DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Seriously?! Where is the damn exit door!? | James is live with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...One More? Let's keep playing Escape from Tarkov. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EyQlv_7VIAMsest.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1379269325505265674
rendelnep: I had to type '!unsubscribe podcast facts' it'd be rude not to.
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PharaohBender27: @rendelnep katesLol
GhostValv: bloobyF
ritchards: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: One More (overriden)
ritchards: audio effed for me
Diabore: crackle sound?
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Lord_ZYRK: Oh no, starting with the cracklies
PharaohBender27: NotLikeThis
TheAinMAP: Audio isn't so good here either.
DiscordianTokkan: Crackles yeah
TheAinMAP: lrrAWW
Diabore: not to me
Lord_ZYRK: James's Computer why do you do this to James
ritchards: music was good
geldaran: didn't notice it duriong the music.
KeytarCat: music was fine, now coarse tremello
PharaohBender27: Music sounded fine to me
Jennie_Fuchsia: Music was good
brainbosh: Music seemed fine to me, but it is really bad now
TheAinMAP: I think the music was okay.
DiscordianTokkan: Music was fine
GhostValv: just the talky bits
twistedlock23: did I miss escape from tarkov
HundreydAundre: b-bykes
ritchards: James escaped!
DaSunao: Uh...
Boon_33: lrrSIGNAL lrrFINE
rendelnep: his mic had teh crakleys
NathanJay_GA: wait, I just got here. something going on?
ritchards: good!
twistedlock23: howdy
Diabore: good now
PharaohBender27: Much better!
arkham1981: good
Lord_ZYRK: Sound smoooth
CavemanKellen: yes
geldaran: all good.
rendelnep: yup
lemmel: Perfect!
Diabore: buttery even
ritchards: doubled!
Diabore: oh ya intro was doubled
HundreydAundre: close enough.
TheAinMAP: Hello.
ritchards: let's move on
Lord_ZYRK: Very powerful* lawyers*
NathanJay_GA: from which law firm? or law soft, if its dave's
rendelnep: don't think it counts unless you do the inflection
CavemanKellen: new guns!
Lord_ZYRK: Get sick loot
Lord_ZYRK: and shooty some dudes
MrUglama: lets try to escape
ritchards: Start with a Scav run?
RomanGoro: Get on the higlight reel
Boon_33: escape?
wikisome: all I want is elfunkChunk
twistedlock23: I have no idea what or how to play tarkov I just like watching it
TwitchTVsFrank: get a kappa container
NathanJay_GA: we have to clip it first, though
HundreydAundre: d-du-doo, boop.
RomanGoro: I'll create the clip
twistedlock23: nice
CavemanKellen: not at 1am...
Lord_ZYRK: Sick chunks of dosh
HundreydAundre: hour? Like queue kind of hour?
CavemanKellen: interchange
MrWrann: Free mustache
DoodlestheGreat: Wood.
Mysticman89: powerful look
GhostValv: strong
Mysticman89: cursor placement made it look like he had a joint too
BestStarWars77: lrrFINE
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MrWrann: Hi
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Lord_ZYRK: 420 Escape it
DoodlestheGreat: And he spawned with a geiger counter?
MrWrann: It's just fluff
Lord_ZYRK: Funko's adorable cat
Boon_33: poor man's gonna burn his sick mustache.
DoodlestheGreat: Pull a five-man and run Factory?
TwitchTVsFrank: are your wait times always this long?
MrWrann: Well I wouldn't mind 5 man factory, need to do the delivery quest.
DoodlestheGreat: That's a Sequisha 'stache.
brainbosh: Awaiting start is the last thing before you load in, right? Seems bugged
Lord_ZYRK: A stream of Jolly Cooperation seabatTROG
NathanJay_GA: Perfect game
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrCoolgame , Tarkov.
MWGNZ: elfunkSad game
MrWrann: Easy for me, I work night shift
twistedlock23: my sleep schedule was already messed up due to diablo season starting
Mysticman89: I've had a serious of 4am nights this weekend, what is sleep
Mysticman89: series even
Diabore: oh god if you say 1 am thats 4 am for me
RunningMonkeys: yup, not changing my sleep schedule though, have to many projects.
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrCoolgame
juneblue58: Being Australian too, I don't feel this would be an issue. :P
rendelnep: mines messed up because DST ended
JadedCynic: You mean at *4am* in a REAL timezone :D
SerGarretCameron: that's 4am my time, and I did enough of that when I Raided with the Aussies back in my WoW days.
brainbosh: See if you get a 3 min left in raid. :P
Ivannorr: Aw man, but 4am is when I try to go to bed, that won't help
pimiento: no play, only lload
Mysticman89: its not even a satisfying loading bar
RunningMonkeys: fob fob fob fob!
DoodlestheGreat: You never know...
MWGNZ: never specified good loot
brainbosh: Hit this the other day after it had been well looted and still found 2 vaselines
KeytarCat: It's not late game loot, I guess?
TwitchTVsFrank: it might not be good but there is a lot of it
KeytarCat: -- Little Caesars
MrWrann: What tasks are you on
HundreydAundre: Start: Another way in saying "I'm just warming up, POGgifrrs!!"
Kuolar: Funko found one there because of you too
HundreydAundre: Caesars!? Where!? @KeytarCat
RunningMonkeys: funko found the new afak there as well
DoodlestheGreat: It's 43K for the supressor.
KeytarCat: They do delivery now, so I don't actually know where the storefront is :P
DoodlestheGreat: 30K for the Gemtech supressor.
pimiento: oof that milk's been in the sun a while..
