Riiiiiiis: i tried reloading the stream, no change
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pyronils80: Hello again! A new month! Yeah! :) :) :)
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SoundGuy0dB: yup
creasehearst: it's game sound too it sounds like
AfkDragopolus: unko isnt the issue
dumbo3k: just james is robot to me, funko sounds fine
Lord_ZYRK: James is wobbly, too
Riiiiiiis: james is stuttering as well
creasehearst: and sub notifier too
ghyllnox: Also hearing it. Notif is too
Dumori: nah we getting it with foot steps too
ramblingrhetoric: Both game and voice audio is jittery
diamondmx: James should be clean? Press X to doubt.
AfkDragopolus: we just get dubstep everything
SoundGuy0dB: stuttering
Stoffern: James is the one who robots?
Anexmedia: Yup
delta__vee: it's not robotty it's just clicky stuttering
Lord_ZYRK: and that alert
AfkDragopolus: yes
Riiiiiiis: yep
ghyllnox: Yep
Firnsarwen: James is stuttering, yeah! :o
Dumori: yes
creasehearst: yes
SoundGuy0dB: yup
Mistborn83: yes
pyronils80: its laggy
SoundGuy0dB: still happening
NightWingMistHawk: Yep
Coyoteofthenine: just a little
balfizan: yeah its stuttery audio
SerGarretCameron: absolutely still there.
Orgmastron: Yeah it's mostly James
creasehearst: it started the moment you loaded in to the map
diamondmx: Yeah, there's a slight break in the audio
Styxseus: still there, yep
Talin06: still there
Firnsarwen: still here but y'know, useable
Styxseus: even the gunshots
MAPBoardgames: game audio too
MagicalAttackGecko: sounds like your are a bit underwater
AfkDragopolus: refresh fixed it for me
AfkDragopolus: neveermind
AfkDragopolus: didnt fix it
NathanJay_GA: all the audio is stuttering. probably a twitch thing, or something wrong with the output
Lord_ZYRK: Didn't fix here
Anexmedia: Nah probably a twitch thing then
pyronils80: refreshinh helped
Firnsarwen: I mean, I *just* loaded in, so I wouldn't expect a refresh to help
tangokilo421: I blame the possible hacker. Hacked into our audio
Joalni: Let's hope it sorts itself out if we loot enough stuff.
dumbo3k: oh wow, I've got the same scav as james
pyronils80: its twitch
dumbo3k: Sv-98 gang unite!
diamondmx: Refresh did not fix it. But it's watchable.
Firnsarwen: (but I am trying refreshing anyway... it doesn't seem to have helped. But it's still quite watchable :) )
TheAwkes: It's like audio packet loss, but nothing is wrong wit the video which makes it extra weird.
NathanJay_GA: refresh did not work for me. I'm on mobile, though. wondering if there's a difference between mobile and desktop that would explain it
chaostreader: It’s not Bad. It’s just. Slightly irritating if you talk loudly a lot.
voslan: All bolt actions need a Aperture sight. Arisaka Best Rifle ever!
Styxseus: Im on desktop and its the same here
pyronils80: video is 100% audio maybe 75-85%
Riiiiiiis: i have jumped down the ramp to the right many times, missed the container and broken both legs :-D
Firnsarwen: also, hello everyone! Hope the Tarkov is going well tonight! :)
Joalni: Oof, the crunchy way @Riiiiiiis
AfkDragopolus: oh shit he got the emergenpeas
Riiiiiiis: Joalni fun thing is that I've exited with no problem every time
Gobukiller: On desktop and refresh didn't work. Also the ad audio was fine.
Dumori: If james wants to not reload, we coudl take the 700 with 20round mag
Riiiiiiis: "crawling" all the way
Firnsarwen: I'm not on mobile, but sound still crunchy... but I would request James turn Funko up... I have to have the stream quite loud to hear Funko... and James is *VERY* loud when he gets excited :D
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pyronils80: its totally watchable, its just soma soundissues
diamondmx: It tries to move it to your character, not your stash
Styxseus: and to be clear, it's the game audio as well, not just the voice
Styxseus: if thats any help
62MGcobra: maybe Funko needs to get more excited as well :p
CaptainTalon447: Backpack...in a backpack?
