TehAmelie: neato
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Control) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (11m from now).
TXC2: title change
Alahmnat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: again
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron and Coriander are helping the bureau clean up their little pest problem in Control! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EwoL4qsVEAIiFvt.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1371922110067601408
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CleeKru: iirc lrrCORI is playing this week right?
TheMerricat: @CleeKru Yep
TXC2: yes Cori said she wanted to play this week
TXC2: this is appropriately epic hype music for this stream
TXC2: two whole melatonin? decadent much? Kappa
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TXC2: Here we GO!
TXC2: Hello Cori and Cameron
TehAmelie: hello!
GhostValv: hi
Alahmnat: hi Cori!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cori is taking Control!
Luminaire_p: Hello, simulation of Cori
TehAmelie: hmm considering the intro is Talking Sim taking place in a Myst book?
TheMerricat: LMAO
Jakelope13: But can it pass the Turing Test?
TXC2: we're very non judgemental like that
Kaorti: does sound taste good?
Kaorti: what're the odds?
rocketjohn: rolling around here seems like the right way forward.
TXC2: Cori with the magic touch
Nosser2: Cori has the touch, Cori has the powah!
Alahmnat: lol
LordZarano: I could be listening through bone conduction for all you know
TehAmelie: the gaming equipment rcognizes Cori's professional authority
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just got beack from getting the prisim
Alahmnat: I hate it so much
TXC2: TehAmelie like that Crapshot when she had the giant moustache
LurkerSpine: wait are they?
TehAmelie: exactly!
johnalogue: 8 minutes isn't TOO bad a delay for twitch notes...
RomanGoro: X certainly is rotated
TehAmelie: the machines just go "yes sir!"
Alahmnat: Uno is an airplane
TXC2: !quote 7533
LRRbot: Quote #7533: "My head is a plane and I am the pilot." —RebelliousUno [2021-03-16]
nyperold: How to control Control...
KV1NN4: that moustache crapshot was amazingly good
Laserbeaks_Fury: It a should swap
BrindleBoar: sneeky peeky
Laserbeaks_Fury: *shoulder
Alahmnat: you can toggle which shoulder you look over
e_bloc: Corgo1000 every time i get to see you two play this game my heart grows one size. which is problematic because its impacting my ability to breathe
TXC2: "down....and to the left"
ashteranic: It's just changing which shoulder you look over
LurkerSpine: Tonya Harding still getting maligned even though it was her POS abuser and not her who orchestrated and planned everything without her involvement
TehAmelie: yeah i blame Nintendo for patenting the good control design and forcing everyone else to come up with pale imitations
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah I could not stand trying to play this with a controler
notBrunoAgain: Hey Cam, hey Cori
notBrunoAgain: How's pest cleanup going
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Does Nintendo have a strong patent claim for 3rd person controls?
TXC2: cleanse the merry-go-round object of power
Laserbeaks_Fury: You are home! You remind us of home!
TehAmelie: no just controller designs. maybe just parts of it come to think of it
oneiropticon: An earworm humming in a dream.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Baby, baby, baby, yeah!
Kaorti: Any chance of looking at the full name of the NSC generator? At the top of the stack?
TheMerricat: Max Payne did not.
BrindleBoar: I don't think Alan Wake had crafting. Max Payne definitely did not.
TehAmelie: a man's throwmance
TXC2: we're built to yeet
Alahmnat: oh my god, Cam
SquareDotCube: A Man's Throwmans
oneiropticon: UGH!
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Kaorti: fun throws
RockPusher: ysbrydPunjail lrrCAMERON ysbrydPunjail
Laserbeaks_Fury: Using the ideas of things as crafting materials is a very Norse dwarven flavor
TheMerricat: Control is really the base of their Multi-Verse building. I imagine if they keep the franchise going they'll be continuing the setup since they've tied Max Payne (prior to EA takeover) to Alan Wake and Alan Wake to Control via AWE
Kaorti: uppler level is the right location
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean you can just say it: It's Northmoor Sarcophagus Container
Kaorti: it's written above the bank of terminals
Kaorti: the terminals are around back of the central stack
AlphaHelixNZ: Speaking of which, also look at the terminals.
Kaorti: yep
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh we cant fly yet, thats gonna be a pain
TehAmelie: "how many thousands of bad dudes should i kill to pay for a respec? maybe it's worth it"
Kaorti: just on the level you're on
Alahmnat: I feel like games need a "here's what you did last time" recap, but also I can see that being one of those "give me 5 years and a pile of doctorate researchers" sorts of problems to solve.
AlphaHelixNZ: @alahmnat The Witcher 3 kind of does that.
TehAmelie: your friend became my friend, and then became your friend again very quickly
TXC2: grenades are low pressure, so they're fine right? Kappa
Kaorti: someone *was* out there
kat2kool: @Alahmnat Persona 5 does that to an extant. You can access both a story recap and reminders about all the mechanics. It's VERY nice
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like SHooting fish with a barrel
Getter404: Hey you found the terminals!
TXC2: telekinecting
Kaorti: that's the bank of terminals there
Kaorti: that poor man
TehAmelie: instant mob burial
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrHERE
Alahmnat: welp
TXC2: very loony toons of us
Kaorti: the red text is worth it too
TehAmelie: just turn him into a part of the building foundation with brute force
vegetalss4: I think he landed on a shelf.
johnalogue: internal movement detected
Easilycrazyhat: Does Cam remember the name of teh Director before Trench?
Kaorti: anyone remember that name?
Alahmnat: for anyone who might have forgotten, Northmoor was the Director before Trench
SachielOne: When they said it was a Director's job to keep the lights on, they meant it literally,
Blade_Tiger: "some are radioactive, some are just dead" porque no los dos?
Getter404: So yes, the entire building is powered by one extremely angry retiree.
johnalogue: @Alahmnat oh no
ashteranic: being the director of this institution has some unique retirement benefits
Laserbeaks_Fury: Vent
Kaorti: Thanks for showing that off. It was a real *oh crap* moment for me.
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TheMerricat: TBF we don't know that it happens to all the directors, Northmoor is the only one interned there.
johnalogue: is this building like the opposite of a facility powered by a forsaken child
TXC2: reading is tech
CleeKru: Reading the sign explains... the oldest house.
TXC2: johnalogue I wouldn't say opposite
Getter404: Yeah, Northmoor was addicted to binding more & more items, which is probably why Trench limited himself to just the Service Weapon ans Ashtray
johnalogue: @TXC2 I guess the opposite would be if the building were powering the forsaken child
Kaorti: The sign says "abandon hope all ye who enter here"
Getter404: So it was your typical "MORE POWER!" superhero movie finale
TXC2: that milk must be Sooooo off :p
Kaorti: oh no is The Clog back/
Kaorti: ?
TXC2: that's a building code violation
elah806: The one flaw in the architecture
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, the building don't care about vents
Mister_BlueSky: It's a... uhhh... building shift.
johnalogue: @Getter404 Ah, that's why they had to imprison him, and the power generation was just making the best of it
Kaorti: and y'know what, fair enough
TehAmelie: sure blame the building shifts
TXC2: powerful "not my problem" energy
johnalogue: it's the oldest house it only understands the IDEA of vents
Laserbeaks_Fury: Call Bob Villa and have him come renovate This Oldest House
BrindleBoar: That inspires confidence.
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SachielOne: @Laserbeaks_Fury Unfuck This Oldest House
BaconL0rdes: That is a new level of architectural pettiness.
johnalogue: I definitely trust the plants
Getter404: Clog 2: Back In The Sinks
TehAmelie: ah, The Oldest House is Unfuck this House's final boss
BaconL0rdes: Clog 2: Still Not the Kind of Shoe
nyperold: @Getter404 So, a pair of Clogs?
johnalogue: @TehAmelie it's a midboss before the unimaginably racist house
elah806: For a while I lived in a rented house that had recently been reno'd, and they had taken out the light fixutres in two bedrooms but left the light switches, which just flicked on and off without doing anything. Months after moving in I was paranoid about it
iloverobo: the cabin from alan wake
NewtyNewts: Wish it were that easy
Alahmnat: why use hands when we have gun?
TheMerricat: I can Cam, I use my mind to call a plumber.
TXC2: it would still make the horrible squelch noise
Laserbeaks_Fury: The trade off is the CLog can shoot back at you
Easilycrazyhat: Please don't put reptile friend down drain
CleeKru: uhhhh
SentientRatKing: But then your mind would be touching it. Which might be worse than skin
Alahmnat: rofl
Getter404: I'd buy a snake but I'm not a fan of keeping dead mice in my freezer
BrindleBoar: LUL
Juliamon: !clip
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JadedCynic: oh crap I forgot! twenty minutes late....oh well - good luck and haf fun everyone - cya in the VOD
rylegrimrick: this is news to me thank you for that information i am gonna go shoping for one now!
NewtyNewts: This building abhors a map.
ElissenRedux: tbf, this map sucks
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Clog is in the collant system
Kaorti: gotta go up/down a floor
oneiropticon: The building resists being mapped, and changes often.
TXC2: the map is just guidelines :p
BrindleBoar: Not even somewhat. Just deliberately.
JadedCynic: Also the setting is SUPPOSED to be confusing - it's a structure that is KNOWN for changing its layout...
Getter404: Boulevard of Broken Sinks?
CleeKru: @Getter404 hahaha
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's fine, conceptually, but the map is really awful
TehAmelie: i have an acoustic version of Good Riddance on my computer that youtube doesn't seem to know about that i'd want played at my funeral
johnalogue: the map has clearly defined lines that don't change, they're just bad
rylegrimrick: nvm i don't want to pay $300-$2700 for a pluming snake..
kusinohki: hi all! almost forgot today was Tue/talking sim day
TehAmelie: sweet air braking moves by the way
TXC2: hello kusinohki welcome
BaconL0rdes: Who needs to call an elevator when you can just fall to your death?
johnalogue: "Congratulations on becoming director! Can you go unclog the drain, now?"
Watson87: The map is pretty unhelpful, it's the only part of the game I disliked
arcadion: I love this game, but the map honestly is awful
ReddestSix: Following the signs always worked best for me. The map seemed like an afterthought
Getter404: I think that's the elevator that goes TO the pumps?
zkillzzz: there are signs on the wall
johnalogue: Starting to think we're actually just an expendable janitorial employee and the director thing is a scam
Mister_BlueSky: Something like the thing they used in Dead Space would be helpful.
Kaorti: we did apply to be Janator's Assistant.
zkillzzz: i think its cool you have to follow the actual signage instead of the UI
serharridan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:37.
CleeKru: oh the pandemic already killed my spatial reasoning atleast
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Kaorti: Does the navigation difficulty make the area feel larger?
queenwalrus: The writing's on the wall, cori. No, really.
NewtyNewts: Everything looks so brutal today
TehAmelie: this is the true sequel to Wolfenstein 3D
TXC2: welcome to being an worker drone in the 60's Cori Kappa
Kaorti: Is this Ludonarrative cooperation?
Creideiki_SE: But it's a ray-traced shiny same!
BaconL0rdes: "I can get there if I go through ventilation" she says moments before running the direction opposite of ventilation.
arcadion: I think you actually may have to go through the janitors office to get there?
johnalogue: it's not bad layout if it's excused in lore!
