TehAmelie: i got this great huge LED screen when i turned 30, or, i got money to buy one. the salesman apparently believed they don't have speakers of their own and sold me on a separate speaker system. that was funny when i turned it on and it started making sound by itself
TehAmelie: also, that
Didero: Built-in speakers generally aren't the best quality
Didero: Or they weren't the last time I looked at 'em
TehAmelie: they have worked for me. better than all the clutters of the extra speakers anyway
v_nome: I use either the ones built into my monitor which are perfectly fine for my purposes or headphones.
Didero: Huh, good to know the next time I'm buying a monitor
TXC2: Hello Everybody
LoadingReadyRun: Monitor speakers are usually adequate but not great. As with TV speakers, the form factor of a modern thin monitor does not lend itself to good speakers
v_nome: Yeah, they're fine for general purpose stuff but if I REALLY want to hear something well I use my headphones. But then I also have some amount of hearing loss so that's a factor
Didero: I've got separate speakers, but they're not ideal. I don't even know if my monitors have built-in speakers, come to think of it
TheMerricat: PrideHi Afternoon chat! PrideWave
Didero: My main monitor has a 'Line In' connector, so presumably that In has to get out somewhere :p
Didero: Hi!
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
beowuuf: sergeHi
Didero: This is exactly the reason I didn't take off the dumb sticker, I knew I'd probably have to look up the model eventually!
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
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beowuuf: Yay to high numbers and stranding death!
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TXC2: is there 2 musics playing?
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> We thought you might like to see the Commander game from the #MTGStrixhaven PPR split out into its own video, SO WE DID! | Enjoy! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCoasO9CouU || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1382378932872224773
beowuuf: does feel duplicated, doens't it?
TXC2: hmm, guess it was a remix?
Riiiiiiis: Hello, is this.... is this.... fun?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrFINE pretend that was a remix
beowuuf: maybe it's just playing loudly so it was more noticeable that the effect is there in the song?
beowuuf: lol, or.....
NightValien28: keep on keeping on chat
beowuuf: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
Riiiiiiis: haha
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Play it Forward! Today on Death Stranding we continue our journey East and things might get a little bumpy. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ey8vj5tVoAEWfK6.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1382379098274557953
Riiiiiiis: are we journeying east?
Riiiiiiis: not west?..
wench_tacular: have we thrown in the towel and started back east?
Genie_M: the 'other east'
LoadingReadyRun: wait... poop. directions are hard
Riiiiiiis: LoadingReadyRun Sorryyyyyyy
Riiiiiiis: :-D
TXC2: Texas East, which is our down
RomanGoro: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Let's NOPE
Genie_M: "left"
RomanGoro: !show override off
LRRbot: Currently live: Let's NOPE
Riiiiiiis: The Poles are inverted
TXC2: !show override Play it forward
LRRbot: Recognised shows: afk, beej, bonus, bookpasswords, checkpoint, crap, crossing, desertbus, dicefriends, eighteen, gamehaus, gamesofchance, gplp, heather, iancam, iddqderp, ihorner, import, kathleen, longgame, lrl, lrrmtg, lrrtech, mineoclock, newday, nope, nowkiss, onemore, paperfight, playitforward, rhythm, stark, swiftlycam, talkingsim, things, tinker, videojames, watchplay
beowuuf: ah, i thought it was me misremembering the direction we were travelling :p
TXC2: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Play it Forward (overriden)
thetoastmonster: we are headed Weast.
TXC2: there we go
Riiiiiiis: thetoastmonster agreed
beowuuf: oh, cliffs and caves is being split in to two releases?
beowuuf: saunter turnwards rimwise
Deathrite_Sharkman: lrrPAUL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Genie_M: cliffs now, caves later
Riiiiiiis: ohh i love rimwards and .... the other one
TXC2: Here we GO!
RomanGoro: @TXC2 for some reason discord!LRRBot knew what show it was but twitch!LRRBot didn't, check slack later if you have a moment
Genie_M: Widdershins
TXC2: RomanGoro saw the thread
GapFiller: good afternoon evening Paul lrrPAUL lrrHEART
TXC2: Paul song HYPE
wench_tacular: jlrrCooltunes
TheAinMAP: SingsNote lrrPAUL
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Riiiiiiis: Hi Paul
beowuuf: hey paul
TXC2: Hello Paul
Genie_M: more snow trekking?
beowuuf: eh, the divide is alright.... in places
Riiiiiiis: hehe
TXC2: separating the Dominator and Numerator of the USA
GapFiller: Snow Trekkin' across the Kojima Verse
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theghostwiththemost: hey this number needs something around this place
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wench_tacular: one of those
nullvoid8: hey all
GapFiller: so The Rockies are a bit heftier than The Cascades then Paul
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NotCainNorAbel: between one place and another
Genie_M: other east
TXC2: Between BC and Quebec, got it Kappa
wench_tacular: the more you know...
TXC2: yeah the West US is HIGH up
Tom_Bruise: between a rock and a different rock
GapFiller: as a non BC native theres always that little bit of confusion re The Rockies and The Cascades
TXC2: there's a reason why people died A LOT trying to cross it :p
GapFiller: the saying does say Go West
beowuuf: should have sent all the vampires to do it
Riiiiiiis: TXC2 I would argue that people only died once
GapFiller: TXC2 yes usually of dysentery
TheMerricat: It's always interesting to me what people who weren't raised in the USA don't know about our geography. Not in that 'they don't know' but the specifics of what they they do know and why they don't know what they don't.
Didero: Surely by now you know to Go Left? Kappa
GapFiller: at least if Oregon Trail is historically accurate
Deathrite_Sharkman: im not straight either, it's fine
Riiiiiiis: Noo problem Pual :)
theghostwiththemost: so are we going north west?
TheAinMAP: Go east far enough and you'll be west of where you started.
Riiiiiiis: nope wrong way
chefkanin: infinite directions
TXC2: Riiiiiiis yeah, my Grammar was maybe off on that one :P
Genie_M: yeah, this helps on the camera
Riiiiiiis: :-D
Didero: We're going from here to there
Tom_Bruise: I'm already lost
wench_tacular: there is a lot of doubling back, we cover all the directions
Tom_Bruise: and there's not even walls in this mze
nullvoid8: go that-a-way -><-
NotCainNorAbel: maybe they will make the game in space and make it even more confusing.
v_nome: We will walk 500 miles, and then realizing we've been going the wrong direction, we will walk 500 more.
nullvoid8: what if we GO DENNIS
TXC2: it's Episode 10: Go East Kappa
Tom_Bruise: if this game starts going into space, I'd love it
beowuuf: John Cena is trending on twitter under John Cena? huh...
chefkanin: where did my wood go?
TXC2: "died"
Genie_M: so they are together
Didero: She merged with her twin sister though, so it's all good
TheMerricat: have we ever used the sink?
NightValien28: birdo reedus
Genie_M: if you look at their eyes, she's a heterochromatic now
beowuuf: mama, just killed a mom... cut a ribbon 'cause she said, closed my cuffs and now she's dead :(
Ivannorr: She was already dead more or less, but now is less dead
Genie_M: the sisters had different eye colors, now she has 2 different ones
Tom_Bruise: she just performed a soul fusion dance, it's fine and perfectly sensible
TXC2: and now her sister has Heterochromia
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wench_tacular: time to style our hair
Genie_M: oh yeah
Riiiiiiis: wait why...
NightValien28: what
ContingentCat: what
wench_tacular: he's losing it
Jon_in_Wherever: Why do I always sign on when we're in the bathroom?
Brozard: Ar we regressing?
Didero: Somehow THIS is one of the weirder part of the game
beowuuf: play with BB again?
Tom_Bruise: Now, hold on, whose idea was this?
NightValien28: we are monke
Brozard: Look at me - I'm the BB now
TXC2: and they spent 6 hours doing that Mop Cap, I Guarantee :P
TheMerricat: Is it ok to say Norman looks a bit... baked in this photo?
Riiiiiiis: Paul I think it's ok to not use the sink again :-)
Zaghrog: play with BB?
TXC2: TheMerricat Norman Reedus always looks low key medicated
Didero: Saves on rendering to have it be not a mirror :p
Didero: Did BB learn to walk?
