Ricearoni
DiscordianTokkan: Giri
MAPBoardgames: Turnip?
MortifiedPenguins: Cameron
robo__nixon: Hellboy?
AshBurnem: Second for Giri
otakon17: MacarOni
mtvcdm: It says to give the oni child A Name, so give him "A Name".
Unpronounceable: Red Oni
SAJewers: Beej?
Dog_of_Myth: Bob
otakon17: DAMMIT IAN
otakon17: TWICE?!
mtvcdm: Ian
ButButTheJesus: OKAY
glmdgrielson: So I guess it'll just be all canon names.
otakon17: time to upgrade our gear!
ContingentCat: third time's the charm
Snowcookies: Nobunaga!
Nuurgle: maybe having your main controller as a drum isn't the easiest thing
johkmil: It’s the ovary?
Territan: Caca?
LordZarano: That is terrible UI design
innovativemethods: Hai, owari desu, oyasumi.
otakon17: Kah Kah
glmdgrielson: Does Ian not have the drum controller?
grifftastic0ne: It's slicks in the rain all over again.
otakon17: The Law of Time: No Taiko outside of festivals
constablecrab: We TimeCop now
RandomTrivia: What an imaginative NPC name
glmdgrielson: Ian, what was that voice?
Rogue_07: The name "Don" is very funny to me. I get that it's the sound of the drum, but it's just so mundane.
Territan: Really, it'd be an interesting form of time travel that can only move between different taiko festivals.
constablecrab: No, we're kidnapping oni children.
PendelSteven: Ah, a store
Juliamon: Oni-kidnapping children? That's us!
mtvcdm: Dress-up!
x0den: children are kidnapping oni!>
x0den: ?
innovativemethods: no no, we're kidnapping oni children
glmdgrielson: Afro! Afro!
mtvcdm: Afro Samurai this stuff
Rogue_07: "I'm a unique JRPG protagonist, specializing in drumming skills!" "What's your name?" "Don."
kirbys2: Afro!
Zandivya: Thankfully there's a young child out front to act as a decoy
otakon17: You have enough for ONE HELM and ONE ARMOR
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Talin06: @xoden that is how i choose to read it
glmdgrielson: Aw, no afro?
RandomTrivia: Now we have less money, but more FANCY HATS!
constablecrab: dog!
otakon17: yeah it's in Outfits
otakon17: it was the X menu
PendelSteven: Yatta!
otakon17: lol
RandomTrivia: Dammit Ian
EricTheOrange: is that what kind of trees those are? maple trees?
otakon17: OH YEAH
glmdgrielson: Also, Ian, I love your riffing.
otakon17: You can put the Red Oni in your party!
PendelSteven: wait
grifftastic0ne: Now WE are Tokugawa!
otakon17: you haven't yet
mariomario42: now this is gameplay
RandomTrivia: "Massage" also known as PUNCH
kirbys2: okay
PendelSteven: Oh wow
glmdgrielson: Ooh, Gen ...6?
mtvcdm: We will massage this training dummy and call it you
EricTheOrange: ah this is the "pokemon XY" ANIME not the game
PendelSteven: indeed
RandomTrivia: The songs are all so good and then they just END
Zandivya: For some reason I don't think this song was composed with taiko in mind anneThink
PendelSteven: options?
glmdgrielson: This game just feels so awkward.
otakon17: tis a silly game
PendelSteven: 'tis
innovativemethods: Taiko songs are also only like, a minute and a half?
RandomTrivia: Or at least the part of the chorus that the phrase is heading towards
mariomario42: omg
Rogue_07: Can we dress up other party members?
kirbys2: lol
mariomario42: yes
EricTheOrange: comes with beard
RandomTrivia: Well that's concerning
glmdgrielson: Like, the mechanics don't entirely feel like they agree with each other.
glmdgrielson: Also, yay, beard drum!
LurkerSpine: samfarmurai
xantos69: I mean....couldn't they just have you play through a playlist and when one battle ends the next battle starts up with that same song at the same spot?
johkmil: That scarfed drum is an aberration
otakon17: that's what the Arcade/Taiko mode is for
glmdgrielson: The big one, with a second story!
Nuurgle: will there be a Don Guard?
otakon17: why does Nobunaga have a wine gourd?
ArcOfTheConclave: Nobunaga!
constablecrab: Man talking to a sentient drum: "That drumming sound must be ghosts."
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: so, given that these people know about taiko, it's feasible that we can't travel back further than taiko have existed
glmdgrielson: Ian, are you gonna do anything about your batteries?
Zandivya: Tatsuooooo!
otakon17: he's gonna play as much as he can before it goes dead
glmdgrielson: She's number one!
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PendelSteven: I presume she is the first born one
otakon17: Young Ashihara
otakon17: wait
glmdgrielson: Ashihara's cousin.
otakon17: why is he named YOUNG Ashihara?
otakon17: Power of music AND Friendship
PendelSteven: Plot name
RandomTrivia: I guess they were all out of friendship
ClankyLily: I'm here for this alt narative
otakon17: XD
nemryn: Einnders don't do drums
Zandivya: Old Asihara doesn't get out much
RandomTrivia: LUL
nemryn: *winners
toomanybears: i like the rabbit
RandomTrivia: And the stupid rabbit just teleports in
PendelSteven: usagis be usagis
glmdgrielson: Sure, friends, let's go with that.
