CorkyProductions: Wht
ElektroTal: what wthahahaha
SnowbirdMike: wow
Dmc3628: K
underhill33: My god
Dog_of_Myth: OH SNAP
niccus: well
PaperDoopliss: How did God pass that?
Juliamon: UHHHHHH
Dmc3628: Deal
TotallyNotaBeholder: I'm sorry? What
CaptainSpam: V O R I N C L E X
A_Dub888: WAT
Field94: yo what?
Gaytanic_Panic: noleLG serfYell noleLG serfYell noleLG serfYell
HundreydAundre: Infinity Vorns...
Rogue_07: @MegaDosX benginFingers
RandomTrivia: We can mark this down as the 3-0 deck then
ElektroTal: twhat int hefuc
control_rig: Who passed Vorinclex
sheer_falacy: someone who wasn't in green at all?
TotallyNotaBeholder: What did they take?
Uzumaki15: Who PASSED THAT!?!?!?!
Dmc3628: PAID actors
F1SHOR: where was this pack in my sealed arena open!
dividesBy0: From Arena Open
r10pez10: the other vorinclex
xantos69: Astounding skill in play here.
Gaytanic_Panic: bozeJ bozeJ bozeJ
Field94: lrrJUDGE my opponent passed vorinclex?!?
ElektroTal: they better have gotten a demon bolt or something
RandomTrivia: Someone who already owns 4 copies passed that
Nukified: someone really didn't want green
HundreydAundre: But luck > skill, sir!
control_rig: Active Gaming
MegaDosX: I mean, by the same token, the last draft I did my P3P2 was a goddamn Tergrid, so.
ElektroTal: PILLAR
SnowbirdMike: So Graham wins and you all can go home early.
RayFK: The man is actively gaming, and it's frankly uncomfortable
vellebastet: hmm.. Should I get into online Magic, Chat?
MegaDosX: That pillar is spooky
Rogue_07: Graham's deck is going to be *brutal*
Sibwow: imagine if you had that jorn though
RandomTrivia: This deck is absolutely unreasonable
Sage0fMadness: Pillar for sure, just stall til Vore
Sage0fMadness: LUL
qegixar: Battle of Frost and Fire is too good to pass
circusofkirkus: path to the world tree
Sage0fMadness: Graham is getting FED
Dog_of_Myth: Avalanche Caller is nuts if unchecked
qegixar: Wraths win games
xantos69: The greed play is Battle of Frost and Fire. That card is unreasonable in this format.
Rogue_07: Does Fynn combo with Vorinclex?
circusofkirkus: skull raid?
HundreydAundre: I like how Graham is in Junk colours with just one tree path. The first times I've drafted this I ended up in Sultai as well.
Relentless_Bread: too much talking over each other
RayFK: How does it feel to have 3 voices repeating "Snow land" directly into your ears Graham?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL A "Zombie Berserker" is tricky. Zombies already don't really care about their own wellbeing
control_rig: "I'm you, but better"
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ElektroTal: Just call me Ingmar because i'm a Berg-man
FionasGotIT: lrrGRAHAM, what does it feel like to be the best drafter in the world?
HundreydAundre: @control_rig : U's week! @control_rig again: I"M YOU!
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MegaDosX: Wouldn't that be hilarious if somehow everyone in this draft but Graham was in chat
UWDJohn: that weigh down went way down in the draft.
Sage0fMadness: @ElektroTal breyaDisappoint LUL
ChippTunes: It was us all along
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Joalni: Serge, chat isn't organized enough to give Graham a deck like this.
Juliamon: If you're the one who passed Vorinclex, you have to tell us what you picked
Relentless_Bread: raven wings out
MegaDosX: You can do the same thing with any of the filters in the search field, but this is probably the most universally useful
circusofkirkus: broken wings is sideboard?
HundreydAundre: @Juliamon Drafts halve invites now!!???
ChippTunes: Wait someone passed Vorinclex? I thought that was pack 3 pick one.
DiscordianTokkan: Flying Vorinclex is P. Good
xantos69: Raven Wings closes games hard with a Lindwurm
qegixar: You don't need help in late game
Vampyre_Lord: raven wings on vorinclex sounds fine
DeM0nFiRe: Huh, I opened some prerelease kits for kaldheim, none of the promo cards had the date stamp
Field94: now all I can think of is vorinclex off the top rope
Rogue_07: Don't need the Broken Wings when you have a broken *deck*, amirite?
RandomTrivia: Yeah, you know what's better than a Vorinclex? A FLYING Vorinclex
Juliamon: HundreydAundre No. It was a joke.
MegaDosX: @DiscordianTokkan Flying Vorinclex sounds terrifying, thanks for the mental image :p
ixidor_: nelson....
HundreydAundre: @Juliamon Oh, well they should anyway...
Rogue_07: I might not run the snow-covered plains or mountain?
Rogue_07: It doesn't seem worth the hit to the manabase for the offchance we can activate Path
xantos69: Lose Koma's don't want to mill your unstoppable bombs
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL This Vorinclex in a VorinFLEX
MegaDosX: Paul pls
A_Dub888: !card vorinclex, the
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MTGRanger: wait.... Not only did fancy Vorinclex get passed, it WHEELED?
SnowBuddy18: EZ game EZ life
ElektroTal: hey @LoadingReadyRun you guys should promote Tolarian's fundraiser
circusofkirkus: MTGRanger was P2P2
Goombill: Vorinclex was Pick 2 Pack 3
SnowBuddy18: @MTGRanger no, it was pick 2
MegaDosX: @MTGRanger The card only has fancy art because this account has it, but yes, someone passed Vorinclex in pack 3
HundreydAundre: @Juliamon 10K Gold/ 1.5 Gems for a draft. It'd be nice to share an Arena Table with a friend for free.
RandomTrivia: Here's where Nelly loads up a 40-card constructed deck and *STILL* loses to Graham's nonsense deck
HundreydAundre: @Juliamon It make no sense other than to encourage friends list play.
TwitchTVsFrank: coachn3Thankscoach
Sibwow: what about you'rewelcomecoach
circusofkirkus: that was a ridiculous deck
Nukified: but now you must coach someone
MegaDosX: Adam's drafted deck in the Valentine's Day stream was /bonkers/
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Rogue_07: I absolutely loved "three dogs and two hat"
underhill33: uh
DeM0nFiRe: F?
control_rig: Uh oh
mangopoppy: f
SAJewers: ?
Diabore: f
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TheWooglie: oshiF
Rogue_07: Made me smile
F1SHOR: ok not just me
13Ghost13: panicBasket
CleeKru: rip
hd_dabnado: oh hey twitch
control_rig: F
circusofkirkus: twitch pls
RandomTrivia: Twitch pls
Rogue_07: Oh boy
dividesBy0: :(
raulghoulia: He killed Cameron I think
Nydestroyer: oh no
Rogue_07: what the heck
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
control_rig: Strobing
hd_dabnado: sure love the pausing and unpausing
MythicAlchemist: f
Makimachine: And twitch crashed. :/
SoldieroFortune: Yeahup.
NightWingMistHawk: Ok so it's not me but that's frustrating
Nogrid: panic?
CaptainSpam: Picnic!
Juliamon: Yikes
ros3n: NICE
lirazel64: Twithch.....?
sheer_falacy: oh it's not just me
eye_h_bar: ??
CleeKru: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
underhill33: oh god the flickering
Mr_Gainsworth: oh noes
StageMgrRob: ffs Twitch
saltysandyhs: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
control_rig: Planic!
lithopseffect: oh
CorkyProductions: uhhh
PaperDoopliss: Untz untz untz
ChippTunes: lrrFINE
Rogue_07: never seen that before
HundreydAundre: Bikes!
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHERE PrideTake PrideWingR
gualdhar: oh no
BlindProphet32: Alright...who's throwing the light switch rave?
mrf1shie: It's on their end, other twitch streams are stilll running
Juliamon: That was new
Dog_of_Myth: Twitch why?
laikagoat: fionaVoid fionaVoid fionaVoid
snortablecola: goddamnit twitch
UWDJohn: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
RockPusher: The deck so powerful that even talking about it killed Twitch
nightraven949: welp Twitch is Haunted
NightWingMistHawk: What's...going on here?
F1SHOR: Twitch was reminded of the V-day deck and noped out
RandomTrivia: PSA: You can catch it and stop it from flickering by pausing
LinearGif: Abandon ship, all hands abandon ship
floki4242: f
CleeKru: lrrHEART
FionasGotIT: bloobyCursed
Nukified: pause arena
Fugi: Huh
Vampyre_Lord: its always a relief to see chat panic. means its not just me
boopboopbiboop: Not just you and refreshing didn't help.
control_rig: This is a new Twitch behavior
Nathade: its getting faster
prince_infidel: Glad it's not my internet
Gaytanic_Panic: F
petey_vonwho: uh, twitch? you ok there buddy?
Rogue_07: @BlindProphet32 The GROUNDED
anbuagent12: You ever see a deck so strong that it literally crashes the stream?
control_rig: Untz untz untz
ChippTunes: Vorinclex ate the router, ggw
MegaDosX: I paused the replay to avoid that flickering
iris_of_ether: benginO7
Juliamon: RandomTrivia Didn't work for me
Flyingdelorion: rip
BlindProphet32: @Rogue_07 <3
Gaytanic_Panic: P A T I E N C E
RandomTrivia: Interesting...
Gaytanic_Panic: P A Y S H E N T S
floki4242: it down
call_me_Aras: Oh good, I'm not the only one who this is happening too
dividesBy0: lrrFINE
nightraven949: well this is...... something
Mr_Gainsworth: HOLD
MegaDosX: I guess Twitch took one look at Graham's deck and thought "fuck that noise" and bailed out a window
MythicAlchemist: lrrJUDGE
partsofmanny: lol was wondering why my playback was flipping out. thoguht it was on my end.
NightWingMistHawk: Ok good the flickers are gone
doodlord2: byndoREKT byndoREKT byndoREKT tarynRIP tarynRIP tarynRIP tarynRIP katesRip katesRip katesRip
anbuagent12: NotLikeThis
ChippTunes: lrrFRUMP
xantos69: Who is "Shents" and do they take Venmo?
