Juliamon: Bear tree tribal
monkeyrama: Hey James, will you be squad streaming or just teaming up?
GredGredmansson: I've voting for team This Team! lrrJAMES lrrADAM lrrBEN
BrookJustBones: wheeler
evan_333333: wheeler
GredGredmansson: Wheeler?
Juliamon: ~lasttweet famjam
LRRTwitter: [23h ago] @loadingreadyrun> This Friday, starting at 9:30AM Pacific join SO MANY OF US for the first ever LoadingReadyRun FamJam. We're gonna split into teams of three, stream across 9 channels and play some Magic! It's gonna be a blast. Be sure to follow all of those channels :D đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EsyFj7pVoAAsKD-.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1354604557016330241
Nuurgle: Team Giant Babies
Hexi_Lexi: #TeamBabyGeniuses
RandomTrivia: Go Team Les Mulliganables!
Juliamon: !homestream
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Alex: twitch.tv/voxlunch | Ben Ulmer: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Jeremy White: twitch.tv/jrhwhite | Kathleen: twitch.tv/kathleen_lrr | Matt Wiggins: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager | Wheeler: twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler | Nelson: twitch.tv/coachnelly
Koshindan: Friday Morning Magic
thekrakenwithin: Beej will win.
HundreydAundre: @GredGredmansson Again, I only tuned back to a pool I've hadn't seen drafted. But okay. Let's go w/ your logicality anyway, I feel pretty awful either way. (Unrelated to the stream.)
chaostreader: Snow covered island
Juliamon: !team
LRRbot: Check out the LoadingReadyRun Stream Team page! https://www.twitch.tv/team/loadingreadyrun
Juliamon: (I don't know if the team page is as up to date)
worldrock1: 4th win coming right up
KendalMac417: Friday day online fight
GredGredmansson: Graham/Wheeler/Cameron vs James/Adam/Ben vs Kathleen/Serge/Nelson
Dragonality: Aw, I have to help my kids with school in the morning
monkeyrama: I'm surprised Adam as the largest baby hasn't consumed you and Ben already, James
monkeyrama: Starnheim Unleashed is beastly
shendaras: So what're the odds for betting on these teams?
RandomTrivia: Time to make an air force, I guess
GredGredmansson: YES
monkeyrama: Cool angel, we have 3 OpieOP
chaostreader: The fight gives indestructible.
RandomTrivia: Behold, our air superiority!
obijam_: why no attack?
A_Dub888: !card path to the world tree
LRRbot: Path to the World Tree [1G] | Enchantment | When Path to the World Tree enters the battlefield, search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. / {2}{W}{U}{B}{R}{G}, Sacrifice Path to the World Tree: You gain 2 life and draw two cards. Target opponent loses 2 life. Path to the World Tree deals 2 damage to up to one target creature. You create a 2/2 green Bear creature token.
worldrock1: that was prob not necessary
worldrock1: they could have has a kaya's onslaught
ComicSans_: Path is going off
worldrock1: the bear is here!
worldrock1: third game we win with path activated!
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The_Phailhaus: Almost 7 and a half years and still waiting up until after midnight on thursday to catch a bit of LRRMTG. Cheers from the UK
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worldrock1: i think
monkeyrama: I meeeeean, it has pretty much won us a few games now
ninjaofv: path is super good when we get to pop it off
worldrock1: uh oh
ninjaofv: LUL
monkeyrama: They had one too NotLikeThis
ComicSans_: I'll try and draft 5 colour path tonight, and this will not work anywhere as well
TheMrFraser: the mirror
ninjaofv: we still just kill his angels LUL
worldrock1: why is literally everyone getting starnehim unleashed today?
rain_who_lurks: I think it’s the angel card that’s winning you games
monkeyrama: LUL
RandomTrivia: Cool angels, ours hit harder
Diabore: only room for 2 angewls around here
Koshindan: Your angels know all the angles.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
monkeyrama: hahaaaa
rocketjohn: cool angels.
monkeyrama: what a way to end LUL
ninjaofv: LUL we are the better starnheim player
adambomb625: Angel fight club
RandomTrivia: Fantastic
LemonOnRye: I'm you but stronger
Shoki_Donai: Amazing
worldrock1: i have seen 5 decks played today and 4 of them got starnheim unleashed
rocketjohn: I pity the OP
Nuurgle: suck to get got, eh OP?
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
stingychesterfield: nice win
DeM0nFiRe: "Oh boy I stabilized" -- Guy who definitely didnt stabilize
worldrock1: thats a bit high for a mythic, right?
BobaRobes: cool game!
GredGredmansson: Local Angels Literally Too Cold To Die
ninjaofv: we could have gone 7-0 for sure
HundreydAundre: You could Highlander it.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
monkeyrama: LoadingReadyRumble :O
djalternative: open the packs plox
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The_Cakemeister: Like 3 years, III guess?
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siltyroach: hype!
GredGredmansson: I'm rooting for you guys!
HundreydAundre: Almost every card in there is a 1-ffer
TwitchTVsFrank: wooo go team baby geniuses
RandomTrivia: Cap?
casey_masterpiece: This team is full of babies
GapFiller: yo Adam: was giving the team w/ no wrestling people the wrestlemans team name intentional? Kappa
Juliamon: No milkshake cheats
monkeyrama: Wowie
Hexi_Lexi: 7-50 :P
RandomTrivia: So not "upwards of 45 points"
RandomTrivia: "Up TO 45 points"
TwitchTVsFrank: what about dropping at 1 lose Kappa
monkeyrama: Just draft only path decks
monkeyrama: ez money
nyquister_: Do all channels have predictions???
GapFiller: worth being quietly confident
Nuurgle: 0-2, do nothing against 3rd opponent
nyquister_: Time to dump some channel point
siltyroach: Oh hell yeah i caught the d2 strem :D
rocketjohn: LRL! woo!
Foxmar320: Hello
monkeyrama: James!
RandomTrivia: Wait, Ian's PiF is done already? lrrAWW
monkeyrama: Trying to escape
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream, Adam and James!
serramarkov: Thank you!!!!
shendaras: <3
Dragonality: See ya!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
siltyroach: <3
rocketjohn: m...m...mm..multitwitch
Ace__of__Hearts: oh I'm early
Juliamon: Only a little
aesir_blade: A
siltyroach: cant remember what they were doing last time
itsybitsystreams: Space weeeeezards???
Juliamon: Last time was Europa?
Juliamon: I think?
siltyroach: ye ye
Foxmar320: Yep still on Europa
Foxmar320: They should finish the story this stream
siltyroach: Oh wow
Quentastic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Ace__of__Hearts: gunna punch an Ice Bug
Foxmar320: Like most Destiny expansions it has a long tail of stuff after the main story.
Ace__of__Hearts: yeah you can punch even more Ice Bugs
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I really hope we get a plot recat this stream. I'm very lost
siltyroach: "stuff" is the name of the game
Foxmar320: lrrSIGNAL
LoadingReadyRun: @Bobtheninjagoldfish we can do that
petey_vonwho: there's a plot?
OneTrueGamble: I'm quite enjoying LRR Destiny 2 content, and hope this continues for a while
siltyroach: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Ace__of__Hearts: since last time I completed Deep Stone Crypt thanks to some very nice people carrying my under leveled and confused ass
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey let’s go to space! @Graham_LRR, @UnarmedOracle, and @ihorner are back with more DESTINY 2 on THE LONG GAME! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Es3G_Q8UYAsHrYD.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1354957890021322754
TehAmelie: i wouldn't have guessed Europa was the final dungeon
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @LoadingReadyRun I would like that. thank you
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Foxmar320: I hope Graham remembers he has a healing rift this week Kappa
djalternative: got my human chores done in just enough time
Foxmar320: Also to stop by Holiday in the Tower for that Twitch Prime loot
siltyroach: same been loving these strems hehe guilty of not touching d2 for much else than occasional pvp lately but d2 is so pretty to watch
Foxmar320: I need to raid more
Solangel777: good evening
RandomTrivia: Time to once again meet our Des2ny
howdoipunch: This is going to feel weird to listen to while i play Grim Dawn
howdoipunch: *just walking around* *LOTS OF GUNFIRE*
Solangel777: No deep stone crypt tonight to watch this
siltyroach: as someone who has never raided i really hope to see them do one
siltyroach: never even seen inside a raid
Foxmar320: The new raid is really good
Bobtheninjagoldfish: like I plaed D2 on PC launch and bounced off it pretty hard, Then tried agani when I think it was called forsaken came out, and then they killed the ony character I actually liked and I bounced off it again, so to say I'm not up to date on the plot is an understatement
Electrodyne: Time for spacemanses
TehAmelie: in the spacefuture, every day on every planet is nice murderin weather
siltyroach: so many hours in the game but no friends : (
LoadingReadyRun: @siltyroach I think that's our goal, to do An Raid at some point
Solangel777: silty its good just sign up when you hit light level 1230 and I would love to run ya through it
Electrodyne: oooo I want to live in the SpaceFuture
LoadingReadyRun: Oh! You should join the Discord, there's a whole D2 channel
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RvLeshrac: You can totally 3-man Riven
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LadyAiluros: Europa raid is SO GOOD
Solangel777: its a great raid
Foxmar320: !destiny pc
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 PC Clan! We Live Here Now: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2074776 Mercenary Solutions: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2687323 Suspiciously Fast Movers: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2785292 Questionably Legal Clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2856979 DEFINITELY ILLEGAL CLAN: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2909169
TehAmelie: are you a-raid of the dark?
siltyroach: @LoadingReadyRun Awesome! Thank you! :D
Ashen_Prime: ! discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Foxmar320: I need to clean up that command
Solangel777: I ran a group of 5 through Deep stone Crypt before. all 5 new to raiding
RebekahWSD: Those are absolutely amazing clan names
Diabore: i return from chok ponk
Solangel777: such a fun raid
Bobtheninjagoldfish is prepared
Solangel777: im ready to drop lore
Loonatic93: What is up my LRRs and LRRettes?
siltyroach: lrrHEART here we goes
Diabore: remember when long game started with risk legacy?
Foxmar320: Hello Graham
TehAmelie: y helo thar
Arclight_Dynamo: Hello very large Graham head!
Electrodyne: Spacemanses iiiiiiinnn SPAAAAAAAAAAAAĂ€AAAAAAaaaaace
Blessings_from_the_Void: BIG GRAHAM
Ace__of__Hearts: We're going to FRIGGEN space
Foxmar320: Yep 3rd
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liminalblossom: Hi!
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Foxmar320: Yeah Xur wanted to talk to you
Fanklok: I found out because of this Long Game the Destiny 2 is now exclusively on Steam and Bungie is flipping the double birds to anyone that didn't know that so all of my stuff is gone. So Bungie can go fuck themselves with a cactus, the stream is rad though.
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Malkmaven1176: Hmm...a bit out of sync
wolfie2006: the audio is slightly out of sync
Solangel777: Shoot you reminded me Graham
Solangel777: Best sword there Graham
LadyAiluros: I have gajillions and I just do not care
RandomTrivia: That sword is W I D E
Foxmar320: That sword is AMAZING
LadyAiluros: Sword go BRRRRRRR
TehAmelie: that sword looks good enough for Cloud
TehAmelie: and by good i mean large
RayFK: You'll forget them soon enough
Blessings_from_the_Void: James Bond will return in No Time to Explain
siltyroach: Oh man that is one nice beating stick
Solangel777: @LadyAiluros sword indeed go brrr
TotallyNotaBeholder: Just fuggedaboutit
GrenFire5: I stepped away from my computer for a little bit and boy do you look different adam
Goodchop: I need to blow up like 2k more crucible tokens
TheWanderingNomad: Wait Bozja is in Destiny now?
control_rig: "I had Memory Fragments?"
Foxmar320: Also Graham you and Ian should stop by Holiday if you claimed your Twitch loot
Ace__of__Hearts: I should do the Lament quest but I need to get higher level to do part of it
Anaerin: Qwest?
Solangel777: Cam is close to my light level
Solangel777: im 1275
RayFK: You want me to link to a 5 hour video?
Ace__of__Hearts: that first Exo quest just killed me
RayFK: I got you
Rhynerd: Can Ian’s sword absorb memories?
Ace__of__Hearts: also Cayde 6 Died
Foxmar320: lol
Solangel777: Techno russian
Anaerin: Ra-Ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen?
Ace__of__Hearts: Rasputin is a death computer
Electrodyne: Ra Ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen?
RedShiftLive: And we saved Osiris from the infinite forest
Electrodyne: There's a cat who really was gone
Solangel777: ya know Rasputin probably hates us for the use of the Boney M song
Rhynerd: Ra Ra Rasputin, Terra’s greatest War Machine.
Fanklok: Destiny sounds like Warhammer 40k lite
Foxmar320: Amazing
RandomTrivia: Despite sounding fascinating, none of this lore means anything to me and that's fine, because I'm enjoying watching LRR playing
RedShiftLive: and we got rid of the hive on the moon
RedShiftLive: mostly
15 raiders from Luminaire_p have joined!
RandomTrivia: Those are some STRONG names
Foxmar320: Welcome raiders!
Luminaire_p: lumina1Heart lumina1Heart lumina1Heart
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART
Ace__of__Hearts: I almost named myself Knife to Meet You today
Robot_Bones: With the Whalers?
Solangel777: Darkness make 4 planets go brrrr
Ace__of__Hearts: Paracausal is "Space Magic" for those playing at home
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Gabriel_Mobius: Woo woo Destiny 2!
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TheWanderingNomad: "Moon's haunted."
constablecrab: Circle good, Triangle bad.
TehAmelie: we're all still trying to live up to the example set by Smokeahontas420
RandomTrivia: So it's like sentient entropy?
Solangel777: circle very good
Foxmar320: Always fun time with the Darkness
Ace__of__Hearts: Sword Logic!
Anaerin: That "Survival of the fittest" needs something to be tested against.
Inkompetence: Like that time-travelling killer android in Red Dwarf?
Mr_Horrible: "Fight me" embodied
Fanklok: Does the darknes belive in a thing called love?
OneTrueGamble: Which mean the Traveler is the Vorlons?
Electrodyne: FUN RASPUTIN FACT! The same guy who constructed music group Boney M, also constructed Milli Vanilli!
Mcgwee: cool thanks for the notification twich
petey_vonwho: I did enjoy this game for like the 2 months that I played it, but that was years ago when it was added to the battle.net launcher
Luminaire_p: Give me the Bomb Logic
Ace__of__Hearts: 1v1 me but as a societal basis
SmithKurosaki: Oh Look! T H E V O I D
Foxmar320: Graham is getting so many catalysts right now
SnackPak_: were useful!
Anaerin: @Electrodyne Stock, Aitkin and Waterman?
siltyroach: Darkness is getting funky
Jondare: OneTrueGamble Does it speak in infuriating riddles while doing fuck all useful?
Electrodyne: @anaerin Frank Farian
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: How's the solar system today?
Solangel777: hi gcu
siltyroach: We call ourselves Spizards now
OneTrueGamble: @Jondare Yes, I believe it does
RayFK: Graham, I beat FFVII Remake and I have opinions...
Rhynerd: Got too many pyramid schemes in it.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Destiny lore archive is now online and true. Hit me.
TheWanderingNomad: Friendly....
SmithKurosaki: Hey GCU
Ace__of__Hearts: also a friend robot from the future
Anaerin: So which of the Destiny people is playing the part of Mr. Morden?
LadyAiluros: Bravo Cam for that concise summary!
TheWanderingNomad: I would have words with Variks
Fanklok: "friendly"
Juliamon: Our good friend [insectile chittering]
Calaban161: Beloppa
SmithKurosaki: How's our favorite Lore Friend
LoadingReadyRun: @RayFK My dude holy crap I am deeply conflicted about that game
TheWanderingNomad: I'm very tempted to feed him his own arms for what he did
Foxmar320: Yeah the FF7 remake is wild
Electrodyne: Watching this makes me want to play City of Heroes again
Solangel777: thats accurate cam thx
Foxmar320: That raid was wild
RayFK: @LoadingReadyRun I look forward to a non streamed chat of yelling at it
ritchards: so, how many players are trying to join the Darkness, is it all of them?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: they basically decided to start a new stable planetside colony of eliksni that were planning to live there on their own rather than ramble around. Hence the name Riis-Reborn. They started it in the ruins of the Europa colony partly because they could repurpose all the old stuff.
Ace__of__Hearts: Metal Gear?!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Riis being the original eliksni homeworld
TehAmelie: no, it can't be!
Foxmar320: Nope we really are not lol
Tiber727: I'm conflicted about the entire meta narrative of FF7R.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the problem is Darkness powers can apparently fuck you up real good
LadyAiluros: no we're kinda .... not. we chase shiny things.
LadyAiluros: we're cats
SmithKurosaki: GCU: All the corruption and such?
megaRammy: I mean, just sticking to Light didn't help us the last time this happened so
megaRammy: Why not
Jondare: Using a mysterious force known as "Darkness"? What could POSSIBLY go wrong??
Ace__of__Hearts: Guardians are what happens when you remove the threat of death from people
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Elsie Bray is operating on the "cool mom" theory of "I'd rather you tried it at home where it's safe."
Solangel777: We are cats/magpies. we like shiny
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so you can't just say no to the darkness?
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SquirrelLord1111: I wish I could have an audio book of destiny lore read by Cam, I think it would be soothing.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, SquirrelLord1111! (Today's storm count: 55)
TehAmelie: hey, in Hades darkness is great
Anaerin: @Jondare We start believing in a thing called love?
Mcgwee: we said yes cuz dumber people will say yes
Gabriel_Mobius: Thank you Cam! That was great!
Rhynerd: Guardians, if cats were murderhobos with opposable thumbs and immortality.
Juliamon: "What do you have there, Guardian?" "A knife!"
Ace__of__Hearts: thank you Cam for saying "Leftenant"
siltyroach: Thanks cam!
Electrodyne: I cast Magic Missile.
Solangel777: ohhhh
grander_pastures: Ayyyy, we bumping
Luminaire_p: I like Vorpal there, too
Tiber727: @Solangel777 So it all comes back to cat birds.
Foxmar320: Vorpal
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Feeding Frenzy. On a handcannon you want a reload perk.
Solangel777: @Tiber727 yes
OneTrueGamble: Have you picked up Riskrunner yet?
Mr_Horrible: "Inside your inventory there are 2 handguns. They are the same handgun."
TehAmelie: "bang bang"
Gabriel_Mobius: I prefer Feeding Frenzy for the officer revolver (even though it's late) only for making more Seraph Cells faster
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that's what r/sharditkeepit is for
Electrodyne: Vorpal, because you can be like "Vorp, vorp, vorp" when you use it.
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Alahmnat: Time for wizard chores!
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Foxmar320: They keep adding more as well
LadyAiluros: I( mean same here
SmithKurosaki: Oh. Sanit 14 is Alive. Neat
Solangel777: trials. i have tried it exactly once.
DandyGeek: So many deprecated currencies
Solangel777: i hated it
Despoiler98: you think this has lots of currency? Try Star Trek Online O.o
RedShiftLive: oh yeah we also saved Saint 14 from death through time travel
Mcgwee: Boo I was thinking Snicker Snack
SmithKurosaki: Trials is butts
LadyAiluros: but Saint is the best titan in the tower
Goodchop: No lie, there are Trials cosmetics that I think are amazing.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, DIM now has built-in recommendations from some of the folks at r/sharditkeepit. It helps give a general idea.
