voslan: Neat
Sarah_Serinde: !nexty
voslan: "Is this your Card?"
Sarah_Serinde: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Join Wheeler for a 3 episode look at Legends of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (10m from now).
calward1976: thats what im here for!
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
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Hexi_Lexi: !uptime
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !youtube
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photosinensis: Eeyup. Or LRRMTG
photosinensis: For mugic the yugliohemoning.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Alex: twitch.tv/voxlunch | Ben Ulmer: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Jeremy White: twitch.tv/jrhwhite | Kathleen: twitch.tv/BraveNewFaves | Matt Wiggins: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager | Wheeler: twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler | Nelson: twitch.tv/coachnelly
photosinensis: Super Paper Mario was a pretty fun game.
photosinensis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Join Wheeler for a 3 episode look at Legends of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (7m from now).
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aerobeing: I quite enjoyed Control. It's fun.
ContingentCat: hey Heather is the Ceiling Egg still up there?
aerobeing: Very conspiracy theoryist.
aerobeing: Or rather conspiracy theory-themed.
Juliamon: ContingentCat I think Cori updated us like a week ago (it's still there)
aerobeing: And other paranormality.
ContingentCat: @Juliamon ah good thanks
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bearsofinsanity: A couple more subs, you say?
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corwyn256: Isn’t Wheeler’s stream starting in 5 minutes?
benjamin_wheeler: first "competent" stream
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Heather and Ian! lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Phailhammer: cya :)
RayoConDios: wheelerMuldcb
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
RayoConDios: It's a me, Wheeler-o
PMAvers: Ben goes hard and tries to qualify for the next seasonal tournament?
Jigokuro: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
RayoConDios: The wheeler on the stream goes round and round
emily_t_g: ive been waiting for Is This Your Card? since the anouncement :)
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Join Wheeler for a 3 episode look at Legends of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (1m from now).
emily_t_g: good things!
Veraphage: good things
RandomTrivia: LUL
Jigokuro: moistHug
Boon_33: good stuff
mtvcdm: "someone"
Sibwow: this IS my card!
PMAvers: Good things.
RandomTrivia: OMINOUS
RayoConDios: Positivity in chat, will doo
RayoConDios: +++++++
Hexi_Lexi: @benjamin_wheeler youre wonderful and amazing and youre a constant source of inspiration to me
Sibwow: +++++
emily_t_g: ive been wondering if Legends of Runeterra is right for me im so hype fot this
photosinensis: Okay, not crossing Heather. Because I don't want to be lit on fire. Or be on Beej's bad side.
BrowneePoints: LoR is a pretty good game
beckett_brass: @RayoConDios But, according to how electromagnetism works, wouldn't that attract negative things?
CyndaneTierney: Wheeler is that member of LRR that I always forget about until he shows up and then I'm all like, "I forgot about how much I liked him."
PMAvers: It's a very cleverly put together game, and probably has one of the best free-to-play models on the market.
serramarkov: I'm looking forward to learning all kinds of things on this stream!
Getter404: Really been meaning to try the Shurima expansion, I usually duck in & out depending on how viable Jinx FACE! decks are.
LordZarano: If Benjamin was an ebay transaction he'd be rated A+++++++++++++++++++
Getter404: Well, that or Kalista/Those Who Endure ramps.
photosinensis: The problem is that what I *really* want is F2P Legacy Magic. It's never gonna happen.
serramarkov: I've never seen Runeterra, so we'll see if I want to play or not.
Getter404: Also, looking at the Shurima champs... Renekton's another case of them really nailing the League mechanics
Getter404: He's an early game powerhouse who can chunk any 1v1, but he has NO scaling (X/4 without Tough) so he falls off late-game
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
hd_dabnado: wheelerMuldcb
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MichaelVYee: On the air!
Loonatic93: Left Justification, please!
teavian: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
photosinensis: lrrSIGNAL again
jdgmoney: perfect timing
MrPandaaaGaming: would slay the spire classify for this show, or is he specifically looking at ccg/tcg type games?
jdgmoney: just got back to the computer
benjamin_wheeler: I've crossed my fingers and toes hoping everything works
photosinensis: We get lrrSIGNAL, main screen turn on
revjakenash: wheelerClown wheelerClown
34Witches: lrrSIGNAL
MrPandaaaGaming: also, i cant wait for wheleer to get into digimon because its my favorite card game atm
Haroldholmes25: wheelerPog
Juliamon: MrPandaaaGaming Specifically CCG/TCG
hd_dabnado: knowing wheeler this is going to be a honk fest wheelerClown
benjamin_wheeler: because everything is fancy and new
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BlightningHelix: Subbing for the new show.
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benjamin_wheeler: I didn't even know the logo did that
MrPandaaaGaming: @Juliamon ty
jdgmoney: I'm really excited for this
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
MrPandaaaGaming: @benjamin_wheeler has the new digimon tcg hit your radar yet?
jdgmoney: I'm a big fan mr wheeler and I love tcgs
DarkMorford: You got this, Wheeler
Sibwow: benjamin_wheeler did yo ucross your is and dot your ts
benjamin_wheeler: @MrPandaaaGaming oh I'm very familiar
Loonatic93: Could you please consider Left Justifying the logo text?
photosinensis: naaaaaaah
MrPandaaaGaming: @benjamin_wheeler oh lovely! what do you play?
Getter404: What, not a fan of SSRD?
Paranundrox: oh wheelerPog dude
Juliamon: Loonatic93 That text doesn't need to justify anything
mtvcdm: 3 of clubs!
MichaelVYee: Snort I was still considered on the old stream...
djalternative: SSRD Baby!
asthanius: @Loonatic93 But this is the Right way to justify
benjamin_wheeler: I haven't played yet, but I've heard good things from fellow card players @MrPandaaaGaming
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WolfgangCloud: Let's learn about non-magical cards!
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BigGayJulia: So is "Is This Your Card" just TCG streams?
revjakenash: Legends of Runeterra? I thought this was a Legend of the Mystical Ninja speedrun
MrPandaaaGaming: @benjamin_wheeler ahh gotcha! the online scene both digitally and physically is very popping, so i hope to see you wheeling and dealing there soon
Gekyouryuu: this should be fun to watch. I've heard positive things about the game but not played it myself
mtvcdm: TCG games *that aren't Magic*
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ToastyLoaff: oh, hey, look. My card
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> BRAND NEW STREAM! | Join @BWheelerMTG for the first episode of IS THIS YOUR CARD? as he explores digital card games! | This month: @PlayRuneterra | Live now! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ev7CK_9VEAIyXe-.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1368744837009215488
asthanius: @BigGayJulia It's about getting into TCGs
Loonatic93: SSRD? Single Subject Research Design?
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LoadingReadyRun: @BigGayJulia Yes, a new game each month. This month Wheeler is looking at Legends of Runeterra.
jdgmoney: Digimon was my jam back in the early aughts
hd_dabnado: @Loonatic93 just gonna point that out
BigGayJulia: Neat!
Gekyouryuu: also, in non-MTG card news, I pulled a $300 pokemon card today. so that was cool.
MrPandaaaGaming: @laikagoat why thank you very much!
wtrob: wheelerY wheelerH
benjamin_wheeler: Super Saiyan Research & Development
RayoConDios: Is that Paul @LoadingReadyRun ?
laikagoat: @MrPandaaaGaming fionaLove lrrHEART fionaLove
PMAvers: Yeah, there's a bunch of interesting stuff going on in card games, both physical and digital, right now.
benjamin_wheeler: Alright check this
LoadingReadyRun: @RayoConDios This is lrrGRAHAM at the moment
Gekyouryuu: @benjamin_wheeler isn't that just Goku and Gohan's time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Cell arc?
BigGayJulia: vibe check?
Getter404: I'd recommend Arkham for Asmodee's pretty lawyer-happy these days.
Juliamon: drumroll...
LoadingReadyRun: Peep this intro from @mangledpixel though
LordZarano: South Sea Roller Derby? That's the only SSRD Wikipedia knows of
BigGayJulia: oooh
Getter404: but*
BigGayJulia: fonky
RayoConDios: Oh, hey G
Paranundrox: intro time
Haroldholmes25: wheelerPog
DeM0nFiRe: gdqTunes
Fracaswell: oh dang
laikagoat: lrrWOW lrrWOW
Haroldholmes25: this is a bop
OnyxOblivion: CARDS
saucemaster5000: nice!
34Witches: Ooh fancy
AllTheWeasels: wheelerPog
Two_Hats: : D
alexanderthefine: wheelerPog wheelerPog
wtrob: Oh hell yeah, this is great
djalternative: hell yes
NotCainNorAbel: oh hell yeah
RandomTrivia: Oh that is a STRONG opening
BigGayJulia: this slaps
RomanGoro: Banger alert
asthanius: Funky AND Fresh
RayoConDios: That's sweet juzBanger
RandomTrivia: the8bitVibe the8bitVibe the8bitVibe
jdgmoney: This is very impressive
emily_t_g: dude thats 100000/10
mtvcdm: Neat
Hexi_Lexi: yooo!!!! that intro is rad as hell
greg1756: Baaaaanger!
TheThirdTail: Excellent intro
Sibwow: this IS my card how did you know
calward1976: banger song as well
ButterBall000: Nice!
MrPandaaaGaming: yooo that was amazing
SnowBuddy18: that's a good intro
laikagoat: zoeyPogcat zoeyPogcat
wtrob: Hi Ben!
LordZarano: Ooh Saul Bass inspired
hd_dabnado: FOOLS
teavian: hahahaha
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Getter404: Runeterra stream? Take my Bezos Bucks! Here's hoping for a Mono-Shurima Azir deck.
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calward1976: SO SMOOTH
niccus: unlimited power
ChippTunes: that intro tho 😚👌
hd_dabnado: wheelerRita
RandomTrivia: Absolute props to whoever made that intro
TheOtherTrevor: perfect
BigGayJulia: Ah Ben, ever the showman
Paranundrox: wheelerRita
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Scar_Red_Tiger: New show, New Intro, Same Ben.
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Stormthius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
photosinensis: We are fools.
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Garuuk_Predator_of_Scrubs: New Wheeler Stream? wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
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Travilogue: Ah hell yeah! Great intro for a great host!
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NonjaBiru: Totally normal laugh to start with
SnivianMoon: "And just look how happy he is!"
ContingentCat: katesLoaf !
PMAvers: "Oh right, pants."
WolfgangCloud: lrrHAM
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Mattmitchell45: This stream looks classy as hell
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RayoConDios: I see a wheelerMulder
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Nahmbra: New Show!
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serramarkov: You're good.
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Saturnify: wheelerY wheelerH
RogueLink: Love the new intro :D
RayoConDios: wheelerMulderce
RandomTrivia: benginHype the8bitHype katesHype
RayFK: Nope
Sibwow: premier episode for the premier runeterra pilot of the format
wtrob: Runeterra hype!
Loonatic93: You Really Got Me by when you were working out the Kinks.
DrFromage: The premier pilot?
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MaladyDark: Well, time for a new entry on the bingo sheet.
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Veraphage: The First Edition episode
prismwynnter: is ben going to do real magic?
wtrob: This new Runeterra expansion slaps
saucemaster5000 converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
saucemaster5000 converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
kitcat97: Both wheelerY and wheelerH
BigGayJulia: YOU? PogChamp
sendatou: Hyyype
Getter404: Pour one for our fallen brothers at Legend of the Five Rings
cambo212: It’s 2am and I’m here to support the new stream
Sibwow: is the first guest mulder wheelerMulderce
saucemaster5000: Welcome to the channel!
ContingentCat: also a cat
Scar_Red_Tiger: I'm confused. Is this a monthly or weekly stream?
kitcat97: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerT
NotCainNorAbel: geographic is distance.
hd_dabnado: wheelerMuldcb
djalternative: @benjamin_wheeler so this is the first printing of the first edition of Is This Your Card?
BigGayJulia: @Scar_Red_Tiger weekly, changing games monthly
floki4242: this is how I'm ending my 12-hour shift
Sibwow: its a very good place to start
emily_t_g: im so happy to be here
TheThirdTail: This is such a great concept.
serramarkov: Kitteh sleeping on chair!
MrPandaaaGaming: time to redownload legends of runeterra if this goes well
PMAvers: So this is the Alpha Edition of Is This Your Cards.
RebaMcEncheese: wheelerY wheelerH
kitcat97: wheelerY wheelerEed
RandomTrivia: @PMAvers Does that mean they forgot to put the Volcanic Island in this version? :p
Two_Hats: May looks good for this stream
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ViralStitch: Oh hey new stream/game!