ContingentCat: is he like a cat and wlll get frightened by seeing some mysterious man in his room?
beowuuf: uuuuuuh, i didn't know that was gunna happen
NightValien28: wat
Didero: your bb is a dead man
Tom_Bruise: not cool, Guillermo, at least leave a hurriedly written post-it
Saulens181: so I missed the last stream, what did I miss?
Genie_M: this ... is a not nice chapter
Didero: Is the problem that this baby is too alive?
NightValien28: #letbblive
TheMerricat: Chat, am I just now noticing that Deadman's head looks as if someone opened up the top before?
Tom_Bruise: Yea babies are not great things to hold while wildly gesticulating
ContingentCat: please don't shake the bb
Brozard: Sooooooo it is a baby then?
ViscountStyx: Next episode, playing baseball with the BB
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] Stop gesturing with the baby!
LRRbot: New quote #7573: "Stop gesturing with the baby!" —Paul [2021-04-14]
chefkanin: is this a bad thing?
wench_tacular: how dare it
Brozard: It was a baby all along!
Angnor33: It looks more like wetware, but what do I know.
NightValien28: well its firmware now DEAL
NightValien28: Angnor33 wow that was a good one LUL
ContingentCat: what a shocking development
wench_tacular: turn it off and back on?
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canoecrasher: This baby is becoming a baby!
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ViscountStyx: They're literally trying to factory reset a baby.
beowuuf: saulens181, we met mama's twin sister in another area who wasn;t speaking to bridges. WE got a new weapon where our cuffs can cut the BT umbilicals. Mama asked us to try it on her kid :( then we discovered the twins could sense each other until the birth. So mama returned to her twin (we carried her) but she died and 'joined' with her twin. Also she was being a surrogate for her twin's kid.
chefkanin: no let it be alive
beowuuf: SO not much missed :p
Angnor33: "What we need to do is kill the developing humanity of BB"
beowuuf: Also snow treks
wench_tacular: Lou?
Ivannorr: BB is Lou now btw
chefkanin: not trust
Tom_Bruise: Yea when did that happen and why?
Ivannorr: Just happened now
NightValien28: do not trust lou to the bad man
beowuuf: not cool dude!
TheMerricat: Lou is a storyline thing we'll find out about soonish
wench_tacular: typical baby
Genie_M: :P
Tom_Bruise: oh joy it's peeing
NightValien28: HAHA
ContingentCat: baby gonna baby
Saulens181: @beowuuf one, what. two, I recall tuning into an antimatter bomb?
Angnor33: Look, BB's will pee in your face. It's just a thing that happens.
TheMerricat: Lou is a storyline thing we'll find out about soonish
Aenir798: We haven't
NightValien28: there's a shower right there my dude
Ivannorr: Lou started in this scene
Didero: Doesn't Lou-k like it Kappa
chefkanin: hes evil
wench_tacular: you're showering wrong
NightValien28: not gonna undress?
NightValien28: wat even
beowuuf: saulen181: yeah, it was a ride. Maybe since it won't be a spioler anymore, you could wiki episode 5 to get the details? Also yeah, we delivered an antimatter bomb cause woohoo, and it got used offscreen ok apparently
TXC2: the cuffs came off why?
Tom_Bruise: oh good, soonish after the fact we'll know why this baby's called Lou
ContingentCat: um?
Jon_in_Wherever: go take a shower as well!
beowuuf: lol
chefkanin: save the bb
MrVirite: Join him?
Didero: why did he take OUR cuffs off?
Tom_Bruise: Take the BB and make a run for it
Genie_M: took off your cuffs
NightValien28: he is now the shape of the shower LUL
MrVirite: ooohhh I get it
TheThromborax: Paul, you have to take a shower with Guillermo Del Toro
TXC2: and has laid his on top, pointedly
TheThromborax: You just do
Ivannorr: There is a good reason that was not obvious when I did this
beowuuf: cool, we actually have a mark on our wrist from the cuff
TheThromborax: @TXC2 SYMBOLISM
MrVirite: The cuffs track and monitor you right?
TXC2: TheThromborax :D
TehAmelie: the man knows how to crush a drink
Didero: why are all these people so bad at being persons
Genie_M: he said the cuffs broadcast all that happens to you
Genie_M: exactly
chefkanin: it can probably be tracked
Aenir798: Is this when we stab him?
Tom_Bruise: Being written by Hideo Kojima must be kinda rough for functioning as a person, yes
jessieimproved: I don't know anything about this game and that's what I think
wench_tacular: awkward!
TheThromborax: Paul, go get in the small space with Guillermo Del Toro
beowuuf: I love that if you don't get that, this is just a really awkward moment
Zaghrog: maybe the shower would have had a problem if the cuff was on
Invitare: that guy who collects your bodily fluids will be even more confused
Aenir798: wait what
wench_tacular: personal space!
chefkanin: yep
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! What is rare sugar, anyway?
beowuuf: uuuh
Didero: They'll just absorb your bathwater
theneatestburrito: !adult
v_nome: Nobody tell Bruce Willis!
Tom_Bruise: But he is an adult
Brozard: Wow, body shaming
wench_tacular: rude
Tom_Bruise: wowrude, game
NightValien28: why does a shower has a weight limit???????
chefkanin: why does weight matter for the shower
Invitare: his name isn't Die Hardman???
Didero: please PLEASE stand less close
TheMerricat: Deadman, PERSONAL SPACE.
v_nome: Is Die Hardman related to Hot Coldman?
TXC2: 6 feet deadman come on
jessieimproved: I think Sam is going to have a panic attack
canoecrasher: This game is about FOIA requests?
Genie_M: they modelled poor Sam's face of fear here
wench_tacular: if they can't hear us in the shower, why is he up in our face?
nullvoid8: urgh, I go to put away shopping, and I come back to this cutscene
chefkanin: the shower is recording his weight!
Didero: Did he take our cuffs?
beowuuf: to stop being monitored
Didero: Is he switching cuffs? :O
Jobot180: His shoes must be so squishy
Tom_Bruise: Surely, if the shower's the only place where people aren't recorded, the record of these two entering the shower together would be suspicious enough?
Didero: ok, good
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Genie_M: now for a few rounds without BB
canoecrasher: Why does the cuff have two cuffs?
chefkanin: why is he dry?
ContingentCat: I'd imagine just taking off the cuffs would be suspiscious
beowuuf: shower dries you off
X_modem: That's pretty much the whole game from this point on right?
Tom_Bruise: Can we get a beer shower after that shower?
TXC2: there is a dryer in the shower
theghostwiththemost: can we have a beer well in the shower?
Tom_Bruise: a beer shower with a shower beer, that might be what we need after that shower
TheThromborax: the fact that you can't drink beer in the shower is such a missed opportunity
Genie_M: you can change the accessory
Genie_M: 7 grenades > not falling over
Robot_Bones: Attitude control? But I wanna get mad DansGame
TheMerricat: So chat. 1. This is a Hideo Kojima game - don't try to logic it too hard, remember logic only applies when he wants it to. 2. I'm guessing Deadman already realizes Hardman may be supsicious, what he doesn't want Hardman to know is how much Sam knows.
TXC2: no Mads flashback
Genie_M: it will be - when you get into the rain
beowuuf: no mads attack :(
Ivannorr: Here we thought Sam was going Mads
jmoney420og: Yo played da game long?
TXC2: have they explained what DOOMS means yet?
TheMerricat: @jmoney420og 10th episode.
Didero: tar ball?
TXC2: jmoney420og about 27 hours in
jessieimproved: we did, SUPER in PERSON
wench_tacular: yes we should do that
Genie_M: and without a BB - through rain
Tom_Bruise: Just don't go too far weast, or whatever direction you were going in
theghostwiththemost: dead man needs to die to be dead. bad joke ill see myself out
chefkanin: this is a lie right?
Ivannorr: Don't worry there won't be any rain. You are in the Mountain, it is all snow
Genie_M: theghostwiththemost i don't know if you know the story of Deadman, but ...
