djalternative: Mp6 is the circus one, right?
DarkMorford: 6 was when the series started going downhill, IMO. The microphone gimmick wasn't great and the minigames started to just be tired concepts with even more tired puns for names.
PharaohBender27: "You WILL party, Mario, godammit!"
NotCainNorAbel: @the_card_father okay, yeah things without guns is more peaceful.
Solipsody: @Diabore Him and Duffman. It's a living.
IbunWest: Oh 6 is the one with the microphone games?
IbunWest: Oof.
niccus: bigger
DarkMorford: 6 and 7 used the microphone.
Diabore: @Solipsody cant forget slurms mackenzy too
jedi_master_zll: @DarkMorford Oh yeah, the microphone that plugged into the gamecube. I don't think they had many games for it though, I just played without it.
the_card_father: @notcainnorabel at least this was only the first time for me. My coworker has been in three robberies now. Just never on the receiving end.
Solipsody: @the_card_father I had no idea they happened that often these days.
Loonatic93: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Mario Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (19m ago).
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father You mean your coworker used to rob places?
the_card_father: @solipsody they don’t honestly. But still a risk to us. But like I said before, the caught them within the hour.
Solipsody: @PharaohBender27 Got into banking on the ground floor.
Solipsody: @the_card_father Well, I hope your first is also your last.
the_card_father: @pharaohbender27 you know, they did use non specific wording. I’ll be sure to inquire thoroughly tomorrow just for you.
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father Only if you want to, that sounds like it would be a potentially very awkward conversation
the_card_father: Also while we wait for the stream. I’m just rewatching “The Bus is Coming” non copyright version.
sydnius: FBtouchdown
floki4242: lrrFINE
the_card_father: @pharaohbender27 I’m 100% certain she hasn’t. She’s a 53 year old grandmother. I’d be very surprised.
saucemaster5000: the perfect age for the perfect crime
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream is not live.
the_card_father: @saucemaster5000 yes. Dastardly.
costar_s: Not live yet? Wonder if there's issues with parsec :(
Spacepup: Tech Issues.
Juliamon: costar_s Got it in one
Spacepup: In the process of getting resolved.
PharaohBender27: Just the phrase "never on the receiving end" made me think, "So what? On the giving end?" Though probably it just means she's *witnessed* robberies or something
Spacepup: Oh, their LAN stuff?
the_card_father: @costar_s this is my first time actually interacting with the chat. Y’all are friendly as hell. It’s nice to meet you all.
MAPBoardgames: nice to meet you, too @the_card_father
Spacepup: Is that what parsec is? Over-internet-but-the-game-thinks-its-LAN?
DeM0nFiRe: lrrHEART
amative1: the_card_father we like to party lrrBEEJ
the_card_father: @pharaohbender27 she was never the one to have the robber at her wicket. They’re not so much lobby takeovers and more slipped note situations.
PharaohBender27: You too, @the_card_father ! Just sorry this first meeting happened on what was a shitty day for you
saucemaster5000: yeah to be clear, that all sounds awful
Spacepup: I like to think LRR actively cultivates a kinder audience than internet-average. It's a good group of people, behind and watching the screens.
IbunWest: Cozy chat. PrideUwu
the_card_father: @pharaohbender27 I mean. On these days we need to make a change that helps.
Hexi_Lexi: @the_card_father glad to have ya
Juliamon: Chat's always here for you.
the_card_father: I’m actually a fellow Canadian to the LRR folks.
Juliamon: And I do mean always. It's never empty.
PharaohBender27: @Spacepup Good modding helps in that regard
sydnius: lrrPAUL lrrSACK
the_card_father: Just in Ontario.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Almost there. Just configuring controllers
DarkMorford: SOON™
Hexi_Lexi: @the_card_father as a fellow ontarian, im sorry
Spacepup: @PharaohBender27 Yeah, that's what I mean about actively cultivating. You *have* to be active, else you *get* internet-average, which is.... not great.
damn_i_am_pretty: Ah, the "Loading" phase of "LoadingReadyRun"
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DarkMorford: LOAD "*",8,1
the_card_father: @hexi_lexi since I highly doubt it was you to commit the robbery I’ll take your empathetic Canadian sorry rather than a admission of guilt.
Spacepup: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
jessieimproved: I can attest that chat is never empty. I am a proud lurker myself
costar_s: @loadingreadyrun 🙏
BigBenS221: technical difficulties?
MyrddintheWizard: lrrHEART
pyrehand: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Mario Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (26m ago).
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father Oh SNAP katesLol
the_card_father: Thank you to whoever subbed for me. I appreciate that. But know you didn’t have to.
Coyoteofthenine: I like to think of LRR as pet goldfish that live in a little bowl and we feed them through mail time. They live off gummies, coffee, and spiders.
NightWingMistHawk: Howdy chat! I assume LRR is experiencing some form of technical difficulties?
thecwis26: delays?
DarkMorford: Gummy coffee-flavored spiders, eh...
Spacepup: You hang out in LRR, or any of the member's streams, it honestly kind of hard to dodge the gift subs.
ladylinzington: so, hey. I just logged on, what's occurring?
Hexi_Lexi: @the_card_father im just sorry you live in ontario. its not a good place to be right now
BigBenS221: mmm, delishious spiders
PharaohBender27: I . . . prefer to think of LRR as talented humans who deserve our support
Solipsody: Who live off gummies, coffee and spiders.
PharaohBender27: @ladylinzington Parsec issues, stream soon
Sarah_Serinde: Technical difficulties with Parsec, which they're using for today's stream. Sounds like they should be ready soon
Coyoteofthenine: coffee flavored gummiy spiders
the_card_father: @hexi_lexi I mean. Specifically I’m in Kingston. Which hasn’t been too bad. Pretty mellow here. Plus I have a very cute dog.
ladylinzington: @PharaohBender27 ah perfect, thank you.
Hexi_Lexi: at least you have a cute friend
iris_of_ether: I still need to write my letter to mail in with my long-overdue meme craft package to them :D
the_card_father: LRR are people doing their best. As other people doing their best I support them where I can.
Juliamon: A cute dog, you say 👀
BigBenS221: have they tried turning it off and then back on again?
DeM0nFiRe: Wowee OhMyDog
the_card_father: Yeah. I don’t know how to put a photo in the chat. But if someone tells me I’ll show off. Their name is Flipp.
Hexi_Lexi: uh oh! they said the dog word! now all of chat demands pets!
damn_i_am_pretty: Dog? is chat getting a dog?
DarkMorford: @Juliamon Trying to summon Trollo? :D
PharaohBender27: @iris_of_ether I think you can be forgiven for holding off - it's not like Mail Time is a feasible thing at the moment
jedi_master_zll: @BigBenS221 It's kind of annoying how many things a reset will fix.
Earthenone: lrrSPOT
Coyoteofthenine: Yes they are people and we love them but it was a little joke. We know they aren't fish because they can ride bikes
BigBenS221: agreed
MAPBoardgames: katesLoaf
Favre_Studios: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Mario Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (29m ago).
Spacepup: @the_card_father I don't think you can share directly in chat, you'd have to upload it then link it, if automods don't block leaks. Don't worry too much about it.
iris_of_ether: @PharaohBender27 True enough
Nigouki: i'm gonna use this opportunity to munch on some snacks so that I don't choke on them once stream actually starts
Spacepup: Links, not leaks.
Juliamon: We allow links if they have context
BigBenS221: that's a bold stance, stating that all fish can't ride bukes
mowdownjoe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Mario Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (30m ago).
BigBenS221: bikes
NimrodXIV: chat leaking is a whole other problem
jedi_master_zll: Being in the tech industry though, when I call tech support, it means the first five things they suggest aren't going to work.
Coyoteofthenine: hence the subs I read it in a book
Solipsody: @Juliamon Do you allow leaks?
damn_i_am_pretty: Context is like con flu, you had to be there to get it
MAPBoardgames: I put a pan under my monitor to catch chat leaks.
Juliamon: We're not so much fans of leaks
Sarah_Serinde: Spacepup We don't automatically block links here, never have
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hello LRRFronds. o/
MAPBoardgames: Hi Bob!
RandomTrivia: Hey Bob
Juliamon: Leaks will get you timed out
DarkMorford: Leaks, no. Flushes, though? Chat is HERE for that.
Spacepup: What bout grean or pearl onions? I prefer them to leaks anyway.
RandomTrivia: Leeks are better served in a stew than in chat
Juliamon: Leeks and flushes are welcome.
damn_i_am_pretty: Leeks are good too, George loves them.
SnackPak_: What if we count the leaks?
Ashen_Prime: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Hello friend!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: How is everyone? I'm currently playing Nursemaid to my wife who got her first Vaccine Dose today!
the_card_father: Flipp is like. A cute dog, that’s also a little bit ugly. With brown scruffy fur, an under bite and a curvy spine when he was part of too many dogs in an equally small dog.
MyrddintheWizard: @damn_i_am_pretty I see what you did there...
BigBenS221: ouch
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Ashen_Prime Miss you, Friendo.
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Lurk
Quentastic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Mario Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (32m ago).
BigBenS221: *Farfetch'd joke to go with the leeks*
HbombAndFriends: Are streams not being crossed tonight?
NimrodXIV: tech trubs
Earthenone: parsec is being crossed
DeM0nFiRe: They are having some issuse with parsec
PharaohBender27: @HbombAndFriends Tech issues, so they're just late
BloodForTheCorelab: maybe we could eat the farfetchd....
StageMgrRob: Tech issues I believe
SmithKurosaki: Oh no!
Nigouki: streams have crossed a bit too far and are being realigned
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
HbombAndFriends: Oh, ok.
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL Congratulations, LoadingReadyRun! You are now in #PARTYTIME! lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: Something something loituma?
NonUniqueGuy: There we go
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
Spacepup: There it is!
djalternative: Huh. A new bakery opened up near me and they sell nanimo bars. What’s a bakery in Chicago doing serving those?
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Sheikun07: yay
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrFINE lrrSIGNAL
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
underhill33: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
laikagoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ClankyLily: ysbrydHype ysbrydHype ysbrydHype
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
iris_of_ether: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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monakai: Woot woot
SmoreThanAFeelin: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: it's all happening!
damn_i_am_pretty: Oh no! It's Mario's Music!
NonUniqueGuy: lrrSIGNAL
amative1: Happy lrrSIGNAL Music!
Ashen_Prime: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MyrddintheWizard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrAWESOME
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Orgmastron: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Riandisa: lrrSIGNAL xivCactuar lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: @damn_i_am_pretty katesLol
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Crossing the Streams! @BengineeringTV, @ihorner, @Kathleen_LRR and @coachNellyMTG are having a party! A Mario Party! 📷 ||
divreon: lrrsignal
RandomTrivia: the8bitDanceC the8bitDance katesDance
floki4242: let's go
mowdownjoe: lrrSIGNAL
Coyoteofthenine: it's alive ahahahah
Bengineering: Chat technology is so hard
Juliamon: let's-A go
Electrodyne: Hi internet friends!
Bengineering: its so hard
Nameless_Sword: Here we go
Mister_BlueSky: Darn tootin.
CaptainSpam: Crossing An Stream!
MAPBoardgames: Mario Party: ruining friendships since 1998.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Hope you like this music loop!
HbombAndFriends: :)
BigBenS221: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
DeM0nFiRe: gdqTunes
Electrodyne: I feel tropical
ChippTunes: yeet yeet yeet
ladylinzington: @LoadingReadyRun very much :D
MyrddintheWizard: jlrrCooltunes
Mister_BlueSky: Mario Party has never ruined any of my friendships. I'd have to have FRIENDS first.
Dog_of_Myth: Hola all
NightWingMistHawk: Man now I just want to play Mario Party with my siblings again - relive all my childhood memories
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PharaohBender27: katesDance tqsDance
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL because you are going to hear it a lot
Juliamon: Mario games have great music loops
YawnLance: Hey friends! lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
BigBenS221: Which Mario Party is it gonna be tonight?
Earthenone: 6
Pteraspidomorphi: Hah
SmoreThanAFeelin: Hello!
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PermaGrin206: Hi!
pn55: jlrrCooltunes
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DeM0nFiRe: Let's make it sounds more cool, they are playing Mario Party VI
Electrodyne: Who has a good recipe for drinks in half a coconut? Also who has half a coconut?
Graham_LRR: Okay it can’t just be me, there’s a small section of this music that sounds like the theme song to Rugrats...
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Don;t tell anyone but there are often Money Matches of Mario Party played backstage at GDQs. lol
Pteraspidomorphi: You can get one by chopping a coconut in two
vellebastet: Hello!
the_card_father: I blinked and the chat exploded. Imma just sit back and watch. Thank you everyone for the love and support. I might pop back in pre-stream to chat again some time.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Graham_LRR not just you
Graham_LRR: @bob
YawnLance: Oh no... Graham_LRR D:
Graham_LRR: Oops
DeM0nFiRe: Ok yeah I can hear it, like a few notes there
RandomTrivia: Graham pls
ladylinzington: Graham why
GamesAndInk: Waluiiiigi
amative1: weegee!
Earthenone: luigi
Graham_LRR: @bobtheninjagoldfish Is that GDQ anecdote legit? That’s amazing
the_card_father: @graham_lrr yeah. It’s there, now that you pointed it out, I can’t not hear it.
Diabore: @Graham_LRR i hear it too now that you mentioon it, also, have you played the fnpf draft deck yet?
Juliamon: the_card_father It gets a bit busy at the start but it'll calm back down. Feel free to lurk!
MyrddintheWizard: WeeGEE!!
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father Enjoy the show!
plummeting_sloth: my BOI
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DarkMorford: 83 is the atomic number of bismuth. It's always a pleasure doing bismuth with you folks. Kappa
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Spacepup: BWOWO
bjorlamn: WARIO
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Goombill: Almost a year straight, working from home makes it a lot easier to remember these.
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Pteraspidomorphi: Fortunately I don't know the rugrats theme song
BooperOfHonks: Hi everyone!
Graham_LRR: @diabore ...yes. It went 3-3.
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Mcgwee: ahhh a fair game of skill!
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NateThePancake: THE FULL YEAR!! Seems like a great time to have a party!
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MAPBoardgames: I love it when LRR plays a game featured in the intro.
Favre_Studios: !findquote skill
LRRbot: Quote #2876: "Everyone always says, if you have good tools, you don't need any skill." —Beej [2016-06-25]
TheM8: ???
josh___something: Hello friends, how are y'all fine folks doing! PrideLionHey
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Earthenone: i know the rugrats theme, but i cant hear it in here
SydPreviouslyHeadache: for as much joy as the mario party games brought me, i sure can't remember which is which
PharaohBender27: I see folks are already selecting their characters :D
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Graham_LRR yup, Commentated, hosted/read donations on stream there for like 4ish years, was even staff for a year or so
ChippTunes: 😂👌💯
Ashen_Prime: @Bobtheninjagoldfish I believe it. And @Graham_LRR Bob is a GDQ fixture. Hard to have one without him.
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electra310: Woo, it's party time!
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sydnius: FB touchdown
BirkaBirkowski: idc who but my money is on Waluigi
NateThePancake: MP 6? :O Gamecube! We're going old school tonight.
jedi_master_zll: My Prime sub ran out, but it won't let me do it again because it won't be available until today...
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Ritaspirithntr: Time for a party!!
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Graham_LRR: @ashen_prime @bobtheninjagoldfish I actually didn’t know that, that’s amazing! I watch every one.
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sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:06. lrrSPOT
BirkaBirkowski: *idc who's playing who, my money is on Waluigi
DarkMorford: @Graham_LRR I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but now that you mention it, it kinda does...
NateThePancake: Is this one of the ones where you can play as Bowser?
DeM0nFiRe: I remember when there was a money match on GDQ live on stream (think it was bonus stream) and one of the players got mad and turned off the console lol
Dog_of_Myth: @Bobtheninjagoldfish That is a good story
CaptainSpam: The party is occurring. Frivolity is mandatory.
