MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrCHKN lrrSIGNAL
Lord_Byron47: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
rucdoc: you can never escape tarkov
MWGNZ: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
theonlyangelx: War and Peas
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Stoffern: o7
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ChekhovsCannon: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
Lord_Byron47: Thanks to James, I've started watching too much Tarkov content
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and @El_Funko return the mean streets of Tarkov tonight on Play it Forward. Will he finally escape? No, of course not, the game isn't even finished, so escaping is impossible, but don't tell James that. 📷 ||
mackstashmarshall: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
Tantusar: VHS-ify!
rucdoc: Hey James, Hey El_funko
Niahlah: Hey James, Funko
stizzet: hello friends
Tantusar: Good arvo, Funko!
Niahlah: G'day
TwitchTVsFrank: so what will funko be eating this evening?
TwitchTVsFrank: canned meat?
markaci: lrrHERE lrrHERE
rucdoc: Runaway
Niahlah: canned peas
Mysticman89: can of herring?
SpoonfullOfSugar: eSCAPE of tARKOV
DoodlestheGreat: The only way to escape is not to play. :tf:
SpoonfullOfSugar: sorry caps
MWGNZ: is funko marginally quiet in the mix?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The Escaping will continue until Tarkov improves.
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Sarah_Serinde: Ahaha Ashley is the best
Sarah_Serinde: I would very much believe it
Niahlah: that would've been awesome
ChekhovsCannon: I thought for sure
stizzet: I've watched a few other tarkov streamers lately and Funko I appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to help people learn the game
Sarah_Serinde: Shoulda kept it under your hat :D
Snowcookies: ashley would've
Gascitygaming: "meat"
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maximum_berry: Happy to catch one live!
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Niahlah: James made a toilet
Snowcookies: !clip
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Kuolar: It's good to know, I was beginning to doubt after last episode Kappa
markaci: jlrrCoolgame jlrrCoolgame
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
CommiePuddin: Time to start mining bitcoins!
fubargames: Getting a graphics card in game? Can you also download more RAM?
DoodlestheGreat: 6 GP gets a P90....
DoodlestheGreat: I thought intel folders got the best gear.
Lord_ZYRK: Ah yes, the traditional Russian Gachapon
diamondmx: Oh yeah, that reminds me - I should go to reserve and find fuel.
Niahlah: James, did you get that white armor??
DoodlestheGreat: See if you can do any hideout upgrades. That'll use up stuff.
Mysticman89: could one not just sell literally everything at market price, and buy back from market as needed?
PharaohBender27: tqsLurk katesLurk
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Mysticman89: ah fair enough, I suppose the 'found in raid' requirement encouraged hoarding.
JoTyler: As someone who doesn't play any of these types of games, I have really been enjoying this Play it Forward <3
stizzet: @jotyler same!
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KuoGames: I really like the SNB rounds on the SVD, and they're usually relatively cheap.
KuoGames: Takes ten seconds to place now, used to be 30.
DoodlestheGreat: And it's common for the control boards to be camped.
KuoGames: Yeah, Factory is tough when you're not super comfortable in PVP situations.
diamondmx: The pistol quest isn't factory locked, I think?
KuoGames: It isn't, but realistically it's the best palce to get them done.
diamondmx: Yeah, that quest sucks. :(
maximum_berry: Do we shell out for stash?
KuoGames: What character level are you at currently, just so I kind of have an idea of what you're working on?
KuoGames: Cool, thanks! Tarkov is my main game, excited to see more of it on LRR :)
KuoGames: Hahah, I know what you mean. I've been working on the quests where you have to kill PMCs with a 12 gauge, and man that's a grind.
KuoGames: That's what I was using as well, yeah. I was struggling for some reason, last wipe I did much better.
KuoGames: Ended up mixing it up a bit, magnum buckshot and Flechette worked decently too.
manfred909: yay pistols
manfred909: gotta keep the style
markaci: Let's goooo
maximum_berry: Glasses have the added tactical effect of looking tacticool
Tantusar: Time is an illusion... In factory. Lunch time... Never happens in order to be doubly so.
Gobukiller: @Tantusar What about second breakfast?
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UncannyJimjams: The nearly 3 years!
