TheDailyMapleSyrup: Tarkov, Tarkov, Tarkov... there will be no escape!
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL
Godeke: lrrSIGNAL
TheDailyMapleSyrup: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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Electrodyne: @loadingreadyrun Thanks for making this and other streams available in 480 resolution so I can avoid ISP overages :D
TheAwkes: Such volume.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Tarkov! :)
Shirts_: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
LurkerSpine: woot
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lemmel: 2 Weeks ago I picked this game up, thanks for introducing me to it!
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LordShadner: lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
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Kuolar: Ah yes, the servers going down
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BrindleBoar: turbo rip'd
FoxFyr: same, lost a propane tank and sniper mosin due to teh server crash today
RealGamerCow: then people would disconnect their network to cheat the system
Estyl_: true
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ritchards: Hello from a real time zone! (New Zealand!!) ;)
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MWGNZ: yo someone say New Zealand?
LurkerSpine: oh snap brb
DoodlestheGreat: And New Zealand is where Path of Exile is based, which makes Adam happy.
Electrodyne: I tried to buy shares of Australian stock today but the place wanted an extra $50, for my $6 worth of capitalism
HundreydAundre: Sir; your time zone might be real...but you, are a moment shorter than your own.
Dumori: I think they've run this sale before but IDK if every year
HundreydAundre: Now, seriously. where be phone?
FoxFyr: I bought EOD two days ago so seeing the sale today was a bit rough, still think it was worth it though
ChekhovsCannon: Funko is tad quiet
Ritaspirithntr: Or James is too loud
RadicalJulia: agreed
RadicalJulia: better
ChekhovsCannon: Much better
NightWingMistHawk: James, did you do a tweet about the stream? I’m not seeing one in my feed.
Juliamon: It just went out
NightWingMistHawk: Perfect :)
DoodlestheGreat: If you were making the bitcoin farm, you'd need all those wires.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Funko are back with more Tarkov on tonight's Play it Forward! It's the start of week 4 and James is feeling at least 12% more confident in his play since we started this journey. So... PROGRESS! 📷 ||
nevermore913: hey James and funko
SeiichiSin: Good morning James and Funko!
DoodlestheGreat: If only DrLupo were here. Reserve is his faveorite map.
NotLRR: Go Funko, Go Funko, Go Funko, gogo. And James too.
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Dumori: Do that in a bait backpack and snipe who ever loots it
Dumori: last thing they see
NathanJay_GA: putting stuff in a container like that really messes up the player too, since they have to spend extra time searching it
LurkerSpine: okay, tarkov website is super janky
stizzet: don't forget to hot key
Dumori: Also if I open a case and the items are spelling something I dip
NotLRR: Good thing there are no holes in the map.
brainbosh: Ooof, twitch pls gib notifications
Juliamon: brainbosh Not enough time between this and the previous stream for a notif.
Kuolar: Framerate isn't looking too great on stream
Enmity777: framey or is that just me?
NathanJay_GA: yup, same here
LurkerSpine: frames
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkSad
GhostValv: oofa
BrindleBoar: this seems like something to practice in offline... okay then
MWGNZ: rayfkWelp
DoodlestheGreat: WELP
RadicalJulia: jlrrCoolgame
Dumori: Good first raid
NotLRR: I stop being able to regularly watch streams, and Funko went back to MTG. Just my luck.
MAPBoardgames: That's Tarkov, baby!
loomingpanda: unarmeOkay
brainbosh: AH, THAT'S the tarkov experience I know.
RunningMonkeys: do you need to clear space for the scav?
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theonlyangelx: 40? That's nearly as old as you two :3c /s
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AlchemicalPanda: Funko
AlchemicalPanda: Post in discord
AlchemicalPanda: You monster
asthanius: As old as you two combined
theonlyangelx: there's nothing hurtful about being 40 XD
AlchemicalPanda: Because I forgot abouth tonight
theonlyangelx: i for one look forward to it
AlchemicalPanda: And you didn't say its time to tarkov with James
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Feriority: Messier Object M40 is a double star in Ursa Major
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RadicalJulia: @theonlyangelx that's what I did and I love 40!
theonlyangelx: i might feel differently once i get there. i am presently approaching 30 and it is FREAKING me OUT
NotLRR: My dream PPR guests are you, Shivam, and Olivia together. And I’m gonna need you to not publicly nope that.
RadicalJulia: 30s were fantastic. so much better than 20s
Dumori: It's death with in seconds with no defence
RadicalJulia: look forward to eqch d3cade and it feels good
theonlyangelx: counterpoint, in my 20s i got sober and transitioned, which is pretty... what do the kids say? Pogs?