Lord_ZYRK: This FOB's full of BABIES seabatUseless
MrWrann: Hey, apple juice and milk is good
DiscordianTokkan: It's good for after a long day
DoodlestheGreat: ES lamp is 8K
DoodlestheGreat: Nice find
brainbosh: North
pimiento: run towards it
MrWrann: Well scav bunker in far north-west
TwitchTVsFrank: a straight line
DoodlestheGreat: 84K for the Ophthalmoscope
brainbosh: Following the wall to the right will get you there eventually
El_Funko: don't make James run, he's full of chocoloot
MrWrann: Could check the sawmill for Shturman
DoodlestheGreat: Hey, Funko.
DoodlestheGreat: He's got loots. He's fine.
brainbosh: Factory Gate requires a PMC friend
RunningMonkeys: the pmc+scav exit by fob
VacillantVarlet: the bright sunlight makes this scav's fingers look zombie-like
NathanJay_GA: checking for someone's insurance fraud?
pimiento: simply a rock and nothing more, tap-tap-tapping at your chamber door
Sadistic_Fire: Shiny rocks can be worth a lot! Sometimes they're called bitcoins
El_Funko: You're near the trees
El_Funko: you're welcome
VacillantVarlet: hanging out beneath some high tension wires
wikisome: a gps device that allows us to track our location to assemble a map would be neat
MadmanOreo: May I recommend going left?
El_Funko: You're heading south now
El_Funko: USEC camp is on your right on the hill
El_Funko: yep
El_Funko: Car bridge? or scav bridge
brainbosh: Wow you are WAY off course
El_Funko: Left of titty mountain
Kuolar: Scav bunker isn't too far off
NathanJay_GA: scav Bridge or scav bunker
MrWrann: Scav bunker is north
El_Funko: Behind you
brainbosh: Bunker is closer
NathanJay_GA: lrrFINE
El_Funko: To your left now
El_Funko: Nope 90 degrees left
El_Funko: Look for the red/white radio tower, that's the bunker
TracteurBlinde: There's a radio tower on top of it you can see from the distance
brainbosh: Left
El_Funko: heading 180 degrees the wrong way
brainbosh: Going completely the wrong way
pimiento: red white and doomed
NathanJay_GA: I think we're too late
DoctorOfBeard: worst game ever. completely unplayable
El_Funko: The line you entered USEC on originally is the complete line to take to the bunker
brainbosh: The one time "God Left" was the right directions
El_Funko: yeah you were doing a lot of loops
DoodlestheGreat: WELP
lemmel: The kids are never getting those snacks now
Boon_33: this fishing strat might work, use a nade to get alot of fishkills for XP/
pimiento: and that scav was never heard from again.
El_Funko: maybe Tarkov will add a little James scav skeleton to that beach ~In Memoriam~!
NathanJay_GA: felt like Bengineering trying to find a coffee shop
RunningMonkeys: I really wish you could get the compass as a scav, it helps so much for woods for me.
ritchards: you know Funko, you could just pop into a Discord audio channel with James ;)
tangokilo421: Funko needs his rest for Punisher though
El_Funko: The best thing to do on Woods is to use the skybox mountains to orientate yourself
ritchards: c'est lavie
brainbosh: Just don't get lost and you'll be fine. :P
El_Funko: because you can see them from mostly anywhere
El_Funko: one looks like a butt, and one looks like a tiddy
pimiento: it's quiet... too quiet.
pimiento: get down!
leroygardner81: Hello Stream, cant believe i actually am here for James Turner famous youtube live
leroygardner81: youtuber*
brainbosh: Oops, leftthe Euros
VacillantVarlet: you just left the euros in the safe, btw
brainbosh: Find the 3 exits
leroygardner81: Never knew this game looked so clean. I mean there's rubbish everywhere on the floor but its cleeean
brainbosh: The gate 3, and then the two locked ones
RunningMonkeys: the extracts for pmc's I believe
brainbosh: The unlocked extract, the locked one under the stairs, and the locked one behind the barrels in one of the red rooms.
twistedlock23: scavs are npcs right
corpocracy: Most of the time
gundamschwing: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
DiscordianTokkan: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
brainbosh: Scavs can also be players, like James did in the last raid.
ritchards: don't you need to kill a lot of scavs in most places (for missions) anyway?
MrWrann: Grenades are kinda expensive scav echolocators
twistedlock23: ah so scavs are there to fill in for lack of players?
MadmanOreo: the battlefield is not the place to enjoy a craft singles, james.
MrWrann: Scavs are fodder npcs
madtrixr: more like one more thing you gotta keep in mind
twistedlock23: ahh ok
twistedlock23: ty
leroygardner81: @MadmanOreo if not there, then where?
JadedCynic: @MadmanOreo hehehh, new here?
madtrixr: theyre not as dangerous as PMCs but if you like, underestimate them, they still have a gun and can get a shot on you and make you sad
DoctorOfBeard: it's quiet....
MadmanOreo: a little too raph...
corpocracy: There are also various types of scavs. These are low level scave. There are higher level scavs (raiders and bosses) that are better equipped with better AI
MrWrann: Haven't played Tarkov till you get head,eyes by a scav from 100m away
ritchards: it's quiet... it's three quiet
brainbosh: Been long enough to get player scavs too, right?
madtrixr: also yeah theres player scavs
L334_M0N: WWIII out there
ImposterArchitect: Tarky!
corpocracy: Maybe you can just live here?
