TehAmelie: are we still drumming Professor Subway out of busienss?
TehAmelie: business
Lupus2253: No this time, our opponents use Magic. There seems to be a society of Magic Users, which want to gain the power of some grumpy dragons.
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! I almost forgot it was American DST
johnalogue: oh, here we are!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Heather and Ian are playing an RPG about drums that make monster friends. | And then we smush those monster friends together to be better monster friends. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EweWc2HUcAQfifO.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1371235448073285633
constablecrab: I already want my stolen hour back.
RandomTrivia: You can have it back in 6 months time
johnalogue: there are proposals to end DST again so maybe that'll happen...someday
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constablecrab: Try 8 months.
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aitsu100: Yay Taiko Tyme
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EdoardoZone: sup
ender4449: Finally catching a stream live!
TehAmelie: woo
constablecrab: hawooo
EdoardoZone: get the guns out?
r10pez10: !clip
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RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: uwu?
RunningMonkeys: my doggo looked at the screen there LUL
Raiger: But at least it is also the day of pi!
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SAJewers: 🥧?
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TehAmelie: how i wish daylight savings would yield interest
constablecrab: I ate half a pie and I will definitely pay.
TehAmelie: wait no, it's not worth it, thn we'd never get rid of it
r10pez10: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (9m ago).
MAPBoardgames: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:29. lrrSPOT
r10pez10: rhythm game players are always on time
mitomanox: secret to comedy is timing
mitomanox: or else
r10pez10: that's a good tip
Raiger: Ice, ice baby
johnalogue: but what if someone steals your ice and leaves you in a bathtub full of kidneys?
PendelSteven: 'Ello, you're on early...
r10pez10: my mother always brought us late to stuff so it kind of inverted into me being early for things
constablecrab: I remember when showing up to work meant more than walking downstairs. I don't miss it.
mitomanox: or steal you and leave your kidney on a tub full of ice
PendelSteven: Still on this game, huh?
ender4449: My uncle was the opposite, family would tell him events happened an hour before actual time just to get him on time
TehAmelie: more adventures?!
nyperold: A rhythm wizard is never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
aitsu100: im ok with voices as long as there is no smaking of gums
TehAmelie: so many jungle
aitsu100: *smacking
johnalogue: melt those golds
Raiger: It's fine, they just become candy like pokemon
r10pez10: "from kamen rider ghost"
PendelSteven: Japanese power punk
ender4449: AU-102
PendelSteven: Football Teams
r10pez10: wow
PendelSteven: Feijnoord Rotterdam
johnalogue: iron tin snail
aitsu100: Uncle
TehAmelie: Irn-bru would also work
PendelSteven: That's the first one I'll always name :)
RandomTrivia: Hey, he's trying his best!
johnalogue: iron sn is an iron snail infused with tin
r10pez10: i keep thinking a phone is ringing but i think it's in-game
MAPBoardgames: Delectable tea? Or deadly poison?
PendelSteven: Oh, the team is called Feyenoord
PendelSteven: for international purposes
RandomTrivia: We can all agree that the live action movie never happened
johnalogue: good actors are often in bad movies
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r10pez10: they were specifically told not to watch the source material
ender4449: Talking about Jame’s Camero’s Avatar right?
LurkerSpine: lol
johnalogue: @ender4449 it would've been a more faithful adaptation
ender4449: Oh ouch
RandomTrivia: Zuko has so many turnarounds and EVERY single one of them is perfect for his character
aitsu100: i had an interesting time with that movie cuz right before it i watched dragonball evolution
aitsu100: i made bad choices back then
MAPBoardgames: "I bet you're surprised to see me here." "Not really, at this point."
ender4449: Proper compelling character devolpment!
LurkerSpine: I do recommend the Lady Kiyoshi novels if anyone wants more Avatar.
r10pez10: iroh MVP
RandomTrivia: Iroh best character
constablecrab: truth
johnalogue: sooo many good characters
RandomTrivia: Except maybe Old Toph
johnalogue: @randomtrivia it sounds like TOUGH
TehAmelie: i believe Emily Dickinson said, "I have yet to have an author tell me a character other than Zuko is being redeemed and then convince me of the fact with their words and deeds"
ender4449: Hiphop-tomus = Jazz
aitsu100: Irnbru
RandomTrivia: IAN
aitsu100: booooooooooooooooooooooo
johnalogue: a stone can treat any illness if applied with enough force
TehAmelie: ha Hercules is doing that bodybuilder pose like what Rob Liefeld messed up on that famous Captain America poster
johnalogue: oh it's argentina santa's voice
johnalogue: Soundsofthepanzercorps
aitsu100: viewtiful joe crossover plz
adambomb625: Awaken my Masters!!!
