aitsu100: Taiko no Tatsujin Ultimate Drum works
TehAmelie: letting you live? we wouldn't do anything so awful
johnalogue: she seems trustworthy.
aitsu100: lol
RandomTrivia: Some days all you have to do is wind Ian's clockwork and point him in a direction LUL
johnalogue: "they call her DMCA Debby because she mentions copyrighted music you can't play"
nyperold: Taiko Hiro
RandomTrivia: *awoo*
johnalogue: if you believe you're a better singer maybe you'll stop singing so awful
Styxseus: uhhhh
RandomTrivia: Is that an unholy fusion of Celebi and Emrakul?!
Williams4jesus: Can you explain what's going on well I broke the warranty
RandomTrivia: AHHHHHHH
johnalogue: no, that's clearly a killer jelly-nope
egonomogo: man i thought it was a goose, alright
TehAmelie: a golden catfish can be a red herring
johnalogue: was that a "jet?"
egonomogo: to
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie No Red Herrings here, they're all in Lake Noware :p
johnalogue: A golden phoenix, a golden catfish, a red herring, and a golden jet. So many things it can be
TehAmelie: i thought that was just the one
RandomTrivia: (acquire the Phoenix's consent first, kids)
johnalogue:'s a fish
benjamin_wheeler: Ian does a great henchman 24
JohnLockeCole: look what you ride in the privacy of your home is your business
egonomogo: hahahaha
RandomTrivia: Eh, the Wind Fish is much more whale shaped
CaptainSpam: Wait, all we needed was two drums to wake up the Wind Fish? I feel ripped off!
PMAvers: I have a feeling we need to get 777 little catfish dorks together to party for seven years.
CururuGuasu: It’s Mombo
RandomTrivia: Remember: "The Wind Fish in name only, for it is neither"
egonomogo: this sure is a voice.
egonomogo: i could listen to it all day.
Williams4jesus: That whole light bulb warranty prophecy thing if that's not in the highlight real
TehAmelie: it's still a website!
corwyn256: !patreon
LRRbot: 2478 patrons for a total of $18,813.69 per month.
RandomTrivia: And now, time to watch a gay cowboy giggle at fancy animations!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Not the rooster from the community centre? :p
Styxseus: :D
ContingentCat: yeah this sure is an interesting thing to hear when I just got here
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Join Wheeler for a 3 episode look at Legends of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Sun 06:00 PM PDT (5s ago).
benjamin_wheeler: oh you never need to apologize
RandomTrivia: Thanks Heather and Ian! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: thanks Heather and Ian
benjamin_wheeler: take all the time you need, and thanks for the stream!
Phailhammer: cya :)
ender4449: You guys are great, hopefully I can catch another stream soon
TehAmelie: unrelated, til about giraffe weevils
BrainBetter: And now, for something completely different.
LoadingReadyRun: @benjamin_wheeler <3
TheAinMAP: Good bye.
sirspate: ha!
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Heart
ContingentCat: katesLol lrrHEART lrrHEATHER
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
DarkMorford grabs his tablet and loads up Runeterra
TehAmelie: thanks for the streamies
BrainBetter: Time for us to get carded!
ContingentCat: !findquote card
LRRbot: Quote #1132: "I once watched James eat a Pack Rat... Not the Magic card; just an actual rat." —Cameron [2015-11-18]
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: Does ITYC have an intro?
DeM0nFiRe: It does yeah
Juliamon: yup
ContingentCat: I think so
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Juliamon: It's very snazzy, has shuffling cards and everything
RandomTrivia: The intro is great
Anubis169: oooOOOooo
MAPBoardgames: I haven't watched any of the other episode(s) of this. I am excite!
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Pywodwagon: Is this my sub?
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benjamin_wheeler: Can you feel it Twitch chat?
Anubis169 pats himself down
Anubis169: uhh, yup, i think so!
ContingentCat: in the air toight?
94 raiders from wiggins have joined!
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
MAPBoardgames: I know every day I'M shuffling.
Izandai: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
drfox17: greetings from Chatthew James Wiggity
Anubis169: It's a wade1
benjamin_wheeler: jesus Christ you didn't take today off
benjamin_wheeler: uh I mean
MAPBoardgames: Hey Chatt!
Izandai: Why would he?
benjamin_wheeler: ayyyyyyyyy @wiggins
KeytarCat: Oh dear, I'm early
TheAinMAP: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
mowdownjoe: benginRaid
drfox17: today was the last day
pn55: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Izandai: Today *might* be the last day.
KeytarCat: I guess that's what happens when you take public transit
Xafty: tonight was supposedly the last day
RandomTrivia: Welcome Wigglers/Chatt!
LordZarano: But March isn't over yet!
benjamin_wheeler: Absolutely started the ads on time wheelerKappa
Izandai: If March Mattness didn't end when March ended, there's no reason for March Mattness to not end just because March hasn't yet.
Anubis169: what're ads?
ContingentCat: ads that are secret to subs
Izandai: @Anubis169 The regular mobs that a boss summons to make the fight harder.
benjamin_wheeler: mobs that get aggro'd accidentally
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ArcOfTheConclave: 33 months of card games that are better than Magic
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Anubis169: no that's adds
benjamin_wheeler: you're thinking of the shoe company
DrFromage: Aim Down Sight?
Anubis169: that's adidas?
asthanius: no you're thinking of the grocery store
KeytarCat: Aldi?
benjamin_wheeler: I though adidas was when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Anubis169 bites his tongue trying to pronounce another ad-word
SirElgar: aldis?
Anubis169: thankth
PMAvers: That's BELLS.
ContingentCat: no that's amore
SirElgar: no Ben, that's a morey
Izandai: No, that's the ADHD med that college students abuse.
zed_alpha: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:31.
zed_alpha: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 45:56. lrrSPOT
Anubis169: what a meth we're in :P
Anubis169: nice intro!
therealkenm135: oh dang this is snazzy
Electrodyne: I like this music
Styxseus: Niice!
MAPBoardgames: Kitty!
mowdownjoe: That intro is smooth.
Unpronounceable: That's a neat intro
mowdownjoe: CAT
zed_alpha: bong jammin' wheeler?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: yaay! we can run it back!
magnolia_queenx: wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH wheelerY wheelerH
NotCainNorAbel: Or both!
alexanderthefine: I'm so sad I'm missing the cat intro
Saturnify: wheelerY wheelerH
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Gekyouryuu: time to enjoy some Fables of Glyph Oceanus
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Electrodyne: lrrDOTS benginO7 lrrARROW
LordZarano: Hello Ben! Hello Ben's cat!
Anubis169: I blame DST
UnnnaturalD20: Time is imaginary
zed_alpha: Who cares if that's your card, is that your cat? Adorable.
ContingentCat: Hello Maulder katesLoaf
Haroldholmes25: how many episodes before it isn't new?
RandomTrivia: Mulder! lrrHEART
Electrodyne: PokMaskedpika PokPikachu PokSuicune PokWeavile PokBraixen PokGengar PokGardevoir PokCharizard
Amazonian: terrible runeeeees
alexanderthefine: wheelerY wheelerH
DorkmasterFlek: Oh god, real human beings? DansGame
Anubis169: ooooo, i spy an Amazonian manLOVE
Anubis169: !patreon
LRRbot: 2478 patrons for a total of $18,813.84 per month.
OnyxOblivion: Is This My Cat?
Amazonian: im here because I crave the card games
Himmelsgucker: excited for some iron plays
MAPBoardgames: It is Pi day after all.
Anubis169 points
Anubis169: KITTY!!
magnolia_queenx: We're play gwent at some point?!?! POG
RandomTrivia: Wait, he's going to play YuGiOh on this series? He never mentioned that! lrrBEEJ
alexanderthefine: truly cannot wait for duel links
wiggins: NICE SEGUE
Anubis169: Hihi Matt :)
Himmelsgucker: @amazonian you are here cause you are an LoR addict. Isn't it?
OnyxOblivion: Ben, any ideas on how they make Lulu a playable card, she's getting posts on the Runeterra reddit every week or two now because she's doing so bad
Fuzzy_Contreg: I love that this slot got the greenlight, I love a lot of card games and seeing LRR tackle stuff like Runeterra is great
Fuzzy_Contreg: Runeterra probably has the least predatory economy out of all the big online card games. It's honestly sweet.
Sogheim: I saw the LRR tweet and "normal duck" caught my eye and I wish to hear more about these ducks
Daakku: can confirm, not al LoR players are good
RandomTrivia: Giant Space Dragon you say?