Animesnowwolf: Hello world
tiny_imps: anyone know when the stream vods are going to be on the channel
TheWriterAleph: Assume the Party position.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Graham_LRR admittedly winnings usually get donated so it equals out.
NateThePancake: @tiny_imps A couple days afterwards,, usually.
plummeting_sloth: hullo chat! I am celebrating cause I got my first innoculation!
Juliamon: tiny_imps As soon as Youtube allows
NateThePancake: Heather's pretty quick abtou it!
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Gophersaurus: There ain't no party like a mario party
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Juliamon: plummeting_sloth lrrAWESOME
Nebula662: mario parties are the best kind of parties
2Flower: To each according to their party needs.
NateThePancake: @plummeting_sloth Fantastic news!
PharaohBender27: Congratulations, @plummeting_sloth !
NateThePancake: Sounds like a great reason to party!
Earthenone: SOON
DahudLefthanded: s o o n
Spacepup: @jedi_master_zll Yeah, it does become available, but I don't know if it tracks down to the hour and you subbed late last time, or if it just makes you push it back a day-per-sub
unicornvector: @plummeting_sloth Congrats! :D
plummeting_sloth: I am very happy and my arm hurts
ClankyLily: s o o n
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Hi Caleb!
2Flower: lrrFINE
Vergotterung: lol soon
ladylinzington: @plummeting_sloth ooh grats! Which one didja get?
Protein_Curry: S O O N
Mister_BlueSky: SOON™
DahudLefthanded: imminent
plummeting_sloth: Pfizer
Bobtheninjagoldfish: #SOON
TheAinMAP: Here we go!
Hexi_Lexi: we're HERE!!!
plummeting_sloth: so one more ahad
ladylinzington: yaaaay
DahudLefthanded: now
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TezzeretTinkerer: yaaaaay
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Favre_Studios: Intro
Shadwhawk: I also just got my first dose today! Washington State opened it up to school employees.
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Ard_Rhys: SOON
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NightWingMistHawk: Banger alert!
BigBenS221: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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Mcgwee: lrrHEART
ChippTunes: Toddy is the teenth of Juan Wario
divreon: Whoo!
Favre_Studios: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrARROW lrrCIRCLE
Mister_BlueSky: Time to cast this to the big screen. :)
Protein_Curry: i'm glad chat all had the same joke ready l
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Foxmar320: foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE
LinearGif: let's a go
MadWolf1290: well that first section is oddly appropriate!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @plummeting_sloth my wife got her first Pfizer shot today too!!!!
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BrowneePoints: HELL YA! MARIO PARTY!
Vergotterung: oh thank you
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TheAinMAP: Hello.
TheWooglie: lrrHEART
StageMgrRob: OKay time to make the popcorn.
plummeting_sloth: noice!
jedi_master_zll: @Spacepup Huh, well like ten minutes ago it said available in one minute. Now it says available today and is greyed out. Guess we'll see.
Shadwhawk: Moderna for me. The pfizer doses today were for second dose people
TheWriterAleph: Patio Marty!
visiting_from_the_vods: Hello friends! (Who are about to become enemies. :D )
iris_of_ether: benginHi lrrHEART lrrHORN
PharaohBender27: Evening, lrrBEN , lrrKATHLEEN , lrrIAN , and Nelson!
ChippTunes: Strossing the Creams
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FadedOasis: I bet all my coins on Luigi!
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Dmc3628: truer statements
josh___something: LUL
Nameless_Sword: Woooooooo
SnackPak_: who could have guessed?
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Radyin: A little late? ;)
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cptcobalt: magic 75
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josh___something: You don't say?! :p
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Whoda thunk it?
LinearGif: did they even have internet back then
Mcgwee: time to be skilled
NightWingMistHawk: @Naarius Thanks for the gift sub!\
plummeting_sloth: ah, the Gamecube Notirously internet friendly
nyperold: I'm improving my Golden Deer at the moment, but I'll be properly watching shortly.
Lord_ZYRK: Marlin's Shindig 6 PogChamp
Protein_Curry: fear the deer
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Driosenth: I will enjoy watching people destroy friendships
Bobtheninjagoldfish: HI I'M DAISY
unicornvector: Digging Nelson's Party Shirt
Hexi_Lexi: hey @Graham_LRR i just finished episode 18 of sWs before this stream and im IN LOVE with the podcast
Favre_Studios: Paul the wizard
Dog_of_Myth: Paul, confirmed Wizard
InkyGhoast: @Naarius Thanks for the gift sub!
A_Dub888: Actual Wizard Paul Saunders
mariomario42: and not a tech wizard, an actual wizard
BrowneePoints: Nah, Paul is an Artificer
bjorlamn: We got Nelly’s wonderful breathing
Pteraspidomorphi: Nope! Back to the studio!
viridimayai: Is it just me, or does Ian look absolutely incredible today?
LordZarano: Almost as difficult as landing a spaceship on its engine
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Nelson) [now] Paul is a wizard.
LRRbot: New quote #7514: "Paul is a wizard." —Nelson [2021-03-03]
TheWriterAleph: Morton's Portions pt.6
AchillesAndTortoise: cool technology
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electra310: Graham and Kathleen would probably like to be in the same stream again one day
Stoffern: Holograms! Everyones gonna be holograms in 2022!
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Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
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josh___something: Kathleens DEEP frump is a mood LUL
MousseFilledCat: lrrFRUMP
plummeting_sloth: It's honeslty V handy, reminds me when I forget I have things muted
Driosenth: Nelson's yellow shirt hides his audio overlay
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
SmoreThanAFeelin: yesssss
RandomTrivia: Praise be unto Paul
ChippTunes: Don’t blow out the Victoria power grid
the_card_father: Shenaniganery is now my favourite word.
Sarah_Serinde: I don't think I ever actually played a Mario Party after 5
Favre_Studios: y'alls button ups look good
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Driosenth or inspired it...
josh___something: Praise paul
plummeting_sloth: so, how exactly ARE you doing this?
Karfsma778: we like to party.
volraths_bane: You could be saying random words and I wouldn't know
EncryptedSquid: Shhhh! We dont want nintendo to know you're using an emulator.
34Witches: shenaniganery? excellent word.
InkyGhoast: ooh MP6 is really fun
Karfsma778: we like, we like to party
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zshunter: yay mario party,new job and some of my favorite lrr people
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TheMadPunter: @LoadingReadyRun Hey Paul, please please please do a LRRTech of this setup at some point; it's glorious
RandomTrivia: I do like Ian's use of the term "interregnum" here
Davlenagain: Evening
Favre_Studios: 13 years ago
BigBenS221: why do I keep getting dc'd from chat?
TheMadPunter: Actually a LRRTech of how all the remote stuff works would be great
SmoreThanAFeelin: 6 is good
Karfsma778: I do like 6
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hajnal_endot: woo
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Ard_Rhys: Opinios? On the internet?
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unicornvector: OH NO the sun and moon of nightmares
LinearGif: Oh hello Sol Invictus
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Janus
Koshindan: That what I was thinking.
RandomTrivia: Cannot unsee
Dmc3628: 7 was the cruiseship and Toadsworth right?
TemporallyAwry: 6 is the only one I ever actually played iirc
fcloud: especially sun-kun
Sheikun07: Oh no now I can't unsee it
Protein_Curry: Mario Party 7 was mah jam
bowseriffic: Hello! Imma b lurking lrrHEART
Mcgwee: this IS the night day one
BrowneePoints: 6, is pretty decent
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JarofGoats: 7 is my personal fave
Gophersaurus: 2 is still my favourite
Dmc3628: if that is then 7 was my roost
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Mcgwee: I was thinking about it
BrowneePoints: I think it comes from italian painting circa the 1600s?
Karfsma778: 5-7 are all very good
MadWolf1290: whoops, sorry caps
BooperOfHonks: The sun changed a lot between 2004 and last Desert Bus
quietcat: Oh yo this is the one that came with the microphone, isn't it?
jareksox17: Oh Mario Party yes
fcloud: has that godawful gamecube font
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Mcgwee: oh good
lirazel64: !uptime
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Hexi_Lexi: e gadd!!! thats e gadd's music!!!
hajnal_endot: time to put this on while putting in hours
Tornitrualis: The hosts are named Brighton and Twila.... yeah....
plummeting_sloth: ah finally, a game the reflect the time I cannot tell on my own in the real world
Hexi_Lexi: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:53. lrrSPOT
LackingSanity_: 6 was the one I had as a kid
BrowneePoints: Yep
BrowneePoints: they are different
Foxmar320: Yep
Karfsma778: Yes
epsilondelphine: koopa kid is distinct from bowser jr
Protein_Curry: I am biased towards GC Mario Party's since the GC was the first console I owned myself and didn't have to share with my siblings
Karfsma778: they are different
Foxmar320: They are not the same character
BrowneePoints: This existed after Sunshine, they are different
Graham_LRR: @tornitrualis Those are amazing names
DarkMorford: LORE
Koshindan: Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser, Koopa Kid
plummeting_sloth: one of Bowsers illegitmate children
Spacepup: Koopa Kid is actual child Bowser, I think, and Bowser Junior is Bowser's kid.
RandomTrivia: OH NO
CaptainSpam: And not a Koopaling.
deadorator: Which is the Tyler Durden?
RandomTrivia: Paul stop!
TheTekkieman: Bowser Jr. has not been in Party.
NonUniqueGuy: Wasn't Koopa Kids from Super Mario 3? Where you fight a bunch of his kids?
Ard_Rhys: Bowser has a lot of canonical children
Ignatiuspants: Are Koopa Kid, Baby Bowser, and Bowser Jr. all different people and distinct from the "Koopa Kids" in the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon?
fcloud: they call him...the koopa kid *ennio morricone*
Koshindan: What are you doing step-Bowser?
Sogheim: Bowser Jr. is Bowser and Princess Peach's kid, right?
Karfsma778: Koopa Kid is Bowser As An Child
Favre_Studios: Koopa kid is bowser as a kid
LinearGif: the Bowser canon is quite muddled
bowseriffic: so true, Paul
Tangsm: So it's like a Muppet Baby.
Diabore: time crisis!
BrowneePoints: Yea, there's Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser, Koopa Ki
fcloud: Yung Bowser, soundcloud rapper
Vergotterung: lol
damn_i_am_pretty: Koopa Kid is from Yoshi Island, iirc
BrowneePoints: Koopa Kid*
saucemaster5000: koopa kid is the asylum video version of bowser jr.
Karfsma778: island
ChippTunes: Oh my god play Time Crisis
Nigouki: Is Bowser the father or does he turn into Bowsette to be the mother?
epsilondelphine: according to the mario wiki, Koopa Kids are minions and there are many of them, but they're not Bowser per se
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Bratmon: "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time" did come out at around this time.
Protein_Curry: I'm rooting for Wario "WAH, NINTENDO IS REAL"
PlainsZebra: Didn't realize there was a Mario Party stream happening. I'm pogged out of my gourd.
fcloud: <message deleted>this font is triggering me
FerociousPeach: Look, just don't try to figure out the Mario cosmology; that way just leads to madness ;)
Graham_LRR: Apologies for caps
Lord_ZYRK: Koopa Kid is exclusive to Mario Party
Diabore: O R B
Karfsma778: O R B
Veraphage: ORB
Bladinus: o r b
Hexi_Lexi: ORB
DeM0nFiRe: O R B
fcloud: something about the kerning or lack thereof
Animesnowwolf: nostalgia
Mcgwee: orb
MAPBoardgames: lrrCIRCLE
Favre_Studios: koopa kid is bowser's minion
josh___something: ORB!
laikagoat: fionaBall fionaBall fionaBall
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote orb
LRRbot: Quote #5227: "We got milkshake orb'ed!" —Beej [2018-08-03]
damn_i_am_pretty: Operation Rusty's Blanket
themlin: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
RandomTrivia: LUL
Dmc3628: says rolling 9
Mcgwee: hahahaha
SmoreThanAFeelin: yet he does it
RandomTrivia: benginTry
TheAinMAP: Ha!
Favre_Studios: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
DeM0nFiRe: Have they said who is playing who?
embyrr_the_dragon: Orrrrrb
Vergotterung: lol
laikagoat: fionaRigged fionaRigged fionaRigged
mowdownjoe: Ben being Ben
MyrddintheWizard: O R B is Horse
josh___something: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
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Mcgwee: lrrWOW
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Protein_Curry: Crazy Talk Activate
sydnius: Hax
BrowneePoints: In japan Koopa Kid's name is "Mini Koopa" which implies Ian drives them to work
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Sarah_Serinde: benginHeart
Ard_Rhys: @LoadingReadyRun Who's playing who?
bowseriffic: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
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Favre_Studios: top to bottom = left to right
epsilondelphine: I want to say something like Ben = Koopa Kid, Kathleen = Waluigi, Ian = Daisy, Nelson = Wario??? based on the colours of their frames
NoTomToLose: "Co-Op" :D
SkylerRingtail: But is it "co-op?"
Hexi_Lexi: yes.. "co op"
Stoffern: co-op?
NarishmaReborn: is it really co-op?
BrowneePoints: Wow the graphics on this still hold up really well
DirgeNovak: Mario Party is co=op now Kappa
plummeting_sloth: "That's the secret I'm always playing Mario Party"
Nigouki: the frames around the cams are color coded by character
gengarofnightveil: lmfao co-op
RandomTrivia: @PharaohBender27 SpidermanPointing
josh___something: Co-mpetetive
KharadBanar: „coop“
Nameless_Sword: Come on Koopa Kid
Bratmon: lrrCIRCLE
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia tqsLol
TheWriterAleph: ORE BUTT
Zyme86: gachapon!!!!
ChippTunes: I still have a *scar* on my palms from rotating the N64 stick too fast from Mario Party 1
fcloud: "step into my orb hut" i know it's not dirty, but it SOUNDS dirty somehow
Protein_Curry: Co-Operating in ruining each other
KharadBanar: co-optional
MAPBoardgames: yes
Sogheim: Ok, Koopa Kid has horns, Bowser Jr. has small horns, and Baby Bowser has no horns. got it.
Sarah_Serinde: ChippTunes I remember those days well...
PlainsZebra: It was a Gacha machine in an older game
LinearGif: Step into my orb hut, said the orb weaver spider to whatever they eat
TheWriterAleph: something something fantasy costco
fcloud: meanwhile in factorio
Hexi_Lexi: fantasy costco~
Diabore: up seems correct
iSmartMan1: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:48.
RealGamerCow: this star location honks bobo
A_Dub888: Just get the star 4head
Veraphage: Just get the star 4Head
Pteraspidomorphi: "Go get the star. There are orbs! Bye!"
monakai: Time for questions. No more questions.
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: If it were me I would have simply gotten the star
RandomTrivia: The description could have had ",dummy" afterwards and wouldn't have felt out of place
unicornvector: I think by now Nintendo was also of the mind of "It's mario party, obviously."
Spacepup: Nelson of to a POWERFUL start.
ExhaustedElox: Hey friends :)
DirgeNovak: Gee I wonder who is playing as Daisy
korvys: !players
ChippTunes: @sarah_serinde Gotta do what you gotta do to beat your younger brother at Tug-o-War
viridimayai: Gametroop sounds like a fake console in a paper mario game
Vergotterung: Waaah!
BrowneePoints: Ben-Koopa Kid, Kathleen-Waluigi, Nelly-Wario, Ian-Daisy
Dmc3628: its plinko it's Ian's domain
Graham_LRR: Come on out the Orb Hut it’s time to doze some balls
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hatboozeparty: lrrHEART
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Diabore: kathleen has smol O R B
34Witches: smol bol
fcloud: nobody wants to play on waluigi's team
CaptainSpam: Kathluigi
RandomTrivia: *sad WAH*
damn_i_am_pretty: So the theme of this Mario Party is Orbtastic?
josh___something: ⚪rb
PlainsZebra: Have any of the LRRspeople been keeping up with Blaseball now that it is back?
disastergayofcrisis: Hell yea time for a party
nyperold: The biggest ball of them all?