EdoardoZone: it'll be hard to tell when ian finally loses his mind
TehAmelie: Ian your voices are so intense the mic clipped
johnalogue: wait Tia is made of stone?
r10pez10: it's hard to look back and poiint to the time where the wheels fell off
r10pez10: i suspect it was when rhythm tuesday got moved to sundays
TehAmelie: cockatrice there is taking a lot of time petrifying everyone huh
johnalogue: I think he's a tank unit
MAPBoardgames: Lizard?
EdoardoZone: stuffed crocodile ftw.
johnalogue: so he should probably be in front?
nyperold: How does one earn a fance?
EdoardoZone: the heck is a fance
nyperold: *fence
TehAmelie: petrified clouds and rennel leaves?
nyperold: Alternatively, a fancy fence.
Rynehawk: bipedal horses are creepy
EdoardoZone: I was thinking the same thing.
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
r10pez10: wow
EdoardoZone: better voiceovers than most 1990's jrpgs
r10pez10: i thought he was gonna say "i am incredibly strong"
EdoardoZone: I try not to pay attention to what he says
EdoardoZone: mostly noise
r10pez10: nice beret arnold
constablecrab: wow
TehAmelie: is her eyes kissy mouths?
r10pez10: yes
MAPBoardgames: That character has butt eyes
r10pez10: 3 _ 3
EdoardoZone: disturbing
constablecrab: 3_3
TehAmelie: i thought the Corinthian was the masterpiece of nightmares. . .
EdoardoZone: why are you clipping, ian
EdoardoZone: the heck
Styxseus: I feel like Ian just cutting out in the middle of a "HEEH--" just makes it better
r10pez10: "empty my mind"
r10pez10: ian cutting out at "-cking monkey" killed me
EdoardoZone: and a young girl's nakigoe :3
johnalogue: ugh
TehAmelie: someone let out the magic smoke
ArdCollider: "missing" is a heck of way to soft-pedal "fell off"
aitsu100: oh no not the green tea baby pikachu
razgriz792: ok how lost there kid
johnalogue: you can't cancel travel just because of mass disappearances and creepy ghost girls
razgriz792: who not how
MAPBoardgames: The team can't see the girl because of the draw distance.
nyperold: "So if you wanted to go there, you MIST your opportunity."
EdoardoZone: that's why they put the fog
johnalogue: Heracles is very familiar with the southwestern hemisphere
MAPBoardgames: Wait! wait wait wait. Fuse friends?
RandomTrivia: There will never be another Iroh
EdoardoZone: cooking
r10pez10: you mean a toilet?
EdoardoZone: speed: slow
razgriz792: Sure heather lets go with that
MAPBoardgames: Is this pokemon? Are you grinding your partymembers into candy?
johnalogue: make a horrible fusion of your two friends!
EdoardoZone: dismantling them for parts
ghyllnox: My parents tried that's, jury's out on whether or not I qualify as strictly "better"
Seagulyus: MAPBoardgames that was done WELL before pokemon Go did it
razgriz792: no just sending them to the farm upstate
PendelSteven: Who's gonna be part of Team Member?
EdoardoZone: eating other party members makes you stronger
Seagulyus: 404 hp not found
Invitare: wouldn't you, if you could?
EdoardoZone: that's some shiny concrete flooring
johnalogue: monkey is emergency food
EdoardoZone: pretty close. evil killer fog
r10pez10: poor ian
EdoardoZone: fog ate them
nyperold: They should peruse the area.
fcloud: stephen king's taiko no tatsujin
MAPBoardgames: Where did the fog come from? It's a MISTery!
EdoardoZone: "let's split up"
constablecrab: Or it could just be.... weather!
EdoardoZone: no, definitely evil.
johnalogue: the civilization they revived was actually the conquistadors
EdoardoZone: everything is fine
MAPBoardgames: Strange meat?
CaptainSpam: I will DRUM the meat into being cooked!
PendelSteven: It's nice
Rynehawk: SourPls
johnalogue: sus meat
PendelSteven: the song
EdoardoZone: maybe it's connected
r10pez10: macha pikachu
EdoardoZone: no copyright strikes here folks
ender4449: It’s fun to say? Regardless of languages
EdoardoZone: the story
fcloud: im here for the IMMERSION
fcloud: really makes you FEEL like a sentient walking drum
EdoardoZone: normies, eh
EdoardoZone: *farts in general direction*
nyperold: Yeah! That's what Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! is missing! It makes you go through the whole song! Touhou Spell Bubble too, actually!
EdoardoZone: dude, a pet lemur. so much yes.