TheMerricat: Plus I think the idea is they want to upgrade your equipment, which happens when you do the prepper missions.
beowuuf: they all can't have estranged twins
theghostwiththemost: Genie_M no i dont
Didero: Can you elaborate on 'out of the ordinary'? Because we have a LONG list
chefkanin: do we malfunction inrain?
nullvoid8: yeah getting to lvl2/3 on most preppers is a very good idea
beowuuf: rain speeds up time one whatever it falls on, so damages cargo and people
Tom_Bruise: Sam, for as long as you don't have your BB, it's probably for the best to hide at the first sight of anything, in case it's a BT
Zaghrog: chefkanin no, but only because we wear protective stuff. Also, BTs show up in rain
TXC2: also BT tend to show up in the Rain
chefkanin: I like this game
ArcOfTheConclave: Have we visited Heartman yet?
Tom_Bruise: Man, Wiig970 is hooking us up rn
Genie_M: ArcOfTheConclave no, it's the story after BB's recovery iirc
nullvoid8: @ArcOfTheConclave no
Saulens181: We're in deep mountain areas, can we evern really use the vehicles here?
TXC2: Saulens181 that ain't gonna stop paul
Ivannorr: Yeah Heartman is still to come
Saulens181: i guess
TheMerricat: @Saulens181 we got here by truck so...
beowuuf: can we use vehicles? yes. can we use them well? no :p
Genie_M: floaties are good to gather dropped stuff
Tom_Bruise: we're gonna carry those trucks on our back if we have to, we're going by truck
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TheThromborax: *snow
TheThromborax: grab a PCC and head for the Doctor
Ivannorr: You have a floatie near weather station where Fragile jumped you
TheMerricat: I think we left all our floaty things in the place fragile teleported us from to mama's lab.
beowuuf: sam can carry an additional sam if he needs to
Genie_M: sometimes it's back to the basics - walking
beowuuf: that just sounds creepy
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Tom_Bruise: Where's James McAvoy when we need him, this is gonna get complicated
Genie_M: Mama/Lockne is the best character
TXC2: is this referring to yourself in the 2nd person? :p
jessieimproved: what *are* those things anyway, I think I missed something
nullvoid8: tallnecks are awesome
Zaghrog: I too like Målingen/Lockne
Angnor33: So, is this a 'Horizon' prequel?
TXC2: jessieimproved they're from Horizon Zero Dawn
nullvoid8: @jessieimproved Horizon Zero Dawn easter egg
Zaghrog: Angnor33 no, just one of the many references in this game
Angnor33: Ahhh
Genie_M: it's a Horizon tie-in
beowuuf: this will go well sergeJustRight
Tom_Bruise: Look, game, I don't know what kinda profanity filters you've got going on, but "Trap milk" should've been caught
TheMerricat: @Angnor33 the engine for DHZ was 'gifted' to Hideo's team so they included some easter eggs like that
TXC2: it's the same game engine
jessieimproved: ohhh, I actually know about HZD, they do indeed look like that
nullvoid8: the reason there's a Horizon Tie in, is it's the same engine
Genie_M: the game has many different ones - if Paul did them, he'd have lots of Cyberpunk things too
TehAmelie: i've been told some of the creature designers worked on both games
TheThromborax: so weird not seeing the poorly placed slingshot that is there in my playthrough
EpsilonRun: Seems really clunky on the terrain
Zaghrog: also, this game uses the same engine as HZD
nullvoid8: haha, the bridge in my playthrough is rotated a few degrees, so you can drive straight up
Genie_M: long trek
ps_loloriginal: sike
TheMerricat: teledoctor.
TheThromborax: prepare to be condescended at. this guy talks down to you like he's Paul Bunyon
Tom_Bruise: he's an academic doctor, he has a degree in art history
chefkanin: he doesnt want to see you specificaly
Genie_M: TheMerricat : acutally - yes. and there will be a mission about that
jessieimproved: well that was easy
Tom_Bruise: well who knows, maybe it's better this way, maybe his bedside manner sucks
jessieimproved: I'm always a teeny bit worried everything is going to explode every time you do that
TXC2: what an age we live in
TheThromborax: this game was sadly prescient
canoecrasher: Does he break the string every time?
TXC2: canoecrasher yeap
beowuuf: tell a doctor, with teledoctor. his name is doctor telly
TheMerricat: _every_ time.
Saulens181: was that a heart shaped lake
Genie_M: it's a pull-release snap lock
TheThromborax: it's probably some futuristic necklace made out of chiralism or magnets or some other equally incomprehensible material
chefkanin: Medical device
Ivannorr: It is a better name than the Doctor's wife
Tom_Bruise: Medical Device Engineer, why is the medical device broken? Get the medical device working again
Didero: How does a canteen PRODUCE anything
CaptainSpam: "Sam, I prescribe... Monster Energy Drink."
jessieimproved: there are absolutely no long term drawbacks to taking in this much Monster Energy
nullvoid8: @Saulens181 yes. Kojima has met writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards
TheMerricat: His assistant looks a bit.. sus.
NeoSilverThorn: "It's the Monster Energy of Life."
Zaghrog: the q-pid is filled with chiral particles, according to Die Hardman
Robot_Bones: Monster Energy Drink its got what plants Crave!
ArcOfTheConclave: Why is that canteen already Bridges branded?
TehAmelie: i'm reminded of the SCP "universal refining machine" and what it does with energy drinks turned to the fine setting
TheThromborax: I hope the PS5 version is branded with 4Loko
TXC2: robot orders = roborders
Genie_M: start singing!
TXC2: Core gamers love robot shipping Kappa
beowuuf: look, it's better than us just firing cargo missiles
TheMerricat: your floater should definately be able to hold 720 kg
TehAmelie: if there's one thing Sam delivers, it's service with a smile. well, his fetus radar dish often smiles
Tom_Bruise: sentient robot legs; beats FedEx's throwing arm
Genie_M: 720kg is ...
Genie_M: two hovers
Ivannorr: Your 1 float can not do 720 kg
TheMerricat: you won't have BB to cover for BT stuff.
TheThromborax: It doesn't really work for streaming, but at this point I just forCitysake everything else and just finished the road up to MK
Genie_M: now's not really the time to do that, yeah
OldManJohnsonMB: how are things in today in Hideo Kojima Present: Walking Simulator 2019?
TXC2: OldManJohnsonMB our BB had to have an operation
Ivannorr: Resting can also progress time
TheMerricat: @OldManJohnsonMB We had a shower with Deadman, got a bigger canteen, and met the Doctor.
Tom_Bruise: and we had a shower we should probably talk to HR about
OldManJohnsonMB: All perfectly normal things, thanks @TheMerricat @TXC2
beowuuf: also lockne is taking over for mama in advising us
Genie_M: you can sit around in a cave
TheThromborax: you could run ads, I guess
nullvoid8: timefall shelters are a fast forward, but time does pass regardless
Ivannorr: Time shelter does progress time, I think the private room probably progresses as well, not as explicit
Genie_M: no, but you will go there soon
Scy_Anide: It's a butt-shaped lake.
chefkanin: shooting people into space
TXC2: the answer is of course Pogo stilts Kappa
TheThromborax: Butt Lake
ashiok_nightmare_moose: the story will take you there
TheMerricat: Haven't you seen Boston Dynamic's robots? All they do is bounce. they are like metal tiggers.
TheThromborax: (who could be at the heart shaped lake we all wonder)
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Assemble the "Six".
beowuuf: Metal Tiggers sounds like the next Kojima game
TXC2: !quote 6
LRRbot: Quote #6: "My ears dissolve plastic." —Paul [2015-01-28]
TheMerricat: A Pooh to surpass all Tiggers.
TXC2: TheMerricat :D
beowuuf: Pooh, do you believe in honey on the battlefield?
Ivannorr: Mountain Knot is a pretty easy walk to Robot
ContingentCat: oh bother
Mangledpixel: boop
TXC2: "pull the trigger Piglet!"
chefkanin: are they living underground?
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Tom_Bruise: wait, why are we delivering stuff to the kid from Limbo?