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revjakenash: Gold bordered german foil episode
satyropodobny: thoughts on Artifact getting the axe?
teavian: The mythical 6 week month
Scy_Anide: Or a 208 week month
RandomTrivia: @Scy_Anide That is the LARGEST off
RandomTrivia: *oof
LoadingReadyRun: It's been March for a year
ritchards: it's always Match
Getter404: ARISE
Carsonogenics_: it's been march for the last 52 weeks
Fantusta: !March
emily_t_g: its STILL march??!?!
Veraphage: Second March
wtrob: Bird man!
ContingentCat: yup still March, has been for a looong time
MaladyDark: it's still march - points. always has been
Deathrite_Sharkman: PokPikachu lrrHEART
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Saturnify: Looks pretty pog streamer
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PMAvers: So if we ever take over LRRMTG on Thursdays, would that make the stream LRRTerra?
CyndaneTierney: Is it weird I'm super interested in the pokemon game?
Feriority: Hey Ben! I'm excited to watch this - your previous Runeterra stream got me into the game and I've been playing it semi-regularly ever since
TeiranDragon: Welcome back to March. Everything is right where you left it.
RandomTrivia: Looking forward to guest Ben for PTCGO
Sibwow: poker month when
corwyn256: It has been March for over a year now, hasn’t it?
Fantusta: d-d-d-d-duel?
Scar_Red_Tiger: King of Games, boy!
Loonatic93: Are you going to be trying anything that is New To You on this strea.?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
emily_t_g: bridge when? /j
alexanderthefine: omg duel links ahoy
djalternative: can't wait for Ygo
RayFK: Yo homie let's Duel
kitcat97: Magic online digital objects lol
Getter404: I knew it!
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
voslan: Nice
Fantusta: In a few hours, the sun will rise!
Gaytanic_Panic: noleLG noleLG noleLG noleLG noleLG noleLG
Haroldholmes25: good joke streamer
BigGayJulia: I have one in my shed you can borrow
Gekyouryuu: HA
Deathrite_Sharkman: modo?
Hexi_Lexi: cribbage, anyone? :p
hd_dabnado: eyyy
sendatou: lol
ContingentCat: good ol' cousin Joey
Kreiseler: how did I never see t he co nnection!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I better see some tahm kench plays wheeler
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Scar_Red_Tiger: I've owned a duel disk since age 12.
El_Funko: I really enjoyed Runeterra when it first came out, I'm excited to see where it's at these days
Feriority: Open your rewards! Stop having them be closed
BigGayJulia: JOEY
kitcat97: Everyone knows that you’re related to Seto
NotCainNorAbel: I hope that it will become a running gag of 'next month yugioh'
ritchards: !patreon
LRRbot: 2468 patrons for a total of $18,968.26 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
MaladyDark: I hope Faeria get a showcase
RandomTrivia: How long do you think he's been waiting to do the "Cousin Joey" joke?
wolvsbane: make it rain
SnowBuddy18: is this Amonkhet?
Fantusta: no James no rules
Sibwow: he might wake up by the end of the stream
Stormthius: Cheer50
Karfsma778: @RandomTrivia yeeeeeeeeeeeears
Kramburger: Ah yes, Turner has entered the Odinsleep
ContingentCat: yeah there's no record of this
RandomTrivia: @Karfsma778 Yeah that scans
PMAvers: So that means you're going to borrow James' credit card and going on a coin buying stream for cosmetics?
Fantusta: How much have you played of this in between the bonus stream and now?
teavian: :o
voslan: Well if James isn't here you should do better, as his curse won't be here
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theevermist: what James doesn't know can't get us in trouble
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thraximore: g'd evenin! wheelerMuldcb
Dr_fragenstien: this is a game? 0_0
Getter404: The... third? game by them? Four if you count Mechs vs Minions (which you should)
RandomTrivia: James is too busy sleeping at the wrong times so he can play with Funko
RandomTrivia: He won't notice
LordZarano: Is that the sphere from Destiny?
wtrob: Runeterra is such a good game
emily_t_g: I played League once and went 2/1/51 KDA
ArcOfTheConclave: LoR did more for the LoL lore than anything in the last ten years
PinoGraham: Do you have the event pass?
SandwichPolice_: Good to see this game. I've only been playing this game about a week and ive been having a blast
Dr_fragenstien: it tastes great
emily_t_g: wait no
Getter404: @LordZarano Shuriman Sun Disc. Big lore thing/Azir's passive in League proper
Feriority: 80% of the League lore I know comes from playing LoR and the other 20% is from watching K/DA
AnOddSmith: @emily_t_g, 51 assists?!
El_Funko: I really like their drafting system, which I forget what it's called
MrPandaaaGaming: will you be starting with fresh accounts for each games?
theevermist: wheelerMuldcb thrax
ChaoticObserver: @El_Funko Expeditions
PMAvers: You can just say "arena", it's okay.
emily_t_g: @AnOddSmith 51 deaths My B
emily_t_g: I suck at LOL
AnOddSmith: @emily_t_g, hah, fair enough
Getter404: They just toss Expedition Tokens at you all the time, it's great.
Loonatic93: He might be referring to MTGO.
JarofGoats: Never got into LoL or this, picked up teamfight tactics and had some fun with it though
wtrob: seabatBRAIN
MaladyDark: obviously just beeing kind to us
PhyvoCawCaw: 4 days ago!
Trakshvar: I really hope Wheelerwill cover Gwent
wtrob: It has a bird man 10/10
DorkmasterFlek: I wish I liked the gameplay of this as much as MtG because it does some very clever things and is very F2P friendly.
ArcOfTheConclave: magic Egypt!
El_Funko: Muh-muh-muh My Shurima?
Durzostarfire: but does this game have muscle wizards
DorkmasterFlek: That sounds like a dig, but LoR is great.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Love birdman and his homies
ritchards: that's where I went Funko ;)
SnowBuddy18: @ArcOfTheConclave nah, that's Amonkhet
MaladyDark: 5star joke funko
RandomTrivia: @El_Funko sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP sharkf11CLAP
emily_t_g: does this game have a Blitz deck
Getter404: Are we counting Ixaocan as part of Shurima?
AnOddSmith: @el_funko, A+
Sibwow: I assume we'll be playing Poro Tribal
PhyvoCawCaw: dog man is basically a muscle wizard
wtrob: I crafted 3x bird man on day one and havne't looked back. He's so much fun
Lexicat34: the control player's only deck is Liss Trundle. No surprise. I am very happy to see this.
Getter404: @wtrob Is going Mono with him to speed up the Sun Disc worth it?
LegionofLashes: o hey card games
PhyvoCawCaw: Depends on what you mean by "worth it"
PMAvers: The Labs are great as well, weird special limited events that shift up the rules *a lot*.
saucemaster5000: Wow either wheeler is very excited or very nervous. Either way, no worries, friend! Welcome.
Loonatic93: Whatever... It's not a REAL card game unless you can play it ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thraximore: Much akin to MtG
BigGayJulia: cute avatar
PhyvoCawCaw: pretty much all the competitive lists that use the new cards at the moment do not go mono-shurima.
wtrob: @Getter404 I donn't play a ton of ranked, but level 3 Azir seems very strong
Gekyouryuu: @Loonatic93 I mean, if you can hook your laptop up to a motorcycle
DorkmasterFlek: Yes Magic certainly hasn't ever had a set with 50 keyword mechanics in it... wheelerKappa
thraximore: Nice username
Getter404: @PhyvoCawCaw Well is the deck still viable, or does giving up, say, Piltover card draw/weenies or Ionia control make it not as competitive. That kind of "worth it"
Dr_fragenstien: it also helps that most important text gives more information if you hover over it
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journojared: this space intentionally left blank
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BigGayJulia: ooh, it's like suspend
PhyvoCawCaw: @Getter404 Well if you're going to go for the level 3 sundisk strat then you pretty much *have* to go mono, but mono Shurima itself is a bit of a meme at the moment because only around half the cards are released so far.
ArcOfTheConclave: Countdown is suspend as a permanent
Loonatic93: I keep on trying to get into this game. But it never seems to grab my attention for long.
34Witches: Is it a rock? Is it a bear?
Stoffern: what a grump
Dr_fragenstien: the turn system is probably the most challenging thing to wrap your head around, and it's pretty easy to pick up
Getter404: And, of course, there's Wide Art
PhyvoCawCaw: There are two more smaller expansions scheduled that will fill out the rest of the shurima set
ritchards: reading the card explains the card?
BigGayJulia: more like the Pogfather, amirite
Getter404: I love that 2-3 expansions in, they added *lands* (Except they're actually Enchantments)
Scar_Red_Tiger: unused mana is 'wasted' yeah?
Loonatic93: Not quite.
PhyvoCawCaw: @Scar_Red_Tiger not entirely, the game lets you store up to 3 "spell mana"
ArcOfTheConclave: spell mana is SO nice
Sibwow: M A N A there i spelled mana
RandomTrivia: The Spell Mana mechanic seems incredibly interesting
Getter404: It makes a lot of combos actually possible. Like Jinx's empty hand engine
BrowneePoints: It's like a middle ground between Hearthstone and Magic
wtrob: Spell mana 10/10... or rather 3/3
wtrob: Being able to bank spell mana on early turns and cast a board clear earlier than normal is a really great way to catch up against aggro decks
PMAvers: Like a spell that's cost 8, you might be able to cast on turn 5 due to banked spell mana.
Hexi_Lexi: what is a spell in runeterra? is it everything, like in mtg, or is there another definition?
Loonatic93: So, is the shuffler as blatantly rigged as the Arena shuffler? lrrBEEJ
alexanderthefine: hmm, kinda like yugioh
thraximore: everything has HASTE
Getter404: @wtrob Or, if you're running Kallista Endure, to bait your opponent into clearing the board until your 14/14 buddy shows up
Telnaior: there are three types of cards: units, landmarks, and spells
wtrob: @Hexi_Lexi it would be the equivalent of an instant or sorcery in magic
ArcOfTheConclave: @Hexi_Lexi instant's sorceries and interrupts
BrowneePoints: @Hexi_Lexi there are defined spells. 2 speeds as well I think
Telnaior: so spells are cards that aren't units or landmarks
El_Funko: I really like the click and drag to pick up multiple creatures, it feels real classy
BrowneePoints: @Hexi_Lexi 3 speeds*
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PMAvers: You need a Attack Token to actually declare a attack (that sword by the mana)
krainboltgreene: It's very beautiful.
Dr_fragenstien: in addition, after you play, your opponent gets a chance to play a creature before you decide to attack, which gives then a chance to play their own creatures to defend
PhyvoCawCaw: @BrowneePoints 4 speeds now, they added a "Focus" speed to simplify a bunch of card text.
krainboltgreene: Almost makes up for the bugs.
Getter404: THOSE animations are *chef's kiss*
DorkmasterFlek: It also runs on a potato.
tehfewl: Legal Legnds
BigGayJulia: KDA? wheelerPog
saucemaster5000: heck has anyone here playe mechs vs. minions? Riot threw waay too much money into that project to play and look good.
thraximore: but where's my Karakas?
DorkmasterFlek: My laptop can struggle with Arena, but this runs butter smooth.
ArcOfTheConclave: more, powerful. more complex.
Getter404: @BigGayJulia Sadly, no Skins yet... I think? There was an ALL OUT event though
Williams4jesus: so once you spend the manna, you go back to 2 + 1?
obijam_: some weird looking magic cards
BigGayJulia: ooooh
ContingentCat: woah
CyndaneTierney: Neat.
Getter404: Most of the customization is board elements (playmat, card backs, etc) instead of the champs themselves.
alexanderthefine: oh lordy
Hexi_Lexi: ooh
emily_t_g: EYE
Veraphage: Drink in the darkwater
TheAwkes: New stream, who dis?
RandomTrivia: So PRETTY
Telnaior: every single unit has a wallpaper art Kreygasm
wtrob: What a homie
El_Funko: and artist credit
tehfewl: Six more?
Dr_fragenstien: every card has flavor text, and great art
Hexi_Lexi: EVERY card
Telnaior: spells sadly don't have extra art
PMAvers: It's a company, technically, that has a bunch of illustrators working for it.
BrowneePoints: Riot also has an airtight Art department
PMAvers: Obliterate is specifically more of a "remove from the game" effect.
spiffinn: just got here, seems like i didn't miss much. very excited!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: riot's art is the best part of any of their games. don't @ me
thraximore: hmmm umbraThink
Telnaior: obliterate is basically exile / remove from the game, except there's no way to interact with exile once it's gone
emily_t_g: I just uh ohed out loud
emily_t_g: 4 spell speeds : flushed :
Scar_Red_Tiger: Oh boy Spell Speeds.