RandomTrivia: SO FUZZY
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Dog_of_Myth: The long March continues....
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johnalogue: can't beat Belopa schoolgirl from the first game
aitsu100: aventure sheep
aitsu100: *adventure
RandomTrivia: That's not on the same scale...
EdoardoZone: deveolopment team: why we doing this again?
RandomTrivia: That's orders of magnitude the wrong isze
RandomTrivia: LUL
RandomTrivia: PFFFT
RandomTrivia: Perfectio
TehAmelie: that's why they paint speed lines on Nascar race cars
RandomTrivia: I can't even type apparently
nyperold: Specifically, the hummingbird, I think?
ArdCollider: the idle anim makes that look...
ArdCollider: incorrect
ArdCollider: not one of nazca lines' many uses, etc.
Dog_of_Myth: So it's just a corn maze then?
fcloud: i'm in the mood ... the mood for MAIZE
EdoardoZone: gotta search for a key... maybe
fcloud: the map seems to indicate you can indicate the temple, at least a little
CaptainSpam: We could play the drums at it! That usually seems to work for most actions in this game.
Williams4jesus: 2020Victory
MAPBoardgames: I feel like the fog will burn off with the coming of the Don.
EdoardoZone: stroke
Williams4jesus: Excited to be watching live
Dog_of_Myth: @MAPBoardgames Here's your Yellow Card.....
MAPBoardgames: FootYellow This one? I already have one.
TehAmelie: let's call him John Q Public
EdoardoZone: lol
LurkerSpine: Dr. Sam Beckett
EdoardoZone: gurl, no, stay
EdoardoZone: guuuurl
PendelSteven: More like Dr. Emmett Brown
r10pez10: she's a fly girl
Williams4jesus: Good that guy be Marty mcfly
EdoardoZone: she winging it
TehAmelie: only two things scare me, and one is ghosts
EdoardoZone: birb
MAPBoardgames: I got pulled away for a moment. I feel like I missed my opportunities to pun.
r10pez10: when will snapchat introduce a fog filter
TehAmelie: just call it the Turok filter
MAPBoardgames: Wasn't this area closed off to tourists?
EdoardoZone: adds dinosaurs
Williams4jesus: If you step away and come back don't worry about it this game has a lot to enjoy
PendelSteven: And more
PendelSteven: All the recent hits and more
PendelSteven: Keep it here!
EdoardoZone: thats some generic-arse stuff right there
fcloud: it's not like it makes significantly more sense if you see the whole thing
nyperold: Taking out the recent hits.
PendelSteven: Keep it loud!
RandomTrivia: OH NO
fcloud: yikes
adambomb625: Yes
EdoardoZone: uh huh.
aitsu100: oh no
LurkerSpine: I'm reminded of the monster in spirited away
PendelSteven: the monster
johnalogue: oh no
EdoardoZone: Queen Brahne was not impressed.
r10pez10: what did you do to kirby
MAPBoardgames: o.O
PendelSteven: which of them exactly?
TehAmelie: i'm reminded of the face stealing demon
EdoardoZone: "I made plenty of em cry"
fcloud: makay makay may be suffering from constipation
EdoardoZone: there's no remedy.
PendelSteven: city? really? I'd call it a town
r10pez10: ???
EdoardoZone: gurl!
PMAvers: C'mon, Hercules, you have dealt with harpies before.
PendelSteven: Is that Chesska or Kaska, since 'Talian?
r10pez10: chaska from nasca
EdoardoZone: alaska, got it
TehAmelie: Chaska Moe
RandomTrivia: Did Don just Ayaya this poor girl?
r10pez10: yes
EdoardoZone: I mean, children, right
fcloud: you wish to have the curse reversed? you'll need to win a drum battle first
johnalogue: a curse called smallpox
r10pez10: specifically the prophecy mentions taiko drums
constablecrab: How many ancient winged Peruvians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
MAPBoardgames: "We show up in so many doomsday prophecies we've started to charge royalties."
Williams4jesus: Prophecy AKA the light bulb warranty LOL
johnalogue: everyone else who came to this city came alone or with enemies
Williams4jesus: I will forever think of a warranty as just a prophecy
asthanius: There’s no way taiko drums aren’t like, an elementary particle at this point. Every single culture and time period talks about them.
