djalternative: hola chat
El_Funko: lrrHEART
djalternative: how are you, Funko?
El_Funko: I'm good thanks! As well as can be in these trying times
El_Funko: Yourself?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! Pretty much going to be in katesLurk mode for this, since I have to get up early tomorrow.
djalternative: Could be better, my mom slipped on ice and broke her ankle so she's been in the hospital the past couple days.
Juliamon: oh no! I hope she recovers soon
El_Funko: Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that
PharaohBender27: Ouch! I wish her a speedy recovery
djalternative: She'll be back home tomorrow
Juliamon: Foot/ankle injuries are a real pain
Juliamon: so many tiny bones in there
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
sharkinfestedcowboy: time for chaos
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is starting up a brand new Play it Forward series this evening, and while he doesn't have much faith in being able to actually Escape from Tarkov in the time he has, he does plan to make the most of it with the help of his friend @El_Funko. Tune in! ||
djalternative: So, when does this PiF end per say?
LoadingReadyRun: We're doing 12 episodes.
LoadingReadyRun: So end of the month
BrindleBoar: But will James be a Rat or a Chad elfunkPopcorn
djalternative: good to know
Earthenone: what genre is this game?
Fantusta: jlrrPit jlrrPit jlrrPit
LoadingReadyRun: at it's core it's an fps
LoadingReadyRun: but there's a bit more to it.
El_Funko: First Person Shooter RPG MMO? I guess
BrindleBoar: Earthenone FPS with... I guess roguelike elements? It's kind of hard to describe.
Earthenone: ahh darn, well enjoy
djalternative: it's like a pubg but you're trying to leave the play area instead of win a deathmatch
lirazel64: Wheeee!
Earthenone: i cant watch fps streams or i get motion sick :(
vellebastet: hello
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
BrindleBoar: Bummer.
ThingsOnMyStream: Escape for LA, Escape from New York, Escape from Tarkov: best trilogy
Brozard: kttBANGER kttBANGER kttBANGER
Mcgwee: I have no idea what I'm here for! lets go!
wynternyghtynggale: @earthenone I'm so same DX
MWGNZ: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
ArdCollider: @El_Funko, I take it you're not on fire, then? stay safe!
Fruan: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
El_Funko: @ArdCollider Not yet! I'm keeping an eye on the emergency updates
lirazel64: Good, a reason to stay up way past my bedtimea
manfred909: Hi @mwgnz @chekhovscannon
brainbosh: Also the sequels, Escape to Witch Mountain
Lord_Hosk: FUNK UM UP
DoodlestheGreat: Best way to describe EFT is that it's an looter-shooter combining PVP with PVE.
ChekhovsCannon: Heya manfred!
manfred909: Hi hosk
tyranidd1: ooo tarkov!
magmahead: Greets
ChekhovsCannon: I was just debating whether I wanted to do more homework or not tonight... guess the answer is not!
Vergotterung: is this the first one?
DoodlestheGreat: Yep
LoadingReadyRun: yes
Vergotterung: noice
manfred909: Lol good choice Chekhov
Raincoast_Bear: Is this a sequel to Escape from New York?
Vergotterung: lol
Vergotterung: that would be a great game
WolfgangCloud: Hi James!
ChekhovsCannon: A good choice for now, a bad choice for future me to deal with
Juliamon: And we're back to a game that uses one of the controllers in the intro!
Brozard: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DoodlestheGreat: 1st rule of Tarkov: You will die. And you will lose your stuff. All of it.
manfred909: elfunkHeart
Fantusta: whoaaa look at those videos
ButButTheJesus: ah i forgot about this intro. its tubular.
ButButTheJesus: hallo funko!
sharkinfestedcowboy: aussie gang let's go
eatingsomebagels: hi james
nevermore913: first rule of tarkov funko knows all
SerGarretCameron: reminds me when I used to play WoW on an aussie server.
markaci: \o/
eatingsomebagels: hi funko
TwitchTVsFrank: time punch some scavs jlrrPunch
Electrodyne: 🥕🥕🥛🥕🥛🥕🥛
ThingsOnMyStream: Damn you time zones!
Juliamon: !funko
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
stizzet: hello all!
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
xantos69: I remember back in the PUBG days. Funko got more kills on me than James ever did. Kappa
MWGNZ: elfunkCat elfunkCat elfunkCat
pimiento: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkHeart elfunkDab
manfred909: elfunkVegemite elfunkDab
innovativemethods: 3x a week? Strong
markaci: Like GMail was beta forever
nevermore913: it will be released someday
innovativemethods: why release from beta when you can just sell the beta?
djalternative: the last time I paid attention to anything tarkov, I don't think there was PVE
mackstashmarshall: Heya chat! 🙂
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damn_i_am_pretty: hai James
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Lord_ZYRK: Audio seem kinda peaky, or is that just me?
nevermore913: pretty sure it's still just pvp
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Electrodyne: The rare Special Event resub! 🥕🥛
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ThingsOnMyStream: Escape from the Escape from Tarkov Beta
Vergotterung: there's npc bots
MWGNZ: februaruary
Raincoast_Bear: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
pimiento: febrewery
ritchards: Then the game truly begins!
Stoffern: Felberverry
markaci: Here for murder tetris
Electrodyne: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
ThingsOnMyStream: 35 hours in: “Welcome to Tarkov!”
manfred909: Let the Murder Tetris begin
ButButTheJesus: Febturday
mackstashmarshall: woohoo!
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
nevermore913: so like division 2 darkzone?
Electrodyne: So it's a game Alex would like
MWGNZ: you keep what you kill, as long as you dont also get killed
Lord_Hosk: Funko, may I steal your description from nightbot?
Caffine1138: Survival shooter RPG with absolutely amazingly proper gun handling
elah806: This feels like a roguelike PUBG
ButButTheJesus: I'm reminded of Hunt: Showdown, which I really want to get back to but alas I'm knee-deep in games as it is
BrindleBoar: Yes, you can die your way down to zero. Which is unpleasant to claw your way back from.
manfred909: @lord_hosk he stole it from another streamer so go ahead
Raincoast_Bear: Sounds great! Unless you die. And if you die you start again with crap stuff?
Raincoast_Bear: I'm skeptical.
PixelnStitches: so should we expect alot of hames falling from high places
Lord_Hosk: !tarkov
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
Electrodyne: Is the POV super quick and jerky?
mackstashmarshall: elfunkHeart elfunkPopcorn elfunkHeart
djalternative: nope
MWGNZ: Just because a bullet fits in the chamber doesn't mean the bullet will fire
sharkinfestedcowboy: OSFrog
Lord_Hosk: !tarkovwhat
ChekhovsCannon: Oh that's cute! I like the overlay ->
djalternative: oh hey. we've got the whole logo on the cams now
Arclight_Dynamo: That the gap between James' and Funko's windows stretches out the LRR logo vertically bugs me more than it should.
fubargames: So have you solved the issue of DayZ where chesty players got good gear from playing on an empty server?
Vergotterung: in the Before Times
nevermore913: 2018 feels like 1000 years ago
ContingentCat: yeah 2018 was 1000 years ago
fubargames: cheat-y
Mr_Whyt: the before times
innovativemethods: oh boy, factions
Mr_Whyt: the long ago
ButButTheJesus: bears
DoodlestheGreat: And no matter what you choose, your guy looks like a bald boxer from Minsk.
djalternative: Hey, SHIELD is a backronym
Arclight_Dynamo: Big, Extremely Angry Russians?
innovativemethods: "someone really wanted our name to spell bears"
pimiento: bear force one
ContingentCat: are you telling me it's not a regimime of large gay men?
Raincoast_Bear: Bear Force One!
MWGNZ: ContingentCat it could be both
sharkinfestedcowboy: damn i was looking forward to some large gay men
Lord_Hosk: !tarkovwhat
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear elfunkSad For more in depth details check out
Electrodyne: Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Logistics Division, a backronym???
Raincoast_Bear: The NPCs might be gay. Don't assume.
