Solipsody: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 4) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (14m from now).
Garfman314: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 4) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (8m from now).
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Leon Kennedy has the personality of a block of cheese and Ashley is the microwave. | ||
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
ButButTheJesus: oh maybe the true happiness was the keys we found along the way
ButButTheJesus: haha Ashley go brrrr
Bengineering: gamers
ChippTunes: yeet yeet yeet
ButButTheJesus: @Bengineering poggers?
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NightValien28: pog pog pog pog pog
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Garfman314: i'm not caught up on the VODs, but remember friends playing this in college
Garfman314: i'm sure i'll remember the plot
ChippTunes: ¡Jugadores!
codatski: Alright give whoever wrote that going live tweet a raise
Draynus: Agreed
NightValien28: that going live tweet sounds like something yahtzee would say
felrender: lrrSPOOP
CastleOtranto: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mister_BlueSky: FBtouchdown
Garfman314: i forgot someone gifted me a sub during GarfieldKart
BirkaBirkowski: lrrHORN Its Speuksday night once again lrrHORN
Garfman314: so I can LRRmote! lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
ClankyLily: ysbrydHype ysbrydHype ysbrydHype
ButButTheJesus: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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hesterbyrde: Thanks for the spoops and the laughs guys! Appreciate you both!
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ClankyLily: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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adi_sheep: A whole nine months. Feels like that's important somehow.
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felrender: lrrSPOOP
ChippTunes: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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ClankyLily: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
CastleOtranto: lrrSPOOP
Gaytanic_Panic: noleTU noleTU noleTU noleTU noleTU
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
wynternyghtynggale: hi everybody
Easilycrazyhat: Way better ;p
ButButTheJesus: ADAM
rasterscan: Holy crap!
Ba_Dum_Tish: I genuinely love this intro
MAPBoardgames: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aerobeing: LUL
ClankyLily: oh my
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BusTed: burpscare
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xantos69: Cam?
rolimka: wow what a jumpscare
DeM0nFiRe: lrrWOW
NightValien28: weak ass burp 3/10
Phailhammer: Release
fastlane250: rude
Nigouki: Glorious
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WhalePlaid: 68/10 is what i rate Adam's burp
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mowdownjoe: lrrSPOOP
Lord_ZYRK: Holy fuck there's a monster inside Adam's tummy WutFace
NimrodXIV: jlrrDang
Gaytanic_Panic: bozeR BOO
Wicker_Guide: that was a cameron level burp there sir
rasterscan: REMY NO
ChippTunes: big spooks
rasterscan: D:
Easilycrazyhat: Remy is here!
unicornly: wwaaoow
CastleOtranto: Oh, he saved that for us. Such a charmer.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh no doogo
BusTed: put remy on the mic
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aussz: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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UncannyJimjams: It's my spoopy bois!
ButButTheJesus: poor pupper
theevermist: be nice to doggo
Kipstar is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Dog_of_Myth!
BirkaBirkowski: no dog cam smh
gualdhar: Put the furry one on cam!
WORSTBEHAVIORPAWN: what kind of dog is he/she?
Gaytanic_Panic: bozeR BOO benginHeck
Blasteg: FBtouchdown
NightValien28: HAHAHAHA no it won't
ButButTheJesus: yep that's how it works
mowdownjoe: Sorry, Adam. The people want Remy.
MAPBoardgames: RE5 is more something than 4
felrender: I mean, in a way, it's scarier
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Riaxis: Catching the best spoop bois live? Best Tuesday evening!
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ChippTunes: You get to see a man punch a boulder in half
LarkSachrosis: It definitely contains 100% more boulder punching.
felrender: There's definitely some hair-raising moments in RE5
adi_sheep: the partner AI in RE5 is pretty scary
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MrWrann: When's dog cam?
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felrender: The design and narrative decisions? bone-chilling
Garfman314: people's heads exploding....
Makrosian_Tae: Hey team! Hey chat!
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Orgmastron: MrWrann On Ben's stream
Juliamon: The subtlety of a Burger King tweet
MegaDosX: "Accidentally"
MegaDosX: "Haha my mistake haha" - Adam, probably
BirkaBirkowski: The game hasn't started yet and I'm already tired of Ashley
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SmithKurosaki: time for lrrSPOOP
Protein_Curry: Good evening everyone!!! : )
Protein_Curry: :)*
rolimka: so that means you are not people? XD
GhostValv: sergeModLove
Kramburger: Shout to mods, the REAL streamers
MAPBoardgames: LRR needs a ModLove emote
Easilycrazyhat: *googles*"What did Burger King do this time" "....holy shit"
NightValien28: fuck burger king tweet
ButButTheJesus: like, how
RealGamerCow: They took out ads saying the same thing in newspapers
Arium26: Love TK
Ba_Dum_Tish: It was impressively bad
jdkirkham03: lrrGARBO
Easilycrazyhat: Food's...fine
MegaDosX: HOW did they decide that was a good idea
MegaDosX: Like, /how/
Mister_BlueSky: I like their fries but that's about it.
WORSTBEHAVIORPAWN: whopper > big mac
Gaytanic_Panic: IT'S NoT "OutRagE" IT'S "enGaGemeNt"
ChippTunes: an ~astounding~ marketing tactic
tiptapdrats: Burger King is the only Fast Food location that reliably makes me feel like throwing up after I eat it, so
Kramburger: In Aus Burger King is know as Hungry Jacks because they got trademark sniped
Ba_Dum_Tish: Burger king legally counts as food
Saintnex: It was so effing bad that I legit just blocked the Burger King account... it was the dumbest thing
NightValien28: MegaDosX they believe in anger = engagement they know what they are doing
mowdownjoe: Most fast food is garbage, but I'd rather give my money to BK than the horrible people at Wendy's.
DaMullet14: In case it becomes beaten too fast
Draynus: Bk is where I go when I just wanna eat pure sodium
fastlane250: i blocked BK on twitter because fuck brands, but I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t blocked them already I probably would have now
rasterscan: Checkers or Five Guys are waaaay better than BK fries.
Mister_BlueSky: PrideShrug
Protein_Curry: Oooo, Ben will you be playing five too??
itomeshi: Hell, Taco Bell has surprisingly solid fries.
Nigouki: if you fuck up the fries how bad is the rest gonna be?
Mysticman89: I just had all 3 of the spice face sandwiches from mcdonalds. Average at best.
Protein_Curry: Checkers fries are the goat
KeytarCat: Taco Bell is horrifying in the best ways
WORSTBEHAVIORPAWN: five guys isn't in the same category as BK that's not fair lol
Tangsm: I always liked Dairy Queen's fries.
tiptapdrats: Five Guys isn't really Burgers and Fries, it's just Fries. And a lot of them. And I am NOT complaining
Easilycrazyhat: @itomeshi Their Nacho fries are delicious.
ChippTunes: Five Guys fries are pretty good but they give you SO MANY
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
NightValien28: what even is that
gamercat88: it is Burger King calling
Lord_ZYRK: It's probably Burger King
SquareDotCube: Wendy's is the opposite: Great tweets, terrible fries
itomeshi: @KeytarCat You're not wrong.
BirkaBirkowski: What a bangin ringtone
Mister_BlueSky: I don't even have a Five Guys in driving distance of me. :D
BirkaBirkowski: I would never answer the phone
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rockyboy78: Yup year and half thanks guys
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Kramburger: It's The Burger King,!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Remy calling to demand more treats
Garfman314: we've been trying to reach ypu
Juliamon: Five Guys: where the "size" of fries you order is just the size of the garnish they put on your full-ass bag of fries
Protein_Curry: i forgot what my ringtone even is
DeM0nFiRe: For some reason Ben apparently has "when you are trying to tune into a radio station but you're like just on the egde of their broadcast distance" as his ringtone
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Gildan_Bladeborn: One more more to go until the funny number, huzzah.
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Tangsm: Welp, Ben is gone. Who's the new host gonna be?
ChippTunes: The Burg.
ButButTheJesus: RIP ben
Gaytanic_Panic: Borg-er King
felrender: BK certainly sucks in MY insides
Protein_Curry: F's in the chat for ben
BusTed: Remy will replace Ben.
BirkaBirkowski: the suck came from inside the Burger Kingdom
RealGamerCow: I know my insides certainly think BK sucks
rasterscan: @Juliamon That is entirely true.
RealGamerCow: Hey, Adam found ammo!
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032_MendicantBias: cheer100 I feel like getting a hug / cuddle from Adam would be an incredibly comforting and reassuring experience. What a wonderful man.
itomeshi: I want to see Leon hauling around this case.
itomeshi: In every cutscene.
Tangsm: I mean, what is the appropriate reaction when one of your friends gets Borged?
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Gaytanic_Panic: How is the attache not a melee weapon?
itomeshi: Do it you coward?
Ba_Dum_Tish: At least we have an egg for this trying time
Protein_Curry: @itomeshi today in mods i didnt know i needed
Kramburger: SEL MAGNAM
ButButTheJesus: sell mag, get scope
felrender: wow
ChippTunes: @tangsm Pelt them with Shake Shack until they apologize
Garfman314: somehow, the cadence of "whaddya buying?" has stuck with my wife and I for 15 years
matthaus_c: sell the magnum, show the toilet
rasterscan: Also, is there any chance we can get some anti-backseat warnings to warn off the inevitable?
KeytarCat: Just three rounds??
DaMullet14: Ashley got kidnapped, AGAIN
BusTed: We'll shoot the next merchant.
MAPBoardgames: Goofing on RE4
gamercat88: the boat times
raulghoulia: Mercenary Island
rasterscan: Saddler warned you about "IT."
Protein_Curry: Did they do the knife fight yet?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ashley was "mind-controlled", sort of... and Krauser attacked you with a knife.
KeytarCat: !addtag No Spoilers
rasterscan: "IT" is coming.
edgeyberzerker: Sometimes I wish Ashely would permanently live in the dumpster
Protein_Curry: i missed last stream
Gildan_Bladeborn: Her eyes turned red at least.
Neddy471: "What were we doing?" "Murdering." "Ooooh! Yeah! MURDER!"
Easilycrazyhat: what?!
Vergotterung: you're on an Island facility
itomeshi: They're liquid!
JarofGoats: Just an entire plot of playing tug of war with the presidents daughter
Garfman314: boat QTEs coming up?
Juliamon: Yes
Kramburger: They're jusice boxes for adults
Makrosian_Tae: "Juice in our jeans"?
MAPBoardgames: Yes
ButButTheJesus: right Ashley got the capri sun red eyes
ChippTunes: New LRR shirt, “We’ve got the juice in our jeans”
Easilycrazyhat: It turns you into a formless being!
Tangsm: Ashley exists in a state of being mostly kidnapped. Even when she's around it's just, "Oh hey, so anything you need before you get kidnapped again?"
electra310: Much better than Sunny Delight
Draynus: D:
itomeshi: I mean, Sunny D > Capri Sun.
Kramburger: GET 'EM
Enmity777: Agreed
jessieimproved: all of them except Pacific Cooler
ZealousCrow: Sunny delight is better?
Xed_Regulus: I'm with Adam
oplinger: which sunny d?
felrender: It's definitely a faintly fruit-flavored liquid
Manae: They are vaguely fruit flavored sugar water
Lord_ZYRK: Sunny D is pretty shit tbf
BusTed: Adam is a purple stuff apologist.
felrender: Sunny D is ass
Gildan_Bladeborn: Sunny D has a more novel texture. Capri Sun is just fruit juice.
ButButTheJesus: but Sunny D's got solar energy!
Vergotterung: oh boy!!!!!
Makrosian_Tae: Sunny Delight is weaponized diabetes
Easilycrazyhat: Why not both?
KeytarCat: Sunny D is so acidic!
electra310: Sunny Delight is like orange flavored battery acid
SquareDotCube: Drink real orange juice, like a real adualt
gamercat88: I mean after a field trip, a CapriSun hits differently
Solipsody: Sunny D is what happens to Tang when it goes bad.
Protein_Curry: juicy juice is the best
BirkaBirkowski: Sunny Delight is anything but delightful
edgeyberzerker: Kool Aid Jammers are amazing!
GhostValv: D:\
NightValien28: wooooooooooow
KeytarCat: Capri Sun is the most mild of the set
kmack47: WHAT no capri sun...but yeah bens right. sunny d sucks though
hesterbyrde: My high fructose drink of choice was Squeezits which they don't make anymore
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
rasterscan: T_T
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BrowneePoints:'s been 2 years already!? Hope life finds you well and it reciprocates all the kindness and love y'all give to the world.
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oplinger: one of The sunny ds is terrible the other is good
NightValien28: that's the guy we pay
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW lrrWOW
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PipeSmokingOwl: Ecto cooler for the gods
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Makrosian_Tae: seabatUseless seabatUseless seabatUseless seabatUseless
MAPBoardgames: No one said you can't like Sunny D. It just is tremendously mediocre.
itomeshi: HEY! You take that back!
ChippTunes: As long as Orbitz stay dead I’m neutral in the Juice Wars
gualdhar: smart AND FUNNY
circusofkirkus: GRAHAM the spoop bois are bullying us again :(
Tangsm: This is the content we pay for.
hesterbyrde: Anybody here remember Squeezits drinks?
Lord_ZYRK: Next time Ben's phone rings it's gonna be Graham
Draynus: Sunny D is cool for when you only kinda want oj
felrender: Honestly I don't do like, juice/sugar water blends anymore
theevermist: I don't know about that chief, I am a fan
Bluedevyl: Capri Sun was like the forbidden fruit of my childhood... my mom REFUSED to buy them
Makrosian_Tae: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
felrender: What about Zima
ChippTunes: are you kidding me
Solipsody: They do limited releases of Orbitz once in a while.
Makrosian_Tae: Ben that was very seabatNogood
Gaytanic_Panic: HELL YEAH
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felrender: IT's here!
hesterbyrde: I'm not comfortable being grappled there!!!!
shadowxviii: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 15:21.
theleerm: howdy yall!
KeytarCat: @Draynus Or when you only want kinda OJ
Makrosian_Tae: I bet he's a hugger <3
Kramburger: No, YOU'RE the dead end
Mister_BlueSky: If you die, it's for sure a dead end.
NightValien28: I think this is a gimmick fight
Lord_ZYRK: So you're saying we'll be playing this section a few times, Ben?
itomeshi: Hell in a cell!
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StarlitGhost: jeez, the big nine zero
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e_bloc: Corgo1000 R O C K E T L A U N C H E R
ChippTunes: lol no Orbitz were launched in ‘97 and discontinued in ‘98
Garfman314: shooting door controls, always works
felrender: Hell yeah, you picked that up WAY faster than I did my first time thru
Tangsm: This is not how buttons work.
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SquareDotCube: oh no, it's lightbulb-based mechanisms again
Lord_ZYRK: Gamer Supreme, now available at your local Burger King
Vergotterung: lol
KeytarCat: that was clearly a good idea -- "Shoot the status light to open the door
felrender: IT ate your head
aussie_rob_w: Hi Adam!
MegaDosX: Adam wants his I Win button
Stormthius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Garfman314: the rocket launcher was inside you the whole time
aussie_rob_w: Hi Ben!
LolCamAlpha: seabatNogood
NavelWarfare: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Solipsody: DragonLair stream when?
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Nigouki: Adam is 100% ready for Metal Gear Solid series
e_bloc: jokes on you, playing the game is pressing the button
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ButButTheJesus: Ben!
shadowxviii: Should have played on easy then
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown jlrrPillow
NightValien28: benjamin
aussie_rob_w: I only missed about 12 minutes
Tangsm: Ben, Mr. Popular.
Gildan_Bladeborn: lrrFINE
IsaTheEngie: TACTICAL!
Protein_Curry: I want to watch the game play itself
ChippTunes: I appreciate your ringtone
JarofGoats: the real rocket launchher was the friends we made along the way
aussie_rob_w: Are you actually using the TMP ammo?
ravenlord_xix: As a wants to press a button and get the dopamine fix, not do work
MrWrann: Could have sold the magnum
NightValien28: die a few more times and the game should ask you to change difficulty Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: rocket launcher is basically adam's weighted cloths
Solipsody: @JarofGoats I think you have that backwards, friend.
SmashTCG: have you been practicing your hugs for when everyone is vaccinated
rasterscan: It's not really a rocket fight anyway.
e_bloc: its okay you're the rocket launcher of streamers
itomeshi: Adam, stop! Don't give DEVS that idea!
SodaTAddict: the last episode I caught was the one where he sold the magnum, I'm glad to come back and see it has entered meme territory
CastleOtranto: It's like, "Adam can't hurt me by hating on this game. I already KNEW it was silly!"
shadowxviii: Welcome to another arbitrary puzzle !
aussie_rob_w: I am gonna be so awkward in public again.
GhostValv: that sounds good tbh
Anubis169 huggles everybody
quillilian: Low fire rate, high damage?
Anubis169: hihi all <3
SmashTCG: very large, very effective, alittle slow?
PipeSmokingOwl: think of all the awkward hugs when vaccines are done...we all hugged awakwardly to begin with now we havent done it in a year..yeesh
Seth_Erickson: pretty good
shadowxviii: Doing great
NightValien28: eh
Protein_Curry: hello @anubis169
ButButTheJesus huggles @Anubis169 lrrAWESOME
gamercat88: big chillin' tonight
Kramburger: The last person I hugged vomited milk on my shirt and pooped on my hand
Anubis169: is this the place where we can book in for tongue reduction surgery?
SquareDotCube: What if we compromised and got a grenade launcher
Anubis169: oh sweet, a patient
Xeveriaxitus: 2 am where I am. I'm tired but happy to be
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MinniChii: My neighbour/best friend just bought me and my kids a bunch of groceries.... because I bought her coffee.
Vergotterung: lol
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aussie_rob_w: welcome back!
e_bloc: Adam Savidan: large, impressive, kills every boss, costs a lot of money
Anubis169: oww, it hits like a train X_X
Wicker_Guide: dude is not vulnerable to the launcher for 5his sequence anyway
Easilycrazyhat: Did you get your extended warranty all figured out, Ben?
Kramburger: Leon, you have hands buddy
MAPBoardgames: Gun = key
Vergotterung: gonna take him a while to figure it out probably
couldntpickausername subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 52 months!
couldntpickausername: ah, something to listen to while I hotglue lego together. glad to be here for so long
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Gildan_Bladeborn: 2 possible QTEs. Or possibly 3. 4 at the most. Kappa
felrender: This isn't really a "multiple-use" kind of set up
bronsonboy511: Just don't have a need to use the button a second time
MegaDosX: lmao bye
JaymicUnyielding: Adam is the tsundere of LRR streamers. He insults us BECAUSE he loves us.
bv310: Leon with the super dodge
felrender: case in point
Neddy471: Um, what?
MegaDosX: Oh man, he didn't fall
couldntpickausername: 52 months, feels like I'm in a DC Comic
shadowxviii: So who's that guy anyway ?
Nigouki: who thought this was a good idea?
CastleOtranto: Adam, have you considered not dying? Kappa
Tangsm: Easy answer.
Protein_Curry: VIDEO GAMES
tensionheadtv: lol the fastest "no!" of all time
Gaytanic_Panic: Not with my knees
circusofkirkus: oh god no
Gildan_Bladeborn: Of course the monster isn't in the section that just dropped into the abyss.
Mysticman89: no one can do the things on that show
Gaytanic_Panic: And shoulders
Garfman314: ultimate ninja warrior is all finger strength
Gildan_Bladeborn: That would have brought us joy.
Gaytanic_Panic: ANd elbows
Xenovita: LRR Warrior now
Mister_BlueSky: You think you can until you try it, then you're like "Nope, absolutely can not".
nyperold: Oh man. "Hey, you know, now that Resident Evil Village is a couple of months from release, we should totally add microtransactions to Resident Evil 4! You know, for the Gamecube and Wii?"
Lord_ZYRK: Just defy gravity 4Head
Ba_Dum_Tish: Did Ben get asked to be on ninja warrior?
bronsonboy511: Just got to go up
ButButTheJesus: its just like climbing a ladder right?
BrowneePoints: Dunning Krueger effect
Nigouki: Ninja Warrior requires so much finger strength
Protein_Curry: I miss when G4 played ninja warrior
itomeshi: Ben.... remember, up is the opposite of gravity, which is DOWN.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is that what the phone call was
circusofkirkus: Ultimate LRR Warrior?
felrender: I get sore doing yard-work, the fucking sliding rings would destroy me
Kazman20a: do yes , in the time no
BibitteNoire: Ben, have you tried indoor or outdoor rock climbing?
RealGamerCow: Ben gets 5 Ring Fit Adventure days under his belt and he's Ninja Warrior lrrBEEJ
aussie_rob_w: ah yes, this fight killed many a controller back in the day
Tangsm: Wait, do you mean the people who wipe out immediately on the first section? Because I could do that.
SmashTCG: oh I get it, loud and not very subtle, but effective and very useful
tensionheadtv: just one good training montage and youre golden!
IsaTheEngie: Ultimate Lrrior
codatski: I can do the warped wall! That's it though, also I didn't get to try any of the other obstacles
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah I'm sure none of the people have thought to train before they got on there. :)
NightValien28: new lrl segment for when the pandemic ends
BrowneePoints: That would be an Amazing LRL Skit for when folks are vaccine'd up Ben
xantos69: I could do any of those things except for the "Salmon Ladder". That is beyond my powers.
Easilycrazyhat: Personally I would love more Askmaster. That was great.
Seth_Erickson: look up streamer :)
Mistborn83: Sorry if this is has been asked recetnly how close to the end of game are we
tensionheadtv: punch some frozen meat for a while, EZ
Gildan_Bladeborn: They must have put it on the ceiling or something.
Lord_ZYRK: Just look at the obstacles and hold your arms up, wiggle 'em, and go "uppy" ezpz
gualdhar: Ben has the best idea for LoadingReadyLive
BirkaBirkowski: Ultimate Warilrr
Solipsody: Are we talking about American Ultimate Ninja Warrior or Japanese Ultimate Ninja Warrior? The Japanese course is easier. (Still really hard, but not AS ridiculous.)
Haroldholmes25: Didn't we already get a friday night paper fight bit akin to that? At least on the training front
Protein_Curry: i wonder if mr octopus ever made it past the first level
Nigouki: Ben if you can't do pull-ups on a 1" ledge you're not ready for Ninja Warrior
CastleOtranto: On a good day, I can walk without falling over.
SmashTCG: yeah, Adam is the rocket launcher of steamers
ButButTheJesus: G A M E P L A Y
MAPBoardgames: Video game
Ba_Dum_Tish: OSHA violations all around
bronsonboy511: Only tall people can use that door
NightValien28: NOW the game doesn't make sense???
Electrodyne: gigapuddy
SajuukSjet: is this a sister event of the oLRRympics? :P
embyrr_the_dragon: Ultimate LRRior
Seth_Erickson: because engineers look up unlike gamers
Monocled_Falcon: I can sense Graham writing "Ultimate LRR Warrior" down in his list of ideas for Live prerecorded bits.
MegaDosX: This is the same place that has an underground railway, lava rooms, and an automaton statue. What do you expect from them? :p
aussie_rob_w: ME TOO
DeM0nFiRe: giga puddi!
SmashTCG: if LRR were fire arms, what would Ben be then
Neddy471: what
Protein_Curry: Every resident evil game has that "WHY IS THAT THERE" moment
Haroldholmes25: this seems like a problem
LolCamAlpha: God, Giga Puddi made me lose my dang mind
shadowxviii: What IS that thing ?!
Manae: Its a seltas queen!
aussie_rob_w: Aww he brought a friend
Garfman314: mmm polychaetes
Protein_Curry: P U D D I
edgeyberzerker: So he Digivolved
r2gamer2: neat
Ba_Dum_Tish: The real monster was inside you all along
MinniChii: Two mouths! Must be expensive to feed them
Protein_Curry: anyone remember pocky dance?
MAPBoardgames: Who designed this?
tensionheadtv: "what're ya .....button?"
aussie_rob_w: team Nope
Neddy471: I forgot , really forgot, how nonsense this game was.
nyperold: That's why so many things drop ammo. Because people who need to get around this facility have to use it for stupid stuff.
SmashTCG: I guess that makes Ben the sidearm? maybe a high caliber handgun
Garfman314: how old were you in 2005, ben?
tensionheadtv: Ben worked for Capcom before moving his way up to LRR
k1stpierre99: Great part of game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well at least it wasn't RE6
shadowxviii: Ben, I don't believe you
e_bloc: Ben was 5
aussie_rob_w: now for the actual fight part of the boss fight
Mysticman89: was ben even born
bronsonboy511: Immortal doesn't me eternally young
Anubis169: brakka brakka brakka brakka
Vergotterung: haha
Monocled_Falcon: You did a perfectly mediocre job in that case, Ben.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben is the real forever 21
ZealousCrow: RE4 got completely reworked multiple times during production
BusTed: Why does Ashley stand so close, Ben?
korvys: WHy the giant baby statue?
aussie_rob_w: Why did we have to wait until the postgame for the most fun weapon in the game, Ben?
DeM0nFiRe: What does the 4 in RE4 stand for?
SmashTCG: Ben, what's the Name of the parasite
Mister_BlueSky: Why no subtitles?
ButButTheJesus: ben what do all the shooting range bottle caps say
itomeshi: Just.... why, all of these things Ben?
NightValien28: why the napoleon kid, Ben?
ActionJB: Did you make all of RE4? Thats impressive, how did you do the Ashley voice?
NavelWarfare: Why does the merchant never say our name?
Mysticman89: what aftershave does leon use?
BusTed: Thank you for your insights.
Anubis169: bronsonboy511: Pretty sure it does... 'undying' is the one where you keep ageing
Protein_Curry: why did you copy parasyte?
IgnatiusHusky: Ben, why is Leon the main character and not you?
MAPBoardgames: Is there a third mutiant worm that will spring up out of this guy's head?
hesterbyrde: I mean look at that hair. You know he conditions it and it probably smells like coconuts
Draynus: What was your inspiration behind creating this monster?
nyperold: I mean, it does make more sense as a game area than as a way you'd actually design the layout of a building you wanted people to get around.
Saintnex: Why does El Gigante leave us so quickly?
BirkaBirkowski: How do you justify the inability to pet the dog?
Solipsody: Ben: Why did you feel it was important to let Leon shoot the Merchant?
gamercat88: did you model Leon's hair after Brendan Frasier from The Mummy?
JadedCynic: Alright you son of a bitch, Ben, I'm IN - my headcanon is you are the (not *a*) dev of RE4
k1stpierre99: Rifle stinks? Rifle is badass if used right
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HorusFive: Here's to Ben and his magical genius game!
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aussie_rob_w: You were so proud of the Regenerators!
hesterbyrde: Agreed Ben
ButButTheJesus: Mummy's fun
felrender: correct
jessieimproved: of all time, damn skippy
theevermist: most guns suck when you have an aiming system like this
BusTed: It's a good look.
k1stpierre99: There's a barrel in gated area
AutomaticWool: Why did you make the regenerators
Solipsody: Brendan Fraiser IS a treasure. This all checks out.
BirkaBirkowski: "One of" the best?
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ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I wonder what Resident Evil 38 will be like.
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Mister_BlueSky: The Mummy Returns is legit one of my all time favorites.
JadedCynic: you're not saying anything to dissuade me from this headcanon :D
Vergotterung: lol kinda stinks when it's not upgraded and doesn't have the thermal scope.........
Neddy471: I mean, what?
Gildan_Bladeborn: If the placement of those switches in that nonsensical hanging structure of crates that had "override" switches to drop individual segments of said structure into the abyss "made sense" Ben, then it would be entirely out of keeping with the spirit of the Resident Evil series... where nothing makes sense.
OmnipotentTrevor: He really is. Have you seen Monkeybone? What other actor could pull off that craziness?
felrender: The regenerators are fine. Just don't miss!
aussie_rob_w: I hear that scything noise and keep thinking it's gonna be one of the one-shot "goodbye Leon's head" kills
Manae: This thing really is a Seltas
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Monocled_Falcon: If you could describe the theme of this game in a single word, Ben, what would it be?
Garfman314: it's a bobbit worm
BusTed: If ya got graboids, ya got ass-blasters.
Mysticman89: everyone calls them ass blasters anyway
couldntpickausername: Tremors is just hillbilly Alien and I love it
aussie_rob_w: now you can R+G+Y
Easilycrazyhat: Ben, didn't Tremors come out before you were born?
dylanapocalypse: Why did you set the game in Spain and not Alberta?
Solipsody: @OmnipotentTrevor Right? You know he actually studied monkeys for that.
Protein_Curry: can we get a "bruh" counter going?
MegaDosX: Shots fired
NightValien28: wooow
Monocled_Falcon: That's a good word
tensionheadtv: the single word would be "whateareyabuuuyyyin?"
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I'd agree
Nigouki: yay, rocket launcher money!