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MythicAlchemist: lrrAWW lrrAWW lrrAWW
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DiscordianTokkan: Twitch has been bugging out HARD today
Rogue_07: Pause/refresh the stream if you're still getting the weird twitching
Mistborn83: not just me
Juliamon: Good news: flickers are gone. Bad news: so is everything else
lirazel64: Sigh. Tech: great until it isn't.
ChippTunes: lrrHERE
HundreydAundre: I predict the same problem with many other stream cuz why not?
NightWingMistHawk: So is it just LRR's stream being weird? I did a quick check of GabySpartz's stream and it looked fine there
LoadingReadyRun: Heading back momentarily!
ChippTunes: Seems so, TeamFourStarโ€™s stream is working fine
RandomTrivia: It may not be a twitch problem, could be a local internet problem
HundreydAundre: TFS doth streams now!?
DiscordianTokkan: Kate's still live, so it might be a Victoria thing
anbuagent12: Godspeed, Paul.
LoadingReadyRun: We think it was Paul's entire computer. But he's coming back online.
RandomTrivia: OH NO
NightWingMistHawk: oh heck no
DiscordianTokkan: Ah
sheer_falacy: I can't believe Paul betrayed you
DarkMorford: Uh oh
anbuagent12: Vorinclex got Paul!
sheer_falacy: after all these years!
ChippTunes: Oh yeah theyโ€™re doing XCOM atm
lirazel64: lrrWOW lrrEFF
HundreydAundre: @ChippTunes I never watched, but I'm familiar with thou.
Joalni: Paul's poor computer has been through so much during "the current situation". It has held on valiantly.
ChippTunes: ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ
lithopseffect: go fund me to give Paul's computer a vacation
lirazel64: I'll kick in all my channel points!
Earthenone: time to canabalize 5 ps5s for parts
coachNelly: dududu
SergeYager: duDudu
RegulusPratus: Red 5, Standing By
coachNelly: DuDuDu
DiscordianTokkan: Time for me to check my laundry at least..
SnowBuddy18: how's the game going?
Sibwow: duDudu
lirazel64: lrrPAUL_SG
Seabats: duDudu
Seabats: duDudu
SergeYager: duDudu
DeM0nFiRe: Man I think the kaldheim prerelease kits I got were crappy repacks :/
coachNelly: duDudu
nightraven949: duDudu duDudu
Sibwow: there ya go nelly
hd_dabnado: duDudu
anbuagent12: will the highlight real show when 3 members of LLR started a sandstorm?
iris_of_ether: duDudu
coachNelly: got there eventually thanks team
AngelicKnighthood: l
SnowBuddy18: duDudu
NightWingMistHawk: duDudu
GraphicsContent: Rare chance that I make it for Live night. yay!
AngelicKnighthood: duDudu
SergeYager: twitch chat are you reeaeaaddy
lirazel64: SabaPing
SnowBuddy18: lrrHERE
SergeYager: duDudu
Dog_of_Myth: Time for me to get some Mocha Chocolate Kitkats
LoadingReadyRun: COming back
SergeYager: duDudu
RegulusPratus: I was born ready!
SergeYager: i can't heeeeeeeeear you
SnowBuddy18: lrrSIGNAL
GraphicsContent: So ready.
lirazel64: Wheee!
A_Dub888: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
NightWingMistHawk: Oh hay we're back!
SnowBuddy18: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ChippTunes: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
iris_of_ether: duDudu duDudu lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
sheer_falacy: exciting!
saucemaster5000: If you could hear us, I'd be worried
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE !
jessieimproved: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Makimachine: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
HundreydAundre: Lightspeed, streamsies!
Joalni: lrrSIGNAL duDudu lrrSIGNAL
NightWingMistHawk: Hopefully Paul's computer's got enough juice in it to last the rest of this stream! lrrHEART
lirazel64: TBAngel TBAngel TBAngel
floki4242: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Going_Medium: lrrSIGNAL?
circusofkirkus: that's a mood
teaspoonC: I just showed up, and am fully prepared to take credit for stream coming back
Mr_Gainsworth: huzzah
RockPusher: Computer No Computing!
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
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Natimus_Prime: Computers, am I right?
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RandomTrivia: Time to DOING again!
Juliamon: We are live, refresh if you have no stream
Going_Medium: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
GraphicsContent: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MegaDosX: We're back!
HundreydAundre: smug nelly....oh, begoned, sorry.
Feriority: RIP
Khalahd: Svella's nutty. Like Binding
sheer_falacy: worse, really
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LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL computer said no and just froze hard
Izandai: PrideLaugh
MegaDosX: Also yeah Svella's pretty spicy
affinityartifacts: yeehaw
Electrodyne: Boop
sheer_falacy: !card svella
LRRbot: Svella, Ice Shaper [1RG] | Legendary Snow Creature โ€” Troll Warrior [2/4] | {3}, {T}: Create a colorless snow artifact token named Icy Manalith with "{T}: Add one mana of any color." / {6}{R}{G}, {T}: Look at the top four cards of your library. You may cast a spell from among them without paying its mana cost. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Sogheim: I was so sad I didn't get Creature Human for my corgi, now I have Mute
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boopboopbiboop: Happy Friday!
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circusofkirkus: affinityartifacts aren't you live right now?
dweebert91: I love that Olivia is in chat while she streams
TheWooglie: LoadingReadyRun I'd ask your boss for a new one :)
Sibwow: affinityartifacts arent you streaming
RandomTrivia: Nelson spamming "nice"? That's very 69 of him... wait...
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affinityartifacts: yes i am very talented and can be in two places at once
affinityartifacts: ;)
RandomTrivia: Oh hai there Olivia
Dog_of_Myth: @affinityartifacts breyaBust breyaChut
MegaDosX: Next minute Nelson mills him for three
sheer_falacy: scy 3, leave the same 3 on top
Feriority: If Olivia is watching LRR while streaming I want LRR to watch Olivia while streaming
affinityartifacts: breyaBust breyaChut
Feriority: With picture-in-picture
TheWooglie: 60 seems like a lot
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun actually I'm interested now: do you use or just Discord for Video transmission?
Sibwow: breyaBust breyaChut
MegaDosX: Choo choo!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL CleeKru both!
sheer_falacy: board cleared, hit face for 4
affinityartifacts: @RandomTrivia @Dog_of_Myth hello friends
MegaDosX: Avalanche Caller is a significant problem if you can't deal with it
themlin: so what happened to the stream?
xantos69: That is not how magic the gathering works Yager
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun Discord between players and to you?
Sibwow: 2 bottom one top is my ideal throuple
sheer_falacy: that means that his card did something, while Graham's just whispered sweet nothings in his ear
Izandai: @Sibwow PrideLaugh
Rogue_07: We're back! Yay!
unarmedoracle: don't each the 4-colour snow
RandomTrivia: Good advice ^
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LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL At the moment, we are using discord for the players to talk to each other and for the players to share gameplay and for the facecams/ player audio
Rogue_07: @unarmedoracle what about if it's just blue snow?
sheer_falacy: he did first pick a snow land
ChippTunes: Nice!
MegaDosX: If your opponent says Oops, you can say Sorry in response
Dr_Shandor: Four color greedy snow should be called four color scarface
Diabore: if op oopses it changes to sorry
MegaDosX: And if your opponent says Nice you can say Thanks in response
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun ah makes sense. thx!
themlin: @loadingreadyrun what happened to the stream?
unarmedoracle: blue snow is probably solid oxygen and is highly flammable. run
Juliamon: themlin Paul's computer gave up
MegaDosX: Cam with the chemistry knowledge
sheer_falacy: whereas white snow is just snow and you don't really mind
RandomTrivia: uh oh
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Cinominn: woo 19 months, gather those magics
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RandomTrivia: Thanks Cam!
ChaoticObserver: So much disdain
PixelArtDragon: What about red snow?
enki1256: What about Red Snow?
Rogue_07: Thanks, Cam!
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MegaDosX: Graham no
niccus: blue snow tastes like raspberry
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @themlin my computer just hard crashed for no clear reason :(
themlin: rip pauls computer
Rogue_07: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
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Feriority: Red Snow is a Canadian war drama movie and probably safe
Dog_of_Myth: Weird
MegaDosX: Arena defaults to it as the card art on each deck
MegaDosX: I assume it's the first card programmed in for the NPE cards
RandomTrivia: Because it's Game Ogre for your opponents? lrrBEEJ
EHarber1: just got here that decks seems sweet
sheer_falacy: black snow is, I guess, black ice, so be careful when driving!
control_rig: "New Deck Name" is probably the most popular deck in the Meta of all time
Rogue_07: I'm still rocking Ajani
MegaDosX: I swapped to Sarkhan recently
Rogue_07: best catboy
Sibwow: fblthp all the way
Radyin: Which Chandra?
wtrob: I'm never swapping off of Vannifar
MegaDosX: There's definitely some spice in Nelson's deck
TheWooglie: is this 720?
cosmikmulder: @LoadingReadyRun Graham, wonderful job on Cam's Alien RPG intro. Great job
F1SHOR: it's greedy but most drafts I've played feel so much the same thing over and over
sheer_falacy: quantity over quality
MegaDosX: Aw, Nelson
RandomTrivia: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Graham_LRR: Thanks cosmikmulder!
TheWooglie: experienced Nelly
ChippTunes: Nelson I feel so seen
Joalni: I feel called out.
sheer_falacy: also that's a very Socratic view of knowledge
RayFK: Excuse you Adam?
RandomTrivia: That is the most relatable mood
RayFK: I am awesome at this game
MegaDosX: Graham with the natural Grixis
Sibwow: RayFK awesome but not good
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RayFK: Sibwow Hurtful, but true
RockPusher: Hai/Bai K&P
BrowneePoints: I think ALL of you are well above the average magic player.
RockPusher: โ€ฆ and Baxter presumably too
Chipton: Diminishing returns
Rogue_07: I'm good enough to have fun playing, and frankly, that's good enough for me.
Sibwow: rayfkKing rayfkKing
PixelArtDragon: There's the skill, there's the random, and then there's mastery of that randomness
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
tehfewl: Nice!
sheer_falacy: Warrior needs trees badly!