JadedCynic: so, who was saying it was TOO quiet? :)
Boon_33: Tis a silly war, I shall extract.
leroygardner81: @corpocracy i live here now
corpocracy: lrrHERE
ImposterArchitect: Factory is like some Awful Map in CounterStrike
leroygardner81: someone needs to sleep the floor. itd be easier to scavenge if it was organised guys
brainbosh: You hit Gate 3. Not sure what the one you had before was
Boon_33: I kinda miss the victory desk pop when he extracts.
madtrixr: Factory is Deathmatch Central
RunningMonkeys: did you hit the one around thunderdome by the stairs?
VacillantVarlet: it looks like the quest beeped when you stepped into the extract, even before you extracted- so that might help looking for the last one
Boon_33: #1? the pokemon theme song has some tips for you.
L334_M0N: theres one by the blue containers (behind a pmc spawn), the default one (#3), and the one underneath the forklifts and red lights
MrWrann: You can tap them in offline to check
ritchards: if you want to look it up https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Scout
brainbosh: In a red room with a bunch of barrels in it.
RunningMonkeys: yeah that's what I'm thinking as well
madtrixr: yeah
MrWrann: You don't need the key though
ritchards: "All 3 extraction points need to be visited by going near their doors. A Factory exit key is not needed."
Boon_33: is there a reason for the armband?
DoctorOfBeard: it's for infiltrating another blue team if he finds one
Boon_33: it might confuse the enemy, just say it's a strat.
JadedCynic: that makes sense - maybe players will hesitate around you, worrying where your team mate is...
leroygardner81: the rate at which you cling to corners makes me nervous when you are in the open
ritchards: lrrAWW
Boon_33: I like my warfare as unsymetric as I can make it.
Lord_ZYRK: Sometimes you get the looty and sometimes you get the shooty
leroygardner81: yeah i learnt
leroygardner81: thats why im scared
JadedCynic: asymmetric
Boon_33: ^yes, that/
Boon_33: thank you.
dougma: A few minutes later...
Master_Gunner: but think of your armband!
El_Funko: what could go wrong?
JadedCynic: BOLD of you....
Boon_33: fortune favors the streamer.
pimiento: fun? in a video game?! blasphemous!
dougma: I miss having Funko's points sounds....
pimiento: everyone bring peas
corpocracy: I think so, yeah
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrIcream
madtrixr: i think you need a vest too yeah
leroygardner81: why are your arms operating seperate from your shoulders?
Boon_33: scavs gonna scav.
Boon_33: think of the VALUE.
JadedCynic: I mean, you didn't wanna KEEP that gun, right?
Boon_33: so is isn't a good spawn I assume.
madtrixr: its on the other side of the map so not quite
Boon_33: mysterymen strat: if I'm naked then I'm invisible
Lord_ZYRK: This is where the phone in your guy's pocket starts blasting the Pink Panther theme
L334_M0N: then its the one directly behind where u spawned LUL
Boon_33: f
DiscordianTokkan: I still remember when James played this the first time ages back, in Factory, and it seemed like all tunnels like this
JadedCynic: "pay no attention to the footfalls below you!
Lord_ZYRK: The bravado of this lad
JadedCynic: now, just SURVIVE
NathanJay_GA: don't go out yet!
Boon_33: you got this
Boon_33: Poggers.
madtrixr: i dont know!
NathanJay_GA: I don't know if a run through works
L334_M0N: run thru is not a survive sadly
madtrixr: oof
pimiento: no it's survive and extract, i think it needs to be survived status?
JadedCynic: so what's the distinction then?
corpocracy: Can you just survive another run?
L334_M0N: u can just close the door as if its still locked and hang out with us :D
Kazman20a: yeah, run thrus don't count
brainbosh: Run thru != survive
NathanJay_GA: an closed extract door thats also unlocked is more suspicious than an open door, imo
Boon_33: who makes these rules? survival isn't survival... i get it buttt...
leroygardner81: @Boon_33 agreed
TwitchTVsFrank: can you move the sub banner? we cant see the timer
Ammondale: how long is factory?
JadedCynic: it fades away anyway, wouldn't matter
NathanJay_GA: excellent timekeeping
corpocracy: What are the qualifications for "surviving"?
dougma: isn't survive status based on xp, not time?
JadedCynic: ^^^^^^
dougma: ah
dougma: TY
TwitchTVsFrank: i thought it was 10 minutes
JadedCynic: ty for the info
brainbosh: 10 minutes I believe is what everyone does when doing the Guide.
dougma: a VERY quiet factory this run
NathanJay_GA: this would be a great place to sit back and sip some mayonnaise
TwitchTVsFrank: FBtouchdown
leroygardner81: @NathanJay_GA what
Boon_33: sub banner is part of a streamer setup that someone(lrrPAUL / lrrCORI) at LRR made for this, it works and it might conceal info that would help a streamsniper.
madtrixr: @leroygardner81 theres a quest in this game where you have to survive in raid for 5 or so minutes while dehydrated
DiscordianTokkan: @leroygardner81 it's a thing in-game
NathanJay_GA: @leroygardner81 there was an... incident with mayonnaise in a previous tarkov stream
leroygardner81: AHHHH
madtrixr: and the easiest way to dehydrate yourself is mayonnnaise
Boon_33: *cries* I break 100% of the emotes i love.
leroygardner81: I should NOT have said anything
brainbosh: Oh right, didn't the latest update include a Streamer Mode to hide the info and prevent stream snipers?
leroygardner81: what do you mean dehydrated?
MrWrann: Plague mask though
MrWrann: Pestily has blessed the stream
Ammondale: how's the backpack not that great?
brainbosh: That about a break even at best?
lemmel: I mean those scavs grabbed whatever their drunk minds saw first
Boon_33: still got cheese, it's a win.