Garfman314: and a lot of healing
Himyul: was that the giga puddi?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hey Ben, this is a great horror game you made
k1stpierre99: You're fine. Next boss you don't need it
Anubis169: Protein_Curry: You're more than welcome to open notepad and start your own
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Easilycrazyhat: Noooooo
BusTed: Tragic.
Gaytanic_Panic: Nooooooooooooooooooo
GhostValv: tqsBweh
ButButTheJesus: breh noooo
Kramburger: RIP
MWGNZ: f for breh
ThePaperKnight: I got old man's by on of my staff because the didnt know who Brandon was....
felrender: Yeah Ben, congratulations on making one of the pinnacles of action-horror
zeldakid1999: fionaVoid
Tangsm: It will only remind you of what you've lost.
NavelWarfare: O7
Ba_Dum_Tish: Brah
JadedCynic: yeah, it won't be quite right...
Vergotterung: lol walks right by the levers
Mysticman89: return of the no breh dinn?
MegaDosX: You were the chosen one, breh!
gamercat88: Breh- dan Fraiser (hehehe)
k1stpierre99: Yes
k1stpierre99: You could had
shadowxviii: Gamers don't lock doors
MegaDosX: You can lead a horse to water, etc etc
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown
bronsonboy511: Hmmmmm..... Watch LRR or go do my homework
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
itomeshi: That's probably for the best.
Seth_Erickson: Lever's weren't nearly bright enough
MegaDosX: No. Please. Don't give up. You can do it Ben.
nyperold: Why would you do that when real is brown?
Protein_Curry: dont worry ben, your art is just misunderstood
Lord_ZYRK: Magnum Opus. . . 4
Mysticman89: just call him up and cask
Seth_Erickson: gamer's would never see such a dark colored lever
KeytarCat: We survived the big beasty with the door maze?
MAPBoardgames: Does this mean no Prof. Pigglesworth 2?
raulghoulia: I was confuse Mr Hollands Opus with Krippendorf Tribe
Himyul: quarantining
BusTed: Ok, he is still alive at least.
GhostValv: :O
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afoersch: I will also never have again make a video game
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GhostValv: BOP
Protein_Curry: hunting sharks
Garfman314: you gotta watch out for those hard dryfusses
k1stpierre99: No
NarishmaReborn: h a r d d r e y f u s s
JadedCynic: filming "Every Last One of Them" right now
k1stpierre99: You go up.
Gaytanic_Panic: "...the late Stewart Scott"
k1stpierre99: But if you do go back there's an herb
fcloud: prefer my dreyfuses normal
BusTed: aw beans
Gaytanic_Panic: Oof
spethycakes: yup, that's him
JadedCynic: got two films in post production, a third releasing soon, and another film in pre-production
IsaTheEngie: oof
Favre_Studios: who sucks?
lamina5432: we have you two
Protein_Curry: welp
aussie_rob_w: richard "suckin' hard" dreyfus
ChippTunes: Because sucking is easy.
JadedCynic: thank you for clarifying that ben O_o
aussie_rob_w: Giga Puddi would never
Manae: People got used to being able to suck without the internet thinking no one would ever know
Favre_Studios: Aww
shadowxviii: I don't know, ask a vaccum
fastlane250: fame corrupts
Tangsm: Not even nice and good. Just not awful.
BrowneePoints: Cuz Parents for decades haven't taught their sons to accept the word "No"
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Favre_Studios: Ah
Vergotterung: lol
tensionheadtv: lol just suck significantly less please
ButButTheJesus: puddi puddi puddi puddi rockin everywhere
Easilycrazyhat: It's *really* not that hard.
gualdhar: "nice and good" doesn't get their beak wet if ya know what I'm sayin
couldntpickausername: this is why I've put all my parasocial energy into Linkara, James Stephanie Sterling and LRR
KeytarCat: Y'all don't suck! (except the Sunny D comment >:( )
Gaytanic_Panic: Define "good"
edgeyberzerker: Being good is way easier!
NightValien28: being good does not pay as well as being a shitty person
Ba_Dum_Tish: It sucks to suck
Neddy471: Because people who seek power are generally ones who want to get away with things.
ArdCollider: being good isn't rewarded
k1stpierre99: This should be a fun part
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: you absolutely have to put more effort into being an asshole than not
HorusFive: Not being actual human trash is a real low bar for us to set for ourselves
jessieimproved: there is a psychological effect to power and wealth that makes people feel invincible to consequences
ArdCollider: not in the film industry
MegaDosX: Mr I'm Always Dark Side has moral quandaries in video games? Ben please. :p
Protein_Curry: Wario: "WAH! GIGA PUDDI IS REAL!"
circusofkirkus: whereas adam doesn't hesitate to shoot someone in a game
electric_claire: Oh man, richard dreyfuss was one of my first movie crushes
Tangsm: You ever accidentally let a door close and realize someone was walking behind you? It's awful.
Mysticman89: I think theres more a power corruption thing once you're 'big'
edgeyberzerker: I feel bad booing at the heels at a wrestling event because I'm afraid to hurt their feelings
shadowxviii: Don't do crimes ?
ThePaperKnight: being an A hole shouldent be hard
electric_claire: He's so hot in Jaws
IsaTheEngie: Define "good" like we philosophytube or something
NarishmaReborn: mother theresa's goodness was exaggerated
aussie_rob_w: Power corrupts.
Neddy471: Once you get to a certain point it's easier to be an asshole than not - usually this "point" is having a lot of money and power.
JadedCynic: we are the pinnacle of human morality and ethics @Bengineering - sadly we ARE asking too much :(
Favre_Studios: Don't be a rapist
ChippTunes: Don’t be a gamer, step one toward being good
ArdCollider: don't be such a hard dreyfuss
gualdhar: Mother Theresa wasn't the best person either... she denied real medical access to people in her care
BogglesUrMind: Well actually probably don't be Mother Teresa either....
Gaytanic_Panic: Kappa
white_whale1: don't be mother theresa anyway
Saintnex: Good in the sense of not being a shit
Kramburger: Hey teens, don't do a hate crime™
KeytarCat: Don't be cruel to people who didn't explicitly ask for it (RACK)
Ba_Dum_Tish: Be the person Mr Rogers and Bob Ross thought you could be
Vergotterung: soorey
KeirenH: mother Teresa kinda sucked too
WhalePlaid: I have bad news about Mother Theresa
Blade_Tiger: Don't be a dick, as Wil Wheaton once said
Gaytanic_Panic: That was supposed to come with a Kappa
JadedCynic: Oh MAN, yeah, I LOVE automatic doors; it makes it so much easier
aussie_rob_w: Nobody's booing the Dark Order ever again, right?
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
Mysticman89: ddoes mother thersa have harassment charges yet?
Solipsody: Rifle sucks, huh?
Manae: I have heard it called "the awkward zone" where they're too close to let the door close but too far away to get to you in what seems a normal timeframe for holding a door
GhostValv: Mondays amirite?
JarofGoats: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: Like, there's no way, they're face by default now.
MAPBoardgames: FBtouchdown
KeytarCat: *BONK*
theevermist: don't sexually harass someone is apparently too high a bar for some people
Lord_ZYRK: Mother Teresa was, in fact, a piece of shit
BirkaBirkowski: inconspicuous red barrels
Xeveriaxitus: There was a motorcycle the other day, helmet on there, key was I could have taken it but I chose to be a good.
BrowneePoints: Mother Teresa let people die cuz Religion
Vyous: "Do I hold the elevator and make them run, or close it and make them wait"
Garfman314: everybody just hanging around barrels of gasoline
MegaDosX: Ben pls
Neddy471: If I could walk, into the sky... do you think time, could pass us by...
noSmokeFire: it's monday o'clock somewhere
aussie_rob_w: @Manae I'd hold it for them in that case and then make a joke about one day being Doorman at the Ritz.
felrender: I mean, Mother Teresa allowed thousands to suffer from treatable illnesses because she believed suffering brought one closer to god
Monocled_Falcon: Does Canada end with a politeness duel once the last two Canadians have collected every other citizenship card because of awkward door moments?
BrowneePoints: Basically, more people should be like Keanu Reeves
shadowxviii: Tuesday is like a second monday
Lord_ZYRK: Every day is Monday when you're conscious :)
WhalePlaid: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Solipsody: Speaking of terrible celebrities, you don't even want to know what Garfield got up to IRL...
JadedCynic: *glares at twitch chat*
e_bloc: yeah it turns out fucking everyone was and is awful
Master_Gunner: turns out Mother Teresa was no Mother Teresa either
Gaytanic_Panic: Terry Fox is a solid bar. And counts as Can-con.
rasterscan: This is why we can't have nice people.
BogglesUrMind: Should have picked a person no one can dislike Ben! Like Milkshake Duck!
BrowneePoints: We Grew up thinking she was good, but she's old enough her shady past only has come to light in recent years. No fault in that Ben
Mysticman89: mother theresa, noted serial killer, racist, harasser, and cake sniffer
LavenderCreations: Chat can make ANYTHING problematic
rasterscan: NK Jemisin is still amazing.
MegaDosX: To put it in perspective, there's an entire Wikipedia page titled Criticism of Mother Theresa
ChippTunes: Like Papa John is like actively working to not say racist shit every day. Just don’t say racist shit, work smarter not harder
MegaDosX: And it's not exactly short
SquareDotCube: It's as if our system treats nice people like losers that deserve nothing...
Ba_Dum_Tish: We need examples of objective good like Pizza Rat
aussie_rob_w: @LavenderCreations oh yeah? I dare you to find Street Sharks problematic
ButButTheJesus: got a, compelling protagonist?
SodaTAddict: maybe leon could try using one of his many explosives on that thin metal fence.
incursio1999: I was watching Ep 3 earlier n I laughed so hard I spat out my ramen 😹 much luv
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We already know that we're unable to use ladders. Don't make fun of him Adam!
KeytarCat: @e_bloc fucking everyone is only wrong if you don't get consent first ;)
ThePaperKnight: TLDR dont idolizes people.
e_bloc: true statement @KeytarCat
MegaDosX: Why is there suddenly a mine by the way?
MWGNZ: season 1 stewie had some good lines
Makrosian_Tae: Stewie also a controversial figure. I mean, he did try to kill his mom :)
e_bloc: almost everyone has done awful things.
k1stpierre99: Go back
Protein_Curry: @thepaperknight defo
k1stpierre99: O.O
Manae: I will never not forget the "pea... tear.... gryphon!" bit
BusTed: We'll shoot the next merchant.
Lord_ZYRK: Mother Teresa is hailed as great because she made the Catholic Church a fuckton of money, which boy howdy they're sure hurting for it.
Kramburger: DO IT
Vergotterung: you only don't see him for one game
JadedCynic: @MegaDosX actually, compared to a lot of Wikipedia pages, that IS kinda short - only like three screens at 1080p
LathosTiran: asking for energy, just submitted SSI application.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Spoilers: Leon's kneecaps STARTED completely ruined (he secretly has bionic legs). Kappa
k1stpierre99: You missed treasure
MAPBoardgames: I like how the highlight reel talked about how Escape from Tarkov was 60% inventory management, juxtaposed with Adam fastidiously organizing his inventory in this game.
ChippTunes: He has done nothing but helpful things and you would put that man down
KeytarCat: Little Caesars is a shockingly kind organization, and I don't know how to feel about it
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Garfman314: how many gold bars is leon carrying around?
MAPBoardgames: kinky
Lord_ZYRK: Hot
e_bloc: put him in a body bag
SodaTAddict: Krauser has poor language writing skills
Monocled_Falcon: You can't afford two body bags?
Kipstar: I'll get him back first of course
BusTed: 🤔
circusofkirkus: got rid of is code for killed
JadedCynic: "get rid of" is "kill" not "throw away"
UncannyJimjams: Wow, Ada sure did change her mind about Leon
felrender: "get rid of" is a euphimism
gamercat88: 2 bodies one bag
MegaDosX: He's gon' kill you
LathosTiran: getrid of = kill
Solipsody: Leon is actually alternate-universe Raiden from Metal Gear.
ThePaperKnight: I forgot how long this game was. I remember it was awesome on the Wii the ability to aim so quick was fun.
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aussie_rob_w: Did anyone else notice this? Someone commented on the Magic instagram account on the LRR video *advertising their own kickstarted deckbuilding game*... and they included the phrase "Plus we actually playtested the game beforehand!"
Favre_Studios: get rid of = kill
Easilycrazyhat: Save the environment
Protein_Curry: krauser has...issues
shadowxviii: That one is on the translator, Ben wrote it in Japanese after all
IsaTheEngie: D:
Gildan_Bladeborn: "Get rid of" is clearly a colloquialism.
GhostValv: D:
DeM0nFiRe: Wow that got dark LUL
ButButTheJesus: lrrWOW
itomeshi: Whoa!
k1stpierre99: There's a treasure back
Rootpotato: rodeo raid
Lord_ZYRK: I've got plenty, thanks
e_bloc: yikes Adam
itomeshi: Line crossed!
Gaytanic_Panic: Has STONK WONKS dipped into the action-horror genre?
shurtal: we sustain an entire economoy
felrender: ScaredyCat
Monocled_Falcon: That's very courteous, not making me buy my own body bag
A_Dub888: !findquote bodybag
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Ba_Dum_Tish: We can donate for our own bags
BrowneePoints: Jokes on you Adam, I'm too FAT for a body bag!
Seth_Erickson: It's pretty nice Ben, I must say
rasterscan: Now here's the question, can Adam 360 no-scope the merchant?
115 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
Vergotterung: krauser is good at knife not random notes lying around
Gaytanic_Panic: Just leave me for the coyotes.
MegaDosX: I mean, are body bags recyclable? If they aren't then you should always practice conservation and try and fit more than one body in
k1stpierre99: Nice
Haroldholmes25: hey wheeler
ShaneLeeAtk: I can order you a box of 10 from Sysco.
ButButTheJesus: yes i'm watching from my mansion
Hewdra: sup lmao
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Haroldholmes25: wheelerPog
Easilycrazyhat: Oh hi Wheeler
OmnipotentTrevor: Why waste bags? Reduce waste.
MegaDosX: Oh hey raiders
Favre_Studios: Hey wheeler
zeldakid1999: Hi raiders
Seth_Erickson: I just revel in several body bags multiple times
JadedCynic: hey, a bodybag is pretty expensive - that zipper and watertight seal isn't easy or cheap to make
Favre_Studios: Raiders
Seth_Erickson: a day
Hewdra: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
ButButTheJesus: lrrWOW
Gildan_Bladeborn: The thing about body bags is that the phrase both describes a product... but also a function.
Protein_Curry: adams just mad cause no bodybags fit his height
Solipsody: Honestly, having lots of bodybags is like having a truck. As soon as people find out, they want you to help them move stuff.
NightValien28: oh hey looks its the better Ben Kappa
raulghoulia: Adam's got jokes
ChippTunes: Don’t make me put down my cognac
Stormthius: wheelerY wheelerH TombRaid TombRaid
ButButTheJesus: also hi Raiders welcome to this
Vyous: Apparently body bags are only about 12 bucks
KeytarCat: You think I can afford a body bag? I'm hoping some rich bloke with use me as fertilizer so my life is carbon neutral
theaggrokrag: you here that, WE SURF A POROISE CHAT!!
Sethalidos: the ERB for Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud summed it up in one verse nicely about Mother Teresa
Gildan_Bladeborn: Anything bag-shaped that you put a body into is therefore, by definition, a "body bag".
IgnatiusHusky: I think garbage bags would probably be a heckuva lot cheaper for all of us
k1stpierre99: It goes to cat
Sethalidos: You had a nice message, but your methods were detestable
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
ThePaperKnight: We want to help, but it's kinda more run to mess with ya.
BusTed: tqsShrug
Hewdra: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerH
k1stpierre99: Dont sell
Gildan_Bladeborn: So... regular garbage bags.
GhostValv: just saw you in half
Lord_ZYRK: They keep you swimming in Kraft Dinner, you fuckin Gerber
k1stpierre99: Unless you don't have the cat
WhalePlaid: you need a body tent
JadedCynic: Adam rages that he's not allowed to die
Gaytanic_Panic: Adam's urn is a trash can.
noSmokeFire: no, it just means that it's illegal to kill you
NightValien28: I have a bone saw that says differently
MegaDosX: "It's treason, then." - Adam, I guess
shadowxviii: we'll just have to chop the head and put it in a little box to go with the bag
BrowneePoints: You get the multiple Garbage Bag treatment then Adam
Nigouki: they'll just put your head between your legs like they do with vampires
ChippTunes: Choosing violence as usual!
Favre_Studios: I mean, they could just cut you apart
brainbosh: Body bags are maybe $12 it looks
Ba_Dum_Tish: That's what the LRR tarp budget is for
StarWarsTHX1138: you called?
rasterscan: Shit, now I want to write a story where the only way someone can die is if a perfect coffin is made for them.
Protein_Curry: @megadosx lmao
Sanityis0verrated: you'll fit... just not in one piece
WhalePlaid: @browneepoints with duct tape
Seth_Erickson: uh oh
felrender: Ian McDiarmid is having a fucking BLAST in that movie
theaggrokrag: OMG. thats a great palpatine accent ben
MegaDosX: Palpatine just starts abruptly chewing the scenery and it's glorious
Gildan_Bladeborn: Move your eggs?
e_bloc: between this stream and the Capitals rolling this has been a great night
theaggrokrag: nnnnooooooo
k1stpierre99: Did he find the Cat treasure guys?
MegaDosX: abruptly starts, rather
raulghoulia: No!
fcloud: not the egg corner!
Lord_ZYRK: Palpatine is like, the only objectively good thing about the prequels
raulghoulia: Noooo!
Solipsody: Gotta move some ammo.
Sethalidos: and his next line unwimited powah
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also move your ammo.
BrowneePoints: we didn't deserve Ian McDiarmid
MrQBear: Adam touched the eggs now he has to eat them
ChippTunes: fRoM mY pOiNt Of ViEw ThE jEdI aRe EvIl
k1stpierre99: If not then just sell blue gem. not worth anything else
felrender: Like, he's been playing this stately intrigue-doer and he gets to turn into a scenery-chewing devil man
BrowneePoints: "I AM the Senate!"
DeM0nFiRe: pwease mr mace windu im just a puny level 1 sith lord
I_Am_Clockwork: he's a wizard
noSmokeFire: the eggs are the source of leon's power
fcloud: what kind of ammo do we have 225 of? seems like a lot
Protein_Curry: move the herbs?
ButButTheJesus: @ChippTunes ThEn YoU aRe LoSt
lamina5432: rocket egg corner
Lord_ZYRK: I am the senate
aussie_rob_w: You can sell the magnum ammo for space too
fastlane250: eggs will lead us to victory
itomeshi: lol
Easilycrazyhat: "And where does the egg go? ... That's right! The square hole!"
ButButTheJesus: @DeM0nFiRe :D
BrowneePoints: Uwu, help me Ana-kun
JadedCynic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 4) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (33m ago).
Makrosian_Tae: I don't even know why they put me in charge of teh senate. I hate politics
MegaDosX: I mean, that's basically the line >_>
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Vergotterung: nah @fcloud the tmp sux
JadedCynic: oh GOD NO
felrender: "Your lightsaber will kill me in one hit, please no!"
fcloud: nice head tracking on the merchant
k1stpierre99: This part will be great.
Mistborn83: Ben do you have strong feelings on which character you would like to play in RE 5?
Gaytanic_Panic: "You can kill me with my own blaster bolts. Have mercy!"
HundreydAundre: You canned,...he must stand in trail...!!!
felrender: Oh hell yes, this bit
Durzo_Blint_: Quebec
Gaytanic_Panic: Quebec?
Garfman314: secret, clearly
NarishmaReborn: Ben planning a heist
Solipsody: It's a secret, Ben.
shadowxviii: There isn't one Ben, shut up !
JadedCynic: Quebec
Vergotterung: fully upgraded does 20% of his handgun damage
Easilycrazyhat: You're the Canadians. you tell us.
circusofkirkus: National Secret
ShaneLeeAtk: Quebec
Randoplh: In Quebec?
ThePaperKnight: Q bec
NotCainNorAbel: why do you want to know?
theaggrokrag: its quebec
MWGNZ: the maple syrup reserve is somewhere strategic
Luthien_frejya: quebec
LathosTiran: there is one
Durzo_Blint_: It's in Quebec Ben
Master_Gunner: I think it's outside of Montreal
Lord_ZYRK: The real-ass Maple Syrup Reserve, Adam
NightValien28: there is, it got stolen at some point
Protein_Curry: this just in: resident evil game is ridiculous
ThePaperKnight: they do
MAPBoardgames: This is true
ChippTunes: Is there a secret maple syrup level in RE4
Monocled_Falcon: The big maple syrup lake somewhere in Nova Scotia
raulghoulia: It's in the hearts and minds of all the children
Mysticman89: is the looney backed by maple syrup reserves?
Trashweazel: Quebec
noSmokeFire: surely the location of the maple syrup reserve is a matter of national security
gawag_: you do, I remember because it was raided once
fcloud: kwee-beck
KeirenH: yeah, it got robbed once and it's the biggest in Canadian history
theaggrokrag: there was a MASSIVE maple syrup theft at the depository
Makrosian_Tae: The maple syrup stock was used to make all the new 100's Ben. Obviously!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Palpatine was the best part of those god-awful prequels because that actor just starts gleefully chewing the scenery. He's the only one having any fun on screen.
fastlane250: strategic syrup stash
tensionheadtv: lol Thunder Bay has delicious doughnuts and not much else :p
Goombill: Thunder Bay is a miserable town.
mowdownjoe: I'm pretty sure there was an episode of Dirty Money on Netflix about the Canadian Maple Syrup Reserve.
obijam_: the syrup was inside you all along
Sethalidos: Isn't that a country secret for Canada like the USA and the President'sBomb Shelter?
Gaytanic_Panic: hon hon hon
white_whale1: Laurierville
Master_Gunner: Laurierville, Quebec, apparently
shadowxviii: The Block is dead
JPattemore: We don't, but the maple syrup cabal has one in quebec
tensionheadtv: but very pretty
unicornly: lheck, I've been to thunder bay!
ThePaperKnight: it's a futures manipulation facility
Vergotterung: lol
bv310: If you ever go to Thunder Bay, buy some Heartbeat Hot Sauce. Stuff's gold
HundreydAundre: Roadquest: 2 Maple Reserves Two
lyropithic: I mean, the heist was in Saint Louis de Blandford, so presumably there
Favre_Studios: Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve
ThePaperKnight: full of coke and failed hoy
Easilycrazyhat: Was...he just standing there....waiting for us?
felrender: yeah there's an ep of Dirty Money about the Maple Syrup Heist
Makrosian_Tae: Let us not go to Thunder Bay. Tis a silly place!
Neddy471: Hey Wesker.
Stormthius: elfunkPopcorn
Protein_Curry: what started the tradition of rolling maple syrup in snow?
ThePaperKnight: joy*
tehfewl: is Thunder Bay where the thunder dome is?
KeirenH: it's run by the syrup cartel to control the prices
UncannyJimjams: my guy, blood on your face and everything?
IsaTheEngie: road quest 2: the search for maple syrup
bv310: Hey now, I did university in Thunder Bay. It's not that bad
asthanius: metal gear - ass villain
Vergotterung: oh boy this sequence
Haroldholmes25: Apparently some people stole almost 3k tons of maple syrup over a couple months a decade ago from the reserve
Solipsody: Does he think smearing red stuff on him hides those scars?
Trashweazel: wow, can we get some Quebec jokes from even this century?
tensionheadtv: definitely drove 8 hra to TBay to get some Persian doughnuts :p
MAPBoardgames: You need 3 keys to open it!
Gildan_Bladeborn: 3 insignia to open it... is a conversation he's having, as if that's a thing that's normal.
Mistborn83: Can I just say that I am super pumped for Ben and Adam to play RE5 that place holds a special place in my heart. It was one of my fav games to couch co op with my best bud. Hope you all enjoy it!
NightValien28: is this it, the dumbest scene?
felrender: "You need to find the Red Gem, Leon" - Doogie Krauser
Gooseblast: This is getting too sexy for me
Neddy471: Hey Krauser, how's transforming into a Monster Working out for you?
k1stpierre99: He's actually really super easy if you know how to fight him.
raulghoulia: probably shouldn't rocket this guy
JadedCynic: Ben - Canada as a nation does NOT have a National Maple Syrup Reserve - there are stockpiles held by private companies but they are NOT Federal Facilites
unicornly: i still have some amethyst from thunder bay
Easilycrazyhat: That was his grappling hook
k1stpierre99: No, rocket launcher is really not needed here
MinniChii: Why isn't he wearing a shirt?
BirkaBirkowski: How can a town named Thunder Bay suck? what a waste of a cool name for a town
gamercat88: okay Leon Batman
Garfman314: full green arrow there
Sethalidos: HE's RAMBO!
JadedCynic: wait, why didn't we have THOSE in his inventory
Mysticman89: oh hey, it's that one bow from destiny
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because he's RAMBO. Obviously. Kappa
ThePaperKnight: was this dude built of the evil version of Arnold?
Officinalis: Krauser: First Blood
MrQBear: ramble!
Kipstar: He's cosplaying Lara Croft
ChippTunes: He’s a trendsetter
MrQBear: w
NightValien28: a bow with a red sight
shadowxviii: Bows will fuck you up man, have you not played Destiny ?
BlindProphet32: Its Rambo
lamina5432: Cam has ezplained the bow
DeM0nFiRe: Is the bow shooting explosives?
MegaDosX: Is the bow guy launching explosives at you?
raulghoulia: it was cool
Durzo_Blint_: The RE games are soooo bad
SajuukSjet: ah. I see he's a Destiny player :P
Lord_ZYRK: Does that NOT look like a man who has based his life on the Rambo franchise?
MAPBoardgames: Why do guardians have bows? They have lasers.
codl_: coulda thrown an egg or something
Neddy471: Not even a smoke bomb.
fcloud: can think of a couple of times that grappling hook wouldve come in handy
MrQBear: er, rambow.
k1stpierre99: Watch out
rasterscan: "Some advice, don't bring a bow to a grappling hook fight."
Protein_Curry: Jack "Rambo" Krauser
brainbosh: Hawkeye went dark
DeM0nFiRe: rasterscan lmao
Styxseus: why use a gun when you lab just lob grappling hooks at people
Neddy471: I mean "SMOKE BOMB!" was even a thing back then, I can't imagine why they wouldn't take the easy way out?
HundreydAundre: Ben: Grappling Hook? VS Adam: Bow!?
Easilycrazyhat: XD
gamercat88: it was like Leon's pocket sand
Sethalidos: explosive arrows just like Rambo
Lord_ZYRK: He's been taking tips from Ashley
Officinalis: Sick dodge
Vergotterung: wow luck
IsaTheEngie: @mapboardgames if they're a guardian and they have a bow, they've spec'd dragonhunter
ChippTunes: Every game between RE4 and now was like “that Krause guy had a bow, now we have to have a bow too”
fcloud: ok, i'll stop shooting while you climb, but then i'm starting right back up mister!
ThePaperKnight: you can do it
shadowxviii: He's playing with his food
MegaDosX: Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
felrender: This is why everyone says the TMP is ass
felrender: DROPKICK
Lord_ZYRK: Krauser! You're alive! And you're a terrible shot!
SquareDotCube: It's discount store rolento
JadedCynic: @felrender well, obviously as a distraction to let him get to cover, I just like the fact that apparently we've been carrying that around for ages with no liberty to use it to improvise solutions for all the time previous to now
Haroldholmes25: is this gaming
Makrosian_Tae: Anybody remember Revolver Ocelot?
nyperold: Bow guy? I'd say he's a real knife-ce guy.
DeM0nFiRe: look at him go lol
NarishmaReborn: more cartwheels!
Mysticman89: neat gymnastics routine hes doing
ButButTheJesus: @Lord_ZYRK that sounds familiar is that from something?
Styxseus: Good thing he told where those things where huh
fcloud: pretty acrobatic for a guy who just got shot in the chest 10 times
Sethalidos: Knife to meet you
shadowxviii: flip flip flip flip KNIFE
MinniChii: timer probably finishes once bad guy is dead
Garfman314: handstands are a time-honored way to avaid getting shot
KeytarCat: Is this the one where the speedrun just dead-angles him off a ledge?
Nigouki: see, now THIS guy can do Ninja Warrior
Lord_ZYRK: Makrosian_Tae I love the smell of cordite. . . you know, that sulfury smell?
gamercat88: who is that guy in Tekken that does the kartwheels?
aussie_rob_w: Krauser fight Krauser fight Krauser fight Krauser fight lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
MinniChii: it might be on a Plot Timer?
MAPBoardgames: Tactical!
UncannyJimjams: It's Revolver Ocelot, but knives
felrender: @JadedCynic He used it to not die to the spike pit, and then...nothing
NightValien28: maybe? who knows at this point
etaluia: I feel like this guy would get along with revolver ocelot
Makrosian_Tae: @Lord_ZYRK Ocelots are proud creatures. RRRAAAOOURR
Neddy471: I would hope so, otherwise NONE of this would make sense... wait.