RandomTrivia: I'm listening
DorkmasterFlek: Imagine *buying* wildcards! What pure hogwash fantasy! wheelerKappa
Loonatic93: According to the Various Salt Mines on Reddit; actual player skill doesn't matter. Just what deck you choose, and RNGesus.
magnolia_queenx: Aurelion Sol
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Fuzzy_Contreg: @RandomTrivia Aurelion Sol, space dragon hurls galaxies at people
Himmelsgucker: @daakku can confirm, not even all masters are good
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RandomTrivia: @Fuzzy_Contreg SOLD
Swickwick: Azirtocrats is really good
Triangle11_18Energy: Ah, sweet
Daakku: @Himmelsgucker xD
magnolia_queenx: Ibis
MAPBoardgames: Coo?
ContingentCat: !birb
kalateth: metal hawk man
Fuzzy_Contreg: Think my favorite constructed deck I played in runeterra is the Nautilus+Maokai deck
Loonatic93: Do these cards go in Aristocrats?
Sogheim: so this is deathrattle Hunter? neat
OnyxOblivion: DEEP
magnolia_queenx: lol
Fuzzy_Contreg: Yes it's the Maokia version
OnyxOblivion: DEEP is such a cool mechanic for a keyword
Fuzzy_Contreg: GOING DEEP
n3ther: yes very DEEP
alexanderthefine: that card has many meanings I can't even fathom
ArcOfTheConclave: that snoozy bum!
OnyxOblivion: ah yes Siver does use the Lethal Tempo keystone
fcloud: i cant understand the nautilus deck, it's out of my league
Loonatic93: My Mama said... Never trust anybody named Trevor.
therealkenm135: what did we cover last week?
Fuzzy_Contreg: Deep is like the check on visions of beyond
magnolia_queenx: Is there a league pro named trevor? Like an adc main?
Himmelsgucker: @fcloud not that hard: stay alive until you got your big seamonsters
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fill this man with Salt
ArcOfTheConclave: def iron
PMAvers: I'm guessing Iron IV?
Fuzzy_Contreg: Iron likely
MAPBoardgames: Rank introveinous.
magnolia_queenx: yes
tenthtechpriest: yes
PMAvers: Yeah.
Fuzzy_Contreg: Yep
OnyxOblivion: iron iv is as low as you can be
Himmelsgucker: its above wood
Loonatic93: I'm still stuck on Lead.
Himmelsgucker: cause there is no wood league
SirElgar: do you have deck lists/codes anywhere?
deyja429: The technology tree would like to have a word with chat about Iron being below Bronze
niccus: but iron age is after bronze age...
Loonatic93: Stuck on Lead, hoping to get to Aluminum.
Himmelsgucker: @niccus what about master age?
ContingentCat: so the world is like an orgre?
OnyxOblivion: winning is for losers
Himmelsgucker: to be fair, dunekeeper is waiting to become a 1/1
Fuzzy_Contreg: Azir will level up on your attack right?
ArcOfTheConclave: runeterra made a deliberate choice to have spells be kind of weak
Daakku: I know i am
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
PMAvers: Is it just me or is there no game audio?
LordZarano: Can't hear the game
therealkenm135: I hear the audio just fine
KeytarCat: extant, quiet
Fuzzy_Contreg: It sounds low
magnolia_queenx: very quiet game
spurius: oh I assumed the lack of game audio was intentionally
Religieux: It’s just low.
Fuzzy_Contreg: This sounds good now
Loonatic93: Always forward... Never learning!
Himmelsgucker: rip sand soldier
Loonatic93: Question: Is there a "Vanilla Test" for creatures, much like in Magic?
Hexi_Lexi: hey all you wonderful friends who i love!!!
Himmelsgucker: kind of, its very rare that vanilla cards make the lists
Himmelsgucker: for a 1 mana its 2/2
therealkenm135: the animations the expansion are sooo good
Evochron13: wait i thought is this your card was going to be a youtube series rather than a stream show
therealkenm135: *this
Fuzzy_Contreg: Jinx's level up asniumation is pretty great, it plays a couple of bars from that get jinxed song
Fuzzy_Contreg: animation*
CherryMagnolia: Yeah or like Hearthstone has a ton of 2 mana 2/3's
CherryMagnolia: That are vanilla
BrainBetter: For non-MTG folks - what's the vanilla test?
Fuzzy_Contreg: Also, Lucian's level up is dark as heck, if he see's senna die he just screams out in anguish as he transforms
MAPBoardgames: lrrHAM
Yakkers221B: wheelerPig
sokolov23: @brainbetter a plain creature as a baseline of power comparison
Himmelsgucker: @brainbetter a card of a cost has to be better than a plain card with only 'good' stats
Tildestar_XII: a "plain" card meaning white mana?
BrainBetter: Ah - so, sort of an index of what the baseline balance equation can buy you at a certain cost.
Himmelsgucker: the overwhelm decks use more or less vanilla cards with only trample
DorkmasterFlek: Yeah, like if this creature has these stats and no other abilities, is it worth the cost/
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Tildestar_XII: 5
Tildestar_XII: woops
Fuzzy_Contreg: I love the little voice clips they play for different character interactions too
sokolov23: If you are into sabremetrics for baseball, then "vanilla test" would be something like WAR which is Wins Above Replacement.
Spirrie: I think the Poro line is a good example for vanilla in this game
Himmelsgucker: when runeterra had a 3 mana 4/4 vanilla card, it was playable
itsr67: wasn't that nerfed to a 3/4
Himmelsgucker: but it got nerfed to 3/4
itsr67: tbf people played the scout card that came with it
Himmelsgucker: only real vanilla card that made it in runeterra except 1 mana 2/2s
Himmelsgucker: @itsr67 both got played pre nerf
SrMuskrat: Azir is the only champion, the rest are rares and commons
ArcOfTheConclave: most decks are heavy on commons
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xXRealGamerThaigeXx: five
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Cinntoastmin: Hi Wheeler :)
Spirrie: I've been thinking about doing an Azir ephemeral deck, Shark chariots, Hecarim, and the such
Fuzzy_Contreg: Shen fiora deck bleh
Himmelsgucker: yep, no epic. only elise burn should be cheaper for new accounts
AllTheWeasels: oh, it even has actual factual aristocrats in it
Himmelsgucker: azir ephemeral lacks the rally of demacia :(
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ArcOfTheConclave: keeping prankster vs fiora shen LoL
therealkenm135: to be fair this whole deck isn't great against fiors
Spirrie: Wheeler, if this is the first time playing against Fiora/Shen... have fun
Loonatic93: The problem I have with these games is that I am garbage-toilets at card evaluation. For instance, I STILL think that Trostani Discordant was criminally underrated in Guilds of Ravnica. Or that Parhelion II never got a fair chance.
Himmelsgucker: if he has fiora turn 3 this is a auto concede
therealkenm135: uh oh
Fuzzy_Contreg: Check Fiora's level up
Spirrie: Read Fiora, then imagine with constant barrier
Himmelsgucker: game is over, go next Kappa
Cinntoastmin: you care if fiora kills it
OnyxOblivion: oh tell chat about Fiora's instant win condition
Marckenley321: Yes I do
Fuzzy_Contreg: Check Fiora's level up ability
Marckenley321: Don’t let her kill any unite
Himmelsgucker: at least opponent plays like a true iron
Himmelsgucker: pepega attack
itsr67: alright cool it with belittling opponents
OnyxOblivion: ez win con
RandomTrivia: PARDON
HundreydAundre: uhhh-wut?
RandomTrivia: Ok that art is sick
DreamyPants: hey ben! I've been jamming this game a bunch recently so it's sweet to see you playing too
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I like the 3rd place guy
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: hes happy
tenthtechpriest: she is very voltron
Fuzzy_Contreg: I love the companies name is SIXMOREVODKA
Fuzzy_Contreg: That does all the art assets
therealkenm135: sixmorevodka absolutely killed it with the art
Spirrie: The art in this game is amazing
Religieux: You can click on the full art to clear off the text, if you want to see it all.
midichlorianuser: The Boxtopus card art is amazing.
Himmelsgucker: he plays all combat tricks
DreamyPants: the "get blown out repeatedly until you memorize the tricks" stage of tcgs is always awkward
Admiral__Albatross: shen is in there to help yeah
Spirrie: Dragon Chow is a really good example of storytelling using the card frame
Kobdzio: If i cant remove fiora u have to race her :p
TheThirdTail: Yo, I forgot about this stream. Which is weird, because it got me to get back into LoR and I'm playing it right now.