Goodchop: They have not convinced me to try to get two people into Trials with me.
Solangel777: But Saint is best
Dog_of_Myth: Shaxx is the best titan. :P
Solangel777: No, Saint is best titan
Goodchop: Shaxx is the scariest Titan.
Ace__of__Hearts: you guys should do a raid when you level up I would love to see LRR take on Deep Stone Crypt
WallofSleep: Hallo
Dog_of_Myth: Saint is great though
Despoiler98: Graham "Full of Crap" Stark
Foxmar320: LOL
A_Dub888: Graham "Full of Crap" Stark
Alahmnat: lol
Luminaire_p: Oh, is that all?
Goodchop: I had let Crucible tokens get up to over 4k
Electrodyne: vorp vorp
TheAinMAP: sergeHolyMoly
Mr_Horrible: that'll probably get you a cuppa
grander_pastures: Also, Cam, how was the Morning Stellaris playthrough?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I've been slowly cashing in my Shaxxbucks. I have over 2k. It's taking a little while.
DandyGeek: spoiler alert: you're just gonna get garbage mostly
Foxmar320: Maybe spend some time after the stream inserting tokens into Shaxx?
MrPhlip: I need to cash in my 21k tokens at some point
Mr_Horrible: on top of other things :p
mrMorphius: full of tokens, full of crap. we've established a functional equivalence
Calaban161: @LoadingReadyRun Have you seen all the gun mods in the Borderlands series each name that is on the gun does a different thing
Dog_of_Myth: "Looks at 10k crucible tokens....." yeah.....
Goodchop: I mean, you'll get trash, but it's gunsmith parts, legendary shards, and occasional enhancement cores.
videSweets: Suggestion to name the graham gameplay box grahameplay
TehAmelie: tfw you find a thousand spacebucks in your pocket
Goodchop: So, probably still worth blowing them up.
Foxmar320: I had 100 tokens because I never PVP
Anubis169: mrrh...
Anubis169: somebody call for a mod?
SnackPak_: i burned through my tokens last night. it took a bit
Lord_ZYRK: modification, not moderator
Anubis169: ah
Luminaire_p: Unfortunately, I'm up to 5.5k tokens and need to spend some time at Shaxx...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: are we returning to the Europa campaign today?
Rhynerd: Graham, the emblem you equipped looks kinda like it came out of Papers, Please.
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RechargeableFrenchman: Getting close to three years. Some small excitement in this horrible time made a lot less so by you lovely people.
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Anubis169 falls back asleep again
Anubis169: (it's 1:20am)
TehAmelie: Sagittarius can only be ridden by 1/12 players right
LionsEyeDiamond subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 85 months!
LionsEyeDiamond: Untap all creatures you control. They gain flying and double strike until end of turn.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, LionsEyeDiamond! (Today's storm count: 58)
SmithKurosaki: Sleep well anubus
Alahmnat: oh yeah the deluxe edition sparrow is chonky
Lord_ZYRK: There is not yet need for you to rise from your grave
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: grab the non-strike bounties from Zavala and gunsmith from Banshee
Electrodyne: Hey what do we need to do in order to get Beej to show up and just make up incorrect Destiny lore during stream
Foxmar320: Yeah from Banshee
PotatoWraiths: LOL
Foxmar320: I always grab his
Foxmar320: :D
RechargeableFrenchman: Glad to see the stream has started well. Was a bit late because I watched Checkpoint while making dinner.
Goodchop: Electrodyne, I didn't know I wanted that and now I want _nothing else_.
Luminaire_p: Can I just state I really want more name moderation in this game. :/
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh god no no incorrect Destiny lore on purpose I spend enough time fixing it when done by accident
RedShiftLive: Ada do be thick
niccus: we're talking like 300 degrees right
RedShiftLive: *thicc
Electrodyne: @goodchop Right? Like Beejlander but for Destiny
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, grab the mods too
Goodchop: Yeah, don't expose GCU to Beejstiny lore.
Foxmar320: Also the mods
MrPhlip: Did I ever show you the fireteam we saw once, of "Elsie Bray's Left Butt Cheek" and "Elsie Bray's Right Butt Cheek", hanging out on the tangled shore patrol
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: since mods are now just unlocks you want to grab the two he has for sale each day
Solangel777: Graham you should see my folder full of screencaps of destiny names. Example. "Samsung Smart Microwave" is one. Also "Matt the Radar Technitian" is another
grander_pastures: I wish for this pillow to exist
RayFK: The Keanu Reeves Mod
RvLeshrac: Buy all the mods all the time.
Foxmar320: Leave everything else
TehAmelie: we need at least two new words for "mods" at this point
Electrodyne: He wouldn't even need to play, just be Table Friend
LadyAiluros: Ian has Spin to Win!
Foxmar320: That sword is amazing
Dog_of_Myth: Great sword is great
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Falling Guillotine is a sword that doubles as a charcuterie platter
Mediocre_Man5: that's a very glowy buster sword
Foxmar320: It's the spin to win
Alahmnat: last season's weapons were all CHONK.
RedShiftLive: it got nerfed and it still slays
OneTrueGamble: Spin to win sword!!!
Solangel777: Falling Guillutine go brrr
Rhynerd: Ian’s sword reminds me of The Transistor
TehAmelie: can you turn a cucumber into a garland with it?
Foxmar320: Oh nice Finisher
RedShiftLive: hey you guys should cheese Riven in the last wish
kainboa: it does Death!
Ace__of__Hearts: you become a Death Tornado, it's rad af
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Falling Guillotine is the Legendary version of Dark-Drinker from D1. Temptation's Hook is Bolt-Caster.
Tiber727: @Mediocre_Man5 Very glowy half of a Buster Sword, but otherwise I was thinking the exact same thing.
Foxmar320: Graham to set that finisher you have to favorite on the finisher page
Luminaire_p: It was a finisher
Foxmar320: Its above emotes
Solangel777: @kainboa yes, click and enemy die is a feature of the sword
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: you have to add the finisher to yur "playlist" if you want it
Foxmar320: Favorite it
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Silencing Shot is such a delight
Foxmar320: Europa fun times
Solangel777: oh man are they at THAT part?
megaRammy: We're getting a second landing spot on Europa in the new season \o/
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: my "playlist" consists entirely of the Valkyrie finisher and the Silencing Shot
TehAmelie: now if we can just get the bad guys to stand still at arm's length with their heads at shoulder height
A_Dub888: Europa have fun time
Alahmnat: an auspicious moon
LadyAiluros: All these worlds are yours ....
RayFK: I'm mad at Praise Europa
RandomTrivia: Consult the Wise Fish of Jupiter's Moons!
Blessings_from_the_Void: MY ropa?
Foxmar320: Maybe you will find mroe Penguins today
satyropodobny: whose ropa?
Electrodyne: All these worlds are yours except Europa. Use them together. Use them in peace.
A_Dub888: Europa: The Auspicious Moon
Dog_of_Myth: Praise Europa
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: there was a solid five minutes or so of the DSC day 1 attempt - round about hour 12 of encounter 2 - where our entire team devolved into "praaaaaise europaaaaaaaaaa"
Calaban161: @LoadingReadyRun How does Cam have more light than anyone?
Foxmar320: Dads home
Solangel777: yes they are
Solangel777: oh boy
Solangel777: Dad is there and he mad
Foxmar320: Dads upset with us
ritchards: you'll like this... not a lot, but you'll like this
grander_pastures: You dont forget it easily
megaRammy: Dad's not mad, he's disappointed
SmithKurosaki: They found the door for the hut
LadyAiluros: Z is having several bad days in a row
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the same Dad instinct that got Zavala on Mars
Alahmnat: Dad's not angry, he's just disappointed
TehAmelie: i still like how you get things like this 14 shot revolver
MrPhlip: I like this cutscene, you can get inside Zavala's head here
Foxmar320: You've been using that Darkness haven't you?
RandomTrivia: Hi, Captain Exposition
Solangel777: The cabal are on mars guys
SnackPak_: i really liked this part
MrPhlip: by which I mean, he doesn't have a collider, you can walk into him
Solangel777: oh wait
itsybitsystreams: He;s not angry, he's just... dissapointed
Foxmar320: Ice with ICe
TehAmelie: Garth Marenghi shops at this gun store i think
Foxmar320: foxmarICE foxmarICE foxmarICE
LadyAiluros: Wait until you hear what SaladBowl has to say about it :P
RechargeableFrenchman: @itsybitsystreams everybody knows that's worse
Foxmar320: He wants a hug
SmithKurosaki: I love the actor that voices Zavala. He's the concierge in John Wick and a few other awesome things
GDwarf: I didn't realize he felt that way about us
Electrodyne: He has really looooong shoulders
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah Lance Reddick is a delight
Foxmar320: lol
HundreydAundre: Oh, hey! It's this flagship guy!
Alahmnat: rofl
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: did drify boi and Eris book it because Zavala turned up
Foxmar320: Cosmodrome
SmithKurosaki: GCU, thanks for the name
LadyAiluros: Lance reddick is a delight on twittwe as well
itsybitsystreams: @RechargeableFrenchman at least it's not Saladin asking us if we're gonna need a large bullet between the eyes
Weagle: Ah, so the third MMO in recent times to embrace the Darkness lrrBEEJ
Mediocre_Man5: I know a lot of kids are using this "darkness" stuff these days, and I just want you to be safe
HundreydAundre: Not mad, just disappoint.
RandomTrivia: Dammit Cameron!
Dog_of_Myth: Cos M'drome
megaRammy: Ian, I've got bad news about Phobos...
Ace__of__Hearts: well Mars is gone so not really
LadyAiluros: Phobos got et.
Electrodyne: Destineej stream plz
Foxmar320: I wouldn't worry about it
Foxmar320: Im sure its fine
SmithKurosaki: Did they just upgrade the visuals from the D1 area for Cosmo? Names look familiar
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, Eramis & House Salvation are built at the core from House of Devils, so she's gone back to the old Devils stronghold at the Cosmodrome
RedShiftLive: What time of year Ian? Martian year or Earth year?
RandomTrivia: "Gravity's silhouette remains, but the stars and all the planets, disappeared they have" LUL
TehAmelie: taking three one-person spaceships across the solar system and back to talk to one guy. jeez, when will the Traveler at least give us carpooling?
Rhynerd: So, does that mean all of the Nine are still there?
SmithKurosaki: Hopefully there's some SIVA fun around here
Fanklok: Is Shaw supposed to be the Cayde replacement?
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GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the missing planets/moons have been tucked into little pocket singularities, so their mass remains, just compressed into infinitely small points. So the orbits stay the same.
Rhynerd: @fanklok he’s the new tutorial guy.
LadyAiluros: yeah Shaw's are easy money
Foxmar320: Chest!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Shaw Han is named for not one but TWO Fast & Furious characters!
itsybitsystreams: Bakris? I have that man's face on *my* face!
Foxmar320: Head for the Divide
RechargeableFrenchman: @itsybitsystreams I'm really not all that familiar with Destiny, assuming that's a reference to the game, so I just imagine the Ayyubid Sultan being sullenly displeased
LadyAiluros: the divide is where the ealker keeps spawning, right?
Foxmar320: Yep
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @RechargeableFrenchman there's an exotic-rarity armor piece named Mask of Bakris
LadyAiluros: (sorry I have a bad finger)
Fanklok: A once in a knife time opportunity?
TehAmelie: i really want slightly bigger spaceships that you can ride in with your team. walking around inside them would be sweet but not essential
A_Dub888: !findquote knife
LRRbot: Quote #3590: "I am giving you permission to handle a knife tonight." —Ian, to Beej [2016-10-31]
itsybitsystreams: Lmaoo @RechargeableFrenchman yeah that would be extremely terrifying especially if he's got a big iron
Ace__of__Hearts: Graham with gnawing hunger it's a fun gun
CompSciJedi: Which spoiler? DESPOILER
Foxmar320: Forever now lol
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: It's time we as a people admitted Gnawing Hunger is just a primary-ammo Trace Rifle.
Foxmar320: Kill in the Divide
SmithKurosaki: Nice. This is the D1 area :)
SmithKurosaki: I appreciate this
Electrodyne: cause he's de spoiler Captain
Ace__of__Hearts: had a man just drop Borealis yesterday
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I believe you get to actually go into the big wall
Avizonarix: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 5:31 PM
Foxmar320: Remember Destiny 1 when we didn't have mantling?
Avizonarix: Good evening!
joe_slotherton: I dislike warlock jump
Foxmar320: How did we play that game
Duwani1: how are the trucks still around after so much time
CompSciJedi: warlock jump BEST jump
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: D1 didn't have mantling???
RechargeableFrenchman: @itsybitsystreams I feel the Third Crusade and really Reynald de Chatillon's life would have been VERY different if Salah al-Din was packing heat lmao
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: christ I would DIE
Foxmar320: Yeah no mantling in D1
SmithKurosaki: @Foxmar320 I think I rememebr it have it at some point
Ace__of__Hearts: you need to quickly double tap to make Warlock go up and even then it's only kind of
SmithKurosaki: I didn't get into D1 until Y2 though
Alahmnat: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou ditto, that sounds miserable lol
LadyAiluros: Gnawing Hunger is a GOOD gun
Foxmar320: No D1 never had it
SmithKurosaki: Hrmm
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Titan jump is the worst for me because it feels like Warlock jump but ends half a second earlier
Blessings_from_the_Void: Working Remotely?
Foxmar320: That was added in D2
grander_pastures: Nice commodore
itsybitsystreams: @RechargeableFrenchman something something "parry this you fucking casual" meme
Hexi_Lexi: hey LRR Folk and LRR Chat! reminder that i love you all more than words can express!
SmithKurosaki: Yea, I'm def a hunter, but there was def some times I wish I had a jetpacl
Foxmar320: I see that username. You can't hide Tails from me
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Are we at all concerned that the spinmetal plants are growing out of red canisters with radiation symbols on them? Anyone at all?
MrPhlip: Going back to D1 for stuff, the first things you notice are (1) no mantling, and (2) you can't get heavy ammo to drop for love nor money
TehAmelie: does every evil space robot species just love those six legged tanks?
Alahmnat: I'm sure it's fine, GCU
Foxmar320: GCU spinmetal never hurt us in D1 so im not worried
SmithKurosaki: I agree on the ammo Philip
Electrodyne: a weapon to surpass metal spooder
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the six-legged tanks are from the eliksni, not the robots. The eliksni love building machines.
RechargeableFrenchman: @itsybitsystreams as an English (or French, for the time) speaker it would probably sound a lot better in Arabic. And delivered by the ruler of much of like 1/3 the Western world at the time
LadyAiluros: No mantleing is the WORST, at least in D12 we have ammo synths
Foxmar320: MrPhlip everyone knows heavy ammo didn't exist in D1. Thats why we had ammo synths
Easilycrazyhat: Really brings new meaning to "Shoot first and ask questions later"
LadyAiluros: ^
KeytarCat: Is this a D1 map, or am I conflating things?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Walker will just keep spawning forver
Foxmar320: This was a D1 map
SnackPak_: pls no shooty
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @KeytarCat this is indeed a D1 map all fixed up for D2
LadyAiluros: This is a D! map yes, they added part of the Cosmodrome back in
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Cosmodrome has returned and the New Light onboarding mission has been redone to return to the Cosmodrome
Foxmar320: We will be getting more of the Cosmodrome soon
KeytarCat: I played maybe an hour of D1
theleerm: do you know if there's any support style build in this btw?
megaRammy: IIRC, it counts if you all get damage on the thing in like 5 seconds before it dies so
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I want the Seraphim Vault back so I can go sort weapons with Red
DeM0nFiRe: Am I crazy or has this map been in D2 for a while? Like I know it was originally in D1 but I thought it's been back in D2 for like years? (I only occasionally play this game)
LadyAiluros: Don't even worry about it
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @theleerm Well-Warlock immeditaely leaps to mine
Foxmar320: Warlocks and Titans can be support characters with certain builds
itsybitsystreams: @theleerm depends on your definition of a support build but mostly
RandomTrivia: That was a big lad
LadyAiluros: there will be infinite walkers here
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @DeM0nFiRe parts of this map turned up a couple years back in certain quests. For instance the Thunderlord and Riskrunner ones.
A_Dub888: Did we stumble onto a Gathering of the Walkers?
DeM0nFiRe: Ah hmm I thought it's been part of new player experience for a while
LurkerSpine: So I haven't played since the mars expansion, is all my gear just pure trash now?
DeM0nFiRe: Maybe I am just remembering D1
SajuukSjet: Bungie reminding you they made the ludicrous sized CCS ships for the Covenant :P
SmithKurosaki: @A_Dub888 Thanks. I hate it *Good pun*
Foxmar320: Warlock jump!
Electrodyne: Burt Bacras?
Alahmnat: this part of the map was also part of the New Light experience from Shadowkeep launch too
Solangel777: I tried doing that lost sector on master difficulty,
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @LurkerSpine yes and no. It'll have been auto-boosted to at least 750 I think but there's just nicer stuff around these days
DeM0nFiRe: Oh maybe that was it then
Solangel777: it was a night mare
Foxmar320: Ive done this one on Master
DiscordianTokkan: I literally just finished this part in-game, so I'll happily pause my game and watch!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I love running this master lost sector with Leviathan's Breath
Foxmar320: Last room is a pain
SajuukSjet: lurkerspine: everything got put up to 1050 as of Beyond Light, but outside PvE, you're going to want current or recent season gear
megaRammy: @LurkerSpine They dragged all old gear up to the new base level, and a lot of the older stuff is power capped at the base cap, so it is only useful in like, some Crucible and Vanguard stuff
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the real hangup is if the barrier servitor starts shielding the overload champ
itsybitsystreams: Kinda love the Master Lost Sector stuff
SmithKurosaki: EUROPA!?
LurkerSpine: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou @SajuukSjet @megaRammy Thanks! I've been tempted to start playing again by game pass.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I love the Master Lost Sectors
LadyAiluros: I wonder how much of that was added in post?
Solangel777: idk but Dee Bradley Baker is amazing
aesir_blade: How does Breath do against the champions? I always use Black Talon since it can 2-hit any champion without having to deal with their mechanics
Solangel777: its all him
LurkerSpine: So I guess I gotta grind again lol
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, maybe Variks is just really cold.
SajuukSjet: lurkerspine: the Discord is happy to have you for getting in touch with the LRR Clans :)
Foxmar320: He started makign a click now. Better take him to the shop
DoodlestheGreat: A Bug's Like? :tf:
MrPhlip: I imagine Dee Bradley Baker doesn't have control over what noises are made by the demon that possesses his throat, since that's the only way a VA could make that many weird and wonderful sounds
DiscordianTokkan: Also, thanks again @Foxmar320 for the advice last night on starting in on Beyond Light before worrying about the Shadowkeep stuff
A_Dub888: I mean, they like to bug guardians
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @aesir_blade if you're precise on the timing of the second shot, you can two-shot a barrier servitor with Leviathan's Breath without having to break the barrier since the first shot will briefly stun them
Foxmar320: No problem DiscordianTokkan
megaRammy: @LurkerSpine It's very fun atm, but will be a season or two before content is bulked back out I think, so if you don't like playing the 3 playlists as bulk of your time after the campaigns then hold out I think for a season or two. I'm having a lot of fun cos it's all still very new to me tho
Solangel777: @MrPhlip DBB has ungodly talent
Electrodyne: The enemies are bug like so you'll know the best tactic is...........chitin' 'em :D
Foxmar320: Darkness fun times!