MWGNZ: put all that time in to getting and assembling a kit and didnt get to use it
theonlyangelx: ohai moogz
MWGNZ: hey angel
theonlyangelx: hope you're doing well
Dumori: What a bad stash
RadicalJulia: hahahaha congrats! in your 30s you settle in and ditch the drama and your brain calms down
Enmity777: reminds me of learning fighting games; its helpful to set small goals so you have little victories even if you get rekt
theonlyangelx: @RadicalJulia ok, i'm ready. where can i sign?
rucdoc: morning james, morning Funko
RadicalJulia: in X number of years. it'll come no matter what
RadicalJulia: :)
theonlyangelx: :)
LurkerSpine: downloading Tarkov now. Don't remember the last time I had to go through so many captchas and email verifications to buy a game
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The_Phailhaus: Can you say 10 sub babies, because I can. Don’t forget to check natures pocket, it’s selfwarming
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DoodlestheGreat: This area's definetly been hit.
Mysticman89: how big a difference is there between the absolute best tarkov players and the average player? Are world class players surviving 99% of the time?
MAPBoardgames: I find the fact that this game has PvE, but the E are also players, fascinating.
FoxFyr: Pride69 Survived my first and second PMC runs into factory today! Cleared farming 1 and got a PMC headshot kill in the process, rewatching the vods helped teach me how not to get murdered in there
RadicalJulia: @foxfyr Nice!
PharaohBender27: tqsLurk katesLurk
Dumori: 40-60 assuming you're playing "normal" is good
DoodlestheGreat: Anyone at 100% is a hacker... :tf:
FoxFyr: TransgenderPride elfunkHeart lrrHEART
theonlyangelx: GG @FoxFyr congrats!
brainbosh: Does survival rate mean anything more than braggin rights?
Dumori: I mean you could have a 90% one if all you do is camp extracts
Dumori: brainbosh not at all
gundamschwing: FailFish200 A hundred bits each for two of my favorite post-apocalyptic pals. Thanks for the streams!
manwichcannon: ooh a 1080 ti!
MAPBoardgames: Tis but a scratch. A Scratch?! Your arm's off!
Dumori: Yeah! My fav tarkov AR
NotLRR: Goodnight you two
rucdoc: yeah tarkov pc's are very black knights
brainbosh: I noticed since I last watched Tarov a year ago that flashlights seemed to be important now?
Anexmedia: That right there tells me this game is entirely too real, "I forgot the dot on my red dot sight"
NotLRR: Was definitely talking to y’all. I’m off to not be on twitch for another half month due to my new job
Dumori: You can't swap shoulder in game for what ever reason.
BrindleBoar: Because everyone in Tarkov is right-handed. Although being able to blind-fire right with a pistol would be neat.
Dumori: BrindleBoar I mean you can still shoot "weakside" ect
FoxFyr: Oh man @BrindleBoar now I'm imagining the misery of hot brass down your vest if you could make your character lefty
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Anexmedia: Can confirm hot brass down the shirt is not fun
Dumori: FoxFyr lol
VacillantVarlet: it would be ridiculous but also kind of fun if characters got a randomized handedness upon creation
Dumori: I once got hot bass up the sleeve and it got stuck in my elbow... fun burn
RadicalJulia: so good
Dumori: Tarkov is closer to mill sim than most but yeah
theonlyangelx: yep, sounds like misogyny
ghyllnox: That, and men are no tougher than women :P
Dumori: is that sign selling a brick for 299 rubles?
MWGNZ: sign's gotta make a living too Dumori
Kipstar: it's a real nice brick
PharaohBender27: Also, 299 rubles is like 4 bucks USD as of right now
Dumori: And to think Peacekeeper charges you 124Rubles a Dollar and only accepts payments in dollars what a dirty scammer!
TheInferno390: rip
TheInferno390: I just dropped in at the end of that run, unfortunate to see
brainbosh: At what point would you recommend carrying grenades?
FoxFyr: @brainbosh lvl1 if you can afford them
Dumori: magnum can kill in those 4 shots in stoumach/laggs
FoxFyr: gotta get that throwing skill up
Dumori: leggs*
Dumori: if you get good hits
FoxFyr: no 8 round tube on the shotty?
Dumori: FoxFyr none on the flea
Dumori: We looked
FoxFyr: ahhh, I missed that part
SeiichiSin: Level all the skills!
manwichcannon: will do
Estyl_: let's just not tell them <:)
Estyl_: >:)
manwichcannon: #reallifeproblems
TheInferno390: No raybands for you?
FoxFyr: I didn't like it until I got it back for the third time from insurance lol
NathanJay_GA: is there a strategy where you cload both flashbang shells and regular shell in the same gun
NathanJay_GA: *can load
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Dumori: Lucky!
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
FoxFyr: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
SnackPak_: lrrHORN
Dumori: Last bullet kill!
RadicalJulia: nice!
Dumori: That kill with our last bullet available was clutch
manwichcannon: nice nice
stizzet: did the kills count for the mission?
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RagnorakTres: I come in to the stream and immediately James drops a man in Factory. Been watching the Youtube stuff so it's nice to see this live!
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KodeMage: what are dog tags used before besides weird serial killer trophies?