Watson87: if this had Destiny's navigation system the useless of the map wouldn't be an issue
ReddestSix: I think head to the centre of the big chamber and turn left iirc?
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serharridan: loving your run through Control (made me buy it), any chance of a TS for Spiritfarer?
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Kaorti: instead, we have an unreal space
Mister_BlueSky: Hunting for the game, the true game.
Alahmnat: must be going the right way if we're getting dialog
johnalogue: the Clog is capitalized.
TXC2: THE clog
johnalogue: The janitor is enemies with a supernatural clog.
ky0dar: The Clog
TehAmelie: the Clog is immortal. it's Ahti's nemesis
Easilycrazyhat: People in this building poop a lot, Cam
nyperold: Clogs, pumps, sneakers... maybe this is a shoe store after all!
Watson87: *The* Clog
johnalogue: We're been attacked by the Chairmen!
TXC2: chairman of the getting their ass kicked
Kaorti: the clog is persistent, otherwise Ahti would have won by now.
ky0dar: btw, im late, is Cori piloting?
TXC2: ky0dar she sure is
niccus: cori has taken control
Alahmnat: Charge's ability to just make things Go Away is extremely handy
johnalogue: @ky0dar No, Cori is driving
ky0dar: tnx txc2
johnalogue: just ramming through halls of the oldest house on a forklift
felrender: poop monster!
Watson87: Herr Klogg
felrender: did we find the data file on how the Bureau gets it's water?
TXC2: you need one of those special fork lifts with the omni wheels
Creideiki_SE: The speedruns actually use the forklift for breaking the physics engine.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Water cooler is an Altered Item
TehAmelie: and with telekinesis, you'll never be afraid to Austin Powers yourself
kusinohki: "i didn't hit it with a forklift. it was a building shift I swear!"
johnalogue: oh, it's a COOLER.
NewtyNewts: Yay, worldbuilding!
nullvoid8: aw, I thought this started on the hour. What did I miss?
Getter404: Oh, so it's the elemental embodiment of Prop Hunt
Watson87: So it's a mimic from Prey
TXC2: nullvoid8 not much, we've spent so time working out the map
TehAmelie: we have been shooting some chairmen like clay pigeons
NewtyNewts: I've been waiting to see more exploring of the documents!
Duven60: when it said digitally I thought they had a film recording of it changing
johnalogue: is the water cooler acting as the coolant system or is that just a coincidence
ky0dar: hey, have they talked about how the game uses FMV? because i love how Remedy uses FMV in their games
TehAmelie: is it a speech jamming fir?
TXC2: "they came out of the trees man!"
nullvoid8: thanks TXC2
kusinohki: yes, let's bring the possessed tree from antartica to a more populous area
johnalogue: when the trees start speaking *whatever language you're speaking*
vellebastet: hello
TehAmelie: plastic is very useful for killing things in the long term
TXC2: hello vellebastet welcome
kusinohki: maybe this tree speaks for the lorax?
vellebastet: ysbrydMod
lirazel64: Heyo.
TXC2: the Square hole is so good
johnalogue: @TehAmelie I mean unless it's in a dangerous shape plastic is pretty inert when just sitting around, right?
ReddestSix: it's a modern classic, like Krispy Kreme
nullvoid8: Cori's played this before right?
TehAmelie: i mean because of its nutritional dead weight upon the biosphere
johnalogue: uhoh music
ky0dar: cori has
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: QA has been puting things in square holes for longer than anyone else
TXC2: Dev: Am I out of touch? no it's the QA that is wrong
vellebastet: hm
Laserbeaks_Fury: WAT
Watson87: *ominous Finnish music plays*
vellebastet: Well that works
ky0dar: just get blocks from outside?
nullvoid8: huh, pretty sure you shouldn't be able to do that
Mushbie: that was cheese
nyperold: Grate job!
Easilycrazyhat: That works I suppose
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Assuming plastic outlasts humanity by a significant margin...
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Swamplor: Big cheats!
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TehAmelie: narrator voice: they would meet again
nullvoid8: you might actually sequence break it
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Clog, meet square hole
johnalogue: just use a big enough object that the shrapnel gets through the grate
ky0dar: the Clog goes in the square hole
johnalogue: epic dodge
Laserbeaks_Fury: Damn I never thought to came back out and grap one
juneblue58: Pretty sure there are two of those right outside this room.
TehAmelie: batteries lie around everywhere
TXC2: it did something, and that;s enough
kusinohki: I forget if this game has a bannanna phone or not...
TehAmelie: am i the only one who deemed it grim but necessary to shoot all the levitating Hiss broadcasters?
TXC2: it has a bakerlite phone
johnalogue: don't tempt fate guard
ky0dar: or are your reflexes right, but tge menus eldritch and strange
ReddestSix: Put your helmet on rookie!
Laserbeaks_Fury: the plants are in Central Research
johnalogue: just the sudden dead silence
ky0dar: so TehAmelie, i do too. There will be no Hiss in my House
felrender: Is it murder if they've been fully assimilated by an evil noise?
TehAmelie: the hiss is so annoying and i can never filter it out >_>
TXC2: felrender legally yes
ky0dar: sure you can, TehAmelie. by shooting them.
KV1NN4: hehheheh
ReddestSix: that's what you think jesse
johnalogue: @TXC2 but they're already functionally dead?
TehAmelie: (shooting them actually makes the hiss quiet for those who didn't know)
SpacePotato01: this game was prescient. This is how 2020 and 2021 have been for me.
johnalogue: I mean, planttalking works in HERE
lirazel64: So, I have a question, but I'm afraid of sounding critical or making people feel I don't appreciate what's happening here...
ElissenRedux: spin is by far my fav form
TXC2: time to Ork it up in here
sag3error: I know nothing of this game other than you use telekinesis. What is going on?
kusinohki: "put enough bullets in the air and you're bound to hit something"
ElissenRedux: you can get the fire rate up to an absurd level
lirazel64: Is it possible that the not stopping to read stuff makes for more motion sickness?
TXC2: Enough Dakka never is
RomanGoro: That's not an easy question, sag3error
felrender: Jesse's got a list of chores from her boss, the janitor
iloverobo: I'll try spinning. That's a good trick.
Alephred: I disagree.
johnalogue: toilet treasure released gas
ky0dar: @sag3error a government department that monitors and contains horror
ky0dar: is attacked by horror
jpost042: took me a long time to notice the lack of mirrors in the restrooms
NewtyNewts: She has leaves now.
sag3error: So SCP the video game?
felrender: honestly, an FBC gig is about as good as any other job I've had
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's very E.T.
TehAmelie: in the beginning, the Oldest House was discovered in New York City in...1964 i think. things have gotten weirder since
TXC2: sag3error pretty much
snowewolf: oh hello, are you going to go in the music room ?
johnalogue: I have a son, named SHAUN
felrender: the Bureau existed before that, iirc
johnalogue: I need to find him after I complete all these sidequests
lirazel64: 1964 was indeed weird./.
felrender: Hole
NewtyNewts: My brother's name is "JASON!"
Getter404: Take a nap in the House Hole
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Laserbeaks_Fury: It's a CUBEICLE
TXC2: I'd have lunch there
felrender: Hole!
ky0dar: @sag3error not exactly, but its a good approximation
johnalogue: I do like the idea of a concrete hole room
KV1NN4: a literal cubicle!
Laserbeaks_Fury: I should clean my pot and have Mac n CHeese tonight
TheMerricat: Did you know that Detroit was on the underground railroad
kusinohki: "eating mac and cheese out of the pot" - isn't that redundant?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: So, the hole that's made for cameron here is the... square hole?
TXC2: like that feels like the kind of thing a college would have, and they'd constantly have to get people out of it
Laserbeaks_Fury: You have to tell me if you're a copse
oneiropticon: There's an interesting balance of the Board pulling you to gain power and be the Director, and Ahti trying to pull you down to earth, to keep remembering what the human experience is.
johnalogue: You're the director so you talk to plants, obviously
ky0dar: but you have an office. where that nice man shot himself in the head
ReddestSix: Sounds like my govt job heyo!
felrender: also all the pictures of the director changed to pictures of Jesse
Mushbie: ahh yes the Tango
ContingentCat: right complaint about plants not from plants
felrender: shut up Dr Lewis
TehAmelie: now i'm picturing Ahti doing the Levan Polka to the plants and never ever stopping
johnalogue: Sir, you're blocking the projection
TehAmelie: aka "the Leekspin song"
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh god, it's still projecting
felrender: G O T Y
NewtyNewts: Inter-office memos working every time
TXC2: this is what Netflix was in the 90's Kappa
BrindleBoar: Finnish Tango
juneblue58: The complaint mentioned Tango, yeah.
Mushbie: the Tango shows up later. its dope
johnalogue: RIP projector
Laserbeaks_Fury: There's also that one Old Gods of Asgard song
vellebastet: unarmeClick
oneiropticon: I'd bet it's a bawdy song, possibly even filthy.
juneblue58: XD
TXC2: it's Bangarang in the form of a foxtrot Kappa
TehAmelie: in my headcanon the complainer confused tango and polka yes
ky0dar: ive just gotten that quest.
kdefinition: He spins his mop instead of a leek
Rhynerd: Cori made one hell of a presentation for those hiss
NewtyNewts: Ievan Polka banger alert incoming
MrTulip: nice scarface imression
Zhedor: Guns - the original point and click interface
Creideiki_SE: Steve 'n' Seagulls gets pretty close with their cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Ao-iNPPUc
Tiny_Ghost_of_Emily_Carr: "per my last bullet..."
ElissenRedux: gah. the destructible environment in this game is just gorg
ky0dar: i cant wait to hear more Poets of the Fall. i missed them in Quantum Break
TXC2: Cori with the Melon lord energy
Swamplor: Thunderstruck as a Tango gets *multiple* YouTube results
ky0dar: you cant have archetypal images in the House though. so maybe thats important
felrender: he left!
TehAmelie: did he telepath?
Getter404: The game thought you left, now you have to do it all over again! Yaaaaaay
167 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
kusinohki: what about the troopers with mini-guns?
neisan2112: benginRaid benginRaid benginO7 benginO7
GapFiller: BEN RAID benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
TXC2: hello raiders
YawnLance: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
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Leonhart321: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
TheAinMAP: benginRaid_LH benginRaid_LH benginRaid_LH
ContingentCat: welcome raiders!
RandomTrivia: Plaid Posse raid! benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
SquareDotCube: FBC rangers end up with a lot of military surplus I imagine
vellebastet: Welcome!
itscorde: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
felrender: Also most of the dudes with guns in the Bureau are meant to go poke around in the weird corners
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SachielOne: Archetypical objects risk turning into Altered Items or Objects of Power
GhostValv: benginO7
TehAmelie: you turned those men into mist
oneiropticon: benginButt benginButt benginButt
nyperold: She's the Director, so enemies get rect.
NewtyNewts: Feels like you've started this encounter a second time.
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
ky0dar: i still want to know what happened with the Number 2 pencils
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Fayili: Hello talking friends. I watched the Demon's Tilt episode a couple days ago, and have been playing it since, having a lot of fun. So thanks!