PendelSteven: It never hurts to help!
johkmil: If anyone asks, it’s probably best to be Nobunaga’s friends.
glmdgrielson: I mean, fair, johkmii.
Rogue_07: That's not the mountain where Nobunaga burned all those monks, is it?
johkmil: Looks like Tocky has a targeting ear?
Nuurgle: Mount Ashihara? I barely know them
PendelSteven: (and if you don't that reference, go watch Eek! the Cat on some stream, I dunno)
RandomTrivia: Do we need Surf?
RandomTrivia: Looks like we need Surf
otakon17: you should be able to afford the armor
PendelSteven: We need dig
otakon17: always trust the doggo
glmdgrielson: Diggy diggy hole!
control_rig: Diggy diggy hole!
control_rig: I love you guys
glmdgrielson: Also, I love that they can't be bothered to make a non-encounter taiko setup so they just chuck in a scarecrow to make up for it.
ritchards: it shold have the option "to score OR whole song"
PendelSteven: yeah-i-yeah
MAPBoardgames: This foe is my favorite debate partner.
otakon17: that scarecrow makes me feel like "Why am I here?"
RandomTrivia: J(azz)-Pop
PendelSteven: come on come on baby
otakon17: I love that faces "sing" too
PendelSteven: yeah-i-yeah-i-yeah
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The J in J-pop doesn't stand for Jazz?
Drunk_Owl: How does this work on joycons without the actual drum piece?
RandomTrivia: It's the trumpets noodling around in the back that makes this style great
PendelSteven: hey hey hey
johkmil: I though it stood for Jalopy
otakon17: GODDAMMIT
otakon17: 100 G!
otakon17: GO BUY THE ARMOR!
otakon17: the dog got to DIG
constablecrab: The dog got a hole.
PendelSteven: the dog got fun
Nuurgle: The dog got- to dig a hole
PendelSteven: and that
otakon17: WHAT
mtvcdm: um
otakon17: you got healing items!
control_rig: As opposed to an unusable
glmdgrielson: As opposed to the USELESS Recovery Sprays.
PendelSteven: that means this item is [usable]
PendelSteven: I guess
RandomTrivia: Wat
PendelSteven: I also wonder how we know that guy is an uncle
EricTheOrange: go in the portal to see dons room?
AshBurnem: Oni-sama?
otakon17: oh yeah Ian, the armor and equipping your Red Oni ally!
grifftastic0ne: lrrWOW
Zandivya: Playing hide and seek during a string of kidnappings seems like a good idea anneDerp
PendelSteven: usagi be scared
glmdgrielson: Ooh, secret don attacks!
otakon17: ah yes, the charge attack
xantos69: One does not simply "Go Nuts."
EricTheOrange: @PendelSteven uncle is how ojisan is usually translated. It's usually ment to refer to middle gamed man?
EricTheOrange: 8aged
PendelSteven: I guess
otakon17: Desperation Move, UNLOCKED
EricTheOrange: oooh it's one of those shrine guardian dogs, their awesome
videogameprotagonist: just got here a bit ago and already invested
johkmil: Or it could be that your parents have so many siblings that there are uncles strewn about everywhere.
otakon17: I dunno man, Golden Sun is still pretty banger
glmdgrielson: I mean, it's a rhythm game. Of course it's going to have exceptional music.
Rogue_07: (hums "Last Surprise" and disagrees)
otakon17: Charges faster and carries over
RandomTrivia: There must be mods for that
otakon17: BEGONE ONI
ritchards: Kingdom Hearts already has this mechanic in it...
EricTheOrange: Wikipedia says those are called Komainu
otakon17: Yeet it to beat it
Nuurgle: that's just Thearhythm
otakon17: Theaterhythm comes to mind
Dog_of_Myth: Either that or more Honey Bee Inn....
PendelSteven: Ruff ruff
otakon17: FINALLY
Dog_of_Myth: *no spoilers*
MortifiedPenguins: in ff14 there's a boss that's kinda like rhythm game
johkmil: No name. Only name.
serramarkov: His name is Mouse!
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Name them Nozomi
grifftastic0ne: Foo dog>Oni
otakon17: Poochi
PendelSteven: _Please_ give [] a name
johkmil: Poochi!
otakon17: Pochita?
Earthenone: Phoci-min-city!
JonnyGlitch: Hi Ian! Hi Heather! Hi Chat!
Dog_of_Myth: Doggo has been named
otakon17: now PUT HIM IN THE PARTY
Manae: Chainsaw man
enki1256: Its a.... really interesting Manga.
glmdgrielson: Context please?
otakon17: you got four slots, you're using two
glmdgrielson: Hi, Jonny!
JonnyGlitch: what's with the Samurai-Target-Barrel?
glmdgrielson: We got commercial sign!
PendelSteven: and fix your low battery problems
otakon17: get down, commercial sign!
Manae: @glmdgrielson Abandoned kid merges with a chainsaw demon dog
enki1256: And becomes Chainsaw man.