Gildan_Bladeborn: He's got some Umbrella Corp juicing, yes.
Vergotterung: lol
k1stpierre99: Lol
JadedCynic: forget all the Quicktime stuff - just walk away when he gets close
Protein_Curry: he got the plagas
Mister_BlueSky: I always just assume everyone is infected with some amount of virus in Resident Evils.
k1stpierre99: You can just knife him
dapeppagrinder602: get close and hit him with the knife
k1stpierre99: He's super effective against knives
brainbosh: Maybe a different blent
Wicker_Guide: he doesnt dodge knives
MinniChii: Plot Timer!
UncannyJimjams: Leon does have the rocket launcher...
Officinalis: Rifle time!
gualdhar: knife kill!
fcloud: but youve got plenty of eggs...
MyBuddySuperfly: try talking to him
oplinger: this fight is hilarious in speedruns
ButButTheJesus: @Lord_ZYRK oh riiiiiight
Sethalidos: yeah it is
Pharmacistjudge: Good Evening Adam and Ben and Runners. Greetings from the pharmacy.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Assuming everyone is infected with something is probably a safe baseline.
ChippTunes: If the army just taught infantry how to flip around then they’d be invincible
Styxseus: Did he just ninja vanish? :D
Gaytanic_Panic: Knife time? Knife time.
KeytarCat: Bigger bullet
TotallyNotaBeholder: More bullets please
hesterbyrde: Isn't that an answer to most of life's problems?
EvilBadman: Knife does bonus to hi.
meachamo: that's the answer to a lot of real life problems, too
aussie_rob_w: knife fight knife fight
Mister_BlueSky: Toe to toe. Bro to bro.
Lord_ZYRK: Knife fight on the footbridge :O
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Gildan_Bladeborn: Or... just walk out of knife range.
ThePaperKnight: rrrr..... Rocket raccoon?
noSmokeFire: leon also doesn't dodge knives
k1stpierre99: Yes
k1stpierre99: There you go
fcloud: flippiest boss ever, calm down woudja guy
ChippTunes: Unhittable
BrowneePoints: Oh, we're metal gear solid now
NavelWarfare: Why didn't you leave more ammo in the boss arenas, Ben?
Mysticman89: monkey knife fight
felrender: Good read!
KeytarCat: You can lock him in a corner if you don't swing directly at him, I think?
Solipsody: Never bring a gun to a knife fight.
jpgrindstaff: good luck
shadowxviii: Knife Fight Knife Fight
MyBuddySuperfly: wow
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
UncannyJimjams: Stun lock!!
NightValien28: omg
JadedCynic: Ben thought that we would just GIT GUD
DeM0nFiRe: 🧀
Seth_Erickson: the stun lock PogChamp
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh hey, his hat fell off.
MyBuddySuperfly: what does he whisper?
fcloud: you can dodge out of a full nelson? tmyk
mowdownjoe: Speedrun strats!
Gildan_Bladeborn: The source of his power!
Protein_Curry: So like if Tatsu could pull off ninja vanish how does ge get bodied by casey?
MinniChii: he lost his hat!
Sethalidos: he lost his hat
KeytarCat: PogChamp
Officinalis: "Now we're talking" I think?
Gaytanic_Panic: Professional Stun Lock God Adam Savidan
Pharmacistjudge: who needs anima powers? just melee it.
k1stpierre99: Cut scene coming
ActionJB: That was Adam going into fighting game mode
JadedCynic: he only throws down the flashbang to allow him to fall back - he's AFRAID of you :D
Mistborn83: video games doing video game things
gamercat88: Why is this boss like Eddy Gordo from Tekken, just doing all the flips
El_Funko: You've got red on you
UncannyJimjams: Order and balance to the force?
Makrosian_Tae: Ocelot could take this bro IN HIS SLEEP
MinniChii: his hat returned??
Sethalidos: oh great a zelot
MyBuddySuperfly: a soldier AND a poet, wow
Mistborn83: He looks like another video game character and I cant put my finger on it
JadedCynic: ho.ho.ho. now I have a grenade
NightValien28: order and balance, by delivering a deadly virus????
Pharmacistjudge: wow, liberal Krauser
fcloud: it's me, mister liberalism
UncannyJimjams: From my point of view Umbrella is evil!
SodaTAddict: i like how krauser can escape the flashbang by just covering his eyes with his arm a bit but that is beyond Leon
Pharmacistjudge: Krauser owning the conservatives
fcloud: the psycho military killer bernie sanders
shadowxviii: We're still getting pieces for that puzzle ?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
jpgrindstaff: he got you there!
k1stpierre99: I've always found this boss fight to be so random in this game and take away from the eeriness of it.
gundamschwing: I'm late to the party, but who is this hunk Adam is fighting?
Wicker_Guide: and now, final fantasy
drawnbinary: I just got here, who's the dude with the big dobonhonkeros
KeytarCat: That's libertarian, which is pretty damn conservative...
Mysticman89: turns out games are political
ChippTunes: gasp!
MyBuddySuperfly: *flies away*
Seth_Erickson: Ben why'd you put in this political agenda?
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IsaTheEngie: I don't remember a single dang thing about this part of the game
Sethalidos: *confirmed* Umbrella is Antifa :P
Sanityis0verrated: I'm pretty sure he libertarian
ArrestedHouse: Complete. Global. Socialism.
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
MyBuddySuperfly: Mr Burger King
Mister_Hush: @gundamschwing Krauser, some chud lackey of the robed bad guy
JadedCynic: wait, Bernie Sanders IS Albert Wesker?!?
ChippTunes: I am once again asking for you to not unleash the T-Virus
MAPBoardgames: Push X to respond to his taunting
asthanius: it's a boss-ass fight
felrender: Nah, Wesker's an accelerationist
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Fight like a man!? We've been stabbing you this WHOLE TIME!
bv310: I am once again asking you to nuke Raccoon City
Easilycrazyhat: This is a puzzle with annoyances
UncannyJimjams: It's a flirt fight
Solipsody: This is a boss fight.
jessieimproved: I've kinda felt like that this whole game
k1stpierre99: It's a very weird boss fight, can't kill him yet though.
Mistborn83: what happened to his hat?
SmoreThanAFeelin: scooty boi
Durzo_Blint_: this isn't a boss fight, it's manifesto
JadedCynic: So does this mean AOC is that vampiress we're gonna see soon?
IsaTheEngie: sweet jukes though
CururuGuasu: It’s a sick backflip competition
BleedingToast: guyjudgeKevin hello
MyBuddySuperfly: you got statue
Vergotterung: yeah Ben why'd you put this sequence in here
Tangsm: Did Adam just respond to dialogue rather than go with the silent protagonist?
ZealousCrow: lol I forgot how weird this fight actually is
Seth_Erickson: who gave this guy the darkwood ring from DS1?
IgnatiusHusky: Ben, what was the reasoning for making this weird-ass boss fight?
Mysticman89: underneath bernies wool mittens is pure T virus strength
gundamschwing: @mister_hush Definitely read that as "some Chad" and couldn't agree more. Chad Krauser.
Blade_Tiger: how tf did you dodge an explosion
BrowneePoints: Adam is Indiana Jones vs the dude with a Scimitar rn
Solipsody: Basically, this fight is a test-run of literally all of RE6.
MyBuddySuperfly: headless statue
lamina5432: reach through the bars?
Protein_Curry: ben what is krausers backstory
Nigouki: oh, it's time for sokoban?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Describing any part of RE4 as "eerie" is being... overly generous. It turned into ridiculous camp almost immediately.
Wormsbane: the statue came out of the hole
SodaTAddict: I do like how the game wouldn't let you push it into a corner and get stuck
Mistborn83: That is who I was thinking he looked like
KeytarCat: He's an AMERICAN
KeytarCat: Like you
JadedCynic: and the blond and muscled physique
incursio1999: Not another minigun from a whole
GhostValv: they could help him chew ass instead?
Dog_of_Myth: I enjoy this deep lore that Ben is giving us.
tensionheadtv: "im here to shoot a bow and chew bubble gum....and im allergic to gum so i cant do that"
DeM0nFiRe: lol why couldnt you just reach your hand through the bars lol
ButButTheJesus: thx ben it all makes sense
Mistborn83: Ben that isnt ture and you know it
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
Gooseblast: LuL
SnowbirdMike: Krauser looks like he could use some ADD medication
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown
NightValien28: YA THINK
NotCainNorAbel: hot takes
JadedCynic: @Bengineering still better than most of the writing I've seen for midbosses :D
Mysticman89: you cant tear off the bandaid like that
Mistborn83: Damn it got me there
asthanius: @Mistborn83 It says so in the artbook
Solipsody: I wonder if the makers of Duke Nuke'em anticipated generations of people who wouldn
MyBuddySuperfly: you wrote that article, Ben
shadowxviii: Wow, can't believe Adam could be so wrong
Seth_Erickson: @LoadingReadyRun counterpoint; This game RULES
Dog_of_Myth: Show the lie.
Mister_Hush: This game sucks by your modern standards, but for 2004 this game was dope as shit
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ben is saying all of this as a joke, but the sad truth is that his made up on the spot backstory for Krauser is probably no more stupid than his actual backstory.
Mistborn83: Foiled again
circusofkirkus: he dark souled you
KeirenH: if you think this game sucks, wait til you play the next couple
Protein_Curry: someone edit the krauser wiki
NightValien28: camper
Easilycrazyhat: "It doesn't say a dog *can't* kick ass"
shurtal: Just saiyan
Mister_Hush: Also, this game sucks, but you're way into FFXIV so really whose opinion should we listen to
aussie_rob_w: Oh yeah this game has Aged Poorly
KeytarCat: @SnowbirdMike I mean, most of these characters could use some, imho
codatski: No, we know that isn't true because it is too believable for a RE game
SodaTAddict: he's in some other RE game. one of the bad ones.
Kipstar: Get me footage of Hauser chewing bubblegum
saucemaster5000: Ben put more thought into that than capcom
Seth_Erickson: you did have a first aid spray
KeytarCat: 9/10, aged poorly
Gildan_Bladeborn: If anything, Ben's explanation was too logical.
Mistborn83: Chat do you think this or RE5 is better?
circusofkirkus: robots?
circusofkirkus: wat
NightValien28: wat
JadedCynic: @SodaTAddict you mean OTHER than this one? LUL
MyBuddySuperfly: what are thooooose
gundamschwing: thrilling game play
Vergotterung: he's gonna want to reload that magnum
Mistborn83: I am 100% in the RE5 camp
Mr_Horrible: I just tuned into a Resident Evil game and there's spider drone robots?
Tangsm: I'm really impressed that they let you throw the levers without shooting them.
Garfman314: metal gear?!
k1stpierre99: It's more random shit
Mister_Hush: Dr Wily...
NightValien28: fuck this game is dumb
gamercat88: those robots have boobs
SodaTAddict: suddenly: SPIDERBOTS!
shadowxviii: Why wouldn't there be robots ?
thraximore: They had to put em SOMEWHERE
Lord_ZYRK: Umbrella's been diversifying, Adam
k1stpierre99: It's Krauser's "spies"
Seth_Erickson: They hired you once already Ben and look at what they got
IgnatiusHusky: So does this mean that this game should've been titled Duke Nukem: Resident Evil 4-Ever?
bv310: Crossover with Breath of the Wild
Solipsody: Okay, so it's not just me? The robots weren't introduced earlier?
SnowbirdMike: They couldnt afford real spiders?
brainbosh: Why WOULDNNT there be robots?
KeytarCat: I don't understand this level design, even if I understand Krauser?
Sethalidos: Gotta use ALL of the Unity Asset Pack
Monocled_Falcon: Ben had to close the time loop
felrender: Yeah this is the first time you see the spider mines
Mistborn83: wait why was that one half in the ground
Gildan_Bladeborn: You keep asking these questions... like you expect there to ever be an answer that will make sense... in Resident Evil. That way lies nothing but madness Adam.
ChippTunes: That is some insider knowledge
Mr_Horrible: Robo-Plagas?
gundamschwing: Why aren't there robots?
DeM0nFiRe: Mistborn83 why aren't you half in the ground?
Boon_33: Evil genius Budgeting is always a little crazy, the IT department had extra funds so we made killbots.
KeytarCat: Those are shockingly like Guardians
Mistborn83: Why did they never come back in any other RE game
codatski: Weak robots, one shot and their done. Any expo for that Ben?
Mistborn83: @DeM0nFiRe fair
SodaTAddict: krauser is a really big fan of Popular Mechanics alright
Pharmacistjudge: faces past
Pharmacistjudge: and he's homebound
felrender: Yeah the founding principle for Resident Evil is "Would this be cool"
codatski: *they're
Garfman314: the robots are a good excuse for you to waste ammo
ChippTunes: I don’t think I could describe what Resident Evil is “about” without having an aneurysm
Solipsody: They can fly?
Saintnex: wait why does the robot have handgun ammo?
k1stpierre99: Final fight coming up
Protein_Curry: theyre kinds like mousers from tmnt, expecting to see baxter stockman
Lord_ZYRK: walking fast, rockets blast, and I'm boss-bound
Vergotterung: oh, Adam
Pharmacistjudge: you'll find more reds
Haroldholmes25: oof
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown
Seth_Erickson: seabatNogood seabatNogood
Officinalis: FBTouchdown
JarofGoats: FBtouchdown
Vergotterung: "up ahead"
shadowxviii: Yes, the yellow herb goes in the green hole !
NightValien28: its gonna happen you know
Solipsody: (By "up ahead" Ben means, "at the end of the game".)
ButButTheJesus: @shadowxviii :D
Tangsm: Merchant.
Easilycrazyhat: About a foot higher
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown benginHeart
KeytarCat: @Saintnex just uses the commonly available small arms munitions. The guns we use are kitted to use the same stuff because it's common in the area
Vergotterung: lol
NotCainNorAbel: random drop
MWGNZ: just dont pick it up
Mister_BlueSky: I'm uhhh... colorblind.
thraximore: well maybe Ben is colorblind
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
gamercat88: the other next one
fcloud: "red herb coming soon" is true like 80% of the time
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: maybe they changed it between releases?
NightValien28: the next next one
SnowbirdMike: Obviously not that one
codatski: You said up ahead, not the next one
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Pharmacistjudge: it's the Eagle, it's up top
Seth_Erickson: because it's a bird
Mistborn83: I mean it has been a min since Ben did this so he get a little bit of a break. I mean I dont rember what I did yesterday
Vergotterung: he told you
ButButTheJesus: Krauser just wants to play with you
Tangsm: Just kinda left that plot key on the floor for ya. You're welcome.
Garfman314: why didn't krauser pick them up?
Mistborn83: Why does he keep losing clothing
Mr_Horrible: why is your shirt *on*?
Mister_Hush: further beyond
tensionheadtv: spoopy arm!
Makrosian_Tae: This isn't even his final form
shadowxviii: Look, it's hot outside
DeM0nFiRe: His shirt was the flash grenade he threw at you
MrWrann: Why isn't your shirt off?
Mister_BlueSky: He's going even further beyond.
meachamo: RNG = Red/Nyellow/Green
Lord_ZYRK: I showed you my crest piece please respond
Vergotterung: oh boy
Seth_Erickson: Super Saiyan PogChamp
felrender: It's the final fight! You have to be shirtless for the final fight!
fcloud: shoulda got the vaccine
quillilian: Nanomachines?
KeytarCat: Siumilar to the ACR program of the US. Standard NATO rounds, but with a modular action to use whatever the unit needs to lay low. (it's dirty and sketchy, but extant)
PMAvers: This isn't the weirdest thing Adam's seen today.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh my god am IU just in time for alien arm Krauser?? I LOVE THIS BOSS
Easilycrazyhat: Gotta be honest...I'd rather just not chew gum
Transmuted_Elf: some side effects.....
Mister_Hush: Autonomous Ultra Instinct Krauser
Gildan_Bladeborn: He's been taking clothing off throughout the entire fight Adam.
rasterscan: SOUL EDGE.
raulghoulia: American Healthcare
Sethalidos: something's kicking in
MyBuddySuperfly: oh Krauser
ChippTunes: He is becoming one with the Dubble Bubble
Zaraka00: the soul edge
RealGamerCow: Weird flex, but okay.
thraximore: @quillilian SON
Vergotterung: hah
BrowneePoints: Oh hey, we're Prototype now
Robot_Bones: big knife
gundamschwing: Ben actually invented RNG for this game.
gamercat88: the power... of gray skin?
ravenlord_xix: If you were that ripped, wouldn’t you tear your shirt off?
Saintnex: wait isnt this just nightmare from Soul Calibur?
MrQBear: wait a second, prototype?
itomeshi: He has Soul Edge!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that alien arm is RAD.
SnowbirdMike: That was disturbing
JadedCynic: as usual, Umbrella Corp didn't really worry about "side effects" so much
ArrestedHouse: "anime level shit" is just resident evil
Solipsody: I just want Krauser to have trouble keeping his balance because he isn't used to that arm.
Nigouki: Japan takes their action very seriously Kappa
PMAvers: The soul still burns!
felrender: "owwwwww-uh! not the shins, dude! not on!"
Protein_Curry: Krauser becomes nightmare
fcloud: he set them for exactly three minutes plus one menacing monologue
Mistborn83: Time for MIssle launcher
Gildan_Bladeborn: Better get off the tower soon Adam.
Kipstar: wait, he pulls out this arm mutation, then STEPS on your fingers!?!?
CururuGuasu: He’s just trying to impress you with his sick backflip skills
Durzo_Blint_: how the hell did these game become so popular? This is so bad.
Mr_Horrible: he's spamming leg sweep BabyRage
El_Funko: What's with the bird shield? sick transmog my dude
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SodaTAddict: ugh, Krauser's one of those fighting game players who just spams one move
bv310: I'm waiting for Leon to throw the Wake Up Super and all this will be worth it
Vergotterung: lol I don't think he's going to do it with just the knife...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Krauser fanning out the blades to block your shots is legit cool don't @ me
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: love the metal clanging on the wood platform
Mr_Horrible: I'm pretty sure I just looted that exact shield in PoE yesterday
felrender: His blade-arm looks kind of like a heraldic swan
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think the objective here is to not be on the tower when it splodes.
KeytarCat: Nuke him from orbit?
Protein_Curry: @chipptunes i just played SCII today too, such a good game
JadedCynic: wait....sephiroth?
Tangsm: It's probably best he took his shirt off for this fight. He's not going to be able to wear shirts again.
Zu_o: it's weird to see how the soul edge ended up
Mistborn83: Was this inspriation for the movie Black Swan?
k1stpierre99: No
Gildan_Bladeborn: Let him be hoisted on his own petard!
Saintnex: @ChippTunes SOUL CALIBUR
k1stpierre99: You have to fight him
shadowxviii: ok, good to know I wasn't the only one seeing the swan arm
Seth_Erickson: LUL
k1stpierre99: Just knife him
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: he always gave me one-winged angel vibes. Like if Sephiroth were in Soul Caliber.
Vergotterung: jebaited
SodaTAddict: hax
Mistborn83: @Gildan_Bladeborn one of my favorite turn of phrases
ButButTheJesus: if it were me i would simply kill the Krauser
fcloud: in fact that's probably why he took off his shirt, so they wouldnt have to animate it ripping when his arm grew
Durzo_Blint_: I like how the timer still decreases when the ladder gets covered up
Sethalidos: rocket him
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ChippTunes: @protein_curry The only fighting game series I was ever ever okay at, no idea why they clicked how they did for me
Solipsody: Can you shoot him in the legs?
Mistborn83: If you get below 30 sec you have to use rocket launcher
Mistborn83: it is the rules
KeytarCat: Rocket or corner knife
k1stpierre99: Wont work with arm up
Makrosian_Tae: ORA
k1stpierre99: knife him
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Mistborn83 It's not often that it would be literal either.
ButButTheJesus: hya hya hya
Durzo_Blint_: RPG time
Gaytanic_Panic: Rocket?
felrender: AH AH AH AH AH AHHHHH
PMAvers: One time, I want to see him flipping backwards, and just go flying off the edge like a dragoon.
Protein_Curry: @chipptunes same, that and virtua fighter for me
Easilycrazyhat: Just fore push him off the ledge! ...wait, wrong game.
fcloud: this fight really shouldnt have both the timer and the shield mechanic
k1stpierre99: Yeah it looks pretty done.
Nigouki: it's not self-aware enough to be in Jojo
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Draynus: Does this mean that Krauser is technically a one-winged angel?
BrowneePoints: I will take you out with my Stand! SWAN LAKE!
MAPBoardgames: Aww. I wanted to see him backflip off the cliff
Mistborn83: fight like it is COD and they have a riot shield
itomeshi: In JoJo, wouldn't someone be yelling something like "GIga Puddi!"
Mysticman89: bonus points if he's one knife from death
SnowbirdMike: LOL
Protein_Curry: what is krausers stand
Saintnex: welp
k1stpierre99: Told ya
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I would 100% buy that there was a stand named Swan Lake
SodaTAddict: people complain about the ending of RE5 being very anime, but this fight did it first
Vergotterung: hahahahahaha
felrender: Welp
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Mr_Horrible: man respect arm day
k1stpierre99: Rocket launcher is useless here
KeytarCat: wyut
bv310: FBtouchdown
rasterscan: FBtouchdown
Robot_Bones: seabatNogood seabatNogood
shadowxviii: Didn't feel a thing *cough cough*
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: can you stun Krauser with a flash grenade?
k1stpierre99: lol
Gildan_Bladeborn: Welp, there's time.
k1stpierre99: No
thraximore: blocking is for cowards D:
ArrestedHouse: FBtouchdown
k1stpierre99: Stuns don't work on Krauser
Garfman314: snake snake snaaaake!
jmhodges: This game is not great
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Protein_Curry: knife
Micsig: Rocks fall
Saintnex: oh yea, does flash grenades work?
JarofGoats: lrrSPOOP
k1stpierre99: knife is all you need
Boon_33: FBtouchdownFBtouchdownFBtouchdown
Mistborn83: does the Roeket work if he isnt blocking?
BrowneePoints: You are Deacl
Mr_Horrible: I'd assume there's a specific range you have to be at to bait the leap slam, but I have no actual idea
PerfectDarkRitual: You could try being more aggro with the knife. Run after when he flips away
k1stpierre99: Flash doesn't work
shadowxviii: There has to be a trick here to beat this guy
Boon_33: :)
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: flash grenades work on most Plagas, but he might have boss invulnerability
aussie_rob_w: knife fight knife fight
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Durzo_Blint_: reload the shotgun now?
GhostValv: on the n64
EdoardoZone: pikachu, zap his ass!
itomeshi: Man, it'd be a shame if RE4 accidentally uninstalled itself.
PMAvers: Huh, is that Duke D'ardcore's cousin in there?
Solipsody: Does ANYTHING work on Krauser? I was kidding before, but this really is like an RE6 fight, where nothing does anything until you wait out the scripted crap.
incursio1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Saintnex: like can we flash and then RPG?
Wicker_Guide: iirc grenades work
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: fun fact I've never played this game, just watched my friend play it weekly for three years
HorusFive: This game really is the "throw everything at the wall" school of design
Tangsm: I mean, maybe you throw down an egg and hope his newfound nesting instincts kick in.
fcloud: knife doesnt seem good in a timed fight
k1stpierre99: You do have to time it right
Vergotterung: reload the Magnum and hit his legs
k1stpierre99: I usually try to corner him
rasterscan: That leg sweep is brutal.
Robot_Bones: seabatNogood FBtouchdown seabatNogood FBtouchdown seabatNogood
Mistborn83: Throbbing visuals A+ Ben
the_card_father: What if Flashbang?
KeytarCat: You can back him to an edge and he can't backflip away
Mysticman89: can you ding his head above the shield?
itomeshi: Rock paper scissors? knife if attack A, gun if B?
KeytarCat: It's the safe speedrun strat
oplinger: @fcloud it does like quad damage on krauser or something so its fine herr
Wicker_Guide: fun fact, this game got my father into console games
PerfectDarkRitual: @fcloud Knife does 75x damage in this fight
JadedCynic: we WERE seeing blood spray from shooting his feet whith the swan-wing out shielding him
MyBuddySuperfly: acrobatics!
felrender: yeah they want you to go for Sick Knife Killz on Krauser
fcloud: wow, ok. guess he hates knives
felrender: but it's definitely high risk high reward
EdoardoZone: guy straight outta cirque du soleil
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Adam, I think you can use the Captain America strategy: his blade-shield doesn't cover his legs.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The game keeps giving you QTEs, and you keep trying to do NOT the QTEs.
k1stpierre99: Damm. had him there
k1stpierre99: Close
Makrosian_Tae: The knife is in your mind, Ben. You have to BELEIEVE in the knife
Mistborn83: The story line in RE5 is A+ IMO
brainbosh: Strong but hard to use
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Solipsody: This is definitely one of those fights where the game wants you to do one specific thing, but it forgot to tell you what.
rasterscan: GIldan, stop being an ass?
ZealousCrow: The knife controls like a gun and it's really not good
shadowxviii: I believe in you Ben !
BusTed: rayfkDont
KeytarCat: Oh, I-frames breaking a mashing combo
Vergotterung: MAGNUM
Mysticman89: consider getting a snickers
k1stpierre99: I gotcha
aussie_rob_w: I believe in you Adam!
Protein_Curry: We believe in you!
Saintnex: you got this Adam, we believe
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: quickest-time event
shadowxviii: They're called QUICK time event for a reason :P
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: man how come we can't have a rad alien arm
Protein_Curry: Lets go Adam! Let's go! -clap clap-
Garfman314: kneecap 'im!
Lord_ZYRK: Have you tried ALSO backflipping?
Mysticman89: rocket to the foot might work better than rocket to the shield
Gildan_Bladeborn: Maybe the rocket launcher when his shield isn't up could be effective.
LathosTiran: have we tried offering him an egg?
Tangsm: Did the rocket launcher not work because it hit his wing?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: fucking kneecap the son of a bitch
JadedCynic: @Gildan_Bladeborn the only qte's I've seen are to evade/dodge an attack, not MAKE an can survive forever by passing these QTEs, but you will still lose the fight (points at timer)
El_Funko: ah yes, leg meta
NotCainNorAbel: rocket laungher the knees?
fcloud: too bad you cant bait him into just flipping off to his death
El_Funko: I know this game
incursio1999: Jojo’s finales be like CoolStoryBob
Protein_Curry: can we offer him an egg in this trying time?
Tangsm: This is so silly.
EdoardoZone: good old knee pads
shadowxviii: Progress !
El_Funko: switch to rip ammo
AmberLampLight: In a just world, the way to deal with this guy would be to stand aside and let him flip himself off the ledge
ChippTunes: simply make your own arm a meat sword and the problem will take care of itself
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Being over 30, Krauser's weak spot is his knees.
Noxenluxe: This boss fight stinks SeriousSloth
KeytarCat: Functional is enough
BrindleBoar: do you have enough time to rocket him in the face after shooting his feets?
Mister_Hush: You don't remember the Salazaar fight?
MegaDosX: Would it work if you rocket launchered him in the feet?
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Lord_ZYRK: Not even the Ska battle, Ben?
Gildan_Bladeborn: @JadedCynic Right, I was pointing out that he was attempting to knife him midst those QTEs. Which doesn't seem like it was going to work.
fcloud: a health bar would be nice, or some indication of how he's doing
Mister_Hush: so you DO remember it lol
Officinalis: That's because Adam used to code of "Rocket to the face" for most of them.
Pharmacistjudge: If I remember right Krauser has damage reduction from guns and only takes full damage from knife.
Vanbael: same here, that's how I beat Salazar too
EvilBadman: knife does bonus damage here, which why I remember
Sogheim: somewhere out there a developer is all "yes! he figured it out!"
SnowbirdMike: Agreed
k1stpierre99: Yeah
saucemaster5000: I mean, what villain was more menacing -- easily killed rasputin or tiny napoleon?