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ContingentCat: so relatable
SmithKurosaki: greetings
johnalogue: @ky0dar I imagine something like the episode of spongebob where he has the magic pencil
vellebastet: sykLaugh
TehAmelie: if you throw that at someone's ankles they will hate you beyond death
ghyllnox: "Why does everyone always LEAVE me?" "WAAAAAHHH"
nyperold: Looks like the casters have become the cast.
ElissenRedux: i mean, gov't agency, so can't possibly spill for the good chairs LUL
ReddestSix: I love that the sound effect for the telekinesis is a distorted air raid siren
TXC2: TehAmelie kinda works with anything thrown at someone's ankles :P
ContingentCat: Fart noise music? Did someone already make music of James farting earlier? that was quick
Laserbeaks_Fury: Stick is usually melee
johnalogue: punch that bin
TehAmelie: you know how much it hurts when you bang your ankles into your chair. . .
felrender: Yup!
vegetalss4: Do the Bureau even buy any furniture or do the building just provide some for them
ky0dar: @vegetalss4 yes
felrender: squarsh
nullvoid8: have we discussed how Jesse uses the force to open loot boxes before she gets Launch?
gizmofreak1: how can you pick up pieces of the building but not a dumpster?
TehAmelie: the Bureau has a very small budget to stay invisible to the government
oneiropticon: I think the house doesn't so much repair itself as rotate whole sections in from other dimensional spaces.
felrender: friggin' dunked on
ghyllnox: Sir you dropped
TehAmelie: GOTTEM
oneiropticon: Just folds in some fresh wall from another portion.
TXC2: "I just wanted to talk to plants" poison Ivy
nullvoid8: @gizmofreak1 interdimensional concrete is really weak?
nyperold: Just an emergency thing, nothing to worry about.
felrender: Timecube?
TXC2: 4D cube
kusinohki: perfectly normal room
Mister_BlueSky: Pepe Silvia?
Alahmnat: but what about... hypocube?
felrender: Oh this is Darling's office
ElissenRedux: hyper geometry makes me mad about existence
Kaorti: Those are hypercubes right?
johnalogue: cuber than cube
GhostValv: :O
Kaorti: Gottem
TXC2: savage
felrender: oh hell it's Lewis again
ReddestSix: reject humanity return to cueb
ky0dar: they are depictions of hypercubes. not actual hypercubes
BrindleBoar: Lewis, whining about plants and bribing bosses
felrender: what a choade
niccus: which team is of largest Credit to the foundation?
nyperold: "I know you're a FAN"
RandomTrivia: LUL
ContingentCat: "well aged brown" wow
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
Getter404: I'm going to leave a well-aged br-dammit!
RandomTrivia: That is a STRONG phrase
johnalogue: Mmm, well-aged brown
Alness49: "More breakthroughs... we got a projectile through five layers of concrete!"
gsyhiap: flattery will get you almost anywhere. For the rest, there's single malt.
vellebastet: What a weird way to say that
GhostValv: gotta worry about a blended brown
Swamplor: You're threatening to poop on someone's desk, Cam
BrindleBoar: I'm pretty sure you're threatening to crap on a man's desk, Cam LUL
juneblue58: The real brown is the brown on that man's nose.
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] I'll leave a well aged brown on your desk!
LRRbot: New quote #7534: "I'll leave a well aged brown on your desk!" —Cameron [2021-03-16]
felrender: Noise is important!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man I wish there was a NG+ option that unredacts everything
Zhedor: still better than dissonance
TXC2: "what if we shake it A LOT?"
xerjen: The answer clearly is REDACTED
NewtyNewts: Study the void, lest it study you.
kusinohki: what if we use the resonance frequency of the oldest house itself?!
felrender: "We stand around you while you dream. You can almost hear our words but you forget. This happens more and more now. You gave us the permission in your regulations. We wait in the stains. The word that describes this is redacted."
richard_ermen: So, since TalkingSim is a 100% spoiled stream, how did everyone like the way the game develops the antagonist?
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Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh there's a good easter egg in Central Research
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
johnalogue: @felrender we accidentally signed the wrong EULA, didn't we
felrender: oh Darling took the whiskey immediately
gsyhiap: Quick, someone get Cori an aged brown!
Too_Many_Knives: The MAZE
JadedCynic: Okay, voice from the past - re: CONTROL's maps. yes they're intentionally 'unhelpful' - they basically have accurate floor plans...and then overlay EVERY floor onto the same display - also there's no 'waypoint is above you' or the like to help you figure it out. Given that the in-universe location is a structure who's defining characteristic that CHANGES ITS OWN LAYOUT, this sadly can be expected
nullvoid8: woo!
NewtyNewts: Shut up, Trench, we want to travel.
felrender: I've been wanting to memorize the Hiss Incantation as a party trick
vellebastet: huh
TehAmelie: heh, it's shifting in patterns like the wallpaper
felrender: Overlook Hotel + the Other Place from Twin Peaks
Mister_BlueSky: Yep. Total dead end.
ElissenRedux: I spent an *embarassingly* long time in the maze LUL
Too_Many_Knives: Needs more epic metal
richard_ermen: Does the game ever explain why Jesse and Dylan have their powers?
Angreed66: off the edge?
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johnalogue: oh gosh the gap between the bridge segments
Alahmnat: imagine it not being enough...
Too_Many_Knives: It is
richard_ermen: Or was it all the Ordinary event
felrender: A one hundred foot air gap LINED WITH EXTRADIMENSIONAL ROCK
MrTheWalrus: And somehow it just kinda DIDN'T WORK
kusinohki: @richard_ermen AWE in ordinary when they were kids
SpacePotato01: This game seems to get quite a range of scenery types 'right'.
Easilycrazyhat: It is
Alahmnat: the brak itself is, but I think the doors are regular stone
TehAmelie: it feels like Serge has been having fun with pistons on that door
josh___something: Thwomps is a good measurement unit
nullvoid8: I feel like the oldest house made the firewall
felrender: And it MOSTLY worked
nullvoid8: no one built it
Alness49: "Three Thwomp's worth" is the best unit of mesurement
Kaorti: It is. The firebreaks are what it was quarried for, mostly.
felrender: IIRC the Firebreak was a Bureau construction
richard_ermen: @kusinohki That I know, but all it does was show us how Jesse got possesses by Polaris, but not why Dylan had his powers.
Pseudonym_Ken: Ah, a proper map!
snowewolf: that is the Black rock firebrakes, they are mining crafting in the blackrock
richard_ermen: After all, the event wasnt created by his powers but by the Projector being used, wasn't it?
PixelArtDragon: Borgman? Locutus?
nullvoid8: huh, proven wrong I guess
Ferisar: Dylan was near the AWE as well, and he was conditioned for the director role
Ferisar: so probably got development
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
vellebastet: sykAds sykAds sykAds
TehAmelie: right, the aeriald ash is technically called "evade"
TehAmelie: *dash
TehAmelie: i like how the game makes moving around fun. and combat too mostly. you don't really expect that from a game about digging through the records of secret magic research bureau
felrender: oh snap new Let's Nope tonight, I forgot!
felrender: We get to see Adam see RE5
felrender: a game that is...something!
serharridan: any advice for Tomassi? he is trashcan nine me
Ferisar: the first floaty dude?
serharridan: aye
Mister_BlueSky: I've slept since then.
LoadingReadyRun: use cover to block his throws
Ferisar: find spots where he can't hit you and play it safe
Ferisar: yeah, kill adds as well
Mister_BlueSky: I did most of it from the top of the arena, IIRC>
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TehAmelie: and don't try to throw things at him. flying enemies are super annoying that way
NewtyNewts: We are welcomed back
TXC2: and we're back
Ferisar: you *can* throw stuff at him, it just needs to be in succession
TXC2: "I have returned, to serve"
felrender: yeah he's always going to dodge the first thing you throw
vellebastet: Welcome back, all
Mister_BlueSky: SOON™
TehAmelie: now we can kill people with forklifts, like Mr Welch
Kaorti: yesssssssss
kusinohki: health is for blockers
serharridan: I'll keep you informed
Getter404: Judging by Wiggins' streams, Multi-Launch is very, very fun.
Kaorti: get that capstone!
johnalogue: finallyyyy
TXC2: More Vit
kusinohki: moar VIT!!!!
BrindleBoar: Launch is your bread and butter. The functional upgrades to other abilities are also good, although they lack the punch for the strength upgrades to matter.
Laserbeaks_Fury: She Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift!
TXC2: !quote 36
LRRbot: Quote #36: "More VIT!" —Omega_Lairon
Alahmnat: I will say, the fact that board countermeasures and random mod construction get outstripped by world drops *so fast* was kind of frustrating. They felt like they were tacked on to check off a box on a feature spreadsheet.
TehAmelie: let's get Forklift Driver Klaus up in here
NewtyNewts: I'm pretty fond of this area as well
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think it's Northmoor?
felrender: Cori
felrender: what's up with that first painting?
ElissenRedux: is that one of the paintings?
oneiropticon: Was it a suicide?
TheMerricat: So for folk who were asking about lore stuff in Control, may I recommend that you peruse https://control.fandom.com/ it tends to have a very comprehensive break down of most of the info provided in game.
Pseudonym_Ken: Yeah, right at the end of the game
NewtyNewts: If not explained, then pretty subtly implied
BrindleBoar: It is a suicide, but it's also not. We'll come back to it.
kusinohki: bunk of layabout lazy workers here...
TehAmelie: it's "the service weapon" we're talking about. does anything happen near it that's not hugely significant?
johnalogue: I mean the first thing you do is "roulette" the gun to be chosen as director, right?
TXC2: making a love? getting down tonight?
Ferisar: oh nooo
vellebastet: Welp
Laserbeaks_Fury: That picture of a broken wall is a very odd choice, don't you think?
RandomTrivia: LUL
TXC2: it's a real shame we didn't get Andre in more films
johnalogue: time to read ALL the lore...
Ferisar: i forgot how much i like the throw whizzing noise
felrender: that's a SAFE fire
TXC2: seems and is are two VERY different things
johnalogue: sure hope all the suspended office workers on reference poses get better
TehAmelie: that floor pattern is weird
felrender: I love that carpet
GhostValv: o7
AlphaHelixNZ: @laserbeaks_fury Ugh, I hate that picture. Every time I see it I just want to smash things.
Saulens181: is that *our* signature?
felrender: "yeah thanks"
TXC2: "how many years?" "some"
NewtyNewts: Burn the now-suddenly-pink-sheets
Ferisar: tfw you get recognized
johnalogue: are they threatening to fire people or warning them the sheets will "fire" them?
Rynehawk: FBtouchdown
DarkAbyssKeeper: Space.
TXC2: the Sun?
BrindleBoar: Yellow: less dangerous than red but still an invader in this land of black and grey.
Ferisar: this yellow light fucked me up 'cause i kept looking for the cord
johnalogue: Wow the shelters sure worked well
NewtyNewts: You've already found that one, yeah
Mushbie: has Cori and Cam watched/listened to any of the hotline calls?
ReddestSix: Beta Black Lotus!