DorkmasterFlek: Which is actually very descriptive. It's obliterated, it no longer exists! :D
djalternative: oh god. wait until we get to YGO spell speed. it's rediculious
thraximore: getting rid of Interrupts from MtG was a mistake /s
Telnaior: @emily_t_g it's two conditions: "can you play it in response" and "can the opponent respond to it" and just the four combinations of those
RandomTrivia: Oh cool, so we're supposed to kill our own creature so the lifelinker doesn't deal damage... neat
Feriority: Slow is sorcery speed, fast is instant speed, burst is split second
DorkmasterFlek: ^ exactly
Getter404: Slow = Sorcery, Fast = Instant, Burst = Instant but you can chain multiples before they can respond (ends on a Fast or Slow)
emily_t_g: hahahahhahaa
tergonis: ha
Veraphage: Good things
DorkmasterFlek: LUL
El_Funko: live card game, folks
djalternative: ha?
Haroldholmes25: wheelerClown
thraximore: wheelerClown
theevermist: wheelerHub
RandomTrivia: LUL
Hexi_Lexi: wheelerH wheelerH
RandomTrivia: @djalternative YGO spell speeds make sense as long as you remember that you can only respond to things immediately
Scar_Red_Tiger: tpanimeYGOobliterated tpanimeYGOobliterated
emily_t_g: lmaoooo
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pblackcoat: seems like just yesterday that it was 43 months
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ContingentCat: katesLol
wtrob: LUL
Telnaior: yeah the trick is that you play spells at the same time you declare blockers
RandomTrivia: LUL LUL
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown
ritchards: lrrGRAHAM
RebaMcEncheese: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
AllTheWeasels: LUL
tehfewl: wheelerGre wheelerEed
emily_t_g: god thats incredible
SnowbirdMike: Dont worry. The last 2 minutes never happened.
thraximore: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: What a goofball lrrHEART
methodia_chicken: well its been fun wheeler
Kreiseler: whelp its been a good run
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: good stream
Haroldholmes25: good joke streamer
NonjaBiru: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Myclept: The Grahamhammer
Getter404: Tune in Next week for Is This Your Card with Adam Savidan!
corpocracy: whelp
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
walkeroftales: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
djalternative: @RandomTrivia they make sense when you're playing but if you look at the actual rules for it, it's absurd
ArcOfTheConclave: Of note, don't use burst spells to phantom block. you will be sad.
RandomTrivia: @djalternative Oh, 100%
aussie_rob_w: lrrFINE lrrGREED
Veraphage: Real fake Graham
ChippTunes: Kayfabe!
wolvsbane: candy gram
Hexi_Lexi: Grahamy Rockbear
saltysandyhs: Grahampy Rockbear
Stoffern: Is Fraham gonna be a thing?
Sibwow: real graham fake phone
Featherweight_: Its funny cause real G would just text
ritchards: or Slack
emily_t_g: uh oh
RandomTrivia: LUL
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
BrowneePoints: Cool Game!
ChargingFerret: LUL
djalternative: also, real G was here a few minutes ago
RandomTrivia: jlrrCoolgame jlrrCoolgame
Hexi_Lexi: LUL Automated call
emily_t_g: good joke streamer!
thraximore: wheelerJoke
El_Funko: got em
DorkmasterFlek: #GotEm
RayFK: Please Wheeler, James is a real gamer now with Tarkov. He stays up till 10
saucemaster5000: Real graham is a deepfake
wtrob: It's Taliyah! I love her
thraximore: Aw she's cute
Sibwow: RayFK yeah maybe ten eastern
BrowneePoints: She's also getting her art fixed!
ArcOfTheConclave: throw another rock!
UguuWizard: Taliyah is a follower who duplicates a landmark, then blocks and attack and dies.
Getter404: Taliyah: The Jungler equivalent of the "Our Yasuo/Enemy Team Yasuo" problem
PMAvers: James obviously havn't had his daily dose of pea wet today, so he's all tuckered out.
PhyvoCawCaw: @UguuWizard T_T
Scar_Red_Tiger: What;s the top right icon? Set symbol?
PMAvers: Top right is region.
Getter404: @Scar_Red_Tiger Faction
Driosenth: Is Paul going to call in and complain about making a new overlay every few weeks for each game?
wtrob: The champion voice lines and the way they interact with each other makes this game feel so alive
Telnaior: champions are the units you build around
PMAvers: For your deck, you can include cards from two different regions, and up to six champion cards.
emily_t_g: omg that ART
RandomTrivia: I love her coat
Stoffern: This game is realy interesting...dammit
Getter404: Factions are, well, colors. Freljord is about control (freeze) and Stompy, Demacia is about Barriers and Unit Syngergy, Piltover is Card Draw, Weenies and Combos, etc
thraximore: @wtrob i LiKe ThE pRoPeR aPpLiCaTiOn Of KnOwLeDgE isn't good enough for you? LUL
demondrinkingtea: oh its a pre nerf threaded volley
Ragnarakk: THROW another ROCK...
Mumpaaah: Taliyah is League's lithomancer
ArcOfTheConclave: Taliyah+ is super nasty to block
BrowneePoints: Taliyah is getting even better art(they goofed a lil and made her off model and slightly whitewashed her)
PhyvoCawCaw: also when looking at the art you can click to hide the UI/text adn see the full art uncovered
Sibwow: are there any scottish twin champions?
Loonatic93: All of this good, prettiness, and awesomeness makes me wonder why Magic: the Gathering even exists anymore.
methodia_chicken: you can almost taste the riot designer and artist crunch on that tasty art
El_Funko: it's real pretty
thraximore: @Sibwow wheelerKappa
DorkmasterFlek: I love how snappy the interface feels in this game.
frozenphoenix7: Turning off animations? IOther games told me that was impossible Kappa
DorkmasterFlek: Like goddamn, Arena needs to learn from this.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Is there any voice as good as Will/Rowan in this game?
Getter404: @Sibwow No, but there is a Welsh Dryad who throws bowling balls at you.
emily_t_g: I felt cool just watching that
wtrob: bird man bird man bird man
WonderfulGlory: God I wish I could turn off animations so I don't have to watch Shurima: End Game every time my opponents restores a sun disc.
PMAvers: Like, your opponent did something cool probably, so you don't feel too bad.
ArcOfTheConclave: Harvy birdman!
silverxX59: oh yea the poro decks, and the shroom decks
Getter404: I am so disappointed that they couldn't find a way to replicate the Shurima Shuffle in LoR
PhyvoCawCaw: S H U R I M A
BrowneePoints: Azir is a dude who tried his best
Mumpaaah: He is a bird who is also a wizard!
RandomTrivia: He's Hazezon Tamar?!
Getter404: Oh right, Champion Spells
wtrob: He's bbasically Hazezon Tamar
ContingentCat: do they walk without rhythm though?
thraximore: old planeswalker rules?
thraximore: oh dang
PhyvoCawCaw: @ContingentCat there is a part of Shurima in the lore which has evil creatures that burrow like sand worms.
Getter404: And they're often GREAT for Synergy. Jinx pings for 3 damage, Vi gives you +2/+0 with Burst, etc
BrowneePoints: The Ascended are mortals who through an Arcane Ritual become Animal Like Demigods. Azir is Birb, Renekton is Croc friend, Susan(Nasus) is Doggo, and Xerath is a dick in a Box.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Ooo modal cards.
AnOddSmith: basically grandeur
corpocracy: Grandeur but refunds you a copy
Stoffern: oh
beckett_brass: What the__
beckett_brass: --*
Scar_Red_Tiger: The kind of thing you can only do digitally?
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megaRammy: eyyyyy
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TheThirdTail: Get ready
ContingentCat: yes?
Getter404: You want some REAL weird stuff, the Bilgewater expansion had entire decks based around milling yourself.
ArcOfTheConclave: hold on to your butts
RandomTrivia: LUL
Taylorton147: buckles fucked
theevermist: wheelerY wheelerH
OnyxOblivion: PridePog PridePog PridePog
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Scar_Red_Tiger: I was not buvkled up!!
RandomTrivia: WOAH
Mumpaaah: Azir has digivolved
AnOddSmith: that is, indeed, very extra
Mal2mad: bronzeGASM bronzeGASM bronzeGASM
Feriority: I love how extra the level ups are
RomanGoro: Ooooo right on the happy brain spot
RobotInProgress: You've convinced me to give this game another shot
Feriority: I'm playing a Shen/Fiora deck right now and Fiora gets so many good animations
ArcOfTheConclave: Azir is super hammy
PMAvers: And man, when he's leveled up, all those boys that were summoned would be +1 attack too.
itsr67: shurima
Loonatic93: So how long until a Canadian Highlander variant of Runeterra?
itsr67: azir is so great
wtrob: Disc time baybeeee
itsr67: very extra
Feriority: I also have a frostbite deck, Sejuani's level up is so cool but it almost never happens in that deck
OnyxOblivion: just wait until Wheeler gets to explain "The Lab"
Scar_Red_Tiger: Very Seto Kaiba fighting a middle-schooler energy.
Getter404: The closest I had to a real combo-intensive gameplan was a Twisted Fate/Swain control deck based around late-game cannon volleys
BrowneePoints: more than 2 usually dilutes the deck too much ya
Feriority: Oh, I want to watch Wheeler go off with the Aphelios lab
ArcOfTheConclave: you can do 3 in limited and simgleton
Loonatic93: Why the restrictions on how many "regions" you can have? That doesn't seem very cash money!
Feriority: My winning run stormed off with his weapon summons and cost reduction effects
RandomTrivia: Even without knowing what this is I get the sense this is a colossal Timmy card
Telnaior: @Loonatic93 because there isn't an inherent mana penalty to using more regions
Telnaior: there's no "coloured" mana here
Feriority: @Loonatic93 You don't want every single deck to be five color good stuff, there has to be a meta
VTMonster: Fears o me?
PhyvoCawCaw: @RandomTrivia yes, there are a number of great timmy cards and sun disk is one of them.
thraximore: Questing Beast, chapter 2?
SnowbirdMike: i thought that was a picture of the saucer section of the Enterprise Kirk had crashed again.
Loonatic93: Then just make more synergies to make limited regions more optimal.
frozenphoenix7: Of note there, your units KEEP damage marked on them.
ArcOfTheConclave: almost every pump spell and carddraw spell are burst
RandomTrivia: @PhyvoCawCaw Oh dear, that makes me want to play this game
tehfewl: DM i do that
frozenphoenix7: There is no natural healing as the turns pass
Williams4jesus: lrrCIRCLE
wtrob: I love Azir
Feriority: Leveling up by casting a spell?! OP
Ragnarakk: @LoadingReadyRun the new animations look so much better that some of the older ones
Getter404: God, I never get tired of "I'll give you to the count of-TIME'S UP!"
Lightningbro: I already love Azir from LoL, this is making me love him more.
Sibwow: steam from the esteemed heirophant
Loonatic93: Limiting regions like that just seems to really limit how janky you can get with your deck builds. Which really seems like a turn off to me.
Karfsma778: what if I were to simply buy this heirophant and pass it off as my own
tensionheadtv: the concept of this show is like my dream strem
BrowneePoints: That was just a lil splash of emeralds huh?
RayFK: Did you just do a JoJo
SrMuskrat: The guns are from heimer's ability
Getter404: Oh no, it's Heimerdinger
wtrob: My favorite champ in this game has to be Zoe. I can't help but smile hearing some of her voice lines
Argumentable: I love it
AnOddSmith: raise your dongers?
withr: can you multiblock?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Ah, this is the type of game that has effects that name specific cards.
Getter404: @Loonatic93 Well, in this "Jank" would be including 1 of 6 different heroes instead of 3 and 3
Feriority: @withr nope
ArcOfTheConclave: @withr no
beckett_brass: I think I already know my answers, but does attacking make your units unable to block, like in magic?
Feriority: @beckett_brass It does not
Telnaior: @beckett_brass nope
PMAvers: There's no "tapped" status.
PMAvers: Since you share turns with your opponent, back and forth taking actions.
niccus: in exchange, there are more things that affect how blocks go
Feriority: @beckett_brass There's ways for the player without a sword to get a sword for that turn, and you can attack and block on the same turn with the same units
Getter404: @beckett_brass Nope, this is Hearthstone rules. No tapping and health doesn't recharge
ArcOfTheConclave: @PMAvers stunned
Nansus: I love how most of the cards have their own effect animations
PhyvoCawCaw: the important thing that dictates attacks is the sword/attack token
Loonatic93: @getter404 And that's really annoying. You are even limited how many heroes you can have in your deck? So, no chance for a full-on Superfriends deck? Way too many unneccesary deck building limitations.
wtrob: Cutscene time
Getter404: NEW DECK
Lightningbro: It's Azir, Blocking IS beneath him.
Williams4jesus: lrrFINE
wtrob: new deck, who dis?
PMAvers: Time for the EMPEROR'S DECK
Max_Mckayful: Happy Series Premiere!
PMAvers: Hmm. A Egyptian Emperor with a deck of broken cards.