Coyoteofthenine: FrankerZ100
HundreydAundre: You can try....
mariomario42: noooo
amative1: SO CLOSE
Vergotterung: man that was close
TheAinMAP: So close.
Sogheim: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That's not how you wear that.
BrowneePoints: Literally only frames behind
Koshindan: sergeOffByOne
Protein_Curry: NO KATHLEEEEN
Spacepup: Just a couple missed swings between victory and defeat!
jareksox17: Close
JauntyJenkies: think you get smaller if your losing?
ChippTunes: O R B L E S S
jamesinor: Mario Party, or as it's known in my family, the reason my siblings beat me up when we were younger
LackingSanity_: it would have been meaner to put that right after the orb store
PharaohBender27: Because the top character are far away, maybe . . . . ???
JauntyJenkies: I think it was because they were in 3rd and 4th place
Coyoteofthenine: I love playing this with my wife
Goombill: I'm pretty sure it's cause the top characters were losing
Protein_Curry: Ah, these sounds give me happy nostalgia feels
Despoiler98: yay random
epsilondelphine: it's mario party, so the answer is, as always, "Who the -bus- knows?"
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL game volume ok?
MrPandaaaGaming: yes
epsilondelphine: yeah sounds good
DarkMorford: Sounds good, Paul
fcloud: it's not a race, kids (it's definitely a race)
josh___something: seems fine
Pteraspidomorphi: it is
TheTekkieman: Yep.
Protein_Curry: Yee
unicornvector: volume's good
laikagoat: critroleScanlan
PlainsZebra: Audio is good to me.
Solipsody: Good volume
damn_i_am_pretty: sergeJustRight
hexingale: Tour?
PharaohBender27: OK for me!
BrowneePoints: 8 DX. 4 years ago
CaptainSpam: Was a Wii U title.
plummeting_sloth: unfortunatlely, due to the vagaries of teleportation, that is actually a completely new Walugi, which means all starts are forfit
Karfsma778: FOUR YEARS
Koshindan: Garfield Kart wasn't enough for you?
jamesinor: Open World Mario Kart game
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StockTradingRiverOtter: Need to get my emotes back
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NonjaBiru: Four years to the day
divreon: 4 years this month
Karfsma778: the switch has been out for FOUR years *TODAY*
PharaohBender27: @plummeting_sloth katesLol
Radyin: The last one was Mario Kart 8, ported for the Switch.
Diabore: 4 years today isnt it?
polostick: what mario party is this?
BrowneePoints: literally 4 years TODAY
ChippTunes: s t e p i n t o t h e o r b h u t
Spacepup: The switch version was a port of the Wii
Masslost: switch refresh might happen this year
nyperold: "'Different' denotes neither good nor bad, but it certainly means 'not the same'."
DirgeNovak: Didn't they just release that Home Circuit thing?
mariomario42: and I'm still sitting here waiting for a Switch Pro
CaptainSpam: Mario Kart 8/Deluxe was quite amazing, though.
Protein_Curry: Happy Switchmas
jareksox17: @polostick this is 6
Ragnarakk: Its the FOURTH year Anniversary of Switch today!
fcloud: garfield kart came out before any of us were born
RandomTrivia: HAP BIRF Switch
DeM0nFiRe: Neat
34Witches: Garfield Kart is Eternal
Karfsma778: Happy Birthday Switch
plummeting_sloth: and here you are, not playing switch game like a sucker
fcloud: "Catch You Letter"
Koshindan: No one recalls when Garfield Kart was released. The details are lost to time.
Coyoteofthenine: I would love to play Garfield kart
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: greetings people of earth. what nonsense is this.
fcloud: @Coyoteofthenine be careful what you wish for
jamesinor: "Someone pressed a button" is a phrase that carries a dangerous connotation
LinearGif: I never learned to drive stick
ChippTunes: Real talk Waluigi would do a better job running the post office
RandomTrivia: "Stick only, FInal Destination"
MAPBoardgames: Don't touch a shyguy without permission.
BrowneePoints: Hey look it's the 2020 USPS working as hard as they can
Coyoteofthenine: What are hate letters worth?
Despoiler98: What are death threat letters worth?
plummeting_sloth: considering he's actively running away from the mail, I'm going ot call Shyguy LeJoy
unicornvector: Shy guy seems distressed about this
Protein_Curry: ShyGuy receiving his valentines
LinearGif: "receive my affection, shy guy" how many times have I said that in my life
Stoffern: "I hope this letter finds you..." "stop finding me!"
jamesinor: @BrowneePoints I used USPS more during 2020 than I have in my entire life
Lord_ZYRK: Shyguy is the only one responsible enough to wear a mask. I'd be running if I were them, too.
Koshindan: Go big or go home.
34Witches: Bowser's little known daughter
BrowneePoints: @jamesinor It was more satire about how they were overworked while getting attacked by a certain individual
MAPBoardgames: So if you do well you don't just have a big head.
HundreydAundre: ME to party games: You can be last?
JauntyJenkies: I love using items to go the same distance I could have without them
josh___something: Mushrooms and metal orbs sounds like some sort of cover band
RandomTrivia: "Left", you say?
NimrodXIV: sorry what
Despoiler98: hell yeah
mariomario42: WSA
Bladinus: SUCC
plummeting_sloth: succ
BrowneePoints: Suck! Suck!
RandomTrivia: Do you wanna take that one again Ben?
TheWriterAleph: TOS
Vergotterung: lol
ChippTunes: hmm
laikagoat: suck the rich?!?
34Witches: $UCC
josh___something: Big SUCC!!!
Despoiler98: He's Chaotic Neutral
AWildTransgirlAppeared: That machine succc
jamesinor: @BrowneePoints Oh no, I definitely agree with the satire there. The folks at the post office I went to looked so, so tired
DeM0nFiRe: 34Witches LUL
Protein_Curry: W E A L T H S U C K A G E
polybees: Succ
LinearGif: so this is trickle down economics
SnowbirdMike: So basically a Trudeau machine.
Graham_LRR: Ay! Outta my way! Go suck some coins, buddy!
saucemaster5000: dr. e gadd is dr. eggman's "koopa kid"
plummeting_sloth: Egad, the Robin hood of SUCC
Bratmon: "Wealth Suckage Apparatus" would be a good band name.
Koshindan: The rich get richer.
TehAmelie: "devious wealth suckage apparatus" could be the name of so many things and all of them are naughtuy
JauntyJenkies: nein
fcloud: W E A L T H S U C K A G E I N I T I A T E D
Lord_ZYRK: LinearGif this is Suckdown Economics
A_Dub888: Ben "B I G S U C C" Ulmer
ennui_on_me: just got here, how long has the game been going
Coyoteofthenine: kids are always sucking the money out of your wallet
BrowneePoints: @Graham_LRR E Gadd now sounds like an old man from brooklyn in my head. Thanks Graham
DirgeNovak: Hey wanna go back to my place and look at my suckage apparatus
the_card_father: Ben Just robbed the others... why does that feel familiar. Lol.
BrowneePoints: Or just Danny DeVito
amative1: "Come back anytime you want to suck.... more coins"
Koshindan: What if you land on it?
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TehAmelie: !findquote left
LRRbot: Quote #6198: "Going left is always the wrong way to go." —Heather [2019-07-07]
Vergotterung: what
Koshindan: "What is the name of the Genie from the last time you played Mario Party?"
BrowneePoints: Mario Party really is the most real rollercoaster behind elation and despair
PharaohBender27: I mean, lrrKATHLEEN *did* win in Mario Party 10's Bowser Mode . . .
ennui_on_me: Mario Party minigame, "name every King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard member"
RandomTrivia: "Which King Gizz album is Bowser's favourite?"
WeatheredPeach: I'm gonna ship Mario and Wario, and call it....
Karfsma778: Sluggish Shroom is a very powerful item
Karfsma778: it doesn't roll LOWER, it just rolls slower. lets you pick your spot
fcloud: love ian's 16-bit background
PharaohBender27: @WeatheredPeach Mwario?
TehAmelie: time to calibrate everyone's button lag?
ChippTunes: ride on the gon-do-la
PharaohBender27: B and A, it looks?
Protein_Curry: Button mash, got it
WeatheredPeach: @PharaohBender27 Doesn't sound half bad tbh haha
neb_200: the monster mash....
Mysticman89: I like bens technique there
RandomTrivia: Curse that aspect ratio
Protein_Curry: MASH! THOSE! BUTTONS!
RandomTrivia: Ah, thanks Paul!
fcloud: ian is powering up
mariomario42: OMG
Koshindan: So close.
DeM0nFiRe: Wooow super close
SmoreThanAFeelin: WOAH
BrowneePoints: HOLY COW
niccus: photo finish
kamelion84: wow
Easilycrazyhat: holy cow
NonUniqueGuy: So close
MadWolf1290: WOW
PharaohBender27: katesHype
JauntyJenkies: That was a photo finish for sure
josh___something: POGGERS
laikagoat: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: team W for WIN
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Such a close race!
A_Dub888: benginUroPog
EncryptedSquid: how??m
JarofGoats: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
amative1: Wario bros!
Koshindan: Team Wa for the win!
fcloud: Team Wa
TheWriterAleph: WAAHHHH
BrowneePoints: Kathleen went Ultra Instinct at the end!
Karfsma778: W A H
Scarbble: pog
magical_writer: the times were exactly tied.!
Bratmon: Wow
GhostValv: :O
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: wa
Favre_Studios: Poggers
jareksox17: WOW
Spacepup: WAAAHHH
laikagoat: zoeyPogcat zoeyPogcat
ChippTunes: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
jareksox17: Amazing
RandomTrivia: Yeah, we saw that
mariomario42: I was waiting for that
kookaburra_85: The intensity on Kathleens face during that race. Laser focus there.
monakai: Noooo
kamelion84: wat
DeM0nFiRe: lrrWOW
JauntyJenkies: The game has changed
laikagoat: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Coyoteofthenine: rage
MAPBoardgames: lrrJUDGE
underhill33: rip
Dmc3628: welcome to Mp6 where the day/night cycle can EFF you
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
Spanked42: Robbed
Koshindan: Hopes raised to make it hurt more.
AWildTransgirlAppeared: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Protein_Curry: Welcome to Mario Party
RandomTrivia: Oofa, and I can't stress this enough, Doofa
Vergotterung: wow
BrowneePoints: omg I just laughed so hard I almost blacked out
DirgeNovak: lrrEFF lrrEFF
Ragnarakk: that is what we call in the industry a Penile Migration.. or more commonly.... a dick move
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Insaif: Time to resub? Lets-a go! Party with some Marios!
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Koshindan: The space orbs seem kind of mediocre given how many spaces there are.
Coyoteofthenine: shy guy the weapons dealer
Spanked42: I took a shroom once that made me really sluggish. I also tasted colors...
RandomTrivia: O R B
Spacepup: I'm looking forward to Kathleen's newest QWRPline character, the Orb Seller.
Karfsma778: So, Ben's got the Happening Orb
mariomario42: buy orbs and sell it for less
JauntyJenkies: nope LUL
LinearGif: coins to orbs to coins, stonks
kamelion84: lol
SmoreThanAFeelin: yikes
fcloud: orb seller. i need your most POWERFUL orbs.
Vergotterung: hahaha
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dmc3628: demonstrated a loop
CaptainSpam: Ha!
TheWriterAleph: reverse s t o n k s
EncryptedSquid: 10
underhill33: woops
the_card_father: STONKS
polybees: SCAMMED
SamanthaVess: Stonks
Hexi_Lexi: STONKS
Insaif: lrrGREED
DahudLefthanded: orb seller, I need your strongest orbs
34Witches: Egads!
JarofGoats: RIP orb goomba
Bratmon: The waste!
MAPBoardgames: You know E.Gadd is just going to take Ben's orbs back to the shop.
Tangsm: That was just the good doctor running a pawn shop. He's just going to resell your orbs through the store.
plummeting_sloth: Speaking of getting ranched, here's some dipping sauce
LinearGif: tomorra is another day
Koshindan: Hopefully you don't land on the rotating circle and end up unable to be on the same path.
KaleidoscopeMind: is the rotato related to the potato?
Protein_Curry: What a horrible night to have a curse
sydnius: Vengeful Egad
ChippTunes: mY oRbS aRe ToO sTrOnG fOr YoU tRaVeLlEr
Coyoteofthenine: Mushroom Kingdoms fight for the right to bare orbs
damn_i_am_pretty: based on how often you get items in this, you prolly want to use items all the time, don't you?
BrowneePoints: Coat the board in your O R B
DeM0nFiRe: ChippTunes LUL
LinearGif: just orbing up the joint
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TrueTransSoulAlesha: Has Mario Party ended the friendship yet?
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mariomario42: Best I can offer is 5 coins
JauntyJenkies: 3 max yeah
epsilondelphine: yeah, the orbs that set traps on the board pretty much exclusively help you -- plus if you land on that space yourself, it gives you more coins
plummeting_sloth: a Klepto Org, or Klorb for short
RebaMcEncheese: rlyStonks
JarofGoats: The character specific orbs weren't til 7 right?
the_card_father: STINKS
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
Dog_of_Myth: STONKS
Hexi_Lexi: gg ian
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umaami: oh hey i remembered that i needed to resub
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SamanthaVess: Star space. AKA... Space.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: HI I'M DAISY
Dmc3628: further away from Kathleen's loop
fcloud: how do you win this game? get a certain number of stars?
CaptainSpam: Most stars after X turns.
Protein_Curry: if the stars are tied, whoever has more coins wins
plummeting_sloth: nah Ben, tank the team so Ian doesn't get coins
BrowneePoints: @fcloud You get x turns to get the most stars, and then they give out bonus stars at the end, usually "most coins collected, most games won, most ? spaces landed on"
LinearGif: hmm yes, the window here is made out of window
RandomTrivia: "Ian and Ben, Vigilante Grime Fighters" I'd watch that show
Lord_ZYRK: fcloud finish with the most stars after the game decides to pass out a bunch of stars at the end and upset the entire order of the game
Coyoteofthenine: They're just cleaning to peep
fcloud: play that funky music wipe boy~
MAPBoardgames: !vasiline or barcode
umaami: @fcloud keep in mind it also doesnt matter how many stars you have because the game arbitrarily gives away like 3 stars at the end of the game
Rebbers: This reminds me of an old Wallace and Gromit game
ChippTunes: Just Waluigis bare hand huh
Protein_Curry: -insert joke about the wipe tiktok-
A_Dub888: WAH
fatherllymic: Team evil!
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: wa
underhill33: Waaaah
RandomTrivia: W A H
laikagoat: Waaah
Vergotterung: Waah!
LinearGif: waahaha
fcloud: housecleaning so stressful!
amative1: waah!
Koshindan: The wanning team.
JauntyJenkies: Team Waah is too strong
TheWriterAleph: Team Wawa
DeM0nFiRe: Window WAH-shing
A_Dub888: The WAH-lliance
BrowneePoints: Team "WAH"terloo
ChippTunes: Wow maybe Nintendo IS real...
Koshindan: Just stack them on one square and ruin somebody's day.
A_Dub888: !quote wario
LRRbot: Quote #6676: "Wah! Nintendo is real!" —Wario [2020-01-06]
lirazel64: The Webel Walliance
Koshindan: The Walactic Empire.
BrowneePoints: I'll be your number one with a bullet!
amative1: Sugar we're going down kung-fu fighting
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Ride his unit
Insaif: I was waiting for that song reference.
BrowneePoints: A loaded WAH complex cock it and pull it!
RandomTrivia: WOAH
kamelion84: wow
BleedingToast: guyjudgeKevin hello lrr and chat
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly
neb_200: wow
amative1: lrrSACK
Dog_of_Myth: GG Nelson
mariomario42: WAH
Favre_Studios: !clip
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niccus: remember, one at a time in the teleporter
underhill33: lrrSACK
RandomTrivia: Hey there BleedingToast
MAPBoardgames: "how about a ride on my teleporter" what a pickup line.