DiscordianTokkan: Ice Time!
itsybitsystreams: oh my god
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ice wand, Graham! ice wand!
LadyAiluros: just super your brains out
SajuukSjet: megarammy: tbf, there's the whole season of content to catch up, plus next season less then two weeks away :P
Foxmar320: Use more Darkness
Solangel777: use all the darkness
Foxmar320: Oh he remembered!
Solangel777: use again
SmithKurosaki: G did it!
SnackPak_: lrrHORN
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh man time to go punch some Vex
Alahmnat: make sure you right-click after firing your super so it does the shatter on the boss
A_Dub888: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
megaRammy: @SajuukSjet Yeahyeah, it's true. There's plenty I haven't got to yet in this season and I've been playing a LOT, I'm glad I have the whole year to get to stuff. But I have seen a lot of more hardcore players burn out so
Biggjudicem: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Destiny 2
OneTrueGamble: What gun is that?? Huge damage and almost no recoil?
itsybitsystreams: Didn't get their name, did get their face!
Foxmar320: So much heavy ammo
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "The Glassway" aka "how many different ways can Clovis Bray fuck us all over"
Solangel777: Eramis should have "bakris"ed him up
Solangel777: har har
Foxmar320: Strike time!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, would you like to know about the Glassway
LadyAiluros: this is a fun strike
Foxmar320: Graham already trying to get out
itsybitsystreams: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I can't wait to see how he's done it next season!
Ace__of__Hearts: wow Clovis that seemed PROFOUNDLY unwise
Solangel777: glassway is neat. good for sniping
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: nothing Clovis Bray did was wise
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DiscordianTokkan: Oh, right! Because Exo frames were partially based on Vex bodies, or something
RandomTrivia: Graham is totally trying to find OoB
RandomTrivia: LUL
partsofmanny: seemed like you were trying to go out of bounds
Foxmar320: Im onto you Graham. I know what you're doing you can't fool me
Foxmar320: Oh no! Cam never hit him
LadyAiluros: cam didn't land a shot?
Foxmar320: Cam needed to do damage
megaRammy: @LoadingReadyRun Yeah if you don't get a shot in within 5-10 seconds of it dying it doesn't count
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: okay so BASICALLY. The magic ingredient, the "Alkahest" that brought the Exos to life, is radiolaria that's been "denatured" by being "treated" with Darkness i.e. exposed to it.
Ace__of__Hearts: Cam is 1272 so he will wear her as a hat
Solangel777: i guess they have to Bakris track
Foxmar320: Shortcut exit
Foxmar320: Like every dungeon in Skyrim Kappa
Solangel777: my puns will get me shot
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Clovis Bray opened a Vex portal using tech they stole from the Ishtar Collective in order to harvest gobbos for radiolaria. Naturally the Vex also got back through the portal because DUH OF COURSE THEY DID
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: everyone could have predicted that except of course Clovis Bray.
RandomTrivia: @Solangel777 That one was tenuous :D
Solangel777: a bit. be glad i dont do them when we run the raids
Solangel777: other than your Well of Radiance pun
Alahmnat: Clovis Bray was a giant dong
Foxmar320: Its a fun Vex strike with almost no Vex
RandomTrivia: Might have worked better as Baktrakris?
Ace__of__Hearts: The Glassway is a lot of fun actually
Solangel777: that was me im sorry
Foxmar320: Ok Graham ill send them to jail just let me find my hammer...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Clovis Bray seems to have done his damndest to be the worst person in Destiny, and he's made a solid effort.
RedShiftLive: First Warning Puns
megaRammy: You can grab those bounties on the D2 app on phone when you're in orbit, tower or offline btw?
DiscordianTokkan: Gotta give them some milk so B.A. Bakras will get on the Plane
itsybitsystreams: Foresight was not one of Clovis' strong suit... that or he didn't care but as we all know Clovis was an extremely empathetic guy and treated all his experim- I mean workers with respect and dignity
Alahmnat: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou it's not exactly an uncrowded field, too
Electrodyne: no not The Vex. The Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex
siltyroach: Hes just getting to the point, i appreciate it
Foxmar320: Titan away!
Ace__of__Hearts: there are always more exploding shanks
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Clovis Bray is one of those people who never heeded any warnings because obviously he's the exception and that won't happen to him, slash "can't make an omelette" etc.
Foxmar320: Its real good
SmithKurosaki: Con Trap Check Failed
Solangel777: i said another pun outloud i will spare you
Ace__of__Hearts: ALWAYS more exploding shanks LMAO
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it's an especially great finisher on servitors because they have no mass so they go bouncing everywhere
siltyroach: I miss wandering through walls with the glad finisher :(
Foxmar320: lol I love using finishers on sirvitors. They just GO
DiscordianTokkan: It changes element colour based on what subclass you're on also!
TheAinMAP: That ball went spinning.
SajuukSjet: still love the Javelin Finisher :P
Alahmnat: Ketch lady
Solangel777: Thank you Ian that was beautiful
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: using a finisher on a servitor in a confined space is amazing. It's like letting a balloon go.
itsybitsystreams: The javelin feels amazing always
A_Dub888: I imagine your character does that with their best Spike Spiegel impression
Alahmnat: Javelin finisher is what I have set too
Ace__of__Hearts: hey Cam we use the same sniper
Foxmar320: Freeze that shatter
RedShiftLive: yeah but didn't Mara Sov trade for her ketch?
Foxmar320: then*
Inkompetence: They're quite fashionable. You could say they're ketching on.
SmithKurosaki: Is that the IKELOS?
DiscordianTokkan: I know MY Ship is still the Death to Kells ship, love that rotund friend
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that's the IKELOS sniper, yes.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Rasputin has An Aesthetic.
Foxmar320: The strike
SmithKurosaki: More Heavy Ammo confetti pls
MrPhlip: I never get over how that lost sector chest is a heavy ammo pinata
itsybitsystreams: Rasputin has a GOOD aesthetic
Foxmar320: Or Tower
SmithKurosaki: Bounties?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @MrPhlip I know right XD
Ace__of__Hearts: I use the Holiday Ship from this year but I changed to colours to black and purple
SajuukSjet: one thing to miss from Mars was the Server Room Aesthetic indeed, gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou :D
Foxmar320: Also cash in your completed bounties. Maybe rank up some more.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Rasputin does have a very good aesthetic and I miss it
SmithKurosaki: Indeed
SnackPak_: whoopsies
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh man oh man I wanna talk about the hypergiant star!
RedShiftLive: Sick I am so excited for a dyson spehere
NeoSilverThorn: Clovis Brae pulled a UAC. Got it.
Alahmnat: the Vex have a lot of time on their hands
Electrodyne: oops, we went to Zooropa like in the U2 song
RandomTrivia: Traditionally you don't want to be *inside* a Dyson Sphere...
SmithKurosaki: Nice chonky ship G
Solangel777: oh the exo stuff oh boy
Foxmar320: Its a cycle
GDwarf: Are we the baddies?
SnackPak_: the hypergiant star is so cool!
SmithKurosaki: Judge! I
Scy_Anide: Who is this Dyson and why are people so interested in his spheres?
Ace__of__Hearts: also Taniks is down there somewhere and he is just chilling
SmithKurosaki: I've demonstrated a loop
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We demonstrated a loop and the Vex conceded?
Alahmnat: we're not (probably?) but Clovis Bray for sure is
DandyGeek: Yeah, uh. Bray is a real colonialist
Solangel777: mix in Clovis' ego and you got a heap of trouble
kainboa: so, you're exceeding vexpectations?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Clovis Bray stole Vex tech from Ishtar Collective to open a Vex portal to a place that, most importantly, had a shit-ton of radiolaria. "Denatured" radiolaria is the secret ingredient in Exos.
CaptainSpam: I like how when you can see all three screens at once, it becomes clear the formation isn't consistent when flying to a new area. lrrBEEJ
itsybitsystreams: A Dyson sphere? Like from the vaccuum?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: It's actually not a Dyson sphere. It's way cooler.
Solangel777: oh god there are three zavala
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RedShiftLive: Ian it is an efficient way of using all of the energy from a star y u got to be so mean
Neddy471: I mean, it always seemed clear to me that Bungie always intended for the Traveler to be the bad guy, and Guardians to be the undead army it raised to serve it.
Foxmar320: Oh! The Crow!
Lord_ZYRK: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou a Dyson Egg? :O
itsybitsystreams: Three zavalas at the same time? it's every man's dream
mrverbal: I also love the idea of a ringworld as basically a lazy dyson sphere
Alahmnat: the phrase "forge star" has been thrown around, and it's metal as FUCK.
Foxmar320: You need to meet him still
shendaras: It's a pretty terrible thing to build, really
SajuukSjet: Graham, the additional bounties cap out at 5, so its usually worth grabbing them all since you usually complete them :P
RandomTrivia: @itsybitsystreams Yeah, you just vacuum up all the solar energy :p
itsybitsystreams: yummy
Ashen_Prime: the fourth or fifth big storyline of my favorite Space Opera webcomic was about popping a Dyson Sphere.
Foxmar320: Crow is on the Moon
NightWingMistHawk: Ashen_Prime what webcomic?
RandomTrivia: For real, if anyone is unfamiliar with the concept of a Dyson Sphere, look them up. The concept is cool as hecc
SmithKurosaki: I'm so glad Mara is back. I was sad when she went away with TTK
Solangel777: you kinda have to run the first mission of forsaken and shadowkeep on that character
Duwani1: how many people could live in a dyson sphere?
LadyAiluros: <3 Pulled Pork
Ashen_Prime: @nightwingmisthawk Schlock Mercenary
MrPhlip: "Glint"
Alahmnat: its name is Glint now
Foxmar320: I linked you that clip before because they took it out of the game
DiscordianTokkan: Glint, now
LadyAiluros: Glint is the bestest
itsybitsystreams: Glint/Pulled Pork are just *chef's kiss*
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Glint's a freaking great name to take
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: What it is, is a very-low-metallicity hypergiant star from the early universe (the kind of star that can't exist these days because there are too many trace metals around). That kind of star should burn up its central fuel and explode in a few million years, but this star - the "Forge Star" has lived much longer because turns out the Vex built these huge mirror arrays that reflect energy back into it in order to stir it up and cycle much more hydrogen into the core than would otherwise be there.
Ace__of__Hearts: I named my Ghost Casper because Failsafe calls him Friendly Ghost
LadyAiluros: Why is like every other Ghost so much cooler than ours? Glint, Sagira ...
SajuukSjet: gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou: mmmmm celestial/stellar engineering...
RandomTrivia: Was the ghost called Glint in The Shining? lrrBEEJ
Ace__of__Hearts: it's very run and gun it's good
RvLeshrac: Throw grenades, throw lots of grenades.
Foxmar320: I wish it had more Vex
SmithKurosaki: i miss Sagira
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Most stars die still having a ton of hydrogen around, it's just stratified in the outer layers and there isn't enough mixing to get it back to the core. So the Vex artificially stir this star to keep it burning and therefore produce a lot of heavier elements that aren't otherwise around in the early universe. Like alpha-rich metals.
NightWingMistHawk: Ashen_Prime I see you have excellent taste in webcomics :D My dad and I are huge Schlock fans
Ace__of__Hearts: hey Ian using Long Shadow I use that too
OneTrueGamble: Is our guardian canonically named "Guardian" and our ghost named "Ghost"?
itsybitsystreams: God I love Destiny science
RedShiftLive: yo so the Vex are inducting the start to get heavy metal I like it
SmithKurosaki: I miss killing Vex for their delicious juiceboxes
RandomTrivia: Not so much a Sparrow as an Eagle
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I mean, it's legit nucleosynthesis. If you could artificially mix a Pop 3 hypergiant you could leapfrog multiple generations of s and alpha process elements
shendaras: If you're looking for metal wouldn't you choose one of the many rocks out in space instead?
Solangel777: its the same thing as in Skyrim @OneTrueGamble . They call them by their title
Duwani1: ok sylvannas
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GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shendaras "metal" means something different to an astronomer. It's anything that's not hydrogen or helium. And in the early universe, there weren't any rocks around in space.
OneTrueGamble: @Solangel777 I see
Foxmar320: I feel the same way when using Hawkmoon. Id love to hit anything
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the rock hadn't been made yet
itsybitsystreams: Shank city
SajuukSjet: tbf, hand cannons are not exactly longer range weapons :P
OneTrueGamble: That only works when you have Trinity Ghoul, Cam
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shendaras: So the Vex built this long ago, then, is what you're saying?
SmithKurosaki: Give me a scout rifle
SmithKurosaki: HandCannons are just meh
Alahmnat: a long, long, long, long, *long*-ass time ago
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shendaras the Vex have been around since before the beginning of this universe. They also regard linear spacetime as an interesting place to visit but nowhere they'd want to live full-time.
Foxmar320: I prefer handcanons I just can't hit anything with Hawkmoon
SmithKurosaki: I much prefer the Nightstalker Bow
Foxmar320: Graham used "DELETE" it was supereffective!
itsybitsystreams: For anyone who knows; how do the vex feel about the Darkness and its apparent appreciation for them as the 'final form' of the Flower Game?
shendaras: Aaaah. I guess it would be useful then to have something making you the atoms you need since you haven't waited long enough for them to be present naturally.
SmithKurosaki: DId Ian do a yeetus deletus?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: but yes, the Forge Star has to be pretty early-universe because the trace metal content of the interstellar medium is now too high to allow stars of that mass to form.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shendaras exactly
MrPhlip: I don't know if I can make an entire pole, maybe a small rod?
theleerm: yes?
niccus: only prediction-bets, if allowed
Foxmar320: Uhhhhh
RandomTrivia: @MrPhlip SergeJustRight
RandomTrivia: sergeJustRight
Arclight_Dynamo: Mods can make polls, yes.
Alas_Babylon: 3 Up.
auxv: 3
Painfully_Dyslexic: I'd prefer single, it's a little much
Solangel777: im in the middle
Blessings_from_the_Void: Single view, pls
theleerm: single plox
affinityartifacts: pew pew pew
RandomTrivia: Were you listening, Chat? He said WITHOUT clogging Chat
etaluia: 1/3 of each
northos: Graham: I don't want to flood the chat. Chat: I don't know what you mean
shendaras: Focus on the screen with the most explosions happening, I think.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @itsybitsystreams unclear to afraid of it. The Vex fear paracausality in general because they can't predict it. They don't have enough personality to like or dislike things, so they don't have any emotional response to being the Darkness' golden child
shendaras: =)
SmithKurosaki: @northos I think most of us respected that
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @RandomTrivia Chat always listens. Chat never listens.
affinityartifacts: hello friends <3
SmithKurosaki: I wish to vote a second time for G's face
affinityartifacts: Cam.
MrPhlip: how is this poll a 3-way tie, chat
MrPhlip: why
itsybitsystreams: Iiiiinteresting @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou thankyou
RandomTrivia: I love that "Just Graham's face" is an option LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: qq is like Runescape-level early
KilrenKrae: face
Alas_Babylon: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I'd be surprised if it wasn't earlier than Runscape
affinityartifacts: it just makes me think of ICQ
Hexi_Lexi: hey @affinityartifacts reminder that youre wonderful and amazing and loved!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I would also not be surprised if it went back to MUD/MUCK days
RandomTrivia: Old smileys and other similar text-based emoji are basically ancient runes at this point
Foxmar320: Strong poll
Solangel777: best poll
RandomTrivia: Useful data!
affinityartifacts: Graham your face only would be the best view
affinityartifacts: and then we have to guess the game
RandomTrivia: We get to imagine the action just from Graham's reactions
DiscordianTokkan: unarmeClick
affinityartifacts: @RandomTrivia *exactly*
Foxmar320: foxmarNOV jlrrFall
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
OneTrueGamble: Again Cam, that only works with Trinity Ghoul
SmithKurosaki: What class does G normally play?
Ace__of__Hearts: "so what happened there was Warlock Jump"
RvLeshrac: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Warcraft multi.
itsybitsystreams: Warlock jump is just too... floaty
A_Dub888: And the theater of one's own mind
Foxmar320: Graham we could run the raid like that
Mr_Horrible: to be fair, it's a very trustworthy face
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: honestly at this point I've run Glassway enough to know where you are by sound effects anyways
RandomTrivia: Like one of the principles of Brockian Ultra Cricket: "A crowd is much more excited if they think they've missed the sporting event of a lifetime, but disappointed to see a mundane game"
itsybitsystreams: But blink is cool so
Himyul: we can watch the reflection of the game in your eyes
Ace__of__Hearts: G is usually Titan
MyNameisJennieFuchsia: 3 up but it’s Ian with a VR headset only and then just Graham and Cameron’s faces
shendaras: You could do a small in-picture view of the gameplay if you want.
RandomTrivia: Ian no!
Alahmnat: back up, Ian
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this is not an arena. This is a box canyon death trap.
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Mr_Horrible: "We'll solo it" sofieHmm
itsybitsystreams: We'll call it, ReactTM Cam
Anxious_Millennial_Cowboy: Just like AJ debuting in the rumble
Solangel777: THICC
DiscordianTokkan: Oh my god Ian
Foxmar320: Real thicc shanks
SmithKurosaki: YOu've cut your shanks too THICC
Baldrash: Thicc. Shanks.
Solangel777: heckin' chonker of shanks
Ace__of__Hearts: so in this part of the Strike you want to kill things very fast
Alahmnat: remember your well
MrPhlip: get on the point, G
RandomTrivia: Welp
Foxmar320: Graham used his rift :P
SmithKurosaki: GG
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I like that the eliksni apparently built that SABER for the strike and then went "well we all got murdered but that 'shank, but BIG' thing seemed to be working out"
Solangel777: aren't these shanks a blast?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the snipers on the walls of this canyon are the nastiest threat
RandomTrivia: A_Dub888 you missed the opportunity to write "thicc shancc"
Ace__of__Hearts: also Long Shadow is good at murdering
Eclipseon: I'm curious how The Devil's Lair strike is gonna be considering we kill literally Sepiks in public events now
drumshark13: that is an amazing sound effect
Foxmar320: Windows said Hello
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: looking forward to S.A.B.E.R. 3 or whatever they call it when the strike comes back
RandomTrivia: Hi Windows!
DiscordianTokkan: Yep
SmithKurosaki: Oh. I thought that was me
Alahmnat: we did!
Hexi_Lexi: we did
AcidBeaver: i thought it was my computer
DiscordianTokkan: Windows saying "Hey, you have 3MB left, again"
petey_vonwho: every time i hear that i start looking to see what my computer wants
Foxmar320: It wants you to remember its there
shendaras: It just wants to let you know that it's there and that it's thinking of you.
TheWriterAleph: LUL
Foxmar320: Windows needs a hug
shendaras: Also it may want to reboot
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: given that they reworked the Omnigul strike to fit current lore I'm very curious how they'r egoing to rewrite the Seraphim Vault one, and also if Rasputin has changed his playlist since then
itsybitsystreams: If you hadn't said anything I'm sure every non-Mac user here wouldn't just thought it was them
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Foxmar320: The fake out with the small one is great
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: don't ever talk to me or my son again
Ace__of__Hearts: yeah so it's Big Boy season
RandomTrivia: That was a STRONG entrance
shendaras: And for any Linux users, make sure to update the sudo package =)
Alas_Babylon: Don't talk to my son OR ME AGAIN.
