JadedCynic: Paul was champing at the bit :D
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2503 patrons for a total of $19,133.82 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
JadedCynic: it was perfectly executed
HundreydAundre: d-d-d-du-doo-doo-doo-doo-du-d-d-d: To e Continued.
thraximore: Oh man I didn't even consciously think about how someone needed to press it :D
ContingentCat: How long has Paul had a dun-dun-DUN boton ready waiting
thraximore: It was so perfectly timed
PharaohBender27: Look at that lrrAWESOME go!
HundreydAundre: Damn you, B. I hate my B key so much!
Makimachine: #consensualhugs
JadedCynic: @ContingentCat how long have they had the GoXLR? :D
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PharaohBender27: lrrAWESOME : "Weeeeeeeeeee"
corpocracy: I really enjoyed this and need more of all of these people in future streams :)
Hexi_Lexi: can confirm @falingard is a wonderful friend
xantos69: cheer500 Bits!
thraximore: Woah that was quick
ContingentCat: Cheer100
Sarah_Serinde: Fancy real-time updates there
JadedCynic: Surprise!
DeM0nFiRe: Heh it udpates live, neat
Sarah_Serinde: Nice work Paul
JadedCynic: cool!
PharaohBender27: @xantos69 @ContingentCat Just under the wire! :D
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
corianderd: did not know that did that
thraximore: No, thank YOU :)
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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VorlonScout: I'm going to miss these characters after next session.
lirazel64: Muahaha
Fruan: lrrHEART
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
HundreydAundre: Overtimed...!!
JadedCynic: oh right Uno Mas!
corpocracy: Oh yeah! Tarkov!
thraximore: oooh fun
Sarah_Serinde: Also they didn't promote people's twitters so stand by for links :P
DiscordianTokkan: Byeeee!
ContingentCat: Thanks everyone lrrHEART
Sarah_Serinde: Michelle: https://twitter.com/kilnfiendpotter
JadedCynic: stabby -stabby Wheeler :D
Snowcookies: Bye!!
Sarah_Serinde: Tappy: https://twitter.com/TappyToeClaws
HundreydAundre: Damn,...just a wittle lates
Sarah_Serinde: Kiss: https://twitter.com/whatiskiss
Sarah_Serinde: Cameron: https://twitter.com/UnarmedOracle
Sarah_Serinde: And Wheeler: https://twitter.com/BWheelerMTG
ThePov42: Is James escaping from Tarkov this week?
SmithKurosaki: Should be
SmithKurosaki: Dice Friends just ran a tad late
PharaohBender27: @ThePov42 Yep, Dice Friends just ran a bit overtime
ThePov42: cool cool
benjamin_wheeler: James said he's gonna chug 4 litres of cvass as an apology
twistedlock23: @DeM0nFiRe Thanks for the gift sub!
PMAvers: So much pea wet he's going to slam
twistedlock23: my stream lagged and I didn't get tp watch any of the end :(
PharaohBender27: @twistedlock23 lrrAWW
twistedlock23: I can't tell if thats an insult or not
thraximore: more sad than anything
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
twistedlock23: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a little bit of squid love
twistedlock23: pog
JadedCynic: !advice box
JadedCynic: !quote box
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JadedCynic: darn
NathanJay_GA: status?
JadedCynic: !advice
LRRbot: Setting someone on fire non-lethally is difficult.
Sarah_Serinde: !findquote box
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JadedCynic: thanks!
Sarah_Serinde: !quote is for the speaker, !findquote is for the term. And unfortunately you can't search !advice
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NathanJay_GA: not now lrrbot
thraximore: lrrbot is doing their best :)
Sarah_Serinde: LRRbot is a very good bot
JadedCynic: "Okay, who woke up my chatbot? And why is it ordering boxes?" LUL
JadedCynic: LRRBot is best bot - it's had a great creator, and a maginificent set of mods training it
NathanJay_GA: !findquote escape
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chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ...One More? (James continues the impossible task of Escaping from Tarkov. Game: Escape from Tarkov) at Mon 08:00 PM PDT (29m ago).
Juliamon: Soon!
Juliamon: Dice Friends ran late.
Earthenone: signal
NightWingMistHawk: Time to escape Tarkov once and for all! Wait, that's not how this works?
NathanJay_GA: so James is rushing Killa, right?
Earthenone: come on ads, play! im not able to watch this stream but i want to support the channel!
El_Funko: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrJAMES lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
LoadingReadyRun: nah, gonna sit on top of a mountain instead
Earthenone: thanks ads :)
rucdoc: 12.10 patch in a few hours
NathanJay_GA: thats exciting
Juliamon: Don't forget to tweet!
LoadingReadyRun: I won't, i tend to send tweets just as the countdown ends
Juliamon: cool cool
El_Funko: Don't forget to not die
Juliamon: I'll be back shortly, gotta do some evening cleanup
LoadingReadyRun: Oh I'm gonna die a whole bunch
tangokilo421: But Funko, isn't James supposed to fall in holes and die for our amusement?
El_Funko: You might've misread that, I didn't say don't not die
rucdoc: 8 new rigs a new bag and some new guns
rucdoc: also scavs can't see thru bushes as well
TheAinMAP: Hello.
JadedCynic: hear you!
DoodlestheGreat: Hewwo. Time for to make with escaping.
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NathanJay_GA: Do they allow loud laughing in Hawaii, or just a low ha?