Manae: Becomes chainsaw demon man
otakon17: this music is good resting music
videogameprotagonist: !findquote doggo
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
enki1256: Fairly short read for a published Manga to.
videogameprotagonist: !findquote music
LRRbot: Quote #4027: "Head math is hard when there's good music causing problems in the face" —Ian [2017-02-19]
PendelSteven: well, I don't have a low battery problem, but I do need to chance a light'bulb'
grifftastic0ne: Alright. time that I have to go. Bye chat. lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrSCOOP
otakon17: this should be the offiicial break music
enki1256: Its also being made into an Anime as well, which slightly terrifies me.
otakon17: aw, by griff
PendelSteven: also yes, it broke by chance, but I have to change it
PendelSteven: bye griff
Revelia: hi, coming over from wheeler's channel, anyone having twitch buffering issues here on lrr?
PendelSteven: Were it normal times, I'd go to a store tomorrow with my old lamp... but nay
Juliamon: Twitch has been okay here
otakon17: I miss the old times
PendelSteven: also tomorrow be today
otakon17: when Wal Mart was open 24/7
otakon17: I work nights so it was super convenient to go when I got off work, no crowds
videogameprotagonist: @Revelia yes but I always have buffering issues on twitch
PendelSteven: well, the good thing is that the central light fixture in this room has two of them in it, so one is still working
videogameprotagonist: !findquote break
LRRbot: Quote #6135: "You can break the railings...with your face." —Cori [2019-06-19]
PendelSteven: hurray
otakon17: I am suddenly reminded of Dexter's Lab
otakon17: also you should invest in some LED bulbs for it if you can, those things last forever
PendelSteven: I know, that's the one that's still working
PendelSteven: Also: Deedee, I told you to say out of my room
glmdgrielson: Have you heard of the Centennial Light?
otakon17: isn't that the extremely old still runninglightbulb?
glmdgrielson: Yep.
otakon17: like 100+ years now
Juliamon: The one from 17776!
otakon17: not THAT old I think XD
RandomTrivia: *beep*
otakon17: beepy beep
PendelSteven: well, I need an R50, so erm
glmdgrielson: But yeah, it's a real thing with a Wikipedia artical.
glmdgrielson: Welcome back, Ian!
videogameprotagonist: !badadvice
LRRbot: The day star is good for you.
TheAinMAP: katesAir
PendelSteven: We be playing more Taiko RPG-Rhythm Gamu
otakon17: and now Ian is on the left
JonnyGlitch: I mean... Would it be THAT much of a problem? Kappa
LordZarano: Made before all the lightbulb companies got together and made a pact to reduce the life of their bulbs to get more sales
PendelSteven: Joyfull bliss
glmdgrielson: It also hasn't been turned off.
EricTheOrange: meaty bits
JonnyGlitch: bumping meaty bits IS weird
PendelSteven: as Western games often do
PendelSteven: (thank god)
videogameprotagonist: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
ArcOfTheConclave: Pokemon vilains?!
otakon17: DON AT YOU!
PendelSteven: Ah, TD = Timedyne
otakon17: TIMEDYNE!?
otakon17: and no fight this time
glmdgrielson: Yep, Timedyne is definitely evil.
Hexi_Lexi: its time to dyne!
otakon17: inb4 he's misconstrued as evil
Caffine1138: wow. Grey hair, Soul Patch, AND a German-esque name with the Title of Professor? How many Tropes are they going to shove in this game?!
PendelSteven: Parts? I suggest you do business with WĂşrth
Bobtheninjagoldfish: cyberdyne. also notably not evil
Caffine1138: not to forget the monocle
EricTheOrange: oooh I like this leaf girl
glmdgrielson: A lot, I think, Caffine.
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun you only have 2 people in party? can't you have 4?
Gen2Gengar: I want leaf girl
otakon17: they can have four
PendelSteven: Let's see, it's a cat with a sable, a spoon in the mouth and a pan?
otakon17: but Ian just hasn't added them yet
PendelSteven: Kore-wa
RandomTrivia: TOS?
Gen2Gengar: @PendelSteven It's not a spoon, it's a twig
otakon17: it's a sprig of grass actually
NonjaBiru: you wanna take that again Ian?
otakon17: also maybe buy the rest of that armor set
PendelSteven: It's like a real houseparty
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: fans are weird
otakon17: *touches other people*
otakon17: I YOU CAN'T STOP ME!
mtvcdm: Delivery is still a thing if you want restaurants
ContingentCat: keep your distance
glmdgrielson: How does one Nobunga?
constablecrab: Live, Laugh, Nobunaga
otakon17: seriously his name is Young Ashihara
otakon17: his first name is YOUNG
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Smash Brothers but with social distancing?
PendelSteven: ah
otakon17: Social Smash Distancing
ContingentCat: !smash
LRRbot: Put Smashboy in Smash, you cowards!
mtvcdm: Why leave Nobunaga to fight on his own?
otakon17: XD
EricTheOrange: he has the power of shounen on his side
CaptainSpam: The puzzled strenuous effort.
otakon17: and he still has an outie belly button
PendelSteven: Plottwist: my first name is Pendel.
RandomTrivia: The production quality of this game is absolutely top notch :D
otakon17: HE WAS ABOU TO WIN!
glmdgrielson: The power of shounen is a powerful one.
otakon17: and Ieyasu was kidnapped
ContingentCat: !findquote help
LRRbot: Quote #7383: "You don't stink, Twitch Chat. You're beautiful, and great. Wonderful, and funny, and smart, and helpful." —Adam, with no irony [2020-12-05]
otakon17: I like these quotes
glmdgrielson: I love the note of "with no irony".