Himmelsgucker: in most matchups fiora isnt a real wincon
RassilonDND: id proably play the dusk
magnolia_queenx: Fiora not dying is a specialty of hers in both games
Himmelsgucker: he its auto lose
Himmelsgucker: here
Loonatic93: @DreamyPants I've been playing Magic for 27+ years, and I am STILL stuck at that stage.
OnyxOblivion: Shen/Fiora hella fun, tho
Spirrie: Teemo is one of my favorites deck because it's RNG incarnate
TheThirdTail: No, it gets both of those for just one round
bananderson_: both are temporary yeah?
Blue_man7: It doesn't get +2/+0 permanently :P
WanderingOmen: both bits are temporary
Spirrie: Both are this round
Kobdzio: Both are only for 1 round
bananderson_: just gotta kill them first amirite gamers
WanderingOmen: grant = permanent buffs
Himmelsgucker: @spirrie in which deck teemo feels rng based?
Styxseus: oh, theres an 'and' in that sentence
Quaseymoto: You did say this is an aristocrats deck. Draining them out seems normal
Spirrie: @Himmelsgucker Shrooms as a whole, I run it with Viktor and plunder from Bilgewater
RassilonDND: its +2 and fearsome for just this round
wafoo2: beware the Rivershaper. It gets all the cards that keep Fiora alive
bananderson_: oh nooooo that one's bad for you
Himmelsgucker: @spirrie hopefully you dont nab your own shrooms
bananderson_: much worse than riposte
therealkenm135: Crescent guardian is a 5/3 if you have nightfall iirc
wafoo2: yea this match-up is a toughie
RassilonDND: gg
AllTheWeasels: that's an animation
bananderson_: it's so cool!
Styxseus: wooow
Spirrie: @Himmelsgucker I stopped using nab once I learned about that interaction
wafoo2: cool death tho
theleerm: howdy wheeler man
Himmelsgucker: this matchup isnt winnable with fiora on 3
ArcOfTheConclave: all the alt wincons have sweet animations
HundreydAundre: So this particular stage of Fiora has to beat 4 enemies to win?
Vampyre_Lord: wait, this is week 2 of is this your card?
magnolia_queenx: Fiora is much more fun in LOR tbh
JokerAceX: She levels up and you just auto lose???? Busted DansGame
MythosMagic: Is there a decklist anywhere? I'd like to try this one out lol
Spirrie: Wheeler, go into gallery, search "Dragon Chow", then look at the frames vs full art when you get a chance
bananderson_: if they get the lifesteal barrier card it's way hard for you to kill them on time
RassilonDND: so you're saying theres a chance
bananderson_: pig gravy
Ahxes: OMG it was Wheeler!
Loonatic93: Looked like she only needed two more. She had two kills to level up, and those counted for the next level as well. But I am most assurdedly wrong.
Kobdzio: @jokeracex there's a lot of removal in this game so it's not easy for fiora to win like this all the time
PMAvers: You almost want to have that card where you kill your own guys to draw a card, just to deny Fiora the kills.
Zephyr256k: Pigs? Gravy? Now I'm hungry.
JokerAceX: 👀 The sunpillar ooh bou
Himmelsgucker: @mythosmagic its essentially a version of swimstrims azir burn list. You can find it on his website
Spirrie: Glimpse Beyond is a good one
ArcOfTheConclave: Hi Elise!
Ahxes: I ran into someone named The Yawgfather on ladder and was like "It cant be"
Ahxes: Checked out the stream after the game and it was
Himmelsgucker: dirty fiora Kappa
wafoo2: welcome Ahxes!
magnolia_queenx: @Ahxes do you have a decklist?
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abyssaldm: S H U R I M A
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Ahxes: @Himmelsgucker Hit ionia lvl 25 before I realized I could switch which rewards I was getting. Put together the best list I could
Ahxes: @magnolia_queenx Sure! Will DM in a sec
abyssaldm: Love LoR
ContingentCat: yeah [redacted] can take a toll
theleerm: you
HundreydAundre: Nice! You into Control also, [REDACTED]?
asthanius: Jform3st?
MythosMagic: @Himmelsgucker Thank you!
RassilonDND: I wonder if there is a mailbox called
Himmelsgucker: @magnolia_queenx fiora shen is meta for the last year, lists are everywhere. for example on. mobalytics
theleerm: you're brain is perfectly broken, thank you very much
therealkenm135: remember to never smile at a crocodile
gualdhar: @RassilonDND it exists, but they get sent straight to trash
HundreydAundre: I mean, actual control. The card strate-jeep to control plays.
magnolia_queenx: Sick the deck looks super cool @Himmelsgucker
Kobdzio: Attack with 5
wafoo2: just hold back the worst creature
RassilonDND: Oh, so it doubles as a Waifu Sorter @gualdhar
SirElgar: you can keep one hiome and you will summon a thing
ContingentCat: but who would you ship your pig with?
SirElgar: Tough actin' Renakton is pretty neat
Himmelsgucker: @magnolia_queenx new versions should play golden aegis. Only new card since we got shurima in it
DoubleMayCare: This game's pretty fun.
DoubleMayCare: If a dork like me can win at this so can anyone.
Loonatic93: I'll take that challenge.
Kobdzio: Welp he is losing azir xd
Marckenley321: Yea you are losing him
Himmelsgucker: game should be winning
Loonatic93: I still have a sub 20% lifetime win rate on Arena. I'm sure I can be a least as incompetent here as well!
wafoo2: you gotta kill their stuff to open lanes for your counter, no/
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Argumentable: digivolve
LadyMCHall: Noot Noot
jamesinor: If that croc connects, we're in a bit of trouble
jamesinor: I'm more worried about them activating the sun disc
zuchen_120: I have no idea what it's going to, but digitalcardsgosmash! rawr
zuchen_120: going on*
zuchen_120: :D
jamesinor: The last line of text on the disc is the most important one
Argumentable: I'm seriously considering trying the game myself because of this show, I'm digging it
OnyxOblivion: tbh i just like seeing people talk about this game, i cant go back to HS after this, its so nice on the walley
RassilonDND: Its almost like a Pre-Pre-Release. The stakes have never been lower.
OnyxOblivion: wallet
DreamyPants: Where did our decklist come from?
wafoo2: "I'm tired of looking at these large and colorful men"
jamesinor: It's a fun game, and it really, really doesn't cost much
RassilonDND: oh so a meta deck eh?
Spirrie: Economy in this game is great
Daakku: not sure this is a meta deck in particular, it looks like a popular streamer's deck
RassilonDND: Yeah i do love the economy. I have almost 100,000 shards
Himmelsgucker: never paid a cent into the game and got all cards. Even got some money from tournaments. Game is lovely
jamesinor: And there's the disc
bananderson_: myyyy sharima
Loonatic93: Is that Nico Bolas?
theleerm: i love how fuckin extra this game is
bananderson_: I've actually never seen someone do this because everyone concedes too fast
Dish_KP: these little cutscenes are kinda dope
Loonatic93: And Bantuu?
jamesinor: So Azir gives him a crazy busted deck, Renekton really hoses us
Himmelsgucker: @daakku its kind of meta. Should be a tier 2 deck
wafoo2: Runeterra, now featuring fushion team-play! And solitaire!
tenthtechpriest: yes
Officinalis: Is the Second Sun approaching? It looks like the Second Sun is approaching.
brutusq13: Didn't know I was coming here to watch a movie
bananderson_: so close!
F1SHOR: and people say magics animations are too much benginLol
wafoo2: legit tho, they're branching out
Himmelsgucker: unlucky
Ahxes: Yeah, this game feels really f2p friendly. I was able to build that fiora list using about a weeks worth of green crystals (essence?) and 3 champion wilds just leveling ionia
bananderson_: pog
jamesinor: Yes! Yes, they felt the urge to play their cards!
DreamyPants: PogChamp
SirElgar: burn em out
magnolia_queenx: GOTTEM
RassilonDND: Their mistake was not playing red
DoubleMayCare: Victory lap, more like burnout at the finish line
bananderson_: easiest game of all time
mortalitea: Is this iron?