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Dragonality: WAH
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josh___something: @BleedingToast PrideLionHey
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ChippTunes: Imagine if the telporter was just a cannon
ursus_unusual: Hey all.
BrowneePoints: Oh I remember this one!
Protein_Curry: Oh yes
Protein_Curry: THIS game
LinearGif: "high-voltage amps" sounds wrong but I don't know enough about eclectricity
plummeting_sloth: ah, nice to see Fall Guys make an appearance
Dog_of_Myth: Phrasing
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Kinky
RandomTrivia: @LinearGif It's a joke about Current Events lrrBEEJ
CaptainSpam: "I've been zapped eight times, AMA"
MAPBoardgames: !card lightning ball
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
EncryptedSquid: KATHKEEN!
ChippTunes: That’s the title of a fan fiction
amative1: i-frames!
JauntyJenkies: New Record!
ChippTunes: You’ll never believe what it’s about
MAPBoardgames: !card ball lightning
LRRbot: Ball Lightning [RRR] | Creature — Elemental [6/1] | Trample / Haste / At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice Ball Lightning.
josh___something: Ben: Certified Gamer
fcloud: BIG DAISY
josh___something: Just be invincible 4head
BrowneePoints: You know kathleen, you SAY you're not good at minigames, but you've consistently been on the winner's heels! Sounds like skills in my book!
KharadBanar: Lightning is stored in the balls.
amative1: CaptainSpam: were any of the eight zaps intentional? lrrKAPPA
amative1: wow mistype...
Protein_Curry: Nelson providing ways to ruin his chances lol
Vergotterung: yeah it's going to be day
underhill33: always be orbing
plummeting_sloth: for a second there I though it was going to be like "Oh, you used an orb, no rolls for you"
hexingale: accidentally, yea
umaami: you say no to maintain your friendships
Protein_Curry: I lay my orb face down and end my turn
viridimayai: Saying no to rub it in
Nameless_Sword: Let‘S go evryone
LinearGif: "no star for me, i'm saving up for two stars"
JauntyJenkies: Sometimes you just have too many stars you know
TheNerdWonder: highest coil count bonus star?
epsilondelphine: i think if your opponent is about to steal a star there's a weird galaxy brain strat where you don't want there to be an extra star on the board, but...
Goombill: I used to switch to the computers and make them say no, so I could get them myself.
Hexi_Lexi: i did once as a power move and still won the game
fatherllymic: Nah, I'm going to INVEST these coins!
34Witches: It gives your opponent the out of grabbing the controller
Diabore: fire is PASSES not lands
until_may: nellie you gota invest
LinearGif: I guess having an option makes it feel a little less Candyland
plummeting_sloth: supplier of Orbs and Orb accessory
JarofGoats: Red orbs are the good ones
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun lrrPAUL it seems like you've run into the known emulation but of always top minigame. It's a non-problem, just something to be aware of.
epsilondelphine: oh yeah Camel Up would rule to see again and it would work great remotely
plummeting_sloth: oh, remote Camels!
jameswanders: I play CamelUp with my family (remotely) every few weeks
Vergotterung: betting would be hard
djalternative: emulation bug*
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: wa team has split
mariomario42: I still don't know if it's Camel Up or Camel Cup
BrowneePoints: Mansions of Madness?
fatherllymic: MMansions of Madness?
amative1: The dice could be handled by one person in the Moonbase, with everyone else just watching remotely
34Witches: Treach-waaa-ry!
jameswanders: A) lay the camel stacks down so you can all see from an overhead cam, B) leave the final bet cards face up until played.
RandomTrivia: *James Earl Jones voice* "Remember who you WAH"
LinearGif: at the mountains of mansion
saucemaster5000: ooh just ordered a whole new season of arkham horror cards. That'll be a fun april.
Protein_Curry: I would suggest Dokapon Kingdom as another fun party game but it is WAY too long
underhill33: *log driver's waltz plays*
Frankenfruity: The problem with remote Camel Up would be that you need to make bets on who will end first/last and order matters
Frankenfruity: bets are also secret
ChippTunes: dab on them haters
josh___something: Waluigi numbah one!
FerociousPeach: so far, Kathleen has been on the winning team in every team challenge; and she says she never wins
mariomario42: Yeah, that had a needless level of detail added to it
LoadingReadyRun: @djalternative interesting. I guess if the order in the list in random, then it doesn't really matter
happypanda109: this is my first time making a stream! Thank u for always making me smile!
fatherllymic: When does the factory go on Union Break?
JayneReveck: @protein_curry i liked dokapon but it literally took three days for us to finish last time I played
josh___something: ⚪rb
fcloud: orbs are for closres
plummeting_sloth: "Judge I have demonstrated an infinite Orb"
fcloud: *closers
Protein_Curry: @jaynereveck YEAHHH took my brother and i a whole week once
unicornvector: Dokapon and Fortune Street are the real Friendship Enders
Dmc3628: Possession 9/10's the Law
HundreydAundre: You've been GOOP'D, sun!?
LinearGif: "Hi I'm Kamek, I'll be screwing with you today"
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JarofGoats: Oh Dokapon. That game is something... unique if nothing else
JadenMina: Evening LRR and Chat!
JauntyJenkies: That's the point of Mario Party after all
niccus: you thought you were having a good day, but it was a mario day
TemporallyAwry: Maximum Chaos!
RandomTrivia: Hello there JadenMina!
LinearGif: Calamity from the sky...
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trevor_impersonator: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
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epsilondelphine: also, action economy -- you normally only get one orb per turn, at best
CaptainSpam: Did you think you were playing on a clean, orb-free board? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.
TheTekkieman: Three turns worth of Orb placement.
Koshindan: It's a Rocket Launcher.
unicornvector: youngn? how old is egad if Waluigi is young???
A_Dub888: benginChaos benginChaos benginChaos
Insaif: That's the idea, Ben. :D
JayneReveck: lrrFINE
JauntyJenkies: I think they give you a lot of money to compensate for how much the orb effects can make you lose
josh___something: Wario too stronk
Diabore: oh i get it now, the "pass" orbs hover and the "land" orbs replace
DirgeNovak: And the secret star for most stars collected goes to.... Wario!
mariomario42: bonus star for the person with the most stars
ChippTunes: Wario definitely buys cryptocurrency
Mistborn83: Hi LRR friends
RandomTrivia: Hey there Mistborn83!
fcloud: wario "satoshi nakamoto" mcwario
nyperold: Aww, if only the Calamity Launcher qualified as a cannon. ...Or does it...?
jareksox17: Yeah the bonus stars at the end are Mini game, Orb Star who used the most and Happening.
GlennSeto: @ChippTunes Trying to elbow-tackle that blockchain?
SamanthaVess: Oopsie, Daisy
RandomTrivia: I'm imagining the entire board being covered in orbs and traps towards the end
damn_i_am_pretty: Oh hey, it's Serge!
Koshindan: lrrSERGE and Destroy
fatherllymic: Snerge and Destroy!
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RandomTrivia: sergeSnerge
Dragonality: Snerge's pure caffeine powered form hunts the players
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: sergeSnerge
Mistborn83: Jump up and get down
GlennSeto: Has CTS been slowly going through all the Mario Parties?
SmoreThanAFeelin: O R B
MolaMolaphant: Oh, so it's like the anti-Destiny
josh___something: so much ⚪rb
Kyir: This seems like a tough ones
JayneReveck: lrrSERGE lrrSERGE lrrSERGE
thecwis26: seabatYIKES
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Vergotterung: go Ian!
LinearGif: my heart!
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
fcloud: whale plaid
RandomTrivia: Our boi!
Manae: Beast mode
DeM0nFiRe: Avorb the Orb
SodaTAddict: This is truly an orb-based economy we're in
RandomTrivia: Ian with the deep dish cut there :D
BrowneePoints: No. No one wants Dominos
F1SHOR: no-one ever want dominos
ChippTunes: THE NOIRBD
Protein_Curry: Orb - Optimal Rage Device
fcloud: @RandomTrivia womp womp, sir. womp womp
GlennSeto: Only true royalty can float. Kappa
JayneReveck: I'm waiting on domino's right now... too deep ian
RandomTrivia: @fcloud I tried
randomizedperson: landing on your own orb space gives you 5 coins.
JauntyJenkies: I think you actually get a little more money than a blue space if I remember right?
LinearGif: For many reasons, pizza is forever lost to me. I miss it all the time. But Dominoes? I have never missed Dominoes
A_Dub888: benginChaos
Eille_k: Bengence
Vergotterung: yes, chaos!
MadWolf1290: sooo a Mario Party experience?
RandomTrivia: benginChaos benginChaos benginChaos
Dmc3628: with not enough capital
JayneReveck: any stats on Ian's number of 10s rolled lol
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UntapUpkeepCaw: Orb!
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Kyir: Good advice
RandomTrivia: LUL
laikagoat: zoeyLOL
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
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josh___something: wow
Juliamon: !clip
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TwitchTVsFrank: lol
monakai: Let Nelson win, I guess
Protein_Curry: REKT
Tangsm: Wait, you're getting notes live?
unicornvector: Anguish! that's a ten cent word for your kid
quillilian: "Don't be a baby" lrrBEEJ
Lord_ZYRK: Limit the groaning to lament and disgust EZPZ
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Mistborn83: Fall guys rip off
fcloud: "Burnstile"
F1SHOR: 😂 Welp we know who the boss is there
josh___something: oh, wipeout
Kyir: Is this that Fall Guys game I've heard so much about?
fatherllymic: Its Fall Guys!
fcloud: the game names are good
LinearGif: suffer in silence, old one
Easilycrazyhat: Wait. This is just Fall Guys!
jameswanders: Is groaning in agony distinct from groaning in anguish?
CaptainSpam: Jump up jump up and get down.
ladylinzington: Jump Around!
chrono2x: Sobbing is quieter than groaning
laikagoat: Waaah!
damn_i_am_pretty: Fall Guys has changed
Lord_ZYRK: But what if you *scream* in anguish 🤔
LariatWest: don't groan loudly in anguish, cheer loudly in victory!
Easilycrazyhat: "For the kids"
JauntyJenkies: Team Waaah wins again
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: wa
34Witches: I don't quite understand why that's a team game
epsilondelphine: nelson receives a note from offscreen reading "git gud scrub"
Diabore: am ben ok?
viridimayai: There's kids watching, so he let Nelson win and said "Damn"
gengarofnightveil: oh God Ben what is that filter
damn_i_am_pretty: Ben Camo Mode
F1SHOR: OMG Ben went eldritch
Diabore: oh, hes fixed now
LinearGif: the spikes make the lava more threatening
Boon_33: nice warpaint ben
Protein_Curry: WarioWare is literally that game
Koshindan: Just slam 3 10s.
epsilondelphine: 3 is max
DirgeNovak: Where's WarioWare Switch, Nintendo
JauntyJenkies: nailed it
RandomTrivia: LUL
fcloud: you should get a bonus for a straight
warboss5: Wow, 3 dice = 1 average roll
BrowneePoints: The middle part has lil rubber duckies in it!
Dragonality: By our powers combined, we are the average number on the one die
Banather: Two! WAHN! Three!
damn_i_am_pretty: It did net Kathleen coins anyway
Manae: Ben is just ON the dice highlights candidates tonight
josh___something: 2, 1, 3 yes... counting
LinearGif: Waluigi would count from the middle, yeah
epsilondelphine: the ducks change directions too!
munocard: Getting serious Giant Bomb Mario Party Party vibes
JauntyJenkies: LUL
plummeting_sloth: you get coins for using elephants of the game
Protein_Curry: Two games I dream for on switch, Rhythm Heaven Fever and WarioWare
ChippTunes: A horrid alternate world where children’s educational media is narrated exclusively by Wario
fcloud: love the recycle logo on the teleporter
RandomTrivia: ABT - Always Be Teleportin'
Nefarious_Ned: Don't even check for flies. Just do it!
Tangsm: It should allow telefragging.
PharaohBender27: Been away for dinner for about half an hour - who's leading?
nyperold: A, B, C, D, E, F, Cookie Monster!
ChippTunes: Conjunction Junction, WAAAAHTS your function?
fcloud: "Dust 'til Dawn"
Pteraspidomorphi: Nelson
Koshindan: I think Waluigi was already a teleported accident that survived.
RandomTrivia: Are ALL the minigames in this based around housework?!
Dog_of_Myth: Good game name
Tangsm: The new mario party has vacuuming.
Favre_Studios: I love the name
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josh___something: Teaching kids to do chores LUL
PharaohBender27: katesLol
HorusFive: I remember that game
JauntyJenkies: Sun and moon con four people into doing all their work
maximumafterburner: I'm desperate to watch this whole game of MP6, but I'm at work. Will a VOD of this be available later?
control_rig: Hey don't knock it it works
Easilycrazyhat: I always do my spiky-stick-over-lava jumping on Sundays.
ChippTunes: Help Donkey Kong and Waluigi fold a fitted sheet!
munocard: None of these are games. Everyone loses
RandomTrivia: Game-ification is a powerful motivation tool
sivakrytos: big captcha energy
sydnius: UNIONIZE
DoodlestheGreat: Day Z?
PharaohBender27: @maximumafterburner There will be a Twitch VOD here for 2 months-ish, and in a few days this will go up on YouTube
gengarofnightveil: folding a fitted sheet is easy
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I recall Cameron doing it.
Lord_ZYRK: ^
RandomTrivia: The old "scrunch-n-dump"
Triforcecwp: My wife knows how to do it, shes amazing.
Lord_ZYRK: It's really not hard
SnowBuddy18: I can fold a fitted sheet
LinearGif: fitted sheet goes straight from laundry to bed to laundry
Mister_Hush: twitch chat: "just git gud, nerd"
PharaohBender27: @AWildTransgirlAppeared katesLol
damn_i_am_pretty: A Feta Sheet?
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
lirazel64: I'm rather good at fitted sheets.
Pteraspidomorphi: gengarofnightveil: Ironing it on the other hand...
ChippTunes: Oh god what have I started
GlennSeto: Ian does not fuck around.
BrowneePoints: I think you roll the rounded parts in and make corners so you can fold it better
Easilycrazyhat: "Oh, so you like sheets?"
LurkerSpine: elite sheetism
gengarofnightveil: ironing is just the first step
Mister_Hush: I'm with @LinearGif. Only own one fitted sheet, ezpz.
Aarek: gatesheeting or sheetkeeping?
Tangsm: Fitted sheets are just an effective cat trap.
DeM0nFiRe: Seems fair
nyperold: Esheetism?
Dragonality: Some hardcore sheet
wynternyghtynggale: Ian sheet opinions are like his Anime opinions
Favre_Studios: !clip
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RandomTrivia: jlrrCoolgame jlrrCoolgame jlrrCoolgame
Insaif: Waow
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FirstPersonShane: I was asked to fold a fitted sheet in basic training once. My sargeant was court martialed for reckless endangerment. XP
JauntyJenkies: This seems like a fair and balanced place to put it, yess
DirgeNovak: Kathleen feels betrayed
Diabore: this is the mario party i remember
Dmc3628: Ian still doesn't have capital unless an orb is opened
SydPreviouslyHeadache: sometimes the universe just has a Daisy bias
Graham_LRR: Stop gatesheeting, Ian
34Witches: Cool Astrology!
JadedCynic: the sheet snobbery is real (shoobery? Sneetery?)
RandomTrivia: Welp
Vanbael: cool star
Kyir: oof
LinearGif: perfectly balanced
Kyir: Well, they do say eat the rich
fcloud: she-litism
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I've seen lots of tutorials on how to fold a fitted sheet, but none of them work with the kind that have elastic all the way around :(
Insaif: 2.3.1?
nyperold: I would've said "gatesleeping", for better or for worse.
Diabore: solidly average
warboss5: Gatta go fast!... wait, wrong franchise
maximumafterburner: Thank you, PharaohBender27
couldntpickausername: people fold sheets?