EricTheOrange: Has their been a shounen manga about a young nobunaga? It seems like something someone would have tried.
glmdgrielson: !findquote chat
ContingentCat: uhhh
PendelSteven: Adam, with no irony - that is his nickname
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #3534: "The chat is now telling you that, after it is a useful piece of information." —Paul [2016-10-14]
glmdgrielson: Sounds about right.
otakon17: XD
videogameprotagonist: !findquote young
LRRbot: Quote #2952: "Put your tongue away, young man." —Graham, to Alex [2016-07-13]
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
otakon17: >get lost on the path
mtvcdm: Helps to have a map.
CaptainSpam: What about in the Z Map?
otakon17: >never look at the plus map
otakon17: someone clip that
videogameprotagonist: !findquote map
glmdgrielson: Or the C-Stick map?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: but... why map?
ritchards: "It helps to have a map."
constablecrab: Or consult your Radar Ear??
Lynks_9: you started at a festival, yes this is crono trigger:P
3and4fifths: What about the -map?
glmdgrielson: Insert the Dora Map song.
PendelSteven: yeah-i-yeah-i-yeay
PendelSteven: That's what I said all along
otakon17: wait...time travel...RPG battles...festival...IT IS CHRONO TRIGGER!
EricTheOrange: I like leaf girl, we should get leaf girl
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otakon17: "I know you're hitting me Ian, don!"
JqlGirl: add nobu to party?
PendelSteven: Ah, to have mulitple hats on
mtvcdm: The one where the drum's face was in slices
otakon17: Oooh! Nuuuu
glmdgrielson: Ooh, skeleton rider!
EricTheOrange: tanuki sniper
constablecrab: Gun Tanuki?
otakon17: OH MY GOD
Earthenone: Gunuki
DoppoBijou: Suddenly, 1,2 Fanclub! the8bitLUL the8bitLUL
PendelSteven: Apocalypse Rider at Night
SnivianMoon: That's... That's not.... Wait, was that??
otakon17: YES IT WAS
EricTheOrange: @otakon17 I mean that's what pon-poko taught me
CaptainSpam: I don't think there's ANY reasons for ANYTHING in this game.
JqlGirl: add nobu to party?
otakon17: Nobu isn't an Oni
glmdgrielson: Ooh, a usuable charm!
PendelSteven: Ah, hakkuh
otakon17: aNOTHER Gunuki
constablecrab: Taikodex
otakon17: Yakuza 7 is amazing
otakon17: it's called Sujeimon
innovativemethods: It has a *sujimon* system. The super jittery men system.
innovativemethods: It's such a great pastiche.
otakon17: I love Yakuza 7
otakon17: YES
EricTheOrange: oooo saburo
Juliamon: My concern with the tanuki is that the sprite's bouncing *can't* be comfortable for the nuts
otakon17: Sword Kitty, GET
PendelSteven: I got to get Like a Dragon
glmdgrielson: Ooh, a Nekomata!
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Nozomi
videogameprotagonist: !findquote drum
LRRbot: Quote #4626: "Don't take my dreams of being a beautiful drum bride away from me, Heather." —Ian [2018-01-28]
otakon17: @Juliamon they're well padded, they use those scrots for EVEYTHING
constablecrab: Saabine?
PendelSteven: Also, is that called Yakuza: Qui une Dragon in French? :D
otakon17: Sam Bam!
Nuurgle: PizaCat
RandomTrivia: Sam Bam, Thank you Mam
MAPBoardgames: Nekoconeko?
CaptainSpam: Hm, if only there were a famous clip of a podcast concerning the potential names of warrior cats...
Mysticman89: yakuza 7=like a dragon? or 7 as in 6 because 0 is a thing?
otakon17: no it's officially 7
glmdgrielson: Seven as in it's called 7.
otakon17: 6 was already came out
PendelSteven: well 0 is a thing, but somehow games, like films, start counting at 1
SnivianMoon: Clearly the character naming system is based on MS-DOS 5.1
otakon17: wait it IS automatic
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun don't forget if you want to add new people you get you gotta do so in the menu.
PendelSteven: This is why I did like that Street Fighter Alpha's original name is Street Fighter Zero
otakon17: so much for saving it for a boss
glmdgrielson: The charge isn't useful at all then?
PendelSteven: Street Fighter 0 makes total sense
otakon17: Roll?
otakon17: What does "Roll!" mean?
innovativemethods: Ot
PendelSteven: and as for countring, 95, 98, 2000, 7, 8, 10
PendelSteven: That's how Microsoft counts
innovativemethods: It's the eighth game, but it's the sequel to 6. It is a sequel. But as with all Yakuza, you can start with any of them.
EricTheOrange: nobunaga gonna shoot ya.
PendelSteven: Also 10 = NT 6.0
PendelSteven: don't ask how that works
innovativemethods: No no, 10 is NT 6.*2*. Or at least, that's what Internet Explorer 1.5 says.
otakon17: BATTLE DAT CAT
RandomTrivia: Musket kitty!
PendelSteven: ok 6.2
otakon17: no that's a Tanuki with a Rifle
MAPBoardgames: Teppo-tanuki?
EricTheOrange: I mean that's what nobunaga was famously known for really heavily adopting tagamashi rifles into his army.