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Tantusar: if your second breakfast has already happened by 3am you have bigger problems than the illusion of time
Gobukiller: "problems"
diamondmx: Weird thing, you can actually place from the metal balcony as well as the room.
Gobukiller: Man, I'd complain about being called lazy, but it sounds like a lot of effort...
diamondmx: And they've probably been shot a bit
manfred909: you can fill the server with a 5 stack
manfred909: yeap
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abyssaldm: 31 months?!
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DoodlestheGreat: There's no such thing as scummy in Tarkov.
Vyous: I think I had to do 5 factories to do this spot, and got pushed every time. I feel so jealous, lol
LathosTiran: now you have to live
DoodlestheGreat: Head for the office. See if you can get the safe.
diamondmx: Go find a gun, check on scav's faces.
diamondmx: lol, you gonna exit camp?
SkylerRingtail: I jumped
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
UncannyJimjams: that scared the bejeesus out of me
manfred909: ok
mackstashmarshall: I totally jumped :P
DoodlestheGreat: Maybe he was doing the quest?
Gobukiller: Jeebus
markaci: elfunkFart elfunkFart
diamondmx: F
Easilycrazyhat: hartfart XD That's good
stizzet: wow that was a lot
DoodlestheGreat: AND we have nails!
TwitchTVsFrank: dont forget glasses
Vyous: The camper might have been trying for huntsman secured perimeter
pimiento: elfunkPopcorn lrrJAMES lrrHEART elfunkHeart
diamondmx: Oh, that explains that. I was confused he opened it.
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DoodlestheGreat: That was a flashbang.
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Frankenfruity: Five glorious years!!! of a gift that keeps on giving (James getting shot in the face). lrrAWESOME lrrCHKN
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delta__vee: in other words, aim first
Gobukiller: aim small miss small
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MinniChii: Here's something to celebrate!
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Jobokin: Fire, aim, ready!
Gobukiller: real Mortal Kombat movie vibes here
manfred909: gotta look after the peepers
diamondmx: For maximum profit, sure. But I think practicing Factory, even with a crap gun, is probably worth it.
FoxFyr: Hey friends, how goes the tarkov?
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
manfred909: that is not a hidden spot
diamondmx: Bold move
manfred909: lets see if it works
mackstashmarshall: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
diamondmx: You might need to survive a factory raid.
manfred909: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
diamondmx: Nice!
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
diamondmx: Or run out.
mackstashmarshall: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
FoxFyr: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk lrrHORN
markaci: HahaBall HahaBall
diamondmx: Run to extract
manfred909: or limp
diamondmx: You will not get the kill, lol
TheInnsanity: wiki says whether or not it has to be factory, would you like me to share?
TheInnsanity: has to be factory
DoodlestheGreat: Can he repair that rig?
DoodlestheGreat: Ah.
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Sorator13: oh hey, caught one of these live, nice
stizzet: don't forget the docs
FoxFyr: I pulled a James Turner signature exit and emptied my mag at dorms with one second left while extracting, and found out that I winged someone on my way out Cheer69
Lord_ZYRK: Truly a God Gamer FoxFyr
FoxFyr: James has taught us well lol
Lord_ZYRK: Well clearly you'd get more hits if you dumped your mag
LathosTiran: its like the hatchet across the map. no one expects it, everyone does it.
FoxFyr: It was a saiga 9 I spawned with, so no waste
diamondmx: Should've held it
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
FoxFyr: elfunkChunk
Sorator13: niiice
TwitchTVsFrank: ez game
diamondmx: Run through?
manfred909: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
j3573rblack: heya James and Funko
UncannyJimjams: hell yes
diamondmx: Oh nice, got enough xp
Lord_ZYRK: what a GAMER
FoxFyr: lololol lrrWOW
FoxFyr: dude was probably doing the same quest
UncannyJimjams: if you stopped to loot you would have gotten killed
Sorator13: well, with the amount of sound you made, I'd have been real nervous to loot the guy anyway
stizzet: nice!