El_Funko: yeah that was added last week
madtrixr: see the water drop symbol on screen right now? when thats zero you experience negative effects
madtrixr: including your health dropping
madtrixr: popping a propital fixes that problem though
leroygardner81: is the water drop hydration?
madtrixr: yea
madtrixr: the bolt is energy
leroygardner81: thanks for clearing that up
leroygardner81: i know i shouldnt talk cause i know nothing but hello chat~!
madtrixr: oh baby some bitcoins
JadedCynic: lrrGREED
Boon_33: sergeHi sergeFriend
madtrixr: rollin in the roubles
BuggDoubt: @leroygardner81 thats what chat is here for, to ask questions and learn cool stuff from nerds that play videogames for job
Boon_33: James's inventory is so clean right now.
leroygardner81: <3 thankyou <3
MrWrann: Thermals
KinggWith2Gs: vudu i think is a good ome
Boon_33: simply click on their heads to raise the skill.
Boon_33: and Cam fans here?
JadedCynic: voodoo?
leroygardner81: @Boon_33 its a point and click adventure right?
leroygardner81: @Boon_33 YES
brainbosh: Who do?
Lord_ZYRK: If knowledge was a prerequisite for talking in Twitch Chat it would be dead seabatTROG
Boon_33: @leroygardner81 hahahah, love ya.
JadedCynic: All hail, the Cam Fam
leroygardner81: You do
dougma: check compatible with... dropdown
JadedCynic: @Lord_ZYRK oh so much truth
dougma: lower profile
madtrixr: i forget what the good stuff is
Boon_33: bullets?
Boon_33: I recommend bullets.
leroygardner81: Boooo Lets
JadedCynic: wait, hasn't James upgraded to a Gamma container or am I imagining it?
lemmel: M61 or M993 I believe?
stizzet: blah didn't get a notification. glad I jumped back on
Boon_33: @JadedCynic it's a big box, it think you're righ but idk.
dougma: M61 is best all around
TwitchTVsFrank: check the view through the scope. i think one of the mounts makes it funky
NathanJay_GA: yeah, testing the scope first is a good idea
JadedCynic: I mean, I knew he got up from Alpha to Beta,but...it's been too long since I caught a stream...
dougma: This is a bit out of date due to changes in the latest update, but a good chart in general: https://odealo.com/articles/escape-from-tarkov-ammo-chart
NathanJay_GA: that looks ok
TwitchTVsFrank: looks good
dougma: There is another more expensive mounting bracket that can attach a red dot
Boon_33: deadshot
dougma: in addition to the vudu
leroygardner81: who do?
JadedCynic: you do
dougma: you do
dougma: remind me of the babe
JadedCynic high-fives @dougma o/\o
Boon_33: c'mon, cheese is healthy.
pimiento: it's a damn shame that bowie died and couldn't reprise that role in Death Stranding
Boon_33: guud for ya.
NathanJay_GA: I can dig it
leroygardner81: Cheese is almost definitely not healthy and I am not a health expert just someone who chubs up from all the cheese I eat
leroygardner81: @pimiento is that a death stranding meme I don't get or is there a goblin king or something?
pimiento: no just goofing
leroygardner81: I was keen as, wanted to see it lol
JadedCynic: Of course, I'm so old when I hear him talking about 'vudu' I'm thinking old 3Dfx GPUs
leroygardner81: Isnt that the hardware used to start the simulation we all live in?
JadedCynic: shhhh, not everyone's 'woke'
leroygardner81: of course i mean dab
JadedCynic: moosea2Dab
JadedCynic: single mag of ammo for the backup pistol?
Boon_33: pog pog pog pog pog pog. *wink*
korvys: Hi James, I haven't caught one of these since the first few - How's Tarkov treating you?
korvys: (compared to when you started)
leroygardner81: Hey Korvys thanks for joining!
JadedCynic: even a killer like you MIGHT need to use your close-up weapon for more than 20shots ;)
El_Funko: Great impression, you're already handsome
korvys: And wearing a hat!
Boon_33: tray and take over the world?
JadedCynic: oh shoreline, where you got that ungodly shotgun long-range snipe...in misty weather!
dougma: ok, time to fire up tarkov
thraximore: it's a good job mate
Nuurgle: James leading chat on another snipe hunt
leroygardner81: This looks much nicer than the dirty factory floor
Kuolar: USEC is on your right
JadedCynic: more rustlely tho
thraximore: that's always spooky, hearing a random footstep
thraximore: I assume that's just caused by lag?
brainbosh: I've heard people blame Steam Audio for phantom footsteps since they rereleased it
madtrixr: jesus thats loud
MrWrann: Sounds like a bloody cannon
JadedCynic: yeah, that's not at you, unless he can't aim for beans
pimiento: click heads
El_Funko: kill em till they die from it
corpocracy: go take a peak
pimiento: take names (via dogtags)
Kuolar: I suggest bullets
MrWrann: Go to the other sniper rock
JadedCynic: click on them to go away and then take their place?
thraximore: time to play King of the Hill
Kuolar: Unless they're at funkos spot
jeedaiace: first person platforming...
JadedCynic: or did they either get their snipes, or hear you coming, and then leave?
NathanJay_GA: damn, they took the bronze lion!
brainbosh: Strength got nerfed, didn't it?
thraximore: @jeedaiace flashbacks to Mirror's Edge @_@
korvys: Parkour!
Kazman20a: is the hurt leg holding you back?