RandomTrivia: Oh it's a Tanuki, my bad
otakon17: and armor for his package
mtvcdm: Blunderbuss
RandomTrivia: Musket Tanuki! lrrHEART
Mysticman89: I get 0's as a prequel type of thing, but it does get weird sometimes since Nth in the series doesn't line up with the number its labeled with
otakon17: like seriously check the legs
Snowcookies: is that a fox with a rifle?
innovativemethods: (The counting goes from NT 4.0, which was released concurrently with 95, and simply... counted up. You may know the NTs as "Windows Server")
RandomTrivia: With a Nobuna-gun?
otakon17: Tanuki
Rogue_07: Nobunaga has *all* the guns.
PendelSteven: it's a tanuki
otakon17: Nobunagun is a WEIRD anime
kirbys2: WAIT
RandomTrivia: Heather beat me to it by half a second
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Kitty?
kirbys2: go back
blamemyphone: That anime is awesome
blamemyphone: its so weird
mtvcdm: Oh, okay. These things.
kirbys2: Tehree was a search button there
EricTheOrange: I mean he was known for a lot of stuff but but tactically he was known for his guns.
glmdgrielson: What song is this?
PendelSteven: Polka time!
otakon17: What song is this?
glmdgrielson: Oh that's neat, Ian.
glmdgrielson: What should I look up?
Rogue_07: That's not the one where she gets turned into a zombie, is it?
otakon17: lol Ian found a song that speaks to his soul
RandomTrivia: I love the juxtaposition of "cute fuzzy animals with weapons" next to "Skeleton Knight"
kirbys2: search around near the cats. I think there was something
otakon17: cute fuzzy animals with giant exposed scrotums
PendelSteven: look at the water!
therisingtithes_: That's one of the NHK Asadora, right? I want really badly to watch those somehow
PendelSteven: that was a reference to how water keeps looking better in games :)
otakon17: I never took Ian for a weeb
therisingtithes_: Also, look, Gaim! I was literally talking about this with a friend
mtvcdm: As per Wikipedia: "Oda Nobunaga used tanegashima in the Battle of Anegawa (1570), and again against the powerful Takeda clan in the Battle of Nagashino (1575), 3,000 gunners helped win the battle, firing by volleys of a thousand at a time. They were concealed across a river and used breastworks to effectively stop enemy infantry and cavalry charges while being protected. The defeat of the powerful Takeda clan brought about permanent changes in battle tactics."
mtvcdm: oh that was big sorry
glmdgrielson: And looking up "ama chan" on TV Tropes is not helping.
RandomTrivia: @otakon17 Did you mean to add a Kappa to that? :p
Armstrong11139: Of course, Gaim would be the Rider series to use, considering the Sengoku era theming
otakon17: oh no
otakon17: look at the Tanuki's CLOSELY
otakon17: they got balls
mtvcdm: So Nobunaga did use a gun IRL.
innovativemethods: if they didn't have balls, they wouldn't be tanuki
Nuurgle: it's just Youtube comments
otakon17: I mean true
PendelSteven: I presume Idolmaster is The Voice Japan?
Manae: That one that has that constant "patta patta pon" is a theme from that yokai watch cartoon, But at least that is very Nintendo related?
otakon17: no real animations, just sprites bouncing back and force
Rogue_07: @PendelSteven nah, super-popular idol anime
ritchards: You are spanking this game, Ian. Perhaps a higher difficulty?
otakon17: @Manae that's Patapon
PendelSteven: Aha, ok, thanks
otakon17: You got SKELETOR!
videogameprotagonist: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Your back looks fantastic!
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Name them Ryuk
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: Welp
Rogue_07: Bonathan!
PendelSteven: Skeletor
PendelSteven: obv
ButButTheJesus: there we go
Caffine1138: Skeletor
mtvcdm: I mean
otakon17: skeletOR!
Manae: @otakon17 Is it from elsewhere, or just the anime?
innovativemethods: imas is less of a rhythm game and more of a ... raising game? I don't remember a lot of rhythm from Dearly Stars, in any event.
RandomTrivia: We're short one character
Juliamon: "Skeletor" is 8
glmdgrielson: IDOLM@STER is like Namco's answer to Love Live?
otakon17: @Manae it was a PSP game at first
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Ryuk
mtvcdm: Skeltor?
Snowcookies: what's skeletor in japanese?
EricTheOrange: SSkeltor is 8 charecters
PMAvers: Krankor?
Armstrong11139: Idolmaster predates Love Live by a few years
innovativemethods: @glmdgrielson Other way around, and I am mad at this.
DarkMorford: @glmdgrielson iM@S came way before Love Live
JqlGirl: Skel8or?
Juliamon: Feraligatr
innovativemethods: imas released for arcades, and the first home port was for the Xbox 360.
DeM0nFiRe: Skelet dot io
mtvcdm: Skel8or, yeah
Armstrong11139: But it started as a video game series and backed into everything else, while Love Live was meant as a multimedia franchise from the start
otakon17: Papyrus?
constablecrab: Skeltor
otakon17: OH MY GOD
glmdgrielson: Sorry, I am only familiar with either thakns to SiIvaGunner, sorry.
otakon17: PAPYRUS
mrverbal: Skeletr is a social media site for dating skeletons
RealGamerCow: Skeletor's name on Bumblr
innovativemethods: (not real mad, anime fan mad)
EpicWin26: Skelly
SnivianMoon: Meet undead matches in your region using the new app: Skeltr!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: SkeL337or
Abelzumi: he was a skeletr, she said she you later whore
niccus: skel8or
glmdgrielson: No, Skeltr is the app for undead blogging.