Mr_Horrible: "Don't talk to me or my son ever again"
Alahmnat: Glassway: the "don't talk to me or my son ever again" strike.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, god, I remember that strike from D1. It killed me SO MANY TIMES
Mr_Horrible: @Alas_Babylon dang, I missed it by *that* much LUL
Alas_Babylon: Shout out to the hive mind assembled in the chat
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham pro tip reminder antibarrier shoots through hydra shields
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: THICC
SmithKurosaki: Ian's HYDRAting
Alas_Babylon: @Mr_Horrible Don't think of it that way, think of us as one soul split three ways
GirlPainting: Hey, listen! Strange woman, sitting in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for any kind of goverment system!
Mr_Horrible: it's Cymon Belmon
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah Belmon's a thICC BOI
TheWriterAleph: there's a BALLMONT in the castle
itsybitsystreams: Trevor Belmon? Like of the Belmons that fight vampires?
Tiber727: Oh man, I remember the one time my audio driver suddenly became 0 bytes. I tried auto-repair, which detected that the audio file was there and not corrupted, thus fixed nothing. I had to give myself permission to delete the audio driver, just to get the system to fix it.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Belmon will stay outside but Belmon Jr will totally go inside those side rooms and it sucks
Foxmar320: Yay we won!
Mr_Horrible: Alas_Babylon I enjoy the sharing of the communal consciousness. It's cozy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: chicken time
RandomTrivia: The clasic strategy of "hit it until it dies"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: time to make the nuggies
RandomTrivia: *classic
Solangel777: Leg Harpy
Ace__of__Hearts: so they have a Cave Troll
MrPhlip: Uwuverns
dovahkin_9904: hello everyone
Foxmar320: They will try and step on you
benophage: "chimeras"
A_Dub888: lrrFINE
coldhands0802: Wyverns are easily the scariest new enemy
Alahmnat: wyverns are assholes
RandomTrivia: @MrPhlip These ones don't look cuddly enough for that title...
coldhands0802: Those MFers don't mess around
SmithKurosaki: Uhhhhh
Mr_Horrible: that's... concerning
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Wyverns (aka "chicken" aka "leGGG harpy") have shields, gatling guns, and one hell of a kick
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: we don't know what the wyverns are
Inkompetence: Bending units?
SmithKurosaki: Gives me a heckin' concern right there
TheAinMAP: Well that's disconcerting.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: but they are new, and more fierce than other Vex units, so likely more for combat
DiscordianTokkan: Dakka dakka dakka!
Solangel777: Leg Harpy here. And Leg Harpy mad
Mr_Horrible: "oh, the Hydras? Yeah they're for doing accounts payable."
RvLeshrac: These COULD just be more construction units, maybe that's some sort of plasma rivet gun.
SmithKurosaki: GCU: Robo Galar Zapdos?
Mr_Horrible: "The shields are still very important"
lochnessseammonster: totally agree graham
Lord_ZYRK: Well GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I'm not versed in Destiny lore, but it appears that what they are is unfriendly
coldhands0802: Shouldn't the time traveling AI collective consciousness have had those combat units ready when we showed up? And not rolled them out like 6 years later?
Foxmar320: Oracles just make you not be
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the current Vex units we fight are construction bots just trying to keep us out of their build sites. That's why the minotaur weapon is called a Torch Hammer. It's a repurposed welder.
SmithKurosaki: Nah, Oracles are just *accounting*
shendaras: You just never exist? that does seem cheat-y
Alahmnat: when the Vex want something done right, they don't goof around
Foxmar320: Oracles just say NO
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Gorgons and Oracles are explicitly defensive yeah
MrPhlip: Not "you go away now" but "you went away then"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @coldhands0802 it's not that the Vex don't have them. It's that we're still not important enough to bother deploying them.
Easilycrazyhat: A "Will It Blend" reference in 2021. Nice.
Foxmar320: We will see a lot of Oracles when Vault of Glass comes back
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: we have successfully annoyed the Vex enough to deploy the "marginally combat-related chickens"
Foxmar320: And im positive I will have never existed a bunch
Mr_Horrible: So Goblin headcrests are just the Vex version of a hardhat?
SmithKurosaki: VoG!
shendaras: And can you fight against these units that just delete you from all time?
RvLeshrac: Both!
Solangel777: Delete them (aka slowva bomb) thats what i do
Alahmnat: it was multiple things, heh
coldhands0802: If torch hammers are repurposed welders ... what are slap rifles? : p
SajuukSjet: gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou: so Osiris's control of the Infinite Forest wasn't enough to annoy a response? yikes
CanadianCalliber: Can anybody help with doing harebringer?
Foxmar320: Graham made it go away
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shendaras both Oracles and Gorgons can simply make you not be. Gorgons you need to avoid their notice. Oracles you can do a thing to make them forget.
Mr_Horrible: "We have spoken to your son. Now we shall speak to you."
Alahmnat: lrrGOAT
shendaras: Oh, so the file you in a queue to delete later I see
Foxmar320: Yes
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Oracles mark you for deletion. Gorgons, since they hang out in a spacetime controlled by the Vex, simply decide you don't exist.
Solangel777: so i know where the radiolarian went
Foxmar320: Story time!
RvLeshrac: Well, more like it is suctioned out of the room.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I also know where the radiolaria went. It's....well, you'll find out.
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RandomTrivia: O R B .......?
Foxmar320: She real mad
Arclight_Dynamo: The Traveller is a huge dong.
Foxmar320: Ball left
Alahmnat: Eramis is oooold
DeM0nFiRe: Why is it always a whirlwind of destruction? Where's the whirlwind of free hot dogs?
Eclipseon: Orb just peaces out
coldhands0802: So, how long to these Fallen live? Because that would have been ages ago, right?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: fun fact: Eramis lost her wife Athrys in the Whirlwind. That's the namesake of the new Hunter exotic.
Lord_ZYRK: Is this the Wake of Loss?
A_Dub888: Traveler took its ball and left
Solangel777: ball left the field
Solangel777: space dorito angy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Traveler left the eliksni slightly before Darkness arrived in hopes that Darkness would skip the eliksni if the Traveler weren't there anymore. It...didn't.
Alahmnat: like really though, what's the lifespan of an eliksni?
siltyroach: they are orbs damnit
Alas_Babylon: space 3d circle go kablewy
A_Dub888: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou The Traveler's not great at communicating is it?
ShaneLeeAtk: That was.... melodramatic
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @Alahmnat it depends a LOT on the eliksni and their status. They're insectile beings and their growth/morphology is mostly determined by how much food they get.
ChaoticObserver: lrrGRAHAM_SG
TheWriterAleph: you're obligated to the traveler
SmithKurosaki: Alahment: iirc a couple hundred years? GCU may know better
Mr_Horrible: "We owe the Traveler a solid, but that's about the extent of it"
Alahmnat: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou ah, gotcha
Ace__of__Hearts: "Hi I'm a robot here are your super powers"
Eclipseon: If you had been risen during the Dark Age you might have became a Warlord
Foxmar320: Break time!
djalternative: and then the guardian said, "I can't die? YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAW"
shendaras: Do you have the ability to die if you want, or is it a sort of curse?
Easilycrazyhat: Couldn't you just...not, though? Like, is there anything compelling guardians to be heros and what-not?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @Alahmnat we know that very few living eliksni still remember Riis and the Whirlwind directly. Variks and Eramis are a couple of the only ones left. That's part of why they're so worried about building a legacy before they pass on and the living eliksni forget their culture completely.
Easilycrazyhat: *heroes
Rhynerd: “From what I hear about the Traveler, I don’t think it would be actively encouraging me to shoot things to see if they drop a nice pair of boots I can wear.”
coldhands0802: Well, you could shoot your ghost and then yourself I guess
Alahmnat: @Easilycrazyhat oh yeah, you can totally go off-the-deep-end evil if you want
itsybitsystreams: I mean isn't there like, a lot of not-good lightbearers?
itsybitsystreams: Moreso than we originally thought
Masslost: after watching the trainwreck that was the photon tv show after hearing about it from toy galaxy I'm here for much better acting
CaptainSpam: Just got back from Checkpoint, was Graham just using an IKEA sniper rifle? I don't care what the real answer is, I just like the idea that X years in the future they now make a Häkke sniper rifle. :D
coldhands0802: Guardians can do whatever they want, some of them have gone rogue/bad. But things are real **** outside the last city, so it makes sense for most of them to go there and protect it.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shendaras you can ask your Ghost not to rez you. Your Ghost can in fact choose not to rez you. You could also go somewhere full of Darkness slash Light-eating entities, like deep Hive tunnels.
Easilycrazyhat: @Alahmnat Cool. Don't know lore super well, but that's what I figured.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Traveler doesn't constrain your free will at all. Guardians can and in fact have done very bad things.
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Alahmnat: (though I should clarify, by "you" I don't mean your character, just lightbearers in general. There were (and maybe still are?) some bad folk with superpowers out there)
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: just after the Collapse, the new "Risen" or "Lightbearers" almost all became warlords. Some to protect, some for gain, some just because they wanted to kill.
TheWriterAleph: thank you for sending me down that rabbit hole, Masslost LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: there are still Guardians that go rogue or forsake the City and Vanguard entirely, which technically means they're not Guardians, just lightbearers
Foxmar320: !destiny pc
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 PC Clan! We Live Here Now: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2074776 Mercenary Solutions: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2687323 Suspiciously Fast Movers: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2785292 Questionably Legal Clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2856979 DEFINITELY ILLEGAL CLAN: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2909169
Foxmar320: !destiny
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 Clan!: Main Clan PS4: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2070847 Sparrow Squad PS4: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=920093
coldhands0802: So, can Fallen be lightbearers? Since at least some of them aren't hostile towards the last city anymore, is there anything stopping an unbound ghost choosing to bring one back?
Masslost: @TheWriterAleph your welcome
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @coldhands0802 that is an excellent question and one we as the Destiny playerbase have been begging Bungie to answer "yes" for quite a while
Solangel777: Questionably Legal Clan is best clan
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the process by which Ghosts choose Guardians is not clear. We know that they can't just decide to resurrect whoever they want.
Solangel777: im biased tho
coldhands0802: Like, make this Light Kell dude a lightbearer. Those not evil fallen need all the help they can get.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the smart lore money is on Misraaks, Kell of Light, getting killed & rezzed as the first eliksni Guardian sometime this year
howdoipunch: For a brief second I forgot that I had this stream running in the background as i play grim dawn and then This Music is playing and I'm like "what easter egg did I just drop into?"
lostluckDev: "smart lore money"
OneTrueGamble: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou Yes plz, but I highly doubt it
coldhands0802: Sure. Then Misraaks can go buddy up with Crow. I'll bet they'd get along great.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: some Ghosts believe there's one being in the entire solar system destined to be their Guardian. Some believe they just need to find someone with a certain extremely rare "spark" or light. Either way, we haven't had an eliksni chosen so far that we know of.
Eclipseon: Is Mithrax just like, humans misspeaking his actual name?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yup
lostluckDev: Ghosts have a hash they need their guardians to match, and there are collisions.
coldhands0802: I mean, I'm sure it's something horrible in bug clicks, but Variks calls him that.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: for instance Osiris in eliksni song is spelled as "Osiiriks"
Solangel777: i like to imagine the chittering Variks does is just him cursing
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I think Variks' vocoder got fucked up in the cold. Got some ice lodged in there or something.
Foxmar320: Variks curses a lot then
Eclipseon: Okay, cause I got thrown off when people started calling him "Misraax" and I was like "Have I been hearing it wrong this whole time?"
RandomTrivia: "Compression artifacts" was the first thing we heard
shendaras: vtubeamp?
Foxmar320: Welcome back
Fruan: Two Bamps?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @Eclipseon there's a really interesting lore tab about it https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/lord-of-wolves
freeridercam: tube amps are quite nice
OneTrueGamble: Cam, join the tube side!!!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: time to go talk to Elsie
minifig911: In my opinion, Destiny 2 would be perfect if the whole light power level thing didn't exist.
Foxmar320: Light is getting up there
rveijndhoven: I was sure that the break lasted longer because of that Beej tweet.
SmithKurosaki: beej tweet?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: make sure to poke drifty boi and Eris. They have new dialogue for each plot step.
drumshark13: Darkness huh? I didn't know this was Kingdom Hearts
coldhands0802: No weekly bounties next season! They're replacing them with gradually added challenges that last all season.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah poor Elsie has seen some extremely bad shit it turns out
RassilonDND: strange that guardians havent succumbed to the darkness
djalternative: your shellfish desires? as in our desire for shrimp?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Dark Future lorebook is Heavy
until_may: here you back with Karlia in riften thieves guild
SmithKurosaki: Ahh, other beej tweet p
Solangel777: Bed Bath and Beyond?
RandomTrivia: That is an incredibly nerdy sentence and I love it
rveijndhoven: @SmithKurosaki Beej tweeted something very Beej just as the ad break began (unrelated to this stream).
Makimachine: *Stan Bush intensifies* LUL
coldhands0802: Otherwise knows as: Hold X over here for a sec.
Foxmar320: Ghost is so worried
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: one time we were raiding Garden and I yelled "Cat's in the washing machine!" and then broke down laughing.
rveijndhoven: Correction:
Foxmar320: Nope
drumshark13: convince me this game isn't Kingdom Hearts. Xehanort in the far future
Foxmar320: Gotta walk it
rveijndhoven: Graham responded to something Beej tweeted earlier.
Solangel777: not until next season!
shendaras: You could drood the ozference as well maybe while you're there?
shendaras: Speaking of new sentences.
Eclipseon: Nowhere will be fast travellable in Europa is the Destiny Twitter is any indication Kappa
pyrehand: Good evening, how's the chill of Europa treating you?
coldhands0802: EVERYbody has bounties.
SmithKurosaki: @rveijndhoven link?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @drumshark13 Darkness and Light do not map exactly to evil and good, so
Foxmar320: Tasty bounties
RandomTrivia: So much nougat!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I like how Variks has that reaction to just slam his staff on the ground for no reason. Always startles me.
RandomTrivia: Wait no, Bounty is the coconut one
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Any Other Sky is a preorder bonus
RandomTrivia: Shit I ruined my own joke
Foxmar320: The Deluxe version Graham
itsybitsystreams: Hey is that thing Variks does where he boops his own head with his staff an Eliksni thing or a Varkis thing?
DiscordianTokkan: Season Pass, I think
affinityartifacts: Cam i feel like your username is a lie because mere moments ago i saw you, armed
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Any Other Sky, the NTTE catalyst, and the frozen NTTE ornament were the preorder pack
coldhands0802: THAT'S what she said.
RynoLaw: that sparrow is from the deluxe edition
pyrehand: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou The darkness would like us to believe that Light and Darkness do not amp to good and evil. The Darkness also lies. There is some evidence that the *power* of darkness may not be evil while the *will* of darkness is.
drumshark13: dope
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @itsybitsystreams unclear buuuut probably a Variks thing
Foxmar320: He got it from the Deluxe version
Noodles_15: We have this conversation every stream
rveijndhoven: @SmithKurosaki It's, like, Grahams most recent reply in Tweets and Replies.
itsybitsystreams: It's just very cute and I love it when he does it
affinityartifacts: LUL
affinityartifacts: touche, Cam
RandomTrivia: "Shoot the Cyberdemon until it dies"
TheWriterAleph: gun
petey_vonwho: but, how carry gun with no arms?
SmithKurosaki: thx
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: technically I think only Traveler's Chosen and Hawkmoon are direct gifts
Foxmar320: Hold up Ghost to find the event
coldhands0802: Let's get Cam a Zardoz projection for his ghost.
SmithKurosaki: I didnt know beej's twitter
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: don't kill it!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: you have to wait till the babbos show up
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yes Graham you've got it
Solangel777: hopefully its not bugged still
Foxmar320: It will all flood back in time
Foxmar320: Nova!
affinityartifacts: angereeeee
Okaycups: anger orb
Foxmar320: Always use delete button :P
jdxm7: Hello!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: look at the crunchy snow!!
Foxmar320: foxmarNOV
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I love the snow you can trample so much
itsybitsystreams: I just imagine someone drags and drops furrowed brows over the servitor eye and it becomes "angery"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: and like items will fall in it! engrams and stuff have weight!
RomanGoro: At some point somebody in this universe decided that Orb is the ideal form
affinityartifacts: @itsybitsystreams LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it's not an accident that servitors are the same shape as the Traveler
djalternative: reece reborn? of reece's pieces fame?
Blightfight: Is it bad that the fact that Eurpoa is covered in snow factored into my decision to not buy the expack?
RassilonDND: ah, the good ol' one way elevator
Blessings_from_the_Void: Stairrow
Foxmar320: Ahh sparrow up the stairs is death
Blightfight: I already deal with so much of the Frozen Powdery Bullcrap.
rveijndhoven: So, I have to ask: Is Destiny 2 actually fun to play, or does it just look that way because it's being played by Graham, Cam and Ian?
megaRammy: @Blightfight I mean, there's a lot of pretty in Europa that isn't just snowy tundra, if that helps
Foxmar320: Are you trying to get out of the map
pyrehand: @Blightfight perfectly understandable I still play subnautica (not the expansion) to run away from seasonal affective disorder.
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RandomTrivia: Graham! Stop trying to find OoB!
megaRammy: @rveijndhoven The actual act of gunplay is very fun and satisfying, ye
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @rveijndhoven I mean, I think so. I also have 2,554 hours clocked in the last year and a half so
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: make of that what you will
Solangel777: Could not go in hole. game unplayable
matthaus_c: it's his W+P instinct
DocTie: the sub ocean is ever calling
Foxmar320: Can't take your eyes off him. He will get his head stuck in a door
rveijndhoven: Just call me Rob.
itsybitsystreams: Nothing is more satisfying than headshotting a fallen and watching its soul depart @megaRammy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the Grahamerian trilogy
A_Dub888: G cannot ignore the call of the subocean
TheMerricat: Destiny 2 is a good little skinner box.
RandomTrivia: @Foxmar320 To be fair, he managed that WHILE we were watching last night
coldhands0802: Word. Bungie has always been good at the basics of an FPS.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: bungo has never had a problem making FPS gunplay fun
pyrehand: @rveijndhoven the lore is also fascinating although the *story* can be lacking
Foxmar320: RandomTrivia I know :P
DocTie: always beckoning, never silent
Blightfight: I would love a TTRPG in the Destiny Universe.
coldhands0802: They're also quite good at skyboxes too
Xooszi: It's very topical. The call of the beyond. Graham's beyond is just breaking the game instead of the Darkness
itsybitsystreams: Also helps that it is very bretty
rveijndhoven: That's good to know, I'm going to have to check it out.
SmithKurosaki: The last time I played was 3+ years ago, but it was fun until the content dried out
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @Blightfight funnily enough, there are rumors/hearsay that the setting may have begun as someone's homebrew TTRPG
itsybitsystreams: @Blightfight there is one in development I believe?
SmithKurosaki: I think things have changed fro the better since thoufg
RandomTrivia: They're all hyding somewhere
A_Dub888: Hide-dra
RandomTrivia: IAN
storiers: the moment to moment gameplay is a lot of fun. the progression grind for endgame stuff is more a "your mileage may greatly vary" thing
rveijndhoven: Ian!