JadedCynic: more worried of you falling into a crevice and getting stuck
Boon_33: lrrHERE
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Wicker_Guide: Steve Carrell voice: "PARKOUR"
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ritchards: all the way here, and no-one to snipe... rude!
JadedCynic: maybe we confused the tip of a tree beyond the rock as a person from a distance as we approached, because I could swear I saw someone, too...
pimiento: having the tip of the barrel in the middle there makes the sniper look like a doom mod..
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ChroniclerC: Heyo friends. How are y'all?
JadedCynic: uneasy
ritchards: !advice
LRRbot: Hide behind the penguin.
AceyyyOW: any tips for beginners in tarkov besides learning maps and what not?
dougma: what are you 0'd for?
Wicker_Guide: watch the Play it Forward series on this channel :P
brainbosh: Learn maps, good ammo is more important than good guns.
ChroniclerC: So we just being a murderboi right now?
korvys: "this game"
Wicker_Guide: scope plz
DoodlestheGreat: Well, you just need to practice.
Clan_Dookie: thats like 300 yards i think
Lord_ZYRK: brainbosh carrying anything but two obrezes is a crutch Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: Still target? In Tarkov? :tf:
jeedaiace: how realistic are the bullet physics in this game?
JadedCynic: @brainbosh too true, just ask the Regia Marina of Italy in WW2 (they had some fantastic capital ships, with revolutionary visual fire control...but sloppy munitions quality meant their powerful guns and accurate targeting still put shells all over the planet :( )
TwitchTVsFrank: is a barrel and some fish to much to ask for
Boon_33: i recall funko saying 200-300 there, you can use the map to check.
ChroniclerC: Are the weapons just hitscan, or do we have travel time and ballistic arc to deal with?
Clan_Dookie: not hitscan
Wicker_Guide: travel time and balistic arc
madtrixr: the second
Clan_Dookie: and not particularly realistic
Kazman20a: just no wind, pretty much everything else
JadedCynic: yay! lrrAWESOME
Boon_33: no instagib weapons in this game.
ChroniclerC: lrrSPOOP
madtrixr: i mean
thraximore: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Wicker_Guide: have you slept in the last 3 days?
jeedaiace: now if you fall, you're extra lrrSPOOP
Lord_ZYRK: Hey everybody I'm here to tell you that there's some really big snipes coming up and you're gonna get shot okay byeee lrrSPOOP
ChroniclerC: Hello!
ChroniclerC: o/
Boon_33: what are the odds, that james, professional streamer, would fall?
JadedCynic: I, for one, welcome our new guide and advisor Snipifer
Wicker_Guide: does the game model any kind of bullet impact? like, could you shoot a tree just to get a sense of range?
thraximore: Snipin's a good job, mate.
JadedCynic: Welcome to sport hunting, James.
Lord_ZYRK: Wicker_Guide yes
corpocracy: Whelp, gone forever
Wicker_Guide: is there a tree we can point James to then?
jeedaiace: ah, you spooked him
Boon_33: irl hunting suck so hard compared to this.
El_Funko: that's gonna be 350-400 I think
JadedCynic: try spending a couple of hours lying on that shooting point, waiting for a target to meander along
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, but it's probably not from you.
El_Funko: it's 300 to the rocks
brainbosh: They hiding?
Lord_ZYRK: Sure. We're in a forest. We can point James to trees all over the place.
DaBonsey: Heyheyhey
dougma: there is a way to back off unseen
DoodlestheGreat: Running away is a REALLY bad idea in Tarkov, unless you can keep cover at the time.
jeedaiace: i feel walking down to check might be a mistake
pimiento: you might as well jump
Boon_33: well you're streaming so you must have hit them right?
JadedCynic: @pimiento ♫go ahead, jump♫
Wicker_Guide: so, if we shoot one of these trees, would we be able to see the bullet impact from here?
Wicker_Guide: just to get our sense of the scope?
brainbosh: 50/50 they are still behind the hill
JadedCynic: I mean, even if james just winged them, they'd probably also have injured legs from leaping off the rock...
JadedCynic: here's the punchline, that body is the player you shot - they bled out trying to run
JadedCynic: ;)
JadedCynic: well, it's a nice day...
MrWrann: Least you can get the file in the sawmill
JadedCynic: relax and enjoy the sun B)
MrWrann: One of the sheads, ya right one I think
JadedCynic: was gonna say, yeah, too soon for player-scavs
Boon_33: it is a really nice day in tarkov.
Wicker_Guide: anything the other way?
JadedCynic: c'mon game, have a scav wander along to check the sawmill out...
ritchards: have you got plenty of time to extract?
Wicker_Guide: tons, there's 25 minutes left
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Wicker_Guide: so does this require more or less concentration than punching a chunk :P
Boon_33: So James, how do you feel about nail setting hammers?
Lord_ZYRK: If you had to assign it a numerical value, how much more?
Wicker_Guide: hrm, and indicators are much harder to see, makes sense
Boon_33: IMO best invention we've ever made.
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CanPlayGames: James is My favorite member of LRR named James
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Wicker_Guide: @Boon_33 takes all the challenge and skill out of carpentry *shakes fist at cloud* gabyB
dougma: how did you damage your leg?
Boon_33: it's a hammer where you can hook a nail on and set the nail by swinging the hammer athe the spot you want it.
JadedCynic: and maybe loot the scav
Boon_33: @Wicker_Guide o you and your onion-belty-ways.