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's going to just be normal people who immediately get taken by the Hiss because you exposed them
Gadora: Is that "It's going to be awful inside" or is it "It's going to be offal inside?"
TXC2: yes
johnalogue: @Gadora both
Alahmnat: grenades are definitely easier than rockets. at least the grenades land...
PixelArtDragon: Don't play hot potato with an exploding potato
Gadora: @johnalogue oh dear
kusinohki: @Laserbeaks_Fury that's actually brilliant. awful, but brilliant. surprised they didn't do it
DarkAbyssKeeper: It's tricky to grab a 'nade, to grab a 'nade with just your brain, it's tricky.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hurling boxes at my friends, just can't wait to get on the road again
johnalogue: @Gadora Would an offal-filled shelter NOT be awful, anyways?
sivakrytos: this thing where it's just all red, that's fine, right?
Ferisar: it's frank's fort
felrender: I walk a lonely road, don't know where it roads, but it's only me and i walk a road
Alahmnat: Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky
johnalogue: Frankforters
oneiropticon: Meat lathe!
Saulens181: m e a t l a t h e
TXC2: are these state capitals?
Rynehawk: see? Now I want a meat lathe.
TheMerricat: Chat, consider the implications of the red vs green dots here....
PixelArtDragon: Don't worry about it.
BrindleBoar: It Definitely Didn't Move Kappa
sag3error: My city is on the map!
ElissenRedux: eh, not that uncommon
Alahmnat: it probably fit better on the board
TehAmelie: did someone move Hawaii?
johnalogue: my favorite American city of hamborger
felrender: I love that logo
johnalogue: *hamborg
InkyGhoast: that is a very good screen
Robot_Bones: Because that is where Alaska truly is, the south
felrender: *Arnold voice* DYLAN
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh we gotaa do The Clocks
Orgmastron: I will never not think of the DoubleClicks song when I see Juneau
NewtyNewts: This looks like a section of the game truly brimming with readables
xerjen: Clearly not here, we searched like everywhere
TXC2: "Dylan! you sonofabitch!"
johnalogue: Dylan would be in the men's room, obviously
Talin06: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:47.
DarkAbyssKeeper: The clocks sure is a thing.
TehAmelie: imagine if he had just been in the bathroom for 20 years
DylPage: Um
DylPage: Should I scream?
Mushbie: meat lathe... you mean a kebab rotisserie?
johnalogue: @TehAmelie that sounds worse than...everything else here
TheMerricat: oh no. this one.....
felrender: help the man!
TXC2: DylPage probably
DylPage: This is going to be weird for me.
NavelWarfare: Cori
kusinohki: just ignore the injured dude there
Ferisar: lol
felrender: be right with you, buddy
PixelArtDragon: Wait. Shwarma is literally the shavings of a meat lathe.
Mushbie: @PixelArtDragon yup
Creideiki_SE: Loot box > first aid.
Rynehawk: settle down captain hook
TXC2: ah yes, the clocks
NewtyNewts: The... clocks.
johnalogue: you know, the CLOCKS room
nullvoid8: oh god the clocks
vellebastet: hmmmm
TemporallyAwry: Sir, you've lost enough blood you're already not fine.
Alahmnat: lol
vellebastet: sykLaugh
nyperold: Narrator: He wouldn't be fine.
felrender: I love the motel so much
johnalogue: Ah, a clock puzzle
felrender: nah that one happens later I think
AlphaHelixNZ: Hah. Beat me to the reference Cori.
Alahmnat: dang that raytracing tho
DeM0nFiRe: I am just imagining a speedrun losing time because the game dropped the input for the 3rd cord pull
felrender: oh there's DEFINITELY laughing happening
NewtyNewts: You can see Jesse in the reflection from the Clock face
felrender: Oh! It's the Bloodborne Party Grandmas!
felrender: THAT'S who's laughing
snowewolf: What time is it in each room?
ReddestSix: if you go into photo mode you can see the reflection on Jesse's eyeballs
TXC2: fries are done
Laserbeaks_Fury: You supposed to match the room clocks, but it looks like you broke it
TehAmelie: it's a little annoying, the game is real pretty, but running it on the very highest settings makes the sound clip in cutscenes for me
kusinohki: clock on the wall _might_ be system time
ContingentCat: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 2:50 PM
Mahtamori: I think you can interact with the clocks in the rooms twice to start them again
Laserbeaks_Fury: booo
MrTulip: "real time" yes, because that's a phrase with meaning here
nullvoid8: wall clocks are real time, give or take DST?
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah match the lobby lcok
Laserbeaks_Fury: *clock
snowewolf: But how do you stop time
Rynehawk: it wants a meat lathe Cam
vellebastet: hmmmm
TXC2: is time even real to begin with?
AlphaHelixNZ: So aside from these puzzle clocks, every single clock in The Oldest House is stuck on 3:45. Does anyone know if there’s any significance to that?
Always_Armoured: i had to look this one up too
PixelArtDragon: Gesundheit
TXC2: bless you
Alahmnat: I feel like being a Myst aficionado made these puzzles a lot easier than they seem to be for most people
NewtyNewts: Gesundhei- beat me to it
kusinohki: "the jiggle of success" - I could use that IRL
snowewolf: Soooo i heard you like Clocks now
TehAmelie: 3:45 could just be to make a horizontal line
TehAmelie: a symbolic threshold if you will
PixelArtDragon: Why not just sell them, and crash the global clock market?
TXC2: except that 3:45 shouldn't be a straight line, the hour hand should be closer to 4
PixelArtDragon: Clonks, if you will.
Ferisar: let's go camping in the clocks room
felrender: Oh boy, can't wait to spend the night in The Clocks
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Laserbeaks_Fury: They tried
NewtyNewts: Take note of where the clocks are. Each and every one.
TXC2: leanto vs bivouac: the debate rages on Kappa
nullvoid8: guy ropes are mostly there to stop you blowing away. Is there a risk of wind in the Oldest House?
TehAmelie: is a lean to a sandw no i was just kidding stop with the tar and feathers
TXC2: I'd say there's a risk of everything in the old house
nullvoid8: that's fair
Alephred: Is that a WW1-era gun he's holding?
Alephred: With the flat cylinder thingy?
felrender: I wonder how easy it'd be to cobble together an HRA for when the sun comes back up and we get to go to conventions again
Ferisar: he can though
TehAmelie: the oldest house doesn't like modern etchnology, or iconic images
TehAmelie: technology, too
Ferisar: i do like how the director doesn't have perfect clearance
felrender: B-what?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Escorting a security guard to open locked doors? Very Half Life. Is Barney around?
DeaLumi: Clocks all the way down...
Getter404: We've Got That B-Roll: Control Edition
felrender: I LOVE Darling's lab assistants being SO uncomfortable being filmed
Alahmnat: is the clocks dimension adjacent to the shark dimension? where everything is sharks?
PixelArtDragon: The live-action sections of this game are all so good
itomeshi: Cam, I found a set of keycaps that are very close.
vellebastet: omg
Alahmnat: god this video is *so* awkward
Laserbeaks_Fury: They are soooo in love
vellebastet: sykLaugh
vellebastet: hu-man
ContingentCat: a perfectly normal human person
TXC2: Alahmnat no they're 4 standard deviations apart
felrender: oh god you find an EXCEEDINGLY AWKWARD bit of correspondence between those too
kusinohki: have we got the memo/letter from the assistant yet?
nullvoid8: "smile normal" "you mean this muscle, or this muscle"?
PixelArtDragon: I have bared my masticators like is done by the human beings
Laserbeaks_Fury: I dont think Wells can actually die
Alahmnat: I'm pretty sure Wells is invincible
TXC2: smile normal = your eyes move
itomeshi: Mods, can I link the keycaps I got from Amazon and used for a 'Control' theme on my PC?
TXC2: itomeshi yes
Alephred: Ah, THIS is the Coldplay reference Cori was lampshading.
Anubis169: ooo, please do
snowewolf: i remember wells shootig his gun Wells
Robot_Bones: jeez, how thicc is she? the floor cracked
Laserbeaks_Fury: Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Kappa
felrender: Trailers for sale, or rent
Alephred: Classic, fakeout with Yellow straight to Clocks.
oneiropticon: The director impacts with the weight of the station.
vellebastet: benginFingers benginFingers benginFingers
Robot_Bones: Dodging is against the rules
PixelArtDragon: Chairman vs Director
felrender: I HATE these guys
felrender: you can do the snap-throw and get them but it takes timing
itomeshi: I also found font matches - area titles, typed docs, and a couple others.
Alephred: Chairman Ow.
kusinohki: maybe he's sitting in a racing chair?
SpacePotato01: probably spent a lot of time racing in office chairs
vellebastet: SO MANY CLOCKA
TXC2: !chair
vellebastet: *CLOCKS
Laserbeaks_Fury: Time to CLOCK OUT
itomeshi: Remedy REALLY did their homework on using 'governmental' fonts.
TXC2: !findquote clock
LRRbot: Quote #7027: "If I wanted to know what the time was I'd build a clock." —Serge [2020-06-30]
johnalogue: oooh they're in chairs tied up with hoods on like prisoners being interrogated
TehAmelie: how do you become a senior operative of floating around in a chair?
Alahmnat: forcing them to evade makes them drop what they're about to throw at you
felrender: well yeah, they didn't call it the Threshhold With A Lot Of Clocks, But Not TOO MANY Clocks
TXC2: TehAmelie brown nosing, it's a real boys club up in here Kappa
TehAmelie: ha
vellebastet: hm. These things are pretty tough
snowewolf: They have a heal Orb
TehAmelie: this does feel a lot like office chair jousting
Angnor33: Steal the Orb!
TXC2: I like the gun recharging while you're dead :p
TehAmelie: which i assume everyone does at their office jobs
NewtyNewts: So many tick-ticks.
TXC2: TehAmelie you're legally obligated to no?
kusinohki: ooooooorb
TehAmelie: sounds reasonable
TXC2: praise lrrCIRCLE
johnalogue: probably not?
kusinohki: "he was 2 days from retirement"
vellebastet: There we go!
vellebastet: lrrHEART
kusinohki: practice?
johnalogue: @kusinohki I imagine those shelters are specifically for people who are near retirement given the existence of that trope
TehAmelie: that's why they're the senior operatives
felrender: god imagine having to walk across all those clocks
TXC2: existence is suffering
felrender: Grain Entrapment but with clocks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just you and me....and Wells
snowewolf: Wells is Healer - takes no damage - low DPS
vellebastet: benginDab
MAPBoardgames: Yeah. Walking on the clocks would be a hard Time.
ghyllnox: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't understand; you're not sailors.
TXC2: "I'm walking on clockwork, ow ow ow"!
johnalogue: the bleeding operative called him the medic, right?
Laserbeaks_Fury: X: Doubt
TehAmelie: time is an ocean. . .of clocks
johnalogue: he himself is an altered item
Rynehawk: sweet, creepy Watson
snowewolf: Clocks the only thing that can harm a Wells
Nosser2: I haven't thought about Creepy Watson in years... the Creepy Watson video was uploaded in 2008.