UncannyJimjams: That's fair Funko, I'm maybe a big coward in games like this
ritchards: "keep eating and drinking" - my life motto
manfred909: Jamess can fit all 4 just nothing else
LurkerSpine: I'm so thankful for this stream providing distraction from the cold
FoxFyr: time to do a scav run in the other monitor I guess lrrGOAT
DoodlestheGreat: I'd keep the markers in the alpha.
DoodlestheGreat: You _are_ required to survive Shoreline to complete the quest.
Mybohemoth: doesnt the salewa stop heavy bleeds too?
Sorator13: 60k, not 45, if they're 15 ea
Sorator13: stepped away, what's the CMS do?
Sorator13: ahh
Tantusar: Escape from a Specific Part of Tarkov That You Put Yourself in to Another Part That is "Safer"
Sorator13: well, I think the idea is whenever they add the story progression in, you do eventually actually escape?
Sorator13: but yes
Lord_ZYRK: Cosmetic clipping? Ugh, unplayable Kappa
ritchards: has James managed to fall down any holes yet?
diamondmx: Huh, I always assumed the closest spawn to dorms would be closer.
FoxFyr: Is the trick to tank energy drinks or something? I had that spawn earlier today and a duo still beat me to the marked room
diamondmx: Did the quest beep? I didn't hear it.
TheInnsanity: Funko working on his central command skills
LurkerSpine: is there any way to check quest progress in raid?
Sorator13: I think by taking multiple markers, you decide to try for placing multiple markers, no?
Sorator13: if you were going to do just one and dip, you would only take one
Sorator13: stuff could change that makes you want to leave "early", but I don't think anything like that happened here
diamondmx: And you don't need to be nearby.
Sorator13: nice
Vyous: Could just go for the gas station extract
manfred909: elfunkChunk
FoxFyr: James is braver than I
manfred909: elfunkDab elfunkDab
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Sorator13: \o/
ritchards: lrrLUCK
ritchards: lrrSACK
ritchards: did he get the t-plug?
Tantusar: who keeps putting usbs in random pcs
Tantusar: is it just a really shitty deaddrop system
24 raiders from RayFK have joined!
BusTed: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
A_Dub888: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
Bladinus: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
RayFK: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
RayFK: I NEVER get to raid you
RayFK: Simple and Clean Funko
DoodlestheGreat: Now you might wanna repair?
vainsalmon: repair your rig?
LiveFaust: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME I just started catching up on the VODs, glad to catch you live. Are you escaping, son? lrrHEART
FoxFyr: ah, so it wasn't just me that was happening too
LiveFaust: Also hey Funko! I didn't realize you were also watching the chat. Haven't caught you in a hot minute either! elfunkHeart
Kuolar: These episodes have definitely tempted me to get it
LiveFaust: I mean, it's no STALKER... Kappa
LiveFaust: (I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.)
FoxFyr: I've put 126 hours since episode 3 so yeah, this show got me hooked
Easilycrazyhat: The hoarding part of this game really appeals to me. The BR part is just too tense for me to consider playing, though.
LiveFaust: Everything I've seen DOES say it has to be super-modded to be playable.
Raiger: This seems like a really interesting game. I'm just bad enough at shooters that I don't think it'd be for me
stizzet: after watching other tarkov streamers, I appreciate your (funko) streams and this one so much more.
Easilycrazyhat: Wasn't a STALKER sequel just announced?
stizzet: @raiger same
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrGREED
Conrii: Yes, there is a new stalker in the works.
Niahlah: @stizzet why??
j3573rblack: woo, just got gluhar and 4 of his guards as a scav!
Tantusar: yeah i have like no threat awareness in shooters
LiveFaust: I've lost track of which games are STALKER sequels and which are Metro sequels...
Easilycrazyhat: @Conrii Nice
manfred909: elfunkDab
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PerpetualDM: This series is really interesting. It's not really my kind of game to play. But I would never have found out about this game unless you showed me. lrrHEART
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TheInnsanity: Nice.
boilersnake: what about the showers?
boilersnake: entery
j3573rblack: pk on the mp5? those are going for 50k right now aren't they?
JqlGirl: horse
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stizzet: @niahlah just the level headedness. willingness to help people in chat. just low key. I've watched a few that just do the raids in silence or so fast it's hard to see what they are doing. this stream makes me feel like I could play this game if I could ever figure out how to aim in a video game lol
manfred909: elfunkSad
j3573rblack: f
Sorator13: oof
RockPusher: elfunkSad
DoodlestheGreat: I suspect a lot of your gear will come back in insurance.