Cinntoastmin: EZ Clap
Daakku: @Himmelsgucker fair enough
bthrill86: Not even close bb
SirElgar: always had it
RassilonDND: You know, I do miss fireball in standard
tenthtechpriest: never not had it
Ahxes: Yes
OnyxOblivion: yes they literally did it like 2 years ago in league
spurius: bronze has to be after silver, because the olympics I guess
bentropik: Iron is the new wood
bananderson_: cardboard rank
jamesinor: Iron > Bronze, the bronze age perished
Kobdzio: It's below bronze yes
PMAvers: They wanted more ranks to make matchmaking smoother instead of having a mega-dumpster rank
Durzostarfire: wait but are we ferrite or austenite
tenthtechpriest: they did literally make sub-bronze tier
Himmelsgucker: you are higher than wood. Everything us fine
ArcOfTheConclave: you have to work for bronze
tehThane: wood was a meme
CaptainSpam: Next up, the dirt tier!
brutusq13: Grass tier
Himmelsgucker: there is no wood
mortalitea: What’s before wood?
asthanius: I don't know if you're aware, but wood isn't metal
Argumentable: soil
bananderson_: in Street Fighter it's just called "rookie" which somehow seems less insulting
jamesinor: You say that to the celtic faeries who fear wrought iron
bentropik: the only rank I know is ARAM
tenthtechpriest: the real wood was inside us all along
MerryPringles: Oh this game is great!
Loonatic93: If there is a Lead tier, I'd be stuck there.
Himmelsgucker: bit sad runeterra has no challenger tier
bananderson_: soft talcum tier
bentropik: the power of friendshp?
wafoo2: great opening round!
Styxseus: I like that end of "Ok, maybe I'm starting to regret thi--LETS GO!"
wafoo2: Wanna play a deck that's nothing but Dunebeast and clones?
bananderson_: nailed it
jamesinor: Lab of Legends is the fun PVE mode, and then Expeditions are the pseudo draft mode
zuchen_120: "we'll be right back after this" < talk to your doctor about X drug>
Dish_KP: flawless transition
ContingentCat: !findquote deep
LRRbot: Quote #3418: "A deep knobbing." —Cameron [2016-09-14]
Ahorberg: is mkobalytics the best place for decks, or is there better?
DoubleMayCare: lmao that's hilarous
benjamin_wheeler: @Ahorberg it's one of the better consolidated spots for decklists, but that latest juicy tech can be dredged up on Twitter
Spirrie: @benjamin_wheeler Check out the framed vs full art for Dragon Chow in the gallery, when you get a chance
Himmelsgucker: i dont like mobalytics for the use of overwolf, buts its the most complete site
DarkMorford: Hey chat, how do I get the event coins? I'm still sitting at 0/270.
DarkMorford: Also, anyone for a friendly match?
Officinalis: #BlameJames
TheAwkes: #RecurringBits
ContingentCat: katesLol
RandomTrivia: LUL
PMAvers: It can't be James, it's past 7 PM and his bedtime.
RassilonDND: I wonder if we should send wheeler a rotary phone for the gag
RandomTrivia: This bit is never going to get old
Himmelsgucker: playing on eu, but i would challenge you with my vlad deck
Himmelsgucker: @darkmorford
Loonatic93: Sand isn't hard to get. Just set some Silicon on fire!
ArcOfTheConclave: 3/10
jamesinor: @DarkMorford If you look at your quest log, there will be event specific quests
theleerm: you are a blessing sir
RassilonDND: Oh wow, that wobbled between bad and inappropriate
Ba_Dum_Tish: Some real deep cuts there
ContingentCat: go ahead and swear, no need to wake up James
Robot_Bones: 21?
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bentropik: that's... certainly a segue
Ba_Dum_Tish: We have to go deeper
TheThirdTail: I truly cannot handle that they literally called the mechanic "Deep"
RassilonDND: Throw those cards away like starbucks cups :)
oatway: what's a gulp ladder and why are we going deep
Trashweazel: snicker
asthanius: Mature like the video tag
Robot_Bones: this is a deck about whales, NO!, this is a deck about making people happy
abyssaldm: "When you're Deep. You're Deep" Nautilus' card text once leveled
bentropik: ooh self-mill?
Ba_Dum_Tish: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
RandomTrivia: !quote 5878
LRRbot: Quote #5878: "Long enough, deep enough, whatever." —Beej [2019-02-25]
ghyllnox: They hang real low huh? xD
RandomTrivia: Come on Wheeler, you're making these up now LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Deep tossing
jamesinor: Tossing to get deep
Loonatic93: Wait... How does something that is Elusive in the Ocean block something that is Elusive in the Sky?
oatway: gotta toss so you can get even deeper
ArcOfTheConclave: the fact that toss and nab go from the bottom of the deck eliminates a large amount of feelbads
asthanius: @Loonatic93 magic
undeaddragon960: your deck, just like your life is a reasaource
Spirrie: @Loonatic93 Mutual respect
Loonatic93: Fair.
bentropik: lOoKs LiKe DrEdGe GoT a NeW tOy!
magnolia_queenx: post toss clarity
jamesinor: Who is norm, and why are we trying to get close to him?
oatway: so we've got big wood which helps us toss and get deep
RassilonDND: So you have to salad before you Cintiq
asthanius: to express itself
Dr_fragenstien: to show it's angry
bentropik: more like eye-boughs
niccus: they're eyeboughs
TheThirdTail: It keeps bugs out of their eyes
ContingentCat: yes.
bentropik: @niccus ayyyy
Spirrie: @niccus :(
mitomanox: i guess u need eyebrows to look mean
Trashweazel: better to emote with my dear
asthanius: oh
Mattmitchell45: Jacing the Dream
theleerm: remind us what deep does
Ba_Dum_Tish: Deep dad
oatway: Ben and their bear champions
Spirrie: Hahaha... unless?
Loonatic93: Isn't he in Bioshock?
RassilonDND: Deep effects trigger when you have lost half of your starting deck size
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @theleerm if you have 15 or fewer cards in your deck, you are deep. cards with the deep keyword gain +3/+3 when you are deep
CyndaneTierney: Okay, this is the kind of deck I'd enjoy playing.
CyndaneTierney: Because it's a neat gimmick and Nautilus is cool.
oatway: he's dredging it
beetalogist: yeah Deep is pretty stronk
RassilonDND: Nautilus subscribes to a very niche kink
magnolia_queenx: Nautilus built his Rabbadon's and he's about to mess someone up
ArcOfTheConclave: 4 mana 7/7?
RassilonDND: yes, 4 mana 7/7
midichlorianuser: Squid flail
jamesinor: Deep is also super difficult to interrupt, cause it's difficult to put cards into your opponent deck
oatway: 29-5 sounds like a pretty okay record
osoraz: are you winning son?
beetalogist: good starting hand
Ahxes: I am so bad at playing deep. I have decked myself everytime
megaRammy: So the classic Control of "survive and slow down opponent long enough to have an inevitable win condition"?
jamesinor: Just be ready to yeet your deck
Nuurgle: lol
RandomTrivia: No we are not
megaRammy: I'm awake :)
PMAvers: Lobbers?
DoubleMayCare: Get chumps you tossers!
RandomTrivia: We are, however, enjoying every second of this LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Toss all day and all night
Daakku: wait... wasn't 1 drop an auto keep? no idea, never play deep
beetalogist: in this deck, less is more :D
Minib2k: Nope, came here for a quick toss before bed
Loonatic93: That is the tempo?
megaRammy: :)
Hayamo: I know people say deep is not currently "good" but I don't know why
Hayamo: Seems cool, regardless
RandomTrivia: Shark Car!
oatway: swing low, shark chariot
RassilonDND: oh yes, Ghost Gura Hecarim deck
Nuurgle: oh, like the cat chariot, but shark typhooned?
Haroldholmes25: so anyway he started tossing
megaRammy: Wheeler I can't please stop saying that you're tossing I beg you
TheAwkes: Benjamin "Tosser" Wheeler
HundreydAundre: It looks like...Stormfront Rider, but more haunted, cursed.
beetalogist: treasures are the late game finishers
oatway: if you add cards can you lose deep, or does deep work like the city's blessing
jamesinor: Yeah, getting treasures is top tier
beetalogist: @oatway no once you have deep, it's there for the rest of the game
osoraz: oh wow
bananderson_: once you're deep you're deep baby
osoraz: this shark is pain in the a$$
ArcOfTheConclave: @oatway once you go deep, you never go back
smarteay: just like real life
DoubleMayCare: You'll get them back, don't worry
beetalogist: also, Tossing always yeets cards from the bottom of your deck, and never removes champions
DoubleMayCare: GO DEEP
Hayamo: I'm undecided if Deep would be too strong if Toss let you revive units instead of them being obliterated
beetalogist: @Hayamo when nautilus levels up, tossed units are copied back into your deck
Hayamo: Oh, neat
theleerm: butt hold ingaged
baronecubone: so bad your hand is full
kikipatel: the eggg
megaRammy: That's a BEEFY BOI
bananderson_: leveled up nautilus on 7 is pretty hot
jamesinor: On curve Nautilus Lvl 2 is hard to deal with
Loonatic93: Is this still ranked? I don't think anybody would have something like DeterminedNPC as a Username.
beetalogist: yeah lost riches is nuts
jamesinor: The treasures you get are busted
jamesinor: There's one that just gives you a bunch of random free cards
megaRammy: @Loonatic93 Did ya end up playing any of this in the end?
