gnome_friend: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, MTGO Vintage Cube Drafts! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (7m from now).
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Never cross the beards.
malc: suggestions welcome as to how the bot should format quote tweets differently
malc: (if only twitter were *really* just 280 characters of text... rendering tweets in chat is an unreasonable amount of code)
gnome_friend: !birb
LRRbot: Wark, wark!
gnome_friend: Use tweeting bird, works for Krog
malc: tweeting bird try chat in stream, but tweeting bird drown
gnome_friend: Bird wing RIP'd
DeM0nFiRe: @malc Oh for me it was just that it wasn't obvious to me that the 2nd tweet was actually a tweet that was quoted in the first tweet (and so chronologically the 2nd tweet was actually earlier). I don't know that it's actually a problem that needs fixing since I could just click the tweet and see it
gualdhar: Try new tweeting bird service, DuckDuckGo. Does not drown in stream.
DeM0nFiRe: I was just laughing at myself for my own confusion
gnome_friend: Duck go quack, not tweet
gualdhar: duck is bird, duck make sounds, duck go tweet
gnome_friend: !findquote duck
LRRbot: Quote #5465: "I'm going full Donald Duck on this." —Ben, on pants [2018-10-31]
gnome_friend: It not perfect system lrrAWW
jdogs124: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, MTGO Vintage Cube Drafts! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (46s from now).
DiscordianTokkan: TBH the only thing that I can think that would clarify would be "QRT: |" in lieu of just the |, but I have no idea how easy that is to do with the twitter API
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Boss Juice
xantos69: So what's the verdict? Magic happening?
Juliamon: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [20m ago] @loadingreadyrun> The call has been made, with Arena still not functioning properly for all involved in tonight's stream, instead Wheeler is going to stream a couple Vintage Cube drafts on MTGO, with friends! Tune in at at 5PM Pacific. | @loadingreadyrun> We're keeping our eye on MTG Arena's continued technical issues in regards to this evenings FNPF. We'll give ⤵
LRRTwitter: ⤷ them until 4:30PM Pacific to stabilize at which point we'll call the stream, and look at running a bonus stream instead. | We'll update y'all in 1 hour :D ||
DeM0nFiRe: yeah magic is happening, but it will be Wheeler (and friends) doing MTGO
xantos69: Thank you! @Juliamon
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove
bvorhies: Will it be the same crew playing
Juliamon: Chat may finally have an cube stream, as a treat
DiscordianTokkan: I ALMOST just hit enter at ~lasttwee to show how close I was to being helpful. XD
DeM0nFiRe: Literally yesterday twitch chat was asking adam to do a vintage cube because arena was being ded yesterday too
thraximore: wheelerMuldcb
Hexi_Lexi: hey all you early chatters! reminder that i love you all more than words can express!
PopeWorldbuild: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
thraximore: <3
laikagoat: fionaVom fionaVom
SnowBuddy18: @Hexi_Lexi &U
greatwahooney: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, MTGO Vintage Cube Drafts! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (4m ago).
benjamin_wheeler: We're coming, buckle up
greatwahooney: VIntage Cube? I thought tonight is Gladiator?
Juliamon: Arena is dead
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: This is an emergency replacement
laikagoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
greatwahooney: Long live MTGO then I guess
macintose: Signal!
Favre_Studios: Arena no work, so MODO today
greatwahooney: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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benjamin_wheeler: Arena is goozled and broken right now, so Kathleen & I are doing a Vintage Cube draft
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sheer_falacy: you
djalternative: woo! new badge!
malc: ~lasttwee
macintose: watch LRR vintage seabatCHOICE
LRRTwitter: twee /twiː/ adjective: excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.
PopeWorldbuild: SOON!
sheer_falacy: you would think WOTC would be able to run stuff
queenfounder: Was just dropping by to see who, if any, was table friend. Didn’t even realize it’s early.
DeM0nFiRe: To be fair they dont have to run things perfectly if the business they lose while their game is down is only lost to their other game LUL
djalternative: new update goofed things. this kind of thing happens every online game
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djalternative: happens to*
Alas_Babylon: I loved Arena continuously barking at me that there was an updated version of the game after I'd downloaded an update
Alas_Babylon: Somethin's not right in Arenatown today I guess
KidAmn: it not perfect system.
WolfgangCloud: I was playing a game of historic and got paired against what was clearly Naya adventures
malc: weirdly Arena seems to be working for me; I hadn't realised it wasn't supposed to be
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petey_vonwho: 5 months already? someone else put something witty here, I got nothin
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mastershake29x: @djalternative it does, but it seems to happen to arena nearly every major update, and it's been over a day and it's still not fixed.
mastershake29x: @malc some parts work, some stuff is not so working
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Rogue_07: Good evening one and all!
DeM0nFiRe: malc You must be hogging all the arena! It's your fault! :P
Masslost: best way to sum up arena atm Playing lands via dragging to the battlefield has been restored
grax_strife: Hi everyone!
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GoblinGuideDog: Lets get ready for some cube!!
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Electrodyne: Hello internet friends!
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BigBenS221: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW <3
Alas_Babylon: Tablefriend is apparently Kathleen
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djalternative: @mastershake29x I guess yours and my expectations for this kind of thing are just different as my timeline for when a bug should be fixed is within a week for a minor bug and a month for a major one
Electrodyne: lrrDOTS benginO7 lrrARROW
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tru_boredom: Paper fight hype
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Fruan: 3 years? That can't be right.
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Sibwow: wheelthleen is an uncommon pairing, im very excited
thraximore: Oh Hi there Ben
raulranma: holy hell, that shirt is such a flex Ben
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
wtrob: Ahoy Wheeler
Rogue_07: Good evening, Wheeler!
DiscordianTokkan: This is ON PURPOSE.
sheer_falacy: "intentional"
lullelulle: I meant to do this all along!
Gaz_L: it our boy bongjammin weedles
darkmagi08: I am a golden god!!!!!!
MelvinMTG: I think we have a loud sub alert and a quiet Kathleen
Rogue_07: Sweet shirt, Ben!
lullelulle: Are you ever defeating those papers?
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrFINE PrideTake PrideWingR
yalc321: Oh look its a wheeler
tastymcnuggett: this is a bummer
yalc321: wheelerKappap
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asthanius: Kathleen's a bit robot-y and low
Sibwow: arena did a fucky wucky
thraximore: accurate
lullelulle: Arena opsie bongoed all over the floor
sheer_falacy: whoopsadoodle
SnowBuddy18: Arena has an Oingo Boingo
MajorFrostbyte: It guy, that is indeed the technical term
DiscordianTokkan: Please do; you're much better than the original tweeter that did the noises
Gaz_L: Marit Lage too big for Arena, it had to go lie down
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BoBrinkman: 50 points for Team Oopsie-Boingo
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sheer_falacy: your child needs to learn swearing some time, may as well be from you I guess?
petey_vonwho: That's why I like being the fun uncle, I can swear all I want
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thraximore: You need more flashcards Ben :D
Sibwow: the vinty cube
control_rig: Ooof
djalternative: Play the format that chat has been banned from?
Rogue_07: What sorcery is this?!
sheer_falacy: oh my that UI
DiscordianTokkan: It's been so LONG
Sibwow: minty vinty
SnowBuddy18: I only just noticed the pattern of Ben's chair, and I love it
emily_t_g: wait really
petey_vonwho: It's so horrible! MY EYES!
WolfgangCloud: MTGO > Arena
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The_Kraken19: BEN^3
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BjjBrain: LOL
vargasbball3: nice
Gaytanic_Panic: So what did chat DO? Too much backseating?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oh yeah, we were quite... agressive last time we were trusted with vintage cube
Electrodyne: Missed opportunity for Pokemon tcg PokMaskedpika
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Cannons_are_an_instrument: Number goes up, novel ideas for a message run out
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> With Arena not cooperating tonight, join Wheeler and Kathleen for an evening on Vintage Cube for this evening's FNPF! ||
Sibwow: theres a lot of wheelerRanch to go around
lullelulle: Constructed cube
djalternative: @Gaytanic_Panic and far too contridictory. everyone has their own opinion and it's very strong
Dmc3628: I mean VCube has always been the sommelier's format
Gaytanic_Panic: Just chat being chat, then. I see.
emily_t_g: I cant wait to get stormed into the dirt
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
Stormthius: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
DiscordianTokkan: We did this!
Gaytanic_Panic: So we forcing storm? Kappa
sheer_falacy: generally when your brain tells you to say things it's a good sign? I mean, what else is gonna tell you to say things?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !patreon
LRRbot: 2472 patrons for a total of $18,804.44 per month.
emily_t_g: "pc edition" as opposed to what MTGO for the sega genesis?
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Furvias: Here, have some support
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lullelulle: Switch modo
SnowBuddy18: @sheer_falacy depends on what body parts you have
emily_t_g: can modo run DOOM?
Alas_Babylon: B u t t o n p l s
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lullelulle: Modo in minecraft through command blocks
sheer_falacy: ah, morse code tapping
emily_t_g: modo on a TI 84
DiscordianTokkan: I just got my Creature - Human button along with bits for an Elf Deck, and it's GREAT.
djalternative: yeah. let's set up a computer with a browser in minecraft to play MTGO
AtrusOfMyst: tapping and untapping to communicate in morse code
lullelulle: they made physical modo where they actually printed real cards?
Gaz_L: Dare we hope for the legendary Tap Tap... Concede?
SnowBuddy18: put MTGO in Smash you cowards
TheMagicalSazerac: Ben Wheeler is the everyman of Vintage Cubers
Alas_Babylon: Yeeeeeep
sheer_falacy: I don't know what that means but I can judge you anyway, somehow
emily_t_g: wait they made magic online a real thing? since when>
DaMullet14: Have you considered simply /drafting/ channel
Alas_Babylon: !card Channel
LRRbot: Channel [GG] | Sorcery | Until end of turn, any time you could activate a mana ability, you may pay 1 life. If you do, add {C}.
asthanius: oh hey
asthanius: lotus
sheer_falacy: oh hi
lullelulle: bam
drizter: wtf
emily_t_g: sick
Sibwow: shotgun lotus
dividesBy0: hmm. strong first pick
laikagoat: lrrWOW
thraximore: Well you might win more play points if you didn't refuse to draft red/blue
Haroldholmes25: I mean ez game
Veste: first pick ulamog??? sick
Alas_Babylon: Hmm, I dunno bruv
martian_kyo: vintage magic on a vintage client
DiscordianTokkan: Seems deec
Favre_Studios: lotus
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
sheer_falacy: can you hack their servers and remove "phantom" from the cube
SnowbirdMike: The fix is in
kraxos23: hello and good day
Alas_Babylon: First pick Riftwing Cloudskate
wtrob: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
Dmc3628: welp lotus
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dmc3628: get in
MajorFrostbyte: Gotta take that sad robot, of course.
emily_t_g: oh man smugglers copter? easy first pick /j
Gaz_L: Ulamog?
Favre_Studios: oath of druids
AllTheWeasels: But imagine the look on someone's face when they get passed a lotus
vargasbball3: well thats nice
TheMagicalSazerac: Black Lotuses secret name is "Big Boom boom enabler"
Sibwow: not moxie, lotus
lullelulle: Just pick ulamog, you might pick up some fast mana later to cast it
chronically_poor: Force eggs?????
Dr_fragenstien: not moxen, lotus Kappa
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Bombs, but faster
JDogg2K4: 1st pick Lotus?
emily_t_g: riftwing cloudskate
SnivianMoon: Mox? No, it's a Lotus!
lullelulle: Thats among the best packs ive seen
thraximore: It's not gonna wheel, that's for sure
sheer_falacy: mono artifact time?
thraximore: but it might just /wheeler/
asthanius: I guess we're playing eggs
emily_t_g: big d*ddy urza
DiscordianTokkan: Cube Boomers, or Gleemers
lullelulle: Bloodstained Mire
Sibwow: urza lotus is a combo you can tap the lotus every turn
Gaz_L: Niv, force 5 color :p
vargasbball3: urza
TheMagicalSazerac: Ever turn your black lotus into a mox sapphire?
Favre_Studios: Urza
AllTheWeasels: my large, 5 color, idiot son!
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Take Urza, become the academy deck
sheer_falacy: oh sweet tapping a black lotus for U
tehfewl: p1p1 Black Lotus? seems hard
DiscordianTokkan: Young Peezy!
lullelulle: Mire is probably the pick, with urza and miscalc close second
Dog_of_Myth: Urza? Messed up you say?
Gaz_L: Lotus Cobra's actually p sweet
DiscordianTokkan: Old Peezey is good also, aka Urza
sheer_falacy: I've watched Kaldheim draft, I'm pretty sure you should pick a snow land
Loonatic93: Arena still down-ish?
IbunWest: Urza is just a messed up card
lullelulle: Ponder
emily_t_g: uh oh
vargasbball3: ponder
asthanius: krark
emily_t_g: kark
underhill33: chonky bois
The_Myrddraal: Signet?
Cavemanhar: prime time
lamina5432: krark
Radyin: I like the green idiot.
MajorFrostbyte: Lilli?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Prime Time
lullelulle: I think wheeler might have some krark related trauma
BigBenS221: vanguard
The_Myrddraal: This is hard
sheer_falacy: pick primeval titan, hope for thespian stage and dark depths
vargasbball3: sphinx is also good
Favre_Studios: Prime time
Loonatic93: @Radyin Why are you saying such mean things about Garruk?
emily_t_g: speaking of wheels
emily_t_g: wait
Gaz_L: Damnation?
asthanius: speaking of 4/5 illusions
lullelulle: This pack isnt that good
lullelulle: Probably wheel
emily_t_g: Citidel
Sibwow: citadel citadel citadel
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Corpse Dance? We can pivot into reanimator
Radyin: @Loonatic93 I was referring to Prime Time. Garruk is great.