Rhilenova: I like how those are "little" hydras now
Biomonkey01: People explode when they are killed.
djalternative: Hail Hydra?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @SmithKurosaki oh lack of endgame content is noooot a problem. In fact having too much stuff and therefore requiring too much of your time is more of an issue these days.
itsybitsystreams: it's destiny ttrpg I think you can just google it
Blightfight: I dunno, Weapon Sunsetting is a uh, is one of the big reasons I stopped playing.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh there is a Destiny TTRPG developed after the fact by fans, based on 5e
affinityartifacts: Graham your voice is pleasant to listen to
Solangel777: no
Foxmar320: Its this way
itsybitsystreams: There is like a dedicated system though isn't there @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou
Solangel777: graham has it right
itsybitsystreams: Not based on 5e I mean
SmithKurosaki: GCU: Keep in mind raids are generally not doable for me due to time constraints (and a general lack of 5 competent friends)
RandomTrivia: Graham there's this little thing called AGGRO
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: weapon sunsetting is p. much the same as Magic set rotation to me. There are guns I'm sad to see go but it's the way of things
Foxmar320: Yep some bounties count as a fireteam
Blessings_from_the_Void: Bountiful
Solangel777: depends on area
Izandai: @coldhands0802 I mean, it's right in the name.
RandomTrivia: That music suddenly happened
Foxmar320: Darkness!
Foxmar320: LOL
pyrehand: I was largely unaffected by the sunsetting as I play a sunbracers warlock and try to avoid shooting guns
RandomTrivia: Oops
CanPlayGames: psspsspss come'er darkness
Foxmar320: Becon faster!
Alahmnat: some of these music swells have big Monday Night Football energy, lol
affinityartifacts: much darkness
itsybitsystreams: Mom said it's my turn to commune with the Darkness
Solangel777: i may have laughed too hard
SmithKurosaki: I'd love to see a new PoE tbg
RandomTrivia: Come to me, Darkness! lrrCOW
Ace__of__Hearts: I believe in a thing called love!
coldhands0802: @Izandai Your right. I should have realized. They probably just pile the dregs high enough the captains can walk.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @SmithKurosaki it's okay, there is now matchmaking in Nightfall: Ordeal strikes, seasonal activities like the Wrathborn hunts, destination-bound matchmade activities like Empire Hunts on Europa or Nightmare Hunts on the moon, plus Legend/Master lost sectors, the Pit and Prophecy dungeons...
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Mr_Horrible: "Hey, I'm communing here!" "Look, pal, I got a schedule to keep and it ain't waitin' for you to commune with no darkness."
Solangel777: but as they say, Shanks for the memories
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: plus the usual Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible playlists
Athelgar: if you want shanks, talk to your butcher
SmithKurosaki: hmm
MrTheWalrus: I had to do daily workouts for years to get resilient shanks.
Foxmar320: Titan SMASH
coldhands0802: Titan = best class.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I was disappointed with Behemoth super until I figured out the ability to just run through stuff. Makes it waaaay better.
TheAinMAP: foxmarICE
RandomTrivia: What Ian isn't doing is yelling NERD every time he punches something
SmithKurosaki: I love the Hunter kama
Solangel777: Warlock, best class
Foxmar320: lol
DocTie: I mean, Warlock's my main, but Titan is definitly creeping it's way there
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the glacier grenades and the ice crystal effects are just *chef's kiss*. I want to congratulate every single member of Bungie's design team for Stasis.
Mr_Horrible: Graham's super dropping a sick beat
Foxmar320: This is not at its most powerful Ghost. We have to unlock the rest of it
RandomTrivia: "I can quit Darkness any time I want"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the fact that the ice crystal effects are so reliable even in weird lumpy environments and in midair and so on is really impressive.
Solangel777: Ghost? You ok?
Mr_Horrible: "Ghost, look, I've gotten high before. It'll be fine."
ritchards: What about its grasp? Is it sinister/
Alas_Babylon: Its g r a s p
CururuGuasu: So the Darkness is left handed?
DocTie: Though my Hunter will always have the fact that he let the Fallen captain live on that Titan (zone) mission
Silver__Light: so the darkness is left handed
RandomTrivia: benginFingers @CururuGuasu
coldhands0802: Throwing an ice wall and then sliding through it to blow everybody up, boost your grenade recharge, and give back melee and class energy feels REAL good.
ritchards: Spec Ops?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham yeah that's bothered me too. It's a problem with the fact that Destiny doesn't really have player choice.
northos: is this....ludonarrative dissonance?
Mr_Horrible: "Be a stubborn fool. 0/1"
Foxmar320: He comes around on it Graham. Ghost ends up REALLY getting into you using Darkness
CanPlayGames: I really hated that. Like Ghost is your BFF and you are forced to spit in his face the whole story
Blessings_from_the_Void: The Last of Us 2 also does that
LurkerSpine: good old Danganronpa
pyrehand: frustration over that storytelling decision is part of why I'm the only one of my friendgroup who still plays
Mr_Horrible: well, Spec Ops is more a critique of your willingness to engage in the media in the first place. But it *is* weird dissonance in the moment
itsybitsystreams: I feel like the "darkness bad stuff" being like, the corruption is kinda bleh especially because it just tells you its bad and the only example of it actually being bad is just an enemy faction you''ve been fighting for years anways
Ace__of__Hearts: "hey dude are you gunna fix that arm?
RandomTrivia: So much for player agency, huh
DeM0nFiRe: reminds me of bioshock. Game forces you to do dumb stuff to progress the gme. Then goes "ha! we brainwashed you!"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: so fun fact Riis-Reborn is what Variks has been up to since Forsaken and the prison break in the Reef. They've been low-key building this secret eliksni colony for like two years in hopes we wouldn't go break all their shit.
kainboa: I've always disliked that, the game calling me a monster for doing what the game is telling me to do
rveijndhoven: I'm sorry, but I can't take 'x is sinister' seriously anymore. Because my brain just goes "The plastic tabs at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister."
MrPhlip: Ah yes, the cryspycreme armour set
Mr_Horrible: I will never hear that as anything other than "Back on my bullshit at crystocrene"
coldhands0802: Yeah, I thought dregs got the bottom set removed.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Variks was docked, yes. I believe docking the upper arms is a more severe punishment.
CanPlayGames: Dregs are just young/lower class fallen
aesir_blade: Variks had his upper arms docked to be particularly humiliating
Okaycups: cant grow upper arms back
Okaycups: only regro bottom
Solangel777: A Kel he served under docked his upper arms permanantly to try and make him lower than a dreg
DiscordianTokkan: Grow back, or cybernetic?
TheMerricat: @rveijndhoven I so miss DCAU.
itsybitsystreams: Did Variks just hum Savathun's song???
coldhands0802: Yeah, they cut off dreg arms so they don't need to eat as much, right? Because eather is limited.
megaRammy: I don't mind the "do this, you monster" in this campaign cos like, it turns out in the end you were right to push ahead and do it anyway.
Foxmar320: Veriks had his arms torn off by that guy we killed in Destiny 1. I can't remember his name
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: dregs used to have caps put on their arm stumps so they couldn't grow them back. Most have stopped using them.
Foxmar320: House of Wolves Kel
TheWriterAleph: europaaa
sivakrytos: they're aliens, i would hope their physiology is strange by human standards
RandomTrivia: *bonk*
pyrehand: @megaRammy you were right to push forward if you agree with the stranger I find her reasoning somewhat lacking personally.
MrPhlip: It's an accurate simulation of being in a real blizzard, in that it's awful and sucks to be in
Ace__of__Hearts: in Deep Stone Crypt the cold will kill you
Pheonix888: weather looks about the same here
RvLeshrac: There's a Triumph for this where you have to kill three enemies at ~the same time, which has fucked me over every time and not given me the Triumph.
Fanklok: I blame your massive sparrow
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Back in the day eliksni used to ritually amputate limbs and grow them back as a sign of strength - like human warriors getting really gnarly tattoos or scars to show they can endure pain. It's not the severing of arms that insults the dregs but actually the part where they aren't allowed to grow them back.
Raiger: "Sir, let me see your license." "Jokes on you, I don't HAVE a license!"
Mr_Horrible: I get sweet loot if I let him out of the jar
Solangel777: rift
RebekahWSD: Oh NO
RebekahWSD: Betrayal!
RandomTrivia: Adam would be so disappointed
Raiger: Adam was RIGHT
Mr_Horrible: I mean, we just validated Adam's philosophy
ritchards: the hurbis!
Mr_Horrible: never let them out of the jar
Silver__Light: wow, that wasn't like misraaks at all
itsybitsystreams: Adam's brain is so big his logic crosses universes
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GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham fun fact sometimes the Storm Minotaur clips inside the prison cube and you get a literal Vex-eliksni cage match. It's brilliant.
djalternative: eh, we got loot out of it
megaRammy: @pyrehand *SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THIS CAMPAIGN* It's pretty much shown that darkness is innate to use and it is fine to wield it as long as you have the fortitude to keep it in check. I personally find the line of argument pretty compelling
djalternative: it was worth
niccus: oh no, he was a permanent
rveijndhoven: Daaaayum, that sweet execution animation would have sold me on the game if Graham and chat hadn't already.
Foxmar320: Skolas! Skolas tore off Variks arms if I remember correctly.
Foxmar320: Forget what
djalternative: don't let you forget what?
SmithKurosaki: Dont forget the subs G
Fanklok: If you do forget just make James do it later
RandomTrivia: Why is there a knot in my handkerchief?
TheDailyMapleSyrup: What advice would you give to someone new to the game
Solangel777: what were we supposed to remind you of?
MrPhlip: !quote 6512
LRRbot: Quote #6512: "'What's your stance on Jars?' 'Free the thing, but be prepared to kill it.'" —Cori and Heather [2019-10-22]
Raiger: Free Scarif! Wait, wrong francise...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: you have to turn off the stasis fields yeah
Teryn180: Touch the thermostat
Noodles_15: You can do them all at the same time.
Foxmar320: Doing all three at once is a triumph
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @TheDailyMapleSyrup find a clan and people to play with. Destiny is fun solo but fun with friends also, and they can help you get up to speed on weapons and activities you might like.
pyrehand: @megaRammy I've played through the campaign as well. The problem is that the stranger's reasoning is that in her last loop through you ended up wielding the darkness and were corrupted. She's running on the assumption that a more gradual, controlled exposure won't end in corruption but doesn't actually have evidence that it'll work.
MrPhlip: you can't get the triumph when you're here in the story quest
DocTie: it's ok, that pit is pretty well bottomed
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @pyrehand yeah, Elsie has no proof that this approach will work. She's just desperately trying SOMETHING different after hundreds of failed timelines.
megaRammy: @pyrehand I mean, it did end up working :P (also the warning was more for other viewers in chat, I figured you'd played it)
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: we don't know that it's worked yet.
RandomTrivia: Tamper your expectations, I guess lrrBEEJ
Foxmar320: foxmarICE
Ace__of__Hearts: oooooo new bond
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @TheDailyMapleSyrup otherwise, try out lots of different weapons, classes, and activities. There are tons of different ways to play the game.
DocTie: the one with the big dude
Foxmar320: Wow just ran over Cam,
Foxmar320: Rude
RandomTrivia: LUL
coldhands0802: It was the wind!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ever had a brig land on you? it's the new drop pod
Silver__Light: tamper? i barely know'er
Solangel777: wonder who did that cam
Foxmar320: A lot of angry things
pyrehand: @megaRammy It's worked so far. Future expansion titles aren't encouraging, and I'm going to be extremely disappointed if we don't get a narrative pay-off for the temptations of the darkness being dangerous.
Foxmar320: foxmarNOV foxmarNOV foxmarNOV
SmithKurosaki: Worth it?
Alahmnat: grenade to the mech's nuts, that's gotta hurt
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @pyrehand the Y6 expansion is named "Lightfall" so I think a payoff is planned, yeah
RandomTrivia: Welp
Foxmar320: jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall
Mr_Horrible: Game believe me I'm trying
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
MrPhlip: the nova bomb shattered the boss's ice attack, and the shattering ice took out two of you
LurkerSpine: DBZ Abridged flashbacks... Why didn't you dodge?
Ace__of__Hearts: "killed by the architects"
coldhands0802: Scut Ferkis? Bully from A Christmas Story?
itsybitsystreams: Maaaan ferk Ferkis
Solangel777: Farkas from Skyrim?
pyrehand: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou yeah I'm caught in hoping for it, dreading it and being irritated that I have to wait that long for a payoff.
Solangel777: yesssssss
Easilycrazyhat: Darkness = The Force?
DocTie: And all this time... I thought Zavala was that light kell he was reffering to
Raiger: Yes, we just need to tell Eramis not to be so angry
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Variks is cold, Graham. It's a cold moon.
RobotInProgress: Getting some Palpatine vibes
Noodles_15: If you go to the store tab you can crack bright engrams anytime btw
TheWriterAleph: kekekekek
Darleysam: I think he's just trying to call his cat over
Mr_Horrible: Variks please use Push-to-Talk
Solangel777: its him cursing ian
Foxmar320: Variks is eating chips
itsybitsystreams: Like Mr Krabs?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I think Variks' vocoder isn't working so great in the cold.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: time to face Eramis
niccus: his clicking is actually the eliksni for like when ian says "thicc"
Foxmar320: lol
Ace__of__Hearts: I never use rocket launchers I go with swords and machine guns personally
RandomTrivia: Wow it WIMDY
pyrehand: @Easilycrazyhat Darkness=warping reality by tapping into the idea that by decreasing the available probability space of the universe you increase your own power. It has heavy eugenics overtones and some interesting anti-entropic physics.
Foxmar320: The wind is fighting you
coldhands0802: Well, good luck, guys. I'm off. Catch the rest on YouTube.
Foxmar320: Fight back
RandomTrivia: Take care coldhands0802
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: isn't the weather amazing? I'm impressed with how much it changes locations. It feels like real winter weather where you can be walking around your own neighborhood during a blizzard and get lost
SmithKurosaki: Subs?
Solangel777: the guardian way of getting up to that flag is to attempt to jump up the building for 10 minutes, fail then just walk of shame around
Alahmnat: yeah, the weather on Europa is amazing
Foxmar320: That works everytime
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itsybitsystreams: More cool weather plz
Mr_Horrible: "Try hydrating more"
Vanbael: enjoy these relaxing .45 ACP coated in CBD
Raiger: "Come on Eramis, you should smike more"
Fanklok: Ah yes tell an angry person to stop being angry
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I feel like someone at bungo was mad about the "cold" environment on Mars so decided to be like "no THIS is what winter looks like" on Europa.
Silver__Light: "you need to *chill out*,"
Alahmnat: @Raiger damn, beat me to it
xythrogar: have they considered cheering up?
Solangel777: Hey Eramis. Have you tried to not do the thing?
Foxmar320: Eramis just needs a vacation. Maybe somewhere tropical? I hear Mercury is nice this time of year.
itsybitsystreams: What other cool weather would there be though? Burning heat from being too close to the sun?
Fanklok: You should hire a clown
Ace__of__Hearts: The Once and Future Machine
megaRammy: They did a lot of work on the weather systems, hopefully future expansions also have rad weather systems, and maybe they get backported onto old locations too?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she DID get outside, that's the problem!
Raincoast_Bear: Howdy LLRunners!
Ace__of__Hearts: more vitamin D Erimis
megaRammy: Try Smiling More :)
Raiger: "You know, Eramis, you're being really irrational right now"
TheWriterAleph: "thanks i'm cured"
itsybitsystreams: r/wowthanksimcured is calling
SmithKurosaki: @megaRammy That one legit pisses me off
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she went out and found D A R K N E S S
Vanbael: Has she tried getting more sol light?
Solangel777: its why i never smile ian
Solangel777: too lazy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: kickn chikkin
Raincoast_Bear: I'm not evil. I have resting sinister face.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: rockets are finally getting a buff?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: delightful
Foxmar320: No ones using rockets
Solangel777: rift
Alahmnat: rockets kinda honk
itsybitsystreams: Muscle Rockets!
Foxmar320: Swords are the new hotness
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah I clocked many kills on my old Bad Omens
SmithKurosaki: Are bows still a thing?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: but the Cluster Bomb nerf just took them out of the running
DocTie: they exists yes
Alahmnat: if bows aren't a thing anymore please don't tell me
Solangel777: Yeah rockets are bad rn. Unless you managed to get Eyes of Tomorrow
Foxmar320: Bows are still a thing
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: bows are definitely still a thing if you;re me. I love them.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Remember when we would all cower behind a half-wall and fire Sins of the Past into Calus' gaping maw? Good times. benginCry
MadWolf1290: that was ...not a phrase I expected to hear tonigh
rveijndhoven: I'm learning that revolvers are better than rockets.
MadWolf1290: tonight*
itsybitsystreams: Eyes of Tomorrow is the raid exotic right? @Solangel777
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: god I hate Eyes of Tomorrow. IT'S COVERED IN EYES AND I HATE IT.
SmithKurosaki: Romain: Yup. I had a good one too
Foxmar320: Not you can get them in story missions. That one needs all locks
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I didn't know that! I learned a thing!
Foxmar320: I still don't have Eyes of Tomorrow
Noodles_15: Give us your Eyes, Clovis.
Ace__of__Hearts: when the story ends you can get that, Vericks will assign a mission where you gather armor pieces and that's one of them
TheWriterAleph: the first FPS named "Marathon"
DocTie: I never entered the crypt
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I always pronounced it Spunker, so... probably good that I never did that in public. Out loud. benginPalm
Foxmar320: I have not gotten a new drop from the raid in weeks.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: benginFacepalm
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Marathon had the ORIGINAL sassy Bungie AI, Durandal. He was fanTAStic. People think Rasputin's homicidal, they have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Yeah, that one.
Foxmar320: Im starting to think pants are a myth
Arclight_Dynamo: The ability to look up?
SmithKurosaki: Right GCU?
itsybitsystreams: I... haven't actually done the raid yet. I probably should.
itsybitsystreams: I hear it's fun
Noodles_15: @Arclight_Dynamo Gamers don't look up
MrPhlip: you should, it's a good raid
SajuukSjet: itsybitsystreams: the raid is actaully a lot of fun.... once the mechanics click ;)
Alahmnat: the raid is quite fun
OneTrueGamble: Graham, hand cannons have serious damage fall-off at range
SajuukSjet: itsybitsystreams: ... and ofc once you get past the opening sparrow part
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Durandal's the AI who tricked one of his enemies into crashing into a moon and exploding and then carved "the fate of all fools" above the crater he left behind.
Raincoast_Bear: Doom had elevation but it didn't have anything on top of anything else.
Alahmnat: I should run it again now that I'm not 1227 like I was the first time, lol
Ace__of__Hearts: I...never played Marathon
DocTie: I miss 'The First Curse' real good workhorse
itsybitsystreams: Maybe I'll try and find a group this weekend? There's a LRR discord for that right?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yup!
The_Cakemeister: There is
LurkerSpine: trying to find it, closest I can find right now is first FPS with real multiplayer levels
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: there's a LRR discord and it has channels for Destiny, #destiny and #destiny-lfg
Foxmar320: I use hand cannons as short range precision weapons
SajuukSjet: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Ace__of__Hearts: @Alahmnat I ran it when I was 1211 some VERY NICE people helped me not die
Alahmnat: I still feel a little bad for jumping into a raid at 1227, lol. but in my defense, the map *does say* that the recommended power is 1220 :P
SmithKurosaki: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're ridiculous.
Noodles_15: We raid all the time.
SmithKurosaki: Well done LRRbot
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Ace__of__Hearts: (I died a LOT)
Alahmnat: @Ace__of__Hearts oh dang, that mught've been *rough*
ritchards: and an active bunch of pretty people!