EdoardoZone: whos that enemy btw
shadowxviii: I remember playing this game and just stacking rockets, then getting to the last boss with like 4 :D
Solipsody: SOME sense that any of this is actually helping would be nice.
multeyemeteor: Bosses with Health Bars sounds like a Seattle band
Lord_ZYRK: Mister bigshot over here with his visible health bars DansGame
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah, when he's down, it's like knifing a Plagas symbiote
k1stpierre99: He takes a lot more damage from knife yeah. I do understand it's tough
k1stpierre99: Yeah flash doesn't work
MegaDosX: Worth a shot though
jessieimproved: enemies with either a) health bars or b) visible damage indicators
Pharmacistjudge: I think you can shot in knee and then knife
Favre_Studios: A health bar would be nice, or some sign of progress or injury
fcloud: doesnt have to be a bar, but have him start bleeding or something
Vergotterung: and this is the whole boss sequence where Adam forgets about the Magnum
incursio1999: What about EL GIGANTE
k1stpierre99: When he flips backwards run towards him and knif him
Lord_ZYRK: Waiting seems like a great strat 4Head
PerfectDarkRitual: Use the corner pressure
Protein_Curry: Adam you're actually pretty close, you can do it!
k1stpierre99: Oh there you go
Mister_Hush: He's minus on leg sweep D:
fcloud: love the backflip in place
ArrestedHouse: FBtouchdown
Mistborn83: nice
Vanbael: El GIgante w/ doggo
ChippTunes: yeet
Dmc3628: 7 seconds is not enough time
JadedCynic: with less than 10sec left
meachamo: Got 'em!
shadowxviii: Phase one complete
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
KeytarCat: PogChamp Got it!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ah.
k1stpierre99: Oh no :(
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown
Mistborn83: Adam Supreame gamer confirmed
SnowbirdMike: Woot
MegaDosX: benginTry
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Krauser's weird lack of animation linking his attacks makes him look like a fighting game character controlled by me, a person who does not know how to play a fighting game
Vanbael: F
DeM0nFiRe: Woooow
bv310: lrrGOAT
Mister_Hush: WOW
Saintnex: WOW
Sogheim: cool game
Mister_Hush: This game SUCKS
DeM0nFiRe: If it makes you redo the fight that is hella dumb
circusofkirkus: love the timer going during the cutscene
fcloud: thats bs!
Micsig: cool game
BrowneePoints: Why, the fuck, does the timer not stop
Nigouki: COOL GAME
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: WOW
JarofGoats: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
EdoardoZone: f.........
Mistborn83: NO!
MegaDosX: Well, you figured it out
HorusFive: yup
BusTed: WutFace
wikisome: do that now faster
tensionheadtv: woooooow
bv310: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Mysticman89: sthCowbell
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BrindleBoar: shoot feet knife face?
BrowneePoints: That's fucking stupid
SnowbirdMike: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Protein_Curry: TOLD YA!!!! FBtouchdown
gualdhar: cool game
PMAvers: Sounds like someone needs to work on his PUMPING.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: gcuofcBWT gcuofcBWT gcuofcBWT
MegaDosX: So there's that at least
Mistborn83: wow
Orgmastron: jlrrCollgame
AmberLampLight: what
k1stpierre99: Yeah, the whole bomb thing is lame
Mistborn83: COOL GAME!
Saintnex: lrrEFF this
Dmc3628: yeah it's two parts either you make it and fail to escape his explosives or die trying
Mister_Hush: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Stormthius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
HorusFive: FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: Of course he has to do it over again Ben, this is Resident Evil.
Officinalis: Dang. That was rough. You were doing so well.
LuveenW: Thanks, Ben
meachamo: lrrFINE
NarishmaReborn: that is..... pretty annoying
serramarkov: Unfair, you beat him!
BrowneePoints: I'm actually pissed
fluffyvampire42: I usually wait for him to come to me then knife him
I_Am_Clockwork: thats some arcade game bs
Ferra0729: Oh geez
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NavelWarfare: Okay, Ben. WHY TIMER AFTER FIGHT
ChippTunes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
k1stpierre99: Really dumb
Orgmastron: jlrrCoolgame
ButButTheJesus: puddi puddi puddi puddi rockin everywhere
Protein_Curry: BEN WHY WOULD YOU
itomeshi: try to end the fight near the exit?
Transmuted_Elf: TransgenderPride lrrADAM
philippekav: easy, just do it faster
seanmrwick: oh god this part
gualdhar: FBtouchdown
MyBuddySuperfly: in REAL LIFE
PerfectDarkRitual: Adam, you can chase him down when he's flipping away.
trashshaman: Bens gone mad!
brainbosh: You have magnum ammo, right?
Garfman314: why would the bars open when he dies?
MegaDosX: Gotta say, this game's pretty dumb in some places :p
KeytarCat: !ti toG pmahCgoP
JadedCynic: that is fair, but the fight itself wasn't
EdoardoZone: THANKS BEN
NotCainNorAbel: in real life his arm wouldn't do that!
saucemaster5000: Oh now the game is realistic
Solipsody: Ben, I hate to say this, but you really screwed up designing this fight. Maybe it's for the best you stopped making games.
Vergotterung: MAGNUM Adam
Robot_Bones: But what if you restarted with 7 seconds left tho
SnowbirdMike: Can we just shove a grenade in his mouth and shove him off the top.
Tangsm: The timer is supposed to stop at 00:01
fcloud: the counter-strike of survival horror
Protein_Curry: Ben explain
Lokolos: Do you remember back when games were good. LOL
k1stpierre99: Try when he flips backwards to run forward. He's in animation so you have the chance.
Mysticman89: you need his rfid chip to control the bars
ChippTunes: It really is the Dark Souls of stupid bullshit
PMAvers: Nice to hear that straight from the creator of Resident Evil 4, Mr. John Evil. How'd they fly him out to Victoria, anyway?
Vergotterung: Ben tell him about the Magnum
IgnatiusHusky: Speaking of gritty, why isn't Gritty in this game?
Saintnex: can we rocket his knees to hopefully kill him quickly?
Garfman314: knecapping seemed to work
Gildan_Bladeborn: On attempt 2 or 3 you did dodge that initial attack. Not so much this last one.
KeytarCat: Remember when games had save states and a fight like this bricked saves?
JadedCynic: "you'll never be as awesome as your Uncle Duke, and you bleach your hair!" :D
k1stpierre99: mag is a waste here
rasterscan: Ease up on the backseating.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: should've asked for a bigger alien arm-wing, Krauser
ChippTunes: Backflip Dan the Backflip Man
MegaDosX: Adam has proven he can beat this fight, so I say we just let him do it his way
Solipsody: When he crouches and drops his guard after getting shot in the leg just right, then will the rocket work?
Mister_Hush: So, again with the ammo thing, what are you meant to do with a 3 minute timer if you got to this fight totally dry
niccus: just grow your own arm-blade
k1stpierre99: I wouldn't waste mag here
k1stpierre99: nice
shadowxviii: shoot the knee and then swap to rocket ?
KeytarCat: We've already given as much advice as can be given for this fight, it's just execution at this point. Rock on and Grock hard, Adam! lrrADAM
k1stpierre99: There you go
Wicker_Guide: you are doing the fight correctly. its just a bull fight
DeM0nFiRe: ?
Saintnex: wut
fcloud: wow that was fast
BusTed: Sure.
MegaDosX: Easy clap
NightValien28: Mister_Hush restart the game from the beginning
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
fcloud: knife power
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ArrestedHouse: knife is op
SmoreThanAFeelin: what?
ChippTunes: um
NightValien28: wat
BrowneePoints: Go go go
Mister_Hush: @NightValien28 LUL
ArrestedHouse: FBtouchdown
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
SnowbirdMike: Very nice
EdoardoZone: 1 30 to go, wow.
Vergotterung: Magnum is god
lamina5432: knife hurts
rasterscan: TOUCHDOWN!
JarofGoats: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
brainbosh: YEAH MAGNUM
HorusFive: now just wait for the timer to run out
felrender: FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: boss of the game folks
Solipsody: Adam found the pattern! I don't know it was, but he did it!
MegaDosX: Well now you have time to leave
rasterscan: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DeM0nFiRe: K
Mr_Horrible: FBtouchdown
EvilBadman: I did say the knife fucks him up
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NightValien28: why
k1stpierre99: gotta hurry out
El_Funko: knives are the best guns because they're just a big sharp bullet
Tangsm: This would have been such a good point in the game for a comedic moment, too. Like he runs at you with his super arm and just plummets off the side.
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Protein_Curry: AYYYYYYY
gualdhar: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Primarch_IX: Knife = super effective
Bloodrush192: DA
Pharmacistjudge: it's a puzzle
fcloud: even during the "gate lifting" cutscene, the timer keeps running
KeytarCat: Fork yeah! PogChamp FBtouchdown
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown
Ferra0729: Ummm. Three successful combos?
felrender: A knife is a bullet you can re-use
Seth_Erickson: forgot you designed him with mega bullet resistance
Gildan_Bladeborn: Success! Also that character is definitely dead and won't be coming back, in an even larger and more improbable form that defies the laws of physics and conservation of mass. Kappa
k1stpierre99: Also dumb that it's one at a time
bv310: Alright, now to teabag his corpse for a minute and run out with ten seconds to spare
BusTed: Now it's frozen.
Protein_Curry: Ben you sure are surprised by a lot in your own game
Seth_Erickson: but ass knife defense
NightValien28: is this one of those games where the fps influences the knife damage?
oplinger: the knife is mega powered in re4, and it does bonus damage to krauser. it really is the way to go lol
Garfman314: the square hole?
thraximore: Imagine if you died putting these in
Favre_Studios: Yeah, this game seems to have story issues
NotCainNorAbel: sort of like a key
the_card_father: Also what was that guys game plan after that fight? Cause now he just has this giant bird sword arm. So like, how does he wipe?
shadowxviii: Almost done
JadedCynic: @El_Funko but the ammo for them is cumbersome
niccus: for a second i thought it was going to be like one door tells the truth the other lies
Pharmacistjudge: communism or commerce?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Eat the rich!
Bengineering: wait i meant capitalism
PerfectDarkRitual: @NightValien28 No, the knife just does absurd damage in that fight
ButButTheJesus: eat the rich?
felrender: Way ahead of you, Mr Ulmer
serramarkov: Let's nope!
BusTed: Consumerism?
k1stpierre99: Pretty close to wrapping this up
NightValien28: Pharmacistjudge why not both
gualdhar: I don't think that means what he thinks it means
NightValien28: PerfectDarkRitual oooh
ChippTunes: not CyberMarx
Pteraspidomorphi: Close, except the opposite!
KeytarCat: @NightValien28 I know RE2:R does, but I don't know how this one handled the port
BusTed: Any of those things, really.
theevermist: isn't this like the exact opposite of that?
HorusFive: @Bengineering Freudian slip?
EvilBadman: I wasn't kidding when I said speedrunners do knife only whole game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Consume the rich
BrindleBoar: MrDestructoid
philippekav: you keep using that word and all that
felrender: alright folks, get the mutual aid going
fcloud: he's saying, while the ad runs, why not do a communism?
JadedCynic: @the_card_father with his RIGHT hand and a wad of toilet paper, sheeh
KeytarCat: @PerfectDarkRitual oh, thanks! also, great handle
Saintnex: That boss fight seemed terrible
gualdhar: hey, can we NOT eat the rich? they don't taste good. lets just take their stuff instead.
Pharmacistjudge: Umbrella is rich...I don't want to eat anything Umbrella
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben is clearly in the pocket of big communism
Vergotterung: fully upgraded the broken butterfly will kill most bosses in one clip
ButButTheJesus: @gualdhar but i'm hungy
Solipsody: @gualdhar Nope, gotta eat them. Not enough body bags, remember?
brainbosh: @gualdhar Use the rich as compost
k1stpierre99: Next part is also annoying. I hated it.
gualdhar: ok, wow, way more cannibals in chat than I expected
codatski: @bengineering You're just good at making us laugh, that's all lrrHEART
JadedCynic: @gualdhar sigh it's a me- you know wat? Fine. Sure - let's just do that.
Protein_Curry: @k1stpierre99 its the survive the minigun bit right? oof
Saintnex: @gualdhar use the rich as manual labour to help us plant more trees and grow more veggies :)
k1stpierre99: Yeah, while staying out of your 'friends' way from chopper.
k1stpierre99: Bit is so dumb and pointless.
JadedCynic: @gualdhar you didn't watch Dice Friends last night, did you? We have since educated yourself :D
Vergotterung: man I can't wait for the RE5 co-op shenanigans
codatski: @bengineering also the Let's Nope Bidet clip lives rent free in my mind so there is that
JadedCynic: @gualdhar *ourselves
Solipsody: @gualdhar I prefer the term "social realist."
JadedCynic: "survivor"?
JadedCynic: I was SOOO disappointed by that glorified game show in 2000 :P
Protein_Curry: Welcome bacc
Mister_BlueSky: Secret non-YouTube jokes. :)
Pharmacistjudge: for the record I want Adam to be Sheva
shadowxviii: Fuck Youtube etc etc
Gildan_Bladeborn: Krauser is certainly dead and not coming back, yes.
Vergotterung: lol
DaMullet14: The all knife run of this game is pretty wild
Protein_Curry: shhhhh, dont tell him
Vergotterung: they want to make doubly sure you save
Gildan_Bladeborn: (I don't actually know or anything, I just make logical conclusions based on prior patterns).
JadedCynic: @shadowxviii I'd rather not - remember the saying "never f*** with crazy" (or evil in this case)
Nigouki: Adam why is your inventory such a mess? Do we need James to come over to sort it?
Pharmacistjudge: Saddler is anti-american
ChippTunes: masters of dialogue, Capcom
Vergotterung: Ben what are your thoughts on the upcoming sequence
DeM0nFiRe: "Didn't need that henchman anyway" "Already replaced him"
Dmc3628: Saddler is not wrong there
k1stpierre99: Saddler is boring
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah Ben... what IS this dialogue?
shadowxviii: It's weird how those scenes have subtitles ....
Protein_Curry: saddler looks like palpatinw
Seth_Erickson: good question Ben; Care to elaborate
Pharmacistjudge: you are supposed to be offended as an person from North America
thraximore: Is this... flirting?
NotCainNorAbel: I think it is wild that this is their idea of what a video phone would be.
LathosTiran: looking at the hinges i dont think this phone actually folds up
Protein_Curry: Ben you wrote this
MyBuddySuperfly: you'll serve me TEA!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this dialogue was originally in Japanese, written by not-great Japanese writers, and then translated into English by even worse English writers.
plummeting_sloth: I'm starting to think maybe Saddler's 4th instance of "No, you see that think you did was actually part of my plan" may not be on the level
ButButTheJesus: epic dialogue!
ChippTunes: “No thanks! Smell ya later!”
k1stpierre99: Yeah that's re4 lol
aussie_rob_w: @plummeting_sloth HA
Mister_BlueSky: "I asked you FIRST!"
Vergotterung: lol wait till RE6
HorusFive: Can't I?
k1stpierre99: :D
JadedCynic: Oh man, due to bad hearing and not seeing the subtitles I heard that "'ll service my car!" not "'ll serve as my guard" :D
Dmc3628: sure is Re4 is better than Re5 dialogue
shadowxviii: It that how it works ?
itomeshi: Were they trying to make a movie for Arnold?
fastlane250: Not with that attitude
Favre_Studios: this story is so bad, the only good part is the commentary from ben and adam
BrowneePoints: Yea, this is where the writing for RE started getting REALLY hammy
AzureishDragoon: This makes me want to see a House of the Dead Overkill take on Resident Evil.
Gildan_Bladeborn: What do you mean you can't answer a question with a question Adam? That's what they've been doing for this entire game. Kappa
1y1e: LUL
thraximore: Girls, GIRLS
multeyemeteor: That's not true, Sadler actually laughs at Leons one liner earlier.
thraximore: You're BOTH pretty
ButButTheJesus: no, no finish! only talk!
Ba_Dum_Tish: The toppings are also cursed
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Saintnex: wait wut?
felrender: Mike!
EdoardoZone: ;p
Seth_Erickson: LUL
Vergotterung: lol
Protein_Curry: @azureishdragoon just play darkside chronicles lol
shadowxviii: That helicopter is definitely making it to RE5
Dog_of_Myth: What?
MyBuddySuperfly: just like when I get late for zoom class
niccus: pilot jokes
felrender: Mike's got jokes!
JadedCynic: that's a JOKE, Adam
plummeting_sloth: God, I love the combination of rocket launchers, crossbows and machine guns
Blasteg: one liner
felrender: THIS SHIT
BrowneePoints: Why do they have AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS THEN ADAM!
felrender: THIS SHIT IS WILD
lamina5432: jetson traffic
saucemaster5000: There were pterodactyls or something
plummeting_sloth: YOU MHAVE MISSILES
itomeshi: What? NO.
JadedCynic: um....why....
NotCainNorAbel: yes, that is how I would use a helicopter
Mister_BlueSky: I couldn't tell due to the me not laughing.
Electrodyne: hashtag ducktheducks
Gildan_Bladeborn: Wait... the helicopter, with the GUNS... rammed down the water tower.
saucemaster5000: We can explain it if you want
AzureishDragoon: @Protein_Curry I meant for the intentional hamminess, not the playstyle.
Mr_Horrible: no, that's not possible. Jokes don't exist in RE
Pteraspidomorphi: Well...
theevermist: yes
GhostValv: hmm... ?
Boon_33: Heli-Ram?
Vergotterung: hahahaha
plummeting_sloth: Did they want to save on ammo?
HorusFive: Don't answer don't answer don't answer
shadowxviii: Helicopter chan, don't piss off the guys with rocket launcher !!
MegaDosX: Adam is not an idiot
ActionJB: Are you sure we should answer that?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Do you want an answer?
multeyemeteor: Not an idiot.. but
LarkSachrosis: I understand jokes lrrSPOT
Dog_of_Myth: Ben, why did you do that
MyBuddySuperfly: whoops
thraximore: N-no, B-BAKA
felrender: It's a STEALTH helicopter
Randoplh: If you insist...
BlindProphet32: why...why was the water tower explosive?
Kipstar: job's done
Sethalidos: ehhj *hand wobbles back and forth*
BrowneePoints: I'M the one who comes into YOUR streams getting mad at ya when you call YOURSELF stupid Adam!
fastlane250: a fool sometimes, never an idiot
k1stpierre99: This part is ridiculous
Gatortux: And now Leon is deaf for the rest of the game
ChippTunes: I didn’t know you could do the pit maneuver in a Blackhawk
TheBearBee: Did they just miss the Helicopter nudging over a water tower?
felrender: He's got mittens on the end of the blades
DaMullet14: Everyone knows helicopters don't make noise until they're visible
hesterbyrde: WTF Helicopters are made of paper mache and spit. They fall apart when a bird breathes on them
MyBuddySuperfly: All water is explosive, I think
Seth_Erickson: Mike's my new favorite person in this game
bv310: Thanks, Jersey Chopper Pilot
Dmc3628: look Skyfall made it obvious
shadowxviii: Surprise that Helicopter hasn't been shot down yet
AmberLampLight: "You're looking for a timely arrival, you've come to the wrong place!"
Kuolar: The pilots joke was better
Favre_Studios: What the fuck just happened
NotCainNorAbel: you can't answer a joke with a joke
EvilBadman: His name is Mike and he is perfect
EdoardoZone: adam playing 4d chess here
multeyemeteor: Wait is Ben making a joke now?
Dmc3628: helicopters are only noisemakers when visible
felrender: I knew you knew it was a joke...
codatski: it's just all a joke
Haroldholmes25: comedy? on a LRR stream?
meachamo: Couldn't hear it over all the traffic
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Oh, jokes! I get those! Hahaha!
Dog_of_Myth: Twitch chat is a joke. :p
circusofkirkus: yeah, but the pilot's joke was funny Kappa
k1stpierre99: Chapter 5 to be honest outside of the regenerators and u3 is pretty much all dumb. I found the Castle area to be more fun and creepy.
Quaseymoto: In the words of @Bengineering, someone has to be the finisher
BrowneePoints: Nah, I'm just really sarcasm blind
MyBuddySuperfly: yeah, tent will protect you from BULLETS
Vergotterung: lol the bulletproof tent
TezzeretTinkerer: @ benginDab Why water tower not strong?/
ButButTheJesus: yes joke haha
Nigouki: hesterbyrde helicopters aren't a machines, they're just thousands of parts flying in formation :3
Gildan_Bladeborn: The game chose to brush past the bit where a helicopter nudged over a water tower (that then seemed to explode), so why shouldn't Ben and Adam?
Protein_Curry: Adam you dont make jokes
gualdhar: Adam doesn't know jokes! how can he? he's only a professional comedian!
plummeting_sloth: I don't like this Mike... not enough one liners. Also he doesn't know how a helicopter works
nyperold: "Until someone shoots me down with a rocket, that is! Ha ha!"
Electrodyne: They can't hit me in this tent
1y1e: good job this cloth tent is bulletproof
ChippTunes: brrr joke go haha
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
Phailhammer: "Richter, where *are* you!?"
felrender: A helicopter is an airplane that has to keep spinning in the air to fly
Bloodrush192: hey, at least it isn't dragging Ashley around
felrender: helicopters are TERRIFYING
Dmc3628: castle Re4 definintely has homages to where DMC1 bridged off
itomeshi: Ben, are you Solid Snake?
tensionheadtv: lol
plummeting_sloth: aaaand Mike runs out of fuel
HorusFive: I'm sure Mike will be fine waiting.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm certain nothing bad will happen to that helicopter at all.
JadedCynic: thankk you for the RCAF ref ben <3
k1stpierre99: @Bloodrush192 true that. I absolutely hated that shit.
tensionheadtv: I literally have a friend named Mike from Canmore XD
ChippTunes: 👍
HorusFive: RE Series regular "Mike the chopper pilot"
felrender: Yeah the Castle definitely has a lot of the DMC prototype in it
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Leon, get down! That's an enemy gunship! One blast of its machine guns can cut a man in half!
Mysticman89: honey dijon chips?
felrender: The gold and platinum sword puzzle in particular
Vergotterung: wow that accidental deflection
bv310: Oh man, Miss Vickies has Spicy Dill Pickle now and it's all I've ever wanted from a chip
JadedCynic: assorted, so some of them probably are mystic :D
Protein_Curry: favorite chip? i love blue corn tortilla chips
NarishmaReborn: you've slowly been building up an immunity to dynamite
NotCainNorAbel: assorted: you mean all salt and vinegar? or is there some sour AND cream?
Tangsm: Remember when everybody in this game only had crossbows?
TheMrFraser: tensionheadtv important question, does Mike have a dog named Norm?
k1stpierre99: Lol. Leon survives explosions lol
plummeting_sloth: good target selection Mike
Seth_Erickson: dang Mike what a guy
MyBuddySuperfly: what is the helicopter shooting?
archon458: not on purpose
bowseriffic: Hey errbdy
Gildan_Bladeborn: I was not aware that spicy dill pickle chips existed... but now I NEED them. Damn it.
murgolon: Mike the goat
k1stpierre99: :D
k1stpierre99: XD
k1stpierre99: LMAO
Protein_Curry: ben give us mike lore pls
plummeting_sloth: standard army issue Morning Star
CptMurphey: modern combat armor and a morningstar
MyBuddySuperfly: he got a morning star because he was a nerd, Adam
tensionheadtv: @TheMrFraser i dont think so? :P
felrender: They had a big barrel of weapons and Steve showed up late
bowseriffic: lol
noSmokeFire: "steve we TALKED about this"
MegaDosX: I guess they had a bunch of flails in surplus for their minions
BrowneePoints: Steve just loves his Flail
Garfman314: everyone with las plagas is strong bad
ButButTheJesus: "can i have rocket launcher too - NO, YOU DO MELEE"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Morningstar and combat armor/helmet.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The classic combo.
BrowneePoints: Mr Kennedy I will cause your Mission to FLAIL!
JadedCynic: he's got a ww2 helmet, tac harness,....and a spiked ball on a chain
thraximore: When they told me they'd give me MACE this is NOT what I pictured
shurtal: Flailing around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta GO KILL DEL LAGO
noSmokeFire: "as a cleric I am forbidden from using slashing or piercing weapons"
plummeting_sloth: You see Mr Kennedy I'm a paladin
ButButTheJesus: @BrowneePoints :D
TheMrFraser: tensionheadtv pity, that really makes the bit work
felrender: A morning star is DEFINITELY a piercing weapon tho
BrowneePoints: You will never break the Chain Mr Kennedy!
Protein_Curry: steve was just here to larp
MyBuddySuperfly: specially at night
Boon_33: We have bioweapons and robots, but I'll be using my trusty morningstar.
MegaDosX: Shouldn't have brought a flail to a gunfight
Garfman314: i have the high ground!
BrowneePoints: FLAIL as you like but Los Plagas shall reign!
shadowxviii: Wait until they learn to deflect bullets with their morning stars
Kipstar: My shield!
k1stpierre99: Ouch
Vergotterung: bzap
Haroldholmes25: well that was shocking
oplinger: god now im just thinking about CV steve and im angry
JadedCynic: So @El_Funko morning stars in Tarkov when? Should we start a petition? Kappa
ButButTheJesus: look the local blacksmith had a massive sale goin on
multeyemeteor: "What do you mean? I wore my morning star pants especially for this occasion."
ChippTunes: cool gaming
k1stpierre99: Shotgun to the face? No prob. Two slabs from a knife? Goes down
Favre_Studios: Slit his ankles
MegaDosX: Also why is it that Leon can't pick up the flail and start cracking skulls too?
MegaDosX: That seems unfair
BrowneePoints: So what's your name Goon #4. "Flail. Spike Flail"
niccus: we need to end (full stop)
aussie_rob_w: waaaoooooow
Bluedevyl: hell of a sales pitch... "Put this worm in yourself and you too can take a shotgun blast to the face!"
Vergotterung: what why
Kuolar: The truth hurts sometimes
PMAvers: "But James, what if you start *on time* for once?"
multeyemeteor: Spaghetti boy
1y1e: viiiiibing
ButButTheJesus: oh he's having a time
EvilBadman: You're pretty close iirc
Ferra0729: A+ pathing
Seth_Erickson: Migi why do we exist? NotLikeThis
meachamo: Watch out! He has a hatchet!
Boon_33: If you finish early start playing tarkov.
aussie_rob_w: "oh there's the guy
JadedCynic: "but brain - what do we do now?"
TezzeretTinkerer: James really does need to be an elf.
BrowneePoints: Zillenialism
Electrodyne: What if we just begin a Bit Train for you guys, and don't stop
DaMullet14: I'm pretty sure vibing is a Zoomerism
bowseriffic: Ye
KeytarCat: Def a zoomerism
shadowxviii: wait, "Just vibing" is not a sex thing ?
BrowneePoints: It's both
Gaytanic_Panic: Riding the mood like a lazy river
niccus: it was gen z, now it's zoomer
KeytarCat: , but Millenials borrow liberally because we have an identity crisis
bowseriffic: ellll...
Lord_ZYRK: Stop stealing the youth culture, Adam. You're now allowed to understand it, grandpa.
tensionheadtv: as long as its not someone in the adult entertainment industry
Pteraspidomorphi: Ok zoomer
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aussie_rob_w: Fun fact!
aussie_rob_w: Testing has shown that the knife normally does around .6 damage (an un-upgraded handgun does 1 damage) and that Krauser has 900 health. How many hits from the knife does it take to kill him? At most, a dozen. In other words, the knife's damage was deliberately and massively buffed in the fight with Krauser to around 60 damage.
saucemaster5000: my favorite millenialism is avocado. Everyone knows they're called green plubes
ChippTunes: I’ve taken yeet from the zoomers, I’ll take vibing too!
DeM0nFiRe: Millenials are too busy killing industries to be vibing
JadedCynic: oh great - we went from 19th century multiple-barrel automatic weapon to a 21st century MBAW
AmberLampLight: wait, I thought a zoomer WAS a gen Z?
Seth_Erickson: we do still have a first aid spray
Garfman314: ziiiiiip liiiiiiine
Favre_Studios: I mean, zoomers are up to 22 years old
ButButTheJesus: @aussie_rob_w neat!
felrender: holy shit I didn't know that worked
bowseriffic: nice info, @aussie_rob_w
Vergotterung: lol
El_Funko: @JadedCynic I have the least amount of power over that decision. All letter campaigns go to J. "Bitcoin Money" Turner
BrowneePoints: Millenials and Gen Z blend a lot more than other generations
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KeytarCat: @aussie_rob_w I love you, and I value your contributions to the community
felrender: Yeah, they gave him the Airsoft minigun
Protein_Curry: i mean, our gen answered phones screaming "WAZZAAAAPPP", I feel like "vibing" is so much cooler
SquareDotCube: just carrying gold bars
MegaDosX: Dude just rolled, like, six nat 1s to hit you
rasterscan: Ben, you are on fucking fire with these jokes today.
ButButTheJesus: @Protein_Curry WASABI!
k1stpierre99: Because
rasterscan: X-com turned based shit got me.
MegaDosX: Crossbow Expert?
PMAvers: He's got the Double Shot feat.
multeyemeteor: Bullets
k1stpierre99: Re4 logic
BrowneePoints: He took the Crossbow Expert Feat
TezzeretTinkerer: Brrrrrrr bang brrrrrrr bang 'dies
PerfectDarkRitual: Higher initiative
Seth_Erickson: missed a button up top I think
Gildan_Bladeborn: Arthur "2 bolts" Jackson.
Gaytanic_Panic: BOOLAT
EvilBadman: @protein_curry Answer...a phone?
MegaDosX: @BrowneePoints benginFingers
bowseriffic: Undead crossbows...
Electrodyne: Good bars? I'd rather have the unlimited minigun
NotCainNorAbel: red herb!