TehAmelie: how many clocks are there? somebody probably has counted them
MAPBoardgames: Those clocks are out of Hand.
ghyllnox: I like this in the context of asset reuse, all the hundreds of same clocks
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
ReddestSix: 2008? *ages visibly *
ghyllnox: The House also reuses assets
vellebastet: Wow
TXC2: goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori and Cameron
TehAmelie: gas tanks explode? i should write this down
RandomTrivia: Goodnight TXC2, take care!
kusinohki: no one ever acts surprised that jesse can TK yeet things...
vellebastet: @txc2 G'Night! ysbrydMod
Alahmnat: fire extinguishers are no joke
TheMerricat: Night @TXC2 !
nyperold: Well, these clocks may have all come from one clock, but they must belong to somebody. ...Gues they're hours.
MAPBoardgames: I guess that guy couldn't Tank that hit.
TheMerricat: ysbrydPunjail ysbrydPunjail ysbrydPunjail
Rynehawk: looks like youre stepping up your game
TehAmelie: you're going to a HIGHER place
itomeshi: dang it Cam, now you have me moving the keycaps to my main kb
MAPBoardgames: Jessie is taking Steps to fight the hiss.
TehAmelie: with a ladder in your head
TheMerricat: Did that hiss just yell "Explsode"?
Gaz_L: i think talk to him?
TehAmelie: that map had a LOT of question marks
snowewolf: Talk to Wells
Robot_Bones: HE lives in the square hole
CrazyZonie: Cory? When did Cam morph into Cory?
MAPBoardgames: He's doing very Well
Alahmnat: he has a very large health bar
Gaz_L: he's covered in the red fuzzies
Juliamon: You earned that one
Kaorti: him push hard
johnalogue: he's posessssed
vellebastet: welp
Alahmnat: he put all his points into melee
johnalogue: gee it seems like leaving him here was a bad idea
Ferisar: horowitz, oh no, they t-- director, what are you doing
Ferisar: director
TehAmelie: preemptive retaliation
lirazel64: Hiss apparently is the equivalent of 20 Red Bulls?
gsyhiap: Is he just made of pure blackrock?
TehAmelie: i'm the director and you're getting BENCHED
snowewolf: he was team leader, and was talking to you like he was fine, while Bleeding to death
RandomTrivia: *boop*
serharridan: so after several attempts and game crashes, I finally beat Tomassi...with the help of assist mode, don't judge me!
MAPBoardgames: @CrazyZonie they are the same person, they just look and sound like two people depending on where you are sitting. Either that or they switched out driving this week.
Rynehawk: horowitz is a beefy boi
TehAmelie: that's what assist mode is there for!
Darleysam: as the boss of this organisation, surely Jesse should have the largest health bar
kusinohki: jesse would, but she didn't put any points into vit
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Getter404: Did it?!
josh___something: gross
CrazyZonie: Horowitz, take this candy machine to the face. You're not yourself when your hangry.
Kaorti: take that again?
PixelArtDragon: Welcome to the highlight reel!
TehAmelie: clearly, if someone else had a larger health bar they should simply eat the smaller one and become their boss
johnalogue: Slivers (of building) for hiss shields, steel(?) bullets for humans. The Witcher 4
nyperold: "I have had it with this mother-ig Hiss in this mother-ing office!"
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vellebastet: benginDab
vellebastet: breyaPotato breyaPotato
TehAmelie: just yeet the entire room at him
TehAmelie: the furniture? oh, we'll start with the furniture
johnalogue: RIP horowitz
johnalogue: and I mean that literally, he was torn into pieces
aerobeing: doogThump
CrazyZonie: "contain"
johnalogue: what was the altered item again?
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Laserbeaks_Fury: The Anchor
TehAmelie: ripperoni in pepperoni, but kosher?
CrazyZonie: @TehAmelie Depends on what the pepperoni is made of.
aerobeing: To travel IN?
UpstageJMC: The Luggage
MAPBoardgames: Like the luggage in Joe vs. the Volcano?
johnalogue: @CrazyZonie spice and Japanese demons obviously
aerobeing: Just cruisin on a street in one.
snowewolf: Did you ever go in the Song room?
BrindleBoar: I love that there are so many clocks that they seem like grains of sand.
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
TehAmelie: he's just another COG in the machine
CrazyZonie: @johnalogue But only if they're Japanese cow, goat or sheep demons. The pig demons are not kosher.
aerobeing: Nothing can stop the time... Except for a concrete beam.
MAPBoardgames: It was funny for a Second there.
DeaLumi: It was only playing pendulum.
vellebastet: OMG
CaptainSpam: WELP
Kaorti: few people do
oneiropticon: Beware the party poppers!
Twizted_Seed: This looks like some poured Destiny milk all over my F.E.A.R. flakes for breakfast
johnalogue: @CrazyZonie no, like Pepper + Oni. Are Oni demons or ogres?
CrazyZonie: Didn't Cory play this game before? Shouldn't she have known that about the angel of death?
nullvoid8: they're like screebs, but worse because they fly
Laserbeaks_Fury: If you've got the Morris Day....
snowewolf: or is there 2
DeaLumi: Found it.
vellebastet: sykLaugh
TopHatPeezy: LUL
Alahmnat: god I hate those things
Ferisar: weeeellll
aerobeing: I can't remember if it changes the throw angle when you switch the shooting shoulder.
CrazyZonie: @johnalogue It's more important to know if they have cloven hooves and chew cud. That's how you know if a demon is kosher or not.
lirazel64: Um...
Ferisar: the uh... armbars from your own benches
TehAmelie: if your health is low, use up your energy to make a shield that doesn't help you recover health. great tip!
aerobeing: @TehAmelie There are... nuances.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's potty time, it's excelent
Ferisar: i love this one in connection to the dead letter
johnalogue: @TehAmelie Gotta spend health to fight the things making you lose health, just pull your health up by its bootstraps
vellebastet: my
Ferisar: where the guy is convinced airplanes are fake
Alahmnat: too many
aerobeing: Too many.
Kaorti: many
Mister_BlueSky: Enough.
LurkerSpine: that would take literal years
Kaorti: perhaps even lots
serharridan: easily
Gadora: Like four or five, my dude.
SpacePotato01: one for each grain of salt
CrazyZonie: Millions, Cam. Millions. And it depends on what series of 737 we're talking about.
TehAmelie: i believe there are advanced shield modes that will let you attack through it, but
Getter404: Extremely 90s Comedian Voice: Why don't they make the ENTIRE airplane out of the Altered Item?
serharridan: upwards of 7 digits
monkeyboyktc: according to google there are 600,00 approximately
juneblue58: "According to Boeing, there are approximately 600,000 total parts on a 737NG."
niccus: it's not that bad if you don't also need to assemble the pilot
Laserbeaks_Fury: Fortunately it's a much smaller plane
CrazyZonie: Cam, now's not the time to question one's dexterities on a pile of clocks.
ReddestSix: I wish my feet had inverse kinematics
TehAmelie: according to Armageddon, a space shuttle has two million "moving" parts. so that's probably helpful, since we can assume it's wildly inaccurate
Darleysam: @juneblue58 that's going to be one hell of a Tinker Tailor Solder Fry episode
johnalogue: @niccus pilots are sold separately
CaptainSpam: lrrFINE
MAPBoardgames: Nice twofer there
juneblue58: For comparison, "Here are some other interesting facts about the 747: it has six million parts, half of which are fasteners..."
DAM314: !lurk <3
Alephred: My brain keeps conflating 'Clocks' by Colplay with 'Maps' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
CrazyZonie: When did we start playing Mad Libs? And where can I get this Mad Libs Book?
ContingentCat: whoops
Kaorti: I've done redaction. It's not an exact science.
ReddestSix: Yeah the censorship in this game is super inconsistent / slapdash
nullvoid8: I guess not all the blanks are "clock"
sivakrytos: @juneblue58 yeah newer planes would have fewer fasteners and more glue
nyperold: They didn't have time to check.
johnalogue: @ReddestSix realism
TehAmelie: clocks! i wanna live forever
Saulens181: That just reminds me every time where people fail to redact text, e.g. they put a black image over the text, but the text is still part of the document
Getter404: I much prefer AWE Control for my Yeah Yeah Yeahs mixtape
BaconL0rdes: Imagine you're just working your generally boring yet highly confidential desk job and then all of a sudden you're crushed to death by an excessive number of clocks.
MAPBoardgames: With a blank-blank here and a blank-blank there. Here a-blank. There a-blank. Everywhere a-blank-blank!
ReddestSix: @johnalogue touché
TotallyNotaBeholder: Blasphemy! Blasphayou! Blasphaeverybody in the room
CrazyZonie: No, just sadness
Laserbeaks_Fury: SHould replace all the REDACTED parts of these messages with CAH cards
ContingentCat: w h a t
Gaz_L: hey, a boss!
vellebastet: oof
Getter404: Whoa... they must have added that Control Point in a patch, I uses to have to hoof it through that big room every time
cmdrud87: hey, we found a sub ocean
Twizted_Seed: starwars force pull ?
LordZarano: @Saulens181 or they delete the words but don't realise that .doc keeps some of your edit history
CrazyZonie: Wall run?
Mushbie: you need a new ability to get past here
Kaorti: But! a pattern to build your own, as shown on the New Yankee Workshop costs $14.95us
monkeyboyktc: lol "You will sustain lethal damage if you fall too far" No Duh
aerobeing: Don't you have ability to float when you hold the button?
nullvoid8: you probably can jank it, but you shouldn't
Kaorti: no spoilers
ReddestSix: Metroidvania baybee
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can make it, but you gotta make a little pile
TheMerricat: chat, has anyone played Quantum Break? I just found out that it was a Remedy game too.
Gaz_L: turn on noclip!
CrazyZonie: @Kaorti Correct. Spoilers make cars look stupid.
Mister_BlueSky: You might need whatever ability you're missing if you get in there.
vellebastet: It was death
Mysticman89: use space jump?
nullvoid8: @Laserbeaks_Fury of clocks? surely they start despawning at some point
aerobeing: Ah, I might be misremembering the combination you get the abilities in.
johnalogue: @CrazyZonie tasteful spoilers are fine, giant wings are the problem
TehAmelie: this room is a lot
niccus: trench should've turned on noclip
ContingentCat: you need to be able to charm gravity
TehAmelie: architecturally
ContingentCat: the real enemy
Gaz_L: yeah, i think the other thing is needed
idavise: just fast travel
sag3error: Fill the void with clocks?
vellebastet: tick-tock, Jesse
TehAmelie: time to build a tower of time?
aerobeing: At least the alarms are not all going off at once.
Kaorti: @CrazyZonie except when they serve a legitimate purpose, yes.
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
ContingentCat: power saving?
CrazyZonie: Where is there a panic bar on the bathroom doors is a better question.
serharridan: I do
Rynehawk: pooping in the dark is really the only way to go
TehAmelie: Dump in the Dark is not a game to emulate
Mister_BlueSky: Y... yep no one... does.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I have managed to get over there at this point in the game. It was not worth the ffort
vellebastet: Highlight reel, please
Ferisar: under the cover of night, they poop
Laserbeaks_Fury: *effort
Gaz_L: the true Man's Romance
Kaorti: TMI chat, TMI.