BigBenS221: priest
DiscordianTokkan: Palinchron
underhill33: Kathleen speaking my language
sheer_falacy: you should get food for lunch
asthanius: Rewarded for being in Green
lullelulle: Volc
emily_t_g: time spiral based
TheMagicalSazerac: Oh, that's how I DM
BigBenS221: figure of destiny
emily_t_g: the card so good they named a set after it
TheMagicalSazerac: "everyone shutup and tell me what you're doing"
Favre_Studios: time spiral
asthanius: Ooze
thraximore: I'm fond of the Island as the pick
MajorFrostbyte: not biogenic
asthanius: oh hey lotus #2
emily_t_g: volc is the best land ever printed im right /j
MajorFrostbyte: that was question
PaperDoopliss: Black Lotus is just card disadvantage
sheer_falacy: I bet you could get a well actually about black lotus
vargasbball3: lions eye
BigBenS221: ritual
emily_t_g: LED KomodoHype
Rogue_07: Tezz?
lullelulle: well actually if you really consider that youre losign and top decking then black lotus isnt a good card
RaklarLS: lotus 2: discarding boogaloo
vargasbball3: or tezz
Fruan: Tezz seems good.
The_Myrddraal: I like Tez but it is a statement
sheer_falacy: Untap that black lotus!
DiscordianTokkan: Big Regi is always fun
MajorFrostbyte: Tezz I'd think
Gaz_L: Tezzeret
emily_t_g: they printed a lotus with "upside"
Radyin: Force storm after you pass the Tendrils.
Gaytanic_Panic: Hih. I was joking. Neat!
BigBenS221: condemn
thraximore: Thrag is beef
Cannons_are_an_instrument: That's a late mentor
Tigren45: Is this vintage cube??
Fruan: Which u/g land is that?
Dog_of_Myth: Good old Swagtusk
lullelulle: !lumbering falls
emily_t_g: large AND in charge?? who could have seen that coming
sheer_falacy: !card lumbering falls
LRRbot: Lumbering Falls | Land | Lumbering Falls enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {G} or {U}. / {2}{G}{U}: Lumbering Falls becomes a 3/3 green and blue Elemental creature with hexproof until end of turn. It's still a land.
asthanius: lotus #3
Tigren45: Windswept heath
DiscordianTokkan: Oooh, Krasis
Tigren45: Take fetch land
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Dix: SwagTusk
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BigBenS221: eidolon
lullelulle: FoF
sheer_falacy: why does that lotus cost so much more than your other one
sheer_falacy: must be a bad card
emily_t_g: good statement streamer
tehfewl: "signets are good" hot take
Radyin: The Krasis is on color.
thraximore: dang, simic is lookin thicc tonight
AdamYMHMI: Oh, hai-droid krasis
SnowBuddy18: I enjoy a lotus or a krasis
ladyjessica: Fof
Cannons_are_an_instrument: If we're going UG Ramp Krasis is dece
Fruan: Time for some Big Brown
lullelulle: Cloudskate Cloudskate!
lamina5432: sofi
Gaz_L: sword?
Radyin: Solemn or Sword.
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djalternative: our original pack!
Favre_Studios: oath of druis
coachNelly: In short signets are. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
Sibwow: it can't because there arent enough cards in the pack
SnowBuddy18: looter scooter
BigBenS221: rabblemaster
tehfewl: riftwing or solemn
macintose: copter go swa swa swa
Tigren45: Oath?????
lullelulle: Riftwing is so good
sheer_falacy: there's an unhappy robot that you could help out
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ElektroTal: christ, 4 years?
thraximore: it's a good sword bront
underhill33: awk
Tigren45: Swords are sweet tho
The_Myrddraal: Overvalued == No value
BigBenS221: flickdrwhisp
Gaz_L: if we're artifacts, sword is cool
Sibwow: ezpz
vargasbball3: young
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Flame Splash
BigBenS221: vanguard
RaklarLS: well, white is open.
chronically_poor: coward
Fruan: Bayou seems the correct and unexciting pick
sheer_falacy: poor Krark, no thumbs and also no friends
BigBenS221: citadel
SnowBuddy18: we have green
emily_t_g: what scared to lose 7 more flips in a row?
Radyin: Banefire?
lamina5432: you need krark of a thousand faces
Tigren45: I’m always in the mood for a bayou
lullelulle: Krark just says "Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery return it to your hand" how is that any good?
tehfewl: citadel seems best pick esp if you luck into a tinker
Dix: White FunPolice is almost always open
TheMagicalSazerac: "This is just a random assortment of powerful cards!"
emily_t_g: @lullelulle its how you keep an izzet mage busy
Veste: BROKE-O
Radyin: Oko. Oh no.
thraximore: oh helloooooo there
laikagoat: oooh
Gaz_L: Oko?
Dix: Broke-o
SnowBuddy18: Oh, ko
Rogue_07: Oh nOko
sheer_falacy: Oko seems like a card that was banned a little bit
vargasbball3: oko
bullseye3265: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:28.
MajorFrostbyte: Oko???
Diabore: stupid sexy oko
seekerac: Oh. Damn. Sub Baby? I only use occasional Bezos subs every year or two, so this snuck up on me. Though I've been a Patreon contributor (at minimal levels) since the Escapist days. Rock on, LRR!
Sibwow: helloko
DiscordianTokkan: Oho, Oko
Dmc3628: PikaOko
Hexi_Lexi: Ben "i didnt plan on playing combo" Wheeler
Tigren45: Empty the mfing warrens
coachNelly: NEW PLAN
Favre_Studios: Oko
Sibwow: obscenely
Gaytanic_Panic: ABS
Mr_Gainsworth: oko and hope signet wheels?
MajorFrostbyte: In blue green, seems good
thraximore: You've even got the Lotus!
Lupus2253: Tracker with Urza?
drizter: still broko
Diabore: yes, thats how good oko is
hey_kelvin: oko be broko
lullelulle: @emily_t_g just keep casting the bolt with a birgi in play, only ever generating storm
Favre_Studios: The best
SnowbirdMike: oko is oko
sheer_falacy: hey, how many people could be in Simic?
ladyjessica: Very
shurtal: would you say "P" good?
Gaz_L: it's banned in every format for a reason
Tigren45: Oko is broko
The_Myrddraal: 1. Oko 2. Tracker
lullelulle: Also oko is maybe a good card? I mean its not really played in legacy any more so is it even good?
emily_t_g: @lullelulle thats the DREAM though
Alas_Babylon: Turns your opponent's Ulamog into a 3/3 chonky boi
Hexi_Lexi: hey @coachNelly guess what? i appreciate the heck out of you!
FacelessManAboutTown: Stupid sexy oko
AdamYMHMI: "How good is Oko" is a question no one asked before printing it ;)
greg1756: I take it Vintage is the only legal format for Oko?
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Favre_Studios: And commander
sheer_falacy: turn that worthless black lotus into a 3/3!
Sibwow: izzy siggy
emily_t_g: academy!
DiscordianTokkan: Oooh, Questing Beast, for Questing Beats
FacelessManAboutTown: Academy D:
tehfewl: aca
RaklarLS: tiny lotus
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00busyhands: LUL
SnowBuddy18: those are good cards
Mr_Gainsworth: arid mesa fetches blue
Cannons_are_an_instrument: QB beats face
lullelulle: Oko does make artifacts, but he also just wins the game so his synergies might not be too important.
sheer_falacy: just read all of the text on questing beast
vargasbball3: lotus
AkiraBalance27: lotus elk
bullseye3265: tolarian academy is pretty good
sheer_falacy: and when you're done the game is over
Tigren45: Tolarian academy???
Favre_Studios: tolarian academy
Hexi_Lexi: academy, i think?
Fruan: Acadamy tho
lullelulle: take academy
Gaz_L: T1 beast? yeesh
SnowbirdMike: acadamy or hulk?
hey_kelvin: easy izzet signet
lullelulle: Take academmy
lullelulle: dont greed
DiscordianTokkan: Chance for T1 Questing Beast seems good, imo
sheer_falacy: hoo boy vintage cube is hilarious
TheThirdTail: I'm boring and safe and would just take arid mesa
SnowbirdMike: lol
Tigren45: You have urza
emily_t_g: if he wheels academy I will never doubt him again
bullseye3265: academy with a lot of artifact synergy
The_Myrddraal: Yeah the problem with taking Academy now is the lack of targets/payoffs
Scar_Red_Tiger: Strong discipline to prioritize mana
FacelessManAboutTown: Upheaval Kreygasm
emily_t_g: "izzet signet is the best signet --"
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Elves seems fine
Hexi_Lexi: do we take Upheaval?
Max_Fan: Ohai Upheaval
Favre_Studios: treasure cruise
sheer_falacy: you know what you're doing
sheer_falacy: presumably
lullelulle: You're going to win more games, but are you going to feel as good about those wins?
vargasbball3: mox
asthanius: robot-y
Alas_Babylon: She sounds tinny
lullelulle: I think you sound fine
The_Myrddraal: Though Urza is a payoff, Urza is also an easy target
Styxseus: slightly tin-canny roboty
FacelessManAboutTown: Mox
sheer_falacy: Wheeler is louder than Kathleen
BjjBrain: she sounds fine
SnowbirdMike: alittle quiet
sheer_falacy: still
Alas_Babylon: No change
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Mox Diamond pairs well with Upheaval
asthanius: no difference
Radyin: Sounds the same.
tangokilo421: It's almost like two Kathleens at once with a very small delay
RaklarLS: kathleen sounds like she's coming off of a webcam mic rather than a big mic
sheer_falacy: despite the amazing song
emily_t_g: no clamp here?
Gaytanic_Panic: Wire?
wolfie2006: kathleen is fine. I don't think its robotic at all
thraximore: is that GLADoS?
Alas_Babylon: You sound halfway to GlaDOS
vargasbball3: or skull
coachNelly: I would say quiet but not bad
Favre_Studios: Hello GlaDOS
Tigren45: Mox?? Or sweet precious tangle wire
Alas_Babylon: Your volume is good, but you sound kinda GlaDOSy
CaptinOfBeez: tiny singing kathleen!
wolfie2006: may not be like a premium quality, but its not bad
fubargames: Time to sing Still Alive while that voice effect is on?
ginnsman42: Sounds tinny and distant, but I can still hear.
coachNelly: Oh right it sounds like there all walls between you and your mic
Radyin: It sounds like a built-in mic versus a nice mic.
jdkirkham03: I thought it was just my phone.
SquareDotCube: Could the wrong microphone be on?
The_Myrddraal: !card Mox Diamond
LRRbot: Mox Diamond [0] | Artifact | If Mox Diamond would enter the battlefield, you may discard a land card instead. If you do, put Mox Diamond onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
Mr_Gainsworth: strike?
Favre_Studios: bitterblossom
Gaz_L: anything but stormcaller
Tigren45: God if that academy wheels
SnowBuddy18: greed sphinx?
DaMullet14: Mox Diamond - it's like a land, but worse
sheer_falacy: "bad"
Styxseus: My bet is on windows "helping" with the audio
emily_t_g: mana flare is so KomodoHype tho
AtrusOfMyst: Are we just drafting a god-tier deck?
tehfewl: winter orb you say?
RaklarLS: winter orb and urza though.
tangokilo421: Winter Orb with Urza is Pain
NarishmaReborn: urza orb combo
more_alpacas: winter orb with urza >_>
The_Myrddraal: Winterorb does tickle my cold, cold heart
Mr_Gainsworth: winter orb
Cavemanhar: elf into oko
bvorhies: Question is wheeler going to be playing against someone ?
greg1756: I'd just give up and draft 5 Colour Good Stuff-ifacts
The_Myrddraal: But yeah, Ballista def
greg1756: because I'm bad at drafting lol
MadWolf1290: wait, this MTGO client has a strong MTGA feel to it now
emily_t_g: goose!
Hexi_Lexi: goose or fire/ice?
underhill33: no
dividesBy0: you sound the same
sheer_falacy: what do you have to recruit
tangokilo421: Same Kathleen sound
Radyin: You sound the same.
Styxseus: Still the same
RaklarLS: nope, you sound exactly the same
sheer_falacy: tutors for Urza
Favre_Studios: Still GlaDOS
MajorFrostbyte: no. still quiet, but fine otherwise
RaklarLS: Joos Goos
bvorhies: Also what is the cats name ?
Gaz_L: not birgi?
JarofGoats: Honk
Tigren45: Make goose foods and sac them with tolarian academy mana
sheer_falacy: he's a dickhead who gets things done
emily_t_g: possibility storm for the meme
shurtal: Power Goose?
ImmortalLen: What did he do?
emily_t_g: wait wrong card
Favre_Studios: mutavault
NarishmaReborn: Urza is preeeetty evil
Radyin: Mutavault for value?
Stormthius: remember those angels?
philippekav: oh no, goose and oko ... I'm having flash backs
corefluxx: he played god to breed the "perfect" hero.
emily_t_g: dickheads who get stuff done are still dickheads
shurtal: tracker makes artefacts?
hey_kelvin: jesus clique wheeled
tehfewl: Tracker is boss
bullseye3265: but accomplished dickheads
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Traacker makes artifacts
Favre_Studios: tracker
emily_t_g: tapping clues for U is nits
RaklarLS: he's a dickhead who fixes things he's done. Like a fucking ice age over some stony bits. He had no chill.
NarishmaReborn: clues and food!
emily_t_g: nuts
Radyin: Tracker is a nice pick.