PendelSteven: C'mon
otakon17: hopefully we get the Tanuki this time
kirbys2: I love the English Dub of this song lol
ritchards: can you increase the difficulty?
satyropodobny: Excelsior!
kirbys2: yes
PendelSteven: You don't have to go home tonight
EricTheOrange: I'm gonna guess when we leave fudal japan we lose nobunaga
otakon17: Ian: the human personification of RHYTHM
xantos69: "You still underestimate my power." ~Ian 2021 sorta.
otakon17: Don is a type of noodle soup
glmdgrielson: I'm missing a joke there, aren't I?
PendelSteven: Kerrang!
innovativemethods: kodon. the joke was "oyakodon", which is a chicken-and-egg rice bowl.
PendelSteven: Hakkuh!
Driosenth: is Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion" about chicken & egg don?
otakon17: IT'S BACK
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glmdgrielson: I wonder if this game has enough buttons to set off the charge manually in an accessible way.
otakon17: well it goes by position and HP
PendelSteven: Yatta!
otakon17: so you wanna put HIGH hp members in the front
videogameprotagonist: !findquote skeletor
LRRbot: Quote #1744: "I look like Skeletor, but with flesh." —Ian [2016-02-09]
satyropodobny: oh my it got dark pretty quick
MAPBoardgames: Stockholm syndrome?
innovativemethods: @glmdgrielson Traditional taiko uses *two buttons*. This also uses the joystick to menu. They *could* use a third...
otakon17: he's actually...MY BROTHER
PendelSteven: plot twist: my first name actually is Steven
innovativemethods: (they actually bind half of your buttons to one drum and half of your buttons to the other drum)
ContingentCat: kid?
glmdgrielson: Wait, I thought it had a left and right button for both in and out.
otakon17: they weren't turned into SOUP
EricTheOrange: lookit all the tarditional japanese toys
PMAvers: Wait, is that the Katamari prince?
innovativemethods: @glmdgrielson Yes, but they do the same thing. So I guess four buttons.
satyropodobny: and that makes it O-K!
otakon17: XD
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
ArdCollider: "hrnngg" wrong sound effect
Snowcookies: kidnapping is still kidnapping
EricTheOrange: sword? that looks like a harpoon
ArdCollider: again, noises
glmdgrielson: That's a dagger at best.
Raiger: So THAT'S how I make new friends!
Dog_of_Myth: Assert dominance with crime.
ArdCollider: *again*
PMAvers: "Nope, you just have a bunch of HP and I want you to soak up hits on the front line."
Raiger: ben, kidnapping people
Raiger: err brb
satyropodobny: If you want us to be friends, let us instal our military bases in you!
RandomTrivia: oh no
glmdgrielson: Definitely not a kidnapping.
videogameprotagonist: !findquote friends
LRRbot: Quote #5824: "If Serge calls you "friend," that doesn't mean he doesn't have a crossbow pointed at you." —Paul [2019-02-13]
glmdgrielson: There's some denial there.
RandomTrivia: Is this girl a toy-tsundere?
ContingentCat: katesNotes alright, kidnap children to make friends katesNotes
glmdgrielson: Totally not full of subtext!
Earthenone: she is Tsundere for yokai toys
TheDailyMapleSyrup: van dude is our friend
etaluia: !findquote kidnap
LRRbot: Quote #4907: "In case anyone was wondering, it's better to not kidnap people." —Paul [2018-04-21]
otakon17: wait
otakon17: that's not a sword
otakon17: it's a clock hand
PendelSteven: not fallic either
EricTheOrange: some one broke the oni free from that rock
e_bloc: seabatYIKES
otakon17: TICKY IS HUGE
JqlGirl: loooong hand
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! What is rare sugar, anyway?
RandomTrivia: "Ticky's Long Hand"
MAPBoardgames: Ticky's parts are showing.
glmdgrielson: Also, so this is a useless item!
Dog_of_Myth: We Kingdom Hearts now! Wiggins will be so mad...
constablecrab: This took a turn.
Earthenone: collecting parts of our friends, wasent that the plot of the jojo game?
satyropodobny: Are they being endorsed by a sports drink?
PendelSteven: You played too much Project CARS
PendelSteven: :)
ArcOfTheConclave: Is this JoJo part 7?
ArdCollider: professor toyotacamry
glmdgrielson: Thank you so much, Pietro.
JqlGirl: their logo makes me want subway
PendelSteven: I think it's <- that way
PendelSteven: this even
mtvcdm: Please don't go to World War 2
PendelSteven: , thisteven, you might say
glmdgrielson: And now, MORE time travel!
mtvcdm: Search through ALL OF TIME
glmdgrielson: And of course all of the ages will be Japanese?
JqlGirl: time travel is never a problem
PendelSteven: That's why the ear is like that
videogameprotagonist: !findquote time travel
LRRbot: Quote #3383: "The concept of time-travelling bedbugs is IRRATIONALLY upsetting to me." —Alex [2016-09-08]
otakon17: I am not needed!
glmdgrielson: And now, to wreck all of history!
Unpronounceable: I didn't expect this to be Katsu and Don's Excellent Adventure
PMAvers: Nobunaga steals a couple of future guns and brings them back.
videogameprotagonist: wasnt this a panelists episode?
otakon17: ah yes, Nobunaga gets ahold of an M-15
PendelSteven: tingeling
mtvcdm: Nobunaga Gets A Bazooka
otakon17: and Young Ashihara is Mr. T
PendelSteven: Maybe Ticky went to the Tiki Room
glmdgrielson: What's that big black rectangle over there?