Feriority: The Emperor said screw the rules, I have money
Scar_Red_Tiger: Netdecker's wet dream.
PMAvers: :thinking emoji:
BigBenS221: What's the economy like for this game?
demondrinkingtea: It's Ysera, but its a whole deck
hd_dabnado: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Click here for more information and banlist: https://pastebin.com/K4JRvqQW
AnOddSmith: duDudu
wtrob: And he also makes 5/2s instead of 1/1s
RandomTrivia: Part Ysera, part Elise Starseeker? Huh.
OnyxOblivion: @BigBenS221 they literally dont get more F2P friendly than this game
Loonatic93: Can you have a deck with zero heroes at the very least?
itsr67: yes
BigBenS221: kool
itsr67: some decks are better with no champs
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PhyvoCawCaw: Any number of heroes between 0 and 6 is allowed.
Loonatic93: Well, that's something. The deck building restrictions are still annoying the crap outta me.
Getter404: God, getting the highest overflow on the nexus is a game all its own
OnyxOblivion: yeah i have some decks with no heroes @Loonatic93 and they're viable
PhyvoCawCaw: The deck building restrictions make sense when you play the game.
El_Funko: and there's often adjacency mechanics too
Scar_Red_Tiger: Dmg happens 1 at a time I'm hearing
Ferisar: first strike but only on swings, right?
Vorrenthalla: Quick attack is first strike on attacks only right?
Kreiseler: @loonatic93 trust me, when you play they make sense and are completely reasonable
PhyvoCawCaw: If there were no restrictions champions would have to be balanced like average cards.
El_Funko: @Vorrenthalla correct
Getter404: There's also "Support", which buffs the ally to their immediate right
34Witches: Like Eternal?
Feriority: I have goozled myself by giving blockers quick attack with combat tricks
itsr67: using a lot of piggybacking
ArcOfTheConclave: there are a bunch of things that discourage board stalls
Loonatic93: @PhyvoCawCaw and what's wrong with them balancing them like regular cards? Or at least make them equivalent to rare or mythic?
34Witches: (the First Strike on attack thing, I mean)
Telnaior: @Loonatic93 because they're cooler if they're able to be more powerful than followers
RandomTrivia: I mean, if your game is based around 1-on-1 unit combat, first strike is one of the first logical steps for simple abilities
Telnaior: and it allows for a much larger design space
Taylorton147: scry
PhyvoCawCaw: Regular cards are generally less strong than champions of the same cost.
niccus: i think it's fair to say that the game is made top-down to be champion-oriented
Karfsma778: a BIT like scry
metagameface: @Loonatic93 The reason for it is that they want champions to feel like the centerpieces of a deck, and as part of doing that, they're typically stronger than non-champion units of the same cost. This makes it important to restrict the number of champions in a deck.
Williams4jesus: is it "interesting" to find the difference between this and mtg?
thraximore: Bolt for 2? wheelerKappa
DorkmasterFlek: Very
itsr67: yes
azureHaights: Chocolate cool?
DorkmasterFlek: They did a very good job of taking the best parts of HS and MtG, but tweaking them.
e_bloc: Corgo300 hype for this new stream
Ragnarakk: is Ezreal cool?
Telnaior: Ezreal *thinks* he's cool
itsr67: ezreal is a very funky guttersnipe
RandomTrivia: Sitting with a bunch of 3/2s looking at a single Thalia feels very bad
Telnaior: he's a fun archetype but you have to turn off the voices or he'll tilt you just by never shutting up 4Head
stinkydinky_: is this the tutorial
PhyvoCawCaw: yes
Telnaior: yeah this is tutorials
Loonatic93: If you NEED to make such restrictions, then you really need to reconsider your base mechanics. But, that's just my opininon. I want to be able to make whatever deck I want to make. Heck, I still sometimes get salty about Magic's 4 of rule.
beckett_brass: @stinkydinky_ A tutorial, yes.
Getter404: Surprise, it's Flying.
Kreiseler: @loonatic93 getting rid of the 4 of rule would RUIN magic
Loonatic93: Is there at the VERY LEAST, a kitchen table, make your own rules format.
itsr67: you can hit minus in the top left of the board to look at the board when you predict/invoke @LoadingReadyRun
tehfewl: no, its horsemanship
itsr67: just in case
DorkmasterFlek: The regions are similar to HS classes, but because you combine only 2 they can keep adding new regions instead of having to support the existing ones with each expansion.
Two_Hats: I just noticed Wheeler's in-game name
VTMonster: or a squid
Scar_Red_Tiger: freeing mechanics from flabour
emily_t_g: soneone clip that
AnOddSmith: it's true, anything can be on a horse. Even a bird can ride the dilu horse
Loonatic93: @Kreiseler Not having 4-ofs didn't ruin magic during Alpha and Beta.
silverxX59: it can also just be a yordle
Telnaior: @Loonatic93 not yet, but they have been focusing a lot on experimental formats
Mumpaaah: S H A D O W
Getter404: 2030: Out of ideas, Runeterra introduces Banding
megaRammy: Another side benefit of the restrictions means even the MOST expensive decks bought outright max out at like... $40 I believe? Cos there's only X number of champs you have to buy
KamigawaWasAgoodBlock: so thats like time sidewalk?
DorkmasterFlek: They also put Arena to shame by doing their wildcard system, except right. :P
Kreiseler: @loonatic93 rukh egg
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 No, but there's a wacky mode (Labs). And in general, all card games have restrictions, it just generally depends on what the restrictions intend to accomplish. Magic would definitely be ruined without 4x restrictions with people understanding deck optimization, for example.
DorkmasterFlek: Target creature gains Jack-o-lantern until end of turn. LUL
e_bloc: "call it jack-o-lantern" "sir this is a jack in the box"
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iggySPLOSION: ope just gonna scooch right past ya
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Telnaior: without 4-of combo decks become the only decks that can win
BrowneePoints: Also, decks are WAY easier to craft on LoR
VTMonster: it's Fears O' Me
FeyLynn: I think way to slow to play this game, the turn timer made me miss like half of my turns. =<
thraximore: Target creature becomes lrrSPOOP until end of turn
Getter404: Ezrael's a jerk.
DorkmasterFlek: They have wildcards like Arena, but get this...you can just BUY them directly. What a concept.
stinkydinky_: Is there a singleton format? I just dont wanna play another version of standard
Taylorton147: camping?
Ragnarakk: I asked if he was cool :P i play him in my decks
PhyvoCawCaw: @FeyLynn if you're playing vs AI or certain lab modes vs AI there is no turn timer, that's a nice way to get the hang of things.
Zenaton: good ezreal description LUL
Ferisar: so ezreal in league
PMAvers: So he's basically Bengineering playing a mono red burn deck
Getter404: Just realized his level up method is literally stacking Manamune
megaRammy: @FeyLynn IIRC, the AI doesn't have a turn timer, hopefully let you get up to speed :)
Telnaior: @stinkydinky_ yes, but it's been a little neglected right now
ArcOfTheConclave: ezreal is quite good as a midrange/control tool
DorkmasterFlek: And if you get extra copies of a card? Card shards that can be used to craft ANY rarity.
BrowneePoints: He's a guttersnipe. He's also a card that pings your opponent. LUL
OnyxOblivion: Laser tag? In a panorama?
saucemaster5000: Sorry to date all of us, but has lazer tag been played this century?
DarkMorford: Is this available on Android, by any chance? Or is it PC only for now?
Mumpaaah: Ah, Jarvan's Ultimate
Telnaior: @DarkMorford it is on mobile
RayFK: Can confirm Lazer Tag has been played this Century
Karfsma778: ah, fight
djalternative: oh. it gets banding
megaRammy: @DarkMorford Ye, Android and iOS!
metagameface: Ezreal is elusive, gives you a Mystic Shot when he hits nexus, and when he's levelled, he pings their nexus whenever you play a spell
stinkydinky_: @Telnaior is there a queue for it?
saucemaster5000: Oh thank god.
Getter404: Oh wait, it's J4's ult
Despoiler98: the giant dragon says NO
DarkMorford: Cool, might download it on my Galaxy Tab.
Feriority: @saucemaster5000 I played laser tag in... 2011? I think
Feriority: Actually probably 2012
Loonatic93: Yes yes, restricting cards to 4-ofs is very neccesary to the competitive formats in Magic. I was being kinda hyperbolic there. But, at least I can play 5-color kinda bad stuff in Magic. And that's a wonderful thing.
OnyxOblivion: havent played in a few months, what would I run for a Lulu deck?
Telnaior: @stinkydinky_ not currently sadly, but you can at least theorycraft (singleton decks get to use 3 regions)
ArcOfTheConclave: @Getter404 yup they just added j4
Scar_Red_Tiger: rumble in the red zone
tehfewl: a fight spell
wtrob: Big croc
saucemaster5000: I have fond memories of the santa cruz boardwalk... but that was a century ago
BrowneePoints: Another Ascended! Good Croc Boy!
tehfewl: Ah renekton, the caitlyn of top lane
Ferisar: i hear nasus cannot escape him forever
OnyxOblivion: why is Renekton HOT
OnyxOblivion: oh no
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: lizard friend
DorkmasterFlek: So this is the Egyptian region. Birds and crocodiles, got it. Kreygasm
BrowneePoints: Wtb Lifeguard Renekton animation
Loonatic93: I keep on hearing players drum on about originality and creativity in deck building. But restricting what cards you can have because of other cards you have in the deck just nausiates me.
djalternative: I find it really interesting how they use first and second person pronouns for cards
megaRammy: @Loonatic93 Magic soft-restricts 5 colour good stuff because you have to make sacrifices to make the mana base work, the sets are designed to avoid it being a thing, etcetc. Runeterra doesn't have a mana base to hold 5 colour good stuff back (but does allow for smoother more consistent decks with less bad feels)
Getter404: Just counting down the days until they finally add Camille. Give me my Sword Legs.
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BrowneePoints: @DorkmasterFlek The champions of the shuriman empire used the sun discs to Ascend, becoming animal shaped Demigods
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 I mean, the problem is that "Free mode" doesn't really exist in online card games in general, because programming the rules engine to work with those is annoying.
Jigokuro: Neat
tehfewl: additonal combat steps
Feriority: LoR does have lots of fight cards that do strikes instead of an extra combat, that card is super weird and cool
RobotInProgress: Croco-damage!
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 Whether formats would work without restrictions is a reasonable question, but most devs won't bother to find out because it's not worth their time
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
Loonatic93: O
DorkmasterFlek: Magic has the mana system to provide deck building restrictions, but that obviously has its own downsides.
wtrob: seabatTROG
Getter404: Dominus is down, GANK TOP
s0lesurviv0r: Bontu's so jelly
Sodaprodutions: holy crap
SnowbirdMike: OK. that was good.
Feriority: He stronk
SnowBuddy18: that is what the Arena animations should have been
RandomTrivia: No digital card game has the right to look this good
DorkmasterFlek: HS tried "colourless mana" for everything, but used the classes to restrict deckbuilding. I like LoR's region system better.
Ferisar: just tell him renekton wins in that matchup
Scar_Red_Tiger: Victory voice lines too. Nice.
BrowneePoints: @DorkmasterFlek So Renek is Croc, Emperor Azir is a birb, Nasus is a Doggo, and Xerath's ascension screwed up and he became a mana being trapped in a sarcophagus
thraximore: God-Emperor Bolas approves
DorkmasterFlek: Well that sounds horrifying.
megaRammy: Artifact was that card game for me, but it dead now :c
raaabr: That sounds kinda high intensity to me
raaabr: I like being able to turn brain off for a turn or so
Mumpaaah: And I don't wanna miss a thiiiiing
ViralStitch: cute!
Scar_Red_Tiger: You wouldnt
RandomTrivia: Fuzzy poro! lrrHEART
raaabr: There's a reason my brain is cooked after tournaments
Loonatic93: I'm sorry. Just seeing this kinda restrictions on your choice of cards really upsets the jank in the middle of my clockwork heart.
Mattmitchell45: Runeterra - The Sweetest Thing
saucemaster5000: I basically play slay the spire in the background of everything, so I'd still probably slay the spire in the background of this. And would lose.
SnowBuddy18: when do they add the ability to pet a poro?
BrowneePoints: @DorkmasterFlek Xerath deserves it. He tried to murder Azir as Azir was ascending and setting all the slaves of the empire free. But Xerath sabotaged the ritual, it blows up, and sunders the entire empire with it burying it beneath the sands
megaRammy: They are both friends do not kill either
DorkmasterFlek: Oh okay, heck with him then. LUL
AnOddSmith: definitely kill the poro
tehfewl: poro
SnowBuddy18: kill the bear
wtrob: Don't kill poro
Myclept: Kill poro
tensionheadtv: poro has to go
ContingentCat: rock thing
Sodaprodutions: kill poro
thraximore: bear, that poro i probably a monster
RandomTrivia: Poro nooooooo!