TheThirdTail: Clique is my favourite card, so I'd take it. But I think Tracker is better.
vargasbball3: tracker
asthanius: MUCH better
RaklarLS: Much better
Halvhir: better
Styxseus: Better!
Gaytanic_Panic: Good
shurtal: MUCH better
sheer_falacy: still quiet?
quietcat: much better!
ShaneLeeAtk: Much better
MadWolf1290: very!
MajorFrostbyte: better
Hexi_Lexi: much better imo
JarofGoats: Much better
tehfewl: questy besty
Cannons_are_an_instrument: The beast wheeled
Favre_Studios: better
emily_t_g: no Academy :(
dreamingwaves: Sounds better. :D
SnowbirdMike: clearer
Gaytanic_Panic: Questus McBeasto
Gaz_L: scooze?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Scooze?
AkiraBalance27: haha
sheer_falacy: you need to hack our brains
sheer_falacy: which is probably not that hard
Gaytanic_Panic: *sproing*
The_Myrddraal: Get one of those MiB Red lights
Tigren45: Miscoozie
Gaz_L: graveyard hate is nice
emily_t_g: mana flare
Favre_Studios: vent
JDogg2K4: flare
Tigren45: T a n g l e w i r e
sheer_falacy: looks at last 3 cards after 12 have been picked: "this pack is bad"
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Sideboard Sphinx, see if we get a pack 3 tinker
emily_t_g: mox pog
Gaytanic_Panic: Rewarded
EvilBadman: just like we drew it up
strangelee: Oh god, I've not seen MTG:O in so long. Is this their default view now?
RunningMonkeys: on color mox
TheThirdTail: I guess on colour mox is okay
Mr_Gainsworth: this pack is crazy
Halvhir: ez game
emily_t_g: on color mox too
Favre_Studios: mox emerald
Mr_Snafleburger: love your jacket
sheer_falacy: We are twitch chat, we absolutely did not think
Tigren45: Oh would ya look at that
IbunWest: Two pieces of power? Unlucky.
KidAmn: no one man should have all that power, so it's a good thing Kathleen is here too.
vargasbball3: nice
shurtal: Oooh, baby, the TRIPLE (zero cost artifacts)
EvilBadman: Maybe one of those fetches'll wheel. (laughs)
Sibwow: sol ring is better than on color mox
The_Myrddraal: Rainforest was nice to see... :(
Favre_Studios: sol ring
LackingSanity_: mox emerald tapping for blue with urza, now thats synergy
emily_t_g: this pack was good for us
JDogg2K4: Conjecture?
sheer_falacy: Sol ring is uncommon, how could it be better than a power 9, that would be silly
The_Myrddraal: Walker?
emily_t_g: workshop : eyes :
lamina5432: batterskull
Hexi_Lexi: Walker?
Favre_Studios: mishra
Favre_Studios: Workshop
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Hear me out: Batterskull
NarishmaReborn: caryatid?
FacelessManAboutTown: Not enough artifacts that cost mana for workshop
Mr_Gainsworth: either workshop or batterskull imo
SnowBuddy18: Elesh Norn, known wholesome card
Cavemanhar: this is quite the looker of a pack
martian_kyo: You have to be very brazen to be good at vintage cube. I am always passing good stuff thinking I am too greedy
emily_t_g: Hangerback?
Max_Fan: Workshop is not even medium in this cube
MajorFrostbyte: snare
EvilBadman: it's a snare
sheer_falacy: you mean it's a... trap?
asthanius: boxes held up by branches with a string?
zuchen_120: that card is meant to hunt for surges
Gaz_L: rec sage might be good if it wheels
emily_t_g: goooooolooooooos
sheer_falacy: take rec sage, kill the artifact they paly
Gaz_L: Golos
Cavemanhar: the dumb dragon
FacelessManAboutTown: Relic?
JDogg2K4: goldy makes artifacts
emily_t_g: another solid pack TBH
tehfewl: Golos
lamina5432: avenger or command?
Favre_Studios: rofellos
Gaz_L: Maybe Avenger, actually
sheer_falacy: that dragon is more adorable than it should be
NarishmaReborn: love a shinobi but it is probably relic or cryptic depending on fixing
Hexi_Lexi: relic?
black_star3000: snap take the golos right?
radioshackraider: Oh hey, I just drafted that dragon.
TheIslander1069: Relic
SK__Ren: Coalition Relic is very good
hey_kelvin: goooooooloooooooooos
IbunWest: Do we have the mana for Golos
vargasbball3: cryptic
Sibwow: urza is just golos
Hexi_Lexi: i think we take relic
Mr_Gainsworth: thats fair
emily_t_g: relic is the "correct" pick
Sibwow: noodle time
lamina5432: jitte
Cavemanhar: jitte
FacelessManAboutTown: Library?
sheer_falacy: I hear Jitte was banned a bit?
JDogg2K4: jitte?
emily_t_g: jitte is the boring pick
shurtal: LIbrary or Jitte?
dreamingwaves: Jitte?
sheer_falacy: or there's some books you could read
Favre_Studios: library or jitte
Tigren45: !card coalition relic
LRRbot: Coalition Relic [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / {T}: Put a charge counter on Coalition Relic. / At the beginning of your precombat main phase, remove all charge counters from Coalition Relic. Add one mana of any color for each charge counter removed this way.
Gaz_L: library?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Borrower seems fine as does library
bullseye3265: wheeler is good at magic, i will agree with what wheeler says
emily_t_g: library
Gaytanic_Panic: bary
emily_t_g: jitte is Boring
greg1756: Wee Chad's in this cube? oft lol
Gaytanic_Panic: lie berry
JDogg2K4: Wheel jitte?
sheer_falacy: pay 8 life, draw 2 cards, that's definitely it
Favre_Studios: library
Muddy_Thunder: also, what are you really slapping jitte on?
NarishmaReborn: stomping ground?
Mr_Gainsworth: stomping ground
Gaz_L: Cosima?
The_Myrddraal: !card Cosima
LRRbot: Cosima, God of the Voyage [2U] (back: The Omenkeel) | Legendary Creature — God [2/4] | At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exile Cosima. If you do, it gains "Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, if Cosima is exiled, you may put a voyage counter on it. If you don't, return Cosima to the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it and draw X cards, where X is the number of voyage counters on it."
Gaytanic_Panic: Boatface?
Favre_Studios: stomping ground
FacelessManAboutTown: Rider Kappa
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Stompy G seems fine as does Wall of Blossoms
sheer_falacy: is Cosima actually good in vintage? It's hard to be good in vintage
emily_t_g: yawgmoths bargin is funny
Haroldholmes25: 11 creatures with batterskull
Mr_Gainsworth: creatures dont matter as much here, imo. its their quality that matters
emily_t_g: show and tell
JDogg2K4: That is a late show and tell
Tigren45: The dfcs are neat
FacelessManAboutTown: Sower
Dmc3628: if Gaby has taught me anythin Show and Tell is the biggest trap
emily_t_g: bolt is "correct"
Gaz_L: Progentius, obv Kappa
Favre_Studios: show and tell
sheer_falacy: Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lighting bolt?
Mr_Gainsworth: WORD
Gaytanic_Panic: Seems legit
FacelessManAboutTown: Show and tell is great until your opponent drops Emrakul
emily_t_g: show and tell is the card you play if you want to lose
TheThirdTail: Can I take Show and Tell if my goal is to lose spectacularly?
emily_t_g: but you want a good story out of it
Mr_Gainsworth: dont we prefer ravine early?
SnowbirdMike: its an almost a creature deck
JDogg2K4: brain freeze
Gaz_L: Dryad
FacelessManAboutTown: Dryad
NarishmaReborn: dryad is great.... loooove conscripts
Alas_Babylon: Sexiest card in Magic
sheer_falacy: needs more banned cards
dividesBy0: it distracts your opponent
theaggrokrag: LRR VINTAGE CUUUUBBBEEE!!!! very nice. very nice.
JDogg2K4: Daretti came back to us
sheer_falacy: if only you had kiki-jiki
emily_t_g: I love this deck so much
Cavemanhar: is relic good for us
Gaz_L: repeal?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Repeal or Daretti I think right?
Tigren45: Daretti
Gaz_L: rec sage?
FacelessManAboutTown: Sage?
LemonOnRye: Workshop add two mana for Lotus Kappa
sheer_falacy: there's a weird wrath
Muddy_Thunder: why, who what why is glorybringer still here
Favre_Studios: mishra's workshop
theaggrokrag: whats this now? temur face beating?
Muddy_Thunder: cryptic?
Alas_Babylon: Temur Artifacts with Spicy Bois on the Side
emily_t_g: hey wheeler is there a deck like this in canlder? temur artifact midrange?
Gaytanic_Panic: Hey OP, you want some GLORY?
Gaz_L: Cryptic Command?
bullseye3265: cryptic is good too
sheer_falacy: black lotus makes UUU
JDogg2K4: emeria's call is basically a plains
Muddy_Thunder: wheelerGre wheelerEed
Ukon_Cairns: curve dryad into cryptic every game, ez
SnowbirdMike: got lotus got dryad
bullseye3265: lol
Endless109: leaving up Land Lotus have never been conspicuous
SK__Ren: Haha
dreamingwaves: XD
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
Rogue_07: Lol, there was an entire deck in that pack
DiscordianTokkan: Hahah
SnowbirdMike: lol
MadWolf1290: tha dark to white switch. wow
Rogue_07: Show and Tell, Progenitus, 38 Islands
Gaz_L: Can cast Progenitus with Dryad, perfect combo
e_bloc: and gilded lotus
sheer_falacy: put all of those big cards you took into play
Dr_fragenstien: this is why you have no points
e_bloc: and black lotus
corwyn256: Just got here, is the stream a cube on MTGO?
Kaktus021: You could cast Progenitus with dryad
SnowbirdMike: exactly
e_bloc: we practically have 3 black lotus
shurtal: To paraphrase Persona 5, they'll never see it COMIIIIIIIIN'
DaMullet14: Mox Diamond counts as two spells
DaMullet14: you need to play extra land for it
TheMagicalSazerac: Kathleen and Ben are drift compatible.
CaptinOfBeez: kathwheeler?
chronically_poor: you could say they are DRAFT compatible
theaggrokrag: Now Kathleeen can abuse magic WITH wheeler
Gaz_L: First ever fusion dance over Discord
itsybitsystreams: Ken Steeler
Tigren45: Daretti is a fun magic card
TheMagicalSazerac: I just imagine the deep down part of Ben mind is just cat memes and anime.
CaptinOfBeez: its all mlp down there
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: just openness of opened magic packs is fine
sheer_falacy: this is a vintage MTGO phantom cube
Mr_Gainsworth: there's two cards that make food, isnt welder viable?
sheer_falacy: what is welder finding
redyounglink: Sludge compatible
Cannons_are_an_instrument: We don't really have a welder target
TheSpikeFeeders: well if it isn't my favorite member of LRR and also Benjamin Wheeler!
vargasbball3: and urza as well with cryptic
Mr_Gainsworth: batterskull
Cavemanhar: black lotus
Endless109: I was supposed to have some of the Black Murky Sludge yesterday, but then i ended up ordering take-away instead
TheMagicalSazerac: Can we splash bolas's citadel off gilded and black lotus.
LiveFaust: Black murky sludge goes into the trade binder since you've already got a full play set.
corefluxx: "But we have Black Murky Sludge at home."
sheer_falacy: splash progenitus (or not)
Alas_Babylon: My vote is no
TheMagicalSazerac: I'm trying to appeal to the G R E E D
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Do we have enough artifact mana to really exploit Upheaval?
yamahako: ACademy Ruins helps
Muddy_Thunder: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerEed
shurtal: that's a "Board in Jace in game 2" sort of plan
sheer_falacy: sideboard in the whole sideboard
NarishmaReborn: cube allstars season 3
Endless109: bring noting out, the hard 45
The_Myrddraal: Naturally
Tigren45: Dryad storm
TheMagicalSazerac: Desperate ritual ramps us to gilded lotus, so NEXT TURN Bolas's Citadel. It's "fool proof"
Ukon_Cairns: its perfect, we play the citadel, let opp storm off, then empty the warrens off the top
tehfewl: glorybringer is attacking for 4
asthanius: Do we need Upheaval?
CaptinOfBeez: why no lotus?
emily_t_g: looking at this I want to play more citedel on MTGA
SnowbirdMike: That will work if the opponent opens the second six pack of coors.
Swamplor: the Glorybringer is BRINGING GLORY, Kathleen
Ukon_Cairns: i say, thinking empty is an instant, which is probably wrong
sheer_falacy: I assume lotus is out because it's "land"
EvilBadman: @CaptinOfBeez He's counting as a land, will be adding in a sec
EvilBadman: same with the mox em
CaptinOfBeez: ah thanks @EvilBadman
coal6: black lotus or sol ring? which one would you pick if tough's where in a pack?
JDogg2K4: but tez can search your moxen and make many big creatures
e_bloc: I'd be tempted to cut tangle wire
sheer_falacy: it's nice to have a card which can turn black lotus into ramp
SK__Ren: Oh Daretti + Lotus... gros
lirazel64: I have to sample the Black Murky Sludge in every mind I meld with! The flavor profiles are subtly different!
elah806: Oh man I love The Daretti Column
Tigren45: No fetch lands
sheer_falacy: what is the downside of bayou
Endless109: Plan C-Tadel
sheer_falacy: price of progress?
yamahako: -B-olas -C-itadel
HundreydAundre: Affinn-adele pool....
Gaytanic_Panic: Plan "For the Content"
sheer_falacy: turn 1 questing beast every game
hidingbox: Just have Black Lotus
SnowbirdMike: Now i want the citadel package to start.