RagnorakTres: Is there a specific goal this stream, or are we just Thunderdoming in Factory for S&G?
Dumori: mp7s spawn pretty regular on the shelf outside office too
Dumori: get gun/SMG spawns
UncannyJimjams: oh my, Tarkov
Dumori: footies coming....
Dumori: PMC
manfred909: elfunkChunk
DoodlestheGreat: Wait, armor spawned on top of the file cabinets?
BrindleBoar: LUL
Dumori: DoodlestheGreat there's some fixed spawns like that
CompSciJedi: rooD
AlchemicalPanda: LOL
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Dumori: Wow
Gregarious_Potato: that was amazing lol
manwichcannon: close close
Roosevelt: wat
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
RadicalJulia: WOW
BrindleBoar: LUL LUL LUL
Daggothur: is this a zombie game?
AlchemicalPanda: What in that actual hell
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkDab
VacillantVarlet: amazing!
manwichcannon: that knife was hubris
Dumori: that a 5 stack!
ChekhovsCannon: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Gregarious_Potato: continues to be amazing lol
Aarek: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AlchemicalPanda: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
stizzet: lmao wow!
Dergib: James, did you hear what happened to SwS?
Aarek: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Enmity777: LUL
Dumori: we just get 5 stacked?!
KodeMage: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
VacillantVarlet: Escape from Tarkov: Zombies
DoodlestheGreat: Hatchlings.
TheInferno390: omg that was amazing
Joalni: Nice shooting!
aussiebraindoc: well done :)
Max_Mckayful: jeeeez
Mysticman89: oh you just won the tarkov battle royale
Kuolar: Still unsure about that gun James?
Dumori: like they fake fight in dome then faned out for kills
RagnorakTres: James Turner is a very good Player of Video Games and that was awesome to watch
BrindleBoar: I mean that one guy had a backpack, that's not nothing right now
Stoffern: What...where those people trying to do?
LurkerSpine: one of them had a bag
AlchemicalPanda: there was another body
AlchemicalPanda: the first guy, right?
NathanJay_GA: how can we submit that to the tarkov highlights video series?
TheInferno390: The fact that one of them said "You're fucked" and they you obliterated all three of them is hilarious
RagnorakTres: I love that dude who kicked in the door only to catch like three shells with his whole body
Dumori: What a raid
Dumori: ahahaha
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Estyl_: "you're fucked!"
RagnorakTres: I just had a vacation and I watched a lot of Pestily and this while doofing around in FFXIV. I've been considering picking it up but it's one of those games that I suspect I'll enjoy more as a watcher than a player
AlchemicalPanda: lrrSACK
stizzet: that was crazy!
NathanJay_GA: "What are you gonna do, shoot me?" -quote from man shot
Gregarious_Potato: Its funny there can be so many lows in tarkov, but when you get a raid like that where you finish a quest its so rewarding
DoodlestheGreat: IrishPineapple. >_<
Dumori: Maybe I forgot to check the band colours
TheInferno390: oh yah they were
TheInferno390: that was very coordinated
Dumori: the last one fired off the mag and then swaped to knife after
LurkerSpine: is there a hotkey to examine things in the shops?
LurkerSpine: thank you
pblackcoat: Why do you call them "sweat lords"? is it because they're carrying a lot?
Dumori: Look at you ritch in pilers
Firnsarwen: Husband informed me I missed some hot shooting from James, so elfunkChunk jlrrPunch congrats! We'll have fun watching! elfunkPopcorn
manwichcannon: pliers unknown battlegrounds
Dumori: pblackcoat sweaty gamers basically try hard just geared to the nines
manwichcannon: theres clips of it above
El_Funko: @pblackcoat Lol yeah I use it from playing Destiny PVP. Sweaty people = gaming so hard they sweat a lot, I guess?
El_Funko: In Tarkov it's the same as saying someone's juiced up, a sweatlord, a chad, etc. It just means they're wearing expensive, high tier gear
TheInferno390: I'm very glad I tuned in in time to see that. Really made my night
blue_lore: Looks Like James camera is frozen
pblackcoat: yeah, frozen camera
Anexmedia: I think it was Ted Nugent that everyday carries a Glock 18
Anexmedia: because you know, it's a reasonable thing to do
gundamschwing: just the Funko show from here on out
MrQBear: Man, I'm late again to Tarkov Time. Has James finally unlocked his true power and escaped while destroying all obstacles in his way?
JokerBoney: hey @el_funko I know you mentioned before a curiousity about how a Legacy mode or Skav character could be done. what if the Skav reputation and your skav character was more or less your legacy char. so you can have better starts to wipes because you have good skav rep and as you go it gives you more Quality of Life stuff same as buying the special edition
gundamschwing: @mrqbear You missed James go super saiyan
MrQBear: @gundamschwing Dang. Next time.