RandomTrivia: Never. Didn't. Have it
RandomTrivia: Never punished
Vampyre_Lord: thats an actual thing nelson! i forget what its called, but the more experience you have the less skilled you think you are
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BrowneePoints: @Vampyre_Lord Impostor Syndrome
iris_of_ether: @Vampyre_Lord Also Dunning-Krueger?
proffapoluga: oh god, is G on 5 color snow?
GraphicsContent: Imposter syndrome?
BrowneePoints: @iris_of_ether Dunning-Kreuger is the opposite isn't it?
RandomTrivia: As you make progress up the mountain you can see further up the mountain and see how high it actually is
iris_of_ether: @BrowneePoints It's both. It covers both ends.
sheer_falacy: it kind of has to be symmetrical by definition
dragonwarrior000: Barrier to Entry
Vampyre_Lord: @BrowneePoints @iris_of_ether dunning-krueger ! thank you :D
Scar_Red_Tiger: Alex has talked about that skill vs perceived skill Helix graph before.
BrowneePoints: @iris_of_ether Ah, I've only ever heard of it in the "this is why dude's who watch football think they're better than actual refs"
Sibwow: marginal gains
iris_of_ether: @Vampyre_Lord benginFingers
sheer_falacy: Important societal note: As are just fine
unarmedoracle: over the last year I've put a lot of work into sitting around in my pyjamas. Used to be terrible at it but I've posted some real PBs recently.
F1SHOR: I've always been a straight passing student...
MegaDosX: Graham's one land off being able to crack the Path to the World Tree
Sibwow: unarmedoracle pb's in the pjs?
DiscordianTokkan: unarmeHeart
iris_of_ether: @BrowneePoints Oh for sure. That's usually what I mean when I use it. But it also does technical cover the 'I have skill but not SUPER much skill and I see how bad I actually am'
BrowneePoints: That's what I think "Genius" is. Anyone can make it to the peak, a "Genius" factor is just how much you get out of your practice, rehearsal/etc
Genderi: PJB
shuggieplays: Thats a mood Cam
sheer_falacy: Be very careful with the pajama skip
Sage0fMadness: Some PBJs
xantos69: @unarmedoracle Respect. Have you started Speed Runs yet?
DarkMorford: PB&J?
JoelJohnsonCranidos: PJ PBS PogChamp
ChippTunes: Jammies ranked?
RandomTrivia: The one category EVERYONE should practice
TheWooglie: I've been working on my sweat pants %
tehfewl: i practice pajama% every weekend
PixelArtDragon: Although it's not recommended to try the any% clothes on Zoom calls
HadesLeprechaun: When you can all be back in the office together, you should do a LoadingReadyLive All Pajama's Edition
Rogue_07: I'm close to a 100% week run of PJs
CleeKru: now the real question is: in what games is PJ% pssobile?
Dmc3628: hey path is the mini cruel ultimatum
lirazel64: I'm a contrarian... I've started getting dressed.
BrowneePoints: Or rather, a "Genius" factor doesn't mean you're BETTER at anything, it's just that you get more efficient returns out of any work you put in
RandomTrivia: Next LoadingReadyLAN becomes LoadingReadyPyjamaParty
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JohnPraw: Don't thank me, thank auto-renew! Thanks for all the fun. :)
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Uzumaki15: I've gotten to the point with this pandemic that I rarely bother to get out of my PJs since I just work from home right now
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CaptainAmero: I can't believe it's been 11 months, but I'm glad for every second of it. Thanks for everything, LRR!
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mitomanox: Even tho I understand nothing about Magic, I like watching the streams because the familiar voices make me feel comfortable.
sheer_falacy: "trade"
F1SHOR: now this is pod racing
sheer_falacy: they're Face to Face
MegaDosX: Mistwalker's a whole thing
HundreydAundre: Cool commentary, Serge.
Diabore: vroom vroom mr graham
BrowneePoints: @F1SHOR I am 100% making that my Sub Notifier if I ever start streaming
RandomTrivia: Two ships passing in the night except one ship has a chonky kitty
sheer_falacy: I like how they each have their own firebreathing variant
F1SHOR: @browneepoints love it ๐Ÿ˜‚
HundreydAundre: Kind of pro two
MegaDosX: This is an interesting choice here
BrowneePoints: @F1SHOR I want it to be kinda SW Cantina themed
Earthenone: "im fine with where i am but i dont feel safe" is that a good motto for 2020?
Nukified: sounds about right
sheer_falacy: I don't think "I'm fine with where I am" is a very 2020 thought
MegaDosX: Wow, so rude!
Fruan: This kills the Nelly
raulghoulia: COACH Nelly
korvys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:55.
BrowneePoints: So, is Kaldheim Disdainful Stroke one of the prettiest Counterspell Arts?
sheer_falacy: if only Nelly had also been passed a Vorinclex
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Someone should get Jake Lloyd to release a definitive list of what things are and are not podracing.
MegaDosX: I doubt Jake Lloyd wants to talk about Star Wars these days >_>
BrowneePoints: I think Jake Lloyd may still be in prison
LoadingReadyRun: @MegaDosX you are probably right
TheBorzoi: I've managed to put Vorinclex in every Kaldheim deck I've made, even ones with no green mana
BrowneePoints: He led cops on a high speed chase several years ago
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: or, is it that everytime we say "now this is podracing" it now becomes podracing
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partsofmanny: almost 2 subbabies
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Earthenone: chump troll and take 6 i suppose
Anubis169 dances in
BrowneePoints: Yea, Jake Lloyd was arrested in 2015 for driving with a license and reckless endangerment Adam
F1SHOR: anything can be pod racing if your willing to yell Sebulba
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BrowneePoints: Driving without a license* fingers derped there
prince_infidel: I remember hanging out with Jake as a volunteer at a con years ago. He was a fun guy...& really needed to get out of celeb life
MegaDosX: A 5/8? That's a rugby position
Feriority: I want to pet the large danger floof
Vampyre_Lord: last i heard he was in a psych hospital diagnosed w/ schitzofrenia
Khalahd: I definitely faced down a 7/10 flying one. For a couple turns at least. :(
RandomTrivia: You can pet it... once
sheer_falacy: I'm pretty sure Graham does do that, he has one of those
Vampyre_Lord: but doing well :D
F1SHOR: wait were already an hour in I forgot to order lunch oops
lirazel64: Gods need kitties.
RockPusher: Baxter has large floof, but I dunno if that dangerous
Anubis169: it's possible you -may- be able to... who is willing to volunteer as the guinea pig?
Mr_Bitterness: Best part of being a planeswalker who summons large cats: being able to pet all the big kitties
Earthenone: i think a break was taken for you
Dmc3628: a break was inserted
ChippTunes: Id play Gods Hall Guardian more if I ever remembered it had vigilance
MegaDosX: inb4 Serge wins
noSmokeFire: a quick rumble. a rmbl
xantos69: Wow Such shade you are throwing. "This match won't take long"
SnowbirdMike: usually bad but when i draft it i smile.
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrGREED PrideTake PrideWingR
Anubis169: 5-colour prism deck!
RandomTrivia: 3.5
F1SHOR: if your going 3 you might aswell be 4
korvys: Serge doesn't pivot when he drafts, he just rotates at a constant speed.
MegaDosX: My last draft was purely Orzhov because I landed five rares in those colours >_>
Dmc3628: see look at that hand it's perfect
sheer_falacy: why not just run 5 color bad stuff?
Earthenone: sultai with a world tree activation
Dmc3628: Priest with a message
Earthenone: !findquote respect
LRRbot: Quote #1073: "Nobody's going to respect you with giant eyebrows, buddy. Trust me. I know a thing or two about it." โ€”Paul [2015-11-11]
RandomTrivia: Sending that message!
MegaDosX: Who doesn't attack with a 0 power into an empty board?
HorusFive: [golf clap]
TheBorzoi: Arena doesn't go by mana source colour. It only counts colours in mana costs.
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
SnowbirdMike: touche
Earthenone: pitch the lands, you will draw more
sheer_falacy: should have punished him with a hasty dude
MegaDosX: Skull Raid is pretty nuts in mono-black
SnowbirdMike: HaHa
RandomTrivia: @Earthenone That doesn't work, James isn't here
Dmc3628: das a bear
RandomTrivia: C H O N K B E A R
BrowneePoints: I'd love a Spirit of the Aldergaard playmat
Feriority: Okay, so how pettable is the bear if you're on its team
Earthenone: that hat could use two more runes
MegaDosX: Graham does that bear go into Bear Force One if you ever build a copy of it?
adambomb625: Assert Dominance
sheer_falacy: aha, priest can keep attacking
Earthenone: shame if that bird were to be tapped
TheBorzoi: I know what I would play here.
Sage0fMadness: I showed you my priest, priest respond
Gaytanic_Panic: Oh hey, it's Adam. God's perfect magic player.
RandomTrivia: *sad ca-caw*
MegaDosX: Well that's a card
sheer_falacy: show us your preest
NavelWarfare: @feriority Domesticated bears are adorable, so very?
ChippTunes: Donโ€™t send unsolicited priests
affinityartifacts: how is Adam so good
RandomTrivia: He's the boshy
TotallyNotaBeholder: He's done good work for me
HorusFive: That's a good hat
sheer_falacy: game is blurry?
MegaDosX: Serge is on a voltron strategy
Feriority: Is it really domesticated though?
Dmc3628: Serge is putting all the runes on that crown
affinityartifacts: he just beats other magic players up e z
sheer_falacy: people aren't
HorusFive: PartyHat
MegaDosX: Well, here comes a dragon
xantos69: I'll miss Serge
Earthenone: shame if a dragon occured
RandomTrivia: @sheer_falacy Twitch compression isn't happy
Sage0fMadness: Adam has the high ground
NotCainNorAbel: you said quick
prince_infidel: Why twitch bad?
Fruan: Eventually the hat is like lace from so many runes being carved in it.
lithopseffect: birderer
TheBorzoi: I think Adam may win this one
MegaDosX: What is this deck Serge?!?
El_Funko: That dragon's pretty good, but does it have a big hat?