TheMerricat: Pooping in the dark is OK, but don't try wiping in the dark, it gets messy.
salatfresse: I mean "alone in the dark" or "pooping in the dark" sounds the same to me
gsyhiap: lrrHERE 💩
aerobeing: Eye sensitivity is a thing sometimes.
johnalogue: ah, Watch and Play flashbacks
aerobeing: *light
vellebastet: YEET
GhostValv: ye
Kaorti: splat
CrazyZonie: Not the water cooler!
ContingentCat: ouch
Ferisar: he was wearing a hard hat, it's fine
Alahmnat: that guy WENT
johnalogue: Cam no
Gaz_L: that dodge!
Kaorti: use crate on mans
BaconL0rdes: Statistically, a non-zero number of people prefer to go in the dark. This does not necessarily overlap with the non-zero number of people who are relatively sane.
Gaz_L: combine: CRATE with: FACE
BrindleBoar: "Combat is just a puzzle you solve with violence." - Dr. Layton, probably
vellebastet: sykAds sykAds sykAds
johnalogue: Violence is the question the hiss is asking, the answer is always yes
Rynehawk: time to go poop in the dark
Kaorti: it is Also a clever name though
Gaz_L: in conclusion pan means pan and optic means eyes
TehAmelie: Jenny LeClue couldn't solve the puzzle of men showing up to kill you this easily
MAPBoardgames: If I ever became a stream mod, I'd change my username to Panopticon.
Mister_BlueSky: Pan on optics.
NewtyNewts: Pam Opticon.
lyropithic: I still reflexively wince at any reference to Foucault
nullvoid8: I found the text of the Dead Dog Memo, and they definitely that argument
Alephred: Pam Opticon sounds like Optimus Prime's wife.
TehAmelie: Pam O'Pticon
Kaorti: I thought the Panopticon was Bentham.
Kaorti: may be misremembering
lyropithic: Maybe? It's been a long while
nullvoid8: Pam Opticon is a character in an Archer Transformers parody
Alephred: Wikipedia says Bentham is correct.
Kaorti: I mean, Foucalt had a lot to say about the Carcerial State, so it's reasonable.
Alephred: There can be no crime where there is no secrecy.
lyropithic: Ahh, Foucault merely adopted it as a metaphor, right
Alephred: Or at least someone will see it.
ReddestSix: Opticon is short for Optaku convention
Kaorti: Bentham espoused a particular fucked up kind of utilitarinaism.
Kaorti: imo
vellebastet: Hello again
BaconL0rdes: That lefty-flipped playmat makes me laugh every time I see it.
aerobeing: Cori, The Director
Kaorti: The return
Kaorti: I'm always happy to see lefty versions of things
Mysticman89: Hi Cori, player of games.
NewtyNewts: Superstrong.
niccus: it's time to gabelstaple someone
kusinohki: "she tried to kill me with a forklift"
GhostValv: :O
Gaz_L: but can you lift the forklift while it lifts something else?!
ReddestSix: Yo dawg I heard you like lifting
vellebastet: lrrHEART
321_tv: Be Excellent To Each Other!
Darleysam: do you even lift, bro?
MAPBoardgames: You throw that and you will fork someone up!
johnalogue: I wish my Pebble 2 came in lefty. Or was still on sale at all, of course
DeaLumi: Destruction of Bureau property.
aerobeing: Can the forklift lift things while you lift the forklift?
CrazyZonie: Cory, Lifters of Forks, Hurler of Clocks, destroyers of rooms.
aerobeing: Can it lift a lift?
johnalogue: who lifts the forklift?
ghyllnox: It should have been
GhostValv: that lift, properly forked
CururuGuasu: She triiiiiiiied to kill them with a forklift!
CrazyZonie: @aerobeing Do you even Lift, Bro?
kusinohki: Have Hurk tried Lyft?
Gaz_L: Can God create a forklift so heavy it cannot lift itself?
lyropithic: Shouldn't it be called a liftfork, really?
CrazyZonie: It wasn't updated with the recent events.
MrTheWalrus: Gonna need a bigger wall
OmnipotentTrevor: Maybe they haven't updated it recently
Alahmnat: they probably have a bigger wall out back
MAPBoardgames: They are gonna need a whole nuther wall
Kaorti: The wall will probably expand in the near future
nullvoid8: there's probably more walls
Gaz_L: that's the actual confirmed dead. 'missing' doesn't get a plaque
ContingentCat: maybe there's another wall somewhere?
johnalogue: Forces "known" just means "gun"
CrazyZonie: Well, the Hiss was a contributing factor, Cam
DeM0nFiRe: Maybe it's like teh Stanely Cup where some names rotate out as new ones get added
aerobeing: I think they didn't have a chance to update it. And these are just the unredacted ones.
Laivine23: That's just that week's plaque
TehAmelie: times like these i miss the name All Mankind when i could say something like "stop helping me"
vellebastet: What a mess we've made
aerobeing: @Laivine23 Or that day's.
ReddestSix: Have we talked about the hidden rooms behind walls?
johnalogue: @Laivine23 next week will be a very big plaque
BaconL0rdes: M E D I C A L W I N G
Gaz_L: but where are we?!
Laivine23: Too bad the plaque maker was the first one to go.
aerobeing: @kusinohki That is one of the episodes.
johnalogue: Mmm, to get to the prison we must enter a medical facility, that's too real
gualdhar: HAD wheelchairs available
CrazyZonie: Ever wonder why only ONE of the shelters had people in them?
aerobeing: There is at least one door in this building that opened to something that I quite liked.
vellebastet: sykLaugh
GhostValv: :O
johnalogue: @CrazyZonie they might not be terribly effective shelters
CrazyZonie: @johnalogue True
vellebastet: ooooh
MAPBoardgames: uh..
ContingentCat: gross
johnalogue: I'm wondering if any lore papers will share employees' thoughts on the shelters
vellebastet: HOLY
GhostValv: D:
johnalogue: Mmmold
Kaorti: ambush!
Alahmnat: holy crap
Ferisar: attack of the mold men
Getter404: Suddenly, like 20 of them!
vellebastet: WHAT
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, they look like a couple of fun guys
aerobeing: I think excess of moisture might have actually been part of the problem.
DeM0nFiRe: That guy probably wouldn't have frozen to death if he had some warm socks
NewtyNewts: You just got Conga Line'd
oneiropticon: Gods my allergies are killing me through the screen.
nullvoid8: oh right, that happens
Kaorti: Situational Awareness!
MAPBoardgames: They seem like fun guys though.
Laivine23: Wow.
ReddestSix: Looks like we found the Last of Us threshold
CrazyZonie: Well, if you have to go, mumified mushroom people in a conga line isn't the worst way.
johnalogue: yeaaaah chat was ahead of stream and I had no idea what "getting conga lined" could mean but I was not disappointed
Kaorti: Stay focused Director!
aerobeing: "--So, how did you die? -- A conga line. -- Ooh, a party?"
TehAmelie: security center, huh. the Bureau has a whole prison in here, huh
vellebastet: Like if Groot got tree rot
johnalogue: so is the mold a separate enemy to the hiss that just happened to overrun a different area?
Gaz_L: hmmm, Last Of Us 2 is much more office-based than I thought
TehAmelie: probably not directly related. the mold is a much older problem
Kaorti: that voice line
ZethRuss: I think you need to clean up mods
Kaorti: y plz no
niccus: one day yall should do wc3 tower defenses
niccus: maybe even sc1
johnalogue: is it common for concrete buildings to develop mold problems?
Anubis169: ZethRuss: what'd we do? Kappa
NewtyNewts: Not exploring, my video game ocd
TehAmelie: inmate #6 huh? that's a badass low number
johnalogue: getting around security by just walking is an entire career
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: box text
Kaorti: custom maps and their impact on game history might be a fertile topic.
Kaorti: there's probably a history paper in there for someone
johnalogue: @TehAmelie not quite 007
NewtyNewts: Jump scaaare.
ZethRuss: there's always more mods to clean up ;)
Kaorti: wait, what's that nose
ReddestSix: New source of microtransacrions: loot shelters
MAPBoardgames: lrrFINE
vellebastet: hmmm
johnalogue: oh neat chat warned me
BaconL0rdes: That's probably entirely normal screaming.
aerobeing: By the way. If anyone hasn't seen it yet. The Lost Room is a good mini-series.
TehAmelie: such high effort prank. i've never seen anything close to it done for real
johnalogue: this motel seems unwell
Kaorti: I notice the screams have stopped.
Kipstar: ah, the blood room
niccus: they're going to have to pay for so much room damage
Kipstar: That's where we keep the blood
nullvoid8: you don't have a blood room?
MAPBoardgames: You did it!
johnalogue: did that other room get flipped?
Kaorti: the 1st room used to be upside down,
Ferisar: this cord made me afraid to pull the cord forever
ReddestSix: The no mixup mixup
nullvoid8: first was flipped by the painting
DylPage: I did it!
Ferisar: lol
Laivine23: It is hard to keep one's blood entirely out of the carpet at those volumes.
kusinohki: not all puzzles can be mensa worthy
ContingentCat: the real puzzle was the friends we made along the way
Alahmnat: oh god, Langston
johnalogue: if he solved it would he be responsible for the screaming?
Mister_BlueSky: "You're gonna love this guy. He's awful." :D
BaconL0rdes: Yay, Langston!
Gaz_L: his tie makes my brain itch
nullvoid8: can we put langston in a cell?
Alahmnat: he's such a skeeze
aerobeing: He looks like someone in a quarantine.
MAPBoardgames: lol!
Gaz_L: *tries to straighten the tie*
Gaz_L: nnngh
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
johnalogue: this time we're eager to mention rank
ReddestSix: LUL
ContingentCat: and other assorted crumbs
Foxmar320: Cam I was trying to drink!
Foxmar320: How dare!
ArdCollider: 🥬
Kaorti: tie, no belt
Alahmnat: his awful, awful combover
aerobeing: Flintstone.
GhostValv: burn
vellebastet: Oh we are gonna touch some things
CrazyZonie: Yes
Laivine23: It's a real look.
Kaorti: wanna ask about that?
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh, another Alan Wake reference
niccus: the this place is, maybe he was chosen by the panopticon
kusinohki: I think he worked hard for 15 years to get promoted to this job
ArdCollider: do they make you win a staring contest instead of taking a personality test?
BaconL0rdes: P A N O P T I C O N
LurkerSpine: He's definitely a legacy hire. Nepotism at its finest
johnalogue: Ha, "definitely not calling you Fred"
CrazyZonie: Forkin' Fork the Forklifts
TehAmelie: that's an old scar on his mouth. clearly he's been through some things. on the job or before, that's the question
NewtyNewts: I can't wait to see the next evolution in throwables... the Fiveclifts.
aerobeing: @ArdCollider For some of the positions in this department, I wouldn't be surprised.
ReddestSix: Fork lift us up where we belong!