Lord_ZYRK: If you think those are great, wait until you try this thing they've got called "sliced bread"
Wicker_Guide: @Boon_33 gabyTehe
Wicker_Guide: hot take: sliced bread is overrated
JadedCynic: @Lord_ZYRK meh, I slice bread all the time - sometimes I can even make a sandwich with two slices the same thickness!
Wicker_Guide: unsliced bread buns are just fine
dougma: looking forward to seeing how many bullets connected in the stats
JadedCynic: dude got away? :(
Wicker_Guide: looks like fellow managed to eska pay
dougma: wallet is 50K
Lord_ZYRK: Slicing your own bread? I bet your car has a hole in the floor so you can push it with your feet, too Kappa
JadedCynic: hang on a sec @Lord_ZYRK are you talking PREsliced bread??? What kind of witchcraft are you consorting with NOW???
Lord_ZYRK: The usual kind
JadedCynic: @Lord_ZYRK yes, it's called 'the driver door' so I can lean in and control the wheel while pushing if my engine's broken down or I'm out of gas...
Boon_33: sliced bread is at worse a convivence that isn't important.
dougma: yup
JadedCynic: "I detect heresy, Brother - fetch the flamer....the HEAVY flamer."
Wicker_Guide: sorry James, chat cares more about holes in car floors than about your game ;p
Boon_33: heresy? *woosh*
JadedCynic crosses fingers
JadedCynic: aww lrrAWW
brainbosh: Someone else killed the scav you winged
JadedCynic: stupid miracles of medicine
Boon_33: right.
Wicker_Guide: maybe the player you also winged killed it?
korvys: longest shot, 242, so you didn't hit the other guy by the rocks
Boon_33: maybe not.
JadedCynic: @Wicker_Guide but where was the gunshots
brainbosh: long distance shot from the other direction? With a silencer?
brainbosh: Or just the sound f-d up
dougma: that means you made every other shot. shot 7, missed 2
dougma: So 5 hits
Lord_ZYRK: JadedCynic your driver door is in the floor? Not only is your car from the stone age, but it was built by morons!
JadedCynic: "suppressor" - and we were using one too
pimiento: it is worth multi-10K monies
brainbosh: Keys are a crapshoot in selling these days
dougma: oh wow, wallets have dropped
JadedCynic: true, it IS late in the wipe,isn't it? Most people would have the keys they need
ritchards: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
JadedCynic: give Jade pets from us!
El_Funko: Who let the dogs out? It's James
pimiento: take the dog out for a delicious meal and a nice walk along the river?
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Xonlic: Jesus, 35 months? I've been watching LRR since Escapist.
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El_Funko: ~barbed wire memories~
Boon_33: does this plan feel dirty?
Xonlic: @El_Funko Hey, it's new Partner El_Funko
Xonlic: :P
dougma: I sooo don't know shoreline :-) this is going to be ham
dougma: wait... @El_Funko you made full partner?
leroygardner81: @El_Funko Congrats!!
leroygardner81: I had that sitting in case he hasnt
leroygardner81: but dont care
leroygardner81: just want to congratulate!!
El_Funko: no not partner
El_Funko: just hit the achievement to be able to apply
El_Funko: I probably should've made that clearer in my tweets
Boon_33: Good luck @El_Funko
MrWrann: I am
dougma: o/
dougma: Well it is 1:19am on a work night
Telarra_: I'm down *with* the clown stankyTHINK but I do not have this game
El_Funko: Put me in coach
El_Funko: I can block a slot
Boon_33: Smash the state... um uh, i was just out to get milk i swear.
El_Funko: My most applicable talent, seat warmer
El_Funko: yeah that sounds like a plan
dougma: sounds good
dougma: yup
MrWrann: Should be
Jean_Jacques_EB: I would, but i'm getting the ame at the end of the month (responsible budgeting mode on...) DX
JadedCynic: in a.....fortnite? Kappa
Jean_Jacques_EB: game*
dougma: Your on booth your ding dong
dougma: *sigh* really miss the sounds
Boon_33: @JadedCynic Forstnite? don't go there, *tis a silly place.
korvys: James, are you aware Geoguessr has a battle royale mode now?
Tikosh_: *flops into chat*
JadedCynic: @Boon_33 I mean, I know the future would feel alien to you, but come on - it's only two weeks...
JadedCynic: wait...geoguessr? *headdesk*
Boon_33: instructions unclear, stuck in twichchat.
Jean_Jacques_EB: Finally a LRR stream I can watch in the morning!
Boon_33: morning in.. S.E.A. land?
El_Funko: You should be able to buy a B10 handguard thing
El_Funko: that will take a foregrip
Tikosh_: omg I just got the Kiba outlet key from the 85k scav case D:
El_Funko: i think that's what its called
El_Funko: first one I think
El_Funko: might be linked from the gas tube
Tikosh_: this might be the most expensive thing I ever got from a scav case..
El_Funko: rather than the gun
El_Funko: third from the right
JadedCynic: @Boon_33 it's almost 6:30am in UK
pimiento: be, 11, be be 11
El_Funko: same diff
JadedCynic: Oh, congrats @Tikosh_ lrrSACK :D
Boon_33: @JadedCynic show what I know.
Boon_33: *shows
Tikosh_: just casual 2 million key for 85k <insert dab emote>
Boon_33: planet big eh?
JadedCynic: moosea2Dab
Thomas: Hey, folks. thomas28Wave
Tikosh_: rk 2 has the best recoil reduction
El_Funko: yeah the RK family is good
JadedCynic: @Boon_33 also it's likely late o'clock where you are so brain not so good...
pimiento: @Tikosh_ elfunkDab
JadedCynic: sooooo much recoil..........
bigcore917: oof thats bad
El_Funko: Do you have the rubber butt pad on the stock?