TheInferno390: @MrQBear Yeah he has by blasting three folks point blank like a pro
pblackcoat: it was pretty great. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he wasn't, in fact, f&$ked
JokerBoney: that's fair. there is more that can be said about it but it's just a thought I had so I was curious to hear your thoughts on it
JokerBoney: yeah 100%
MrQBear: Hot dang, that clip!
gundamschwing: @mrqbear Yea, James is a gamer.
blue_lore: @MrQBear I agree....that was super cool
pblackcoat: Is there a point to starting this far into the wipe? or should I wait to start until later into it?
Firnsarwen: it's a ghost James :D
62MGcobra: it is on sale right now
Dumori: late wipe isn't crazy bad and in some ways it's easyer (as every one isn't rushing the same quests at the same time)
Easilycrazyhat: El_Funko Presents: Play it Forward
RagnorakTres: Funko has consumed James and absorbed his vital essences
blue_lore: Yager? like the Serge?
gundamschwing: LRR Presents: Play it Funkward
Dumori: blue_lore more like Snerg given all the killing he asks of you
blue_lore: @Dumori so not the Serge then....I was thinking this wasn't the type of game Serge would play >.>
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Dumori: I recall eeing one IDK if it game out
pblackcoat: (I just wanted the new badge. ;-)
Anexmedia: Integral suppressors are dope
Firnsarwen: lrrHEART
RagnorakTres: That Glock looks like it belongs in Destiny
Firnsarwen: I'm assuming James knows his face video is non-functional, correct?
pblackcoat: reminds me of Syn
Anexmedia: reminds me of the Maxim 9
pblackcoat: @Firnsarwen yeah, he's cooling his camera down
Firnsarwen: @pblackcoat that makes sense, I was afk for a bit, so I wasn't sure xD
RunningMonkeys: keep talking and no one legos gun modding edition. now that I say that it's probably a bad idea.
Firnsarwen: thanks for the info! :D
LurkerSpine: alright, jumping in with a scav run
RunningMonkeys: gl lurkerspine
pblackcoat: the gun lego part of this game is making me want to really play it enough to get to that point and fiddle about making the 'perfect' gun for myself.
pblackcoat: make the other poor bastard die for their loot, @LurkerSpine
Firnsarwen: good luck @LurkerSpine ! :D
dumbo3k: Love the fortis, though visually I prefer the foregrips that stick out to the side, at like a 45 degree angle
Dumori: Is you 2 days off right El_Funko (I may have lost track of time this last week)
LurkerSpine: lol, I'm having a hard as hell time figuring out where the heck I'm at
Dumori: I just had a day where I couldn't sleep so now all time is lost to me
pblackcoat: @Dumori I hate those
Eggmojii: Hey Funko. I bought Tarkov. Really wish I pulled the trigger on this earlier.
Dumori: pblackcoat in the before times I'd just power though with work and then basicly have to reset in the now I just loose track of time
pblackcoat: Especially when I was working nights and so would normally be going to sleep at liek 10 am
Dumori: ^ yeah I was working shifts on and off during this
Dumori: either waking up at 4am or going to bed at 4am lol
blue_lore: "looked like" xD
dumbo3k: welcome to hell, try the Saury and Slickers! watch out for the chads and rats
Dumori: He didn't look like a champion Funko he became one the King of Factory him self James Turner!
Aarek: @Eggmojii that's pretty much how I felt when I bought it near the beginning of this Play it Forward
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ChekhovsCannon: I had to step away, this is Funko's channel now?
Eggmojii: @Aarek I've been watching Funko and some other friends playing for so long now but I was always too scared to commit :p
Dumori: I mean we might as well keep trucking till we hit a level gate on Gunsmith Quests I think after this is more bitcoin
dumbo3k: I got held up on the RSASS due to price, but once I got my bitcoin mine up and had money, I just chewed thru all the others
DoctorOfBeard: elfunkPopcorn
TheInferno390: This is most definitely not the kind of game I could play (I'm both super competitive and terrible at shooters lol) but you guys make it really fun and relaxing to watch
Dumori: Sounds about right for LL3s
dumbo3k: Tarkov is definitely more relaxing to watch than play, but watching while playing. so many heart attacks watching Funko and someone does the grenade pin drop
Eggmojii: It's just... everything I've wanted out of a FPS.
dumbo3k: but not* watching while playing
Eggmojii: yeah it's bloody hot today
Eggmojii: but not as bad as its been
manfred909: it's been a hot week
ritchards: yeah, it's summer down here, people!
RagnorakTres: so you're saying you are a sweat lord, funko? :P
Tantusar: WallCam!
seanmrwick: hey Funko, hey James
Firnsarwen: wall cam! :D
dumbo3k: I'll pass on that heat, thought today was getting a bit warm, 41 degrees fahrenheit, the snow started melting!
ritchards: is James repurposing Peak Cam?
TheInferno390: I've known summers at that heat, they suck
seanmrwick: I just learned that one of your fellow crew members put a word on Urban Dictioanry
seanmrwick: *dictionary
blue_lore: Looks good
Tantusar: Looks like a camera!