TehAmelie: are your drums the drums that will bang the heavens? wait that sounds weird
PMAvers: "Everyone keeps on telling me to sing that song 'Bakamitai'...I don't know what the words mean."
johnalogue: @williams4jesus you mean the other way around?
fcloud: i want an anime totally voiced by ian
adambomb625: Nice bird lady
RandomTrivia: That's just the Late Night Dub Fight fcloud
Williams4jesus: Either way you slice and I said a warranty being considered a prophecy or the other way around either is funny
fcloud: no, i mean ian doing all the parts
RandomTrivia: Oh, side note, that's the Condor, not the Hummingbird
nyperold: Ah, okay.
r10pez10: i gotta go to work, enjoy saving the world with voice acting!
PendelSteven: Both could be wrestlingmoves
PendelSteven: Or car models
PendelSteven: Actually, pretty sure the Condor is Ford
johnalogue: @pendelsteven Ford had the Thunderbird, Falcon...they've definitely used birdnames
NavelWarfare: Chat, I need help! Which Desert Bus had the dub fight with "I am war"? Having trouble finding it again
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Nicarrow: Hi all
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GapFiller: welcome back Heather
GapFiller: and presumably welcome back mute Ian
macintose: lrrFINE
PendelSteven: And the Hummingbird is indeed a car
PendelSteven: The Singaporean Autovox R8 Hummingbird, a modded Audi R8
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johnalogue: @pendelsteven Hummingbird sounds like a really agile, high-revving car
adambomb625: If only someone had wings that they could use to fly over it
PendelSteven: But I'd love a wrestler executing the hummingbird on its opponent
PendelSteven: I dunno
PMAvers: You Will (Not) Have A Cracker
MAPBoardgames: Just push the boulder down the hill into the village
johnalogue: just go get the wright bros for this
adambomb625: Freaking mimics
aitsu100: i remember those i had a powerranger version
johnalogue: I can see why that would be awesome and also out of production
CururuGuasu: Kids. Always ruining the good toys
nyperold: Up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm, taiko, bachi.
MAPBoardgames: LRL prerecord?
johnalogue: glodmonstr
HydraWiggins: Lrrtillery
ghyllnox: But she'll take it anyways
johnalogue: I envy that concept
johnalogue: so many fights are DRAWS
CaptainSpam: Those fights seemed to be special, in that one was a mimic and one was a golden thingy, and those songs seemed faster and shorter.
RandomTrivia: Wait I just got back and now there's a dryad in a flower?
CaptainSpam: Wait, hang on, that song was pretty short, too.
sirspate: I was into rockets as a kid. I remember seeing one that let you launch with a raw egg as a payload, and it would fly up, separate the payload, and return in a parachute without cracking.
ghyllnox: *That's* the lesson you took from that?
CaptainSpam: Huh. Maybe we need to grind a bit.
johnalogue: we need more attack
nyperold: "The cyanide really helps the light blue come out."
CaptainSpam: I'm liking how this is the same song all the time, but at different speeds.
johnalogue: nothing destroys a love of math and learning like school
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: "Listen, you got here late"
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ghost_user_1984: Wow
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RandomTrivia: That vulture is surely named Karen
aitsu100: Kusco?
CururuGuasu: Lama Lord
MAPBoardgames: Llord?
sirspate: the tail reminds me of those smelly mosquito-scare things
johnalogue: @sirspate citronella?
sirspate: @johnalogue that's it!
johnalogue: do we have magic that'll help here?
johnalogue: the little man designs look like they deliberately imply a larger form if you merge them right
MAPBoardgames: Now you can be shot from a canon!
NavelWarfare: And break the game in half?
LordZarano: And it's bomb-proof aparently
JosephDeath: @MAPBoardgames Was that a Monkey Island reference?
johnalogue: it's an anti-bomb shrapnel helmet
DarkMorford: Oh crap, this song
DarkMorford: This was such a sad anime. I loved it.
RandomTrivia: What's it from DarkMorford?
MAPBoardgames: @JosephDeath you know it!
DarkMorford: It's from "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso," or "Your Lie in April" in English.
RandomTrivia: Wait, I looked it up. I should really watch Your Lie
RandomTrivia: Thakns!
RandomTrivia: *Thanks!
aitsu100: vive without the hat n cloak
nyperold: "I am thou, thou art I..."
niccus: dugtrio, magneton, dodrio
MAPBoardgames: Navi?
fcloud: RockHardAps
RandomTrivia: I really need to watch that too
Styxseus: Apsbestos
RandomTrivia: Isn't that like saying "Oh you want a warm bath, jump in a volcano"
aitsu100: ah the madoka strat
MAPBoardgames: On a scale of one to Grave of the Fireflies, how sad is it?
PaperDoopliss: Does 2020 end when we get to 50% vaccination?
aitsu100: watch in in the og japanese theater release
sirspate: lain?
adambomb625: I watched Madoka knowing "something" bad would happen, but not what. It still hit hard
johnalogue: @PaperDoopliss Only 50%? no.
fcloud: Zoomy
RandomTrivia: "Tooyou"
RandomTrivia: Maybe Canada doesn't get that one...