MaxTurkeyFlaps: One metric year!!!
Cavemanhar: black lotus, mox and gilded lotus every opener Kappa
neisan2112: Probably get away with 1 mountain honestly
HundreydAundre: That's kind of weird seeing citadels punch X spells.
sheer_falacy: one mountain with glorybringer is dangerous
MajorFrostbyte: lot of multi blue though
sheer_falacy: it does seem like green is the main color?
ladyjessica: Cut the ruins for a forest
sheer_falacy: that's not great with black lotus
Domomaru: i have no idea how fo draft but i'm just happy to be here
sheer_falacy: spend 3 mana for 3 mana
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sheer_falacy: Vintage cube is so weird
KeytarCat: Kaffleen talking Passage!
DaMullet14: @Gaz_L Ruins taps, so not proper infinite
Gaz_L: oh, right
sheer_falacy: Thalia will absolutely not survive if Ballista is around
biosimicist: yep!
The_Myrddraal: Dies to doom blade
sheer_falacy: truly this commercial break is seamless
CaptinOfBeez: wheelers gotta butter up before the game
biosimicist: unless your deck is all creatures and ramp, then thalia can hang around
theaggrokrag: great
Ivalenz_: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
bvorhies: Are they playing against each other ?
sheer_falacy: we didn't see Kathleen's draft so who knows
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martian_kyo: Nah. they arent playing against each other
martian_kyo: Wheeler has got so much experience on Kathleen when it come to vintage cube. It'd be very uneven
sheer_falacy: we've had lots of incredibly uneven experience with commander and canlander
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: who knows, maybe Kathleen preps BNF by jamming out while jamming cube
sheer_falacy: the loading ready run super duper conglomerate
martian_kyo: Plus I don't think you can challange each other it's phantom draft
redyounglink: I'm mega-entertained
theaggrokrag: fun fact: also the name for the death star
FarrinDelmirre: my favorite megaentertainment network
Dr_fragenstien: mega glomp-erate
DeM0nFiRe: I believe Ian usually goes with "Entertainment Juggernaut" if I remember right
MrQBear: I like Mega Entertainment Network, but it's missing a radio station? or is that the podcasts, on repeat and shuffle? ' -'
sheer_falacy: I suspect that specific name is available, for now
SnowBuddy18: megtertainment conglomeration
LiveFaust: LRR Content Factory
sheer_falacy: forest forest forest cryptic command and how many black loti?
HundreydAundre: The LRR-Twitch-Broadcast-Station(TBS)
Tigren45: Curb your turn one questing beast
theaggrokrag: a little Friday night COWBOY MAGIC
irs_debt_collector: oh my god I just joined as he said that
SnowbirdMike: those forest are just islands just waiting for dryad
martian_kyo: spectre spectator
redyounglink: a narrator
biosimicist: kathleen is ghosting?
FarrinDelmirre: strictly lukewarm advice
corefluxx: Jiminy Cricket?
HundreydAundre: LRR-TBS. Say, aye! It does kind of sounds like The PBS acronym.
tehfewl: god i wish my ghosts would offer me medium play advice
sheer_falacy: you're both friends who are fun to be with
biosimicist: Kathleen-sper?
Styxseus: A spectating ghost, a spectectre
AtrusOfMyst: Our Transparent Parent
sheer_falacy: Casper, the friend with... something
Front_Ranger: The LRR "Font of Mischief & Chicanery"
irs_debt_collector: are we sure about that enjoyable part?
nuggetthehugget: oooo vintage cube
SnowBuddy18: we drafted a deck of Magic cards
RaklarLS: Casper, the creature that shares the same space as you, but you can't see it, and it keeps watching, and watching and watching...
manwichcannon: Casper, the factory of delight and mischief
Cephallope: There are good cards in the deck
sheer_falacy: I think a number of cards in this deck are good magic cards
tehfewl: time to get run over by mono-red/white
greatwahooney: Two moxes and two lotuses! What could possibly go wrong?
martian_kyo: mtgo always needs to be played with a ghost... since all the waiting and the lightning fast gameplay
sheer_falacy: can't see the whole hand because of Wheeler's amazing face
irs_debt_collector: don't do it
Tigren45: !card cryptic command
LRRbot: Cryptic Command [1UUU] | Instant | Choose two — / • Counter target spell. / • Return target permanent to its owner's hand. / • Tap all creatures your opponents control. / • Draw a card.
emily_t_g: im listening to Queen of Golden Dogs in the bg so when wheeler said "do you hear that" I got very scared
asthanius: We can see MOST of the hand
RaklarLS: we can' see the first card
Mistborn83: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6002: "The shower is where I do my best thinking." —Adam [2019-04-20]
martian_kyo: these were the sounds from the original magic shandalar game from 95
Favre_Studios: We can't see a card
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Mtgo Sounds got updated like a year or 2 ago but they somehow made them worse
greatwahooney: Maybe move the webcam view to the right side?
sheer_falacy: geese and elves are closely related
TotallyNotaBeholder: Elf, goose? What's the difference
tergonis: now this is a gross hand
emily_t_g: keep
biosimicist: yes!
FacelessManAboutTown: @TotallyNotaBeholder The goose card honks ;)
biosimicist: Start turning food into eld
biosimicist: elk
BirkaBirkowski: Oko on Turn 1 seems dece
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Are we missing the far left of the hand?
biosimicist: normally goes the other way around, but...
Graham_LRR: Probably wanna shift your webcam Wheeler
FacelessManAboutTown: Thank you @Graham_LRR
Tigren45: Any chance you could move camera to the bottom right?
Gaytanic_Panic: thenk
hidingbox: always outgreed your opponent
Mistborn83: Ben is covering half of your hand
neisan2112: Can't see left card
keyforgealchemist: oko!
deathstealersurvival: cant see 7th card in tour hand
Mistborn83: perfet
Omthebox: Sexy
sheer_falacy: Look at that, amazing
DeM0nFiRe: It's magic!
neisan2112: Oh my
biosimicist: nice!\
tergonis: thicc life totals
tehfewl: quick and easy fix
Wicker_Guide: beootifool
CaptinOfBeez: galaxy brain
KeytarCat: holy jibbers!
DeM0nFiRe: Oh wait I was kidding but it's literally magic
underhill33: that graveyard is thicc
HorusFive: He's some kind of wizard
vargasbball3: nice
DarthRagnar815: :O
Gaytanic_Panic: Ayyyyyyyyyy
asthanius: oh god
LackingSanity_: uh oh
emily_t_g: oh nooooo
hidingbox: mistakes have been made
asthanius: everything is going wrong
ardenGnome: Oh no, the oko
Mistborn83: boo
sheer_falacy: wait this hand has fewer lands than ideal
Omthebox: Hm. They know
biosimicist: NOOO
Gaytanic_Panic: OOF
tergonis: i can't believe you've done this
TotallyNotaBeholder: @FacelessManAboutTown Is there a canonical sound elves make in the MTG universe? They could honk too
vargasbball3: bye oko
DeM0nFiRe: big oof
emily_t_g: welcome to the highlight reel
Tigren45: Oh yeah good stuff
Wicker_Guide: snapconcede
JDogg2K4: unacceptable
Diabore: op is paniking me thinks
neisan2112: Classic
MajorFrostbyte: OP try hard
biosimicist: well i guess you just dryad + sword?
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BirkaBirkowski: wow that was rude how dare they interact
manwichcannon: tries to praise MTGO, hears MTGO, remembers why he wouldnt normally.
more_alpacas: i probably would've taken the mox
sheer_falacy: gee I wonder why someone would remove oko from a hande
Gaytanic_Panic: I find this opening play insubordinate and churlish.
KeytarCat: Woke up this morning and chose blech
corpocracy: that timing
Tigren45: It’s ok dryad holds a sword
more_alpacas: dryad with a sword is still kinda deadly
sheer_falacy: so many 3/4 cards
sheer_falacy: swole dryad turn 1
Omthebox: with a 51
asthanius: with a 4/3
Sibwow: dismember
NarishmaReborn: how do you solve a problem like a 2/4
neisan2112: Eliminate
sheer_falacy: I'm sure they don't have Terror
SnowBuddy18: doomblade
SnowbirdMike: alcoholics anonymous
Gaytanic_Panic: Aristotle? Socrates? Plato? Moron.
KeytarCat: @NarishmaReborn I love it and I want that musical
Gaytanic_Panic: *morons
sheer_falacy: how many swords can one dryad hold
emily_t_g: good sign
sheer_falacy: I hope it's one because it's all we have
biosimicist: cycle for two
NarishmaReborn: @KeytarCat glad someone picked up on it :)
Mistborn83: it is pretty aweful
Cephallope: "Charm"
biosimicist: nostalgia?
DeM0nFiRe: It looks very late 90s/early 00s
emily_t_g: "does what it needs to do"
hidingbox: it maybe shallow and pedantic
Mistborn83: as a UX designer, it is 100 awful
Sibwow: technically functional
sheer_falacy: this client allows you to play magic the gathering, which is more than hearthstone does
NotCainNorAbel: I got married
Sibwow: olympics?
FacelessManAboutTown: Red Sox won the world series
DeM0nFiRe: Patriots won a Super Bowl
neisan2112: Nope, that was 4th grade. Real shit
biosimicist: i graduated college
Omthebox: World of Warcraft came out in 2004
asthanius: I think there was a super bowl that year
Favre_Studios: I was 2
Wicker_Guide: resident evil 4 came out?
emily_t_g: @FacelessManAboutTown hell yeah sox
FacelessManAboutTown: @DeM0nFiRe He said good thing
Dumori: Mistborn83 you should have seen this before it's last major update it looked so bad
FacelessManAboutTown: Kappa
Fofo57007: FacelessManAboutTown and DeM0nFiRe those are both bad things
Tigren45: Imagine top decking on turn 3
DeM0nFiRe: FacelessManAboutTown lol fitemeirl
Molladia: Opportunity Landed on Mars on 2004
NotCainNorAbel: I had just left U, then got married
BirkaBirkowski: I got a gamecube for Christmas in 2004 so that was cool
KeytarCat: I was in 4th grade...
GoblinGuideDog: I was eight years old
Omthebox: Is james in his house
Cephallope: Much better than farting it down
RaklarLS: Tom Waits' Real Gone came out. That's a very nice album.
Kaorti: Can't remember who I was in 2004.
HoboBob2000: 2004 was a good year cuz it wasn't 2020
KeytarCat: That was a bad year for keytarCat
sheer_falacy: we can't hear these amazing sound effects
emily_t_g: I was,,,,,, in preschool
Gaytanic_Panic: F
Sibwow: wheeler do you have your sound effects at the ready
emily_t_g: not even
sheer_falacy: not sure if that's intended
NightWingMistHawk: I was a wee babbo
RaklarLS: Also, Madvillainy
sheer_falacy: no game audio at all
Mistborn83: I dont think we can hear them
Robot_Bones: Rude
strangelee: There are sound effects?
biosimicist: too bad no one is casting rowan and kenrith for sound effects
Cephallope: The dulcet tones of MTGO
sheer_falacy: I have you muted on discord is a pretty good diss
Styxseus: It's even better because all we hear is the chuckling
SnowBuddy18: American Idiot was 2004
Sibwow: we arent getting sounds on stream
Favre_Studios: I have game audio, or at least some
martian_kyo: but is this better then the rowen lines in mtga
Robot_Bones: They are very quiet
DeM0nFiRe: I think the sounds are coming through on stream but very quiet
RaklarLS: similar in effect
FacelessManAboutTown: That's better than a goose
Sibwow: its no goose but itll do
KeytarCat: Gilty Goose
sheer_falacy: oh darn instead of a 0/1 I get a 5/3
Mistborn83: thraggy B
Omthebox: Solid 5/10 creature
emily_t_g: trasgtusk outta no where
BirkaBirkowski: swagtusk
FacelessManAboutTown: swagtusk
VTMonster: Tusker-Du
hidingbox: two spears
KeytarCat: 5/7
sheer_falacy: get a 5/3 briefly
Favre_Studios: swagtusk
FacelessManAboutTown: Chupa-thingy as the Serges say
Gaytanic_Panic: Breh
Robot_Bones: you'll do pig, you'll do
neisan2112: Man OPs deck is my kinda shit
sheer_falacy: have you ever sucked a goat, it doesn't sound like fun to me
decidedlyugin: WHAPA
Poots_McToots: Pitted
Robot_Bones: No Will and Rowan sound effects though
decidedlyugin: "and then you hit the AHGHAG
sheer_falacy: Je suis batman
emily_t_g: can someone PLEASE find me this interview
asthanius: "Pow! Bang! Boffo!"
HundreydAundre: MTGO has *creature noises*?
Cephallope: Kapow!
lirazel64: The *good* batman.
ladyjessica: Ding
Diabore: as he does it before recieving permission
Mistborn83: I am kind of loving Kathleen and Ben Vintage Cube shinaigans
Kaktus021: So we found who drafted mono-kill spells
emily_t_g: thx hosts
biosimicist: sound effect!
DefinitelyIsntKyle: So pitted bro
Mistborn83: I think I heard a sound effect
Robot_Bones: yeah we can hear the sounds but they are very very quiet
corpocracy: That video was Real Good
sheer_falacy: I'm sure it's very good, or very bad
BirkaBirkowski: man that Oko sure would have been good here
KeytarCat: Twitch is getting sound effects
Sibwow: its for splicing onto the ritual
tahoebyker: maybe they drafted the show and tell
neisan2112: My favorite kind of degen
Mistborn83: is there any other way to play magic than degenerately?