LinearGif: gatesleeping, a distant cousin of fencesitting
SnowBuddy18: @LoadingReadyRun I fold all the corners into each other, put the elastic in the middle, then fold it
ChippTunes: @loadingreadyrun You just gotta find the seams in the corner!
RandomTrivia: Hmm, slow off the mark this time
rasterscan: Condesbedding.
couldntpickausername: they don't just shove them all in one drawer together forming a fabric humonculous
RandomTrivia: Well played PharaohBender27
PharaohBender27: @maximumafterburner That's usually how it is with LRR, the rare exception being things like when Ian streamed Rocksmith, in which case there would have been *such* a huge copyright strike
fcloud: now they're imported from the mushroom kingdom
fatherllymic: morbs
KeytarCat: Cursed gentrification!
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I am not hallucinating Cameron folding a fitted sheet in a G-Vlog right? Like one of the last Pax ones.
Mysticman89: just own a single fitted sheet, and go from laundering directly back on to the bed and never have occasion to fold
Diabore: there are 2 different orb spaces, "pass" ones hover above the space, "land" orbs replace the space
JauntyJenkies: Baby bowser will own the whole board by the end
BrowneePoints: I'm going to laugh if he gets no orbs
ChippTunes: I may have started a Sneetches-esque fitted sheet civil war
RandomTrivia: @AWildTransgirlAppeared He folded a banner which eh described as "like folding a fitted sheet"
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia I'd hope so, what with making clips for over two years at this point :D
Tantaburs: inb4 3 coins
JadedCynic: @Mysticman89 yeah, that's the Galaxy Brain Strategy right there
mariomario42: YES
DeM0nFiRe: PogChamp
Easilycrazyhat: wow
RandomTrivia: WOAH
JauntyJenkies: @Diabore the orb color shows which kind too, red are pass and a one time effect, yellow claims the space
randomizedperson: exactsies.
warboss5: Perfection
Skudd: skuddWhoa
DeM0nFiRe: lmao
CaptainSpam: Exactsies!
laikagoat: fionaRigged fionaRigged
RandomTrivia: Never didn't have it!
34Witches: lrrSACK
josh___something: PogChamp
LinearGif: such exacties
Insaif: lrrWOW
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Daisy biased universe, called it
z3ncha0s: EZclap
amative1: lrrSACK
MadWolf1290: lrrSACK
RandomTrivia: V I D E O G A M E S
Favre_Studios: !clip
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SmoreThanAFeelin: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
fatherllymic: Turn it down
jdkaiba: lrrSACK lrrWOW
TeagleBell: big bad beetle orbs!
monakai: Pull yourself up? You're a princess.
BooperOfHonks: Please, do not pull up the petticoat xD
divreon: Good reference TeagleBell
BrowneePoints: Daft Rafts? Nah. Dank Planks.
plummeting_sloth: death is, of course, quick
randomizedperson: Ah yes, the Mario Party classic of "just don't die."
warboss5: Deliverance: the minigame
drawnbinary: how long is commercial break?
Tantaburs: this would be a sick fall guys level to be fair
BooperOfHonks: @BrowneePoints uuu, that's a good one!
LinearGif: Princess is a courtesy title, she started from nothing
laikagoat: Waaah!
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN WAH
djalternative: this would be a great summer fall guys game
34Witches: Default victory, the best victory
plummeting_sloth: and the next game involves the competors broken bodies at the bottom of the falls
couldntpickausername: I'm very skilled at arriving just before they go on break
fcloud: too late, i went away (i came back though)
Tangsm: So the goal is to get enough stars to become a kaiju, clearly.
Protein_Curry: In b4 Kathleen wins the minigame star
KeytarCat: @34Witches She was also miles ahead of everyone else, so it barely matters :P
DarkMorford: AND SERGE
SnackPak_: And Serge!
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia You win this time :D
RandomTrivia: A worthy opponent
Protein_Curry: Speaking of Kaiju, Godzilla vs Kong is soon
Ragnarakk: Godzilla has to win because screw monke
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I assume that chat says "and Serge" all the time during the mine o clock intro?
BrowneePoints: Godzilla has to win cuz Godzilla always wins.
the_card_father: I’ve seen the future. And Kathleen wins this one too.
PharaohBender27: Though I watched the VOD for the rest of that Garfield Kart stream, and I don't think I've *ever* made two dozen clips for a single stream, so I'm OK with saying you're the undefeated champion there, @RandomTrivia
Snowcookies: And Serge
BrowneePoints: Even if Godzilla dies afterwards, Godzilla always wins
Insaif: I always forget how damn good this music is.
Veraphage: and the Dragon
PharaohBender27: @LoadingReadyRun What, like in the same tone as "And Peggy" in that Hamilton song?
Snowcookies: LoadingReadyRun: we do, because Serge wasn't in the intro before, but now he is
Snowcookies: And we still do
Protein_Curry: Glad to see chat loves the goodest boi Godzilla
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun there are two camps, the Serge camp which hangs on and the James camp who feel that him being in the intro makes that mute
Snowcookies: Fursuit Vehicle
Kumakaori: oooh a Heather PIF. yeeee~~~
DeM0nFiRe: gdqTunes
Kumakaori: song /good/.
ladylinzington: what song is this?
Ashen_Prime: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun To the tune of "The Schuyler Sisters" Rebellious! James Turner! ...And Serge-y!
PharaohBender27: @ladylinzington Fursuit Vechicle, aka the theme tune for the Crown Vic in Road Quest
Snowcookies: Hello!
Kumakaori: @pharaohbender27 tyty
ladylinzington: @PharaohBender27 oh OF COURSE, thank you!
Mysticman89: the mouse is the traditional interface method for mario party.
RandomTrivia: @PharaohBender27 Garf Kart was the gift that just kept on giving
Protein_Curry: The Fursuit Vehicle bit in Road Quest had me wheezing
plummeting_sloth: Ian "Balthazar Gelt" Horner
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia It did help fill the W+P hole, didn't it? :D
RandomTrivia: LUL
damn_i_am_pretty: is there a Garfield Party game?
SnowBuddy18: @PharaohBender27 the Mining Friendos
the_card_father: Was the Garf Kart episode good? I haven’t gotten aroupt
plummeting_sloth: Finally be a literal Tin Man
djalternative: Ruthafurdium!
the_card_father: Around to watching it yet.
electra310: Garf Cart was super funny
RandomTrivia: @the_card_father It was one of those streams that was very dangerous to drink during.
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Ard_Rhys: coating yourself in rubidium would not be a good idea
BrowneePoints: I really wish Nintendo would make Wapeach and Waisy to go with Wario and Waluigi, just so we can get "Wah house, in the middle of wah street. Wah house..."
Mysticman89: solid neon 'gases' would react with you, but you'd probably freeze
RandomTrivia: @BrowneePoints the8bitClap the8bitClap the8bitClap the8bitClap
niccus: there's not quite a garfield party game, but there is a garfield multiplayer minigame-based game named The Garfield Show: Threat of the Space Lasagna for the wii
Mysticman89: wouldn't*
djalternative: WAH House!
unicornvector: the french deserved it for the night you had
philippekav: it's also a very canadian thing to do ...
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BrowneePoints: WAH! the middle of WAH street. WAH house...
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sterlingsojourner: 45 Months! That's how long I've been quarantined!
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KwikSadikRed: Do you make fun of the French nationality or francophones?
Mysticman89: and by neon i meant noble, but ahem
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father So let me put it this way: Garfield Kart isn't a good game, but it made for a very entertaining stream
damn_i_am_pretty: Watch and Cross the Streams
Raiger: The game was trying to protect you from itself Ian
plummeting_sloth: Garf Kart was so bad that we're still talking about it a week later
BrowneePoints: For Ben, it's the same company that did Dungeon of Naheulbeuk...and how they released Garf kart AND that game blows my mind
RandomTrivia: There are a lot of Flash games that are better games than Garf Kart. There are NOT a lot of Flash games that would make better *viewing content* than Garf Kart.
6000j: the zoo race > garfield kart don't @ me
Nameless_Sword: that's quite a lot of coins
RandomTrivia: That's some STONKS right there
ChippTunes: #STONKS
Kyir: Seemed like 10 per orb that time
saucemaster5000: feel like this game needs more bowser dunking on folks
PharaohBender27: @KwikSadikRed At least during the Garf Kart stream, it was more making fun of how a lot of LRR members can't really speak French, more than anything else
Protein_Curry: @6000j was zoo race that one weird vaguely christian game?
CaptainTalon447: Evening all
RandomTrivia: Hello there CaptainTalon447
monakai: They're non-evil, friendly mines
epsilondelphine: not quite "vaguely", but yes
amative1: Protein_Curry one of them. the other was Prayer Warriors
bowseriffic: @saucemaster5000 definitely
plummeting_sloth: competitive dynamite fishing
34Witches: @Protein_Curry It was one of the weird christian games (there were a few)
6000j: @Protein_Curry yes. It's also an amazing speedrun (and i'm quite possibly the most knowledgeable person about it in the world, despite not having wr)
ChippTunes: ah a rousing game of pool bricks
gibbousm: Of the LRR Crew, I think either Cameron or Alex is most likely to become a villain. More from: This world doesn't deserve to exist Type thoughts
6000j: the zoo race speedrun is fairly close to the point where the cutscenes are like 40% of the run
plummeting_sloth: long fuse on those mines
CaptainSpam: Daisy is still GIGANTIC.
CaptainTalon447: How are they playing an N64 game across the internet?
RandomTrivia: They didn't have a fuse, they were proximity mines
PharaohBender27: @gibbousm I can see a scenario where lrrCAMERON thinks that, and gets lrrALEX to build the weapon
amative1: Race me, Hannah! Race me around the library!
djalternative: those weren't mines. they were eggs
CaptainTalon447: Virtual console?
djalternative: parsec
RandomTrivia: CaptainTalon447 By the magic of something called parsec
PharaohBender27: OH NNNOOOO
the_card_father: The villain is Snerge.
PharaohBender27: katesScared_HF katesScared
mowdownjoe: NO ONE TELL NICOLE
BrowneePoints: You almost had one while playing Jedi Fallen Order earlier this week.
GlennSeto: Ben murdered Vision?!
Nameless_Sword: 6 or more to reach star
Easilycrazyhat: Ben, when will you learn? #wiredgang
AquadarK22: LUL Ben is a kid of his generation for sure
sirspate: Most desperate for batteries, safe for work stories only.
Protein_Curry: I used to steal them out of the clicker too when I was a kid lmao
Nameless_Sword: got there
BrowneePoints: Batteries almost died while you were fighting things
6000j: The dev of The Zoo Race also released a NEW GAME last year, called The Battle of Angels. The gameplay is way worse, but the cutscenes and general experience are on another level.
the_card_father: Something wipes out all the coffee and then Snerge’s true form emerges.
Twilight_Spark: Gamecube was the noughts wasn't it?
PharaohBender27: @mowdownjoe But what if she knows where the batteries are!?
amative1: Unless Ben says "no"...
xantos69: Most desperate time for batteries? Giving a live presentation to 300+ people when my wireless mouse died. I went to a wired mouse the next day and have never looked backed.
StageMgrRob: In front of Kathleen
damn_i_am_pretty: we got ourselves a game
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @6000j ....those people are still around??
Tangsm: The pain I experienced when our family switched to a remote with AAAs.
BrowneePoints: Gamecube was 01 I think?
Kyir: Nothing ever comes up waluigi
Tiber727: I miss being able to put in your own batteries. Rechargeable batteries are a thing, and you can just replace them when the battery no longer holds a charge.
AquadarK22: How many rounds is this game?
6000j: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou it's just one dude! Randall Alaimo, and as far as i know it's his only game since zoo race
MegaDosX: Go Kathleen go!
BrowneePoints: Yea Sept 2001
Koshindan: 1 2 3
PharaohBender27: lrrDARK
BrowneePoints: I believe in you!
saucemaster5000: 1 2 3
AquadarK22: Thanks :D
sirspate: go queen
PharaohBender27: katesHype
ChippTunes: yeet yeet yeet
BrowneePoints: Yep
mariomario42: oh! and a flutter!
6000j: i literally cannot emphasise how much of an experience battle of angels is. it's about 90 minutes and you'll come out of it changed
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Dandinstorm12: lrrAWESOME lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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MegaDosX: Spicy
Dandinstorm12: hey chat
damn_i_am_pretty: this is a solid Party
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
JauntyJenkies: Apparently the game was feeling a little bad about stiffing Kathleen so much
NavelWarfare: @6000j for better or worse?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Dandinstorm12 !
Rhynerd: Yes.
mariomario42: uh oh bowser time
MegaDosX: Oh no, she's gonna land on Bowser
laikagoat: oh no
josh___something: uhoh
Koshindan: She's going to lose her hard earned star. :(
neb_200: uh oh bowser space
Veraphage: I'm at the Orb Hut. I'm at the Taco Bell.
Protein_Curry: @6000j I am very entertained that everytime I glance at chat I see you talking about the people who made zoo race lmao
munocard: This game has ABSURD rubber banding
6000j: @NavelWarfare uhhhhhh it's more like moving perpendicular to that line
AquadarK22: I wonder if she counted that out and decided too
Tangsm: Does this Bowser punish everyone or just Kathleen?
Dragonality: That sounds so good....
Insaif: Does that mean the Shy Guy is always under pressure? katesSass
AquadarK22: Guess not?
gibbousm: BWAH HA HA HA
Manae: Now I want to make oyakodon, but my daughter is allergic to egg >_>
TemporallyAwry: It's a good pun, but a messed up name. ysbrydPunjail
JadedCynic: lrrGREED
gibbousm: It's BOWSER TIME!
RandomTrivia: Don't even worry about it
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TheKnightOfIron: yay, the friendship ruiner game. woo
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MegaDosX: Excellent question Kathleen. Next question.
6000j: @Protein_Curry I unironically love zoo race. the controls are insanely good and fun, and it's so much fun to glitch hunt. the speedrun has a glitch that means you get to go at 2x speed, and then combined with bhopping for probably 5x speed
monakai: 100 star present!
bowseriffic: Gwahaha!
gibbousm: Koopa Kid is Bowser's Child not baby Bowser
BrowneePoints: Bowser, don't just step on people for free! There's an entire market, you could be making LOADS of coins!
mitomanox: lrrKATHLEEN saying "hubris" has been in my ears since Saturday's Askmaster
Cunobelenos: sergeHubris
Ragnarakk: Koopa kid =/= Bowser
JauntyJenkies: Apparently there's like a lot of Koopa Kids in some of the mario parties
AquadarK22: Either a great play or a terrible play by Kathleen here
hexingale: Because Koopa Kid isn't Bowser Jr.
BrowneePoints: Koopa Kids are Bowser's Minions. Like a step below the Koopalings
JauntyJenkies: The lore on Koopa Kid doesn't seem very well established.
plummeting_sloth: Now be careful, if Koopa Kid loses Bowser wipes himself form the timeline
Protein_Curry: @6000j Zoo race for GDQ
AquadarK22: No vertical play this game Ian
34Witches: That's not how I remember Bowser in the Dark World
nyperold: Because if Partners in Time isn't going to cause a time paradox...
sirspate: #metoo bowser
6000j: @Protein_Curry it already was in 2014, the modern run has a lot of improvements from it but there's like 2 glitches they mention that we cannot figure out what they're referring to
amative1: Self-paradox
PharaohBender27: @mitomanox And yet lrrKATHLEEN was arguably the second-least hubristic contestant (the least of course being lrrALEX
bowseriffic: annihilated
AquadarK22: I'm not crazy I keep hearing Paul interject right?
BrowneePoints: Koopa Kid is bowser's minion, not baby bowser. Their name is "Mini Koopa" in japanese
RandomTrivia: LUL
MegaDosX: Bowser just snapped his fingers and made half your coins disappear
Mysticman89: is koopa kid supposed to be young bowser? I thought it was just his kid
gibbousm: Koopa Kid is not Baby Bowser
bowseriffic: LUL
BrowneePoints: Koopa Kids are also NOT Bowser's kids. It's weird
JauntyJenkies: succcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
34Witches: succcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Protein_Curry: @6000j i gotta look that up, i started watching around 2013 but didnt always catch all the runs
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JauntyJenkies: Well I feel validated that I counted that right now
BrowneePoints: Baby Bower is young Bowser. Bowser Jr. Is Bowser's Biological son. The Koopalings are his adopted kids, and the Koopa Kids are his minions.
amative1: "You're right. And when you're right, you're right. And you? You're always right!"