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Fantusta: you literally made that crapshot already
djalternative: looks like lrrbot needs a giftsub to funko
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There's a sketch for that.
PharaohBender27: katesPalm
sharkinfestedcowboy: GayPride gimmie bears
ButButTheJesus: need lady bears
manfred909: Smart choice
BrindleBoar: lrrWOW
Despoiler98: If women can become Army Rangers (which they now have) then women can be combat soldiers in your stupid made up video games
sharkinfestedcowboy: big buff woman
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ArdCollider: Russia has... a bit of a history with women fighting. :D
BrindleBoar: The Night Witches rule, google them.
Dog_of_Myth: Night Witches!
manfred909: Women snipers excelled in WW2
sharkinfestedcowboy: ok but can I request buff lady to just beat me up?
ButButTheJesus: TIL about Night Witches
Electrodyne: Lady Bears. Me: "So... what's ur sine?"
Despoiler98: Female Soviet pilots flew night bomber missions in obselete BIPLANES and they were nicknamed the Night Witches and they were BADASS
ButButTheJesus: @Electrodyne OH U
Electrodyne: :D
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djalternative: we need a war game that's exclusively populated by historical military units with amazing names
Vergotterung: lol a nice little hat
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NDCazzy: 47 months of awesome!
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Sharkfists: the stash is the guns we have at home
pimiento: responsibly locked in a safe
SerGarretCameron: this is very Diablo 1 inventory management.
innovativemethods: heck yeah, Jagged Alliance style
MWGNZ: Arclight_Dynamo this game goes deep
ButButTheJesus: @Arclight_Dynamo meee tooo
TheMoatman: Also there are like 50 hotkeys
manfred909: Deep is an understatement
Morendur: @Arclight_Dynamo I would love to play, but I KNOW how bad I would suck, and can't bring myself to spend money on it lol
nevermore913: so you want to fully empty a mag
Vergotterung: there's a button to drop the mag too, right? quicker reload but you have to pick up the mag yourself
manfred909: Well depends
xantos69: When I head about this game for the first time I was really happy it existed, but I knew I would never play it. It is entirely too crunchy.
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Syncrine: oh hey 15 months
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TheMoatman: And the dying because you jumped off a curb
manfred909: Correct
TheMoatman: Not even a hill
SmashTCG: cant put guns in
SmashTCG: anymore
mackstashmarshall: It's delightful too watch, a bit overwhelming to jump in casually I feel for me
SmashTCG: no pulling pistols out of the secure anymore
Despoiler98: Thorax?
DoodlestheGreat: Bigger secure containers can be unlocked by quests in the game
SmashTCG: yes a thorax aka your heart
innovativemethods: yes, your human thorax, like humans have.
SmashTCG: Thorax and heart are kill points
JoeKim: hello friends
MWGNZ: hey Joe
manfred909: Hi Joe
TheMrFraser: Thorax is not an incorrect way to refer to the chest, i mean, it is called thoracic surgery after all
JoeKim: how's the murder loot tetris today
Sharkfists: hey Joe
irs_debt_collector: I have a thorax, what do you all have??
nevermore913: hey Joekim
niccus: is chat hydrated
ButButTheJesus: @JoeKim we're learning the tetris
JoeKim: theres so much tetris
JoeKim: i've watched funko play loot tetris for 45 minutes
JoeKim: followed by 2 minutes of running and 8 seconds of combat
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
SmashTCG: Via non bleeding damage mind you, you can zero your head via a bleed,
innovativemethods: oh, so it's VERY realistic then
Vergotterung: just don't get hit
innovativemethods: (re: 45 minutes supply depot, 2 minutes running, 8 seconds shooting)
manfred909: With enough morphine anything is possible
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You can't sew your stomach closed and go for a jog? That's my Saturday night!
pimiento: backpacks in backpacks in backpacks etc
SmashTCG: push auto sort in the bottom corner of the stash
Vergotterung: oh no nesting containers
SmashTCG: its fun Kappa
Electrodyne: So it's half Doom, half Diablo
MWGNZ: note that James has the cheese slices of healing in his tactical rig
pimiento: praise healing cheese
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Dandinstorm12: hey chat hey James hey Funko
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SmashTCG: ah yes, james in 0 everything
manfred909: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
SmashTCG: aka a scrub
mackstashmarshall: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
ChekhovsCannon: Oh what's memory do?
DoodlestheGreat: Many of these skills have not yet been implemented into the game yet.
Stoffern: Why is the Charisma icon depicting a bearded man smoking a cigar?
ChekhovsCannon: Oh wow
mackstashmarshall: oh man!
DiscordianTokkan: Dang
pimiento: not a game to casually dabble in
endangeredconfusion: you know it's good when you have to buy an ingame therapist
DoodlestheGreat: Everyone does.
BrindleBoar: It's very important to examine weapons and magazines before you start, so that you'll be able to operate any gun you happen across.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh right, I remember that from the last time, where you have to look at a mask to know "Yep, that's an X type mask"
ButButTheJesus: oh heck a bitcoin
Fruan: Honestly, that sounds miserable
innovativemethods: is that a physical Bitcoin?
Critterbot: Oh look, it's Not Sidorovich. :D
Lord_ZYRK: "Oooh, where do you put the bullets in THIS one? It looks very futuristic." "That's a plunger."
Vergotterung: haha
ButButTheJesus: wow
Oghara: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
xantos69: Great so I can play the bitcoin market in my video game!
DiscordianTokkan: Wow. I... don't think I like that.
lirazel64: What is a skev?
fubargames: Examining stuff to recognize them doesn't sound great game design-wise
Dandinstorm12: scav's are npcs
SmashTCG: Yes Some of them
SmashTCG: >raiders monkaS
lirazel64: Thanks!
Sharkfists: I keep hearing scav as scab, which is a different thing to call a person
SmashTCG: there are player scavs
SmashTCG: so not all scavs are harmless bots
SmashTCG: well.. not harmless
SmashTCG: *Jager Means hunter
Rog354: Cool Tarkov
DoodlestheGreat: Jaeger quests are the most anmnoying in the game.
fubargames: Sharkfist: I keep hearing "Escape from Taco"
TwilightAvalon: Jaeger is an asshole with his quests
lirazel64: The Devil scavenge Prada?
SmashTCG: Oh they are VERY poorly trasnlated
Vergotterung: haha
DoodlestheGreat: You should read these in a crappy Russian accent. :tf:
Zyme86: jager in german military sense also means light infantry or sniper (directly translated jager means huter)
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun say it in a russian accent
innovativemethods: it's so. Russian translation.
SmashTCG: "proof"
innovativemethods: you have to kill the dudes, though?
SmashTCG: yes
ArdCollider: James "A Gritty Man" Turner
Mysticman89: you can have tasks from everyone at once, or is there a limit?
MrTheWalrus: Good not to end up in losing.
DoodlestheGreat: MOST quests that ask for items will require they be found in raid, a mechanic put in in the middle of last year.
SmashTCG: Or make
SmashTCG: the "FiR" check mark
pimiento: gunsmith cats
Dumori: Good morning
pimiento: morning Dumori
Brozard: Riding Bean
SmashTCG: you wont know any of that mean untill you unkock the crafting bench
innovativemethods: ooh, weapon crafting
SmashTCG: look at all this garbage
endangeredconfusion: this game looks really cool
SmashTCG: THunderbox
SmashTCG: i like that
djalternative: can we build cooler looking garbage?
xantos69: A Thunder Box?
The_Ninjurai: Is thunderbox a word for the toilet room?
Vergotterung: lol, thunderbox?
xantos69: I have no idea what what means.
Jwiley129: Ah, an Outhouse
LurkerSpine: outhouse
Despoiler98: an outhous
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, a dunny.
DoodlestheGreat: Thunder box=porta potty
Phailhammer: Is that a WA thing? I've not heard that in NSW.