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
lemmel: Looks good!
MAPBoardgames: There's this goofy looking guy in the middle, but the focus is good.
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TheInferno390: Focus is pretty good yah
pblackcoat: "christmas" and "summer" is still one of those things that I can know intellectually and just be confused by every time. :)
seanmrwick: but yeah in all seriousness, Cam actually somehow contributed a word to Urban Dictionary, but I'm not going to tell you what the word is
pblackcoat: (buying Tarkov just now)
Dumori: Have fun pblackcoat
MAPBoardgames: I find it weird that the GUN cost less than many of its parts.
Dumori: MAPBoardgames secondary markets man
DoctorOfBeard: gun surgery
DarkKingKaiser: If you open up the modding screen you can change parts without having to manually take the items off and then put them on
dumbo3k: one of the keys to kiba, the inner grate
manfred909: don't you have a VAL?
pblackcoat: @MAPBoardgames true in the real world too. I can buy an AK for 800 bucks, and then another grand dragging it through a parts catalog
Eggmojii: if I ensure something, how long til I get it back?
DarkKingKaiser: it depends @Eggmojii
Eggmojii: @DarkKingKaiser dont like the sound of that
DoodlestheGreat: Another damned Val gamer...
DarkKingKaiser: Who insured it and how high is your rep with them?
Dumori: Eggmojii depends on who you insure with and like like 16-18 hours off the normal IIRC
DarkKingKaiser: longer than that dumori
dumbo3k: except it only really annoys humans and doesn't slow the bots afaik, just like the constantly shifting craft menues
Dumori: is it been a while since I stoped assuming tomorrow tbh
JadedCynic: Just peeking in as I'm turning in for bed; thanks for the fun I'll have watching the VOD and happy hunting, James & Funko!
DarkKingKaiser: Typically with less than 1 rep with prapor it can take 20-22 hours
GhostValv: D:
TheInferno390: D:
Easilycrazyhat: This is an abomination
Aarek: I've seen worse abominations, but this is pretty bad
Zhalkir: it uses a pretty wierd caliber, 9x39
DarkKingKaiser: There is an uglier one you make
JadedCynic: my god, who put the underslung rifle on that huge Mag-Lite? LUL
MrQBear: It's one of the new accessories they're trying out. next, the mag-lite bayonet.
xekonas: Good morning from Germany!
pblackcoat: @Zhalkir big, heavy, slow. means it's subsonic but still hits like a thing that hits hard. :)
JadedCynic: if you're going to push the gun:attachments ratio that far, why not just attach a motor and a tripod and turn it into an automated turret!
DarkKingKaiser: Farming part 4 is worth doing, it will unlock quests that give you enough bitcoins to buy your gpus back and also give you a graphics cards
DoodlestheGreat: Running Kiba is something you need to be careful with.
JadedCynic: obviously that was a special request by some high-paying special customer of the mission-giver vendor - some drug boss with more money than sense, and they want a 'COOL' gun (that turns out to be impractical, if not just unsuable ;) )
Dumori: Need that Jager rep... QQ
JadedCynic: found a GPU? Which merchant do I need to get in touch with to put in an order? :D
58 raiders from wiggins have joined!
Izandai: 'Sup nerds?
Gormlessben: mattlrHeart mattlrHeart
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
TheAinMAP: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
TwitchTVsFrank: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
DoodlestheGreat: Hey, Wigglers.
TheInferno390: hello raid
ritchards: Hi Wigglers!
TwitchTVsFrank: elfunkPopcorn
ritchards: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
Easilycrazyhat: Welcome residents of the Eternal March. Almost at your anniversary, eh?
Izandai: That continues to not be our community name. NotLikeThis
Gormlessben: mattlrHeck
lion000000000000: Can we be the lrrillions?
SeiichiSin: This really makes me want to play some kind of shooter game like this, but I just don't want the PvP aspect.
DarkKingKaiser: A handy tip I learned is that you should buy keys. Keys will always make your runs better and give you things to focus on, like going to KIBA, or doing a resort run
DoodlestheGreat: Would you prefer wig-outs? :tf:
Easilycrazyhat: @lion000000000000 No, we're LRRlers
Izandai: No
Izandai: We're Chatt
lion000000000000: Trust me chat, it's fun to say "lrrililion"
Izandai: Just Chatt
Zhalkir: put the bullets in the gun?
Zhalkir: ah
Aarek: Clearly need to load mags with a tracer round ever like 3rd or 4th round, like they sometimes do for full auto weapons.
SeiichiSin: Oooh, that is a cool idea.
DarkKingKaiser: For woods you should definitely grab a zb-14 key and check both the bunkers. Water filters and fuel cans can spawn down in them, and both of them are worth their size. Just a tip
FoxFyr: @Aarek I manually did that into a 75 round drum the other day, and I can't say I'd do it again for the noveltly lol
pblackcoat: So taking a mosin 91/30 into some woods along the baltic sea. Strong Simo energy.