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Koshindan: In Mario Party 4, Koopa Kid refers to Bowser as "Dad."
gibbousm: Koopa Kids are minions of Bowser Bowser Jr. is his child Baby Bowser is Bowser as a baby
Protein_Curry: droppin ya coins on shrooms TUT TUT
fcloud: nice.
RandomTrivia: LUL
6000j: @Protein_Curry tbh i recommend watching the current wr, the improvements since then are absolutely wild and we have some more that no one's really bothered to grind because one is a like 1% chance for probably a 2s timesave
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fastlane250: LUL
AquadarK22: Oh lord XD
corefluxx: GOOFTROOP!
plummeting_sloth: ah, you missed your sound cue!
control_rig: I am laughing way more than I should at thaty
MegaDosX: Imagine Ben using the voice changer and the Snapchat filter thing he used during Desert Bus
ChippTunes: I choked on my ginger ale
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BrowneePoints: Best of friends forever!
laikagoat: Waaah-lliance Supremacy
PharaohBender27: katesLol
AquadarK22: @control_rig It's because it's such a good "YEAH!"
mitomanox: beans for dinner
Hexi_Lexi: awkward_fart.wav
josh___something: Wa-lliance or The Wa-orde
SmoreThanAFeelin: this is renewables
BrowneePoints: Side by side wherever we go, and always ready to ro-o-o-ooooooll
Veraphage: Just press the buttons 4Head
Mysticman89: this seems like an inefficient way to generate power
nyperold: Uchi-WAAA
34Witches: Wow Ian
MegaDosX: Holy shit
Easilycrazyhat: holy shit Ian
ChippTunes: IAN
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly Ian
6000j: whoa
Kyir: I think Ian was hacking
laikagoat: wtf
control_rig: Jeezus
PharaohBender27: lrrIAN OP, plz nerf
BrowneePoints: DAISY IS A ROBOT
Hexi_Lexi: holy crap, ian!!!
mowdownjoe: IAN IS HAX
TheAinMAP: Dang.
SmoreThanAFeelin: WOW
JauntyJenkies: Ian is taking flight over there
trevor_impersonator: WTF
Insaif: Man I miss those games.
AquadarK22: Ian out pacing two people
sirspate: Ian saves Texas!
DEATHlikescats: rythm cafe???
fcloud: ian beat all three of the others put together
Koshindan: Did Ian turn on turbo mode?
MrQBear: I don't believe Ian. ' <'
Tangsm: Ian GROWS
RandomTrivia: Ian is a huge fan lrrBEEJ
BibitteNoire: Omgg
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Protein_Curry: Tengu Ian confirmed
Rhynerd: Don’t mess with Daisy.
bowseriffic: lol
BrowneePoints: Ian, honestly, do you use the Japanese Technique for button mashing?
epsilondelphine: you won'this one man solv
gengarofnightveil: very poggers
fatherllymic: Damn ian
TemporallyAwry: You only used like 3 frames of that animation.
CaptainSpam: We just DID, Paul!
epsilondelphine: ** you won't believe how this one man solves the energy crisis
SnowBuddy18: the scary part is Ben was second best
Easilycrazyhat: Daisy is the solution to perpetual energy.
DEATHlikescats: Ian is a literal dynamo
fcloud: daisy is a wind elemental
plummeting_sloth: put Daisy in a turbine and power the world with HI I'M DAISY
BrowneePoints: Ian HAS to use the Japanese Fingernail technique to button mash that fast
AquadarK22: Now we know why the Mushroom kingdom has coins laying all around. Daisy provides all their power.
overZellous: I am absolutely down for mario party
MegaDosX: Kathleen also has one in potentia with the flutter orb
Manae: Kathleen also has the instant star orb though?
EncryptedSquid: How long since the commercial break ended?
overZellous: what's up pals OWL2019Tracer
shurtal: Wind bender
MadWolf1290: ~15 min
sirspate: take me down to orb-star city..
Nameless_Sword: the lamp/genie in other ones
MegaDosX: I feel like the only time you wouldn't use that if you have the coins for the star is if you're already right about to run into it >_>
JqlGirl: watermelon genie is best
JauntyJenkies: Don't like the super buff genies?
Koshindan: Now Kathleen can hit the DK space!
MegaDosX: Kathleen functionally moved, like, three spaces :p
Kyir: You can't go home until someone lands on DK
HACHIKOexe: dither2Dithered
Protein_Curry: Super Mario Party update when?
DeM0nFiRe: Kyir Slight problem with that plan, they are all already home
MegaDosX: Never not teleporting!
BrowneePoints: I STILL get the underwater board from Mario Party 3 stuck in my head, and I haven't played that game in over 20 years
control_rig: ABT always be teleportin
plummeting_sloth: ABT always be -------Teleporting
cryomancer20x6: I heard that if you try to go home without landing on DK, DK follows you home
fcloud: the darkest mario party timeline
BrowneePoints: No Ian, they're going to fuse with Birdo
MegaDosX: Here's a question: which two of the characters currently being played, if fused in a teleporter, would be the most horrifying?
Koshindan: Teleporter accidents is how Waluigi was created.
overZellous: Never leave DK behind
PharaohBender27: @BrowneePoints Some things just stick in your brain, you know?
Protein_Curry: I wonder who will get green space star after this
amative1: Yoshi
SerGarretCameron: pure WAH.
BrowneePoints: "HOI! OIM TOAD!"
epsilondelphine: the platonic ideal of wah
RandomTrivia: WaWa and LuigiRio
sonic_danno: wa wa the store
plummeting_sloth: that's why Toad is always screaming
GlennSeto: It didn't live long and went "WAAAAH!"
josh___something: Mario and luigi? :p
MegaDosX: "That just raises /further/ questions!"
mowdownjoe: @amative1 No, Boshi.
plummeting_sloth: No no! It's Todd from Mario that comes out
Mysticman89: most mario party games are in my experience
Rhynerd: Coin game!
Easilycrazyhat: That's the secret, Ben - all MP games are decided by bonus stars.
fcloud: "Cashapult"
MegaDosX: I've played Smash Bros, doesn't Daisy have a parasol to slow her fall?
coelopteryx: price is right cashapult = if you don't guess the closest number to the price, you get yeeted
PharaohBender27: katesNo
Protein_Curry: -sad price is right noises after someone gets yeeted-
frank_the_great: Does this game have star swap?
fastlane250: Random trivia: someone overbid on a showcase by $3 on the price is right today.
fcloud: ian permanently grounded
Dragonality: Or is Cashapult the game where we load you into a catapult and fling you at a stack of money?
PharaohBender27: @fastlane250 O_o
coelopteryx: @Protein_Curry perfect
Twilight_Spark: Ian's was the only can with any speed.
munocard: If y’all like this, Fortune Street would go over well.
UrielAngelSpy: Just tuned in. Did everyone decide this was an evil characters game?
Tantaburs: that turn was a rollercoaster
MegaDosX: @UrielAngelSpy I don't think I'd call Daisy evil, unless you know something I don't :p
amative1: They played Fortune Street once, a while ago
niccus: 19 coins...
laikagoat: coins tho
gibbousm: How many Rounds are you doing?
coelopteryx: daisy is chaotic neutral
amative1: 20 rounds
gibbousm: Kathleen if it makes you feel better, the number is locked as soon as the die starts spinning
MegaDosX: Yeah Kathleen's got it
laikagoat: coins!
Dragonality: That bullet Bill + Flutter combo
overZellous: Taking things from other people is this game's specialty
CaptainSpam: Combat!
UrielAngelSpy: @megadosx is she not the evil Peach created for Mario tennis? Just like Waluigi!
Nameless_Sword: It's time to d-d-d-duel!
MegaDosX: Good person Kathleen
DeM0nFiRe: High stakes game!
fastlane250: mad cash
head_cannon: The stakes have never been higher.
Vergotterung: lowest dtskes
overZellous: ALL IN
Gaytanic_Panic: Get 'em Kathleen
Gaytanic_Panic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:58.
MegaDosX: @UrielAngelSpy Daisy first showed up in Super Mario Land and Mario goes to rescue her
gibbousm: its like Black Jack, get as close to 0 as you can without going over
LinearGif: Gravity always bringing me down
CaptainSpam: And then Daisy went forgotten until the N64 Mario Tennis, when Luigi needed a doubles partner.
MegaDosX: This mini-game's like a HALO jump simulator with jetpacks
mercano82: GCN Z = PlayStatinon R1 = XBox RB
PharaohBender27: WELP
Protein_Curry: WAH-llaiance are now at WAH-r
fcloud: lunar lander!
gibbousm: It was Black Jack
coelopteryx: "lunar-tics" is a weak pun, they're both derived from the same word
overZellous: I absolutely misunderstood as well
overZellous: "Damn, kathleen is doing really well"
SnowBuddy18: that misunderstanding is why it wasn't for a star
Morningcrisis: down teleporter
Morningcrisis: aww
amative1: podoboo
UrielAngelSpy: Clearly I am poorly versed in Mario lore! Still hold that Daisy is far from Lawful Good
Tangsm: I was confusing it with the games where you try to open your parachute closest to the ground without becoming paste.
MegaDosX: I know newer Mario Party games have the default direction on a split path be the closer path to a star, but does this game do it? Or did that come up later?
Protein_Curry: @megadosx yes the older games do it too
SFSMaus: Would youblike to buy me a star. Harry Moonbeam's home in a jar.
sirspate: this sounds like a Taskmaster game.
control_rig: Prisoner's Dillema: Mario Party Edition
the_card_father: If you win this game you’re a BALR
MegaDosX: Wah!
MegaDosX: Ben pls
laikagoat: Wah-R
fcloud: the only way to not to play
MegaDosX: Wow
MegaDosX: Imagine if they all picked the exact same button
chrono2x: What is this game, I don't understand
coelopteryx: interesting mindgames going on here
Ragnarakk: HOW XD
Vergotterung: hahha
Nameless_Sword: Everybody wins! Well almost
34Witches: @chrono2x You need to not match with anyone else
chrono2x: ah
Easilycrazyhat: pseudo prisoner's dillema
Tiber727: @chrono2x You have to secretly pick a different button than anyone else.
CaptainTalon447: Who are we sending to horny jail?
Easilycrazyhat: it's similar\
epsilondelphine: today in Mario Party 6, wario goes to jail
RandomTrivia: Ian no!
coelopteryx: there's hints of rock paper scissors in it, somehow
fcloud: yes, it's more like rock paper scissors
Genderi: Nelly definitely did not explain the Prisoner's dillema right. It's fine. Everything is fine.
34Witches: (I'm not sure why people are comparing it to the prisoner's dilemma, they aren't very similar)
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Mysticman89: its a game you could apply game theory too i guess
MegaDosX: I can see the comparison to the Prisoner's Dilemma
Easilycrazyhat: how cruel...
Genderi: The Trolley Dillema; The Prisoner's Problem
MegaDosX: Though yeah, it's not quite the same
DeM0nFiRe: Press A on the map
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Nameless_Sword: press a
niccus: maybe if they give you 20 seconds to debate
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sholmes_gaming: The Prisoner's Trolemma
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Mortimew: lrrGREED
Dog_of_Myth: It's an homage to the prisoner's problem. ;p
coelopteryx: prisoner's dilemma is old and busted, nowadays everthing is plato's allegory of the cave
RandomTrivia: DAMMIT IAN
Easilycrazyhat: The Prisoner's Trolley
MegaDosX: Ian no.
LinearGif: The Prisoners Problem: The Trouble with Trolleys
chrono2x: Ian!
fastlane250: lrrWOW
jesse9008: whats all this about sophies choice?
epsilondelphine: i knew it, i absolutely knew it
divreon: Ah the prisoners problem with gatekeeping
PlainsZebra: Ian is a credit to the LRR.
PharaohBender27: And what is a "Sparkling" Trolley!?
epsilondelphine: that's the only place that joke could go
electra310: Zeno's Paradox says nobody will get the star!
PharaohBender27: katesLol
divreon: darn warden always gatekeeping
Pteraspidomorphi: Ah, SMBC
overZellous: I can imagine a world where mario party is specifically made for federal penitentiaries
coelopteryx: immediately visualizes a giant pelican asking spyro "trouble with the trolley, eh?"
amative1: Deja vu!
sholmes_gaming: *Deja Vu intensifies from the distance*
Koshindan: The Prisoner's Dilemma: Do you both agree it's a prisoner's dilemma? If you don't, you argue whether it is or not.
MegaDosX: I still laugh when I see the video where a kid's playing with a wooden train toy, his dad sets up the trolley problem, and the kid picks up the one person, moves it with the rest, and just runs them all over
Tiber727: Don't you switch the track halfway so the trolley isn't aligned with either track?
fcloud: do we know what dankey kang even does?
Lord_ZYRK: And murder all the people riding on the trolly? MiniK
PharaohBender27: @overZellous Like, playing Mario Party as a video game being punishment, or having to participate in an IRL Mario Party game sceanrio?
Banrael: cheer300
TheMadPunter: @Koshindan 👌😆 Excellent
the_card_father: You hit 5 Santa’s rather than one tooth fairy
mariomario42: this is a monty hole problem
RandomTrivia: A Monty Hole Problem?
coelopteryx: the secret technique of the bop-it: the mole-it
chrono2x: hahahaha
fcloud: womp womp
RandomTrivia: LUL
MegaDosX: Paul no.
DEATHlikescats: I got 99 problems but a trolley ain't one
Pharmacistjudge: Paul that was Excellent
Protein_Curry: Bop it! Push it! Mole it!
jesse9008: monty mole problem
chaostreader: !quote 6128
Aarek: sergeHolyMoly
epsilondelphine: fun fact: in the night, you're ground-pounding to hit the moles instead
Koshindan: Now this one is actually a prisoner's dilemma for the middle moles.
PlainsZebra: Next time LRR does Mario Party, you can use codes on Dolphin to unlock everything beforehand.
cryomancer20x6: Monty Hall is driving a trolley careening towards people on the track while holding people prisoner
SurfDownstage: !findquote mole
LRRbot: Quote #4631: "It's never moles the size of ticks, is it? It's always ticks the size of moles" —Paul, of burrowing mole-ticks [2018-01-29]
overZellous: @PharaohBender27 more like it being made for dubious entertainment, and then eventually a copy gets leaked and people are watching it for the first time on this stream
the_card_father: !quote trolley
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
gibbousm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6301: "If you think you have a hat that fit's Graham's head, you don't and it needs to be bigger." —Heather [2019-08-11]
MegaDosX: Steal all their stars!
Ashen_Prime: !findquote trolley
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
coelopteryx: wheel of morality, turn turn turn tell us the lesson that we should learn
NavelWarfare: !quote problem
Ragnarakk: Pinata a Mole?
Mysticman89: clearly it's a case of zenos paradox
JadedCynic: Props to the Lionel Ritchie reference, Mr. Horner <3
epsilondelphine: "you're going down a track towards a blue space. you can pull a lever that makes the blue space give you three times as many coins..."
kookaburra_85: We have that game in Queensland, but it's a broom and spiders on the ceiling.
the_card_father: @coelopteryx early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy but socially dead.
Genderi: If both you and your fellow prisoner pull the lever, the train will multi-track drift, killing everyone
Koshindan: Ben going for Sluggish tron.
CaptainTalon447: What was the best Mario Party?