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JadedCynic: unavoidable consequences vOv
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is live with tonight's uhhhhhh ...One More? He's still looking for Tarkov's exit door, but still not luck. Tune in, and maybe your presence will manifest itself into the previously mentioned door. At the very least you'll keep James company. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ExsKjEXUUAMIiXJ.jpg || ⤵
MichaelVYee: Greetings and salutations James, chat
pimiento: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
El_Funko: You need that finger for clicking heads
rucdoc: also steam audio is back
Lord_Hosk: Cheer50 and there was a boy named James who hurt his finger while walking to the store to buy some sugar... OR DID HE? BUM BUM BUM
El_Funko: Rucdoc is talking about the upcoming patch yeah
rucdoc: yup it's in a few hours
pimiento: funkvengers
DoodlestheGreat: Well... MAYBE we'll get Steam Audio working...
El_Funko: I am definitely the Nick Fury of the Tarkov avengers, which makes James Captain Tarkov
DoodlestheGreat: NADES!
TacitusVigil: Yes, but it's the one with Uma Thurman
El_Funko: wheeler is Falcon
rucdoc: the notes say back, not working
TwitchTVsFrank: so is adam bucky?
Lord_Hosk: Who am I? The watcher?
DoodlestheGreat: wewt.
Lord_Hosk: Stan Lee?
El_Funko: Zack Snyder
TacitusVigil: I'm the guy playing Galaga. That's about all I'm qualified for.
pimiento: wow.
Lord_Hosk: ehhhhhh
pimiento: so rude.
brainbosh: Scav Case: The slot machine of Tarkov
El_Funko: you can't write a gripping story and call it the snyder cut and then not be zack snyder. you did this to yourself
Vyous: I would grab a map for the manifests
stizzet: hi friends
El_Funko: James knows the spots where the manifests are, I think
El_Funko: as in he's been in them
rucdoc: does he have the key for the one
El_Funko: That's the next step
TacitusVigil: Eh, I'll stick with Beej Coin, thank you very much.
TwitchTVsFrank: ooo
Vyous: Yeah, I just meant find the spots, since I didn't feel like the manifests were too easy to stumble upon
El_Funko: You're close to being able to trade them for a thicc weapon case, but I'm not sure the math works out vs just selling them
KeytarCat: Is that more bitcoin than currently exists in the real world?
DoodlestheGreat: That's about 13 mil in coins.
JadedCynic: So they're all special USB keys with the hashes stored on them, eh?
rucdoc: THICC Case
tangokilo421: Bitcoin rich sounds like regular rich but with extra steps
El_Funko: it's 20btc and 20 GP coins I think
TacitusVigil: Who would win in a fight? All the BitCoin in the world, or one EMP? Kappa
NathanJay_GA: a bitcoin takes up less space than the equivalent amount of roubles. maybe keep them just for stash space?
TacitusVigil: The nose!
JadedCynic: :D
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Lord_Hosk: sexy
JadedCynic: irl 14 bitcoin is ~$800k
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JadedCynic: @NathanJay_GA I see the practicality for that
El_Funko: Investing in more graphics cards is correct
DoodlestheGreat: It's 15.4 mill for the THICC weapon case, which is a lot less than 20 BC and 20 GP
KeytarCat: @tangokilo421 Bitcoin Rich sounds like regular rich, but with a BA in business from a private uni in the USA
El_Funko: What if you upgraded the amount you were playing to Tier 3?
JadedCynic: always reinvest profits into plant with simple economic systems like this
El_Funko: 60k
Lord_Hosk: Funko is wrong, its 10K
TwitchTVsFrank: i thought everything was 11k now
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GoblinRanger: Hey how goes the raiding?
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pimiento: inflation?
rucdoc: everything is Ks now
AlchemicalPanda: I forgot tonight was Tarkov night! At least I didn't miss much.
GoblinRanger: So far so good then :)
Lord_Hosk: Thats in Australian rubles, James is using Canadian
ryanpawfryc80: just a question, how do you feel about professor onyx?
rucdoc: they are only adding three new ammos in the patch
Lord_Hosk: Streamer loot
tangokilo421: James is a Rock/Ground type Gym leader confirmed
HundreydAundre: Onyx? Professor? That still sounds off.
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rucdoc: Runaway
JadedCynic: KA.........(wait for it) ......CHING!
AlchemicalPanda: Tarkov Prime paying off immediately
MichaelVYee: Noting the ~50 subs already, was the counter reset from the earlier stream?
HundreydAundre: What? Are you [REDACTED]?
JadedCynic: ♫I like black and white, dream in black and white. You like black and white? Run, runaway.♫
Lord_Hosk: You didnt shoot
MichaelVYee: Ahhh
JadedCynic: you didn't fire off a round as you left
KuoGames: looks like you found the door hah
AlchemicalPanda: I'm let down too @Lord_Hosk
TwitchTVsFrank: ahh no parting shot
JadedCynic: @Lord_Hosk traditions are being broken - he was gone too long...
DoodlestheGreat: 685K at the moment
El_Funko: I love when the game gives you guns with just the stock tube and no stock
El_Funko: looks like the most painful thing to shoot
AlchemicalPanda: A wild Funko arrives
twistedlock23: How does this game work? I've never really seen it before
El_Funko: There's a ragman quest later on where you need a FiR roller
twistedlock23: is it like zombie apocalypse?
AlchemicalPanda: !tarkov
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at twitch.tv/el_funko
KuoGames: M61 is great
AlchemicalPanda: Nope, thats not it.
ritchards: !whatstarkov
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out https://bit.ly/2zGqu0y
brainbosh: Crafting at all?
twistedlock23: ahh thanks
KuoGames: there's some crafting, yeah
brainbosh: Sorry, was asking if James was crafting.
JadedCynic: @twistedlock23 a little like DayZ - zombies, + persistence like an RPG (and the crafting of gear...you have a hideout)
brainbosh: They added the skill from crafting and now I have to have every station crafting at all times.