DocTie: ah yes, the no u speech
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GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah, there are LRRfolk routinely grouping up for raids, strikes, etc. in the LFG channel. You should quickly find some folks to chill with.
Fanklok: LRR discord peeps are nice to play with did raids with them back in year 1
megaRammy: Angry Variks is the best part of this campaign <3
Ashen_Prime: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Eramis and Variks having the kind of falling out only good friends can have :<
Foxmar320: Variks mad
megaRammy: It's like the bit with Eris snapping in Shadowkeep, hits hard as heck
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Please come join us in the LRR Destiny Community, we only bite a little bit, and just when you pull our hair. https://discord.gg/CfEcFJrDtG
Morendur: Oh my... so I decided to go look at my old D1 char, and I'm looking at 300+ Heavy Ammo Synths, I had forgotten those were a thing XD
CanPlayGames: Lovers quarrel
itsybitsystreams: I will check it out tomorrow! I'm too tired right now
Ace__of__Hearts: @Alahmnat I am new to the game and I didn't understand what Raids really were...I do now. The people I was running with even walked me through all the datatracks so I could get the Ghost Shell they were REALLY nice people.
Luminaire_p: I don't think that Eramis has loved since Athrys died in the whirlwind
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah seeing Variks, who's always playing it cool and emotionless and political, snap and get genuinely furious hit hard
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah Eramis just went cold after losing Athrys
casey_masterpiece: Paint me like one of your french dregs
itsybitsystreams: Was that a pun?
Foxmar320: foxmarICE
Foxmar320: Nice
itsybitsystreams: nICE
Alahmnat: nova bomb splash damage is a harsh mistress
Fanklok: Is void arrow still a thing?
in3iuki: I just got here; why is the setup in the multi-view?
Foxmar320: She real mad right now maybe ask her to calm down
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I kinda like that for Eramis we're more of an afterthought. The Traveler is the one she's really mad at.
itsybitsystreams: "Ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to take your Darkness somewhere else"
TheAinMAP: foxmarICE
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she's never really recovered from the Whirlwind, from losing both her people on a grand scale and her wife on a personal one
in3iuki: Oh no, it's fine, I was just confused
Foxmar320: Ghost why are you like this
Ace__of__Hearts: by the end of the raid I was shaking from adrenaline it felt like I had just got off a roller coaster but I got both Heritage and the machine gun who's name I forget
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Commemoration
Eclipseon: The way she takes the splinter away is like a parent taking something away from a child
Ace__of__Hearts: yes Commemoration
RomanianMyEscutcheon: And now Eramis has to die. She touched Ghost, so she has to die, now.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah raids done right feel like such a ride
Foxmar320: foxmarICE foxmarICE foxmarICE
Fanklok: Last time I saw a Fallen interact with a ghost Cayde died
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: side note I love Eramis' ruff of Stasis crystals
TheWriterAleph: "show me what you goooot"
itsybitsystreams: "I will break you"
SajuukSjet: Commemoration + Reconstruction is hilarious
ArcOfTheConclave: wait you're guardian has a voice?!
DocTie: My first raid experience was the Taken King, that was a fun time
mrMorphius: foxmarICE not today, ice column
Alahmnat: that was good
Noodles_15: @ArcOfTheConclave We talked again during Foresaken
Ace__of__Hearts: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou it was like being a little kid and suddenly realizing you got on The Big Roller Coaster.
Foxmar320: Darkness yolo times!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I need a Commemoration with Reconstruction/Dragonfly and I can finally stop missing my curated Bane of Sorrow
The_Cakemeister: Oh yes, the fight where you get blown 20 miles off the edge.
Foxmar320: Yep super
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah, you have the Stasis Empowered buff
Ace__of__Hearts: I got it with Dragonfly actually but not Reconstruction
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she has a lot to be mad about
megaRammy: Does Graham know to right click with the super? :P
SajuukSjet: gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou: dragonly as the other roll does sound excessively decadent
Lemistith: The warlock ult looks so fun.
KeytarCat: Who's your little wibbly, and why werent they home before?
SmithKurosaki: Man, that titan super is just /so Titan/
Ace__of__Hearts: My Heritage load out was really mediocre but it's still a really good gun
Foxmar320: Great arguments
itsybitsystreams: no u
RomanianMyEscutcheon: YoU nO tAkE dArKnEsS! lrrBEEJ
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Guardians tend to act like they're very special, the chosen of the Traveler, qualified to pass judgement on everyone. They're also pretty harsh to the eliksni.
AdamYMHMI: The arguments are weak, but the repetition is compelling.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Pride < The Fall
Noodles_15: Eramis-cle
Foxmar320: She broke her arm thing
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah here's the downside of Darkness power........
itsybitsystreams: I loooove the patterning on her helmet and clothes
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it'll eat you up if you aren't strong enough.
TheAinMAP: foxmarICE
SajuukSjet: The Darkness determined her..... unworthy
TheWriterAleph: chilling.
Ace__of__Hearts: so that happened
Alienfirst: eramis as a villain is so good. the fallen are quite sympathetic once you dig into the lore
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @itsybitsystreams isn't it great? those patterns echo the Darkness-based weaponry from Season of Arrivals
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I'd imagine "losing" is not very compelling in the eyes of the Darkness
itsybitsystreams: guess you could say the darkness gave her... the cold shoulder
Solangel777: You put her on ice
Noodles_15: The game truly begins
Solangel777: I guess she did chill out
Bobtheninjagoldfish: and now you put a bullet in that so it can't ever unthaw, right?
itsybitsystreams: Oh I love her design and all her goons, the technocrat's big refrigerator bullshit is peak @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou
DeM0nFiRe: He seems like pretty cool guy
Foxmar320: Nice
RandomTrivia: LUL
Ace__of__Hearts: her priestess is a much harder fight later
RandomTrivia also thinks it's time for some tea
Mr_Horrible: wow, that's, like, the ultimate Guardian sentiment
RandomTrivia: Remember to read SUBS!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah Eramis' rage and desire for power is quite sympathetic. The eliksni have been desperately trying to find some sort of edge, some power that'll help them survive against the Light-empowered Guardians who act like they have a divine right to boss everyone else around. Eramis is even from the House of Devils, which tried to use SIVA for the same purpose.
CanPlayGames: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:08:08. lrrSPOT
DiscordianTokkan: Sub Reading also!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Eramis is the person whose SIVA heist we thwart in Zero Hour
SmithKurosaki: Subs G
Bobtheninjagoldfish: shatter the damn statue so it can't unthaw!
Foxmar320: Yeah G wanted a sub or something :P
SmithKurosaki: GCU: How SIVA is G2. I /really liked/ RoI
SmithKurosaki: D2*
Fanklok: I think we're supposed to remind him to sub to LRR
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Gonna take this opportunity during the break to re-post the Discord link, specifically for the LRR Destiny channels in the LRR Discord. I have typed LRR so much that it no longer resembles a LRR, please validate my LRR blindness: https://discord.gg/CfEcFJrDtG
DoodlestheGreat: Yes, she will tell you to bring her a tea biscuit.
OneTrueGamble: Pyramid in background looking an awful lot like the view of the traveler from the tower
RandomTrivia: Everyone remember to picture the gorgeous RQ drone shots
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: frankly Guardians act like assholes and I'm not at all surprised that someone who found a way to tap a similar paracausal power - and through Praksis' advances give it to everyone who wants a piece, not just the elite chosen
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: wants to flaunt it in Guardians' faces
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @OneTrueGamble I mean... I don't want to say that Riis-Reborn is the Fallen equivalent of the Last City... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I mean it is actually that
Fanklok: I'm hungry but we're out of hummus and have no other snack foods
SmithKurosaki: Dislike
itsybitsystreams: I'll never get over the "if you emote in front of a dead god it's canon" thing; like the idea that how gamers act is how guardians act
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Riis-Reborn is the eliksni's last stand against extinction the way the Last City is for humanity
Solangel777: i have brownies
itsybitsystreams: blows my mind
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: isn't it fantastic??
itsybitsystreams: it's hilarious
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that Cabal after-action report recording dancing, looting, and sparrow-ing Guardians is priceless
itsybitsystreams: and honestly makes me play differently
OneTrueGamble: Second hub for Eliksni guardians in future?
Eclipseon: It takes me out of it a little honestly
Alienfirst: that's also why i love eve even tho i don't play it. when silly player stuff is canon? so good
Fanklok: Like that ship graveyard?
Noodles_15: "It has Trench Barrel"
Ace__of__Hearts: in fairness people would act EXACTLY like guardians if death had no consequence.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: given that we help evacuate a lot of eliksni from Riis-Reborn since it now seems torn between House Salvation and everyone who isn't on board with the Darkness thing, I expect/hope we'll get eliksni integrating into the Last City
itsybitsystreams: well i mean like, if you were immortal and had space magic and slew gods for breakfast you'd probably do some silly things on the side
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I know, but I don't want to say it, because when you say it, you realize that we just pulled a Ghaul and assassinated House Salvation's Speaker. lrrBEEJ
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: exactly
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Or pulled a Consul, I guess. If we're being exact about it.
itsybitsystreams: should be noted that there's also a thousand other people who have no discernable qualifications and for all we know they really were just gamers so that's how they decided to be
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @RomanianMyEscutcheon oh yeah. we are an absolute plague on them. the description in Uldren's lorebook of a glimmer-drilling event from the eliksni's PoV? Devastating.
Fanklok: I keep going to skip the ad break because I'm so used to watching the VODs
Foxmar320: Hello
Juliamon: Sub reads?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: At least we just turned her into ice! Rather than doing... I don't know, fucking something to her offscreen, then stepping on her weird little mask.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Graham, you forgot subs again.
Noodles_15: Subs?
CanPlayGames: Sup
Ace__of__Hearts: hi Foxmar
DiscordianTokkan: Suuuuubs?
Solangel777: Subssss, yessss?
itsybitsystreams: Mmm Subs
Solangel777: [Insect like chittering]
xantos69: cheer50 Bits!
itsybitsystreams: Come on down to the Sub Bar... Mmm... subs
Foxmar320: People have soloed Riven
Solangel777: Foxmar I think you mean Esoterikk has soloed riven
Alahmnat: it's still weird hearing the name Riven in a context that isn't the Myst franchise, heh
itsybitsystreams: I need to do that raid too
rveijndhoven: That was fine.
Ace__of__Hearts: Voice of Riven is just a Beholder who got lost in the wrong franchise
itsybitsystreams: Should've done it during Dawning so I could deliver cookies though
Solangel777: yes Ace. True
Foxmar320: Solangel777 who?
Ace__of__Hearts: @Solangel777 oh Hi Solangel!
Solangel777: hes this one youtuber that soloed prophecy on week three of it being out. flawless @Foxmar320
nyquister_: That includes your vault inventory, right?
Foxmar320: Ok?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: hang on I gotta dip for a bit
nyquister_: For the max light level
Ace__of__Hearts: what if you gathered all 7 dragon balls and then Riven appeared
Solangel777: hes like top teir player
RandomTrivia: LUL
Call_me_Kaye: 10 is... doable. 20 is really rough. Anything farther than 20 below is really really bad.
SajuukSjet: though if you get any armor drops with total stats 60 or above, it's worth keeping them to infuse to higher levels.... it's not common to get above 60
northos: waaaaait a minute, this is just Shadowbringers! :P
Noodles_15: You đź‘Ź Fucked đź‘Ź Up Kappa
RandomTrivia: Thanks, Captain Exposition!
itsybitsystreams: I love the big monolithic pyramids
SmithKurosaki: Time to go press X again?
megaRammy: We got Eramis'!
Foxmar320: You got a new one
Uzumaki15: Wait... the multiverse is a thing in Destiny?
Foxmar320: It's hers
Alahmnat: the darkness was within you all along
UnusuallyLargeMoth: you had spares
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Turns out the Darkness, like friendship, was inside you the entire time. lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: Don't worry about it, I guess?
theleerm: press e to darkness!
Solangel777: its within us
ArcOfTheConclave: The true darkness was the friends we made along the way
A_Dub888: "That fragment is useless. I found it in a Cracker Jack box!"
pyrehand: and it's pyramid time again
Ace__of__Hearts: The real Darkness was the friends we made along the way
RomanianMyEscutcheon: For real, though, you don't need the Splinter to wield Darkness, it was only ever a focus to help you channel it.
Fanklok: Hold E to Believe in a Thing Called Love
robvaneijndhoven: There, this should be moderately more pronounceable.
itsybitsystreams: Hold E to Listen to the Rythm of My Heart
Foxmar320: Ian is a Ghost?!
Mr_Horrible: Beyond Ian
RandomTrivia: Dammit Ian! This is why we need a buddy system!
RandomTrivia: Uhhhhhh...
Foxmar320: Its always Ian's thats broken
Solangel777: Darkness didnt want him
Noodles_15: Flawless Game. Esports ready.
pyrehand: They're weird to chat too.
itsybitsystreams: What's his quest sa?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: That's the best thing I can figure.
nyxianillusion: This happened to me once when running through this. If you go back to the portal it should drag him in
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun did ian forget to pick up whatever from whoever?
Noodles_15: And it doesnt want Ian on a sparrow
Capt_clown: speedrun strats
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @UnusuallyLargeMoth It's pinging him back towards the Ziggurat, clearly he has the quest.
ArcOfTheConclave: wrong warp?
Capt_clown: gdqOOB gdqOOB gdqOOB
IllConceived: Oh boy, Ian stuck in Limbo
Foxmar320: Ian's game is broken somehow
RomanianMyEscutcheon: The best thing I can figure is die and see if that resets it.
RandomTrivia: I really hope we found a new quirk that could be useful somehow for speedrunning
ArcOfTheConclave: gdqOOB gdqOOB gdqOOB
Solangel777: ian broke reality
UnusuallyLargeMoth: has he tried turning it off and on again?
Noodles_15: Aim Rocket Launcher at ground?
nyxianillusion: got back to the pyramid, and the glowy section
Foxmar320: Ian should go to orbit and come back on his own?
Ace__of__Hearts: try to jump off a cliff and see where you respawn?
SmithKurosaki: YEa maybe respawn yourself?
petey_vonwho: have you tried turning it off and back on again?
vellebastet: Hello
TheWanderingNomad: I'm surprised Eris feels the cold
RandomTrivia: Hey there vellebastet
itsybitsystreams: Have you tried switching to Light and switching back into Dark again?
RobVanEijndhoven: D2 done quick?
Hexi_Lexi: hey @Noodles_15 reminder that youre great and that i appreciate you!
Foxmar320: If that doesn't fix it maybe he should try it on his own
SmithKurosaki: itsy: thats my favorite
nupaladinace: The AOC chat is somehow worse and better than I expected right now NotLikeThis
Solangel777: Ian is the third paracausal entity
Dandinstorm12: Hey chat
SmithKurosaki: AOC playing Among Us again?
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
RandomTrivia: That was weird
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:14:53.
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: lol
UnusuallyLargeMoth: AYYYYYY lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Capt_clown: gdqOOB gdqOOB gdqOOB gdqOOB
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @SmithKurosaki Nope, Stock Market 4 Dummies stream.
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN
CanPlayGames: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 15:45:37. lrrSPOT
SmithKurosaki: Nice
CanPlayGames: !quote ghost
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Everything is fine
Dandinstorm12: "Vorped" has been called
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nupaladinace: Yeah, destroy those things! Whatever they are
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: Hug the statue, Graham.
Dandinstorm12: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #1497: "Chat is nice." —Heather [2016-01-11]
RomanianMyEscutcheon: lrrBEEJ
Fanklok: Its not that creepy
drumshark13: no Graham that's how you get Norted
Juliamon: You want !findquote for terms.
Juliamon: You !quote a person.
Foxmar320: You can now equip Stasis
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun is that that one lady from the RE8 trailers? Kappa
Noodles_15: You can now Dankness
itsybitsystreams: Something something tall vampire mommy? Did I get that right?
LurkerSpine: epic music
RandomTrivia: Wait did we literally just have to walk there and push E?
DocTie: yes
RandomTrivia: G A M E P L A Y
Hexi_Lexi: !findquote ian
LRRbot: Quote #1591: "You say a LOT of things, Ian." —Cameron [2016-01-17]
RomanianMyEscutcheon: cheerwhal100 cheerwhal100 Is it cold in here? Or is it just you? lrrBEEJ cheerwhal100 cheerwhal100
CanPlayGames: !findquote ghost
SajuukSjet: randomtrivia: it's more for the visual then the gameplay, some parts :P
RandomTrivia: LUL
SajuukSjet: Bungie does love it's visuals, after all
Dandinstorm12: We CAN handle the truth?
Dandinstorm12: what a turn of events
RomanianMyEscutcheon: She finally has time to explain.
SajuukSjet: dandinstorm12: but no time to explain it Kappa
DocTie: now go check in with Vuvuzela see how he feels about it
drumshark13: Is this the same character that was voiced by Lauren Cohan in the first game?
itsybitsystreams: Hey can we talk about how it's a little weird that we take trophies from Eramis and her friends? Like, they're a sentient species
itsybitsystreams: That's gotta be some kind of war crime
ArcOfTheConclave: A new dark age of unbalanced pvp mechanics?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @itsybitsystreams If I may, in our defense: If they weren't such scrubs, maybe we wouldn't be able to take their lunch money. lrrBEEJ
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Ayyyyyyyyy!
Noodles_15: Soon
itsybitsystreams: Hey where have I heard that logic before?
SmithKurosaki: Awessome
Foxmar320: Gun!
Dandinstorm12: Get get
Solangel777: Soon
Dandinstorm12: *gun
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I KNEW I recognised her voice... she voices Elara Dorne.
Fanklok: Remember during the red war when canonically your guardian was the only one with light and Shaxx still had the crucible open?
SmithKurosaki: @drumshark13 YEs it is
Ace__of__Hearts: hey I didn't get No Time to Explain!
UnusuallyLargeMoth: oh god the entire gun stock is in our face is that normal
DocTie: deluxe
RandomTrivia: That seems impractically sized
itsybitsystreams: It is, actually
RomanianMyEscutcheon: The stock literally protrudes into your shoulder.
Solangel777: @Ace__of__Hearts did you get it on another character?
pyrehand: @RomanianMyEscutcheon and we're back to sword logic I see.
itsybitsystreams: It is just... massive
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Like, INSIDE of it.
Dandinstorm12: Graham "This gun is ENORMOUS" Stark
UnusuallyLargeMoth: the gun stock is IN MY BRAAAAAIN ow
ryuhimora: Who's paying the Guardians??????
Alahmnat: it's just so lorg
DocTie: but it will be aviaible for everyone later?
Ace__of__Hearts: @Solangel777 no I didn't
Foxmar320: Im sure dad is gonna be mad
Mr_Horrible: "Go talk to Dad about the cool new drugs you smoked"
ArcOfTheConclave: Graham 'look at my enormous gun' Stark
wedge_x: No Time To Explain made me like pulse rifles again
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @ryuhimora We accept payment in guns, armor, guns and armor, and armor and guns. lrrBEEJ
Solangel777: huh try and run it on another character and see if it shows up.
ryuhimora: @RomanianMyEscutcheon XDDD
Fanklok: Oh no Zevala will be upset, what a rare situation
itsybitsystreams: And darkness powers! @RomanianMyEscutcheon
Alahmnat: the perk of reloading each critical shot you land is super great
Teryn180: Hey, we take payment in vehicles too
Ace__of__Hearts: @Solangel777 yeah I'll do that ASAP weird!