DoodlestheGreat: He can probably sell that book. Won't need it until the Kappa quest.
Xenguin47: I keep forgetting this happens in the wee hours of the morning my time
LurkerSpine: scav run time?
RockPusher: ♫ James works hard for the money… ♫
j3573rblack: i scav run way more than i actuallg pmc now....its more interesting and less stressful. and the timer means i don't have a aneurysm tilting out on shoreline
rucdoc: maybe some rain as well
diamondmx: Did I miss it or did you not do scav run videos at the start?
rucdoc: yeah, that used to be how the world works, now you can't find a graphics card in any store.
j3573rblack: the lowercase and font size change is the most jarring change so far
BootySlapper: i made a big mistake today. i listed some expensive ammo with an extra 9 in the price and it charged me 700k for the listing fee
Kuolar: I thought you guys were somehow reading ammo types and mag capacity by the looks LUL
rucdoc: I mean, some people can do that with some mags
Niahlah: did he kill them? and you killed him??
Lord_ZYRK: Eat the cigarettes and drop the lunchbox, got it.
diamondmx: You can craft t-plugs, anyways.
FoxFyr: I think you have to carboxylate it to actually get the full effects of the nicotine, but I wouldn't test that
JqlGirl: isn't pouch still empty?
VacillantVarlet: if someone shoots your backpack, does the propane task explode?
ritchards: this game needs red exploding barrels
FoxFyr: elfunkSad
FoxFyr: #scavlife
KyojiTakenouchi: hi @JqlGirl
JqlGirl: hi
UncannyJimjams: so we brought a knife to a gun fight?
UncannyJimjams: gotcha, that was a blink and miss it moment for me
diamondmx: So a t-plug is a cable with some nails hammered into it, sure.
DoodlestheGreat: Buy a marker, you lost that last one.
diamondmx: But ... why!?
diamondmx: Poor LCDs
Tantusar: sure sounds like the way to break lcds
TheInnsanity: they know what they did
Sorator13: idk, the last time I saw someone take a sharp metal object to their TV screen, it fixed it
RockPusher: [cries in sysadmin]
Cinominn: so is this game just a bunch of quests with shooting pubg skirmishes in between?
MAPBoardgames: I've got 4 LCDs here IRL. Lemmie see if that craft works...
Vyous: How much do you hang into the kappa case collectables?
Xenguin47: I like the idea of all these hardened killers setting up flea market stalls next to grannies with their knick-knacks, the farmer with his produce, and some mom selling a million stuffed animals.
TwitchTVsFrank: i thought james was team choas
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stizzet: are there base thinks we can now upgrade?
TwitchTVsFrank: i find it weird that these are all real brands
Schatten88: night everyone
Tantusar: well your first two tenths of a bitcoin
LathosTiran: get them diamond hands
dumbo3k: what are we working on tonight?
diamondmx: I was going to ask you if it was worth holding onto bitcoins or selling them, but since it's tied to real bitcoin value - if you knew that you'd probably be off making a fortune on real bitcoins.
DoodlestheGreat: He doesn't need the docs case on Woods..
dumbo3k: oh god, that quest, hated it. though at least you still get completion if you've killed 3 scavs without healing, and die
diamondmx: I'd put like 50-100k in there so you never forget to bring money.
dumbo3k: Happy almost birthday Funko!
Lord_ZYRK: A Very Funky Birthday seabatPjorg
diamondmx: Happy Birthday, Funko!
Easilycrazyhat: Math is hard when you get older
dumbo3k: I just turned 28 a couple days ago. had forgotten until the day of when someone randomly messaged me
Aarek: elfunkHeart Happy Birthday!
manfred909: how very adult
STALKERsoldiers: my wife turns 28 in... 1:17 minutes
dumbo3k: or a red dot on a canted mount
Vyous: That packet loss is the serves. : /
Tikosh_: north west end of the map
Tikosh_: blue fence is invisible sniper
Tikosh_: you are
diamondmx: Check your compass.