LurkerSpine: whelp i died lol
Zhalkir: One thing I like in arma 3 is the mags that have the last 5 rounds be tracers, so you know when to reload
FoxFyr: propane tanks are like 100k now its crazy
DoodlestheGreat: Water filters usually remain valuable throought a wipe, thanks to making moonshine.
DarkKingKaiser: You can craft those mags, it's 4 of the 30 round ak mags and a kek tape
DarkKingKaiser: ZB-16 is just a valuable as zb-14. I got an expeditionary fuel can and water filter, they got 2 60 round mags, and a golden star. Rng at it's finest
Tantusar: nah you can totally eat pliers
DarkKingKaiser: If he had hit the scav it would have shot back at him
Dandinstorm12: What up chat
Dandinstorm12: hey James
Dandinstorm12: hey Funko
MAPBoardgames: I think you don't. I think you removed it.
TheAwkes: Unless I missed you adding cash while messing with the keys, you don't.
Dandinstorm12: 40m
Tantusar: fuck
Tantusar: you know there'll be shots and they still get ya
Dumori: Spicy!
Dandinstorm12: breathe
DarkKingKaiser: Sv-98, SKS, OP-SKS, Remington 700, Mosin, VPO, SVDS, Vepr Hunter, and the VSS spawn on sniper scavs. If I remember correctly at least. I've found all but the VSS if my memory is correct
TheInferno390: Dodge and weave! Dodge and weave!
thefightnerd: Award for most improved Tarkover: James Turner
Lord_Hosk: The wooden ones are the good ones, the ones that look dilapidated are the bad ones.
Dandinstorm12: you know what they say about SKS and woods
LurkerSpine: I think I found the land mines in the woods...
Dandinstorm12: good shots
RagnorakTres: Nice!
ChekhovsCannon: e elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
dumbo3k: oh noice
Tantusar: hunter to hunted
Dumori: Get out my woods!
RagnorakTres: Good shit, James
Thanimal: nice
manfred909: Vodka red bull yeah party time
Dumori: Silly FUNKO every one plays Tarkov solo
Dumori: :P
MrQBear: James' rig is almost toast, too. Wow.
MAPBoardgames: reload?
ghyllnox: I like the idea that it takes so long for things to come back from insurance because the NPCs have to search the bushes, corners, and junk piles to try and figure out where you threw your stuff
AlchemicalPanda: Jesus
Ammondale: i think we should go
TheInferno390: Surprise!
Lysander_Gustav: Hello folks
Dandinstorm12: lrrEFF
Dandinstorm12: riPepperonis
TheInferno390: rip
Lysander_Gustav: pistols at dawn
dumbo3k: if they weren't in your secure case, then they are gone
Tantusar: Can't confirm a kill if you don't make it back!
Firnsarwen: Good run, though.. that was pretty crazy! :D Time for us to head to bed, goodnight everyone, have a good rest of the stream
Firnsarwen: ! lrrHEART elfunkHeart jlrrPillow
manfred909: elfunkSad
dumbo3k: the bullet penetrated his audio
Lord_Hosk: Sometimes he just needs to take a short break
AlchemicalPanda: Hosk just scared him with a grenade sound effect and he froze
Lord_Hosk: lol
RunningMonkeys: don't forget to turn off the power before the end of the ep
gundamschwing: Night everyone! Thanks for the stream James and Funko.
MAPBoardgames: I guess you craft stuff while sitting on the can?
dumbo3k: 3 60 round mags for the quest I think
dumbo3k: I was very happy that they dropped Private Clinic from 2 Opthalmascopes to only one
dumbo3k: Yeah, I started doing woods cache runs hoping to find one, also checking the two known spawns too. ended up just finding it on a player who died to an AI scav on my way to the exit
Kuolar: Make some space?
dumbo3k: I ended up keeping the cases, splitting up the different calibers, and labeled them
TheAwkes: Fisher glock as in Sam Fisher, maybe?
MAPBoardgames: Did you want to put 10,000R in your docs case?
dumbo3k: The food cooler is totally worth, saved a lot of room for me
Dumori: Food, nades, mags?
Dumori: Nott huge but would be more space effeicent than the rigs
coachNelly: just got here
Dumori: Hey coachNelly
coachNelly: why is this game more fun than valorant?
coachNelly: sell me pretty streamers <3
dumbo3k: pistol case could hold 6 60 rounds mags, so 360 ammo, which is a lot of money
coachNelly: OooooOOOOoooh
Aarek: some good shooting
Dumori: Cause every raid is an adrenalin rush in potentia
Kuolar: it's also 20% off right now
Dumori: It's on sale for 2 days 20% off thats my bad bad sales pitch
blue_lore: "bigger,stronger,faster"
coachNelly: whoa i got a real answer interactive tv is here #future
dumbo3k: doesn't sound like he's wearing ears
RagnorakTres: Twitch: Interactive Television From The Future
dumbo3k: probably interior of mall, outside IDEA
Lord_Hosk: The game is hard, but you can hire an aussie to help guide you for the low low price of... I don't know... a Jar of Veggimite and a shrimp for barbie? I don't know what minimum wage in Australia is. There is my bad sales pitch.