TXC2: chefkanin almost everyone is
beowuuf: we only know for certain about five people are real and not just holograms
Genie_M: yes, rain
TheThromborax: BTs are invisible to you now
jessieimproved: He keeps saying he can sense them but not see them
Ivannorr: Sam is a Level 2 DOOMs so he gets shivers
beowuuf: same should get prickles
Genie_M: he allows you to see them, and the radar will be off
TheThromborax: I think you just get the musical sting
Genie_M: you'll see the handprints
Genie_M: shoulder device connects to BB
Zaghrog: I'm pretty sure the shoulder device needs the BB
Ivannorr: The shoulder is powered by BB
Genie_M: so you don't get that
TheThromborax: the shoulder device runs on the BB. remember the MAMA cutscenes
Aenir798: Shoulder thing only works when BB is connected. You could easily see this when you were with Mama
Genie_M: mapping pulse still works, yes
TheMerricat: Not that it is a name I would ever expect us to use but the shoulder device is 'officially' an Odradek
TheThromborax: "opt-out" blood donations in your sleep
jessieimproved: He looks down at the no-bb :-(
beowuuf: i like the shrug, since connecting to bb is so ingrained now
Genie_M: i'm an almost 60x blood donor - i'm happy to give without mandatory sleep-vampirism
TXC2: I'd like to think that by the time we could make that work, we wouldn't need blood donations any more
Mangledpixel: typically it's a good idea for people to be monitored by a human being while giving blood
Zaghrog: maybe there's something else we could do instead?
beowuuf: run for it marty!
Ivannorr: So looks like Timefall shelter lets you skip 10mins, and Private room may do 30mins
canoecrasher: Where are these bikes coming from? Are there other players in the same instance of the game?
Zaghrog: canoecrasher this game has online elements
Mangledpixel: you can donate vehicles and other things that then show up in other players' games
TheMerricat: @canoecrasher you never meet other players but as your 'strand' level increases their worlds and yours overlap more and more so that stuff placed in your or theirs shows up in the other to use.
Mangledpixel: so those are vehicles other players have donated
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plummeting_sloth: 91 months? That's 91 years in compressed Death Stranding time
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Ivannorr: With the online element this game truey is the Dark Souls of Walking sims
beowuuf: looks hungry
canoecrasher: Cool. So you're alone but there's hints of a community out there.
Genie_M: this is how i brought Mama here back then
Mangledpixel: yeh, kinda like Dark Souls
TXC2: "may"
plummeting_sloth: one day, god willing, this grim future will rediscover snow tires
beowuuf: this may go very poorly, but more likely it will go exceptionally poorly
plummeting_sloth: Trails: Death Stranding
Ivannorr: I set up a zipline network from South Knot through Robot to the boarder of Mountain Knot to deliver Mama
nullvoid8: you can fight once they catch you iirc
Sarah_Margaret: Onward to adventure!
lirazel64: you've got the cord cutter.
Zaghrog: looks like we're managing to avoid the rain
HundreydAundre: Snow-Lands? Snow Problems! Right!?
plummeting_sloth: this land taps for Snow-Chirals
TheMerricat: I'm amused everytme Paul plots a route chat keeps come up wiht dire odds for his success, and every time he makes it without a hitch :D lrrBEEJ
Didero: Master Transporter for a reason!
Mangledpixel: !findquote awesome
LRRbot: Quote #607: "Being a girl is awesome!" —Heather [2015-08-25]
Mangledpixel: very true
Aenir798: MOONSHOES!
TheThromborax: moon shoes!
TXC2: gravity boots are for hanging upside down
TheThromborax: #90sKidsRememberTheBrokenAnkles
plummeting_sloth: space hoppers
NeoSilverThorn: @TheThromborax We do.
Tom_Bruise: or better yet, give us a robot-dog that has a spring in it. We can call it Rush if you'd like
beowuuf: 1:40 over limit :(
Mangledpixel: took the scenic route
TheMerricat: The bot got distracted :)
plummeting_sloth: Robot took a smoke break
CaptainTalon447: Morning all
Ckiva: hey paul, im still catching up on the VODs but I am REALLY enjoying this playthru, thank you!!
wench_tacular: reading? eugh?
CaptainTalon447: How's everyone?
TXC2: hello CaptainTalon447 welcome
TheMerricat: PrideWave @CaptainTalon447 :)
CaptainTalon447: How far have we trekked across America?
Genie_M: oooh yeah, snowshies
Genie_M: *shoes
TheMerricat: Is paul going to become a skyrim horse?
Mkingston: All Terrain
nullvoid8: the drop on the chiral network FX was perfectly timed with me building a seamoth in Subnautica
TheThromborax: Paul, it's ALL Terrain
TXC2: CaptainTalon447 pretty far, we're in the rockies
Genie_M: best in snow, but great on rocky roads
TheThromborax: "I'd invite you in but we're afraid of dying"
CaptainSpam: "Thanks, Sam. Have the UCA considered hiring literally anyone else to help connect up the network? Like, it might go faster with more people?"
plummeting_sloth: *looks at own skeleton* Why can't you handle certain terrain
wench_tacular: easy for you to say
Taveena: All-terrain skeletons, for when you need to... take your skeleton offroading.
Scy_Anide: I kind of wish there was a no BB difficulty option. I did not grow attached to my BB at.
beowuuf: we've being herded in to a fight or a new nuke or something :p
Ivannorr: You can't fabricate the medicine though
Scy_Anide: at all*
plummeting_sloth: I like the idea that there's an orderly que of chiral ghosts waiting outside your peripheral vision to talk to you
CaptainSpam: Yeah, the network's got data caps, they can't afford to send it that way. Kappa
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TheMerricat: lol
Taveena: Maybe these are different high-bounce springs. Even bouncier.
wench_tacular: d'oh
nullvoid8: yeah, she had to calibrate the springs Kappa
Taveena: For bouncing things highly!
ArcOfTheConclave: these are different high bounce springs?
Aenir798: Doctor is from the 90s
WillConquer: Holy cow @inkorstardust !
wench_tacular: knee replacement?
chefkanin: medic bot repair
ContingentCat: they're fun?
Ivannorr: Could be more or less bouncy now
Genie_M: sing!
plummeting_sloth: Bot had an easy delivery, weight wise, today
Didero: You're in Bot Orders again
CaptainTalon447: You're on bot orders
chefkanin: !sing
ArcOfTheConclave: 73% damage
Didero: Wait, I only just noticed that those bots are also wearing boots
wench_tacular: beggars can't be choosers
TheMerricat: Chat, remind me again, what are the factors that control how much damage the bots 'do' to packages? Is it built roads?
Ivannorr: No medical devices or broken
plummeting_sloth: Load bomb into bot, set delivery to "Separatists"
Taveena: Ewww.
Mangledpixel: here's your poop from another timeline
plummeting_sloth: "Uhh... so... you left some ichor behind in my mailbox"
Taveena: We HAVE those. They're called SKELETONS.
Genie_M: water, rockies, snow - it's a great thing (i hastily upgraded it to higher level)
TXC2: this is a BETTER skeleton
Mangledpixel: !findquote skeleton
LRRbot: Quote #2348: "Cori: would you like to hang out with my skeleton?" —Ian [2016-04-19]
TheMerricat: better than level 3?
plummeting_sloth: Klondike Sam
chefkanin: right
TXC2: Yukon is like 2000 Miles north :p
Taveena: What if he has a man IN a package?
CaptainSpam: But if he DOES get his man, said man will be treated LIKE a package and delivered.
Mangledpixel: Andor man? Like, an Andorian?
plummeting_sloth: He always gets his package, or his man, or his man who is currently a packge
TXC2: fun story: it's a crime to mail a person
plummeting_sloth: Dead Weight Man
NightValien28: any gender can fit any package
ContingentCat: any nonbinary people in packages?
TheThromborax: if you like, you can carry a lot more people on your back if you make lethal ammo
NeoSilverThorn: @TXC2 Apparently that law got repealed in the Death Stranding 'verse.
TheThromborax: it's not as bad as it sounds, provided you are quick enough
plummeting_sloth: Sam literally puts the team on his back
TXC2: NeoSilverThorn indeed
CaptainSpam: Well, dead men tell no tales, so they're not as interesting of delivery buddies.
Didero: How many people have you carried so far, and how many of those were already dead or died right afterwards?
Genie_M: with lethal ammo you would learn the local incinerators quickly
TXC2: Didero 3 people, only one already dead
TheAinMAP: Whee!
Genie_M: BB would love this....
TheMerricat: I'm amused that there is an actual Wiki article on mailing people.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_mail
Didero: @TXC2 I think I missed/forgot the third person. I know he carried his dead mom and the lady called Mama
plummeting_sloth: Big fan of canoes, bridges
beowuuf: chiral artist only living one, and decided to risk death walking back again!