CururuGuasu: 🎶This is the song written for the Hiss fight! This is the song, Rockey and Ken! She triiiiiiiiiiiied to kill them with a forklift! ¡Olé!🎶
RandomTrivia: LUL
Gaz_L: reserve forklift
nullvoid8: is that the team langston said went after the tv? They didn't make it far
johnalogue: @NewtyNewts dammit
CrazyZonie: Noooooo.... That forklift had the side shifting blades...
kusinohki: the backup fork lift - the spoonlift
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Laserbeaks_Fury: I bet if you told Ian you get to play with forklifts in this game, this isn't what he would expect
Alahmnat: pick-a-nick basket
NewtyNewts: You're welcome @johnalogue
johnalogue: @kusinohki the successor to the forklift, the SPORKLIFT
BrindleBoar: Keep bears away from basket.
ContingentCat: all the eggs
aerobeing: @Laserbeaks_Fury LUL
Ferisar: most of these do have a file associated with them
Ferisar: it's great
CrazyZonie: Mylnr?
BaconL0rdes: For very irregular definitions of "fun", I guess.
aerobeing: I think there are some movies about that one...
aerobeing: Maybe by Disney...
vellebastet: sykLaugh unarmeHeart
johnalogue: it's Dylan's fault for being trained as a child soldier
oneiropticon: There's! Something on the eing!
TehAmelie: what is a comedic smell?
nyperold: NO2?
ZethRuss: lol, ignored ;)
ReddestSix: Nitrous oxide?
ReddestSix: lol
johnalogue: you can probably view it through the camera
ZethRuss: poor guy on fridge duty
NewtyNewts: Poor friendly
TehAmelie: i don't know if it smells funny just cause it makes you funny
johnalogue: friendly with a half-empty health bar
Laserbeaks_Fury: This sequence is very cool
johnalogue: they're deadicated to their jobs
MAPBoardgames: Entering the twighlight zone
CrazyZonie: This seemed a tad too easy
TehAmelie: we're in TV land now
xerjen: Uh, flying TV? I want one
johnalogue: yeah there's usually some important readmes for these
nullvoid8: no, tv land is a different AI
MAPBoardgames: Did we push the "suck me into the TV" button again?
Gaz_L: "Mr Teevee, could I get a standing desk?"
nyperold: Man, some of these shows just suck you in, huh?
NewtyNewts: Wall-to-wall office supplies.
Kaorti: but karen, I am the manager
vellebastet: Love this
ReddestSix: oh what a feeling, office work on the ceiling
TehAmelie: can you imagine if you had a flying TV? you know you'd park it over your bed and never sleep deep
CrazyZonie: MC Esher?
aerobeing: I think I only just now realized that pattern looks a bit like an eye.
niccus: is your office rifled
Kaorti: up is kinda a subjective idea right?
MrTheWalrus: Oh good. This part.
johnalogue: @Kaorti it is here at least
Alahmnat: this is gonna be tough with so little health
nyperold: I'm MC Escher, and I'm here to say, I'm running up the underside of your stairway.
CrazyZonie: I love how Cory makes her own sound effects to the game.
johnalogue: Dylan is definitely more than level 4
vellebastet: Yeah, what office chair only has four legs?!!?
Gaz_L: like the one chair in every office that only has one arm
TehAmelie: a cheap one
Shadowner: bad people everywhere
Alahmnat: shield not *entirely* effective against rockets, apparently
TehAmelie: we have to do something CONCRETE about this situation
vellebastet: benginDab
TehAmelie: this inter-office hostility
Kaorti: Arish will be sad
MrTheWalrus: Man, I had to do that fight SO many times.
NewtyNewts: I heard that-cord
TehAmelie: ooh, i need some windex
Shadowner: she degaussed it
RandomTrivia: LUL the TV/Babysitter
Saulens181: TV/Baby-sitter
Gaz_L: i like those wipes you get for PC monitors
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm gonna miss CRT
johnalogue: welp we found Salvadore at least
TehAmelie: now we are the flying mans
aerobeing: This is what I thought you had already.
CrazyZonie: Now we can anchor ourselves?
Kaorti: the best power
aerobeing: Forgot it was a separate thing.
nullvoid8: I like how unsteady you look
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Kaorti: notably, it isn't taking energy
vellebastet: yeah
Alahmnat: ungraceful
Gaz_L: it's clearly not a natural form of motion for her
aerobeing: Her floating really reminds me of how it used to feel when I had that in my dreams.
Mister_BlueSky: It'd be a neat touch if they got more confident the more the power was used.
NewtyNewts: Properly thin-wiring it
vellebastet: It looks like a human who is doing something they're not supposed to be doing
BrindleBoar: Yes. She's not a superhero; it's not innate or instinctive.
Mr_Horrible: big "I'm not sure what to do with my hands" vibe
TehAmelie: haha yes
Gaz_L: @BrindleBoar I'd argue she IS, she's just new to it
CrazyZonie: Im bad at flying and swimming. does that make me a cormorant?
vellebastet: sykLaugh
johnalogue: @CrazyZonie Can you fly at all?
TehAmelie: what do i usually do with my hands? when i'm standing on the ground? it's not like i stand on my hands. . .
erloas: I caught a cormorant at work once, it was way outside it's normal travel range to get where we were
Alahmnat: White Oscelot is such a MGS name
aerobeing: LUL
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Shadowner: 'flying' like in that movie Chronicle
CrazyZonie: @johnalogue According to the FAA, "Not Legally". Not like that's going to ever stop me.
johnalogue: @TehAmelie there are very specific rules about what you're allowed to do with your hands while idle and nobody ever tells you what they are
GhostValv: Seems legit
vellebastet: That's hilarious
TehAmelie: now i don't know what to do with my hands when i'm sitting in a chair and not typing
Gaz_L: via a fleet of segways
nullvoid8: I think we get to see those means later?
Fracaswell: ooh, tier 5 health boost
Alahmnat: @TehAmelie it's like being reminded that you're breathing
CrazyZonie: @TehAmelie Do as I do when sitting in a chair not typing... Pretend you're a fighter pilot. No one ever gives you weird looks for that.
nullvoid8: if I'm making the right inferences
TehAmelie: look it's already tongue awareness month
nyperold: @TehAmelie I thought that was November?
BrindleBoar: TehAmelie why would you do this
sithenin: This was one of the few games I avoided watching others play until I was able to play it myself
Shadowner: extract more life essence from the defeated enemies
Alahmnat: Tongue Awareness Tuesdays
johnalogue: rock beats shield
TehAmelie: i think it came up on Ian and Heather's stream
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well all float, Georgie
CaptainSpam: We'll tryyyyy to kill them with a forklift! Olé!
ReddestSix: Thoughtfully placed enemies to draw the eye
Alahmnat: Atrium will take you right there
nyperold: Ah, I was going by xkcd.
ghyllnox: *Employee comes over on a forklift* Here's your forklift delivery!
Mister_BlueSky: Please don't
Kaorti: it hiding
TehAmelie: seems like an ill omen to have to collect a big anchor when we have just learned to fly
ghyllnox: Potato anchor?
Williams4jesus: What kind of dressing goes on an anker salad
niccus: it's winamp!
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Alahmnat: a giant angry metal koosh ball
Mister_BlueSky: Koosh ball of death.
Dog_of_Myth: Yeah, this boss.....
johnalogue: ah, the sphere
aerobeing: Those shots/pulses kept crashing my game until I switched the full-screen settings and lowered the resolution. Then it crashed... less. I'm guessing not enough VRAM or throughput.
johnalogue: haha clockwise
Getter404: Well the bad news is you only have one clock left
oneiropticon: Nicely done!
Shadowner: mistakes were made
Kaorti: uhoh
MAPBoardgames: Are we still in the TV? I mean we are fighting an anchor.
Dog_of_Myth: That's bad....;p
Foxmar320: Ah yes the warlock death. Slow decent
CrazyZonie: Rhuro Raggy
Alahmnat: lol Foxmar
johnalogue: byeeee
TehAmelie: do you run out of float juice over time?
Mr_Horrible: tfw you learn how it feels when Rome fell, but you're Rome
TehAmelie: the science of flying lied to me
aerobeing: <Redacted, redacted, redacted, redacted, redacted.>
ReddestSix: Shoulda tried pyromancy
Dog_of_Myth: :)
NewtyNewts: Nice catch
Kaorti: almost
StreetCornerPoet: Need more clocks, CEASE ALL CLOCKS
vellebastet: Very close
Foxmar320: I hate it when the screeds run at me
Dog_of_Myth: Think of them as Flying Screebs
ReddestSix: This is basically vault of glass right?
Foxmar320: screebs
Gaz_L: Who forgot to get a healer for the raid?!
Dog_of_Myth: What Cori said.
Gaz_L: Courtney Hope, the VA
DiscordianTokkan: Is... Is the Anchor the reason why there's Daylight Savings Time?
Ferisar: yes
jessieimproved: She's modeled on me lrrAWESOME
aerobeing: Yes. Courtney Hope.
Laserbeaks_Fury: All the folks in this game are modele don their voice actors
johnalogue: Gotta spend clocks to end clocks
Ferisar: every character looks pretty close to their actor
Gaz_L: Remedy loves using mocap and FMV
Getter404: She was also a major role in Quantum Break, but that assumes that people played Quantum Break
Ferisar: langston's actor has that lip/face scar, for instance
Mister_BlueSky: I played some amount of Quantum Break.
vellebastet: WOW
Foxmar320: I played Quantum Break
Kaorti: 's getting pretty fast
ReddestSix: The anchor is hungry! It's going back four seconds
Gaz_L: can
Mister_BlueSky: I stopped for some reason and then just never started back up again.
Gaz_L: can't fly, anchor will eat me
nyperold: Here comes the airplane! This one guy already accounted for all the parts!
johnalogue: no it's gonna barf clocks
vellebastet: Whoo!
Kaorti: got it!
vellebastet: lrrHEART
Alahmnat: lrrGOAT
TehAmelie: eat that, Pac-Man
Kaorti: congrats! this usually takes a ton more tries
Laserbeaks_Fury: I suppose that aweigh to do it
kusinohki: I think you could have also shot the inner ball, but that does less damage...
DarthRagnar815: That puts a new spin on "Time to kill".
nullvoid8: yay, now we have the power to make clocks
KeytarCat: I was watching when Wiggins read the case report on that thing and I still don't get it
Dog_of_Myth: Nice job Cori. That was one of the tougher bosses in the game!
Laivine23: Floors get sticky.
Mister_BlueSky: Something something budget.
Kaorti: wut floor?
Getter404: Dear Oldest House: Some rooms have too much concrete, some have NOT ENOUGH concrete. Fix pls
Mr_Horrible: If can fly, do not need floor
Kaorti: almost there!
Gaz_L: 8 Is Enough?
NewtyNewts: The great abyss of the sea and the massive void of space don't have floors, so why should the House?
kusinohki: moar vit!
aerobeing: @Kaorti Until you find a <redacted redacted redacted>.
Kaorti: Charge!!!!!!!
Shadowner: quantum folding makes things like blueprints and standard engineering structures pointless
CaptainSpam: "You can JUMP?" "No... just fly good!"
snowewolf: im currently doing the maze part - feel like i should give you a warning proply copy right music also you migte die from motion sickness
Kaorti: Charge is so fun!
johnalogue: @NewtyNewts the sea absolutely has a floor
Kaorti: I'm excited
Mushbie: charge is dope
Mahtamori: There was also a guy asking for help inside the panopticon in a really stressed voice
nullvoid8: have you watched the full videos yet?