Dandinstorm12: consider not peeling cotton
itsybitsystreams: It's just a slightly triangular bong and it's just you and the drifter taking phat rips
RandomTrivia: Ian why
RandomTrivia: Cannot unhear
Alahmnat: rofl
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I DIDN'T
Foxmar320: lol
Dandinstorm12: gottem
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: seabatBRAIN
Teryn180: I really wish No Time To Explain didn't take up quite so much screen space
BrindleBoar: yeah, but you don't get to immediately shred bills
Foxmar320: Wat
Dandinstorm12: says who
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Foxmar320: Wat are these usernames
ryuhimora: Graham's back weapon seemed to be in some kind of quantum superposition there Kappa
Ace__of__Hearts: ah yes the line dance is on sale this week
Solangel777: two types of people. those dismayed at what ian said. then theres me. giggling at it
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Look, as long as I'm Mikey, I'm cool with it. lrrBEEJ
DocTie: might as well jump
Rhynerd: Ah, a blurse.
Dandinstorm12: looks like forming a cult
RandomTrivia: Wut
vellebastet: Um
Foxmar320: Crump harder
Juliamon: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
ritchards: at least get in sync!
Ace__of__Hearts: GOD I love the Tower
Fanklok: What was the Exotic Cam has fall into the abyss?
mercano82: Emergent gameplay!
nyquister_: Behold, the ideal internet
MyNameisJennieFuchsia: Not sure what you’re doing but you’re gonna have POWERFUL thighs
SnackPak_: the real D2 experience
itsybitsystreams: I loaded into the tower the other day and there were five guys doing this around a singular stationary guy and i joinec in and we did it for like 10 minutes
itsybitsystreams: i love this gaem
itsybitsystreams: game*
Solangel777: dad disappointed
BrindleBoar: "You're a loose cannon, guardian"
ryuhimora: VIDEO GAMES
mercano82: When does Zevala ever approve of our actions?
NightWingMistHawk: Hello highlight reel :D
MrPhlip: I feel like I need to have this quote on shortcut...
MrPhlip: "They're Guardians, Quist. Means the Light has cooked their brains. Haven't you seen them dancing in the Plaza, for no reason, with no music at all? We'll take what we can get."
Kaorti: But I get Results!
Alahmnat: "give me your badge" "badge?"
Goodchop: Zavala is remarkably level-headed about us using the Darkness.
Solangel777: @Goodchop you do not wanna know how Saladin reacted
wedge_x: I'm sure my continued use of Stasis will have no ill effect whatsoever
RobVanEijndhoven: "I don't agree with your methods of shooting doods and gathering loots, even though that's, like, what you've been doing this entire time."
Ace__of__Hearts: @Goodchop he gets more wary later
Goodchop: I mean, he's also 100% a pragmatist, so it isn't...super shocking.
I_Am_Clockwork: @Alahmnat "Well your gun then!" "... all of them?"
wedge_x dives off the tower
Dandinstorm12: hand in your badge and your gun, you caused $2000000 worth of property damage last time you were out
Alahmnat: lol @I_Am_Clockwork
Goodchop: lol
BrindleBoar: koalabear
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ryuhimora: Is this still D1 or D2 content?
Foxmar320: Ive seen better names
Mr_Horrible: And a L337 koala bear
Noodles_15: Ooooh Lament
Goodchop: Ahem. Pardon me.
Dandinstorm12: lol
Foxmar320: yes
DiscordianTokkan: I hope that quest clears fast for me; I already found those three exos
suspendsearch: gotta hurry and enjoy Lament before next seasons nerf
Alahmnat: totally a coincidence
Goodchop: Banshee rooCry
Solangel777: HAHA.... just wait graham
Solangel777: just wait
Foxmar320: That sword is amazing
Ace__of__Hearts: you have to listen to some Exos who really want to talk to the manager
Foxmar320: Oh yes you need that
MrPhlip: Drifto has a quest for you
Goodchop: For a gun.
Foxmar320: Yeah Drifter has a mission
Goodchop: I think.
Noodles_15: It's another exotic
Goodchop: I _still_ haven't done ANY of that.
Goodchop: I'm intensely far behind on actually unlocking all my class abilities ><
Solangel777: omg Salvations Grip mission is gold
Foxmar320: This gun is required to progress with Stasis
megaRammy: @Goodchop you really should get round to that :P
Noodles_15: It's the gun that let you OOB in a lot of place
Dandinstorm12: mmmm Diamond Joe
HortonFearsACoup: The Drifter can knuckle roll my coin any day
Goodchop: I really should
Dandinstorm12: the best memes
affinityartifacts: hehehe kilos
megaRammy: Also Drifter ain't making it, Drifter is STEALING it from the Ilikni
Goodchop: That IS rad.
Alahmnat: yeah, the Salvation's Grip mission is great just for Ghost
Foxmar320: You can still use that gun to get through some doors. Ive clipped through some doors in the raid with it.
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Solangel777: Not so fun fact about Drifter. He modded his ghost so it couldnt speak
Foxmar320: Go meet Crow?
Goodchop: I mean, that DOES seem like something Drifter would do.
OneTrueGamble: Drifter totally is that guy
itsybitsystreams: Oh god yes the Salvation's Grip mission with the Ghost impression is just... so good
CanPlayGames: smooch
RobVanEijndhoven: Did Drifter just go 'enlightened centrist' there?
megaRammy: The Stasis Prototype has a wonderfully funny mission :)
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Drifter wrote in Gary Johnson in the last election. lrrBEEJ
itsybitsystreams: Pretty sure that's exactly what drifter is @RobVanEijndhoven
RomanianMyEscutcheon: "Brother's gonna make weed FREEEEEEE, Guardian." lrrBEEJ
itsybitsystreams: Playing both sides so he always comes out on top
Foxmar320: Graham also doesn't have that
CanPlayGames: wait
Foxmar320: You need to have the Moon unlocked
CanPlayGames: get the seasonal artifact
SajuukSjet: wait, Ian hasn't progressed the intro quest too
MrPhlip: you need to do as much of shadowkeep to unlock the moon, before the thing Cam's looking for is there
Alahmnat: oh yeah, do you have the seasonal artifact yet?
itsybitsystreams: Yeah I had this too you have to do Shadowkeep a bit
Foxmar320: Need to do the first mission on the Moon
Solangel777: Ian can do the first mission of shadowkeep. thats it
Ace__of__Hearts: Drifter drives a Pontiac Firebird and blasts Allman Brothers at 1 AM
SajuukSjet: that may be locked behind the intro, talk to people mission, Ian
megaRammy: I'm pretty sure you can do the Seasonal stuff without Shadowkeep, you just need to have played the first mission of Shadowkeep to unlock the moon. and EVERYONE can do that
Okaycups: you have to do the shadow keep misison first
chaosblad3: you need to have done the intro mission for the moon and tangled before you can do the seasonal activity
DocTie: You can go check if the moon's haunted
ryuhimora: I wonder what The Traveller thinks about your Guardian using Darkness
DocTie: it's probably fine
Foxmar320: Yes you have to do the first mission to unlock the Moon
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I'm on the moon... it's made of cheese...
megaRammy: You can do the first mission of the campaign without owning the expansion
Foxmar320: Then you can meet The Crow
Solangel777: Moons haunted
MrPhlip: There's Fallen on the moon, they carry a harpoon...
Foxmar320: The Moon is such a dump
Silver__Light: beat me to it phlup
Ace__of__Hearts: @Solangel777 *grabs Heritage* moon's haunted
DocTie: it's not actually Zavala, but his office
SnackPak_: yup
Foxmar320: I love it
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: Ian looks like he's currently locked behind the introductory 'talk to everyone' mission too, he may be progress locked till he does that
Solangel777: @Ace__of__Hearts Moon's haunted
Dandinstorm12: is plan
SmithKurosaki: I havent seen the moon in D2, how is it compared to the old moon?
Foxmar320: Why is Ian not loading?
itsybitsystreams: Wait a second... am *I* the MOon???
affinityartifacts: moon's haunted
MrPhlip: the accelerator in archer's line lasted intact from the collapse, until we arrived in D1. And in the few years since then, it's completely fallen apart
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Dandinstorm12: grabs mop?
itsybitsystreams: moon is VERY haunted
Foxmar320: Super haunted
Ace__of__Hearts: SUPER freaking haunted
Dandinstorm12: in triplicate
Ace__of__Hearts: this cutscene is a year back in time
Solangel777: Eris duplicated
Alahmnat: Eris you're not allowed into the monster closets
Foxmar320: One for each eye
pyrehand: It's probably ok to be back a year in time. I'm sure nothing important happened in 2020
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
DocTie: you've awoken something something the hive
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Solangel777: very haunted.
Ace__of__Hearts: I'm seeing double...four Erises
itsybitsystreams: Hey so what's the deal with Eris having three eyes anyways?
RandomTrivia: Ah shit
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: What is up with her eyes?
Solangel777: Equal amount of eris' that equal the amount of eyes she has
Foxmar320: Backstory time!
DocTie: too much time in the hive tunels
v_nome: I would also take "is hatching" over haunted
Alahmnat: iiiiit's maaaade of cheeeese...
SmithKurosaki: @itsybitsystreams D1 stoet
Dandinstorm12: uh
SmithKurosaki: story*
Luminaire_p: Eris may have taken Hive eyes when she was locked in the Hellmouth on the moon
ArcOfTheConclave: is she holding hive magic? or is it a peek at the next darkness subclass?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @itsybitsystreams She got locked in a labyrinth under the moon. The Hive cut them out of her head. So she wished for some new ones on a dragon.
SmithKurosaki: GCU around?
pyrehand: @itsybitsystreams she and her raid team descended into the moon, things went really badly wrong involving the hive and a relic of a wish dragon
Bobtheninjagoldfish: and why is she constantly crying oil
nyquister_: You're returning to the Stranger's timeline!!! TURN BACK!!!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: No Kappa, that is straight up what happened.
itsybitsystreams: holy shit
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
ComradeMik: they also took her ghost
until_may: well thats just rude
Okaycups: super metal
itsybitsystreams: that's some body horror shit
megaRammy: She had to corrupt herself and use Hive magic to get out of the situation she was in. Lost her Light, gained Hive powers + connection to Darkness
pyrehand: Ahamkara were involved
Ace__of__Hearts: that is some EXTREMELY Bloodborne shit
ComradeMik: or killed her ghost, it's a little unclear
itsybitsystreams: jeeeeesus
sareged: I have special eyes
Silver__Light: what do you see with your hive eyes
Foxmar320: Yeah she can keep that covered
RomanianMyEscutcheon: She straight up wished for a set of new eyes on an Ahamkara bone, and the asshole wish dragon gave her a set of Hive peepers.
MrPhlip: don't worry about how there's a constant stream of ichor leaking out from under that fabric
Dog_of_Myth: She has been throught alot....
nyquister_: What class is Eris?
Dog_of_Myth: *through
Dandinstorm12: lrrEFF ing laser
Luminaire_p: Good news, the artifact remembers how much XP you gained
nyquister_: Warlock?
djalternative: hive eyes or high fives?
ComradeMik: hunter i believe
Foxmar320: MrPhlip id hate to see her laundry bill
RobotInProgress: 3 eyes in a 2 eyes set up doesn't sound like it'd work
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @nyquister_ Lightless, formerly a Hunter.
nyquister_: Oh, interesting
DocTie: you can tell by the cloak
itsybitsystreams: So Eris has hive eyes, Toland is incorporeal, and Omar is a worm? And then the others are just dead, yeah?
Solangel777: Eris and her fireteam wanted to get revenge for what happened during the great disaster and all died final deaths except her. she lost her sight and ghost and became lightless. she wished for new eyes from an ahamkara
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Her Ghost is very dead, unfortunately.
Lysander_Gustav: hello everyone!
Alahmnat: I did enjoy G and Cam's reaction to Zavala in this mission back on launch day during Newday
Lysander_Gustav: Oh, what gun is that? It looks cool.
Foxmar320: Hello Lysander_Gustav
Foxmar320: That is the No Time To Explain
wedge_x: I miss Rasputin.
I_Am_Clockwork: idk shadowkeep has some Grindy campaign missions
Noodles_15: Dark Buddy!
Lysander_Gustav: oh sweet
wedge_x: that was a fun season
chaosblad3: recommend not turning in any bounties you finish until you have the artifact
Dandinstorm12: I thought we were doing #blameMatt
itsybitsystreams: I wish I got to hear Rasputin talk more
I_Am_Clockwork: you don't even get any cool spooky gear out of it any more :(
MTGRanger: When the moon steals your eyes, that’s a more
ryuhimora: how high can a guardian jump on the moon
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @itsybitsystreams Omar is a bug in a gun right now, Toland is a spirit wandering the Ascendant Plane, Eris is lightless and researching the Hive. Vell Tarlowe, Eriana-3, and Sai Mota are dead.
Foxmar320: Time pet
Noodles_15: Dark Buddy
Foxmar320: Its from the gun
pyrehand: It's a time portal!
itsybitsystreams: Cool! I got it right!
MrPhlip: it's the perk of NTTE
Alahmnat: you have a time chasm
pyrehand: It's your bullets from another timeline
itsybitsystreams: Yeah I have the Omar gun
itsybitsystreams: He's neat
wedge_x: it fires bullets from OUTSIDE OF TIME
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @Graham, if you get Precision Hits, the gun spawns a portal that fires additional bursts.
wedge_x: it OWNS
Lysander_Gustav: neat
nyquister_: You guys enjoying breathing moon dust? #ThrowBack
RandomTrivia: Sucks to be those timelines I guess
SmithKurosaki: Thats kind of awesome
Silver__Light: the best part of forsaken and shadowkeep has been listening to toland recite fall out boy lyrics
Alahmnat: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Yep
DiscordianTokkan: Just gotta shoot at a wall for a while later
SmithKurosaki: There was. It was useless
DocTie: hey
DocTie: I liked it
Foxmar320: It s the same gun Graham. We went through hell to get it
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Yes, but I understand the perk on that one was Precision Hits return rounds to the magazine.
Okaycups: there are no times to explain from different time lines
pyrehand: @LoadingReadyRun There's some interesting comparisons to the lore of contraverse hold there where a warlock ended up turned into a battery for another version of him.
Lysander_Gustav: maybe there's scheduled shooting times for the other realities, so they can get their bullets sent to the others
Solangel777: mandala effect
Foxmar320: Graham there was a legendary version and an exotic version
MrPhlip: It still has that perk too, where headshots have the bullets refunded
RandomTrivia: Now if it drew extra shots from possible futures that never come to pass, THAT would be cool without the parallel universe guilt
Arclight_Dynamo: That's the secret. The gun steals from the timeline where it SUCKS, so no one is using it. Which means they never find themselves suddenly out of bullets.
itsybitsystreams: I'm sorry what? @pyrehand
ArcOfTheConclave: Please tell me that if you start failing to make hits, that your ammo counter goes down as other timelines steal your bullets
Foxmar320: This is just a better version of that gun
RobVanEijndhoven: I definitely only steals bullets that didn't hit... Definitely... At least there's no one around to say otherwise.
itsybitsystreams: He turned a different version of himself into a battery???
Rhynerd: Maybe there’s a rule about having to use No Time to Explain on a firing range on a regular basis to reduce the chance of important bullets being used for different timelines?
LurkerSpine: the whole plate
Luminaire_p: Probably around there, yeah
Foxmar320: Not tonight
Lysander_Gustav: The time-honored guardian tradition of standing in circles
ryuhimora: Kermit, why are you standing on that plate?
Alahmnat: vaporwave dungoen rocks
megaRammy: Took my lot like 3 hours lol
Solangel777: Rave drug trip dungeon
SajuukSjet: Prophecy is a really fun dungeion
itsybitsystreams: I should put that on my list of things to do alongside all of the raids
pyrehand: @itsybitsystreams There's a warlock who realized he could siphon power off alternate realities to empower himself. Unfortunately at least two versions of himeself made that discovery at the same time. One version got a set of awesome gauntlets the other is one of the realities being siphoned.
itsybitsystreams: Oh my god
itsybitsystreams: That's so cool and so fucked
Foxmar320: How many times have i died putting down a healing rift
Foxmar320: Many
Foxmar320: Times
pyrehand: @itsybitsystreams There's all sorts of fun lore tidbits in the exotic items lore details.
itsybitsystreams: How many times have I died putting down barrier? Many times
Dog_of_Myth: @Foxmar320 I know your pain all too well
Dandinstorm12: it's Scarlet G
itsybitsystreams: Yeah I've read some of them but not that one, that's wiiiild
Foxmar320: This is the last time Ikora had new dialog :(
lirazel64: Seven good cards?
Noodles_15: Time for tank!
itsybitsystreams: Yeah hey I want more Ikora! She's cool but doesn't do anything
Solangel777: spoiler. she lives
Alahmnat: Zavala being like "oh yeah, the Vanguard totally knew this was going on, we just wanted to watch"
Alahmnat: I mean..
Dandinstorm12: Graham, you just got murderfied
Bobtheninjagoldfish: why do I feel like I've seen LRR do this before?
Lysander_Gustav: Forgot about tanks
Foxmar320: Cam inserting tank into the shrieker
Noodles_15: What about Dre?
itsybitsystreams: If you glacier under the grenade does physics take the wheel?
RandomTrivia: Ian that's called a reservoir lrrBEEJ
Alahmnat: @Bobtheninjagoldfish they did play it on Shadowkeep launch day. until the servers melted.
Lysander_Gustav: The best part of the game. Too bad there's only like two parts in the whole game that have tanks.
Mr_Horrible: I remember the tanks only because I recently watched the highlight reel that featured y'all doing a "no after you, I insist" with the tanks
itsybitsystreams: under the tank I mean
MrPhlip: Don't mind me, just vibrating with rage at "you forgot about Drake"
ryuhimora: oh yeah this is made by the people that made Halo
Foxmar320: Bungie does good games
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Alahmnat That's right. thank you
Mr_Horrible: "Candy Gra(ha)m!"
SajuukSjet: they had to learn _something_ from the Halo warthog :P
SmithKurosaki: Why are there 6 pedals if there are only 4 directions?
Alahmnat: any time :)
Foxmar320: Yeah third tank just sitting there
vellebastet: "Tank dispenser"
petey_vonwho: I love Bungie and their "here, have an overpowered tank and go HAM"
itsybitsystreams: It's like that car vending machine but, y'know, tank dispenser
Foxmar320: LOL
RandomTrivia: WAT
Foxmar320: Wat
Dog_of_Myth: haha
vellebastet: YEP
suspendsearch: Ian has a flying tank
Dandinstorm12: uh
Foxmar320: Wat was that
pyrehand: lol
Dandinstorm12: wtf
Luminaire_p: lumina1Wat
RandomTrivia: Did y'all see that?!
TheAinMAP: Wait, what?
SmithKurosaki: YEET
DiscordianTokkan: Nyooooom
suspendsearch: that seems scary
Solangel777: Ian broke the game again
RandomTrivia: And then dematerialize
Foxmar320: Clip it
Dog_of_Myth: Tank is haunted
Alahmnat: @Foxmar320 on it, heh
ArcOfTheConclave: LRMs?
SmithKurosaki: And thats the second day Ian has violated Physics in a row
SquareDotCube: Battletech...
Lysander_Gustav: mechwarrior
Solangel777: all the missles. into a single thrall
RobVanEijndhoven: Yup, Ian.