KuoGames: if you want an easy craft that makes profit on the lavatory, make some cordura from the four sling bags. can buy them from ragman for 2k each, cordura sells for ~18k
DoodlestheGreat: Scavs on Interchange
KuoGames: nope, only needs lvl1, you passed by them :P they're near the bottom
El_Funko: Yeah I've been doing the sling bag craft a lot
El_Funko: Yeah slings are from L1
KuoGames: yup
tangokilo421: I get why the Hexgrid armor is good, but boy is it ever doofy looking
KuoGames: oh wow that went up in price, that's nice
KuoGames: got some of those saved up
El_Funko: Everything's a little more expensive now because it's NA prime
El_Funko: I do most of my selling around now
KuoGames: yeah makes sense, i'll put up some stuff i've saved
KuoGames: not usually around during this time lol, i'm EU but who needs sleep right?
JadedCynic: Sleeping regular hours is from The Before Times
KuoGames: exactly
twistedlock23: This game looks fun but wow it seems pretty expensive
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visiting_from_the_vods: Woo. More Tarkov. Hope you find a Bitcoin laying around, James!
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Lord_Hosk: You slept regular hours in the before times?
KuoGames: i mean... not really
Boon_33: what were the before times like?
JadedCynic: roughly, yeah
stizzet: do you have keys and cards with?
JadedCynic: I also had work to get up for too - great incentive to stop sleeping at a fixed time :)
rucdoc: key cards
stizzet: sorry couldn't remember if this map was all keys or not
El_Funko: Stizzet is probably talking about popular new stream series Is This Your Card? starring Benjamin "Tarkov Ben Wheeler" Wheeler
Boon_33: You look James great.
Manae: Working with Beej, it's just assumed as intentional
El_Funko: I thought you were going for a 90s Bob Saget thing
JadedCynic: The before times was....different - not THAT much better (plenty of horrible stuff) but yeah, I used to talk with people and drive them places and they'd pay me...
ghyllnox: Because you're a streamer and it's rude
El_Funko: also true
JadedCynic: I thought the tousled look was pretty good
JadedCynic: yay! We have tact!
Lord_Hosk: There are a lot worse 90s TV sitcom dad/comedians you could be
ghyllnox: \o/ tact-ical Tarkov chat
El_Funko: I d..awww
xantos69: nope
GoblinRanger: Not me
rucdoc: I do,but only east coast
spo8n: yep
SubatomicAura: nope
Kalpho: I do, but not that much
Lord_Hosk: I do...n't
KuoGames: do play, but EU sadly
lemmel: Yup
TracteurBlinde: yup
sivakrytos: what are america's funniest home videos this week?
JadedCynic: well, NA, but not funds to play as yet
rucdoc: can't play now, due to being at work, again, for the seventh day in a row
JadedCynic: @sivakrytos lil nas x - conservative reaction freakouts
ghyllnox: How big of a group can you have
AlchemicalPanda: lol
El_Funko: 5 is the max
stizzet: making me wish I had the game hehe
ghyllnox: Walk away and hold still
AlchemicalPanda: @JadedCynic Oh I can only imagine
spo8n: I volunteer for tribute?
stizzet: I would totally suck at it
JadedCynic: did they Up that recently? I thought it was 4s
sivakrytos: wait, sorry, america's funniest home videos is STILL ON THE AIR???
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KuoGames: @JadedCynic it's been 5 for as long as i can remember i believe
JadedCynic: wait, do people still watch TV?
tangokilo421: Wait, do people own TVs?
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gundamschwing: uhhhhhhh... one more month?
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Lord_Hosk: oh man... a 5V0 on factory where one of you goes in naked so you are scav cursed... and its just a loot fest that would be neat
KuoGames: yeah, or go in at night time 5v1...
Lord_Hosk: That was expensive
KuoGames: wait they lived?!
JadedCynic: 1 is bait and 4 are 'switch'
DoodlestheGreat: Watch him get one-tapped
ghyllnox: America's funniest home videos is my grandparents' tiktok
JadedCynic: lrrWOW
rucdoc: the universe in which lag exsists
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrCoolgame
KuoGames: there's no way right
El_Funko: I thought he dropped right at the end
xantos69: I think you might have been aiming like 1 millimeter too high.
JadedCynic: they're a dev? Kappa
El_Funko: but I'm on twitch compression so I might be wrong
KuoGames: yeah he might be laid out in the grass
ghyllnox: Are we sure they are?
pimiento: insuffucient bullet
KuoGames: i don't know where they could've gone otherwise
pimiento: please apply more bullet
Boon_33: are you zero'd high?
thraximore: We see a man who CAN outsmart bullet
HundreydAundre: Ammunition Not Included?
KuoGames: someone's nearby
KuoGames: downhill
El_Funko: I actually don't know, he walks into the bush at the end so I can't tell
KuoGames: pretty sure i heard a footstep that wasn't ours?
El_Funko: if he died he's near that bush
JadedCynic: desync? player disappeared?
KuoGames: yeah there's one
JadedCynic: I saw a shadow..
El_Funko: oh okay this is a bug
KuoGames: uuh????????
JadedCynic: O_o
thraximore: ??
pimiento: did you load nerf bullets?
DiscordianTokkan: Lag switchers, or server just borked
AKpHoffman: Is that a BB gun?
thraximore: ????
KuoGames: LMAO
El_Funko: Yeah he's shooting you in the other direction
pimiento: wtaf
JadedCynic: you just shot aout all that gy's blood
thraximore: ????????????
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Boon_33: huuh
El_Funko: what the hell was that
tangokilo421: Well that certainly happened
rucdoc: I didn't do it
pimiento: good thing there's a patch tomorrow!
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
quillilian: Cool game!
Boon_33: whut
lemmel: Im...what?
KuoGames: that is textbook definition of getting tarkov'd
El_Funko: I've seen guns that don't do damage to someone before
El_Funko: but I've never seen someone firing away from you and hitting you
VacillantVarlet: AI scav don't take shit from nobody
JadedCynic: "UtterlySane" X- DOUBT
stizzet: lrrFINE
TwitchTVsFrank: report
Kalpho: those blanks were scary
El_Funko: Did you get any damage count at all
HundreydAundre: Bullet flew out the other direction!?