Despoiler98: cause Aussies have to make everything more metal
The_Ninjurai: Sweet, I was close lol
Sharkfists: yeh, dunnies
MWGNZ: ah, a Long Drop
Electrodyne: Thun der, a haaa haa haaa haaaaaaaaa
Jwiley129: I guess that answered the question about where the Thunder Down Under is Kappa
Mysticman89: can it be further upgrade to a normal bathroom, and further updated to something with a bidet?
pimiento: named for when your bog used to back on your back fence before sewerage systems.. it was back there so someone could come through the lane along your back fence and empty it
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SmashTCG: Ah right
TwitchTVsFrank: cool door
SmashTCG: didnt used to need that spark plug
innovativemethods: 100,000 rubles and you gotta find the plug yourself?
Lord_Hosk: Mysticman89 Sort of
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Knot_Greg: hi
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Electrodyne: Ceramics don't grow on trees
innovativemethods: oh my god this is the gun crafting system I've always wanted
Lord_ZYRK: Chambers just for bullets? Fancy lrrBEEJ
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Lord_ZYRK: Nothing says authAlert like Microsoft Excel
FerociousPeach: frangible ammunition is real bad against body armor, always dump that trash, lol
innovativemethods: I love this SO MUCH. Excel is the best for gaming.
SmashTCG: its also not a good knife
DoodlestheGreat: Also, you're not used to the maps.
JoeKim: i believe in you james!
DoodlestheGreat: You don't lose or gain anything in offline mode.
JoeKim: alright. who's taking bets on survive time
ChekhovsCannon: Offline or online Joe?
MWGNZ: at least 1 min
tallhobbit97: less than a minute
Dumori: Doesn’t mechanic have a cheap Red dot at 1
wildpeaks: ahh Tarkov <3
DoodlestheGreat: Randomly spawning in with a bitcoin or a red keycard...
HawkedMatter: Scav run to start?!
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leBigMacD: words words words
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DoodlestheGreat: Customs, given that he needs to do his first quests there.
innovativemethods: customs already? but he's not even partner :P
SmashTCG: or a flashlight mod
Despoiler98: So do you have to pre order the game to get into the beta?
BrindleBoar: It's As Online in Russian.
SmashTCG: Scav Waaaar
innovativemethods: @despoiler98 yeah.
Lord_Hosk: Well Gee funko if you can play in teams... Why aren't you playing with James?
pimiento: Lord_Hosk : cannot - over the latency threshold
Despoiler98: I watch a lot of this but I'm not paying full price for a game thats not even out of "beta" as they claim
Koshindan: So selling artificial bitcoin for real bitcoin?
Dumori: I woke up at 4am for this better get coffee
DoodlestheGreat: The "found in raid" mechanic was specifically introduced to combat RMT.
SmashTCG: poor framerate on stream
Critterbot: Whoa, slideshow mode!
Despoiler98: stream is kinda choppy for me
NoNane09: yeah, stream framerate is choppy
Dandinstorm12: some screen tearing
TwitchTVsFrank: seems choppy
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, he's pretty slideshow.
Master_Gunner: yeah, does not look good here
Griwes: yeah the fps isn't great
Zyme86: frames not great on this end
Juliamon: This is not a tenable framerate
Master_Gunner: vomit-inducing slideshow
innovativemethods: it's kind of chunky on stream
MWGNZ: choppy when movement
ashiok_nightmare_moose: twitch hates the grass
Despoiler98: oh god the foliage
Stripe_dog: Looks pretty choppy over here
Despoiler98: THATS nice
pimiento: much better
Juliamon: MUCH better
Despoiler98: nice and smooth
Critterbot: SeemsGood
Griwes: yeah
DoodlestheGreat: That's smoother.
DiscordianTokkan: Better
Stripe_dog: That's immediately better
ChekhovsCannon: Immediately better
Zyme86: better
TwitchTVsFrank: better
innovativemethods: fixed it.
Rhynerd: Fullscreen fixed
Electrodyne: much better
NoNane09: double encoding is also not helping
BrindleBoar: The tasks make Customs seem like the place to start, but it's actually a hellscape for new players.
MWGNZ: it's not being double encoded, twitch just hates tarkov grass
SmashTCG: you can also adjust walk speed
SmashTCG: for loudness
Rog354: I had no idea you could do that
sallllsa: ive played this game 60 hours and i had no idea that was a thing
Rhynerd: Oh, I would love some custom crouching too.
sallllsa: huh
Despoiler98: so can you play PVE where the loot/advancement matters? or is all the PVE "this can't advance your character"
Fruan: Oh boy. This game is going to give me motion sickness, isn't it?
Despoiler98: DANG
Despoiler98: NICE
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
pimiento: elfunkChunk
Mysticman89: boom headshot
Dandinstorm12: nice shooting tex
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
manfred909: elfunkChunk
Lord_ZYRK: gdqLemons
Despoiler98: one shot one kill
JoeKim: *loot duck gif*
Despoiler98: you shot a UN soldier? You MONSTER
Lord_Hosk: And then Perst started running scared... because Famous youtuber James Turner stepped up to be the new king of Tarkov
Dandinstorm12: probably
Phailhammer: @arclight_dynamo Probably not.
Arclight_Dynamo: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Despoiler98: so can you play PVE where the loot/advancement matters? or is all the PVE "this can't advance your character"
Arclight_Dynamo: Thanks chat. :D
Dandinstorm12: anytime @Arclight_Dynamo
Phailhammer: @arclight_dynamo So, does that also make it fine? lrrBEEJ
sallllsa: there isn't any pve that gives you advancement
Rog354: @Despoiler98 None of this will matter
innovativemethods: I'm actually kind of amazed that they're able to fully load every mag evenly.
Lord_Hosk: This game is pretty good about using "just off brand" like the Rolor brand watch and WD30 spray oil... so Im guessing they think its ok to use UN
nevermore913: can your gun jam
Dandinstorm12: aaaahhhh ahhh ahhh
Despoiler98: that is either a really old version of the M4 or thats just a straight up M16
NoNane09: the death knells are a bit much
Despoiler98: BAD IDEA
BrindleBoar: reloaded
Dandinstorm12: lol
Despoiler98: walking in the open, pulls his mag out LOL
Dandinstorm12: an if they do it won't count lol
innovativemethods: even if you die it's a practice death :)
TwitchTVsFrank: FrankerZ
manfred909: tqsBORK
Despoiler98: wait....wait....does it tell you what meal you get with your MREs????? Cause some of those are worth serious Trade IRL :D
manfred909: what's the worst one? cause that one proiably
Suffix: Oh right! This is happening!
incredulouspasserby: wait, how does a battle royale work for play it forward?
Dumori: @despoiler98 MREs are just crackers in Tarkov just the crackers in ever MRE
incredulouspasserby: wait this isn't what I thought it was never mind
BrindleBoar: Tarkov is not the kind of game you win.
TheKoder: There is no winning in Tarkov :)
Despoiler98: @manfred909 either chicken a la king (every branch of the service has rated that as worst) or "Veggie Omlette" which just sounds bad
MWGNZ: every fight in tarkov is a chance to win
Arclight_Dynamo: It's in beta, I get, but are there regular content drops? New quests and the like?
manfred909: @Arclight_Dynamo semi regular yes. they wipe all progress and add new stuff
TacitusVigil: It's Jimmy Jams and the Funk Patrol!
Arclight_Dynamo: Interesting...
Koshindan: What is Tarkov and why are you escaping?
TheKoder: My guess is Fence somehow gets you out of tarkov via the airport
manfred909: @Despoiler98 sounds delicious elfunkToxic
Arclight_Dynamo: Neat, thanks!
Dumori: Isn’t the lore based of the devs old F2P game
Joe_Loten: free tank
TheKoder: and now Cultists reside in tarkov!
lirazel64: Wh a
MWGNZ: rayfkWelp
Despoiler98: @manfred909 the veggie omlette was known as the "vomelet" and was pulled from distribution after only a couple years
TheKoder: oh god that is a lot of scavs
ChekhovsCannon: How are you still not hit?
WolfgangCloud: The noises are really good
manfred909: Lucky James
lirazel64: What is this free world of which you speak?