Firnsarwen: thank you, James! jlrrPillow elfunkHeart lrrHEART
Firnsarwen: @CaptainTalon447 you're new here, aren't you? lrrBEEJ
Firnsarwen: Tarkov is ALL about backpacks in backpacks.
CaptainTalon447: Yup never played Tarkov
AfkDragopolus: im currently sitting at 24 backpacks stacked
creasehearst: matryoshka backpacks
pyronils80: its Super Tetris Advances Edition! :D
Firnsarwen: well I hope you enjoy, @CaptainTalon447 ! It's a TON of fun to watch.. I'd be terrible at playing but still :D
Coyoteofthenine: I thought Link carried a lot of crap
Tonykushfido: thats a good idea
Tonykushfido: thanks
Lord_ZYRK: Babushka would work
AfkDragopolus: use "edit preset" @LoadingReadyRun
Dumori: I think you can put something on it
AfkDragopolus: Please mr funk teach james to use "edit preset"
AfkDragopolus: yes drago
AfkDragopolus: Haha
Dumori: I've been trying to get Funko to do it for the guns he takes the same thing in all the time
Lord_ZYRK: Like they say, you can't teach an old koala new tricks
Lord_ZYRK: elfunkPopcorn
Dumori: elfunkPopcorn
AfkDragopolus: i feel that funko
Firnsarwen: elfunkPopcorn
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
AfkDragopolus: thats based
RockPusher: That feel when you jump on a box and find tab-complete doesn't work lrrAWW
TheElrad: elfunkPopcorn
Dumori: I'm sure it will happen, I mean we've still not got transparent 90 mags
AfkDragopolus: second best bolty in the game
Tonykushfido: thanks for backpack idea guys
Tikosh_: Presets are nice for gunsmith, guns you want to use multiple times and have more than 3 additional mods.. and checking possible mod combinations - checking every mod for best stats manually takes ages
gualdhar: is audio spotty for anyone else?
dangerseeker77: is it just me or is the sound getting worse?
Morlac_and_Bros: audio issues?
AfkDragopolus: all 7.62x51 boltys suck
Phailhammer: Okay,. not just me.
diamondmx: I like presets because it lets me see what options work without spending any money.
Morlac_and_Bros: I thought I was the only one
AfkDragopolus: sound is bad
Dumori: Tikosh_ exactly
Dumori: I had one set for my MDR
AfkDragopolus: @Tikosh_ oh hji there :D
Tikosh_: Hey Drago :D
Dumori: cause that while a quick mod was my go to 5.56
Mysticman89: its janky in just a way that almost makes me feel kinda queasy. Manageable, but its weird
Warkipine: this reminds me of when a friend ran through the mechanics/gameplay of Valorant with me and I'm here for it
Tikosh_: We have a voice channel (again)
AfkDragopolus: The mdr has like 2 mods bro :D
Dumori: No it has like 3
Dumori: Muzzel, scope and foregrip :P
Dumori: Just enough
ghyllnox: Gunshots with reverb, nice
Firnsarwen: Are we trying to do a quest?
Dumori: yes
manfred909: yes
Firnsarwen: Yes
ghyllnox: Yes
ThePov42: Yes
creasehearst: yes
Riiiiiiis: its bad yes
mrsarkhan: yes
Dumori: it is very poppy
Tikosh_: yes
ThePov42: Nope
Riiiiiiis: nope
manfred909: nope
Dumori: no
Lord_ZYRK: nyet
ghyllnox: No
creasehearst: no
mrsarkhan: Nope
Tikosh_: nope
tk004: yes
Firnsarwen: no
SK__Ren: nope
Xuethewatcher: Yes
degenfrom_upcountry: no
SerGarretCameron: so many cuts in the audio.