Styxseus: Oh yeah, NHK caught me off guard
ghyllnox: I had that with Madoka Magika
RandomTrivia: Well it made me Chuckle at least... lrrBEEJ
nyperold: Mr. Toomey from The Langoliers?
fcloud: what does "taiko magic" do?
johnalogue: @fcloud it can do different abilities but I don't know what they have it set to now
johnalogue: you've been to parties?
MAPBoardgames: "you're hard to get to know, but you're easy to spot in a crowd."
fcloud: it literally says "you can't break this" so the chances seem small
adambomb625: Use magic
johnalogue: I was trying to do the "you guys got paid?" meme but I realize that sounded mean
CururuGuasu: Magic seems OK
adambomb625: Good 'ol press to win button
fcloud: this pokemon is goin down
TehAmelie: if there are walking talking taiko drums, aren't "tako coins" like if we had human money?
fcloud: 3Mango
TehAmelie: *spelling
LordZarano: Magneton
MAPBoardgames: Carbokun?
johnalogue: @TehAmelie we do put human faces on money though
MAPBoardgames: Carbkun
TehAmelie: clearly we have to start calling it human money
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Render unto Taiko
LordZarano: is the pokemon it looks like. But without the magnets that Magneton has
fcloud: rat ninja in the back there is kinda showing his backside
johnalogue: @fcloud "distracting pose" makes a cameo from the Yakuza stream
fcloud: kinda rude imo
johnalogue: is she gonna rip someone's heart out on that plinth?
fcloud: also a little blood sacrifice. maybe i forget to mention that part
TehAmelie: that would be so great if Chaska suddenly went full Kali-Ma
Williams4jesus: How many angels does it take to screw in a light bulb well as long as they don't break the warranty oh I mean prophecy
PMAvers: "See, we just need to swap genres. Have you considered singing metal?"
fcloud: a wild gene simmons appears
johnalogue: I mean Hercu/Hera-cles just had to fight, her challenge is actually *musical*
TehAmelie: she's almost got the Gene Simmons tongue thing going on with her nose
fcloud: makay and deborah need to get a room
MAPBoardgames: ^\
johnalogue: @fcloud oh gosh they're made for each other it's perfect
ghost_user_1984: Why do her eyes look like mouths?
RandomTrivia: Don't even worry about it...
TehAmelie: Deborah is The Corinthian but with mouth eyes made for kissing
TehAmelie: best not to ask why
PaperDoopliss: Machu Picchu is also El Dorado, right?
Juliamon: ghost_user_1984 It's an old anime trope for "bad eyesight"
johnalogue: mustache ka notes
ghost_user_1984: I see
ghost_user_1984: Thanks for the explanation
CaptainSpam: You've got two healers now?
TehAmelie: are the bombs wearing disguises now?
johnalogue: @TehAmelie only when hit by the boss move
RandomTrivia: Gah, so close!
MAPBoardgames: But your party has max HP. Go team cleric!
johnalogue: when for once too many people on your squad want to play medic
CaptainSpam: Throw coins into the spring and then mash your new friends together!
johnalogue: that's just recolored magnetrio guy
RandomTrivia: Is Spiritr the newest dating app for ghosts? lrrBEEJ
adambomb625: Fidget
MAPBoardgames: Li-chan?
fcloud: swipe right! spooky!
MAPBoardgames: short for Lithium
adambomb625: Threemy
RandomTrivia: LUL
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MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Incidentally I finally watched Brand New Animal recently, did Ian get royalties for them using his fursona?
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PendelSteven: Welll, I've seen enough, I feel my tummy
RandomTrivia: FISH
PendelSteven: Gonna be AFK
TehAmelie: very Delirium
PendelSteven: Good luck! Have fun! Bye bye!
TehAmelie: wait can it be Wanda?
fcloud: PufDady
adambomb625: TeaPuff
raulghoulia: HRPuffenstuff
KyubiStormMage: PDiddy
TehAmelie: stay fish, fresh bags
MAPBoardgames: We'll pretend you're not going to grind them into candy.
TehAmelie: maybe there's another bird we can call Battery
johnalogue: assault bird just shortened to "assault"
nyperold: Next, Apepper.
aitsu100: i saw trigun and cowboy bebop for the first time cuz of toonami
SquareDotCube: I didn't know this was an idol game Kappa
fcloud: womp womp
RandomTrivia: Hey Tocky is here too!