TacitusVigil: @Arclight_Dynamo Hello there
TheKoder: The scavs are inconsistantly aggro, Ive had scavs chase me for minutes lol
Arclight_Dynamo: @TacitusVigil Hi!
manfred909: yay they hit you
Critterbot: And being cheki breki.
nevermore913: are there scopes?
pimiento: there are
pimiento: sights, scopes, all sorts
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TheKoder: Nice :)
Lord_Hosk: and if he did this in real game, a PMC woudl show up and take your head off right now
Dumori: Never more yeah for more money, trader progresse
manfred909: of every kind you can imagine @nevermore913
TheKoder: @Lord_Hosk is this an offline raid or something?
manfred909: tasty cheese
TacitusVigil: Mmm, 64 slices of American cheese...
Lord_Hosk: this is offline James is just learning
Koshindan: I was hoping it was actually a slice of cheese and you just slap it on the wound.
Dumori: Oh hey it’s snowing dang snow
JoeKim: yummy cheese slices
Electrodyne: Hoping for a "Pudding Skin Graft"
TheKoder: Gotcha. Tarkov is an amazing game, glad to see more people playing it :)
ChekhovsCannon: Oh he gonna die
sallllsa: face eyes incoming
Despoiler98: so we're all military contractors
HundreydAundre: Players half skills?
Mysticman89: do you tend to be put on raids with similar experience(/level'd) players, or is there an MMR system seperate from your level, or just random?
ChekhovsCannon: Ah so the year is when the game comes out of beta
pimiento: random/no ranking afaik
Despoiler98: theres always someone running experiments
TheKoder: @Mysticman89 random players iirc
TheKoder: Scav hit you with the Bird
TacitusVigil: I believe that man is saying....
Despoiler98: gauze, gauze is your friend
pimiento: expressing displeasure in russian
manfred909: bleeding will slowly drain a limb of health. real bad news
wildpeaks: in tarkovian
TheKoder: You could learn a lot of russian from this game
BrindleBoar: Crunch.
pimiento: haha
Despoiler98: WHO needs ankles
TheKoder: oops blacked legs
TheKoder: tragic
manfred909: elfunkSad
BrindleBoar: Now run yourself to death.
SmashTCG: this is Not a wise idea
Despoiler98: yay DRUGS
Koshindan: Huh
Joe_Loten: HOOAH
ButButTheJesus: oww oof my bones
TheKoder: Running with a blacked leg while on painkillers is a loud experience
SmashTCG: double tap y
fubargames: I wish painkillers worked that quickly for me.
TheKoder: Yelling at people in tarkov is a fun little mindgame
BrindleBoar: you can only blindfire up and right, not left
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Missed out on LRL this weekend? Don't worry we ran it up on youtube as quickly as we could. | ||
SmashTCG: mind you, blacked armed will damage thorax when they get hurt
TheKoder: There are some really cool movement techniques to learn
TheKoder: mmm Big Skelly
TheKoder: inb4 running into Reshala and the boys
SmashTCG: technicly they stand there
SmashTCG: and wait to die
SmashTCG: or go MIA
Lord_Hosk: elfunkChunk
Mysticman89: can you do suicide runs and keep your xp gains, or does skill xp only stick if you extract?
steelfox13: retire champion
TheKoder: Calling it now. James is never gonna die in tarkov :)
pimiento: hah.
Despoiler98: oh dear
manfred909: you get more xp for escaping but yes @Mysticman89
wildpeaks: we might even survive more than 5 minutes
Joe_Loten: Funko performing the role of hype squad
TwitchTVsFrank: need a prediction for survival time
El_Funko: Yeah you keep some XP, but you get a multiplier if you survive
pimiento: 2 minutes
ChekhovsCannon: 5:43
Electrodyne: it's live! So James's death is gonna happen
Dumori: @thekoder James goes woods odds on James getting sniped by some sweaty boy with thermals
MWGNZ: time to death, or time to death from first contact?
Dumori: Take your bets take your bets how does James die first
Joe_Loten: scurvy
FeverRadish: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:08.
TheKoder: Kitted M4 @Dumori maybe at dorms
wildpeaks: if it was Alex, I'd bet on "grenade himself" :D
ChekhovsCannon: A player duo pinches him and executes him
Balthasar_Wiseman: I'm going to guess shot gun to the face since he doesn't have a face shield
TheKoder: ooooo actually. ima guess he walks oob and dies to sniper scav
wildpeaks: I'm guessing headshot from afar
Mysticman89: oh yeah, is alex into this? seems up his alley
wildpeaks: he tried it at some point, yes
Dumori: Nah Alex didn’t like it for what ever reason a few years back
manfred909: I belive Alex tried it many moons ago and didn't like it
pimiento: i recall alex tweeted about this a while ago and came to the conclusion that it's a bit too sweaty or similar
cardboardhorde: catJAM
WolfgangCloud: Might be interested in Jumping in with James though
TheKoder: this game certainly gets pretty sweaty
El_Funko: It's a pretty brutal game to just go into, they have zero onboarding or tutorial
manfred909: loving the music choices James
El_Funko: You kinda have to work to like it
Mysticman89: ah, I could see that yeah. Atmosphere and stuff might be spot on for his stalker flavouried inclinations, but the players could have that effect
wildpeaks: he's more into minecraft these days anyway
TheKoder: im about 300 hours into tarkov and just starting to get the hang of it. game is hard
El_Funko: @TheKoder exactly
pimiento: it's a lot
wildpeaks: welcome back
TacitusVigil: Question: Can we do temporal pincers in this game? Kappa
Mysticman89: getting hooked on skill leveling is probably an aspect that'd grip me, but getting games outside of steam is a nuisance
manfred909: SCAV raid?
TheKoder: Send him to dorms lrrGREED
wildpeaks: LUL
sallllsa: factory with all your good stuff
sallllsa: good luck
Dumori: SKS in reserve
Dumori: Just SKS in da woods
Dumori: Also fun
Dumori: Omg that tiny tiny Alpha
TheKoder: Are y'all using MapGenie or anything on the side?
Dumori: Wow I forget you don’t all have a gamma
AlchemicalPanda: Chat warning - Woods has a tendency to look... disorienting.
TheKoder: lots of trees
pimiento: yea woods and twitch compression don't mix well
BrindleBoar: Woods doesn't look disorienting, it *is* disorienting.
pimiento: lotta grass
Joe_Loten: ease gently into the ham
MWGNZ: yeah, twitch encoder and tarkov plants are not friends
JonnyGlitch: You're up late James!
wildpeaks: trees, our only weakness
JonnyGlitch: Funko have you looked outside? Ash if falling!
pimiento: yea outside is not a pleasent place to be in funkytown atm
Joe_Loten: things are starting to look yellow outside
JonnyGlitch: it's pretty orange
TheKoder: Tetris is one of the best parts of Tarkov. No joke
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Critterbot: Gotta love playing inventory tetris!
pimiento: it's like it's evening outside here, it's so dim
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JonnyGlitch: cos you're a SCRUB James
JonnyGlitch: Kappa
Joe_Loten: take the whiskey and the vasoline... need to be prepared for anything
TheKoder: Im so ready for a very unlucky head, eyes
Dumori: We should be able to buy a super cheap sight from Mechanic or peacekeeper iirc
JonnyGlitch: Whisky and Vaseline, the social equivalent of WD-40 and Duct Tape
TacitusVigil: Stonks?
Lord_Hosk: The insurance also holds on your gear if you succesfully extract.
manfred909: you can 100% put a red dot on that
wildpeaks: "when' we survive, James' got this
manfred909: I did
TheKoder: Heads, eyes comes for us all
Lord_Hosk: If? did you see the last raid? James killed like 10 people and only got hit twice
TheKoder: ^
TacitusVigil: It would be funny if Tarkov was just a front game by insurance companies to teach people the value of insurance
Dumori: Manfred909 just not sure on the price and availability at start
wildpeaks: famous-pubg-champion James
TheKoder: Oh boy rain
TheKoder: also maybe thunder this raid?
manfred909: I did it at the start but yeah price is the thing
JonnyGlitch: that makes NO SENSE
SnackPak_: glasses in the rain sucks
Griwes: "realistic" "game"
TheKoder: this game is all about Realism
Juliamon: Yeah, that's... no, that's the WORST part about glasses
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Stripe_dog: James and I saying literally the exact same thing
ButButTheJesus: james pls
TheKoder: that's why gold star is the best painkiller Kappa
Zyme86: Galileo?