Feriority: @Loonatic93 You do lose some jank potential but I promise you can still build weird jank decks
ChefStephen: Kill jester
AnOddSmith: awwww
Kreiseler: @loonatic93 you can build plenty of junk, restrictions or not
AnOddSmith: lol
Vyous: Slain means you killed theirs
Two_Hats: Sadness is now on the stack
Getter404: I think you had to kill an enemy, yeah
Travilogue: You
chesul: you have to have killed it.
RandomTrivia: LUL
wtrob: Ben I told you not to kill the poro
Scar_Red_Tiger: Is your phone ringing?
WanderingOmen: you need to kill something
AnOddSmith: gottem
Two_Hats: it is resolving
offbeatwitch: whoops
Veraphage: Get G on the phone
Travilogue: You're going to get another call from graham
Seth_Erickson: Unfortunate
Feriority: RIP
thraximore: wheelerClown
DeM0nFiRe: Bout to get another call from Graham Kappa
tergonis: goozled
monoentropy: you didnt slay the poro, the enemy did
RandomTrivia: sergeHubris
metagameface: that's what you get for killing the poro
SnowBuddy18: GOTTEM
TheAwkes: Blame chat.
niccus: threw an adorable thing into a woodchipper for no value
DorkmasterFlek: rekt LUL
thraximore: wheelerHubris
Feriority: Call the man
silverxX59: always listen to chat never listen to chat
thraximore: wheelerHub
Mumpaaah: Graham-py Rockbear is back
kingeomer18: immediately punished for killing the poro
DorkmasterFlek: wheelerHub
emily_t_g: hiiiiighlight real
tehfewl: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
Stormthius: wheelerHub wheelerHub
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
tehfewl: wheelerClown
Myclept: Lmao, incredible
BigBenS221: lrrGRAHAM
coachNelly: Just got here what is happening
Taylorton147: bens a fake
ewalkedaway: lol
Haroldholmes25: wheeler is throwing for a bit
wtrob: Hi Nelly
Kramburger: FBtouchdown
beckett_brass: @coachNelly He has made a slight mistake, and has fixed it.
RandomTrivia: Hey Nelly
Getter404: SUPPAH TIME
thraximore: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
bearrier_: can we get mulder cam
RomanGoro: Streamer/teacher brain hits again
saucemaster5000: Wow he has bits, that's beyond streamer, that's full on hollywood comedy writer
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ewalkedaway: Good joke streamer!
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Veraphage: I guess this...isn't your card GlitchCat
Taylorton147: goth pigs
VTMonster: ghost pigs?
Gekyouryuu: do you floop the pigs?
Feriority: I have demonstrated a pig loop
RandomTrivia: LUL
coachNelly: All the way home?
Two_Hats: The last pig is a goblin?
thraximore: looks like a Gnoll
coachNelly: Oooh he’s still a lil sore about the coins huh :(
RandomTrivia: Who wouldn't be?
coachNelly: I guess that’s fair
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 Like, I sympathize with the sentiment that you want to just screw around outside the rules, but online card games just naturally have a different environment. You can't arbitrate "I guess it works this way" with a rules engine, so there's no point in making a true "casual mode" in online games
Loonatic93: Okay... Then answer me this, are there do nothing Rube Goldberg multi state combos in this game?
coachNelly: Yeah it was so many goddamn tails
RandomTrivia: That Mystical Tutor cost him UUUUU
Getter404: Oh great, time for Nasus farming.
thraximore: it WAS statistically unlikely
Vyous: Oh no. The AI is playing fearsom aggo Kappa
OnyxOblivion: @LoadingReadyRun you should explain the Weekly Vault, its part of what makes the game so F2P friendly bwitchPika
BrowneePoints: SUSAN!
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP spoder
Feriority: The spider deck isn't that good but it is very cheap
tehfewl: i remember spider deck being really good at launch
DorkmasterFlek: Oh is there ever a spider deck...
raaabr: Oh hey Pyroclasm
klippiatt: that was the best animation ive ever seen in a card game.
Scar_Red_Tiger: plus or mins zero, you say?
ContingentCat: I just remembered how I was in my 20 before I realized the piggie going to market wasn't shopping
niccus: that's normally me *after* the board wipe
Haroldholmes25: putting the damn in damnation
thraximore: Damnation is 9 mana now? Dang
Telnaior: @Loonatic93 yes, people have come up with some very very silly decks
ewalkedaway: now that was cool
OnyxOblivion: whoa nice graphics
PMAvers: SUSAN has taken the field!
BrowneePoints: Susan is gonna hecc someone up
offbeatwitch: large dog the size of a small horse
BrowneePoints: WHo is this Nasus, we only know SUSAN!
coachNelly: So a horse?
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 It depends how jank you want to go. I watched Swim, a streamer, play like a 6 card combo deck today to screw around
Getter404: Not now, getting my stacks.
Mumpaaah: Raid Boss Nasus
OnyxOblivion: STONKS
BrowneePoints: Farm those Qs Susan!
Loonatic93: @ancientspark 6-card is fine, but kinda basic.
OnyxOblivion: i can see the JOY in his eyes when a unit levels up
Haroldholmes25: break time?
Taylorton147: but ive already subbeed
BrowneePoints: also yes Chat, the nickname for Nasus is Susan
AnOddSmith: yes
WonderfulGlory: What Susan?
413th: yes
Ragnarakk: you mean NASOOS
ContingentCat: always
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Jigokuro: If you say so, Nasus.
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Mumpaaah: Nah, sus
bearrier_: Nay soos
Getter404: Piltover, baby!
BrowneePoints: I think it's from the Mecha skinline?
Ragnarakk: THex baybeeee
Vyous: Dino bot is a heimer 9 drop bot iirc
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 I mean, what kind of rube goldburg machine are you talking exactly then? LoR tends to favor Timmy-style stuff more, but I'm not sure what you're even looking for by saying that
Jigokuro: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
Feriority: I think that dinobot is a card
tehfewl: "dealing damage to op is good"
Loonatic93: Okay, trying to meet you all half way. Are there graveyard shenanigans.
Ragnarakk: T-Hex is Heimer's big boy
metagameface: @Loonatic93 My favourite meme deck is one that shuffles a bunch of copies of a 2-cost card that makes both players draw, plays something that reduces the cost of its cards by 2, and milles the opponent out. It's hilarious when it works.
Loonatic93: @ancientspark I'm talking like Eggs, or Storm.
Kreiseler: @loonatic93 literally one entire region is ENTIRELY graveyard shenanigans
thraximore: Dare you to click your own Nexus, you won't
Loonatic93: Okay... So yes, to Graveyard shenanigans... So that's a start.
Telnaior: there are far far far too many graveyard shenanigams LUL
BrowneePoints: Bilgewater is GY shenanies right?
Telnaior: and most of them are in Shadow Isles
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 Oh, the 6 card combo I was talking about was 6 cards in one turn; it was effectively like a burn storm deck combining Powder Kegs + making it undying + like a bunch of 0-1 mana stuff
BrowneePoints: ah okay so it is Shadow Isles
itsr67: like kalista or rekindler
Feriority: Bligewater mills itself, shadow isles does recursion stuff
wtrob: Rekindler shenanigans are really fun
silverxX59: deep is a fun mechanic
Loonatic93: @ancientspark Okay, that's something.
OnyxOblivion: is Lucian/Senna any good for a deck base?
DorkmasterFlek: One other stroke of genius: "milling" happens from the bottom of the deck instead. I know it's functionally identical, but it feels WAY less bad imo.
DorkmasterFlek: I LOVE that change.
Kreiseler: D E E P
tehfewl: which is very magic the gathering
Getter404: @OnyxOblivion Usually if you're going Demacia these days, it's Fiora tricks or Quinn/MF Scouts spam
thraximore: Dredge has poisoned this game too, huh ;_;
wtrob: Deep is such a timmy mechanic
Telnaior: @OnyxOblivion I don't think Lucian has been meta recently but you can *definitely* make something there
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
ViralStitch: Now let's beat some humans!
silverxX59: quick do the deep tutorial
thraximore: first tryyyyy
ViralStitch: nope, beat all of them
AnOddSmith: we won't tell graham
BrowneePoints: It's like ye olde Spider Spawning
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE benginTry
SnowBuddy18: benginTry
metagameface: @OnyxOblivion I've seen some Lucien/Azir on ladder today
Kramburger: seabatNogood
Loonatic93: And do these graveyard combos have a high degree of failing? Cause I don't want to play it if it is ALWAYS going to succeed. Anything more that 40% always feels like it is too successful.
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 You aren't going to get true storm/eggs because mana generation is very rare and very powerful in LoR, but there is some really silly jank stuff to combine. Again, though, LoR tends to favor more of a Timmy style game
SnowbirdMike: Cool
BrowneePoints: LoR is a Johnny Magic Player's Dream @ancientspark
Getter404: I should really see if there's some kind of Expedition Guide like Hearthstone had for a bit
Telnaior: mana generation / ramp is Freljord's thing
Getter404: And Piltover too, to a lesser extent
Loonatic93: I know there is that whole Timmy, Johnny, Spike thing. But what is the mad engineer equivalent? Cause I always seem to fall on that side.
ancientspark: @BrowneePoints Not really? There's very few actual engine cards, a lot of it is "Lets go after some ridiculous 10 mana bomb."
Telnaior: @Loonatic93 shadow isles is probably the strongest region in the game partly because of the graveyard shenanigans LUL
ancientspark: @Loonatic93 Johnny.
Feriority: Piltover gets spell mana, Frejlord gets regular mana
Loonatic93: Oh, that is Johnny. Or maybe Janey in my case.
BrowneePoints: @ancientspark Johnny isn't just card combos. Johnny is also how cards interact
Getter404: Screw it, I'm dragging my Kalista deck back out
Feriority: But piltover gets more of it for cheaper since it's more limited in use and you can't hold as much
BrowneePoints: @ancientspark err isn't just combo magic* Johnny likes card interactions* which is a key part of LoR
ancientspark: @BrowneePoints Spike is also how cards interact, Timmy is also how cards interact. It's the specificity of what those card interactions are.
Feriority: Spike and Timmy aren't into the interactions, they're into the outcomes
ancientspark: @BrowneePoints The reason why LoR isn't much of a Johnny game is because the card archetypes are very obvious and dictate a large part of where deck design go.
BrowneePoints: Johnny is specifically about how cards interact. I know, I AM a Johnny. They love making the cogwheels run
Loonatic93: Let's just say that one of my favorite combos in Magic is using Giant Killer to tap my own Emmara in Historic.
Feriority: Spark I think that's getting better as the card pool gets deeper
Loonatic93: Combos in Arena Magic that is.
Kreiseler: I mean the entire game is card interactions. saying spike and timmy don't like them is like saying they don't like playing the game
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Veraphage: !advice
LRRbot: Dig up.
Telnaior: LUL
Feriority: Each expansion adds new archetypes which gives new ways to remix them
chimingfish: !badadvice
LRRbot: Consider life without bones.
RomanGoro: Honest mistake? Or Bonehead Play?
DarkMorford: LRRbot on point.
thraximore: wheelerClown
Getter404: Oh dang, apparently they added Kindred at some point
thraximore: grahamma
DeM0nFiRe: lrrGRAHAM ma?
OnyxOblivion: @LoadingReadyRun you should explain the Weekly Vault, its part of what makes the game so F2P friendly bwitchPika
Durzostarfire: One day a lrr person should actually call wheeler
Feriority: Getter I think that's from the expansion that came out this week
Mattmitchell45: A Mighty inheritence
ancientspark: Yeah, it is getting better as the game goes on. Also, I'm not saying it's impossible to be Johnny in LoR, it's just that the design tends to lead towards Timmy
Telnaior: what if my card is the three of clubs?
ghyllnox: Ooh! Labs run!
DeM0nFiRe: Telnaior go fish
ancientspark: There's a reason why "Ridiculous 10 mana win-condition" are the landmark cards every expansion
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Telnaior well, put it back in the deck here and.... poof, your card is on top
ArcOfTheConclave: or hearthstome classes
Loonatic93: I tried Hearthstone, but the Class system just angered me to the point of irrationality.
thraximore: but Ben, if you can get the cards just by playing how can we milk the playerbase for as much money as possible?
megaRammy: You can get all the cards very easily just by playing, but also if you do just wanna buy cards, it's very easy and affordable to just buy a deck and go.
tehfewl: Naughty Lust
PMAvers: A giant fish mob boss
SrMuskrat: Unbench the Kench
BrowneePoints: Pirate, sea creatures, eldritch aquatic beings
silverxX59: naut is THICK
Getter404: Finch, the patron saint of "oh christ it's THAT asshole"
Getter404: Fizz*
Scar_Red_Tiger: There's my girl
alexanderthefine: did I see stitch among the pirates
BrowneePoints: My Husband!
tehfewl: Ayo Son Gimme Dat Shyvana
BrowneePoints: No one else Matters, only Braum.