DiscordianTokkan: Is... That something you can send to the Devs with a "What the fuck?"
xantos69: report all the reports?
brainbosh: That's not even desync, that's a whole ass busted server
GoblinRanger: Forgot you loaded blanks?
KuoGames: that wasn't cheats, for anyone wondering. that's what tarkov desync looks like
El_Funko: That's not his fault
lemmel: Im curious if it shows hits because you painted that one sapling red
tangokilo421: The old "something's fucky" report
rucdoc: maybe report, just so the situation gets looked at
HundreydAundre: And by bullet I mean, theirs!?
El_Funko: Good thing there's a patch today amirite gamers
KuoGames: ayup
brainbosh: Needs a "Report Server" button
pn55: lrrJUDGE
Boon_33: it's not like false reports cause problems :)
pimiento: esports ready!
tangokilo421: 4 ammo used huh
KuoGames: that's the heaviest desync i've seen this patch i'm pretty sure, damn
galacticcrescent: Such a balanced and well made game
TwitchTVsFrank: 4 used lmao
GoblinRanger: So it thought you were fiiring one shot each burst?
mallso: 4 ammo used aneThink
VacillantVarlet: did you forget you loaded a single bullet in each mag?
SmashTCG: can we get a clip of that fight
HundreydAundre: Game? Game! NO! Come on! G A M E?
KuoGames: did someone clip that?
mallso: So it was a bad server dang
JadedCynic: 9x19
Lord_Hosk: Well thats a cool 3 clips
MaelstronSolenor: was you gun just doing autofire sounds and was just firing the first bulletw
twistedlock23: I keep losing internet, whats happening
AKpHoffman: Dpm
JadedCynic: @twistedlock23 same thing apparently
rucdoc: everything is fine
AKpHoffman: Dont bring a BB gun to a real fight?
Lord_Hosk: How many hits dod you get?
SmashTCG: i was like oh did he fire half a clip and die?
SmashTCG: no he fired 2 whole clips
El_Funko: FiR Vase is needed for a quest
SmashTCG: and tripped on a bullet
El_Funko: but that's not worth 370k
AKpHoffman: Man bad server lag.
KuoGames: the gen4 is worth
pimiento: precious antique vase! now to put it on top of a narrow pedastool next to this door..
JadedCynic: check the clip I made - James unloaded two LONG clips of SMG ammo into a dude, blood covered the trees, he didn't die...turned left walked away from him, then shot him 3 times while facing away :D Server desync/lag :D
KuoGames: but with high moonshine prices are lately, running them in the scav case isn't really worth it i believe
Lord_Hosk: James "hit" the enemy like 30+ times out of 100 rounds with a vector then they killed him by firing two shots up hill the other direction.
brainbosh: So breaking even
JadedCynic: and the other player's name of "UtterlySane" was added silliness
stizzet: new server?
ritchards: Scav run to see how it is?
Vyous: Run a scav and see if it happens again?
brainbosh: Scav runs only?
Lord_Hosk: Cheep loadout loot run?
brainbosh: Do you have your servers restricted or is it just open?
rucdoc: restart client check server list
JadedCynic: @brainbosh we don't choose servers - just maps and random server allotment
El_Funko: Those moments suck, but I also think how happy that little pistol boy's gonna be when he gets a nice murder vector
GoblinRanger: I wonder what that looked like to the other player, you just walk up shot him once then stand there or something?
JadedCynic: if you take a test shot and it hits the wall five feet from where you're aiming.....
brainbosh: @JadedCynic No, you can set your server list before you open the client.
mallso: Yeah I’m hyped as hell when I get a PMC kill
KuoGames: he looked very inexperienced and didn't have much gear on him, so the likelyhood of him being low level is pretty good
JadedCynic: @brainbosh yeah, misread - it's late o'clock here
Boon_33: so many rubles, we need to get you a money gun.
El_Funko: I bet James was just running on the spot
El_Funko: I've seen a few people like that
azarax13: you have so much cash, you should do a run going full gigachad
rucdoc: you, standing there, not doing anything
Boon_33: a rap video style money gun, not just a fun that happens to waste money.
El_Funko: not really actualkly
El_Funko: up until you started playing I didn't have anyone to commiserate with on Tarkov bugs
Officinalis: Hey James! Hay chat!
KuoGames: VoHiYo
Vyous: Wait, does your gun have the wrong ammo?
rucdoc: we are chat
TacitusVigil: Did James do a murder?
JadedCynic: "Hey magic 8 ball - are the servers any better?" *shake* "Signs point to no"
quillilian: Bullets are lethal within normal temporal parameters
Vyous: I thought I heard 'wrong ammo' clicks
rucdoc: um
PMAvers: (he's not sorry at all)
Lord_Hosk: He had one day left to retirement!
TacitusVigil: Tonight's episode: James Goes to Jail.
NarishmaReborn: are there consequences of shooting people on your side?
rucdoc: today was his last scav, he was escaping now
Boon_33: better go kill some players just to be sure it's working.
JadedCynic: that man was buying his family access to a safehouse
KuoGames: @NarishmaReborn there aren't yet, but they plan on adding a karma system in the patch after the next one
mtvcdm: !addquote (James) [now] Where are you? I need you for science.
LRRbot: New quote #7549: "Where are you? I need you for science." —James [2021-03-29]
mallso: Yes AI scavs will become hostile
NarishmaReborn: ty, KuoGames
NarishmaReborn: and mallso
JadedCynic: gunpowder tea au lait
Lord_Hosk: I think there was a whole LRL segment about that
rucdoc: I blame Gibb
thraximore: Not even in a bag smh
DiscordianTokkan: Just downing a litre of warm milk
rucdoc: he needs to stop using your connection to download felt
Lord_Hosk: THe only thing that can stop you... is LLLAAAAggg
thraximore: 3... 2... 1...