Tangsm: He probably ran up all excited at his 90% hit probability.
thehokeypokey: there are semi auto crossbows
BrindleBoar: rapid-firing crossbows appeared pretty early on after the crossbow
Pharmacistjudge: there's that REd herb we were promised
NavelWarfare: Yep. Two bullets. In a crossbow.
Electrodyne: gold
KeytarCat: @Protein_Curry jeez, I wasn't part of my own pop culture, that one hits weirrrrd
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
bv310: I'm waiting for one of these barrels to just have a dang snake in it
shadowxviii: Wow Ben, it's not that boring
BrindleBoar: PogChamp
NotCainNorAbel: you can have that
itomeshi: Um.... no.
brainbosh: You uh want to take that again?
bowseriffic: lol
Pharmacistjudge: can they? I don't want it anymore
BrowneePoints: No thank you
Mister_Hush: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.
ChippTunes: ✋🤚
BrindleBoar: for Harambe!
Vergotterung: lll
Seth_Erickson: you missed a button
k1stpierre99: I thinker the bigger question is: How many villagers/people are inhabited in this tiny village/island?
felrender: I hate this
ArtemisKing: i miss playing the donger and styling on my opponents with his swagger
Lord_ZYRK: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ is ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ this ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ what ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ you ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ wanted ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
theevermist: my donger is always raised
Masslost: you missed the switch by the chaingunner
Chipton: Oh man I came in for the generational warfare part of the stream? Rad
bowseriffic: that way
Sogheim: oh, right, there's a button!
thraximore: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
nyperold: Oh, those Zoomers. Always crawling around on things, being spiky. And not actually going fast enough to justify the name.
jmhodges: You missed a button by the big gate with the Gatling gun giy
Protein_Curry: g a m e r s r i s e u p
itomeshi: @Lord_ZYRK That's... that's beautiful and horrible.
EvilBadman: let's not reference noted racist pewdie
couldntpickausername: yeah, fuck that guy
Pharmacistjudge: Yeah, I rather delete him from my mental space
k1stpierre99: Button
bv310: They're referencing imaqtpie though, I think?
Lord_ZYRK: itomeshi I aim to please. . . wait, no. . . not please, the other thing
Triforcecwp: AAAHHHhh... ok.
BrindleBoar: we meme-free night now
MegaDosX: Uh oh.
1y1e: educational break
felrender: HE'S GOT A GUN
BusTed: I sense a train.
blip2004: toot toot?
HorusFive: "Real Talk" with Adam and Ben
DeM0nFiRe: ben, please don't reference Twitch Chat, Twitch Chat is problematic
MegaDosX: Adam's about to turn the car around
BrowneePoints: Tbf, qtpie sounds like pewdiepie if you're not paying attention
multeyemeteor: No, dad, no!
aussie_rob_w: Adam no, the tight timer
MyBuddySuperfly: scared?
DaMullet14: Oh no, is it train time
StarlitGhost: is it time for the lalafell
Makrosian_Tae: Adam's gonna turn the car around
itomeshi: @Lord_ZYRK With that, you can aim to please AND something else.
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: We are going to end early so james can complain about that
BrindleBoar: YES
JadedCynic: okay, time to be That Guy; I think you'll find that 'vibin'' was an idiom back in the days of MoTown and the birth of R&B, so we actually have to thank The Greatest Generation for being the artists that gave us the music scene and coined the term. :D
MyBuddySuperfly: yaaaaaaaaay
NotCainNorAbel: No Dad,
Electrodyne: QUICK! distract us with gigapuddy
Jennie_Fuchsia: Hey, Ben, Twitch Chat is kinda problematic
shadowxviii: Is it train time ?
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Mister_BlueSky: :D
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
EvilBadman: Sorry, Ben you were talking under a chopper machine fire. sue me.
Favre_Studios: Real Talk time
thraximore: DMCA time?
k1stpierre99: Oro?
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NotCainNorAbel: I'll be good
RealGamerCow: froot froot
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
multeyemeteor: ok, this is fine
BrindleBoar: 2020Pajamas 2020Party
SmoreThanAFeelin: FROOT FROOT
felrender: ahhhhhh
NimrodXIV: froot froot
Transmuted_Elf: what?
Saintnex: FBtouchdown
Gaytanic_Panic: That's it BACK TO WINNIPEG
crystalbravest: fruit fruit
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JarofGoats: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Easilycrazyhat: Time to chill on the train
MyBuddySuperfly: FROOT FROOT
bv310: Froot! Froot!
Roger_Job329: 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party
ClankyLily: froot froot!
Tangsm: Froot froot
Bladinus: froot froot
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
tensionheadtv: froot froot
Orgmastron: FROOT FROOT
HorusFive: susdFineMove susdFineMove
gualdhar: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Favre_Studios: Froot Froot
TheBearBee: Oh yeah
Lord_ZYRK: Adam is punishing us with something we love
Capt_clown: LUL LUL LUL LUL FBtouchdown
Phailhammer: FROOT FROOT
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Rhynerd: Now It’s time to stop
JarofGoats: Froot Froot!
BusTed: 🔵 🔵 🔵 PogChamp
Protein_Curry: Uh oh, Dad Adam activated
RealGamerCow: This is the twitch chat version of the timeout corner
cuttlefishman: Blueberries
ButButTheJesus: blueberries!
TezzeretTinkerer: Vibin time
MyBuddySuperfly: cookies, put them down
bowseriffic: Froot Froot
Seth_Erickson: BLUEBERRIES PogChamp
HorusFive: susdBirb susdBirb susdBirb
Favre_Studios: blueberries
Makrosian_Tae: Blueberries pogchamp
gawag_: oranges
KeytarCat: oh my, I'm so f-ing lost
aussie_rob_w: Blueberries!
ClankyLily: blueberries!
TheBearBee: Time to Vibe!
MegaDosX: Adam can I get some mangoes please?
empyreon: PogChamp
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas
Transmuted_Elf: just what is this
TrinexxSlayer: greenberries
bananderson_: I have arrived at the perfect time
shadowxviii: Strawberries ?
LinearGif: Hi excuse me what
ArtemisKing: Vibe time
e_bloc: Corgo1000 I've missed this so much
Easilycrazyhat: FROOT FROOT
fastlane250: so this is where that meme comes from
Seth_Erickson: this is definitely a vibe
JarofGoats: Vibin'
Favre_Studios: *inhale
Orgmastron: FROOT FROOT
bowseriffic: a peach
JadedCynic: <3
BleedingToast: Blueberries suck
Protein_Curry: i have lag so i cant answer i sowwy
MyBuddySuperfly: time to stahp
ButButTheJesus: RASPBERRIES! FBtouchdown
Favre_Studios: *exhale
BusTed: 🔴 🔴 🔴 PogChamp
SmoreThanAFeelin: yes now we vibin
multeyemeteor: It's time to stop frooting around
rain_who_lurks: All aboard the fruits train
The_Kraken19: Just vibe
felrender: lrrCIRCLE_SG
k1stpierre99: O.o
ClankyLily: raspberries!
Orgmastron: RASPBERRIES PogChamp
Favre_Studios: raspberries
Gildan_Bladeborn: I have next to know knowledge of what people in chat THOUGHT you were referencing (such that they would be upset about it), and absolutely no clue what you were ACTUALLY referencing.
Kramburger: Chat has to apologies to heather for making Adam do this
e_bloc: Corgo310 frootchamp
Mister_BlueSky: Yo, blueberries and raspberries? Where are the GOOD fruits?
smallimprovement: Raspberry's poggy
Seth_Erickson: RasChamp
Gildan_Bladeborn: *no, not know.
bv310: I feel obligated to make the toot-toot hand motion along with this song
rain_who_lurks: It's been awhile, i've missed it
Orgmastron: FROOT FROOT
Easilycrazyhat: Razzers my dazzlers
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
k1stpierre99: Bye bye
Obsolete2885: catJAM
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Makrosian_Tae: Bye bye
empyreon: SingsNote riffGasm SingsNote
BlindProphet32: jlrrCai jlrrLlou seabatUseless jlrrCai jlrrLlou
Vergotterung: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: bye byeee
Seth_Erickson: bye bye
Capt_clown: succinJail succinJail succinJail
JadedCynic: o/ bye train <3
electra310: Bye train!
GhostValv: benginO7
The_Kraken19: Bye train!
TheBearBee: I sincerely hope Adam gets famous someday as the Froot Froot Guy
felrender: this is my first time experiencing the train, that was magical
bowseriffic: toot toot
BusTed: 👋 SeriousSloth
Mister_BlueSky: Where the strawberries at?
rasterscan: benginHi
HorusFive: 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas
Favre_Studios: bye bye
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Mysticman89: *waves good by to youtube monetization*
thraximore: Bye train
1y1e: o/
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WizOuphe: That deserves my sub
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MyBuddySuperfly: and now... tense music
meachamo: lrrFINE
jessieimproved: sergeHi
Sogheim: it feels very weird to be put in time out
PMAvers: Incoming James for a hive kick in 5...4...
aussie_rob_w: how did that START?
arkham1981: Thanks Adam
ChippTunes: Video games are fun
ButButTheJesus inhales
KeytarCat: Ah
multeyemeteor: I'm even more triggered and confrontational
k1stpierre99: Alright
BleedingToast: Poggies my raspberries
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bowseriffic: byeee trai
TezzeretTinkerer: lrrBEN lrrADAM lrrHEART
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obionedrop: lol this is a tactic i use with kids at work
MegaDosX: And now back to this fever dream of a video game
bananderson_: time to blow up zombies with a rocket launcher
ButButTheJesus exhales
AmberLampLight: we all good, no negative feelings, on to RE4
Makrosian_Tae: I love you Adam. You're a real PEACH ;D
Boi_Ginny: Great time to show up, love it
k1stpierre99: Let's get back to call of duty.....errrr I mean RE4
k1stpierre99: O.O
Tangsm: The origins aren't the point.
gualdhar: twitch chat, help me, I'm such a void the Froot Froot song didn't move me
Mysticman89: it came from kazaa
Protein_Curry: Adam became the chat therapist
ClankyLily: KPOPheart
Capt_clown: DMCA'd in 3...2...1
MegaDosX: It was spawned out of the timeline, without prompting
Easilycrazyhat: Maybe they have a Cameo
Kipstar: god I hope the person behind that song hasn't milkshake ducked
JadedCynic: man I'd missed that - thanks for being such trash Twitch Chat that I got to hear it again <3
LathosTiran: source amnishia is a real thing
circusofkirkus: that's MISTER peter to you
itomeshi: Use your free Canadian postcard?
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Roger_Job329: I just got here what happened
Saintnex: wait we do?
itomeshi: Yes!
TheBearBee: Oh yeah!
blip2004: they came in the mail last week
Triforcecwp: Canada post sent every household a free postcard.
cuttlefishman: Yeah, Canada post is giving them out
plummeting_sloth: only 1 though, so use it wisely
electra310: No, it's a postcard to get a free Canadian
AkiraBalance27: You couldve paid for one less
TheBearBee: Covid Free Post Card
Ba_Dum_Tish: I'm glad that our helicopter had unlimited ammo
MyBuddySuperfly: too soon
raulghoulia: while this game may blow. we don't have to
bv310: Yeah! They're in the mail. I've collected like ten from the spam mail counter at the post office
GDwarf: No free postcard here
tensionheadtv: i heard that too, i havent got one yet
Electrodyne: Peter Weatherall
Mysticman89: do you have a house tho?
MinniChii: We got our free postcard. Ours says "send a hug"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Every "house".
xantos69: But you don't own houses!
KeirenH: they sent an email telling me about it, but I haven't gotten it yet
EvilBadman: gotta own a house in this economy
saucemaster5000: In soviet canada, Postcard sends to you
k1stpierre99: Yay. You get to do EXACTLY what you just did in the other room, except you gotta hit TWO buttons. YAY
shadowxviii: Well, I didn't think we'd learn like this that Ben isn't a real Canadian
ShaneLeeAtk: They haven't sent them all out yet.
Vergotterung: lol
TheBearBee: I think you acidentally threw your post card into the froot froot train
felrender: yeah this chopper has a wildly permissive loiter window
BirkaBirkowski: I didnt get shit from Santa, I'm beginning to doubt my faith in him
ChippTunes: I’ll get my free Canada Post postcard here in DC one of these days, I just know it
bv310: Just vibin
JadedCynic: @Bengineering no seriously - Canada Post was distributing a Free Postcard to 'keep in touch' with friends/family etc - I worry you might have fallen through the cracks with your recent move?
Lord_ZYRK: Oh no. . . Leon's got his EARPODS IN D:
LathosTiran: gotta take some me time
Gildan_Bladeborn: Or just... not a homeowner.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The answer was "yes", apparently.
MinniChii: Owning a home not needed. Apartment dweller here in Toronto. we got one
storiers: I mean, Helicopter Mike is 100% playing a Springsteen mixtape himself, so
plummeting_sloth: zombie had the zoomies for that gun
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fcloud: decentralizing gatling gun privileges
MyBuddySuperfly: yeahhhh
ChippTunes: lrrADAM_SG
bv310: Thanks Jersey Mike
ButButTheJesus: yeheahhh
multeyemeteor: Thanks a lot, Adam. Now I'm stuck listening to Peter Weatherall's entire discography.
aussie_rob_w: Another Fun RE4 fact! When the game was released in PAL territories, it lowered things like ammo drops, but upgraded a number of weapons. These changes were applied to all further re-releases:
Triforcecwp: Yeah resident evil is known for its top notch voice talent.
Protein_Curry: You know who I haven't seen in a while?
Lord_ZYRK: Have you been listening to dialogue in this series?
Protein_Curry: JOHN CENA🎺🎺📯📯🎷🎷
Pharmacistjudge: Peterweatherall's youtube page has an email
MegaDosX: The voice acting in this game has been...of a certain quality, to be fair
Mysticman89: bold assumption that I can make assumptions
multeyemeteor: Adult, yes...
Mysticman89: er, decisons even
plummeting_sloth: i think the last 10 minutes have shown pretty conclusively that we make poor decisions
Vergotterung: decisions are haaaard
EvilBadman: You may wanna trade your Dog back in then Ben
Kramburger: Speaking of which, I've been playing MK11 and I can't play as Sonya Blade because Ronda Rousey is NOT a great voice actor
Draynus: I mean is that objectively a Bad decision?
saucemaster5000: adulthood just means you're allowed to make bad decisions
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Lord_ZYRK - It seems sometimes that they really haven't been, doesn't it?
Lord_ZYRK: You gov't doesn't even trust you with a post card lrrBEEJ
Ba_Dum_Tish: We can be adults and make poor decisions
multeyemeteor: "Animal Bus" is a banger btw
etaluia: !adult
LRRbot: Adult currently unavailable, please try again later.
obijam_: idk what do you think? can i make decisions?
Dmc3628: oh yeah I just switch to MK movie Sonya
Micsig: Nah, It's the classic deadpan pilot, when he crashes it'll be the same tone LUL
Protein_Curry: !findquote adult
LRRbot: Quote #3497: "Adult Diapers! I've got a butt-load!" —Ian [2016-10-07]
fastlane250: bullest
MegaDosX: @Kramburger I remember seeing a clip on Youtube of Ronda Rousey in a movie (can't remember which), and her acting...yikes.
aussie_rob_w: You, but badly.
plummeting_sloth: he's just shooting for the fun of it
fcloud: look, it's not about hitting somebody, it's about sending a message
Ferra0729: My last adult decision was buying dino nuggies. Pay my own bills, buy my own nuggies
ChippTunes: bult for the pistle
nyperold: !findquote decisions
LRRbot: Quote #478: "You saw something weird in Japan? A TASTELESS PRODUCT DECISION IN JAPAN?!" —Jer [2015-07-18]
Chipton: You know I think a hard metal helmet would just result in a concussion and soft tissue damage if it took a point blank shotgun shell
SmoreThanAFeelin: yeaaaa
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think he's shooting a wall, until a scripted event triggers that explosion animation.
MyBuddySuperfly: shoot the helicopter
fastlane250: yeaaaah~
plummeting_sloth: oh Mike, i'm gonna miss you when you inevitably die
Dmc3628: what was happening with that Jer quote? Book of Passwords?
codatski: !findquote helicopter
aussie_rob_w: @MegaDosX so in the wrestling where she was being believably upset at the crowd booed her.... she probably actually was just upset that she was being booed?
shadowxviii: You need the bug to shoot it
Triforcecwp: I already sent u a ring tone Ben. :P
Protein_Curry: cue the top gun music
multeyemeteor: "Now listen... I rented this gattling for the full 15 min, and damnit, I'm gonna shoot it for the entire 15 min!"
Vergotterung: you need the second switch
mochabeanie: you dont have a permit to operate that piece of machinery
MegaDosX: @aussie_rob_w On the one hand, wrestling has a much lower bar for acting talent. On the other, potentially.
Mister_BlueSky: :O
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's your new text notification Adam, not the ring tone.
Spacepup: Looks like there's a switch you haven't switched.
Roger_Job329: do you have operator license for that gattling gun.
Dmc3628: i mean wrestling actors can be good see Dave Batista
JadedCynic: I love that none of the cultists used their gatling guns to shoot up at Mike, even though that one you tried to use clearly can aim up enough to shoot at the chopper
BrindleBoar: oh no, my apples!
bananderson_: oh no unlicensed chat
fcloud: toot toot!
Tangsm: It's true. We don't.
JadedCynic: :D
mochabeanie: fair point
ButButTheJesus: huaah!
Saintnex: I think there is a ladder to climb
Easilycrazyhat: UWAAAH
JadedCynic: thank you Ben <3
NavelWarfare: There's a different ladder you can use
tensionheadtv: *pulls out twich Chat Permit*
Ba_Dum_Tish: We need no permit
Spacepup: I think there's a ladder
felrender: HUAAH! ok
Vergotterung: yep
asthanius: Which is the real Adam?
Lord_ZYRK: They've got one of those lrrARROW s next to their name. I'd say that counts.
asthanius: Which do I shoot?!
JadedCynic: Thank you Adam but your ladder is in another tower
Capt_clown: I got your permit right here ecdyciAssets
Gaytanic_Panic: BWAAAAHH
Protein_Curry: Now adam, i thought we packed all our negative apples in the train
Triforcecwp: Im glad you like it Ben. Made my day <3
MegaDosX: He's a pro gamer!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chat will have to shoot them both to be safe
mochabeanie: the adams are communicating
Gildan_Bladeborn: Why would we deprive you of these moments of discovery?
fastlane250: Tonight on Let’s NOPE: Adam and Past Adam have a screaming contest.
BibitteNoire: That scream should get its own LRR emote
Saintnex: yup, noted genius Adam, solved it himself with absolutely no help
Mister_BlueSky: I'm shocked.
EvilBadman: Actively climbing the ladder! what a gamer!
NotCainNorAbel: benginTry
codatski: Oh Adam you're THAT kid on the playground
multeyemeteor: Ladder Finder 4: Such Resident Much Evil (sponsored by old memes)
niccus: this train is looking more like a trolley problem
BrindleBoar: known violator of apple law
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
fcloud: me, a streamer,
MyBuddySuperfly: Adam yelling like a goat yelling like people
Tangsm: "As the talent..."
Triforcecwp: lol
Pharmacistjudge: b'okay?
Lord_ZYRK: We can't expect Adam to hold himself to the same standards as Twitch chat
JadedCynic: Heck, I just don't even try to give advice anymore, first there's the lag that makes anything I suggest irrleveant, then, yeah - I just don't'
Roger_Job329: As a content producer.
Capt_clown: What are you, Reb Brown?
fastlane250: bouquet
BusTed: So much quieter without the helicopter.
Dmc3628: Adam has his own Doublestandard to uphold
plummeting_sloth: looks the boys' got lag brain
Triforcecwp: HUAHHHHH okay.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because there wasn't a ladder there for you to refuse to use for its intended purpose. Leon can't just jump down from ANYWHERE, he has to be making a statement about his open disdain for ladders when he jumps down. Kappa
felrender: that can't POSSIBLY be true
raulghoulia: Adam did you see your Kaldheim nickname card?
ChippTunes: Miiiiiike
philippekav: deus ex copter
ButButTheJesus: haha Mike go brrrrrr
saucemaster5000: We've learned to speak in smaller words
felrender: The combined brain power of Twitch chat couldn't pour water out of a boot with written instructions on the heel
BrowneePoints: Provoke the Trolls
Protein_Curry: ben using adams yell reminds me of that one video where the guy sampled a wow player going "AH FOUR STRENGTH FOUR STAM LEATHER BELT? AHHH! LEVEL 18? UUGGH UG"
Ba_Dum_Tish: This guy is too useful to survive
philippekav: Provoke the Trolls
tensionheadtv: Provoke the Trolls
JarofGoats: Provoke the Trolls
asthanius: yes
MyBuddySuperfly: haha, whoops
Mistborn83: Spot on
obijam_: um
shadowxviii: There it is
MegaDosX: That tracks
codatski: You absolutely do
EvilBadman: Miiiiiiiiiiiiike!
BusTed: oh no mike
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown
obijam_: a heh
Kuolar: Noooo mike!
ChippTunes: 😬
Mistborn83: 100
brainbosh: Oh yeah, Leon still has the scar
Saintnex: yes. yes you do.
bv310: Mike nooooooooooo
Lord_ZYRK coughs
ButButTheJesus: miiiiiike
theinvisiblevoice: do you tho
Vergotterung: nooooo miiike
Gildan_Bladeborn: Belt, leather belt... leather belt belt..
DiscordianTokkan: You AbsoLUTELY do Adam
felrender: MIIIIIIKE
archon458: MIKE!
niccus: rip
shadowxviii: Mike who ?
Gaytanic_Panic: Not "trolls". Trogs.
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown
Haroldholmes25: f in chat for mike
Mister_BlueSky: Provoke the Trogs.
jonasjonIV: walk it off
Tangsm: He's probably fine.
Makrosian_Tae: I loved Mike's character arc
couldntpickausername: you asked us if you thought you were an idiot....
Pharmacistjudge: Adam, you untap creatures and force them to block.
Kramburger: Of COURSE not Adam :eyeroll:
ChippTunes: RIP Mike, 2021-2020
saucemaster5000: is this one of those things where you want us to deny it?
Capt_clown: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Spacepup: MIIIIKKEEEE. ok.
NotCainNorAbel: traffic accident.
BirkaBirkowski: Mike should have worn his seatbelt
JarofGoats: Mike? Mike?! MIIIIIIIIIIKE!
bananderson_: "I don't provoke any of you dumb morons, do I?"
RealGamerCow: "Ha ha. we can use rocket launchers too." The bad guys
LathosTiran: see, we were extending Mikes life
plummeting_sloth: I love the "I know a good bar' Not even a "good bar near here", just he was aware of a good bar
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Mike lived surprisingly long for a competent person in a Resident Evil game.
Vergotterung: hahahah the mullet strikes again
MegaDosX: How long are you going to grow your hair out Adam?
1y1e: the tickler!
Protein_Curry: !findquote mike
LRRbot: Quote #6614: "Mike Holmes would be so upset with all of you!" —Bengineering [2019-12-11]
jpgrindstaff: mullet mike
TheBearBee: Don't bully Adam. He's a very special boy. He works very hard to play the video games
Roger_Job329: Canada problems
thraximore: Imagine if that one guy had been given a mace instead, Mike would still be alive :(
Lord_ZYRK: Just shave the back of your head 4Head
Pharmacistjudge: I got a haircut today, i got rid of that feeling.
AmberLampLight: The sense of hair brushing you if you've never had long hair is definitely weird
k1stpierre99: Witty remark battle
Gildan_Bladeborn: That chuckle from Ben when you asked that question tells you everything you need to know Adam.
Vergotterung: lol
EvilBadman: That was Mike you dick
bv310: Thanks Leon
hesterbyrde: Insect LIves Matter!
asthanius: leon hates bugs
MyBuddySuperfly: Bioethics!
LarkSachrosis: *Now* Leon's mad lrrFRUMP
fcloud: leon: not a hindu
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: why....why did Leon take that metaphor so literally
k1stpierre99: But but Leon, You can take shotguns to the FACE
Electrodyne: Our help doesn't understand metaphors
BusTed: leon neeson
MegaDosX: The writing in this game is making me miss Dead Space 3
shadowxviii: Are we going to Corneria ?
tensionheadtv: Leon Niesen
Electrodyne: hero
BrindleBoar: Neeam Leeson? Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: Sgt Pepper?
Nigouki: mroe like Leon nii-san
Mistborn83: Um Actually.....
Makrosian_Tae: @Protein_Curry I understood that reference
Mister_BlueSky: Leslie Nielsen?
EvilBadman: uh it's called Took'd in the US
JarofGoats: You'd thing the bug cult wouldn't compare them negatively to humans...
Gildan_Bladeborn: The dialog, it burns us!
saucemaster5000: oh yeah from the famous liam neeson movie "the lego movie"
Lord_ZYRK: Sorry, *General* Pepper
SquareDotCube: Liam Neesen's Nissans
itomeshi: Ben, you're going to get us Choo Choo'd again
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Swamplor: Liam Neeson's Nissan?
jessieimproved: i was waiting for that commet
Saintnex: that clip still gets me, Daymare was SO bad
RobVanEijndhoven converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
RobVanEijndhoven converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
Pharmacistjudge: they did pay.. They paid 1500 Pesetas
Dog_of_Myth: Daymare was a wild ride.
ButButTheJesus: the hurbis
Triforcecwp: OK
JadedCynic: just rescue his CCR tape from the wreck, willya?
Seth_Erickson: Mike has been the most reasonable character thus far
electra310: Well, the last thing this place needs is an angry helicopter ghost
Mistborn83: I dont remeber Daymare
Sogheim: Mike died as he lived. with reckless abandon firing guns at anything he wanted from a helicopter.
Gildan_Bladeborn: He's going there... and then he'll BE there.
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Cat_Hatter: Selling the scope to buy the rifle was peak square-hole. Never change.
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ChippTunes: I’m really choked up about Mike not gonna lie
Vergotterung: yeah Daymare was great
Electrodyne: Ben please program more bullets
Mister_BlueSky: So you like it then?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Here
Capt_clown: Vengeance is coming.... eventually.... maybe next week
Mistborn83: RE5 does IMO
saucemaster5000: Is that why you've been sticking with ff14?
MyBuddySuperfly: Let's Watch and Play and Nope
aussie_rob_w: I love my RE4 nostalgia goggles and I'm never taking them off
plummeting_sloth: you're saying that cause the game killed fan favorite character Mike
Dmc3628: the 15 years rose tint is long gone
EvilBadman: RE5 is real bad
Sethalidos: the schlok is what makes it good
Protein_Curry: but what if we had a game called nightmare?
k1stpierre99: I don't mind certain aspects, but I def think a remake could really make this game amazing.
Dmc3628: and then Re5 drove it off a seacliff
hesterbyrde: For its time it was fucking amazing... but with RE 2 and 3 remade and RE 7... yeah it doesn't age well
shurtal: Mike's.... OnlyFan
Gildan_Bladeborn: To be "somewhat" fair to Daymare, it's obvious that the line wasn't "written" that way. The voice actor just read it wrong, and they weren't going to pay him to read it again.
Mistborn83: @EvilBadman you think so? Man I love it
GhostValv: Mike benginO7
Vergotterung: oh boy wait till you guys get to RE5 and 6
nyperold: Liam's great-nephew?
raulghoulia: Looking forward to learning his last name
xantos69: Mike was the Phil Coulson of this game.
lemmel: Im pourin one out for Mike
Hangedman: mike_from_re4_fan
Nigouki: even Mike didn't sound like he was a fan of Mike
shadowxviii: Mike who ?
JarofGoats: Pour a Mikes out for Mike
MyBuddySuperfly: just like the horse
BusTed: I dunno, I didn't see a body.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Which for our purposes worked out much better.
Mister_BlueSky: #bringbackmike
BusTed: benginO7
Sogheim: Mike was the most effective character in the game so far
ChippTunes: He flew a helicopter better than anyone else in this game
YawnLance: Mike benginO7
k1stpierre99: RE5 and RE6 are complete trash. If you think this game is bad then you are in for a rude awakening.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because that quote was amazing.
SmoreThanAFeelin: benginO7 benginO7
BrindleBoar: did Mike even have a face?
Bluedevyl: benginO7 benginO7
BrowneePoints: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
Spacepup: benginHeck benginYe benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
Hangedman: used7
Protein_Curry: excuse me i am a mike stan
BrowneePoints: barrSting barrQwenk
DiscordianTokkan: benginO7 kates7
A_Dub888: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
JadedCynic: wait...if the nostalgia goggles are STRONG, wouldn't that mean we'd be more willing to overlook the game's failings?