Khalahd: Oh dear, hope Paul's machine isn't dying again
BusTed: ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
code1300: :(
Earthenone: is the video issue on my end?
chaostreader: And the Dragon.
affinityartifacts: Adam just bodying folks
Vampyre_Lord: so serge didnt draft 4 color snow, he drafted 4 color runes.
Joalni: I wasn't expecting this kind of greed from Serge.
gualdhar: Adam's stream...
LaskoReadsComics: is serge playing storm with all those cantrips?
TheBorzoi: It looks like it's the Discord share. The webcams are still very good quality
RandomTrivia: Wait, if it were Twitch it would be affecting the facecams, must be the discord
Rogue_07: Hi Olivia!
F1SHOR: that's better
mrf1shie: no here too
Rogue_07: Good to see you!
HorusFive: Very fine
lirazel64: No troubles here.
Feriority: Looking sharp, Adam
RayFK: James isn't playing Graham
RayFK: Can't be cursed
sheer_falacy: hey, Serge has a right to keep his secrets
HorusFive: lrrDARK
sheer_falacy: also what
Earthenone: waiting on other players to pass a draft pack
RandomTrivia: Uh
F1SHOR: lol what was that
MegaDosX: What just happened.
RandomTrivia: Hmm
PixelArtDragon: Break all the things?
sheer_falacy: Seabats drafting
MegaDosX: Was that Adam's stream from earlier?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Adam is drafting? In the paaast
northos: it's when Adam alt-tabs away I think?
F1SHOR: Adam got bored watching so started a new draft ๐Ÿ˜‚
lirazel64: lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
affinityartifacts: @RayFK oh hai :3
RandomTrivia: Discord seems to remember random frames sometimes
sheer_falacy: halfway through, 3 cards in, close enough
RayFK: @affinityartifacts Hey wait a second, aren't you....
korvys: Multi queue :P
ChippTunes: Is this how LRR spoils its Time Spiral card?
prince_infidel: Oops all cursed stream!
ThirdGames: Is this when we find out they're just reacting to pre-recorded footage, Dub-Fight style?
RayFK: @affinityartifacts <a
sheer_falacy: Mulliganing is an admission of victory
F1SHOR: only mulligan if it does nothing
RayFK: *ma'am
Earthenone: heroes never mulligan :P
Feriority: If I read all my cards enough times one of the lands will change color
DiscordianTokkan: Oof, Twitch
NotCainNorAbel: I don't need to learn the mulligan rules if I never mulligan
jdogs124: Hi
Sogheim: one land hand but the other six are two drops tooshiFeels
neoshingundam: lrrDOTS doogGift lrrDOTS
TotallyNotaBeholder: Correction Serge, the Effigy becomes the Monarch
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lithopseffect: have you thought about getting a green one?
Feriority: A greeny-bluey-snowy, good choice
SnowbirdMike: So Serge playing a voltron deck in limited
BrowneePoints: There's some Sultai Snow decks that run a couple
MegaDosX: I feel like you need to be playing a /heavy/ snow deck in constructed for the bear to be good
PixelArtDragon: It's at best a larger, more expensive Frost Lynch
Ferisar: it bergs AND strides?
Ferisar: that's a lot
MegaDosX: Because it basically just becomes large
mrf1shie: I mean it's fighting for a slot with QB
Dmc3628: you make another chonky 4/4
MegaDosX: That card in the middle was hilarious
sheer_falacy: we have not yet achieved peak hateful
MadWolf1290: what's worst - peak hate or peak salt?
MegaDosX: Pop a land and make a 4/4 troll
Vampyre_Lord: he doesnt have the mana for the active unfortunately
Rogue_07: So many Bergs!
Rogue_07: So much striding!
Diabore: sad caw caw
Dmc3628: true
sheer_falacy: being dead is one of those cases where attacking is bad
Daggothur: how could you tell serge?
xantos69: Yea, now he needs to bring out two blockers...not going to happen at 3 mana
HorusFive: "I'd like to put Serge on the defensive." "Done"
ChippTunes: Double Berg, Double Value
MegaDosX: !card demon bolt
LRRbot: Demon Bolt [2R] | Instant | Demon Bolt deals 4 damage to target creature or planeswalker. / Foretell {R}
Dmc3628: nope but Provoke trolls sure can
MegaDosX: !card provoke the trolls
LRRbot: Provoke the Trolls [3R] | Instant | Provoke the Trolls deals 3 damage to any target. If a creature is dealt damage this way, it gets +5/+0 until end of turn.
sheer_falacy: James knew
Diabore: poor serge is dobs\
BusTed: lrrJUDGE
NavelWarfare: Why'd you draw all your lands last game, Serge?
Rogue_07: And the stream killed itself in protest
Pharmacistjudge: Eh Judges are a diverse group
DeM0nFiRe: lul
Natedogg2: A creature for a life.
MegaDosX: James knew what he was doing
circusofkirkus: jlrrBaby
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrBaby
fcloud: take off every "zig"
SnowBuddy18: what happened in G v Nelly? I unexpectedly had to run out for a few minutes and missed it
Joalni: Somewhere James is laughing at us. Probably at his home, organizing his Tarkov stash.
chaostreader: Well we could force Serge to fight Graham, but that seems cruel
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Assuming that some things are not podracing and that things can *become* podracing, there must be an inflection point when a thing turns from not podracing to podracing. So, what tips it over that line?
Earthenone: how do we know who to root for if they are all playing multicolor snow :P
chaostreader: @snowbuddy18 G won in two games.
Natedogg2: I'm pretty sure everything is podracing.
Joalni: The line "now this is pordracing" implies that it is a point in time. Therefore all things will at some point turn to podracing.
Fruan: For something to be podracing, it must have a pod, and be a race. The definitions of pod and race are VERY flexible, though.
Feriority: So podracing is carcinization
lirazel64: Little podcasts in my podstream, delivering oxygen to my podcells.
sheer_falacy: I'm pretty sure PoDraKing is a pokemon
SnowBuddy18: @chaostreader as expected then
sheer_falacy: lrrJUDGE
Earthenone: you mispronounced sultai losers :P
circusofkirkus: the saltwater taffy bracket
NotCainNorAbel: a new podcast coming to LRR
DeM0nFiRe: Salty Loser's Bracket (feat. Serge)
Natedogg2: Featuring Serge from LoadingReadyRun!
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jdtreker: Hooray for magic times
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A_Dub888: !findquote deck
LRRbot: Quote #2752: "I can count... which will be good for deck-building." โ€”Alex [2016-06-10]
SmashTCG: i see a number of colors in that hand
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
shurtal: as the function reaches terminal Sebulba, cresting the Mos Isley Threshold results in a spontaneous phase change from "Not-Podracing" to "Podracing"
SmashTCG: brizziHmm
lirazel64: PowerUpL lrrSERGE PowerUpR
A_Dub888: uh oh
RandomTrivia: Oh no
RandomTrivia: NotLikeThis
Gaytanic_Panic: sergeSnerge sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeSnerge sergeLurk sergeJustRight
sheer_falacy: put it on a planeswalker
SmashTCG: you can Animate the land later
sheer_falacy: actually kind of works with Gideon
Gaytanic_Panic: THEN you're hosed
sheer_falacy: Ratatoskr pretty useful
BrowneePoints: Toski is a limited BOMB
circusofkirkus: LUL
Dmc3628: ah i see Nelly is drawing ALL the cards
SmashTCG: you know, There fewer life then cards in nelson deck
neisan2112: Wow, Nelly just straight up 5 color
MegaDosX: Oh no, Serge!
sheer_falacy: will the real PotHE please stand up?
Dmc3628: i see serge's greed has led to this
MegaDosX: Oh that's just hateful
niccus: judge! no hindsights, only foresights
sheer_falacy: even if Serge has a wrath he's still down cards
Fruan: Rude!
F1SHOR: you all told serge to be greedy so he's trying
HorusFive: You FOOL. You've played right into his trap!
Gaytanic_Panic: woooooooooooooow
DiscordianTokkan: The rubbins!
Diabore: do only lands
neisan2112: Wow, rude lol
sheer_falacy: Wrath the board to assert dominance
Gaytanic_Panic: Go-ing O F F
Dmc3628: there's going off and then there's not getting to the start line
RandomTrivia: D'awwwww
Earthenone: wow
MegaDosX: Holy moly
Earthenone: that shush
shurtal: Gett'in TOLD
RandomTrivia: Nelly being TOLD
HorusFive: lrrWOW
xantos69: Nelson got told.
JohnPraw: Busted
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
niccus: serge really won the moral battle here
control_rig: Yuppppp
Joalni: Dang.
F1SHOR: Aww that's adorable ๐Ÿ˜‚
InsaneMuadib: LUL LUL LUL
mrf1shie: You got told
HorusFive: Dad, keep it down there
MegaDosX: That's a power move by mini-Nelson there
Gaytanic_Panic: Moral victory
control_rig: Every gamer dad has had that conversation
Joalni: We're sorry, Nelly
sheer_falacy: these darn parents with their loud parties and bringing all their hundreds of friends
SnowBuddy18: those damn parents and their wild parties /s
Mr_Gainsworth: adorable rekt
Daggothur: put him on your lap so he too can learn magic
electra310: Chat, you are being too lound!
fcloud: this is now dad stream
Countjondi: this is adorable
MegaDosX: OK chat be quieter so Nelson's kids can sleep!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: Awww, bless
HorusFive: We've been told
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
F1SHOR: hey now for once it's not us ๐Ÿ˜‚
Joalni: Night night!
Gaytanic_Panic: My bad
SmashTCG: sorry
circusofkirkus: manager came in to tell nelly off
RandomTrivia: That's the sweetest darn thing
Nukified: lol
BoomerAang_Squad: Where's the channel points for an ASMR stream?
Tiber727: When Adam is telling you to keep it down, you have problems.
NotCainNorAbel: kids screams all day; Dad your too loud
Feriority: ok i will stop using capital letters
lirazel64: Man, this stream has *everything*.
chaostreader: How are the mini-half-clones today?
Dmc3628: being on stream with Ben i can beg to differ
MegaDosX: Adam don't you literally have a disclaimer on Let's Nope that you guys sometimes get loud?
AdamYMHMI: Suddenly a small child appears in Adam's home asking him to keep it down.