Orgmastron: nope
ghyllnox: o/
sithenin: lrrGARBO
Riiiiiiis: hooooooold
tk004: worst
Riiiiiiis: hoooooooooooooooooooooooold
7gorobei: no
LoadingReadyRun: should be back
LoadingReadyRun: refresh if not
Robot_Bones: Stay on target
ghyllnox: o/
Orgmastron: Hello!
ThePov42: You are back. Still poppy
Juliamon: No better.
ghyllnox: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
sithenin: lrrGARBO
Kuolar: No
Firnsarwen: Audio still durpy, sadly
Riiiiiiis: still bad
manfred909: HI And no
Tikosh_: nope
chrono2x: nope
TheAwkes: Audio is the same.
Orgmastron: Audio is still bad
ghyllnox: Nope
62MGcobra: elfunkSad
7gorobei: still borked
pyronils80: nope
TheElrad: nope
Dumori: was better then got the same
Vanbael: blame twitch?
RunningMonkeys: still bad
creasehearst: audio still borked
Robot_Bones: Audio is still numotPOOP
RockPusher: Has OBS mucked up sample rate settings?
Boon_33: 0 betterness
Riiiiiiis: reloaded stream - still bad
creasehearst: it started the moment you loaded into a raid
manfred909: other streams are fine
62MGcobra: blame canada
ghyllnox: Hoo boy Live will be fun
creasehearst: so might be tarkov breaking it
ThePov42: The Notifier was doubled earlier, if that is at all possibly relevant
Juliamon: ghyllnox If it's just James it won't be too much of an issue
Juliamon: If it's Twitch... then we panic.
Dumori: ThePov42 the notifiers been doubled most of Jame's tarkov streams
Lord_ZYRK: lrrFINE
RockPusher: If the audio is going out then back in via a USB source then replugging the USB source might be worth a shot too
Phailhammer: Juliamon lrrFINE
tangokilo421: I don’t think it’s full Twitch? I check Wheeler and a couple other streams and audio seemed fine
Anexmedia: Live at least has the benefit of having a literal wizard on tech so, that might help the odds?
tangokilo421: checked*
Lord_ZYRK: Just buy a whole new stream setup 4Head
LoadingReadyRun: should be back
ghyllnox: unarmeOkay
El_Funko: Yeah it's not super wide spread, but it could be a problem with the ingest server affecting only some streams
Tikosh_: fine
RockPusher: All good
LoadingReadyRun: refresh if not
jester_badger: Better
Firnsarwen: that's sounding better
Riiiiiiis: yayyyy good
Lord_ZYRK: Seems good
VacillantVarlet: much better
Boon_33: better
MWGNZ: you are back and the crackle isnt
Orgmastron: It's good now!
mrsarkhan: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Boon_33: all good
sithenin: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
creasehearst: audio is good now
Mysticman89: this is fine, praise be to troubleshooting
Firnsarwen: beauty. Thanks for that, James! :D
Tikosh_: so obs then
SoundGuy0dB: fixed
ghyllnox: o/
ghyllnox: Yaay
Dumori: Seems good so far!
Warkipine: snipe hype?
Tikosh_: one long raid or a non-zero amount of factory
robert97dj: sounding good
pyronils80: sound good
ThePov42: What is that red gun at the bottom of the stash?
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Firnsarwen: @DoctorMcBoop That is a great username. lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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Dumori: No one likes FDE apprently
Anexmedia: that is mighty good looking 700 now
Dumori: LUCKY mag!
manfred909: very nice
Anexmedia: and smacking someone with a flaming bullet is always fun
Firnsarwen: Should we put the extra ammo rounds in pouch instead of splint?
manfred909: hmm Stopping power
dougma: that is a very pretty piece of hardware
LurkerSpine: You can't get xp with scavs, right?
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dougma: much better than the tricked out SASS I am running, don't have the rubles for better
dougma: I got the gun from a scav run
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