KidAmn: are ya winnin' son?
baronecubone: first scarab
Haroldholmes25: wheelerJoke
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: So G didn't say no, hmmm?
Loonatic93: @megaRammy Not yet. I discovered Loop Hero.
HundreydAundre: Sir? Sir! Your phones are covering your ears.
megaRammy: @Loonatic93 Fair :P
jamesinor: They need to block with everything or they die
baronecubone: exactly
beetalogist: opponent is out of gas though
Loonatic93: @megaRammy But I appreciate the question.
baronecubone: i mean, unless you resummon naut
ContingentCat: Nothing scheduled after you so just listen to the heart of the cards.
DoubleMayCare: What a turnaround
theleerm: yah think?
floki4242: simple Backwoods hyper chicken
jamesinor: Oh no, we've got a painful board clear for them
megaRammy: Wheeler, hear me out: Raid your own channel and continue there if you need to GTFO the LRR channel :)
fcloud: you've got enough good cards to really rune his day. strike some terra into him
Cinntoastmin: you can collect multiple attackers multiple clicking and draggin
baronecubone: you have no space for treasures sadly
beetalogist: GG cohhGG
DoubleMayCare: sick rip
baronecubone: gg
megaRammy: It'd be funny tho uwu
bananderson_: opponent was hovering that surrender button
fcloud: also funny: wheeler's continuing employment
megaRammy: Heyhey, that wasn't the full quote!
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asthanius: "In that case, have a promotion!"
HundreydAundre: Indeed it was.
megaRammy: oof
baronecubone: lost riches ❤️
captain_wulf: i'm a teacher and people laugh at me too
jamesinor: I woke up this morning, decided to make strudel, and then took the leftover apples and made cider...
DreamyPants: No, no, it wasn't corrupt self-enriching. It was a bit!
ArcOfTheConclave: this game has a hard max handsize of 10. any card added past 10 is immediately obliterated
jamesinor: I've reached a horrifying reality of actually being productive
baronecubone: toss the tin man
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: "I got hired by people I play magic with to make videos about collectable card games"
Marckenley321: Don’t keep him
theleerm: we get to see mokai this time!
baronecubone: good
jamesinor: Oh boy, we've got some ramp!
beetalogist: good old freljord ramp
jamesinor: Aurelion Sol ramp is sooooo fun
bananderson_: the other way to play big idiots!
jamesinor: Especially when you roll that card that fills your hand with celestials
beetalogist: there are a few, my fave is the one with zoe
jamesinor: No, play
baronecubone: just play
Spirrie: "Play" from hand, "summon" onto board
jamesinor: Not until level 2
Quickdix: Imagine playing this shitty game? couldn't be me LUL LUL
jamesinor: We said his name too many times
baronecubone: scaraaaab
baronecubone: hi dude
beetalogist: him hop
jamesinor: Empty out the hand! We've got the treasure card!
Cinntoastmin: Little Friend xD
jamesinor: I still think the next Disney Live Action remake should be Atlantis, with Danny Devito as Mole
theleerm: #relatable
ddoubledeckerr: why scarab have hands? FeelsWeirdMan
MAPBoardgames: Cause he's in too deep. And he's trying to keep. His head up above and I think he's going under.
Officinalis: Me opening the bag of chips before I even get home from the grocery store.
baronecubone: dont block with maokai
fcloud: me opening the bag of chips before i get to the checkout counter
baronecubone: vile feast
jamesinor: Treasure trove is so, so good
Spirrie: Me in the grocery store "I swear I was going to pay for it at the register"
ArcOfTheConclave: smashing!
jamesinor: Start tossing, my man
fcloud: me on the highway after i hold up the delivery truck
baronecubone: u lose 2.ards if you play treasure
Haroldholmes25: get busy tossing or get busy dying
baronecubone: yes go landmark
fcloud: "just really had a hankering for some doritos, sorry about the felony"
beetalogist: trundle isn't the problem, it's the pillars he summons
jamesinor: Like that man who broke into a bank to heat up a hot pocket
baronecubone: landmark dude
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jamesinor: Unbeknownst to most, Trundle was actually voiced by Eddie Vedder
baronecubone: block with scarab too
kingeomer18: block with scarab give deep
kingeomer18: gives*
Haroldholmes25: this works too
baronecubone: nautilus will reshuffle all tossed 4+monsters on deck, don't worry
Spirrie: Choll Trant?
Haroldholmes25: troll chant? you mean twitch chat?
theleerm: hiihihihhiihh
baronecubone: lol
ArcOfTheConclave: one of us! one of us!
FroggoPrince: I'm really happy you've gotten so into this game! I've had a lot of fun in closed beta and now w/ Shurima's release
jamesinor: He's onto us Chat, we must befind the Troll Chant
jamesinor: begin*
fcloud: when do we swing?
jamesinor: Never
jamesinor: We will force them to mill
Spirrie: ooga booga streamer man not efficient
Sqweeby21: deep is 5head
Sqweeby21: shen
megaRammy: thinking
Sqweeby21: is bm or braum wave
jamesinor: The goal of playing Deep is to put your opponent 6. Six feet deep to be precise
IridescenceDeep: o/ hey sqweeby
jamesinor: Summon Dad
Sqweeby21: @IridescenceDeep ayy
DoubleMayCare: If you deep, then you deep.
jamesinor: "The water rises" Oh shit, Dad found out we tried to turn the bathroom into a swimming pool!
Kaorti: Full Fathom Five thou Freaking Lie
MAPBoardgames: Mr. Bubbles is here to Bus your Bus up!
Cinntoastmin: that gives off nzoth vibes
jamesinor: "Where did those tentacles come from?" The official slogan of the Simic
FroggoPrince: turns out giant cyclopian fish is a great win con
bananderson_: there's a lot of power on the board they have to count up
MAPBoardgames: So, I get the 'mana' is the 10-0 with the square pips. What are the round pips (3-2)
oatway: as scooter would say, how much is the fish
Sqweeby21: its newbies and master smurfs, youll be able to tell the difference very quick
CommunistBakery: Would you say you're in too deep and youre trying to keep your head from goin under?
thraximore: Ben it's been five years, you need to let him go LUL
oatway: spell mana is stored in the orbs
Diabore: this deck feels like powerful bullshit
fcloud: -16
IridescenceDeep: opponent just gives up LUL
megaRammy: Only spells, not creatures, for that mana reserve
fcloud: not bad
FroggoPrince: Spell Mana is such a wonderful mechanic. It + the mini-stack is just -chef kiss-
DoubleMayCare: Just don't let Wheeler start his engine, forehead.
ojii: hovering over the UI explains the UI
ContingentCat: reading the game explains the game
jamesinor: Hey Ben, have you ever tried the Teemo deck?
bananderson_: love drawing cards as I murder people
stinkydinky_: up above in my head, instead of goin under
carina_kuzip: spell mana is stored in the balls
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MAPBoardgames: Did they Disco? They seemed to give up like a turn ago.
megaRammy: Fen is friend
FroggoPrince: Gromp Jr.!!!
jamesinor: Go to pick your deck
IridescenceDeep: it's on the play screen
Haroldholmes25: when you select the deck
megaRammy: Edit the deck and choose the cosmetics I think
potatkin: you need to go to your deck
PMAvers: You set it as your Loadout on your deck.
Haroldholmes25: on the left
stinkydinky_: you pick it for every deck i believe
FroggoPrince: when you're about to play, you set it near your deck
carina_kuzip: at the deck selection
Mattmitchell45: Anyone have the VOD of the Craterhoof Incident?
Marckenley321: Go to collection
theleerm: gromp king
bananderson_: Taliyah is so cool
jamesinor: @LoadingReadyRun Have you ever tried playing Teemo Shrooms?
stinkydinky_: his name is groooomp
FroggoPrince: it's so satisfying to say aloud
DoubleMayCare: ever tried shrooms, ben
wafoo2: Emotes are the true meta
megaRammy: Think you woke your cat up with that jackal cackle
Hayamo: Oh
Hayamo: TF + Aphelios
BrowneePoints: Is this card games with the most handsome Queer Canadian Cowboy since Orville Peck!?