MrWrann: Does it have a muzzle break
El_Funko: that's free recoil reduction
El_Funko: Yeah the AK74U is very recoil heavy
Thomas: doesn't seem great
El_Funko: I mean yeah
El_Funko: It's all about increments
El_Funko: charge handle for +1 ergo
pimiento: it helps a butt
Boon_33: @JadedCynic no need to pretend that's due to the time of day lrrAWESOME
JadedCynic: I was tryin' to be nice ;)
PsychoI3oy: why is james getting Krinky on stream?
JadedCynic: trying new and cheap things for thrills
Boon_33: always appreciated and never required.
Jean_Jacques_EB: 7h30 over here woke up to James expeerimenting with weapons, nice
JadedCynic: *Results Not Guaranteed
GoblinRanger: Looking forwards to it
Tikosh_: I think the lowest possible recoil with the aks-74u is 59 vertical..
PMAvers: Eh. It's just Magic.
JadedCynic: magic-magic-magic
JadedCynic: I actually know less about the game than Beej B)
Trashweazel: woooo
Boon_33: still fall damage in this game, still value to to be had james.
Jean_Jacques_EB: YES, strixhaven looks sweet (looking at Liliana in teacher mode...)
MadmanOreo: The man can upturn better than most.
Boon_33: lrrSIGNAL lets Go! lrrSIGNAL
Tikosh_: dangerous as players come here because like right next to you is a stash
Tikosh_: I would say rarely. You find more players up here because of the good view
JadedCynic: "I was told there would be cake?"
Boon_33: the cake was... a...li
Lord_Hosk: James dies in 5...4..3...
Nuurgle: "you take the high ground, and I'll take the low ground..."
JadedCynic: oh if only any of us could GO to Dublin - lockdowns abound
JadedCynic: just more meaningless background popcorn
JadedCynic: gulp
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engineerbudy: Good Luck James, here is to more
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El_Funko: I'm laughing on the inside
Lord_ZYRK: hee hee :)
Tikosh_: I am still waiting for the joke..
El_Funko: scav deaths definitely feel like half a second late these days
MrWrann: No Rashala here :(
El_Funko: just enough that I'm not sure I killed them
HundreydAundre: Oh, yea. Have you heard the one about "It's still the 1st until the 8th"?
Lord_Hosk: I'll be honest I thought I saw someone up at the hilltop with the electrical tower before you killed those two scavs but its a matter of bush or boi.
MAPBoardgames: Is James playing a PMC or a Scav here?
MrWrann: Do you know about the giving tree
MAPBoardgames: Tree gonna give it to ya?
El_Funko: and something else next to it I think
El_Funko: maybe
El_Funko: looked like a scope
joefarms: there was a scope next to the bleach
MAPBoardgames: Hey Funko!
PsychoI3oy: chug chug chug chug
El_Funko: eh not really
El_Funko: it might be ok
Lord_ZYRK: It's worth 60 million rubles
Lord_ZYRK: probably
Tikosh_: construction, stronghold
Lord_Hosk: You should walk past that weird sign... see what happens
Lord_Hosk: for science
dougma: After hear After here check RAUF roadblock then
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Tikosh_: huh.. not looted
Niahlah: footsteps
Tikosh_: sounds like scav
Tikosh_: is a scav
MAPBoardgames: sneak... sneak... sneak...
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Niahlah: wow..17 months already.. dang..
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dougma: roadblock then
Tikosh_: fire the grenade launcher for recoil recoil :D
Tikosh_: recoil control*
dougma: is power on?
Niahlah: you dropped a mag?
Tikosh_: it is not
Tikosh_: also James' fault for not having power on, he was right next to the building
Tikosh_: #blameJames
dougma: steps
Lord_Hosk: #Checkmedical #Blamejames #TellDale
Niahlah: outside
Tikosh_: outside behind you?
Tikosh_: going up metal ladder?
Lord_Hosk: no metal like that inside
Tikosh_: maybe not.. wth are they doing?
Tikosh_: maybe in a bus
Niahlah: they might be on 2nd floor
Niahlah: the metal might've been the steps
Lord_Hosk: Funk um up!
Thomas: beans, beans, the magical fruit
Niahlah: wow.. did not think I was gonna be right
Tikosh_: oooh
Thomas: the more you eat, the more you can loot
Lord_Hosk: Wow
dougma: ouch
Boon_33: oofa
Lord_Hosk: Bait
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
dougma: looks like an item trade
Spacecarl: daaaang
SeiichiSin: Good morning James!
dougma: ok, 2am, night all
SeiichiSin: You can just call me Sin.
SeiichiSin: That was... Such a butcher of my name earlier. XD
MAPBoardgames: I walk away for one minute and James dies
gundamschwing: I don't think you got the kill on that last shot. I think the player that killed you was the one you shot at.
SeiichiSin: Say-EE-chee
Tikosh_: He did kill the player up there gundamschwing
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FoxFyr: So how close to escaping are we?
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SeiichiSin: No worries, everyone gets it wrong, hence why I just go by Sin. Been trying to teach all the LRR crew to call me Sin over time for the sake of your own sanity.
Tikosh_: looked more like they were a squad, one died and they tried to hide the loot up there
MAPBoardgames: @FoxFyr one step forward, two steps back?
gundamschwing: @tikosh_ Gotcha, I thought the one he shot at made the jump and dropped behind the wall
gundamschwing: $10,000
JadedCynic: scav on interchange...