RayFK: You would
sing_o_muse: ah yes, not!East Asia
Getter404: Ionia is 100% Tempo & Control
Vyous: Shots at Lee Sin Kappa
Blazedchip: Ionia closest thing to blue perhaps
photosinensis: I wish I could get a slack IRC interface and weechat on my work laptop.
Getter404: Noxus: Their numbers are big.
sing_o_muse: the libertarians
OnyxOblivion: my girl LULU
thraximore: They look like fun
BrowneePoints: Riven isn't Evil tho
silverxX59: rakdos noxis is rakdos
teavian: Myst 2?
sing_o_muse: still agrees with the philosophy though
RomanGoro: It's not that they look evil, it's like they all use too much mascara
Dr_fragenstien: hey, cut riven some slack, she's not evil anymore LUL
Getter404: HERE COMES VI
Mal2mad: Mardu land
AnOddSmith: LUL
ancientspark: Riven just makes League players irrationally angry
ArcOfTheConclave: Teemo is the worst
Feriority: Is Draven evil or just an asshole?
BrowneePoints: Teemo is satan reborn as a small badger
wtrob: Viktor is my jam
Getter404: I mean, in the current lore Piltover is literally built on top of Zaun
ArcOfTheConclave: @Feriority asshole
tehfewl: Good Taste
metagameface: Zaun is basically magical Gotham
tehfewl: Vi best girl
CryptiEX: AKA best nation
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wtrob: Spooky scary skeletons
sing_o_muse: Punch me hard Vi
ViralStitch: wheeler
Getter404: Vi's level up is literally grinding it out in the jungle before showing up for a gank, I love it
Haroldholmes25: wheelerJoke
BrowneePoints: Spoopyween obviously
SnowBuddy18: March 18th
thraximore: lrrSPOOP
Feriority: Shadow Isles is the best because it's Halloweentown
photosinensis: Wait it exists. And Vim best grill.
BrowneePoints: best character Zoe
sing_o_muse: Did someone say Horse?
wtrob: ZOE
niccus: a land of herbs
Gekyouryuu: Aurelion Sol?
Haroldholmes25: all the good champs targon
RandomTrivia: Big Space Dragon you say?
Feriority: Ghost horse best horse
ArcOfTheConclave: Space puppy!
Ferisar: stars sky and the moon also rises
tehfewl: Leona is also good wife
silverxX59: Praise The Sun
ancientspark: @Feriority It's League, they refuse to ever say what's evil besides literally demons/evil aliens. Although Draven would probably be evil by sane people
sing_o_muse: Doesn't it also have Pantheon?
El_Funko: I love targon sauce on my chips
PMAvers: Buffs lasers, and giant eff-you dragons
BrowneePoints: Celestial Lesbians, and Zoe
photosinensis: Me at work: Uses Vim. My coworkers: "WAT WHY U CODE WITH REGEXES?"
Getter404: And Erica Lindbeck, who is required by law to be in ALL games published after 2015
BrowneePoints: and Queer Icon Taric
metagameface: Targon is the region of doing nothing until you start doing everything
Dr_fragenstien: I love aurelion sol, just put random stuff in my hand please
Ragnarakk: Gimme my space dragon
PMAvers: The Original Large Brickhouse Woman
Feriority: @ancientspark It was a genuine question, I only know the lore via LoR where Draven seems like a showboating gladiator or something?
photosinensis: Ben has a waifu.
Loonatic93: What is Runeterra's version of Serra? Maybe I can get into the game by finding a character to like. Is it that Leona lady?
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:18:34.
BrowneePoints: @Feriority Yep. He's High Executioner for Noxus and a grandstanding showoff
megaRammy: You pick a region, and all your XP goes to progressing this AND your vault
Feriority: Oh, I did not get the high executioner part
sing_o_muse: @Loonatic93 like MTG Serra? If so yeah, Leona is basically a DnD paladin
DorkmasterFlek: Hear that WotC? CRAFTING MATERIALS.
ancientspark: @Feriority I'm fully serious, League refuses to ever say what's evil, at least on the human side. But yes, Draven is basically, showboating gladiator who doesn't give a shit about killing people and only cares about showmanship
photosinensis: I mean, I'm not surprised by this. He's with LRR. And everybody with LRR has a waifu.
ArcOfTheConclave: the 3rd
tehfewl: max cdr leona is wheelerY wheelerH
Loonatic93: @sing_o_muse
Getter404: @Loonatic93 Leona decks are about early plays, since her mechanic Daybreak specifically buffs the FIRST cart played each turn
sing_o_muse: @Loonatic93 yes?
Saturnify: Can you really call it a game with Leona if you can't play with wit's end
Loonatic93: @sing_o_muse Then maybe I'll try starting with her.
PMAvers: Looks like you got something in the Event track as well?
photosinensis: Is there anybody out there?
Feriority: Daybreak also has a great "rules text sounds like flavor text" card. Rahvun says "It's always day for us"
Telnaior: yeah you get two drafts for your entry fee and you get rewards for your better one
PMAvers: Also how you only have to pay for up to three Expeditions per week, after which it enters a Free Play mode where you get less rewards but you can play as much as you owant.
megaRammy: It's phantom draft, but you get a bunch of cards as your reward so
Max_Mckayful: Sorta feels, going out on a limb here, that Wheeler likes this game
SandwichPolice_: Oooo Trundle/Asol sounds spicy
tehfewl: Trundle? Time to Troll!
Ahorberg: I love this game!
metagameface: You can turn autopass off if you're tryharding
megaRammy: You can disable autopass if you do wanna bluff tho :)
beckett_brass: Is there a max hand size?
WonderfulGlory: How do you disable level up animations?
PMAvers: I'd like to say like eight or ten or something like that.
Ahorberg: Is this an expedition?
Feriority: @beckett_brass yeah, 10, and when you hit it cards you draw disappear instead of you getting to pick what to discard
monoentropy: Expedition game 7
metagameface: Challenger is basically Provoke, if you remember Onslaught block. Why haven't they ever brought that back, anyway?
sadfleck: hey Wheeler!
Ahorberg: thanks @monoentropy !
RandomTrivia: Are the rest of the characters on Taliyah's full art different versions of her?
Haroldholmes25: there's a log on the left
Ragnarakk: If in doubt... throw ANOTHER rock
Ahorberg: obnoxus...
Telnaior: one of the biggest strategic challenges in this game is "open attack or develop first"
Telnaior: because if you develop, your opponent gets a chance to play something as well
CryptiEX: Is he just starting the game or has he played before?
Haroldholmes25: played before
Ahorberg: i like this game because its cheap... and its fun
beckett_brass: @CryptiEX He has played it before
photosinensis: For the record, a buttload is 1060 liters of something.
CryptiEX: Nice, I just started playing myself
megaRammy: Question chat: What reasonably available recent MTG sets should I buy a box of to play Limited with my GF once we're living together? I have a Jumpstart box, am getting Kaldheim and TSR...
ViralStitch: I like the cute lil horned blobs on the side of the board
CryptiEX: I'm playing a Demacia/Shadow Isles Aristocrats deck with Lucian
ArcOfTheConclave: tkraka in such a dumb deck
Loonatic93: So, I'm guessing you are limited by the number of creatures you can have at one time. So any "go wide" strategy is severely limited.
photosinensis: Or, if you're worriedd about mass, it's about old long ton (1016kg)
RomanGoro: Do the developers nerf cards if they' turn out to be too powerful or is that something that hasn't happened so far?
stizzet: no clue what's going on, just dropped in. but the goats are cute!
PMAvers: Yeah, you have six max field size.
Haroldholmes25: yeah they're pretty good with nerfs
BigBenS221: @megaRammy I would personall go forIloria
beckett_brass: @stizzet Hello. Welcome to good arts and animation, as well as a good game.
megaRammy: @RomanGoro Ye, they constantly tweak and adjust and nerf and buff and rework a little to keep things in balance
Karfsma778: rip
CryptiEX: This is the same experience as mu first expidition
wtrob: seabatYIKES
damn_i_am_pretty: If you are rune, will you terra?
megaRammy: @BigBenS221 Ikoria? Yeah I'd definitely love a box of that
RomanGoro: Thanks, megaRammy
Ahorberg: ggs
Telnaior: they do bufffs as well as nerfs
OnyxOblivion: gg
Feriority: @Loonatic93 go wide decks exist but yeah not nearly to the extent as mtg
PMAvers: Well, you could do that, but maybe your opponent has quests for doing damage, so it's okay to let them just finish it.
El_Funko: yeah the vault system is rad
Ahorberg: chat, do you guys think the event pass is worth?
CryptiEX: Go wide is basically about sustained amounts of tiny creatures here, not a huge board
OnyxOblivion: The Weekly Vault is soooo good. Free Champion each week, free Draft token.
OnyxOblivion: its the best
PMAvers: If you can get your Vault to level 2 (aka finish one quest) over the week you'll always get a free token for Expeditions.
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Diabore: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
jibkat: Toot toot
Telnaior: @Ahorberg it's not worth it for cards, but if you like the cosmetics then 100% go for it
Dog_of_Myth: mattlrGolden
TheAinMAP: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
RandomTrivia: Welcome Wigglers!
Easilycrazyhat: mattlrHeart mattlrHeart mattlrBork mattlrBork
beckett_brass: @wiggins Hello. WElcome to a good game, good art, and good animations.
Karfsma778: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
cuttlefishman: Pretty Darn Good? You dscribing yourself?
RandomTrivia: And/or Chatt!
MyrddintheWizard: mattlrHeck ysbrydJacobVision
RomanGoro: Incoming puppies! It's the Chatt!
Lden05: mattlrGolden
Ba_Dum_Tish: mattlrBork mattlrPika
Ahorberg: kindred seems insane in limited
LurkerSpine: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
cuttlefishman: mattlrBork mattlrPika
wtrob: Kindred is pretty spicy
Karfsma778: The Wiggity has arrived from the Chatt
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CryptiEX: God i wish quick attack applied on the block
CryptiEX: It's such a change to apply to
thraximore: oh hey, Kindred
Diabore: wat, that seems bonkers
wtrob: An abosulte unit
OnyxOblivion: i bet Darius gives good hugs
Ahorberg: @Diabore its decent in constructed, but i think its insane ln limited
El_Funko: I really like the hero spell abilities if you draw multiples, it's neat
thraximore: but it IS an axe
Ragnarakk: Lava Whimper
wtrob: Lava axe, but not actually lava just a normal axe
OnyxOblivion: his card was really bad at first, they had to buff him multiple times iirc
OnyxOblivion: LUL
metagameface: Barrier always only lasts for the round
bearrier_: I have never been given to Lee thank you very much @loadingreadyrun
Diabore: so draw lee sin late, immediately rank up
HundreydAundre: You seem intrigued with kindred more.
Telnaior: yeah, a lot of champions can level up before they're played and then they flip as soon as they hit the board
Ahorberg: i think the pick is kindred here
Feriority: Scorched Earth is pretty good, landmark destruction that isn't useless when your opponent isn't running landmarks
Telnaior: others have a condition that starts with "I've seen X" which means it only counts X when it's on the field, and if the champion dies the levelup progress gets reset
wtrob: ZOE
CryptiEX: A U G M E N T S
OnyxOblivion: Kindred lore is best lore
ArcOfTheConclave: ZOE <3
novrdd: runeterra SabaPing
silverxX59: as a small lore dump kindred is the manifestation of death on runeterra where league is set
RandomTrivia: Wait the drafts guarantee everyone the high rarity cards every time? Wow HS Arena really can go die in a hole
Diabore: 0.0
Telnaior: yeah because so much of this game is about building around champions, it gives them to you first
ArcOfTheConclave: @RandomTrivia phantom drafts
wtrob: Zoe makes me so happy
Ahorberg: also, i havent done any research into this, but I've always tried to stick to two regions when in an expedition, is there any actual reason to do that?