KuoGames: greenbat and 7N39, nice haul
brainbosh: If servers are bad, just have to do a scav run, then a real run with the scav loadout
JadedCynic: and that's bad because?
Tiber727: Dang, I was really expecting you to suddenly get sniped after calling yourself an unstoppable killing machine.
mallso: I feel like interchange isn’t one level where you can actually just do this, never enter the mall and then bounce
rucdoc: sounding like funko isn't that bad
mallso: Is one
thraximore: lemme just casually put this entire vase in my bag
ritchards: I know what this game needs... a golden gun!
Lord_Hosk: Be a rat be a rat Camp extract
mtvcdm: What's the phrase? Always bring a vase to a gunfight?
Lord_Hosk: This game HAS a golden gun
JadedCynic: we moved stuff around to pack it snugly :D
mallso: It’s a big bag
SkylerRingtail: Does the patch reset all progress, or are wipes separate?
rucdoc: you should bring a tent when you go camping
Gregarious_Potato: Hat-less James?!
Lord_Hosk: This patch wont be
JadedCynic: I used to know, but now I'm not sure anymore
El_Funko: Yeah let's rat it up
El_Funko: mosins and shotguns baby
thraximore: ratJAM
MWGNZ: how many short barrel mozins do you have?
manfred909: afternoon
brainbosh: Is James.......extract camping???
JadedCynic: one shot, one kill
Dumori: Morning folks
pimiento: not camping, just opportunity
thraximore: tacticheese!
pimiento: hoi hoi Dumori
El_Funko: That rotor is about 70k
El_Funko: Xeno and Visor aren't worth the space they take up
ghyllnox: And if he were, it's an irl strategy
Dumori: I mean I’m of the strong belief 70% of camps are basically this
El_Funko: yeah you're good
pimiento: that's as many as 7 10Ks! and that's great.
DoodlestheGreat: GG
Tiber727: Split-second camping Kappa
JadedCynic: yeah, on a naff gun no less
Dumori: Some one on the way to extract hearing someone approaching and setting up a quick ambush
thraximore: It was a very fine shot.
TwitchTVsFrank: it was a good shot
thraximore: I thought you missed tbh.
El_Funko: You heard it here first, extract crimes acceptable if they're fully sick
pimiento: elfunkChunk
rucdoc: I mean a good offense is a great defence
Dumori: ^ I mean that is the first rule of video game camping
Dumori: If it’s SICK it’s cool
NathanJay_GA: be scav. do crimes
JadedCynic: I mean, humans 'camp' all the time - hunting blinds vOv
brainbosh: I got full on extract camped today. And honestly, valid or not it feels like shit and makes the game less fun to play.
pimiento: double vases all the way across the sky
El_Funko: You need 2 FiR vases for a ragman quest
manfred909: because they are cool
El_Funko: Round glasses are used in a quest, but they also are part of a hexgrid barter
thraximore: Fashion, bro umbraEZ
JadedCynic: I dunno - is it close to John Lennon's B'day? :D
Lord_Hosk: James didn't extract camp... He just carried the bullet that was going to kill that dude for awhile
rucdoc: they "look Good"
Lord_Hosk: its more poetic my way
brainbosh: Shit I need to sell some sunglasses
JadedCynic: this IS prime market times
JadedCynic: 9:30 pac, 12:30 eastern
zatengo: hello, is this where i can find tarkov? ok, now how do i get out again?
brainbosh: Bulbs are for what, one hideout upgrade and an unpopular barter?
pimiento: hello, yes, you don't
zatengo: lrrAWW
DoodlestheGreat: All you need is CHEEZE-US... :tf:
DiscordianTokkan: Is it a lot of 7? Or can someone buy one of it?
JadedCynic: @zatengo you wait for the devs to finish the content including actual extraction
JadedCynic: @DoodlestheGreat looking back on the Beatles' glasses, we are bigger than CHEEZE-US
JadedCynic: you're willing to take a chance on the servers, but not gonna risk anything too nice
JadedCynic: old dependable
seanmrwick: oh you started an hour ago? Hi James
Vyous: Do you have the prapor quest for AKM scav kills?
Boon_33: So this game is less about escaping a war zone and more about profiteering from warzone shortages/
El_Funko: He's done it already
El_Funko: that's punisher part 1
JadedCynic: so we had a warmup scav run that was straiaght bling, the player run desynced entertainingly, and we just did another 'are the servers still weird' scav run...about to dip our PMC toe out...
JadedCynic: @Boon_33 it's about finding a safe hideout, kitting it out and waiting for the right moment (which IRL is the devs getting more content out)
El_Funko: Attack 2 is a good size for not standing out super bad
Wilcroft: Round the outside?
El_Funko: You can get it cheaper than that trade I think from the Flea
JadedCynic: market inflation! Yay, realism
thraximore: No that's what you did to that sca
thraximore: scav
Vyous: What's the cost of the blue one? I think that's the same size
El_Funko: Parabus is in between, but it has weird space divisions
Stormthius: wheelerY wheelerH
Wilcroft: jlrrFacepalm
JadedCynic: SeemsGood
JadedCynic: give Jade a rub from me :)
Opera707: PogChamp
nkcola: @DeM0nFiRe Thanks for the gift sub!
El_Funko: Diaries trade for Korunds
Lord_Hosk: You can trade a lot of it for Rubles
El_Funko: oh for cordura, not really
El_Funko: I just sell it
El_Funko: That's good armour yeah
El_Funko: Selling will get you towards that 4th flea market slot too
El_Funko: 10
El_Funko: you're at 8.something
Lord_Hosk: Eat up them scavs!