DoodlestheGreat: 'bout tree fity?
MAPBoardgames: 850k or 0(killed)
tangokilo421: Wait hold on, doesn’t Hosk just say 10k?
JadedCynic: 100k R
FoxFyr: 184k
FoxFyr: I'm calling water filter find
JadedCynic: brain: lrrGREED
Tikosh_: I call a psu
JadedCynic: productive start
MAPBoardgames: is there a bid up?
FoxFyr: I killed someone running out of interchange last night and they had 3 water filters and a propane tank in their bag and i'm just wondering what the heck they had in their secured container
Lord_Hosk: I've never done it before im trying to figure it out
JadedCynic: I'm gonna say there's nothing big, so only 100k R - and most of that he's carrying
Twizted_Seed: Why should I play escape from tarkov?
FoxFyr: @Twizted_Seed because suffering builds character lrrBEEJ
Boon_33: Some people juggle goslings, you know, baby geese?
JadedCynic: @FoxFyr exactly; Calvin's dad approves
ritchards: !whatstarkov
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out https://bit.ly/2zGqu0y
Lord_Hosk: Yeah, as with everything twitch their how to page assumes you already know how to do it
El_Funko: Yeah I think unlike other games, Tarkov is a game that you should watch a fair amount of before you decide to try it
El_Funko: Because by watching it'll either make you want to try, or turn you off it
El_Funko: downstairs or outside, I think
Tikosh_: according to the prediction how-to page you can set it up somehow by using the /prediction command
Boon_33: welcome to the thiunder(echo)dome.
Lord_Hosk: Yeah, that doesnt work though
HundreydAundre: Nuuuooo!! LG is retiring their smartphone department!!
Lord_Hosk: THat just lets me restart an old one
Juliamon: The interface makes it look like you're restarting an old one
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Juliamon: Just put in the new data over it
FoxFyr: My Tarkov account says I'm 587 hours in over 60 days, and i'm still learning a ton every time I tune in
El_Funko: I predict James will become Tarkov
El_Funko: ears aren't worth that much for a 4 square item
MWGNZ: will tarkov escape James
MAPBoardgames: I find it funny that the actual cash doesn't make the cut
Tikosh_: raven
PMAvers: Rezone Tarkov for Residential Areasa
Juliamon: Much like in the real world, physical cash is obsolete
FoxFyr: The chops are the expensive ones
El_Funko: ditch the mags
MAPBoardgames: In soviet Russia, Tarkov escapes you!
El_Funko: you're almost out
MWGNZ: surely excess cash could be stuffed in a sock or something
Lord_Hosk: Everything in your inventory is currently worth ~10K everything in the caches is worth...~10K
El_Funko: I mean now you have exactly 10 bullets
El_Funko: I think the fight plan has sailed
El_Funko: unload the mag then
Tikosh_: what if they have a faceshield then?
Boon_33: you ever done a desk pop?
FoxFyr: So this is like 450k?
FoxFyr: 200k in powder, a belomo and some beard oil all sounds nice
Boon_33: time/money, that was quick.
FoxFyr: 19 070 554 start
MAPBoardgames: 104
FoxFyr: dang nails are good right now, I should sell out of my stash
Lord_Hosk: probably shouldnt have thrown away those three wires
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Aarek: 88 Months! That's 11 8's and thats quite a lot.
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FoxFyr: tried to buy your red gunpowder, but someone beat me to it lol
MAPBoardgames: ~580
zatengo: hello, hows it tarkin'? elfunkPopcorn
FoxFyr: My calculator says 515,585
MAPBoardgames: my number came from adding the cash at the top
FoxFyr: HA
MWGNZ: elfunkHeart FBtouchdown
MrWrann: I was like a second off
Lord_Hosk: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkChunk elfunkFart
creasehearst: 534.374
ritchards: !funko
LRRbot: Wondering who that Australian man who's telling James what to do in Tarkov is? That's Funko, he's cool. Check him out at twitch.tv/el_funko
FoxFyr: bout 535k after fees?
MAPBoardgames: You know Funko's just going to flip it.
FoxFyr: Math is fun!
El_Funko: no that's my James trophy nade now
MAPBoardgames: I did not know that.
Lord_Hosk: Funko is rich enough to buy and sell james' whole stash
zatengo: if they ever can duo, james can get it back, probably at around 240m/s
FoxFyr: Pride85 One bit for every 1k over my sales prediction
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Tikosh_: Funko has less cash than James right now I believe
ritchards: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:26 PM
JadedCynic: meh, I've got the weekly grocery run to do in...like 6hrs...
Lord_Hosk: Wait... You play Tarkov james? Since when?
FoxFyr: Time to watch the first 2 hours of the vod! lrrJAMES
El_Funko: I can promote it to my viewers next week too, try and bring some funky bunch to the party
FoxFyr: Oohhhh I'll bring a vector, lets jam
Aarek: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
JadedCynic: April 20th - early in stream 8pm PDT, 11pm EDT
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge are playing Modded Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (10:32 from now).
FoxFyr: lrrHEART elfunkHeart
ritchards: !live
Lord_Hosk: Partner qualified Twitch streamer El_Funko
ritchards: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
ritchards: !ppr
LRRbot: The Strixhaven PPR will be happening on 9 April 2021! More details here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Exca3fKUcAcze98.jpg
JadedCynic: o/
PsychoI3oy: 👍
JadedCynic: thx for stram
JadedCynic: 👌
Boon_33: Thanks for the stream G'night chat
ritchards: !show override off
LRRbot: Currently live: Rhythm Cafe