TheWarDoctor8: Someone clipped that right?
F1SHOR: it's at the point that let's nope doesn't even really need to warn people about being loud
Countjondi: graham is not wrong
DoctorCactus: I like to think Nelson calls beating Serge at magic "Going to work" no matter the context.
HorusFive: We're HERE!
BrowneePoints: Adam has calm energy and a LOUD boisterous laugh
Gaytanic_Panic: Mumble and S C R E M
RandomTrivia: Suddenly the "I'M THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!"
coachNelly: @Pharmacistjudge why you gotta do me like that?
unarmedoracle: solidarity other loud people
Joalni: And we love you for it, Adam bleedPurple
fcloud: adam just needs to be run through a compressor thats all
stizzet: @Pharmacistjudge nice!
Akaiatana: Adam is aloud to have fun
RandomTrivia: It's a Let's Nope thing apparently LUL
Fruan: Can I get some post production for real life? That sounds nice.
BrowneePoints: No no Graham, Ben is doing a Stage Voice 24/7. It's Galaxy Brain!
sheer_falacy: Send Pics of Land
F1SHOR: I've won many games off 3 lands and a pick
MegaDosX: Trundle in with the 0/4 all day
fcloud: pick a little, land a little, cheep cheep cheep, land a lot, pick a little more
Vampyre_Lord: i think serge broke
HorusFive: That look.....
RandomTrivia: Oh Serge...
MegaDosX: Serge is rebooting
Countjondi: the dad has come to teach birds not to run with pick axes
underhill33: shatter pause
F1SHOR: you can see his heart break in real time
Diabore: serge.exe is rebooting
RandomTrivia: You can see the soul leave the body
Joalni: You hate to see it.
MegaDosX: I love how Serge's deck is basically a Voltron deck in draft
sheer_falacy: you might not win the game but you have the fanciest hat!
fcloud: serge you just need to figure out a way to equip gear on lands
ElektroTal: did someone ask for a disrespectful priest?
Akaiatana: I need a young priest and a cold priest!
RandomTrivia: @ElektroTal LUL
Joalni: @ElektroTal No we had one already.
arcanist1740: powerful magic
circusofkirkus: LUL
Dmc3628: finds another hat
A_Dub888: Serge "NotLikeThis" Yager
F1SHOR: noticed that still wasn't a swamp
DiscordianTokkan: Oh my GOD
UWDJohn: Serge is playing "Ooops, all... ooops, just ooops."
RandomTrivia: Serge "Two Hats" Yager over here
dividesBy0: his crowning achievement
FullOfLiesAndBees: Aggressively topdecking at each other.
shurtal: Aegar, Little Sun
Earthenone: break that hat!
Earthenone: send the message
Dmc3628: unfortunately that nuke doesn't wreck aegar
sheer_falacy: that giant is gonna be decked out
Diabore: nelly no
circusofkirkus: no no no
mrf1shie: not that one
Diabore: NO
cosarprime: no
Dr_fragenstien: it's not right
mrf1shie: nono
F1SHOR: Ohh noooo
Earthenone: expensive scry there
BoomerAang_Squad: LUL
RandomTrivia: OH NO
niccus: IT'S BIG
Fruan: Have you ever noticed that if you average Serge and James you get an almost perfectly average person? Luck, niceness, everything. It all evens out.
underhill33: oofa doofa
DiscordianTokkan: OOffa doofa
MegaDosX: You still have options
Dmc3628: sure does have a priest in there yard
Countjondi: ooof
sheer_falacy: Wow, when was that?
RandomTrivia: Nelly was invited to take his pick, so he did lrrBEEJ
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Earthenone: those who cant do, coach
Dmc3628: about as equal as realizing BeanStalk Giant is a giant and can't be Casted off
Gaytanic_Panic: c o r c h n o r l y
sheer_falacy: oh no he'll wake your kids
MegaDosX: I like the way this is ordered
Countjondi: to be fair, he doen't look that big in the art from a birdseye view
MegaDosX: Aegar, it turns out, is a Giant Wizard
F1SHOR: serge is such a nice person that when he bodies someone like that it's 3x as bad ๐Ÿ˜‚
Diabore: he can block, but serge draws
Diabore: can draw*
Countjondi: does trampling over work?
niccus: it's a little weird with trample
Dmc3628: turn off auto assin damage if you want max value with Aegar
mrf1shie: Serge I'd turn off auto damage
Wolfii_TV: the trample stops it
F1SHOR: Ohh wow that's helpful to know G
mrf1shie: You could have
Fruan: Yeah, because of trample
RandomTrivia: It works if you specifically choose to assign additional damage to the creature
Diabore: ycorrect
Pharmacistjudge: trample auto assigns damage
MegaDosX: I see an interesting line here
RandomTrivia: Dealing *ONE* damage to Nelson cost you a card
Vampyre_Lord: at judges: if icehide troll takes 4, thats excess dmg. if icehide then takes a seperate instance of 2 dmg, would that count as a seperate trigger?
BrowneePoints: Aegir is an interesting card
Countjondi: you drew a card serge, it was a 0 mana lava dart
sheer_falacy: Huh the Aegar alternate art really doesn't look like the same guy
Dmc3628: yeah nelly gonna do that
mrf1shie: Jondi with the big brain
RandomTrivia: @Vampyre_Lord Yes, it's being dealt damage each time, and if it already has lethal damage on it it counts as excess
corefluxx: Cheer100
fcloud: is "mana value" like "cmc"?
Genderi: You've heard of Man O' War, now get ready for Man O' Value
Dmc3628: per Strixhaven MV replaces CMC
Feriority: fcloud it is exactly that, new wording
MegaDosX: Is Serge about to Demon Bolt the Svella?
Vampyre_Lord: @RandomTrivia cool, thanks :D
RandomTrivia: :)
Feriority: It's shorter text on cards and more clear for new players, is the explanation
Dmc3628: yeah if that's a demon blot
sheer_falacy: but what if he doesn't think of doing what you think he thinks he's doing?
MTGRanger: @fcloud mana value will replace cmc in strixhaven and forward stets
Earthenone: Offal?
neisan2112: See I usually never have that issue playing Giants in standard cus the excess damage is usually done by spells
MTGRanger: They are the same thing, though
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
vellebastet: sykLaugh
unarmedoracle: "offal nice"
RandomTrivia: Doing "nothing" in a game of Magic is one of life's true joys
BrowneePoints: Awful Offal Waffles
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fcloud: i came here to cast spells and turn creatures sideways. and i'm all outta spells
Earthenone: we need a figting game corespondant on CP+ it seems
sheer_falacy: if you're going to do nothing it may as well be powerful nothing
F1SHOR: that's a power play wow
MegaDosX: So Vega and Svella is an interesting combo that hadn't occurred to me before
MegaDosX: Too bad Nelson doesn't get the card draw there
Dmc3628: Svela and Jorn is also a combo if you get both them together
MegaDosX: @Dmc3628 I built a standard deck with both of them and some big fat Gruul things to cast early
BoomerAang_Squad: DO IT
Countjondi: this is a flavor fail
neisan2112: KEEEL HIM
Countjondi: arni slays the troll should say non-troll creature you control
MegaDosX: Poor Serge
RandomTrivia: That is ingenious use of a home assistant
mastershake29x: That got my Echo
Swamplor: Arni Slays, te Troll
DiscordianTokkan: Narf
Feriority: Troll Weekend at Arni's
sheer_falacy: The same thing we do every night: Recur for 3 snow mana!
MegaDosX: Too bad you couldn't activate Svella there
Dmc3628: yeah Icehide doesn't have the can only activate once clause
Dmc3628: blood on snow
MegaDosX: Cast that Damnation that's definitely in your deck
MegaDosX: Blood on the Snow would be a blowout
sheer_falacy: Narfi enters tapped so yeah, not ideal
Dmc3628: base power and 2 counters woop
Pharmacistjudge: somewhere Jess Dunks is very sad
Swamplor: attack with just the crowned angel!
Pharmacistjudge: (Jess Dunks is current rules manager
vellebastet: gg
Dmc3628: the SWS prizefight
JohnPraw: Nelson has entered Dad Mode.
MegaDosX: It looks like we'll get to see all available matchups tonight the way things are going time-wise
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drumshark13: Hello friends. How goes the cards?
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sheer_falacy: C'mon Serge, you can't do that, you'll outshine them!
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: we appreciate the effort
northos: beardvolution
fcloud: then paul cuts to himself as OMEGA BEARD
MegaDosX: #NeverPunished
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hidingbox: Hello
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Malazim: I love the speakers box moving as they speak to help draw attention
Countjondi: Graham is a belevolent god
neisan2112: I mean he is the boss
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @fcloud I just trimmed my beard, so it is pretty short now :P
Countjondi: how much snow G-money has is bonkers
mrf1shie: 3 top is terrifying
F1SHOR: now we all know if Adam loses its not cause G's deck is busted it cause Adam likes getting paid :P
MegaDosX: That was a turn
MegaDosX: !card priest of the haunted edge
LRRbot: Priest of the Haunted Edge [1B] | Snow Creature โ€” Zombie Cleric [0/4] | {T}, Sacrifice Priest of the Haunted Edge: Target creature gets โˆ’X/โˆ’X until end of turn, where X is the number of snow lands you control. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
Dmc3628: Priest is lands Aldergard is permanents
Countjondi: Graham has proselytezed successfully about mana efficiency for some time
MegaDosX: And yeah the bear is other snow permanents
fcloud: "la problema" sounds like a re4 boss
MegaDosX: Anything that targets a land it will often prompt you to make sure you're happy with how it's tapping
MegaDosX: So things like Glittering Frost and such
Countjondi: MTGA has not always been smart about that.....
MegaDosX: Amusingly, the Sculptor can give the land pseudo-vigilance
amam741: One time autotapper tapped my guardian idol to animate it. Had to keep up the utility land rather than blocking lethal
neisan2112: Oh yeah, they've fixed Glittering Frost right?