RaklarLS: oh dear.
hidingbox: uh oh
Tigren45: Pitted, so pitted
strangelee: welp
neisan2112: LMAAAAOOO
Omthebox: It wasnt
ardenGnome: wish granted
Kaorti: technically didn't
DefinitelyIsntKyle: Oof
JDogg2K4: Wasn't emrakul
Wicker_Guide: not emralul
laikagoat: lrrWOW
sheer_falacy: look those goats knew what they were getting into
TotallyNotaBeholder: You didn't say please
tehfewl: not as bad
emily_t_g: hey thats EXACTLY what I did tonight, pizza, music, all of it
Favre_Studios: !clip
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biosimicist: not emrakul
SnowbirdMike: well it wasnt emarkul
nuggetthehugget: not emrakul
hey_kelvin: could've been much worse
tehfewl: 8 cards
Mistborn83: we still have 8 cards
BirkaBirkowski: Ulamog just spits out like BWAAAAHHH
DeM0nFiRe: I was watching a FNPF vod from earlier where Adam had this Ulamog
tehfewl: thats a million
BirkaBirkowski: Get so pitted
sheer_falacy: have you considered drooding the ozference
Gaytanic_Panic: Really very good
Omthebox: 6 mana 4/4
Twilight_Spark: You sure? Reducing life total to 0 sounds pretty esoteric.
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sheer_falacy: !card gargaroth
LRRbot: Elder Gargaroth [3GG] | Creature — Beast [6/6] | Vigilance, reach, trample / Whenever Elder Gargaroth attacks or blocks, choose one — / • Create a 3/3 green Beast creature token. / • You gain 3 life. / • Draw a card.
sheer_falacy: but really who would want that
Omthebox: Could be bad
Gaytanic_Panic: uh oh
BirkaBirkowski: just draw Oko
RaklarLS: tutor for big boi, game's done
Mistborn83: MTG should have one free counter pre game.
Cavemanhar: uhhh draw game 2
Mistborn83: *per
Omthebox: Maybe they're just land hungry
emily_t_g: OPs deck seems better than ours
SnowBuddy18: known bad card Demonic Tutor
Cephallope: It could even be a boat!
imgpw: they probably have a few lands
emily_t_g: maybe they find show and tell
Omthebox: Good ey?
ThirdFloorDraft: they fell into your trap
ThirdFloorDraft: by tutoring
sheer_falacy: show and tell vs opponent with 0 cards in hand
Kaktus021: Fail to find?
sheer_falacy: gonna backfire so hard
tergonis: where are all of our archive traps?
Mistborn83: yes pls fail to find
hidingbox: Wood elemental since they can
biosimicist: ah yes, the chess clock
emily_t_g: sick
ThirdFloorDraft: oh MTG, why even sync?
asthanius: I believe that's what the kids call "rollback netcode"
underhill33: could be worse
Fofo57007: i believe you were asking for some zombo tokens
Amberzenn: you did ask for zombie tokens...
sheer_falacy: maybe you'll topdeck black lotus and they'll concede
emily_t_g: grave titan makes me happy
Gaytanic_Panic: Gravy Titums
martian_kyo: mtgo gets rollback before most fighting games
emily_t_g: gaytanic panic What did you call that thing
asthanius: lands
Mistborn83: a goose
Omthebox: Two lands
Cephallope: HONK
sheer_falacy: we definitely do not want a real answer
sheer_falacy: please lie
Gaytanic_Panic: @emily_t_g It comes from LRR calling "Just Shapes and Beats" Shapey Beat 'Ems. I do it with everything now and can't stop.
Omthebox: So 4 lands
Mistborn83: some amount of lands
sheer_falacy: mom's spaghetti
Omthebox: 3 lands
Gaytanic_Panic: I call it "Streety Fight 'Ems" now and giggle like a loon.
emily_t_g: @Gaytanic_Panic im going to absorb that into my vocab now thank you
Cephallope: Ya'll Daretti for this?
ThirdFloorDraft: opponents house obviously?
ardenGnome: You say meteorite, i was thinking of the 5 cmc mana rock that deals 2 damage
Dr_Angelic: Oh, not the mana rock that does 2 damage?
sheer_falacy: the aurora borealis? Localized entirely in our opponent's house?!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Or, the twitch servers, so that we never see you win the game :p
A_Dub888: !card meteorite
LRRbot: Meteorite [5] | Artifact | When Meteorite enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to any target. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
SnowbirdMike: Lol
Tigren45: Elf with a sword!
emily_t_g: this elf is going all the way
ranknullity: Judge? My opponent's deck is too cool
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sheer_falacy: what is a cold minute like
Gaytanic_Panic: Kicking? I wanna do some kicking!
Omthebox: Under a meteorite
asthanius: GivePLZ
TabernacleFart: Goose
VTMonster: GG for Gilded Goose
sheer_falacy: "LOTUS!"
grometty: GOOSE
MrQBear: Should we pound our desk too?
TabernacleFart: GOose
Sibwow: HahaGoose
TabernacleFart: GOOse
MrQBear: Like a war chant?
TabernacleFart: GOOSe
Favre_Studios: Goose
asthanius: sorry I yelled "goblin" by accident
Dumori: G O O S E
TabernacleFart: GOOOSE!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Teeth!
Favre_Studios: Goblin
tehfewl: it decks us faster
Dumori: it's 2:30am so
SnowBuddy18: goose, Goose, GOose, GOOse, GOOSe, GOOSE, G O O S E
BjjBrain: it soaks up damage lol
DiscordianTokkan: Hronk
Robot_Bones: Pound your desk and chang GOose!
Omthebox: Sacrifice something useless like a sword or something OpieOP
Electrodyne: 🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢
Cephallope: Ooo, it can be our commander though
biosimicist: It's like clapping for tinkerbell, if we yell goose enough then we can bring this game back to life
sheer_falacy: Daretti, Tinker
Gaytanic_Panic: F
sheer_falacy: clap your hands if you believe Ben is gonna have a bad time
ThirdFloorDraft: manners
hidingbox: come on meteor
Tigren45: Ulamog’s pawn stars
asthanius: side in progenitus
emily_t_g: IoK is the only reason we lost
asthanius: just because
Sibwow: and not just because we are in a panini
emily_t_g: side everything is as anti ulamog tech ?j
sheer_falacy: just draw better
sheer_falacy: and don't get Ulamoged
Tigren45: Yessss
Stuemke: Tanglewire? What does that do?
Favre_Studios: Plan british colombia
Favre_Studios: ?
BigGayJulia: !card tanglewire
LRRbot: Tangle Wire [3] | Artifact | Fading 4 / At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player taps an untapped artifact, creature, or land they control for each fade counter on Tangle Wire.
Gaytanic_Panic: Citadel Game 3? As a treat.
ThirdFloorDraft: just don't let ulamog resolve, simple plan
Stuemke: (Old joke)
gundamschwing: Welder instead of Sphinx?
Dr_fragenstien: what are the chances they are also running show and tell?
sheer_falacy: what does gilded lotus actually do in this deck
biosimicist: it pays for upheaval
biosimicist: LOL
gundamschwing: What is Con Sphinx doing for us?
BigGayJulia: Proggy G
LackingSanity_: the slowest hand in the world
asthanius: Dodges IoK
Omthebox: Nothing til turn 4 seems like a bad plan
KeytarCat: moxen and loti
BigGayJulia: got there
asthanius: Lotus into Lotus
gundamschwing: Turn 1 scooze eat the lotus!
MadWolf1290: "and there weren't cameras on" LUL
BigGayJulia: Call it Black Gold
Omthebox: that seems good
tehfewl: Gee wheeler, how come you get 2 Lotus
asthanius: T2 Lotus Lotus Ooze
RaklarLS: something something, inquisition.
Electrodyne: l o t u s e p t i o n
SnowBuddy18 gags at that disgusting play line
sheer_falacy: more lotuses
ThirdFloorDraft: hate to send it away, love to watch it leave? wait, does the ballista have attractive legs?
BigGayJulia: My money's on they counter one of the lotuses Kappa
asthanius: inb4 ancient grudge
Omthebox: yep
BigGayJulia: RUDE
asthanius: COME ON
Sibwow: we literally dip the black lotus in gold
laikagoat: lrrWOW
hidingbox: What is this
SnowbirdMike: what the heck
LackingSanity_: hateful
biosimicist: galaxy brain
Gaytanic_Panic: B R E H
gundamschwing: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
BigGayJulia: we can still just play ooze, then sphinx next turn
Omthebox: ez
Omthebox: Cant stop the ramp
SeiichiSin: Believe in the heart of the cards!
sheer_falacy: I believe in you
sheer_falacy: wait James isn't around
biosimicist: James is always around
Sibwow: yeah james went to sleep already
Omthebox: They're just gunna get a kill spell huh
asthanius: lrrSACK
Dr_fragenstien: doom blade Kappa
sheer_falacy: just play around the best card in their deck
biosimicist: still get two cards of sphinx
asthanius: we get one trigger at least
hidingbox: "Some players have all the luck"- Ben Wheeler, having played lotus on turn 1
ThirdFloorDraft: rider?
RaklarLS: they're getting a kill spell to remove during upkeep, probably.
sheer_falacy: when you play lotus turn 1 and don't use it turn 2 or 3
BigGayJulia: worst case, sphinx is a draw two, and tanks a removal spell
biosimicist: yep
sheer_falacy: well... that has some minor downsides
Omthebox: Just ye old Tutor Chupe
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biosimicist: maybe they are tutoring for land
JDogg2K4: well they can't force of will w/o an island, right?
JDogg2K4: or am I misremembering text on the card
asthanius: That's Daze
sheer_falacy: bluff force of will with one card in hand
ThirdFloorDraft: you just gotta pitch a blue card
BigGayJulia: !card force of will
LRRbot: Force of Will [3UU] | Instant | You may pay 1 life and exile a blue card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost. / Counter target spell.
Omthebox: Hmm
Omthebox: HMM
sheer_falacy: oh hey a win condition
JDogg2K4: definitely misremembering, ty
Goodchop: Uh oh.
Gaytanic_Panic: UH OH
BigGayJulia: just kill them before they play anything 4Head
sheer_falacy: if they lose very flip
hidingbox: lrrFINE
sheer_falacy: then that's great
asthanius: Get Lotus back!
Dr_fragenstien: what does lotus do though?
Goodchop: That feels like an upgrade.
JDogg2K4: yea, or you could faithless loot
Omthebox: That's just a straight upgrade
sheer_falacy: you'll have so much mana to pay for ****
Gaytanic_Panic: v a l u e
sheer_falacy: I wonder if pitching cards for cards was more goodful
DeM0nFiRe: "Oh boy, you're tappingg me? I wonder what fun adventure we're going on this turn!" -- Izzet Signet, probably
tehfewl: making the signet train its replacement
DiscordianTokkan: "Can you train your replacement? That's cool, right?"
Sibwow: just like how Graham is making you cast dareti then firing you
Zoozle: Loving your mono green deck!
BigGayJulia: exile their gy tutor, just in case katesShrug
sheer_falacy: delicious
sheer_falacy: block that snapcaster value
hidingbox: I mean they did show snapcaster so not the worst
FacelessManAboutTown: emrakul choo choo
GredGredmansson: Can Graham fire Wheeler? He doesn't even have an emote
sheer_falacy: could always respond to snapcaster cast
GredGredmansson: :lrrWHEELER
Twilight_Spark: That's a deep cut.
JDogg2K4: <3 reboot
Gaytanic_Panic: Let's gooooo
BigGayJulia: upheaval + mox Kreygasm
sheer_falacy: plz no ulamog
sheer_falacy: hmmm
asthanius: rude
BigGayJulia: at least we have uppy
sheer_falacy: admittedly that went badly
Dr_fragenstien: new plan: hope crypt kills them
sheer_falacy: but you have lots of mana, which means good things, one hopes
GredGredmansson: !card daretti
LRRbot: Did you mean: Daretti, Scrap Savant; Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast
JDogg2K4: that would feel bad
Goodchop: Ahh, Thragtusk.
Sibwow: upheaveling the tusk is great though
asthanius: nice mono green deck
sheer_falacy: upheaval vs almost no cards is p nice
GredGredmansson: !card daretti scrap savant
LRRbot: Daretti, Scrap Savant [3R] | Legendary Planeswalker — Daretti [3] | [+2]: Discard up to two cards, then draw that many cards. / [−2]: Sacrifice an artifact. If you do, return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield. / [−10]: You get an emblem with "Whenever an artifact is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, return that card to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step." / Daretti, Scrap Savant can be your commander.
sheer_falacy: you love having life
asthanius: like swagtrunk?
BigGayJulia: My favorite magic name is Delraich
Twilight_Spark: #JustAnimalCardThings
JDogg2K4: elite vanguard
shurtal: Large ant
KeytarCat: Magic card or Cocktail
GredGredmansson: the bargeant
gundamschwing: House Cat
Tigren45: B e r d
JDogg2K4: I'd be ok w/ that
FacelessManAboutTown: Wheeler finally gets his rabbit farm :D
GredGredmansson: Isn't that the Muraganda set?
asthanius: medium python is a limited bomb
bikedog: Green Toad
BigGayJulia: I want a card called Large Bird
theaggrokrag: like.... the Zoobooks From the Vault?
Electrodyne: Hey my old curve used to be Savannah Lions into Man O War into Serra Angel
Zoozle: "Angry Elk" is a 10/10 with trample.
Professor_Rakor: Now introducing the next magic set: Set.
JDogg2K4: Tundra wolves reprint?
GredGredmansson: Other Grizzly Bear
bikedog: Zebra
hey_kelvin: they saved giant ox until kaldheim,
theevermist: Spider Cub
chronically_poor: are these all vanilla creatures that pass the test?