Koshindan: hooglTron
DarkMorford: @the_card_father Ah, I see you too are familiar with the Warner brothers. (And the Warner sister!)
control_rig: Yikes -9 is nothing to sneeze at
Easilycrazyhat: Ben is now bees
gibbousm: Ben has entered the Shadow Realm
EncryptedSquid: Ben, u okm
InkyGhoast: ben is in a silly suit
JadedCynic: Ben is already reset and fine :D
MegaDosX: Ben discorporated for a moment there
Tiber727: There's a runaway trolley, and you can switch the track. On one track, it will roll a die and something will happen. On the other track, you will play a random minigame for an unknown prize.
Protein_Curry: Ben your glamour wore ofd
Protein_Curry: off*
LinearGif: Winning is OK sometimes
mariomario42: nothing happens, but you feel bad
sydnius: XenoBen
fcloud: then it's more of a trolley opportunity
coelopteryx: @the_card_father lrrGOAT
Gadora: Multitrack drifting!
MegaDosX: <- here's one way to solve the Trolley Problem
Easilycrazyhat: How many points are the people on the track worth?
Koshindan: "Is there a way to run over the people on both tracks?"
gibbousm: ORB
munocard: Mario Party brings out the worst in all of us.
mitomanox: adult discussions lrrFINE
SnowBuddy18: @Koshindan that's where drifting comes in
RandomTrivia: And *THAT'S* where the multi-track drift comes in
JadedCynic: The Trolley Problem is relative, dependent upon the goals (and morals) of the Lever Puller
LinearGif: Is anyone paying me to switch trolley tracks all day long? No pay means I do nothing
gengarofnightveil: good old Canadian content
MrTheWalrus: This is a metaphor for Capitalism, isn't it?
LinearGif: Sorry, ought to have said, "all the livelong day"
fcloud: alternate buttons by pressing the same button repeatedly. got it.
DEATHlikescats: practice
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JadedCynic: No, just push the button it TELLS YOU
Easilycrazyhat: That's a big carrot...
PharaohBender27: @MegaDosX I had forgotten having those kind of toy sets, but I *immediately* recognized the design of those wooden tracks
JadedCynic: then and there :D
fcloud: two carrots out of three!
coelopteryx: @JadedCynic reminded me of the "can't help it, i'm a born lever-puller" liverpool pun in yellow submarine
gibbousm: Shadow Realm Ben
MegaDosX: Ben discorporated again
nyperold: "If I don't pull the lever, I get to run over more people, but I don't get the satisfaction of doing something to cause that..."
Mister_Hush: it was very clearly described, and there was a video
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
Easilycrazyhat: This is Ben's true form
amative1: Death by Glamour!
JadedCynic: @coelopteryx yup vOv
Protein_Curry: Ben your glamour
Genderi: Behind one these three doors is a star. If you pull the lever, you may switch, but the train will change course
LinearGif: You cannot comprehend the true nature of Ben's attack
saucemaster5000: I knew ben was max headroom all the clues were there
SnowBuddy18: rip
control_rig: Oooooh
MegaDosX: I was alt-tabbed, did Ben accidentally hit 1?
hexingale: my condolences.
CaptainSpam: Max Headroom holds up SURPRISINGLY well.
Tangsm: Well, you tried.
fcloud: doubtful but give it a shot!
SnowBuddy18: @MegaDosX yes
DarthRagnar815: I know Ben like Pokemon, but that MissingNo cosplay was still very impressive.
MegaDosX: @SnowBuddy18 Oh no, poor Ben
Easilycrazyhat: XD
saucemaster5000: Well, the last thing those creators did I know about was "Super Mario Bros. The Movie" so I'm guessing no
JadedCynic: the TV series? Uh, didn't really hold up first-run when I watched it, Nelly :\
MegaDosX: Kathleen has quietly amassed quite a star collection here
Nameless_Sword: this game is so close
ashiok_nightmare_moose: its a real weird thing if youve never seent he schtick
MegaDosX: And Kathleen is only in second by 1 coin
laikagoat: oh no
Rhynerd: Maybe I should give Max Headroom a shot at some point.
CaptainTalon447: Ian is in horny jail :P
MegaDosX: That may change, however
Nameless_Sword: bowser time
MegaDosX: Because here comes Bowser
34Witches: Waaah :(
PharaohBender27: katesScared
Easilycrazyhat: Waluigi under bowser XD
RandomTrivia: OH NO
JadedCynic: it was okay for like the first season or two, but there was a change in production - which seriously borked the quality (that was the show's final season)
Gaytanic_Panic: haaaaaaallp
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Koshindan: Cloac-WA.
RandomTrivia: LUL
MegaDosX: ALL of their coins?!?
Spanked42: katesScared katesScared
fastlane250: LUL
overZellous: LOL
Dog_of_Myth: IAN
nyperold: I remember the Square One Television parody more than the show proper.
GamesAndInk: IAN
cryomancer20x6: omg ian
DeM0nFiRe: lrrWOW
josh___something: IAN
GlennSeto: @Koshindan XD
control_rig: Ian
DarkMorford: HORNER
iris_of_ether: IAN
overZellous: cursed
DEATHlikescats: Bravo Ian
epsilondelphine: lrrWOW
jdkaiba: Ian. No.
Protein_Curry: I A N
JqlGirl: a certain je ne sais wah
JadedCynic: Good audio Ben, and nice ysbrydPunjail Ian...
DEATHlikescats: cbardIconic cbardIconic cbardIconic cbardIconic cbardIconic cbardIconic
Gaytanic_Panic: *bonk*
Protein_Curry: @jqlgirl jahsshsudjsjjjajhd lmao
DEATHlikescats: critroleTouchdown
Graham_LRR: Ian, “Wahegao” is deeply cursed, thank you.
niccus: le petit wah
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
MegaDosX: Wow, Ian summoned Graham
MegaDosX: Oh no
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhPLS jlrrNo
ChippTunes: IAN NO
hexingale: wat?
control_rig: Ian NO
MegaDosX: Ian why would you do this
DEATHlikescats: cbardBan
Manae: I do NOT want to see Ian's timeline for a bit
mowdownjoe: IAN NO
amative1: ihormer
ChippTunes: I’m going to THE POLICE
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mowdownjoe: BEN
chaostreader: Quote 6128 seems appropriate here.
Protein_Curry: !quote wahegao
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ChippTunes: I am in hell
JadedCynic: text it to ......oh my.
Easilycrazyhat: that's dope
RandomTrivia: !quote 6128
LRRbot: Quote #6128: "I said some funny things in the past." —Ian [2019-06-16]
PharaohBender27: katesLol
plummeting_sloth: a very salty shirt for a very salty boy
JadedCynic: yeah, that's some appealing colour scheme
overZellous: Wahegao is a brand on amazon fashion
DEATHlikescats: rofl!!!!
overZellous: good lord
RandomTrivia: Hey, you were right chaostreader
Gaytanic_Panic: Beenf
mitomanox: !quote
Nefarious_Ned: !findquote shrimp
LRRbot: Quote #4312: "Maybe they're not weird. Maybe shrimp are normal." —Heather [2017-07-23]
ashiok_nightmare_moose: shotty kimchi or garlic
sirspate: Meme shoppin' with Ben
nyperold: Oh! It looks like... Maruchan packaging?
gibbousm: what flavor Ramen is Ben?
saucemaster5000: ooh shrimp ramen's a good color
Mattmitchell45: Mushroom Chicken pls
plummeting_sloth: I like the idea that Kathleen was booing the lean flavor
cryomancer20x6: Specifically Roast Chicken is the best
Gaytanic_Panic: I'd boo lean flavour
chrono2x: ooooh, a hoodie
Protein_Curry: But what about MSG flavor
coelopteryx: oh, it's wreck-it ralph
DEATHlikescats: Ian's pun, to Ben's new shirt
niccus: it seems to be one of those GIS-to-object bots
fcloud: dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - he's the wiper, i'm the sprayer
Nefarious_Ned: Weed Ramen....the closest you will every come to a perpetual motion engine.
Dog_of_Myth: Ian pun took us to upgrading Ben's fashion. What a ride.
Protein_Curry: Coming soon to LRR Merch: The Wah-hegao tee shirt
Nameless_Sword: wario wins! Koopa kid kleans up
nyperold: I was imagining the shirt looking like it was made entirely of ramen noodles.
Athelgar: Viscera Cleanup detail>\
ChippTunes: wash Ian’s mouth out with soap
chrono2x: Viscera Cleanup Duty crossing the stream?
Pharmacistjudge: That's what gloves are for
Benevum: Wahegao Washing Co.
epsilondelphine: wait, how and when did wario go back to start?
rasterscan: Teleport!
plummeting_sloth: C O O L O R B T E C H N O L O G Y
hajnal_endot: question: is that just the commonwealth pronunciation of eczema or is it regional?
MegaDosX: Zappity zap zap
hajnal_endot: because here in missourah, we call it eck-zim-uh
plummeting_sloth: "Hey guy, you just got electrocuted a bunch of times... want to be teleported?"
hajnal_endot: or ECK-zim-uh to give it the proper emphasis
JadedCynic: ex-em-a
fcloud: you probably shouldnt click this ahegao waluigi
Protein_Curry: In FL we say egg-ze-muh
Mysticman89: ex-zed-ma
MegaDosX: English is weird
plummeting_sloth: Ex-Zima, for former alco-pop drinks
Nameless_Sword: you can say that again ben
gibbousm: I think it's a regional thing
cryomancer20x6: This makes me want to play Mario Kart but I don't have a Nintendo system atm. So, SuperTuxKart it is
Nefarious_Ned: English is a 'choose your own adventure' language where every option is wrong.
underhill33: Could be a US/Commonwealth difference
gibbousm: I know egg-zima
GlennSeto: "Ex-Zimmer" are just Hollywood composers who finally get credited for their work.
saucemaster5000: Damn Ben coming down with that master's degree linguistic take
JadedCynic: @Protein_Curry that scans with what Florida is infamous for
Kipstar: Ek-sma
jessieimproved: here in the southern US, EX-sema
MegaDosX: @Nefarious_Ned My god that's such a perfect explanation of the English language
hajnal_endot: there's no correct stuff because language is just what people use and understand! i was just curious about the regionality
LinearGif: it's pronounced yzma
Rogue_07: English teacher here, can confirm
GamesAndInk: A quick look at dictionary shows me _SEVEN_ different phonetic pronunciation guides, so I think eczema is pretty much whatever you want to pronounce it as.
MegaDosX: IAN NO
RandomTrivia: IAN NO
fcloud: ian no
JadedCynic: yeah, drink a nice chilled Zima at someone else's party
PharaohBender27: @Nefarious_Ned That is a frighteningly apt description
fastlane250: lrrWOW
Juliamon: Mike's are still a thing
hexingale: X gonna zim it to a
Gulleko: fcloud, thanks I hate it
SnowBuddy18: it's definitely still a thing
ChippTunes: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
ChaoticObserver: Its all about seltzers now
Gaytanic_Panic: Zima's still a thing in Japan.
mariomario42: Mike's Hard Lemonade is a D&D spell
gibbousm: I think Mike's Hard is still a think. I personally am a fan
Eille_k: mikes is still a tjhing i saw a guy at the grocerry store buying some today
frogomb: Delicious egg zima
enki1256: Zima is still made, but only sold over seas
tahoebyker: A friend brought Zima to a party as recently as 2 years ago in the states
Protein_Curry: mikes gives me headaches mannn
kalira77: person with a master's in linguistics here. ben's take is entirely correct
saucemaster5000: Whatever happened to mike's soft limonata?
Chipton: I forget what Zima tastes like, which must mean it was wholly forgettable
LordZarano: I think just "Ex-Ma" is most common here in the UK?
Mattmitchell45: Zima is currently made by Coors!
coelopteryx: @Nefarious_Ned [[faint cry of "belopa" echoes in the distance]]
hajnal_endot: mike's hard is a thing, as is mike's harder. mike's harder is strictly worse because it's worse at hiding the booze because it's like 8%
wynternyghtynggale: tiltyhPLS
Nefarious_Ned: Belopaaaaaa
MarsIsDead: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:58:29.
Chipton: Boozy Sprite feels correct
Dmc3628: Zima is still shown and drunk backstage at the NJPW pressers so what do I know
gibbousm: you ever have Sprite-Lemonade. it's just okay
Mattmitchell45: Zima is a clear, carbonated cooler distributed by Coors Brewing Company"
JadedCynic: the funniest part is - eczema is not a disorder or disease in and of itself, it is just a symptom that can be caused by a handful of different maladies (often allergies)
Nefarious_Ned: @coelopteryx An auspicious language...
LackingSanity_: ian choosing to land on a red space last turn rather than a blue space was the difference between being able to use that flutter and not, that's rough
Rogue_07: What is sailor teleport's transformation sequence like?
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MarsIsDead: Also Ben, because of that shirt I am making Ramen now... I hope you are happy! haha
fcloud: oh wow
fcloud: team right is really fast
coelopteryx: @Nefarious_Ned we are truly blessed and cursed, thus we are blursed
JadedCynic: you can 'treat' eczema, but not cure it (the underlying condition that causes it, tho SeemsGood)
CaptainSpam: Huh. I would hope they wouldn't repeat games in a single playthrough of a board.
PharaohBender27: I'm legit surprised that Mike's Hard Lemonade is still a thing, because it always seemed to feature in "To Catch a Predator," and so my mental association with it for a long time was, "Pedophiles drink that"
sirspate: I've gotta say, this is the most relaxing game of Mario Party I've ever seen
Protein_Curry: V I D E O G A M E S
DarkMorford: @CaptainSpam Apparently there's a common emulator bug that makes the mini-game choice RNG repeat.
fcloud: haha
Nevermore_Painting_Studio: Please never say that sentance again
Chipton: PharaohBender27 I'll have you know that alchopops are also beloved by profoundly boring people
MegaDosX: What if it plays the DK Rap?
JqlGirl: or the dk rap
fcloud: 24 minutes
spo_okymulder: there are so many topics going on at the same time in this chat haha
Koshindan: Banana slamma!
CaptainSpam: @DarkMorford Hm, sounds feasible, really.
Natedogg2: Or it just plays the DK Rap.
saucemaster5000: True story -- In high school, we convinced our drama teacher to go to the store and buy mike's for our end of year party. She... was amused when she figured it out, but did not return with it.
Nefarious_Ned: @coelopteryx A sacrilegious portmanteau?! Turn to page 69, your adventure is at an end, try again!
MegaDosX: Ian pls
RandomTrivia: Donkey Kong West, is that you? lrrBEEJ
ChippTunes: Konkey Dong
Snowcookies: It's fun the got get a D-M-C-A
Dmc3628: put your hands togetehter if you gonna get sued it's the D MC A
coelopteryx: @Nefarious_Ned rip
Nameless_Sword: ah but you see... now the game truly begins
the_card_father: I told you all I could see the future. Lol. I predicted this.
PharaohBender27: @Chipton Thus my "used to," and I'm now thinking it was just a poorly thought-out product placement?
kalira77: dk west, dk west, he's our man he's the best
neb_200: no it's not
hexingale: uh oh
Nameless_Sword: or not
MegaDosX: Question mark spaces are also a potential bonus star, from memory
underhill33: Ben in the nega zone again
Spanked42: Is Ben okay?
Tangsm: Ben practicing that window washing.
Chipton: Any publicity is good publicity maybe
hajnal_endot: actually, that drama teacher story reminds me of a fun fact: in some parts of the US, there is no minimum drinking age IF AND ONLY IF the alcohol is being served directly by a parent, and even then some have blood alcohol limits that are pretty strict
nyperold: Their copyright gun can fire in spurts / If it sues ya, it's gonna hurt
gengarofnightveil: was that Ian on the self mute or Paul being fast?
plummeting_sloth: riding sidesaddle on a bullet, like the daintiest warboy
hajnal_endot: so your kids can have a tiny wine with their fancy wine sauce dinner thingy
Nameless_Sword: well that was quick
MegaDosX: One second. It took one second.