FroggoPrince: double docks pog
Kaorti: he's got us pegged
fcloud: protip: everybody in chat is like 50
SerGarretCameron: I resemble that remark, young man.
HundreydAundre: fifty? Maybe collectively...
jamesinor: My favorite companion is the Pride Poro
megaRammy: gromp go brrrrr
Spirrie: Huh. It is just 11PM. I guess I should do that assignment now
DorkmasterFlek: haha pet go brrrrrr wheelerKappa
CyndaneTierney: Are there cards that destroy landmarks?
bananderson_: Imagine Gromp Sr...
MAPBoardgames: The polliwog is much cuter than the white furry thing you had before.
Loonatic93: I'm only 46!
Hayamo: Oh look, on curve TF
ggizimyfriend: swipe the cursor over it for different reaction
DorkmasterFlek: Dude everything about this game is better looking than Arena.
Mal2mad: Pet goes splotch
FroggoPrince: oh yeah you can give the gromp rubs!
jamesinor: @bananderson_ Gomp Sr is called Tahm Kench
jamesinor: Oh, Jinx is a loooot of fun
ArcOfTheConclave: The Serpentine is a river that TF knows of. IIRC
MAPBoardgames: When you cast, is it spell mana OR turn mana? Or can you combine?
wafoo2: * breathing into a brown paper bag * I'm scared for you!
BarristerClavichord: boxtopus
megaRammy: But it can also use normal mana if it's more than 3 mana
TheThirdTail: Basically, it does it the way you want
Hayamo: Also known as, Aphelios will just go off
FlargBlarg: his name is Pablo, and we love him
megaRammy: clob...
wafoo2: Blocktompolis?
jamesinor: You're deep next turn
SirElgar: ^
jamesinor: If you play both fours
Mattmitchell45: Was a real Clobberknocker
midichlorianuser: Clompstomptopus
jamesinor: And then there's focus
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BrowneePoints: TF has Quick Attack? *groans*
BarristerClavichord: first strike
megaRammy: Aphelios needs a flowchart I think
Hayamo: Aphelios = oh god the value
TheThirdTail: If you want to learn Aphelios, there are some very fancy flow charts to study.
Haroldholmes25: *holds up aphelios* is this questing beast?
jamesinor: Burst: No response, any time cast. Fast: Any time cast, can be responded to. Focus: Can't be cast during combat but can't be responded to
ArcOfTheConclave: there is also sorcery speed interrupt
MAPBoardgames: Is it time for Mr. Bubbles?
KidAmn: he's so BIG
Mattmitchell45: Blue Interrupts can only be played while sad
beetalogist: a very gargantuan paternal figure
ArgentumFlare: Padre Grande
FroggoPrince: he has become immense
Ba_Dum_Tish: He's so vascular
BrowneePoints: Naut Support with Mao Jungle/Top? Oof
beetalogist: he do be drawing cards
DorkmasterFlek: Can I just point out what a stroke of genius having Toss mill from the bottom of the deck is?
Spirrie: @BrowneePoints Mao support and jungle Naut, obviously
FlargBlarg: leveling TF is gonna mill him faster LOL
MAPBoardgames: Just milling about?
jamesinor: Reach out, touch face
beetalogist: goodbye enemy deck
beetalogist: 4 cards left XD
jamesinor: The animations are so good
BrowneePoints: Walks into bush *screams ensue*
ContingentCat: katesParty
Loonatic93: So, empty deck = Lose?
beetalogist: @Loonatic93 yeah just like magic
CherryMagnolia: how many cards in oppo's library?
MAPBoardgames: Can we tell how big their deck is?
jamesinor: Oh, well that's gg
ddoubledeckerr: oh no oppo's milling himself lol
BrowneePoints: Cuz Gold card is a MISTAKE
Mattmitchell45: Dad looks Stunning
Lord_Hosk: Because your dad is so stunning
beetalogist: this is just a goshdarn greek tragedy
ArgentumFlare: There's a reason the lightning plasmid is the first one you get
Hayamo: Wheeler out here just beating up top decks with his fish
MAPBoardgames: Dragged to the depths like he had a mill stone around his neck.
Unpronounceable: What happens when you try to draw from an empty deck?
ArcOfTheConclave: Meowkai?
DorkmasterFlek: Not gonna lie, I think Deep is where I'd spend by money to build a competitive deck first.
Spirrie: You lose
BrowneePoints: What about Meow-kai. Cuz he's a cooooool cat
DorkmasterFlek: Tickles my inner Timmy
Lord_Hosk: Is it because he is a big time World of Warcraft player in his off hours?
theleerm: neow-kai
jamesinor: There is a card called the Sub-Purrsible
TheAwkes: That's my name, and I have no idea why it's called that.
trevorwisn: as a Trevor, I gotta say I'm worried about this deck. my tempos not so great.
TheAwkes: *Spider Man pointing at Spider Man*
AFROzenFlame911: The plot thickens...
MAPBoardgames: We need to get Wheeler access to the BGC music channel for commercial breaks.
AFROzenFlame911: ^
ContingentCat: ^
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: v
theleerm: ^
Triangle11_18Energy: ^what are we pointing up for?
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Veraphage: ya
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Wodar9: But what is Tempo?
HundreydAundre: HEY! -> <- HEY!
Loonatic93: Shouldn't he be named Zee?
Loonatic93: Maybe just in the States.
nuug_: just got my first 7 win run in expedition! woo!
Triangle11_18Energy: Man, this deck explanation that I clearly detect over sudden advertising is amazing
RandomTrivia: IT'S SO FUZZY lrrHEART
Cinntoastmin: LUL
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ducking_mad: trevor snoozebottom is the goat of names
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ContingentCat: awww
RandomTrivia: D'awwwww
Loonatic93: You want to kill Trevor on purpose?
CapitalCraze: if trevor dies you will be held accountable
TheAwkes: Activating the "what, that's me" centre of my brain when you play Ox of Agonas in Magic, and now also when playing this in Runeterra.
theleerm: oh this is vs ai?
aiamethyst: It’s dangerous to joke about cosplay when I’m watching, you might get something in the mail
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: 0% win rate vs the ai :o
CapitalCraze: LUL
CapitalCraze: okay google, defeat my opponents
Wodar9: and cat ears
beetalogist: trevor is best boi confirmed
Loonatic93: It's the Apple variant of Ted Cruz!
Mattmitchell45: Back in Poggers Form
Ba_Dum_Tish: 16 is not 0
s0lesurviv0r: Meitenkun from KOF14 is just a ripoff of Trevor!
Trashweazel: as someone named Trevor, this part pf stream is great for me
Trashweazel: ima good boi
TheAwkes: A third Trevor appears?
trevorwisn: damn that's the most Trevor's I've witnessed at once
Fistacles: by tame impala told me to hate trevor
Ba_Dum_Tish: This looks like it is going to hurt
AFROzenFlame911: Its Trevorception in here...
theleerm: this is a whole lotta trevor!
Spirrie: You summoned him!
Trashweazel: 🙌
Wodar9: is op dead?
TheThirdTail: Wow... You just have lethal...
Loonatic93: Why do we have that level anyway?
Trashweazel: lol
TheThirdTail: This is amazing...
nuug_: this is the best game
RandomTrivia: Pillow friend! lrrHEART
Wodar9: what is this? turn 4?
s0lesurviv0r: HypeZzz HypeZzz HypeZzz
midichlorianuser: Pillow fight
undeaddragon960: just from this imma buy this game
niccus: so kind to give your opponent a place to rest
TheThirdTail: Uh, can you post the deck code?
MetaGearWolf: love this game
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Riot need to raise the wages of all the artists and animators for this. I mean, Trevor is simply genius
Ahxes: @undeaddragon960 good news, its free
Spirrie: @undeaddragon960 It's free!
Loonatic93: I see you're playing a Vintage deck.
nuug_: @undeaddragon960 its FREE my dood
undeaddragon960: hell yea
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrWOW
s0lesurviv0r: bedtime...for the enemy
TheThirdTail: Alright, cool
MAPBoardgames: What? Did the opp just concede to a nap?
Trashweazel: what what!