SnowBuddy18: creature, scary creature, very scary creature
asthanius: Giant Striped Ox
theaggrokrag: other grizzly bear is choice @gredgredmansson
SnowbirdMike: So we cant have an Optimistic Platypus?
Sibwow: Regular Wolf
Vyous: Normal Zebra
martian_kyo: ordinary vanguard
sheer_falacy: questing beast, well known vanilla creature
gundamschwing: Colossal Dreadmaw
KeytarCat: House cat summons 1/1 kittens
asthanius: Fish With Chiseled Features
Scar_Red_Tiger: Maltese Poodle
dm818: Throat wolf?
grometty: A gang of spiders
DefinitelyIsntKyle: "just a beaver"
theevermist: Flying Rhinoceros
ChippTunes: Lengthy Giraffe
GredGredmansson: @theaggrokrag especially considering we already have like 4 of them
lochnessseammonster: sound like unstable :P
Gaytanic_Panic: bonk
SnowbirdMike: elf in disguise
odocoelus: Squee?
KeytarCat: Suspiciously attractive bee
Buxx345: the S.A.G if you will
decidedlyugin: noticeably attractive fish sounds like a yugioh cared
Goodchop: "suspiciously attractive" is a hell of a phrase
BigGayJulia: Suspiciously attractive goblin? You mean ME?
Omthebox: Regular Parakeet
e_bloc: three frogs on a log
Tecnocrat: Eight Effing Bears?
FacelessManAboutTown: "Surprisingly clumsy cat"
MrQBear: That feels like a cousin card to 'Suspiciously Normal Armchair'
Tigren45: Deer
martian_kyo: just a wheeler
KeytarCat: @Buxx345 My friends are members there!
sheer_falacy: Hot Goblin is an important feauture of Skin Horse
SnowbirdMike: Lol
e_bloc: Slightly Large Capybara
Zoozle: Deranged Hermit can get reprinted in this set with zero complication.
frozenphoenix7: Very Dear Deer
Scar_Red_Tiger: "Victor's Angels"
dm818: Hot or Hawt?
chronically_poor: Moosen
Sibwow: Medium-large Elephant
Scar_Red_Tiger: Enthralling Victor
dm818: Entralling Victor
Gaytanic_Panic: Medium deer.
GredGredmansson: Whenever Suspiciously Attractive Goblin attacks, all creatures block it, even they aren't normally able to
MuffinsOnAHill: ^^
Electrodyne: Funny Boob Euphemism
lithopseffect: victor is a snack
odocoelus: I say squee because Drawfee did a video that features Squee as a hot dude.
decidedlyugin: ABS IF TREASON
nightraven949: Captivating Crew?
decidedlyugin: of
asthanius: "Delightfully Soft Squirrel"
GredGredmansson: Enthralling Victor is just a guy name Victor who is REALLY ATTRACTIVE
Professor_Rakor: Captivating Crew, 3R to act of treason stuff
ChippTunes: Make the hot goblin legendary. Grungo, Goblin Smokeshow
martian_kyo: victor's cousin
Phosfur: A pacifism effect called 'Sleepy'. or 'Clumsy'
Gooseblast: Definitely don't know that art by heart SeriousSloth
JDogg2K4: he's absolutely enthralling
tergonis: those abs are all the identification he needs
bullseye3265: OKO, Tyvar, goblin hot guy could definatly be next
Sibwow: usually through twitch chat right
Professor_Rakor: Usually by the scruff of a neck.
sheer_falacy: Goblin Tinderer
Gaytanic_Panic: Goblin Grindr
Sibwow: sheer_falacy gobln
GredGredmansson: Goblin Dating Profile
A_Dub888: Gobln Grindr
Micsig: I mean , it is a thing now
MuffinsOnAHill: Plenty of Mogg
JDogg2K4: You don't need dating apps nowadays, you could just be entirely alone O.O
OliverWight: I ran and ate lunch is this the same deck they p1p1'd a lotus?
GredGredmansson: Flungr
emily_t_g: hey random collective of strangers on the internet. is dating a coworker a bad idea
Dog_of_Myth: Moggurbate
sheer_falacy: @OliverWight yes
Dix: this is a Twin situation
asthanius: Have you played a land yet?
tehfewl: as someone who has unfortunately used tinder, it is indeed a Mess(tm)
OliverWight: sick thanks @sheer_falacy
ChippTunes: Would Dummy Thicc be an enchantment?
BigGayJulia: bounce into batterskull seems dece
ChippTunes: Or an equipment?
GredGredmansson: @emily_t_g not inherently? there are a lot of other factors at play though
dm818: That puts them pretty dead
BigGayJulia: just pass and let crypt kill them?
Gaytanic_Panic: Enthiccen
Zoozle: They can't really afford to replay Crypt.
dm818: they only have two cards in hand
MuffinsOnAHill: @ChippTunes Dummy Thicc would be a keyword
sheer_falacy: oh no replaying a 0 cost card
GredGredmansson: like, what is the job, what is their position relative to yours, etc
Sibwow: play the lotus yeah
BigGayJulia: you can lotus into batterskull
BigGayJulia: oh nvm batterskull is 5
ThirdFloorDraft: that's just MTGO time
GredGredmansson: also i have never dated so i don't know how helpful i am as a random internet stranger @emily_t_g
ChippTunes: @muffinsonahill Thicc (This creature has +1/+1 and menace as long as it attacks with another creature)
Sibwow: if only we had a lotus out
JDogg2K4: that's good
emily_t_g: @GredGredmansson I appreciate the help nonetheless, I just worry about getting rejected and contending with that awkwardness
sheer_falacy: opponent has 1 hp, they'll be fine
BigGayJulia: please play a fetch land LUL
Veste: but... fumarole...
A_Dub888: !card fumarole
LRRbot: Fumarole [3BR] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 3 life. / Destroy target creature and target land.
A_Dub888: !card wandering fumarole
LRRbot: Wandering Fumarole | Land | Wandering Fumarole enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {U} or {R}. / {2}{U}{R}: Until end of turn, Wandering Fumarole becomes a 1/4 blue and red Elemental creature with "{0}: Switch this creature's power and toughness until end of turn." It's still a land.
BigGayJulia: welp
Dr_fragenstien: huh
Veste: yeah you get to bolt the mite in response was my thought yes
emily_t_g: yike
JDogg2K4: uh oh
Veste: assuming you want to play around twin
ChippTunes: 😬
Veste: which this does not
theaggrokrag: I mean....
underhill33: lrrWOW
A_Dub888: rayfkWELP
r10pez10: hi vintage cube friends
Gaytanic_Panic: F
sheer_falacy: opponent at 4 hp, you at 20, concede
r10pez10: are we 7-0
sheer_falacy: ah, mtg
MuffinsOnAHill: They did a thing. Thing happened.
JDogg2K4: you didn't have much time
Sibwow: playing the lotus off the upheaval was the winning line
Dr_fragenstien: two minutes on game 2
Omthebox: Play around any card you can think of in those colors.
Veste: i mean that's not entirely true, they could put up 2 blockers
MuffinsOnAHill: Just play around ________ it's easy
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sheer_falacy: why not just win
MadWolf1290: man, these seques have been on POINT tonight
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Omthebox: Winning is overated
Omthebox: Losing gets you more friends.
sheer_falacy: friends are overrated - crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their splinter twins
Omthebox: Alright well I'm going to go play games with my friends, good luck with your. Curshing.
SnowBuddy18: ooh, bonus stream Wednesday
offbeatwitch: secret bonus stream...
Juliamon: it's not secret, it's clearly public
Omthebox: Secret public stream, very fancy
Professor_Rakor: Bold of you to do things.
revjakenash: They were just playing Garbage Platter Ben. They learned it from watching you
JDogg2K4: what about splinter twin, intruder alarm and ulamog? Can I see you on that?
sheer_falacy: you can have familial joy and also be dead inside
sheer_falacy: oh no Graham and Penelope will be so sad :(
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newtfruit2: How much do I have to pay for more wheeler on the channel
JDogg2K4: you play vintage cube to play the fun police and swing efficient creatures
Professor_Rakor: The vintages were the cubes we vintaged along the cube.
sheer_falacy: Ulamog/Splinter Twin combo is amazing if you don't worry too much about the legend rule
Loonatic93: Eat me up! Eat me up inside! Can't Eat Up!
emily_t_g: I was just thinking "wow they've been on break a long time" before realizing I had my twitch tab muted
sheer_falacy: lots of red mana
biosimicist: if vintage cube gets you down just open up a different vintage
SnowBuddy18: loti, even
Cannons_are_an_instrument: This hand doesn't do anything
biosimicist: ummm...
JDogg2K4: Turn 4ish questing beast
sheer_falacy: 4-5?
BjjBrain: mulligan I think
biosimicist: mull
biosimicist: yeah!
imasab3r: wow
imasab3r: that hand
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Yee and also haw
sheer_falacy: aww there was placeholder art for a moment
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Let's put a sword on a goose on T2
garunkl: give that goose a sword. honk honk!
Loonatic93: Give the Sword to the Goose!!!!!!!!!!!
sheer_falacy: that goose has a very large knife
Electrodyne: We have moxen and lotus aplenty, Eron the Relentless galore. Colossification? +20/+20. But so what? No big deal. I want mooooooooooooooooore
rosesmcgee: "If a Goose has been chosen, then a Goose shall be king"
sheer_falacy: it's ok, time comes for us all
Endless109: it's honk time
Jon_in_Wherever: Mess with the honk, get the bonk.
sheer_falacy: just wants to lose it to hymn to tourache
Veste: the greatest thief in the multiverse is in this cube right
Electrodyne: Wolf Hymn is best Hymn
tehfewl: insert "peace was never an option" picture of goose holding knife
sheer_falacy: blame it on the goose, got you feeling loose
RomanGoro: !y
sheer_falacy: with the price of meat what it is, when you get it, if you get it, if you got it...?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: King Lear?
CommunistBakery: That would be Titus Andronicus
corpocracy: Titus
LiveFaust: Titus Andronicus
sheer_falacy: yeah that's tightass
LiveFaust: GOD, I hated that movie.
r10pez10: titan uranus
heroscaperguy: hamlet?
Loonatic93: 10 Things I Hate About You?
PaperDoopliss: All of them?
JDogg2K4: midsummer's night dream?
Omthebox: Goose Mech GO!
Nimiphi: othello?
Professor_Rakor: You're doing it, peter!
Dix: this goose chose VIOLENCE
sheer_falacy: hey Oregon Shakespeare Festival has done Titus like twice, that means it must be good
tehfewl: the Goose is Loose
spleenlord: A fully operational battle goose
garunkl: nice draw
Zephyr256k: Behold the power of this fully armed and operational battlegoose
emily_t_g: oh yes
LiveFaust: Yes, @Loonatic93 . Nailed it, and thank you!
more_alpacas: Goose Voltron
Martizz1e: thicc goose
sheer_falacy: it's only green, hardly golden at all
Alex_Frostfire: Is this honkblade?
JDogg2K4: But if it was ALL animals, you wouldn't have the sword
RomanGoro: Oponent seems to have made the mistake of playing a slow deck
tehfewl: its even better if you have the Bird secret lair
imasab3r: honktron?
biosimicist: I love honkblade
biosimicist: instead of cawblade
biosimicist: where's serge?
sheer_falacy: ah, you've chosen death
ChippTunes: rip in peace
Loonatic93: @LiveFaust 10 Things is my favorite Shakespear Movie.
JDogg2K4: Nah, he has it coming
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Baral is a 1/3
Omthebox: Baral the speed bump
sing_o_muse: tried to kill chandra
more_alpacas: killed Chandra's dad
Easilycrazyhat: Killed Chandra's parents
Professor_Rakor: He complied.
Nimiphi: pretty sure he was the chief o f compliance
biosimicist: killed Chandra's dad
RomanGoro: Tortured people
biosimicist: Lost Legacy art RIP
Dix: he caused Chandra to spark
r10pez10: killed, and then NAMED a ship "heart of kiran"
LiveFaust: @Loonatic93 step above West Side Story.
sheer_falacy: !card nalaar
LRRbot: Did you mean: Pia Nalaar; Pia and Kiran Nalaar; Chandra Nalaar
sheer_falacy: poor Kiran, I guess
Easilycrazyhat: He's a captial D Dick
Loonatic93: @LiveFaust *Nod*
ChippTunes: Gotta say, bad move
Flux530: Baral: "Magic makes people evil. I should know, I use magic and am evil."
r10pez10: chief of killparents
Cannons_are_an_instrument: He was like the embodiment of Police brutality
sing_o_muse: He's basically a cop yeah
Loonatic93: Oh, no. The Opp now as Green! Our Goose is vulnerable!
sheer_falacy: lock, stock, and Baral
FacelessManAboutTown: Doctors hate him
Nimiphi: OH, I get it, he's blue
RomanGoro: Baraal was the most villanous dude in all the Khaldeim story, even the planeswalker who was literally Bolas' minions was better
imasab3r: leave it to the blue creatures to be evil, they do play countermagic
r10pez10: dad ba dee, dad bye die
biosimicist: it's a goose! DUCK!
biosimicist: no goose
BleedingToast: Hello all
Favre_Studios: really r10pez10
sheer_falacy: poor Tezerret
Nimiphi: pay 8
Nimiphi: all day
sheer_falacy: don't judge a book by its cover, no matter how skeezy
biosimicist: yep
JDogg2K4: you just keep them all, right
ChippTunes: Does Tezzeret still have a portal in him?
Loonatic93: Hey! Having to hang out in Esper would make me all cranky as well!
Easilycrazyhat: Does he have a know...>.>?