RandomTrivia: Welp
pn55: lrrWOW
MegaDosX: Sharpshooter Nelson
fcloud: the timer started at 30 seconds and made it as far as 29
TheAinMAP: Dang.
hajnal_endot: rip
saucemaster5000: @hajnal_endot really? Which states? I'm CA based, and have lived elswhere, always thought CA was surprisingly lax
Dmc3628: One shot one Kill
hajnal_endot: missouri, the eternal paradox where the booze runs free
fcloud: "boom. headshot." -- nelson, 2021
Koshindan: One time
MegaDosX: That's definitely not a 1.
saucemaster5000: ha!
Pteraspidomorphi: He's our man!
MegaDosX: Isn't calling for justice in the world a Serge play?
Mattmitchell45: DK Wiff DK Wiff
MolaMolaphant: Is there justice? "NEIN"
plummeting_sloth: CAlling for Justice was an unreleased Phoenix Wright phone game
adelius3: Ian is immortal
partsofmanny: only Adam has that power during dice friends
Protein_Curry: denied
Dmc3628: calling for justice was an Adam move
Foxsploder: In Mario Party, the only Justice is what you make.
hajnal_endot: like, missouri isn't one of the most lax states out there, but its liquor laws are among the most lax. my mom used it to make sure i knew how alcohol worked and didn't keel over in college
Spanked42: 1800 years? Ian outing himself as an immortal?
MegaDosX: Also yeah, Mario Party has no sense of justice. It's just chaos.
sirspate: now I want to play some Project Justice..
SFSMaus: Yeet that orb!
CptFranisDrake: Ian is the only Immortal left, there could be only one
steven_strangle: Mario Party and justice go together like two things that don't go together, providing humourous contrast, cue sitcom laughtrack
MegaDosX: I mean, Kathleen spends her last turn teleporting. I think she wins in principle.
MegaDosX: On principle, rather
hajnal_endot: ian is the immortal from how many lightyears to babylon, clearly (i only made that reference because i'm very tired and it feels like a thing ian would get)
PerryThePlatypusBear: What happened around the year 200?
plummeting_sloth: awww!
RandomTrivia: Ooof
Koshindan: sergeOffByOne
MegaDosX: Poor Nelson
RandomTrivia: sergeOffByOne
mariomario42: he's gonna roll a 1 after this
jedi_master_zll: Is that what Wario and Waluigi are? A dwarf and an elf?
JonnyGlitch: Hellooo Eveyone! Am I just in time for the end of the steam?
mowdownjoe: The 2-space flutter.
JonnyGlitch: stream even
epsilondelphine: last turn, yeah
plummeting_sloth: it's anyone's game except Nelsons
saucemaster5000: now for 16 bonus stars
Bionull: Was that Power Stone?
hexingale: Kathleen probably has the minigame star
Nameless_Sword: usually three i think
hajnal_endot: this has been more of a journey than the vast majority of mario party games i've watched, which is a testament to both the streaming team (excellent work y'all) and the game itself
Protein_Curry: I have to avoid chat for the win reveal aince I'm on mobile and theres a lag lol
prince_infidel: Justice for Kathleen!
MegaDosX: I think Super Mario Party only has two, but the older games have three bonus stars
fjordsword: I'm trying to resub but it won't let me, even though it says I can resubscribe today ...
RandomTrivia: It becomes about the Wah-lue, Magic players love Wahlue
saucemaster5000: classic was most coins, most minigames, most ?'s
jedi_master_zll: @fjordsword Happened to me earlier, just had to wait for it to work.
munocard: NOBODY WINS!
MegaDosX: Cool game!
Nefarious_Ned: Ben and Nelson OP
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
Nefarious_Ned: Pls nerf
plummeting_sloth: man, the fact that it doesn't scramble your boards between victories is kinda BS
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JonnyGlitch: that game is not remotely fair
hajnal_endot: whenever someone yells nobody wins my brain jumps back to the florida man feed dump bit involuntarily and i can't get that single bit out of my brain no matter how hard i fight it
LackingSanity_: I think ben's got this one
Nameless_Sword: and now to see who wins
JonnyGlitch: I have issues with the block ramomizations
MegaDosX: It is very close
MegaDosX: This is definitely down to the bonus stars
Protein_Curry: Come on Kathleeeeen!
MegaDosX: That's probably Ben
98paperboys: @hajnal_endot Which one? There were a lot of Feed Dumps with florida man
hajnal_endot: the one where graham was singing
mowdownjoe: O R B
MegaDosX: This could be any of them
RandomTrivia: O R B
DeM0nFiRe: O R B 🔵
plummeting_sloth: the Orb Star... or Stoorb
RurouniGeo: Orrrrb PrideWorld
MegaDosX: WHAT
jedi_master_zll: How many crapshots are they up to now? I'm waiting for the next massive crapshot bracket.
HundreydAundre: That's just what he wants you two belief, Nelson!
MegaDosX: UH
hajnal_endot: we need to reach another power of 2 for the next crapshot bracket
MegaDosX: WOW
laikagoat: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
the_card_father: Called it. Lol.
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW
the_card_father: A million years away.
JonnyGlitch: lrrHORN lrrDARK lrrHORN lrrDARK lrrHORN
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN GG Kathleen! lrrHORN
MegaDosX: Go Kathleen!
warboss5: Best Boy Waluigi WINS!
PharaohBender27: lrrKATHLEEN wins! lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
pn55: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Nameless_Sword: what a good game
plummeting_sloth: that's the Capitalism Star, Ian
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Waaaa
ritchards: WAAAAH!
azkovo: GG Kathleen!
the_card_father: Started the day being robbed. Ended it by calling a champion. Lol.
Gulleko: lrrDARK
hajnal_endot: WAH
underhill33: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
JonnyGlitch: The person who wins should also get extra stars
SkylerRingtail: Waluigi is the Jellicle Choice!
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:48.
AWildTransgirlAppeared: GGs
Nigouki: waaaaaaah!!! lrrHORN lrrHORN
YurikosWife: braven10HEX braven10HEX
BigGayJulia: eat the rich
saucemaster5000: Isn't this against the rules?
the_card_father: Truly a Cinderella story.
Protein_Curry: I CALLED IT!
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
PharaohBender27: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Tangsm: Teleportation wins it in the end.
epsilondelphine: good game!
MegaDosX: Seven stars, my goodness
head_cannon: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
NonjaBiru: FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: Kathleen, keeping her prole roots true <3
CaptainSpam: @RurouniGeo Did you think Daisy was going to win this game? TOO BAD WALUIGI TIME. Kappa
plummeting_sloth: that less teleport was crucial
GlennSeto: This was hella fun!
plummeting_sloth: er, last
munocard: Somehow Dan Ryckert wins
SpoonfullOfSugar: I seem to remember that in the case of star tie, they go by coins
PharaohBender27: Also congrats Nelly!
magical_writer: thank you for the stream.
HundreydAundre: And this is why Waluigi will never Play-ably PRO SMASH...
JonnyGlitch: Glad you has fun! Can't wait to see the VOD!
Protein_Curry: This was super fun!
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2457 patrons for a total of $18,859.27 per month.
fatherllymic: A well deserved win
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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DEATHlikescats: PrideRise PrideLove critroleVibes critroleAshley PridePog kaypikeNEONRAINBOW cbardHype critroleLore
Kumakaori: good. game. well. played.
xantos69: Cheer50 Thanks for the great stream!
DoodlestheGreat: Thanks for the fun!
RandomTrivia: Neat
JonnyGlitch: suuuper coooool
hajnal_endot: that's actually relevant to my interests
hajnal_endot: sick
iris_of_ether: It meant something to me, mostly XD
Protein_Curry: Alright, I gotta go sleep, work in the morn and it's almost 11pm here lol, night chat! night LRR! it was a lot of fun!
drdudeman: Have they ever done a car audio tinker tailor?
JonnyGlitch: Preamps are awesome
sirspate: "I hope you have a heatsink for that JFET!"
Snowcookies: Yay Chillpoint
Kumakaori: SURE. lol, meant nothing to me XD;;
the_card_father: COMMANDER. YAY.
nyquister_: I would argue there is no right JFET to use...
laikagoat: tappy!
drdudeman: My radio is doing a parasitic drain on my auxillary battery and needs to be replaced :(
HundreydAundre: Waluigi on not being on Smash: That's just what they want you to belief! I am too strong to be nerfed!
RandomTrivia: Tappy's back WOOOO
JonnyGlitch: I'm waiting for the FNPF Theme: 4 Bens
Nefarious_Ned: Pocket bacon?!
DarkMorford: I always get mixed up with my JFETs, MOSFETs, and BJTs...
Nameless_Sword: Tappy!
MegaDosX: Oh man, I would've loved to see that one, but I'm not going to be around to catch it live
DoodlestheGreat: Wow, a JFET amp. Haven't seen those in ages.
Kumakaori: Tapps! :D!
NonUniqueGuy: Pocket Bacon
nyquister_: What ever works!
iris_of_ether: Yeah, JFETs aren't super common, I don't think
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
JonnyGlitch: womp womp
PharaohBender27: Yeah, I showed up at 2 and learned
Easilycrazyhat: Uno-reverso Tarkov
fcloud: soviet russia something something
Kumakaori: lol ? XD.
JadedCynic: So is he still teaming up with Ben Wheeler?
plummeting_sloth: oh no, did we lose the Wheeler collab?
JonnyGlitch: not been a fan of Tarkov, but great to see more non-MC James Streams
Lord_ZYRK: Heather will be starting *her* Tarkov run
warboss5: In Soviet Russia, something somethings YOU
PharaohBender27: @JadedCynic That's actually a good question
hajnal_endot: at some point i need to check the vods and see if my brother appears, because he is a tarkov fiend
CaptainSpam: Well... we kinda ARE traveling through time, just differently?
DoodlestheGreat: BSG was doing extra server corrections.
Juliamon: We have multiple taurcens
laikagoat: new stream hype
RandomTrivia: Wheeler CardGame stream HYPE
HundreydAundre: The most soviet prison state of Motha Russia.
Mattmitchell45: EXCITED!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: such a good title
saucemaster5000: pretty excited for that
CaptainSpam: Mothra Russia.
JonnyGlitch: @DoodlestheGreat Who installed a computer network on the BSG? Adama will be furious!
Kumakaori: @lord_zyrk , careful what you wish for, that sounds terrifying.
gualdhar: if we get much more content LRR's gonna be going 24 hours a day
TemporallyAwry: Notably "sometimes but not always necessarily a guest" with Wheeler.
Mattmitchell45: Pokemon TCG after that, right?
JonnyGlitch: Frakken Cylons
GlennSeto: Pokemon TCG in April.
Kumakaori: she'd be supremely lethal.
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE
hajnal_endot: yeah, i want to find some fun digital card games until mtga gets to ipad
sanctuari: I'd eat my hat if he knew Duel Masters Plays as a online tcg....
fcloud: some of them are slightly murdered as well
JadedCynic: Silly fleshbags keep stressing out, sadly
JonnyGlitch: Loving Cameron's DM work as always
hajnal_endot: duel masters has an online tcg? sick
HundreydAundre: Did they just notice? I wish I can tune in regularly live.
Nefarious_Ned: Popping off....popping out....same diff
hajnal_endot: i really liked it as a wee child
RandomTrivia: Roll Credits!
DoodlestheGreat: And many of them are slightly dead.
sanctuari: JP only. But its a nice mobile app. Yeah. :)
iris_of_ether: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Juliamon: Language has never been a barrier for Wheeler.
Nefarious_Ned: This is our fault.... lrrAWW
Mattmitchell45: We are simply too much
JadedCynic: thanks for the fun, guys - have a great night, and cya next time! o/
DoodlestheGreat: !storm
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PharaohBender27: Party300 You did such a great job in designing the new sub thank scroll, lrrPAUL
JonnyGlitch: I like this
MegaDosX: Roll credits!
chrono2x: This is going to be handy for the PPR
DaSunao: This is new and cool
MegaDosX: Five years
MegaDosX: 83 is nearly eight years
DoodlestheGreat: Took longer than the stream sometime.
CptFranisDrake: 6 years 8 months
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bowseriffic: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Nearly seven years. rather
JonnyGlitch: @LoadingReadyRun We need some of the names to have yellow names and the Streamer must sing about them!
JonnyGlitch: There needs to be a Themed Holiday mix going on in the background
hajnal_endot: rig up an utau or vocaloid or something and have a randomly generated fl studio melody, clearly
JonnyGlitch: to have*
RandomTrivia: LUL
hajnal_endot: truetranssoulalesha is a great name; everyone should listen to Transgender Dysphoria Blues if they haven't
hajnal_endot: it's an absolutely *excellent* pop-punk album about transitioning
JonnyGlitch: Random autotune melody? YES! @hajnal_endot
Peter_Chordash: Thanks! lrrHEART
hajnal_endot: and True Trans Soul Rebel is an ANTHEM
Dog_of_Myth: Da bit
epsilondelphine: now these folks can go and EAT
fcloud: instead of tomorrow morning!
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream!
JonnyGlitch: If that's how good it looks NOW I can't wait to see it next!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART
the_card_father: Night Guys. This made up for how the day started. Love you.
DEATHlikescats: I condone the new scroll
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream everyone! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ChippTunes: yeet yeet yeet
laikagoat: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Gulleko: lrrHEART
CptFranisDrake: thx for the awesome show
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
pn55: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Kumakaori: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
jdkaiba: lrrHEART
Snowcookies: Bye
JonnyGlitch: You've all outdone yourselves with the new design @LoadingReadyRun ! You should all be proud!
hajnal_endot: take care of yourselves, chat and hosts
PharaohBender27: @the_card_father I hope your tomorrow is much better!
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
hajnal_endot: always a pleasure to catch one live
corwyn256: Does lrr ever do raids? Matt Wiggins is currently streaming
Juliamon: corwyn256 Veeeery rarely.
Juliamon: !homestream
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge: | Wheeler: | Nelson:
PharaohBender27: I don't recall LRR ever raiding - some LRR members will raid from their homestreams, but not as a channel FAKE EDIT: Juliamon beat me to it
Juliamon: Raids are generally planned in advance. I think it's happened like, twice.
coelopteryx: i think it takes special circumstances, unsure exactly what the circumstances are. maybe a raid onto a charity stream in a similar purview, or some such
PharaohBender27: Oh geez I almost forgot to wait for lrrPAUL and started listening to music on my iPod
Juliamon: It's polite for large channels to warn in advance.
Juliamon: Like, Trick warns us when we're about to get magic'd
RandomTrivia: You are, however, very welcome to go watch Wiggins, he's used to a handful more people showing up when LRR finishes :D
chrono2x: Team 1!
Snowcookies: Hi Paul
tehcrashxor: lrrAWESOME
Juliamon: Ooh!
SquareDotCube: Team B!
NonUniqueGuy: I'm on the winning team
korvys: I am mashing "A"
Insaif: I'm throwing balloons!
Gadora: *stands on the lava pit*
DeM0nFiRe: I choose being on the winning team!
Nigouki: Can I be on Team Sleep?
korvys: Is that helpful?
Mysticman89: I seem to recall there being such a raid planned soon, possibly for funko after one of these tarkov streams?
kat2kool: I call team water balloon!
RandomTrivia: I call water balloons!
couldntpickausername: team blue
PharaohBender27: I call Team Water Balloon!
chrono2x: I call water balloons
head_cannon: First team to win, wins.
Rhynerd: I’ll stand over the lava pit
TacitusVigil: JUMPSCARE
josh___something: Water ballons pls
HundreydAundre: Ah, so raids would be preferred through genuine gesture
Riandisa: Good night Paul
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrPAUL
SquareDotCube tries to throw a water balloon and instead hits Paul
Insaif: Water balloon team wins.
Fancy_frenchman: Lava Pit for life
Sunmare_Dragon: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
kat2kool: Night Paul!
Snowcookies: Night Paul
TheAinMAP: Good night Paul.
HundreydAundre: Aw, crap. not ready!
HundreydAundre: I concede.
DeM0nFiRe: !findquote balloon
LRRbot: Quote #5910: "How much can an egg weigh? Like, four balloons?" —Serge [2019-03-16]