Tikosh_: *flops into chat*
coachNelly: i'm already lost. plot of this game is intense
AlchemicalPanda: And, if you set it up right, Hosk will trigger sounds to simulate a grenade to terrify you.
BartholemewTheKitten: The minimum wage in Aus is 1 can of bush chook/hr
snowmonkey99: I thought Funko was getting paid in canned peas
Dumori: IDK man could have been a player scav with badloot
Lord_Hosk: Pee wet
Dumori: Super hard to tell if the don't get much loot yet
RunningMonkeys: is it known how long the game will be on sale? I'm thinking about trying it out but don't want to get it until I get my project for this week done.
Lord_Hosk: coachNelly Im not gonna lie, the game is DENSE
AlchemicalPanda: There was a body back by the start of the large room, before you got to the cash registers.
Dumori: RunningMonkeys 2 days IIRC 23-25 I think the tweet said
coachNelly: always take the stripes
Lord_Hosk: RunningMonkeys 2 days
Dumori: it's basicly Russian Memorial Day
RunningMonkeys: dang. I'll try to get my project done tomorrow then but probably unlikely. :/
Dumori: "We will keep 20% off for two days: from February 23, 2021 at 00:01 (Moscow time) to February 24, 2021 at 23:59 (Moscow time)"
doodlord2: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
FoxFyr: I got a graphics card on that shelf yesterday and then died to an aggro player scav
AlchemicalPanda: unchecked body in this room on the other side, you walked over it hunting
Dumori: RunningMonkeys I mean if your set on picking up Tarkov I've only ever seen a 25% sale once so this is best you'll get untill probably Xmas but I get the pain of not wanting a distraction or needing a freelance payment ect
AlchemicalPanda: There is one more ahead and a little right
MAPBoardgames: Just like in real life, to get a graphics card, you need to be willing to shoot someone in the head.
Dumori: Tarkov is tantalising in a weird way it really get's hooks into you
Dumori: AAA wouldn't the feel bads are too feel bad thus Risky for I think any AAA publisher
PsychoI3oy: I'm still shocked this is all done in Unity
Dumori: PsychoI3oy there's nothing wrong with Unity (other than the odd engine bug)
Dumori: ^most of them are long fixed too
nyquister_: Hardcore modes in Action RPGs???
PsychoI3oy: I'm not saying Unity's bad, just I haven't seen any other games look this good that use it
RetroHibiscus: the only big negative is that it's a hard sell with how stream compression hates this game
PsychoI3oy: usually for FPS it's Unreal or Source or somethign
Dumori: Yeah I know your the reality of Tarkov but making this a ptich to a big publisher you'd get a hell no.
RetroHibiscus: so the visual experience is undersold
AlchemicalPanda: I would love a tarkov like that goes places other than (just) Russia. So you can see different surroundings.
Dumori: PsychoI3oy I mean this game's been in dev longer than I think Unreal was "free" for devs
DoodlestheGreat: Hideoute stuff.
coachNelly: nice work!
coachNelly: you won! i still don't understand! :D
coachNelly: wait we have VODs?
Tikosh_: I rather have BSG do this and not a triple A studio. BSG doesn't have to rush any production goals as way to many companies do
MrQBear: Wait, Slug -> Butterfly? I'm not sure that's how that works, Funko.
Dumori: coachNelly I'd 100% look at the first episode on youtube just for the opening explainng the game and how it plays
dumbo3k: missed the opportunity to say he grew from a hatchling
nyquister_: In Australia, slugs become butterflies
coachNelly: rad. will do @Dumori
AlchemicalPanda: Put the money in your docs
RunningMonkeys: slug-> butterfly sounds like a pokemon
AlchemicalPanda: Before you forget
Lord_ZYRK: "This Tarkov's for BABIES"
Dumori: Tikosh_ I wouldn't mid a AA studio to pick up this "space" but IDK what the formula would be as you can't do "STALKEResque" with Tarkov being big and STALKER 2 slated for soon(tm)
Eggmojii: FromSoft or Atlus. lets go
Dumori: *mind
Tikosh_: Jaeger reset in ~2 minutes
Dumori: FromSoft but it's an ArmouredCore game!
AlchemicalPanda: James, money, docs. For the safer exits
Spacecarl: bows and magic arrows!
Dumori: ArmouredCore Tarkov! give me MECHA
RagnorakTres: ArmouredCore!Tarkov sounds absolutely spectacular and now I want it
SeiichiSin: Melee netcode sounds... Scary.