SnowbirdMike: we only really need 1 life. Right?
r10pez10: tezzeret is a teletubby
sheer_falacy: mostly he just double crosses people who play instants when it's not their turn
JDogg2K4: That's how the phyrexians are going to lose. Backstabbed by tezzy
imasab3r: @r10pez10 which one is the question
ChippTunes: I suppose the real Planar Bridge was the friends we made along the way
tycoonbosh: That world doesn't exist, even in my imagination.
r10pez10: that's a good question
biosimicist: wow it's inverse James Turner
Gaz_L: Imagine being James Turner
JDogg2K4: 3rd land, we buried one
r10pez10: probably dipsy
imgpw: !card sword of fire
LRRbot: Sword of Fire and Ice [3] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from red and from blue. / Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, Sword of Fire and Ice deals 2 damage to any target and you draw a card. / Equip {2}
Nimiphi: one land and we can play daretti and dig for more lands!
NonMint: You have one land, and you are stomping @loadingreadyrun . This is the definition of a cube.
sheer_falacy: that mox hardly counts
r10pez10: although didn't they introduce new teletubbies recently
asthanius: storm count is at one
biosimicist: uh oh, it's storm
obijam_: we put our second land onto the bottom haha
sheer_falacy: storm counter is at one
hidingbox: Storm? In this economy?
r10pez10: temur mirror?
offbeatwitch: hey we have an elf at least
sheer_falacy: opponent is hoping for a concede at this point
offbeatwitch: green ramp baybee
imgpw: temur just die?
tehfewl: hit em with some "Your Go" emotes
offbeatwitch: anti-goose propaganda
JDogg2K4: Joke's on them. The goose can't be beat
black_star3000: the goose is a clock
r10pez10: that helps us more than them?
asthanius: We get Glorybringer now
sheer_falacy: good old ramp everyone and pass
JDogg2K4: Suppose that's good when your op is on 1 land
sheer_falacy: killing them is a strong play
Nimiphi: cryptic command mana up
imasab3r: winning does seem good
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Swing, Upheaval?
Nimiphi: I'm sniffing interaction
r10pez10: they could just be bluffing
biosimicist: do not attack all :-)
biosimicist: exert
sheer_falacy: opponent forgot to counter
imasab3r: dayGG
r10pez10: did it
asthanius: This Kills The Opponent
Cmdrlyneye: I thought 6ou were play against Kathleen and when you said glory ringer I out loud shouted Ben! then realised
tehcrashxor: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT
SnowBuddy18: we won a game of Magic
JDogg2K4: Citadel package time?
corpocracy: ayyyyy
SnowBuddy18: we won a match of Magic!
imasab3r: daySick
JDogg2K4: oh :(
sheer_falacy: that's an interesting user name
hidingbox: Victory!
Manae: The goose was that humiliating
r10pez10: tbf i concede to glorybringer
Nimiphi: time for, another draft
tycoonbosh: That goose was too brutal
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
hidingbox: when we going to BC the opponent?
Ragnarakk: @LoadingReadyRun Which god did you pray to to get 3 powers
tycoonbosh: Like brutal with umlauts.
garunkl: brütal?
tycoonbosh: Yes, thank you.
Endless109: ohh well, guess we'll just have to draft again lrrBEEJ
SnowbirdMike: Hahaha
Nimiphi: maybe isnt no
Flying_MTG: why didn't kathleen like vintage cube?
Electrodyne: Brütal Gösse
sheer_falacy: somehow I don't think we're seeing another draft
odocoelus: Cool! I just reached 100k channel points!
biosimicist: never play chess
Nimiphi: oh this hand real bad
JDogg2K4: what stresses me out it getting roped by op
Loonatic93: You can play chess without a chess clock.
BibitteNoire: Aww
Cmdrlyneye: I like mtgo more for arena being realised and I have 0 idea why it just feels better now to me
sheer_falacy: how could you dislike magic online
sheer_falacy: it's so clean and pretty
sing_o_muse: perfect
r10pez10: hahahahaha
BibitteNoire: Woww
r10pez10: always rewarded
hidingbox: just as planned
99dcwolf: Never didn't have it
imgpw: LUL
Omthebox: Mans cheating legaly
SnowBuddy18: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Nimiphi: yo, waddup, its ya boi Black Lotus
Sibwow: t1 cryptic to draw a card and bounce their land
ChippTunes: That lotus just floats to the top babyyyyy
GreatSacrificer: a game of skill (TM)
RomanGoro: Yeeee and even Haaaaw
tergonis: wheeler do you promise to use your wizard powers for evil?
tehfewl: HE CAN
imgpw: always had it
SnowBuddy18: island
imasab3r: dayBear dayBear
mizzytastic: well that's a hand
Omthebox: Tapped land pass
biosimicist: lrrSACK lrrSACK
NatShido: Wow this hand.
sheer_falacy: do you need an untapped land turn 1
hidingbox: I swear if we get hand attacked t1
LiveFaust: Well golly, Mr. Wheeler. What if I wanted to play Vintage Cube, but I hate the RNG of drafting and think that 40 is not nearly enough cards?
Nimiphi: island, lotus, bounce their land draw a card, lose the game, but win the moral victory
sheer_falacy: cryptic their first play I guess
sheer_falacy: it seems like a good card but we need time to be sure
hidingbox: another highlander by proxy?
Gaz_L: They did that weird precon event thing before Theros Beyond Death on Arena, that had the whole Power 9
r10pez10: paper commander storm when
sheer_falacy: storm counter is at 1 and that's where it'll stay
HundreydAundre: Like... an affinity stone.
Nimiphi: Strom Count is at Piss (so like 9?)
biosimicist: seeing a live Vintage Cube draft on the FNM would be cool
r10pez10: "storm counter: piss" good button
sheer_falacy: !findquote piss
LRRbot: Quote #3505: "PIIIIIIIISS! Everything is piss! I live in a world of piss!" —Alex [2016-10-12]
HundreydAundre: That's what all mana rocks are like though.
sheer_falacy: yeah that sounds like Alex
NatShido: GloryB playing around daze. Love it.
shurtal: paper commander storm, everyone plays storm except Cameron and Wheeler
r10pez10: yeah imagine playing black lotus
SnowBuddy18: degenerates playing Black Lotus AND a Mox
LiveFaust: Don't you love how black lotus
NatShido: Yikes.
MrTulip: we've been rumbled
sheer_falacy: oofa and also doofa
Gaz_L: No, Wheeler, that's white chocolate
r10pez10: is black lotus white, dark, or milk chocolate
tehcrashxor: ZippoTricks McEdgeLord!
LiveFaust: Chandra: by definition, not cool.
Loonatic93: Don't you wish you had Cryptic Command ready for that?
HundreydAundre: Chandra calling you out, Wheeler!
Gaz_L: Zippotricks McEdgelord over here
Robot_Bones: Man Chandra I thought you were cool
sheer_falacy: you can lead a horse to water?
Favre_Studios: I thought she was hot
KingOfDoma: 222p090
LiveFaust: <Adam as Vince> He's so...BIG.
hidingbox: magic online is well made as in it was well, made
r10pez10: wat
biosimicist: the tendon-cies?
HundreydAundre: Hors-Tendies? Like Horr-fish, right?
sheer_falacy: horse am big dog
NatShido: Oh jeez 6 mana.
Easilycrazyhat: Deer and rabbits do that too
jessieimproved: horse biology is straight f-ed
LiveFaust: Shit. Did we end up in a Wheeler horse story?
r10pez10: that is ... amazingly astute about MTGO actually
CaptinOfBeez: i loe wheeler's rambles
Gaz_L: In conclusion, MTGO and horses are a land of contrasts
HundreydAundre: So what's Arena then? Uh Don-Key!?
storiers: I'm suddenly concerned about how dangerous it is for a centaur to have a panic attack
RomanGoro: In conclusion, MTGO: why the long face?
LiveFaust: @storiers I'd make the worst centaur...
HundreydAundre: A Clue!? WERE!?
Nimiphi: maybe centaurs are the results of the horses wanting to breed out the heart problems
sheer_falacy: forests are playable
RomanGoro: We got James'd
NatShido: Oh we're hemorrhaging.
hidingbox: Oko, one time
LiveFaust: TECHNICALLY CORRECT! The best kind of correct!
Gaz_L: Probably the most played
the_one_and_only_kim: it isn't a Plains so yes, probably top 5
SnowBuddy18: probably in the top 4, even
until_may: Plains is best land. period
sheer_falacy: so with the two of you together you have perfect mana
Gaz_L: You'd be the best 2HG team
Nimiphi: when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, they yield
offbeatwitch: do you reckon they cancel each other out
lowman02: countryside crusher?
RomanGoro: So either you or James don't exist?
HundreydAundre: Truly...Incorrup-Tables, aren't they?
Tecnocrat: Two boulders collide, and chef's kiss.
hidingbox: !quote lands
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ChippTunes: Immovable insofar that you can’t move cards to the battlefield without land?
Gaz_L: Just play all MDFC spell-lands
sheer_falacy: how is there no quote about land
lowman02: Benjamin Wheeler is basically the countryside crusher of magic
Gaz_L: That way every card is a land
sheer_falacy: oh wait
Gaz_L: and not a land
LiveFaust: Have we ever seen Wheeler and James at the same time?
sheer_falacy: !findquote land
LRRbot: Quote #6723: "Sheep are like the boats of the land." —Paul [2020-01-22]
NatShido: Batterskull was a decent draw.
sheer_falacy: damning with faint praise
SnowBuddy18: new some cult of punctuality
Nimiphi: being punctual is a sign of having nothing better to do with your time, >.>
KingOfDoma: Hey mods, FYI, that last message wasn't spam, that was "cat thinks tablet is a bed"
r10pez10: punctuality is a virtue, but it's not fashionable!
shea_wolfe: aww, the family is all here
sheer_falacy: hey it's Chandra's parents
Gaz_L: And you played some games of Magic The Gathering
NatShido: Oh we're not doing great.
Electrodyne: Look in my eyyyyyyyyes what do you see
JDogg2K4: Chandra tribal?
biosimicist: it's family-time!
lowman02: feel like we're on yawgmoth's death train and missed in the top 6
Flying_MTG: !quote 59
Nimiphi: AND LOOK! They conquered death too!
NatShido: LUL
Flying_MTG: !findquote 69
sheer_falacy: yay
r10pez10: !addquote (Wheeler) [Now] I don't understand. We had the Black Lotus, why didn't we win?
LRRbot: New quote #7527: "I don't understand. We had the Black Lotus, why didn't we win?" —Wheeler [2021-03-12]
black_star3000: do it!!!
NatShido: Sick rip
Nimiphi: they'll run out of removal before we run out of bombs, right?
until_may: keep the man open
Cmdrlyneye: kandra just kills it
Tecnocrat: Sphinx, then Batterskull it next turn for sick beats.
sheer_falacy: technically, yes
NatShido: We also have fumarole as a blocker.
Gaz_L: !card cryptic command
LRRbot: Cryptic Command [1UUU] | Instant | Choose two — / • Counter target spell. / • Return target permanent to its owner's hand. / • Tap all creatures your opponents control. / • Draw a card.
lowman02: think you gots to get a sphinx down and cryptic the next turn to lock on the bskull with no blockers
SnowBuddy18: !card chandra torch
LRRbot: Chandra, Torch of Defiance [2RR] | Legendary Planeswalker — Chandra [4] | [+1]: Exile the top card of your library. You may cast that card. If you don't, Chandra, Torch of Defiance deals 2 damage to each opponent. / [+1]: Add {R}{R}. / [−3]: Chandra, Torch of Defiance deals 4 damage to target creature. / [−7]: You get an emblem with "Whenever you cast a spell, this emblem deals 5 damage to any target."
Sibwow: bounce the skull with the command
JDogg2K4: sphinx, don't block, equip batterskull to sphinx next turn?
lowman02: but, don't think the sphinx lives vs the chandra and the thopters
lowman02: and that just went out the window
sheer_falacy: concede and they can't win
99dcwolf: Everything is fine
Flying_MTG: we have upheaval as an out, yeah
Gaz_L: Wrath of God is blue, right?
sheer_falacy: I think we're just dead here
NatShido: Upheaval or bust.
r10pez10: people like you guys a lot
Nimiphi: wow
laikagoat: lrrWOW
r10pez10: wow
NatShido: Wow
tergonis: never didn't have it
Flying_MTG: wow
sheer_falacy: you're so good at magic
JDogg2K4: called it
Tecnocrat: If you can't be good, be efficent.
DarthRagnar815: gabyWow
NatShido: He can't keep getting away with this!
RomanGoro: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Dix: Lololol
biosimicist: daze
lowman02: hey sometimes you win in deck building
RomanGoro: I know you're a good player, Wheeler, but holy bus that was a lucky draw
NatShido: Swan Song justice.
asthanius: no this is vintage
asthanius: not standard
Electrodyne: 🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢
Haroldholmes25: upheaval at this time of year
sheer_falacy: I believe if they burn down their computer in response
NatShido: flusterstorm.
Dix: op with 11 in hand. lol
sheer_falacy: that prevents your spell from resolving
Gaz_L: Now play a Magic sub-game
r10pez10: i wonder if upheaval is banned in commander
Flying_MTG: I think it is
NatShido: 100% is
Nimiphi: also, gideon discard is kinda scary
WhiteWizard42: "We DOJ'd a board wipe"?
sheer_falacy: hooray no bored wipe
tycoonbosh: Speaking of obligation to the machine, isn't there a magic / warhammer 40k crossover happening at some point?
NatShido: Yup.