Mysticman89: this is how it works in russia
TacitusVigil: Figaro
djalternative: Magnifico
JonnyGlitch: if you're wearing a facemask do your glasses fog up? That's realistic
TheKoder: Last episode of the series, we send james into labs?
Dumori: ^ yes just no matter what we go labs last
Dumori: Assuming we can buy the card
manfred909: we don't hate James that much if at all
TheKoder: Worth it. This is what we are training him for
pimiento: yea there's no one in there to stamp your hand for re-entry
ChekhovsCannon: Start your timers chat
Dumori: I mean I’m betting hacking is better out side Asia region wise
Mysticman89: ability to identify map location in like 5 seconds seeing only grass and walls is impressive
ButButTheJesus: Turok woo!
djalternative: Can we get a loyalty card for labs? Buy 12 sandwiches, get one free?
Lord_Hosk: But was are about to see James start his 80% survival rate... as he tears into players and everyone starts complaining about his radar and Tarkov prime
Dumori: Game is pretty framey again...
TheKoder: James is gonna get kappa container by the end of the series
DoodlestheGreat: Because of the rain. It really slows things down.
Juliamon: I don't think the framerate is controllable at this point, it's likely the rain
Dumori: 4 weeks to Kappa is do able
Zyme86: aka the garbage rod
Dumori: Sounds like a 5.56 gun idk what one
TheKoder: Pog
TacitusVigil: Escape from Tarkov: James Edition. AKA "The Hunger James"
manfred909: dam
Dumori: TARKOV prime is comfermed
innovativemethods: VSS is a good gun.
TheKoder: No scope feels a little bad, but vss is always nice to see
TheKoder: We trying to extract at Outskirts?
JonnyGlitch: ugh Twitch REALLY doesn't like this grass
JonnyGlitch: this is the muddiest I've seen a LRR stream in a long time
Dumori: Yeah rain plus this grass looks a bit rough.
rooster_codm: is this like vigor
RockPusher: A Funko! On LRR! With a face! lrrBEEJ elfunkPopcorn elfunkHeart
JonnyGlitch: go get their stuff!
Sharkfists: the real funky bunch was us all along
Dumori: MONEY!
Dumori: Them screws
TheKoder: mmmmm Mayo
GuilKato: take the satellite dish as well so you have internet in your hideout :P
Lord_Hosk: Tasty tasty mayo... scoop a handful
GuilKato: *joking*
TacitusVigil: I'm going to assume it's *not* mayo.
TacitusVigil: Please do not eat antibiotics.
JonnyGlitch: better than no helmet
Lord_Hosk: check the box
Lord_Hosk: maybe they left
Dumori: Just hit the weapon spawns?
RockPusher: So chat, how has our James been doing - murderated some scavs? jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
JonnyGlitch: just straight oats...
RockPusher: Eat the mayo!
TacitusVigil: Pfft. Lies.
Suffix: I'd eat the Mayo.
Stripe_dog: "Do not eat the mayno."
JonnyGlitch: How do OATS not dehydrate you?!
TheKoder: Eat the mayo Kappa
Fruan: M A Y O
RockPusher: Is 'Eat the Mayo' advice?
Mysticman89: needlessly eating for the sake of skill xp is my jam
RebekahWSD: The mere thought of chugging a jar of mayo makes me queasy
JoeKim: that's how i level up IRL
TheKoder: @RockPusher funny enough, yes
RockPusher: !badadvice
LRRbot: Lubricate your Lego before beginning the process.
JoeKim: just keep eating
JonnyGlitch: Oats are actually DRY!
JoeKim: just smash things into my face until i ding
TacitusVigil: So, unrelated, I just had a brilliant idea for a Beej Eats the Entire Thing. Hear me out-
JonnyGlitch: @TacitusVigil Tapioca poweder?
Sharkfists: we're not making Beej eat ammo 🤔
TheKoder: we dehydrate beej for 5 minutes? @TacitusVigil
TacitusVigil: @JonnyGlitch No, Beej eats an entire jar of mayo.
WolfgangCloud: How about a bowl of oat flakes with Mayo instead of Milk. Beej will like that, eh?
JonnyGlitch: @TacitusVigil I can feel my heart palpitating for just thinking about it
TacitusVigil: Mayo is good for you!
TacitusVigil: Eggs! Essential oils!
Dumori: Shots to the left so
MWGNZ: both of these could be the wrong thing to do
JonnyGlitch: there's no right or wrong choice
Basic_Human_Decency: western mayo or asian mayo tho?
TacitusVigil: Why not both?
Sharkfists: expired mayo, probably
Dumori: Call out near by caches too Funko get this boy the streamer loot
TacitusVigil: Just because it's expired doesn't mean it's not still good.
DoodlestheGreat: The Wiki has a full set of maps with all the loot locations.
TheKoder: Im assuming you are using MapGenie?
Dumori: Latest map I know of
TheKoder: Scared them off
TheKoder: If james finds a graphics card.....
Dumori: James finds 4 GPUs in a raid can only carry 3 to combat RMTs
Dumori: My call
Dumori: this month is we get such good loot the PMC inv limits hit us
6 raiders from Lockraemono have joined!
TheKoder: everyone is scared when they play Tarkov
TheKoder: that's how you know you are doing it right
Sharkfists: I'm not scared!
Lord_Hosk: Im not scared! I've yet to load into a raid as a scav and not had a THIIIICCCk weapon case and a Grenade launcher ;)
LurkerSpine: Sounds like gunshots are coming from there
Sharkfists: well, right now at least
Lysander_Gustav: These maps seem kind of large
TheKoder: dang hosk didnt realize you got it like that. Marked room treating you well? ;)
Dumori: Can't BP a TICC Hosk your lie is exposed!
Suffix: I was scared when James shot at that twig.
Dumori: Woods is maybe the biggest map
Dumori: Least it always feels it
TheKoder: there are a lot of dickheads in this game btw
TheKoder: :)
TheKoder: getting Jaeger on your first raid would be very hype
Dumori: TheKoder every PMC and Scav is a dickhead untill proven other wise and they never prove other wise
TheKoder: god I wish they would prove otherwise :(
Dumori: This is maybe the best first raid I've seen
Dumori: TheKoder I just want a buddy to come over to my hide out crack a moonshine and watch Tarkov tailers on my TV but they all just shoot first QQ
Dumori: PMC problems
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xantos69: So are the exit points known? If so...can't people just camp those and pile up the kills?
Dumori: xantos69 yes but they are semi random per map as in what is up
Dumori: but yes extract campers are a thing to worry
TheKoder: Got there!
Lord_Hosk: DAMN!
DoodlestheGreat: GG
Dumori: Congrats!
Lysander_Gustav: yay
SmoreThanAFeelin: Weeeee
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AlchemicalPanda: Never didn't have it
Sharkfists: sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP
TheKoder: lrrFINE EZ Game
Lord_Hosk: sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP
RebekahWSD: :O
Vergotterung: nice
Dumori: Tarkov Prime paying off
ButButTheJesus: you did!
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
wildpeaks: retire champion
AlchemicalPanda: Retire champ
MadameAdversary: Time to retire champion
RockPusher: Huzzah for Not Dying!
Lord_ZYRK: authGG
Suffix: sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP
TwitchTVsFrank: retire champ
tyranidd1: nice
Griwes: retire champion!
zac19b7: retire champ!
MrTheWalrus: lrrCHKN
LurkerSpine: retire champion
TheKoder: Retire champion!
Dumori: wasted a bullet
Suffix: That twig jumped at you - we all saw it James.