MrSVCD: A big Viking grave?
Taveena: Probably some kinda Noah's Ark parallel
TXC2: a boat, or an ARK maybe Kappa
plummeting_sloth: I mean, mailing people was a small but well publicized way of getting slaves out of The South
TheMerricat: The mailing of people weighing less than 50 pounds (23 kg), i.e., children, was occasionally practiced due to a legal ambiguity when the United States first introduced domestic parcel post in 1913, but was restricted by 1914. The children were carried along by mail carriers, but were not put in boxes
TXC2: Didero there was a side mission to transport a woman so she could get married
CaptainTalon447: I will say the asynchronous multiplayer aspect of the game is really good
Taveena: That sounds. Urgent.
plummeting_sloth: Slave who mailed himself to freedom in Philly
Didero: @TXC2 Ah, I saw Paul read some emails of them. They got divorced, didn't they?
TXC2: Didero sure did :p
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Ida_N01: Hi Paul! Keep on keeping on! hope you are having fun.
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CaptainTalon447: I like that everyone is contributing to making the journey easier for others
TheMerricat: They are _currently_ divorced. There is more story if Paul ever returns to them :)
Didero: @TXC2 Still not exactly a good review of our taxy side-business :p
TXC2: plummeting_sloth wasn't there a Supreme court case that sad that didn't work?
beowuuf: didero: if you missed it, we literally walked her to the door (500m?), they got married, then she walked back again! Why did we have to carry her if she could walk back! :p
TXC2: Didero indeed
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
fiftymcnasty: How am I just noticing now that Paul's camera has face tracking
Didero: @beowuuf She has a secret crush on us!
beowuuf: didero: it would at least be a reason :p
TXC2: no that's Fragile, and it's not so secret Kappa
Mangledpixel: fiftymcnasty it's pretty nifty, uses NVidia AR, IIRC
invisible_eleph: hey, any mods to do with lrrbot archive around?
Anubis169: which bit? :)
TheMerricat: Chat, I'm mildly mussed. The Soylent I ordered for 'emergencies' just got delivered a week earlier than the site thought it would be, which means I don't have the rest of the stuff to try it out yet, that's not suppose to get here till Saturday. This is a travesty!
invisible_eleph: the Mr.philip site archive? im not sure what to call it :P
Anubis169: nono i meant which bit of the archive :D
Anubis169: whatcha want to do?
invisible_eleph: Oh sorry, it might be on my end, but it seems like its still double recording from yesturday's mine'o'clock
TXC2: and we're back
invisible_eleph: thought i would jump in to let someone know :)
beowuuf: wb
Anubis169: will pass that along, much thankies and hugs <3
invisible_eleph: no problem <3
TXC2: invisible_eleph that might be a twitch VOD thing, the're kinda bused right now
Astfgl123: Everyone remember where I parked my good legs
TXC2: "remember: we're parked in the Itchy lot."
TheThromborax: (can I just share that after months I finally got a PS5)
Genie_M: oh, you can't create them yet right?
invisible_eleph: @TXC2 Ah ok, sorry I really know nothing about these things just hoped it wasn't making the poor server work overtime
TXC2: TheThromborax congrats
plummeting_sloth: "Oh, honey... we have guests. Where's my skeleton?" "In the closet dear" "No no... where's my GOOD skeleton?"
Astfgl123: Zipline chains are the best in this game
TheThromborax: @TXC2 thank you. I am absolutely losing my shit over here
TXC2: invisible_eleph no worries, trust me, I know Little more :p
Astfgl123: especially in the mountains they are a godsend
invisible_eleph: @TXC2 I will, thanks :)
Genie_M: ziplining is fun, though makes things easy
plummeting_sloth: If you use teh hoverlift on top the ziplines are basically ski-lifts
Taveena: clank clank clank clank clank
Genie_M: off to a great start
TheMerricat: we ran over a bunch of special alloys but I don't ermember seeing any chemicals.
TheMerricat: yes
Astfgl123: Ye
TXC2: they were ambitious but rubbish
Genie_M: it says on the right what happens on upgrade
TheMerricat: you don't have the stuff. you can upgrade
nullvoid8: no stuff, you have the knowledge
nullvoid8: it depends on when the game synced, and where it connected to on their game
Mangledpixel: oh, just noticed the neart shaped lake <3
Mangledpixel: *heart
nullvoid8: most people put ziplines on roughly the same paths I think, but when you get fragments of different networks, they won;t quite line up
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun range of level 1 is 300m, lvl 2 is 350m, looks like level 3 is just a 'durability' upgrade. Doesn't help too much but....
RebekahWSD: Heyo! ooooh, purple. Very pretty
TXC2: hello RebekahWSD welcome
RebekahWSD: :O
RebekahWSD: O...oh
plummeting_sloth: juuuust a bit outside
Genie_M: it's 350m
TXC2: poo butts
Zaghrog: 21m off
beowuuf: wait, i missed why mama is standing there
RebekahWSD: ;_;
fiftymcnasty: Can you just build one in between
Sarah_Margaret: Build another one?
Genie_M: beowuuf you can add holograms to buildings (and music)
TheThromborax: just build one half-way
TheMerricat: @beowuuf when you place structures you can put down a hologram and pick music for htem too.
Astfgl123: I mean a lvl 1 is just a pcc 2
beowuuf: aaaaah
beowuuf: thanks chat :)
TheThromborax: I think you can put one on top of one of the buildings(?)
TXC2: Sunk cost fallacy activate!
wench_tacular: is mama haunting us?
TheThromborax: who isn't haunting us?
wench_tacular: true :-)
beowuuf: our mistakes, given the amount of times we do risky things
TheThromborax: this is a future in which they discovered the afterlife and used it as a crawlspace to run ethernet cable for faster internet
TheThromborax: they deserve to be haunted
Genie_M: such generosity
Genie_M: 51 centigrams
Genie_M: half a gram!
Astfgl123: okay you need to travel 71 meters further and keep sight on both of then
TXC2: I wonder how long it's been since the start, surely people are starting to ask question about the president's were abouts? :p
Athelgar: please tell me there is a Kevin Costner's The Postman joke in here at least once
TheThromborax: how many people live in those cubes, I wonder
TheThromborax: is it 4 or is it a hundred
Taveena: Okay, but who wins for stupid capitalism: Death Stranding or Doom (2016)
X_modem: I didn't know we had a president I thought we had an autonomous collective.
TXC2: Athelgar not sure about the game, but there is in chat every time :P
Astfgl123: yeah blue line redline
Astfgl123: man now I wanna rewatch redline
plummeting_sloth: it's also weird to have all these cubes but also constantly intone that everything is actually under ground
Genie_M: now go back to the bottom one and use that - because
Athelgar: @txc2 then im in good company lol
canoecrasher: This seems unnecessarily dangerous
nullvoid8: @Astfgl123 un-tz un-tz un-tz
Invitare: Up, up and away!
BusTed: Sweet.
TheThromborax: @Taveena I think Doom (2016). There's no currency here and I think this is technically a post-scarcity society
RebekahWSD: Oooo, next one is gunna be juuuuust out probably
nullvoid8: redline is such a good movie
BusTed: aw beans
TheAinMAP: Good grief.
TheMerricat: :D
TXC2: !clips
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plummeting_sloth: do people just... not check?
fiftymcnasty: Time to make one on the peak?
wench_tacular: they did this on purpose, didn't they
BusTed: zero likes!
TheMerricat: At least we can go back and keep making PPCs
nullvoid8: lots of different people, with different realities @LoadingReadyRun
Astfgl123: @nullvoid8 Yeah it's great I use the soundtrack in games I run a lot
X_modem: every item you use automatically gives them one like
plummeting_sloth: it's a tourist zipline, for sight seeing
TheThromborax: I award you no likes, and my god have mercy on your soul
beowuuf: they're called zip lines cause you get no likes, nadda, zip, bupkiss
Zaghrog: this zipline might have been built in a reality where that peak was levelled by a voidout for example
NojhLivic: If you put it up there, they'll never learn their lesson.
Saulens181: wait, aren't we headed north?