Gaz_L: And a LOTR set
HundreydAundre: Butt, Eyes will? Wait. How do you do that, sir?
lowman02: kyheon, into level figure of destiny
sheer_falacy: curve is cheat
Favre_Studios: 40k commander decks and a LoTR full set
NatShido: Lol
biosimicist: yikes
emily_t_g: jer???
asthanius: Based on how MTGO is acting, I think you may want to restart Arena
Gaz_L: If Gandalf isn't a planeswalker, fire R&D.
sheer_falacy: turn 10 is when llanowar elves really comes online
lowman02: @emily_t_g it was in one of Ben's streams
lowman02: unknown OP
BjjBrain: I think I seen that, you were streaming when it happened? was somewhat recent?
lowman02: Jer was Loxodon Smiter, Day of Judgement
HundreydAundre: main picking Land Destruction. That's a power brain, pur-haps.
asthanius: same hat!
NatShido: Opps deck is pretty spicy.
asthanius: Oh
asthanius: Neat
NatShido: Wow.
Vampyre_Lord: @Gaz_L i cant wait for the flame wars. the arguments over if gandalf should be a wizard vs a cleric. an angel? planeswalker?
sheer_falacy: what is that? I could have watched this draft at Amazing!
HundreydAundre: Oko'd to infinks
Haroldholmes25: Do they have a chandra in hand or did we get rid of it?
r10pez10: gandalf probably gonna be a flip card that transforms on death
JDogg2K4: Maybe he'll be all of those things
asthanius: Sword would make that not a trade
tehfewl: oko the batter
biosimicist: next turn just turn the sword of fire and ice into an elk
NatShido: I like that line.
WhiteWizard42: Lotus into Oko, elk their Batterskull seems great.
asthanius: If they play and equip Sword, you can't trade with it
Dr_fragenstien: what if you batterskull then turn your germ into an elk?
Amberzenn: play batterskull, next turn oko turns your germ into an elk? that sounds fun
black_star3000: elk the skull
Nimiphi: we can lotus into oko, right?
Favre_Studios: elk the batterskull
biosimicist: cannot lotus into oko
sheer_falacy: has he ever drawn Urza
biosimicist: lotus only makes mana of one color
NatShido: Playing oko off lotus sacrifices lotus to a sword elk.
Dr_fragenstien: then they can equip the sword to the elk, but it's just a 5/5 at that point
WhiteWizard42: but they have 6. just leave a U or G up
biosimicist: oops, just realized we have the lf
biosimicist: sorry all
tehfewl: they can't return it cuz it loses that ability
NatShido: sacrifices oko**
Gaz_L: Most of the time 'play oko' is better than 'not play oko'
r10pez10: *accidentally misclick the germ*
SnowBuddy18: turn into something Elk Ben
Vampyre_Lord: @r10pez10 i would shame concede on the spot
r10pez10: same
sheer_falacy: Oko is a fair card, by some definition
Nimiphi: honestly, the whole Eldraine set was a mistake
HundreydAundre: Why not Oko?
r10pez10: i heard stories of someone accidentally selecting "elk" instead of "elf" and conceding
asthanius: We can also steal the sword
HundreydAundre: Oko: I'm only powerful myself to some extent.
tehfewl: 3/3 is some how both big enough to be a threat and small enough to be dealt with
Dr_fragenstien: why not turn your germ into an elk?
r10pez10: hot take, wheeler
Dr_fragenstien: that's a pretty good line
r10pez10: possible backseat: holding down "W" while clicking a land makes it make the mana colour on the first menu line
asthanius: One time Walking Ballista
Gaz_L: No-one turns things into elks better
r10pez10: hi daretti
sheer_falacy: swords to elkshares
Professor_Rakor: we can get back black lotus! =D
asthanius: Batterskull is unfortunately super dead here b/c of Chandra
r10pez10: oh geez is it
swolmigs: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:37:23.
sheer_falacy: could equip batterskull
Omthebox: I have faith in wheelers ability to play cards.
fettz_the_mandalorian: gonna lurk because I'm doing prerelease with friends
r10pez10: vintage cube also has a lot of lines huh
thraximore: ngl I've literally fallen asleep twice this stream.
Gaz_L: I once won a match in BO3 on Arena because we both used like 27 mins in game 1 and were just racing through game 2
lowman02: confluence
lowman02: nope just mom and pop
asthanius: oh we're dead
thraximore: You're very good soporifics :)
asthanius: DOB
r10pez10: not too bad
asthanius: and now alive
sheer_falacy: that's kind of good
Omthebox: Never didn't have it
Vampiricsloth: now if only mtgo used mana like mtg arena does lol
sheer_falacy: just put text on the green card
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sheer_falacy: keep going until there's no more room
Vampiricsloth: god i wish they'd just make arena their mtgo
fettz_the_mandalorian: is it possible to get 5 packs in a prerelease kit because...
OliverWight: oh you gained 16
Gaz_L: It's one of those cards where I feel like it gains more keywords every time I look
lowman02: it's exists to combat Oko :)
Gaz_L: Why does it have vigilence?!
JDogg2K4: I was like, why did chandra die when you went to the dome. Oh right, that's a thing questing beast does
Vampiricsloth: i got a questing beast in a random pack from walmart <3
SnowBuddy18: I didn't know QB with lifelink gains life off the walker hit too
r10pez10: remember when they said "this is the sort of power level we're aiming for in standard from now on"
Gaz_L: "I have this jabberwocky, tho"
MrTulip: also, lets make them both green
Vampyre_Lord: "what color should smaller nuke be?" "also in green!"
the_one_and_only_kim: and print them in the same colour, makes perfect sense
drewm1022: "Oh right, that's a thing questing beast does," is a phrase that has been uttered many a time before.
Professor_Rakor: Just make sure both our nukes are in the same color.
MrTulip: no problems there
Omthebox: Ballance is a strange word when you're talking about questing beast
HundreydAundre: Batter'd Skull'd Questies
r10pez10: this has been a fun stream
asthanius: with five minutes to spare
JDogg2K4: gg.
sheer_falacy: island such an op car
biosimicist: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AtrusOfMyst: Mom and Pop's one stop Thop Shop
fettz_the_mandalorian: I wanna think Rosewater went to board of design and said I'm going to take a shot for every card you suggest that isn't broken
Professor_Rakor: Who keeps ringing that bell? Kappa
sheer_falacy: and then he went home sober?
fettz_the_mandalorian: and that's how oko was made
r10pez10: ???
JDogg2K4: "I'm pulling out of the driveway..."
lowman02: time us out
lowman02: is what they're trying to do
r10pez10: an out
r10pez10: i gotta go to the post office but good luck
lowman02: tanglewire has a ton of triggers as well, very time intensive
Omthebox: Honor?
asthanius: this is not a stream of honor
r10pez10: honor
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asthanius: snull
JDogg2K4: A bird, and a bolt to bolt it with
garunkl: you can only draw gas
SnowBuddy18: just think, this deck is now 2-2
DeM0nFiRe: Oh is the timer in MTGO the timer for the whole match, not just the game?
SnowBuddy18: correct
rwhr2d2: yup
Cmdrlyneye: can I get some initial D in the chat
DeM0nFiRe: Ah didnt even realize that
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yamahako: Lonely Driver!
HundreydAundre: As I've heard from football...Overtime, ov er t i m e..... OVERTIME!!
sheer_falacy: Sadness is a superpower
Omthebox: I'd concede irl if a goose had a sword.
lowman02: birds with SoFI is a legit win con
lowman02: happens in Canlander all the time
offbeatwitch: taking a goose to the face is not a pleasant experience
sheer_falacy: I think I could take a goose with a sword
sheer_falacy: they don't have hands, makes it a lot easier
SnowBuddy18: it's easy to kill a good when you have a sword
Omthebox: Going back to bed, yep
SnowBuddy18: goose*
drcthulu: you don't take a goose with a sword seriously
offbeatwitch: yeah you're not gonna be able to take on a goose with a sword
Omthebox: Whats animal control going to do
Omthebox: Its got a sword
SnowbirdMike: I assume the farmer pushed the goose too far.
imasab3r: my new band name psyco goose on the loose
asthanius: net tazer
drcthulu: the goose is loose
RomanGoro: If I see a goose with a sword in my backyartd, first I try to make friends
sheer_falacy: this is america, dammit, animal control has rocket propelled grenades
SnowBuddy18: the goose who knows a moose is on the loose looking for juice
lowman02: premonition
offbeatwitch: always be prepared for geese
JDogg2K4: Their goose is cooked
imasab3r: can you prepare for a goose on the loose?
Dix: Honk Bonk
Stormthius: wheelerY wheelerH
Vampyre_Lord: rude
asthanius: RUDE
biosimicist: Honkers!
biosimicist: no!
asthanius: Now we get to make as much food as we want
AtrusOfMyst: If the goose looks like they've been hitting the weight room, I'm running
SnowbirdMike: The dream ,the dream. nooo
Omthebox: Ah, you dialed sword control not animal control
JDogg2K4: a batch of flour
neoshingundam: lrrSCOOP roll20Ded lrrSCOOP
SnowBuddy18: flatterskull
sheer_falacy: gilded goose just doesn't have the same ring to it
Tecnocrat: Not "Sherlock Holmes and the Goose with a Sword"?
Omthebox: That goose gave a lot of food
sheer_falacy: delicious
sheer_falacy: trypophan not a magic card yet
biosimicist: eats the elf, and the goose, but not the food
biosimicist: nice, we need to see all the amino acids as magic cards
AtrusOfMyst: Urza, Lord High Slacker
asthanius: beep beep
Omthebox: Ooof
JDogg2K4: Never not had it
Omthebox: Cheating beast is back
asthanius: one hundred and twenty entire seconds
sheer_falacy: attack the enemy directly with your Violins
Omthebox: Easy come easy go
biosimicist: it's football, 2 minute warning
lowman02: O ring in cube :P
JDogg2K4: Removal.dek
HundreydAundre: The ONE Tru RING.
AtrusOfMyst: how much time does it take to crack a black lotus, anyway?
Vampyre_Lord: questing beast doesnt even have hexproof? what a weak card Kappa
HundreydAundre: @Vampyre_Lord YOU>>>>DAA A A A RRRE!?
Omthebox: Hmm. Those qualify as good cards
asthanius: two people -> one elk
JDogg2K4: Really? Weak
Countjondi: also, even if you could, it would turn it into a 3/3 but QB would still be exiled
knickknacksnackery: also oko'ing the o ring wouldnt cause it to leave the battlefield so the leaves trigger wouldnt trigger anyway
Vampyre_Lord: @LoadingReadyRun also if you turn o ring into an elk (turn it into artifact first via liquimetal coating or some such) it wouldnt leave so questing beast would just be gone
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Vampyre_Lord: wow, 3 explanations in a row! good job chat
sheer_falacy: Urza, guy who is here for one game
Omthebox: I'll get my yelling shoes.
AtrusOfMyst: I think we have a really good chance at a victory here, going to time is a demonstration of mercy
imasab3r: if he runs out of time does he loose?
asthanius: Will you at least cast an optimal Goblin Game?
lowman02: yes if you run out of time you lose
Vampyre_Lord: ready to backseat and "correct" you wheeler SeemsGood
sheer_falacy: so long as you don't sack the food for one mana
lowman02: but, it's cube feel like at 2-2 you're okay with tha
Haroldholmes25: spin to win with urza and hope the clock doesn't kill you
Electrodyne: optimal Goblin Bowling Team
sheer_falacy: but you're at 8
sheer_falacy: just enough hp to draw 3
NightWingMistHawk: 11 seconds and a dream
yamahako: Lotus Lethal :-D
Countjondi: Black lotus, even as a 3/3 is still good
sheer_falacy: wait, you're not a monster?
sheer_falacy: I'm watching the wrong channel
whitegrimknight: hey chat
offbeatwitch: we tried
sing_o_muse: F
imasab3r: f
sheer_falacy: oh noooooo
biosimicist: so close
JDogg2K4: nooooo
grometty: the worst timeline
Agl0vale: benginO7
asthanius: moral victory
goldengraham13: RIP the dream
Dumori: ooops
biosimicist: you two are amazing
AtrusOfMyst: a valiant effort
shurtal: Test test octoKazoo psaWink
HundreydAundre: This is it. I'm gonna do it!
asthanius: oh god gladiator screen
SnowBuddy18: benginO7
AtrusOfMyst: We saw some awesome magic cards
sheer_falacy: oh boy Hebrew gladiator
KWardJenx: We had fun as well.
mastershake29x: I had fun.
r10pez10: great stream!
biosimicist: i had fun!
AtrusOfMyst: Thanks for the awesome stream!
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Electrodyne: Ivo Shandor?
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raulranma: only the two of you could manage to be so charming reading subs hahaha
SnowbirdMike: It was a great stream. Got to see a Black Lotus attack. Spend time with LRR and chat.
asthanius: "No, and"
sheer_falacy: what is this about froyo lies
asthanius: If it's not served, it's just "soft"
Mai_Andra: The hut, butt soft.
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AtrusOfMyst: Whole oak slush, all NUTural
HundreydAundre: I"m gonna be the guy that cycles, Yorions, token doppels, Bronze-Blood & Raze-Boars the board!( & I halve Time Wipes....) BUTTHAT"SKNOTTHEPOINT!
corefluxx: Corgo100
AtrusOfMyst: GG
KWardJenx: Excellent Sub read!
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Makrosian_Tae: happening right now?
laikagoat: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Molladia: !next
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sirspate: nap time
Phailhammer: cya :)
Makrosian_Tae: Oh, byeeee
SnowbirdMike: nite
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
ContingentCat: Thanks, bye
corwyn256: Goodnight everyone! lrrHEART
dpj2009: NotLikeThis
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