Tikosh_: south for scav bunker
Xenguin47: Blowout soon, fellow scavver.
Aarek: T-plug for dominance
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
PsychoI3oy: late night gun fight
manfred909: leave and try to find a better server?
TheInnsanity: Tarkov decided to put you on AUS servers so Funko would feel more at home
AlchemicalPanda: t plug in the secured, or does it need FIR?
Aarek: just taking someones lunch
AlchemicalPanda: Just checking
BootySlapper: blind tetris
JqlGirl: In soviet union, packet loses you
PsychoI3oy: did that actually go into your pack? looked red at the end
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tearsofpirates: tarkov lrr stream? wowee never thought i'd see that
Juliamon: tearsofpirates All this month!
Juliamon: (And possibly more, since James seems to be really enjoying it)
VacillantVarlet: lol, it changed the printing on the outside of the scope!
Tikosh_: it did.. it changed between 1x and 4x
tearsofpirates: oooh TIL
j3573rblack: shift right click
FoxFyr: alt?
FoxFyr: alt+right
Tikosh_: should be alt
Saintnex: Its alt, you can see the scope model change
jetpixi: heyhey! how's it goin?
HarmonisedMelody: Oh gods, what a delight to come onto Twitch in Australia and see a stream!
BootySlapper: got 'em runnin scared
j3573rblack: @HarmonisedMelody weird isn't it
diamondmx: Woot. Found a million ruble key on a scav run. Scary 2 minutes trying to get out.
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HarmonisedMelody: Wow, a stream in Australian times, what a treat!
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BootySlapper: lots of shotguns
HarmonisedMelody: We may never know how or why!
BootySlapper: time to unroll the fruit roll-up
diamondmx: I wonder how vulgar the scav's tirade is?
diamondmx: I already know what "suka" means, thanks to Tarkov. :)
Tikosh_: I guess it does not really work because James' setting is hold right click to zoom and you have to press alt and right click to change zoom.. but for that he has to right click again which stops the scope usage
manfred909: Tarkov having bad keybinds shocking
diamondmx: Well, hold right click to ADS is pretty weird.
BootySlapper: their UI stuff is a mess right round
Tikosh_: the keybinds are pretty good to be honest. way more configurable than in other games
CaptainSpam: I can only assume from the damage-o-meter that James's arm and leg have snapped clean away.
BootySlapper: you can do surgery on yourself Dr. House style its great
LathosTiran: James, now with authentic battle damage!
AlchemicalPanda: A stapler is involved
BootySlapper: pressing a little lever on the back of james and he does a karate chop
Tikosh_: check extracts to check if somebody took it already
DoodlestheGreat: Was that a mine?
HarmonisedMelody: So what's the closest analog to this game someone who hasn't heard of it might recognise?
El_Funko: !whatstarkov
HarmonisedMelody: Neat, thanks for that!
BootySlapper: !whatistarkov
HarmonisedMelody: !whatstarkov
LathosTiran: !help
manfred909: mod only?
ritchards: !tarkov
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
HarmonisedMelody: !whatistarkov
diamondmx: It's a mod only command
62MGcobra: that packet loss
PsychoI3oy: !whomsttarkovs
HarmonisedMelody: Currently mods only?
ritchards: !whatistarkov
JqlGirl: !whencetarkov
Lord_ZYRK: Mod Funko or RIOT TableHere
TheInnsanity: !howistarkov
Phailhammer: !hoestarkov
Phailhammer: oops
Tikosh_: !cheekibreeki
DoodlestheGreat: !waitingforgotarkov
diamondmx: @TheInnsanity Finally, someone cares.
HarmonisedMelody: What a cool person from a cool country working with Internet Cool Guy James Turner!
EOstby: !FirstOffHowTarkovSecondWhatGivesTarkovTheRight
LathosTiran: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out
El_Funko: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear For more in depth details check out
LathosTiran: ha
HarmonisedMelody: Thanks Lathos!
Tikosh_: how did you do it in the same second :D
BootySlapper: good job everyone
diamondmx: Thanks Lathos. Funko, no need to spam :P
Tikosh_: it has warn signs so I never went through it
LathosTiran: help page, mod list, serch
DoodlestheGreat: Nothing yet. I think it'll be an exit to a different map eventually.