TheMerricat: LOL
Sarah_Margaret: Whoops
Riiiiiiis: you're clearny heading east
BusTed: tqsShrug
beowuuf: directions are not our friend today
Sarah_Margaret: It'll be useful for someone
Riiiiiiis: clearly*
Genie_M: wheeeee!
TheMerricat: No we all were along for the ride :)
wench_tacular: no backseat gaming?
Taveena: I have no idea what's happening. Why would I stop you?
10of9: I can't imagine hanging by one arm for any amount of time with that size of backpack!
plummeting_sloth: the cardinal rose is a flat circle
NojhLivic: One must chart their own path. Plus zip lines are fun.
TXC2: the one time Chat didn't do it's job Kappa
RebekahWSD: I'm here to see infrastructure get built!
ContingentCat: Look Paul sometimes you need to learn these things for yourself
Genie_M: it was a learning moment
rudisc: We’re too shy to backseat
beowuuf: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
nullvoid8: I learnt my lesson after up-and-over. Don't stop Paul.
Sarah_Margaret: Infrastructure is a good thing!
Anubis169: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
TheMerricat: LOL that's clearly a lie @rudisc :)
Anubis169: lol
beowuuf: lol, never noticed that was two different commands anubis :D
Anubis169: yeah it's really rare for them to be in sync
rudisc: If you can’t see the BTs they can’t see you
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
TXC2: we've had a hard day of building pointless zip lines Kappa
Genie_M: i went with "bike and boost" - it works most of the time.... some of the time
beowuuf: important-point-less, like a second point, or a point on the top of the mountain
X_modem: sad Norman Reedus is missing his fetus.
beowuuf: wow, not too bad :p
Riiiiiiis: why are the deliveries ordered by damage?
beowuuf: you could certainly make up 100% out of all those deliveries
ContingentCat: good enough?
10of9: I was here for the first 3 or 4 streams of this, but I missed a couple. While I do plan on going back and watching, I am curious how much that will increase or decrease my understanding of the plot...
plummeting_sloth: well, the bot was 80% damaged, so it's still a trade up
beowuuf: lol, about 50/50 10of9 :)
TXC2: 10of9 it will somewhat yes
Mangledpixel: rinse and repeat for infinite likes!
TheMerricat: @10of9 it's a Hideo Kojima plot, about the only chance you have at increasing comprehension is medicinals....
Riiiiiiis: 10of9 I would say that that is a definate Hans
Genie_M: most of the plot is explained near the end of the game - but you need previous ones to know _what_ they are explaining
Genie_M: nope, just boost and go
nullvoid8: time to get the popcorn chat
CaptainSpam: You have to proceed at a high velocity!
TucksActualRulesLawyer: Is there a story reason why you have a motorcycle and not some sort of ATV?
plummeting_sloth: speed: enemy of ghosts
TXC2: speed and this landscape are not a good mix me thinks :p
Riiiiiiis: hitting aaaaal the rocks
Aenir798: I'm impressed by your ability to find every rock on the mountain, Paul.
wench_tacular: are you just aiming for rocks now?
Mangledpixel: impress the BTs with your sick bike tricks and maybe they'll leave you alone
Riiiiiiis: wench_tacular right?
nullvoid8: bikes are not well designed in this game
TheMerricat: I'd argue it's not the bikes but the rocks.
nullvoid8: I suspect it's the same movement code as horses in HZD, which care a lot less about rocky terrain
beowuuf: i mean the hzd engine just had dinosaurs, so....
TheMerricat: Even when walking rocks should not stop you in your tracks as soon as you touch them
plummeting_sloth: damn mountineer... why are they all the way up in the mountains
TXC2: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
wench_tacular: all in the inflection
CaptainSpam: Whoever thought the Mountaineer would be so high up in the mountains like this?
Riiiiiiis: maybe get off and have a look on foot?
LordZarano: Stopping is better than flying over the handlebars to be fair
TXC2: On foot? DansGame
Genie_M: walking is for those who don't have cool bikes
Riiiiiiis: TXC2 i know i know :-/
plummeting_sloth: and thats how you lost your bike
NimrodXIV: Yay!
wench_tacular: awesome
TheMerricat: @plummeting_sloth joke's on them, it's not his bike :)
Zaghrog: lrrAWESOME
Riiiiiiis: this game is stupid :-D
plummeting_sloth: please enjoy your well shaken antibiotics
CaptainSpam: Doing sick ramp tricks off your building is a necessary part of the medical process of delivering antibiotics.
plummeting_sloth: ah, that's because they were antibiotics compounded with morphine
Lokno: One day I hope to be a point cloud
TXC2: some kind of machine = an ultrasound ?
chefkanin: do not let the robot cary her
Aenir798: I think we're bringing a thing over here, not her over to the thing
Zaghrog: ^
TheMerricat: LOL
plummeting_sloth: you know what would help the spotting connection *cough cough going on the network*
Mangledpixel: can you string a floating carrier behind the bike?
beowuuf: the game's fooling no one, once the machine examines her we'll have to carry her to the doctor
Zaghrog: two PCC lvl 2's? Couldn't we zipline with those?
TheMerricat: @Zaghrog not if we aren't on the network.
LordZarano: I thought for a moment that he was asking us to go and get a doctor and carry them back
Zaghrog: oh right
Riiiiiiis: Zaghrog yeah but we need to be at both locations either way right
Riiiiiiis: ahh
Zaghrog: no network, no zip lines
plummeting_sloth: laying Ziplines like breadcrumbs
Zaghrog: the pcc's could come in handy elsewhere though
TheMerricat: We can still use those PPC for zipline to doctor, finish that spot that you were working on in the moutains....
beowuuf: to a master transporter like sam this is just a tuesday
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TheMerricat: oh that's right the doc is just nextdoor to the ziplines already...
TheMerricat: zipline through the BT zone?
BusTed: cronch
TXC2: ow
TXC2: !clips
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Zaghrog: ladder?
TheThromborax: ladder?
Aenir798: It did help. You just pushed it too far.
TheMerricat: you've got ladders.
Penguino_Rojo: this isn't skyrim, Paul
BusTed: Some Terrain
ContingentCat: ok so it's more like most terrains
NotCainNorAbel: can you really call a vertical face terrain?
TheThromborax: "All Terrain" not "Mountain Goat"
plummeting_sloth: "Some Terrain" skeleton just doesn't sell as well
TXC2: some non vertical terrain
TheThromborax: There's an entire Phineas and Ferb song about how All Terrain doesn't really mean All Terrain
ContingentCat: @TheThromborax so it's not going to help you get through this year if it kills you?
TXC2: it's an idea, that's enough
TheThromborax: @ContingentCat also applicable
TheThromborax: going through the badlands without a BB is *bold*
Genie_M: sound cue and handprints
BusTed: Wuh oh.
TheThromborax: NADE OUT
Aenir798: getting off the bike seemed like a poor move
Zaghrog: ^
TXC2: ah poop
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
TheThromborax: fight fight fight fight!!
banana_warfare: hi all
plummeting_sloth: just start spraying hermetic rounds like in Predator
TXC2: hello banana_warfare welcome
chefkanin: is the pregnant lady going to survive?
Zaghrog: pcc time?
TXC2: chefkanin if we can get out of this, and back to her in less then 45 mins now, yes
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
TheMerricat: so maybe ziplines INSIDE the BT zone was a bad idea chat, but in our defense, how could we have known? lrrBEEJ
TheThromborax: IMPRESSIVE
cardinalwiggles: hello all
Aenir798: Why'd you get off the bike in the middle of BTs
TheMerricat: @Aenir798 he wanted to place a zipline there
TheThromborax: did he just say the words go back
TheThromborax: what
banana_warfare: hi @cardinalwiggles
TXC2: hello cardinalwiggles welcome
TheMerricat: Perfect placement too. just 3 meters from max
MAPBoardgames: Zip! Zoom! Straight to the moon!
jeffjeffersontheman: hi paul
banana_warfare: bridges
TheAinMAP: foxmarFALL
MAPBoardgames: I'm okay!
plummeting_sloth: juuust walk it off
MacSquizzy: meant to do that
TXC2: hello jeffjeffersontheman welcome
Zaghrog: Paul is proven to be good at finding things to collide with
wench_tacular: stuck the landing
gualdhar: fastest way down a hill is falling
RebekahWSD: These falls always look SO painful
nullvoid8: didn't paul have cargo a moment ago?
beowuuf: get falls out of stsyem now
TXC2: good thing we didn't have our BB during that eh?
plummeting_sloth: our ablative BB armor
nullvoid8: narrator: but he could not
TheMerricat: you can always carry it to moutain knot city next door and build a carrier there.