EnoTheTonberry: Only good things from bringing Nobunaga to the Present.
glmdgrielson: In the not too distant future...
PendelSteven: I think it's the new Xbox?
innovativemethods: There was a time when things *werent* made of plastic and that's amazing.
glmdgrielson: But plastic is the future!
RandomTrivia: WHAT?! NO!
PendelSteven: Told you
innovativemethods: I THOUGHT THAT WAS HER EAR
Ritaspirithntr: I was wondering about that!
ClankyLily: owo
glmdgrielson: Removable ears! Sure, why not!
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mtvcdm: I have too many questions
satyropodobny: that rabbit is straight from cyberpunk
PendelSteven: removable... and usable
glmdgrielson: The Time Travel PHONE? Excuse me?
innovativemethods: "My ear is the time travel phone." I mean ok
ritchards: hey, didn't that happen in Azumanga Diaoh??
glmdgrielson: If that isn't the mother of all plot devices...
PendelSteven: This is like an oldschool comic
mtvcdm: f e e e e e e e e d
innovativemethods: Their names are Katsu and don. That's amazing.
PendelSteven: 'Cause you played too much Crash
satyropodobny: drums yearn for flesh
innovativemethods: (also katsudon is delicious)
JqlGirl: naan cake
glmdgrielson: But I've only played the N. Sane Trilogy!
ContingentCat: None cake left beef
glmdgrielson: Thank you, plot device ear.
glmdgrielson: Also, what is this, Bill & Ted?
satyropodobny: Can you romance the drums?
glmdgrielson: Sure, PROTECT history...
PendelSteven: Let's go to ???
otakon17: oh god
Earthenone: war of the roses?
xantos69: Princess Kenny?
otakon17: it's Marie Antoinette
PendelSteven: Oh boy
otakon17: I WAS KIDDING
Rogue_07: Whassup My Homies!
EricTheOrange: and now were in france? that's more than just TIME travel
Rogue_07: (that is a Fate joke because I am a degenerate)
videogameprotagonist: its mickey antoinette
PendelSteven: Ah oui
otakon17: XD
glmdgrielson: Thank you, plot recap.
satyropodobny: shenanigans deployed
otakon17: the future AND the past
Rogue_07: So a game where we round up Nobunaga, Marie Antoinette, and presumably other historical figures? My god, this really is just a Fate rhythm game.
otakon17: BELIEVE IT!
glmdgrielson: I don't think Nobunaga is from Marie's future?
glmdgrielson: No, this game is CLEARLY Bill and Ted except Japanese.
otakon17: I WAS KIDDING
enki1256: Let them eat CAKE.
constablecrab: @otakon17 You did this!
PendelSteven: IKR
mtvcdm: Why do they always go to *famous* time periods? Nobody ever hides out in like 1890's Morocco or something.
otakon17: I DIDN'T MEAN OT!
Dog_of_Myth: CAKE!
otakon17: OH MY GOD
otakon17: XD
otakon17: hAHAHHAHAHAH
PendelSteven: She'll make sure the Statue of Liberty will be put in new York
PendelSteven: wait, that would be later
glmdgrielson: Also, hi, Mickey Mouse!
dangerous_safety: Mickey Antoinette'
ContingentCat: they called it the National Razor because they got a dark sense of humour then a-ha!
mtvcdm: When did this become the World Heroes franchise?
otakon17: I'm dying
EricTheOrange: sooooo, I mean nobunaga is controversal, but Marie Antoinette is like a straight up villian
Snowcookies: Why is she making her own lunch
otakon17: WHO'S NEXT?!
PendelSteven: Mayhem! Chaotic Wedding!
glmdgrielson: Ian Horner!
otakon17: THE HELL
Driosenth: is this becoming bill and ted?
Caffine1138: this is a crazily written version of Bill and Ted?!
Dog_of_Myth: UUUMMMM
EricTheOrange: I don't like the carrot butt
glmdgrielson: Well that was quick.
enki1256: Fairly tale times?
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RandomTrivia: That happened
PendelSteven: of course
constablecrab: rekt
glmdgrielson: I told you, Caffine!
PendelSteven: European fairytales ftw
DeM0nFiRe: @otakon17 Not sure what you mean, that was a very normal grandmother
Manae: @EricTheOrange Not necessarily. There is a train of thought that she was just seriously maligned and scapegoated
satyropodobny: sure mode inititated
glmdgrielson: Kuma Tomo?
otakon17: at least it's not a Twerkey
Juliamon: I like the harpy. I hope we get her.
EricTheOrange: harpey is like... Greek mythology basex?
otakon17: GOD can you imagine Twerkey's in this?
Unpronounceable: It's annoying my how they're bouncing out of sync
glmdgrielson: Also, the fact that they all bounce at different rhythms. Top notch.
Earthenone: we should put marie in the party when we get a chance :)
constablecrab: Maybe that's a mandrake root?
RealGamerCow: Vascular Carrot
otakon17: wait...wait
PendelSteven: Marvel Movie Butts
Dog_of_Myth: Carrot Carrot Milk
otakon17: this god this game
Caffine1138: Full
glmdgrielson: Carrot Milk, Carrot Milk.