Aarek: retire champ
Fruan: jlrrTrade
Dumori: lvl 3
Lord_Hosk: ding
TheKoder: mmmm the quest complete sound is so satisfying
Dumori: What's that box!
SnackPak_: yay numbers!
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gravity_pike: cheeky breeky
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Arclight_Dynamo: "Cheeki breeki" is a STALKER meme.
TheKoder: I think the best scav line is "wanna no p?"
Dumori: it's a Stalker reffrance more than anything but it's a phrase that means take the advantage basicly
Dumori: it's a checkers idiom litrally
Dumori: so in context of a firefight it means basicly flank them
Dumori: or I am flanking
Lord_Hosk: Tetris Tetris!
TheKoder: Tetriz Tetris
TheKoder: oh god the flea market used to be available before lvl 10? that sounds awful
Dumori: TheKoder yeah plus things didn't need to be FiR to sell on it
Stoffern: does it give your fuel a nice shine?
DoodlestheGreat: It's crap ammo, anyway.
Dumori: YOu'd get folks liquidating all their starting gear for X or Y or buying new accounts to sell things for RMT stuff as you can refresh to wipe start
Dumori: you could, sell everything buy somthing good sell it for real money repeate
TheKoder: "money go up" days in tarkov are good days in tarkov
manfred909: yeah Prapor for a red dot and Mechainc for the gass block
Dumori: You need to take the charging handle off too
DoodlestheGreat: But Peacekeeper takes Dollars.
Brian_Engineering: mount is from same vendor as the dot
Brian_Engineering: weaver mount or something like that
Dumori: yeah
innovativemethods: you guys just sold me on this game. firing up my first match now.
manfred909: Prapor has a cheaper Red dot
Dumori: Isn't Prapors worse...
manfred909: yes
Lord_Hosk: Pew pew
TheKoder: @innovativemethods good luck! this game is great
Dumori: Yeah we'll need to take it off
Brian_Engineering: mechanic has the low profile gas block for sure
Dumori: it's like 20-30k to tweak the M4
Lysander_Gustav: wow this gets rather granular
Arclight_Dynamo: Yeah, this is a gun nerd game.
AlchemicalPanda: Unbelievably granular.
Dumori: Man that handguard looks so bad minus the old front post
Dumori: wow
sholmes_gaming: Isn't Brandon Herrera in the game in some aspect?
Mysticman89: is the compatability true to real life?
BrindleBoar: You can attach many flashlights to a single gun, in order to wield the sun against fools.
TheKoder: being a gun nerd certainly is a plus in this game
Dumori: ^ very
Dumori: but also games like this get you to be a guntaku
Lord_Hosk: what crap weapon
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manfred909: little TOZ SCAV
TheKoder: ooooooo boy the toz
Lysander_Gustav: egad
DoodlestheGreat: YAY! TOZ!
Arclight_Dynamo: Bolt-action... shotgun.
Arclight_Dynamo: Whoof.
Dumori: It's the cheap as chips russian hunting shotty
DoodlestheGreat: TOZ SUPREMACY!
TheKoder: ToZ is some hot garbage.
TheKoder: its great
Fruan: Why not just throw shotgun shells at people? Wow.
Lord_Hosk: Interchange!
ChekhovsCannon: Factory?
manfred909: 20 gauge hunting shot gun
BrindleBoar: That just means someone will pop his head for the rig, but we'll see what happens.
AlchemicalPanda: Spicy Factory time
innovativemethods: could be worse, could be break-action
TheKoder: Interchange for player scavs? Wild.
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GoblinRanger: ooh getting to catch this live is awesome, hope you're both having a blast
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Dumori: innovativemethods you say worse but least they are cooler
TheKoder: get in everyone we are going to the mall
AlchemicalPanda: It can only go downhill from here
AlchemicalPanda: And I'm excited to watch the fire start
RockPusher: Easy Games for Easy James'
Lord_ZYRK: There may be a Doobieman OR Doobiemen somewhere in the house
Lysander_Gustav: oh, that's neat
Arclight_Dynamo: Okay, that's actually cool.
Fruan: Is rain the drawing land of Tarkov?
Dumori: the weather is based on FAKE St Petersburg
Lysander_Gustav: Is there snow as well?
DoodlestheGreat: No rain? He's spawing in the mall.
PMAvers: Reminds me of where in Galaxy Trucker, as long as you made money you are a winner. Who cares how much other people made?
Dumori: Just like Interchange is 100% just the mall out of St Petersburg
innovativemethods: St Petersburg? ah, forever rain, then.
Sharkfists: most money is the tiebreaker in Galaxy Trucker, though 🤔
Dumori: like they just made the mall local to their studio in game
Dumori: Go offices get them 800k cards
Dumori: Kappa
BrindleBoar: Q E Q E
Lord_Hosk: James finds a Lion in 3...2..
TheKoder: Scavs are friends not food
MWGNZ: and then after wiggling you shoot
manfred909: Q E Q E bang
BrindleBoar: You *will* get wiggled at and then shot, because humans, but such is life in the zone.
TheKoder: unless they have armor, then every scav for themselves
Dumori: Player scavs used to allways walk never loot always have just one gun
RockPusher: The computers are learning…
manfred909: nive IFAK
Dumori: Meh 9mm
TheKoder: SNB ammo is pretty dece. PST gzh is meh, but fine
Mysticman89: is scav starting stuff always relative trash, or could you spawn with valuable stuff?
manfred909: you can spawn with almost anything
Dumori: Mysticman89 you can start with Labs cards worth multi millions
manfred909: real good stuff on ocasion
BrindleBoar: Mysticman89 literally anything, although actual equipment is unlikely to be good
Dumori: like I think the highest value lab card is like 14mill
Mysticman89: neat
Dumori: but normally it's trash/cheap
TheKoder: We could use that drill for hideout tho
bokochaos: what makes any lab card more expensive than another?
Dumori: bokochaos there's the cards to get into labs then carsd that open locked doors in the map and some doors are to say the armory or the sever room
Lord_Hosk: I love that the TOZ has mags... with 2 rounds in it... thats the best part about the toz to me
BrindleBoar: Also some keys/keycards are limited use.
TheKoder: It also is why certain keys are dirt cheap, and other keys a very very expensive
bokochaos: oof... so its access to a better quality loot box then
Dumori: Lord_Hosk it's such a we'll allow a gun for hunters but it's gonna suck for anything but hunting gun
Dumori: bokochaos more or less
TheKoder: oh no not bad shooty man
TheKoder: anything but that
Dumori: I mean the doors are open and the air con is off
bokochaos: I get the concept of loot tables from playing MH. Sounds like a pain in the butt for end-game...
Dumori: bokochaos it's not as bad as you think
Arclight_Dynamo: @Lord_Hosk The conversation 100% went "You only get one round." "But what if I miss and the moose runs at me?!" "Fine. Two rounds."
Dumori: but also Tarkov is just loot tables
samu_btdp1985: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:16:50.
Dergib: Is this the new pubg?
Dumori: IDK Russian gun laws off hand but all the civy guns in game have less than 5 rounds it seems
TheKoder: Friendly scav :)
DoodlestheGreat: Is that Dr Lupo's beans?
Dumori: nah was caned coffee
Dumori: Ooooh
Lord_Hosk: Big money cashe
MWGNZ: full cache!
TheKoder: oh lord that cache
TheKoder: Caiman is huge
Dumori: ^
DoodlestheGreat: Maybe swap to the AK?
Dumori: Funko did you buy James Tarkov Prime? lrrBEEJ
Lord_Hosk: Clearly
Lord_Hosk: Streamer loot
BrindleBoar: Escape From Bezoskov
F1SHOR: an after work loading ready run stream... this is the dream
Dumori: Yeah yeah you brought Tarkov Prime to make your self seem good in the van I know your game lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
DoodlestheGreat: GG
TheKoder: EZ
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Stoffern: EZ game!
Dumori: 100% boiz!