Tikosh_: incoming stash
diamondmx: Ah, so you're dropping packets on twitch chat, too?
Tikosh_: already past it
Tikosh_: at the upcoming extract is a stash too
BootySlapper: the gulps and yelps are very saddening
Saintnex: Tarkov, like life, is sometimes about making the best of a bad situation... or in this case, getting the heck away from said bad situation
BootySlapper: :(
Tikosh_: completely wrong side of the map
HarmonisedMelody: So it looks like Rust/Arma, aiming for realism in some/many areas
HarmonisedMelody: Neat!
Aarek: Just got out factory gate Kappa
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ritchards: eh, worse case, you die
FoxFyr: we could try to do a factory gate run one day and have a bunch of chat members rush the gate and agree not to murder each other
affinityartifacts: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3
JqlGirl: Hi Olivia!'
BootySlapper: we're practically going to mt. doom
EOstby: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
RockPusher: The wiggliest of witches!
Shavemepeachez: is .366 ap any good?
BootySlapper: @Shavemepeachez yeah its quite nice. at long range its a bit slow.
Aarek: yeah parts of woods are pretty deserted
stizzet: lol was going to bed, but now have to see the end of this great escape
BootySlapper: same stizzet lol
stizzet: lol!
Tikosh_: also many trees from where an enemy can pop out and shoot you
diamondmx: Once he gets out of this match, is there any way for James to make sure the next match isn't like this too?
LathosTiran: server choice
FoxFyr: god these frames
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noskinnopain: that's two years!
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RockPusher: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
RockPusher: !findquote vaseline
LRRbot: Quote #6333: "Did you touch the ceremonial Vaseline?" —Serge [2019-08-16]
manfred909: ?
JqlGirl: !vaseline
Aarek: don't follow the powerlines all the way, they go into mines
BootySlapper: and who said tarkov isn't generous?
JqlGirl: insurance fraud!
BootySlapper: i stole someone's insurance fraud armor today because they left it right on top of the stash!
Saintnex: can we drop it in the middle of the river? that seems like a place most people wouldnt look?
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CaptainSpam: Nice pleasant day, though.
Saintnex: Just a pleasant stroll through the forest filled with the sounds of James' avatar grunting in pain
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Lord_Hosk: PING TICK (tarkov grenade noise)
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DoodlestheGreat: So, this raid has truly become A Learning Experience.
Lord_Hosk: A LRRning experience
BootySlapper: i feel like everyone's had a raid like this, and then on the raid immediately after you run out of energy/hydration
Aarek: yeah the north from what I saw
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
Lord_ZYRK: Hail Hydro
Aarek: is all new
BootySlapper: yay we're at the bunker
Lord_ZYRK: So you can go longer without food than you can without water 🤔
manfred909: Squaash is hydro netrual
BootySlapper: if only we had some squash, the perfect food
Aarek: yeah we have a can of squash I think
TheInnsanity: tape? Tape!? TAAAAAAPE!?!?
Lord_ZYRK: But you don't understand! You can stick things to OTHER THINGS!
Aarek: take the knife
BootySlapper: ah yes crisis averted time to loot immediately
FoxFyr: throw stuff in the triton and take it?
BootySlapper: you escaped the server and got an ice cream cone hooray!
stizzet: wow!
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GoblinRanger: Victory!
TheInnsanity: 34:39
Lord_Hosk: You missed my sub
kuugrr: thank you!
Lord_Hosk cries
BootySlapper: was some good suspenseful watchin' elfunkPopcorn
DoodlestheGreat: Well, at least you got those T-plugs....
JqlGirl: is the t-plug ready yet?
JqlGirl: HORSE
DoodlestheGreat: WAIT
Tikosh_: Prapor 2 sells SP-5
Tikosh_: 20 round mags are real cheap on the flea
BrindleBoar: In and out, six minute raid... fifty minutes later
BootySlapper: i love interchange scav runs. probably my favorite place. reserve is cool too.
dumbo3k: I feel good, just did a scav woods run, got out with a bitcoin among other great stuff
Tikosh_: Ugh.. I just used the ingame notes to write down prices for tech and construction stuff.. and the scavs don't share the notes :|
JqlGirl: oh we're press. time for a hard hitting "interview"
BootySlapper: that's the meme 1 armor helmet that looks like the good ones
Lord_Hosk: Dear Diary, I shot a boi today... and then I looted some stuff, tomorrow I might do the same.