Feriority: TF just wants to draw cards, I can respect that
AnOddSmith: being good at cards seems good in a card game
RandomTrivia: @ArcOfTheConclave I guessed that, similar to HS Arena
Telnaior: @Ahorberg there's no bonus / penalty to going to a third region other than that it dilutes the pool of cards you get offered
Jack_Slack: Love this game. Cheer100
Diabore: i havent played this since closed beta
Kreiseler: @ahorberg other than cards from one region having synergy with other cards in its own region, not that I know of
Ahorberg: ok
Vyous: Also zoe's lvl up ability sticks around even if she dies
Feriority: Putting abilities on the nexus is neat tech
BrowneePoints: I have about 140+ hours put into Zoe on League xD
ArcOfTheConclave: puffcaps are the mill of lor. bat in constructed great in limited
ArcOfTheConclave: *bad
PMAvers: Sparklefly's neat, since it has both elusive and lifesteal
Feriority: I hate puffcaps so much
Feriority: How dare you punish me for drawing cards
Diabore: 2 mana 1/2 lifelink sounds annoying in limited
Ragnarakk: thicc
Ba_Dum_Tish: Absolute
sing_o_muse: hey ben, does teh croc go BWUUUH?
wtrob: Gaming seabatBRAIN
Stoffern: Is this a card?
PMAvers: Well, the spells can at least be cast with spell mana, and might trigger any sort of "when you cast a spell" triggers.
ArcOfTheConclave: remember then pale cascade was busted?
Karfsma778: there's CLASSIC nightalls and Nightfall ORDEALS.
Karfsma778: Kappa
Karfsma778: (that's a destiny joke)
tergonis: sneaky zeebies is a great name
Feriority: I like that in LoR, the aristocrat is the one you sacrifice
sing_o_muse: but does it go into aristocrats? Kappa
BrowneePoints: I need that as a plushie now
OnyxOblivion: Lulu definitely named Zeebles
PhillKaiba: sparkyfly should say hello lee sin
wtrob: Sneaky Zeebles is a good band name
asthanius: Is prey just kuriboh
Karfsma778: it's a saproling
PhillKaiba: crunble is amazibg because landmarks.
PMAvers: Moon Yak
OnyxOblivion: now HE gives great hugs
tehfewl: You had me at Grandpa
wtrob: Look at that ddog
thraximore: mooncow?
ViralStitch: DOG!
Karfsma778: DOG
beckett_brass: DOGGGY!
TheMrFraser: looks like such a good boi
sirspate: the dog is pog
RandomTrivia: Dog? DOG!
ThisCatHasSeenGod: Yak
lightfoot14: good doo
Feriority: HE HAS A DOG? Windmill slam
Ba_Dum_Tish: Extra doug!
lightfoot14: d
ViralStitch: lrrSPOT
beckett_brass: But doggy!
Karfsma778: i HAVE considered a dog
lightfoot14: good doggo!
ThisCatHasSeenGod: Grandpa Yak
PhillKaiba: more like goatour.
WolfgangCloud: What is fury?
PMAvers: When it kills something in combat, it gets bigger.
CryptiEX: Ehhh
CryptiEX: I'm not a fan of hapless aristocrats
CryptiEX: Mostly because they keep clogging my slots
wtrob: Turn 1 Zoe seabatTROG
CryptiEX: I hate this deck
Kreiseler: uh oh. it begins
SirMorek: I'm here for the whales
PhillKaiba: hello lissandra
Ragnarakk: oh hey its the Puntable Child
PMAvers: I totally missed Zoe's flavour text.
PhillKaiba: @loadingreadyrun it not alphoises
CryptiEX: I wish we kept expedition cards
SirMorek: zoe, definitely a friendly character that was well received universally
silverxX59: i gotta say my favorite draft deck is freliord and bilgewater deep deck
JonnyGlitch: Hello Benjamin! Hello Runners!
Ahorberg: my favorite, just because of pure power is just ashe, just ashe
JonnyGlitch: Wow the MTG Arena update looks super different
Daakku: a supercool thing by the looks of it
PMAvers: Oh yeah, when attacking or spells are on the stack, there's that Oracle Lens that pops up between the nexus that you can hover over to see what exactly would happen if everything actually resolves.
JonnyGlitch: otterly insane
TheMrFraser: this game is so cute and sweet its giving me the diabeetus
Stoffern: star otter???
Loonatic93: So, they DIDN'T ban the otter in this game.
CryptiEX: is Invoke/Augment viable?
Ba_Dum_Tish: You otter know that is cool
wtrob: :(
OnyxOblivion: it means they can force it to block
Quaseymoto: Hopping in to say Hi and excited for the show to start. Now to bed and excited to catch the VoD
WanderingOmen: I run an augment/invoke deck from Jeff hoogland that is pretty fun @CryptiEX
CryptiEX: Unblockable 1/2 monkas
OnyxOblivion: Yeti Yearing is the cutest thing I have ever seen
OnyxOblivion: in my life
Loonatic93: I suppose I wasn't paying attention. Is elusive cannot be blocked period, or is it like flying?
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Zoso_Wolf: New show!! LoR is great!!
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Loonatic93: In MTG termonology.
WanderingOmen: zoe is an ally and also dieed this game
OnyxOblivion: its like flying, other elusives can block them
PhillKaiba: exalted poro is super cute
Haroldholmes25: scribe just gets back zoe atm right?
Ba_Dum_Tish: This game looks interesting. I admit I ignored it because league and already having burnt out on heathstone
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CryptiEX: I hate this deck so much
wtrob: Rimetusk Shaman NotLikeThis
beckett_brass: I go to the bathroom, and come back to CryptiEX comments. IS everything ok?
Getter404: You can change power via spells after Frostbite, just don't use Burst when it's cast or that gets wrapped up in it
sirspate: some strong feelings in here. :)
CryptiEX: That card cucked me out of a win when I had two 9/6s
beckett_brass: Also, what was the end result of hte deck we made?
PhillKaiba: it a comsic butterfly
Kuhakujin: how friendly is this game for new players? From a wallet perspective
WanderingOmen: extremely friendly
OnyxOblivion: @Kuhakujin most F2P friendly card game out there
wtrob: @Kuhakujin This game is extremely free to play friendly
africanjail: as friendly as it gets XD
3voTV: You can craft a Tier 1 meta deck within two weeks or so, without paying a dime.
WanderingOmen: you can buy a top tier deck for like 30 bucks if you wanted to
WanderingOmen: or you can ftp to get cards with ease
Kuhakujin: huh that's neat. Ive only ever play paper magic and mtga so that's refreshing
OnyxOblivion: they make their money through cosmetics
OnyxOblivion: a lot of em
Kuhakujin: classic Riot
WanderingOmen: yeah much like LoL, the money is in the cosmetics for them
metagameface: yeah, the game's really generous for free players. you could make a meta deck in, like, a week
WanderingOmen: you can get fancy boards with custom music and animations
3voTV: What's nice is there is no expensive card. The max rarity is a champion which you can only run six of total in a deck. And they all cost the same 300 coins/3000 shards.
OnyxOblivion: and boy does this game have some nice boards
WanderingOmen: cool little animals and emotes
Kuhakujin: nice I'm glad to see that the games doing well seems like there's been a lot of champs added since I last checked it out
WanderingOmen: and you can customize all the cosmestics for each deck
OnyxOblivion: the emote meta in this game is more important than the deck meta IMO
WanderingOmen: agreed @OnyxOblivion
Feriority: I'm a filthy casual with no good cosmetics
OnyxOblivion: i should make a Freijord deck, they seem very tilting to play against
WanderingOmen: yeah play kindred and murder you butterly to murder lissandra
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Feriority: The new patch gave all the AIs full cosmetics so I can't even play them without it being rubbed in my face
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART
beckett_brass: @MolaMolaphant Hello. Welcome to a good game of cards.
SirBiffaloEsq: wheelerY wheelerH
Kuhakujin: How long has the stream been up for?
Feriority: Frostbite midrange is really fun with Ashe and Sejuani
OnyxOblivion: Freijord is very good into aggro imo, frostbite is cheap and effective
Daakku: no it's not a keyword
Feriority: Hold down the ground with frostbite until you get a critical mass of 5 power things, then smash face
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SirBiffaloEsq: Raiding from an emotional roller coaster of a d&d session.
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CryptiEX: Oh, I didn't realize mask mother ADDED stats
CryptiEX: That's much better than I thought
CryptiEX: I thought it just replaced
walkeroftales: zeebles zobble but they don't fall down?
Kreiseler: it's a preview for their version of...oh God what was it called from unstable?
OnyxOblivion: oh wheeler you need to read the Aphelios text to the chat bwitchPika
OnyxOblivion: Aphelios is insane
Doubgals: Oh you are so gorgeous BibleThump
Getter404: Have the 200 Years reared their ugly head again?
PricklyBiscuit: yes that's my card give it back nicmakesSip
ContingentCat: knowing the memes is close enough
WanderingOmen: looks like an easy trade with your zeebles
pyrojakk: It is straight up a flowchart
OnyxOblivion: they made his card so accurate to League
OnyxOblivion: its perfect
metagameface: it's specificallly a flowchart in the shape of a pentagram
WanderingOmen: you can potentially slay the rockbear
WanderingOmen: and get a kindred trigger
Feriority: If you haven't played Aphelios yet you should try him in the single player lab, with the lab upgrades that deck can storm off
Tiber727: Man, I wanted to like this game so much, but it felt like too much of the game was about drawing the right burst spells at the right time.
Haroldholmes25: poor op
Doubgals: Poor guy
Daakku: they.. they should have just blocked with the 8/8... oh well free kill
PricklyBiscuit: @tiber727 wait what are were you playing for it to feel like that. never heard that take before
Feriority: Couldn't OP block with the 8/8? It dies but kindred wouldn't also kill something
Feriority: I mean, the mark would, but not in combat
ArcOfTheConclave: spells resolve in batches
OnyxOblivion: ow
CryptiEX: Can mask maker also copy champions?
Daakku: no, it can't
Tiber727: @PricklyBiscuit I was playing Expeditions, which to be fair is more prone to feeling that way.
Daakku: it can take it's stats and generic keywords, but not unique effects
ghyllnox: Wheeler should take his own medicine :D
PricklyBiscuit: hmmnn
InsaneMuadib: Hey Ben! taking fan challenges at all?
devolted_: yes because howling abyss is giving him champions
niccus: this "casual" isn't fighting very casually
Haroldholmes25: howling abyss is no match for bogles
OnyxOblivion: gg
WanderingOmen: that was a close one
CryptiEX: The demacia one?
OnyxOblivion: PLEASE read Aphelios to chat before the next match tho bwitchWave bwitchPika
WanderingOmen: the wryding stones
devolted_: wyrding stone
CryptiEX: I say Kalista
CryptiEX: You got lots of deaths
novrdd: hmm i wonder.. what would happen if runeterra has something similar with "deathtouch" keyword :/
thraximore: blood artist by any other name, would be just as busted
Twilight_Spark: I think snowy hills are more traditional for people seeking ramp equivalents.
Feriority: I don't like blood artists as much with the limited number of creature slots
Haroldholmes25: kalista is spicy
OnyxOblivion: like how Draven is good value, with no level up
WanderingOmen: also getting a rekindler is a nice grab
Feriority: There's another one too, but getting multiples out makes it hard to also have good blockers and things to sac
OnyxOblivion: yay ads!
Tiber727: Oh yeah, Rekindler is a strong card.
OnyxOblivion: i havent played in awhile because all my favs are trash... sad
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OnyxOblivion: FINALLY opened all my pills and got them bottle, my fingers hate those individually wrapped packs
OnyxOblivion: so many sharp plastic corners
PermaGrin206: bussing Mark
PharaohBender27: Mark plz
OnyxOblivion: Mark stahp
Jigokuro: Dicky G bitterLOL
RandomTrivia: LUL
Kreiseler: "mark its not magic, it's me"
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
thraximore: Dicky G!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
mariomario42: that ended quickly
Dog_of_Myth: That's Dr. Dicky G.
ContingentCat: So many calls tonight wow
Kramburger: "It's not you, it's me. I deserve better."
PMAvers: The Shamans of the Midwest came calling
DaSunao: Runeterra as Dr Dicky G intended
OnyxOblivion: no offense, i hope the Vi deck wins
PhillKaiba: lol XD you better flee before wizards show up to take your planeswalker card.
Mattmitchell45: Richard is upset that it's about to be a Monday
sing_o_muse: all skill no luck best summoner always wins
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW but also tqsLol
OnyxOblivion: oh yeah chat this game is on phones and works great there!
WolfgangCloud: Is Zoe the best turn 1 play in the game? It seems pretty good
DarkMorford: What's that blue lightning bolt icon on the bottom of Zoe's card?
Dog_of_Myth: If James gave you another $20, what would it look like?
Kreiseler: @wolfgangcloud teemo ain't bad turn 1 either
Tiber727: Zoey or Mushroom guy on turn 1 is so oppressive.
TacitusVigil: Hello Wheeler. How's the game going since you quit Magic forever?
OnyxOblivion: Braum is top tier BM emote
OnyxOblivion: and hes FREE
CryptiEX: I do wish there was a way to get the premium currency from playing, but that's just because I want to change my arena
PhillKaiba: @wolfgangcloud zoe, temmo, marudiar or dunecaller
OnyxOblivion: Wild Rift finally comes to NA this month, my wallet is not prepared!