Teryn180: That sounds like a good way to start a fight
SajuukSjet: Macross Missile Barrage is the trope name, iirc
Dandinstorm12: Ian would probably know if they were Gundam
howdoipunch: Anaheim Electronics Macross NERV Base
ryuhimora: That is not nearly enough missles for Macross, Ian
djalternative: IGPX
itsybitsystreams: I choose to believe Ian violates physics every day @SmithKurosaki
Fanklok: Macross Missile Massacre
Fanklok: Alliteration always
RobVanEijndhoven: Macross Missile Massacre, gotta have that alliteration.
Foxmar320: Tank parking lot is small
Lysander_Gustav: That was created by fans, so that doesn't really make it official
SmithKurosaki: itsy: Sure. but this is the second day in a row he's done it on stram
Dandinstorm12: Graham "Drive the tank" Stark
MrPhlip: Lucky Star missiles
diamondmx: I remember that stream
Quaseymoto: Oh, you're just playing What the Golf, I get it!
itsybitsystreams: "Hold E to fire yourself into the surface of the moon"
Foxmar320: Use the Darkness on the Darkness
Brozard: Fight fire with...ice?
Alahmnat: hive-adjacent
Dandinstorm12: oh, now we know
MrPhlip: Me sowing: Wow, this is fun. Me winnowing: man, this sucks, what the hell.
Lysander_Gustav: Earth!
Foxmar320: Super haunted
Lysander_Gustav: It's so good
RandomTrivia: PRETTY
Alahmnat: it's such amazing framing
RebekahWSD: God I hate it!
Solangel777: Moons haunted
itsybitsystreams: If they sound like hive, have the same headshot hitbox as hive, and scream like hive, they're probably just hive
vellebastet: This is a really cool area
Teryn180: Such a good view
RomanianMyEscutcheon: #BlameCam doesn't have the same effect as #BlameJames
ryuhimora: did the gravity get stronger when you went underground?
Foxmar320: Frand shape!
Noodles_15: Best shot they "force" you to have
SmithKurosaki: Dang, Moon IS haunted
MatthewDennisMTG: is this Ian's first time playing Destiny?
Brozard: Get you very own blood ghosts
Foxmar320: It gave us ica magic :P
DiscordianTokkan: The Darkest Dorito
Lysander_Gustav: like how the level frames things quite well
Solangel777: Space dorito
ArcOfTheConclave: equip a shotgun so you can moons haunted
SajuukSjet: Bungie pulling out the stops for the spectacle again :d
Mr_Horrible: "you do not see the bodies on the moon"
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @MatthewDennisMTG Played D1, and a little of D2 Y1.
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GoAmpDog2: Moons haunted
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howdoipunch: Light is circles and balls, Evil is Triangles and pyramids
MatthewDennisMTG: oh neat!
itsybitsystreams: Shadowkeep reaaaaally had its aesthetic well in order
Foxmar320: I have clips from D1 of Ian pushing Graham off a cliff
Solangel777: @Foxmar320 show me
vellebastet: Creeeeeepy
Dandinstorm12: hai goast friends
MrTheWalrus: Are we suddenly playing Control?
Foxmar320: Ill have to find it
DocTie: see, Round shapes are more friendly, and pointy are conflicting
Alahmnat: I remember when G rounded the corner into a nightmare specter on launch day, that was great XD
Brozard: The final mission in this quest line is _so good_
ryuhimora: Is this one of the Ominous Triangles?
Brozard: yup
ComradeMik: guardians are dead
Noodles_15: Didn't we "end" him?
Alahmnat: it's just been chilling under the moon for a few centuries
howdoipunch: It's everyone's favorite Destiny enemy, Crouton!
ComradeMik: you don't seem them complaining about it
RobVanEijndhoven: Ian was dead like a minute ago.
Goodchop: I love this sequence.
Solangel777: crota angy
ComradeMik: i guess guardians are undead
itsybitsystreams: Killing a hive god? It's more likely than you think
ComradeMik: but so are the shadows
ComradeMik: kill the adds
Lysander_Gustav: killing the ads I think?
DocTie: nightmare hives
Alahmnat: kill all mans
ComradeMik: think you need to get it to regen at least once?
MrPhlip: Ah, he's mune again
ryuhimora: @ComradeMik Rasputin regards them as "ambulatory corpses" for quite a while
itsybitsystreams: Gotta wait to spawn the Fanatic and Ghaul
Lysander_Gustav: It's been a while since I played it. I kind of want to try playing it again though.
Luminaire_p: You need to alternate fire modes with that Super
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Brozard: R1 R1 R2
Luminaire_p: so freeze, shatter, etc
pyrehand: The warlock super really has to detonate frozen target with the alt fire to do anything =(
Mr_Horrible: Crota's Middle
DocTie: Ghaul
Brozard: GARY
MrPhlip: "rumours", "reddit wishlists", these are all very similar things
pyrehand: GLEN
Lysander_Gustav: I like her incantations
howdoipunch: Crouton's buddy, gary
pyrehand: SOMETHING WITH A G!!
Solangel777: space magic!
RandomTrivia: Very slightly GLaDoS vibes from that chanting
ryuhimora: uh oh, crazy space lady
Lysander_Gustav: oh, she spoke!
itsybitsystreams: Hive magic is just actual space magic right? It's not necissarily the darkness?
Brozard: Not to be confused with Greg, the angry ogre in the lost sector formerly on Titan
Lysander_Gustav: neat
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @itsybitsystreams It's magic based around the Darkness.
Solangel777: its a pyramid. aka space dorito
Lysander_Gustav: I forgot the player character speaks
Alahmnat: our Guardian is apparently now contractually obligated to a couple of voice lines per campaign now, heh
DocTie: No Time to Explain is a fitting gun for seeing story a year in the past
SmithKurosaki: Indeed
itsybitsystreams: So what I'm hearing is that Eris has been using darkness powers this whole time?
pyrehand: @itsybitsystreams The hive gets their space magic from the darkness they understand the darknesses principle of constricting the universe to a self-sustaining simple state as what they call the sword logic.
SmithKurosaki: Also, did they ever reveal what Eris did with Oryx's blade shard?
Lord_ZYRK: When is that lady getting a guest slot in Mortal Kombat?
ryuhimora: 4 days is a lot of time for a Guardian!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @Alahmnat Well, since people kept complaining about it... lrrBEEJ
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Mr_Horrible: "I've heard mostly gunfire, if I'm being honest"
nyquister_: "Read the wiki" - Eris responds
ryuhimora: They SUPER DON'T get along.
Luminaire_p: @SmithKurosaki Eris gave it to Shaxx and we made it into Guardian Swords
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @SmithKurosaki It was a piece in an Exotic weapon questline from D1.
Ace__of__Hearts: "so the shapes are at war"
Solangel777: take notes new guardians!
x0den: does it go in the square hole?
ArcOfTheConclave: They get along like the Sharks and the Jets
itsybitsystreams: "What about a cylinder?"
Fanklok: Is 4 a lot? Depends, guns you own? no. Days a guardian has been alive, yes.
vellebastet: I love the design on Graham's ship
howdoipunch: The pyramid and the ball fit in NEITHER of the holes
SmithKurosaki: Right. I couldn't remember if we go it or if it disappeared
Lysander_Gustav: what
Alahmnat: "set aside 4 hours, this is gonna take a while"
pyrehand: "Guardian you must seek out the warlock named Mynameisbyf" Eris Morn probably
Lysander_Gustav: is this like pachinko?
nyquister_: "Please like and subscribe D2 content, it really like the game"
Brozard: Skeeball?
CanPlayGames: Don't forget to get the thing In ZAVALAs office
Lysander_Gustav: Was this based off of a player-made challenge?
suspendsearch: who needs to fight the darkness when you can play the tire game
RandomTrivia: Oh yeah, that video is great
Ace__of__Hearts: into the square hole
Solangel777: in a week it will hit the apollo 11 lander
Mr_Horrible: Cameron no please
itsybitsystreams: In the square hole!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Mr_Horrible: it hurts
itsybitsystreams: I'm very good at this
Lord_ZYRK: Can't stop won't stop
RandomTrivia: Goodbye tire, fare thee well!
Juliamon: That is some momentum
DiscordianTokkan: And the Arch... Yep, goes in the square hole
TheAinMAP: "Rolling, rolling, rolling..."
RobVanEijndhoven: Is this a 'Isaac Newton is the Dealiest Son of a Bus in space' type situation?
Lysander_Gustav: yay
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Yeah!
Lysander_Gustav: sort of like skeeball
petey_vonwho: a low score is better than no score!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Moon: Populatino Tire
MrPhlip: there's a triumph for getting all three in the middle hole and I have no idea how anyone could possibly pull it off
DiscordianTokkan: Is there anything you get for the Tire Game?
Solangel777: need to do Last Call
Lord_ZYRK: A sense of accomplishment
SmithKurosaki: Get your artefact/
SajuukSjet: unarmedoracle: Ian may have that locked behind the new light 'talk to people in the tower' mission too
Foxmar320: Nope just first mission I believe
itsybitsystreams: Not all of shadowkeep just the first bit
pyrehand: Yeah the season needs tangled shore access
chaosblad3: now you have to do the intro mission for tangled shore i believe
Foxmar320: Oh yeah Tangled Shore as well right
Lysander_Gustav: wait you have to have an artifact from each of them?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Also, Chat: PLEASE NO SPOILERS
Foxmar320: So first mission of Forsaken as well
CanPlayGames: 999+!?
MrPhlip: 999+ what nonsense
Brozard: WOW
Luminaire_p: I hate seeing 999+
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @CanPlayGames They play a LOT of Destiny.
Lord_ZYRK: PridePog
RandomTrivia: benginTry
Lysander_Gustav: what is the 999/
CanPlayGames: They Are destiny
Luminaire_p: I mean, I hate that it's visible at all
Lord_ZYRK: authGG
Alahmnat: a LOT
Lysander_Gustav: it lists the seasonal track above people's heads? Gross.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @ Graham, there are people in the D2 community in LRR that are in the mid 700s, you just have to do A LOT of Bounties per week.
OneTrueGamble: Or just spend tons of $$$
MrPhlip: you basically have to spend your entire time in the game grinding bounties
itsybitsystreams: I wish it gave more bright dust
Alahmnat: it's over nine hundreeeeeeed!
itsybitsystreams: I just want the pretty ornaments
storiers: Bungie: We're figuring out ways to reduce FOMO. One way is for each player to have a visual indicator of time spent playing each season shown to everyone
Luminaire_p: I really don't like that it's the default, let alone the only choice for display there
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @Lysander_Gustav They had literally nothing else to put there, they got rid of game level when it became useless, and Class Icon indicators aren't necessary when you can visually identify a class.
Foxmar320: Yeah I always need more bright dust
itsybitsystreams: I will!
SajuukSjet: the TWaB was good and dense
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Did you hit 100? Cool, you got all your stuff on the track, that's the only number you need to worry about.
Foxmar320: I just don't feel like grinding for dust all the time
Texan_Reverend: Graham, that is the same ship I use, but with a yellow shader that makes it loom like the Sea Duck from TaleSpin.
Texan_Reverend: look like*
SajuukSjet: and there's a lot more bright dust through various means incoming next season, i think one of the takeaways could be
Foxmar320: I appreciate the roster checks Graham.
Fanklok: When I played D2 it was my goal to find all the worst shaders and mix them
themagicman16: Don't forget about Shaxx's mixtape while you're there!
Lysander_Gustav: oh, Gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou is on. Nice
Foxmar320: Why is it always Ian
Luminaire_p: So the elevator is per player
Solangel777: ian breaks the game
Luminaire_p: and if you jump, it updates location
MrPhlip: moving platforms and desync leads to very weird effects
Foxmar320: YES Cam
Noodles_15: Shaxxerise!
howdoipunch: "I keep my busted teeth in this terminal where I keep my voicemail."
Call_me_Kaye: OH it's back that's good.
Foxmar320: Turn up the music
vellebastet: sykLaugh
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
itsybitsystreams: How did we get this hive god's fang? Can we blame Osiris for that?
ritchards: banger alert!
SmithKurosaki: YES
ArdCollider: yesssss
Mr_Horrible: oh wow
Lysander_Gustav: It's a long song. They commited to the bit
Foxmar320: Graham for real listen to this its so good
itsybitsystreams: Haaeeeeeellllllll yeah
Call_me_Kaye: if you head towards the other side you might also hear some other very pleasant sounds
Luminaire_p: They did release it
Foxmar320: Turn it up
OneTrueGamble: DJ SHAXX
Alahmnat: they did
Lysander_Gustav: fifteen minutes I think?
itsybitsystreams: They super did
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @ Cam, you did not imagine that, they did do it. It's FANTASTIC.
SajuukSjet: nope! it's on YouTube for you :D
Call_me_Kaye: Because there's a CAT
Foxmar320: He has a cat as well
Solangel777: look at his knitting spot
vellebastet: Merow
Foxmar320: @LoadingReadyRun He has a cat
Luminaire_p: They're not toys, they're figurines
ZawaAmaz: is this the first dip into the new xpac?
itsybitsystreams: Oh my goodness
DoodlestheGreat: ConcernDoge
RebekahWSD: Oh man I used that yarn winder often
Ace__of__Hearts: I heard there was a cat in there but I've never seen it
itsybitsystreams: This is the most character I've ever seen Zavala have
Solangel777: unrealistic amount of yarn. there should be WAY more. trust me
CanPlayGames: cat
Call_me_Kaye: My headcanon on the kinetic toy is that it was a cheap gift Cayde gave him and he hated it but now he can never throw it away ever
RandomTrivia: Oh cool, a Newton's Cradle. Time to sit and watch it for hours
vellebastet: @foxmar320 foxmarLOVE
Foxmar320: Other bookshelf across from workout tape
RobVanEijndhoven: He does still need to prime and paint them, though.
Foxmar320: Hello vellebastet
Call_me_Kaye: The cat is on the bookshelf to the right as soon as you enter
vellebastet: @foxmar320 oh hi
Alahmnat: illusion shattered
SnackPak_: again lrrWOW
SajuukSjet: ian, come now :D
DarkMorford: Ian, you nerd. lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: You'll want to get the Pulse Rifle ones
Lysander_Gustav: I think I recognize that name?
ZawaAmaz: handy cannon
RandomTrivia: Stealth lrrKATHLEEN
Hexi_Lexi: lrrSERGE eater?
Makimachine: Serge eater?
Luminaire_p: Grenade Launcher Scavenger is excellent
Foxmar320: lol Shaxx
OneTrueGamble: Do we get to keep the mods after the season is over?
Alahmnat: nope
Luminaire_p: The mods reset every season
OneTrueGamble: Dang
DiscordianTokkan: The Pulse Rifle anti-barrier thing works on Vex Cyclops shields also
howdoipunch: *starts climbing a big ladder*
Foxmar320: No cat?
SajuukSjet: now you have to actually equip these to yoru armour :P
DiscordianTokkan: Like, I fired through them during that Vex strike in Beyond Light
Darleysam: oh the Use of Certain Weapons, that's my favourite Culture novel
howdoipunch: Serrrrrgeeee Eaaaterrrrr
vellebastet: Thanks for streaming!
SmithKurosaki: Thanks for the stream
Hexi_Lexi: F A M J A M
SmithKurosaki: Have fun wit the FamJam. I'm in meetings all day :(
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream, Graham, Cam, and Ian!
The_Voices: Cat?
Juliamon: ~lasttweet famjam
LRRTwitter: [1d ago] @loadingreadyrun> This Friday, starting at 9:30AM Pacific join SO MANY OF US for the first ever LoadingReadyRun FamJam. We're gonna split into teams of three, stream across 9 channels and play some Magic! It's gonna be a blast. Be sure to follow all of those channels :D đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EsyFj7pVoAAsKD-.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1354604557016330241
ZawaAmaz: what flavor is fam jam?
I_Am_Clockwork: Shax remains one of my favorite Destiny Things
Lysander_Gustav: Good night! Thanks for playing!
itsybitsystreams: Come on and slam! And watch the Fam Jam!
Fanklok: I would imagine its like FROG Jam
RandomTrivia: In case you didn't see the flying tank visual bug https://clips.twitch.tv/SilkyShortBeanChefFrank
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
itsybitsystreams: I love that name
itsybitsystreams: I love Wheelhammer
RandomTrivia: The team names are STRONG
CanPlayGames: chef kiss
Foxmar320: Cat is ontop of the bookshelf on the right side of the room
Hexi_Lexi: #TeamBabyGeniuses
Foxmar320: You can jump on boxes to get to it
CanPlayGames: Pet the cat!
Alahmnat: thanks for streaming
Foxmar320: Can't pet it sadly
KWardJenx: Thank you!
Foxmar320: lol
CaptainSpam: KITTY
The_Voices: too bad
RandomTrivia: Thanks for streaming lrrGRAHAM , lrrCAMERON and lrrIAN
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Thanks for the stream, y'all! Looking forward to the next one!
Hexi_Lexi: C A T T E
RandomTrivia: Kitty! lrrHEART
Ace__of__Hearts: K I T T Y
djalternative: Kit 10
itsybitsystreams: Thank you for the stream it was Blessed
Luminaire_p: Thanks for the stream lumina1Heart
pyrehand: Thanks for the stream. See you guys next time unless my students capture me.
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
vellebastet: lrrHEART lrrHEART
RomanianMyEscutcheon: katesLoaf
RobVanEijndhoven: Thanks!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Clear_Air_Turbulence: lrrHEART
itsybitsystreams: I love watching you play D2!
CanPlayGames: @Foxmar320 you can pet it in your heart
Lysander_Gustav: Good night! Thanks for playing!
DoodlestheGreat: G'nite, folks!
Lysander_Gustav: Good night chat!
Foxmar320: There is another cat near Hawthorn
RandomTrivia: Goodnight folks! lrrHEART
Foxmar320: !destiny pc
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 PC Clan! We Live Here Now: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2074776 Mercenary Solutions: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2687323 Suspiciously Fast Movers: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2785292 Questionably Legal Clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2856979 DEFINITELY ILLEGAL CLAN: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2909169
Juliamon: Finally, time for Checkpoint
DeM0nFiRe: I bet you can guess what one of the stories is this week lol
Juliamon: I appreciate the Blaseball shoutout, especially as the commissioner today "went to game stop"
DeM0nFiRe: I still haven't actually looked at blaseball at all, the only things I know about it are whatever I hear about it from desert bus
Juliamon: It's worth looking into the wiki at least, as it's poised to become Relevant again in roughly a month
Earthenone: same, but i was awake during the 4:20 blase it segments on zeta so i think i have a pretty good idea what its all about
DeM0nFiRe: That sounds ominous lol. I assume that means a new season or something is staarting?
Juliamon: It's been on hiatus (to plan for the future since it's a live game) since uhhhh I want to say October now
Juliamon: Their current goal is to be back up and running new seasons on Feb 22
DeM0nFiRe: Ah, makes sense
Juliamon: basically the game got way bigger and way more complicated than they had planned for, especially with a budget of "how many people can we get to back our patreon when we're not actually producing anything they can see"
Juliamon: They needed to take a big break to reevaluate the season model, frequency, etc. in addition to developing new mechanics promised to those patreon supporters
Juliamon: also there's a LOT of worldbuilding for something that's basically just a bunch of silly player names in a modified version of baseball
DeM0nFiRe: Yeah idk if I would actually like blaseball itself, just because I tend not to like silly things that go on for very long idk why. But from what I have herd of it I feel like I would be interested in it for the worldbuilding alone