Triangle11_18Energy: No, he was murdered
TheThirdTail: Thanks!
plummeting_sloth: okay, you saw it once on screen. Now memorize it
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Mattmitchell45: BITdotLYSlashLetsGoTrevor
Wodar9: MTGA has real bad deck codes :(
RandomTrivia: This just looks like Mulder walked across your keyboard
sivakrytos: coughmagicthegatheringcough
Triangle11_18Energy: That was 21 elusive damage
plummeting_sloth: only sleep
midichlorianuser: It's just a pillow case full of bricks
Trashweazel: only dreams now
nuug_: well id just like to congratulate riot for making the best ccg of all time
megaRammy: wish it was easier to craft a deck you've imported if you're missing a bunch of cards, its fiddly how it is currently
MetaGearWolf: you don't need Rush
Loonatic93: What are you talking about @nuug_ Riot didn't make DBZ the CCG?
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, attacking with trevor and the rockhopper seems good
SandwichKed: I tried to get into this but I need to unstick my Riot account. Also I wish their chromebook client was ready.
nuug_: @loonatic93 they also didnt make the MLP CCG but you dont see me complaining
Loonatic93: Or the Sailor Moon one. *sadge*
MetaGearWolf: chromebook client O_O
Loonatic93: I think I still have cards.
ArcOfTheConclave: the 9 drop pool is why people play timelines
beetalogist: oh good, it's Ledros OTK
bthrill86: just had that happen to me like 5 mins ago for the first time... Was so confused lmao
kosmonautxd: Mr. Wheeler, is there a legendary rule?
Lord_Hosk: the legendary rule is... interesting
Spirrie: @kosmonautxd Champions in hand turn into spells once they are on the board
TheThirdTail: Yeah, you can technically have multiple copies of a champion, but only with things like copy and reanimation effects
Tiber727: @kosmonautxd Every champion has a spell associated with it. If the champion is currently on the field, the champion becomes a copy of that spell, but it also shuffles the champion back into your deck.
plummeting_sloth: Trevor died as he lived... throwing pillows
Spirrie: Wheeler killed Trevor
MetaGearWolf: spell shield doesn't protect against his mark
Spirrie: @MetaGearWolf Doesn't it protect against skills?
ArcOfTheConclave: 60% chance of otk
MetaGearWolf: i've played Kindred and had it kill spellshield foes
TheThirdTail: Ah, this is a weird thing where it only protects against things with that dot symbol
Spirrie: Ah, not classified as skill, mb
Hayamo: Yeah Kindred goes through Spellshield
MetaGearWolf: denying the cards is a big deal too
MetaGearWolf: he's running low
Loonatic93: It's not one of the skills. So you can't use it to pay any bills.
MetaGearWolf: give rune runner double attack Kappa
Wodar9: Do you not get a play ability from whatever it transforms into?
TheThirdTail: You do not get the play from the thing it tf's into
Dr_fragenstien: I see, so you play creatures with low stats and good abilities for value
TheThirdTail: Yeah, and there's also a combo kill with it
TheThirdTail: At 9 mana, they can play a thing that deals half the oppo's life total, and then it transforms into a different thing that doubles all damage you do
MetaGearWolf: who runs vengeance anymore??
Dr_fragenstien: I can see why people are wanting it to be answered, a deck with a good early and mid game with an insta-kill sounds too good
Wodar9: hahaha
FlargBlarg: they picked the wrong target haha
HundreydAundre: Eyes Sieze Anakin Skywalker in ya cardos leaves. (...I know it's not him)
Nuurgle: who runs barter town?
Hayamo: Most SI control decks
Triangle11_18Energy: Kindred
jed1sent1nel: @loadingreadyrun what do you think about pairing Thresh with Aurelian Sol?
xiivv7: yes
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: ooh, are we getting lasagne?
TheThirdTail: Oh god, I think I might need to make lasagna tomorrow
SirElgar: Did someone say lasagna?
MetaGearWolf: are you going to do more streaming of this? I will follow if it's going to be regular
TheThirdTail: But I have veggie burger mix to use...
Spirrie: Had lasagna earlier, wasn't too great
Amentur: Tomorrow is Monday. What better day for lasagna?
meldo364: "you think you're tougher than me, sonny?"
TheMerricat: @metagearwolf "is this your card" is the new LRR stream so... yes?
MetaGearWolf: <3
s0lesurviv0r: I once actually had to stop a fight between two senior citizens at work a while back
ArcOfTheConclave: that's not demacia
s0lesurviv0r: one was in an electric cart, the other had a walker
Hayamo: This is the Scargrounds deck
Cinntoastmin: noxus and freljord
therealkenm135: that's noxus
Hayamo: Ping your own guys for value
Triangle11_18Energy: Demasía and piltover
plummeting_sloth: more like Dumbassia am I right?
plummeting_sloth: (I have literally never played this game)
Spirrie: One is genocidal, the other is colonists
Namboto: no that's accurate
DorkmasterFlek: Hey Gary, how's it goin' over there in Dumbassia? LUL
Hayamo: The only thing I know of LoL lore is what I've gleamed from this game in the past week
SandwichKed: I mostly try to ignore the lore and cheer for yordles.
Ahxes: The mana bank is weird at first but I've grown to really appreciate it as a mechanic
Spirrie: @Hayamo Lore is great honestly, mainly short stories
Loonatic93: All I know about LoL is that they have a lady named Lux who is basically a Jaina Proudmore wannabe.
Hayamo: I definitely wanna play that RPG they're making, tho
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Hayamo If there's anything that caught your interest, I can only recommend delving deeper
stinkydinky_: has ben talked about econ any? it feels very generous with free stuff but im not sure how to buy in optimally because champion wcs are like 4 dollars.
Mysticman89: hannah
plummeting_sloth: Trevors? Trevores? Trevori?
MetaGearWolf: the most feared combo in the game
Spirrie: @stinkydinky_ Honestly, between the chest and expeditions, no investment needed
TheEmperorofIceCream: Is Irelia in the game?
Triangle11_18Energy: I don’t think they run death lotus. Avalanche though...
nuug_: dont forget loox and gayren
DreamyPants: the limited format is great for f2p too
Ahxes: This game is super f2p friendly
TheThirdTail: If you do your daily quest and nothing else, you get... like a _lot_
plummeting_sloth: man, I can't wait to see what comes after Iron in the rankings. I hope it's Molybdenum
CyndaneTierney: Oh boy, the opponent is going to try and go deep.
Triangle11_18Energy: I’m two steps away from a complete collection, f2p
ArcOfTheConclave: Also, after you purchase 3 expeditions in a week, all expeditions are free till next thursday.
Spirrie: Also have rewards for individual factions so you can focus on certain decks
Loonatic93: Do you ever see a game like this blowing MtG out of the water in the Foreseeable Future?
Ahxes: Are you going to cover The Lab next week?
ArcOfTheConclave: you are the trash?
Loonatic93: Or is Magic just too ingrained in the ccg ecosystem?
Spirrie: I think Magic is way too ingrained
Hayamo: Isn't Hearthstone bigger than Magic?
Loonatic93: Not if you count the paper product.
stinkydinky_: by some metrics im sure
Spirrie: Entry cost, digital vs physical, are all different factors
ArcOfTheConclave: and then the sapling kills zed next turn
stinkydinky_: arena probably gets played less than lor. easily less than hs
plummeting_sloth: he's the m now dog
Triangle11_18Energy: What’s mdog?
Spirrie: From what I've heard from Hearthstone players, it's in a horrible place rn
RandomTrivia: LUL rekt
SandwichKed: Hearthstone players are always dyspeptic.
Hayamo: Oh I've never seen Hearthstone players happy, but people seem to keep playing it anyway
plummeting_sloth: *cancels subscription in shame/triumph*
Hayamo: Kinda like Magic players
Loonatic93: If nothing else, Magic has a far more well established Tournament scene than any other non-52-stardard card game.
PMAvers: I mean, is Magic Standard ever in a good spot?
DorkmasterFlek: This is different from the MtG community how? wheelerKappa
SandwichKed: (And from a game design perspective, HS is just kooky. But it works to keep casuals paying and playing.)
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @PMAvers yeah, whenever you started playing ;)
Hayamo: Magic kinda has everyone else beat competitively just cause they've been doing it so long
stinkydinky_: im curious if there are any big levelups in how you approach this game vs mtg
plummeting_sloth: spiderman's deck pointing at spiderman
SandwichKed: I liked MtG 5th/6th edition.
Hayamo: Only real competition would be Pokemon, and the pandemic hit Pokemon hard
Loonatic93: For me, MtG hit it's peak in 7th and 8th. Iridescent Angel will always live in my heart!
papagette: I think 5/2 couldve attacked too
TheThirdTail: I find that understanding the way the stack and combat works is a big one. Also, because of the way the attack token moves, sequencing is often very different
DreamyPants: attacking every other turn changes race math a lot
DorkmasterFlek: I love the sort-of-simultaneous turn structure in this game.