GoblinRanger: Kicking but
manfred909: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
pimiento: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Dumori: Oooh yeah we have BT
TheKoder: Caiman is class 4? class 5?
Aarek: benginTry benginTry benginTry
TwitchTVsFrank: ez game for babies
BrindleBoar: Alt-click
BrindleBoar: oh Ctrl
xantos69: cheer50 Well this has been fun, but I gotta head to bed. Good luck!
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BrindleBoar: Alt is... equip-swap?
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wildpeaks: @GoblinRanger Thanks for the gift sub! <3
DoodlestheGreat: Take everything off the scav, then give him a ruble for luck. :tf:
Dumori: Oooof I'm EoD and these small stashes and secure containers are rough
Lord_Hosk: "never see him again"
wildpeaks: maybe it was a ghost lrrSPOOP
LurkerSpine: Is there a cost to do a Scav run?
Dumori: It's the same Friendly Scav that drags you back to your hideout
manfred909: I like Hosk's head cannon
Lord_Hosk: because you murder him... with his own weapon
Dumori: when you die
Dumori: Lord_Hosk his knife to save on ammo too
r10pez10: looks like some sort of funky boys
Sharkfists: @manfred909 it's mounted between his eyes
manfred909: tqsDone tqsDone
jetpixi: Oh hey what’s goin on in here?
MWGNZ: LurkerSpine i believe scav runs are free but on a 20min timer between runs
manfred909: HI jetpixi
jetpixi: Hey @manfred909 :)
pimiento: hihi jetpixi
r10pez10: hi jetpixi
Dumori: is like 90k Flea
jetpixi: Hi @pimiento hi @r10pez10 !
jetpixi: Hihi
Griwes: one more!
F1SHOR: sooo one more...
r10pez10: cool percentage gamer
JoeKim: i'm ready for the walk in-head tap runs
jetpixi: 💯
manfred909: good old 3 second raids
Vergotterung: not going to equip the armor?
Dumori: Take the glasses in cause it's a rainy day
DoodlestheGreat: WAIT! Swap the IFAK for that cheeseblock in his pouch!
bokochaos: walk in-head tap... isn't that the Tarkov hello?
Lord_Hosk: So my headcannon for how the scav raids work is there is a posting for "Will pay 500,000 rubles for anything you can get out!" but its really dangerous so scavs know they might die... but they all know that one friend of a cousin who was paid one time. But really... every time you finish your scav raid... You cap the scav you just did the raid with and take all the gear they came out with. WOOOPSY... Tarkov is a dangerous place.
DoodlestheGreat: I'm a good boy. >_<
BrindleBoar: helmet
Dumori: Lord_Hosk it's the same way the junkbox works but you don't pay them when they drop off you jyst shiv them
wildpeaks: such is life in the tarkov
Lord_Hosk: Exactly Dumori
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r10pez10: everyone always Escapes From Tarkov but no one ever Escapes With Tarkov :(
RockPusher: lrrJAMES mattlrBork lrrJAMES mattlrBork
diceinbox: Get them
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
TheAinMAP: mattlrHeart mattlrHeart mattlrHeart
diceinbox: lrrHEART mattlrHeart mattlrHeart mattlrHeart lrrHEART lrrHEART
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wiggins: what up nerds
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Karfsma778: mattlrConfus mattlrHeart mattlrHeart mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
Izandai: @wiggins Ah right, command for your Letterbox account.
jetpixi: Them’s fightin scavs
Serpens77: official name
Lord_Hosk: Dosent seem so scary
wiggins: mattlrWoof
PMAvers: Shooty Shooty Bang Bang
r10pez10: it's reasonable for Perth james
manfred909: reasonable is a stretch
jetpixi: Awww @r10pez10
GoblinRanger: Honestly this is a good time slot :)
LurkerSpine: 6am??? woof
diceinbox: Everyone from matts channel is also funnily subbed to LRR
Sharkfists: Funko out here making the big sacrifices for us
jetpixi: Lol
Dumori: Funko I can not WAIT for seasons and having 2 PMCs
Dumori: if that's how they do it
wiggins: "if you're like james, a total scrub"
Lord_Hosk: mattlrHeart mattlrHeart
Dumori: I can't wait for none season PMCs to have the worst raids ever as every one is all elite skills running for ever jumping like super man with 45%+ recoil reduction ahahah
Izandai: @wiggins PrideLaugh
Vergotterung: is James going to do solo the whole time?
Sharkfists: Sweat Lords DansGame
Dumori: Vergotterung believe so Funko can't co-op due to ping locks
Sharkfists: ew
Vergotterung: dangf
manfred909: while they would love to play together it's ping locked @Vergotterung so proably
jetpixi: Sweat lords is a visual
Dumori: Get above 150 ping you DC
r10pez10: but james your 100% survival rate
wildpeaks: having someone showing the ropes is helpful
Lord_Hosk: Beard oil
Lord_Hosk: Tarkov prime
manfred909: nice
Sharkfists: Bear Doil
Dumori: Lord_Hosk exactly
wildpeaks: oh dear
AlchemicalPanda: Spicy!
BrindleBoar: Now we're Tarkoving.
manfred909: and it begins
Dumori: That guy is spending money
F1SHOR: that was quick
innovativemethods: beard oil? okay so all the beard oil I've bought was just... oil. it shouldn't be expensive!
jetpixi: That’s some beard oil
r10pez10: does the AI tend to be more accurate
ChekhovsCannon: Kill 'em and take their stuff?
jetpixi: Oh who’s view are we watching?
pimiento: if they chase, sure
DoodlestheGreat: Maybe he's after Reshala.
wildpeaks: James' view
JoeKim: james is playing
r10pez10: this is james playing and funko coaching
BrindleBoar: jetpixi James is playing, Funko is advising
pimiento: James is playing jetpixi
manfred909: James is playing
Dumori: Scav boss minions are pretty agressive
JoeKim: and funko is watching and coaching
MillerDark: They're bangs, not cracks, he's not firing at you
manfred909: !tarkov
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
jetpixi: Thanks all!
Lord_Hosk: We are watching James, Funko is watching James and giving advice
AlchemicalPanda: Joe!
Sharkfists: funko is running ops
jetpixi: Im on mobile so roughy to tell
jetpixi: Rough*
JoeKim: hi hi
manfred909: elfunkHeart
Lord_Hosk: Take dorms James... we have faith in you!
Dumori: Funko is just the man in the van, coaching and I think in an empty offline map to give better directions
AlchemicalPanda: Cult run Cult run
BrindleBoar: Yeah, Chad the Dorms on run two.
manfred909: Dorm Rush
F1SHOR: I'd bet my channel point on James taking dorms :P
DoodlestheGreat: Sniper scavs
hrznreaper: go gas station. I just did a customs run with a friend we went to gas station and he found a fully fitted sniper rifle with thermal and a p90 and I found a DT MDR
lamina5432: Rare late stream ?
brainbosh: God the greenery really wrecks the twitch compression.
AlchemicalPanda: Funko, didn't you take a grenade to the chest in that construction site?
Juliamon: lamina5432 This PiF has weird times because of Funko being on the other side of the world
Basic_Human_Decency: it's with funko who is in AUS
Dumori: brainbosh yeah it really can
lamina5432: Thanks
pimiento: it was a elfunkChunk elfunkSad PrideWorld
brainbosh: Watching a streamer whose quality I know really shows it
BrindleBoar: LUL
F1SHOR: scared me alil TBH 😂
AlchemicalPanda: Rub the barbed wire on the face and neck james
CompletelyUnsure: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:38:05.
DoodlestheGreat: Always funny when a badly wounded player dies to the razor wire.
naThanathos: Just got here.
naThanathos: Am so confused.
pimiento: rubbing up against barbed wire increases your abrasion resistance skill
naThanathos: How much exp do our friends have?
hrznreaper: check cash registers in gas station for money
Dumori: There might be things James can do his side to get a better look to the stream but it's all trade offs to get the encoder to play nice
BrindleBoar: Parkouring over things can be difficult/impossible with low character skills.