MAPBoardgames: Did he just call you up to tell you literally how to do your job?
wench_tacular: that sounds bad
TheMerricat: I'm not sure why the assistant is always so wide eyed when we talk to the doc.
chefkanin: that sounded weird
wench_tacular: like we would break it
banana_warfare: question is there any magic streams
beowuuf: tomorrow
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
TheMerricat: not today @banana_warfare
Robot_Bones: Magic is tomorrow at 2 PDT
wench_tacular: just a small bit exploded
RebekahWSD: The *most* delicate careful man alive
X_modem: Wait a minute you just gave me a claw from a claw machine.
MAPBoardgames: @banana_warfare Thursdays: Arena. Fridays Paper.
wench_tacular: off to a good start
TheMerricat: "kicks carrier down hill...."
plummeting_sloth: just let it slide and let God sort it out
banana_warfare: ok thnx
wench_tacular: catch!
Lithobraker: Ugh, that bridge was really steep, reminds me of orgasm bridge.
MAPBoardgames: I don't like how the thing pops up suddenly on the bridge. Someone is going to trip. Like Paul did while I was typing this.
TehAmelie: if we had levitating carriages i'd be a foot courier just to get to push them around
plummeting_sloth: well here's hoping
TheMerricat: chat does the carrier follow along on the zipline or do you have to unload it and carry the cargo directly?
TXC2: TheMerricat I think it floats with us, but lets find out
Zaghrog: I'm guessing we have to load the carrier and it's cargo for zip lining
flufff42: I'm just guessing the zipline is real smooth?
plummeting_sloth: I want to see it pong back and forth
accountmadeforants: All-Terrain Skeleton: No matter the terrain, we promise it's a skeleton! :)
plummeting_sloth: All Terrain Skeleton sounds like a metal band
banana_warfare: @accountmadeforants : )
wench_tacular: stuff we're "storing" for later
wench_tacular: guys, I'm busy!
TheAinMAP: Welp.
Zaghrog: time to run
banana_warfare: ohh ohh
TheThromborax: did he grab a gun?
MAPBoardgames: Quick way to travel though
Lithobraker: Nice fast travel system
Invitare: that rope putting in work
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TheThromborax: does he know that the floating container doesn't work with the slingshot?
Zaghrog: pick up the carrier?
banana_warfare: wooo
Mangledpixel: yes, he said he's gonna bung it on his back for that bit, TheThromborax
beowuuf: O.O
TheMerricat: I'll laugh if a BT grabs him from the zipline....
nullvoid8: you're immune to BTs on ziplines
MAPBoardgames: Just need another Zip fork
Lithobraker: Man, that's some wild grip strength
TheMerricat: lol
Lithobraker: weee! again, again!
foopoiuyt: Whee!!!!
beowuuf: 15 - 0
NeoSilverThorn: Trying this *again*....
TheMerricat: Paul is just styling on the BT's. "Ha Ha! Can't touch me from up here!"
Anubis169: wow this mountain's covered in a crapton of cornstarch :/
wench_tacular: look at you learning from your mistakes
Lithobraker: Wait, question: are helicopters not a thing in this universe? or can the BTs grab them too
MAPBoardgames: got a rope?
banana_warfare: jump it youll be fine
plummeting_sloth: you know, just any skeleton don't fail me now. please
TheMerricat: @Lithobraker according to the early conversations with random NPC's attempts at flying have failed because your instruments get ruined by the chiral particles in the air.
TXC2: welp: turns out making a phone call can still make our new "high speed" internet drop out :p
nullvoid8: isn't that a ladder on your arm?
TheMerricat: that sucks @TXC2
MAPBoardgames: Delivery in 60 minutes or less, or its free!
TXC2: TheMerricat right?
10of9: The cargo slot on the shoulder reminds me of the Titan's armor in Destiny
TXC2: anyway looks like we mad it
Mangledpixel: TXC2 just means it fails quickly :p
wench_tacular: @TXC2 wow, that's so 90's
TXC2: *made
GuilKato: hit Butt LEDs are helpful
BusTed: lrrGOAT
plummeting_sloth: whether rain nor sleet nor snow nor faceplant nor gloom of night
TXC2: wench_tacular good old UK internet Kappa
TXC2: Mangledpixel :p
Lithobraker: TheMerricat *flashes back to video of the glider flying without instruments into IMC*
Ivannorr: You probably won't need it, but if you want a better Floating carrier you should do some more work for the weather station
plummeting_sloth: ANy longer huh? Well, I'm not gonna talk about my fun time onthe zipline then
TXC2: so did the floater work on the zip line?
Anubis169: you know Kojima
plummeting_sloth: nah, had to load it on
TheMerricat: @TXC2 Paul offloaded it
beowuuf: you travelled a lot :p
TXC2: ah boo
TheMerricat: @TXC2 did oyu catch the BT's getting us again?
Anubis169: there's probably some weird penalty for coming in over half the predicted time
TXC2: TheMerricat nope, I've been down for about 5-6 mins :p
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Anubis169: that's normally how he works
banana_warfare: even that was better than ups all they have to do is drive afew miles
plummeting_sloth: ah... you held her daughters health hostage for a connection! our hero!
VacillantVarlet: i have one of those exact flash drives- those things are great
plummeting_sloth: their
Anubis169: not sure that reasoning scans plummeting_sloth :P
Lithobraker: Anubis169 that's what we get for not peeing into a bottle to keep the delivery schedule.
BusTed: Now you're playing with power.
TXC2: plummeting_sloth more the other way rounf
Lithobraker: Kappa
Aenir798: Power Glove!? That's so bad...
beowuuf: the father is the one not connecting until now
TXC2: *round
TheMerricat: @TXC2 Paul snuck up to the zipline and right as he got to it three BT's just popped out of nowhere and drug Sam back to the middle of the BT zone. Sam ran directly back to the zipline wihtout getting hit.
TXC2: TheMerricat nice
Anubis169: manYES
LordZarano: vaccine is a prevention, not a cure, Kojima
Lithobraker: Suddenly the game turns into an ad for 5G Kappa
plummeting_sloth: You've brought us the next best thing to a live in doctor... a live in butler
Anubis169: RoboDoc <3
BusTed: Plum tuckered.
wench_tacular: all that, and they don't even invite you in for a cup of tea
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Mangledpixel breaks
MAPBoardgames: "We owe you everything, Sam" "Can I come in out of the cold? Maybe get a shower?" "Uh, no."
TheMerricat: TBF Sam's got BT gunk all over him, would you want that in your prepper bunker?
Juliamon: Time for an interesting remix
TheMerricat: This is a Hideo x BGC collab. :P
Robot_Bones: to hear the real song you must plug your headphones into the second audio port
TXC2: and we're back
BusTed: ResidentSleeper
wench_tacular: delivery hobo
DeM0nFiRe: ResidentSleeper
TXC2: wakey wakey eggs and bakky
Athelgar: i just noticed the dynamic camera follow
wench_tacular: now that's power napping
wench_tacular: just scan and upload man
banana_warfare: what
wench_tacular: no, never
LordZarano: Not bad
TXC2: "look at this photograph!" right now we've got that out of the way
TheThromborax: power gloves are so much better than they used to be
TheThromborax: yeah. that's not what they're fore
ContingentCat: well we're definitly going to try that now
TheThromborax: they're not for beating the shit out of MULEs
MAPBoardgames: Grip is also the difference between pink and purple.
wench_tacular: certainly not 10 mins ago
ArcOfTheConclave: A porter with a backpack full of photographs has a lot of bandwith
TheMerricat: "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad"
TheMerricat: Manditory The Wizard quote.
wench_tacular: neat
banana_warfare: perfect power glouves for a power nap
TheThromborax: @LoadingReadyRun throw a punch with them you'll like it
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TXC2: the totally still alive president
wench_tacular: thank you for your hazardous waste
TheThromborax: I never pass up a bola gun
MAPBoardgames: Lots of level 2 shoes here.