Dmc3628: well that's one creature down if 2 or more cratures fall with Inga that's an ancestral
dividesBy0: long ago, yes
Countjondi: a 2 drop that eats a premium removal spell and domed an opponent for 4 is not bad
MegaDosX: @neisan2112 Yes, it was fixed not long after Kaldheim dropped
neisan2112: Okay good, I remember it was still bugged one time I thought it had already been fixed and was sad
MegaDosX: All of these animate lands creatures and spells and such remind me how busted Nissa was
MegaDosX: Because none of them stay a land for after the turn
Makimachine: @MegaDosX I'm playing historic and Vorinclex + Nissa is... well... insane. O_o
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme
MegaDosX: @Makimachine ...stay away from me with that deck
MegaDosX: :p
RandomTrivia: LUL
Dmc3628: welp Binding gonna get vandalized
MegaDosX: It's all good, Graham just has to draw his Vorinclex and he shuts the saga down >_>
Dmc3628: i can't recall how many times people jam sagas into opposing Vorins
HundreydAundre: Opponent: You saw ME dye? I sees u die now...
sheer_falacy: oh no Priest on Priest violence
circusofkirkus: priest on priest violence
Countjondi: Clerical conflict
fcloud: you hate to see it
Makimachine: @MegaDosX Also the thing that makes all your creatures into Forests... Oh, look my board is Indestructible. LUL
MegaDosX: Vorinclex and Tergrid both do amusing things with sagas
SmashTCG: holy wars
MegaDosX: Vorinclex shuts down your opponents' sagas, Tergrid steals them when they finish
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: did someone mention a great schism
MegaDosX: Saga pointing at saga meme
RandomTrivia: OMG SERGE
control_rig: Serge...
HundreydAundre: Snow wipe!
HundreydAundre: Dammit.
Makimachine: Vorinclex is good with everything, all PW:s ultimate when they come into play. O_o
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Earthenone: its almost like a mirror match :P
MegaDosX: I made a Gladiator deck built around legendary things with Kethis and such, and being able to cast new Kaya with Vorinclex out and immediately ultimate is pretty hilarious
Fruan: Vorinclex is just a Collosal Dreadmaw with haste.
sheer_falacy: uh, what is going on with Vorinclex?
sheer_falacy: what language is that
F1SHOR: I really liked the edited magic content we got for the open
evan_333333: that art tho
MegaDosX: @sheer_falacy That's the Phyrexian text art
Earthenone: G was in the Arena open so he got an alt art
Genderi: @sheer_falacy it's in phyrexian
Feriority: More of that strange language. It's probably nothing
MegaDosX: Phyrexian text version, that is
MegaDosX: It's like the Phyrexian swamp from Jumpstart
Makimachine: As long as their is no black oil, I think we are alright.
MegaDosX: Yeah if you inspect it on the field it's fine
circusofkirkus: you mean you're not fluent in Phyrexian?
MegaDosX: The ring!
F1SHOR: wish they did that with full arts during momir
MegaDosX: Adam's gonna ramp like a maniac if this game goes long enough
Nydestroyer: Yea thats my least favorite part of full art cards
amam741: Phyrexian text Questing Beast
Dmc3628: Jorn and Ring is also can't hold all mana meme
MegaDosX: All of a sudden I want to make a Historic deck with Jorn, the Ring, sufficient snow permanents, and Proliferate, so I can ramp like crazy
Pharmacistjudge: @amam741 i raise you phyrexian text sublime epiphany
corefluxx: Behold!
MegaDosX: @Pharmacistjudge Phyrexian text Wrath of God
fcloud: look away sempai
HundreydAundre: Kay. Wii beholding
MegaDosX: Arena does that
BoomerAang_Squad: I just had a terrible idea. Thr Replicating Ring and three Vorenclex.
MegaDosX: Check your computer perhaps, but Arena in particular does that
MegaDosX: At least it does for me
lirazel64: We have let loose a Stream of Curses.
Pharmacistjudge: unbreak my audio, say you'll love me again?
BluePlainCreek: arena audio issues? thats unpossible
Swamplor: You have to check "Unfuck my shit" in the settings menu
MegaDosX: @Pharmacistjudge So glad I'm not the only one whose head went there :p
frizbehobit: Friday Night Paper Fight???
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Pharmacistjudge: we're old, that's from '96
MegaDosX: OK. Simic/Sultai Snow Proliferate in Historic with Jorn, Vorinclex, and Replicating Ring. What do we think?
Earthenone: send in the clowns?
Qvdv: frizbehobit for some definition of paper
MegaDosX: Rude!
taz8806: just got in. did they draft seperate pods? or use an outside app to draft and export the deck to mtga?
Diabore: one day
vellebastet: one day..
RandomTrivia: SOON (tmm)
SnowbirdMike: This is the Digital Deluxe edition
Pharmacistjudge: it's occasionally webcam fight
Nydestroyer: how disdainful
MegaDosX: Yeah the socially distanced paper Magic has been fun
Juliamon: taz8806 The former
MegaDosX: To watch at least, I assume it's been fun for you guys
overZellous: how's it going paper fighters โœŒ
DeM0nFiRe: meow!
TheBorzoi: I love playing Vorinclex against people that use a lot of Sagas because it means their sagas don't do anything
Pharmacistjudge: Berg strider reminds me of the Running Start for Atlier Sophie
Pharmacistjudge: And the Berg cream
taz8806: i just want to draft in a pod again
MegaDosX: Only five more turns before Adam's ring explodes into more rings
Earthenone: its too bad running start never did JRPGs though
overZellous: Graham I've been watching some of your vlogs lately and it's been giving me some really good vibes
Earthenone: :P
Khalahd: There was a little rune left
Dmc3628: Foretell is definitely one of those inpaper things we wish we could do unlike Mutate
overZellous: so thanks for that!
Nydestroyer: rune this mans whole career
SnowBuddy18: G, they had to combine the powers of their decks to stand up to yours Kappa
MegaDosX: Time to be hateful in response I guess
frizbehobit: I haven't played any keldheim thanks to pandemic.
MegaDosX: Killing the ring would've been extra hateful
MegaDosX: Jorn was the rare
Nogrid: jorn
circusofkirkus: Jorn, Manspreader
Dmc3628: Jorn was the rare Mr. Manspread Sama
MegaDosX: Who, it turns out, would've been a perfect fit in this deck, but oh well
TwitchTVsFrank: if nelly is talking we cant hear them
Sunmare_Dragon: uni100 uni100 uni100 uni100
circusofkirkus: call Adam Sonic
in3iuki: Bear and Ring!
Earthenone: bear ring combo!
circusofkirkus: cuz he got the rings
hot_mekaku: The dream PogChamp
Dmc3628: yeah Aldergard and Bear
circusofkirkus: hi nelly
Qvdv: fixed
RandomTrivia: There he is!
Kyir: We can hear him now
Nogrid: now we hear him
MegaDosX: Now we can hear him!
TwitchTVsFrank: there he is
DeM0nFiRe: We hear him now
F1SHOR: we hear nelson
DiscordianTokkan: I can hear him now
Earthenone: vor now
Diabore: nooooo
MegaDosX: Also imagine the Spirit with the ring exploding, and then flinging it at your opponent's face
Earthenone: vor stops ring
Diabore: dady v shuts off ring
in3iuki: Vorinclex wou;d've been the biggest blue balls
Joalni: Paul was just following your kid's instructions.
underhill33: "murrrrrrr" -Lindwurm
MegaDosX: Vorinclex would've shut that down
serramarkov: Just heard him!
HundreydAundre: inn-finesse rings
sheer_falacy: that is one swole bear
noSmokeFire: how do you know that's not just the noise lindworms make?
F1SHOR: sergeMoly won't somebody think of the children
fcloud: becky, LOOK at her RING.
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Dmc3628: that would have
Dmc3628: any counter any permanent
TheBorzoi: Replicating Ring with Vorinclex is good. You're adding 2 counters each turn instead of 1 so you get the 8 replicas sooner
MegaDosX: It's a weird card for people to wrap their head around
Diabore: eff
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: He didn't have the land until it went off
dividesBy0: Maybe you should play it before the ring goes off again
Dmc3628: well here's dig through time
Earthenone: its a weird card in a non existant language
MegaDosX: He has a million mana and a shapeshifter on the board, why /wouldn't/ he :p
ArkhamArchivist: Need a Giant, so it's Big Through Time
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Graham didn't have the mana to cast that card before the ring went off.
MegaDosX: Oh right the Berg Striders are giants
MegaDosX: My b
MegaDosX: Choo choo time?
Diabore: narfi hold depart up?
F1SHOR: at least the 14/4 should do excess damage if blocked ๐Ÿ˜‚
circusofkirkus: narfi pumps the team beside the wurm
Earthenone: right 2 cards seems like the plan
Dmc3628: i mean adam can clone Aldergard for ultra chonk
VazSun: narfi hold troll activation?
MegaDosX: Wait the ring keeps going? How did I not realise this?!?
Dmc3628: yeah ring keeps going past the 8th and still does
Kyir: Most games don't go that long
hippiecheeto: !cammands
Dmc3628: MAX Chonk Bear
HundreydAundre: @MegaDosX Nah, just the one. the token are already replicated
RandomTrivia: Welp
MegaDosX: !card replicating ring
LRRbot: Replicating Ring [3] | Snow Artifact | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / At the beginning of your upkeep, put a night counter on Replicating Ring. Then if it has eight or more night counters on it, remove all of them and create eight colorless snow artifact tokens named Replicated Ring with "{T}: Add one mana of any color."
hippiecheeto: !commands
fcloud: we have the technology
Dmc3628: and not a 16/6
MegaDosX: That reads like it'll pop again if it hits 9 counters again
F1SHOR: I just noticed arena is telling us how many cards in Adams library
F1SHOR: is that new
sheer_falacy: the ring does keep going, the things it creates don't
TheBorzoi: That's the replicating rings
Alex_Frostfire: I think that's the stack of rings.
Dmc3628: no that's just 8 tokens of a ring sitting there
Sage0fMadness: that's the number of rings @F1SHOR
TheBorzoi: Not his deck size
MegaDosX: @F1SHOR If you mouse over any zone it gives you the numbers of all others on your side and your opponents'
LurkerSpine: I wonder how hard it would be, with LRR's setup, to have cardboard live for mtg arena streams.