Dumori: I'd love for the maps to start with more containters/doors already touched
Dumori: to make it real hard to know stuff
BrindleBoar: shoot 'til they're dead
F1SHOR: gottem
Lord_Hosk: LOL
Dumori: Rather flip you off than live
F1SHOR: so that was a player?
ChekhovsCannon: Nope, scav
jetpixi: LUL
F1SHOR: damn I thought getting the finger had to be a player 😂
r10pez10: did funko just say insurance fraud
manfred909: he did
ChekhovsCannon: There'd be a dog tag if it was a player
manfred909: that is what we are doing
jetpixi: Lol the lag NotLikeThis
Dumori: Nobody loots a pacca
Dumori: it's trash
DoodlestheGreat: Dorm 303 key is only worth 7k
manfred909: well player scav with no armor would
Dumori: DoodlestheGreat I like how we are both checkign flea prices live for them
Dumori: Just incase the find a gem
AlchemicalPanda: Hey Hosk... what do we have to do to get the grenade sound added here too :D
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda ahahah
manfred909: tqsLol
DoodlestheGreat: I have to go to another streamer's channel to do it. @dumori :tf:
Dumori: DoodlestheGreat there's a website too
manfred909: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
pimiento: elfunkSad
Dumori: Shoots sounded like a player's cadance
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
Vergotterung: oh no the survival rate
Lord_Hosk: mattlrHeck
Stoffern: gj Zhora
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrAWW
jetpixi: NotLikeThis
pimiento: lizstarHeck
RockPusher: elfunkSad
Sharkfists: that's tarkov baybeee
Sharkfists: sharkf11ART
Stripe_dog: Skeleton!
r10pez10: F, 66%
Dumori: That's low level armour for you
DoodlestheGreat: A lot of that gear of his will be left behind. It's pretty mediocre.
wiggins: this sounds like a fun game, lol
Dumori: Stops a bee not a bullet
Basic_Human_Decency: there's a skeletor in all of us Kappa
r10pez10: !onemore
LRRbot: One more. For real.
Dumori: OMG BEST RIG lets go!
Stoffern: Is that a relevant shotty?
matthaus_c: Play It... One More?
TacitusVigil: Are you going to join in in the future, Wiggins?
Dumori: I'd love for LRR folks to play this
AlchemicalPanda: Oh god I would love to see a group doing this
Dumori: I'd love a group of cool streamers I like to play squads
wildpeaks: everything that isn't nailed down
wiggins: nah, I don't think this is agame for me
pimiento: the fun thing about squads is that there's no UI over your squadmates.. so you better know who you're shooting at
Dumori: I mean yeah this game is rough in a fun way
r10pez10: not enough JRPG elements
jetpixi: Ah yeah same
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wildpeaks: Fallout 4 on survival is fun
DoodlestheGreat: Is that a flashlight on the shotty?
Dumori: He was trying to judge if you where worth the kill
Dumori: or where gonna shoot
Dumori: 100% ai movement there peak AI movement
AlchemicalPanda: Teach a James to wiggle and he'll lrrSACK all day
Dumori: He was a Player Scav so
usamike88: how many players are on a map?
RockPusher: MrDestructoid James is and acceptable robot MrDestructoid
manfred909: depends on the map
Dumori: depends but 5-16 or something every map shows you the min and max players per map but I can never remember the numbers
manfred909: Interchange is 10-12 from memory
DoodlestheGreat: And a Tushonka! Is that the size Jaeger needs?
Rentok: Oh wow. We're up late tonight. I don't normally get to catch stuff live!
usamike88: thanks
Juliamon: Rentok This PiF has weird times because of Funko being on the other side of the world
jetpixi: Ok I gotta pass out. Night all!
manfred909: night jetpixi
wildpeaks: so nice seeing a lrr stream during daytime for once
Rentok: I'm not complaining. Hopefully I remember for the next one, I could have been watching this whole time.
Dumori: Nigh jetpixi
pimiento: nighto jetpixi
Dumori: I mean we have 2-3 things we want out of this raid so safe is better
DoodlestheGreat: Question: If he leaves now, will his gear lose "found in raid?"
Dandinstorm12: how many deaths are we at?
Dumori: DoodlestheGreat maybe but it doesn't matter
Dumori: but we might pass the 7m
Dumori: I mean the runthough timer is only 7min now
manfred909: elfunkCat elfunkCat elfunkCat
r10pez10: cat wants to coach
Dumori: Also how'd we get that 700exp from looking
pimiento: elfunkCat elfunkCat elfunkCat
Dumori: looting that wasn't bad
Dandinstorm12: Funko, isn't your cat often mad while you stream?
Lord_Hosk: Funko is here looking out for James every time he gets shot.
Dumori: Take everything any how and then least sell it early game
DoodlestheGreat: Or put the torch on another gun.
Dumori: Later you can skip selling things for pennies if your lazy
manfred909: That is a adorable Hosk
BrindleBoar: beardoil out of container
Dumori: BrindleBoar can stay there till we do a PMC run
Dumori: Wow do the devs really value the Hemo early game
Dumori: 2 bags of screws or that miserable craft for like a 3k item
brainbosh: Can fold all those guns
manfred909: time to explain folding the toz
pimiento: folding at hideout
manfred909: or not
Lord_Hosk: 6 to 4
pimiento: 5 with the mag
RockPusher: Murder Tetris!
Lord_Hosk: ahh yeah
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manfred909: 6 with mag
pimiento: oh yea, ak mag is 2 slits
Dumori: We kinda wanna keep most of this
pimiento: slots
manfred909: the mag can be sold and rebought easyish
pimiento: still more useful to have mags out so you can use them in other guns easily
BrindleBoar: and even keeping the mag, it's still a lot easier to rearrange things now
pimiento: that too
Dumori: That helmet sell for 90-100k on the flea so
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Lord_Hosk: up 55K
r10pez10: good hustle james
Dumori: Up 55k down 1 m4a
Dumori: so kinda even
Max_Mckayful: lol, Tarkov homework #gaming
RockPusher: James "Form over Function" Turner :D
wildpeaks: symmetry sergeOrder
Dumori: I mean the m4 is ~60k
Dumori: Oooh early stew
TacitusVigil: No MREs in this game? Steve1989 is disappointed.
pimiento: there's MREs
TacitusVigil: Nice
pimiento: but they're not much worth putting on a tray
Lord_Hosk: 85K up good deal
Dumori: nah we are nearly even + we made an extra 150 on hideout
TheMerricat: IF there are MREs are there MRESteves?
tyranidd1: lrrHORN Good day lrrHORN
TacitusVigil: Wait, is Funko a Jaeger?
pimiento: elfunkHeart elfunkDab elfunkHeart elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
RockPusher: elfunkHeart elfunkPopcorn
DoodlestheGreat: A better start than one of Cam's Stellaris runs! :tf:
Juliamon: !funko
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
RockPusher: elfunkCat elfunkCat elfunkCat
TacitusVigil: And Matt Smith is the Mechanic?
RockPusher: occasionally Funko's cat comes and bats at him for attention - it is adorable elfunkCat elfunkHeart
Dumori: New goal get Funko a Jaeger cos-play 2021
TacitusVigil: Don't kinkshame James
JoeKim: accents?!
JoeKim: PogChamp
Dumori: You don't even sound a like!
Dumori: Uno is from my neck of the woods
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Phailhammer: Uno gets a cam, and it turns out he looks like Funko. lrrBEEJ
ButButTheJesus: i9 lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Phailhammer: cya :)
pimiento: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
Dumori: Phailhammer I mean...
Juliamon: Separated at birth, both born to instruct James
TacitusVigil: Turns out Uno was Beej all along.
Phailhammer: TacitusVigil No, I'm *you!*
Phailhammer: :P
r10pez10: i assume uno looks like sherlock holmes
Earthenone: !next
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Just because you died doesn't mean it wasn't a good plan.
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge play Minecraft. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PST (10:46 from now).
TacitusVigil: @Phailhammer [beejdrop.exe]