Boon_33: James, do you have any dog training tips?
Lord_Hosk: You have 90 bullets james, thats 77 more than you need
pimiento: unless we hit that bug again, then it's both 77 more than we need an 900 less than we need.
PMAvers: no play only nap
Lord_Hosk: Simple solution... find juice
snortablecola: james it's late go to sleep
Lord_Hosk: nice warm pineapple juice in a hole in the ground
BrindleBoar: seems hard, but you do you
Boon_33: it is a VERY bright day in tarkov, good thing you have sunglasses.
Wilcroft: I like how the last thing you find is the gun
Wilcroft: It was hiding under these small wires!
El_Funko: As you level up your search skill, one of the perks is revealing the most valuable items first which is interesting
thraximore: You'd think that'd be the FIRST thing the person searching would find, given that it's the biggest and the (arguably) most important
Lord_Hosk: Don't let funko hear you talk bad about contacts... fortunately he missed it because he was wearing contacts OHHHH BURN
BrindleBoar: is that, like, according to some internal value or according to the flea or what
El_Funko: vendor value
El_Funko: the game isn't really aware of flea market value
Bravely: James' hair looks like he just cracked the case WIDE open
Bravely: Any case. Whichever.
Lord_Hosk: James, can you take the armor out, throw it on the ground and shoot it once? see if it takes damage?
thraximore: for SCIENCE
BrindleBoar: sometimes you have to flip your own switches
Lord_Hosk: No one wants to do science!
Wilcroft: Science!
snortablecola: @Bravely he did, except it was a barrel hidden in the forest
El_Funko: James can you cover the Terminator theme song by firing your gun in the air? Remix if possible, really explore the space
BrindleBoar: da dun dun da dun
MWGNZ: i dont think the servers are reliable enough to do science at the moment
Wilcroft: Funko’s Funhouse of Value!
mallso: Why shoot them? Why not just be friends
manfred909: there are no friends in Tarkov
El_Funko: He was in the other walled off container section beyond this one
El_Funko: probably heading to emercom
mallso: You say that but I had a nice fella run up to me and drop some items, real nice big ups
pimiento: we could sit down and discuss our differences, but the main difference comes down to 'i have bullets that aren't in you and that's an irreconcilable difference'
34 raiders from RayFK have joined!
Izandai: 'Sup nerds?
RayFK: Don't fuck up
mallso: But what if our differences are fictional and bullets are a meme
BusTed: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
A_Dub888: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
RayFK: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
mallso: alia3c
Karfsma778: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
snortablecola: freinds don't shoot friends james
El_Funko: they call him james boujee backpack turner
JadedCynic: ♫Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? ♫
mallso: All I’m saying is that it is in all our benefit to just chill and loot
Lord_Hosk: its everyones favorite gameshow... BUSH... OR... BOI!
brainbosh: That's in that container
mallso: Yes but it needs a PMC I think
brainbosh: One PMC + One Scav
Lord_Hosk: insurance fraud
Lord_Hosk: im here to help
Lord_Hosk: sometimes...
Lord_Hosk: free gun slot
El_Funko: You also have a few cells of junk ammo in your bag
El_Funko: slugs, t45 etc
azureHaights: [whispers] it's free gun estate
Lord_Hosk: You forgot to find juice... but you got a lot of mediocre looting done so... I guess its a win?
pimiento: we looted, we shooted, we scooted.
Lord_Hosk: chocolate bar?
pimiento: the chocobar is good
azureHaights: We came, we saw, we moved our ass
El_Funko: green gunpowder and chocolate are good
Vyous: green gunpowder is good too, about 80k
Vyous: Beat me to it
brainbosh: Easy scav finds are in Scav Camp, and the parking garage under the hardware store
Lord_Hosk: Morphine.. thats 10K
El_Funko: also if you want to upgrade your rig, maybe for future runs like this, the M2 armor rig is Tier 4 as well but with much more looting space
El_Funko: not sure how much more expensive it is
El_Funko: I barter trade to get mine from Ragman, so I have no idea what the Flea market price would be
El_Funko: oh not that one sorry
El_Funko: it might be M1
El_Funko: yeah that's it
El_Funko: the four slotters are nice
El_Funko: and the extra durability
pimiento: now you can wear hats on your belly
El_Funko: are you using a 366 gun or a 7.62 gun?>
El_Funko: because those are very different things
El_Funko: haha okay, I stepped away for a second and heard that from the hallway
El_Funko: just chekcing
HundreydAundre: This feels bad. I played how I wanted & still lost!
Lord_Hosk: headphones?
El_Funko: woods 1.4m yeah
El_Funko: but I did spawn with a pilgrim and a 300k artillery round
Awfrigate: Having fun today?
El_Funko: so that one was a little stacked
Dumori: Just gotta spawn with a lab card pref coloured to beat that :P
Lord_Hosk: what is a pilgram worth, or is it just the loot space
Dumori: or one of the 800k keys
Dumori: Pilgrim is a nice 30k
Lord_Hosk: Spawn with a bitcoin
Dumori: 3 BtC in marked circle
Dumori: calling it
Dumori: :P
Lord_Hosk: I shouldnt have told you to buy headphones
El_Funko: pilgrim is just a big bag yeah, not worth much
El_Funko: biggest bag a scav can spawn with I think
Dumori: I mean it's one of the bigger bags in game too
Dumori: 35 spaces is many
Dumori: only 3 bigger
DoodlestheGreat: But that color makes you stand out like a sore thumb outdoors.
Dumori: (not counting the weird meds only one)
spo8n: It is also a nice shade a lilac.
Dumori: Look it's a key part of the human blueberry cosplay
Lord_Hosk: so many nades
mallso: PACA Pog
DoodlestheGreat: Because it gets their head blasted off.