Anubis169 huggles everybody
johnalogue: Tocky is back
niccus: time to feed tocky to someone
Anubis169: and you're all on an hour earlier1
adambomb625: Welcome back
TehAmelie: like a time traveler, Tocky's back again
CaptainSpam: UM.
adambomb625: wut
RandomTrivia: Hello there Anubis! American DST!
aitsu100: yay tockys here
Dog_of_Myth: Wow
DarkMorford: <message deleted>Hey Anubis
Dog_of_Myth: Drake
RandomTrivia: THAT'S SO CUTE
Anubis169: Yeah, everybody this side of the pond gets LRR an hour earlier than normal for 2 weeks :)
johnalogue: okay we can DEFINITELY make that dragon bigger
aitsu100: thats a monhun
Styxseus: Oh right, the Mons...
SquareDotCube: mon and hun.
Manae: Palico was right
TehAmelie: as in Attila the
aitsu100: ooooo a rathian palico
fcloud: hun as in "anything else i can get for you, hun?"
johnalogue: I assure you Ian, nothing in Monster Hunter is vegan
TehAmelie: hey nobody can prove monsters are made of meat
CaptainSpam: Hm, I thought I saw heals triggering twice.
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Okay but we make all of our stuff out of bones and literally hand in giant chunks of meat to the chef
TehAmelie: trifling details
RandomTrivia: Woah
CaptainSpam: Give it a go, see what happens!
MAPBoardgames: Flashy and Luka have high attacks
adambomb625: Dew it
TehAmelie: consider how much punishment those monsters take before even being tenderized. . .
RandomTrivia: Just dismember the rest of the team to make space...
fcloud: beefy boi
RandomTrivia: Ah, we're making lasagne!
MAPBoardgames: Wataburger for everyone!
johnalogue: just feeding those monsters to a swarming nest of drums
RandomTrivia: Supermarket ready-made lasagne at least
CururuGuasu: Into the Ninja Storm pot
johnalogue: it's horrifying, like army ants
CaptainSpam: That seems useful.
TehAmelie: oh, we found the drum battery at least
RandomTrivia: That's big AoE numbers
CaptainSpam: That's reasonably powerful.
aitsu100: wolf tails
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
aitsu100: love it
fcloud: look at that arrogant alpaca
fcloud: who does he think he is
TehAmelie: remember to impress the ladies with your alpaca knowledge
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Does that usually impress ladies?
TehAmelie: it's in !advice so it must be useful
adambomb625: It's Tails the Wolf
johnalogue: fair enough
nyperold: Hey, if a fox can do it...
fcloud: and emo vulture
TehAmelie: Moon Moon figured out wagging his tail
MAPBoardgames: What do you think? Our team consists of a 8/8 with trample?
TehAmelie: Tiger P could mean so many things
aitsu100: Puger
SnivianMoon: Tiger Pufferloon was one of Sagat's more obscure special moves.
CaptainSpam: PuffFather
CaptainSpam: PuffPatriarch
johnalogue: the Tiger P was an unfinished German tank prototype from WW2, obviously
RandomTrivia: There it is, the regular scheduled Bibendum reference, one required by law in every stream with Ian.
TehAmelie: it's why Dream Daddy's dating games gave you a "dad" score as well as "daddy"
MAPBoardgames: Assault bird literally does taste like chicken?
johnalogue: @MAPBoardgames only if the chicken was seasoned first
aitsu100: Assault bird aka TomaHwk
TehAmelie: is thisAirwolf's origin story?
johnalogue: Ride of the Valkyries was a surprising inclusion
aitsu100: same
ghyllnox: Dental Llamas
RandomTrivia: Ian pls LUL
MAPBoardgames: VThowl?
SnivianMoon: AirWolf looks different than I remember it being.
johnalogue: I would definitely be terrified if these drums attacked while RoV played
TehAmelie: see in the 1990s you could have a show starring an actual attack helicopter, but today it's different
Gizmoloid: This song will forever be associated with jumping plush bunnies for me. And landmines.
RandomTrivia: To be fair, if you are ANYWHERE in ANY open world and you hear Ride of the Valkyries you run very fast in the opposite direction
johnalogue: @RandomTrivia ...yeah. The BEST case scenario is it's only UH-1 helos coming to attack you
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Yeah! lrrHORN
MAPBoardgames: Rekt!