ArcOfTheConclave: +0/+2 = +1/+3?
CryptiEX: Lucian > Kallista, fite me
PhillKaiba: shift
CryptiEX: That sweet sweet double strike rally
F1SHOR: I hope one of the pets you can get is just gnar 😂
CryptiEX: Vengeance
stinkydinky_: what format is this
OnyxOblivion: we doing draft
CryptiEX: Draft
stinkydinky_: missed first part of stream
stinkydinky_: ahh ty
OnyxOblivion: this is only the second PVP game this stream, you didnt miss much if you already know the game
Daakku: she was 1000~ years old, it's fine
PhillKaiba: she a god so not thst bsd
Diabore: not to draw a card, to draw 2, totally understandable
sing_o_muse: I stab this young girl to draw to cards
Lightningbro: In your defense, she's a VERY annoying small child.
OnyxOblivion: Vi stands for violence
CryptiEX: Twas a loving gurgle
thraximore: all I heard was 'please'
OnyxOblivion: disregard gurgles, send them out to die
Lightningbro: "(indicernable) my little one, please!"
OnyxOblivion: can you still infinite Vault Breaker???
hd_dabnado: oh god
stinkydinky_: ive tried drafting on LoR a few times but couldn't get in to it
OnyxOblivion: oh no spring guardian is hot
CryptiEX: Chronicler of Ruin is so good when it has a target but I can't help but feel its seecretly a bad card
RandomTrivia: lrrGOAT
sing_o_muse: F
Lightningbro: I need to get my vision checked, for a second I thought that goat was Ezreal...
PhillKaiba: which makr sense as shadow islr is a place where they suffer for all time
OnyxOblivion: gg go next
Kreiseler: ooffaa, and I cannot stress this enough: doofa
F1SHOR: that seemed bad but also we have so many cards its not over is it
CryptiEX: Oh I just noticed vi has challenger
CryptiEX: monkas
Lightningbro: "kalista, digivolve to......"
3voTV: Probably worthwhile to play the Croc while you have the units to use, especially if they're about to die for free.
CryptiEX: I've seen this fetish video before
OnyxOblivion: Graham is picking up the phone to fire you right now
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM
PMAvers: Commissioner Graham is doing a great job.
ContingentCat: Have you heard Ian's jokes? The bar for terrible jokes is pretty high
OnyxOblivion: im with James, my phone is OFF when i sleep
OnyxOblivion: vi is so huge now omg
novrdd: just for the burst feljorn spells.. i hate that region asoo much
Trashweazel: sorry im late gang
CryptiEX: I'm surprised they didn't challenger
Trashweazel: what did i miss
Haroldholmes25: strong goozle sense tingling
OnyxOblivion: he has quick attack he'll double hit on your block yeah
OnyxOblivion: omg she punches Jinx
OnyxOblivion: i never saw it before
CryptiEX: I think they just had no targets
beckett_brass: @Trashweazel We have been playing a good game.
Sniknob: I think you're getting your ass punched, vi doesn't do much kicking
Tiber727: @PricklyBiscuit This is what I meant about Burst spells being extremely strong. A frostbite at the right time decides games.
CryptiEX: Burst spellslinger deck when
beckett_brass: @Trashweazel We are playing a deck that cares about stuff dying.
Diabore: is this where we commit sudoku?
metagameface: Frostbite would be stronger if it wasn't burst, though; it'd make it impossible to buff something afterwards
Daakku: that IS pretty sneaky
OnyxOblivion: GG
ContingentCat: F
mariomario42: gotta love the confused gg
novrdd: "I'm dying with cheap combat tricks" - Boros enemy's last words
photosinensis: Are we gucci gang?
Gekyouryuu: that was our problem. our opponent was playing Feather
Diabore: seems faair
photosinensis: Can you see me?
Gekyouryuu: yes
OnyxOblivion: balanced card, just dont let them play it
photosinensis: ok. IRC interface doesn't always work.
Gekyouryuu: I see you, photo
novrdd: wait.. that 3/1 can block.. °.°
ArcOfTheConclave: tattered banner is so strong
novrdd: pretty stronk new card :0
CryptiEX: I never realized how much I crutched on Garen's regeneration until I switched to Lucina
CryptiEX: Lucian*
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diceinbox: Woop
ArcOfTheConclave: renekton is such a cool design
CryptiEX: How do you think you made it lifelink?
beckett_brass: Because butterflies always scream. Isnn't that normal for you?
CryptiEX: It screams because hit has no soul
thraximore: I want to hear... I want to heaaaar..... the SCREAM of the butterflyyyyy
novrdd: more like growl LUL LUL
metagameface: 1-drops can be stronger in LoR because early game, playing units means you're not banking mana for spells
HisEvilDomain: "Why does the butterfly scream?" is the tutle of my biopic
ArcOfTheConclave: lekindler
OnyxOblivion: old man card op
OnyxOblivion: pls nerf
PMAvers: Her giant wooden sword
ArcOfTheConclave: giant wooden sword
OnyxOblivion: i love how theres lore between cards
sing_o_muse: All these old men and their grand daughter
DiscordianTokkan: Real Old Man Hours
Mysticman89: roshi could take them
yatagarasu1177: old man take a look at my stats
sing_o_muse: wait the girl has 80 granddaughters?
novrdd: ^^^
OnyxOblivion: having two Cithria cards to show her story arc was cute considering shes not a champion or anything
sing_o_muse: ah that makes more sense
sing_o_muse: I heard granddaughter
Mysticman89: granddaughter was called
thraximore: Well I have 80 questions, Ben
DiscordianTokkan: Please papa, may I have A X E.
metagameface: @OnyxOblivion There's three, she's also Vanguard Squire
novrdd: I... am... Vengeance!!
novrdd: nooo
sirspate: every time you say "uhhh" it sounds like a cell phone vibrating
ArcOfTheConclave: is this too challenging for you?
PMAvers: Sounds like a new cell phone ring tone
Haroldholmes25: goodbye kallista, hello kallista
fcloud: nokia iphone
OnyxOblivion: the Nokia Note
Gekyouryuu: you're playing on a Motorola Razr
Mysticman89: gotta use one of those kitterbug phones for old people, with big buttons and no texting
ArcOfTheConclave: It's me, Rito
elcid_campeador: Is this arena 2.0 🤪
thraximore: math... is for robots?
PMAvers: In that it completely replaces Arena? Yes.
nathanwe: hi
beckett_brass: @nathanwe Hello
metagameface: every Demacian unit is just the yelly guy on every mobile game icon
OnyxOblivion spins at you
Twilight_Spark: Good to see we've cut out the middleman and now have literal fuzzballs as mascots. mattlrBork
Driosenth: Now I want to here "Poggers" in the voice of James Earl Jones, Orson Wells, and fat Marlon Brando
OnyxOblivion: Avalanche would WRECK that board...
ArcOfTheConclave: put on me mask. secure me tail. start the day!
OnyxOblivion: use the 5/4 on the 5/5?
OnyxOblivion: oh i forgot the mechanic
Haroldholmes25: having two kallistas is wheelerPog
thraximore: you can have a second kalista?
OnyxOblivion: kalista mechanic i forgot about it
Daakku: it's possible to have more than 1 of any champ
nathanwe: they can still play units from had with 6 units, it just obliterates an existing one
nathanwe: hand*
Daakku: you just can't ever play a second one, only summon it through other means
mastery576: lrrBEEJ
Burzolog: now that's some value
azure_sparrow: the full art to prankster is pretty wild
azure_sparrow: swingset golem PridePog
Haroldholmes25: this is still bad for em though huh
nathanwe: you can skip block animations, but only if you already dead or won
PMAvers: They're definitely running out of gas
RandomTrivia: That's a beefy croc
Wamut0mbo: LUL
Mysticman89: I would like a candian maple syrip croc
OnyxOblivion: gg
PMAvers: Well, they probably should've tossed the 2/2 in front of your Croc since it was going to die anyway
Daakku: THEY have quick attack, kindred is both lamb and wolf BibleThump
OnyxOblivion: PLEASE read Aphelios to chat, I think they'll find it fun since you didn't read it yet either bwitchPika skepticalSmileW
nathanwe: goodnight! gg!
OnyxOblivion: goodnight!
novrdd: goodnight @nathanwe
novrdd: also goodnight all
Feriority: Open your rewards!
djalternative: no I don't
ContingentCat: the beforetimes
xantos69: cheer50 Thanks for the new stream! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
Bluedevyl: Thanks for the stream, Ben. This was really fascinating. I'd never seen this before.
Telnaior: LUL
OnyxOblivion: he has 5 guns
OnyxOblivion: that all combo
OnyxOblivion: lol
Mysticman89: aphelio is weird even in league
PMAvers: Note that Epics or Champions have duplicate protection, so if you already have a max set of them, it re-rolls into a different card of that rarity.
azure_sparrow: that's too many guns my dude NotLikeThis
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream Wheeler! Format seems great, it's gonna be a fantastic addition to the regular LRR lineup
Feriority: Your rewaaaaards, you have unopened value
nathanwe: Aphelios know what it feels like to chew 5 gun
Bluedevyl: Mulder!
thraximore: wheelerMuldcb
Jigokuro: wheelerY wheelerH
Mattmitchell45: Proud to be here
ContingentCat: thanks Wheeler
Bluedevyl: Oh cool! I'm gonna check that out tomorrow!
Loonatic93: Question: Are you planning on any blind playthroughs of card games that are completely new to you?
OnyxOblivion: you gonna do the lab?
Mr_Horrible: only just caught the tail-end of this, but this was a delight! Looking forward to more lrrHEART
HundreydAundre: All segments start from work in progress, no?
thraximore: sure did!
Vyous: Mythguard has seemed neat
djalternative: So chat, how do we smuggle a playset of Pot of Greed into Duel Links when Wheeler does YGO?
ContingentCat: poker would be neat
Gekyouryuu: Shadowverse?
AdamYMHMI: Bridge! Hearts!
nathanwe: I vote Eternal Card Game
CommunistBakery: Pazaak? XD
PMAvers: So any word who may be stream friend? Maybe other Ben?
niccus: wingspan
sirspate: "bridge!" shouts the grandma in the back
MaladyDark: FAERIA? there are a lot of card games now
BigBenS221: Guild of Dungeoneerig?
DarkMorford: Weiss Schwarz?
Trashweazel: thanks Ben!
Loonatic93: DBZ is an odd... A very odd card game.
nathanwe: Gin Rummy, lol
stargirl_ripley: <3
Bluedevyl: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
djalternative: I've always been interested in seeing some Lo5R
ContingentCat: oh Bakkarat? or however that game Bond was apparently great at
DarkMorford: Vanguard? Rebirth?
HundreydAundre: Guess no Vanguard, maybe. (Or virtual UI for it...)
PMAvers: Everything will go fine on Dice Friends.
PMAvers: No one will die.
RandomTrivia: Alien: First Law? lrrFINE
ariborealis: looks like i got here for the end of the stream, time to watch the vod! excited to see the rest of this series mr wheeler!!!
ContingentCat: !schedual
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
Mysticman89: gotta get yourself pauls automagic scroller
NeoMangoX7: !songlist
RandomTrivia: Need the credit roll
sirspate: he made it!
NeoMangoX7: Love the tank top man!
MaladyDark: yeah CAT!
ContingentCat: they do look great
sirspate: cheers mate, was great!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: They certainly do
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART
ContingentCat: thank
NeoMangoX7: Who's this person? whats his name
NeoMangoX7: Please respond before end the stream
nathanwe: are we raiding?
niccus: no raids
benjamin_wheeler: @NeoMangoX7 twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler
benjamin_wheeler: aka Wheeler aka Bong Golem
NeoMangoX7: Thanks!
nathanwe: thanks @niccus
HundreydAundre: Chat: Wii, no do that here....
NeoMangoX7: So what do we do now chat?
MaladyDark: we party.
NeoMangoX7: SeemsGood
Veraphage: !advice
LRRbot: Everything is case sensitive unless proven otherwise.
MaladyDark: go bother LRR friend Funko.
Juliamon: Oh, is Funko live? That's something to do
NeoMangoX7: Can anyone doordash me some Taco Bell? I love in Wisconsin
NeoMangoX7: *live
MaladyDark: he's usually the only one up this late, what with being an Australian
MaladyDark: also, I say late but I'm an Australian too.. :p
RandomTrivia: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: Woah, a secret message about Paul instead of a secret message from Paul? :o
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
HundreydAundre: Paul: Aye! That's my thing!! Fine. Everyone gets ONE.
Juliamon: Heather also did it today. But you can't tell Heather what not to do.
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always hoping for a TPK.
MaladyDark: oooh very on topic lrr bot