Lord_Hosk: probably spawned over here and hit it on the way in
ritchards: and stay down!
Lord_Hosk: scav
Awfrigate: oof
El_Funko: Dang that was close
Awfrigate: and it looked like you had him
DoodlestheGreat: Ouchie.
Lord_Hosk: I said I was helpful... MOSTLY
El_Funko: that's cheating, he's not allowed to bring expensive bullets
JoeKim: ohhh more tarkov with big jimmy t
El_Funko: a buttload of money and kill 3 players with a bolt action
DoctorOfBeard: it's easy
TheAwkes: I hear the T stands for Tarkov.
DoodlestheGreat: Well, at least you got another scav on Interchange.
El_Funko: red dot mosin
Aarek: do it!
JoeKim: ez
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: The confidence. "That's what we'll do next." Not "That's what we'll try next."
DoctorOfBeard: you need to believe
mallso: Stay hydrated, or else
DoctorOfBeard: don't make Tarkov angry James....
mallso: Tarkov giving Tarkov taketh
DoodlestheGreat: At least you have some heals.
BrindleBoar: everything's coming up Jameshouse!
El_Funko: is what? I missed it
Dumori: I think that's the 60K one
El_Funko: 60k
El_Funko: hand drill is trash
DoctorOfBeard: hand drill of the mandrill
BrindleBoar: DoctorOfBeard that sounds like it gives mana regen
mallso: Please gift your stuff to a PMC that needs it :)
El_Funko: scav bridge is up by the scav bunker
El_Funko: lol
Lord_Hosk: LOL
BrindleBoar: F
Ammondale: rip
pimiento: elfunkFart elfunkToxic
Easilycrazyhat: Rubber bullets time
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSPOOP
Spacecarl: Pardon?
pimiento: ok so tarkov became a horror game
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
ghyllnox: Shot a peaceful man in the face
BrindleBoar: James.
ghyllnox: That's what you did
GoblinRanger: Hello highlight reel :)
DoodlestheGreat: FailFish
Awfrigate: So those are players?
El_Funko: You need his gun
mallso: God I love the chaos of a scav run
mallso: Oh shit he had a boss backpack
rogerivany: That gun takes a lot of bullets somehow.
DoctorOfBeard: items? I love items!
GoblinRanger: Take that book
pimiento: bye bye, book.
Awfrigate: book worthless :(
GoblinRanger: Especially after being shot :p
pimiento: ain't need to hamdrill
Lord_Hosk: thats a lot of drinks. You look like the little display on the front of a hot dog stand.
Twizted_Seed: Geezus. How big is the guys thumb on the back the the rifle there?
DoodlestheGreat: Nope
Awfrigate: million dollar drill?
Lord_Hosk: Drill thats like 10K
El_Funko: You heard it here first, $1million to drill James Turner
El_Funko: start your bidding
BrindleBoar: Shamans are OP on Woods Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: i giv you 'bout tree-fity...
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Dumori: I don't wanna see the fees to put a drill up for $1million in Tarkov
Awfrigate: what's the most valuable thing you can find in a jacket?
Lord_Hosk: rare keys
Dumori: gonna be fees in the millions of rubles
El_Funko: red key card probably
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @El_Funko I think $1 million will do it. I want $20 million, then I'll consider it.
VacillantVarlet: how close would a stack of 60 .338 be?
VacillantVarlet: the AP stuff
shadowtalon910: o/
Dumori: I make the joke a lot but Red Key Card is the most expensive item and it can spawn in so many places
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: (sigh... that was supposed to be "won't do it"
Dumori: it's the true loot goblins grail
El_Funko: finding a red key card is like winning the lottery, especially if you make it out with it
El_Funko: there's two on the market right now for 100 milllion
Dumori: ^ exactly
El_Funko: that pistol grip is worth bank
Dumori: but any jacket, any scav I think filecabs too have a chance to have it
El_Funko: the drill is not
El_Funko: oh actually nevermind its 25k
El_Funko: still not worth dropping over a drill
El_Funko: no sorry the stark pistol grip you just dropped is 25k
Dumori: the grip you kept is like 7k
El_Funko: yeah the shotgun one is not worth much
Dumori: 220 is ~20k
Lord_Hosk: 8k
Dumori: ^
El_Funko: that's about right
Dumori: I feel like we are in a damn stock brokers
El_Funko: it barter trades for water if you have two
Lord_Hosk: I know everything if you really want to know
spo8n: green tea is under 10k I think
El_Funko: oh you actually found something in that corpse container?
Dumori: with Funko, Hosk and me yelling out prices
DoctorOfBeard: when has Hosk ever lead you wrong James?
El_Funko: I stopped checking it, I thought it was empty
Dumori: Look this my bite me one day but if Hosk says something isn't 10k I believe him
shadowtalon910: I have absolutely no idea whats happening, but im interested
rogerivany: It seems like inventory tetris.
Dumori: 6kllllll#
Lord_ZYRK: Fleece could be deece
Twizted_Seed: Did just hear an explosion?
Lord_Hosk: fleece is not
Dumori: fleece is a fleece
Lord_Hosk: chainlet and wrench are the cheapest things you have I think
mallso: Fleece is like 8k on a good day get it outta here
TwilightAvalon: toss the roubles
Dumori: Mmmmmm porta-potty oats
ritchards: just no-one around..
Awfrigate: porta-cereal!
DoodlestheGreat: Finding oats in the bathroom is a timesaver. Think about it... ConcernDoge
BrindleBoar: should've asked for a toz
spo8n: Near the lake?