Bluedevyl: @MegaDosX it does... I've only had it happen once, but it will keep going and make more copies
F1SHOR: OMG I was here ready to praise arena ๐Ÿ˜‚
MegaDosX: it won't
Countjondi: ha, now adam doesn't get 8 more rings
SmashTCG: what is that Noise?
Nogrid: pop
DiscordianTokkan: Popping
Earthenone: send in the abyssal narf?
holz1994: Yeah there's popping
Joalni: Ok, good, those pops aren't just me.
Dog_of_Myth: Pop pop
Nydestroyer: Feel like I am getting punched in the ears lol
control_rig: Oh good that's not me
monakai: Can't remember the last time I saw a 15/4.
hot_mekaku: popsicles
SmashTCG: someones poppting
Juliamon: Someone's mic is popping
fcloud: sounds like serge/nelson is like tapping or something
BjjBrain: Arena was popping on me earlier
lirazel64: Popping in audio
BjjBrain: I think it could be arena
Catastrophil: The arena noise is also... wack
partsofmanny: probably game audio
F1SHOR: the popping sounds like someone flicking cards in a mic haha
holz1994: Arena Audio is also distorted yeah
fcloud: ok that sounds awful. arena issue
control_rig: Yeah it's Arena's audio
MegaDosX: If Graham punched in with everything would that have threatened lethal?
hippiecheeto: sound trubels
partsofmanny: why arena....... why you be so glitchy
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL apparently the popping was Arena audio?
Qvdv: 'don't call me shirley'
MegaDosX: Imagine a ring having popped off with Finale of Devastation
Sunmare_Dragon: how many figers dose Adam has?
Diabore: is graham winning this game from the jaws of defeat?
MegaDosX: I think Graham's coming back here
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
philippekav: 10 ?
Juliamon: fre shavoca do
Dmc3628: surely the alpha is lethal?
dividesBy0: Maybe some are earrings or similar
RandomTrivia: The question is less weird when you realise the context of "how will he wear all these rings?"
MegaDosX: Wow
F1SHOR: wheelerY wheelerH
RandomTrivia: Wow
fcloud: ahh ok
Dmc3628: sending messages love t
Sage0fMadness: breyaProfChamp breyaProfChamp breyaProfChamp
wtrob: seabatBRAIN
sheer_falacy: What a professional play
MegaDosX: Graham was on the ropes but he came back!
vellebastet: GG, guys. GG
Sage0fMadness: sending a message
DiscordianTokkan: kates7
unstablegamezyt: best strat lmao
Dog_of_Myth: We won
fcloud: welcome back dad
circusofkirkus: except serge
diamondmx: Buuuuut...mostly graham
Diabore: time for another round
Nydestroyer: malfLUL
Armstrong11139: Our deck, comrade
vellebastet: Friendship lrrHEART
Earthenone: you all played the same archetype, and that archtype won
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
Swamplor: The people's champion
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Lordofironstorm: Go fight win
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Sage0fMadness: some brisk, cheerful matches in this rumble. you love to see it
TheBorzoi: When will Arena have more than just 1 on 1 games?
diamondmx: Pride50
CanPlayGames: Are ya winning Streamer? !updog
Sage0fMadness: @TheBorzoi i think ... never
MegaDosX: I think both are reasonable Disdainful Stroke targets, tbf
TheBorzoi: Adam is looking very much like Surge
Earthenone: arena is not really built for more than 1v1, it MIGHT be able to handle 2hg at sopme point
TheBorzoi: And by Surge, I mean Serge
F1SHOR: it's actually 2v1
DiscordianTokkan: Graham's "While Sideboarding" deflection WAS really good
HundreydAundre: @TheBorzoi I don't know? When will Arena have you share draft sessions with friends for free?
Countjondi: serge is right, but it would be funny
DeM0nFiRe: Especially since LRR already did a stream where the players used each otehr's accounts
lirazel64: Audio was making popping sounds, so it is gone.
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Antiagone: Nearly two years!
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TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Or Graham is on screen, and leaves for a bit, but the player keeps playing.
MegaDosX: The question is, did it fool Adam? :p
El_Funko: James
MegaDosX: That was James
lamina5432: james
circusofkirkus: james was on red
F1SHOR: there's only one red mage be real ๐Ÿ˜‚
MegaDosX: Attacking with a bunch of creatures with conspicuously RR up is the same as attacking into conspicuously 2WW up
Fistacles: wheeler i think?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: worst part is even when you saw it coming not much you could do about it XD
Dmc3628: look it's been a year and a half if you are that conspicious with 2 red you might as well assume excalibur
Dmc3628: it's the same with settle
Sogheim: snow manaliths. they count for snow
Excalibur_1867_: @dmc3628 Some say excalibur? lol
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Well, they cost 3 mana to make, and tapping a 2/4
Excalibur_1867_: someone*
Dmc3628: well that's what cleave is based off of
DiscordianTokkan: The Manaliths are the fingers the replicated rings go onto, send tweet
MegaDosX: This really is a greedy set of decks, and I love it :p
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL You like Berg, eh? Name your 5 favorite Bergs!
Makimachine: Mount Everest?
Swamplor: Ingrid Bergman
Pharmacistjudge: S-tier: N's
fcloud: iceberg, fatberg, bergdorf goodman
Sogheim: lrrPAUL bergamot, Candice Bergman...
Earthenone: ice, fat, hinden, strider. darn cant think of 5 i guess you got me
diamondmx: That's called a Prince format
Pharmacistjudge: A-tier: Ice, Fat
diamondmx: vs Pauper
BluePlainCreek: Mitch Berger
Antiagone: "Five Colour Good Stuff"
sheer_falacy: there's branden berg
Earthenone: bergamot is a good one, i play a yugioh card based on that from time to time :P
Pharmacistjudge: B-Tier: Ger
Pharmacistjudge: C-Tier: Pitts
MegaDosX: I mean, Nelson can activate Svella now if he wants
DiscordianTokkan: Yep!
Sogheim: Bergemeister Meisteberger?
F1SHOR: that card holds up my whole standard performance this season lol
Earthenone: no it will reduce your forces by over 1.10th adam Kappa
fcloud: berg berg berg, the berg is the word
MegaDosX: Svella in Commander is particularly interesting. Imagine hitting something like Reshape the Earth of a Blightsteel Colossus for 8 mana at instand speed
Greendrag13: Bergalicious!
fcloud: before we were podracing
niccus: this was extremely close to hubris
DiscordianTokkan: sergeHubris
fcloud: how do you see six attackers and not worry about lethal
MegaDosX: Doomskar is so brutal in draft
RandomTrivia: *MROW*
F1SHOR: I thought he was going to use protector then skar
Nydestroyer: the other card lets him keep the 2/4 right? by hiding
MegaDosX: That was a pretty spicy turn by Adam and he didn't even cast anything :p
espi: attacking with the cat was free
SergeYager: was it tho?
Swamplor: but it gets the cat killed so it is free but bad
SergeYager: yeah, def not free
taz8806: double block would punish
circusofkirkus: wait what
niccus: oh jesus
holz1994: How many rares does Nelson have?!
MegaDosX: Holy shit
fcloud: THAT's a horn of bounty? womp womp
MegaDosX: Birgi, Doomskar, Glorious Protector
MegaDosX: Toski
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
diamondmx: Ratatoskr.
holz1994: Battle of Ice and FIre is a rare too
Pharmacistjudge: wow Vega and horn
circusofkirkus: Both wraths too
MegaDosX: Holy /shit/
Kyir: Watch out for settle
SnowbirdMike: ok then
sheer_falacy: owie
RandomTrivia: Toski, Bearer of Secrets and Somehow also Peanuts
F1SHOR: umm Yup...
DiscordianTokkan: Doofa
MegaDosX: Maths is for blockers :p
fcloud: that's an entire football team swinging
SnowBuddy18: oh, Avalanche Caller doesn't tap
MegaDosX: Nelson just conjured an army and threw it at Adam
RandomTrivia: LUL
fcloud: you overkilled him by TWENTY SIX
dividesBy0: it never rains but it lanches
SnowbirdMike: with blocking either if u remember
Pharmacistjudge: I feel no qualms now Nelson about clipping that video
F1SHOR: come-on Serge's deck
MegaDosX: Nelson would it be fair to say that game was your deck popping off?
F1SHOR: we want to see the power serge
Dog_of_Myth: mood
overZellous: AMEN
ChippTunes: Serge drawing upon the power of hate is inconceivable
DiscordianTokkan: The lands... Physically hurt me somehow, hahah
El_Funko: None hand with left beef
RandomTrivia: sergeSnerge
SmashTCG: i dont think serge is capable of hate
RandomTrivia: @El_Funko "It's an older reference, Sir, but it checks out"
ChippTunes: Oh man youโ€™re right, it is Snerge
ChippTunes: Snerge could top 8 with this deck
F1SHOR: amazonPartyHawk
Kyir: yum, birds
Sunmare_Dragon: every land has new art :)
overZellous: bbirbR
Transmuted_Elf: o word
vellebastet: birb
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
F1SHOR: ouch
HundreydAundre: eh, not the worst...?
RandomTrivia: It also has Fleathtouch though, so...
astrosmasher: this isnt REL-Axed serge
ChippTunes: I may have spoken to soon
MegaDosX: Skull Raid's just good, particularly for a common
petey_vonwho: Serge is just getting Kaldheim and Valheim confused.
lirazel64: This has been special in *EVERY* way.
petey_vonwho: still in viking building mode
DiscordianTokkan: "Fooooool'd Yooouuuuu"
Dmc3628: they both have Alheim suffixes
HundreydAundre: Is there Phasing in between the two?
MegaDosX: Just a solid 5/5 for 5
El_Funko: Especially when they think "Wow good thing I have four cards, I can discard the worst two of these!" before they see the second Skull Raid
MegaDosX: Would it go into Bear Force One Graham?
UWDJohn: It's a bear with an elf pilot.
affinityartifacts: animal fight
SmashTCG: waint untill we get the 5 mana 5/5 with trample at common
Nogrid: I think the bear is putting in more work than that elf
MichaelVYee: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (With the help of Tarkov "expert", and friend of the channel El_Funko, James will attempt to Escape from Tarkov. Game: Escape from Tarkov) at Sat 02:00 PM PST (18:32 from now).