RandomTrivia: Take that Deborah!
adambomb625: The taiko train goes Choo Choo!
johnalogue: No, FINISH HER
aitsu100: Taiko no Tatsujin Ultimate Drum works
TehAmelie: letting you live? we wouldn't do anything so awful
johnalogue: she seems trustworthy.
aitsu100: lol
RandomTrivia: Some days all you have to do is wind Ian's clockwork and point him in a direction LUL
johnalogue: "they call her DMCA Debby because she mentions copyrighted music you can't play"
nyperold: Taiko Hiro
RandomTrivia: *awoo*
johnalogue: if you believe you're a better singer maybe you'll stop singing so awful
Styxseus: uhhhh
RandomTrivia: Is that an unholy fusion of Celebi and Emrakul?!
Williams4jesus: Can you explain what's going on well I broke the warranty
RandomTrivia: AHHHHHHH
johnalogue: no, that's clearly a killer jelly-nope
egonomogo: man i thought it was a goose, alright
TehAmelie: a golden catfish can be a red herring
johnalogue: was that a "jet?"
egonomogo: to just...dooo..it.
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie No Red Herrings here, they're all in Lake Noware :p
johnalogue: A golden phoenix, a golden catfish, a red herring, and a golden jet. So many things it can be
TehAmelie: i thought that was just the one
RandomTrivia: (acquire the Phoenix's consent first, kids)
johnalogue: but...it's a fish
benjamin_wheeler: Ian does a great henchman 24
JohnLockeCole: look what you ride in the privacy of your home is your business
egonomogo: hahahaha
RandomTrivia: Eh, the Wind Fish is much more whale shaped
CaptainSpam: Wait, all we needed was two drums to wake up the Wind Fish? I feel ripped off!
PMAvers: I have a feeling we need to get 777 little catfish dorks together to party for seven years.
CururuGuasu: It’s Mombo
RandomTrivia: Remember: "The Wind Fish in name only, for it is neither"
egonomogo: this sure is a voice.
egonomogo: i could listen to it all day.
Williams4jesus: That whole light bulb warranty prophecy thing if that's not in the highlight real
TehAmelie: loadingreadyrun.com: it's still a website!
corwyn256: !patreon
LRRbot: 2478 patrons for a total of $18,813.69 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
RandomTrivia: And now, time to watch a gay cowboy giggle at fancy animations!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Not the rooster from the community centre? :p
Styxseus: :D
ContingentCat: yeah this sure is an interesting thing to hear when I just got here
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Join Wheeler for a 3 episode look at Legends of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Sun 06:00 PM PDT (5s ago).
benjamin_wheeler: oh you never need to apologize
RandomTrivia: Thanks Heather and Ian! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: thanks Heather and Ian
benjamin_wheeler: take all the time you need, and thanks for the stream!
Phailhammer: cya :)
ender4449: You guys are great, hopefully I can catch another stream soon
TehAmelie: unrelated, til about giraffe weevils
BrainBetter: And now, for something completely different.
LoadingReadyRun: @benjamin_wheeler <3
TheAinMAP: Good bye.
sirspate: ha!
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Heart
ContingentCat: katesLol lrrHEART lrrHEATHER
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
DarkMorford grabs his tablet and loads up Runeterra
TehAmelie: thanks for the streamies
BrainBetter: Time for us to get carded!
ContingentCat: !findquote card
LRRbot: Quote #1132: "I once watched James eat a Pack Rat... Not the Magic card; just an actual rat." —Cameron [2015-11-18]
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: Does ITYC have an intro?
DeM0nFiRe: It does yeah
Juliamon: yup
ContingentCat: I think so
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Juliamon: It's very snazzy, has shuffling cards and everything
RandomTrivia: The intro is great
Anubis169: oooOOOooo
MAPBoardgames: I haven't watched any of the other episode(s) of this. I am excite!
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Pywodwagon: Is this my sub?
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benjamin_wheeler: Can you feel it Twitch chat?
Anubis169 pats himself down
Anubis169: uhh, yup, i think so!
ContingentCat: in the air toight?
94 raiders from wiggins have joined!
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
MAPBoardgames: I know every day I'M shuffling.
Izandai: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
drfox17: greetings from Chatthew James Wiggity
Anubis169: It's a wade1
benjamin_wheeler: jesus Christ you didn't take today off
benjamin_wheeler: uh I mean
MAPBoardgames: Hey Chatt!
Izandai: Why would he?
benjamin_wheeler: ayyyyyyyyy @wiggins
KeytarCat: Oh dear, I'm early
TheAinMAP: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
mowdownjoe: benginRaid
drfox17: today was the last day
pn55: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Izandai: Today *might* be the last day.
KeytarCat: I guess that's what happens when you take public transit
Xafty: tonight was supposedly the last day
RandomTrivia: Welcome Wigglers/Chatt!
LordZarano: But March isn't over yet!
benjamin_wheeler: Absolutely started the ads on time wheelerKappa
Izandai: If March Mattness didn't end when March ended, there's no reason for March Mattness to not end just because March hasn't yet.
