serramarkov: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
TheThromborax: like, imagine playing WOW but you only got some of your abilities at any given time and you had no control over which ones
Seth_Erickson: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Graham, Adam, and Serge are checking out Magic Legends! Game: Magic Legends) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (12m from now).
Earthenone: i had similar problems, i imagine that with deck constuction and multiplayer those issues will be somewhat alliviated
Didero: And then you justh ave to mill until you get the card you want or need, which costs mana, and I forgot how you recover mana
adelius3: hype for this game. Is stream really gonna be 4hrs long? Hype
Seth_Erickson: How's everyone this fine Wednesday
adelius3: Its pretty chill. How are you?
Didero: Where did they say it was gonna be 4 hours?
Didero: I thought they usually did 3 hour streams
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
monkeyrama: schedule says 11-3
adelius3: the twitch app "schedule" says 4 hrs for me
Seth_Erickson: Pretty good all things considered. Trying to get the max out of my 3 day break from work
Earthenone: maybe its part of the sponsorship, that it needs to be longer
adelius3: ya
Didero: Oh hey, I didn't even realise Twitch stream pages had a 'Schedule' tab
LoadingReadyRun: I think we wanted to do it longer too. I don't honestly know. lrrGRAHAM
Didero: That's very useful, thanks
Didero: Hi Graham!
Seth_Erickson: Not everyone uses that schedule tab but it is nice when they do
Didero: There's also
Didero: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Didero: But I also forgot to check that :p
Earthenone: i mean you are doing a one off stream of a game that will probobly qualify for the long game when its released, so a longer stream kinda makes sense anyways :P
Sarah_Serinde: This iteration of the Twitch schedule page is pretty recent and apparently works better than the past version, which was hard to work with
adelius3: someone just please tell me this game has a whirlwind barb esque build :D :D
Seth_Erickson: Seems very much the players alleys as far as games go
Didero: The benefit of a 3 hour stream for me would've been that I'd be able to watch the whole thing live, but the benefit of a 4 hour stream is that there's more stream, so it's all good :D
TheThromborax: @LoadingReadyRun are you going to be starting with brand new characters, or do you have some already made up (or provided by WotC?)
Sarah_Serinde: It's still another place James has to update though, so the page on LRR's site is likely going to be most accurate in case of discrepancies
Didero: Oh yeah, didn't think of that, keeping all these schedules up to date must be a headahce
LoadingReadyRun: @TheThromborax new characters! from the start
Earthenone: yeah, unless paul makes some sort of syncronization tool so easy that james can do it with a button press :P
TheThromborax: @LoadingReadyRun fun!
monkeyrama: Adam shared his character's name and face yesterday on twitter LUL
Didero: @LoadingReadyRun Have you played the game before, or are you going in blind?
gualdhar: whoo, finally something to stave off the work boredom! LRR home streams have been unusually quiet today
Didero: It's Ben's day off, and since Adam and Serge are in this LRR stream, it makes sense for them not to do a home stream
TheThromborax: Ben is getting a tattoo
LoadingReadyRun: @Didero once at PAX East
gualdhar: I totally understand why they weren't streaming, just makes my morning boring
TheThromborax: presumably he's getting a tattoo of himself not playing Legends
TheThromborax: just a tattoo of himself getting a tattoo, crying
Seth_Erickson: What was adam's characters name again?
Earthenone: i know this game is up G and adams alley, does serge do much ARPGing?
gualdhar: @Seth_Erickson James Neutron
Didero: @gualdhar Yeah, I love how spoiled we are with all these LRR and LRRpeople's home streams
TheThromborax: @Earthenone Serge plays PoE
TheThromborax: just not on stream
TheThromborax: because it's not family friendly, he says
Didero: It's also important to have a game to yourself as a streamer
TXC2: Hello Everybody
gualdhar: PoE is definitely not family friendly, even with the carnage turned down it's still got very violent/sexual imagery in places
monkeyrama: Hiya @TXC2
TXC2: hello monkeyrama
Earthenone: ahh neat, i dont really watch homestreams though i have them all followed and mostly see serge doing minecraft glad its 3/3
TheThromborax: @Didero are you trying to imply that it's not healthy to live your entire life on display?
Didero: Monetize your hobbies!
Didero: says the person who turned his programming hobby into his programming job >_>
TXC2: look at the Truman show, nothing went wrong there Kappa
TheThromborax: also, monetize your not-hobbies
serramarkov: I have forgotten, what is the P in PoE, please?
Earthenone: path
gualdhar: Path of Exile
TheMerricat: How can we ever have a real Truman Show if people aren't willing to let us see how they live 24/7 365 days a year?
TXC2: Title change!
GhostValv: :O
TheThromborax: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TheMerricat: Oh, I had missed that this was a Perfect World production. Well this will be interesting.
Didero: In a good or a bad sense, TheMerricat ? :p
TheThromborax: I've enjoyed the other PW games I've played. Mostly Star Trek Online
Two_Hats: Hello all
TXC2: hello Two_Hats welcome
Scherezad: VoHiYo how go?
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
serramarkov: lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheMerricat: @didero I have nothing against Perfect World as a company, they made a reasonably good Star Trek Online game, and the one complaint I had about that game might just line up with how WoTC does Magic anyway.
Earthenone: ohh error 5000, steam must have started
Didero: I know of PerfectWorld but I can't remember which games they make/publish
TXC2: is that audio distortion normal?
Earthenone: i want to say torchlight?
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL_BE
markaci: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
Skyeborne: hello
TheMerricat: @TXC2 no audio distortion on my end, that I can detect, old ears and all
Didero: Star Trek Online is a fun space game, but it doesn't feel like a Star Trek game to me
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Didero: Torchlight was made by Runic Games, I thought
banana_warfare: is magic legands out or is this early acces
ThingsOnMyStream: @TehAmelie I like the bearded going online light
Didero: Oh man, I forgot how good the Road Quest soundtrack is!
TXC2: TheMerricat huh, must be me then
Sarah_Serinde: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
Gaytanic_Panic: noleLG benginDab noleTU
banana_warfare: damn that wen up fast
Alma_v: sergeLurk
nar63: Yes please
Didero: Audio distorts after ads for me sometimes
monkeyrama: Open beta starts soon
NojhLivic: Music sounding a little weird to anyone else? Like the speed is warbling?
TehAmelie: cause things are about to get HAIRY
beowuuf: txc2: i just down scaled to 320 cause I'm downloading something and the music has sudden;y distrorted for me
Sarah_Serinde: TXC2 Audio distortion is a Twitch thing it does if you've had buffering or something and it's trying to catch up without skipping things NojhLivic
TehAmelie: for some AIs, probably
NightValien28: oh neat made it in time
Earthenone: this is the pre pre beta, real beta is next week :P
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TheMerricat: @Didero for the most part people will know them for Star Trek Online and my only real complaint about STO was that everytime I logged in they had a new currency bolted onto the game that didn't replace the old one but was responsible for being able to get to the new content, so by the time I gave up I think I was tracking something like 30 different types of "resources" that all were collected by daily quests...
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TXC2: Sarah_Serinde ah, ok then
BusTed: lrrSLOTH_LH
TheThromborax: Time for Magic as Richard Garfield intended
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FelanEntane: bonus stream hype!
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Theycallmejokke: I'm very dubious of this game, still excited to hear the LRR crews take on it. Even if this is a sponsored stream
LoadingReadyRun: It's the PPR for the game! Kinda. That's not official branding.
Didero: @TheMerricat That sounds like awful game design
monkeyrama: lol
tallarean: Magic Legends is the MMO in the Magic universe?
coolnezz09: Richard garfields magic RPG
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4_mandalore: Hello friends!
TXC2: hello 4_mandalore welcome
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snuklee: not a mmo tallarean
Didero: @LoadingReadyRun Since it's an ARPG, PrePreRampage? :p
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snuklee: its a ARPG like diablo or path of exile
galak_c07: I’m watching this and frantically searching for my playmat
x0den: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
tallarean: snuklee I see, thanks for clarifying.
Evandill: I'm a little dubious as well. I know my dad likes STo and I've heard... mixed things about neverwinter.
TehAmelie: bleh. the more games do to encourage coming back daily, the more i'm put off
Anexmedia: So when do they ban Teferi?
KalistaBeast: horay bad day stream make happy chems go brrrrrr
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Metalupis: here we go
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BasilHunter: What is an ARPG?
SeiichiSin: You know, I was wondering why Serge and Adam weren't streaming today, I suppose my question has been answered.
TheMerricat: @Didero On the other hand it's almost exactly the same sort of thing that happens when WoTC release a new set every x months for Magic.
SuperWriterAndy: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Earthenone: 8 ads just started for me, odd
LoadingReadyRun: "MMO elements but with an Action-RPG twist"
PTElder: Having played the alpha, Ill be interested to see LRR’s take...
Noodles_15: @basilhunter Action RPG
TheMerricat: @BasilHunter Action RPG, if you are familar with Diablo that's the progenitor of the genre
ThingsOnMyStream: @TheMerricat there is something off about having multiple in-game currencies for Star Trek, a universe that is mostly post-scarcity
Didero: @BasilHunter Action Role Playing Game. Basically run around, punch monsters, get loot, improve stats
Earthenone: ARPG is action roll playing game
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Viewers_Like_You: 55 months? That’s, uh... not really an interesting number.
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4_mandalore: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LoadingReadyRun: @Earthenone I mistimed that, my bad
underhill33: Oooh a tweest
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NojhLivic: Does anybody else find the majority of twitch commercials kind of condescending?
Theycallmejokke: Live-Service is the word I think
BasilHunter: Ah ok thanks
TehAmelie: i was gonna say, either action RPG or augmented reality for kids
Mal2mad: It's not an MMO, it's an ARPG (like Diablo or Torchlight)
Aylig: Good morning chat! I got the first dose of my vaccine today!
Earthenone: ohh if it was you, nbd, was worried if it was just twitch being twitchy
Two_Hats: yeah I just got a ton of ads, 6 of them?
TXC2: hello Aylig Congrats
tallarean: Well, for me most ads are for a web provider that I already use, sooo... yeah, bad choice there.
Two_Hats: Congrats
TehAmelie: Pokemon Go is an ARPG right
Aylig: It's been a good day so far. Time to relax with y'all for a while.
Seth_Erickson: Congrats
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paronomasiac042: 48 months?! That's almost a different amount of time!
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Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Jack
LoadingReadyRun: @Aylig I'm jealous, congrats
ZealousCrow: I just got back from hiking the Grand Canyon so today it's time to relax.
Earthenone: correct, that is the add im watching lrrnbot!
Aylig: <3 @LoadingReadyRun
monkeyrama: Can't wait to see who Graham and Serge's characters are LUL
MilkInBag: hey adam, good morning
theleerm: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
LoadingReadyRun: 1min
Evandill: o/
4_mandalore: Dat Roadquest tunes tho lrrHEART
TheMerricat: @ThingsOnMyStream yes and... no? I mean as much as they talked about post-scarcity in TOS and TNG, they still had credits and folk who weren't on Earth had shortages of supplies and whatnot, not even looking at how DS9 changed the whole economic state.
theleerm: o/
Two_Hats: yo, ZealousCrow that's awesome
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lemmel: I was in the closed Beta a month ago, hopefully the bugs have been fixed!
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kerbalized_: magicmagicmagicmagic
tidehollowcat: Guessing Serge is going to be a geomancer because lands.
Dr_Shandor: It's my son's ninth birthday!
TheThromborax: wow. 8 ads. New record
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TheWanderingNomad: Mornin' Chat, how's everyone doin' today o/
red2wedge: I got an early beta code for this, only to have it not work for some reason.
tastymcnuggett: @monkeyrama Serge is obviously gonna be a Hover Myr!!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: It's Magic, and yet not Magic.
MeLikeSmallMatters: a LRR stream I can actually be at! hype!
TXC2: hello TheWanderingNomad welcome
MilkInBag: @TheThromborax you're not missing anything
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrHORN
TehAmelie: congrats, son of Shandor
TheThromborax: @MilkInBag ty
MeLikeSmallMatters: Hiiii chat!
Manshadow3: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Skyeborne: @red2wedge there is no closed alpha right now, it ended last month lol
BigFMonster: now i can finally watch after 2 minutes of Ads
TheWanderingNomad: @Dr_Shandor - A very happy birthday to your birthspawwn
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Ashimablackraven: hey guys are you excited for time spiral remastered on friday
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TehAmelie: i read that as "n:th birthday" which seemed just a little strange
Dr_Shandor: Thank you
TXC2: Here we GO!
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
TheMerricat: @ThingsOnMyStream I feel like the whole "we are past needing money" thing was less reality and more Federation propaganda that was really only true if you were on a core world at best.
beowuuf: time!
red2wedge: I was sent a code about 6 months ago
Didero: Things? On MY stream?!
KalistaBeast: bop doo bop daaa!
TehAmelie: halo
monkeyrama: Hi Graham!
TXC2: Hello graham
serramarkov: I look forward to learning if I'll be able to play this game- I love Diablo, but my brain is weird about camera movement.
Didero: Hi Graham!
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sora_mayura: having a magical time - is it really coming up to half a year? keep it up lads!
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4_mandalore: Beej scatting intensifies
Two_Hats: Hello!
Gaytanic_Panic: LET'S GOOOOOOO
Didero: Hi Serge!
brieandbacon: Yo! Let's Punch That Chunk jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Didero: Hello Adam!
TXC2: Hello Serge and Adam
theleerm: howdy yall!
TehAmelie: we're also here thanks to the power of the Internet!
KalistaBeast: hi.
BusTed: hi hey hello
paronomasiac042: Adam doesn't want me to have a good morning?
steelfox13: We're heeeeerrre!
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Viewers_Like_You: Good day, eh!
drcanonball: Live on youtube too?
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JCMaxw3ll: 29 months is almost a month of months!
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Mistborn83: Wait we are not punching chuncks?
LarkSachrosis: I am coming to you live through a toob!
TheElrad: but am I really here?
adelius3: mostly the internet
sblue333: And my axe
Didero: Punching chunks out of monsters
monkeyrama: Eyyy, we got there
Two_Hats: magic!
MAPBoardgames: The power of the Internet compels me!
TheElrad: and money #sponsored :p
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: The power and hubris of the Internet.
before_damage: Did adam’s voice get deeper? I like it.
xerjen: And pasta
TheThromborax: the internet, and friendship, and COVID
Mistborn83: magic and freindship
NightValien28: friendship is more reliable than my internet
beowuuf: friendship *is* magic. But also magic.
TehAmelie: Magic, friendship and the Internet is magic
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krorkle: Four Years!
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MalBeam: It's time for magic and gatherings
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cryptic_nah: Really excited to see LRR play a game I worked on (QA), huge fan of your work and hope you enjoy the game.
sblue333: #Spon
TXC2: we're Live (to tape) on youtube Kappa
exerus16: friendship is magic and internet is magic
brieandbacon: #Sponsored #Content
serharridan: magic is heresy!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Friendship and The Internet seem at odds.
NightValien28: the pandini
gamercat88: Excited! :)
monkeyrama: Oh my
4_mandalore: mmm delicious sponsor
MeLikeSmallMatters: that whole pandinino
TheThromborax: Magic as Richard Garfield #sponsored
sblue333: Ah yes the great Pandini
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Pandini... I'm going to steal that.
noSmokeFire: the globini pandini
BusTed: Just over a year ago.
KalistaBeast: pac mania
BigFMonster: The last Con that happend
CheshireCake: Pandeenie? Is that's what we're calling it now?
Max_Fan: Oof
steelfox13: In the before times
MAPBoardgames: Remember conventions?
NightValien28: what's a pax?
v_nome: Beej Eats The WHole Panini?
RayFK: Oh god PAX East
RayFK: The concept of PAX
ThaTroubadour: makes two of us :P
aceofroses_: Hello people
CaptainSpam: The whole pannini.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: In the Before-fore
TXC2: in the long forgotton past
MeLikeSmallMatters: ah the Danger Pax
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lemmel: Yup, I saw you vlogging outside the Legends booth
Earthenone: remember paxs? remember cardinal directions?
aceofroses_: Pre-Alpha that seems sweet?
SmashTCG: how's the cards system feel
Mal2mad: The fabled Pax East
Dyllbert: On one hand I feel like pandemic should make playing video games easier, on the other hand, it jsut screwed up everything so....
MilkInBag: people in a single area WutFace
Serifina: The Once and Future PAX
BigFMonster: remember when you got to be in a room with people
TehAmelie: several fictional plagues have had names based on "Pax", coincidence?
TheWanderingNomad: Ah yes, the Before Times
4_mandalore: I thini that was so.ething you couldn't talk about in the vlog
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Durzostarfire: remember PAX Pepperidge Farms remembers
Lord_ZYRK: In the Era of Light and Breath
TXC2: Serifina nice
monkeyrama: Oh yay!
ElektroTal: graham, your lighting is so good right now
Serifina: @TXC2 :D
NightValien28: I cannot wait for james neutron debut
steelfox13: Uhhh one more?
noSmokeFire: squat up!
ZealousCrow: It's not like we didn't KNOW before that PAX was a misguided idea as far as public health goes
TXC2: Hello ElektroTal welcome
Seth_Erickson: Are you telling me I can't be Bolas DansGame
SeiichiSin: To be honest, I'm always interested in character creation. So I'm happy you didn't skip showing it off.
SpoonfullOfSugar: Punch the Multiverse
Dyllbert: Unrealted, but I want a GVlog of the home stream setup, because it always looks so good
4_mandalore: j a m e s n e u t r o n
aceofroses_: Im losing myself on G's blue eyes
Max_Fan: I would be down for playing super villain planeswalkers taking over the multiverse
beowuuf: oh hey elektroTal, loved your recent; podcast with Cam :)
BigFMonster: Make ZippoTricks McEdgelord. just my idea for a name to use.
Viewers_Like_You: Gonna Legend some Magics
RayFK: Will I see familiar Magic Heels?
LarkSachrosis: *checks notes* I mean... Save the multiverse!
MilkInBag: do we beat Jace?
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adamjford: When do the space marines show up? lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Hello faces
4_mandalore: Agatha Fistie?
TehAmelie: that's a funky flail
noSmokeFire: time to shave the multiverse
MilkInBag: lovely people Kreygasm
Aylig: heya Serge, heya Adam
Mistborn83: Look at all those Handsome faces
brieandbacon: They're so pretty!
xerjen: Iiiiek, faces
Seth_Erickson: Down with Booth Cam seabatNogood
Two_Hats: The Faces!
GhostValv: good peoples :)
TotallyNotaBeholder: Oh hey, it's the streamer that hates Lion King, boo Adam
nathanwide9001: is this game cannon?
DaMullet14: Cam's not even /in/ the booth
exerus16: I hope we get to see Gandalf
RayFK: New PW who dis?
Dr_Shandor: @ElektroTal your podcast with Cam was absolutely brilliant!
Earthenone: new planeswalker, who dis?
ThingsOnMyStream: See that, NO character wipes
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Dragoknight101: 33 months? that
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MilkInBag: no colorless? DansGame
Moonspeak721: does the green mage punch good
TehAmelie: mind the mages
sblue333: Oh no it's not wubrg
BusTed: Mind taking!
NightValien28: ABS, I am looking respectfully
catfoo123: HELLO
Manae: WTB artificer
KalistaBeast: SANCTIFY!
monkeyrama: Got that grey streak OpieOP
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: What? No artifact planeswalker!
4_mandalore: Agatha Fistie analog?
RayFK: Where's my colorless mana hentai tentacler?
adamjford: welp I'm definitely not digging this aesthetic
ThingsOnMyStream: Blue mana MIND TAKER
jayliquori: clicking right to scroll left
Genie_M: green?
CleeKru: not in WUBRG order D:
Skyeborne: there are 2 colorless cards that we know about
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AmoriLinguae: wait, you mean I can watch something live? hope you're all holding in there
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Didero: That Necromancer's stance has got to ruin your back after a while
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Blue mage is going Super Saiyan
Makimachine: wooo, just in time! :D
TheOrigamiGamer: Is anyone else upset that it isn't in WUBRG order?
TheThromborax: Beej is a Blue Mage. I did not know that
TXC2: RayFK this is a family stream Kappa
MAPBoardgames: Whoops all summoners
marshacado: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TyrisUnbreakable: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
ElektroTal: oh hey, thanks for listening =) glad everyone liked the episode
ZealousCrow: beastcaller let's goooo
Earthenone: all classes are pet classes?!
TheWriterAleph: b e e f
Gaz_L: blue planeswalker = nerd got it
exerus16: Where's octarine?
Didero: Five colour planeswalker!
Evandill: I like that white one is clearly from Innistrad
MAPBoardgames: Jund them out, G!
KalistaBeast: whoops all summoner classes
monkeyrama: wubrg deck? PogChamp
aceofroses_: Can we play as Rick?
Mistborn83: those abs!
TheThromborax: be Gruul!!
theblakdeth: only 2 colors at the moment
Dmc3628: so Junderdome K
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: 5 colour good stuff here we go
Forgotten_Lizard: 5 Color pile planeswalkers
fistandulusrobe: Is this a full game or still in beta?
Skyeborne: @earthenone beast caller has a pet and necromancer has some zombies, but all classes can summon creatures
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Serge audio really off?
TheWriterAleph: 5 color diablo stuff
petey_vonwho: I was having fun as a boros sorcery build
flojosch: Fblthp, Yargle, Zippo and Margret
TheElrad: is serge's cam behind for anyone else?
TXC2: Serge is way out of sync yes?
TehAmelie: 5 color creatures splashing green?
holesinone178: limit to 2 color right now right
Dr_fragenstien: adam is muted
TheAlmightyCheddar: That serge desync tho
General_Pants: he can splash he can splash he can plash i can siiiiiiiiiiiing
Texan_Reverend: @totallynotabeholder Even if it's in jest, lets not boo people. It's hard to catch sarcasm and such online, and streamers already get too much guff.
Dyllbert: There is some major dsync
monkeyrama: I think... Adam and Serge both are off
Dr_fragenstien: nvm
Wolfstrike_NL: Huge desynch for serge and adam
BrindleBoar: LUL
TheMerricat: Serge is like 3 or so seconds out of sync to me.
PTElder: I started Blue and found myself going hard into Black in the Alpha.
BusTed: James Neutron.
LolCamAlpha: hahahaha
theleerm: king
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Adam's audio desynced too
GhostValv: :)
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: I wonder if they'll have an Artificer (Colorless) class at some point.
MAPBoardgames: There are worse reasons
CleeKru: @loadingreadyrun but can you make fisty.. hmmm
ZealousCrow: mind mage is hype tho
Nigouki: yeah, both Adam and Serge audio is off-sync from video
beowuuf: cam seems a little delays but the fact this works at all is still amazing
Manshadow3: that desync on Serge
Didero: Serge and Adam's video is both behind the audio
Earthenone: Brain Blast!
beowuuf: *serge's cam
TheAlmightyCheddar: Magic: the Desyncing
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Genie_M: perfect reason imho
LemonOnRye: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
exerus16: Didn't they say there's a two color limit?
ZealousCrow: Yeah sync is painful rn
Seth_Erickson: sync seabatNogood
mumblepunk: the non-grahm audio is way out of sync
TheThromborax: turn on v-sync
Sarah_Serinde: Okay chat, they're aware of the sync issue
Didero: Graham's video is slightly out of sync too, but not as bad as Serge and Adam
CheshireCake: So do we call the group the Sultai Squad once we're rolled up?
gualdhar: I'm glad its' not just me, it was throwing me for a loop
Serifina: Predict me to play Green/White. :p
Anexmedia: @TheThromborax wouldn't that be the "G-sync" in this case?
MSUHitman: Will the vampire class be DLC I guess?
brieandbacon: Some percussive fine-tuning?
monkeyrama: Send em to the shadow realm PogChamp
Dyllbert: Yah, G is out of sync a little bit as well
Genie_M: whoa
aceofroses_: LRR The Telenovela!
TehAmelie: ah, the endless internal struggle of AV club
Dr_Shandor: I thought I was having a stroke
TotallyNotaBeholder: @Texan_Reverend that's fair, and I'm glad it was caught as sarcasm, but still you're right. I'll do my best to refrain. Also, Sorry Adam (if you even caught the first one) I hope you understand that was in jest
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: The Beastcaller helm looks *really* heavy
ZealousCrow: Much better
adamjford: lrrGOAT
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Yay!
monkeyrama: Nice
Wolfstrike_NL: Yes!
TheMerricat: Perfection!
LemonOnRye: SeemsGood
Genie_M: great!
BigFMonster: Saved
BusTed: benginTry
Pal_Friendpatine: Cheers!!
MAPBoardgames: Another problem solved
Nigouki: it's like magic!
northos: cool technology!
Mistborn83: G the tech wizard
malc: except now there's a delay between the three of them
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shadowbow464: summon the kaiju.
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Mr_Horrible: "Hello? Beast? Great to hear from you, how ya been?"
BigFMonster: are you a chonky BOI?
LemonOnRye: Everyone get's a power stance
Genie_M: chonky beastcaller
TXC2: thicccccc
Mistborn83: Those ABS!
TheOrigamiGamer: lorge
Makimachine: And that's why G is the Big Boss. :D
GhostValv: large peoples :)
Evandill: ooooh I love the options.
monkeyrama: ADam making a Row in Magic Legends
RandomTrivia: Hi friends!
Seth_Erickson: Jimmy Nuetron known for his mega muscles Kappa
monkeyrama: Roe*
TehAmelie: the blue one looks like he's goin super saiyan to begin with, can't wait to see what Adam did
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corbinisms: Hashtag sponsored hashtag planeswalking? Cool
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shadowbow464: still not large enough.
Anexmedia: Graham knows what the internet wants
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: 100% pure beef
Evandill: AMAZON.
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KalistaBeast: wooooo large lady
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RandomTrivia: I see Graham is running StepOnMe% :D
CleeKru: so serge is U?
TheThromborax: not Gruul? Then change slider!!
theleerm: the internet knows what we desire
BigFMonster: I want you to make ZippoTricks McEdgelord
Trashweazel: a giant woman
theleerm: a giant women!
TheMerricat: Did we actually get told what Serge and Adam are playing in the middle of the desync saga?
Anexmedia: Cantrip on me, ma'am
monkeyrama: time to guess OpieOP
TehAmelie: i think they are tree branch horns
RandomTrivia: The antlers are fantastic
steelfox13: Magic-a Fisty
beowuuf: agatha bristly
TXC2: antlrrd
TheWriterAleph: deerhat
petey_vonwho: You could totally make agatha fisty. She would have to be red though
Qvdv: making Lady Dimitrescu eh?
BrindleBoar: Swellsworn!
TheThromborax: @steelfox13 the winner!
aceofroses_: Kathleen will have to add it to the "Top 10 Step on me Ladies"
Texan_Reverend: @totallynotabeholder Thanks for recognizing how it might not scan well for everyone. Enjoy the stream!
xerjen: That helmet looks heavy
itomeshi: Serge is Black, Adam is Blue, Graham is Green
NightValien28: swoleswon
DiscordianTokkan: Great Antler Euphamia
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: woow
Earthenone: serge is necromancer, adam is mind mage
beowuuf: :D
monkeyrama: Serge LUL
Nigouki: is that the hat that gets you to horny jail?
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JadenMina: Getting close to a year! :D
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themightybucch: Not even Snerge>
Seth_Erickson: The amazing Planeswalker Serge
Znazl: And... Serge
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Serge is a decent Planeswalker name though
GhostValv: Power Serge
brieandbacon: ?Panic
ThingsOnMyStream: I was always impressed by how Magic Puzzlequest adapted mechanics from new MtG sets to the puzzlequest formula, it will be interesting to see if this game can do the same
imdanielholt: Serge is a great name though :)
noSmokeFire: Legendary Planeswalker - Jeff
TheMerricat: thanks @Earthenone :)
SeiichiSin: Serge went with the name Serge? Who would of ever guessed it.
Nuurgle: Not even Mana Serge?
LemonOnRye: LUL
NightValien28: agatha bristly, james neutron and serge
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: And in the role of Serge the Planeswalker, Serge!
serharridan: do you have the Surge mechanic?
monkeyrama: Fantastic LUL
Two_Hats: Big brain energy there
TheThromborax: You could at least have been Serge Tankin
aceofroses_: And he's last name is Yeger wich is super cool
Goombill: Serge and Adam sound a little quiet, is that just me?
Mr_Horrible: "Only balance"? Doesn't sound like the MtG I know Kappa
CAKHost: Should have gone with "GiveHimTheBeans"
fistandulusrobe: Serge Wavecrest
TehAmelie: in-engine cutscene though
Genie_M: cutscene beta
steelfox13: The greatest Magics man, there are those who call me... Serge?
Hexi_Lexi: hey all you wonderful people who i love beyond mortal comprehension
rogerivany: Early Access?
RandomTrivia: The abs look like they've been glued on
BigFMonster: You have to know it is still a work in progress and it is not done
Moonspeak721: underconstruction dot gif
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Chaotically_Random: 66 months, Dang I've been a Runner for w while
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Marmanukem87: That is a big lady
KalistaBeast: lrrSERGE lrrSERGE lrrSERGE
TotallyNotaBeholder: @Texan_Reverend cheers, and sersiously, thanks for reminding me
JDMan94: I mean, it kind of is. Serge is the name of the Protagonist of Chrono Cross.
TheThromborax: Look, it not perfect cutscene
4_mandalore: James Isaac Neutron!!!
monkeyrama: Ral PogChamp
noSmokeFire: it's Ralph!
ElektroTal: Ralph. Ralph Zerak.
red2wedge: ooooo, Watch and Play?
SrMuskrat: He's dead
gualdhar: @CAKHost SuperGrindr
TehAmelie: are those radon tattoos?
GhassanPL: I played the alpha of this, it was... weird; a very unusual game
underhill33: Saprolings!
RayFK: Reminder folks, this is VERY early content
itomeshi: I played some of the closed beta... it's pretty solid.
beowuuf: o7 dak
Seth_Erickson: Different Izzet Mage yeah
Nuurgle: It's Ral, and Planeswalker not yet appearing in thiis Multiverse!
CodeDiCode: what on earth is this?
TXC2: oh it was Dack, my bad
beowuuf: *dack
monkeyrama: Ral is chillin
RandomTrivia: benginO7 Dack
Mistborn83: Who did in WAR? Gideon and Dak
TheThromborax: Dak Faydin out of the story
Mistborn83: am i missing anyone?
plummeting_sloth: ugh... they're not even tapping lands to cast these spells. I just can't buy into this :)
LemonOnRye: Ah!
Didero: "I have a question: What?"
Skyeborne: open beta starts on March 23rd for everyone :)
TheWriterAleph: "I'm a WOT?"
RandomTrivia: Domri died too Mistborn83
Seth_Erickson: @Mistborn83 Domri as well
ShortRound2099: "wtf is a planeswalker"
beowuuf: also domri
BigFMonster: This Voice acting quality is the same quality as MODO
Earthenone: knock off vraska
TehAmelie: The Girl with the Radon Tattoos
Rourke9: oh if he doesnt like planeswalkers showing up he'll have a bad time come war of the spark
TXC2: not vivan ried
Genie_M: "what's a planeswalker?"
Anexmedia: Well she's running thallids
KalistaBeast: rip the greatest thief in the muliverse
Anexmedia: so i'm here for it
noSmokeFire: whoever she is, she has four goddamn swords
Mistborn83: That is right
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morgoth_bauglyr: Helloooo
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Gaz_L: OC do not steel
paronomasiac042: OC, do not steal
monkeyrama: This is a work in progress SeriousSloth
Decaped: She's the walking dead planeswalker.
BrindleBoar: OP do not steal
Evandill: I really hope you get three abilities and your character sheet is styled like a planeswalker card.
couldntpickausername: oh please tell me we're getting a thallid walker
theleerm: oc do not steal
CadoiPi: Ral really needs to stop dieing
groovemancery: @Mistborn83 Gideon, Dak, Domri I think
TheMerricat: @Gaz_L beat me to it....
LurkerSpine: damnit we were all going for the same joke
Manae: Madam First-Appearing-In-This-Game
Theycallmejokke: Tiny shroom doggies
LemonOnRye: Square eyes LUL
DiscordianTokkan: Ol' square-eye Ral
UlranQentba: Donut Steel
tastymcnuggett: Sooo when can we get will and rowan??
Hexi_Lexi: would you like thoup or thallid?
Didero: Putting the 'fun' in 'fungal'
RedShiftLive: OG BG Planeswalker do not steel
Anexmedia: Saw a mushroom, went all in on thallid
Mistborn83: @groovemancery yep thank you
Ellipseis: of pls do not steal
kynelwynn: OC do not steal
brieandbacon: The aptly-named Syr Not-Appearing-In-This-Show?
KalistaBeast: plant puppies
Mr_Horrible: Ol' "Low Ral-sulotion" Zarek we call him
Loonatic93: Do ya think she's Gruul or Jund?
GhostValv: buddy :)
Znazl: can pet?!
Two_Hats: adorable little mushroom babies
paronomasiac042: Man, I gotta stop leaping on the low-hanging fruit
Earthenone: doggo aquired?
Zettabit_Fox: Fox!
petey_vonwho: yeah, beastcaller starts with a pet
WonderfulGlory: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
beowuuf: pet saprolings with axe
ElektroTal: hey Graham, your arena avatar is following you
JCMaxw3ll: my favorite magic card: large axe
Robot_Bones: Therapist: Square-eyed Ral isn't real. he can't hurt you LRR Stream:....
Genie_M: those poor 1/1-s
Evandill: I want to play this already, and I normally don't like ARPGs!
Theycallmejokke: Go axe them some questions
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TheThirdTail: <3
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corefluxx: Should have been Axetha Christy
CaptainSpam: Woah, those creatures have over 100 toughness? Crazy power inflation.
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Scopesightzx: this doesn't sound like tappy
Lord_ZYRK: Your pooch has such pretty. . . horns PrideCute
hesterbyrde: Zarek sounds a little like Nelson. XD
RedShiftLive: That's not what the dialog says
Dyllbert: The text and VO are COMPLETELY different, and I don't know how I feel about it
4_mandalore: best spell. AXE.
RedShiftLive: Ral does sound like Nelly
kali_dehumanization: what is thissssss?
Sarah_Serinde: Chat, reminder that this is an early version of the game
DaMullet14: Rawl, huh
Hexi_Lexi: @hesterbyrde holy heck he does!!!
theleerm: so does this have like deck building aspects?
Sarah_Serinde: It's not finished yet
LemonOnRye: Nelly is Ral confirmed
Texan_Reverend: Graham, your audio is getting a touch distorted when you raise your voice a bit. Might be worth dropping your gain a touch.
Easilycrazyhat: I really hate when the written text is different from what's spoken -_-
Seth_Erickson: all the better to smack small bugs with
BigFMonster: Axe not big enough
Genie_M: Ral "Tutorial" Zarek
LurkerSpine: Green Mage means big stuff
coolbond: @LoadingReadyRun is it possible to increase the game volume?
MAPBoardgames: I try to get my bearings but I lost my marbles years ago...
RandomTrivia: Yes Ral, you can be the tutorial, but only if you introduce us to Tomik
theleerm: cause lady big
MagnusCarter: Because Green mage
AmoriLinguae: Serge, have you met green magic?
Nigouki: pfft, RE5 had bigger axes
GhostValv: have you seen axes in RE5?
keep_it_lobster: For chopping.
ZealousCrow: How rude. There's nothing wrong with the size of our axe
TehAmelie: hmm could you have a planeswalker card with an animal companion, i.e. spawns wuith a token that acts as an extra planeswalker?
paronomasiac042: Tutori-Ral
Two_Hats: No one says their full name to random people
nihilus_42: the tutoriRal
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Earthenone: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
monkeyrama: Oh my
Skyeborne: @theleerm yeah, there's about 190 cards that we know of, and you build a deck of 12 cards
corefluxx: Already signed up
ElektroTal: why does Ral sound exactly like Randall Park
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Askwho: Ral Zarek: "Come With Me If You Want to Live"
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itomeshi: Ral was quite annoying in the Closed Beta. I'm hoping he's... better.
TXC2: paronomasiac042 slow clap
ManuPatton: i do not know nothing bout magic. but is this arpg?
Loonatic93: I was already in the Alpha.
TXC2: ManuPatton yes
mrlector: "whys your axe so big?" "that's awfully impertinent"
TheThromborax: fully 3D
couldntpickausername: I'd probably play a MTG game like this if it were single player
MSUHitman: Peasant waiting for console. :(
Lord_ZYRK: Maybe it's friendly PridePog
BigFMonster: now in 2021 we can rotate the camera
TheThirdTail: this looks a million times better than i expected...
CodeDiCode: thats either gonna be great or a hassle, moving the camera
Evandill: This is a cool plane.
Easilycrazyhat: "More of those weird's probably nothing..."
TheThromborax: Palaka Wurm
GhostValv: does everyone have to tutorial first before coop?
wurmbane: you found yorion
RedShiftLive: It plays like League of Legends mixed with Slay the Spire
Mistborn83: IT is a alot of fun just ask the Wanderer
Lord_ZYRK: This is Diablo the Gathering
ManuPatton: @TXC2 thanks bro.
TehAmelie: the "action" part seems a bit slow on the uptake, at least comparing to Diablo
Anexmedia: Hydroid Krasis perhaps
Hexi_Lexi: i swear, ral sounds EXACTLY like Nelly. its all i can hear
ThingsOnMyStream: I like that you were apparently wearing this fancy outfit *before* you were a planeswalker. That's just how you dressed this morning
Mr_Horrible: your familiar's tail is almost as big as Baxter's :O
petey_vonwho: I actually wish there was a way to turn off the camera rotate.
boomyakalolo: anyone got that beta link?
TXC2: travailing between worlds IS the unique ability of planeswalkers Ral :p
Lord_ZYRK: ThingsOnMyStream dress for the job you want, right?
JDMan94: omfg I get to play Diablo, but not support Blizzard AND it have Magic lore? I AM IN.
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Didero: Putting the 'cool' in 'cooldown'
blaise_rascal: saprolings! (maybe)
Loonatic93: But yeah, I am pretty sure this bad lady is Red/Green. Not sure if she's the full Jund though.
Nuurgle: it's very much NOT Diablo
TheThirdTail: I missed the beginning, is there a tldr for what their characters/classes do?
krslcsn: Are graphics turned down on the game? I understand the game is still alpha, but the graphics look unimpressive
randomletters5: hi
Theycallmejokke: Demon goat thingy
SWPilgrim: Is it super jittery in game or is that the just the stream
malc: Adam has crashed
plummeting_sloth: Think Adam may have froze
Arcane______: yeah, looks jittery and the visuals seem mushy.
monkeyrama: He didn't
asthanius: No he's moving
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Forgotten_Lizard: No Adam's just still
malc: nope he's just being very still :)
Orgmastron: I believe so yes @ghostvalv
Genie_M: protection will return
monkeyrama: He's just playing the game SeriousSloth
GhostValv: okay cool
noSmokeFire: noted green magic expert Ral Zarek
Metalupis: yeah....he's Ral
cryptic_nah: @Loonatic93 Mystery lady is green/black. :)
Evandill: I love hum
TXC2: Adam "secret Mime" Savidan
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Humble Ral
RandomTrivia: Adam is sitting so completely still he becomes invisible to the eye :D
itomeshi: Yup, he was bad in closed beta, and is still... bad.
AmoriLinguae: I would love to have more villains that aren't black; flavor wise black is bad is too easy
SheldyP: Ral is Daddy pig
CodeDiCode: oooh cards?!
ElektroTal: This def looks like early beta, and that's entirely ok.
corefluxx: He acts just like I imagined he would
petey_vonwho: I love Ral so far. He's so cocky
Lord_ZYRK: ElektroTal this is alpha
asthanius: 504 damage? Stuffy Doll would love this game
snuklee: we can move only with mouse, or we can use keyboard?
TXC2: Pump spells it is
Skyeborne: we know of about 190 cards right now :)
Nuurgle: it sadly looks so much like the Alpha still, hoping there are some improvements elsewhere in the gameplay
ElektroTal: @Lord_ZYRK aha, even better
monkeyrama: Whaaaaat
CodeDiCode: ooh, so its like moba abilities, but you choose them?
asthanius: UM
RandomTrivia: UH
TehAmelie: i never trust trap skills
circusofkirkus: uh
LolCamAlpha: hahahah okay
dangerous_safety: this game has Powerful Magic?
Moonspeak721: that was a lot
Loonatic93: @cryptic_nah I didn't actually want to know yet. Just wanted to speculate.
malc: hoverElves
underhill33: that was wild
NightValien28: dakka dakka dakka
AschentaePTR: when you load to see magic legends and watch a genshin impact commercial lol
Seth_Erickson: Powerful Floating Elves
LolCamAlpha: pew pew
Wiliart: Was that friendly fire on your pet?
GreatIrishElk: That's rad!
Theycallmejokke: Those elves are on SO much red bull
Hexi_Lexi: so Ral's VA is Brandon Routh, but he still sounds like Nelson to my ears
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FionasGotIT: Pew Pew
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TheWriterAleph: i'll be curious to see y'all's thoughts on this game. i played the closed beta for about 1.5hrs, then promptly forgot i even had it installed
Max_Fan: The description did specify only to enemies in the area.
Genie_M: this looks quite silly
LurkerSpine: Is that elves or a bunch of viviens?
TheThromborax: not mana
Dyllbert: Ok, that might be a bit high on the visual clutter, with the archers being there too....
ElektroTal: i really want this to be a new shandalar
Amentur subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 23 months!
Amentur: We need more arrows for the jumpy elves
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Amentur! (Today's storm count: 40)
Texan_Reverend: Graham, your mic is a bit hot. Louder than everything else and peaking occasionally.
plummeting_sloth: those elves remind me of the time in Car Boys where they rammed the two Busto's together
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: You mean the Elven gatlin guns?
PTElder: The other pickups are mana fragments if I remember right.
Skyeborne: elves, it's the spell elven archers
TehAmelie: at free to play, this seems worth a try
rocketjohn: that spell is dumb. I'm in.
Makhiel: I've heard of rocket-jumping didn't know arrow-jumping was a thing
ThingsOnMyStream: is your doggo super hurt?
CodeDiCode: if all the animations are ridiculous like that, this game is already looking good
PTElder: The fragments are used to upgrade spells later.
theleerm: your w ability might heal it?
Skyeborne: there's a cool down when it dies I believe
Talin06: seabatBRAIN
martian_kyo: do mana pips on the spell matter? is 1G harder to cast then GG?
monkeyrama: LUL
MAPBoardgames: !advice
LRRbot: Drood the Ozeference.
malc: reinflate the doggo
Dandinstorm12: refresh the dog chat
RayFK: Please don't refresh the dog on Twitch
SydPreviouslyHeadache: my favorite yoyo trick
Genie_M: reDog
TXC2: we petted the dog to make it better
GhostValv: refresho pupperem
SquareDotCube: welp, one for advice
Nuurgle: the color pip matter when you go multicolor
Evandill: It seems manacost = Cooldowwn?
KyubiStormMage: unsummon is a blue spell
Manae: @martian_kyo Probably matters more as the game goes on and you get more spells
TehAmelie: what does the fox say (when you erase it from existence and replace it with a fresher copy?)
CaptainSpam: Reminds me of Cam's expression of "I have to go empty the dog".
corefluxx: Is this going to turn out to be like a doggo of Theseus?
the510: the green bar below the health bar at the bottom is your mana pool
TXC2: lrrrbot on point with the advise
Robot_Bones: Only some Dog Residue left of the old one
TheMerricat: @martian_kyo it looks as if the more pips needed to cast, the longer the cooldown
theleerm: there best be goblins in this
TheThromborax: it's not really a cool down in the normal way
SohNata: Ral Zarek says 'Nice Work' in the exact same intonation and tone of James' 'Cool Game!'
ThingsOnMyStream: When your parents by you a new new dog and pretend it is the same one as before
the510: this is just the tutorial, but eventually you get other colors for that bar
Mr_Horrible: interesting
TheThromborax: you just only have like three cards in your deck
Rourke9: Below the health bar is the mana bar, but the colors only matter in multicolor decks
circusofkirkus: whoa
PTElder: The costs matter more when you have another color in the deck.
asthanius: Ohhhh, it's just like Duel Masters
monkeyrama: These elves LUL
TheWriterAleph: moar dakka
Dandinstorm12: ze blender
LolCamAlpha: Elven Assailment go brrr
Desruprot: always more dakka
GodImSoSorry: That was pretty cool
Mr_Horrible: we love clear speed
Abavus: wow I can't believe they stole the mana cost concept from mtg. How rude. Kappa
RayFK: AOE's Nuts
RedShiftLive: See this game looks fun but if this becomes a gatcha for spells I'm going to be disappointed
SeiichiSin: This seems like a game that you need the AoE though.
ExachixKitsune: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: The hitbox on that axe throw looks like it barely hits most of the time
circusofkirkus: cookie clicker the arpg
Clockwork_Penguin: Wait so... if you cast a board wipe in this game does it just kill everyone on the planet?
asthanius: Tower Defense
niccus: big lad
TheMerricat: Graham wants an idle clicker. :P
Genie_M: whoa
MAPBoardgames: Hello, Baloth
the510: from what i played in the alpha a while ago, they give you a lot of spell drops just playing
Genie_M: 10 mana
Skyeborne: @redshiftlive you will be able to buy booster packs with in game currency through the broker
Didero: People who pick the Pet Class so they don't have to do anything :p
Desruprot: thats a big Baloth
monkeyrama: Large lad incoming
Mr_Horrible: Gimme an auto-bomber build PogChamp
GhostValv: :)
CaptainSpam: Ah, CMC 10 right off the bat.
Dyllbert: Graham wants to go for the path of exile approach where optimal gameplay is walking to kill stuff
RedShiftLive: @Skyeborne in game currency or real world currency?
Anexmedia: Phrasing?
TheWriterAleph: Sizable Lad Baloth
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corefluxx: Crafting/farming players
BigFMonster: It is a CHONKER
ThingsOnMyStream: Enormous Baloth aka normal Baloth
RandomTrivia: Cool, a timmy ability!
Loonatic93: I love pet classes! Necromancer in Loop Hero is almost ideal!
Makimachine: *holds up hand* Pets!
TehAmelie: i always liked Diablo 2's necromancer "summon army, go have a sandwich" mode
Evandill: ooooooooh
Dandinstorm12: Baloth Baloth
Seth_Erickson: so you cycle through stuff interesting
petey_vonwho: I love pet builds usually, but the Geomancer is so much fun. getting in there and punching the crap out of everyone is fun.
malc: Regular Baloth
TheThromborax: your abilities are *randomized*
kerbalized_: okay the integration of deck building and aarpg is really cool
Skyeborne: @redshiftlive you can buy them for real world currency on the zen marketplace, but you can also buy booster packs on the broker for in game currency
Decaped: novel.
martian_kyo: I am interested how they translate magic concepts into action it's not just diablo with magic theme
Evandill: I'm usually a caster, unless there's a melee class that feels super satisfying.
adelius3: so i cant cast any spell at any time? kinda jank. just like MTG i guess.
monkeyrama: So large PogChamp
asthanius: I's called Enormous
CaptainSpam: Well, yes, Graham. It's in the name.
noSmokeFire: truth in advertising
RandomTrivia: Name checks out
manwichcannon: its just regular sized
DeGunner: Look at the size of that lad
KalistaBeast: whhhhhaaaaa idk bout this
Max_Fan: Does what it says on the tin
circusofkirkus: hopefully we can summon Colossal Dreadmaw
inks_muse: Truth in advertising
Mr_Horrible: oh, so you won't have access to all of a given build at once? That's an interesting redundancy/consistency challenge then
ExachixKitsune: Reading the Spell explains the spell
Nuurgle: the spell cycling makes this really difficult when you get into harder difficulty, because you have to recognize your spells by icon, and hit the right button
BrindleBoar: it is 1.5 Diablos in size
noSmokeFire: if anything this baloth seems small
Greyah: Enormous Baloth lives up to its name.
CaptainTalon447: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Didero: All these icons look pretty similar, seems a bit hard to tell your abilities apart in the middle of battle
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Enormous Baloth, size of large Baloth
TheThromborax: as advertised
Theycallmejokke: The cycling spells seem more interesting that actually fun to me personally
Mr_Horrible: cool translation of card game -> ARPG mechanics, I'm interested to see how it flows
Seth_Erickson: Giant Ooze PogChamp
itsybitsystreams: When can I get my colossal dreadmaw though?
ThingsOnMyStream: now I want a pocket-size baloth
TheThromborax: This game also plays well with a Controller @LoadingReadyRun if you haven't tried it
malc: Baloth of Unusual Size
martian_kyo: @Didero yeah I agree especially if the spells change as they play
NathanLonghair: Does the framerate look not great or is it just on my end?
Arcane______: did you guys make any improvements to the way the game runs since the last closed alpha window?
CodeDiCode: so, is this supposed to be zendikar? or an unknown plane?
plummeting_sloth: pet squad pet squad pet squad
Greyah: Oh, yeah. Does the game have a move-only option for LMB?
RedShiftLive: This is the meditation plane
shendaras: Is the Baloth a permanent (hah) summon?
Mr_Horrible: Theycallmejokke I could see it creating more variety and engagement than a simple one-button build sorta gameplay, but it's gonna depend on how analogous a lot of the spell are, I think
Loonatic93: I'm thinking Golgari All the Pets is going to be my jam.
Nuurgle: you planeswalk, multiple planes are represented
LolCamAlpha: summon 30-40 feral hogs
cryptic_nah: @Greyah middle mouse is move only
Laserbeaks_Fury: The damage numbers are particularly...high
NightValien28: 30-40 feral boars?
itomeshi: @CodeDiCode In the alpha, it was some sort of planeswalker special plane.
xerjen: Wait, it's not more elves running? Disappointing
Earthenone: summons 30-50 feral hogs?
Skyeborne: @codedicode he'll be at tazeem of zendikar after this tutorial mission
odi_odi: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TheWooglie: can you make 2 baloths?
MAPBoardgames: !card baloth
LRRbot: Found 20 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Mr_Horrible: E. Normous Baloth, of the New England Baloths
samwisep86: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There are limits on what qualifies as cheese.
Greyah: @cryptic_nah Middle?! Gross.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I can't be alone in thinking raising the dead to be the least interesting thing about necromancy, right?
TiberiusEsuriens: so when do we get to go infinite?
CodeDiCode: @itomeshi oh, thx
randomletters5: can you only have one baloth at a time?
Skyeborne: @thewooglie when you summon a 2md of the same creature the other gets snapped out of existence
monkeyrama: Wooooooooooow
stizzet: hi friends
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andrean32: is this Magic the Diablo
ThaTroubadour: it does after a short while
LolCamAlpha: nice
JDMan94: I am very into how this gameplay looks, omfg
Evandill: LMAOOOO
fistandulusrobe: Legends rule apply? Or are there legendary creatures.
Dandinstorm12: cast overrun
Mr_Horrible: wow
Oneiros96: yes it does after some time
Rourke9: you briefly get to have two, then the older one fades away
Uzumaki15: I'm interested in how splashing other colors works in this game. Can I be Naya? Or just go all in a be 5-color?
TXC2: hello stizzet welcome
TiberiusEsuriens: "Game, I have demonstrated a loop. You must concede" <Game crashes>
Robot_Bones: 40 Feral Hogs LUL
noSmokeFire: I cast Ray of Hogs
TotallyNotaBeholder: 30-50 Wild Boars?
WizardZedd: Fire the forward pork batteries!
corefluxx: Pig Canon
malc: the animations in this game, holy moly
Disciple_of_Zeta: Boar Kamekameha
kaffeetrinken89: Beware the pig-storm.
AmoriLinguae: I gotta say, these enemy creatures are fascinating
Dyllbert: That kind of stinks that if the summon is already there, and you draw it again, you kind of have to burn a spell
Night_xD: are those 3 fps max with this game ? :/
Theycallmejokke: @Mr_Horrible Fair point, only so fare the game haven't proven that to me, again personal take of cause.
GodImSoSorry: Then Graham said "Let there be PIGS"
JDMan94: really badly want to do orzhov
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
Seth_Erickson: Our Baloth friend NotLikeThis
Rourke9: but you still get the aoe on-summon effect and a one with fresh health, as well as a few seconds of added dps
NathanLonghair: Git Baloth!
Xavien_Nil: where did the Baloth go?
manwichcannon: it's just saproling Graham
Genie_M: bossfight!
Texan_Reverend: "Ta-da: PIGS!" Is an amazing catchphrase.
kaffeetrinken89: Going Ham, literally and figuratively.
MozzGrizzly: Hey guys, so on the 23rd this will be an Open Beta, but do we still need to be invited to play?
brieandbacon: Ach, Hans, run!
lyndis_123: Was that a giant ooze following you around?
Earthenone: boss is smaller than your pet
corefluxx: Ham Cannon Go!
SeiichiSin: That seems like a game that you for sure need to know your skill icons.
NathanLonghair: lol
Seth_Erickson: did our baloth instantly die NotLikeThis
beowuuf: rot warden, the greatest boss in the mutiverse
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Does anyone know if you can have multiple characters per account to try different styles?
Skyeborne: @mozzgrizzly no code is needed!
ThaTroubadour: probably an older build too
Mr_Horrible: Theycallmejokke yeah, obv we'll have to see how it plays out, but it's a (if you'll pardon the pun) fertile design space. Could definitely go bad, but I'm intrigued.
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Antitonic: Fling those spellboys around!
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Nuurgle: When Baloth is not on the screen, the viewers should be asking- "Where is Baloth?"
MozzGrizzly: @Skyeborne Thank you!
Genie_M: where's your health bar? the top long green?
Skyeborne: @friendlyneighborhoodgm one character can unlock all classes :)
monkeyrama: You really do have a butt-ton of AOE, don't you
coolbond: where do i go to sign up for the beta?
NathanLonghair: lol dead on arrival
WalkerNash: @LoadingReadyRun Is the framerate skipping part of your system or the game?
ThaTroubadour: legendsPOGGERS
DanTheMediocre: did you just summon a balooth on the enemy and it just gave up and died?!
TXC2: Pumba's revenge
plummeting_sloth: the hog days are over
Desruprot: so where is this taking place?
theleerm: if there's not goblins in this i need a refund
beowuuf: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Rourke9: do they have deathtouch?
the_card_father: Deathtouch?
Ashimablackraven: will legends come to mobile?
ThingsOnMyStream: does the baloth just appear a immediately die?
DanTheMediocre: is that how deathtouch works in this game?
Seth_Erickson: oh that's a good question
TheThromborax: baloth = ultralisk
Theycallmejokke: @Mr_Horrible fair =)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: f2p you say... this does look pretty great
tastymcnuggett: yeah death touch cause the ballot has died immediately twice hahaha
RedShiftLive: what was that hitbox?
Skyeborne: @theleerm we know of several goblin cards
DanTheMediocre: yeah, the baloth fell out of the sky into the rotwarden and just keeled over
BigFMonster: Heck
petey_vonwho: @coolbond there is a link below the video to join the beta
monkeyrama: Pigs OP
Earthenone: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
bigwigthebunnysoldier: did you summon 4 viviens?
LackingSanity_: pig beeeeam
RandomTrivia: LUL The torrent of feral hogs looks so silly
TiberiusEsuriens: I haven't seen much yet chat. Is there deckbuilding in the game or are the cards just tied to classes?
kaffeetrinken89: Those archers and hogs are wild.
Loonatic93: So, since you are supposedly a planeswalker. Does that mean that Questing Beast will do damage to you even if it's doing damage to something else?
Mr_Horrible: it was 10-20 more feral hogs than they could handle
Desruprot: oh wait Ral this is probably Ravnica
ThaTroubadour: deck building is in the game
TheThromborax: Krokt
Theycallmejokke: Frag
BusTed: pennyCuss pennyCuss
Genie_M: Krokt!
TehAmelie: ham cannon at the ready. . .
randomletters5: everyone knws rotwalla's main weakness is feral pigs
Didero: @TiberiusEsuriens There's deckbuilding, but Graham is still in the tutorial so he's not there yet
TheThromborax: krokt is now in my vocab
tastymcnuggett: is uhh Krokt a curseword
TXC2: he facked that Frell Kappa
BrindleBoar: what a load of krokt
TheThromborax: this is canon now
petey_vonwho: @TiberiusEsuriens you can definitely deckbuild
Mistborn83: fraking hell
TiberiusEsuriens: SeemsGood
LurkerSpine: frell
Max_Fan: Krokt is pretty much the worst word one can say on Ravnica KappaRoss
rocketjohn: what's bolas's home plane?
beowuuf: yotz
theleerm: emails will be sent on the 20th right?
plummeting_sloth: I hope it's actually a horrifying curse but like in Albanian
petey_vonwho: and you aren't tied to just one color
andrean32: what about Dasterd
MondoTitan: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
itomeshi: Like 'Shazbot' iin Tribes
TXC2: rocketjohn Dominaria
shadowbow464: play 1BB and cancel him.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Go'rammit!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the whole idea of made up languages is just the coolest too me
Laserbeaks_Fury: SmerrrHeeee
rocketjohn: In which case, this is presumably dominaria
Manae: There was a Robot Chicken skit about that. Long clip of BSG swearing, then censors watching "we have no idea what they're saying!"
Evandill: The magic police are here QUICK, DRAFT
TiberiusEsuriens: !beta
JCMaxw3ll: Ral I literally just got here, are you even a good guy
TiberiusEsuriens: aww
rocketjohn: "i thought nicol bolas had come home"
TheWriterAleph: you've got the SPARK! you've got the POW-AAHHH
Seth_Erickson: They didn't say
Max_Fan: Plane of Tutorialis
Soniczephyr: Meditation real?
cryptic_nah: that was the meditation realm
evil_h2o_elf: The Meditation Realm
Didero: !magiclegends @TiberiusEsuriens
Genie_M: the plane of Tutoria
Mr_Horrible: looked like kind of an interstice
RedShiftLive: The Meditation Realm, it said in the loading screen
GreyMerchants: Looked like MEditation realm?
Cartographers_Ink: The Meditation Realm
themightybucch: The plane of Tutoria
Skyeborne: we don't know where the spark tales place
TheThromborax: Load of Krokt: Red and Blue for an enchantment that makes your opponents discard a card whenever they take damage
Earthenone: totorilialus
monkeyrama: Neat 👀
corefluxx: The plain of Cutscenia
serharridan: when are you storming off?
kruudelis: the plane of Tutoria
kaffeetrinken89: The big flying eel thing suggests ravnica, because simic.
GhassanPL: So are the spells available still randomized while playing?
Seth_Erickson: did they say oh cool
PTElder: The plain of free rent.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: The Plane of Tutorialis
BusTed: we're into 'zines
kerbalized_: this looks awesome for a beta
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Theycallmejokke: Tutorian, the plane of beginning
kirbytronic: Bolas' Meditation Realm it said at the beginning
tastymcnuggett: This is Donkey Kongs tree???
Didero: @TiberiusEsuriens Oh sorry, could've sworn that was the command, oops
tiny_imps: is this alpha or beta
Desruprot: it does look good for a beta
Darleysam: is there still a way for the James Turner curse to manifest in this game?
BITs19_: oh is this a mmorpg?
kerbalized_: like deckbuilding Diablo is really intriguing
Genie_M: it's mmo-like
Earthenone: only 3 player
Mistborn83: is it noobmaster69
TXC2: BITs19_ it's an ARPG
rocketjohn: ARPG
Skyeborne: its an aRPG with mmo elements
monkeyrama: arpg with mmo elements
Desruprot: MMO-Deck Builder?
Drasvin: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: mic 5
Laserbeaks_Fury: izzat NIssa
Cheeselesscraft: @BITs19_ diablo style
PTElder: The tutorial plane becomes your home/workshop.
martian_kyo: You know this reminds me a bit of guild wars 1
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kirbytronic: 20 is a lot of months
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Gaz_L: You're in Tazeem so you now do damage with your butt
Disciple_of_Zeta: Why is Nissa just waiting for YOU a new no name planeswalker?
ThaTroubadour: You could just talk in chat in game and have him right click your name XD
fistandulusrobe: Let’s go. Lerooooooy Jenkinssssssss
monkeyrama: looool
CaptainSpam: Ha!
rocketjohn: diablo style but the camera rotates
martian_kyo: which was kind of card game mmorpg
Evandill: What are we gonna do? Inveite you?
plummeting_sloth: new fisty coming soon though
Lord_ZYRK: I'm in CoolCat
KalistaBeast: lol
Seth_Erickson: James Neutron is here PogChamp
CodeDiCode: i hear thw sound of da police
rocketjohn: I'm very excited for new fisty
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Dmca cops are coming
Sarah_Serinde: Didero TiberiusEsuriens !magiclegends is indeed the command, it's in the stream title. LRRbot just doesn't respond if commands have text after them (it's different from some other bots)
TheWriterAleph: whare ya buyin strangah
ElektroTal: legally distinct nissa
BrindleBoar: Nissa Weathervane.
TehAmelie: i never figured Nissa had a last name
plummeting_sloth: "Oh the Connecticut Ravanes!"
TheThromborax: is that cannon?
RedShiftLive: man Zendikar is looking really nice despite the Eldrazi eating everything
Seth_Erickson: Is Nissa a friend of Ral?
Max_Fan: Friend is a strong word there
Hexi_Lexi: Rawl
Didero: @Sarah_Serinde Thanks for explaining!
adelius3: Hi Nissa I have often sacrified you to draw a card
TiberiusEsuriens: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Mr_Horrible: "We call him Pal Zarek"
Evochron13: coming to you live from tandem, zendikar it's magic legends
beowuuf: doens't nissa's second name come from shandilar?
GodImSoSorry: Ralph Zarek
ElektroTal: Nissa Revane was her first planeswalker card back in Lorwyn
noSmokeFire: is "a friend of Ral" like being a friend of Dorothy?
Theycallmejokke: She doesn't sound like Ashlan at all, so weird
Hexi_Lexi: @Mr_Horrible boo
Mr_Gainsworth: Friend? For the whole 2 minutes? Neat.
beowuuf: ah
monkeyrama: He's gaming seabatBRAIN
Dyllbert: Yah, Revane is her actual name
Loonatic93: You can only Cancel Spells if you have !UU.
tastymcnuggett: Its not a may ability so no
Mr_Horrible: @Hexi_Lexi "Yeah he's not a fan of it either" :p
Viewers_Like_You: The voice acting in this seems fairly extra across the board so far
Evandill: Adam is learning the cooode
Earthenone: !card cancel
LRRbot: Cancel [1UU] | Instant | Counter target spell.
RedShiftLive: Nissa Revane wasn't printed until first Zendikar
BrindleBoar: It is an ARPG, it *needs* a force move
kerbalized_: yeah how does one summon a judge when the evil boss misplays?
CleeKru: now.... will they do Nissa and Chandra or will they just ignore that...
Hexi_Lexi: @Mr_Horrible i boo out of love
TheThromborax: @noSmokeFire yes it is exactly the same thing
Mr_Horrible: LUL
ElektroTal: zendikar, not lorwyn. my apologies
itomeshi: Oh Serge...
Gaz_L: live from Tazeem on the plane of Zendikar it's LoadingReadyLive!
ElektroTal: the first nissa card was not very good
Laserbeaks_Fury: Seems like this is a controller game
Genie_M: it looks Green, not Red
tiny_imps: do you guys know if you get to unlock other colors of mana
Hexi_Lexi: is serge playing as Hedron Crab?
RedShiftLive: but seriously Zendikar looks nice despite when this occurs in the timeline
Seth_Erickson: is it Iona?
NarishmaReborn: emeria
Mr_Horrible: Emeria?
Earthenone: emerkul
RedShiftLive: Emrakul
GGoggles: emrakul
Genie_M: Emeria
TheWriterAleph: EULA?
GreyMerchants: Looks like Emeria
funthief: Emeria!
Skyeborne: @tiny_imps decks can have up to 2 colors
BanditoHorse: emrakul
TiberiusEsuriens: SeemsGood thanks a bunch, chat
Mr_Horrible: the "angel" god
ShortRound2099: sephiroth?
niccus: always read the eula
RedShiftLive: Akroma
angeiras1: Emeria .-.
inks_muse: The wings is Emeria
TheThromborax: End User License Agreement?
the_card_father: Emeria. Emrakul.
TeamDarkBeginning: emeria
Greyah: It's the wanderer, clearly.
diamondmx: Noone ever reads about EULA.
NojhLivic: Bullwinkle!
SocraticMethod: Wasn't emeria the "angel"?
beowuuf: lol diamondmx
monkeyrama: well that seems real good
exerus16: Emeria, with Emrakul shaped wings
Mr_Horrible: Ula was the Sea god, iirc
BrindleBoar: Yeah, Emeria. Who is Definitely Not Actually Emrakul Don't Even Worry About It
TheThromborax: go fast card
ThaTroubadour: tons
TheThromborax: @LoadingReadyRun a lot
ThaTroubadour: of deck building
Invitare: as a Magic Lore expert I can confirm that statue is an angel
4_mandalore: Ula was Ulamog
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Is this released?
Genie_M: they said it's a prime aspect
Decaped: depends how many card upgrades you can grind out
Skyeborne: we know of 190 cards, so there is potential for a lot of different decks
NarishmaReborn: It would be kind of silly if it didn't have deck building as a big thing
inks_muse: Deck building is pretty important it seems!
Theycallmejokke: As much deck sculpting as your wallet will allow
inks_muse: Managing your variance
TehAmelie: "shorter cooldown" sounds like "partial timewalk" and i like it
kirbytronic: I mean, she's not. They just thought she was
SocraticMethod: "Thanks for the help, Nissa!"
xerjen: Nissa, you could help...
Seth_Erickson: It was Ula, Cosi, and verdicts out on Emrakul's deity name
Seth_Erickson: Grotag Bug Catcher
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I'm interested to see how you progress a build
imdanielholt: Bugcatcher
TXC2: !card grotag
LRRbot: Did you mean: Grotag Bug-Catcher; Grotag Night-Runner; Grotag Siege-Runner; Grotag Thrasher
BigFMonster: I have been following the Dev blogs and streams. yes this game has a deck builder and that is kind of the point of it being connected to MTG
tiny_imps: is the game a bit choppy or is that a twitch issue
joanneg110: will this be a free to play or subscription based game like wow
petey_vonwho: I will say artifacts and gear you get will also affect your deckbuilding decisions
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
rocketjohn: i mean deckbuilding is just a skill tree with a different user interface. it's cute, but not exactly revolutionary
Mr_Horrible: how focussed it can be vs how focussed it needs to be, etc
TXC2: our first Spidro Giante
Metalupis: spidro gigante
randomletters5: there being spiders has insentivisedme 50% less to play this game
ShortRound2099: that has reach?
TehAmelie: that spider just took 30-50 feral hogs in the face
ArcOfTheConclave: is this a closed beta?
Loonatic93: Don't use any flyers against it!
balfizan: el Spidro Gigante indeed
monkeyrama: Big beast fight PogChamp
Earthenone: !card giant spider
LRRbot: Giant Spider [3G] | Creature — Spider [2/4] | Reach
NightValien28: SMACK
Archonic_Energy: why is it always giant spiders?
randomletters5: *insentivised*
Genie_M: whomp.
monakai: Get reckt
Sarah_Serinde: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
kerbalized_: plzNoSteppy
Gaz_L: El Spidro Giante
plummeting_sloth: Boy, super happy to have you along and helping Nissa
PTElder: I think you start seeing the deck customization after Rak shows you where to chill in Tolaria?
GhostValv: steppy :)
MicroManagingMusician: is this related to mtg at all i dont know it?
GGoggles: needs more collosal dreadmaw
Xavien_Nil: can we get kobolds in this game with 0 dps?
RedShiftLive: El Spidreo Gigante
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Nissa just standing there evaluating your skills.
TXC2: MicroManagingMusician yes
Decaped: deck building will be fun or not depending on if fights depend on burst's real hard to figure out what this game is going to be like.
Skyeborne: there is no closed beta :) there was closed alpha tests, but the beta starting March 23 is open to everyone
RedShiftLive: I hope there aren't any vines
felrender: Prok Yawn
zuurmilk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:29.
NarishmaReborn: Procyon? Wasn't that the bad guy in the D&D movie?
WonderfulGlory: I know some seers from there, nice people
Mistborn83: creeper
Invitare: so are 1000+ other people
frnknstn: El Balotho Enorme'
Mr_Horrible: rocketjohn the way you actually utilize your build, tho, is what interests me, since it seems like there's less of investment in individual abilities so much as sculpting more consistency/redundancy within your build
SnowbirdMike: Wooohoo. Logged in and found suprise LRR stuff happening.
Greyah: Going from late-game Path of Exile to this was like an F1 car smashing into a wall at full speed. But I'm curious to see where it goes.
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Look at the cards.
Disciple_of_Zeta: So, you mentioned thet it is a new story, but, is it cannon?
kerbalized_: i wonder how many deck styles translate into this game. Like aristocrats, combo etc
Laserbeaks_Fury: That she's probably secretly a good guy
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun are there other control styles? like WASD to move?
Earthenone: bonefire?
monkeyrama: probably a spawn?
TXC2: well if recent Disney movies have taught me anything, it means she has the hots for us Kappa
Genie_M: probably portal point
MAPBoardgames: Try dying?
4_mandalore: Enormous Baloth flavor text: Its diet consists of fruits, plants, small woodland animals, large woodland animals, woodlands, fruit groves, fruit farmers, and small cities.
samwisep86: !badadvice
LRRbot: Parachutes just slow you down.
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randomletters5: now Grahams waiting until he gets craterhoof behemoth
lemmel: Checkpoint/Respawn point
plummeting_sloth: I'm glad your hogs know that person means you no harm
Heatdeathinfinityspider: this doesn't look like a magic game at all
Loonatic93: Is there an aristocrats deck yet?
beowuuf: snowbirdmike: bonus stream is them showing off magic legends, which will launch in beta march 23, f2p arpg
noSmokeFire: pounce is one of your sorceries
CodeDiCode: So... how does mill work in this game...?
monkeyrama: What does +2/+2 even mean in this game?
rocketjohn: Heatdeathinfinityspider it's the lack of having to pay excessive prices for essential game peices of the secondary market.
SocraticMethod: So what does "Trample" exactly do here?
Desruprot: 2 power and 2 toughness
Earthenone: i assume it means it gets 2 of two diferent things :P
slappypants: aether fox huh. does that mean your character is from Ikoria?
themightybucch: Guess that baloth needs to get more enormous
kerbalized_: maybe trample is AOE
Easilycrazyhat: Go-blins
TXC2: SocraticMethod probably hits other things next to the target
tiny_imps: the guys sounds like his nose is in his skull
rocketjohn: trample seems to hit things behind target
SocraticMethod: ooh, so cleave
NathanLonghair: @4_mandalore That flavor text has always been one of my absolute favourites ^^
Mr_Horrible: cleeeeeave PogChamp
Seth_Erickson: Oooh PogChamp
cryptic_nah: @monkeyrama P/T represent an amount of stats based on how upgraded the individual spell is. So if you give a 2/2 +0/+1 it gets 50% more health.
4_mandalore: Enormous Baloth costs 6G, not 8GG wtf WotC
CodeDiCode: or piercing
Loonatic93: Wait... How do mana dorks work here? Can you summon BoPs?
niccus: what are signs of goblin activity
betweenmyself: Took many years of practice for him to break out of being an Amateurcyon pennyWhat
Wolfstrike_NL: So trample = pierce
felrender: naptime
TehAmelie: what are signs of goblin activity? dead goblins
noSmokeFire: I love goblin activity
Earthenone: !card goblin activity
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Seth_Erickson: You got trapped NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: @cryptic_nah ah, makes sense
RedShiftLive: oh crap Vines of Vastwood
diamondmx: Maybe it's the Roil?
wurmbane: the roil
Didero: The NPC did say that you shouldn't stand around or the vines might get you, that green circle is probably that
SocraticMethod: !card Aether fox
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Joalni: Was it the roil?
the510: you do get mana as a resource for spells, so mana dorks probably just speed up that regen
circusofkirkus: are Serge and Adam also on Zendikar or does each color class have it's own starting plane?
Xavien_Nil: I do want +2/+2 to make the model bigger, so it eventually takes up the whole screen.
rocketjohn: !card ther fox
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ndk_de: camera turn is pretty cool
monkeyrama: Super weird to not have a fixed camera, kinda nice
Genie_M: and now you never know where you were
SocraticMethod: @circusofkirkus Zendikar
Skyeborne: everyone starts on tazeem but then can choose what plane they go to after
Dyllbert: That was a point though where you actually needed to turn the camera.
Evandill: Turning the camer a is new and tbh Sweet.
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TheThromborax: 3D is really going to change things
corefluxx: Corgo100
spleenlord: This seems cool. Where can I get this game?
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Skyeborne: tazeem, galvony, banalia, shiv, and tolarian are the regions available
beowuuf: spectral baloth *clap clap clapclapclap*
TheThromborax: phantom monster
Niuttuc: Oh, hey, missed the start of the stream because work. Good to see you on this game
Alchemistmerlin: So can I play Krenko and endlessly summon goblins?
monkeyrama: Ah, so mind magic is cc 👀
beowuuf: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
diamondmx: What class/build is Adam playing?
jdtreker: This looks interesting
noSmokeFire: @diamondmx blue "mind mage"
diamondmx: @noSmokeFire Thanks
SocraticMethod: tazeem as in place in zendikar?
BanditoHorse: shiv, of shivan dragon fame?
ElektroTal: adele tazeem?
Evandill: yep
noSmokeFire: @SocraticMethod yop
SocraticMethod: @noSmokeFire tanks
TehAmelie: now i'm picturing a shivan dragon holding a shiv. so scary
Izandai: Huh, not really a black-aligned region in that list.
TheWriterAleph: Tazeem? From the Cloud District?
Desruprot: Tazeem I thought was the blue mana place?
itomeshi: Benalia was in the Alpha and felt very flat, but was pretty good.
felrender: Goblins!
gamercat88: Serge is beefy
MozzGrizzly: What buttons are being used to move around? Graham seems to be struggling a little bit
slappypants: banalia, shiv and tolaria are all on Dominaria yea?
Desruprot: *something something Sphinx from Tazeem*
Gearoverlord: Is this going to be a PC exclusive game or will counsels be getting this too?
monkeyrama: Let Serge dream ,Adam LUL
Skyeborne: I don't think it was ever public when you can group up, so after you guys group up it'll be public knowledge lol
jdtreker: Is this on dominaria?
Naarius: Poor goblins...
beowuuf: !hubris
TXC2: slappypants yes
Max_Fan: So much anti-goblin propaganda
Mr_Horrible: Izandai I'd guess it's Gavony, since it's on Innistrad
4_mandalore: @jdtreker Zendikar
SocraticMethod: Chat, any predictions what "Reach" does in this game?
Rourke9: @Izandai I know at least Benalia has parts of it that are getting invaded my zombies and such
Rourke9: *by zombies
plummeting_sloth: Truly the Dark Souls of MTG based ARPGs
randomletters5: I didn't know there was such thing as exessive damage from goblins.
Seth_Erickson: Can't wait for James to flood out Kappa
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Use them... unless there's a Cycle mechanic?
TXC2: SocraticMethod does more damage to fliers
BusTed: topdecked!
Izandai: @Mr_Horrible Mmm, I suppose. What's throwing me is that Gavony Township activates for green and white.
Epinephilim: Oh neat! An MTG ARPG?
circusofkirkus: speedrun group up record
RayFK: That's called Coupling Kappa
snuklee: its possible control the char with the arrows ?
asthanius: World Exclusive Hangouts
TehAmelie: is there a cycle mechanic or deck stacking of some kind?
keep_it_lobster: Do we know how this game will be monetized?
4_mandalore: "My deck has 20 copies of Elven assault wtf"
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh some red creatures
Niuttuc: Loading ready run: World's first friends
gamercat88: achievement unlock hopefully
Mr_Horrible: Izandai yeah, I'm just guessing since they have their share of spoops, too, like Gavony Unhallowed
lemmel: I remember not being able to group until after this mission
Izandai: Mmm, fair point.
Greyah: Stiltlurker. Very tall friend.
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Earthenone: looks nothing like a stiltpuffer. thank gods
kerbalized_: @txc2 your character now having reach and just dying to a single bird would be kinda funny
SocraticMethod: That lizard had AOE attack but I didn't see much telegraphing.
TXC2: kerbalized_ indeed
Mr_Horrible: oh, you're fighting 2 Eternal Witnesses in a Trenchcoat
Vaygrim: I'm already intrigued by this game.
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Is that actual Vivien?
Seth_Erickson: The Boar damage is massive
Genie_M: finding the proper order of spells will be a fun thing to experiment on
asthanius: Pog Power?
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
BusTed: 🐗
ArcOfTheConclave: was that overrun?
malc: HogChamp
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So I'm assuming this game doesn't have a limit to deck size? ;) Hate to mill yourself in the middle of a fight.
Mr_Horrible: Face-tanking like a true Green Mage
Dandinstorm12: hog power?
niccus: the question for later is, how many hogs can you put in a deck
dusk_yagami: Was that 30-50 feral hogs there?
noSmokeFire: @kerbalized_ I love that in the canon of magic the gathering, birds are a planeswalker's natural predator
4_mandalore: hoggers
Izandai: How many boars does that ability actually summon? Because I will be extremely pleased if the number is greater than 29 but no more than 50.
Seth_Erickson: wait a minute that's cheating DansGame
4_mandalore: hogchamp
BusTed: "tamed"
Niuttuc: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn The deck size is twelve, but it cycles randomly between spells, no limit to the number of total spells
petey_vonwho: "tamed"
Gaz_L: enormous even
Skyeborne: cause yours is enormous
Max_Fan: Their baloth is not enormous
beowuuf: i said the *big* baloth
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: That implies yours isn't tamed though?
Mr_Gainsworth: I would love it if Mystery Lady wa simply trying to combat the Oathwatch's grasp on the multiverse.
monkeyrama: "Tamed" confirmed < "Enormous"
Earthenone: "tamed"
SolarBlitz1: It's not about the size of your bayloth
Desruprot: its not about the size of the baloth its how you use it
randomletters5: only Gahams allowed to have pet baloths
HolyMTG: @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn 12 spells deck size; but you won't get milled
Seth_Erickson: @Izandai I think it said 30-40
SWPilgrim: Its said ENORMOUS baloth not average baloth
BITs19_: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
AmoriLinguae: Serge still seems to think green isn't about the bigguffest st
j0xer: ai pathfinding definitely looking like video game pet control we are all familiar with
Dandinstorm12: how obstinate
noSmokeFire: by gawd that's baloth's music
Izandai: @Seth_Erickson You might be right.
BaskinRootwalla: I can't wait to see how they implemented banding in this game.
Dandinstorm12: of your baloth
inks_muse: Gromit, it's the wrong Baloth!
CodeDiCode: these effects will get the screen real busy once you play with a party
SocraticMethod: Felidars are that big?!
betweenmyself: “It’s not a contest”, says the gentleman without a giant Baloth. riffYeti
RandomTrivia: Drawing it off the top in a dire situation is called "getting Bal-ed out"
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
MAPBoardgames: Stop the baloth on baloth violence!
Zettabit_Fox: I scoop
niccus: felidars are at least as large as bears
beowuuf: ah graham, with all these baloths you are really spoiling us
asthanius: "I can't believe this is still in the pack!"
Izandai: @Seth_Erickson Oh, no, I looked it up, it's 30-50.
Ghostalker: you guys get baloths!?
tiny_imps: gram are you sure you can't have two baloths
Desruprot: This is getting out of hand now there two of them
TheThromborax: Baloth off of the Restricted list
SocraticMethod: I thought they were larg cat-sized, not big bear
TXC2: "jeez Graham how come your mom lets to you have TWO Baloths?"
Seth_Erickson: @Izandai PogChamp
Viewers_Like_You: The same deviled egg
trainumwalking: This game looks pretty cool, will this be free when it comes out?
CleeKru: oh a mode where you draft our skills for PvP would be insane!!!!!
Earthenone: is anyone keeping a running count of the number of fearal hogs summoend this stream?
MAPBoardgames: I bet you can summon a second baloth.
CleeKru: *your
randomletters5: I'm playing the mono baloth archetpe
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Now I want some sort of planeswalker meeting hall/pub where you draft your spells.
TehAmelie: always the danger of running pet builds
Skyeborne: @trainumwalking as far as we have been told the game and all updates will be free :)
Seth_Erickson: How many Baloth's can we have at any one time
randomletters5: *archetype*
Dandinstorm12: sporecap spider? A 1/5 with reach?
Cheeselesscraft: @trainumwalking yes, even with available grinding for the premium currency
TXC2: "tamed" is doing a lot of work here
floki4242: as long as the Goblins don't ride the spiders
Epinephilim: Oh gross, free2play.
shendaras: White?
Skyeborne: @seth_erickson only 1 of each creature spell can be casted at a timw
SnowBuddy18: would you rather they tame an impala G?
monkeyrama: LUL
SnowbirdMike: Blue magic shenanigans ahoy.
krslcsn: It's the most frustrating color
Seth_Erickson: ah that's no fun
TXC2: thems fighting words Adam Kappa
SocraticMethod: Blue is not most powerful anymore, green is the new monarch
Greyah: Important question: can you play storm?
gamercat88: gotta be the best, the best that ever was
Ghostalker: said famous Mika player
TehAmelie: home of the rootwalla?
GhostValv: got there
Seth_Erickson: But Adam this isn't Magic the Gathering so all bets are off Kappa
NarishmaReborn: Ah, but this is multiplayer, and in the premier multiplayer format, green is most powerful
Skyeborne: if you summon the same creature the other gets snapped
Robot_Bones: noticing no White players eh Kappa
Evandill: I can't wait until mono-blue mages become the meta becaue they can counter boss telegraphs
DeGunner: does bouncing an enemy just launch them into the air?
SmashTCG: yes
inks_muse: Can't believe we don't have any Lightning Bolts being repped
Crokoking: Legends Friday Nights when? :P
BlueFingers5: What about Tron?
diamondmx: You can almost certainly play cards which cause storms.
SmashTCG: but only empty the warrens
krslcsn: Cascade!
Niuttuc: You can probably play storm, you can cast spells to draw cards and generate mana
galen150: storm isnt a thing to our knowleddge
Travilogue: Which skills go in Aristocrats?
ii_calipso_ii: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
bigwigthebunnysoldier: I wanna Dredge
the_card_father: Hey Serge. How’s the Zombie army play?
jrhwhite: No Storm? I'm out
felrender: "let's not say things"
KyubiStormMage: you can storm arrows upon the enemies
petey_vonwho: I don't think the old one goes away.
TXC2: what does Green even Storm into? :p
wharra: I'm assumign some sort of haste based build would be storm
beowuuf: new baloth, who was dis?
groovemancery: is aristocrats a thing in this gaem?
BanditoHorse: Prepare for baloth-fall?
Wiliart: Say hello to my 'little' friend!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Ok, now I'm hoping there will be a spell in this game called Crow Storm
ElektroTal: to be totally honest, that's *exactly* how i've imagined summoning creatures to work since 1994
petey_vonwho: I definitely summoned multiple kavu
CodeDiCode: so this means you can find equipment in dungeons and stack them and shit?
Desruprot: Welcome to Good Baloth home of the Good Baloth can I take your order?
TehAmelie: more like bA LOT
TXC2: hello jrhwhite welcome
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cheezweazl: Suddenly.... Swine!
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libraryrulesrule: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:50.
STALKERsoldiers: Pork Storm
TheThromborax: @FriendlyNeighborhoodGM that would actually be pretty good in this
BoomerAang_Squad: can I stone rain my opponent to take them off of a color?
randomletters5: aaaaaaand pigs Graham 2021
betweenmyself: And... Pigs ohnoBartpig
Laserbeaks_Fury: Titanfall, incoming
Hexi_Lexi: @BoomerAang_Squad i love your username
monkeyrama: "inherently"
asthanius: OH
Izandai: Not inherently evil, but some of them are jerks.
Robot_Bones: Probably just stone rain to take them off their Life
Seth_Erickson: Oh she big
malc: large lass
Izandai: Statue, Graham?
monkeyrama: It moves lrrSPOOP
BoomerAang_Squad: @hexi_lexi thanks oakteaHearts
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: @TheThromborax Right?
Monogoliensis: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Looks like it's breathing
Seth_Erickson: almost as tall as Adam's FemRoe
plummeting_sloth: "Looks like" sure dude... sure
Greyah: That looks pretty cool.
TheThromborax: it's breathing
RayFK: We'meria Graham
Laserbeaks_Fury: All I wanna do
Skyeborne: statue woman can't hurt you
hippitybobbity: yo wat this game is happened?
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LordShadner: Have to come back here for the VOD but so far Magic: the Looting looks good lrrAWESOME
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Naarius: That looks like something you can pay mana to animate
MrOrion24: I love the music
Xenotechie: @Naarius fifteen mana, to be specific
TheThromborax: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TiberiusEsuriens: pro gamers run 480p with no effects for that maximum frame rate Keepo
asthanius: rocks made to trap bad stuff
SmashTCG: nahiri made a bunch of rocks
Seth_Erickson: It's Ugin/Nahiri Magic I think
KidAmn: I did want to ask, is it at a stable 60fps on your side, because it does look a touch choppy
noSmokeFire: a hedron is a thing a crab likes
Xenotechie: eldrazi containment guffins
RandomTrivia: They channel mana from the leylines
4_mandalore: Time to update Kathleen's Larg Women tier list
Stoffern: Is the webcam footage yummy?
CodeDiCode: yeah ppl, we came here to see Graham and pals play, not "quality" content
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man, that sure is a water elemental
Dyllbert: They were the prison for the Eldrazi
SrMuskrat: They were used to trap the eldrazi
funthief: Nahiri made them to trap the eldrazi
Earthenone: they are crab homes
Robot_Bones: Hedrons were used to imprison the Eldrazi
Zoso_Wolf: They were created by Nahiri to imprison the Eldrazi right?
Xavien_Nil: sealed the eldrazi, originally
DeGunner: Do we know if this is pre or post war?
WonderfulGlory: They are there to look cool and confuse crabs
SmashTCG: She spent a bunch of years makeing them
Evandill: And we all know how well that went
the_card_father: So Hedrons were made to imprison the eldrazi, but that kind of didn’t work.
Angreed66: Lore wise the hedrons are more of a curruption than any elemental on Zendikar
manwichcannon: boxes full of knowledge and magic stuff i think
bigwigthebunnysoldier: hedrons are nahiris thing
Genie_M: they were created to divert leylines and hold the eldrazi
Izandai: The hedrons are lithomancy structures created to imprison the eldrazi within Zendikar.
starhunter_13: they where to stop the eldrozi i think
TheWanderingNomad: ANyone else's stream freezing up or is just on my eend?
lemmel: Hedrons are kor magic to channel the leylines
MeLikeSmallMatters: they used to be what kept the Eldrazi locked up
Viewers_Like_You: They’re made as crab tribute
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Xenotechie: that's the reason Hedron Alignment can win you the game
Desruprot: Eldrazi, they shall consume
Niuttuc: @degunner between the end of Oath of the Gatewatch and the Hour of Devastation, so before WAR
TehAmelie: this hedron's gonna be so aligned
RandomTrivia: Rampaging saprolings is an oxymoron, surely?
Desruprot: uh what were the choices for the character creation?
coolnezz09: Ugin put magic in them I think
funthief: Nahiri, Sorin, and Ugin teamed up to trap the eldrazi on Zendikar
TheThromborax: Hedrons are regular stones with enchanted runes on them.
Gaz_L: el Spidro fungale
BusTed: whomp
monkeyrama: Rampaging plants 👀
4_mandalore: fungus spider *clap clap clapclapclap*
Seth_Erickson: Hedron's are also apparently good at sealing sparks away
libraryrulesrule: annnnnd baloth
Skyeborne: oh, I just realized I was gifted a sub thank you @themerricat :)
SocraticMethod: The oldest lore was that hedrons were Eldrazi tech, but that was retconned into Nahiri's devices
Nuurgle: @Desruprot you pick a color
ArcOfTheConclave: Hedrons are magufins
TheMerricat: :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's very Titanfall
asthanius: "That woman!"
underhill33: Weeeeelllll, it's the Baloth
TheThromborax: you're not going to get tired of it but you ARE going to get better cards
Xenotechie: for ten mana, it better be LUL
Ghostalker: is it more of a rampaging or obstinate one?
Gaytanic_Panic: What's Baloth doing in the IMPACT zone?!
Xenotechie: @Ghostalker just Enormous, this one.
TheThromborax: you have to memorize the art
itomeshi: No, this is a 'reading the card explains the card'
Drasvin: So if a creature is summoned to s
Mr_Horrible: he wants to know cards by the art :p
TheThromborax: I think you can change it so that it has the name on it
BoomerAang_Squad: Operation: Baloth Drop
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monkeyrama: lol
TehAmelie: in Control we have been dealing with a thing called Hadron resonance amplifiers. i forgot the Magic things are called Hedrons until now. . .
betweenmyself: If Graham gets real lucky maybe he’ll pull a Shiny Baloth pennyWhat
BusTed: Depends on how well they handle synergies.
SmashTCG: Summon goblin, then SUmmon MORE goblins
Greyah: There is a minimum requirement for a deck, I do believe.
Drasvin: -and slams, what would haste do?
Nuurgle: half the skins are avatar changes, the other half are summon appearance
inks_muse: Are you even allowed to just have two cards?
noSmokeFire: you might get slammed by cooldowns if you aren't cycling
Niuttuc: Also for the "how much deckbuilding" question from earlier there's about 175 different spells at the start of the beta, plus artifacts and equipments
Nuurgle: min deck size is 10 or 12
manwichcannon: thats why standard would play like 20 cards if it were legal
Niuttuc: And class and Traits
Decaped: there's a point system and a deck size system
Skyeborne: 12 creature points, 1 copy of each card, have to have 12 cards
BigFMonster: the max size is 12
Viewers_Like_You: I can’t wait for someone to make a Battle of Wits build
SocraticMethod: hey it's the place they make ice-cream from!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: And if there will be something like Rotation
Qvdv: is it also clear that the devs play the heck out of other arpgs?
Endless109: I would rather have them play the heck out of Path of Exile
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I think you're going to have some bombs you hold until absolutely needed... and some small number of spells you loop through as quickly as possible.
asthanius: "We are banning the Uro ability from Standard"
monkeyrama: Sleep PogChamp
punderdome: I’m still sad they never got the Pinny arcade pins they were supposed to have for East last year. I think I still have the card they gave out
SmashTCG: its the same baloth
CodeDiCode: at least they will be able to patch this game
Drasvin: New baloth, who dis?
SmashTCG: he just runs off every so often
thegrayarbiter: So Ugin, Sorin and Naheri came up the hedrons to bind the Elidrizi, Nissa with her reclamation, let them free again and that is why so few are in their full state.
Qvdv: Endless109 that's what I was thinking, little Last epoch maybe
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie It is actually Hedron in Control too. Hedron means "face" in terms of geometric shapes.
TehAmelie: life is just another resource eh
BigFMonster: @Viewers_Like_You You could not even make a battle of Wits Deck yet in this game they said they got like 117 spells right now in the game if i remember right. so not even 200
TehAmelie: ooh
Cheeselesscraft: @Endless109 honestly, this game feels like it might have at least a more dun endgame than PoE, that game gets so terribly boring
pixieproxy: Are spells just unlocked in this game? Or do they drop or can you collect them?
betweenmyself: +1 Gold riffGasp
pixieproxy: LIke skills in the original kguild wars
Nuurgle: @pixieproxy yes
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TXC2: the hedrons are also like 4k years old :p
Skyeborne: @bigfmonster we know of 190 cards, whether or not they all get into open beta is yet to be seen
theleerm: i do hope i can play with only lightning bolts
pixieproxy: @Nuurgle Yes to both? XD
froggystrap: the representation of the Roil is kinda cool
Nuurgle: they unlock, and you can find shards to combine to make spells/upgrade them
Rourke9: boss fight?
pixieproxy: Ah I see
64 raiders from GoingOptimal have joined!
TXC2: hello Raiders
BlueFingers5: switching games? lol
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART
Niuttuc: No, Arena is a different game
Pistollero1: Ohh Wizards made a MTG mobile game
Skeptical_Hat: optimalHiya optimalHiya optimalHiya
Ghostalker: *Magic: Arena Loads*
timbertrannel: Greetings all! optimalHiya TombRaid
plummeting_sloth: enter the Magic Arena, but not, you know, THE Magic Arena
Endless109: MTG; The Arena
shendaras: I was hoping that it would just pull up the Arena client.
Zettabit_Fox: suddenly card fight
GoingOptimal: Hey LRR gang!
Togathic: @theleerm what do you thik this is alpha?
Bluedevyl: Welcome, raiders!
Izandai: Whack 'em
Skeptical_Hat: AN magic arena
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
Moonspeak721: death is distracting
punderdome: Sorin left Nahiri on read and that’s why Emrakul is now trapped in Innistrad’s Moon
randomletters5: the arena? the MTG arena?
TXC2: good advice lrrbot
SmashTCG: that attak seems so weird
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Hordes of boars are distracting...
SmashTCG: it could have just been a rain of arrows from a bunch of offscreen elves
DavidVerro: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Xenotechie: shame it's not Phyrexian Arena
Izandai: @punderdome There were, like, a few intermediary steps there.
plummeting_sloth: Play a subgame of Arena
SZebra: How smooth are the animations? Seems a little frame-y on my stream?
beowuuf: 'graveyard' somehow?
SmashTCG: but instead the elves are floating above
beowuuf: if you are sumoning zombies?
Endless109: those are 4 elves that holds themselves in the air by sheer force of arrows
Xenotechie: @SZebra per graham, the frame drops are on his end
asthanius: I assume there's a slot cooldown
Rourke9: there is a timer on 'drawing' new spells, i think there is card draw that lets you instantly get new spells
SZebra: @Xenotechie Gotcha, thanks!
Desruprot: I hope thats not a perilous Vault
TheOtherTrevor: cooldown = moving between phases?
Nuurgle: you eventually get up to 4 card slots as you get to a full deck of 12
Genie_M: draw speed and hand size will be a thing
Niuttuc: There's card draw spells yeah
SocraticMethod: Is there a list of keywords in this game?
Skyeborne: there are mechanics and abilities that increase draw speed and Mana regen
Endless109: Can we play Self-Mill and Lab Maniac?
monkeyrama: Graham's computer is under a lot of stress, I imagine it's much cleaner when you are playing this by itself
Togathic: +1 to what skyeborne said
Nuurgle: it's...not much cleaner
Seth_Erickson: got cheated
monkeyrama: Pigs scared em off
plummeting_sloth: you piged them so hard they disappeared
Moonspeak721: celebratory stampede
Desruprot: Pigs successfully dodged
BrindleBoar: lrrFINE
Xenotechie: this is fine.
monkeyrama: loool
ElektroTal: as a person who hasn't played games in this genre since like 2000, i am definitely gonna find myself completely befuddled by the controls
Pistollero1: Whats the FPS on this? looks like below 20
SocraticMethod: Lullmage stole the creature?
Xavien_Nil: they should have rotation be a thing, and the flavor being too many planeswalkers summoned the old creatures, and now they're extinct.
Niuttuc: The Enormous Baloth isn't the Tamed Baloth
plummeting_sloth: Lolmage
Valcron74: the text box is TOO large
Ogrekidd: maybe the merfolk used control magic
floki4242: are you going to stop it
Decaped: dying in cutscenes. just beta things. (hopefully0
lemmel: Once you finish this mission and head back, you can group up
randomletters5: baloth do what pig-don't
Evandill: @ElektroTal BIG SAME
NDCazzy: who all is playing?
asthanius: @Pistollero1 He's also dealing with two input streams and streaming this himself, so that definitely drops the framerate
Seth_Erickson: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Drasvin: I think the merfolk was controlling the guy you were talking to
Soniczephyr: There better be boosties in this game
NDCazzy: oh Adam is AFK
Xenotechie: M. T. Chair, of course, subbing in for Adam in a time of need.
ElektroTal: frankly, given the resource drains of all the sundry streaming going on plus the twitch filter, i'm surprised this runs at all
HolyMTG: @Soniczephyr there are ;)
matty0409: press the any key
petey_vonwho: @Soniczephyr there is
Evandill: I hope we get different cosmetric planeswalk animations
Viewers_Like_You: Chevron one, encoded
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rhade7: Thanks for showing this off, I'm very interested in possibly playing this with my SO :)
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wulfram77: Where's the any key?
TehAmelie: curse you, any key
TheThromborax: "Do you want Eldrazi? Because this is how you get Eldrazi!"
keep_it_lobster: Have we seen any artifacts yet?
SZebra: But where's the 'Any' key?
BigFMonster: No press the Any key
diamondmx: Of course there will be lootboxes...uh, boosters in this game.
Pseudonym_Ken: Just had a brain moment where I saw Graham's water bottle and I was like, "Hey I have a bottle just like that!" Doh
Skyeborne: you might be able to team up now
monkeyrama: Oh hey
asthanius: World's First!
Seth_Erickson: Serge is so fast 👀
Skeptical_Hat: it's a people!
Xenotechie: I need to get an "any key" keycap
Mr_Horrible: hello there mlpreview139!
3PlayerPolitics: super enthusiastic necromancer!
Dr_fragenstien: I can't help but see MLP Review
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RobBovill: 69 months! Nice.
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BusTed: Leylines? 👀
theleerm: what specs does it need?
monkeyrama: Wow LUL
Izandai: They're here!
circusofkirkus: BRAIN BLAST
BoomerAang_Squad: oakteaLOL oakteaLOL oakteaLOL
cryptic_nah: You can't send party invites until you finish Tazeem. But you can queue for missions in public and play together in the overworld.
Zettabit_Fox: Fox!
Skyeborne: thanks for the stream :) wish I could stick around but I need to go
Skeptical_Hat: James Neutron the Blue mage is great! LUL
Genie_M: time to baloth
Xenotechie: and now, time for team sultai
PlatinumTang: Oh snap, first multiplayer showcase
Mr_Horrible: Adam has conjured a Thick Wet DansGame
SocraticMethod: But Serge, you have lots of friends! they are just a bit temporary
Easilycrazyhat: You killed plenty of people on the way here, Serge. You should have made a friend from one of them ;p
Seth_Erickson: the gangs all together PogChamp
BusTed: casually floating around
TheThromborax: Congrats, you are a healer
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: yeah, that sounds like a Blue mage, calling other colors idiots.
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Izandai: Those sound like some weirdly large numbers for this early in the game.
FreaQU: So, will this be the magic format where healing salve doesn't suck?
rogerivany: Serge probably has to kill and reanimate his friends.
monkeyrama: Oh my
diamondmx: Moist
Mr_Horrible: "No, my socks!"
pajamassleep: I'm worried because I'm thinking of what white can do and uh green is already doing it
niccus: a real moistmaker
Skeptical_Hat: mass moist, helluva spell
circusofkirkus: can you duel each other?
wynternyghtynggale: dank moist
TheMerricat: Did the "It's so vascular" saying get retired?
asthanius: Adam gets to fly
Endless109: So are we playing Sultai or Moist Golgari?
tron1632: is this a diablo meets Magic game?
SnowBuddy18: world premiere
Xenotechie: The MTGA voiceacting for the planeswalkers has ingrained so deeply in my psyche any other voice sounds wrong
Genderi: Maybe if Healing Salve healed 1000 life, it would be good enough :)
Gaytanic_Panic: Good thing I wore my high waters.'
Mr_Horrible: "You idiots figure it out"
Seth_Erickson: We've got rollback we don't need to test Kappa
frnknstn: blue mana is thick wet send tweet
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RandomTrivia: @wynternyghtynggale Nope, don't ilke that benginSpoop
BigFMonster: AKA pee break
tennsquid: why so glitchy?
Zettabit_Fox: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
bigwigthebunnysoldier: WORLD FIRST wheelerY wheelerH
exerus16: First multiplayer in the history of gaming
Qvdv: tron1632 yeah, more or less
theleerm: james neutron making us all wet
malc: tennsquid: look, Graham's PC has had a hard year OK
Izandai: @tennsquid Graham's computer has a lot going on and it's doing its best.
Genderi: James Neutron Star
markaci: PrideCheers PrideCheers
tennsquid: lol ...
Gaytanic_Panic: Ganbatte, Graham's computer. Gabatte.
TheMerricat: So far this has looks like a solid Perfect Worlds game. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
monkeyrama: Curious to see what it's like when they're grouped up
TheGiantHobbit: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Mistborn83: Anyone excited about Diablo II Remasterd?
Ki1cannon: this is a free to play game?
Mistborn83: the trailer looked very good
galen150: yes, free to play
the510: i would've been more hype for D2R if they hadn't messed up the warcraft 3 remaster so hard
tennsquid: great excuse for first look on a game
galen150: 6 days till release
Cheeselesscraft: @Mistborn83 I'm excited for people to lose the nostalgia, after they see how badly the mechanics have aged. It's probably a good game, but I doubt it stands the test of time
Nuurgle: Nah, I'm kind of over spending money on Nostalgia, but I'll pick up the new TMNT game because it's at least new content
Decaped: it's a battlepass game with paid character unlocks and paid conveniences
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Ki1cannon: is there a paywall for cosmetics or anything?
Cheeselesscraft: @Ki1cannon no
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LuchaJudge: Lucha
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Izandai: Presumably there'll be some way for the game to generate revenue.
Nuurgle: there are 100% buyable cosmetics with premium currency
TheMerricat: Buying cards I would assume.
Xenotechie: I hope they go heavy on the cosmetics, light on the predatory droprate monetisation
the510: there's a shop for cosmetics and such, but you can buy the shop currency with in-game currency so you could theoretically get everything you want without paying anything
monkeyrama: lol
Cheeselesscraft: @Izandai yes, but it seems to be premium currency only, which is still obtainable without paying, like in MTG Arena
Nuurgle: both character armor and summon skins existed in original alpha
the510: if it's anything like their other games
TXC2: and we're back
Twe4ky: this game definitely changed since I played it :D
Decaped: it is unclear how predatory the droprate monetization is
tennsquid: still bad frame rate
Izandai: @Cheeselesscraft I suppose that scans.
malc: F
monkeyrama: Yeet
gamercat88: it was James
3PlayerPolitics: nomf
Genderi: shoot to dissapear
wolfiezz43: I was really low on this when I heard about it but after watching this it is seriously growing on me
tennsquid: meh, guess its free
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Mistborn83: was it James
the510: it'd be a lot of grinding tho lol
juneblue58: Planeswalk away from the conversation. XD
betweenmyself: It’s a SPY! riffScream
xerjen: Are you now in a group or just in the same instance?
Cheeselesscraft: @the510 isn't that the whole point of the ARPG genre, though?
TheMerricat: @xerjen not in party yet
Cheeselesscraft: Seems like the slower the grind, the more that ARPG fans enjoy it
Izandai: @tennsquid Again, we're putting a lot of pressure on Graham's computer between the game, the three webcam feeds, and pushing all out to Twitch as a stream.
TXC2: I expect Frame rates to tank with 3 players on screen
ShortRound2099: does this mean presumably there are zendikari vampires?
pinkpi: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Genderi: Must be pretty hard to see your abilities when there's an ad for the beta that keeps popping up in front of them :P
Genie_M: dressup!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Fashion magic time!
monkeyrama: Glam game 👀
LurkerSpine: young peezy goggles
idodmg: whats the average FPS you guys are getting?
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NDCazzy: jlrrCoolgame
TXC2: this is the rest of the stream Kappa
Mr_Horrible: LUL
frnknstn: it is was up to me, I would be following the streamers with a GM account. And I would also accidentally turn off my invisibility.
tennsquid: <message deleted>WHY SO LAGGGY??
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
monkeyrama: LUL
Genie_M: and now we play dressup
Greyah: Abs are the best undershirt.
BrindleBoar: guys only want one thing and it's HUGE ELBOWPADS
Xenotechie: oof, azorious type :(
Izandai: @tennsquid I... Literally just told you.
niccus: blue is notoriously underpowered in dressup
aiamethyst: I like the style is not related to functional equipment
monkeyrama: Character creation, part 2
Xenotechie: typo*, i know, ironic
Endless109: Time for Thindarella, the Nudist Green Mage
AutonomousTurtle: ambitious of them to put the end game in the alpha
tennsquid: thats the dumbest excuse @Izandai
Izandai: Why?
idodmg: Thank you for the response
SocraticMethod: Fun fact about hedrons: They were originally Eldrazi tech (see Dreamstone Hedron, Hedron Matrix, Eldrazi temple, Hedron Wall art) and Eldrazi were original Cthulhu-like inhabitants of the Zendikar that were returning. This was changed to current lore in "Rise of the Eldrazi" expansion
TheThromborax: !streaming
Greypelt: Pants Pants
Ki1cannon: is this multi player then?
MagicalAttackGecko: I heard "feed" as "Feet" something is wrong with me
monkeyrama: Wow, you can just change everything PogChamp
Genderi: "I'm going to go to the tailor and get a new body" :D
TehAmelie: it seems wrong to me that what's basically a druid can just wear chainmail
kirbytronic: Are you going to liberate her from her ridiculous strip-ed pants
TheThromborax: not Gruul? Then Dye!
Seth_Erickson: They'll never see the boars coming that way Kappa
muscadine76: I also heard feet
TheElrad: on hour later
Greypelt: a-MAGE-zing?
BusTed: This should be good.
Drasvin: So you don't have to wear your mana colors?
BrindleBoar: I want to see what Adam did.
monkeyrama: Costume loadouts 👀
tennsquid: welp, got my answer, looked forward to the game, but obviously multiplayer gunna be more garbage then wolcen
Didero: You all look great! And your charactesr aren't half-bad either :P
Izandai: @tennsquid Seriously, why is "this game is being run on a computer that also has a bunch of other demands on its processor time" not a reasonable explanation?
tennsquid: o7
JamesRiav: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
betweenmyself: Don’t it make my Green Mage bluuuuuuue? SingsNote
Dyllbert: I mean, there is not items like in most ARPGs (i think) so there's no reason to not let you look like whatever
monkeyrama: Adam and Graham swapped colors LUL
BusTed: Nice.
oneiropticon: What is this game?
countingku sings: Don't it make your Green Mage Blue?
BrowneePoints: Nope. Your Original Choice gives you 2 signature abilities, beyond this you can build completely different
BusTed: The floating banana blue mage.
Valcron74: <message deleted>Someone has a terrible video card here, it's constantly lagging
ThaTroubadour: Magic Legends
rendelnep: One branch Gran?
Genie_M: blue mage does not walk
Sarah_Serinde: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Endless109: that's low level Mind tricks
MAPBoardgames: Blue mage says: walking is for chumps.
BoomerAang_Squad: Agatha Bristle, but in blue
Eiggy64: So everyone abandoned their color identity
razor_x2: looks like 10 fps
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krfsm: sub baby? sub baby!
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SurfDownstage: Wearing a different color than your magic type is gives you a tactical advantage, throws off your enemies
Seth_Erickson: ^
Greypelt: Power creep >.>
SurfDownstage: No one expects someone wearing blue to shoot fire!
Endless109: "Arachnophobic Scout" LUL
monkeyrama: Look at this crew go PogChamp
Valcron74: <message deleted>the games PERFORMANCE is awful is this like 15 FPS ?
MAPBoardgames: those 1/1 tokens don't stand a chance.
the510: yeah don't take the game's current performance on graham's stream as representative of its typical performance, he's running a lot of stuff through that comp
BigFMonster: what difficulty setting is this?
TXC2: also remeber this is Beta, things are kinda ment to be rough :p
RedShiftLive: Yeah the frames really give out when more than 3 things are on screen
Gaytanic_Panic: noleLOL "tamed" baloth
Max_Fan: Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
Izandai: @Valcron7 @razor_x2 The computer running the game is also dealing with three webcam feeds and putting it all together as a stream.
PixelArtDragon: If everyone does it, though, then no one will expect the person wearing blue to ACTUALLY be a blue mage. Then you surprise them with your mind powers
MrOrion24: Adam used Surf
Valcron74: <message deleted>my computer can multi task like a monster
BusTed: OoeooeeEEeeoooo
EldarLuin: MIND taking!
monkeyrama: hahaa
Roughly21Smurfs: This game seems like it’s going to be very much my jam
Drasvin: Obviously, none of these planeswalkers are from the Azorius Senate. The Azorius would hate people not wearing their mana colors
Punadox: Someone help G's computer, it's crying.
the510: since he's streaming and running two more streams at the same time while running the game
razor_x2: @Izandai oh okay well thank god because i really looking forward to play this game next week.
Izandai: @Valcron74 Good for you.
RedShiftLive: I think the frame rate is worse now
SurfDownstage: I wonder how much better this would run on the streaming computer
PixelArtDragon: Gotta get in that step count
niccus: 300 turns away
Izandai: @razor_x2 Yeah, it'll almost certainly look better than this for you.
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 I'm kinda soured on the "It's just Beta" since open betas are disguised demos and stress-tests nowadays
Seth_Erickson: @PixelArtDragon that's a move a Jedi would take though are canonically not in the Multiverse so clearly you can't do that here
TXC2: SocraticMethod fair
Valcron74: <message deleted>@Izandai buy a real computer you nerd
Xavien_Nil: I find overconfidence doesn't kill slowly, it picks a day to kill instantly.
razor_x2: @Izandai i hope so :D
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: I clearly need to make a Shado the Brain Thief character now.
the510: for what it's worth i have a potato comp and it ran perfectly on medium settings during the alpha
monkeyrama: Its name doesn't lie OpieOP
PixelArtDragon: That's a good looking Baloth
Trashweazel: i showed you my baloth pls respond
thebrokenhaiku: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Magic: Legends
RedShiftLive: Yeah my cpu is a potato with sour cream and it did fine in the alpha as well
Nuurgle: this is also technically still closed beta, they likely have an update in the wings before open beta
EldarLuin: this game looks neat
Didero: The merfolk are being fishy Kappa
SurfDownstage: No one tell the professor
crypto56: is there loot? Not seen any loot
TXC2: Didero booooo Kappa
3PlayerPolitics: BAD! Down!
Lord_ZYRK: Wait, are they Merfolk or are they crappies?
Izandai: @crypto56 Graham picked up a gold earlier.
Seth_Erickson: the merfolk often get caught up in not doing the smart thing
Viewers_Like_You: Bad Merfolk? The Prof won’t be pleased
Nuurgle: the loot is all mana shards/gold/spell shards for powering up spells
Blastinburn: Tab/F1 to open map
Endless109: Helps to have a map
Didero: @TXC2 You're welcome :p
monkeyrama: Teaching you map mechanics seabatBRAIN
the510: not a lot of loot, no :< you find chests occasionally and at the end of instances but there's not a lot of 'loot' loot in the world
kynelwynn: So, Diablo waypoint things
petey_vonwho: no, can fast travel from anywhere
Decaped: nice FFXIV maps they got there.
TheThromborax: Bad Merfolk? This must be set before Ixalan
RedShiftLive: @TheThromborax apparently it occurs before Hour of Devestation
PixelArtDragon: I thought they weren't going to be bringing regenerate back Kappa
monkeyrama: 8000 :O
Countjondi: this is givin me real puzzlequest vibes
Mr_Gainsworth: they brought regenerate back
Izandai: mattlrWoof
TehAmelie: how often do you need that?
3PlayerPolitics: they bought Regenerate back? smh
Mistborn83: is it damnation?
Endless109: Damnation?
Viewers_Like_You: I thought they weren’t doing regenerate anymore!
Genderi: All that talk of Regeneration not coming back and here it is :)
TheWriterAleph: BBKES?
SocraticMethod: Regenerate: hp regen or bring creature back?
Decaped: does killing monsters give XP/
monkeyrama: Blue mage has it all LUL
Seth_Erickson: but it doesn't have crit chance Serge
Seth_Erickson: Kappa
Endless109: damn those blue mages
beowuuf: sergem should'a picked a funny name :p
PixelArtDragon: Famous dealers of direct damage, blue mages
TXC2: Blue gets EVERYTHING :p
NojhLivic: Wait, some colors are better at some things than others? Hmm. Seems unbalanced.
cryptic_nah: Serge what spell is that you just got?
beowuuf: clearly cool spells and beast friends are unlocked with funny names
theleerm: blue, famous for direct damage!
asthanius: Regional Enchantment?
Genderi: Blue is OP in this game, just as Dickie Garf intended
PixelArtDragon: Adam is a Prodigal Sorceror
RedShiftLive: oh look an instance
asthanius: Is that a World Enchantment?
beowuuf: prodigal sorcerer never died :p
RedShiftLive: Grahamaster difficulty
cryptic_nah: You can't invite now, you need to queue public.
TheWriterAleph: queued or cute?
Togathic: arpg
monkeyrama: Yes really :(
PixelArtDragon: So they might have a good Command of the situation?
Izandai: @llama513 It's like Diablo.
TXC2: llama513 Magic ARPG, but yes
coolnezz09: @beowuuf its pronounced tim
llama513: Cool
beowuuf: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
AquaUmisa: So what colors are everyone?
Genderi: What's the difference between an mmo and an arpg?
beowuuf: coolnezz09 yes it is :D
RedShiftLive: how big of a party can you have for an dungeon?
TheThromborax: it's an online service game
galen150: @cryptic_nah will you be able to invite in the beta? (also, is underdog from discord)
Konhac: @AquaUmisa green , black , blue
AquaUmisa: I see Graham is mono green
TXC2: AquaUmisa graham is Green, Serge Black, Adam blue
Decaped: well, an mmo generally doesn't have a limit on how many people can be in the same space.
monkeyrama: Did it work 👀
betweenmyself: It’s a Magic Diorblorb-like
TheMerricat: @Genderi are you familiar with diablo? that's an ARPG. Compare that to WoW and you see the diference.
monkeyrama: Eyyyy
Ignatiuspants: is this a Diablo-like, with the dungeons and everything?
TheThromborax: It's an MMOARPG
ThaTroubadour: yes they do
TXC2: the system works
galen150: @TheThromborax its not an MMO
Viewers_Like_You: It’s MMO, if that stands for “Moderately Multiplayer Online”
ArcOfTheConclave: Agatha Bristly?!
SoulesReaper: potato
Qvdv: TheThromborax I thought they walked back the MMO part
the510: it's a lot like diablo, but the skill system has deckbuilding
Genderi: I honestly don't see a difference between wow and diablo in terms of type of game
galen150: it has some MMO elements, but this isnt an MMO
Izandai: @TheMerricat Is ARGP the actual term for games like Diablo? I thought the name of that genre included "dungeon" or "loot" or something like that.
ArcOfTheConclave: easy game for babies mode?
Ignatiuspants: I was expecting something more like the Neverwinter or Star Trek MMOs
the510: and when you use a skill it 'draws' a new skill for you to use
inks_muse: I mean Wow and idablo are very different...
Goodchop blinks
PixelArtDragon: Maybe it's just an MMOARPG
Desruprot: Lord of the Pit?
ThaTroubadour: you mean in the same genre as Diablo, it is a genre by now, arpg
petey_vonwho: I don't think it's 10 minutes to win, as much as it is 10 minutes to score as high a score as possible
specediron73: what development stage is thjs?
Desruprot: not many demons are 8 mana
Greyah: Ah, the wonderful visual cacophony of playing an ARPG co-op.
Genderi: like, I would call WoW an arpg too
RedShiftLive: closed Beta
TXC2: specediron73 this is Beta
MAPBoardgames: I guess the real question is, do these characters qualify for the polyhedral UFW championship?
SocraticMethod: MMO has more players instanced together and server architecture means abilities work differently
the510: i do wonder if it's gonna have player-made quests and stuff like cryptic's other games
diamondmx: @Izandai I think they used to fall under "Dungeon Crawlers" but the term has evolved to ARPG.
TWCblank: @izandai yeah, ARPG is the genre for games like Diablo
TheMerricat: @Izandai Given Diablo is pointed to as the 'progenitor' of the genre by a lot of folk.... but on the other hand it's not as if there is a council that decides the 'true' definition of these terms either...
Izandai: I see, I see.
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kyranthewalker: My how time flies
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Ignatiuspants: I think an ARPG is just any RPG with real-time combat
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Genderi: Frenched :(
TehAmelie: i think most people will most easily follow "Diablo-like"
monkeyrama: RIP
j0xer: that sure looked like a red spell
RedShiftLive: PHRAMES
Desruprot: The Council does not grant you the rank of master
Decaped: what's funny is that Diablo doesn't quite have real time combat to begin with.
TehAmelie: that's the second thing i've ever heard of being "of alacrity"
monkeyrama: Guess we'll see how crashing and rejoining works
EldarLuin: F
PixelArtDragon: I'm at the Hedron of Growth, I'm at the Hedron of Alacrity, I'm at the combination Hedron of Growth/Alacrity
TheMerricat: Bad @PixelArtDragon Bad....
Ignatiuspants: in my mind, every hack-and-slash game is a something-like
NarishmaReborn: graham has a healing spell too
TXC2: all video games are just pong Kappa
Oohlgrist: fun fact: the first diablo started development as a turn-based roguelike
3PlayerPolitics: goooooo PIGGENS
SurfDownstage: @PixelArtDragon I'm imagining some kind of pen-pineapple-apple-pen scenario with these hedrons now
DavidVerro: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
hd_dabnado: I went to sign up but I forgot I signed up a long time ago :D
Mr_Horrible: agreed, this seem rad
ThaTroubadour: drops are your own too, so you don't have to worry about that either
OldBenX: better this than calling every game with anything resembling difficulty "the Dark Souls of $genre"
TheMerricat: @Oohlgrist I can believe that.
Desruprot: nice to have own drops
monkeyrama: instanced loot is real nice
TehAmelie: i have a hedron, i have a hadron, boom
Desruprot: no fighting over them then
Invitare: Giant Enemy Elves? Attack their weak points for massive damage
PixelArtDragon: @SurfDownstage Well, Zada does wield a Hedron on a stick
theleerm: elves are asses sometimes
Manae: Llanowar elves don't much like intruders?
EldarLuin: Reading the box text, explains the gameplay
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Seth_Erickson: Listen if the cutscene isn't voice acted it's prone to being ignored
JamesRiav: Pop a wheelie? No healie*
SocraticMethod: And if it's voiced then it's going to be skipped
TXC2: pop a healie, like the Zoomers do
OldBenX: @JamesRiav Radical, but also unsafe?
asthanius: obviously the zombies have lifelink
Ba_Dum_Tish: So this team is sultai
monkeyrama: Buff simic OpieOP
circusofkirkus: need to buff whatever class Adam chooses
adelius3: nah adam is just a god
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Mehayo: Hi LRR friends. Spring break lets me watch waaaay more streams this week.
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Mr_Horrible: ah yes, Green-Blue a historically underpowered combination Kappa
LurkerSpine: you fought them
Genie_M: "bottom right" does not help with rotating screen
patbaer: Just got here, how many of you are Legends yet?
LurkerSpine: champion is similar to elite
QuantumTwitch: Yea if blue is not op it wouldnt feel like magic :D
TXC2: Mr_Horrible I remember a time when that wasn't a joke :p
Mr_Horrible: txc2 fair, fair LUL
hboson: Is my stream lagging or is it the game
beowuuf: remember when the drawback of demons wasn't 'this makes the game too easy' :p
TehAmelie: Lord of the Pit seems like it would be just as dangerous to yourself here as in the paper game
TXC2: hboson it's Graham's computer
Ba_Dum_Tish: The elf hole
Mr_Horrible: hboson game is chugging a bit, due to G having to stream all 3 feeds
Desruprot: squish
hd_dabnado: @TXC2 thats good news, even though this is an early beta I was worried about performance
Decaped: what do levels do?
Decaped: specifically
theleerm: curious how the leveling system goes
TheMerricat: where are you seeing levels @Decaped ?
Ba_Dum_Tish: How is the blue mage ramping levels
Desruprot: so we have blue green and black
CodesFromHome: gratz
monkeyrama: Serge 😬
Seth_Erickson: You're not my chef yet, Boyardee!
beowuuf: lrrWOW
TXC2: Fries are done
Decaped: @TheMerricat Graham just got to level 3. I'm guessing spell level gets gated behind character level.
MrOrion24: Are these the Hedrons of WUBRG?
Mr_Horrible: layered aoes Kreygasm
TXC2: Serge brings the Comic relief to the party Kappa
monkeyrama: The elves blocked it geefLul
carpeamentum: @TXC2 thanks... now I want fries
Seth_Erickson: Lorg Elf
Ba_Dum_Tish: I hope they don't run out of time
TehAmelie: a belf, if you will
3PlayerPolitics: lorge
groovemancery: serge is the judge just to make sure these green and blue players aren't cheating
BrowneePoints: Cuz it's a rare mob
Desruprot: Elf-blocked thats something that happens a lot in fantasy
TXC2: carpeamentum sorry :p
Mr_Horrible: he actually has Keyword Big! PogChamp
niccus: oh i love thick air
MAPBoardgames: !card giant growth
LRRbot: Giant Growth [G] | Instant | Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.
noSmokeFire: that elf has Embiggen
3PlayerPolitics: how cromulent!
Seth_Erickson: Got to get that score up
petey_vonwho: yeah, it's just survive for the time limit.
Robot_Bones: A noble Elf embiggens the smallest spider
Togathic: I feel like I should let you know that you are in violation of Dominaria monster child labor law WUB-3RG as some of those wild boars in that wave are under the expectable age and size limits to assist in planeswalkers in battles
Genderi: "When Growth Elf dies, target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn"
wynternyghtynggale: beejie?
SocraticMethod: I don't think hedrons have fail condition, it forces reposition and win condition is most creatures killed
munocard: This sure looks like Diablo
monkeyrama: hahaa
Seth_Erickson: You say bg but I say ag(average game)
noSmokeFire: Hedron by Rush
TXC2: I like the Beegees
PixelArtDragon: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the abyss!
Mr_Horrible: I'm guessing rewards based on waves cleared?
holesinone178: the pages can be used to power up the level of your spells
PlatinumTang: Spell pages to upgrade your spells
MozzGrizzly: The cards had different rarity values
petey_vonwho: as spells get xp, you can level them up into stronger versions
BrowneePoints: The Box SHOULD be rewards(From what I remember of the Alpha)
Genie_M: spell xp
RedShiftLive: daily caps really?
cryptic_nah: the end of mission screen is what you got from completing the mission as a reward.
ThaTroubadour: the rewards were in the chest XD
petey_vonwho: yeah, the box is rewards based on your score from the event
TheMerricat: @RedShiftLive it _IS_ F2P
RedShiftLive: @TheMerricat it is a Gatcha
BrowneePoints: Eventually you unlock a sanctuary where you can do all your character progression stuff
monkeyrama: Homie squad
SocraticMethod: No reach?! what a ripoff
Izandai: @RedShiftLive Not all f2p is gatcha.
Mal2mad: Spidro!
Genderi: 6 mana 628/3
TXC2: Stun you say
TehAmelie: leveling up cards, wow, haven't done that since Final Fantasy 9
nevermore913: cool
MAPBoardgames: I've seen this screen before. or something like it.
monkeyrama: You can... combine spells?
RedShiftLive: @Izandai apparently it has packs of spells purchasable with real world money
Togathic: that was a good time teh
LurkerSpine: here we are born to be kings
Seth_Erickson: Cosmetics for our Baloth 👀
groovemancery: I bet James Neutron spends a lot of time at the library
PixelArtDragon: @monkeyrama If they have mutate, sure
frnknstn: This looks sweet
Genie_M: and spell cosmetics
petey_vonwho: there are cosmetic options for your creatures spells btw
niccus: 0 land snap keep
Desruprot: :o skins
ThaTroubadour: spoiler alert
cryptic_nah: You can upgrade your spells once you reach your personal realm.
frnknstn: Can you customise your pigs?
PixelArtDragon: That's somewhat like ESO
galen150: the spell pages are just drops, not like EXP. you can get pages for spells you arnt using
nevermore913: cosmetics i'm guessing will be microtransactions
kirbytronic: This reminds me a bit of the old Magic Battlegrounds game
TXC2: I kinda hope these spells upgrade like the cards in Slay the spires
monkeyrama: Oh nice
Togathic: yes to kirby and nevermore they have a pretty in good video about the monetization in the game on the website
frnknstn: How many Zibs in a Zen?
MrOrion24: I think the Beta is only mono colored
Decaped: you have to buy spells, right? randomly from booster packs
Mr_Gainsworth: whats the dimir thing in the store? sorry if you said already
diamondmx: Can you add or remove any cards from your deck at the moment?
Athelgar: im sure it runs at the same pace as Neverwinter and STO
3PlayerPolitics: is Graham's character a reference to his Fallout 4 one?
circusofkirkus: and some crazy abs
TristalMTG: Glad I can get a look at this game finally! I was in the Closed Alpha for this and never got the game to run on my PC
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun did you see @cryptic_nah say you'll start to be able to upgrade your spells when you get to your personal realm?
JamesRiav: What are you calling the beasts? 👀
MrOrion24: Full game is 2 colored
NathanLonghair: @LoadingReadyRun Can you remove some card if you want a tighter deck?
TehAmelie: well, Agatha Fisty started out in Bloodborne
BrowneePoints: Yep! Your Mage Type is NOT locked to your deck colors!
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greg1756: Let's save the Multiverse.... maybe?
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3PlayerPolitics: huzzah! :D
BrowneePoints: There is a deck minimum I think
thanatos4268: i wanna try a black mage with a blue/red deck
nevermore913: that's nice
cryptic_nah: Your deck must have 12 spells in it.
beowuuf: noooooo, classic drudge skeleton!
frankscx: can you just Jund 'em out? (I have this neat t-shirt ...)
oneiropticon: Is anyone complaining their deck is too big?
GhostValv: getting off of the zomboni
beowuuf: cabs
MAPBoardgames: Durdge Skeleton.
circusofkirkus: can we build a turbo fog deck?
Skeptical_Hat: CABS Kreygasm
petey_vonwho: You are limited to how many creatures you can put in your deck also
TehAmelie: so hype for Agatha Fisty's return by the way. that'll be something to come home to after grandpa's funeral
beowuuf: next graham will be taking an uber
diamondmx: I prefer UBER myself.
CloudyMrK: Α! Β! C! Always. Be. Casting! spells that affect the board state!!
NathanLonghair: Ah ok :)
BrowneePoints: Yea, eventually you get a planar hub that lets you do all that stuff
beowuuf: oh no tehamelie, condolences :(
NarishmaReborn: good to know it is there
Noob_Lord_Bidoof: So what is this? I thought it was an MMO?
TheMerricat: Level = number of slots open for hand?
TehAmelie: thanks
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Izandai: @CloudyMrK I just came out here to draw cards and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
Seth_Erickson: Mana Serge PogChamp
ThaTroubadour: it is activated
Athelgar: thats your card draw and mana regen passive
ThaTroubadour: lb on controller
cryptic_nah: E for mana surge
holesinone178: i think it was E in one of the play throughts i watched
petey_vonwho: ooo, the equipment screen changed, looks nice
RedShiftLive: Mana Crypty
carpeamentum: Mana Serge
MeLikeSmallMatters: is it because you are the Mana Serge
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ArcOfTheConclave: Mana Graham
TheMerricat: Ok, i'm not an MtG person and I swore off F2P games a long time ago, but I may actually test the waters on this one, it looks interesting.
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DesperadoZod: It's Diablo with MtG
nevermore913: if i can run this i definitely want to check it out
plummeting_sloth: there are MMO Elephants!
Rogue_07: Elemmoments
Stoffern: mmolements
plummeting_sloth: awesome!
Robot_Bones: or momelements
Mr_Horrible: It's more just MO, than MMO
plummeting_sloth: Loxodon!
wulfram77: Now we can find out why the elves are hostile
BrowneePoints: Ye it's an Iso! And a fairly reasonable one
frankscx: you're the mana now, dog
TXC2: Emma Mo Elements
JamesRiav: MMO Eleminop-ents
carpeamentum: MMO elements MMO problems.... amirite MMO Biggy?
Vargen_HK: They initially announced this as a MMO but all the early testers said "this is an ARPG stop misleading people."
nevermore913: it's PVE only thought right not PVP
SuddenlyARabbit: So Diablo 3, PoE etc?
BrowneePoints: Incorrect Vargen, they started as an MMO but then shifted focus
Togathic: PVP in route
BrowneePoints: @SuddenlyARabbit yep
Greypelt: The art is just pretty
krazyraptor: Who is the most arpg experienced of you all?
Mr_Horrible: nevermore913 I'd imagine if PvP is on the roadmap it's more structured duels, kinda thing
HolyMTG: @nevermore913 open beta will have 1v1
SocraticMethod: Ooh, so that's what happened to the MtG MMO @Vargen_HK. I completely forgot about it
bakerydragon: ooh cool. What are the characters each are playing?
Mr_Horrible: rather than random open PvP
Seth_Erickson: Adam just chillin with the blue man group here
TXC2: bakerydragon Graham is Green, Serge black, Adam blue
nevermore913: i'm hoping not open PVP
dangerous_safety: big hedron energy
Togathic: the said in another video that they are just trying to balance it
bakerydragon: @TXC2 thanks =)
kirbytronic: I want them to add PVP area and it's Kylem
BrowneePoints: @bakerydragon Graham is Beastcaller, Adam is Illusionist, Serge is Necromancer
Mr_Horrible: I will never not laugh at the baloth summon
ThaTroubadour: we just know of 1v1 arena
TehAmelie: Enormous Baloth: a baloth for the people
Izandai: If you can't summon your own baloth, lured out is fine.
ThaTroubadour: maybe more in the future
TXC2: "we have Baloth at home!"
Vargen_HK: @BrowneePoints in that case their messaging definitely lagged behind their gameplay shift.
Stoffern: we have baeloth at home
bakerydragon: @BrowneePoints oh thanks
BrowneePoints: @bakerydragon at the start your color is tied to your Mage Type, but soon after your deck/abilities are NOT tied to your color
Mr_Horrible: you're creating food for the baloths to lure them out
NathanLonghair: I don't know this baloth it just followed me home
IceCreemNinja: why is the framerate so garbage?
Togathic: no the PVP area should be called Phyrexia if it is an open zone
plummeting_sloth: the violent baloth as opposed to, you know, the kind ones
kirbytronic: @ice
BrowneePoints: Your Mage Type ONLY determines what your signature abilities do.
Izandai: @IceCreemNinja The computer running the game is also dealing with three webcam feeds and putting it all out as a stream.
kirbytronic: @icecreemninja Because Graham's running the stream and Serge and Adam's cameras
TXC2: IceCreemNinja Graham's PC has to push the stream and 3 web cams
3PlayerPolitics: yo dawg
plummeting_sloth: just AOE with math
PixelArtDragon: Green with a boardwipe?
IceCreemNinja: makes sense
Mr_Horrible: gamer like number PogChamp
Theycallmejokke: I hear you like areas
TehAmelie: those trample spells do a lot against the hordes of tiny monsters eh
Decaped: they aren't in a party right?
Togathic: and can be switched at will in town. blue to red to black or whatever you feel like
Roughly21Smurfs: Ahhhh maths
nemryn: maybe there should be a chat command to explain the framerate
k0nfusius: Demon og Math
Ba_Dum_Tish: "Tamed"
TXC2: that's numberwang
russerbutter: wait, is this a math game?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: When your on screen numbers outnumber you particle effects....
Izandai: @nemryn Agreed.
TheMerricat: So far they were only in party while in the rush map AFIAK @Decaped
Togathic: you can play a green mage with a black white deck
JamesRiav: Tactician's Wrapping = Duct Tape
TheOtherTrevor: equip at sorcery speed
Decaped: i can see why they were calling this an MMO
Ba_Dum_Tish: I'm at the combination den/taco bell
Togathic: it is more about matching class passives and attack types to cards and artifact triggers
k0nfusius: Wait until you get Math of God
BrowneePoints: The game DID start as an MMO and they shifted into an ARPG in early dev @Decaped
Togathic: I have a lot of questions about the math of the game
ThaTroubadour: you used your siltlurkers all up
Decaped: yeah, but they are dynamically encountering other players (in this case, only them) without being in a party.
TheMerricat: I think they've got two quests going on and the goblin quest is screwing with the baloth's quest
Izandai: Anyone else feel like these numbers are Too High for this early in the game?
ThaTroubadour: it gave you a counter and you used all yours
Decaped: that's a hallmark of MMO stuff.
NathanLonghair: Everytime Graham is saying Stilt Lurker I'm hearing "Stiltpuffer"
Konhac: @ThaTroubadour laracsHello the guy from discord Kappa
ThaTroubadour: legendsHeyGuys
TehAmelie: i don't see any numbers less than two digits so yeah they might as well divide by ten and round off
BrowneePoints: @Izandai maybe. the actual numbers are fairly arbitrary but I could see some issues with player perception of power progression if the numbers are too big too early
PixelArtDragon: But can you play as a goblin?
JamesRiav: Asking the important questions
TheThirdTail: Looks like all the characters are human? Except the green one might be an elf?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Maybe timed quests?
Izandai: @BrowneePoints Yeah, exactly.
SnowBuddy18: what about lurkers?
Seth_Erickson: no you used up your total stilt lurkers I think
plummeting_sloth: those still-lukers were an endangered species Graham
diamondmx: Perfect game 10/10 :D
PixelArtDragon: This is why they test, though
TXC2: BETA! (Jazz hands)
MWGNZ: numbers are not a scarce resource, there's literally an infinite amount of them
BrowneePoints: @Izandai I know the WoW devs have done some in depth discussions about numbers and shiz
Ba_Dum_Tish: That was a very quick I'm a genius Oh No
MateusGardinPassamani: 6 days for open beta, right?
RegulusPratus: So is this just like a Diablo clone type thing, or is there a deckbuilding aspect to this?
PixelArtDragon: @MWGNZ 30 is basically infinity though
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TehAmelie: the smaller you make the numbers, the less people's eyes glaze over them
BrowneePoints: @RegulusPratus It's a diablo clone with deckbuilding aspects
HolyMTG: @MateusGardinPassamani March 23
ArcOfTheConclave: When do we fight the eldrazi raid boss?
Decaped: @BrowneePoints i'm sad we never got meganumbers in WoW
NDCazzy: Baloth is a big boy
ThaTroubadour: @RegulusPratus it has deck building, not really anything like diablo other than using the same genre
Mr_Horrible: RegulusPratus a bit of both - your skill build is a deck of spells that cycle semi-randomly
TheMerricat: @RegulusPratus deckbuilding is included, your abilities are spells and each time you use a spell you 'pull' a new one from your deck
BrowneePoints: @RegulusPratus Your "Deck" is your suite of abilities. Your Mage Type determines your Signature abilities
Seth_Erickson: Now that's El giganto
3PlayerPolitics: McZippotricks!!
Togathic: Orders Urza's Zippo off ebay......
TXC2: no Zippotricks?
SnowBuddy18: Zippo Tricks McEdgelord?
Robot_Bones: Can't do Zippo Tricks, no one is in red
manwiththegoldencard: Zippotrick McEdgelord, where are you when needed
Didero: I don't want to be negative but that is a huge spider
Izandai: @BrowneePoints I'm reminded of how after Magic dealt in ones, the Pokémon TCG decided to deal in tens to look more impressive, and after that Yu-Gi-Oh decided to deal in thousands to look yet more impressive.
j0xer: ai pathfinding pls
Max_Fan: baloth is too enormous
holesinone178: yes
MateusGardinPassamani: ndas are still up?
ThaTroubadour: I remember when the spiders were bigger :P, by glitch
Roughly21Smurfs: BAEloth
Seth_Erickson: No that's Mana Serge I think
TehAmelie: i think Yugioh's number scale started out as a joke about power creep
NDCazzy: welp...time to finally get a gaming PC
BrowneePoints: @Izandai Tens feels good for the Pokemon TCG(until they started power creeping)
ThaTroubadour: err bug
HolyMTG: @MateusGardinPassamani yepp. until open beta
Konhac: Till ob @MateusGardinPassamani
MateusGardinPassamani: ok
cryptic_nah: That's mana surge
PixelArtDragon: Geometry, my old nemesis
silenceaux: Try Plunging Attack on Hostile Elf
3PlayerPolitics: @izandai isn't the yugioh thousands thing because the yen counts in thousands?
Robot_Bones: Can't talk while you have the High Ground
Izandai: @BrowneePoints Lol yeah
cryptic_nah: Mouse over your icon in the top left in loadouts for EXP
TheMerricat: I'm reminded of those paper clip type games where you start off making one clip at a time and near the end game you need scientific notation to track the numbers. I want to do 2.9192e99 damage. lrrBEEJ
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Max_Fan: AN arrow? Buddy, let me tell you, I can summon a whole squad of elves that fire a massive volley
TehAmelie: try Clicker Heroes :3
MateusGardinPassamani: how is the game coming up for ob?
kirbytronic: Elvish Hostilie
MateusGardinPassamani: I mean, how it is shaping up
Seth_Erickson: there's a 69 in there . . . . Nice
Decaped: Serge has activated the pay2win boost mechanics
Izandai: @3PlayerPolitics According to Maro it was just to have bigger and "better" numbers on the cards, but of course he wasn't particularly involved with that.
BrowneePoints: El Spidro Amigo
fernymerk: does the stream look laggy or is that the game
TXC2: !findquote up
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TheMerricat: @MateusGardinPassamani as a spectator, it's got my interest. remember while watching the stream that G's computer is doing a heavy load pulling in Serge's and Adam's stream AND the game, AND streaming himself.
TXC2: really?
BrowneePoints: @fernymerk Graham's pc is pumping out the stream, game and 3 webcames
llama513: So many minions, I am assuming that a lot of those are from Serge
Izandai: @TheMerricat Get fucked, Disgaea.
BrowneePoints: cams*
fernymerk: what a trooper
TheMerricat: meep?
TheMerricat: Ah, never mind my mind follows slowly sometimes :D
PixelArtDragon: Sea Gate Loremaster?
MateusGardinPassamani: Any of the streamers are here reading and answering questions could talk a little about the improvements made recently?
3PlayerPolitics: get SWOLE
manwiththegoldencard: Giant Growth for 2 MANA???
TXC2: but it;s 2 mana ?
niccus: significant snek
Mr_Horrible: Hangry Thrull
MateusGardinPassamani: or anyone who have read any patch notes
ThePrimebite: ello
Seth_Erickson: 6/6 I believe
cryptic_nah: baloth is 6/6
theleerm: 6?6
MrOrion24: Why is it 2 mana and sorcery? Direct downgrade lol
theleerm: 6/6
MAPBoardgames: 6/6 trample
Izandai: @TheMerricat Nah, that was just me being slow to respond lol
TheMerricat: lrrBEEJ @Izandai :)
BrowneePoints: I will say Graham, this has come a long ways graphically since the Closed Alpha last year
noSmokeFire: how exactly do P/T translate to DPS and HP?
RegulusPratus: So are spells purely tied to class and leveling up, or can you mix and match from drops?
3PlayerPolitics: go on thrill me with thrull
Seth_Erickson: I love it PogChamp
GhostValv: yikes
CAKHost: Big boy had the spins
TehAmelie: maybe it's super hard to do and to balance, but it would be funny to see things like casting buffs on your teammates' thingies
llama513: That's a nope
silenceaux: Too many limbs! Too much tongue!
Mr_Horrible: ah, delightful flesh golems, those Thrulls
kerbalized_: OH NOPENOPE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Lovely
juneblue58: Reminds me of the centaurs from Fallout.
the_card_father: G. Giant Growth.
Endless109: We shall call him... Kevin
TXC2: yeah, that;s a nope
Ba_Dum_Tish: The lets nopemander
Izandai: That's 50 pounds of NOPE in a 30 pound bag.
TheMerricat: @MateusGardinPassamani I doubt that G and Co would be able to meanfully speak to change notes and patches yet, this is their very first hour of real play.
Ba_Dum_Tish: mancer
theleerm: you are a necromancer serge
PixelArtDragon: I thought Let's Nope was a different stream
Skeptical_Hat: the top is made out of bottoms, the bottom is made out of... things.
omdorastrix: Better than a skull made out of arms
Koshindan: I think it's cute. I just hope it doesn't overthrow a nation.
noSmokeFire: @omdorastrix that's just a hand puppet
TXC2: you have to EARN the harder difficulties Kappa
Togathic: Any color mage can play any color spells as long as there are only 2 different colors (for now...)
noSmokeFire: surely it has MANY tongues
PixelArtDragon: To taste things with
the510: spells aren't tied to class at all other than what you start with, eventually you can start splashing in colors or even just replace everything. you could theoretically be a red mage with a blue/white deck
llama513: Yeah you guys have a bunch of minions
Seth_Erickson: and yet we're better for it
tastymcnuggett: For ice cream serge. for ice cream.
Skeptical_Hat: how else is it s'posed to express love?
BrindleBoar: he ATTACC, he LICC
Izandai: Technically no one asked for Venom to have a tongue, but plenty of people seem happy about it.
omdorastrix: So apparently I left twitch running and LRR has been streaming to my cats in my empty office all day
NightWingMistHawk: How long are G and Co going to be streaming for today?
DesperadoZod: Lickatung let himself go...
MateusGardinPassamani: will there be any giveaways here at the end of this stream?
bakerydragon: @Skeptical_Hat it's a bouncy, trouncy, oozy, loosely(connected) bag of limbs
nevermore913: does it seem like you need a knowledge of magic to enjoy this game?
TehAmelie: lucky cats
Togathic: Also you can switch your color or class of mage anytime you want in town
JamesRiav: I was all by myself.
3PlayerPolitics: lucky cats @omdorastrix
CaptainSpam: @omdorastrix Your cats are cultured creatures, I see.
Togathic: correct Nevermore
Laserbeaks_Fury: I Imagine there was exactly one mage you specifically asked for their thrull to have a tongue
TXC2: Mistakes all round
the510: you don't need any mtg knowledge to enjoy the game
ThaTroubadour: don't have to be in town to switch, just have to be out of combat and not in a story mission/ordeal
the510: tho you might appreciate the lore and characters more if they're familiar already
Wilcroft: galaxy brains only
PixelArtDragon: That's why we brought Adam along
astur4u: hello there guys question, I will be able to play with full controller?
nevermore913: you need to be the boshy?
TheMerricat: @NightWingMistHawk The slot on the schedule was from 1pm to 5pm, their time. We are about mid-waythrough I believe.
Endless109: You have to be a lvl 11 Gamer
nemryn: gaming at at least 60% efficiency
SocraticMethod: I mean, some concepts like 6/6 balof do not seem to be explained so far
Truekonoki: You do need a mouse, keyboard, and computer.
silenceaux: Magic Knowledge just means you'll have a good intuition for what all your new spells do
MateusGardinPassamani: is this going to be on epic and ark?
Izandai: You joke but I would definitely not put this in front of someone who has never played a video game before.
TXC2: game at 8th grade level Kappa
Genderi: "You do need to be able to game" shit maybe not the game for me :P
BrowneePoints: You gotta game at at LEAST 15 Gamers per Hour or your PC WILL explode @LoadingReadyRun
NightWingMistHawk: @TheMerricat Ah good to know. Thanks!
llama513: Hit the tings
HolyMTG: @MateusGardinPassamani yepp. steam, xbox and ps4 later on
Wilcroft: Adam "I skip the story" Savidan
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I can game, as long as the game includes space to pause functionality.
the510: you need to game at at least a 7th grade level, maybe 8th
ThaTroubadour: @MateusGardinPassamani yes, also steam later on and xbox and ps
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Guessing that won't work here.
3PlayerPolitics: Adam's like "shaddap npc, killin time!"
nevermore913: I thought Adam only skips story if there is no voice acting
noSmokeFire: please, Ms. Aligned Hedron was my mother
BrowneePoints: my Root Hedron is out of alignment
Truekonoki: Input Device. Output Device. Computing Device. Game. Thats all you need.
PixelArtDragon: If you align your hedrons, you win the game!
Seth_Erickson: !card Hedron Alignment
LRRbot: Hedron Alignment [2U] | Enchantment | Hexproof / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may reveal your hand. If you do, you win the game if you own a card named Hedron Alignment in exile, in your hand, in your graveyard, and on the battlefield. / {1}{U}: Scry 1.
MateusGardinPassamani: cool
HolyMTG: ninjaed @ThaTroubadour cgbEmmy
nevermore913: ok
ThaTroubadour: sup XD
Truekonoki: Generally speaking these types of games have a difficulty level that is extremely low to let most people get through it.
Greypelt: "Hedron 101" should be a new LRR skit
llama513: Baloth from the sky
MateusGardinPassamani: how many people you guys think will be playing on release?
Dark_Stargazer: thats a lotta numbers!
SocraticMethod: "My balof is bigger than yours!"
MateusGardinPassamani: I mean, on Open Beta
Mr_Horrible: "I had to bring the thrull along, I hope that's not a dealbreaker"
Myslizard: @HolyMTG @ThaTroubadour look at that, bois are here xD
nemryn: "Well, there's yer problem, yer hedrons're outta alignment. Gonna cost ya to fix it."
Endless109: DO we have to press Tap in order to see if loot drops for us?
ThaTroubadour: tons
Togathic: They do state that the normal difficulty would be accessible to all player skill levels so you can do silly stuff but as you progress you will need to become more surgical. So you could just play on normal and goof off but progress slower if you want...from what I understand about the designer streams
TehAmelie: my baloth brings all the boys to the yard
Izandai: Cam(?) winning with Hedron Alignment on an episode of Friday Nights(?) is one of my favorite LRR gags ever.
llama513: Second that I have seen
TXC2: MateusGardinPassamani as many as the servers can handle proably
HolyMTG: ohai @Myslizard more of the discord crew in here! noice! <3
llama513: The big elf was legendary if I remember
MateusGardinPassamani: right
LivingMTG: hello!
ThaTroubadour: @Myslizard @HolyMTG legendsPOGGERS
TheMerricat: LOL
Myslizard: @HolyMTG yeah, had to come to see some gameplay
bakerydragon: katskrLUL
Dark_Stargazer: monkaS
MateusGardinPassamani: they will keep adding more cards every month?
3PlayerPolitics: :D
MateusGardinPassamani: for years
HolyMTG: @Myslizard same here. I'm starving LUL
corefluxx: Agatha casts PIGS!
jordan_alanaros: hiiii
NavelWarfare: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:00:41.
Togathic: every month might be ambitious but yes
Myslizard: @HolyMTG only 6 days to go!! HYPE
smallimprovement: we learned how to fix things from the FONZ
omdorastrix: Ake it a question
Brozard: Dammit Adam, get out of my head
rocketjohn: a bigger *sharper* hammer.
HolyMTG: heya @jordan_alanaros nice to see you here too BloodTrail
NavelWarfare: So what do we think so far?
BusTed: 🐢
Endless109: Take a Loot break?
Togathic: I HEARD YOU
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SnowBuddy18: my plate's broken, time for a bigger hammer
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MateusGardinPassamani: 6 days for Open Beta this will help with the entertainment lockdowns
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ThaTroubadour: for sure
MateusGardinPassamani: while things get better
nightraven949: my frames are melting omg
BrowneePoints: Awaken Dude!
PixelArtDragon: Ooh neat!
Greypelt: "Demon Time! With Serge!"
MateusGardinPassamani: the special effects are the best of every action rpg Ive seen
Dark_Stargazer: watch out, they're gonna Awaken!
Izandai: PrideLaugh
TXC2: famous NXT wrestler Noyan Darr Kappa
SocraticMethod: No spit bucket? That's rough.
3PlayerPolitics: poor Alex lol
cryptic_nah: Would the slaw like to play Magic Legends?
Togathic: I would
MateusGardinPassamani: kids would
bakerydragon: that was a funny loading time to watch ^.^ the murder mystery party
MateusGardinPassamani: its better than diablo 4
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: "What's it made of?" "Lots of things!" is still an A+ joke
Izandai: PrideLaugh Now I'm remembering Adam's delivery of "You rolled the dice on freezer salad!?!?!?"
Kyir: Maybe you just Die
BrindleBoar: probably a culling effect?
Seth_Erickson: Why are you all bullying this poor thrull BibleThump
Casterial: Death Touch 1 shots your minions @LoadingReadyRun
rocketjohn: Adam is amazing at line delivery.
bakerydragon: @Izandai YES! a beautiful line with such incredible delivery.
JamesRiav: I'm ready to be death touched.
MateusGardinPassamani: so many things happening on screen at a single time
bakerydragon: I think of it like once a month XD
GhostValv: rumble bumble?
petey_vonwho: a nonbo?
3PlayerPolitics: wombo nonbo
Didero: 'dombo nombo'?
Seth_Erickson: that'd be called a non bo Serge
Dark_Stargazer: nombo bombo
rocketjohn: zombo nonbo
Skeptical_Hat: trombone nonbo
Kyir: grrrrreat upheaval
TehAmelie: zombocom
RayFK: Stay away from the summoner.
Togathic: That's not the way I play magic.....
chrono2x: Makes for a very busy screen
Endless109: could we check gear?
Rogue_07: The name "kama" bugs me because it's Japanese for a small hand scythe. I used to have friends who used them for kata when I took martial arts
MateusGardinPassamani: everything is a creature card, so there are like some 50+ creatures, right?
silenceaux: You can't talk to invisible people. It's impolite.
rocketjohn: i wonder if there's a blue build with no creatures
petey_vonwho: I had a pure sorcery build that was really fun. My artifact was giving me a ridiculous amount of sorcery power
Seth_Erickson: lrrDOTS
nemryn: orb
BrindleBoar: fill this man with orbs
nightraven949: this line gives me the vibe of "you have brought light into my lair.... you must DIE"
3PlayerPolitics: e ehhh never mind he's GONE INVISABL
RayFK: Arena client opens
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Literally every D3 class has summons lrrJUDGE
carpeamentum: can you draft in the arena?
Dark_Stargazer: oooo
MateusGardinPassamani: what is the ultimate power?
Desruprot: :o an MTG Arena
MateusGardinPassamani: the one you have to press E
circusofkirkus: the real question is if we get Arena's voice actors for Rowan and Will Kenrith
TXC2: RayFK asset error occurs
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: They moved out of the way of my stampede... no fair!
3PlayerPolitics: @nightraven949 agreed! .... you must die
Togathic: Legacy = Charbelcher / Modern = Ad nauseum....I like to throw my deck at people
oneiropticon: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
MateusGardinPassamani: Ultimate E power?
98paperboys: Imagine if you could just *move out of the way* of overrun in the card game
Icejet99: what is this?
llama513: Just from looking at the classes, cause I am definitely excited to try this game out, I am immediately drawn to the geomancer, cause I enjoy close range, and you know punching things with fire sounds fun
SocraticMethod: @MateusGardinPassamani that's mana refresh
Drasvin: The E power is Mana Surge. Gets them back Mana
Seth_Erickson: Our first boss PogChamp
TheMerricat: So I'm trying to imagine how something like wrath of god would work in this context chat....
RayFK: NXT's Nuts
llama513: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Stoffern: So...what happens to the manabar when you diversify the deck...does it automatically split into colors? Do you choose?
rocketjohn: Is it a real MTG game if you don't have to pay over the odds to be competitive?
wulfram77: Noyan Dar is a bad guy?
TXC2 coughs
TXC2: I made one like 5 mins ago :p
SZebra: I wonder if they should make the bosses larger so they're easier to differentiate from other NPCs.
MateusGardinPassamani: rocketjohn they have like a fully fledged progression system
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Electrodyne: I don't know recent Magic so I thought you were making wrestling jokes the whole time
TheMerricat: LOL @Electrodyne @TXC2 :D
Endless109: Eyy, Thada Adel
SZebra: Extreeeeeeeme
MateusGardinPassamani: that you can keep getting cards to rank cards up to 10 and get many gear pieces with many bonuses that you can improve
TehAmelie: x-treeeme
MateusGardinPassamani: and relics and other stuff
MateusGardinPassamani: you dont have to pay, only if you want to help
rocketjohn: MateusGardinPassamani so you can get alll the game peices without paying on a secondary market? Definitely not an MTG game then :)
Endless109: Could we check our gear maybe?
Snowwraith: I remember killing someone's Akroma and in the process, stealing it, then beating them up with it. Thanks casual Magic.
cryptic_nah: Yes, sleep is a fragile hole which breaks when they take damage.
MateusGardinPassamani: you can get over 90% of the game I think, in the worst case scenario
Togathic: and gear has a native ability and 2 adaptive that have a larger library the more of them you collect....
MateusGardinPassamani: without needing to pay
Laserbeaks_Fury: So will multicolor decks be a thing?
3PlayerPolitics: deck. deck pls
MateusGardinPassamani: or so it has been discussed
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Magic: Legends
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury eventually
Drasvin: @rocketjohn You can get everything in MtG without the secondary market. It just takes forever and a day
rocketjohn: MateusGardinPassamani and its it a single price to get the missing peices, or is it a suprise mechanic?
HolyMTG: @Laserbeaks_Fury deck can have two colors and soesn't have to match the color of your class
Mistborn83: Have you tried asking to lunch that might help to become friend?
MateusGardinPassamani: I think they have a mix of monetization options, not sure until OB
Izandai: @rocketjohn We get it, you hate the T in TCG, jeeze.
Seth_Erickson: Sphinxes weak to 30-50 boars I guess that checks out
MateusGardinPassamani: but there is trading yeah
Myslizard: @Laserbeaks_Fury so you can play as Blue mage, but have green/white deck
ThaTroubadour: monetization seems like it will be fine to me
SocraticMethod: pets and mobs having the same model is kinda bleh design decision
frankscx: throw another sphinx on the barbie
Dark_Stargazer: "uncommon feet"?
3PlayerPolitics: *30-50 feral hogs
SmashTCG: a pedant of divintiy
TXC2: Wristlet?
Togathic: the monetization plan they released doesn't bother me at all
rocketjohn: Izandai as if MTGA is a trading card game lol.
MateusGardinPassamani: I will search for the link of their monetization plan
Rurrythe_blind: Do we know if this will support game controllers?
Seth_Erickson: !card Drudge Skeleton
LRRbot: Drudge Skeletons [1B] | Creature — Skeleton [1/1] | {B}: Regenerate Drudge Skeletons.
NoTomToLose: The dead don't typically die at all, given they've already done so once
MAPBoardgames: !card scathe zombie
LRRbot: Scathe Zombies [2B] | Creature — Zombie [2/2]
Magnetic__North: What plane is this on?
HolyMTG: @Rurrythe_blind console controllers will be supported
TXC2: from Alpha no?
wulfram77: Zendikar
Izandai: @rocketjohn You can also get all the cards on Arena without interacting with a secondary market.
Togathic: Monetization plan at that link
MateusGardinPassamani: ty @Togathic
KelenMTGL: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:26.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, like I kinda wish I could have played Diablo with a controler, that format fits better I think
Seth_Erickson: Drudge Skeletons mtg card text is quite long
Mythallian: is the release date more of a beta launch?
Endless109: If we don't fight an Avenger of Zendikar at some point, imma...
HIYGamer: I hope they've rebalanced creatures since the alpha. They were honestly really bad back then.
Rurrythe_blind: That's exciting. These games are more fun to me with my controller
Wilcroft: Does that mean the release version will be called "revised"? Kappa
zanderkreegan: MTG MOBA?
LegionofLashes: so many not jaces
Dark_Stargazer: gosh darn it, they're fighting
MateusGardinPassamani: that is from jun 2020
SocraticMethod: Doesn't are have lack secondary market by definition?
Togathic: not MOBA
lirazel64: Hey all, sorrynotsorry to be late... second shot GET.
SocraticMethod: Arena*
punderdome: The demo at pax East used controllers IIRC
SmashTCG: Bah god Thats BALOTHS MUSIC
OddAndHonest: @zanderkreegan ARPG, not MOBA
MateusGardinPassamani: oh wait, got 11 march
bakerydragon: Wake up Babe, new Baloth just dropped
TXC2: Noyan darr and Alica Fawx must be stopped at all cost!
Izandai: @SocraticMethod Correct.
DudiTTV: Pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck, pls don't suck T_T
ARandomPlatypus: Stand by for Baloth fall
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun So if they have an event that removes cooldowns it has to be called Unlimited yea?
the_card_father: Orbital Drop Baloth is more unexpected than the Spanish Inquisition.
Kaorti: um excuse me, it's an ENORMOUS Baloth
zanderkreegan: @OddAndHonest Interesting, looks like Diablo?
MateusGardinPassamani: the special effects are cool
SmashTCG: those energy beams are a tad bright
3PlayerPolitics: Kappa
Magnetic__North: Looks kinda busy?
MateusGardinPassamani: and there is no blood at all on the screen
Togathic: @Mythallian Open Beta date is pretty much soft launch, the lead esigner said they aren't wiping accounts after the 23rd
SmashTCG: making me squint at my screen
Dark_Stargazer: this is pretty much Magic Diablo
OddAndHonest: @zanderkreegan yeah, it'll be similar to Diablo, with mechanics related to MTG
SeiichiSin: I totally would love an event that is an Un set of spells.
brutar55: So is it like an mmo? or a Diablo clone? or a Moba?
TXC2: looks busy = ARPG
Seth_Erickson: LUL
OddAndHonest: ARPG like Diablo
TheMerricat: I wonder how many papers have been writen about the dopamine spike players get when massive numbers just take over the screen.
NathanLonghair: lol
Izandai: @brutar55 More like Diablo than those other two.
LegionofLashes: is this an arpg or mmo?
TXC2: LegionofLashes ARPG
Izandai: ARPG
Dark_Stargazer: lmao @TheMerricat
brutar55: ty
Seth_Erickson: the former LegionofLashes
Togathic: I would read that paper
rocketjohn: Izandai are you really defending the terrible arena economy? Am I being actively trolled?
MateusGardinPassamani: arpg, they could add moba game modes later
LegionofLashes: ok cool, i like it
RaMoSu: f2p on PS4??
Laserbeaks_Fury: whats the "A" for?
3PlayerPolitics: hueg numbers is Timmy though
OddAndHonest: Action
SocraticMethod: @Laserbeaks_Fury Action
KelenMTGL: Action
Halvhir: @Laserbeaks_Fury Action-RPG
ThaTroubadour: Tuesday can't get here fast enough legendsFoxerZ
noSmokeFire: faceS plural
MateusGardinPassamani: but their overworld feels like mmorpg
Togathic: Overworld is maxed at 6 players....nah
RaMoSu: is it f2p on PS4 pls?
Togathic: F2P on all
MateusGardinPassamani: only 6? wasnt it like more
Desruprot: heh a Mysterious object out in the open
KelenMTGL: So more than two hours are required to unlock the forth spell ?
MateusGardinPassamani: I think I read a news saying they increased overworld total number of players
SocraticMethod: Is it just me or is that balof getting bigger?
Izandai: @rocketjohn You're just talking to someone who's been playing Arena almost entirely F2P and never felt particularly restricted.
rendelnep: An Illusion.. What are they Hiding!!?
Greypelt: "Its me, ya boi, baloth"
Endless109: It's time to enher the MTG Arena
MateusGardinPassamani: show the special ability on the boss?
RaMoSu: ty very much, CANT wait, you got me :)
Togathic: I hope they did
Myslizard: @SocraticMethod Big Boi Balth!!
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Nemarott: 9 months Hype
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KeytarCat: MTDC (Magic: The Diablo Clone)
noSmokeFire: you'd think this was the long game with all these orbs
Magnetic__North: Doesn't look like it performs particularly well... hopefully they will iron that out
gamercat88: bring on the bacon
Endless109: As is my right
dangerous_safety: Entering the Area: boots up MTGA
Desruprot: the bosses worst nightmare bacon
Izandai: @rocketjohn If you've had bad experiences with the Arena economy then I'm sorry for you, but I also cannot relate.
silenceaux: As is your right, as a green gamer
Koshindan: hooglFloop
Wilcroft: hi kathleen!
JDMan94: @Magnetic__North graham is both streaming and processing Serge's and Adam's camera feeds
Dark_Stargazer: apparently this is just something to do with how they setup the LRR stream @Magnetic__North
omdorastrix: Are the summoned pigs, pre-sweetened
JDMan94: so this isnt an accurate depiction of performance
rendelnep starts chanting the spiderpig song for Graham
Seth_Erickson: man when are we getting the Inflict Violence mtg card?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Serge would go straight for the Hedrons
TheElrad: Apply directly to the forehedron
Magnetic__North: Ah, okay. Sorry, I came late.
SnowBuddy18: does he drink at the Noyan Bar?
nemryn: @Seth_Erikson right after Rage Mage
MateusGardinPassamani: this is so cool
RaMoSu: i wanna support this dev Team :)
MateusGardinPassamani: I want to play it
SocraticMethod: Since MtG is branching into licensing other works, I wonder there would be Artifact called "Assault rifle - Destroy target 30-40 creature Hog"
Alma_v: Noooo, my boy Noyan
BrowneePoints: That's gonna leave a Noyan Scar
LegionofLashes: wait noyan dar is bad?
Magnetic__North: I'm just happy the guys that made Champions Online are still at it ;)
MateusGardinPassamani: annoy him
rocketjohn: Izandai fair. experiences differ for sure. I find it incredibly painful to experiment with different decks when so many wildcards get used up on just multicoloured lands.
NightWingMistHawk: BrowneePoints Booooo sergeJustRight
bakerydragon: @BrowneePoints oryxLUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: STealth Kathleen
SnowBuddy18: does he drive the Noyan Car?
TheMerricat: So since Artifact is officially canceled twice over now, can WoTC take over the property and merge it with MtG? :D
dangerous_safety: Has science gone too Noyan Far?
TXC2: Steathleen
BrowneePoints: While observing Vulcan mating rituals he's Noyan Pon Farr
rocketjohn: Izandai I also have insufficient time wilst running a a household to spend every day doing quests.
Endless109: Noyam Darr is what, a 4/3? our 6/6 Baloth should easily take him!
LegionofLashes: going to go drop a big ol demon brb
ThaTroubadour: @MateusGardinPassamani they increased it to 6 before the last alpha
MateusGardinPassamani: if he does not bow down the head to you, its Noyan Tar
PixelArtDragon: Does he drive a Noyan Car?
TXC2: !card noyan darr
LRRbot: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper [3WU] | Legendary Creature — Merfolk Ally [4/4] | Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you may put three +1/+1 counters on target land you control. If you do, that land becomes a 0/0 Elemental creature with haste that's still a land.
Dark_Stargazer: more like a 6000/6000 in this
MateusGardinPassamani: @ThaTroubadour ok
Laserbeaks_Fury: Dat Trample
rocketjohn: Izandai honestly just allowing me to either dust, or combine C and U wildcards into R and M ones would go a long way to solving the problem.
3PlayerPolitics: If he's listening to his favourite podcast he's Noyan SMAR
BrowneePoints: Graham dunked on him like a Noyan All-Star
tenthtechpriest: cover him while he loots
TXC2: after this we'll get a drink at the Noyan bar
TheThirdTail: aether fox just off doing a nap
PixelArtDragon: "I'll be with you in a minute, I just need to scoop up all this loot"
MateusGardinPassamani: if he's a drunk, its Noyan Bar
Chulump: Is the game good?????
TheMerricat: "Do me the courtesy of hearing my words! Sure, after I finish looting everything.
Dark_Stargazer: oh mannn
Seth_Erickson: Theta Adele
underhill33: They've said it both ways
JamesRiav: Ted Adele
cpalahniuk: do you think perfect world is the best choice for the developing magic legends?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Alpha Adele, Beta Adel... Theta Adele. Sure
Dr_fragenstien: sometimes the VAs get it wrong, so you might still be right
Izandai: @rocketjohn That is a point on which we are in complete agreement. I don't want dusting, but I would LOVE the ability to turn one kind of wildcard into another, even if it was at a bad rate.
dangerous_safety: He's just an average Noyan Par
Ham_Hamilton: oh yeah, this game is magic themed diablo kinda, right?
TXC2: Vowels were a mistake
Crazy_Miner51: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TheMerricat: ? that's suppose to be our red haired antagonist?
SmashTCG: It feels Midly Undwhelming that a glowing chest opens and NOTHING COMES OUT
MateusGardinPassamani: if he was russian it would be Noyan Tzar
Togathic: @Ham_Hamilton but better, but yes
TXC2: MateusGardinPassamani good one
circusofkirkus: just more green favoritism Kappa
Mistborn83: lil pumper
rocketjohn: Izandai <3 I apologise for my hostile manner. Bad day, with little fun in it.
kruudelis: Graham's gone through some shit
PixelArtDragon: Now that you've left, he's Noyan Far
RayFK: Yo hearing Serge say "lil pumper" doesn't sound right
Laserbeaks_Fury: Grabbin' Hedrons like a Crab
diamondmx: According to that help tip - you can buy and sell spell pages with some vendor.
SocraticMethod: @TheMerricat She doesn't look like merfolk and her abilities are green, so coincidence I suppose
LurkerSpine: I still mislike the term lil pumper
Ham_Hamilton: @togathic cool, thanks! fgsLick
rocketjohn: Izandai which is no reason to take it out on the chat and the stream and you.
TehAmelie: Graham just keeps ending up in situations where he has to pump dogs
Izandai: @rocketjohn Oof, that sucks. Hope it gets better, or at least is the worst day you have this week. lrrHEART
dangerous_safety: He's going to Noyan War... wait that doesn't work
MateusGardinPassamani: alright where do we sign up for open beta?!
Dark_Stargazer: upgraded uncommon feet
bakerydragon: Hi @RayFK always good to see you in chat =)
TheElrad: Gaham, you might want to unlock the fast travel near you first
RayFK: o/
Roughly21Smurfs: If he was far enough away in a hot air balloon he
PixelArtDragon: There's a Hedron Crab on the screen right now! (Behind Serge)
Dark_Stargazer: I wonder how would a rare feet look like
Konhac: You have to choose another bonus when upgrading I think
rocketjohn: Izandai thank you.
UncleScrewtape: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Roughly21Smurfs: If he was far enough away in a hot air balloon he’d be Noyan Star ⭐️
3PlayerPolitics: if he was a lawyer he'd attend the Noyan Bar
j0xer: feet stuff?
BrowneePoints: @Roughly21Smurfs Noyan Far*
Laserbeaks_Fury: Graham is the Mandarin over here
SocraticMethod: "Feet stuff" would you like to rephrase that?
Dark_Stargazer: LUL
Deadjackpit: if you get 2 time the same item, you will unlock different mod so you can custom them
thundermeir: so how do you get new cards? if your only being rewarded pages of things you already have.
TheMerricat: So I wonder if there is item trading for this or if equip is just player specific.
LivingMTG: can you try to equip 2 rings?
Seth_Erickson: the boots are calamitous Graham lets not undersell them
Roughly21Smurfs: @browneepoints eh, either works 🤷🏻♂️
thanatos4268: you unlock the other mods by getting duplicates i think
VTMonster: Is this in beta?
Togathic: Yo you just don't see that.... <3 Izandai,,, that response...
BrowneePoints: If he wielded poison needles he'd be Noyan Gom Jabbar
TXC2: VTMonster yes
Laserbeaks_Fury: so Ilvl?
Koshindan: The site says open beta starts on the 23. @VTMonster
groovemancery: @VTMonster open beta starts on the 23rd
PixelArtDragon: Can you get Lightning Greaves though?
Myslizard: @VTMonster Open Beta starts next week on 23rd
diamondmx: !unsubscribe Noyan Dar puns
Roughly21Smurfs: @browneepoints 🤦♂️
TehAmelie: if he was a street racer he would be Noyam Dom
Togathic: or at least some swift boots?
HolyMTG: @VTMonster technically closed alpha; open beta starts on march 23
BrindleBoar: are you using your axe instead of your magicks?
dangerous_safety: If he was in JJBA it'd be Noyan Bizarre
tenthtechpriest: what if you push buttons
Izandai: @Togathic We try to be good people here, even when we disagree on stuff.
cryptic_nah: I guarantee you'll have enough spell pages once you get to your realm. ;)
nemryn: if he killed Mufasa, he'd be Noyan Scar
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ahh, the Skyrim approach
Roughly21Smurfs: If he was in a Ferrari he’d be Noyan Car
BrowneePoints: If he had whistle tips he'd be Annoyan Car
TXC2: BrowneePoints the Gom Jabber is the box, not posion, turn in your nerd badge and gun Kappa
Konhac: He's getting streamer loot Kappa
cryptic_nah: It's not based on usage, spell pages drop for all spells you own. They're added to the pool of drops so as you unlock new spells more things will drop.
Alexare_: uhhh, what is this? a magic mmo?
RayFK: 1:20 Blaze it!
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
LegionofLashes: graham is already into the paddy's day stuff
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TXC2: we're gonna fast travel to the toilet :p
MateusGardinPassamani: giveaway time?
Alexare_: neat!
Roughly21Smurfs: If he was stuck in oil like mud he’d be Noyan Tar
TehAmelie: MMO as in minimally multiplayer online hehe
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
KeytarCat: Magic: The Diablo Clone
noSmokeFire: a MARPG (Magic ARPG)
Alexare_: the a in ARPG is... action?
rocketjohn: Izandai Togathic This is one of the finest islands of civility and welcome within the sea of excrement that is the general internet.
TXC2: Alexare_ yes
diamondmx: @Alexare_ Yes
Alexare_: cool
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 Wut. I've read Dune a ton. The Gom Jabbar is 100% the cyanide needle
TheMerricat: @TXC2 I'd prefer to fast travel to the room next to the toilet.... teloporting on top of it just seems.... risky.
nemryn: when you fight a friendly training match, he's Noyan Spar
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 Sorry. "Meta-cyanide needle"
TXC2: BrowneePoints I am probably wrong then :p
TXC2: TheMerricat fair
Izandai: I thought the Gom Jabbar was the test involving both the needle and the box.
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 it's also the term for the test proper
rocketjohn: @Izandai that was my three years culumative, thank you so much. I have not been able to afford to sub since i semi-retired to look after my parents in november.
BrowneePoints: @Izandai it's both. but the "gom jabbar" itself is the needle
TheMerricat: "The Gom Jabbar, also known as "the high handed enemy", was a meta-cyanide poisoned needle that sat upon a thimble, and could thus be attached to a person's fingertip."
BrowneePoints: Chat
Izandai: @BrowneePoints Ah, I see.
rocketjohn: Izandai or at least, it gave me the badge now anyway.
BrowneePoints: I'm so excited for the Dune movie
BrowneePoints: it looks...SO good
TheMerricat: "All the noble houses kept a Gom Jabbar of some sort, and used it to dispose of rivals and enemies under certain circumstances. One of the best known uses of the device occurred when the young Alia Atreides killed the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen during the Battle of Arrakeen, after declaring to him, "Meet the Atreides Gom Jabbar"."
TehAmelie: i think it's Dirk Gently who keeps landing in toilet bowls when he travels between dimensions
Izandai: @rocketjohn Least I could do to make your shitty day a little bit less shit. lrrHEART
rocketjohn: Izandai You're a lovely human. Blessings be upon you and your house :)
BrowneePoints: Still blows my mind how well Dune holds up 50 years later
TheMerricat: "The Bene Gesserit also made extensive use of the Gom Jabbar, especially when they tested the humanity of certain individuals. In such circumstances, the device was placed against the subject's neck and acted as a deterrent for them backing out of the test. Such a method was used by Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam against Paul Atreides before his arrival on Arrakis."
Izandai: Thank you. lrrHEART
TheMerricat: "The gom jabbar test would be to determine whether an individual's awareness was stronger than their instincts. If their awareness of the gom jabbar's presence was strong enough, it would override their instincts to withdraw from the test, which usually involved great physical pain."
Myslizard: @BrowneePoints have you seen the old Dune movie??
galen150: is the stream over?
Vaygrim: You mean the only TRUE Dune Movie?
Myslizard: break
BrowneePoints: @Myslizard I love David Lynch's movie in all its ridiculousness
TheMerricat: @galen150 commercial break
MeLikeSmallMatters: @galen150 just a break
galen150: k thanks
rocketjohn: Vaygrim now now.... let people like what they like.
BigBenS221: late to the party, is this the MtG rpg that's been in development?
MeLikeSmallMatters: I'm looking forward to chilling with this on ps4
BrowneePoints: @BigBenS221 Yes, this is Magic: the Diablo
Boon_33: yes @BigBenS221
Myslizard: @BrowneePoints i wonder if i should watch that old one. I loved the games
Vaygrim: I have no problem letting people like things that don't exist within the boundaries of my reality.
BigBenS221: ty
TehAmelie: Dune is up, apparently
BrowneePoints: @Myslizard David Lynch's Dune is a RIDE
Chulump: Is Magic Legends good???? It looks fun
BearHusky: no
3PlayerPolitics: no sound or just me?
BrowneePoints: I'm happy this looks MUCH more polished than what I played last year Graham.
rocketjohn: just you 3PlayerPolitics
BearHusky: I mean it's not out yet right?
tennsquid: its got lag issues appearently
Vaygrim: I'm interested in playing this game now, after watching the stream.
BrindleBoar: Hi Kathleen!
Vaygrim: Looks fun.
BrowneePoints: Hi Kathleen!
CaptainSpam: Hi, Kathleen!
MrOrion24: Hi Kathleeen!
neb_200: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:30:55.
MeLikeSmallMatters: Bye Kathleen
Konhac: She's gone LUL
BigBenS221: lol
MrOrion24: Bye Kathleen
ZackTheCatKing: Hey all, what are we playing? Wat's this? Magic Diablo?
azidbern95: Hi Snorsh Lady!
silenceaux: we do not acknowledge
rocketjohn: I will give this a go, following this stream... hey @LoadingReadyRun is this a sponsored or affiliate stream, is there a code we can enter to let them know you sent us?
SocraticMethod: "Restart the roil"? Isn't roil still active, which is a big problem for Zendikar?
Myslizard: @ZackTheCatKing yes, Magic ARPG
KeytarCat: @ZackTheCatKing Magic: the diablo clone
Izandai: Up to 3
ZackTheCatKing: @Myslizard @KeytarCat thanks!
BrowneePoints: Sounds like the Voice Director wasn't as consistent as they could have been
silenceaux: The text said "up to 3"
TheMerricat: There was a bot command to pull up the link for this but it's scrolled pass.
BrindleBoar: so it's 6/6, 2x 3/3, or 3x 2/2
tenthtechpriest: #sponsored
BigBenS221: that's a terrible card, 5 mana, gross
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TheMerricat: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Myslizard: @ZackTheCatKing Open Beta starts next week
3PlayerPolitics: ah it wasjust Twitch bugging out, thanks peeps
noSmokeFire: when in doubt, tell them "LRR sent me, button plz" and maybe you'll get lucky
Genderi: "Use affiliate code 'beta' to get access to the beta!"
BrowneePoints: But yea, this is MUCH more polished than what I played last year in the Alpha
Sannindi: I mean, it couldn't hurt, right?
BrowneePoints: The UI is MUCH cleaner as well
Seth_Erickson: In game button cosmetic 👀
TheMerricat: It's just a space bar.
MeLikeSmallMatters: is the open beta pc only? or will it be available on ps4 and xbox one?
MWGNZ: "how did they get my shipping address?"
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nemmielicious: They shake down some random intern and steal their jacket buttons.
galen150: PC only
Niuttuc: They got the button by ordering from a Kingdom of Cards
ZackTheCatKing: @Myslizard thanks!
Drasvin: What about a download button
PixelArtDragon: Those saprolings are pretty beefy for 1/1s
manwiththegoldencard: What is a merfolk drake
BrowneePoints: It's a flail
manwiththegoldencard: is a normal dog a human dog?
BrowneePoints: censer flail
cryptic_nah: It's a thurible.
Koshindan: It's a meteor hammer.
Mithgar: Howdy folks. I'd not heard of this game before. Is this an MTG themed Diablo-clone?
BearHusky: what classes are they playing?
floki4242: there's something I could totally see cam liking
NarishmaReborn: blue, color of dragons
TXC2: turns out one lrr break is not enough time for me to drop an enormous baloth :p
BrindleBoar: *trapped* merfolk chest
diamondmx: The chest contained merfolk - who could have predicted this?!
TheMerricat: LOL @TXC2
PixelArtDragon: Jaya?
oneiropticon: Merfolk RUSE!
rocketjohn: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
BrindleBoar: TXC2 need more fiber Kappa
BrowneePoints: Now that I think about it Graham, what IS a Censer if not just a small flail?
rocketjohn: Mithgar ^
Mithgar: @rocketjohn Thank you
nemryn: @BearHusky Blue, Green, and Black
ryu9969: why did you let them out of the chest don;t open the jar applies to chests as well
silenceaux: Is Adam's dragon illusory?
Izandai: @Mithgar I think Diablo-like is more accurate than Diablo clone.
BrowneePoints: @BearHusky Beastcaller, Illusionist and Necromancer
UlranQentba: Sultai Team
TXC2: BrindleBoar but I had Bran for breakfast :P
TheMerricat: -ARPG- :P
rocketjohn: it's sort of like if diablo, guild wars and magic had a terrible threesome-baby.
TehAmelie: wizard problems: my email address is already in use by that site and i'm like "i have no memory of this place"
LurkerSpine: I mean, it's an ARPG. They're all gonna feel a bit like Diablo
rocketjohn: TehAmelie go to the link where the air smells slightly fresher.
TehAmelie: ah, if only
Chulump: Nissa giving me some heavy Petra Venj vibes with that accent ngl
BrowneePoints: Reminder for chat; your Class/Mage Type does not lock your Mana color. Eventually adam could be an illusionist with R/G spells if he wanted
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie Same, but then I realized the also make Neverwinter Nights so it's from that
Chulump: maybe that's just me playing too much D2
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie it looks like they are using Arc accounts, so if you've played _any_ Perfect world game, you proably should be able to use that account to log in.
Seth_Erickson: Siltlurker 👀
GoRiLLa87: sergeLurk
BrowneePoints: Those Archers put in work though
chumpofthemonth: Is it just the stream or is the game really running at 10 fps
Viewers_Like_You: Is that like a Stiltpuffer?
BrowneePoints: I remember those arches from the Alpha
lightfoot14: skeleton Archer, skeleton Archer, skeleton Archer
PixelArtDragon: Skeleton Archer, profession: skeleton archer
beowuuf: graham's computer is doing a lot right now :p
rocketjohn: So chat, is there a good place in the discord for us to meet and group up for this game once it's out?
TXC2: chumpofthemonth graham's Computer has to handle the game and the stream and 3 web cams
BrowneePoints: Indeed! Makes for fun mix and match between spells and Signature Abilities
petey_vonwho: Once you get past tazeem, you can change your class as well
chumpofthemonth: @txc2 Very fair!
diamondmx: Graham and the Rainbow Friends.
tergonis: 5 color superfriends
Koshindan: Five color mono green.
neisan2112: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
PixelArtDragon: Oops all creatures
Vampiricsloth: @rocketjohn there's an mmorgp channel under the videogames tab in the discord
Reduce_Sanity: Truly Big Dumb Idiot tribal
Vampiricsloth: mmorpg*
KSib: <message deleted>is this being re-streamed somewhere else simultaneously with better quality?
RayFK: Graham you mean you don't birth new Discord Channels from your loins?
JarofGoats: Just got here, could I get a quick rundown of what sort of characters we're seeing played?
Seth_Erickson: it'll be interesting how this game handles gathering mana of different colors on this ui
corefluxx: is there a bonus or synergy for using spells in your colour?
BrowneePoints: Not really
PandaClawse: What is this chaos?!
rustenskurk: I only just got here. Does the game feel like a Magic game, or more like a game with a Magic theme?
galen150: both
rocketjohn: Vampiricsloth thank you, i will start there. Discord is reasonabily hellish for my particular mentality of old man who prefers forums.
soulkingu: Boy there sure is...stuff happening
anbuagent12: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TXC2: JarofGoats Graham is Green, Serge black, Adam blue
the510: it's more like a game with a magic theme
SocraticMethod: Is this King of the hill? Do you have to stay in the circle?
JarofGoats: @TXC2 Thank you!
TXC2: Big mood there Skelly
Myslizard: @JarofGoats Necrcomancer, Illusionist and Beastcaller
dbhkyle: Nice Baloth
galen150: having played the alpha, it still feels like a magic game
BrowneePoints: Oh yea, the animations/graphics are WAY better than they were last year
chumpofthemonth: As someone who likes playing pet classes I like all the summons
BrowneePoints: That's a whole school of merfolk there
TehAmelie: so many hedrons around this place, i hope they don't accidentally align somewhere
niccus: look at all that math flying around
rocketjohn: well we know that maths is for blockers.
MrOrion24: Math is for blockers and we're always attacking
rocketjohn: and the savidan rule says that if you're blocking you're losing
rocketjohn: so math is for losers.
GirlPainting: Lods of things....hmmmm....has the simic slaw made it to the pro tour already?
PandaClawse: Magic: The Gathering - Universes Beyond: Diablo III edition.
Statist42: if this is a magic game.... can i play storm?
TehAmelie: drafting in this would be funny. blind speedrun mode
galen150: no storm
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
rocketjohn: It would be cool if this had a PVP fight-pit mode which was draft.
munocard: Are ya'll enjoying this?
SocraticMethod: I think you have to return to old hedron
Chulump: That's a lotta damage
lightfoot14: I wonder if the randomization of the "card draw" will help or hurt the game
underhill33: go south
underhill33: different camp
TheMerricat: @munocard I'm enjoying specing them
SocraticMethod: This is forest ruins IIRC
soulkingu: Do we know for how long this stream is expected to continue
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TXC2: soulkingu at least another hour
angus_the_chap: "I like when numbers". Very relatable.
dbhkyle: I too enjoy when numbers
Didero: Might this become a game for a regular stream, like The Long Game?
Seejo_Crux: Bigger numbers means you're having fun
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun can you see this becoming a long game once destiny is completed?
tenthtechpriest: number go brrr
justgravey67: gameplay looks somewhat similar to diablo or perhaps how heros controlled in warcraft 3. would you say thats true?
rocketjohn: Didero snap :)
TehAmelie: there should be room for at least a couple of tutor-like cards. things to limit randomization
TheMerricat: @soulkingu the slot was for 4 hours, so assuming clockwork precision, 1 hour and 15 minutes. :D
VTMonster: Bigger numbers mean more gooder
Yakkers221B: I assume we're on Zendikar rn
itira: Afternoon everyone
Yakkers221B: Hedrons and such
SocraticMethod: Camp clearing was the first place
TXC2: Yakkers221B yes
TXC2: hello itira welcome
TheMerricat: @justgravey67 the game _is_ marketed as an ARPG so it is very Diablo-esque on purpose.
Yakkers221B: Hi itira, Hi chat
justgravey67: gothca, thanks!
SocraticMethod: The more places cleansed, the bigger the score multiplier
TheMerricat: When did Serge get the 'soul patch' spelll?
TehAmelie: "why reinvent the wheel?" was the philosophy of Diablo to begin with. it's a workable template
3PlayerPolitics: lolmage
isabellavonneissenau: is it just me or does this look incredibly generic?
CaptainEnder7: Where was the link to sign up for this again?
TXC2: !magiclegneds
TheMerricat: @isabellavonneissenau it's a Magic Themed ARPG, what would you expect it to look like?
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
munocard: Gonna need a lot more juice to cleanse this.
CaptainEnder7: Thanks!
Seth_Erickson: Graham might want to head for Twisted Riverbed then?
Yakkers221B: I enjoy the boar attack
TXC2: Spelling the command procs the command :p
oharbingero: Hey serge. I am looking to buy some dark roast coffee, I would like to buy two or three different kinds. Any recomendations?
underhill33: does the map have labels?
TheMerricat: @oharbingero I don't know that anyone but Graham has chat open
munocard: That was remarkably jittery
SocraticMethod: Objective marker without bar I think is riverbend
Vampiricsloth: is it only mouse to move?
oharbingero: That's a bummer. Is there a place that he has posted this kind of information?
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
n3cron: Are you having the battelpass active?
Evochron13: @oharbingero how bout his own channel
isabellavonneissenau: @TheMerricat idk something that distingishes it from the other games of the genre that came out in the last 10 years
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s007s1: PridePog
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Evochron13: @oharbingero
munocard: Ahhh, that makes some amount of sense?
Yakkers221B: Graham's PC is a champion,
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AwesomeFox42: Someone dropped your luck bag emotes in my chat, so wanted to spread some little love
TheMerricat: @isabellavonneissenau have you been watching the deck building part of this? :)
Izandai: @isabellavonneissenau Well there's a deckbuilding system and an emphasis on summons.
Kyir: Damage feels kind of low in this game
Chulump: Graham"s computer must have a pretty sore back from carrying the entire stream Kappa
TheMerricat: lol @Chulump
Seth_Erickson: you're not at forest ruins I don't think Graham
Izandai: @Kyir Legitimate question, are you joking or being serious.
SocraticMethod: G's at camp I tink
IzoCypress: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Izandai: ?
underhill33: you're at historic pass G
beowuuf: welcome awesomefox42
Kyir: @Izandai Being serious. I know the numbers are high, but things die pretty slow compared to other games of the genre (it seems like?)
TheMerricat: I told you hey should have used scientific notation for the damage numbers :P
Keasby_The_Rascal: This looks very framey
PandaClawse: Is there a looting system for items? Or is this purely a level system game?
Izandai: @Kyir Ah, I see what you mean.
BrowneePoints: @Kyir seems like health scales per attackers
TXC2: Keasby_The_Rascal Graham's PC is doing a lot of work today
isabellavonneissenau: no i just tuned in
Yakkers221B: @TheMerricat That way the player feels more powerful bitterLOL
BrowneePoints: @Kyir this is pretty reasonably on par with lower geared d3 kill times
TheMerricat: @PandaClawse they've been picking up random items. but it's instanced so what drops for Graham is for Graham and not Serge if that's what you are asking.
SocraticMethod: I think south objective is bugged, still on "Defeat lullmages" phase
Kyir: Maybe PoE spoiled me. It's been a while since I did a new D3 season
TXC2: "north we go!" Graham heads west :p
Seth_Erickson: volcanic water element hmmm
PandaClawse: @TheMerricat That's exactly what I was wondering. Just curious if there were items to collect in the game. Ty!
s0lesurviv0r: !card bearer of the heavens
LRRbot: Bearer of the Heavens [7R] | Creature — Giant [10/10] | When Bearer of the Heavens dies, destroy all permanents at the beginning of the next end step.
BrowneePoints: @Kyir I've never touched that game
s0lesurviv0r: ^Grahams pc today
TimeToFry: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Robot_Bones: Ow My Freaking Ears
petey_vonwho: i think the lower damage is also just due to not having access to a lot of gear or deckbuilding yet. once you can start building your preferred build, enemies die much faster
BrowneePoints: That is a BIG, and I mean BIG, BIG, Chungus
Togathic: !411 How to you acquire artifacts?
Kyir: @BrowneePoints It's weird and obtuse and hostile, but I love it
LurkerSpine: out of time
dbhkyle: So is this Diablo but everyone is a pet class?
dangerous_safety: he's going for a walk
TheMerricat: @dbhkyle pretty close.
Myslizard: @dbhkyle just like in magic, you are a summoner
PandaClawse: @dbhkyle Kinda seems like it, doesn't it.
Yakkers221B: Zambo
groovemancery: is that a grave titan?
Izandai: It wouldn't surprise me at all if the game is tuned so damage is a little low at the start so there can be a noticable power spike once the player gets access to the full breadth of customization.
BrowneePoints: Death Wind and Grave Titan?
noSmokeFire: gravy button!
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TXC2: Ribbon!
Togathic: But just as in magic you can play creatureless
cryptic_nah: Necromancer ultimate converts kills into zombies.
HolyMTG: @Togathic artifacts mostly drop from mobs
Togathic: ty
JarofGoats: Oh that is grave titan isn't it. Neat!
dbhkyle: I also dont mean that as a criticism. It was just an observation. haha
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noSmokeFire: I think you have a marker for each of the hedrons that longer care about?
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dbhkyle: Heck yeah! Looking forward to this game! Have fun lads!
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Izandai: PrideLaugh
Desruprot: necromancer ult is just the last tier ability of a Necro in D2
Seth_Erickson: Gold score PogChamp
Seejo_Crux: How dare you assume we're human
BrowneePoints: yea Cryptic's got more stuff for you than I do. I mostly played Geomancer on Alpha
SocraticMethod: Gold medal!
PandaClawse: I can't wait to cast all of the Colossal Dreadmaw.
TheMerricat: My human name is 1--20acwa!
TXC2: we have human names?
cryptic_nah: You can call me NAH or Nikolai, and I'm glad to help. :)
underhill33: nice
neisan2112: What is this "Human? Name"
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masta2505: 3 freaking years!
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CapDrago: hey hey how are ya
CastleOtranto: I have only my Twitch name and my Twitter handle. What are these human names of which you speak?
98paperboys: Of course I have a human name, what else would I be, a cat? *meow*
munocard: Is everything on Zendikar?
TheMerricat: Just don't call them George.....
TXC2: I see the name Nikolai, and I think about the Nicolash joke from Broklynn 99 :p
Izandai: Serge called it.
Primary_Stig: are the PC's essentially uncommon planeswalkers?
LiveToQuinn: Finally caught my first LRR stream! Hi guys hope you are all doing great, love you guys watch on youtube all the time!
Yakkers221B: @munocard They're currently on Zendikar,
Yakkers221B: Not sure if other planes are in the game yet
Stoffern: Show feet items
Myslizard: @munocard nope, Dominaria, Innistrad. But currently Zendikar
PandaClawse: Dang this menu looks a lot like Arena... wookie37Oof
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TehAmelie: blue mage boots? that sounds like a rock song
Shadowsoflife: This is neat
dangerous_safety: common feet
HolyMTG: @munocard nope; shiv, tazeem, tolaria, gavonyand benalia
Togathic: dude I luv the "Nah Brah" "No what?" "No Nah, Brah, he is spitting knowledge"
neisan2112: Woah, those are some abs
Reduce_Sanity: After Zendikar it opens up to your choice of plane
Yakkers221B: Aether Fox?! 5/5? When can I get this card
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BrowneePoints: Summons a Fox, whenever you deal damage, fox deals damage. Sweet!
Pharmacistjudge: afternoon gentlemen and runners. how's the game?
TehAmelie: core body strength is the most important part of being the beastmaster, apparently
Myslizard: @laikagoat Thank you for the gfities <3
circusofkirkus: LUL
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
munocard: @HolyMTG Thanks, although Shiv, Tolaria, and Benalia are all the same plane.
Yakkers221B: Adam is the stronkest
BrindleBoar: the Boshy
TheMerricat: Adam _IS_ the Boschy!
laikagoat: @Myslizard fionaLove lrrHEART
Izandai: PrideLaugh
noSmokeFire: blue really is the strongest color
PandaClawse: Wait, no brown class?
dbhkyle: Can you customize your characters in this or is it like Diablo with predetermined character looks?
Koshindan: Island is traditionally very powerful.
Yakkers221B: Hiya PharmacistJudge
tenthtechpriest: just like in real magic
Pharmacistjudge: is it bad Adam I thought you mean Blue Mage like Final fantasy wise and not Blue mage like MTG
Myslizard: lrrCHKN
HolyMTG: @munocard that's correct; thought I'd list them individually :)
PandaClawse: How am I supposed to channel my inner Karn without a brown class?
TheMerricat: @dbhkyle you missed the start but they had a character creation bit that graham went through.
PixelArtDragon: Plays an island, opponent concedes
BrindleBoar: dbhkyle there's some character customization
diamondmx: @dbhkyle There was a lot of customization options from the looks of it.
TXC2: Blue has Artifact synergy right? :p
dbhkyle: Nice!
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LiveToQuinn: @AnAnonymousGifter Thank you very much <3
TheMerricat: @dbhkyle it isn't quite modded Skyrim level customization of your looks but it did seem to have a huge amount of choices.
TehAmelie: just rattling rings whenever he takes a step
Myslizard: @HolyMTG you were more exact than me, you described all the regions in the different planes xD
Seth_Erickson: LUL
groovemancery: Homer's Iliadi
Seth_Erickson: !card Zendikar's Roil
LRRbot: Zendikar's Roil [3GG] | Enchantment | Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, create a 2/2 green Elemental creature token.
SocraticMethod: Okay I'm confused, I though Roil was permanent feature of new zendikar?
RebekahWSD: I know nothing of Magic the Gathering other than vague information from watching y'alls streams, would I still like this?
Makrosian_Tae: Los Illuminados, eh Adam?
TXC2: the Roil is the thing that causes land tsunamis
Niuttuc: I love how this lore is in direct contradiction to what we got for Zendikar Rising
Drasvin: The Roil is what caused Zendikar to be ever shifting.
PixelArtDragon: Only for fifteen seconds? I thought temporary control was a Red thing :p
JCMaxw3ll: Green: gets large creature Blue: gets YOUR large creature
Niuttuc: When it's supposed to be happening before
Togathic: Coolest thing about character creation is you can change any of it any time for free at the just press go and worry about that stuff later
TXC2: Niuttuc this may be set before it ?
Izandai: @Niuttuc This takes place before Hour of Devastation.
TehAmelie: hand size increased? woo
HolyMTG: @Myslizard yepp. missed that the question was "planes" not "regions" LUL
TheMerricat: @RebekahWSD The stream team has said multiple times that you don't really need to know jack about Magic to play, you'll probably miss out on the "Hey it's that famous person that is in the story" moments but you don't need to be a 'Hardcore Magic Player' to follow along.
BrindleBoar: Synchronize in three... two... one...
CaptainEnder7: !advice
LRRbot: Burn the tent down.
RebekahWSD: Hm, good! Because I like this style of gameplay a lot
itira: never eat soggy weiners
Seth_Erickson: Never Eat Soggy Waffles
BrowneePoints: Never Eat Slimy Worms
Niuttuc: @TXC2 I know when this takes place. It's in contradiction to what we know happens then on Zendikar, between OGW and ZNR
Myslizard: @HolyMTG well, that was my assumption as Zendikar was mentioned and Zendikar is the plane, where tazeem is located Kappa
adelius3: soggy waffles
F1SHOR: never eat soggy weatbix
Seth_Erickson: that's the one I know
AshBurnem: N E W S.
tenthtechpriest: NEWS
ryu9969: never eat soggy waffles
Wilcroft: never ever say what
SocraticMethod: IIRC Roil is Zendikar's response to Eldrazi infestation and should have been happening since their imprisonment
lirazel64: Wait, we're cleansing control points... did this turn into Talking Simulator?
Koshindan: I just call it north south east west?
the_card_father: NEWS
adelius3: BYE SAVIDAN
munocard: Never Eat Slimy Worms.
sivakrytos: wads
LiveToQuinn: soggy waffles lobosKek
PixelArtDragon: I didn't know there were mnemonics for the cardinal directions
General_Pants: TRUE ADAM
CapDrago: soggy waffles yum
LurkerSpine: I go NSWE
Omthebox: So you WANT to eat soggy waffles?
dbhkyle: wow hateful Adam but respectful
angus_the_chap: In Australia we had: Never Eat Soggy Weetbix
Genderi: Good ol' NWES
itira: What if youre a Never Eat Soggy Weiners sort of person
groovemancery: I'm weird... North East South West
TehAmelie: i'm a "north sound east west"
Izandai: You can't tell me what to do, Adam.
frnknstn: Never eat silk worms
Marcanius: Never Shop On Sundays, it works better in Dutch
Greypelt: I grew up with "Never Eat Sour Watermelon" <.<
Izandai: :)
Keasby_The_Rascal: I'm a NEWS person
BusTed: The point is, there's a lot of things you should never eat.
anbuagent12: For me it's "North, south, east and west. We have tattoos on our chest" from a cartoon i watched.
Makrosian_Tae: I say "North, South, Left, Right
ceriphin: Never Eat Soggy Wheat
LiveToQuinn: Growing up I was always taught Naughty Elephants Squirt Water
ryu9969: well now i know my friendship with adam wont happen
chrono2x: Yeah, I'm also "north south east west"
JarofGoats: Oh, that's neat!
PixelArtDragon: Because of math, I go "East, North, West, South"
just_like_aerin: WOW rude
Shadowsoflife: Never geat sour watermelon @Greypelt same
frankscx: Reid Duke has strongly implied shredded wheat is the source of his wizard powers
BrowneePoints: ooo 2 color enemies now
BaskinRootwalla: Grass types are weak to fire type.
LurkerSpine: lol
General_Pants: dont you hate it when your hedrons get unaligned
TXC2: BaskinRootwalla Grass is weak to everything :p
dangerous_safety: Never Eat Winter Squash
Togathic: ruins your whole day
Desruprot: the Roil is blue aligned by the cards based on it
Niuttuc: Nissa here: Stop the evil people from restarting the Roil! Nissa in Zendikar Rising: The Roil that never stopped is an inherent part of Zendikar, don't stop it!
VTMonster: so this is like diablo but in MTG Land?
VTMonster: Do we know what plane this is on?
TheMerricat: Yep @VTMonster
PixelArtDragon: Did it stop, or just get lulled for a long time?
Reduce_Sanity: Zendikar
Reduce_Sanity: for now
BrowneePoints: Chat, it goes in a circle for a reason
HolyMTG: @VTMonster Zendikar (Tazeem)
TheMerricat: @PixelArtDragon is it moving for you now? if not, refresh
theevermist: oh no
BrowneePoints: Apparently some weirdos learned the Cardinals NEWS instead of NESW like a NORMAL PERSON!
tenthtechpriest: it's just NEWS. why do you need a nemonic?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Dangit, we're wrong again
Reduce_Sanity: Chandra still wheeled.
CastleOtranto: Never Eat Winter Soldier
RebekahWSD: I'd prefer to be always oblivious
Izandai: Never Expect Slippery Weasels
PixelArtDragon: But Twitch Char is Always Right
Seejo_Crux: Take a west-south into my butt.
kirbytronic: Mine was just "NEWS"
nolongerupsidedownman: Why do we need a mnemonic for the cardinal directions anyway?
Pazy160: I was taught "NEWS" as well.
TheJoe743: Seldom Eats Wet Noodles
juneblue58: In Australia "Never Eat Soggy Weetbix" is common.
kruudelis: Nobody Expects Spanish Winquisition
PixelArtDragon: @TheMerricat I was referring to the Roil, the stream is fine for me
Vyous: Never eat soft water?
Mr_Horrible: Nominally Engage Social Workers
NathanLonghair: Luckily I’m not in chat because I’m only lurking........ o no, wait....
Seth_Erickson: How about this Never Eat Squid Warm
before_damage: Does that mean if one streamer is wrong all streamers are wrong?
kharnor: In Australia it's Soggy Weetbix
TehAmelie: i mean i'm not sure mnemonic is even supposed to help you remember. there are people who. . .don't remember what compass directions are called?
Makrosian_Tae: Twitch chat is Ben, circling Victoria's parks
TheMerricat: LOL I _am_ slow. :D
rustenskurk: NEWS goes in a weird order though, doesn't it. Neither clockwise nor left to right.
TXC2: nolongerupsidedownman same reason people can't remember left from right
HolyMTG: LUL @kruudelis
Genderi: NEWS doesn't make sense though
underhill33: No Eggs Sold Within
NarishmaReborn: #engagement
CapDrago: Personally how i'd like to build my deck in this game is use beast master with white/red using 1 stronger creature from each side and then 2 weaker creatures from each sides
Genderi: yeah what @rustenskurk said
xerjen: Never wash without soap, although that only works in German...
404namesnotfound: Never Enter Snorsh Willingly
mechmagic: Never Enter Secret Walmart
Togathic: They will be visiting zendikar, dominaria, and innistrad at launch with ravnica being planned
groovemancery: yeah but do we need a Johnny Mnemonic? I'd say we do
Mr_Horrible: man's pumping? PogChamp
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Genderi: North West East South
frankscx: Ninjas Evade Samurai Warriors
PixelArtDragon: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
nemryn: Elves Never Spend Wisely
Icelight: Just to make things confusing, my building has things like “unit 3SW-N”. People get lost a lot
BlueBuddhaX: Why Not Eat Spaghetti
nolongerupsidedownman: @TXC2 I can remember left and right, west/east fine, unless I need to remember in the moment for a video game where I don't have time for a mnemonic. :D
niccus: that's so adam
rustenskurk: In Danish you generally remember because west and left start with the same letter, and east and right has the same vowel.
BrowneePoints: Geomancer has a leap I think
Kralzar: Nasty Eggs Smell Wonderful
dangerous_safety: Not Empolying Sleeping Workers
juneblue58: Feels good to be Blue. :P
Izandai: PrideLaugh
CapDrago: like 4/4/1/1/1/1 of cards
beowuuf: T pose float to assert dominance... or was that his superhero character
Mr_Horrible: You summoned this? I summoned this. :)
BrowneePoints: Adam! Stop being the DK in the dungeon messing up the mobs!
Koshindan: Mind control or Mine! Control
Genderi: Mine control! :33
KeytarCat: that was chunky
frnknstn: Never Excite Snorsh Weagles
before_damage: Does the game seem to lag for anyone else?
PandaClawse: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
BrowneePoints: @before_damage graham's pc is handling the game 3 streams and 3 webcams atm
Drasvin: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Jack
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
Mr_Horrible: question pumper PogChamp
before_damage: Fair
josh___something: noted magic judge serge
beowuuf: graham's PC is running the game, stream, and webcams so... it's trying its best
PixelArtDragon: Serge is the Brains, Adam is the Gamer, what does that make Graham?
Endless109: Also, we have still to use our R Ability
juneblue58: The host?
RebekahWSD: Poor forest creatures...
Mr_Horrible: @PixelArtDragon the Face
before_damage: @pixelartdragon Eye candy?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Graham's PC deserves a medal after this stream
Joalni: "Here, murder this squirrel."
RvLeshrac: #savetheframes
Seth_Erickson: Beat up those Bambi's and Thumpers
Mr_Horrible: like, look at Adam and Serge. You gonna trust those 2?
TXC2: eat all foods before bouncing nose.
Mr_Horrible: Kappa
groovemancery: @PixelArtDragon he brought the baloth
Genderi: Wait a minute, we're protecting the hedrons? Are we the eldrazi?
PixelArtDragon: Just remember, 15 flying squirrels can defeat Emrakul
Makrosian_Tae: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Mr_Horrible: Oh I see how it is, Adam: you'll engage with Blue Mage content in *this* game, sure :p
juneblue58: @Joalni Can't Murder the squirrel, it has indestructible. :P
TXC2: Genderi the hedrons contained the Eldrazi
TheMerricat: @Genderi nameless bad Planeswalker is doing some mysterious thing trying to mess with the hedrons. We are here to prevent them from messing with it.
Mr_Horrible: they were essentially big ol' binding runes
Mr_Horrible: but they still have a lot of latent power
Joalni: Damn you, Toski! @juneblue58
Myslizard: @LoadingReadyRun have you checked if you have anough spellpages to upgrade the spells??
Genderi: Yeah but what if the nameless bad planeswalker is, like, Jace?
Genderi: :)
ShatteredShamrock: Yeah everytime Adam says Blue Mage, I just think BLU from XIV and get excited
TXC2: that's how they get ya
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Territan: Hello folks?
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BrowneePoints: And reminder chat, this is ONE plane. Ravnica, Innistrad, and Dominaria show up too
Seth_Erickson: Our planeswalker ability is ready 👀
ryu9969: is there crossing the streams tonight didn't see it on the schedule?
TheMerricat: @Genderi Then Jace had a really major makeover since the last time I've seen them in any form of media.
ShatteredShamrock: but can I be an artifact specialist?
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Togathic: throw in some town building wolcen endgame
Genderi: @ShatteredShamrock blue mage is the copycat, yes?
ShatteredShamrock: Yeah it's Enemy Skills Magic
TXC2: ryu9969 probably not, this is basically today's CTS
Mr_Horrible: holy moly
SocraticMethod: [Archer voice] Rampaaaage!
Mr_Horrible: That greenwarden just cartwheeled through a dude
ryu9969: @TXC2 Thank you
TXC2: SocraticMethod nice
beowuuf: heather is playing jenny leclue after this
Mr_Horrible: "That's Chet, he's a homie, don't stress"
29 raiders from DammitCat1 have joined!
PixelArtDragon: The Banks of Halimar, where the wealth of Zendikar is stored
dbhkyle: Will we be going into... the depths?!
TheMerricat: Back to back awesome!!! I forgot about Jenny LeClue tonight!
DammitCat1: dammit17LOVE dammit17RAID dammit17LOVE dammit17RAID dammit17LOVE dammit17RAID
RobeCaster: dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID
KitTheGargoyle: dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID kitthe4Raid kitthe4Raid kitthe4Raid
Territan: Greetings, raiders!
beowuuf: hey raiders
TheMerricat: Welcome Raiders! :)
jasper_wasper: dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID
Jonnlaxx: dammit17LOVE dammit17LOVE dammit17LOVE dammit17LOVE dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID dammit17RAID Hia!
beowuuf: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
SirFloofingtin: gothic38Hype gothic38Hype gothic38Hype gothic38Hype
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
dbhkyle: Adam's just RPing a blue mage
Mr_Horrible: I mean, she *did* originally release the Eldrazi
TXC2: hello raiders
Izandai: oh god
PixelArtDragon: Doing it for the lull
BrowneePoints: Lullmage? More LOLmage amirite gamers?....plz laugh.
DammitCat1: I had no idea the beta gameplay was out, ive been excited to see it :)
DammitCat1: Hello everyone!
PaleGreySky: I thought this was an ARPG, where are the blue and red orbs Kappa
Seth_Erickson: @BrowneePoints LUL
Togathic: I did Brown
DammitCat1: ahhhhhh fair fair
TheMerricat: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TXC2: hello DammitCat1 welcome
Koshindan: Magic Legends Preprerelease
Territan: "The Very Confident Alpha."
PixelArtDragon: A pre-prerelease, if you will.
Myslizard: @BrowneePoints As planes there are only Dominaria, Innistrad and Zendikar
BrowneePoints: a cool Early Access event
Mr_Horrible: They entrusted these Good Canadians with showcasing their game
Mr_Horrible: so far it looks neat, I'm hyped to try it out
Goorguy: So long game magic legends at some point?
Izandai: If the open beta could be called the "pre-release" of the game, would this then be the... "Pre-prerelease"?
DammitCat1: It definitely looks good so far!
kirbytronic: It's the legends PPR
rustenskurk: This is not quite the game I had hoped for based on early descriptions.
DammitCat1: @TXC2 Hello hello :)
PixelArtDragon: Have any of you died yet?
ryu9969: flip them off i told them it means peace
Seth_Erickson: It's a term of endearment Kappa
Togathic: They are on normal Pixel
tahoebyker: "I told them it meant peace among worlds"
TheMerricat: Bad Planeswalker corrrupted Thada Adel.
SocraticMethod: !card thada adel
LRRbot: Thada Adel, Acquisitor [1UU] | Legendary Creature — Merfolk Rogue [2/2] | Islandwalk / Whenever Thada Adel, Acquisitor deals combat damage to a player, search that player's library for an artifact card and exile it. Then that player shuffles their library. Until end of turn, you may play that card.
Izandai: PrideLaugh
Seth_Erickson: she accepted this strange planeswalkers artifacts so who knows
DannyGambit: Break the wall down!
tdapenguin: I keep hearing "hedrons" and thinking "how has three-dimensional geometry gone wrong?"
Mr_Horrible: "From my point of view, the *Jitte* is evil!"
3PlayerPolitics: :D
ShinobiPhoenix: can anyone get in on this? is this a beta?
DavidVerro: @Mr_Horrible go there
SocraticMethod: Huh, I though OC planeswalker was thada. Was she named yet?
Earthenone: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Desruprot: from my point of view the jedi are evil
Thatwasademo: Taking a dangerous artifact from the villain is called "confiscating" it, not "stealing" it
F1SHOR: look we all knew serge was evil
thundermeir: u been playing for a couple hours no and you still cant customize ur own decks. is it just a long tutorial or u just messing around.
ShinobiPhoenix: this is my new must have
BrowneePoints: We're repurposing the Jitte's of production
Territan: "Help! Geometry is on fire!"
Izandai: @ShinobiPhoenix Open beta drops on the 23rd.
beowuuf: sergeSnerge
Myslizard: @ShinobiPhoenix next week Open Beta, anybody can play
ShinobiPhoenix: for what platforms?
tdapenguin: @Territan hahhahahaa
TXC2: !addquote (Adam and Serge) [now] 'Stealing is bad Serge.' 'But from my perspective it's good.'
LRRbot: New quote #7535: "'Stealing is bad Serge.' 'But from my perspective it's good.'" —Adam and Serge [2021-03-17]
SocraticMethod: @thundermeir long tutorial
Mr_Horrible: "I can be your 4/4 vigilance flier OR your 7/7 trample flier"
Myslizard: @Shadowsoflife Open Beta is for PC only, but game will later come to PS4 and XB One
HolyMTG: @ShinobiPhoenix PC on arc and epic; later on steam xbox and ps4
ShinobiPhoenix: when is Switch, they said it was coming to Switch
PixelArtDragon: Align the Hedron! Make it Neutral Good!
Seth_Erickson: That's the dopamine button actually Serge
HolyMTG: @Myslizard seconds time you were quicker. I think I need to get some sleep LUL
Togathic: PC ARC or Epic? What is everyone choosing for the special unlocks?
Pharmacistjudge: Serge, cast Fire IV
VTMonster: Do a good Lucha thing... I mean Gamer thing.
Myslizard: @HolyMTG well, my clock is still one hout later than yours xD
thundermeir: @SocraticMethod omg that is a horrible idea for a game im not quite sure what to say about that
Mr_Horrible: Juggernaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaut
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Seth_Erickson: it was a 5/5 Aether Fox Graham
TehAmelie: hey, before we started somebody wished for the Whirlwind Barbarian
TheMerricat: You summoned a huge version of your fox.
Durzo_Blint_: so is this a MtG MOBA?
SocraticMethod: @thundermeir *shrug* Agree
Reduce_Sanity: Action RPG
Earthenone: mtg skinned arpg
ShinobiPhoenix: no, mtg Diablo
Durzo_Blint_: so MTG Diablo?
DammitCat1: This looks sick, I'm excited to get the chance to play it :)
TXC2: Durzo_Blint_ yes
Togathic: NO not Multiplayer Online Battle Arena more of a ARPG
kerbalized_: diablo with deckbuilding
Reduce_Sanity: its mass mind control?
Myslizard: @Durzo_Blint_ you can have 3 player party
Desruprot: Scholar's haven't really disputed it as Nahiri knows when the first Hedron was
kirbytronic: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
ShinobiPhoenix: I absolutely can't wait, though I hope it's account based with cross progress
TheMerricat: I have to laugh how many times the whole MMO? ARPG! So Diablo? conversation has come up this stream :D
cryptic_nah: mind mage ultimate mind controls everything near you
chesul: that looked like it was some mass mind control?
KeytarCat: looks like it would be a damage share tether
Mr_Horrible: "Boss I brought the stick!"
Reduce_Sanity: yeah its just mass mind control lmao
BrowneePoints: For chat: The 5 classes are Beastcaller(starts G), Geomancer(starts R), Mind Mage(Starts U), Sanctifier(Starts W) and Necromancer(Starts B)
frankscx: today I learned you can really annoy people on the Internet by using the wrong archetype acronym to describe a game
Seth_Erickson: !card Mass Manipulation
LRRbot: Mass Manipulation [XXUUUU] | Sorcery | Gain control of X target creatures and/or planeswalkers.
BrowneePoints: ope emotes ate that
PixelArtDragon: "as nature intended" she says, of artificial hedrons
SocraticMethod: Those white drops have planeswalker halos. Neat
BrowneePoints: Geomancer is R and Necromancer starts B
rustenskurk: I'd love to see Ravnica or Kaladesh in this.
Sogheim: I am very confused by this but it's ok?
Izandai: Huh, I woulda guessed the white mage would be a hieromancer.
Mr_Horrible: Adam's gonna pop Cryptic Command seabatPjorg
3PlayerPolitics: l a w magics
Earthenone: !card aqueous sphinx
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Seth_Erickson: Ulto time 👀
Myslizard: !card aquarous sphinx
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Jankshank: Ashaya?
niccus: what was that big green dork that fights endlessly
BrowneePoints: At least in the Alpha Ravnica was in for the tutorial
Shadowsoflife: ult go brrr?
SocraticMethod: @BrowneePoints different from current tutorial with Ral?
adelius3: @BrowneePoints can I play whirlwind barb in this game? Nonstop whirling ?
richard_ermen: What that magic?
Durzo_Blint_: So are planeswalkers the only characters in this? Or will we get characters like Thalia?
BrowneePoints: as of right now for the beta the locations available will be Tazeem on Zendikar, Shiv/Tolaria/Benalia on Dominaria, and Gavony on Innistrad
Earthenone: !card hedron alignment
LRRbot: Hedron Alignment [2U] | Enchantment | Hexproof / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may reveal your hand. If you do, you win the game if you own a card named Hedron Alignment in exile, in your hand, in your graveyard, and on the battlefield. / {1}{U}: Scry 1.
frankscx: Robert Ludlum's The Second Hedron
KeytarCat: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TXC2: Durzo_Blint_ no, we;ve had Zendikar locals like Noyan Darr
niccus: hot baloth
ShinobiPhoenix: I know I'm going Blue, but I can easily be Black, both are my colors
Mr_Horrible: sabotage sofieGasp
dbhkyle: Have we seen any Hedon Crabs yet?
groovemancery: @Durzo_Blint_ nope, there's non planeswalkers too
Reduce_Sanity: LMAO
Durzo_Blint_: @TXC2 Nice.
TXC2: too real Serge
BrowneePoints: @Durzo_Blint_ currently we are helping Nissa hunt down Thada Adel, and ran into Noyan Darr
silenceaux: Adam is just applying tempo to your parse
richard_ermen: Are all those things their summoned pets??
dbhkyle: Its not much of an ambush if they TELL you its coming
ryu9969: if the black mage had yargle adam would main it
Izandai: @richard_ermen Many of them are.
ShinobiPhoenix: I feel like I'm being READ!
starhunter_13: #justbluemagethings
richard_ermen: That Nissa portrait is hideous Oo
GreatIrishElk: Never going to get sick of charging pigs
TXC2: is it chico time? Kappa
NarishmaReborn: ultimate is "guy with stick"
Amentur: Ding lrrHORN
TheMerricat: Bleh, completely unrelated but if you are a manga reader and happen to use MangaDex they just (as in about 30 seconds ago) posted that a hacker had compromised their database. If you have an account there you might want to visit to assess the damage post-stream.
TheElrad: is Serge's Large Adult son called Adam Savidan?
lawful_neutral_wizard: I think I fought some of those in Blighttown.
TXC2: TheElrad Savage
Earthenone: many sphengies
Durzo_Blint_: are those thallids?
SocraticMethod: Sphinxters?
Seth_Erickson: Sphinxi
BrowneePoints: Sphinges IS the correct plural
Durzo_Blint_: that's sick
PixelArtDragon: Sphinxodes Kappa
Mr_Horrible: sphanx?
Seth_Erickson: unlocked a costume 👀
silenceaux: This plane doesn't have spheninges? I'm getting off.
TXC2: is the same, it's like buffalo
BrowneePoints: it's super Archaic but also the most correct
Tecklin: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Habbochan: What colour is Adams deck?
juneblue58: Sphinx is itself a plural form.
TXC2: Habbochan blue
Amentur: According to Merriam Webster: plural sphinxes or sphinges
SocraticMethod: Good old boardstall
Durzo_Blint_: sphinxes is also a correct plural
juneblue58: One sphinx, two sphinx, etc.
TheThirdTail: Hitting things with an axe does tend to redirect them
NarishmaReborn: magic being what it is, do most classes become pet classes i wonder
frankscx: oi guvnor, redirect that 'edron
BrowneePoints: Sphinxes is a modern pluralism
TheElrad: Graham is an Axe mage
lirazel64: @themerricat I don't, but one, thank you, and two, yuck!
BrowneePoints: Sphinges is more correct to the original language, but also archaic.
juneblue58: All three ways are correct then.
BrowneePoints: It's like Octopodes vs Octopuses. Both are correct. but one is more linguistically accurate
Viewers_Like_You: Sphonxen is decidedly incorrect.
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TehAmelie: Sproingles it is
BrowneePoints: White probably gets Day of Judgement
beowuuf: it's the forbidden sixth schol of strixhaven
nemryn: look, why don't we just find a sphinx and ask her, that'll sort it out
Durzo_Blint_: White should get Chad. aplCry
PixelArtDragon: Here is one Sphinx. Here is another. There are two _______
Alma_v: A group of Sphinges is called a Riddle, right?
niccus: that's where tires become stiffer
lawful_neutral_wizard: How does character creation work in this game? Is it like Diablo 3?
silenceaux: Probably related to volcanos
NarishmaReborn: become spock
BrowneePoints: @nemryn Androsphinges dislike your assumption all Sphinges are female
Seth_Erickson: We're turning everyone on Zendikar into Vulcans
KeytarCat: become molten?
beowuuf: "what has one plural in the morning, another plural in the afternoon, and a third plural in the evening?"
TheMerricat: "Vulcanization refers to a range of processes for hardening rubbers. The term originally referred exclusively to the treatment of natural rubber with sulfur, which remains the most common practice. It has also grown to include the hardening of other rubbers via various means."
Viewers_Like_You: @nemryn Because Sphinxi are well-known for giving straight answers :P
Seejo_Crux: If I had a nickel for every hedron I've vulcanized...
TXC2: all words are made up
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: heat enough to not melt, but realign the molecules to a more structured pattern?
TXC2: beowuuf :D
dbhkyle: There are SO MANY things!
KeytarCat: "1827, "to put into flames," from Vulcan (q.v.), name of the Roman god of fire"
Drasvin: Vulcanizing means heating to change the substance, I think?
TheThirdTail: I mean, I always love pet classes in ARPGs
TheThirdTail: I don't mind if they went hard on that
Viewers_Like_You: From the thallid bar?
Seth_Erickson: Hell yeah
ThaTroubadour: or do you
PixelArtDragon: It's certainly an interesting take on the genre to have "summoner" be the default class
Reduce_Sanity: monkaW
DavidVerro: Hope the next oppo isn't running board wipes
BrowneePoints: Crack that ult Graham!
CyanMig: the squad waiting
Desruprot: we should be expecting a lot of plants then
TheElrad: what does your Ult do, Graham?
Reduce_Sanity: I have demonstrated a loop! Judge!
BusTed: OP
Koshindan: You've demonstrated a loop. It must concede.
SocraticMethod: SErge has demostated a loog, boss must concede?
BrowneePoints: Can we see your ult Graham?
Blythus: hahaha yes!
frankscx: the pull out technique, eh ...
Nukified: do it again maybe?
Seth_Erickson: Time to put it in the blender?
petey_vonwho: Hes Angry!
Mr_Horrible: Blue-Black combos well? Who'da thunk it Kappa
SocraticMethod: 2nd phase incoming
juneblue58: Boss fight, stage 2.
kruudelis: Serge: Infinite combo! Adam: Stunlock! Graham: ...pigs?
madmansk: will it blend?
TheThirdTail: Ah, classic video game mechanics. "Don't stand in the circle."
SocraticMethod: the bass also knows how to spin to win
Mr_Horrible: oh and now it's constantly doing the circles
PixelArtDragon: !findcard Avenger of Zendikar
TXC2: time to make them a Prisoner of Blenda
PixelArtDragon: !card Avenger of Zendikar
LRRbot: Avenger of Zendikar [5GG] | Creature — Elemental [5/5] | When Avenger of Zendikar enters the battlefield, create a 0/1 green Plant creature token for each land you control. / Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may put a +1/+1 counter on each Plant creature you control.
jrhwhite: Getting serious Jugg vibes from "The Blender"
beowuuf: thetirdtail: pubg players start shaking :p
TheMerricat: I like it when games give you ults that are actually ULTS
TehAmelie: spinning around at 500 rpm while your feet are rooted to the ground seems like a bad idea
Izandai: Graham you shoulda said "Who needs some firewood!?" when you ulted.
Blythus: yeah those npc portraits are uh.... sure something.
dbhkyle: I like the Witcher-esc music
llama513: The blending continues after the land is destroyed.....or however that reminder text went
Viewers_Like_You: Agatha “BlendTec” Bristly
BoomerAang_Squad: colone47GGcol colone47GGcol colone47GGcol
llama513: The blending continues after planeswalker is immobilized
Reduce_Sanity: Where does one spend gold?
TXC2: I don't like how "rewards" covers that text at the top of screen
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun and in case you missed it but @cryptic_nah said that spell use does _not_ affect what spell exp you get.
silenceaux: @llama513 The planeswalker continues to blend
ThaTroubadour: gotta run, you kids have fun, I'm jelly legendsHeyGuys
llama513: @silenceaux There it is
TXC2: so long ThaTroubadour stay safe
Myslizard: @ThaTroubadour see you in Discord
Skyeborne: Hello
SocraticMethod: what is that typeface
Seth_Erickson: Could it be time for our very own Realm 👀
Yawgmoth87: hello
Myslizard: @Skyeborne hello there buddy
TXC2: hello Yawgmoth87 welcome
DeM0nFiRe: Ah I just noticecd this is the same studio that did star trek online
Yawgmoth87: thks^^
llama513: I think that should be a new button...the planeswalker continues to blend I would get it
vargasbball3: hows the game going just got here
frankscx: I cast Progress Bar
TheMerricat: @DeM0nFiRe and the Neverwinter Nights game.
Izandai: I am concern.
Durzo_Blint_: This would have been the perfect game for Chad BibleThump
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
Desruprot: Its Cryptic so I think they also did the DnD Neverwinter game
Seth_Erickson: Time to purchase real estate
Nukified: yeah this part is neat
NarishmaReborn: the meditation realm? isn't that where ugin is hiding the depowered Bolas?
Desruprot: yes
silenceaux: I believe that Primal Wisp you saw earlier was dropping green planar mana.
PixelArtDragon: Ooh, nice! You actually get more "land" by visiting new places!
BrowneePoints: Serge is correct. We have Benalia, Shiv, Tolaria, Tazeem, and Gavony for the colors
SocraticMethod: @NarishmaReborn oldwalkers have meditation realm of their own
RvLeshrac: To this day, I'm torn on the Neverwinter MMO, because man is it money-grubbing, but at the same time the gameplay itself is pretty good.
petey_vonwho: yeah, certain enemies will drop planar mana
frankscx: be wary of strange men asking about your Aetheric Lens
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Stoffern: Clear your MIND!
llama513: You get your own plane, sweet
Reduce_Sanity: We are creating our own pocket plane?
Reduce_Sanity: Sweet
vargasbball3: nice
Lucidmooselid: HahaBall
Ba_Dum_Tish: GM I do that
Desruprot: Ral sir, I did it
DannyGambit: Are you proud of me Ral?!
Myslizard: @Reduce_Sanity yes, our own Meditation Ream, our Safehouse
vargasbball3: 🐻
TehAmelie: we're Minecraftin now
PixelArtDragon: So this is like what Serra made?
Sniknob: Ral is such an asshole I love him
Reduce_Sanity: So graham is going Gruul for big dumb idiot tribal right?
Earthenone: can we get 31-51 feral pigs?
A_Bullett: GATHER enough of one kind
cryptic_nah: Told you you'd have enough when you got to your realm. :)
Desruprot: looked like Baloth
SocraticMethod: @PixelArtDragon not really. Oldwalkers created whole planes, this is a "pocket dimension"
Skyeborne: I wonder if that is random...will have to look into it when open beta starts
richard_ermen: Those seem familiar...somehow
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
BrowneePoints: Or you can be Ugin and your own plane spawns when you're born...or something
TheMerricat: @Reduce_Sanity he said he wants to be a green mage with only other color summons in his deck :)
RvLeshrac: Idol Break?
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TehAmelie: 30+1/50+1 feral hogs. . .
Myslizard: @Skyeborne how is the spell guide going??
Nukified: it's like a camp with different upgrades, but Magic
BrowneePoints: Yes. For folks who play Diablo, your Sanctuary is your Camp
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCIRCLE_LH almost
vargasbball3: never played these type of games before so it looks interesting
dangerous_safety: MTG Pocket Camp
Earthenone: i have missed the middle couple hours, have they shown any of the microtranaction-y stuff that is expected for a f2p title?
TXC2: Earthenone not really
Seth_Erickson: a bit Earthenone but not in depth
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP_BE
BrowneePoints: Not really. I think Micros are only for cosmetics
SocraticMethod: @Earthenone just got out of tutorial (or most of it), only showed store page
thundermeir: @eathenone no they just finished the tutorial
TheMerricat: Chat, do I cook food in the microwave or go to the effort of making myself appear human and ordering delivery before Heather starts the LeClue stream?
BrowneePoints: @TheMerricat Order Pho or Curry
Seth_Erickson: I'm a particular fan of easy microwave cooking
Earthenone: i am team microwave personally
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
x0den: !advice
BrowneePoints: @TheMerricat Support your local AAPI in your community after yesterday's events
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav welcome
TehAmelie: cooking with microwave seems like more of a human work than ordering out
dangerous_safety: microwave goes brrr
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hello, Hi , Hyyyyaaaa
TXC2: and we're back
juneblue58: It's been raining for days here, I could so go for a good curry.
Lysander_Gustav: oh there's deckbuilding in this game too?
TXC2: !advise
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: The reward for getting to the end of all music is haircut ASMR.
TehAmelie: you have a deck size limit of 12, but yes
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you checked your butt?
Scrubyscrubs: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
Earthenone: !card mana vault
LRRbot: Mana Vault [1] | Artifact | Mana Vault doesn't untap during your untap step. / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay {4}. If you do, untap Mana Vault. / At the beginning of your draw step, if Mana Vault is tapped, it deals 1 damage to you. / {T}: Add {C}{C}{C}.
Welbog: Press F1 to planeswalk.
Desruprot: Mana Vault be sure to keep it untapped
Reduce_Sanity: Ravnica?
BrowneePoints: I think you can click on the + sign to make a new Deck Graham
n3cron: you have to seek for the library
DigitalSeahorse: lrrAWESOME_LH
Reduce_Sanity: I need some Ravnican standard sausage to buy with all this gold!
TehAmelie: i guess deck size limit is 12 and neither more nor less
Lysander_Gustav: oh right, this is Zennimax.
Yawgmoth87: they guaranteed the drop of dimir class ?
Yawgmoth87: or its random/gatcha
SirBiffaloEsq: So is this a free to play game, with the store being like that? Unfortunately not guaranteed these days.
SocraticMethod: F2P
Izandai: It's free to play.
TehAmelie: they have promised everything will be doable with in game currency
Seth_Erickson: G is just rollin in rings
Seth_Erickson: one for each finger
A_Bullett: Personally I would not wear a garb of blight
TXC2: Sonic intensifies Kappa
SquareDotCube: Graham "Sonic" Stark
Desruprot: but do you have the one ring to rule them all?
Goorguy: Adam over here checking peoples in a game with three players
lightfoot14: those are rookie numbers
vargasbball3: interesting, have know idea what's going on but still interesting 🤔
InsaneVioletMage: I played this at PAX East and was in the Closed Beta, This game is fun
bakerydragon: Adam pro-gamer: confirmed
Mr_Horrible: Wow, Adam won Vault-mas this week Kappa
Lysander_Gustav: I guess I'll have to catch up on the vod later
Seth_Erickson: is this Serra's Sanctum I thought that was destroyed
Seth_Erickson: !card Serra's Sanctum
LRRbot: Serra's Sanctum | Legendary Land | {T}: Add {W} for each enchantment you control.
Seabats: raider io > overall damage > friends
Izandai: There's more than one sanctum.
Goorguy: hehe
Seth_Erickson: LUL
Desruprot: Serra's Sanctum wasn't destroyed in one of those interplanar conflicts?
Lysander_Gustav: interesting voice acting
silenceaux: Creatures have a point value, you can only have so many summons. I think.
itomeshi: He cannot.
Nukified: Ral, simple?
TXC2: it's OUR sanctum chat, not Serra's
Skyeborne: Ral is a simp confirmed
kopflurch123: howw old is that game?
Desruprot: new
Mythallian: Ral IS smarm
Lysander_Gustav: Spice Isles
BrowneePoints: Graham ral only knows 4 things. Smarm, Gay, Sass and Lightning.
Izandai: @kopflurch123 Open beta starts on the 23rd.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Pretty sure he gets a +1 loyalty for Smarm
kopflurch123: NICE
Invitare: The Spice Isles? Are there worms here?
TehAmelie: is simp what we call them now? i liked smarmasaur
Invitare: The Spice must flow
itomeshi: I knew Graham was going to re-say Domin-aaaar-iia :)
3PlayerPolitics: Yo- I mean Jodah
InsaneVioletMage: Ah Ral being meta
Seth_Erickson: @Desruprot as I understand it Urza camped out there with Serra's allowance and then the Phyrexians followed him there and destroyed it in pursuit
Raiger: "Come here to party up for raids!"
Mr_Horrible: "...are you gonna make me say it?"
SquareDotCube: A... forum?
PaperDoopliss: "Wow, this place is great!" -The only dialogue option
Lysander_Gustav: Dominara: Spice Isles sounds like a saucy daytime drama show
Skyeborne: Ral's voice actor is really leaning into his inner Phil Hartman
Shadowsoflife: Do you spice?
itomeshi: Oooh, so they have a Presige system.
niccus: we're actually AI in an mmo that ral built
Earthenone: so level capped progression
EvilBadman: It's uhhh...Paragon from Diablo 3?
EvilBadman: Yeah Paragon levels
BrowneePoints: Paragon lvls from Diablo
SocraticMethod: auction house?
gamercat88: fashion?!?!
TehAmelie: oh, Ral is the PC and we're all NPCs?
itomeshi: er, yeah, Paragon, not prestige.
groovemancery: Hi I'm Ral Zarek, you may remember me from such planes as Ravnica.
Earthenone: can we find a profession trainer here?
jjjak0: Is that a sol ring beside ral?
Lysander_Gustav: oh styling
vargasbball3: I can show this at my job the teens would like it once I learn to play it
tdapenguin: does anyone in chat know if LRR is accepting mailtime deliveries at the moment or if such things should wait
Earthenone: ohh transmog, got it
Desruprot: xD Jace Hood
Izandai: @vargasbball3 It's WOTC's game, not LRR's. Open beta starts on the 23rd.
TXC2: tdapenguin I'd wait if I were you
bakerydragon: Oh no Adam what's happened?
Izandai: @vargasbball3 Oh, sorry, totally misread that. Nevermind.
tdapenguin: that's kinda what i figured
bakerydragon: what's happened to your fashion??
Earthenone: world enchantments!
Desruprot: World Enchantments :o
Seth_Erickson: World Enchantments PogChamp
Desruprot: I thought they didn't print those anymore
tenthtechpriest: strict daily login regulations
vargasbball3: no problem 😊
silenceaux: 10,610,250 or whatever is a rather specific number
Seth_Erickson: and neither does the game Kappa
TXC2: ah yes, beta
InsaneVioletMage: Ah beta
Desruprot: Item missing name
Raiger: Item missing name looks pretty amazing
Drasvin: That was a whole class for sell
Earthenone: item missing name seems to varry a lot in price
Izandai: @Seth_Erickson PrideLaugh
MAPBoardgames: How many gold coins to open a Torchlight Cafe franchise?
SocraticMethod: "Item missing name" Ah, the most powerful artifact of them all. Too powerful for name, in fact
PixelArtDragon: They're called "Item missing name", how much clearer could they be? :P
SirBiffaloEsq: I'll put these next to my $$
gamercat88: very Hella
TXC2: Khajit has weres to trade
silenceaux: Maybe it's a player-populated market...?
galen150: the stock is from other players selling. no other players are playing and selling
poageboy: I think the broker is like the auction house.
Desruprot: Notice me Ral
weff47: Ral Bohner
BrowneePoints: Tazeem Abduul Jabbar
vargasbball3: lol
Oneiros96: yeah other people have to sell pages which you can buy
BrowneePoints: my fave Basketball Plane
Oneiros96: so was it in beta
gamercat88: Dairy Queen
Brozard: mmmmmm
gamercat88: oh i was wrong
diamondmx: A nuggo centurion?
itira: Its a good craving
InsaneVioletMage: Adam same
Raiger: What are the all dressed chips again? I can't recall
Raiger: I remember it's an outside the USA thing...I think?
Welbog: Canada
EvilBadman: Me, with 1400 stimulus check: Forget the nuggets, bring me the chcicken
Seth_Erickson: umm actually he called it a Mana Tower
niccus: reverse nug centurion: eat 100 nuggets for the rest of your life
BrowneePoints: @Raiger salt & vinegar, ketchup, and BBQ ish
Brozard: All Dressed are amaaaazing
TXC2: "hmm, 300 Tacos for $300"
SquareDotCube: well they're slowly making it to the US.
undreff: mana towers? sounds awful lot like one of them former commander staples manalith!
thanatos4268: do you ever think we will be able to use 3 colours eventually
Earthenone: probobly
PixelArtDragon: How do I get to play 5-color good stuff in this?
Skyeborne: @thanatos4268 the devs in a previous stream said that it might happen in the future
SocraticMethod: It's not proper magic until it's possible to play 5 color good stuff
Catastrophil: Is this framey-ness on my end or or theirs?
Earthenone: they called it multicolor innitiate, probobly a not innitiat eversion
TheMerricat: In 2016, American food manufacturer Frito-Lay began selling the all-dressed variety of their Ruffles potato chip in the United States. A similar chip called "The Whole Shabang" is produced by prison supplier Keefe Group. It became available to the general public in the same year.
groovemancery: I want to play 5 color shrines in this
Raiger: Ah thanks @BrowneePoints ! I knew it was some combo couldn't remember what. Would be interesting to try
PixelArtDragon: I'll settle for 5-color okay stuff
InsaneVioletMage: Right now it is limited to 2 colors but in the future we may be able to get more then 2
Viewers_Like_You: They’re basically chip companies checking “all of the above” in the flavour machine
TXC2: Catastrophil on graham's end, his PC is doing ALL the work on this stream
Shadowsoflife: want to play white/green or white/black
Seth_Erickson: assuming you can only have 10 mana at any given time 5 color good stuff would be incredibly hard I think
galen150: mana passively regens but only in combat
Catastrophil: @TXC2 Fair enough, thanks
gamercat88: ohh will this game have mounts?
TheElrad: Graham, can I ask you a question about this game you can't possibly know the answer to?
F1SHOR: now the true test is it serge or a changeling
TXC2: a Magic Podcast? it'll never work Kappa
Earthenone: an arachnaphobic scout\
groovemancery: @TXC2 no one would listen to a magic podcast
InsaneVioletMage: There are a bunch of random events across the world you will see Broken Legs a few times
SmithKurosaki: the band name for these three: glasses and the bearda
Earthenone: someone tunred on the spider faucet
Myslizard: @TheElrad @cryptic_nah might be able to answer your question if he is still here
niccus: there's only one store i know of that stocks all-dressed around here, and it's like half an hour away
darkflame0994: so this is magic legends? looks kinda like doom but less dark
darkflame0994: neat
BrowneePoints: el Spidro Jumpscareo
ZeroArcana: El Spidro!?
vargasbball3: nice
Seth_Erickson: I showed you my demon please Die
PixelArtDragon: Slid into its DeMons
SmithKurosaki: is there an arachnophobia mode for this game?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: You don't just show someone your D-emon without asking them.
cryptic_nah: spells are available as random drops
MAPBoardgames: Is G still mono-green?
BrowneePoints: I believe quests drop spells sometimes too ya @cryptic_nah
darkflame0994: so are spells permanent unlocks or just 1-time uses?
silenceaux: I want that sac incinerated
cryptic_nah: spells are permenant unlocks
tenthtechpriest: yes but not from lack of trying
diamondmx: G needs to get some bear spells
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Seth_Erickson: Where's our Grizzly Bear DansGame
InsaneVioletMage: When you add a new color spell to your library the mana at the bottom will start having a second color that can only be used for that color or generic mana (Like magic)
Yawgmoth87: is he playing from the same pc is he streaming?
Izandai: Yes
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TXC2: Yawgmoth87 yes
Izandai: Hence the framerate issues.
Yawgmoth87: seems like cpu is burning LUL
Earthenone: remove spell is in center of screen
Keasby_The_Rascal: All 4 frames of gameplay look great
silenceaux: Remove spell before add spell?
Earthenone: center bottom
TheMerricat: For a reminder/heads up for people just joining, Today's stream is being 100% hosted on Graham's PC, which is also playing the game. This means he's pulling in Serge and Adam's stream, playing the game, and streaming the whole mess back out. Expect some framerate/graphical issues.
n3cron: There is a crafting table in the sanctuary
Cyberegg: Check marks are on the cards
Koshindan: Fetchlands for Magic Legends when?
undreff: increased mana regen seems simple but interesting! I was wondering how greens ramp would take form in this!
Earthenone: checkmarks
GhostValv: got there :)
BrowneePoints: Graham Revised his spells, now his power will be Unlimited all through this Beta!
diamondmx: How does your mana bar look, Serge?
n3cron: There is a crafting table in your sanctum
petey_vonwho: the mana bar fills based on the mana composition of spells in your deck. so 11 black cards and 1 blue card, will give you like 10 black mana and 3 blue mana
NightWingMistHawk: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
groovemancery: are there any ritual spells in this game? e.g. Dark Ritual
Seth_Erickson: We waited
Vaygrim: lrrARROW_LH
Earthenone: that rampant growth seems rituall-y generating mana over 6 seconds
shortieXV: I assume this is in some alpha/beta/early release?
TheMerricat: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TXC2: shortieXV Beta yes
BrowneePoints: Early Release. Beta is next week
Robot_Bones: Multi Pals Conditioned you serge
TehAmelie: is there a Mana Tower of Industry and Mana Tower of Arts too?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I may have missed it but now that you aren't in tutorial land, maybe you can party up?
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shortieXV: why all the Nissa hate?
BrowneePoints: The Rattered Shelliquary
pyrehand: @shortieXV the professor's office hour episode on Nissa covers it pretty well
DarthRagnar815: *Angry Dana Noises* gabyB
ArcOfTheConclave: a disturbance in this force?
kirbytronic: It's a Rileyquary Tower
Seth_Erickson: so you're saying this is some kind of Reliquary . . . . . . . . . . . Tower
Pywodwagon: who does adam hate more, nissa or the exarch
azidbern95: big stretch
CamazotzJr: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
BrowneePoints: Solo Challenges maybe?
Biomonkey01: @shortieXV Pretty sure she is responsible for letting the Eldrazi out
HIYGamer: You are under a time limit in the reliquary
Yawgmoth87: but this is already the beta version of the game or its a previous one?
HIYGamer: In the alpha there was a hidden time limit.
Skyeborne: This is the last act for Tazeem story, Tazeem is kinda the "tutorial" area so after this you should be able to I would imagine.
Rurrythe_blind: If the programming schedule allows, are any of you planning to stream this game on the 23rd?
InsaneVioletMage: I love the electric guys in this zone
shortieXV: @Biomonkey01 why is that bad? Eldrazi are fun to cast
vargasbball3: nice
Yawgmoth87: @HIYGamer really? ive done that and played alot xD
TheMerricat: @Yawgmoth87 this is a sponsered stream, the dev team gave Graham, Serge, and Adam access to the current version as a pre-pre-release like event
Yawgmoth87: @TheMerricat nice thks ! <3
Viewers_Like_You: “Sucks to be you” -Serge
TehAmelie: pre-public-beta-release if we wanna be funny
shortieXV: Against expectation XV does not stand for Extreme Vorthos
TheThromborax: oh cool they're still going
silenceaux: @TheThromborax Bad news
TheThromborax: LOL
TheMerricat: Just finishing @TheThromborax :D lrrBEEJ
TXC2: !magiclegends
LRRbot: Today Graham, Serge, and Adam are checking out Magic Legends, the new F2P ARPG from Perfect World. Follow this link to sign up for the PC Open Beta which starts March 23rd.
TheThromborax: OH MY GOD
Robot_Bones: yeah game lokks neat
3PlayerPolitics: thanks 4 strim!
kirbytronic: How much do Ihave to pay to become an UnMage
cryptic_nah: Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun watching people play the game finally. :)
shortieXV: In what ways did it surprise you?
bennybartez: well I've joined the party late 😁
vargasbball3: cool
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham, Serge and Adam
InsaneVioletMage: I like that you have spells, artifacts, and equipment to customise your character gameplay wise
NightWingMistHawk: Fingers crossed I can run this on my potato of a laptop - if not, guess it's time to try and convince my brother to finally get into Magic :P
TheMerricat: @cryptic_nah feel free to share with whomever, but I've sworn off F2P games for a long time and am NOT a big Magic fan. But this interested me enough to sign up for the beta.
petey_vonwho: so, streaming this on your personal channels now, yes?
Lysander_Gustav: squee?
BusTed: 👀
InsaneVioletMage: I loved coming across the differnt characters
Desruprot: well Squee is immortal after all
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Heather takes the PiF reigns taking on the role of Jenny LeClue, while she tries to clear her mother of MURDER! Game: Jenny LeClue) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1:54 from now).
SmithKurosaki: thanks for stream
SmithKurosaki: did you read subs?
gizmofreak1: Red haired planes walker card when?
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TheMerricat: not yet @SmithKurosaki
Lysander_Gustav: Does that mean the Weatherlight will be here?
Skyeborne: Thank you for the stream
SmithKurosaki: np :)
vargasbball3: the teens in the library would like this
Lysander_Gustav: Have a good afternoon, thanks for playing!
F1SHOR: totally how it works
SmithKurosaki: did serge break G with metric year?
TXC2: 50 months = half a year is how it's been feeling recently :p
vargasbball3: thanks for the introduction to this game
SixthMonarch: how is the game
SmithKurosaki: mood txc :)
gamercat88: lrrHEART lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM lrrSERGE
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TheMerricat: Mood but so true.