Aarek: Dark Souls 1 has great netcode, if you like getting backstabbed out of nowwhere
Dumori: RagnorakTres IDK how it would work but also I mean there's enough mech customisition games out there to get an idea
blue_lore: Have you seen Valheim? it is kinda like a fantasy version of this
Dumori: I kinda want Tarkov but the super indepth Mech building rules from Battletech
RagnorakTres: Oh my lord that sounds so good
Dumori: Where nearly every part and weight balance matters, just so I can go for 37 RLs on an Urbie
RagnorakTres: Integrated suppressor
dumbo3k: silencer
AlchemicalPanda: Damnit Dumori... why did you have to remind me Battletech exists... I need an indepth mech building system in my life
dumbo3k: it has a mount on the bottom for a light or laser
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda I'm sorry, NOT sorry.
Tikosh_: Jaeger just reset benginDab
Dumori: also AlchemicalPanda behold this "bad idea" of a mech
Dumori: If you fired all at once you're more or less gonna blow up your mech from the heat....
dumbo3k: I'm using the wallets I've found to store my keycards I find
coachNelly: good stream! thanks for the tips
AlchemicalPanda: Lovely
Dumori: 34 single shot rocket packs
Dumori: Good stream folks
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda also stomp temping me with running a full Battletech RPG/Wargame thing where all the PCs play as mercs
Dumori: I just don't know if I can deal with the GM load that classing BTRPG gives
AlchemicalPanda: Look, all I'm saying is I want to play a game where the risk reward of mercing other mechs to make some sort of frankin-mech is the main decision path.
TheAwkes: Dumori, if you want slightly lighter weight mech TTRPG action there's Lancer...
Tikosh_: The 60 rounds mags for Ice cream cones must be fir
Dumori: TheAwkes already in a Lancer game and doesn't quite scratch the same itch of say 3025-3060s BT
RagnorakTres: Hey, thanks for the stream! It was good to catch this live, I'm not usually able to see streams.
AlchemicalPanda: Hell @Dumori the Eberron game I'm in right now is that with an airship. It's a monster and I love it.
pblackcoat: You're logging off right as I'm logging in for the absolutely first time. :)
AlchemicalPanda: Labs run! labs run!
DoodlestheGreat: Do something really memey, like a KS-23 raid.
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda exactly pre/near clan invasion BattleTech is slavage from the battel feild was/is vaild part of the merc payment with how smashed the industiral base got
Tikosh_: *squints eyes* bitcoin are tanking hard ingame..
Dumori: phoenix_x85x as in a wipe, we don't know likely mid year but BSG don't work to a set timeline
pblackcoat: @Tikosh_ it dropped 3k USD from yesterday to today
phoenix_x85x: sweet thx
pblackcoat: IRL
Tikosh_: oh no, my tarkov money D:
Kuolar: I heard lasers also make your hipfire grouping smaller
dumbo3k: ctrl plus aim down sight button
Basic_Human_Decency: Kappa
pblackcoat: sunday it was at 57k and according to coinbase it's at $50k
manfred909: it's James hold to ads that causes problems
manfred909: or not
Dumori: Kuolar they do if on.
AlchemicalPanda: @Dumori, is BT like traveler where you mechanically run through your character's life?
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda I'm not 100% on the verious ways you set up player characters in BattletechRPG
Dumori: But yeah the RPG is for out of mech stuff and then MechCombat is use the Battletech wargame rules
DoodlestheGreat: See you gents later.
Lord_Hosk: !funko
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at
Lord_ZYRK: James's most POWERFUL gamer moment
pblackcoat: why does it slow down right here?
pblackcoat: it seems like time slows down?
Dumori: But AlchemicalPanda I've not played the RPG ever and the table top has been years and is COMPLEXED
pblackcoat: Also, welcome to the highlight reel
AlchemicalPanda: Fair. I now have to dig into this
Lord_ZYRK: The drugs have kicked in, pblackcoat. Just relax, and everything will be fine.
ritchards: Schedule has March 7 as last Tarkov
ritchards: *March 6
ritchards: !live
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pblackcoat: yeah, in the clip everything was moving much slower
ritchards: !yt
Lord_Hosk: Beej loves it when you point to the sign!
Phailhammer: cya :)
dumbo3k: bye!
pblackcoat: I'm gonna go die as a scav again. :)
Dumori: AlchemicalPanda I know for the wargame there's a HUGE community discord for all things BattleTech videogames to books and it has a teaching folks the wargame sherpa thingy for both how to remote and also just how the rules be but I've not looked into it
Dumori: The RPG is IIRC a d100 thingy
Dumori: We turned off the genny before that scav run right?
Juliamon: I sure hope so
El_Funko: He did yeah
Dumori: El_Funko I was like 75% I saw that
Juliamon: my router decided to have a bit of a fit at the top of the hour and got itself settled just in time for the end of the stream
Juliamon: (aka James watching a clip of his sweet kills)
Juliamon: whoever did that clip, cheers for getting the taunt at the start, it really makes it
Juliamon: g'night folks