EvilBadman: @mistborn83 Let's kill the natives of Africa is insurmountable
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginO7 benginOh benginNo
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Here's what really gets me about "He'll go there...and then he'll BE there!" It's that the subtitles correctly say "He'll go there and then I'LL be there." Which means either the VA flubbed the line and they were like "eh," or they wrote the line that way, the VA read it as written, and the subtitles person said "No. This will not stand."
MyBuddySuperfly: blue. stone. of treason.
Stormthius: benginO7 benginO7
ActionJB: Who can say where the road goes
spethycakes: FBtouchdown
Electrodyne: benginFingers benginButt benginO7
Mistborn83: @k1stpierre99 I agree re6 is bad but man I think RE5 is great, but it could be the nestalga googles
Spacepup: benginHeck benginYe benginRip benginOh benginNo
Gildan_Bladeborn: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou - Either way it's funny.
Mistborn83: @EvilBadman yeah that isnt great
ButButTheJesus: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou ikr
BrowneePoints: The duck army comes for thee barrSting barrQwenk BOP barrQwenk barrSting barrQwenk
MyBuddySuperfly: guys'll be like "i know a place" and take you here
cuttlefishman: umm
Capt_clown: Taco Bell kickin' in
MyBuddySuperfly: oh god, im so sorry
AmberLampLight: it gives you tattoos?
Protein_Curry: Ada
aussie_rob_w: Plagas Leon
cuttlefishman: what?
Nigouki: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I think it's the VA cuz we also the the "hurbis" from them
fcloud: "are you ok?" "yeah" *shot of virus spreading*
felrender: WHEEEEE
notthepenguins: INSECT DETECTED
niccus: game over
Electrodyne: benginO7 benginButt
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP
Vergotterung: lol
shadowxviii: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou Thanks for being the other person who actually read subtitles :D
BirkaBirkowski: jeepygReachforthesky
LarkSachrosis: "Ava, I'm sorry... Mike's dead."
asthanius: "sorry"
Bluedevyl: I couldnt finish RE5 and I really enjoyed RE4... the AI for Shiva drove me crazy and I had to stop
Haroldholmes25: kinky
Capt_clown: Right in the dick!
Saintnex: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I mean the problem for me is that the "correct" line in the subtitles still doesnt make much sense :p
MegaDosX: Imagine if the twist was you killed Leon here and had to play as Ava for the rest of the game
seanmrwick: I love how she just knees him where the Sun don't shine and he just falls
k1stpierre99: @Mistborn83 I really digged the final battle. But the game as a whole wasn't great for me :/. Really lost all of what I loved about RE to begin with.
ChippTunes: Sorry, daddy forgot his meds
k1stpierre99: RE7 brought it back home for me
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer100 always fun Let’s Noping it up on a Tuesday night!
Garfman314: it keeps me company
shadowxviii: Yes... yes... the parasite did that
BrowneePoints: Ada looks SO much better in the RE 2 remake
Pharmacistjudge: I was thinking of keeping it
electra310: Didn't she just stab him?
DeM0nFiRe: "I've named it Fred. I'm keeping it"
aussie_rob_w: "Please don't strangle me again, or I might have to kill you."
seanmrwick: I mean Leon could turn into a God among the Ganados
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @shadowxviii I can't hear shit! I gotta!
Pharmacistjudge: The parasite's name is Kevin
JarofGoats: I already named it and everything!
Nenluen: Tense? no.. smiled a little bit >:)
Mistborn83: @k1stpierre99 I just loved the how the couch co op worked it seemed to come at point when Couch co op was dying so I really loved it for that
Ba_Dum_Tish: Leon is moving very well for a man kneed in the nads
the_card_father: I love this parasite. It’s grown attached to me.
wrapscalion: "Ain't got time to bleed"
Protein_Curry: ADA WAIT
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @Nigouki haha I wonder if they just couldn't afford the studio time to rerecord it?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Whatever you do, don't name your parasite.
notthepenguins: @MegaDosX that would actually be rad
Spacepup: Speaking of Ben's emotes, when we getting a Puppy emote, Ben? mjbHYPERPUP
theinvisiblevoice: I'm just trying to save you!
felrender: Yes
Chipton: Yup
Capt_clown: Yes, your the only one
BrowneePoints: ALL THE TIME
MrWrann: No
BrowneePoints: Cuz BEN
TheRandomBear: yes
gualdhar: absolutely
Nenluen: it's mildly irritating
Bluedevyl: You're not the only one. Happens to me all the time
Vergotterung: the Mullet feeling?
Transmuted_Elf: rescues piss me off sooo much
shadowxviii: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou My hearing's fine, but if there's text on the screen, I feel obligated to read it.
Chipton: Cause they're wrong like 75% of the time
Makrosian_Tae: I know that feeling
BrowneePoints: I have issues with getting yoinked cuz BEN does it to me ALL THE TIME
Omthebox: Let me DIE!
itomeshi: Here, here!
DiscordianTokkan: I REALLY don't like Healers troll-Rescuing. "I WAS SAFE, FUCK YOUUUU"
MyBuddySuperfly: I got that too
Ba_Dum_Tish: I never rescue people. Its your fault for standing there
tehfewl: <- the priest who lifegrips people into bad stuff
Scy_Anide: I get jumpscared by it sometimes
MegaDosX: "But I saved you from danger-" "Never. Again." - Adam, probably
k1stpierre99: @Mistborn83 Of if you're in it for co op then it's fun. Hell even RE6 with CoOP is somewhat fun (although not really with the whole fucked up menu bar they made in it).
BrowneePoints: Ben killed me no less than SIX TIMES
aussie_rob_w: oh god not another Iron Maiden
Pharmacistjudge: I lifegrip sparingly for that reason
Scy_Anide: Swap blaster and dancing toys and things I will say stop though.
RobVanEijndhoven: TIL Ben is a monster.
itomeshi: I use the consumable to stop Life Grip/Swapblaster, etc
LarkSachrosis: Not really, but I dislike being pushed out of cover by a teammate in Destiny 2.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I just read quickly/automatically any text placed in front of me, so I notice when subtitles and spoken lines of dialog don't match.
JadedCynic: *character appears for cutscene* *has an event* "okay, time to get stuff done....let's split up" *character disappears so gameplay is solo again*
PMAvers: I mean, priests have to make their own fun because all the people they have to heal are idiots.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Which is reasonably often in videogames.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ah yes the classic tradition of rezzing Guardians in Eater of Worlds reactor so that they fall right off the edge :D
MegaDosX: I do remember once playing a raid in SWTOR where you were in a trench, and if you went above it you instadied, and someone managed to yank another player up and escape before the other player died. It was pretty funny at the time.
Mistborn83: @k1stpierre99 yeah it was def the co op experince that wins it over for me
BrindleBoar: TO THE TAPES
couldntpickausername: Adam said They
MyBuddySuperfly: btw, the pronouns extension is dope
BrowneePoints: You are legally allowed to kill people who lifegrip you out of cooldowns
aussie_rob_w: vindiCATION
Mistborn83: there is a safe to open Adam
k1stpierre99: @Mistborn83 Never understood in RE6 why they thought "hey, let's have the user go in this bar, combine the herbs here, then press another button to put in in their backpocket or whatever, then have them hit R1 for each fucking time you want to heal. So lame
ChippTunes: 👌
BusTed: There were both.
notthepenguins: pronouns extension?
diamondmx: @MyBuddySuperfly Pronouns extension?
Omthebox: Chat life griping adam out of incorrect pronouns
shadowxviii: There's a safe to leave closed
Roger_Job329: Leave Adam alone ...Ben
BrowneePoints: He is..VINDICATED! HE IS
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: 6's controls are impressively obtuse
JadedCynic: I mean you've had OTHER npcs joining up with leon, why not Ada?
bananderson_: now who's getting swap blasted BEN
Mistborn83: electrical box not safe
MyBuddySuperfly: let me check the name, one sec. It enables pronouns in twitch chat
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can't just eat herbs RAW, you have to dispense them into convenient pill form first! Obviously. Kappa
ButButTheJesus: snrff snrff
Protein_Curry: i am selfish i am wrong i am right swear im right swear i knew it all along
DarkMorford: @MyBuddySuperfly
Hangedman: you have to grind the herbs into mentos
MilkInBag: hey adam you're great
Vergotterung: lol too bad he doesn't have that scope
Hangedman: so they're fresher
fcloud: "i have lots of ammo" famous last words
k1stpierre99: lmao
shadowxviii: This game has to be getting close to done
Gildan_Bladeborn: Our favorite friends!
k1stpierre99: apparently
Transmuted_Elf: Their Back.... A Dinosaur Story.
MyBuddySuperfly: @DarkMorford thanks! :)
Manae: Low on ammo, tosses away three bullets...
Gildan_Bladeborn: You have "lots" of ammo (kind of) "now".
Makrosian_Tae: Silent Hill intensifies
Electrodyne: gigapuddy
shadowxviii: RIP Ashley
JadedCynic: wait, that's not a 'magnum' - that's a webley...
MilkInBag: giga pudi
Mistborn83: Adam I miss spoke it is a electrical box not a safe
Capt_clown: Smooth, you killed it
Protein_Curry: @makrosian_tae i was getting sh2 vibes as well
Pharmacistjudge: giga giga giga giga giga pudi
thraximore: Wait is this a horror game or something? umbraThink
Manae: I was joking about the reload animation >_>
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well, that particularly riveting interaction, clearly.
multeyemeteor: Froot froot
Easilycrazyhat: Yes please :)
JadedCynic: oh wait no, it's that an old Colt Army?
Capt_clown: Do it coward
bv310: I mean, I'm not *opposed* to more Choo Choo Train
BleedingToast: guyjudgeTrain
JadedCynic: shoot, but not KILL
Vergotterung: haha you and Adam, eh?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Nega Adam
Electrodyne: Stand in front of the wiggly meat and play it so we're vaguely discomforted
Swamplor: I think Adam is saying Ben is a bad shot :)
Protein_Curry: Dad Adam has been activated: "DONT MAKE ME TURN THIS TRAIN AROUND"
DrLandmine: Adam is a clone confirmed
Tangsm: Take you out like Duck.
felrender: Yakuza 7 has the best version of that bit
Roger_Job329: He said no issue shooting hound a clone.
bananderson_: run him off the office xerox
LinearGif: Just reboot Adam and start over
LarkSachrosis: Someone said Ben should ask you and the clone The Jar Question.
meachamo: What if you found Adam in a jar?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: OK, but what if Adam and a clone of Adam were trapped in a jar? Would you free them?
MrWrann: What if it's an alternate reality Adam?
Catcard: Make sure the new one never does frosted tips though
ButButTheJesus: yes kill the clone then make a clone
aussie_rob_w: Make a fresh new Adam that you indoctrinate into being your friend.
codatski: How many levels of Adam are you on my dude
bv310: I feel like Cam would
Lord_ZYRK: I like that it's not an *evil* clone or anything. Just a clone.
shadowxviii: James would
Ba_Dum_Tish: The real question Ben would you free Adam from the jar
aussie_rob_w: Beej would cut your head off with a samurai sword.
SerGarretCameron: All of the Strengths. None of the Weaknesses.
EvilBadman: Alec would have already done it
MyBuddySuperfly: @DarkMorford found it:
k1stpierre99: Um
Gildan_Bladeborn: Unless Adam and clone Adam were fighting in a giant jar.
Mistborn83: Graham would shoot you
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Ben, that reminds me of the post with a guy going "Would you shoot your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?" and someone texting their friend like "hey can I shoot you and we'll split the cash" and their friend is like "better, I'll shoot you too so we both get 10 mil."
Protein_Curry: Alex?
JadedCynic: oh lrrWOW
JarofGoats: "Yo Beej, Get the Bat!"
couldntpickausername: twitch chat would shoot you
BrindleBoar: Wheeler would do the bit where he shoots you and pretends he didn't know you're a zombie
k1stpierre99: You don't have thermal scope?
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Kathleen would
BrowneePoints: Ian would shoot you and it would haunt him the rest of his life
k1stpierre99: On your rifle>
PMAvers: Beej walks in behind Adam, "You know what's too expensive? Paying your salary."
Vergotterung: lol
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cori would, too
shadowxviii: If only we kept the scope
felrender: oh did Adam not get the thing
itomeshi: Paul would build a horrible machine to shoot you.
aussie_rob_w: At least it's only a Regenerator and not an Iron Maiden
LinearGif: Shoots this man's head off and he just stands there like "bruh"
k1stpierre99: Aw man
Gildan_Bladeborn: The head is clearly not this one's "weak point".
Lord_ZYRK: "Beej, why do we have a cricket bat? Also, why is wrapped in barbed wire? ALSO why does it have "business expense" painted on the front?"
fluffyvampire42: you sold it
Gaytanic_Panic: Just puit them both in jars of sand and free the one that's not cool with it.
Saintnex: we sold it for the magnum
EvilBadman: Alex would have already determined you to have been bitten and already offed you.
JadedCynic: shotty for this sitch
niccus: you were imagining ben so you missed
Vergotterung: lol just shoot the body
bananderson_: oh he's still goin
Gildan_Bladeborn: Center mass seems better without the ability to see the parasites.
fcloud: stop munching me!
k1stpierre99: Either just run by it or shoot the crap out of it
k1stpierre99: I'd just run by it
diamondmx: Wasn't the meta in RE4 to leg them, then roundhouse kick?
k1stpierre99: Not coming back here anywasy
Pharmacistjudge: that makes no sense
k1stpierre99: anyways*
shadowxviii: So, real question: why aren't we just walking past this asshole and ignoring him ?
novrdd: wait.. where's the infrared scoop?? am i missing something
novrdd: StinkyGlitch
k1stpierre99: Yeah I would
multeyemeteor: Wave goodbye to the ammo... bye bye ammo
felrender: I HATE the regenerator animations
felrender: they undulater
ButButTheJesus: @novrdd he sold it
MilkInBag: still not dead btw :)
Vergotterung: lol
aussie_rob_w: if you die, you can get your ammo back!
k1stpierre99: Omg lol
thehokeypokey: I think you can just walk around him
gualdhar: hey it's that red herb Ben was talking about
thraximore: Oh hey there's the herb
etaluia: hey look its that red herb ben placed an hour ago
MilkInBag: that's me after eating too much cake
diamondmx: Grenade?
kakmize: can't you see the parasite you need to shoot with the snioper rifle scope?
Protein_Curry: theres that red herb ben was talking abouy
novrdd: @butbutthejesus whoooaaah hardcore gamer... SabaPing
Gildan_Bladeborn: Nothing good comes of acknowledging how much ammo you have, no.
spo_okymulder: that just made me snort-laugh
thedragonlady: If you shoot both the legs off they flop at you, it's ridiculous
Vergotterung: lots of ammo and healing, yeah
multeyemeteor: All that ammo was getting heavy anyway
ButButTheJesus: yes lets go with that
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, he's very much not dead yet Ben.
MyBuddySuperfly: zap zap zap
Easilycrazyhat: So, does Adam have strong feeling against Jeremy Clarkson?
Pharmacistjudge: occupied
k1stpierre99: Wished you had that ammo? :D
MilkInBag: WHAT
Bluedevyl: Sorry, wrong office
thraximore: "Sorry! I'll just... leave."
MyBuddySuperfly: oléééé
fcloud: god gamer
NotCainNorAbel: if only we could call in Mike
EvilBadman: Shit wrong neighborhood
diamondmx: Neat, I can see pronouns in chat now
MilkInBag: you shot that arrow IN THE AIR?
LarkSachrosis: Now I want a mod that replaces the regenerators with the thing from 'Going to the Store'.
thedragonlady: lol beautiful
Mister_Hush: Leon Sekiro
Protein_Curry: OCCUPAIDO
DeM0nFiRe: Did you just shoot a flaming bolt out of the air?
NarishmaReborn: that was kinda amazing
JadedCynic: wait, did you just shoot a crossbow bolt OUT OF THE AIR???
Electrodyne: By firing bullets we not only decrease the weight we carry, but also create lateral momentum.
codatski: I'm sorry did that just happen?
fcloud: i wish this game had big melee weapons
Vergotterung: another accidental deflection
Makrosian_Tae: Giga PUDDING
nyperold: Dead, definitely. Dead bodies in this game just lie around, right? They don't disintegrate, leaving an item.
shadowxviii: Hidari ?
fcloud: axe, baseball bat
MyBuddySuperfly: sick moves, bro
felrender: weeeeee
LinearGif: defensive spin
diamondmx: 720 No head
ActionJB: Going for the 720 no scope there
bv310: The footsies!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh hey, the splodey barrels.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Protein_Curry: Ben why did you copy parasyte?
BusTed: The carnival duckie maneuver.
EvilBadman: that dude was going for the Round Ender
felrender: Spin move!
Ivalenz_: Ben, I love your game.
DarkMorford: @shadowxviii Ue, ue, shita, shita, hidari, migi, hidari, migi...
fcloud: just kite him and use the barrels
Saintnex: well we do have the problem solver
Gildan_Bladeborn: Shooting a crossbow bolt out from midair is honestly one of the more believable things that's happened in this series.
Swamplor: Isn't shotgunning your opponent's head a penalty in lacrosse?
ActionJB: How many big dudes with mini guns can one game have?
k1stpierre99: Ouchie
BusTed: He's got a vibroblade!
shadowxviii: Lightsaber can deflect bullets Adam
k1stpierre99: He into some kinky stuff
Vergotterung: adam just shoot better
JadedCynic: because you your aim was off?
plummeting_sloth: a machine gun? It must be mike, back from the grave!
JarofGoats: " I see no potential consequences of holding my stun baton in front of my face"
plummeting_sloth: thank god!
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Catcard: skjsldkg
JadedCynic: that WAS totally Canadian
LinearGif: sasquatch is here?
fcloud: yeah, he sasgotcha that time
MilkInBag: the skatch escaping
Roger_Job329: Canada things
spo_okymulder: skatch
Mysticman89: hes a skatch man
BusTed: thank you milk
JadedCynic: dude, don't HIDE it - EMBRACE IT - it's GLORIOUS
bananderson_: that's so good
Protein_Curry: okay, next stream, i will be the official "bruh" counter
MilkInBag: I listen to your mods, Adam
BusTed: the e-skatch hatch
niccus: the saskatchewan emerging like las plaga
EvilBadman: It's like the mullet. just sneak peeks when you are most vulnerable
Lord_ZYRK: Adam's just skatchin it up
MyBuddySuperfly: you ok there buddy
BrowneePoints: It's just like a Saskie to hate The Skatch
Capt_clown: 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
serramarkov: Adam, you don't have to hide, you're wonderful! lrrHEART
Lord_ZYRK: Skatchies my hatchies seabatTROG
Protein_Curry: instead of the scat man its the skatch man
LarkSachrosis: Cool Gama
multeyemeteor: You should clip that shooting and attach it on your Stormtrooper application.
Electrodyne: Skibby dibby dip boom badup bop.... I'M THE SKATCH MAAAAN
gualdhar: he's the Sas-skatch (BEEEEEEE bop ba be da bop)
Mysticman89: you cant spell saskatchewan without adam
Mister_Hush: Adam show us your skatch
AmberLampLight: These enemies use miniguns as well as I do
Mister_BlueSky: feliciaToronto feliciaToronto
MinniChii: Sometimes my East coast comes out, and my Toronto Husband makes fun of me.
shadowxviii: nice shot FBtouchdown
MilkInBag: wait why cant you get the minigun
Easilycrazyhat: I made a thing...
Roger_Job329: If you want to get back at Ben just say Penner.
BrowneePoints: Adam is the Saskatchewatch
bananderson_: thanks for the gold bars zombie nerd
MyBuddySuperfly: *gently pushes door*
Pharmacistjudge: won't fit in the attache case
fcloud: in games, i have to compulsively blow up every red barrel
brainbosh: Leon's too weak to hold one.
fcloud: looks like adam doesnt suffer from that
Gildan_Bladeborn: I believe that would actually be spelled out "peener".
Saintnex: well then Ben, why didnt you put that in the game?
diamondmx: If you want to have a minigun, Ben, you need to go back to RE2.
AmberLampLight: what'd we do?
Gaytanic_Panic: Fair
gualdhar: Ben's the only one bringing the funnies, why would anyone hate Ben?
JadedCynic: heh, but Ben - think of how much space in the briefcase it'd take up? :D
thehokeypokey: I think they get something like that in 5
Protein_Curry: yeah ben, why didnt you program that in
KeytarCat: I got confused because I started hearing Ben's outro music, but my spotify just STUMBLED INOT IT
Tangsm: We know what we did.
bananderson_: you need to get back to the future
Electrodyne: if the Skatchman can do it, so can you.
Omthebox: Name one thing we did
Vergotterung: RE5 has a minigun
spo_okymulder: we said skatch
BrowneePoints: Just remind us that our existence is meaningless and that every day is an unrelenting march towards the void. BOOM Twitch chat gotten back at
Dog_of_Myth: Ben "Perfected" Ulmer
El_Funko: What did Twitch Chat do? Time to get the binder out
Mister_Hush: @BrowneePoints ouch, but fair
fcloud: bee bop bop bada bop, breh
saskquatchewan: He's a Skatch man
MilkInBag: that's a lot of boys
MyBuddySuperfly: one at a time guys, please
AmberLampLight: why... does the door... open and close in between each guy
fcloud: they all really want that meal
Gildan_Bladeborn: You need the "EEE" sound to make it the word that Ben doesn't like, not the short "E" (because that sounds like "eh").
Lord_ZYRK: Adam's new themesong is Skatchman's World
Electrodyne: Skibby dibby dip boom badup bop. Boom badup bop
meachamo: Watch out! They have morning stars!
k1stpierre99: Just out of curiousity, has Adam played the remake of RE1?
Protein_Curry: @lord_zyrk was that a beakman worlds reference?
fcloud: value!
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MyBuddySuperfly: cool shoot streamer
Gildan_Bladeborn: There's still more splodey barrels around, could lure folks into them.
MyBuddySuperfly: *shot
Mashamino: damn, got that one guy through the wall
bv310: The Skatch Man smells of Pilsner and Dry Ribs
Saintnex: Im gonna level with ya Adam, I dont think the puzzles in this game stand up to the test of time
MilkInBag: they're walking, menacingly
Lord_ZYRK: Protein_Curry no
AmberLampLight: with a morningstar for some reason
MyBuddySuperfly: a bad idea to use a morning star at NIGHT
multeyemeteor: "Moooom, he's making fun of my morningstar again!"
Dog_of_Myth: Nerf Flail!
fcloud: like this bongos battle theme
shadowxviii: "Harder" -Leon, probably-
LinearGif: It's just so unsettling how their heads explode and they don't even break stride
Protein_Curry: what would an eveningstar look like?
BusTed: yes, fetch your sweater or you'll catch your death
circusofkirkus: wait, Taylor Swift is in this?
thraximore: Haha, who's laughing now
Vergotterung: bzap
JadedCynic: wait, The Cardigans? Didn't they break up?
thraximore: The morningstar, most stealthy of weapons
Gildan_Bladeborn: Hammer space.
Tangsm: Be sure to send all your men with bullets in their pockets.
MyBuddySuperfly: headache?
fcloud: they broke into the special backup store of cultists
Saintnex: wait why was the key here?
JadedCynic: Ben, how annoying of you to make these goons so exhaustive
Mister_BlueSky: Depends.
bananderson_: I've never been flashbanged
Eclipseon: I don’t know the conditions you need to meet, but you CAN suplex enemies
El_Funko: Depends if you're welcome cool sunglasses or not
codatski: About 45 seconds
MyBuddySuperfly: love it
Vergotterung: lol
Capt_clown: 30 sec unless your wearing NVGs
Gildan_Bladeborn: Eclipseon -Oh, Adam knows.
InquisitorGaia: having been flashbanged it lasts around a minute
Boon_33: Depends if you're in the concussion area or not
NarishmaReborn: no comment
Mysticman89: its like sitting ina sdark room until your eyes adjust to that, and then looking directly at the sun
xantos69: I was flashbanged once in highschool.
Protein_Curry: this music always made me feel like i was playing goldeneye
diamondmx: For Science!
BrowneePoints: it's 30s of sight issues and several minutes of pain
bananderson_: bet you wont, twitch chat
thraximore: @bananderson_ but have you been flashed and/or banged?
JadedCynic: yeah...and my eyes recover almost instantly when I stare at it B)
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's certain enemies, when you've staggered them by shooting their legs.
El_Funko: Wearing, stupid auto correct
AmberLampLight: 7 megacandala according to wikipedia
KV1NN4: @xantos69 whoa why how??
Gildan_Bladeborn: Others, Leon just kicks.
multeyemeteor: From my testing on average it lasts about 32,4 seconds
PMAvers: Coming to the next episode of LoadingReadyLive, Adam (Flash)Bangs Himself
saucemaster5000: I flashbang myself 2, 3 times a day you cowards
bananderson_: that's personal
xantos69: @KV1NN4 Jokes. Split up those words.
diamondmx: @thraximore Yes, but never at the same time.
juneblue58: According to google the blindness lasts for about five seconds, with impairment due to afterimage following.
thraximore: sounds like a missed opportunity
KV1NN4: @xantos69 ...oh <XD
notthepenguins: and adam says he doesnt provoke chat
Hangedman: if it were me i would simply look away from the flashbang but i guess i'm built different
BrindleBoar: LUL
BusTed: Building up an immunity to light.
JadedCynic: @saucemaster5000 see, that's just wasteful - you need to talk to someone
Gaytanic_Panic: Coffee don't do the job no more
Seth_Erickson: Wait how did Cameron get into the call?
Lord_ZYRK: SingsNote and my ears fucking huuurt SingsNote
nyperold: I... well, I guess it's good to have an average?
Mysticman89: apparently a flashbang close enough to you, even if your eyes are closed, is bright enough to permanently blind you
Gildan_Bladeborn: Seeing is overrated anyways.
Capt_clown: Knew a guy who panicked because he thought he was hit with shrapnel from a flashbang....It was hilarious
Protein_Curry: what have i become? my flashy friend
saucemaster5000: I wish I could, but currently can't see anyone.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Astronomer here. Do not attempt to build up an immunity to looking at the sun. You will eventually get one, and it's called "blindness."
diamondmx: It ... might also set you on fire.
El_Funko: it's a big hot explosion, so sure
JadedCynic: well, yeah, if maybe like a foot away
BrindleBoar: yeah those are not good for you
aussie_rob_w: Videogames depower them significantly
circusofkirkus: flash bangs and tear gas are a lot worse than video games make them seem
Easilycrazyhat: Crazy bright, crazy loud, and crazy hot. They kinda suck.
meachamo: So then you're 50% immune to a flashbang after that.
serramarkov: According to Wikipedia, flash bang flash is intended to last 5 seconds
Capt_clown: I mean, if it goes off in your face
shurtal: it's basically white phosphorous for your optic nerves
Nenluen: up to 20 minutes, per google, but yeah, they can permanently blind, or burn
Protein_Curry: everyone i know goes blind in the ens
JadedCynic: but yeah, it's STILL an explosive
diamondmx: Yeah, they're phosphorous, aren't they?
Lord_ZYRK: "Less lethal" munitions are only technically so
Redbeard0044: Gamer gets flashbanged = Blind debuff
MilkInBag: flashbangs can make you blind and or deaf forever
thraximore: They're for combat situations
Pharmacistjudge: alot of "non lethal crowd control" can cause permanent damage.
El_Funko: It's the same way that blank bullets up close is still a bunch of gunpowder coming at you
Haroldholmes25: yeah they can burn people
aussie_rob_w: @shurtal oh god that comparison is terrifying
notthepenguins: i believe they do some major hearing damage too
gualdhar: a baby was seriously injured when a flashbang landed in their crib
Gildan_Bladeborn: Turns out that when things EXPLODE... that's not good.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I use Remedy.
Mister_Hush: @gualdhar I too watched the John Oliver piece
bananderson_: so you're saying I shouldn't bring them to the next paintball game
rain_who_lurks: Guys were you not paying attention this summer to the cop riots?
LinearGif: neither the flash nor the bang is particularly good for you
MilkInBag: @gualdhar who gave a flashbang to a toddler
shadowxviii: That's why you wear shades indoors
Pharmacistjudge: I use Panacea
nyperold: But only his own.
Kramburger: You'd be amazed how many 'non-lethal' weapons are actually SUPER dangerous or banned in warzones due to the genevea convention
Magresta: show up to war with those eclipse sunglasses, your flashbangs have no effect on me
Protein_Curry: @dread_pirate_westley no you stockpile those and never use them
meachamo: Eye drops and echo grass for me
diamondmx: Yeah, Remedies are really expensive and Cloud will get over that poison eventually.
BusTed: Full Restore over here.
asthanius: Use Basuna, plebs
gualdhar: @MilkInBag the police
JadedCynic: @El_Funko yeah, a wad of cotton flying at near sonic speed still hurts
Vergotterung: smells like boss room
Dog_of_Myth: I use Whiskey
k1stpierre99: Ugh
rasterscan: So does that mean having a Ribbon is the top .1%?
nyperold: Panacea?
k1stpierre99: Ashley
SmoreThanAFeelin: hello jarl
Lord_ZYRK: Kramburger or just "things the cops do" in general
shurtal: @aussie_rob_w I mean, i'm probably off by a bit.... but just a bit
Pharmacistjudge: Force Palm
Garfman314: what is palpatine doing here?