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JqlGirl: wait. why didn't we kill that guy?
Silver__Light: cam says hi
Lord_Hosk: a raid!
ghyllnox: o/
Luminaire_p: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
Tikosh_: A wild Cam!
Lord_ZYRK: Take it all you dirty, dirty Scav Kreygasm
angryoptimist: Hello raid!
CaptainSpam: Greetings from scenic... TARKOV
AlchemicalPanda: I mean, you have to do another now that Cam is here.
BootySlapper: a wizard on the moon?!
scratchmonkey: "this is where you ate the mayo" sounds...questionable
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ampinstein: 😎
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Simriel: A wizard FROM the moon.
angryoptimist: That sounds kinda Fate/Nasuverse-y.
Aarek: such is life in the zone
Lord_ZYRK: It is the Tarkov way
MrPhlip: ew, I can't imagine just drinking a jar of mayo, it sounds awful. It's not even carbonated.
Simriel: So does James only have a shotgun?
Lord_ZYRK: We can fix that last part, Phlip
Tikosh_: I remember the old times when dc'd players were invulnerable. You run past one and they reconnect and shoot you in the back
FoxFyr: @MrPhlip we could play "will it sodastream"
Simriel: So what is a 'scav'
BootySlapper: @Simriel he's playing as a scavenger right now so he's got some random sketchy gear
Lord_ZYRK: Be vewwy vewwy quiet. . . .I'm hunting PMC's huhuhuhuhuh
diamondmx: I think they might shoot you in PUBG too
Simriel: How many players are in a Tarkov game?
BootySlapper: 4-15 ish
BootySlapper: depends on the map
BootySlapper: and after people start dying human players can spawn in mid-way s scavengers
Lord_ZYRK: Ugh, why do bullet only come in pack of eight when buns always come in pack of twelve?!
Simriel: I should get this game.
BootySlapper: thats how they get you Lord_ZYRK
dumbo3k: no you do turn in
Tikosh_: you have to find both before turning them in
dumbo3k: but you need both at the same time
dumbo3k: can't do partial turn in
Banrael: cheer200
Banrael: Now for bed. G'night y'all!
BootySlapper: oof that stash upgrade costs 3.5m huh?
FoxFyr: Is it worth getting the version upgrade for the extra space alone?
Tikosh_: 100 extra slots benginDab
BootySlapper: no wonder you were saving up
BootySlapper: @FoxFyr its a lot of money, but you can do the upgrade after you purchase the game. so if you really like the game you can just get it later
RockPusher: Thank you James lrrHEART Thank you Funko elfunkHeart
FoxFyr: yeah, i'm over 100 hours in and its a real consideration but pretty steep. I'm looking at the mid price tiers and none of them seem as relevant as the highest one
SytYoshi: Thanks for the stream.
rucdoc: sleep well james, have a good day funko
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge play Minecraft. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PST (10:22 from now).
DoodlestheGreat: See you folks later!
angryoptimist: Thanks for the cool stream!
Lord_ZYRK: fastbois seabatTROG
ritchards: !funko
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
RockPusher: lrrDOTS elfunkHeart lrrARROW
Tikosh_: already doing that
BootySlapper: done elfunkHeart and done
Aarek: lrrDOTS elfunkHeart lrrARROW
RockPusher: elfunkPopcorn
ritchards: !schedule
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dumbo3k: <3
GoblinRanger: Gnight and thanks
Easilycrazyhat: gnight!
Tikosh_: Do you have a Wii U at the Moonbase?
FoxFyr: lrrHEART elfunkHeart
Phailhammer: cya :)
ritchards: !patreon
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ritchards: !youtube
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LoadingReadyRun: We do not @Tikosh_
Lord_Hosk: !whatstarkov
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out
Tikosh_: bummer
PsychoI3oy: And now back to the vod to watch the first 2 hours
Tikosh_: Same :D (and the rest of the last episode)