PMAvers: I do feel like we're kind of in a shift period with some up and comers? We've got both Flesh and Blood and the new Digimon game getting good press, and we just need to get physical play going again to see it push off.
Hayamo: Yeah adjusting to how the stack and priority works in this game takes a bit
justwhatever_idk: can the animal back there receive a head scratch
Tiber727: With the exception of burst spells, each player takes turns playing 1card, or passing.
Hayamo: I've heard good things about the Final Fantasy TCG, but being physical only kinda hampers your game in the current era
Spirrie: Playing the built-in challenges/tutorials is one of the best ways to learn. Very well-structures
Loonatic93: Hmm... mdog's deck looks very familiar.
DorkmasterFlek: I mean that's kind of how your opponent gets priority to respond to anything you do in Magic.
Loonatic93: I think mdog may be a... *gasp* NETDECKER!!!!!!!! lrrBEEJ
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Spirrie: If you put Sivir last, you can possibly get level up?
Oghara: I wasnt aware cowboy magic invaded runeterrra xD
justwhatever_idk: is there any card game of this ilk that has absolutely zero Lore Aesthetics. Has anyone boiled down Two Number Card Battles to there basest shapes
Loonatic93: So, how is Riot stopping those evil, no-skill, cheating, netdeckers from doing their evil, no-skill, cheating, netdecking? lrrBEEJ
thats_aqwerd: does she distribute double attack?
Hayamo: I don't know if Sivir's level up applies mid-combat
Triangle11_18Energy: Well, the duo with rush-flurry seems to be the play
FroggoPrince: you can also give the elusives double attack
thats_aqwerd: riot's weird with double atk
Spirrie: @Hayamo It does
tastymcnuggett: I don't understand this game at all. if only there was a previous stream I could watch to clarify it...
ArcOfTheConclave: I think it's enough
Hayamo: In the sense that you get the effect, not whether she can or not
Spirrie: You should win here, as long as no kills on the elusives
Triangle11_18Energy: Oh pogchamp
thats_aqwerd: yea riot's weird about double attack
smarteay: Double attack isn't a shareable keyword
thats_aqwerd: give it all doesn't give double atk either
Spirrie: Wack
Dr_fragenstien: worst game 0/10
TheAwkes: Rough accident.
PMAvers: Sure you do. No sleep until Bronze.
justwhatever_idk: if I were Wheeler I would simply redesign the game to include sharing
Diabore: surrender button is too close to the win button, pls fix
Loonatic93: One More? is a different stream!
Sibwow: when will you do the legend of zelda card game ?
smarteay: yeah it's weird. There are a few ways of getting random keywords onto things, and they don't want those thing rolling double attack, so it behaves rather strangely
smarteay: the game doesn't really treat double attack like a keyword
therealkenm135: we probably lost cause we didn't have trevor
Hayamo: Double Attack not shareable, and the keyword is only mentioned on 3 cards in the entire game
Hayamo: Someone on the design team didn't like getting double striked to death in Magic
Loonatic93: So are you planning on sticking to CCGs, or are you planning on Deck Builders like "Slay the Spire?"
smarteay: Imagine if viktor could roll double attack though
ArcOfTheConclave: shyvana is fine
Simonark: Loop Hero is a deck builder. Lot of range out there
Loonatic93: Coolio!
bananderson_: dope dope dope
Trakshvar: Will gwent the witcher tcg ever be covered?
Sibwow: shandalar speedrun month
Spirrie: So is each month a different genre/game covered?
Loonatic93: Also Pfeffer! You need to do Pfeffer during October. (For some vague German reason.)
justwhatever_idk: do you have any plans to ride horses for your stream. I know the theme of this one is card games but I just was curious
Mysticman89: are there different genres of card games? I kinda grouped them all together in their own genre
Dergib: Are only going to do popular games?
Loonatic93: @Dergib No... He'll probably do Magic: the Gathering as well. *giggle*
smarteay: lucky find can't give elusive, I believe
Simonark: I mean, if we're making requests he could solve baffling murders with a wisecracking sidekick. I would watch
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Amentur: @Loonatic93 The reason is to spice things up
DreamyPants: gabyRIP
Loonatic93: *snicker*
bananderson_: dangus
potatkin: zedd wont strike back
sweetyBLood: you cant get elusive with lucky find eight?
TheThirdTail: you've been struck by a flurry of flurry of fists
Hayamo: That's a bit dragon
Hayamo: *big
Loonatic93: I just can't wait until the two-month run of "Artifact" that'll be coming up soon!
Loonatic93: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
PMAvers: Is it really necessary, though? I mean, there's already two streams for it.
Spirrie: @Loonatic93 Hmm, I just heard about Artifact on a short LRR show about video games news... what was that about?
RandomTrivia: Can't wait for 4 streams of "Wheeler roasts MTGA's terrible economy" :D
Mysticman89: will you show people how to play bridge
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HundreydAundre: Well, ummm.... ya got me there.
Dergib: When is hearthstone?
CapitalCraze: not so tough anymore
OrcaIguana: legends of Runeterra is such a strangely compelling game for me. just the little interactions make it feel kinda like magic if it was much less powerful but just as complex? I think I may prefer Magic but Runeterra is great when I'm tired from standard or commander.
megaRammy: I'm legit upset how they dropped Artifact dev so close to the open beta :/
Dergib: Gwent?
Loonatic93: @spirrie It was a game that Richard Garfield came up with for Valve. It wasn't quite as successful as they had hoped.
midichlorianuser: Trevor!!
cuttlefishman: Uker?
Simonark: You need a partner for bridge. Most online clients arent great
FlyboyZeb: Gwent!
johntms907: Pazaak
Loonatic93: Eucher!
bananderson_: I don't wanna think for myself, I want the streamer to list them one at a time
Pharmacistjudge: FFIX Tetra Master?
Trakshvar: James turner big box of cards the game?
Robot_Bones: Like Uno
Loonatic93: 52-card-pickup?
Mysticman89: 52 card pick up
Spirrie: Tabletop Simulator is a sort of digital client
Mysticman89: beaten to it
CapitalCraze: trevor no!
megaRammy: @spirrie then Valve devs internally tried to completely rework it from the ground up, got very close to shipping the open beta after a lot of closed testing with the community, and dropped development
MAPBoardgames: Prof. Pigglesworth CCG MMO RPG BR?
Simonark: Bridge Base has a ton of players and kicks you off constantly
midichlorianuser: Trevor NOOO
Spirrie: Star Realms is fun as solo
madmansk: how about... Infinity Wars, its an online TCG thats been out for like 7+ years
OrcaIguana: Yu-gi-oh? granted that has more digital clients than islands in a control deck but still.
megaRammy: would Netrunner count with a community-made digital client?
moonwaffers: Too bad i couldnt see it
Amentur: Congratulations! *claps*
Simonark: Dragon coronary ftw
FroggoPrince: I always knew bowling alleys had wild animations
Hayamo: You launched your dragon with the turtle catapult at the castle's hover ring
madmansk: ah yes, the rare cutscene win
Hayamo: EZ game
Spirrie: Could you check out Dragon Chow in the gallery before you end?
ContingentCat: what a shame we couldn't clip that
Trashweazel: i hope future episodes have as much Trevor content
Trashweazel: thanks Ben
OrcaIguana: ben? I'm. why? but also yes?
Mysticman89: oooh, for a bmoment I thought that account was hacked and you were just spamming
OrcaIguana: ohhh
OrcaIguana: i forgot Runeterra has one of the weirdest ways to share decks.
Simonark: Thanks for the stream, im just learning Runeterra, so Im finding this helpful
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benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2478 patrons for a total of $18,813.84 per month.
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream Ben! lrrHEART pls pet Mulder for us
RandomTrivia: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: lrrAWESOME
MAPBoardgames: That knife kill...
ContingentCat: thanks wheeler
DorkmasterFlek: wheelerMulderce
Amentur: Sleep well, Wheeler lrrAWESOME
Simonark: Mr. Turner is a fine Mike Leigh film
Hayamo: Gauntlet is neat
Hayamo: Should be fun to show off
Simonark: Paul wont randomly cameo, will he?
Juliamon: Really unlikely
benjamin_wheeler: I can't imagine having a random voiceover cameo lrrBEEJ
Simonark: After Anthony Rapp my view of unlikely on this channel._.
Mysticman89: obliterate that hay