MinniChii: My husband just made a Desert Bus for Hope board game for TTS.
notthepenguins: ah yes, palm strike
BusTed: Just knocked the soul out of you.
fcloud: im also bruce lee
shadowxviii: This IS Jojo !
juneblue58: Suddenly Wuxia.
Gaytanic_Panic: Dyin' Squirtle
MilkInBag: YEAH
diamondmx: Adam, Ben - have you played this before or is this the first time through?
Catcard: Don't do this, Jarl Balgruff!
plummeting_sloth: "Oh... I have force powers. I forgot the mention that"
El_Funko: Is Remedy something other than artisinal grade kombucha beverages? Because that joke hit weird in Aus
Roger_Job329: One inch punched
Officinalis: The One Point Palm Heart Exploding Technique
MyBuddySuperfly: that guy dubbed someone in Skyrim, didn't he?
thraximore: *minecraft beta hurt sound*
niccus: i'm a gamer, i can walk that off
JadedCynic: ada wong
shurtal: Ada, WAIT
aussie_rob_w: Ava! Hooray!
bananderson_: pew pew pew
Protein_Curry: omae wa mo shinderu
Dmc3628: Ada with the Tec9 approach
fcloud: good thing i wore my bulletproof cloak
viridimayai: Okay Dracula, you weeaboo fuck
diamondmx: She should have aimed for the head.
Electrodyne: Slapped him right in the parasite
Pharmacistjudge: too bad TMP kinda suck in this game
BrowneePoints: Ada
PMAvers: Leon: "...why'd you stop shooting, though?"
Capt_clown: He just slapped him into next week
BrindleBoar: BUTTON
RobVanEijndhoven: Leon, I meant shoot him
Gildan_Bladeborn: Remember: this cult kidnapped the daughter of the POTUS because "they needed money".
Saintnex: @MyBuddySuperfly he was one of the Jarls
1y1e: dude rocks a sweet mani
circusofkirkus: REUNITED AT LAST
TotallyNotaBeholder: *beep*
Seth_Erickson: TECHNOLOGY
aussie_rob_w: it was just covering fire.
fcloud: my wrists are crying
k1stpierre99: He gonna let a fart out/
plummeting_sloth: ummm... keep shooting?
Roger_Job329: ah huhhhhhh
MyBuddySuperfly: @Saintnex you're right!
aussie_rob_w: He's bleeding money!
SnackPak_: hey, free skittles!
Fancy_frenchman: “You’ll soon harbor an awesome power. The Thu’um or Shouting is an.......”
aussie_rob_w: oh wait, bullets, right.
shadowxviii: Oh no ! He's bugged !
raulghoulia: is there just a regular office hallway somewhere? Imagine working here
brainbosh: Oh no, he is the Mask
Ferra0729: gross gross gross
NarishmaReborn: wait we need that ammo
k1stpierre99: Indestructible cape
Protein_Curry: he is the one
MilkInBag: his clothes are fireproof?
viridimayai: Explosive barrels. LOL
Electrodyne: oh it's the bad guy from the Dungeons & Dragons movie, with things under his skin
obijam_: hes not even affected by physics!
plummeting_sloth: ah, now he has rememberdd that bullets don't bother him. He forgot a minute ago
SmoreThanAFeelin: never ever
aussie_rob_w: Nice one, Ada, now we
BirkaBirkowski: Why does he look like The Hero of Kvatch
AmberLampLight: what is a red barrel but a really really big flashbang
ButButTheJesus: like a baws
felrender: *dusts off hands*
Magresta: man didnt even change his walk cycle
aussie_rob_w: now we're trapped here
fcloud: ada wong, the true god gamer
Swamplor: He developed an immunity to bullets after that first burst
MilkInBag: you weren't supposed to turn around, Adam
MyBuddySuperfly: come on Lionel, why did you do that
NotCainNorAbel: I've seen this, Bruce Willies is already dead
The_Color_Twelve: she's an artist with an explosive barrel
philippekav: stranger ?!?
seanmrwick: I love how he's just walking around like he's the Terminator or something
Garfman314: whaddya buyin?
nyperold: He's totally nothing like Mr. X or Nemesis.
Lord_ZYRK: "heyLeondoIhaveanythinginmyteeth"
fcloud: ive been fighting las plagas nonstop or ten hours, really brings out my personal musk
thraximore: don't you mean The The Plagas?
Seth_Erickson: can't wait to hear LEON, LEON over and over again
Capt_clown: Don't kill the merchant this time
Gildan_Bladeborn: Definitely dead and not going to turn into a monster 5 times the size of his normal body, yup.
plummeting_sloth: "Okay merchant... it's the end of the day here. How about fucking discount huh?"
Gildan_Bladeborn: That isn't a thing that's definitely happening.
itomeshi: Radiation: Country Radio
1y1e: it's not a story the Jedi would tell you
Protein_Curry: Someone call Alex
AmberLampLight: Impair the consciousness
MyBuddySuperfly: nice scientific paper there
MilkInBag: watcha buyin
seanmrwick: so is Sadler a Sith then?
Tangsm: So you need a plaga removal tanning bed.
Electrodyne: Darth Plaga the wise?
k1stpierre99: Sell blue
shadowxviii: At lest you're not dead is also a thing Andy would say
BusTed: We'll shoot the next shopkeeper.
MyBuddySuperfly: not enough not enough not enough cash
Vergotterung: lol not quite yet
Orgmastron: At least you're not dead/That's what my coroner said!
Seth_Erickson: Shoot him what do we have to lose Kappa
rasterscan: Ben, weren't you just saying that you hated harming NPCs in games?
Ba_Dum_Tish: hehehe
Mister_BlueSky: Not enough, not enough, not enough.
CyberColossus: I genuinely cannot wait for resident evil 5 and 6 with these two 😤
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ben, don't encourage Adam to make bad decisions.
Saintnex: yup
Mister_Hush: You sure did
k1stpierre99: Wont help you now
shadowxviii: The thing you sold and can't buy back
Dmc3628: no regenerators now
MilkInBag: but chat is always mad
Garfman314: they really didn't need to make voice lines for every single choice in the shop
k1stpierre99: Should of used that 2 hours ago lol
Dmc3628: it;s just you and
aussie_rob_w: I wasn't mad, I thought it was hilarious!
Trashweazel: hahahha
Gildan_Bladeborn: You sold it, yeah.
Mister_BlueSky: Maybe they shouldn't have made something so important sellable. Hmmm?
aClonedPickle: you sold the scope to buy the rifle which was just *chefkiss*
Electrodyne: I want David Caruso to play me in the Let's Nope movie.
aussie_rob_w: You'd fought your way through that area with the scope and without the rifle, and then sold the scope to buy the rifle
shadowxviii: Make way for piss !
TotallyNotaBeholder: You can't tell me what to do
plummeting_sloth: and I guess that merchant just, I don't know, hucked it in a river after you sold it to him
aussie_rob_w: that was funny as
Protein_Curry: If Adam isn't being chaotic neutral it isnt a lets nope
Gildan_Bladeborn: People were saying that it might not have been enormously helpful if you hadn't sold the scope, given the sensitivity of the analog controls.
Mysticman89: games with permanent buyback relieve a lot of anxiety about selling stuff
CyberColossus: Adam has to be Chris in 6 tho right?
BirkaBirkowski: Dear DC, making Justice League 4 hours long won't make it good
fcloud: we're killing regenerators fine, just eats up ammo
Dmc3628: because Ben is basically Piers
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh I hope Ben and Adam play 6 together
Gildan_Bladeborn: Piers gets to do the cool thing at the end though.
Dmc3628: but Adam HAS to be Jake
Ba_Dum_Tish: With G on commentary
Dmc3628: in that campaign
Gildan_Bladeborn: Adam might appreciate getting to do that thing.
CyberColossus: @ba_dum_tish they said they will
CyberColossus: @gildan_bladeborn thTs my thinking
Ba_Dum_Tish: It will be a wild ride
Protein_Curry: I honestly cant wait for resi5, the reactions are only gonna get better
Dmc3628: Re5 will be a blast with all that nonsense
Saintnex: I really want to see what Adam will think of RE6 and well... all of it
Gildan_Bladeborn: I've never actually seen anyone play RE:5, past where Unskippable stopped.
thehokeypokey: I played it with my roommate in college
Dmc3628: and then Re6 where G first stepped in Prof Vault
felrender: Hi!
AmberLampLight: hello
Protein_Curry: you think they'll do the light gun resident evils?
ChippTunes: ahoy
the_fanerdic: Heyo Adam! seabatBRAIN
Gildan_Bladeborn: Professor Vault and Piers of War.
Superwormie: 👀
the_fanerdic: How's the RE4'ing going?
BusTed: Wasn't expecting company.
Dmc3628: and Jake Punchkick
felrender: scandalous
CyberColossus: @saintnex forreal. I'm excited
Mysticman89: we watched tarkov, we're used to inventory management
fastlane250: hot inventory management action
fcloud: does that random stock in the upper left do anything for us? or is it just decorative
Seth_Erickson: Streamers; They're just like us! PogChamp
Garfman314: mmmm eggs
MyBuddySuperfly: *combines medicine with grenade* yummy
Dmc3628: that stock is part of the R9
BirkaBirkowski: why are we keeping eggs again?
Gildan_Bladeborn: fcloud - it's attached to the Red 9.
aussie_rob_w: You could rotate the magnum bullets.
Dmc3628: because can
Gildan_Bladeborn: It doesn't appear to be, but it is.
fcloud: oh, ok. didnt look like that from the ui
Dmc3628: once again hi Road Warriors
k1stpierre99: Back to baby sitting
Gildan_Bladeborn: fcloud - It really doesn't, no.
k1stpierre99: for a short while
Magresta: who let these mad max guys in here
Garfman314: why are there gimp cyborgs here?
MegaDosX: Hey look, it's the Legion of Doom
Getter404: Or Demolition
meachamo: The Legion of Doom?
Agl0vale: do we have 2 eggs now?
fcloud: for the record, i respect a streamer's right to decorate their inventory however they prefer
seanmrwick: you have me at legion of Doom
MegaDosX: Hawk, Animal, and Heidenreich
Capt_clown: Hawk and Animal!
Gildan_Bladeborn: We've had 2 eggs for a while.
k1stpierre99: Wow. Leon must do a lot of squats to kick a guy that far
Pharmacistjudge: IS Remy being a good boi?
nyperold: @MyBuddySuperfly Better to combine it with First Aid Spray to make... First GRENADE Spray.
Makrosian_Tae: Remy being a good boy
Getter404: After Deez?
Protein_Curry: hi remy!
ButButTheJesus: hoosagooboy?!
shadowxviii: After DiZ ?
MyBuddySuperfly: @nyperold sounds efficient!
Cat_Hatter: I hope that egg gets thrown at the last boss
Mysticman89: hermes?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Healing grenades! Why didn't anyone think of that before?
felrender: Dad's Dinner is BETTER dinner
Banrael: He doesn't see you eating it.
Protein_Curry: @cat_hatter same
Gaytanic_Panic: Just eat some dog food. Show it's good.
Lord_ZYRK: And yet you don't?
Saintnex: nope
niccus: is it? have you tried it?
MWGNZ: what if Remy had his food AND Bens food?
SmoreThanAFeelin: yes
theambivalentagender: Dogs like eating what you're eating because they trust you
magical_writer: That's when you start playing mind games and eating their food.
Getter404: Only the finest Windows 98 desktops in this lab
Agl0vale: the fruit snacks are his! you should trade!
Tangsm: I mean, you're eating the snacks and not the dog food. Set a good example.
e_bloc: wait what
Protein_Curry: Froot froot
Ferra0729: It was not great
Protein_Curry: he wants on the train ben
Pharmacistjudge: i never have
Banrael: Dog biscuits aren't the worst
serramarkov: He wants to be with you- you're better than food.
Mysticman89: I've only eatene cat food
Pharmacistjudge: but i've never had a dog
obijam_: its not an act
Mister_BlueSky: Never had a dog. PrideShrug
obijam_: :P
JadedCynic: i mean if you give remy some of YOUR food, remy gets to eat AND be close to you <3
Dog_of_Myth: I've eaten a Milk Bone....
Mister_Hush: Follow up question: Out of curiosity or desperation?
Manae: Everyone has had a dog biscuit or two
juneblue58: I've never had a dog, I'm a cat and bird person.
gualdhar: turns out Beggin' Strips don't taste like bacon
Angreed66: There are many who haven't
Seth_Erickson: I've eaten dog food but not dog biscuits
Garfman314: cat food is worse
Haroldholmes25: Is adam actually shaggy from scooby doo
Saintnex: I mean I would need a dog first to ever even try and im allergic to pets
Lord_ZYRK: The neighbor girl from my youth would eat those peanut butter dog biscuits all the time
Protein_Curry: I ate cat food as a child...
ChippTunes: Dried crickets, babyyyyy
Capt_clown: I know someone who legit taste tests dog food
e_bloc: look I know it's human grade but it never occurred to me
Mister_BlueSky: I'm SHOCKED.
fcloud: they taste like beggin'
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, I've absolutely eaten a dog biscuit as a child.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I used to snack on these cheddar dog biscuits we had around
Dmc3628: YOU DON'T SAY
Protein_Curry: I wanted to bond with my cats
Dmc3628: sorry caps proc
Mysticman89: my friends put it in a cake for me since I like cats and they thought that would be a good idea
serramarkov: I tried all the flavors of the milk bones- I had to know what I was feeding my dog.
Garfman314: dried crickets taste like whatever cheeto powder they use
NarishmaReborn: dogs may not know it's not bacon, but we do
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: like when I was a kid
LinearGif: carob bars are apparently meant to be dog treats, but dogs ain't the only ones can't have real chocolate
tensionheadtv: they taste like Bag'n
felrender: they DO taste fairly close to those fake bacon bits you get in a shaker, tho
AutomaticWool: I’ve never had a pet so I’ve never had any pet food
Saskquatchewan: There are two types of dog owners. Those that have tried dog food, and liars.
ButButTheJesus: BEN
novrdd: i eat fish... is that considered as a cat food?
nyperold: I've feigned eating dog food so the dog would follow suit.
Tiber727: Someone should sue Beggin' Strips for false advertisement.
asthanius: Dog: "You can DO that?"
KeytarCat: You mean we're lying to our dogs??
Saintnex: wow Ben, the ultimate betrayal
Ferra0729: They are also super dry from what I remember
Lord_ZYRK: I tried one of those grilled chicken Beggin Strips, and boy howdy, those tasted neither grilled nor like chicken
Easilycrazyhat: Ben, if you won't let the dog eat your food, you shouldn't eat their food ;p
GhostValv: top 10 anime betrayals
Garfman314: my cat prefers banana bread to fish
JadedCynic: you just break the poor dog's understanding of the universe
RobVanEijndhoven: TIL Ben continues to be a monster.
Dmc3628: i mean didn't Roman eat dog food on live TV after THAT match
amuseoffirebane: fish good also pretty bad
aussie_rob_w: Proceed dotwise.
kireawolf: I made homemade dog treats and then tricked all my friends into eating them
amuseoffirebane: *food
magical_writer: 12 hours ago.
asthanius: shoulda been a smarter kid
the_fanerdic: 12 minutes ago
LinearGif: imagine being 12
Fancy_frenchman: My dad’s a veterinarian and so when he sees “Now with more chicken flavor” etc. he tries the old food and compares it to the new
JadedCynic: @Tiber727 their slogan is "Dogs don't know it's not bacon"
Easilycrazyhat: I did the dumbest shit at age 12, no joke
Saintnex: 12 seconds ago
Gildan_Bladeborn: There's a very old LRR video of Adam eating dog food, in point of fact.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I know I'm a monster
MyBuddySuperfly: Lionel, don't do it
KeytarCat: I ate cat treats at a summer camp (which never really counts)
e_bloc: nah we all do strange stuff, I just haven't done that
RobVanEijndhoven: TIL I was the real monster all along.
JadedCynic: 12? hell, I ate a milkbone when I was 25
Tiber727: My dog has 0 interest in dog treats. You give one to her, she'll walk a few steps, drop it on the floor, sniff it and walk away.
Dmc3628: least it's not as gory as Dead Space eye remover
Getter404: Not even gonna take the kevlar off for this one
blip2004: going to take off your armor?
fcloud: ashley, you seem like a medical doctor, why dont you operate it
felrender: "this way, if I die, you'll be stranded and helpless"
MyBuddySuperfly: *tickle button*
shadowxviii: You sure you want to get rid of Kevin ?
Capt_clown: *Total Recall Intensifies*
k1stpierre99: How conveinient that they have/left this machine do exactly what they would not want to do.
Garfman314: also, what's the recovery time on this surgery?
1y1e: OMG take your jacket off PLEASE
LinearGif: these are medical lasers, Adam
juneblue58: "Special radiation"....
Gaytanic_Panic: Maybe take OFF the kevlar first?
felrender: special Laser Radiation
ButButTheJesus: YAY!
the_fanerdic: Lasers solve EVERYTHING Adam. Has FFXIV taught you NOTHING?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Dog food, jello, and marmite.
NavelWarfare: I remember very nearly losing an arm when I was like 6
Trashweazel: im doing something obscene right now 😘
aussie_rob_w: Light Stuff kills em
Ferra0729: My sister and I should have lost an appendage from the stuff we did when we were little
niccus: just like in real life
shadowxviii: KEVIN !!!!
Gildan_Bladeborn: With a tentacle on top.
NarishmaReborn: Umbrella is big on user friendliness
KeytarCat: He's not well restrained for the power of those lasers
Pharmacistjudge: so much for "extreme pain"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: how did the laser just...go through his flak vest?
JadedCynic: damn, that looks easier than taking a colonoscopy
Protein_Curry: special non cancerous radiation
k1stpierre99: And......ashley dies
asthanius: why those sounds
MrWrann: It's a radiation treatment
plummeting_sloth: so, not gonna lie Leon, your burps are gonna taste like bugs for, like YEARS
DarthRagnar815: gabyLewd
gualdhar: I've seen this hentai
obijam_: wait ive murdered 1000s of ppl and this is all we had to do to free them?
BrowneePoints: I hated ALL of those sounds
k1stpierre99: The end
MyBuddySuperfly: me too, Ben
Tiber727: Why wouldn't Ashley go first? Her parasite is older.
Capt_clown: Ok, how many toggle switches are there?
theleerm: me tooo
Gaytanic_Panic: Same
bv310: Saaaaaaaaame
the_fanerdic: All healed.
DeM0nFiRe: Roll credits
ButButTheJesus: yep!
aussie_rob_w: everyone's better.
Seth_Erickson: Roll Credits
shadowxviii: GG game over !
JadedCynic: yeah, that last "Beeeeeeeeeeee..." was worrying
the_fanerdic: Game OVER
Gildan_Bladeborn: No see, it's not a LASER, it's radiation beams. That definitely wouldn't be visible.
Lord_ZYRK: Leon, why didn't you use the "pain free" mode
meachamo: Shine some light and bleach in there and it magically goes away! Like a miracle!
ButterBall000: We're Umbrella, we need this profoundly complex procedure to be done with one button push
Saintnex: problem soved
felrender: CURED
1y1e: The End
Seth_Erickson: you cowards
Saskquatchewan: Cured, ez clap
the_fanerdic: Roll Credits!
Hangedman: usedSweat
ChippTunes: hefty no thank you Capcom
MyBuddySuperfly: holly
KV1NN4: <:T
PerfectDarkRitual: Little dab of laser will do ya
k1stpierre99: AGain
MyBuddySuperfly: I can't
felrender: FBtouchdown
GhostValv: credits
plummeting_sloth: maybe the stun guns guys were trying to help then
MyBuddySuperfly: even
InquisitorGaia: wow, holy shit
aClonedPickle: you found the cure chair
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NavelWarfare: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Agl0vale: roll credits
k1stpierre99: Why was that machine there????
Ba_Dum_Tish: Roll credits
fcloud: 942 enemies killed
Banrael: Good thing you all found that button, whew.
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
circusofkirkus: FBtouchdown
Magresta: woulda been so good to just roll credits there
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: pack it in
xantos69: For serious?
Tangsm: You pushed the button and won the game!
the_fanerdic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: It does say the final chapter is next, so maybe not?
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
niccus: it's like having scurvy, it's really scary and bad but the cure is really simple. it's alien scurvy
Gaytanic_Panic: BOOOOO-URNS
Roger_Job329: benginO7
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
nyperold: None of the foreshadowed loss of consciousness? All right, game, you do that.
felrender: You had to get to the special laser chair, Adam!
Pharmacistjudge: ok...there is a thing called Pyrogens. When you kill a parasite in your body like that...your immune system still has to work to clean all the fragments of dead parasite from your body.
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: Cue the boss bursting through a wall.
juneblue58: Still gotta finish off the wuxia guy.
shadowxviii: You did a good
Capt_clown: Kills the parasite, but gives you herpes... Trade offs
ButButTheJesus: ADAM
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown katesEz katesEz katesEz
MrWrann: What did you want, a spike to shoot though you?
BrowneePoints: We have NOT had a massive bullshit boss yet
MyBuddySuperfly: ok, now you'll have to buy a house, decorate it, etc
ashiok_nightmare_moose: FBtouchdown
TezzeretTinkerer: ' This game S U C K S'
DeM0nFiRe: A winner is you! FBtouchdown
the_fanerdic: LUL
KeytarCat: As a former audio engineer for film, all exertion sounds sexual and pain is hard to distinguish from arousal
the_fanerdic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: LUL
Agl0vale: oops
Cat_Hatter: Why did the cult even build this chair?
circusofkirkus: seabatNogood
BrindleBoar: Parenting!
plummeting_sloth: Don't Adam, you're my kids babysitter
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
theleerm: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
codatski: Those are bad parents
shadowxviii: Oops, fat fingers
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
Capt_clown: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown
the_fanerdic: Nicely done Adam!
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Both these characters took "Dramatic button Pushing in high school.
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
the_fanerdic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Tiber727: Adam, what were you expecting? Is curing a disease supposed to be climactic?
Lord_ZYRK: 😬
Capt_clown: succinJail succinJail succinJail
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
LarkSachrosis: lrrAWW
Protein_Curry: LMAI
Protein_Curry: LMAOOOOO
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh this is definitely not the end. We have yet to have the traditional Resident Evil "gigantic boss defying conservation of mass with a glowing weak spot" yet.
LinearGif: winners don't do bugs
ActionJB: I never claimed I did
TheMrFraser: Hey Adam, what game deals with consequences of horrible things happening to main characters better, this or FFXIV, who are the weaker cowards
juneblue58: Setting an example of what *not* to do. xD
wrapscalion: Family friendly execution
k1stpierre99: To be honest, if there was a way to sell Ashley off coins, regardless of whatever shitty ending I got, I'd sell her for easliy 1,000
obijam_: the lesson: never disappoint Adam.
Tangsm: They should have at least made you shoot the button.
Roger_Job329: You won with science.
spethycakes: spooky181Pika That was it
shadowxviii: Mr President, I have a good and a bad news : The good news is your daughter doesn't have a parasite anymore. The bad news is I shot her for no reason.
Seth_Erickson: but Adam there was a big hug
Gildan_Bladeborn: Don't blame the game, blame the player. Kappa
Agl0vale: @LoadingReadyRun dropping out of school is all i need to do to be like you? Hell yeah, im in!
Garfman314: mmm curechair
Ba_Dum_Tish: QTE mini game to kill the virus
NotCainNorAbel: not even a quicktime event
Saintnex: how did we even know which button to push?
Capt_clown: It was climatic,... Leon needs new pants
fcloud: adam wanted a MINIGAME, man, and i dont think thats unreasonable
Protein_Curry: Ben why was it so anticlimatic
Zath_: Press F to cure Ashley
plummeting_sloth: "Ashley, we're cured" *cue mariachi band*
Pharmacistjudge: Adam...people wouldn't get a vaccine for the current condition
MegaDosX: Is this on par with some sparklers instead of an explosion? :p
KeytarCat: At least make us find the instructions!
MrWrann: Man the facility that made the virus and exists to study it has a cure chair, how wacky
Cat_Hatter: Adam wanted to carve it out himself
Lord_ZYRK: I need it to play this sound or I don't recognize its importance:
BrindleBoar: The entire game was a metaphor for escaping the US to get some healthcare Kappa
Easilycrazyhat: ♫ ♬Put that bug back where it came from, or so help me!♫ ♬
kdefinition: it's like a reverse chekov's gun
Seth_Erickson: but if they'd made you go push other buttons to start it you'd have complained that it was just pointless busy work
3cocktails: Panic on the Stack... Thats a Button
MyBuddySuperfly: maybe they're dead and just don't know it yet
Gaytanic_Panic: Worse ending than Revolution
Gildan_Bladeborn: Balloons start falling from the ceiling, along with confetti.
ActionJB: Yeah there could been a pipe maze puzzle or something
oplinger: adam would have hated it if it was a minigame too. i dont think theres any winning
circusofkirkus: GotY
meachamo: What if you had to shrink down and play a mini game like Junimo-Kart to get the Plaga out?
k1stpierre99: Really makes luis death so not worth it.
thehokeypokey: Yeah, we should have at least 3 collectable keys behind locked doors to activate the chair
thraximore: This is the hallucination Leon experiences in his dying moments.
Lord_ZYRK: meachamo LUL
Mister_BlueSky: Adam? Overreact?! In what universe.
Pharmacistjudge: I expected it to pop out of you then you had to fight it
Capt_clown: Walk 5 feet, gets reinfected
nyperold: Maybe Ashley loses consciousness, and then you defend the room against more Plagas.
JadedCynic: Dear Capcom - just to CHECK for cancer, I had to purge my gastro-intestinal system for 24 hours, then getting doped up, and then spend about 5 times as long as that procedure getting my guts filled with air, and then spend the rest of the day farting and getting over the sedative
KeytarCat: @kdefinition If someone is shot in act one, we find the gun in act 3?
felrender: it turns into Gradius
Zaraka00: you must find the 3 correct keys to use the cure
Gildan_Bladeborn: So... real question: If the game had made you perform a complicated series of QTEs for that procedure to work and get rid of the parasites... would that have made it BETTER Adam?
asthanius: wrong. Only the military
MyBuddySuperfly: bodies
Angreed66: Not true
Magresta: yea pretty true
itomeshi: It's not.
LinearGif: what in the hell is administration
TheExactSame: oh no
Dmc3628: is not a bad supposition
circusofkirkus: nope
xantos69: Close
the_fanerdic: What if you had to find a bunch of "SCIENCE CURRENTS" in order to operate the machine? Would you have enjoyed THAT more?
hesterbyrde: I'm gonna go with no
MagicalAttackGecko: sure?
fcloud: it should have been a perfect recreation of the classic board game Operation
martypunker: Those are not the three branches of the government.
TheExactSame: our secrets
zeldakid1999: No
Capt_clown: Nope, wrong
jonasjonIV: nah. just the old dudes
Pharmacistjudge: Sorry, notreally
AmberLampLight: ah yes the Administrative Bodies
Catcard: nnnno
thehokeypokey: nope
thraximore: The real power of the US doesn't exist LUL
ButButTheJesus: false, our govt departments can't do anything
WizOuphe: maybe?
Seth_Erickson: Seems correct to me Kappa
BrowneePoints: Judiciary, Legislative, Executive
zazamost: that is complete truth
KeytarCat: ewwww
BrindleBoar: that's not corporations at all
Ivalenz_: Nope
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the...Justice....department? Did they mean the Judicial Branch?
Saintnex: I mean it depends on what you mean by Administrative bodies?
InquisitorGaia: nope
aussie_rob_w: This guy doesn't know his America, so it's gonna be fine.
Agl0vale: you expect us to know?
theleerm: in theory/
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: executive, judicial, legislative
Kuolar: I thought all the power was the businesses
e_bloc: america is fucked
itomeshi: This is... no.
spo_okymulder: mostly military
Protein_Curry: HAHAHAH
LarkSachrosis: Not entirely
AmberLampLight: the hell is an Administrative Body
murgolon: Military is correct lol
Rhynerd: No mention of the corporations?
obijam_: Americas real power comes from the Crystal.
Juliamon: I mean... it doesn't say "the accepted" power, it says "the REAL" power
JadedCynic: well, no - there''s no mention of the corporations, Adam :D
Lord_ZYRK: JadedCynic should've contacted Umbrella Corp about it
Roger_Job329: nooooppe
hesterbyrde: What the fuck even is the "administrative bodies?" Like....... what?