Juliamon: UH
otakon17: oh ho no
PendelSteven: lol
enki1256: Gramama.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Nanba
Earthenone: Perfect
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
ClankyLily: the sharp cut off of the song is cracking me up
glmdgrielson: Go with Dearly!
Dog_of_Myth: YES
satyropodobny: Bea Arthur
mtvcdm: Perfect
ContingentCat: Beej
DoppoBijou: Uhh... the8bitWot
PendelSteven: 'Tis a silly game
Juliamon: Beej
RandomTrivia: Welp
glmdgrielson: Call it Beej!
constablecrab: It is fate
PendelSteven: Beowulf
Caffine1138: The name is obviously Full
ContingentCat: "No" it is
otakon17: Noh
Driosenth: BaeWolf
NonjaBiru: lrrBEEJ ?
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Matsune
PendelSteven: or just that, yeah
otakon17: yeah that seems right
EricTheOrange: Bigby?
otakon17: NO
otakon17: IAN STOP
otakon17: damn her hair big
satyropodobny: I mean, everything is a Dr. Who reference if u just say it's a dr Who reference
PendelSteven: makes sense
glmdgrielson: Right, prayer...
MAPBoardgames: Pray or Prey?
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PendelSteven: Loo-wee
PendelSteven: It's Loo-wee
ArcOfTheConclave: Oohohohoho!
otakon17: @MAPBoardgames you cut that out!
Snowcookies: Isn't Marie from Austria
PendelSteven: well erm
EricTheOrange: shes definatley doing the oujousama laugh
SquareDotCube: Don't lose your head over it, Elise.
constablecrab: She has ALL THE HAIR
Caffine1138: Considering how it ended.....
PendelSteven: yes
Rogue_07: She's got a GUN!
glmdgrielson: Hi, Team Evil!
PendelSteven: the official name in Dutch is Marie Antoinette van Oostenrijk (of Austria)
PendelSteven: so yeah
RandomTrivia: Ian! You can't just ask someone what's rustling in their bustle!
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Team darkness
PendelSteven: it's not scandinavia
xantos69: awakward
Snowcookies: She was a teen age
ContingentCat: nope he was like 14
ContingentCat: *she
glmdgrielson: Yes, NOW we care about the timeline.
Snowcookies: I think the timeline is fine
EricTheOrange: "correct"
ritchards: we are the infinity gems!
innovativemethods: why are we the timesplitters?
otakon17: wait, where's Buck Tuddrussel!?
ArcOfTheConclave: is this a Lost Belt?
RandomTrivia: OMG Heather
glmdgrielson: This game just doesn't not care about what it's doing.
Dog_of_Myth: Suddenly Sonic appearts
Dog_of_Myth: *appears
otakon17: IAN NO
otakon17: XD
RandomTrivia: Smooth
glmdgrielson: Like, oh my goodness this is just all sorts of ridiculous and contrived.
otakon17: Very smooth
3and4fifths: lrrBEEJ
Snowcookies: !youtube
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glmdgrielson: And now, obvious plug!
Snowcookies: !patreon
LRRbot: 2469 patrons for a total of $19,098.78 per month.
Ritaspirithntr: Smooth transition
otakon17: that's pretty damn good
glmdgrielson: Thank you for the special messages.
otakon17: I mean it's not a fortune
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xantos69: Don't worry Ian...I'll keep paying my monthly tribute. lrrHEART
MAPBoardgames: Subtle Ian
EricTheOrange: is that a baby in a wig?
UnnnaturalD20: lrrFINE
glmdgrielson: Oh, this is just amazing.
Snowcookies: why does Louis look like he's 40
glmdgrielson: Please tell me all of this is getting clipped.
glmdgrielson: And we've broken Ian.
videogameprotagonist: !clip
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ContingentCat: I think Ian's been broken for a long time
Armstrong11139: I'd say I was at about 10% of the required level of preparation for this stream
Armstrong11139: And yet somehow, I expected no less
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Earthenone: !quote chopin
LRRbot: Quote #1623: "Oops, off I go to Mongolia!" —Chopin [2016-01-20]
Snowcookies: When do we save and quit
otakon17: it's LOUIS
Snowcookies: !team
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PendelSteven: Prince Loo-wee
PendelSteven: No, not the one from Jungle Book
Ritaspirithntr: Peak content right here!!
PendelSteven: That's his father?
RandomTrivia: A valiant attempt, Ian
glmdgrielson: That was a wonderful bit.
otakon17: *nearly spits out gatorade*
otakon17: GOD that was nuts
adi_pie: Thank you for the stream
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
otakon17: that was fun
otakon17: thanks for the stream you two
PendelSteven: Well, I have the day off, yes
Snowcookies: !live
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
PendelSteven: Thanks for streaming
DiscordianTokkan: Honey Heist!
PendelSteven: Da bears
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
3and4fifths: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
glmdgrielson: Bye!
SytYoshi: Thanks for the stream.
videogameprotagonist: !advice
LRRbot: Hit it with the brick.
LunarJade: Thanks for hanging out everyone! lunarj1Heart
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Snowcookies: lrrHEART
Earthenone: !badadvice
LRRbot: Don't bite tongue.
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Snowcookies: findquote, not quote
Phailhammer: cya :)
PendelSteven: Bye bye
Juliamon: You !quote a person
PendelSteven: Sweet dreams
PendelSteven: Be safe
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