TwilightAvalon: Roadblock should be near southeast, near Lake
Kuolar: RUAF is basically south of you along the road
TwilightAvalon: Roadblock should be towards the Silos in the foreground
El_Funko: Yeah the one on your right, not on the left with the brick house
mallso: toz is the true Chad weapon if you can’t get 15+ kills with one are you really a gamer
El_Funko: right, right
SeiichiSin: James in the zone today.
mallso: Get the compass out
TwilightAvalon: towards the silos
mallso: Oh right my b
El_Funko: Correct you want to go right, right? Left to your own devices, you're right to go right, right immediately
DoctorOfBeard: stage right
El_Funko: it's the truck with the green smoke on your right as you're running now
shadowtalon910: @El_Funko lol
ritchards: !advice
LRRbot: Be mindful of whomst you slap.
Lord_Hosk: The Car med pack is worth tossing now that you have the selawa same with the single splint
TwilightAvalon: now follow the wall to your right
El_Funko: Keep the wall on your left
El_Funko: Cache right in the bush before this fence yeah
Awfrigate: cleaning fluid!
El_Funko: Hosk, how much is the cleaner worth?
TwilightAvalon: Paid gives you a Salewa
El_Funko: Correct
HundreydAundre: Eyy, look! A Soledo Sunseto.
TwilightAvalon: Salewas are 20k each, so maybe its worth it?
Lord_Hosk: the cleaner is 10k... for real real
ritchards: is there anyone else on this map?
El_Funko: Not with that attitude
El_Funko: Just simply sell everything for 1 million
PsychoI3oy: at least 2300 rubles
El_Funko: Sounds like content to me
DoctorOfBeard: that's the power of tetris right here
TwilightAvalon: thats typically how Tarkov works lol
El_Funko: Do you have any selling music?
Awfrigate: why do need a 1.2 mil?
spo8n: to win
El_Funko: 20 948 271
Lord_Hosk: 20948271
Lord_ZYRK: Alternative selling music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twi92KYddW4
DoodlestheGreat: Either that or the Price Is Right theme...
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge are playing Modded Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (10:57 from now).
HundreydAundre: Meanwhiles, Me listening to Thunder:
Lord_ZYRK: Sorry, that was the Mii music, should've done this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwaoAyzxL80
Lord_Hosk: lol
Lord_ZYRK: Remember kids, read the title instead of trusting the search algorithm to actually pull up what you typed
rogerivany: I've been watching people play pixelmon the last couple of days. Open world Pokemon game in minecraft.
mallso: Just pay 800000 for a salewa XD
ritchards: legally distinct Paid?
El_Funko: the mag might
El_Funko: Croutons are weird, to sell them for their market value you take a 50% fee hit
El_Funko: Yeah
El_Funko: unless you want the flea market loyalty
Kuolar: We're poor, we need the cold hard cash
ritchards: James has come such a long way with now just able to go "sell/sell/vender/doesn'tsell/sell"..,.
pimiento: yea we only have 21 mill
Arclight_Dynamo: Hadouken!
Lord_Hosk: adjusted for the money in backpack your starting total was 20945441
DoodlestheGreat: The classic matches will sell.
Lord_Hosk: wow
Lord_Hosk: some weird undercutting on the screws right now
DoctorOfBeard: there are some really interesting noises happening on the stream right now
Fugi: what a strange game
Lord_ZYRK: Looks like they're. . . all screwed up DxCat
pimiento: it's late, people not buying i guess
Lord_Hosk: Why would you undercut by 8K?
DoctorOfBeard: if only there was some kind of pun that could describe the screw situation
pimiento: there's probably an arguement to do this at the start of the stream due to more people on
El_Funko: 20 948 271
El_Funko: almost a million yeah
El_Funko: probably a million with the euros/dollars
Lord_Hosk: 957667
Lord_Hosk: 974885
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GoblinRanger: Very close :)
El_Funko: ofz I think
El_Funko: It's okay not everyone is naturally great at video games
Lord_Hosk: if it wasnt for the screws tanking and the grips not selling you would have been over a mil
pimiento: if not for the reasons you weren't, you woulda
SeiichiSin: James murdered funko! Oh no!
Lord_Hosk: remember that time you shot El_funko in the head... to prove you were better at this game than he is
Lord_Hosk: ;)
El_Funko: It's a good boost for skills, but the filters are half a mill a pop
El_Funko: yep
El_Funko: otherwise it doesn't do anything
Lord_Hosk: 25000 USD, thats like 80K Canadian
El_Funko: the scav ones are slow to get, but you could focus on getting the manifests
pimiento: elfunkToxic
El_Funko: that's not THAT bad, I've definitely had worse
El_Funko: but it's not 85k
NathanJay_GA: elfunkSad
El_Funko: Folder for keys, moonshine for streamer items, 85k for profit
El_Funko: Do ten 85k runs and I guarantee you'll have profit
pimiento: elfunkHeart joekimHeart LuvHearts theonl45Heart elfunkFart
GoblinRanger: It's a fun watch
SeiichiSin: Good night James! Sleep well!
El_Funko: that's my non binding guarantee
PsychoI3oy: GGs
El_Funko: goodnight cool people!
Lord_Hosk: Cheer50 on his way back to hand in the loot that James had hired him to go loot. The scav came around the courner, and saw his brother Scavineee get shot in the head... by James turner. Scavineee had just made 10K to pay for his sons surgery.
Lord_Hosk: Thats why he gave you bad loot
Lord_ZYRK: Wow, James, I didn't realize you were such a monster
Dumori: Ciao
SeiichiSin: LOL @Lord_Hosk
Stormthius: elfunkSad
LoadingReadyRun: I mean, I respect that he gave me ANY loot after that.
LoadingReadyRun: That Scav has serious work ethic
Lord_ZYRK: I mean. . . would you tell the guy that just shot your brother that you don't have anything to give them?
Lord_Hosk: he signed a contract
delta__vee: ls
delta__vee: just me, wrong windowing in chat as usual