Electrodyne: Department of Sugar Subsidies
DaMullet14: "The three important parts of the US are the supreme court, the military, and The Rest of America"
felrender: Administrative body is the Cabinet, chat
circusofkirkus: it's all the IRS and OSHA
TheGreySeraphim: were fucked
Capt_clown: Corporations, The Rich and Boomers
Dog_of_Myth: Give m cookies, and I'll tell all.
thraximore: The secret is Betty Crocker
felrender: Like the Dept Of Energy and stuff
LinearGif: the three branches of America are Jesus, NRA, and USA
Dog_of_Myth: *me
ArtemisKing: The real power lies in the department of motor vehicles
ChippTunes: Well, let’s swear in President Capcom, they unlocked America’s secret speed run strats
MyBuddySuperfly: ah, the lobbies
thefightnerd: nope CEOs
felrender: which are, actually, pretty important
Ferra0729: We'll just take your maple trees
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I think they mistransated "Executive Branch" as "Administrative," and "Judicial Branch" as "Justice Department."
InquisitorGaia: judicial is full of despots
Magresta: welp mind control didnt work, send in the giant squids
Lord_ZYRK: I think we already saw their backup plan
Angreed66: Ha nobody likes the US
Tiber727: The real power of the United States is in the Vice President.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: if the backup plan is so easy, why not use it first?
MyBuddySuperfly: """""special"""""
asthanius: the secondary plan is more mind control
Tangsm: The backup plan is just get their cultists elected with pithy bumper stickers.
Dmc3628: hey that's topical
magical_writer: International influence. This game WAS made a while ago.
TheExactSame: I call it Plan Bees
SnowbirdMike: back up plan = two button push
thraximore: speshul
Nigouki: Joke's on you game! America sabotaged their own international influence!
Garfman314: those forces sure are special
obijam_: so this is a biography of america today
k1stpierre99: Question is: Who in the hell is leaving all of their plans out in the open? Hell, why would they write all their plans in the open?
MagicalAttackGecko: this seams like a bad plan
LinearGif: there's always power in the banana stand
Ba_Dum_Tish: Step 1 control president, step 2 ????, step 3 america conqueor
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "fear and chaos will spread like a virus. Also the actual virus will spread like a virus. That too."
SpiffGames: this is too real
Blue_Anteater: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou No, it's meant to come across as a conspiracy theory. It said the "real" power, not what it really is.
murgolon: Lmao this letter is hilarious
Tiber727: Special Forces armed with crossbows.
Pharmacistjudge: Saddler thinks to small, we need complete global saturation
the_fanerdic: Backup Plan :)
Lord_ZYRK: Mr. X for president
Saintnex: wait, BOTH plans are the EXACT SAME
BrindleBoar: They're going to send postcards.
JadedCynic: @felrender well, also the civil service - thousands of unelected clerks and assistants who write politicians' speeches, actually draft the bills submitted to be laws, etc
spo_okymulder: this country has never been stable haha
the_fanerdic: The Echo :)
Capt_clown: Nukes
LarkSachrosis: Was the backup plan to kidnap the President's child? Subtle
zeldakid1999: Probably the bugs
nyperold: "America shouldn't be the world's police, WE should be the world's police!"
fcloud: send in armies of las plagas farmers
Seth_Erickson: back up plan is terrorism??
zazamost: send in the plaga bois
MegaDosX: Invasion with the creepy guys with flails
Capt_clown: Always nukes
Bluedevyl: a LOT of guys with morningstars
Pharmacistjudge: the backup plan is to send an infected ashley
shadowxviii: So we're going to send a virus to take over the United States
Vergotterung: lol
Zu_o: Go to america by GOAT
fcloud: we tried that, didnt work
circusofkirkus: it's the plot of Coming to America!
SpiffGames: Tim's got a bug
InquisitorGaia: we already lost our stability
BrindleBoar: "Fool, you would never get through TSA with a gun."
felrender: Budget cuts, man
the_fanerdic: Tim's got The Echo :)
ArdCollider: we're gonna give Tim a YouTube channel and wait for him to radicalize the populace.
novrdd: here morning stars and bugs
Mister_Hush: @InquisitorGaia Yeah, in no small part due to a plague!
Pharmacistjudge: I thought infected ashley bomb is the backup
ChippTunes: Saddler gave up after 2016 when that plan took care of itself
murgolon: If the original plan was so good they wouldn’t have such a developed backup plan
plummeting_sloth: That's just the morning-star/Industrial complex, man
Agl0vale: sir we only have half of a morning star
Bluedevyl: spoiler: the head of the whole thing is Mufasa
BusTed: We'll shoot the next shopkeeper.
fcloud: this has to be the last boss arena, right?
Seth_Erickson: shoot him
Hangedman: the shopkeeper brought the typewriter from home :)
shadowxviii: Take a chance !
Seth_Erickson: do it you coward
Easilycrazyhat: Are you a coward?
tensionheadtv: 2nd last i thinkl
shadowxviii: Coward
TheThromborax: oh FUCK is QANON an Umbrella Conspiracy?!?
MyBuddySuperfly: this is the middle of the game, calm down
k1stpierre99: It's the last
ButButTheJesus: don't make me tap the shopkeeper
theleerm: he's been such a good friend tho!
Gildan_Bladeborn: The ultimate biological weapon: a giant monster that punches stuff.
PhilanthropyLich: You can make this the last one
Seth_Erickson: do it and then save though otherwise it doesn't count
SquareDotCube: Get the Killer7?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Don't do it, Don't give in to peer pressure
MyBuddySuperfly: (i've never played this game)
oplinger: this sure haa been a fun prologue
zazamost: this will be the last one if you start blaring
Ba_Dum_Tish: Cool kids don't shoot capitalists
k1stpierre99: This is the last merchant. I'm 99% its also last typewriter
PerfectDarkRitual: Merchant has a strict 1 rocket launcher per customer per day policy
Cat_Hatter: It only kills this specific shopkeeper anyway
Gildan_Bladeborn: What if there's a sweet post-credits scene that you don't get to see because your favorite friend the shopkeeper is dead?
fcloud: "so i started blastin" -- leon, probably
thehokeypokey: oh good, we still have our eggs
MyBuddySuperfly: ADAM
BrindleBoar: F
shadowxviii: *Game cuts to Resident Evil 3.8*
ButButTheJesus: WELL
Vergotterung: lol
Easilycrazyhat: HE DID IT
the_fanerdic: seabatNogood
novrdd: oh
zazamost: uh oh
k1stpierre99: lol
novrdd: well
MegaDosX: I guess that was the last one
BusTed: It does say Final Chapter.
Capt_clown: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: I mean, surely the effort of getting these 'special' forces infiltrated into the US government...surely it'd take LONGER than you would expect - they would be "well, the primary plan is a wash, time to switch to the secondary plan....send off the deep moles to immigrate to the US over a period of years, and in about 10-12 years we will have our forces in position! excuse me while I go on sabbatical
circusofkirkus: roll the title sequence
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown elfunkChunk
Seth_Erickson: He's no coward PogChamp
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: OH NO
aClonedPickle: FBtouchdown
Mister_Hush: MGS: V did the "Chapter 2" reveal with about 2 hours left in the game, and it sucked
Seth_Erickson: block those warriors all day long
murgolon: NOOOOOOOO
thraximore: oh dear
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DeM0nFiRe: He doesnt even drop anything lol
Capt_clown: succinFacepalm succinFacepalm succinFacepalm succinFacepalm
magical_writer: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
felrender: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
thraximore: FBtouchdown
Rhynerd: Just the words “Resident Evil 3.5” appear the moment you kill the boss
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: So uhhh how many more of those? turn up?
Capt_clown: succinJail succinJail succinJail
aClonedPickle: 0
aussie_rob_w: I hope this doesn't break the post game.
Stormthius: benginO7 benginO7
LimeJester: Wait, he didn't drop a sweet katana?
circusofkirkus: I hope his corpse shows up at the next save spot
hesterbyrde: Spidey sense tingling
MyBuddySuperfly: what
xantos69: Adam I admit I thought you were a coward....Today sir you have changed my mind. Good luck in the rest of the game.
aClonedPickle: it is actually fine
MyBuddySuperfly: taking a nap
Roger_Job329: lrrAWW
murgolon: You can’t even steal his shit
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh well, clearly we're not after the "good end".
shadowxviii: Raise the steaks !
theleerm: kinky
Rhynerd: Did you sell the TMP ammo first?
fcloud: ada wong, super agent who's like 50 times more effective than leon, somehow got caught
hesterbyrde: What fucking shibari bullshit has her hanging upright?
IsaTheEngie: danger noodle staff!
oplinger: this is just the first part of devil may cry
Omthebox: At first I thought the wiggly staff was the bad guy
Nigouki: ok twitch chat, are we finishing this on time or is James gonna make us play it for 10 min next week?
Capt_clown: Damn it Ada, now is not the time for bondage
Tiber727: "You stay here, with the corpse of the arms dealer to keep you company."
asthanius: now his knife is gone
MegaDosX: And now you've lost your knife
felrender: "...Oh shit, my knife!"
Mister_Hush: She was tied up WAY MORE than that one cut would sovle!
KeytarCat: You would not hang like that if you were tied like that...
Protein_Curry: wait her hands arent even tied
Pharmacistjudge: did Leon throw away his only knife?
ChippTunes: Ah yes, the Wiggly Stick, most fearsome weapon of legend
juneblue58: Miraculously untied her by cutting the rope.
murgolon: If you do her story after they show why
aussie_rob_w: We're finishing this on time IMO
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because Sadler is impersonating Snidely Whiplash.
HundreydAundre: So much for the NOPE.
thraximore: For a second I thought the Staff was the dude lrrSPOOP
Vergotterung: that was his backup knife
aClonedPickle: that was Krauser's knife
shadowxviii: That was Krausser's knife, no ?
DeM0nFiRe: he has another knife on his chest already lol
MyBuddySuperfly: Love this guy. Oh wait, nevermind
the_fanerdic: KISS HIM
hesterbyrde: NO THANK YOU
Easilycrazyhat: gross
jonasjonIV: found his weak point
Saintnex: UHHH
Garfman314: how was he talking with that there?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh god I forgot about that
felrender: Heyyyy, now it's an RE boss
ashiok_nightmare_moose: I see you have something in your teeth
Lord_ZYRK: grant us eyesss
itomeshi: nope, don't like it
fcloud: he can talk pretty good for having a huge eyeball in his mouth
obionedrop: nope
fastlane250: Oh ew.
BusTed: At least we won't hear him talk anymore.
asthanius: now THAT's see-food
Dmc3628: now it's an RE final bos
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ahhhh yes NOW it's a Resident Evil boss!
tensionheadtv: one rocket will do ya
aussie_rob_w: Body horror to the max
amuseoffirebane: hmmmm. icky
plummeting_sloth: well... I guess shoot it?
obijam_: hes got something stuck in his teeth
MegaDosX: This fight seems ripe for a rocket launcher
thraximore: You're gonna have to shoot the eye I bet
itomeshi: ok, that's just silly now
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: huh.
Magresta: sir
Agl0vale: NEAT TTours
theinvisiblevoice: what a glow up
magical_writer: that is a lot of mass that was packing into him.
DiscordianTokkan: Eye Mouth!
the_fanerdic: Cool. I'm not sleeping tonight
felrender: Oh he's grody'
Makrosian_Tae: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a curling rink.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: he's a cortex reaver!
tensionheadtv: one rocket to the maowf
hesterbyrde: So where was he keeping that eye
JadedCynic: man, I've heard of 'watching what you eat' but that guy's rediculous
MyBuddySuperfly: emergency, what
Rhynerd: Final boss time!
NarishmaReborn: is his plan to fit back into that body later?
TheMrFraser: why exactly do we even give half a shit about Ada as a hostage anyways? its not like she hasn't thrown us to the wolves like 6 times by this poing
shadowxviii: Yeah, sure remember this guy taking a few rockets and then falling over
underhill33: So much hidden mass
Hexi_Lexi: hey wonderful people who i love more than words can express!!!
Cat_Hatter: Quick, throw your egg at him!
Angreed66: So much for conservation os matter
Ba_Dum_Tish: Where does all the mass come from
serramarkov: That's very unpleasant.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Eye wonder where his weakpoint is?
BusTed: Legend of Zelda style.
Capt_clown: What a giant eye monster in RE? Color me surprised
hesterbyrde: Where was he keeping that eye that he could just hork it up like that
oplinger: we got eyes! its a Bloodborne connection now!
Tiber727: Good thing the elevator has a boss detctor.
Seth_Erickson: it's always the eyeballs with Resident Evil I've found
Protein_Curry: where does all this extra mass come from jesus
HundreydAundre: uggg, howmany bosses are there!? And where's Mister Salazar Bonaparte??
amuseoffirebane: gee not a lot of room up here
plummeting_sloth: Ah! Of course! The elevator had a "In case of horrible eye monster" safety shutdown feature
Electrodyne: I knew that Maester Seymour was bad news
asthanius: hammerspace
juneblue58: Magic.
BusTed: They're just super dense.
Mister_Hush: They're just very dense
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is this a load bearing boss?
Makrosian_Tae: It's filled with gas, obviously
plummeting_sloth: They're hollow inside
thraximore: @Seth_Erickson it's always an eye in horror games, let's be honest
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Resident Evil has a proud history of dramatically violating conservation of mass.
the_fanerdic: You're supposed to GET REKT
MyBuddySuperfly: that guy doesnt go to the bathroom, Ben
MegaDosX: Rocket launcher?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh look - the villain turned into a giant monster that's like 5x the mass of his original body. What a very surprising element that no one could have possibly foreseen.
DaMullet14: RE monsters are actually /super/ light, like cotton candy
HundreydAundre: It looks like a magic card creature...!
obijam_: quick, go back and buy a.....oh right
Gaytanic_Panic: MY LEG
Vergotterung: knife knife knife
tensionheadtv: rocket!
Seth_Erickson: @thraximore I suppose that's reasonable
DaMullet14: That's why they burst like balloons
Boon_33: like 40k orks they are made of lightweight foam
Easilycrazyhat: It's like a Frosty- mostly bubbles
fcloud: pardon me, scuse me, comin through
the_card_father: Men in Black called. It also wonders where Edgar got the mass.
ButButTheJesus: pls no steppy
DeM0nFiRe: Good thing the boss has no collision lol
Gildan_Bladeborn: It comes from... no more questions, that's where.
KeytarCat: good you only need one hit to stagger
BusTed: Fucking sewer level.
meachamo: extra-dimensional mass acquisition (it's how the Hulk beefs up)
oplinger: are we really slamming the game for not adhering to conservation of mass?
JadedCynic: wow, wind power already? how forawrd thinkking - maybe we sgouldn't dismiss this cult out of hand... ;)
thraximore: Nanomachines, son!
Veste: MY HOLE
the_fanerdic: Why isn't Ashley helping?
thraximore: That's where the mass comes from
PMAvers: My arm my arm my arm MY ARM! has the power of the GOD HAND
MyBuddySuperfly: Ashley went home
JadedCynic: ashley's busy helping Ada get clear
aClonedPickle: there's a lot more arena
Tiber727: @the_fanerdic She was told to stay behind.
Vergotterung: adam you have a whole big areana to fight in
k1stpierre99: Go back other way
the_fanerdic: Probably not, but it's entertaining.
fcloud: and ada? she should be helping
plummeting_sloth: stun grenades?
zazamost: the arena is a lot bigger
k1stpierre99: There's a thing you can hit him with
Gaytanic_Panic: Nades?
nyperold: And he was talking about a world of cliches. I wonder where you should should him? Maybe the GLOWING EYEBALL?
MegaDosX: It does seem like it takes a second to turn around, so kiting probably works
k1stpierre99: Behind you
k1stpierre99: Lol
BusTed: Reload!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Ben, I made a little clip compilation from when you and Alex played RE7 that seems relevant right now: (SPOILERS FOR RE7)
MyBuddySuperfly: hum
k1stpierre99: lmao
plummeting_sloth: hahah!
ButButTheJesus: HYES
shadowxviii: LOL
the_fanerdic: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Dmc3628: and then ANOTHEr rocket Lawnchair
Saskquatchewan: So helpful
Magresta: ok thanks
Saintnex: hahahahaha
BrindleBoar: LUL
SmoreThanAFeelin: have another!
jonasjonIV: going infinte!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Not getting in your way, so... be thankful for that?
asthanius: USE IT
circusofkirkus: LUL
JadedCynic: SeemsGood
Seth_Erickson: Baby
juneblue58: XD
Trahas: so helpful
BrindleBoar: FBtouchdown
k1stpierre99: rocket for a rocket lmao
aussie_rob_w: IT'S TIME
Seth_Erickson: The Double
Zaraka00: wow why didnt we think of that
Dmc3628: yeah Saddler needs TWO rakwets
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown
Pharmacistjudge: gotta double tap with the rocket launcher
MyBuddySuperfly: thanks, lady
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Thats a great idea
aClonedPickle: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: thanks Ada
zazamost: That's the SPECIAL one
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: Imagine how awful this fight could be if you had to babysit Ashley during it.
Capt_clown: gdqTime gdqTime gdqTime gdqTime
amuseoffirebane: She got that off the merchant's body
The_Color_Twelve: well rpg
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MyBuddySuperfly: away
k1stpierre99: No
thraximore: does she realize it's a... ranged weapon?
TheMrFraser: Ada with the hookups, i see why we care about her as a hostage
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
k1stpierre99: it's on other side
BrowneePoints: Ben she did the SAME THING to Leon in RE 2
novrdd: ada knows that adam really love his rocket launcher
InquisitorGaia: hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahha
Protein_Curry: VIDEO GAMES
Rhynerd: It’s not a resident Evil if you don’t get to shoot a rocket or something at the final boss
k1stpierre99: gotta go across bridgew
Roger_Job329: Genius
aussie_rob_w: @thraximore i never THOUGHT OF THAT
Capt_clown: I didn't know this was an RPG game LUL LUL
dapeppagrinder602: there should be 2 small ladders to climb up. lure him close and pull that lever
BusTed: Nice shot.
DeM0nFiRe: Neat
underhill33: rad
k1stpierre99: Go across bridge
JadedCynic: and then would be the perfect moment to RPK that guuy
BrowneePoints: Do you not remember in the RE 2 Remake where she hurls a rocket launcher at Leon for the Titan fight?
Capt_clown: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
LarkSachrosis: it causes an OSHA violation.
thraximore: @aussie_rob_w how could you not? if you have time to throw it :|
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown
dapeppagrinder602: you need to go to h and stab his eye when he is down
k1stpierre99: Rocket will be in middle
Gaytanic_Panic: Remember Adam: The negative apples are already on the train.
itomeshi: Adam, don't make us bring the Choo Choo Train back out.
Protein_Curry: Adam, no negative applea
aussie_rob_w: @thraximore every time playing this I was just like "thanks Ada!" and took it
the_fanerdic: Good job tech'ing tha throw
k1stpierre99: rocket launcher him
k1stpierre99: he'll die
dapeppagrinder602: use the rocket launcher
MegaDosX: Is this a special rocket launcher? It looks a different colour
juneblue58: Instead of throwing the RPG at you, she could have used it herself from a better position.
thraximore: @aussie_rob_w next time try "what the fuck ada"
fcloud: adam is allowed to yell at the game, just not at chat
aussie_rob_w: this is in fact a special rocket launcher.
Makrosian_Tae: That was a QTE he was supposed to be able to see? With his HUMAN EYES???
Gildan_Bladeborn: The "special" rocket launcher.
Easilycrazyhat: oh god, it's a red rocket...
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: Ben, they all have tails
Lord_ZYRK: They're stabilizing fins
shadowxviii: Easy game
tensionheadtv: donezo
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown
aussie_rob_w: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
k1stpierre99: Yeah, it's a lame boss ending
aClonedPickle: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DaSunao: @k1stpierre99 Go left
iris_of_ether: FBtouchdown
Nigouki: the fins unfold when fired
Zu_o: @Easilycrazyhat blur that
the_fanerdic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Saintnex: welp, we win?
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
circusofkirkus: 2 rocket boss
Capt_clown: gdqTime gdqTime FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Vergotterung: Ben they have spring loaded stabilizing fins
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Veste: rawcket lawncher
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP FBtouchdown
TotallyNotaBeholder: FBtouchdown
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ashiok_nightmare_moose: ooh loot
zazamost: VIDEO GAMES
fcloud: good thing ada had one of those lying around
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: an, the special rpg. For eyeballs
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: you never see it because most of them don't go in slo-mo
fastlane250: congration
Spacepup: Everyone knows the Red Ones go faster!
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
murgolon: Yes he’s not hard sadly
bowseriffic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
KeytarCat: Evidently, you can shoot that anywhere in the arena and the fight ends?
obijam_: qanon. defeated.
Musicsquid: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
BusTed: In a rocket-proof container.
Protein_Curry: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
codatski: Yeah RPG projectiles have tails! Otherwise they would not fly straight
felrender: Again!
aussie_rob_w: Bye Ada
DeM0nFiRe: "m" -- Ada 20whateveryear
shadowxviii: Should've rolled better on that Greed
Tiber727: Curse your sudden but inevatable betrayal!
Stormthius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
seanmrwick: Kobe!
Gildan_Bladeborn: The "sample"! Hurray!
meachamo: Mike??
PMAvers: The ghost of MIKE runs into her
1y1e: ???
NarishmaReborn: falls right into the blades
CyberColossus: nope
Capt_clown: Mike no!
juneblue58: How did she jump down into a helicopter?
fcloud: liquid snake caught her in midair
Spacepup: Right through the blades.
thraximore: MIKE
DaMullet14: Yes, Ada just jumped onto the top of a helicopter
seanmrwick: nice shot, Adam
HundreydAundre: 1st try???
hesterbyrde: Okay... how in the fuck did she land inside a helicopter.
CyberColossus: she is pieces fam.
Easilycrazyhat: That is not how helicopters work!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: do you swandive DOWN onto a helicopter??
Electrodyne: down through the rotor
BrowneePoints: Ada doesn't grow a spine yet
fcloud: hahaha "she really pushed it"
seanmrwick: great shot, that was 1 in a million
ClankyLily: no way he can hear her
aussie_rob_w: Ada swan dived into the rotor blades and lived somehow
Protein_Curry: top 10 anime betrayals: mike
BrowneePoints: takes another couple games
BrindleBoar: Ada'd
Garfman314: more so, how can you hear her over the noise?
Magresta: every single line in this game is gold
DaMullet14: I love how the timer is ticking /during/ the cutscene
NotCainNorAbel: what is with this game and 3 minute timers?
plummeting_sloth: thanks for wasting that 30 seconds
TheMrFraser: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou very carefully
k1stpierre99: This is a lot of wasted time
Vergotterung: oh man best ending sequence ever
k1stpierre99: lol
Makrosian_Tae: That ran out like 30 literal seconds of time
DeM0nFiRe: The cutscene uses 25 seconds of the escape sequence lol
Dmc3628: yeah the timer ticks during the cutscene
the_fanerdic: RUUUUUUN
PMAvers: Who knew, the spy was untrustworthy
thehokeypokey: this timer isn't real
MyBuddySuperfly: Ashley? Dead
seanmrwick: ooooh wow.....who didn't see that coming
aussie_rob_w: so much goddamn money
jonasjonIV: you will BAREly make it
shadowxviii: the Jet-Skey
the_fanerdic: Who cares where ashley is. Save yourself!
Gildan_Bladeborn: You're being timed by the way.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
NotCainNorAbel: stop by the gift shop on your way out
AkiraBalance27: how long ago did he shoot the merchant?
k1stpierre99: He wouldn't be around anyways
Vergotterung: it
aClonedPickle: he escapes if you don't so you did the right thing, really
circusofkirkus: yes
seanmrwick: hahahaha
k1stpierre99: So killing him is cool
circusofkirkus: we want the song
Vergotterung: it's for the new game plus
the_fanerdic: They love it when you point to the sign
GhostValv: ?
bv310: Yes please!
Lord_ZYRK: Does the sign say "I'm not THAT big of an idiot"
Spacepup: Play the Froot Froot train while the timer goes down.
Haroldholmes25: tap the sign please
Lord_ZYRK: If so, then yes
aussie_rob_w: The merchant almost certainly has Las Plagas in him.
MyBuddySuperfly: ashleuy
EdoardoZone: this is a documentary right
niccus: the question is, will adam get the glitch
Spacepup: CATCH
Mister_Hush: you didn't help ashley down
BrindleBoar: Adam no you gotta catch her
Makrosian_Tae: Ashley!
Gildan_Bladeborn: All that money and nothing/no one to spend it on/with.
NavelWarfare: asey
DeM0nFiRe: Hey by the way, use the control stick to move the character
novrdd: ashleeeyy
TotallyNotaBeholder: Catch?
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote dale
LRRbot: Quote #6866: "Jacob is like Dale: he's very fair." —Kathleen [2020-03-30]
thraximore: uh
Makrosian_Tae: You have to catch Ashley
aussie_rob_w: LUL
wrapscalion: You left her?!
juneblue58: You gotta catch her, apparently.
MegaDosX: "Tick-tock, Adam" - Twitch chat, probably
k1stpierre99: ?
Pharmacistjudge: she doesn't have a climbing animation
MrQBear: do you think Adam does this section in one?
gualdhar: YOU LEFT HER!
Kuolar: He's taking suboptimal routing - musn't know there's a timer
Protein_Curry: Dont make me turn this train around
k1stpierre99: What?
Vergotterung: hahaha, oh, adam
BrindleBoar: LUL
LarkSachrosis: Adam
fcloud: i cant without my buddy ashleyfly
the_fanerdic: LUL
NavelWarfare: gotta catch her
murgolon: You forgot Ashley
juneblue58: XD
k1stpierre99: Omg
k1stpierre99: lmao
plummeting_sloth: ONE LAST LADDER
Pharmacistjudge: are enabling her
Capt_clown: Doomed!
plummeting_sloth: she never learned
canadianbac0nz: you know ashley doesn't know how to climb a ladder
Gaytanic_Panic: But gravity
number_1_the_larch: do you think there's going to be a QTE?
Seth_Erickson: they don't use ladders ADam
Gildan_Bladeborn: I wondered when you'd notice that comment, ha ha.
shadowxviii: What ladder lrrBEEJ
fcloud: i dont understand
Seth_Erickson: they haven't used a single ladder all game
Vergotterung: yep just get on the jet ski and ride out
MyBuddySuperfly: oh yeag, that scene
Gildan_Bladeborn: You didn't catch her.
EdoardoZone: sweetheart
Capt_clown: No, Hunk is someone else
KeytarCat: Ashley likes Himbos, let a girl live
JadedCynic: But Ashley was never given a climbing animation, Adam! Kappa
jonasjonIV: nope
Makrosian_Tae: Yikes
HundreydAundre: Shit!
Protein_Curry: she is baby
Gaytanic_Panic: Toots
zazamost: Ben you have NO idea
BusTed: 😬
Gildan_Bladeborn: She can't jump down, remember?
SpiffGames: gross
PMAvers: Good job, Thancred, on protecting Minfilia.
Hexi_Lexi: 1 yike
BrindleBoar: Junimo Kart!
Dmc3628: basically this is the same escape plan as in DMC1 except it's a BiPlane
MyBuddySuperfly: hey Adam, go left
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wave race
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ladders are only for going UP. Down is impossible.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: wait a minute this is just the end of Starfox 64!
the_fanerdic: Just like it.
nyperold: I don't know about anyone else, but I'm humming the escape music from the Metroid games.
HundreydAundre: IKR!
BusTed: Hydrothunderrrr
DeM0nFiRe: pjdTouchdown
DaMullet14: There's an /incredible/ visual bug you can do at this segment where Ashley and Leon travel and different speeds
hd_dabnado: now THIS is pod racing
bv310: Jet Moto intensifies
PipeSmokingOwl: waverace 64
aussie_rob_w: @DaMullet14 I remember that one!
juneblue58: Oh yeah, I played a version of that on the Gamecube.
PipeSmokingOwl: yesss
SmoreThanAFeelin: follow that dolphin!
Lord_ZYRK: Battletoads is from the 90's. . .
voslan: Hydro Thunder was dope AF
DaMullet14: They showcased it at GDQ the other year
HundreydAundre: cringed
KeytarCat: When we have time, can we look at the ending sequence from the speedrun?
1y1e: literally racing a wave
ApodoNuevo: Behind us! Water!
juneblue58: XD
felrender: y'all ever hear the placeholder audio for Wave Race where the dude's SUPER monotone
Electrodyne: This is how they choose the next Canadian Prime Minister
BrindleBoar: LUL
thehokeypokey: you can do backflips if you press the triggers off the jumps
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ooooor not
Tangsm: Too fast.
JadedCynic: wait that was almost a min before the end - that timer CHEATS
the_fanerdic: You died. FBtouchdown
Vergotterung: hahahahaha
Mister_Hush: too much fast
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MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
AkiraBalance27: hahaha
EdoardoZone: good ending
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: haha
BrowneePoints: The Soundtrack to Wave Race 64 slapped
circusofkirkus: FBtouchdown