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: 6 mana 6/6 trample is also great, no matter what form it takes. Especially with Haste and Double Season attached.
MegaDosX: Incoming beef I guess
El_Funko: hey that's me, crap I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow
overZellous: "bet you're wondering how I got in this situation"
Dmc3628: that might be the equivalent of Beej's oh crap gotta get Cam
mastershake29x: poor Serge
HundreydAundre: Om Nom Nom boards
Joalni: We appreciate your sacrifice @El_Funko
MegaDosX: We saw two Mights and a Mortality
coachNelly: @El_Funko night night! <3
MegaDosX: I guess the green was the splash Serge was never intending to cast
affinityartifacts: @coachNelly <3
RandomTrivia: "While you were casting runes, I was studying the magic blade that accidentally summons Praetors"
El_Funko: @coachNelly Nighty night!
overZellous: hi @affinityartifacts !!
Kyir: I want Serge's deck to work. It looks so fun
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL he's a "Grizzled" Outrider because of the bear, right? or is he a Grizzled, Grizzly Outrider?
affinityartifacts: @overZellous oh hai
fcloud: are elves ever grizzled? seems off-brand
HundreydAundre: Yea/no, This game still BOP BOP
ChippTunes: The Kaldheim elves seem pretty grizzled
Kyir: Sending Serge's deck all my energy
F1SHOR: well at least serge had a good day of valheim before this haha he won as a Viking one way
MegaDosX: Hopefully chat got a good look at Vorinclex in that brief sideboard
diamondmx: Is it a historic deck?
astrosmasher: hes sideboarding into sultai yorion
HundreydAundre: Psyche-Boarrr
LoadingReadyRun: Maybe the bear is also grizzled. So then it would be a Grizzled, Grizzled Grizzly Outrider
ChippTunes: Like Elvish Warmaster is a n g r y
fcloud: that's the SERGE ALARM you hear in the background
vellebastet: Serge lrrHEART
northos: so next-level, the police are after him
MegaDosX: "Reading? Ugh" - Nelson, probably
Kyir: Serge: A man who can read
ic52404: Unsubscribe from Sergefacts.
SnowbirdMike: Coffee Connoisseur
SnowBuddy18: oh god, not READING
F1SHOR: not just reading but comprehension
Joalni: Is he still the premier land player of the format?
Dmc3628: who reads cards in 2021
MegaDosX: I think that's a snap keep Graham
Kyir: Keep it!
SnowbirdMike: Thats a challenge
Kyir: Keep it!!!!
circusofkirkus: it's all gas
Kyir: Booo
MegaDosX: Now what do you chuck back
Sunmare_Dragon: what dose it takes to gain level in judge?
MegaDosX: Graham begrudgingly chucking it back :p
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
ChippTunes: oh my god
MegaDosX: And there's a flex
MegaDosX: Phyrexian swamp from Jumpstart
Fruan: One day Nelly's kids will be old enough to get in Chat to tell him to keep it down.
HundreydAundre: If Vorn is need later, we musnt ever forgive the mull
fcloud: what's up with the cards in alien language?
SnowBuddy18: I think it was a UB dual
F1SHOR: thought he was telling nelson no there haha
SnowBuddy18: @fcloud Phyrexian
fcloud: ok but how does it work if you cant read it?
SnowBuddy18: when you mouse over it it switches languages
Juliamon: fcloud It switches back to English on focus
fcloud: huh. how do they do it in paper?
sheer_falacy: probably same way as foreign language cards
sheer_falacy: look up oracle text or just know the card
Diabore: hey linda
SnowBuddy18: you say what you want it to do, and nobody's going to argue
SnowBuddy18: especially with Elesh Norn
RandomTrivia: "What are you digging for?" "Card draw, mostly"
Fistacles: numotYES
Zoso_Wolf: I heard Linda from Amazonian
F1SHOR: I voted on nicknames so forgot there was a podcast coming too haha
canahedo: Listen, Linda
Joalni: Linda is a name that wouldn't be too weird for a Scandinavian too.
LoadingReadyRun: submit and vote for nicknames at
F1SHOR: just on time
MegaDosX: Oh no, a tapland!
RandomTrivia: Oof
El_Funko: Just like Lerny from Hades, for Lernaean Hydra
MegaDosX: Do it Graham
HundreydAundre: Out with an Avalanche
sheer_falacy: math is for blockers
MegaDosX: 23 damage right there
Fruan: Not -20, try harder next time.
fcloud: he didn't count, he went full nelson
circusofkirkus: that was a 10/10 haste with narfi
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ohgeezitsbrad: Hope you guys are all having a dandy day!
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Diabore: straight getting dumpstered
Nydestroyer: Every game is going to be vs Koma
F1SHOR: keep us up to date on the deck graham we are invested now ๐Ÿ˜‚
Daggothur: playing magic you have to have ab solutely no expectation to win
Joalni: Can we save the deck for next week's LRRMTG?
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream!
ChippTunes: yeet yeet yeet
strebenherz: You all have a good night
SnowbirdMike: Thanks gentlemen for the stream
overZellous: thanks for streamin'!
El_Funko: Heading into the final week of this PIF run
RandomTrivia: sergeSqueak
frizbehobit: glad I caught it
vellebastet: Whoo!
RandomTrivia: LRL HYPE!
vellebastet: Excited for it, too!
stizzet: sergeSqueak sergeFriend
DiscordianTokkan: LRL! Woooo!
niccus: #2 now
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Bluedevyl: @El_Funko have to say, you guys have been super entertaining and informative. Thanks for the series
RandomTrivia: This will be the first session of the second game
Juliamon: It's not really so much a series as it is a 2-pack
El_Funko: @Bluedevyl You're welcome!
ghyllnox: Furslaw!
fcloud: "alien: first law" is the most 80s-movie title of any lrr show
RandomTrivia: LUL lrrWOW
DiscordianTokkan: Sub-90 is Really good
Fruan: Improve like that 7 more times and you're there!
fcloud: gonna be completing it in negative time
HundreydAundre: Control-LRR: The Doppeled Fore-ward Play
SnowbirdMike: The cultists are geniuses
benjamin_wheeler: RE4 is great but also just complete bullshit
affinityartifacts: @benjamin_wheeler <3
circusofkirkus: look at that FLOW
affinityartifacts: Adam look at those flowing locks
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MegaDosX: It's looking good Adam
benjamin_wheeler: @affinityartifacts <3 <3
DiscordianTokkan: If you can say it on daytime TV you can say it on a Magic stream, and HS and BS HAVE been said
benjamin_wheeler: "you're not sad" holy shit
Manae: Adam will reach Beej levels someday
affinityartifacts: @benjamin_wheeler how are you lovely
circusofkirkus: @benjamin_wheeler you missed Nelly getting told to quiet down earlier while streaming
SnowbirdMike: Time to go cook supper. Gnite all.
Earthenone: he saidit after the youtube cutoff, so the a;gprhythm wont care
fcloud: thank you for 9 months (1 baby) of support
HundreydAundre: That accursed "Bowling Four Soaps" Song
corefluxx: 99 Luftballons
Joalni: @benjamin_wheeler @circusofkirkus By his kid of all people.
benjamin_wheeler: @circusofkirkus ah yes, I'm also married and streamer
fcloud: 81 months (9 babies) of support
affinityartifacts: @benjamin_wheeler LUL
circusofkirkus: @benjamin_wheeler wheelerBless
MegaDosX: v o r i n c l e x
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
benjamin_wheeler: lol
RandomTrivia: LUL
laikagoat: zoeyLOL zoeyLOL zoeyLOL zoeyLOL
DiscordianTokkan: All Questions
benjamin_wheeler: yeah tell him Adam
nutty03: i love lrr
HundreydAundre: When you half questions, but yous already subbed
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nutty03: been a fan since 2013
affinityartifacts: @nutty03 they're the actual, indisputable best
Greendrag13: Dog_of_Myth: a legendarily good boy?
nutty03: Im politely asking to self promo?
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affinityartifacts: Nelson is laughing like i do
coachNelly: @affinityartifacts best compliment i've had all... year?\
benjamin_wheeler: pretty long tbh
moonshadow63: Bye
affinityartifacts: well last time i was on i couldn't breathe because of "witch wiggler"
corefluxx: 73 months is 6 years 1 month
affinityartifacts: so
nutty03: Im honestly thinking im a trans woman...
vellebastet: @affinityartifacts Like literally the whole time for reading subs. sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
DiscordianTokkan: I miss the Witch Wiggler
RandomTrivia: Serge cannot be stopped now!
affinityartifacts: @vellebastet i know i was trying so hard to stop, but they guys were too funny
benjamin_wheeler: ayy, pasta
affinityartifacts: ayy
benjamin_wheeler: wow thanks @Dog_of_Myth I didn't even see the notification
SergeYager: ayy
DiscordianTokkan: ayyy
vellebastet: @affinityartifacts You were almost good at one point, then you had to read different "witch wiggler" variant sub names and lost it again. sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh I also couldn't breathe
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
affinityartifacts: oh @NotCainNorAbel ended me giving the sub to wigglegiggle
fcloud: nobody died. except for serge
affinityartifacts: @vellebastet absolutely broke me
MegaDosX: Graham is standing on a pile of corpses with his deck in one hand cackling
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream everyone! Have a good evening!
affinityartifacts: <3
corefluxx: Bye
laikagoat: lrrHEART fionaLove lrrHEART fionaLove lrrHEART
circusofkirkus: buh bye!
KWardJenx: Thank you!
RandomTrivia: Goodnight friends! lrrHEART
vellebastet: Bye!!!
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
vellebastet: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
vellebastet: @affinityartifacts <3
Electrodyne: :)
Electrodyne: I am here to chew bubblegum, and enjoy a Secret Paul Message
DiscordianTokkan: Goodnight Paul!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: LUL Paul
laikagoat: zoeyLOL
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART lrrPAUL
iris_of_ether: LUL
Electrodyne: I would watch that
abyssaldm: Berg-ermeister MD
NotCainNorAbel: greenlight for a second season
RandomTrivia: *thunderous applause*
SK__Ren: Isnt that just the plot to Northern Exposure?