Anubis169: what're ads?
ContingentCat: ads that are secret to subs
Izandai: @Anubis169 The regular mobs that a boss summons to make the fight harder.
benjamin_wheeler: mobs that get aggro'd accidentally
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ArcOfTheConclave: 33 months of card games that are better than Magic
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Anubis169: no that's adds
benjamin_wheeler: you're thinking of the shoe company
DrFromage: Aim Down Sight?
Anubis169: that's adidas?
asthanius: no you're thinking of the grocery store
KeytarCat: Aldi?
benjamin_wheeler: I though adidas was when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Anubis169 bites his tongue trying to pronounce another ad-word
SirElgar: aldis?
Anubis169: thankth
PMAvers: That's BELLS.
ContingentCat: no that's amore
SirElgar: no Ben, that's a morey
Izandai: No, that's the ADHD med that college students abuse.
zed_alpha: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:31.
zed_alpha: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 45:56. lrrSPOT
Anubis169: what a meth we're in :P
Anubis169: nice intro!
therealkenm135: oh dang this is snazzy
Electrodyne: I like this music
Styxseus: Niice!
MAPBoardgames: Kitty!
mowdownjoe: That intro is smooth.
Unpronounceable: That's a neat intro
mowdownjoe: CAT
zed_alpha: bong jammin' wheeler?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: yaay! we can run it back!
magnolia_queenx: wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH
NotCainNorAbel: Or both!
alexanderthefine: I'm so sad I'm missing the cat intro
Saturnify: wheelerY wheelerH
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Gekyouryuu: time to enjoy some Fables of Glyph Oceanus
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Electrodyne: lrrDOTS benginO7 lrrARROW
LordZarano: Hello Ben! Hello Ben's cat!
Anubis169: I blame DST
UnnnaturalD20: Time is imaginary
zed_alpha: Who cares if that's your card, is that your cat? Adorable.
ContingentCat: Hello Maulder katesLoaf
Haroldholmes25: how many episodes before it isn't new?
RandomTrivia: Mulder! lrrHEART
Electrodyne: PokMaskedpika PokPikachu PokSuicune PokWeavile PokBraixen PokGengar PokGardevoir PokCharizard
Amazonian: terrible runeeeees
alexanderthefine: wheelerY wheelerH
DorkmasterFlek: Oh god, real human beings? DansGame
Anubis169: ooooo, i spy an Amazonian manLOVE
Anubis169: !patreon
LRRbot: 2478 patrons for a total of $18,813.84 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
OnyxOblivion: Is This My Cat?
Amazonian: im here because I crave the card games
Himmelsgucker: excited for some iron plays
MAPBoardgames: It is Pi day after all.
Anubis169 points
Anubis169: KITTY!!
magnolia_queenx: We're play gwent at some point?!?! POG
RandomTrivia: Wait, he's going to play YuGiOh on this series? He never mentioned that! lrrBEEJ
alexanderthefine: truly cannot wait for duel links
wiggins: NICE SEGUE
Anubis169: Hihi Matt :)
Himmelsgucker: @amazonian you are here cause you are an LoR addict. Isn't it?
OnyxOblivion: Ben, any ideas on how they make Lulu a playable card, she's getting posts on the Runeterra reddit every week or two now because she's doing so bad
Fuzzy_Contreg: I love that this slot got the greenlight, I love a lot of card games and seeing LRR tackle stuff like Runeterra is great
Fuzzy_Contreg: Runeterra probably has the least predatory economy out of all the big online card games. It's honestly sweet.
Sogheim: I saw the LRR tweet and "normal duck" caught my eye and I wish to hear more about these ducks
Daakku: can confirm, not al LoR players are good
RandomTrivia: Giant Space Dragon you say?
RandomTrivia: I'm listening
DorkmasterFlek: Imagine *buying* wildcards! What pure hogwash fantasy! wheelerKappa
Loonatic93: According to the Various Salt Mines on Reddit; actual player skill doesn't matter. Just what deck you choose, and RNGesus.
magnolia_queenx: Aurelion Sol
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Fuzzy_Contreg: @RandomTrivia Aurelion Sol, space dragon hurls galaxies at people
Himmelsgucker: @daakku can confirm, not even all masters are good
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RandomTrivia: @Fuzzy_Contreg SOLD
Swickwick: Azirtocrats is really good
Triangle11_18Energy: Ah, sweet
Daakku: @Himmelsgucker xD
magnolia_queenx: Ibis
MAPBoardgames: Coo?
ContingentCat: !birb
kalateth: metal hawk man