CrazyZonie: Do the redacted areas unredact after a while?
Seagulyus: nope crazy
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
Seagulyus: this is based off of the SCP Foundation, which uses this IRL to create an air of mystery around the fictional objects they've created
Dog_of_Myth: @CrazyZonie Nope. But you find more info later that allows you to make educated guesses.
NewtyNewts: @johnalogue ssh, don't tell the House that, or it will manifest barnacle-laden and coral-spiked floors
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, I wonder if the Oldest House is based on Yggdrasil, serving as a connection to various "Realms"
ContingentCat: Cheer100 Cori voicing the redactions keeps making me crack up
Seagulyus: I wouldn't be surprised if there even is a direct word actually intended for some of these, or phrases
Mr_Horrible: Disinterest? Disintegration? Who can say! sofieShrug
gualdhar: causes projectile vomiting?
Mister_BlueSky: I think they are.
Ferisar: absolutely
Alahmnat: I definitely feel like SCP has better terminology for a lot of this stuff
Kaorti: Anyone remember those future warning signs that went around in the early 00's?
lyropithic: existential dread?
johnalogue: @NewtyNewts No Lovecraft in my brutalism please
Mister_BlueSky: There's some where I can absolutely fill in the gaps and it fits the redacted part perfectly.
Ferisar: mostly because the redactions have words that fit very often, i think some redactions are just there for fun/to be ambiguous though
Gaz_L: the shark one might not have been, but the ones where only a couple of things are redacted generally feel like a full version exists and you can often fill in the blanks
Seagulyus: gualdhar whatever falls in causes similar near objects to suffer a similar fate. throw in tin, the metal degrades. throw in a person, and the nearby ones suffer
johnalogue: @Laserbeaks_Fury given the service weapon has manifested as weapons such as excalibur? It might be Yggdrasil
Seagulyus: Mister_BlueSky I didn't say all, i did say some.
ContingentCat: ba-dum tiss
NewtyNewts: @johnalogue Too late, we're already exploring the malevolent cosmic entities just beyond humanity's grasp with the Hiss
Seagulyus: the main reason SCP does it, is so they can avoid creating connections within the wiki so the authors can use objects in other works more freely
Dog_of_Myth: Free the tubes!
Mysticman89: theres at least one site that provides
nullvoid8: I hear there's a website for that
theLuminarch: sci-hub it!!
Kaorti: shit is expensive.
niccus: just stream it, then it's business expense
Mr_Horrible: It's Yung Carl, the newest soundcloud psychological theoritician
CrazyZonie: Oh, PLEASE ASK BEEJ!!!
itomeshi: How about some LexisNexis?
ContingentCat: as on the discord, I'm sure people with uniersity access would help
johnalogue: @NewtyNewts I just meant all the evil ocean aesthetic
ContingentCat: ask
Dog_of_Myth: Hey Beej, Get the Science!!
Kaorti: Hein online?
ReddestSix: Leave a bottle of well-aged brown on his deak
GhostValv: and find out!
Mysticman89: although the pro strat is just email the author of any given paper, and they'll be happy to send it to you for free and be thrilled someone cares about their work
Mr_Horrible: We wish to both fuck around and find out, but actually
ghyllnox: The fucking around is implied.
Kaorti: @itomeshi they charege by the search!
oneiropticon: Give us the knowledge, Beej!
NewtyNewts: @johnalogue Gotcha
Gaz_L: I feel like he's more likely to OK the 'fuck around'
jessieimproved: What is LRR if not to fuck around
niccus: we need jstor access to... uhh... make powerpoint karaoke, that's right
ContingentCat: Smash cut to next mail time: G and Beej confused why they're getting subscriptions to academic journals
Ferisar: it's a good point
Ferisar: the hiss corrupts OOPs
CrazyZonie: @ContingentCat I wish I had the money to make that a reality.
KeytarCat: Cori's redactions are great
Mysticman89: if beej and associates gets tokyo treat, than cam and associates can get journal access
Mr_Horrible: "Good question. Further questions are now punishable by termination."
ContingentCat: @CrazyZonie same
sithenin: I'm imagining Cori reading scp articles like this
johnalogue: basically, the board might be sus
KeytarCat: I mean, Everything is sus in this building
CrazyZonie: @johnalogue I thought Red was sus, but the board isn't doing the things to make their case for them.
TehAmelie: i figure the Board is some audible expression of the House and not the tiniest bit human
nullvoid8: the board is differently sus
johnalogue: ah mold explaination
nyperold: "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
nullvoid8: they both seem to be non-corporeal entities
Kaorti: don't eat the mold
Alahmnat: don't eat the mold
ReddestSix: The pleural cavity? But that's where I keep all my important stuff!
Mr_Horrible: they were doing autopsies on the folks from RE7?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ingestion, not Inhalation
MAPBoardgames: Delicous, delicious mold.
sithenin: Have they done any fungus stuff yet?
Kaorti: nope
Foxmar320: But the mold smells so good. Just a small taste is safe im sure.
Dog_of_Myth: Yeet the Mold, don't Eat the Mold.
StreetCornerPoet: It is the Oldest House, so there is bound to be mold. Moldest House?
nullvoid8: fought some mold zombies earlier, but none of the mold storyline
Gaz_L: Ingestion! That means eating! lrrCHKN
CrazyZonie: It's called "trigger diciplin"
KeytarCat: good firearm basics right there
ReddestSix: Note that the service weapon doesn't have a trigger
Mr_Horrible: "Oh hey, we were just reading about you!"
ClankyLily: i love the mold signs in this game
niccus: oh, i just read that it turns out that zebra mussel has been hitching a ride in those aquarium moss balls
Laserbeaks_Fury: Sock and Ballerinas
niccus: so now there's instructions on how to completely dispatch your moss ball before disposing
Laserbeaks_Fury: Actual Band
Shadowner: book club
CrazyZonie: I want that acoustic guitar for $50
Seagulyus: I'm betting that is dev pictures
MAPBoardgames: I love how this a place where actual people work.
TehAmelie: dog allergy is very rare compared to cat allergies. . .
KeytarCat: Guitar is hard: $50
Kaorti: Thanks for a great stream!
GhostValv: :)
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAH
nullvoid8: "food known to dissapear" It probably just does that for real
Alahmnat: good start
Kaorti: hah
Mister_BlueSky: Months months months.
johnalogue: vanishing food: Anomaly or coworkers?
Seagulyus: nullvoid8 yeah it probably isn't an ~~SCP~~ Object of Power, its just John eats people's leftovers
MAPBoardgames: A dedicated hug button
Seagulyus: btw was it not SCP canon that Out of Place objects (OOP) were the original name for SCP objects?
Seagulyus: its nice to see so much of SCP referenced in this game
nullvoid8: I don't remember, but SCP canon is pretty nebulous
KeytarCat: Someone got angry at me for calling this "SCP the game" as a pithy description
Seagulyus: nullvoid8 I remember it from the fox lady SCP
sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:30:17. lrrSPOT
NewtyNewts: Demon's Tilt is pretty great
Seagulyus: KeytarCat but its pretty damn much exactly how to describe it
Laserbeaks_Fury: SHould also get rid of time zones too
TehAmelie: we started using DST in sweden in i think 1970, long after it was ever meaningful
kat2kool: As a Saskatchewan-ian, can confirm that DST is completely unnecessary
Dog_of_Myth: Spoilers...
Laserbeaks_Fury: Thats the thing the Hiss guys are always chanting
Ferisar: it's the hiss chant
NewtyNewts: That sounds like a good chant.
Sethalidos: it's what the Hiss are saying
Gaz_L: that is the Hiss
CrazyZonie: Daylight Savings is an example of a solution in search of a problem.
NewtyNewts: I should start saying it!
Gaz_L: some of it, anyway
Himeeho: Hi Cori and Cam! Glad you could join me as I assemble my NES/SNES super mega emulation station.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's a long diatribe, you should listen to it all sometime
TehAmelie: Animegawara Fault, right
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ReynardWrecca: Ah, the ol' wiggly chest-tube, my favourite bit of Donnie Darko.
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GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 5) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (31m from now).
Seagulyus looks it up
Gaz_L: are they doing co-op?
Seagulyus: oh boy Laserbeaks_Fury you are not kidding
Gaz_L: YES
KeytarCat: Co-op was the plan last time I checked :P
Halvhir: yeah, AMAZING
jessieimproved: I believe that co-op is the plan, according to the source
Alahmnat: it would still be amazing, but in other ways
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The plan was co-op, I don't know if it's changed
Mister_BlueSky: "Good".
Robot_Bones: The book is comprised of one sentance " it goes in the Square Hole
KeytarCat: It's going to ENTERTAIN
Dog_of_Myth: Something will happen....
kat2kool: It will cause us joy, that much we know
CrazyZonie: Sooo... no cussing on the bonus stream?
Gaz_L: MTG but Diablo?
The_Voices: late beta, i was part of the early beta... like november beta
nullvoid8: pretty sure I saw a (closed?) beta of this before?
niccus: she's having a ball
TheMerricat: it's awesome
CrazyZonie: Shannongans? I can get behind that word
CururuGuasu: Open Beta starts on the 24th
jessieimproved: She seems to enjoy it yeah
TehAmelie: it's enjoyable on many levels
Pteraspidomorphi: It's funny
Mister_BlueSky: I haven't watched that movie in forever.
GhostValv: o7
niccus: good... night?
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TehAmelie: good night
ReynardWrecca: Night!
Alahmnat: thanks for streaming
ContingentCat: g'night Cam and Cori
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Wave
nullvoid8: o7
kat2kool: Thanks for the stream!
ghyllnox: o/ lrrHEART
nethermage: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 5) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (28m from now).
Vampiricsloth: petition to have one long big giant circles concert until lets nope starts :D
empyreon: SingsNote riffGasm SingsNote
MAPBoardgames is jamming out to BGC
LoadingReadyRun: ok i'll let it play out this last song even though the ad break is done
LoadingReadyRun: but that's it!
Mr_Horrible: LUL I've rewatched RQ twice in the past month and this is making me want to do so again
Vampiricsloth: BGC <3
LordZarano: !BGC
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Mr_Horrible: lrrHEART
empyreon: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Vampiricsloth: have a good night Cori
MAPBoardgames: Thanks Cori! We love you too!
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrCORI
MAPBoardgames: !lovecori
Vampiricsloth: awe snap i'm really close to my 3 year badge <3
Mysticman89: Time flies here
Vampiricsloth: i wonder if this command will work
Vampiricsloth: !followage
Vampiricsloth: awe :(
Mysticman89: you can just click on your name see that that one
Mysticman89: or other peoples
LurkerSpine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 5) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (19m from now).
Lithobraker: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 5) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (16m from now).
Lithobraker: woooo! just had coffee for the first time in months and am feeling FEISTY
Lithobraker: Time for the spoopiest boys!
TehAmelie: ooh i wish i could have caffeine for the first time in months right now
Lithobraker: TehAmelie the trick is having a prescription that prevents you from having caffeine and forgetting to put in your order.
Lithobraker: (for the meds)
TehAmelie: ehe
DarkMorford: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP