djalternative: are people here excited for the wedding?
Juliamon: the what now
djalternative: the wedding
NightValien28: eh
djalternative: the vampire wedding
v_nome: Which wedding?
NightValien28: no idea
TXC2: you mean dice Friends?
djalternative: The Biggest Vampire Wedding in Innestrad
djalternative: (In the release date announcement article for the sets through the rest of the year, they announced that Innestrad Crimson Vow will be a vampire wedding)
TXC2: neat
djalternative: I can't wait to see all of the formal wear people will put on for the pre-release
Earthenone: hopefully there will be enough hats this time
djalternative: the question is, who's getting married?
TXC2: probably Olivila Voldran and Sorin Markov
djalternative: yeah. that's what I was guessing too
Juliamon: Olivia could do so much better
Earthenone: those would be the only two vampires i could name, i would imagine one of them at least will be involved
djalternative: they also hate each other but seeing as their aristocrats, it could be a very political marriage
TXC2: Juliamon I assume she has political motivations
djalternative: they're*
djalternative: Olivia being the current Blood Lord after having usurped the title from Sorin
djalternative: but she could possibly get together with Edgar I think
TXC2: isn't he Edgar dead?
djalternative: I don't remember
Earthenone: might also only be one vampire, and it could be olivia trying to marry some werewolf or angel to expand her rule
djalternative: I guess, I'm just assuming it's two vampires because they call it a vampire wedding and the set revolves vampires but there are assuredly more creature types in that set so I guess Olivia's spouse could be one of those
RassilonDND: hai
TXC2: hello RassilonDND welcome
djalternative: hoi
Earthenone: super unrelated, but i was never aware of werewhales until this morning when i fought a boss in a videogame.
TXC2: Title change
Juliamon: Olivia x Emrakul
TXC2: Earthenone now you're reminding me of the crapshot with Serge as a where man
TXC2: Juliamon so the moon is both haunted and gay?...makes sense
Juliamon: Is it really fair to assign gender to Eldrazi
Earthenone: innistrad: thats rough buddy
djalternative: This was my pitch earlier in the discord: Olivia and Sorin are at the altar and when the priest asks if there are any objections, Nahiri planeswalks in and confesses her love. Also Hugh Grant is in audience because this entire set is a rom-com
TXC2: Juliamon fair, although Emrakul often presents as female
TXC2: often = twice :p
djalternative: well, the zendikari gendered them when worshiping them
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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creepywaffleco: Hello everybody!
TXC2: hello creepywaffleco welcome
vigilanteheatengineer: Now I can’t get Dominaria:old spice out of my imagination
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Graham’s been left all alone to play Magic today, join him won’t you? | (also, oof, that’s some rough “mask beard”) | 📷 ||
vigilanteheatengineer: Look down, look up, your mox is now diamond
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BibitteNoire: The Twitch app notification made me think it was Wednesday
lirazel64: Wow, Jenny Le Clue plays magic??
TXC2: lirazel64 refresh, it should change the tital
TXC2: *title
lirazel64: (Seriously, stuff happens, lrrFINE)
GapFiller: !picnic
wouter215: Is Magic Arena working again or are we using Magic Online?
RayFK: Alright chat, Graham said he was "Left Alone to play Magic" so we are all going to be silent. So he is left alone.
TXC2: here we GO!
RayFK: No chatting
lirazel64: TPFufun
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun What are you wearing to the wedding on Innestrad? Also, will you be having the fish or the human?
P1KLES: hi
TXC2: Hello Graham
GapFiller: hai G lrrGRAHAM lrrHEART
rocketjohn: *ignores RayFK*
rocketjohn: Greetings G-man
bullseye3265: hi G!
flukeyluke89: Hey G!
constablecrab: Alone in the Magic Oubliette
Arranon: Hello!
vigilanteheatengineer: Hello!
bullseye3265: had a dentist appt today, no cavities. Woo!
GapFiller: chat is BETTER than James
wouter215: Hi Friendly beard man!
icecreamandnutella: Hullo HeyGuys
rocketjohn: G craves that chat feedback and interaction
RayFK: If I wanted to be a monster this is when I'd institute slow mode
TheMadPunter: We are all James
lirazel64: Hi G, have some tea
lirazel64: TPFufun
RayFK: Christ
TXC2: RayFK slow mode? rookie, we do full mod only Kappa
Enmity777: LUL
rocketjohn: twitch pls.
GapFiller: best LRRMtG ever clearly
RayFK: The go live notification is a pain in the ass
ButButTheJesus: LeClue is still on the case!
MichaelVYee: how about emoticon mode only?
apotheosis61: Twitch is truly a flawless platform
rocketjohn: AJAX is a mistake.
djalternative: Because you have to RSVP for the wedding before updating the go live notification
HundreydAundre: So....puh?
NarishmaReborn: The Case of the Ultimate Draft Deck!
bullseye3265: War of the Spark draft is on also
Earthenone: just do emote only chat im sure we can manage to tell him how to play magic with pictoglyphs
tsp397: Dwarf tribal!
constablecrab: The Interrogation of: Twitch.TV
TehAmelie: magic the gathering? sounds like a thing
RassilonDND: sorry I just got here. Was this not the MTG RPG beta stream?
RayFK: Or. You could win.
rocketjohn: Earthenone that is so true.
TXC2: "What happend to my hair?" well for me it was turning 30 is what happend to my hair :p
djalternative: it's the rotating Premiere
bullseye3265: premier WOTS
petey_vonwho: no, its premier
HydraMoose: HELLO!!
RayFK: That's the spirit
RayFK: Just Pog my dude
KirbySliver: Time Spiral draft is out on MTGO
TheMadPunter: O wait, is this Adam's UR Dwarf Storm from last week??? 🤣
MichaelVYee: pooPB pooPB
tsp397: This deck was awesome
RayFK: You're logged in as Adam
RayFK: My dude
HundreydAundre: Solid kept.
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spinebustertee: 26 months of joy, thank you LRR.
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Earthenone: welp time to lose adam some gems
Goorguy: arena troubles last week
djalternative: Don't worry. this was the stream deck from last week
the_gentleman_crow: How goes drafts
NarishmaReborn: the LRR account was being finicky last week
tsp397: There were some technical issues last week.
ButButTheJesus: Adam playing Jenny LeClue, yep that sounds right
wench_tacular: thus starts a vendatta
lamina5432: arenas cap outlast week
MichaelVYee: lrrAWESOME
TheMadPunter: No wait, this isn't the Dwarf deck... Did Adam just resign that deck? I know he didn't play it out entirely...
TXC2: Arena updated, which means everything broke as usual
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TwitchTVsFrank: just Graham today?
TXC2: sometimes Hexproof is just worth it
tsp397: I think the dwarf tribal deck was on the LRRMTG account.
Ristow: Giant's Amulet is a pretty awful card if you don't get the token with it
TXC2: TwitchTVsFrank indeed just graham
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Earthenone: time to suspend 2 spells?
Earthenone: gotta catch up
djalternative: G, thoughts on Innestrad Crimson Vow being a Vampire Wedding?
Robot_Bones: Just Graham
constablecrab: threefold foretold
Enmity777: time to join them in the 3 fortell club?
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TheMadPunter: Yeah seems dece
TehAmelie: J u s t M o n i no wait that's another thing
ACSherman: if you skull raid and grab the UW saga I'm gonna scream
KingOfDoma: huh. only 9? ... I'll work on that
Robot_Bones: Doma Doma!
rocketjohn: G, are you doing a premier for Fisty tomorrow?
TXC2: they have beheld
Earthenone: bolt it?
Earthenone: have you finsihed shooting this season of agatha fists the world?
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HundreydAundre: Huzzah'd! solid...oh uh.
TXC2: Earthenone probably
TheMadPunter: Not keep the Skull Raid? Dig deeper?
wench_tacular: been rewatching Agatha this week, still so good
KingOfDoma: @robot_bones i do love that I'm now an ff6 reference and a hollow knight reference
TheMadPunter: Cosima, keep up Frost Bite?
Ristow: could try to get them with a draugr block and frost bite
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Diabore: just got here, is there a reason we're on adams account?
TheMadPunter: @Diabore Not on purpose 😛
djalternative: oh yeah. I think you might have another draft waiting for you on the LRR account
KingOfDoma: Adam didn't log out
spinebustertee: nice!
apotheosis61: got em
Ristow: it's a 2 for 1 but a necessary one
TehAmelie: creepy story: about ten times this year, i find the popup of the "unfollow" botton pops up all on its own, no matter what i'm doing on here. like twitch dot come wants me to stop following the page i always keep open
rocketjohn: nice. the three for two
evil_h2o_elf: nice play!
Earthenone: smahs for 9?
TXC2: sometimes you gotta 2 for one yourself
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and you were afraid of death
HundreydAundre: Late game hexproof can still haunt thee.
TheMadPunter: It's hexproof only while untapped, right?
TXC2: TheMadPunter correct
Chrysoprase: you can make multiple snowland creatures
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TheMadPunter: O snap, it's not a tap ability?? Sick
TXC2: Mega wide sounds like a chain store :p
TheMadPunter: Think we might need the card draw...
terrydunks: if you decline we get another body and some card draw
HundreydAundre: Shores...?
captain_wulf: so i was in a random youtube hole of gordon ramsey videos when all of a sudden a cut to James in a crapshot was inserted in... this video has 27 million views lol
spinebustertee: draw 1 seems dece here
Morzan42: super wide it is
casey_masterpiece: Going wide next turn seems real good for lethal
Earthenone: good plan
xerjen: Great plan
apotheosis61: Turn all the lands into dude is probably lethal right
fijnevent: Howdy!
rocketjohn: captain_wulf bizarre.
HundreydAundre: Raid better to draw up against their hand.
TXC2: hello fijnevent welcome
TheMadPunter: @captain_wulf Wait, so James was spliced into a Gordon Ramsey video? Or did someone just submit a Crapshot as a Youtube ad again?
raaabr: Flunge!
Earthenone: !card settle the wreckage
LRRbot: Settle the Wreckage [2WW] | Instant | Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search their library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle their library.
HundreydAundre: If they have anything, it'd be easier to have them use it now than saved for later.
captain_wulf: it was spliced into another video of top gordon moments
apotheosis61: turns out it was correct
TXC2: Earthenone don't put that evil out here
TheMadPunter: *golf clap*
imgpw: math is for blockers and he isnt good at math
TotallyNotaBeholder: Seems correct
HundreydAundre: Oh, Well that went down, two.
KeytarCat: Oh my
Ristow: this deck seems a lot better than the record indicates, maybe the mana isn't great though
raaabr: I really enjoy the Kaldheim limited format
mountndewme88: Anything scheduled for time spiral remastered
raaabr: Foretell is just such a smoothing mechanic
rocketjohn: captain_wulf do you still ahve the video url?
fijnevent: I've been rewatching of Friday Nights the last few days, I missed them
captain_wulf: ya one sec...
NarishmaReborn: clickety clackety time to attackity
TheMadPunter: @Earthenone Residual Kaladesh trauma?
vigilanteheatengineer: I enjoy kaldheim limited, I just wish I wasn’t so bad at it
xerjen: I really don't enjoy Kaldheim limited
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: beefy jeefy
HundreydAundre: Wow. That was a quick login-switch!
ButButTheJesus: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: pain. Pain is always in the box.
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CardKingdom: Someone say Time Spiral Remastered?
HundreydAundre: They must be Wizards at LRR...
monkeyboyktc: @HundreydAundre fast computer makes for fast switch
TXC2: too real lrrbot
TheMadPunter: @vigilanteheatengineer Fortunately the solution will be fun for you!
NarishmaReborn: dwarf deck! dwarf deck! dwarf deck!
CardKingdom: We make it as smooth as possible
apotheosis61: I believe we found the dwarf deck that we were looking for
masterschiief: Looking forward to any time spiral content, honestly. I wanna buy a box... but it's gonna be expensive...
TheMadPunter: Dwarf Deck!!!
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ArkhamArchivist: This Many
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GapFiller: two ting: a. Pauls doing Death Stranding so thats nice 2. is it at all odd that Heather has finished a whole game while James Tarkov PiF remains ongoing in its roundabout way
TheMadPunter: A Kingdom of Cards
rocketjohn: they are dope. I regret that the card frame was changed.
CardKingdom: We also put Timeshifted Foils up for preorder today! There are not many because YIKES the availability of them
SnowBuddy18: I hear they have a Carddom of Kings
TXC2: we have cards?
GapFiller: def lookin forward to Paul vs Hideo Kojima
HundreydAundre: Yawgmoth's almost spooph'd me a lil'.
Earthenone: something something bolt the bombs
Earthenone: i mean that
SnowBuddy18: yike
rocketjohn: ooof
TXC2: the old boarder foils are as rare as mythic foils no?
MSUHitman: 1 is the average. Booster Tutor on YT did get 2.
Skudd: Foil oldshifted Thoughtseize is going to be very sought after
TXC2: so good Graham's voice glicthed there :p
Juliamon: Well... whoever wins that box, I'm sure Card Kingdom would be happy to take it off your hands for a handsome sum.
GapFiller: oh the voice glitch wasnt just me then
LemonOnRye: I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard that voice glitch LUL
wouter215: so many dwarves!
HundreydAundre: Clips that down.
kristof162028: hello g have you guus thought about doing fnpf commander game based on the party classes?
NarishmaReborn: magda has arrived!!
djalternative: @TXC2 how it works is that they're part of the normal foil pool so if you're looking for the foil to hit 1 slot of 15 in the pack, it turns out to be considerably rare
TheMadPunter: It did, yeah
DreamyPants: yeah, a small stutter but nothing craazy
wench_tacular: yep
WowoT: ya it did
frnknstn: Every time I see people talking about TSR I get complicated D&D feels
Ferisar: yeah it was pretty brief
djalternative: yes it did. it was great.
Relentless_Bread: I got a old border foil thoughtseize in a pack with a old border chalice of the void in freaking so pumped
GreatGodOm: It's a crack in the matrix
GapFiller: it was fine G dont worry abt it
Mr_Horrible: stream stuttered a bit
ActionJB: Yeah it did, but it was funny
Q_sic: yeah, the matrix glitched out
FittiusRex: you max headroom'd
Leonhart321: It got a stutter for a hot second
jonasjonIV: i assumed it was intentinal
TwitchTVsFrank: you max headroomed
Juliamon: Yeah, you Max Headroom'd
KeytarCat: "the old cards are s-s-s-s-s// They're just So cool!"
KingOfDoma: confirming brief glitch occurred, nbd
rocketjohn: holy moly
LurkerSpine: Yeah, when you said sick the stream got stuck on that millisecond for a bit
TheOtherTrevor: looked away for a moment. entirely different deck now?
Skudd: I'm just looking forward to cracking a couple packs of one of my favorite Magic blocks again
LemonOnRye: Oof
TXC2: gross, filthy even
Earthenone: i would :P
rocketjohn: TheOtherTrevor an entirely different account, even
TheMadPunter: Brawl the Cavalry
Coogrr: 2 blue up is a little scary
djalternative: it can work the way you want it to
NarishmaReborn: the cavalry is also a dwarf
Professor_Rakor: it's probably the bounce?
MagicalObjects: disdainful stroke
Professor_Rakor: but that's fine
Foxmar320: Hello G
Earthenone: cool snow dual in our colors
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
Coogrr: that's not scary, but disdainful stroke would have been
Professor_Rakor: how nice of them to give you this land in your colors
Foxmar320: Hello txc2
TheMadPunter: Woof, backbreaking 😄
SeiichiSin: Good morning Graham!
TXC2: "it was like that when I got here"
RassilonDND: Officer! I swear, the bag was here when I sat down.
chaostreader: Dwarves. There are dwarves in this deck
TXC2: I'm not sure that was good for them
raaabr: Man, Squash is so good
LurkerSpine: warmaster is scary, good thing it's dead
PinkHoneyCMB: we smashin'?
ris_bl00dlord: JUND UM
NarishmaReborn: adam drafted this. it is dwarves
Earthenone: adam drafted it, he first picked the troll enchantment i belive
djalternative: oh right. this is the one with sarulf
Ferisar: is this the dwarves deck
Ferisar: oh yeah
tsp397: It's Adam's dwarf tribal deck
TheMadPunter: I can't believe how well the Dwarves are doing 😆
TXC2: "you drafted this?....I drafted this"
megaRammy: This is our draft deck, comrade.
darkflame0994: ooh sweet did we get a dragon to go with Magda?
Sage0fMadness: that is ... quite the hand
TheMadPunter: Mountain, Molten Vortex, Go.
tsp397: There is one "dragon", yes
darkflame0994: Or we using her for pure ramp value?
Sage0fMadness: yeah axgard into magda
NarishmaReborn: you can just attack with the cavalry too
NarishmaReborn: it is also a dwarf
darkflame0994: ahhh good old changelings
Earthenone: important to ramp into land destuction :P
kroxby26: I couldn’t make his outfit make sense for a second. I was wondering what strange overalls he was wearing.
spinebustertee: oh no this poor fella about to go to 1 land
Earthenone: we can do it here
LurkerSpine: Oh casting it now seems sick
frozenphoenix7: You can do it now
Earthenone: get them to 1 land
Sage0fMadness: its coming LUL
darkflame0994: 3 dwarves? We're only 4 away
TheMadPunter: Oo, Vault Robber, Brawl the Shieldmate, swing?
TXC2: backbreaking
jonasjonIV: wow
tsp397: Oof
spinebustertee: scoop.
Mr_Mooky: how many pants is to many pants?
sweensters7: what did i just witness? lol
TheMadPunter: O right, it's whenever a Dwarf is TAPPED. Damn!
lirazel64: oof
ACSherman: graham.
terrydunks: getting like 4 trolls next turn?? yikes
jonasjonIV: 3 trolls?
TXC2: "wont get many trolls" he said
constablecrab: This is mean.
raaabr: I hope they have doomskar
LurkerSpine: firewalker ain't no dwarf
volraths_bane: sacrifice the vault
EncanisUnbound: hey Graham! just found out that my company's VPN lets me access Twitch now so I finally get to catch a live stream :D
HundreydAundre: Robber, maybe.
TheMadPunter: Even if they do, they'll be dead long before then at this rate
captain_wulf: I don't know if you saw it whiz by Graham, but there's a youtube vid with 27 million views with James clipped in from a Crapshots ( 6:40 mark)
rocketjohn: i feel bad for op :(
frozenphoenix7: So is 4 Trolls many Trolls Graham?
sweensters7: i wonder who is winning
HundreydAundre: Owwwu u
wouter215: @EncanisUnbound You should inform your IT dept.
imgpw: oofa and/or doofa
spinebustertee: lrrFINE
constablecrab: Are we the baddies?
TheMadPunter: Wait, I blinked. What happened??
megaRammy: @captain_wulf That's from a Commodore Hustle!
engineerbudy: yay mono dwarf time
rocketjohn: constablecrab it's possible with have skullhats yes.
captain_wulf: oh was it... still good
megaRammy: The "I'm not here to make friends" bit from the sitcom
lyndis_123: What shenanigans are we on today?
Stormthius: Cheer100
TXC2: good for them I guess :p
volraths_bane: Magda is so gross. I made a BR deck with it and Reinforcements. won stuck on 2 mountains casting Feed the Serpent
captain_wulf: when i was watching... i was so confused i had to rewind like... wait... that was james lol
spinebustertee: what elder god did we pray to to get magda every opening
elah806: I mean.......27 million views would come with a lot of baggage
rocketjohn: time to claim some ad revenue via content id there G
petey_vonwho: brb, gonna go watch the same crapshot 27 million times
HundreydAundre: 4 wins & counted.
rocketjohn: shame.
TXC2: doesn't help anyone
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Solangel777: Have my prime sub!
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TheMadPunter: That's no fun for anyone. Bummer.
Leonhart321: Ah copyright, it never works in your favour unless your company already makes millions
rocketjohn: meh.
RassilonDND: I think it would be a much better model to give percentages based on how much a video used copyrighted materials, but I am sure people would abuse that too
KeytarCat: The tools to "protect creators" aren't helping creators ????
neacon: on a scale of 1 to dwarf fortress , how dwarfy is this deck?
jonasjonIV: as a lawyer, laws are dumb
Earthenone: Eat the Rich
KeytarCat: yeet the rich
Mr_Mooky: @LoadingReadyRun How many pants are to many pants?
terrydunks: hey Graham, just wanted to say thanks for Sidewalk Slam! I've been re-binging it pretty much 24/7 the last week or so and it's very much helped me stay sane during "The Circumstances"
Leonhart321: Aww, I made things too real
Goorguy: @neacon Misty Mountains?
spinebustertee: punch! that! pet!
RassilonDND: Smite the monsterous.
rocketjohn: see: Fines, and Bail
TheOtherTrevor: trading for pet is probably fine
rocketjohn: any crime which has the punishment of a fine is basically "this is something we don't want poor people doing"
darkflame0994: What's that elf doing in this obviously dwarf deck graham?
wouter215: Weird how that's an "Elf Warrior" and not a "Bear".
Mr_Mooky: @darkflame0994 Look for some elf tail
rocketjohn: talking of the wrestling, last night's Dynamite was particulary savory.
DreamyPants: Along those lines I did a crapshot binge recently and it really helped distract from some crappy stuff
koodooman: yep
DreamyPants: So thanks for that
sweensters7: plz do
BlueDaNewb: A fine is a convenience fee for a rich person.
TheMadPunter: @jonasjonIV My background is in finance; corporate fraud cases are SO WEIRD. The shareholders have to sue the company, which means technically they're suing themselves 😛.
Earthenone: time to kill the cards with 3's on them i guess
hammybone_: @darkflame0994 I mean, the bear has enough fur for at least one beard so...
Defenestratir: Another way of looking at a fine is it is a "Entry fee for a crime"
emochicken42: are we going to get highlander soon?
raaabr: Oh, are all the craploads done and dusted?
Mr_Horrible: We need a law about something extremely petty that only bored wealthy people do, that isn't very affecting, and is actually enforced. Great way to get a new avenue of government funding :p
Namboto: did anyone else hear "lizard brawl"?
jonasjonIV: @TheMadPunter corporate law is wild. one of the reasons I'm glad I'm in public interest.
raaabr: I imagine you've already mined all the themes?
Spluuga: speaking of current circumstances, Gvlog has been my binge watch to fight the need to be around people
xiivv7: sup sorrry for being late
TehAmelie: alternately: participation fee for a crime that only the poor have to care about
Mr_Horrible: actually wait I think I just described how wealth taxes should work
megaRammy: @Mr_Horrible What if we just enforced a wealth tax? :)
koodooman: if we done fines on an earning percentage instead of a set fee the fine would hit everyone just as hard
Omthebox: Gotta find a way to make something menial like having TP only legal for poor people make more than 400k get a better toilet Kappa
Mr_Horrible: megaRammy LUL
RassilonDND: Oh yeah, when is agatha fisty coming online tomorrow
spinebustertee: bolt! that! bird!
NarishmaReborn: i personally have been binging agatha fisty fo4 videos in preparation for tomorrow
frozenphoenix7: Is James in the office?
TXC2: RassilonDND "the morning"
Foxmar320: I look forward to new Gvlogs always a welcome surprise
raaabr: Do you think the outrider goes "Beaaaaaaaaar" as a war cry
kroxby26: Arena shuffler at it again!
walkwithoutrhythm: I work night shift at a university in sight of the campus bars. Last night was surreal, given the circumstances
TXC2: frozenphoenix7 apparently not
TheMadPunter: @jonasjonIV O cool, what area specifically? If it's not presumptuous to ask
megaRammy: Is the new Dice Friends teaser and Agatha Fisty return teaser stuff that would have been at a PAX this year, or just happen to be in a close timespan?
Omthebox: Hey, something to use mana on
Professor_Rakor: Weird Jarl, but ok.
rocketjohn: koodooman not quite true. Percentage fines, like flat taxes such as sales taxes would still hit the poor disproportionatly, when you take into account the fact that 30% of someone on benefits's money is still backbreaking and potentially eviction-causing.
Morzan42: lets you attack with robber
LurkerSpine: maybe attack with robber, squash if they block?
TehAmelie: i will sat, one thing we got figured out here in the Scandinavs is billing people based on their income. look at the most expensive speeding ticket in the world and it's some millionaire speeding in Finland
rocketjohn: where as 30% of bill gate's money still leaves him a billionare.
Invitare: Graham did you hear that Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenny) was voicing an "M turned evil" Villain in Evil Genius?
Mr_Horrible: "Squash a Jarl" is the weirdest craft brewing ad campaign I've ever heard
darkflame0994: "Am I going to Squash a Jarl" Ahh, the question every giant in skyrim asks
The_Lesser_Gatsby: Speaking of the teasers. They are great. Its fun to get excited for new stuff.
wouter215: so mush treasure!
KeytarCat: I like teasers
jonasjonIV: @TheMadPunter mostly custody and LL/tenant. small, legal services firm.
megaRammy: Fair :P Loved the teasers, am very excited <3
Leonhart321: Oh yeah, looking forward to the return of One Punch Gran. Any hints you can drop on the general episode lengths you have planned?
koodooman: @rocketjohn yeah thats true
kusinohki: "teaser is a thing we're getting into" - all because checkpoint is a teaser trailer to chill point?
Earthenone: yeah, it reminds me fondly of the time when james would do a "next weeks streams" hype video
frozenphoenix7: So uh...I know G doesn't know, but any fancy Dragons or Artifacts in the deck?
TheMadPunter: @jonasjonIV Rock on!
kroxby26: Maybe you’ll draw your Ulamog!
Omthebox: Teasers are like even more theme specific crapshots when you guys do em. its great
F1SHOR: ok we need to draw fireball
Professor_Rakor: do we have anything spicy to tutor with magda?
rocketjohn: koodooman there are no simple solutions.
rocketjohn: percentage fines are a trap, basically.
raaabr: Svella, aka "I start casting win"
TXC2: SVELLA! SVELLA, Can't you hear me Yella!
lirazel64 admits she had to look up "French tuck."
Mr_Horrible: tfw you and OP are in a "who is more off it?" competition :p
Omthebox: Narrator: Svella did not get to do some stuff
RayFK: Svella got her groove back
megaRammy: Also I love these Time Spiral Remaster trailers y'all did, they are good Deck Rips in disguise. Will you be doing this for sets in future, or is it because no Pre-Prerelease for this set?
felrender: oh hell yeah, I put together a brainless RG troll deck that has Svella in it too, she's great
LurkerSpine: Oh man, I was hoping Svella would get to do stuff
wouter215: Congrats on the Gold Tier!
elah806: It would appear that we have arrived in them there hills
petey_vonwho: "svella's gonna get to do some stuff" OP: "Nope"
TehAmelie: i'm going to grandpa's funeral tomorrow and then it's gonna be all One Punch Gran. such mercy
rocketjohn: Queer as hell trailer was also great.
TheMadPunter: When did Chillpoint break off into its own thing? When I first noticed that it confused me greatly.
HundreydAundre: Gold Inn Ranks
megaRammy: I'm REAL excited for Queer as Hell
lirazel64: @tehamelie Sorry to read that, but we'll look for you...
raaabr: Wait is the next episode Years Old?
NarishmaReborn: several years huh
petey_vonwho: I didn't even know about The Adventures of Agatha Fisty until I saw the teaser, already watched the whole series
emochicken42: Im not sure if you know because you dont play highlander, but i was curious when a new highlander stream will happen?
rocketjohn: Is Chaotic Queer and alignment now?
megaRammy: Just played my first D&D session earlier this week, was real fun :)
GreatGodOm: @LoadingReadyRun I named my wood elf monk in D&D Agathe Fisty.
petey_vonwho: and now I want to play Fallout again
F1SHOR: op showing some trust issues
raaabr: Oh wow
raaabr: The schedule of *Insert years here*
megaRammy: Do you think we'll notice the time jumps?
rocketjohn: I appreciate you continuing it G
TXC2: casual 5 year schedule
Omthebox: Turns out the lrr scope creep sometimes hits a physical limit called "time"
NarishmaReborn: so it's like that "Boyhood" movie but Agatha Fisty
TheMadPunter: Speaking of tech test, might it be in the cards for Paul to do a LRRTech of your remote quarantine streaming setup? You coordinate everything so seamlessly! I'd love to learn how.
TehAmelie: my grandpa died of the covid. my aunt got it too, diagnosed today. let's wish a speedy death to this virus
NarishmaReborn: condolences, TehAmelie
rocketjohn: Speaking as a DM, i would love to see a LRRTech on how the initiateive tracker works.
megaRammy: @TehAmelie I'm sorry to hear, hopefully your aunt makes a swift recovery
petey_vonwho: I think the real important question is, will anyone else get added to Agatha's short list
rocketjohn: TehAmelie sorry, friend.
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GamesAndInk: Been rewatching your AFK Cards Against Humanity eps today. I can't wait till you're all vaccinated; LRR is great, but you were all MINDBLOWING when in the same room.
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Leonhart321: Bless you
TXC2: Bless you
felrender: gesundheit
ACSherman: bless you
TehAmelie: thanks chat. i am hopeful; the aunt has a good prognosis
wouter215: Gesundheit
Omthebox: The demon is free dolphinRage
The_Quiet_Alestain: @TehAmelie I wish your aunt the best. Good luck for her recovery.
RassilonDND: Gesundheit (I think thats how its spelled)
The_Quiet_Alestain: It is. :)
lirazel64: @tehamelie Doing what I can. Side note: grumpy tummy from second shot = totally worth it.
The_Quiet_Alestain: Gesundheit, btw
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 46:31.
warboss5: Voltron Birb is a nasty draft deck
Favre_Studios: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:27:57. lrrSPOT
TheMadPunter: Hello Birb!
lirazel64: Also, all the best to. your aunt.
rocketjohn: The first Live after safety returns is going to be so incredibly stacked.
megaRammy: Graham can I give feedback about your new employee Wheeler? Is This Your Card has been excellent strange hilarious show so far and I can't wait to see more <3
TXC2: well they didn't cast it Kappa
TehAmelie: man i just want a world where people can sit in the same room again
NarishmaReborn: post-covid LAN party?
Aylig: Sorry if this has been asked before. Is QWERPLINE on hold until after the pandemic finally takes its ball and goes home?
Juliamon: Aylig Yes
Earthenone: always bolt the bird
Favre_Studios: bolt the bird
wouter215: Time to Bolt That Bird!
zkillzzz: bolt during combat so they don't move it
Aylig: Thanks @Juliamon I figured as much but just had never asked directly about it.
darkflame0994: Bolt that bird too
darkflame0994: heart of the cards
The_Quiet_Alestain: So Bolt! That! Bird! again?
TehAmelie: just imagine, for a second, the enormous amount of birds what has been killed by thunderbolts since the jurassic era
glithcyqueers: o/
TXC2: how Ironic
Earthenone: !y
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darkflame0994: i guess thats kinda bolting the bird... in that there was a bolt. And a bird died.
elah806: Like rain on our wedding day
darkflame0994: oh wait the bird lived....
megaRammy: Was it really gonna tap your red mana and leave you unable to bolt? Hecking autotap
megaRammy: @darkflame0994 Pesky pesky first strike
RassilonDND: to be fair that is the coolest 1 mana bird. It doesnt even look at the explosion
darkflame0994: I always forget that bird has first strike
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SolarBlitz1: *Obligatory large amount of months message*
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Aylig: lol
TXC2: lrrWOW
elah806: In the words of our lord and savior Craig David "the time is now"
RayFK: Graham now doing the correct angle for the dangle
Leonhart321: Wait, we're obligated to resub? Damm, I'm overdue Kappa
LittleGiant524: lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH
megaRammy: Remember kids, you aren't actually obliged to resub UNLESS Graham has one of your loved ones held hostage. :)
warboss5: Return of the Birb!
TXC2: "that bird is still gonna kill me" me, on any bird
fijnevent: ded
warboss5: Welp
TheMadPunter: Earlier today I attacked with an Axgard Braggart, got Iron Verdicted, then boasted in response. What even I didn't realize was the boast UNTAPS it, so the Verdict just whiffed 😮. It was glorious 😁.
martian_kyo: James would be proud
Skudd: Things this game of Magic has in common with Canadian geese: "That bird is still gonna kill me."
Lokolos: James!
darkflame0994: why is it always a bird with a weapon leading to our demise?
darkflame0994: wotc stop arming the birds!!!
TheMadPunter: Gooses!
RayFK: They are Goose du Canada thank you
GamesAndInk: Wait it's CANADA goosE?!
GamesAndInk: WHAT?
felrender: Never
Leonhart321: Who gave the goos e a knife?
warboss5: That seems playable
wharra: Hello Mister Graham Sir. Would you like to provide a soundbite for my magazine Birds and Blades?
Spluuga: no swords, only plowshares
TXC2: Canada Geese: When God make a snake into a bird
rocketjohn: Canada Geese don't seem violent in Britain. Perhaps our birds are on average more violent than yours.
TheMadPunter: Right, just like moose and meese
Skudd: I always forget, because "Canada geese" just sounds weird to say
wouter215: Canadian Canada Geese?
martian_kyo: Is that for geese only?
darkflame0994: Is it because Canada is the name of the species, not describing where they are from?
RayFK: Or as I call those Goose, "Merde-Heads"
Invitare: if they're greese in Canada they're Canadian Geese, but they're Canada Geese in other countries
F1SHOR: i have seen a magpie with a knife - birbs are evil
fijnevent: like culs de sac sounds weird
GamesAndInk: Canada Human
Invitare: or I suppose it's Canadian Canada Geese
silverxX59: i mean we all know birds aren't real so geese are just flying snakes
megaRammy: Canada Graham
wouter215: Canada Humans?
martian_kyo: Have I been saying two canadians istead of two canadas
TehAmelie: the way that gooses are pluralized in your anglosphere, i would expect some compensation
rocketjohn: Canada Goose is a species of Goose.
TheMadPunter: Attorneys General
UncleScrewtape: canada moose
Robot_Bones: other water fowl
petey_vonwho: Canada Mounties?
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InsertUserHere_: At what point do they go from geese to a nuisance?
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TXC2: Canada Girlfriend for example? Kappa
Makimachine: Birds are dinosaurs so it checks out.
rocketjohn: It's not a description of all geese from canada
martian_kyo: @rocketjohn oh ok thanks
Lokolos: I wonder what Ian thinks of giving swords to birds.
KeytarCat: Very french syntax and plurals!
darkflame0994: ahhh so it is that Canada is actually the species name then. Yeah thats gramatically correct even if it is weird
P1KLES: Canada Drys
TheMadPunter: @TXC2 I think that one actually IS "Canadian girlfriend"
TehAmelie: "my sister was bit by a mööse" etc
darkflame0994: Kinda like the Florida Wildcat... its always called the florida wildcat never "floridian"
TheMadPunter: @TehAmelie Is that Swedish?
fijnevent: outrider smash
felrender: loo tenet
DeM0nFiRe: That's weird how your governer has to be left handed
RayFK: And how is that American friend?
Invitare: As a British person, it always confuses me a little when people from the rest of the world complains about geese. Because, to me, a goose is just a weaker swan
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Is it still spelled without an f?
F1SHOR: sometimes you have to just smash for 5
goblingoboomboom: Have there been any ppr with time spiral
GamesAndInk: I love when Cameron gives us shit about Worcestershire's pronunciation when y'all do that whole thing with Lieutenant
RayFK: Mood
Lokolos: Is it Jacob or someone else?
darkflame0994: Swan vs Goose the ultimate battle
KeytarCat: I thought you meant we were gonna shift over to the Outriders demo :P
TheMadPunter: @DeM0nFiRe Booooooo 😝
Leonhart321: Tha state?
Juliamon: Invitare It's like the duck-size horses problem. There are SO MANY GEESE compared to swans.
darkflame0994: but seriously we koke about both but neither compare to the (thankfully extinct) proto-goose
hey_kelvin: wuh-ster-sure
darkflame0994: joke*
KeytarCat: Now we just want to know if it's a LRR-folk
Driosenth: @wharra Subcatagories of Birds and Blades: Knives and Nuthatches, Swords and Swallows, Ducks and Daggers, Gulls and Glaves
TXC2: GamesAndInk we also say left-tenant in the UK
TehAmelie: well, i am swedish. i will admit anyone from the spanish to the germans can make an argument for o-with-umlauts
wharra: id rather fight 1 swan than 3 geese tho
hey_kelvin: there's no way that word can be three syllables with that many letters
rocketjohn: Juliamon that depends entirely on the habitat...
Mr_Horrible: so this is probably a dumb question, but how do y'all pronounce "In lieu of <x>..."?
GamesAndInk: Wu-shtu-shu is more like it
rocketjohn: *pushes glasses into nose and engages ornithologisplaning*
GamesAndInk: wu-shuth-shuh
TehAmelie: (i don't actually know what the norwegian o-with-diagonal-line is called)
Mr_Horrible: just curious LUL
GamesAndInk: FF I can't spell
GamesAndInk: wu-shtuh-shuh THERE
Skudd: Everybody I've that's weirded out by "lieutenant/leftenant" fully accepts "colonel/kernel" and that amuses me greatly
Invitare: in the UK Swans also get the Queen's Protection, which is a really OP passive ability
Skudd: I've met*
warboss5: Saved by the Manalith
darkflame0994: @LoadingReadyRun I'm just gonna fall back on the age-old answer of "blame the british" for the lieu vs left thing
goblingoboomboom: Did LRR do a time spiral ppr ?
kroxby26: Nice dragon you got there.. would be a shame if someone.... squashed it.
TXC2: darkflame0994 fair
Jondare: TehAmelie It's danish, and it's called "oeh" (basically impossible for non-scandis to pronounce :P)
raaabr: I love that they just called it "Icy Manalith"
TXC2: goblingoboomboom nope
rocketjohn: there is no prerelease for timespiral, and thus no ppr
kristof162028: hello g how r u doing today?
TehAmelie: hey, you don't eben have to to deal with the "löjstnant" option
Invitare: it's always either the fault of the British or the French
MSUHitman: cheer 200 You and Adam need to watch Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa Lights Out from last night,
megaRammy: Is there gonna be a Modern Horizons 2 one since there's prerelease kits etc?
rocketjohn: Invitare or the belgians.
rocketjohn: Never forget what they did in west africa
megaRammy: And will it be Draft or Sealed?
TehAmelie: *"löjtnant"
TheMadPunter: Canada Gooses (Letterkenny):
MSUHitman: "cheer200"
MSUHitman: cheer200
Aylig: no quotes and you got it
Invitare: rocketjohn I mean specifically linguistically
Aylig: there it is
goblingoboomboom: Noice
KeytarCat: The LEFT of leftenant is a Brit pronunciation that has written record from 14c. Lieutenant is, predictably, from lieu (in place of) tenant
rocketjohn: Invitare oh i see, sorry - saw your comment out of context.
rocketjohn: your comment applies globally to everything, once you include belgium.
rocketjohn: :)
tergonis: math sure is for blockers
jonasjonIV: math is for blockers
Jiri_One: math is for blockers anyway
ArcOfTheConclave: Graham wasn't the blocker
silverxX59: #flunge
exerus16: final boss letsgoooooo
LurkerSpine: I assume they were working on a kill quest
Favre_Studios: MH2 ppr?
kristof162028: hey g what is ur favorite Archetype to play in commander?
TheOtherTrevor: Just got wrecked by someone with 2 demon bolts and a tundra fumarole...
darkflame0994: @LoadingReadyRun Ok my linguisitics friend has our answer. The word "lieutenant" originated form the latin word "locum teneris". In French "Locum" became Lieu, while in english the sound adopted a soft "f" sound
Leonhart321: As a Brit, go on
rocketjohn: math is for blockers, if you're blocking you're losing, therefore math is for losers.
invickthus: Cheer500 y'all have brought me untold joy during these quarentimes, thanks for all you do!
LurkerSpine: All your treasure
Aylig: LUL
tsp397: There's treasure
TheMadPunter: Did Adam forget to add Black?
TehAmelie: militaritcially, i suppose the lieutenant grade is mostly one that's not going to be relevant unless the lieutenant's superior is gone
hammybone_: treasure and svella!
felrender: lmfao
Favre_Studios: There aren't.
F1SHOR: ohh yer this deck
jmhodges: Ohhh yeah that was Adam using Svella, iirc
ris_bl00dlord: you are playing jund
silverxX59: the card sleeve blinked and that is not something i like
the_OtherJim: Hello Graham! Will Agatha Fisty be on Twitch ever? Looking forward to the new episodes! :D
KeytarCat: Adam trolling from last week?
Ferisar: yeah svella is the source along with treasures
Ferisar: from dwarf tapping
chaostreader: You also make treasure.
Favre_Studios: Is there gonna be a MH2 PPR
TXC2: the reason English is so messed up can be blamed Squarely on the laziness of early Printers
ris_bl00dlord: jund um!
Ferisar: it actually worked frequently
RayFK: What's a Landline precious?
megaRammy: What is going on with the 2 Innistrad sets in 2 months ooi? Is it gonna get drafted together like a block, or are they entirely seperate?
TXC2: RayFK it's the thing the WiFi plugs into
TheOtherTrevor: Its like a Leyline
TheMadPunter: O yeah the cord could stretch pretty much across the entire house
RayFK: Dude I turn 30 this year and I can't
GamesAndInk: I think landlines were used to play cassettes
felrender: oh this is THAT dwarf deck
kusinohki: luxury! we had 2 tin cans connected with string!
Driosenth: I still have a rolodex
martian_kyo: Landline Prowler....there's a joke there
Stormthius: makes it difficult to play runescape on your dial up connection?
TheMadPunter: I know some people who don't even know their OWN phone numbers anymore
flojosch: te-le-phone
DerSkript: it was the time bevor telefon books? thats old
flojosch: helloo
ArcOfTheConclave: it's a phone number for your home's cell
Namboto: man, nowadays the only phone number I know now is my own
exerus16: nine digits per acquaintance? I'd just become a hermit!
Earthenone: a landline is from the before times when people would line up in order to get lands from the land station at their lgs
Namboto: and even then only sometimes
the_OtherJim: Little Black Books!
darkflame0994: @TXC2 also the fact that english is an absurd bastardization of 6 or so other languages that between 1500 and today evolved to sound almost completely different around 4-5 times.
lirazel64: Wait till you're old enough to remember party lines.
bullseye3265: i remember my 3rd grade friends home phone number but not my current girlfiends
TXC2: I only know the one phone number, and it's mine :p
Professor_Rakor: This piece of old technically called: Book of Phone.
Leonhart321: I have to give my number to my laundrette, and I barely remember that
kristof162028: u know I'm 22 years old and even I know what a landline is
MostCallMe__Tim: I still have several #s memorized
v_nome: I barely remember my own.
the_OtherJim: I still remember my childhood phone number!
Driosenth: Do you remember a childhood friend's number?
Just_Herby: I have no clue how 14-year-old me remembered so many telephone numbers.
vinvis_: I also turn 30 this year and it really doesn't bother me
fijnevent: kill the sword?
KeytarCat: @TXC2 and the invasion by the french in the 14th c. and the various norse immigrants (who were unequiped to deal with case systems), THEN the printing press and all that tech garbage!
TheMadPunter: Oo, yeah, kill the sword
TehAmelie: now now, a lot of the weirdness of the english language is die to the great vowel shift, that happened solely because the people in charge didn't want the houipollio to be able to learn to read and write
TehAmelie: *due
TheMadPunter: Or the raptor
bartimus_thundercask: i remember mine and my grandmothers and thats it
TXC2: KeytarCat sorry, what 14 centurey French invasion? last one of those was 1066
kroxby26: There’s a name for the forgetfulness caused by the ability to look things up... I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.
TheMadPunter: Yeah, Manalith is fair
KeytarCat: Sorry, I get dates wrong easily and read 14c. from another etymology
TheWooglie: kroxby26 you could google it...oh I see
TheMadPunter: @kroxby26 😂
ArcOfTheConclave: Quarentimes?
martian_kyo: killing the bird might better or anything with flying
TXC2: KeytarCat ah, fair enough
TheMadPunter: @ArcOfTheConclave Aka. March Mattness
kristof162028: hey g thanks for mentor my twitch prime sub?
KeytarCat: I remember there was A change in 14c., but I can't for the life of me remember what it was
fijnevent: svella?
darkflame0994: @TXC2 they might be referring to the 100 years war(s) where the english holdings in France were invaded, though that didnt have a major impact on the language other then causing the nobility to start speaking english over french as a bit of nationalism
fijnevent: 2nd abiliy?
TehAmelie: i remember my grandparents's phone number, 095012549. seems safe to share now that they are dead
MSUHitman: kill the sword?
KeytarCat: time doesn't make sense to me, but related stories line up well
Wassermannen: Hello Graham! How are we doing today? lrrGRAHAM
TheMadPunter: What exactly does the sword do again?
martian_kyo: yeah evasion is priority here...i make that mistake in draft always
martian_kyo: leaving the fliers
thirsty_kitteh: @TXC2 there were a bunch of raids and a number of planned invasions, though :3
Wassermannen: Awesome!
TheMalteseFalchion: Go big or go home?
fijnevent: get that bolt
TXC2: thirsty_kitteh true, but nothing so big it would effect the language like the Normans did
thirsty_kitteh: mmm
fijnevent: get the troll enchantment?
TehAmelie: if you want to do the math, the vikings did name Russia, the largest land in the world
fijnevent: it'll happenI have faith
thirsty_kitteh: the 1326 installation of Edward III had poltiical consequences, and it would be cute for it to have brought _an_ word with it
frankscx: you can play Magic as a subgame inside Magic: Legends? sweet!
darkflame0994: @thirsty_kitteh, also compund that with the fact most the raiding wasnt done by the french directly but their long-standing allies, the Scots.
darkflame0994: compound*
Hexi_Lexi: hey all you wonderful people who i love more than words can express!!!
KeytarCat: Is this the same op again? I haven't been paying attention
KeytarCat: @Hexi_Lexi AsexualPride PrideHeyyy
darkflame0994: nah boros birds is just a draft archtype
KeytarCat: ty
TXC2: TehAmelie I've been playing a lot of Age of empires recently, it is shocking how many peoples come from Norway/Sweden :p
felrender: I was gonna ask if it'd be possible for me to rank up enough to run into you in the queue but then I remembered that this is draft
Earthenone: we are dead, just wake trolls
TXC2: the goths, the vikings, the normans, the Russians
martian_kyo: who's the giant?
TheMadPunter: Kill Shepherd, stay alive one more turn?
Kumakaori: just mostly dead
TheOtherTrevor: they move the equipment
darkflame0994: @LoadingReadyRun well, shepherds tend flocks, and flock has the word lock in it, so its doing its intended purpose (thank you mental gymnastics)
TehAmelie: heh, you can look up the Canary uislands to see how far my motgerland came in its imperialism
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kristof162028: hey g just wanted to say thanks for being a good source of comedy in these weird times
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fijnevent: rider smash
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun i recently finished up watching all of your wrestling content. thank you for the amazing time and all the laughs
ryu9969: outrider didnt need haste played it last turn
tsp397: Everyone forgets the deathtouch
hattingston: Kjoll
TehAmelie: jeez i can't spell today
Leonhart321: Oh, finally doing that Daniel Bryan retrospective then? Kappa
Earthenone: koll gave it +1/+1
RedTrinket1: drew koll
raaabr: Oh we're dead
TheMadPunter: Wow, that's real specific...
Favre_Studios: Graham gave it haste to get a treasure
warboss5: Birds with swords are Ghram's kryptonite
MSUHitman: War of the Spark time!
Mr_Horrible: a weirdly specific topdeck
darkflame0994: koll's random token support killing us there
Mr_Horrible: but that's how it be sometimes
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Hexi_Lexi: the wrestling continues until moral improves, as they say! (which i need to buy the shirt of)
TXC2: right chat I'm off
thirsty_kitteh: nini TXC2
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Graham
vargasbball3: it happens
Hexi_Lexi: @TXC2 take care of yourself and reminder that youre valued
TXC2: Hexi_Lexi thanks, that means a lot to me lrrHEART
Hexi_Lexi: @TXC2 you mean a lot to all of us
TehAmelie: ALL of you mean a lot to me, personally
TehAmelie: lrrDARK_LH
Leonhart321: Pretty sure this, and all LRR associated content has kept me sane in miserable times
Hexi_Lexi: @TehAmelie &U
MSUHitman: War of the Spark?
warboss5: Crackin packs first?
Jiri_One: Poll?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Have you considered drafting good cards?
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TehAmelie: spoiler: i have over 820,000 channel points and i want to give them all for you
Favre_Studios: War.
BigGiantGoat420: kaldhiem
Professor_Rakor: spark was pretty neat
IntegralHamster: no TSR? :(
silverxX59: what is premier draft?
Favre_Studios: Seems like fun
ariborealis: WAR!
rocketjohn: Poll time!
Rebbers: Ooo, WAR is neat
TotallyNotaBeholder: You have been, don't get me wrong, just what to do next: draft more good cards
bullseye3265: i drafted wots a few days ago and got a bolas and a finale of eternity. it was... good
MrLephisto: just 6? you can do better
Favre_Studios: WAR
Goorguy: We got the vote up? Spark is draft the biggest bomb
RayFK: 7 wins... In a row?
Goorguy: which is always fun
TheMadPunter: I still can't believe the Dwarves got there 😄
MSUHitman: Premier is Bo1 with human drafters
Earthenone: spark could be a nice change of pace
adambomb625: @IntegralHamster No TSR on Arena, it would be a nightmare to program all the rediculous TSR mechanics even if they wanted to include it in Historic
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun random question, Graham. i have just enough spare yarn for a scarf would you like me to knit you one?
frankscx: i have won seven matches of Magic ... in my life
thraximore: Let's try to tie it again
Favre_Studios: War!
IntegralHamster: @adambomb625 thanks captain, it is draftable on modo
bullseye3265: war for sure!
DeM0nFiRe: Speaking of war of the spark, anyone else just really like the art for war of the spark basic lands?
rocketjohn: splitting the kald vote, very smart
warboss5: I am struck with a curiosity: When a new set comes out, do y'all buy a bunch of packs so you can play standard, or just let them trickle in as you draft?
silverxX59: so what is being imperfectly frank
bullseye3265: not a fan of ravnican lands in general
kristof162028: heu g r u guus going to play a pary based commander game for the release of the dnd set in the summer?
frankscx: claim of 'I have several scarfs' demands an on-stream fashion show
karpma: I can't wait to see this scarf in Mail Time some time in 2023.
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun it would be mostly peanut brown, maybe with a bit of red
Earthenone: can we get to 69% chat
STALKERsoldiers: Being George?
rocketjohn: I'm just a salty british progressive, G.. :)
bullseye3265: kald has been going for a while now, war is a good change up
Earthenone: i belive in us
Leonhart321: "Fank"
frankscx: <– has been perfectly frank his entire life
Hexi_Lexi: thats fair, im sure ill find someone wholl wear it
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TheMadPunter: @frankscx Boom.
felrender: they sell imperfect franks at the discount meat store
salatfresse: Finally catching you live, neat!
vargasbball3: what are you hoping to open in Time Spiral remasters or want to open
NathanJay_GA: neat
figure_of_destiny: To be imperfectly Frank sounds like someone you’d say after playing Dead Rising 1
Hexi_Lexi: is there anyone in chat who needs a scarf and cant afford one? (dms are ok)
HondoTrigger: UR, UB, UG, and GW were sick in this format, as a refresher
F1SHOR: i remember when War was out alot of people were complaining so im shocked
Wiliart: Hi live, we're Chat.
Skudd: I have three packs of TSR coming and all I want is to open a Damnation.
sobobcat: Graham do you still have the Bear Force One deck?
Earthenone: vraska!
Leonhart321: So, we're definitely Black something
NarishmaReborn: unless we end up with special surprise guest stars like last week
silverxX59: graham w/o headphones bwah?
bullseye3265: grazer is good for ramp
NathanJay_GA: out of all the available cards, that was one of them
vargasbball3: mass
Earthenone: tibbers?
fijnevent: hulk?
Favre_Studios: tibbles
raaabr: Rakdos is fun
Leonhart321: Not sure if I have enough Gems for any draft. Last I played was that event you help a while back where I ended up wrecking Cam in a game
Invitare: Statue!
raaabr: Talk about nothing
kristof162028: hey g go rakdos for the aggro
raaabr: Ceratok?
GamesAndInk: I think someone else likes Black
bullseye3265: god pharos can be good
NarishmaReborn: very meh pack
IntegralHamster: pegasus
fijnevent: pegi
Invitare: go for Statue memes
Favre_Studios: God pharos
HondoTrigger: dovin or no escape imo
Hexi_Lexi: rakdos aggro! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*
vigilanteheatengineer: Statue?
RandomTrivia: Grab the statue for the Karn you pick up in pack 3 lrrBEEJ
Leonhart321: Never punished
Invitare: if you get that Artifact planeswalker you can turn it into a 6/6. Think of the vaaaalue
fijnevent: heartfire will come back
vigilanteheatengineer: Good for Grindy board stalls
vargasbball3: nice
IntegralHamster: globe?
raaabr: Praise God-pharoah?
HondoTrigger: globe
GamesAndInk: Price is good Planeswalker removal, which isn't the worst.
HondoTrigger: guild globe was pretty great and it sacs for mana which works with devil
RayFK: This is an interesting start
flojosch: dismissal <3
IntegralHamster: manticore
TheMadPunter: Wow, I'd forgotten way more of this format than I'd thought
RandomTrivia: Transdimensional meat!
RayFK: Just draft Ashiok :)
Evochron13: i seem to remember price being not *as* good even though it *does* just straight up kill pws
Hexi_Lexi: @RayFK YOURE interesting!
RayFK: Dab
fijnevent: Go for Bolas I say!
RayFK: I'm a helpful drafting partner
Skudd: WAR limited has always gone very weird for me
SnowBuddy18: just draft Bolas
Skudd: I also tend to play more sealed than draft, which doesn't help
OldsCool: its pack 1 we have room to pivit if we need to
RayFK: I remember doing WAR Prerelease in Victoria. That was a weird thing
SeiichiSin: I actually bought something from them last week.
Hexi_Lexi: Card Kingdom?! a Kingdom of Cards?!
Leonhart321: Card Kingdom: I just think they're neat
CardKingdom: Thanks for thinking we're neat
SeiichiSin: Ooooh, Karn's Bastion. Love that card in certain decks.
vargasbball3: gaint
TheMadPunter: Wait, how'd you do that checkmark thing?
spsworkz: They sell all the stuff?
Quaseymoto: I'm finishing up a CardKingdim purchase tonight to build a Myr tribal commander deck.
IntegralHamster: ahn crop invader is sacrifice tho
fijnevent: nice, 0-6 cc
CardKingdom: That's cryptic
raaabr: Gotta get that **Meatbreathing**
kristof162028: hey g do you have a link to wheeler's temmet edh deck list?
SeiichiSin: Cryptic Command?
Heughcumber: greetings from the person passing to you
Professor_Rakor: CardKingdom: They sell things.
Endless109: I am a fan of Cameron's "A clean, Well-lit place to storm out"
IntegralHamster: bond of passion isnt that bad actually
RayFK: You take that celebrant
RandomTrivia: Oh hey, the Celebrant came around
Evochron13: do it
OldsCool: mardu times
lirazel64: "They Sell All of This"
ryu9969: need to buy my K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth commander deck from them
frankscx: Card Kingdom: what are you, a wimp? buy some cards!
warboss5: Wow, don't expect to see an aristocrat going that late in the draft
ris_bl00dlord: i remember the kingdom of cards i order $60 worth of cardboard form them this month and i plan to get another $130 later
lirazel64: If memory serves...
Goorguy: White has been super open
Skudd: I wish ordering from CK was more reasonable for me.
TheElrad: was it perchance Card Kingdom From Seattle to the world?
Ivannorr: "You can buy this all there" is what you said
SolarBlitz1: "Card Kingdom. Buy some cards. You won't."
SnowBuddy18: Card Kingdom: YES
frotein: Card Kingdom, now with 20% more kingdom
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
dumpsterfire: Don't eff with ugin
IntegralHamster: ugin is a bomb
Leonhart321: Card Kingdom: Do it, you coward
SnowBuddy18: hi Eugene
fijnevent: nice combo with the statue!
TheMadPunter: That's it!! "Buy some cards, NERD!" 🤣🤣🤣
Archonic_Energy: well, you won.
shea_wolfe: lrrEFF
vigilanteheatengineer: Hello
NarishmaReborn: lrrEFF lrrEFF
flojosch: best card right there!
Invitare: I miss this Ugin. Can we replace the current one with him?
vargasbball3: must be nice lol
heartofgoldfish: card kingdom: an empire of entertainment!
Magnetic__North: Press Eff to pay respects
SeiichiSin: I now want that card so I can play it and say that.
TheElrad: oooh Ugin combos with statue
raaabr: Oh, Graham. Question. Were the Time Spiral remastered video bits recorded before Covid stuff?
Hexi_Lexi: Card Kingdom: Buy Our Alpha Black Lotus
RayFK: And a weird
Evochron13: i think the problem with bleeding edge was that it was a sorcery.
ryu9969: card kingdom where you keep the skins of trees and bones of beasts
SnowBuddy18: Hark, the herald Sparvest sing
felrender: the sommlier one killed me
raaabr: Ah, okay
raaabr: I was just getting anxious because of the proximity
wharra: We 4 color now
IntegralHamster: one more ahn crop?
TehAmelie: big props to you all for filming everything Covid-safe
OldsCool: invader might come back
TheMadPunter: Y'all are responsible content creators, and that's what I appreciates about you.
RayFK: This pack sucks
HondoTrigger: really sick blue green deck going around lol
ris_bl00dlord: quick pivot into another color
RayFK: Please DO NOT talk about your Raging Kronch
GamesAndInk: Raging Kronch doot-doot-do-do
felrender: such a crunch
wharra: Ray, ging, Kronch doo doo dodo dodo Ray ging Kronch
Favre_Studios: Raging kronch do do do-do do do
frankscx: Card Kingdom: quell your raging kronch
Hexi_Lexi: please dont talk to me about your raging kronch
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TheMadPunter: I think there's now a cream for your Raging Kronch
raaabr: Apologies if this feels accusatory, and I appreciate the explanation on the process/procedures
vargasbball3: now im hunger
hattingston: Deliver Unto for the art
fijnevent: celebrant aint happening unfortunately?
SeiichiSin: Honestly, I am happy to hear how many precautions you are still taking.
Hexi_Lexi: turret ogre? i hardly know it ogre!
raaabr: This deck is looking sweet
vargasbball3: nice
TehAmelie: as someone who's going to a covid-safe funeral 140 km away tomorrow, i appreciate every single damn safety measure anyone can be bothered to take
raaabr: Also, turret ogre will probably continue to win the surprise reach award
OldsCool: form a production standpoint how you are acounting for the precautions is honestly interesting
ArcOfTheConclave: why does angrath amass? the flavor police want to know.
Wassermannen: Speaking of, I just found out my grandparents got their vaccines today so that's great
TehAmelie: yaay
fijnevent: cruelty
IntegralHamster: ob nix cruelty
Anexmedia: Local guidelines are indeed important
raaabr: @ArcOfTheConclave It's supposed to be him taking control of the zombies, but the flavor is not very clear on that
Favre_Studios: cruelty
MrTheWalrus: True
kristof162028: so no Dreadhorde butcher sad day
Endless109: Mehlderspell
Anubis169: meow...
Anubis169: 'ello all <3
frankscx: this explains why no one was making out in the video. i was confused
TheMadPunter: I seem to recall Elderspell being pretty backbreaking, but maybe that was in Constructed 🤔...
SeiichiSin: I won a game using that card.
Hexi_Lexi: @Anubis169 hai frand!
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Anubis169: lrrHEART
Anubis169: how goes the Magiceninging?
frotein: this deck looks fun!
Heughcumber: enjoy the dreadhorde butcher
Anubis169: really missing FNM
Anubis169: gotta get mah fix
raaabr: Yoooo
raaabr: Dreadhorde butcher
Heughcumber: i'm clarence's revenge
HondoTrigger: the called shot
MelvinMTG: lol
doksheriff: well hello there
Heughcumber: thought the user seemed familiar. Was a funny coincidence
Anubis169: btw, Heughcumber, first class nick
Anubis169: manYES
FiliusRomanus: Oh, we doing WAR draft today? Grixis colors were generally pretty strong in this environment, yeah?
Heughcumber: Nah, we probably won't play, so cutting doesn't matter
Duhstink: ah yes all the other users named LRRMTG :D
FiliusRomanus: Neat
Swickwick: How you feeling about the deck so far?
Heughcumber: @Anubis169 haha thanks
doksheriff: @duhstink ?
EvilBadman: @duhstink You can have same name on arena, like discord. I imagine there's imitators for any famous account.
shea_wolfe: Graham, I wanted to say that Askmaster was incredible.
raaabr: **Powerful magic**
Invitare: but it costs 6 mana, it has to be good
raaabr: Ugin is gas
TheWriterAleph: i've heard Ugin is pretty good in mtg Kappa
fijnevent: harvest too
warboss5: So, I've never drafted War myself, what is the Black/Red archetype for this set?
MrTheWalrus: What I recall from this format, the statue is better than it looks.
Duhstink: @doksheriff I think I misunderstood Heugh as talking about the LRR account and not the other chat member. M'bad
doksheriff: evil badman is right. it's about the name in combination with da numbers
Favre_Studios: It also hit's your opponent's stuff
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aggrocrow: Holy crap I didn't even know it had been over a year! always glad to see yalll doing any kinda stuff. this place is an inspiration to me, and always a source of joy
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Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
Heughcumber: anyway, cheers and good luck with the games
Anubis169: well the aristocrats is an all-or-nothing sacrifice :P
Anexmedia: Speaking of aristocrats, how do you feel about "The biggest vampire wedding" coming up this year?
Mr_Horrible: devil also gets to randomly hose opposing sacrifice, too
hattingston: No Liliana's Triumph?
doksheriff: @duhstink np
Ctabbe: I closed the stream for the draft. so you were taking my red
raaabr: Amass never really made an impact in standard, huh?
Duhstink: There's a paper Time spiral sealed stream coming up sometime right? If I remember correctly?
EvilBadman: @anexmedia Nani?
DeM0nFiRe: lrrHEART
FiliusRomanus: As it turns out, removal is good
Duhstink: sweet thanks G
Anubis169: or 3 months ago, depending on when you see this
Jiri_One: Isnt tomorrow also like in a day?
petey_vonwho: My WAR decks over the weekend: easy 7 wins. My WAR decks this week: You wanted to win? LOL Nope
doksheriff: it's when tomorrow was yesterday and red was blue
KingOfDoma: you guys gonna play pack wars?
frankscx: shoutout to the people watching on youtube in the year 2120
FiliusRomanus: I'm sick rn (not with Covid) and watching streams like this brings me comfort
EvilBadman: Aid is a decent trick tbh
ris_bl00dlord: why ugin?
TheStrongFalcon: aid the fallen is really good and kinda does the same thing
doksheriff: @frankscx true
The_FlyingDutchman: so I just watched the mail time. Did we ever get to that pelican case of uncommon commander?
Jiri_One: he wins games
FiliusRomanus: Why not Ugin
Endless109: It's a hella bomb?
doksheriff: because ugin
raaabr: Because Ugin is....**powerful**?
fijnevent: Ugin is amazing
lenny__cool: Really like sorins thirst :)
raaabr: Ugin makes bodies, draws cards, and destroys permanents
raaabr: It's literally everything you want out of a card
felrender: yeah Ugin wrecks shop
Malazim: Yeah @the_flyingdutchman
Count_Grumpy: its good for sacrifice too
Invitare: with taht Ugin the statue only costs 4 mana Kappa
FiliusRomanus: Eugene
shea_wolfe: Ugin: this one only casts 6
TehAmelie: meanwhile, att
Anubis169: Ugin can be summoned for [Graham] mana...
doksheriff: and that stuff is kinda relevant
petey_vonwho: I honestly think Ugin is the best P1P1 in the set
SnowBuddy18: Ugin Manifests and destroys stuff
Diabore: has it always been so lorge of a card preview?
Leonhart321: I dunno
aggrocrow: idk how to clip but that belongs in highlights lol
rocketjohn: Ugin, contrary to it's name, is often lrrEFF ed about
Malazim: Wait you meant playing it
ris_bl00dlord: i only knew of the passive so...
Kipstar: also - he can't be effed
petey_vonwho: not running Karn's land?
AtrusOfMyst: WAR- A Set with planeswalkers that are uncontrollably good
SnowBuddy18: @petey_vonwho great p1p1, doesn't commit you to a colour at all
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JoannaTastic: Love to catch some live MtG! Also, please accept some hype-emoting for the upcoming Dice Friends campaign: GayPride TransgenderPride
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FiliusRomanus: Oh yeaaah, that's been a /hot/ minute
TehAmelie: welp. another joke ruined by bad typing
EvilBadman: The cowboy hat ate at least three other ones by now
Mr_Horrible: @ris_bl00dlord it's ironic - the passive is usually the most relevant part of him in constructed, but in limited it's just the strong value from the + and - abilities :p
Makimachine: Wait, what's the next Dice Friends?
aiamethyst: very cool to see tappy on there, excited for those interactions
AG30FRU1N616: So glad you guys enjoyed the case/cards Graham!!
MyrddintheWizard: Also, ysbrydHype for the return of Agatha Fisty!
notthepenguins: Queer As Hell I believe was the name?
asthanius: Age of Ruin
Sniknob: Dice Friends: Be Gay do Crimes edition PrideWorld
Anubis169: I believe it's pronounced "Jonathan"
Leonhart321: Out of curiosity, when this whole pandemic thing has been kicked to the curb, is there a particular board game you're looking forward to sitting around a table and playing with people?
Anubis169: Kappa
FiliusRomanus: That's what it seemed like to me, which is neat
Makimachine: Niiiice
AG30FRU1N616: Thanks @asthanius
asthanius: :)
Diabore: i dont trust that kiora
TehAmelie: will it be an eye opener for a queer person who has literally never seen an episode of Qeer Eye?
Favre_Studios: raging kronch
frogomb: I am also super hype for Agatha Fisty
ChimPANGzee: Well then. You ve got to name someone Bananaman
Favre_Studios: do do do-do-do
frankscx: is there a 'AG30FRU1N' in the Ultimate universe as well?
FiliusRomanus: How rude
AG30FRU1N616: @frankscx I'm honestly overjoyed that you got that from the name!! And yes, I would assume so
SeiichiSin: My pizza has arrived.
Mr_Horrible: My Symphony of Aw They're So Cute
FiliusRomanus: Really like the VA for Tibalt
Mr_Horrible: Tibalt is a visionary
frankscx: @AG30FRU1N616 all part of the service, ma'am or sir or other preferred pronoun
AalderFlawn: Came into the stream with Gram staring at a heartfire. My first thought? DO IT.
asthanius: Plague Wind sounds good
Jiri_One: that seens pretty good
SnowBuddy18: do ti
Wassermannen: Yes?
Anexmedia: I liked everything you just said
Mr_Horrible: I mean, that sounds pretty good
Arranon: seems solid
Favre_Studios: do it
MrTheWalrus: seems good
ris_bl00dlord: do it
Mr_Horrible: esp since you can make another token
AalderFlawn: do it, full send!
AG30FRU1N616: clean
ZealousCrow: Well that seemed good
asthanius: The same Kiora
raaabr: I'm glad we get to play Medium Tibalt
shea_wolfe: incredible
FiliusRomanus: Well damn, Jackie!
GamesAndInk: It's lifegain
Mr_Horrible: that's gotta be a divine arrow
Arranon: i hear you like killing planeswalkers
Mr_Horrible: now I'm confused
SnowBuddy18: the *same* Kiora
Diabore: "lifegain"
Arranon: let me play...a planeswalker
Hexi_Lexi: @FiliusRomanus yes?
Mr_Horrible: this seems plenty massacre already :p
FiliusRomanus: @Hexi_Lexi I don't control the weather! LUL
TheMadPunter: Thing about Massacre Girl is she also kills your stuff
FiliusRomanus: Same, tbh
Diabore: "kiora, kiora,...scoop"
Endless109: They got too embarrassed at their own play
Hexi_Lexi: @FiliusRomanus i wouldnt expect you to?
AalderFlawn: They couldn't handle the Heartfire.
FiliusRomanus: @Hexi_Lexi Oh, sorry, it's a reference to a thing
TheWriterAleph: "and i still had all THESE... sigh..."
Mr_Horrible: Someone called "Massacre Girl", a liability? How unexpected sofieGasp
RandomTrivia: Quick, summon the James to smooth our draws!
raaabr: Good old piker
raaabr: Dawww
RandomTrivia: D'awwww
FiliusRomanus: What a mood
SnowBuddy18: awwww
rocketjohn: Something something in this picture
Sniknob: Baby
RandomTrivia: Never didn't have it!
frankscx: 'well, time for a nap I guess'
Mr_Horrible: Bear said "sweet I'm off the clock"
AalderFlawn: WHat can I say? Bear gonna do Bear things.
rocketjohn: Especially the bit where it wakes right back up again as i don't feel like i've slept for properly for a year
TheWriterAleph: wow the bear has more personality in its mute animation than any other action lrrBEEJ
Jiri_One: whait what did the bear do?
OldsCool: Bear has the right idea
hot_mekaku: What pet will come with strixhaven I wonder. We already got an owl from Theros.
ALEISmALPTO: saheeli. oh the memories
AalderFlawn: Double planeswalkers? Double Heartfire.
SnowBuddy18: @hot_mekaku a strix?
frankscx: it would be good if a game went for some large # of turns the pets spontaneously went to sleep. 'i'm bored of this'
FiliusRomanus: I could maybe see a frog?
TheMadPunter: Bet you wish you had that Elderspell NOW 😛... except for lacking double Black...
Favre_Studios: strix = owl, I think
Mr_Horrible: Duskmantle Operative, aka The Textbook Definition of "Not Nothing"
rocketjohn: hot_mekaku some form of sentient hat of pupil division.
abaoa_qu: Is cruelty a sorcery?
ZealousCrow: Duskmantle op really sounds like a WoW mob
frankscx: i ripped some sick wins in Standard with Elderspell
Hexi_Lexi: im just waiting for The Eldestspell, amirite gamers?
FiliusRomanus: Elderspell felt good to cast against my friends annoying Superfriends EDH deck
hot_mekaku: @SnowBuddy18 LUL I feel dumb for not gussing that. It was right in front of me
warboss5: Man, you just can't get away from birds with swords today, can you?
abaoa_qu: What I was thinking. Thats a strange play
Mr_Horrible: I could go for an Elderberryspell
RandomTrivia: The 40-years Cask-Aged Spell
Arranon: cave ripened artisinal spells
Leonhart321: Where's my Vintagespell Wizards?
asthanius: FromSoft hasn't shown anything from Eldenspell in a while
Anexmedia: Gotta make sure you decant your elderspells, they need to breathe a little
RayFK: Things are starting to heat up my little pogchamp
dusk_yagami: Where's James when you need him?
Hexi_Lexi: @FiliusRomanus Elder Dragon Highlander Spell :P
TheMadPunter: A spell aged in handcrafted oak barrels for a ludicrous amount of time...
FiliusRomanus: @Heughcumber
ris_bl00dlord: i just realized your on the war of the spark map
FiliusRomanus: Woops, stupid fingers
warboss5: Yuck
FiliusRomanus: @Hexi_Lexi Galaxy brain
Diabore: cool light
shea_wolfe: Drawing two swamps would be pretty cool
Hexi_Lexi: lets be real, commander is/was always the only real place for Elderspell (and this isnt a bad thing)
warboss5: Oh god, the copying made it a zombie too
raaabr: Surprise reach award time?
warboss5: Reach ftw
Mr_Horrible: still astonished at how universal the "that has reach?!" moment is
Invitare: why DOES that have Reach? You don't normally see it in Red
Hexi_Lexi: @Mr_Horrible ikr?!
warboss5: @Mr_Horrible I've been caught by it more times than I can count
Mr_Horrible: it literally happens to all of us LUL
more_alpacas: when's the last time you saw Elderspell in commander?
Evochron13: invitare because it's an ogre that throws a rock.
warboss5: Mostly by Elder Gargleblargle
Hexi_Lexi: THERE WE GO
Mr_Horrible: PogChamp
Rebbers: THAT has reach, but Oketra didn't
Mr_Horrible: We'd like to thank the academy
lirazel64: Huzzah!
Goorguy: The same turret ogre?
PaperDoopliss: "That has Reach?" needs to be an Arena emote
vargasbball3: conter spell
FiliusRomanus: They didn't "Oops." So who knows
TheMadPunter: Do you just attack?
rocketjohn: I think it would be useful in arena if the reach things were *taller* or thiccer, like they were flying, but still touching the ground, and not floating about.
thekanadier: I needed another podcast for my commutes, so I booted up Lava Bears again! Thank you for the years of entertainment, LRR <3
FiliusRomanus: Countered
raaabr: Mono-Turret Ogre
Mr_Horrible: We need an "Ah." emote for Arena
Hexi_Lexi: ive caught myself saying "That card has (insert keyword here)" so many times over the years
warboss5: They could bounce Rager and blank you
thekanadier: Kanadier like Grenadier :)
TheMadPunter: Massacre Girl still kills it; hope you draw a land...
thekanadier: ah, that makes sense!
xantos69: cheer50 Hey look Magic is happening! Yay Magic!
warboss5: Cumptastic
warboss5: Chump*tastic
RandomTrivia: lrrFRUMP
FiliusRomanus: Welp
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You could have a canadier, as a somelier for canadians
asthanius: Cruelty?
wharra: I summon JAMES
TheMadPunter: FortNine on Youtube has a great video about Bombardier! They're a great motorcycle channel (Canadian too!)
Diabore: angry dad?
SeiichiSin: Welp...
Favre_Studios: cruelty?
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big_blue_man: you really need james there to help draw into those lands
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GhostValv: benginO7
Hexi_Lexi: does this mean that Graham is reverse James?
thekanadier: Just got to Thok and Durg with the techno didgeridoo
SeiichiSin: Time for plan B.
Hexi_Lexi: :P
FiliusRomanus: That feels so, so bad.
ArcOfTheConclave: 5th land waiting room
warboss5: I keep mousing over the cards in your hand to try and read them >.<
raaabr: Reverse James is Semaj
vargasbball3: just need land
asthanius: Always had it
raaabr: massacre girl is defile
asthanius: Noooooo
raaabr: Oof
asthanius: Escape
Hexi_Lexi: oofa AND doofa
MyrddintheWizard: Tiny Daniel Brian
TheWriterAleph: big oofs
DeM0nFiRe: NotLikeThis
RayFK: To give you hope
warboss5: I feel like Massacre Girl would be an off-brand knock off of Suicide Girls
TheMadPunter: to build the suspense.
Diabore: maybe they happy danced
frankscx: the slow roll
Aringrey: either BM or reading
xantos69: How dare those people!
CaptainSpam: SOME of us have bladders.
MrTheWalrus: how dare
frankscx: i have at least one bladder
GhostValv: showing off, mr streamer.
rocketjohn: hot mic
rocketjohn: ?
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Look, we can't hold it against people to have bladders
lirazel64: I just simply leave a trail.of ooze wherever I go...
Anubis169: hot mic :D
DRMagnify: mic 5
SeiichiSin: Welcome to the highlights.
Diabore: so hot
Anexmedia: mic 5 indeed
F1SHOR: 😂 secrets
Anubis169: still hot
Hexi_Lexi: mic 5!
Wiliart: The other game though
rocketjohn: hahaha
LurkerSpine: lol
gamercat88: mwhahaha
Makimachine: G doing a Wheeler?
rocketjohn: :)
Leonhart321: Yes, a good thing indeed
Anubis169: :P
warboss5: Well, you did say the Moonbase was heating up, I'd assume the mic would be no exception
Rebbers: Good thing we don't actually swear when doing a bleep bit
frankscx: MC G-Dawg on the hot mic
lirazel64: An auspicious thing...
Hexi_Lexi: YALL I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!!! i just got my copy of FFX+X2 i ordered in the mail a week early!
nilsrebby: hell yeah Lexi
Anubis169: oooooo sweet!
lirazel64: @hexi_lexi Yay!
Anubis169: Still muted
Makimachine: Niiice, the second best FF game. :D
Aringrey: mic muted Kappa
NotCainNorAbel: you have left the music on
Anubis169: Kappa
nilsrebby: hey graham i hope you're having a cool and good day
tsp397: That song rules anyway
GhostValv: :O
raaabr: TBH it's still good ambiance
ryu9969: just went 0-3 in spark draft not good lol
SeiichiSin: Or Izzit?
Wiliart: No, Rakdos
NotCainNorAbel: it only runs in my head 24/7
Rebbers: No this is Rakdos
RandomTrivia: RQ soundtrack will never be a bad thing to hear
Anubis169: wearing your what? speak up!
Leonhart321: Good thing you don't do this for a living, or that would've been embarrassing Kappa
warboss5: Weeeeeee, 15 minute break means I actually get to watch an entire game! :D
The_ChartreuseKnight: Honestly, the song is good enough that I'd listen to it for a few hours
BleedingToast: Hello Graham and chat guyjudgeHi
Swickwick: Headphones are overrated
tsp397: uh oh
raaabr: Uh oh
Anubis169: ooo that was nasty :/
raaabr: Massacre girl, please save us
frankscx: people Graham is a professional beard model, he just streams for fun
warboss5: You're playing the ghost of Cathleen: ANGRY KITTIES!
Anubis169: ahh sweet, we can hear you now
FiliusRomanus: Yuh-oh
Anexmedia: that is a bold finale
Anubis169: oww
rocketjohn: *resolved
Diabore: op living in dream land
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Anexmedia: Mono cats, I respect it
RandomTrivia: Woah
Anubis169: i think we're just dead here
Jiri_One: uh oh
RandomTrivia: Magical Christmas Cat Land over there
fijnevent: did that guy draft a standard deck?
RayFK: I think you just have to take this
Swickwick: GG next :P
MyrddintheWizard: Uh. Angry Kitties!
xantos69: wow... opponent is pushing down on the gas hard.
Evochron13: wow. opponent's cats.dek there
Anubis169: who's going to die to power-kitty?
ThisJosh2: I didn't realize this was 40 card standard.
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
vargasbball3: wow
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Invitare: Ugin will though
DeM0nFiRe: Nobody counter that please
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @ThisJosh2 Don't be ridiculous. This is 40 card Historic.
Anubis169: looks like everything's going to die to power-kitty
Favre_Studios: heart fire the ajani?
ALEISmALPTO: damn that guy went from first to fifth in less than 1 minute
Aringrey: Ugin save us
Anubis169: unless you've got some serious removal
Anexmedia: but do we get to Ugin at this rate
ryu9969: hey thats what my deck wanted to do
The_ChartreuseKnight: Sorry, hold up, this isn
ThisJosh2: @Dread_Pirate_Westley You're right. THis is too powerful for standard.
Favre_Studios: !card heartfire
LRRbot: Heartfire [1R] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or planeswalker. / Heartfire deals 4 damage to any target.
The_ChartreuseKnight: 't constucted?
Anubis169: famous last words
RandomTrivia: Massacre Girl isn't very good at single, large targets. She specializes in "everyone in that general direction"
Butternades: How do we get to Ugin who cannot be effed
Evochron13: block and then sac butternades
Anubis169: lrrFINE
Favre_Studios: ajani might be a bigger problem
Butternades: Ah yes maybe I should’ve taken a closer look
vargasbball3: taking a line from my hero academia just saying POWER
Rebbers: @RandomTrivia Well she's not named "Assassin Girl"
serramarkov: Who'd want to eff Ugin? Have you heard the way he talks- he's no better than his brother.
Diabore: i dont think she does
ThisJosh2: @vargasbball3 Lamillion reference, I approve.
raaabr: We made it
Anubis169: HLORF
RandomTrivia: YIKES
Aringrey: oof
wikisome: So with those sleeves and avatar are you required to draft them if you see them?
Evochron13: could be worse. the angel could have double strike
Anubis169: Ugin: Meatshield
gunbuster000: Ogin the Grump
Aringrey: his brother Ogin
Professor_Rakor: maybe they play an x/1?
RayFK: Hoping they play 1/1
Diabore: graham we have problems
TheMadPunter: this one ain't lookin good
RandomTrivia: Do we have any X/1s we can draw?
Anubis169: welp...
RandomTrivia: JAMES!
vargasbball3: need a one one now lol
RedJackz: Gud try
FiliusRomanus: F
Rebbers: OP please amass....
Favre_Studios: ha
warboss5: Brutal
vargasbball3: gg
Evochron13: an x/1 wouldn't save it because they made the pegasus bigger sadly
Aringrey: ooof
theneatestburrito: Got to cast her though!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I'm not sure that one was ever "in hand"
RandomTrivia: At least she resolved
Evochron13: well you *did* fight down a rare pw and a mythic in finale of devastation technically
Aringrey: they had the nut draw
warboss5: If this game goes badly, the FNM Standard Shakeup looks like it went live
RedJackz: I've let a massacre girl resolve on a board with 7 creatures at the prerelease of War of the Spark.
Aringrey: deck seems neat
Rebbers: She resolved to change her nickname from Massacre
vargasbball3: that was just nuts
vargasbball3: your too good
TheBearBee: Man, I miss getting to Ashiok somebody for like 20+ cards in limited
vargasbball3: not bad
KeytarCat: OWU?
Aringrey: best boy is here
ThisJosh2: I completely forgot about best boy mowu.
TheBearBee: I like massacre here
Favre_Studios: Mowu, what's this
RandomTrivia: lrrSPOT
RandomTrivia: Massacre Girl HYPE
warboss5: HUZZA!
Aringrey: Hurray
raaabr: Arrow?
raaabr: We have a threat
RandomTrivia: D'awwwww lrrHEART
asthanius: ???
RandomTrivia: Uhhhh
Endless109: Thanks?
asthanius: okayyyyy
Sage0fMadness: LUL
Alchemistmerlin: The pets take a nap when you mute the player?! Can I mute myself? LUL
Aringrey: uhhhh?
vargasbball3: yep
ArcOfTheConclave: say thanks
LurkerSpine: misclick?
RandomTrivia: Sure, we take those!
Aringrey: LUL
Hexi_Lexi: thank you?
JoannaTastic: How very generous
The_ChartreuseKnight: Maybe it's a must?
RedJackz: It's not
Aringrey: didn't read?
Invitare: No. It's OUR army now, Comrade
vargasbball3: oops lol
RedJackz: Prof is choose permanents.
Leonhart321: Building us up to knock us down?
Professor_Rakor: Hey, sometimes there's buttons to press and you gotta press buttons.
Gaz_L: maybe didn't realise it automatically deselects opponent's stuff?
RassilonDND: how kind of our OP
Evochron13: look it's in fair game. they gave you a counter, you give them 2 cards lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: You must proliferate but you can choose what to add counters to
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I think we've got this one.
mycosect: Ob-Winsalot
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
vargasbball3: nice
RandomTrivia: By default it selects all your own things and not your opponents
Gaz_L: i think it may even auto-select the stuff that benefits you, like proliferating -1/-1 counters on their stuff
TheBearBee: Obnix is like the demon trying to torture Homer with doughnuts. "You like card draw huh? Have all the card draw you can handle!"
ky0dar: hey chat. how're we going
raaabr: Mono-ramp
Aringrey: imagine whiffing in turn 1 grazer
RandomTrivia: They're ramping TO THE MOON
TheWriterAleph: ramp-age
ryanthedespoiler: @loadingreadyrun yeah I wasn’t winning that game, I loved watching you draft this deck. Btw this is AgentofTezzeret
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RandomTrivia: WOA
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
lobiax: Sweet. Ramp into nothing!
Evochron13: opponent on mono ramp and reach
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Wolveroo: Nice Win last game, wish i saw the start of the stream today but good luck anyways.
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Sandeon: Looks like they drafted Reach tribal
lordsherbert: Grazer Tribal
ArcOfTheConclave: grazer is not a good card in limited
SeiichiSin: Ramp into nothing? But I'm not playing Arena right now.
RandomTrivia: WHAT
RandomTrivia: Is this a constructed deck?!
ky0dar: im so lost in WAR draft, i skipped this whole set.
warboss5: SO MUCH REACH
ryanthedespoiler: And yes I did proliferate your army on purpose
Aringrey: ooooof
TheWriterAleph: OopsAllGrazers.dec
RedJackz: 4 grazers....
Sage0fMadness: OP nooo
Evochron13: well they *are* technically holding back your forces...
RandomTrivia: They could have more, who knows...
Sage0fMadness: This is not the way
frankscx: things are going grazy over here
ArcOfTheConclave: giant growth?
Smyyyth: It was supposed to just be Smyth but that was taken and so was Smyyth so i ended up with 3 y's in my name
Diabore: wait 4 grazzers?
lirazel64: All those grazers... there will be no trees leftà
RandomTrivia: Make them have whatever it is..
RayFK: They have 3 mana, but do you care if something here dies?
Endless109: I mean if there's a trick, let's get it out of their hand
Alchemistmerlin: just you wait, those arboreal grazers are gonna clutch this game
RayFK: Oh that's bold
Gaz_L: i mean, 4 Grazers is good if you can use them to ramp/delay to some big bomb, but...
NarishmaReborn: op likely playing the lplansewalker that lets them damage with toughness
RandomTrivia: That was underwhelming
Aringrey: wp opponent
Seth_Erickson: So many Sloths PogChamp
RandomTrivia: Good call on the Huatli, that would make sense
vargasbball3: I just got coffee and they have four monkeys out
vargasbball3: what
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun i didnt catch all of the magic legends stream, how did you enjoy it?
RandomTrivia: @vargasbball3 When we find out, we'll let you now
corefluxx: Be careful wishing for land... the mana gods may decide to flood you moving forward.
RandomTrivia: *know
Evochron13: oh right... butt fight huatli's in this set
petey_vonwho: That is 4 more arboreal grazers than any deck should be running
ky0dar: oh shut up tibalt. we know youre infected with oil.
RandomTrivia: OOF
raaabr: WHAT
Endless109: oh if they drop a Huatli, this turns from dumb to SICK
PaperDoopliss: Were the framerate issues a stream thing?
RandomTrivia: I mean, we lost a couple of 2-drops, that wasn't that terrible
wharra: I don't think you faked being happy with the ENORMOUS BALOTH
Goorguy: Well they got you there?
Gaming_Unplugged: huh.. maybe he can buff arboreal grazer to have attack? (Magic Noob)
ALEISmALPTO: that's karma right there
rasterscan: Graham, any idea how intrusive the F2P transactions will be in Magic Legends?
raaabr: Those 0/3 grazers have *trample*
Gaz_L: is High Alert in War?
A_Dub888: !card duskmantle operaive
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Gaz_L: i mean, not in these colours, obv
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A_Dub888: !card duskmantle operative
LRRbot: Duskmantle Operative [1B] | Creature — Human Rogue [2/2] | Duskmantle Operative can't be blocked by creatures with power 4 or greater.
Goorguy: !card high alert
LRRbot: High Alert [1WU] | Enchantment | Each creature you control assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power. / Creatures you control can attack as though they didn't have defender. / {2}{W}{U}: Untap target creature.
RandomTrivia: @Gaming_Unplugged So there's a Planeswalker in WAR called Huatli, the Sun's Heart, that makes your creatures deal combat damage based on toughness rather than power
djalternative: G, are you excited for the vampire wedding later thisyear?
Leonhart321: Right, I need me some sleep for my COVID jab tomorrow, good luck with the games and catch you whenever I catch you
Alchemistmerlin: I don't know what it means, but it sounds menacing
Sandeon: The 2nd Innistrad set
Gaming_Unplugged: @RandomTrivia Awesome!
MostCallMe__Tim: Dresden?
raaabr: Are you referring to "Not a drop to drink"?
countingku: why so grazer?
Evochron13: The innistrad sets were revealed.
djalternative: The Innestrad Vampires set is a vampire wedding
Favre_Studios: Innistrad vampires
ky0dar: im more hype for werewolf set
Favre_Studios: The winter set in november
Smyyyth: @LoadingReadyRun I managed to get into the Magic Legends alpha testing and wasn't too keen on it when I played it but i might have to give it another go when it officially comes out
lordsherbert: Innistrad: The Reddest Wedding
RandomTrivia: The so-called "biggest vampire wedding in the history of Innistrad"
MostCallMe__Tim: ohhhhh, I was thinking Harry Dresden's Vampire wedding
raaabr: I love how cheesy the Arena VA is
vargasbball3: nice lol
korvys: Ah yes, Ugin, The in lrrEFF able
catfoo123: HELLO
FiliusRomanus: I also was thinking that @MostCallMe__Tim
RandomTrivia: Hello there catfoo123
catfoo123: @randomtrivia HI
more_alpacas: heartfire the grizzly to get ob
raaabr: So do we know who the vampires are going to be?
more_alpacas: ?
Anexmedia: I mean "Blood Orgy" probably didn't do as well on the PR check
KeytarCat: @RandomTrivia I thought this was referencing RE8
lobiax: Ugin sounds more evil than what i feel is appropriate
Skudd: I hope he tips aether itself
catfoo123: I'm mcloving these streams!
RandomTrivia: @KeytarCat Who even knows at this point
raaabr: @lobiax Ugin is kinda evil though? Well, not evil, but amoral
RandomTrivia: Am Graham ok? :D
asthanius: from you
OldManJohnsonMB: going to the store
Anexmedia: Spongebob episode 1?
itira: Graham what did you do with the money?
LurkerSpine: Mario 2 Kappa
FiliusRomanus: Haven't the foggiest
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: the store?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: chustle
raaabr: Wasn't that from an episode of friday nights
RayFK: Stress by Justice
A_Dub888: Hustle?
GamesAndInk: I remember it from the episode where Beej and Alex are running through a hardware store
Mai_Andra: hashtag content
raaabr: No, not friday nights, CHustle
TheMadPunter: Friday Nights, also Commodore Hustle
corefluxx: When Beej and Alex took the company card to go shoping at the hardwear store
raaabr: It was when Beej and alex were doing their thing
KeytarCat: I'm listening to Elephant Gym, so I can't tell the melody at ALL
Bobtheninjagoldfish: when beej and alex went for zipties
Alchemistmerlin: "As an accountant, I recommend you contribute more to your 401k"
v_nome: A dude named Tiny TIm
Favre_Studios: Destroy your own thing. with obby
RandomTrivia: Cool, we built a Recall with our planeswalkers :D
A_Dub888: Right Beej and Alex used the LRR credit card
MostCallMe__Tim: @FiliusRomanus I was like, after getting 2 Dresden books in one year we probably won't get the next one (hoping its called Wedding Bells) for like a decade
orellien2773: Beej and Alex are buying Zop-Strops.
FiliusRomanus: That's some cool synergy
TheMadPunter: The PIN spells "dickbutt"
lobiax: @raaabr Yeah, but those voice lines sound they would be a better match for Nicol Bolas.
Evochron13: what was that track called actually? (Beej and Alex using the credit card)
KeytarCat: @Alchemistmerlin as an accountant, I'll send feet pics for $50 LUL
vandristine: that's a lot of monkey things
Diabore: i think ops in trouble
STALKERsoldiers: oh man i forgot about Zop-Strops
Favre_Studios: Which episode was it?
TehAmelie: a near-going to the store tune, i believe
FiliusRomanus: @MostCallMe__Tim Yeaaah, unfortunately LUL
vargasbball3: thns is game
raaabr: @lobiax Fair
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biosimicist: Hey Graham! Thanks so much for all that you do to entertain and bring positivity! You & LRR are awesome!
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Goorguy: you can kill them all
TheMadPunter: Really? That wasn't an original?? 😂
Alchemistmerlin: @KeytarCat Ob Nixilis Top 1% on Only Fiends
pigeonmannn: I keep seeing LRR's promo vids with witzards and it makes me miss Friday Nights
biosimicist: gotta kill them all?
TheMadPunter: Sort of like the Beej Drop then, huh?
Favre_Studios: Which episode was that from?
v_nome: It's Living In The Sunlight by Tiny Tim
raaabr: I'll admit that I had to have the Beej drop explained to me
frankscx: if Nelson has a music degree and can play the trombone, when are we going to see this horny action in a LRR vid
ky0dar: what is ob nix even doing these days?
FiliusRomanus: Kevin McLeod
korvys: I found the Daily Drop music the other day
IbunWest: Pretty sure it was lethal even without killing. Cause they would take 1 on upkeep
FiliusRomanus: *?
Anexmedia: I hope the first cHustle after the pandemic is just everyone in the chill zone silent for a little bit and someone just scream "OK Moving on!"
vargasbball3: nice
ky0dar: what happened to ob nix after the war?
RandomTrivia: "Welcome to LRRMTG, in today's episode we're sending Graham down a rabbit hole!" lrrBEEJ
STALKERsoldiers: I just watched it the other day actually
happypanda109: Hii it’s my first time catching a stream,, thank u for always making me smile ᴖᴗᴖ
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I think the episode is called Laughter
Caffine1138: Wasn't it the one where Beej and Alex go to the hardware store?
korvys: This is the music from Daily Drop, for those interested:
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: but G, you smiling makes me smile
Evochron13: A google search indicates the episode in question was "Laughter"
korvys: Yesss, by Younnat
chaostreader: That should be the ones about the streaming office? Because they get sent to get zip ties?
RandomTrivia: OHHhhhh this one
RandomTrivia: It's so CUTE
Hexi_Lexi: omg i love this tune!!!
Hexi_Lexi: its so adorable!
ArgentumFlare: I just got here. Uh... whats happening??
TheWriterAleph: it sounds like Tiny Tim + Going to the Store
Bobtheninjagoldfish: now someone get G a Wrench to put on his nose.
DeM0nFiRe: This could totally have been the menu music for a gamecube game
vargasbball3: I can only see Alex an Beej now thanks
RandomTrivia: @ArgentumFlare Don't even worry about
Gaming_Unplugged: it sounds like its riffing off of a christmas song.
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Endless109: This is officially Massacre Girl's intro music
Vibrrrrrrr: now this is the content twitch chat was looking for
Hexi_Lexi: @TheWriterAleph cant unhear it
TehAmelie: i'd say it's about 40% "little ships"
v_nome: Ok the actual version sounds much less like Tiny Tim than what you were humming haha
frankscx: could MC Graham drop some hot rhymes over that phat track?
STALKERsoldiers: the new intro music to let's nope?
Hexi_Lexi: @STALKERsoldiers seconded!
djalternative: If we're doing a new intro to let's nope, I vote for a scooby doo homage
STALKERsoldiers: I didn't hear a no G
Aringrey: someone real quick what was the text on crasher?
STALKERsoldiers: Yes!
Gaz_L: For the RE games, maybe
rocketjohn: I see no reason for Let's Nope to get new intro music or scene
vargasbball3: no no
DeM0nFiRe: I think the current let's nope intro is my favorite of the show intros
biosimicist: jinx
RandomTrivia: @biosimicist SpidermanPointing
Hexi_Lexi: band together? thats not how Banding works!
Gaz_L: For Resident Evil it's like "Oh it's wacky Uncle Wesker at it again!"
RandomTrivia: Oh it's the other one
Hexi_Lexi: womp womp
Aringrey: oh nooo
asthanius: You're just giving OP hope
Anexmedia: I'm willing to forgive oyu
RandomTrivia: It was the indestructible one, not the "return when it dies" one benginFacepalm
RandomTrivia: I thought you were being exceptionally clever
Anexmedia: Oh hey they just confirmed Strixhaven spoilers start 3/25
Anexmedia: that's cool
Endless109: in reality, you were previous level
ArcOfTheConclave: previous level clever
vargasbball3: thinking about the one from kaldheim
Wassermannen: I just came back to hearing that music and the scene just instantly popped into my head even though I hadn't seen the episode since it came out
baronsamedi23: meds reminder for those who may need it
djalternative: or malikir rebirth
RandomTrivia: It's a classic B combat trick in most limited formats
Anexmedia: 4/15 release on Arena, also hype
notthepenguins: graham plz
BrindleBoar: EAT ALL PILLS Kappa
Hexi_Lexi: graham plz
itira: ddont take other peoples meds everyone
Endless109: Seize the meds of production!
asthanius: Pills, here!
tehfewl: Grabbin peels
djalternative: Pharm Parties are dangerous
Juliamon: This isn't a horror or survival shooter, please only take your prescribed meds
EvilBadman: We're all going to Club Med
Mr_Horrible: that's honestly the only thing that incenses me about those black combat tricks - they keep switching back and forth between the "restore" effects but they're *not the same* lrrEFF
Decahawk: keep
Countjondi: ship it
Goorguy: greedy keep
asthanius: I think this hand can bite you in the butt
SeiichiSin: Probably not good.
Decaped: please contact your local comedian
Mr_Horrible: I ship it, but I'm a coward
vargasbball3: no
rocketjohn: throw it awaaaay
Shadowsoflife: It's a hand
lobiax: Keep on the draw
RandomTrivia: Depends. Is James within 100 metres?
notthepenguins: only one castable spell in hand, i wouldnt
gsyhiap: It is actually time for my meds, so I shall take them. My meds, not someone else's
biosimicist: good luck
Anexmedia: I'd keep it, but i'm ok with being greedy
Alchemistmerlin: It is certainly 7 cards
frankscx: so Graham is telling me to take drugs. well, okay boss
TheWriterAleph: keep-and-pray
rocketjohn: james isn't here
ALEISmALPTO: oh hell to the no
rocketjohn: land.. but wrong land
RandomTrivia: Might be sketchy
Endless109: please contact your mtg player and ask if this hand is right for you
TheDoomRhombus: More Tylenol cold/flu? DON'T MIND IF I DO!
Evochron13: mmm you're on the draw
KeytarCat: The power of internet compels you!
Skudd: Bear don't care
rocketjohn: not the advanced bear
RedJackz: Bear force one
Countjondi: let's hope they play into massacre girl
RandomTrivia: Deck pls
Hexi_Lexi: deck plz
petey_vonwho: the fact that the bear doesn't respond when you click on it makes me sad
vargasbball3: you need a bear
Decahawk: Everything is fine, deck is working perfectly
asthanius: Two butters
djalternative: where's our bear, G?
drdudeman: More butter
rocketjohn: double butter
Endless109: Garlic Butter
gamercat88: bread
biosimicist: the bear responds if you mute the opponent
lirazel64: Bacon?
SharkHero08: a butter burger?
Juliamon: Garlic butter yeah
biosimicist: also, yes garlic butter
TheDoomRhombus: Bacon grease
AdamYMHMI: honey butter
notthepenguins: whatever it is, i can't believe it's not butter
ris_bl00dlord: better than butter: more butter
Countjondi: What is possibly better than butter? is a good quote
Robot_Bones: 2 butter
Hexi_Lexi: peanut butter
lordsherbert: butter squared
drdudeman: Butter-Beer?
RandomTrivia: Non-bitter butter, as purchased by Betty Botter
Juliamon: Or maybe cinnamon butter
Shadowsoflife: apple butter
happypanda109: two sticks of butter
baronsamedi23: adam is not here
Wassermannen: Every food is better with bacon and/or cream
KeytarCat: Butter washed whiskey
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ever wonder what goes into making those Japanese curry blocks? Well, wonder no more as Ian attempts to assemble one from scratch! Game: Let’s Make Curry to Make Curry) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (25m from now).
rocketjohn: It'll just have to be random member sof chat on discord
MadWolf1290: suddenly EVERYONE piles in
RandomTrivia: Ah, you have to do the Adam trick of saying the stream is you and only you, then people just pile into a call :D
ris_bl00dlord: dont worry gram we are here
lirazel64: Buttered bacon
drdudeman: All good Graham. Ill keep you company just you me and the porcelain throne
baronsamedi23: (as a joke comment on "where is our bear")
rocketjohn: then you can have contradictory advice in your hears instead of in text form
NarishmaReborn: wow, multiple people did last week, and no one this week.
AdamYMHMI: Time to start your Mt:G call-in show
macintose: @Wassermannen fat makes everything taste better
gsyhiap: Aww, you'll just have to put up with chat for company
SurfDownstage: Aw man I miss Massacre Girl
Rebbers: I'm actually pretty mad at Arena right now. I bought into a draft with gems when the servers exploded last week. 50% of my picks weren't mine, so my deck sucked. No way to contact support about it so just uninstalled.
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Got there!
Hexi_Lexi: oh right today is TTSF day!!! i love TTSF day!!!
DeM0nFiRe: It has been kinda cool how some weeks unscheduled guest appearances happen during LRRMTG
Diabore: wipe?
vargasbball3: mass
biosimicist: massacre!
RassilonDND: Massacre girl is still the most interesting card they put out for some time
RedJackz: Attack with a 1/1
TheWriterAleph: Mass-a-cre! Mass-a-cre!
Endless109: maybe just bait more creatures for Massacre gurl?
Zappeljakob: good girl
RedJackz: 1/1 deathtouch
HundreydAundre: Gaught Wear?
Diabore: if they block with the 2/3 its bad
LurkerSpine: the 1/1 can get it?
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LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Chipton! (Today's storm count: 34)
CaptainSpam: Boom.
drdudeman: Thats a cool card
RandomTrivia: I absolutely love the Massacre Girl animation
Decahawk: Seems good
FiliusRomanus: Niiice
KeytarCat: @LurkerSpine that 1/1 can GET IT
vargasbball3: nice
lobiax: Ooooh, that was a spicy massacre girl.
rocketjohn: please order these identical triggers... no.. no arena...
drdudeman: God I havent been paying much attention to magic
lirazel64: She's amazing
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun this a totally random thought, but i got into LRR cause a friend recommended Bylaw & Order by saying "youll love Ian, hes your type of weeb"
Shadowsoflife: Nice
SeiichiSin: Should totally of ordered those triggers differently.
SeiichiSin: Kappa
lirazel64: Agatha Fisty of mtg
SurfDownstage: I think there's like one removal spell that uses a similar animation
ArcOfTheConclave: if they were ghosting they could block with the 2/3 and not lose either
SurfDownstage: But idk which
GhostValv: :O
BrindleBoar: LUL
baronsamedi23: btw if anyone recognises my username I am that ding dong that post daily reminders in MULTIPLE discords
drdudeman: Ian is a treasure
drdudeman: Scratch that
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun yes and my friend was 100% correct
drdudeman: All of LRR is a treasure
asthanius: Every friend group has an Ian. The goal is to not be the Ian. If you ARE the Ian, congratulations.
rocketjohn: Kathleen did such excellent work on That. I really hope wotc contracts for an actual supplement for that district some day.
Evochron13: what if you're *name* is Ian but you are 100% not "*the* Ian"
raaabr: That seems kind of mean
drdudeman: I love all of the dice friends
drdudeman: I particularly love any of them with Dale tho
RandomTrivia: Perhaps the juicy planeswalker to tempt them into attacking...
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You can kill Opportunist next turn if you put down both 3 drops.
NextLevelTabletop: Camp Neetlebee is Kathleen's best campaign, change my mind.
Hexi_Lexi: @rocketjohn 100% agree. that group has a special place in my heart
biosimicist: I did love Bylaw and Order
drdudeman: Dales chaotic DM nature just speaks to me on a personal level
rocketjohn: i have probably re watched the mainline series of Semolo 10 times.
biosimicist: I need to watch Nettlebee
lirazel64: I'm very fond of all the campers at Nettlebee
vargasbball3: what time is the event tomorrow for time spiral? East Cost Time
SeiichiSin: I got to go get ready for my D&D game tonight, good luck G and win big!
Favre_Studios: 8
rocketjohn: Hexi_Lexi I meant to mention earlier, i appreciate your traditional chat greeting.
Shadowsoflife: @NextLevelTabletop Bylaw and order is up there
Favre_Studios: 8 p.m. edt
NextLevelTabletop: I started my campaign with a reworked Camp Nettlebee. Players loved it.
Hexi_Lexi: @rocketjohn oh yeah! well i appreciate YOU!!!
baronsamedi23: wait is angrath the cow mentioned in the "when you arrive in hell, tell them the cow sent you" meme
Gaz_L: Devour 0
vargasbball3: cool thanks Favre_Studios
rocketjohn: :-)
drdudeman: @LoadingReadyRun Any word on a certain snack size Batiri returning to dice friends?
RandomTrivia: @baronsamedi23 If not then he should be
Arisa_Unohana: Have a good night, and a great stream
Zappeljakob: just kill it
RandomTrivia: Nom nom nom
biosimicist: kill it
rocketjohn: I think doing a DnD campaign starring paul would be challenging when he has to run tech for Dice Friends.
biosimicist: guess they really want one life
Jella: Ours not to reason why
vargasbball3: ????????
rocketjohn: so maybe in the after times?
Zappeljakob: maybe they want the 1 Life?
drdudeman: It is a bit saddening that Paul doesnt get to be in front of the camera as often
Hexi_Lexi: @drdudeman ikr, paul is a delight and also v funny
drdudeman: They are all so great
Xenotechie: that's terribly clever, that is
drdudeman: Its wonderful to get them in doses
ArcOfTheConclave: rubblebelt is a state of mind
techstorm45: yep
shurtal: believe so
vargasbball3: yep
Xenotechie: angrath's a beast in this format, love his bovine butt
drdudeman: I do feel like Cameron really hit his stride with the Alien Dice Friends
Hexi_Lexi: also, i just realized ive been following yall for longer than i though. ive been around since june of 2019. i thought i started in jan of 2020
rocketjohn: Cameron's Flood series was amazing.
FiliusRomanus: [Gestures vaguely at everything]
RandomTrivia: That is the BIGGEST mood
MadWolf1290: so sayeth the world
drcanonball: everyone had plans
Anexmedia: Road quest 2: quest for more money
biosimicist: thanks for doing everything you COULD do
Diabore: incoming roadquest 2
Zappeljakob: any Plans on using the theater again?
ZachtlyAsIntended: 2020: The year that barely happened
Xenotechie: the masquerade dice friends were the highlight of the year for me
lochnessseammonster: what you have been doing has been amazing! and really helped me through all this (and many more i'm sure)
Hexi_Lexi: im so excited for the idea of more Bite Club
lochnessseammonster: so thank you! <3
gsyhiap: A familiar story
lirazel64: I have even more plans...
rocketjohn: Honestly G LRR has been such a giant part of my year.
wharra: Thank you for doing what you do Graham.
Evochron13: @LoadingReadyRun Is there any chance Kathleen would be interested in doing a "Play it Forward" with Bravely Default II?
drcanonball: Road quest 2: Now in the sky?
biosimicist: road quest, pandemic edition, trip to the grocery store...
vargasbball3: love the FF7 you did
RandomTrivia: Insert Cap sadly saying "I had a date"
TheWriterAleph: we all appreciate it lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: And now I made myself sad
GhostValv: this pandemic has been a slight more bearable with watching this channel and a lot more of the great people involved :)
lochnessseammonster: your efforts are greatly appreciated <3
MadWolf1290: and then 2020 happened
xantos69: And I am here to thank you for doing all of the things you are doing. I don't know what I would have possibly done during the lockdown without your amazing content to keep my busy.
hd_dabnado: roadquest was a lot of great momentum and that momentum shattered from covid
redbomber2000: is qworp line a thing we might see again after the pandemic is over?
FiliusRomanus: Bravely Default 2 is pretty good imo!
asthanius: I wonder when Road Quest will finally find the Road
djalternative: what's this about Alaska?
Xenotechie: wait, roadquest made money? Kappa
RandomTrivia: I'm just waiting for the Tenth Road Quest where they will go to space lrrBEEJ
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Road Quest 2, No, it's a Pandemic!
Kevin_sechrist: You guys seem to play a little of everything. Have you tried the dice game Qwixx?
rocketjohn: I mean the answer to everything that has gone away in the last year is "Global Pandemic" really
QuantumTwitch: thanks for all the work you have done even through 2020
EvilBadman: @Xenotechie (Yogurt Voice) MERCHANDISE
TehAmelie: imagine if driving around gave you money. how many road trips would be real instead of just movies
Diabore: bravely default 2 is the thrid game right?
FiliusRomanus: Road Quest 2: Tokyo Drift
rocketjohn: so there's always the chance that things come back if the team still enjoy doing them
biosimicist: time reversal wrath
biosimicist: oh
Gaz_L: Time wipe?
lirazel64: Womp! womp! womp! womp! Staying aliiiiive...
xantos69: Chat we have been over this...Road Quest 2 is Officially Boat Quest. The LRR squad buys boats and goes around Vancouver Island. Kappa
Gaz_L: yep
Lord_Durin: Isn't one of those colors white? yeah.
FiliusRomanus: @Diabore Yep
Xenotechie: well, there's the clip
LurkerSpine: well if you can hit with the 2/2, you probably win?
biosimicist: Thanks Gaz_L for remembering too
petey_vonwho: this set had so many wraths
Anexmedia: Speaking of checkpoint, I can't wait to see the rant about Bobby Kotick that I hope is coming next week
HundreydAundre: >_<
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun i cant wait until conventions are safe again. i really want yall to sign my LRR Jojo Playmat
redsaint_uk: Any plans for more ACNH as it's now a year old?
Gaz_L: i thought it was in one of the Ravnica sets
ryu9969: if it is boat quest Ian is buying a sub
raulghoulia: great series
BrindleBoar: cleaning clocks left and right
Gaz_L: i mean, War kind of IS a Ravnica set
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Heartfire is any target. They're dead if they don't gain life.
RayFK: CEO's do this, it just happens to be Blizzard so it gets press
Anexmedia: Cathartic screaming into the Aether
warboss5: I just came back, are we crapping on Bobby Kottick? Because I'd like to join in!
Countjondi: That's the sad reason why people get away with kottick like behavior
HundreydAundre: Yorion remembers; Yorion. Always. Remembers.
drcanonball: Scumbag will do scumbag things
heyyouareprettycool: That means lethal
petey_vonwho: we just heartfire and sarkan to win here, right?
Skudd: I just can't wait to start going to MTG prereleases again
heyyouareprettycool: Yeah
RayFK: I would just like things to be safe enough for the border to open
MadWolf1290: i mean, fair.
Xenotechie: ooh, exacties
RayFK: I miss my family
Diabore: "lrr will return"
korvys: I'm thinking probably still not coming to Pax Australia this year?
heyyouareprettycool: nice
warboss5: Bobby Kottick is essentially the primary reason I no longer play Heroes of the Storm
GamesAndInk: Casual 9 instant damage
EvilBadman: RayfK: I too wish to eff off to BC for a bit
Aringrey: nice burn deck G
RandomTrivia: This is one of those clips that makes itself
Evochron13: Bravely Default, Bravely Second, Bravely Default II is the order
Foxmar320: One day I will escape Florida and go see friends
ashteranic: australia's a long time commitment if you have to spend time in the quarantine hotels
Syphilicious: One of the most overpaid CEOs continues to get overpaid doesn't really even feel like news anymore
ashteranic: like, add two weeks onto the trip
EvilBadman: Act-Bliz laid offsome folks.
Foxmar320: Yeah he did a thing
drcanonball: fired 190 and took a big bonus
Gaz_L: big bonus after BlizzAct laid a bunch of people off
Xenotechie: laid off/lowered people, gave himself 200 million bonus
petey_vonwho: I want it to be safe enough for me to get my work visa and move to canada
ritchards: I live in NZ and wouldn't count on going to AUS in October!
heyyouareprettycool: one more is nice
vargasbball3: I miss the NYCC
ashteranic: who knows how that'll change with vaccination, but still
wharra: another round of blizz layoffs where they gave out 200 dollar b lizzardbucks
Anexmedia: Yea they confirmed what his bonuses were right after the dust settled form the layoffs
frankscx: let's not tell Graham how much territory the giant Australian spiders have gained while the humans have all been inside
ashteranic: probably reasonable to assume thatp rogram will keep up for at least the better part of the next year
djalternative: oh. he got a bonus for firing people?
WalrusOntheCourt: Honestly, I am seeing you a lot more on Twitch and Youtube over the last year than I did any other year. Which is nice.
Hexi_Lexi: @LoadingReadyRun are there any conventions in Toronto that LRR would ever consider in the future?
Xenotechie: in the trade, this is referred to as "a whole lotta dollarydoos"
Sandeon: a 2-drop that's two drops
EvilBadman: Also, yeah the fired Blizzard employees got $200 Bnet Cash (and health care until end of year)
Favre_Studios: 200 million bonus
orellien2773: His contract gave him a bonus based on the increased stock price of AB. He didn’t get a bonus as a result of the layofffs.
nimrickz: fan expo toronto
NarishmaReborn: Tell them "LoadingReadyRun sent me. GuestThemPlease"
warboss5: You went to Detroit? I'm sorry :(
MadWolf1290: Chicago?
Xenotechie: I think you just swing in, it's still a 2 for one
orellien2773: @evilbadman Also 3 months of salary.
hippitybobbity: magic the gathering I see
rocketjohn: stock prices often go up after layoffs, because costs are going to go down. Just saying.
djalternative: you mean Chicago, right?
Hexi_Lexi: Fan Expo and a MagicFest are probably the most likely, me thinks
asthanius: @orellien2773 That makes it worse.
xantos69: You went to on purpose?
FiliusRomanus: Day-twah
EvilBadman: @orellien2773 Oh. Cool. What a good and cool company.
djalternative: I don't remember Detroit.
BoohneyRabbit: Yo I sent yall an email asking advice streaming and got a really lovely response! Just wanted to show my appreciation LIVE
BoohneyRabbit: lol Thank you!
RandomTrivia: Arena pls
GamesAndInk: You roped out and don't have extra hourglasses
ris_bl00dlord: what are all the gp's/ magic fest/ what ever they are calling it llr has been to bease the closest one to me is portland and i would like to meet some of llr
WalrusOntheCourt: Detroit? So, what, Cleveland is next right? :-)
Xenotechie: oh right, butcher +1/+1s on damage, not attack, my bad D:
orellien2773: @asthanius It makes it... better and worse. He didn’t lay people off to get a bonus, is the point. Its just ridiculous that AB is still laying people off when they’re being so successful.
Anexmedia: No one Cleveland's on purpose
EvilBadman: Not even Drew Carey
FiliusRomanus: What a good and cool game
Anexmedia: Speaking Drew Carey, excellent pandemic beard that man is rocking now
asthanius: @orellien2773 It means they laid people off in spite of increased stock prices, signifying success, signifying NOT to lay people off
Syphilicious: stock prices more likely went up because of a global pandemic that cause many people to stay home and play video games rather than for anything Kotick did, which is part of the controversy since it's questionable he did anything to "deserve" it
ritchards: 9 round clock!
DeM0nFiRe: "The only thing to fear is-- my friend" -- Tibalt, 2021
GamesAndInk: I'm you, but stronger
Gaz_L: Tibalt pointing at Tibalt
Xenotechie: *insert spiderman meme*
Zappeljakob: Spiderman pointing at Spiderman Meme
Xenotechie: behold the unity of chat
biosimicist: kill it
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Give them a chance to block it first, but probably.
HundreydAundre: I prefer Arena's awareness of lag/stuttered/connection friction so that it keeps from timing out too often, please?
drdudeman: did there used to be an extension for arena that let watchers mouse over the cards?
Countjondi: you 100% cruelty it
Countjondi: it could go sooooo bad if you don't
vargasbball3: yes kill it
martian_kyo: def kill it
orellien2773: @asthanius Yeah, it is stupid that they’re laying people off, fully agreed. It just irks me that people are spreading the “Kotick got a bonus for laying a bunch of people off”, because its clearly not the case. It’s like “Be angry at them for the right reasons please!”
ritchards: Agatha Fisty tomorrow!!
Gaz_L: At least in this format you can't easily give the devil deathtouch
Anexmedia: I am also hype for Fisty revival
Xenotechie: also, wow, really sinking in how absurd this deck is
biosimicist: bladebrand
DRMagnify: bladebrand and knife thrower
shurtal: Footlight
djalternative: footlight fiend
lochnessseammonster: footlight fiend
bytecaster: footlight
RandomTrivia: Footlight Fiend
lochnessseammonster: loved that card!
EvilBadman: Bray Wyatt Kappa
Pywodwagon: Knife Juggler was also gross to do it with, one sided board wipe
Gaz_L: you can also give it deathtouch counters now, which is v gross in constucted
FiliusRomanus: Mr. Pig!
RandomTrivia: Call of the Death-Dweller bringing back Mayhem Devil was genuinely concerning
Aarek: biggest pig
tehfewl: Big Pig
Hexi_Lexi: Biggus Piggus!!!
djalternative: sneak attack pig
RandomTrivia: Oh hello there Big Pig
biosimicist: time to Ob Nixilis
mycosect: SAUSAGE TIME!!!
HundreydAundre: When tibalt drops, He gaughts U.
FiliusRomanus: PigChamp
rocketjohn: el porco giante!
ALEISmALPTO: oh brother
Countjondi: ob nixilis it, right now
baronsamedi23: mattlrWoof
Gaz_L: Yeah, Ilharg is the odd-one out in the god cycle from this set
IbunWest: feenFine
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's a good pig. Not the best pig, but a good pig.
shogun_hju: ob nix is good temp
djalternative: kill it with ob?
RandomTrivia: (Before you ask, they draw the cards before Ilharg goes back in)
DRMagnify: ob and hit it? then its 9 dmg
Skudd: Yeah that definitely needs to die
Zappeljakob: ob into attack...
sivakrytos: i guess someone got all the guilds to sign off on sausage regulations
biosimicist: then they go to two
djalternative: correct
HundreydAundre: Even w/ Ob, they draw it back on their turn, crapp'd..
shellm4nn: third from the top
Zappeljakob: nope, first the ob draw, then it gets 3rd
Jondare: but then you ob it again and they die
asthanius: the next turret ogre will help a lot
Sandeon: I think thy draw 2 before it goes into
ArcOfTheConclave: no they draw and then it is tucked
TheWriterAleph: kill it with ugin when you get another land
GamesAndInk: Rakdos, aggressive? No
HundreydAundre: That's still a better alt, yes.
Sandeon: Ugin is 6, he has 5
biosimicist: they are very dead
Sage0fMadness: "Your bones will read as omens" is such a badass line
Smyyyth: Currently doing my own spark draft and im running a simic prolif deck
Anexmedia: in paper that wouldn't have probably worked the way it just did there but i'll take it
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ever wonder what goes into making those Japanese curry blocks? Well, wonder no more as Ian attempts to assemble one from scratch! Game: Let’s Make Curry to Make Curry) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
petey_vonwho: yeah, you have to finish the Ob ability before the trigger goes on the stack
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Now they just need to make 2 blockers with hexproof and keep up a counterspell or -X/-X effect.
RandomTrivia: Curry blocks
GrumblingMoblin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ever wonder what goes into making those Japanese curry blocks? Well, wonder no more as Ian attempts to assemble one from scratch! Game: Let’s Make Curry to Make Curry) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
NarishmaReborn: smooth like two butters
Xenotechie: the VA director for the planeswalkers for this game did exceptional work, I've seen them post on Reddit ocassionally with direction details
HundreydAundre: Neither was Eyes. Man, far twoes off.
Sandeon: @Anexmedia That's because paper has room for player error the client doesn't
FiliusRomanus: Curry sounds gooood right now
rocketjohn: I so much love the variety in TTSF
tehfewl: cooking TTSF? my favorites!
biosimicist: if they play a creature then you wein
GhostValv: has that even occurred ?
drcanonball: indian or japanese curry?
EvilBadman: I dunno, OP may have Settle. :D
MrTulip: I could be persuaded to eat curry
GamesAndInk: They're still dead, on their next turn they draw and die right?
raaabr: Cooking TTSF are my jam
drdudeman: Joshua Weissman did a great little curry video not too long ago.
RandomTrivia: And the Underworld Dreams text on Ob Nix pressures them even more
rocketjohn: Ian is so very multi-talented / multi-will-try-anything-once
Xenotechie: the S of TTSF is pretty great, but I love the F
Professor_Rakor: can you...hold priority and sac turret ogre in response to it's trigger? or is it one that doesn't start without the 4 power
DaSunao: @drcanonball Its Ian. If it isn't japanese I'll go drive to an asian grocery and buy the ingredients to make Japanese curry myself.
CAKHost: It's make curry to make curry, which is something I will need to look into tomorrow
Professor_Rakor: or there's that
Sandeon: Ugin!
Zappeljakob: girl into ogre next turn?
WalrusOntheCourt: He's so hate-twisted.
rocketjohn: Xenotechie fun fact, i believe the fry in TTSF originally refered to making electronics go BRRR.
LurkerSpine: Massacre girl?
macintose: ugene!
lobiax: I'd say girl is the play
Sandeon: They have to kill Ob-Nix
Pywodwagon: just absolutely demoralize them
biosimicist: Elderspell?
Sandeon: they can't even gain life
Xenotechie: I think their only real out at this point was elderspell
HundreydAundre: Ugin. Ugin sets up more.
Sandeon: 2 threats,
asthanius: Still dead
Zappeljakob: and you win
Sandeon: you win
asthanius: Ugin the token
lobiax: Still dead, minus ugin
IbunWest: Turns out planeswalkers are pretty good
RandomTrivia: Dead in SO many ways :D
FiliusRomanus: This kills the Ob Nixilis
Heefnoff: How's it going, G?
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Heefnoff: Awesome lol
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN !
FiliusRomanus: Nice
RayFK: Open the packs
Xenotechie: the spark has been thoroughly warred for
RayFK: yesss
EvilBadman: _clean_
LurkerSpine: daily challenges probs
Heefnoff: WOOOOO well done, guess I'll have to watch the vod lol
Zappeljakob: probaly mastery
rocketjohn: not leaving a half-finished draft for next week's presenter?! How rude!
RandomTrivia: Remember when that deck was 1-2?
vargasbball3: see you guys tomorrow
NarishmaReborn: who is doing sealed?
Gaz_L: Command the Dreadhorde, the best way to lose the game
HundreydAundre: Retired Premiere Champion.
Xenotechie: Card Kingdom: "We Have Been Legally Advised Not to Call Them "A Kingdom of Cards""
vargasbball3: nice
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheBearBee: Oooh Curry
biosimicist: Thanks G
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream Graham! lrrHEART
unstablegamezyt: Bye!
Xenotechie: o/
rocketjohn: right, time for fluid cycling
FiliusRomanus: Thanks for the stream, Graham!
drfox17: curry night!
rocketjohn: get some stretches before curry times everyone :)
TehAmelie: curry is Yotsuba's favorite food. that should be enough reason for you to give it a chance, if nothing else
CAKHost: Curry up some flavor for LRR!
drfox17: @TehAmelie the good quintuplet?
TehAmelie: more a good four leaf clover as far as i know
DaSunao: I have taken control of an instant pot and look forward to this curry stream
Juliamon: Technically he's not making curry to eat tonight. He's making curry blocks for future curry.
drfox17: welp, imma catch y'all on the VOD, but i am interested in how this will work
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TehAmelie: i'm only gonna say Yotsuba&! is an absolute good thing in the same vein as Schindler's List
DaSunao: I mean, I already ate tonight. I just want to know how to curry for later
TehAmelie: a manga. . .of life
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Anubis169: surg nerl
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
HundreydAundre: Man-Guu Life.
TeodorantZMX: monkaS
gunbuster000: @TehAmelie Everyone clap for the cow.
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL_RB
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Loonatic93: Hot Curry Can't Melt Steal Beams!
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DaSunao: lrrSIGNAL
pn55: Yotsuba&! is fantastic. (I have the newest edition next to me, but haven't had a chance to read it yet)
TehAmelie: i am jelly
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry and Ian’s back in the kitchen. This episode, we’re going to try making Japanese curry blocks from scratch! 📷 ||
Loonatic93: Yotsuba&? The little girl manga written by the same author as Azumanga Daioh?
pn55: Yup!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hello Friends! o/ TIME TO TINKER
DaSunao: That thing looks like a rice cooker in the tweet
Loonatic93: I tried to read it. I felt a bit creepy doing so. But it did seem alright.
LoadingReadyRun: If you want to order the kits I'm working from tonight, they're available at Not sponsored, but thought you'd all want to know.
TehAmelie: for those who may not know, the name of this show derives from what is known as the cherry stone rhyme: when you have eaten your cherries, you count the stones to see what you will be when you grow up. the list goes, tinker, tailor, solider, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man
KyubiStormMage: cooking ttsf day lets go!
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iris_of_ether: Also Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I imagine
Anubis169: it's from the movie name
jylld: I usually watch vods not the live stream. But I cannon resist solid curry ian bricks
TehAmelie: if you eat more than seven cherries in one sitting you may be shit outta luck
rocketjohn: TehAmelie doesn't that end in 'Theif' ?
TehAmelie: seems likely
TehAmelie: eight, then
LoadingReadyRun: Yeah, I was inspired by the movie title (actually, the DS9 episode), but I'm very pleased to know the origins of the phrase!
rocketjohn: and i believe it was who you were likely to marry.
rocketjohn: rather than who you grow up as
TehAmelie: oho
Loonatic93: Seven Cherries in one sitting? Amature!
raaabr: TTSF!
DeM0nFiRe: gdqTunes
Xenotechie: sadly, attempts at the cherry stone rhyme near royalty often end up with the far less interesting verse of "king, king, king, king"
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Ooh, fiskar me timbers
TheBearBee: Curry! Curry! Curry!
iris_of_ether: How have I never seen this intro before!
TehAmelie: hi Ian!
GhostValv: hey
patbaer: It's mighty mighty!
Lord_ZYRK: Gesundheit, Ian lrrBEEJ
HundreydAundre: Uh, yes....two U's as well.
Greypelt: Hey Ian!
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Biomonkey01: 'curry brick'?
EvilBadman: Ian linked it a couple minutes ago:
TheWriterAleph: brick-a-mix
Lord_ZYRK: Last time I used a brick in curry my dental plan broke up with me
ViralStitch: For the unknowing, what is a curry brick?
Anubis169: 彼のカレーが来る
Anubis169: Kappa
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrAWESOME Curry Time!
Anubis169: (kare no kare ga kuru)
raaabr: Japanese curry!
DrakoniteStreams: Oh no, I'm late. Ian are you cooking dinner for me?
DaSunao: The naval curry!
graal_smith: Viscious?
Anubis169: japanese curry is mild and in some cases sweet, but much sweeter than here in UK now <3
Biomonkey01: What kind of person doesn't like curry?
GhostValv: stewy
rocketjohn: British people wanted gravy
RandomTrivia: So probably closer to Liverpudlian curry
iris_of_ether: The last time I made Japanese curry, I did have to make the curry roux myself. (But I require it gluten-free - definitely be lazy and get mixes if you want!)
Anubis169: we're much more spicy now
jylld: What about british curry? I think the hot chips really balance it out
Anexmedia: Japanese curry reminds me of demiglace more than actual curry, and I love it
noSmokeFire: you also don't have to make the curry bricks yourself! most asian markets will have delicious options for you
Electrodyne: no brick here, we have a tiny curry bucket in the fridge with a squeezy pouch in it
Xenotechie: the divergent evolution of curry has no right to be as interesting as it is
Lord_ZYRK: Now now, the British never stole anything. . . oh wait, there was a smudge on my notes. . .
TheMerricat: Curry bricks are a bit like Hershey Chocolate bars or bullion cubes depending on the brand, think premeasured curry powder amounts.
Anubis169: Lord_ZYRK not now -_-
ArdCollider: the kit Ian has is like "use mochiko if you need this gluten-free"
iris_of_ether: @ArdCollider Oh neat!
graal_smith: Yay starch!
Hexi_Lexi: hey Ian! hope youre doing well <3
DaSunao: The Yokosuka Naval base has "Navy curry" still
Ritaspirithntr: CURRY!! Sign me up!!
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Anexmedia: When do we add the gunpowder to show the strength?
Anubis169: welcome raiders :)
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART
Loonatic93: Never had Japanese Curry. Had British Curry. Didn't care for it though. Too sweet.
Anubis169: beriberi is no joke
Herbert_Erpaderp: Hello! herberHeart herberHeart
Anubis169: thiamine deficiency
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KeytarCat: I'm enthralled
graal_smith: Twitch is no place for @Basic_Human_Decency
Gerrimeister: ohohohoho a cooking stream
Anubis169: is that a shiitake?
Gerrimeister: why is it 1 in th emorning
Hexi_Lexi: !subscribe Curry Facts
Loonatic93: BeriBeri does sound like a fun name, or onamonapia.
Anubis169: manAWW
DrakoniteStreams: fun fact about curry: it is very tasty
Greypelt: Thank you for subscribing to curry facts!
graal_smith: Fun lie about curry, it gives you superpowers.
Anexmedia: Kombu and mail delivery seldomly go well together
Bobtheninjagoldfish: spices? GET THE DRILL
Electrodyne: Beri beri tasty
Anubis169: SInk-cam!
Anubis169: Cori in a Curry
DrakoniteStreams: cori and her what?
graal_smith: Booooo Ian!
DaSunao: The japanese city of yokosuka has a seagull with a plate of curry for a mascot
GrizzmastahFlex: looks like turmeric
chaotic_good_ferret: hey Ian because I always miss it can you please tell me when the next loading ready live is?
Anubis169: DaSunao that is amazing <3
raaabr: A single stick of Celery
Electrodyne: What about our favorite wrestler, Curry Man
Loonatic93: Bay Leaf FTW! I am currently having some good homemade Chicken Tortalini Soup. I put in a couple of Bay Leaves for the extra goodness!
Hexi_Lexi: @Anubis169 YOURE amazing!
DrakoniteStreams: @chaotic_good_ferret is your friend
Basic_Human_Decency: got the coconut cream?
DaSunao: I would walk past it every morning at the train station. They have a lot of "Navy curry" restaurants
Anubis169: 12min in and we've already got an 'oww', and without any cooking implements being turned on Kappa
chaotic_good_ferret: thank you @drakonitestreams
DrakoniteStreams: 27th is next episode of fut
TheMerricat: NYTimes has the Curry Brick recipe from the same company that Ian ordered his kit from in case anyone wants to try to follow along at home -
Anubis169: how much is a 'cup'?
EvilBadman: Mods, here's the specific link, if y'all want it for a command or copy/paste:
DrakoniteStreams: Dear Dr Ian: Is this your first go as this recipe, or do you do this often?
Basic_Human_Decency: 8 ounce
RassilonDND: A cup is roughly 230 ml.
Anubis169: ooooo
graal_smith: Half a pint
Anubis169: pints aren't standard :P
teavian: Don't burn, Ian!
Electrodyne: a quarter of a quart?
RassilonDND: chat, your american is showing!
Basic_Human_Decency: 1l part of a growler then Kappa