TheMerricat: You had one of those before.
lirazel64: Hey, recycling isn't sexy, just necessary.
TheThromborax: from time to time you will get Chiral Equipment as rewards for doing deliveries
TheThromborax: I'm not sure what triggers getting them
Electrodyne: I don't want to die, I just want to ride my motorcy....cle
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LightingExpert13: Paul streams are one of my favorite streams. Thanks for being so awesome.
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rudisc: This is where speedrunners ski down the hill on a carrier, just saying
Taveena: "Yeah, uh, I'm stuck." "W- why?" "No bars on this ladder." "..."
Electrodyne: Hey is there time-snow?
Taveena: "Like, it's just two sticks?" "No, there's no wi-fi."
TXC2: Electrodyne yeap
Electrodyne: Right on
Mangledpixel: Electrodyne yep, and it's nastier than the rain
LightingExpert13: what makes time snow nastier?
TXC2: LightingExpert13 it's denser then rain
Mangledpixel: degrades things faster, or so I was told
Electrodyne: I bet it can come at you sideways
LordZarano: Aren't you supposed to hold your breath when they come for you?
Electrodyne: And if someone throws a time snowball at you...oh noy
Electrodyne: boy
LightingExpert13: interesting
LightingExpert13: i came in late. Can anyone enlightening me on what happened to bb?
TXC2: LightingExpert13 it had a problem, needed Surgery
nullvoid8: *maintenance
BusTed: The golden spike!
LightingExpert13: oh no.
TXC2: we're building relays in Creeper world now!
LightingExpert13: paul seems to have abandon the toads for zip lines
Electrodyne: nice one eh
Saulens181: Speaking of, has paul played CW4?
LightingExpert13: hope bb will be okay.
nullvoid8: the camera movement in CW4 is pretty bad
Electrodyne: Are we am actual person, or are we playing a metaphor of hope and infrastructure?
TXC2: Electrodyne yes
ArcOfTheConclave: Nice damage
TXC2: LightingExpert13 BB will be fine
wench_tacular: how do you even damage springs? they should just bounce back
accountmadeforants: Is that a delivery with fragile contents, or a delivery for the person inexplicably called Fragile?
TXC2: wench_tacular you pull them apart
TXC2: !store
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Electrodyne: Straighten it
nullvoid8: smooth
wench_tacular: but they're in boxes!
LightingExpert13: @txc2 i know but i have become invested in this weirdly enough.
TXC2: LightingExpert13 I know right?
wench_tacular: opening a new clinic?
Electrodyne: Hey if we are playing a metaphor of hope.... where's the Blitzball? :D
Mangledpixel: that's some very heavy eyeliner ;)
Lithobraker: he needs nail polish to seal the edges of his glass slides.
Ivannorr: He needs to look pretty for his wife
Lithobraker: You have to seal the edges of the coverslip otherwise you get oxygen bleaching of your fluorescent dyes.
TXC2: Gods I love the way Paul's camera zooms in when he drinks :p
MAPBoardgames: !lovepaul
wench_tacular: a little quid pro quo
Lithobraker: booty
Mangledpixel: b u t t
chefkanin: super dirty showers afeter sleeping
Aenir798: How much Monster Energy is in your sweat?
nullvoid8: @Lithobraker I got whiplash from the tone of your comments :P
Ivannorr: Shower is based on how much tar you are covered in
ContingentCat: I don't think you want to think about it
TXC2: maybe how much BT crud we have on us?
Lithobraker: how far away you can smell Sam
ContingentCat: breakfast of champions?
ArcOfTheConclave: Paul, I dare you to get Sam blackout drunk
TXC2: what if it's monster energy beer?
Lithobraker: Isn't that just 4Loco?
LightingExpert13: monster energy beer? i dont know how to feel about that
TXC2: yeap mix caffeine and alcohol, what could do wrong? Kappa
Ivannorr: Chiral matter is obviously just crystalized Monster Energy, so everything is Monster now
TXC2: "here, drink a speedball"
wench_tacular: made of whales
Aenir798: Has that woman with the doctor even spoken a word yet?
LightingExpert13: he speaks for her ( fyi not okay with that)
RebekahWSD: Doctor needs to invent better colours
wench_tacular: when he invents vanta beige, he can get back to us
Lithobraker: TXC2 you'll take my espresso martinis from my cold, jittery hands. Kappa
johnny: This game looks interesting and boring in equal parts. very odd.
TXC2: hello johnny welcome
TheThromborax: more blood for your blood
niccus: (blood not included)
Ivannorr: One of the upcoming people in the next chapter has a pretty good LRR Blue.
RatekStormcrow: High capacity blood bags: Strange nickname, for "Human"
TXC2: Lithobraker haha :)
TheThromborax: I don't think you can make them
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
johnny: I own this game, I should probably try it out sometime
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always stuck in the subocean.
nullvoid8: various Preppers give you single use improved gear
MAPBoardgames: 99 =/= 100
wench_tacular: sounds like my local courier
Lithobraker: Sam Bridges doesn't have his GMP certificate yet.
ContingentCat: but that 1% is the important part right?
BusTed: Just like, super chill y'know?
GuilKato: will any bunkers join the network without you deliverying them stuff
johnny: are the robots stealing your job Paul?
LightingExpert13: the robot ditties are so nice.
Lithobraker: Its good to see that Boston Dynamics survived the apocalypse
GuilKato: I am curious why people wouldn't want to be on the network - wouldnt the bunkers want internet
TXC2: GuilKato they're isolationists
johnny: wow, that is a loud bike
Lithobraker: do a sick jump!
GuilKato: but @TXC2 the internet will give them Porn, and or other forms of entertainment
MAPBoardgames: Can't do on your bike? Not with that attitude!
GuilKato: even isolations must get bored living in their bunkers?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
wench_tacular: brain is worst, so unsupportive
LightingExpert13: honestly, bridges does seem pretty shady. something about a guy with a skull face seems bad.
TXC2: GuilKato maybe boredom has made them stupid,. I don;t know :P
MAPBoardgames: Paul just reminded me of the invisible people in my own brain that tell me I can't do things.
Lithobraker: GuilKato I'd imagine an isolationist prepper would have a few terabytes of entertainment pre-stored in their bunker to begin with.
wench_tacular: today
Aenir798: In that cutscene.
TXC2: this chapter basically
Ivannorr: Sam was keeping the name to himself for a couple hours
LightingExpert13: @mapboardgames tell that man to go sit in a corner for being mean to you. lol
nullvoid8: by resting there
TheMerricat: it's a spoiler why we call BB Lou... but we just started using it.
GuilKato: @Lithobraker true.... though at this point they've been bunkered for ages right surely they would want new ... well not shows,,,, but hey ebooks :D
TheMerricat: No. It's not from Mads....
Aenir798: Mads has only called him "BB"
Ivannorr: That scene was the first time, and it was Sam's choice
nullvoid8: yeah, when you rest somewhere, it can pop up in other games as a holographic waterbear colony. If you rest at that, it will make it bigger.
Riiiiiiis: LoadingReadyRun you have a real chance of pronoucing Mads Mikkelsen correctly here. It's "Mas" Like in Las Vegas or "has"
TheThromborax: @LoadingReadyRun this is a common question. Sam just sort of starts calling BB "Lou" at some point. There are [SPOILERS] down this road
nullvoid8: not immediatly, it's just the more poeple that use it, the bigger it gets in future games
Riiiiiiis: We often don't care about our d's in Danish :-)
Lithobraker: GuilKato I'd also guess there's a fairly large overlap between "isolationist prepper" and people who say "all new music and TV is horrible"
TheThromborax: @Riiiiiiis "Anish?"
Riiiiiiis: exactly!
10of9: Can you put your motorcycle on your back?
MAPBoardgames: I miss Lord Stormageddon.
TXC2: (hold up a pastry) Now that's Anish!
TheThromborax: @Riiiiiiis that's really amn interesting
lirazel64: @riiiiiiis I'm studying Danish with Duolingo, ad I had noticed that.
Riiiiiiis: TheThromborax but no - usually it's if the d is in the middle of the word :-)
Riiiiiiis: lirazel64 Dansk er svært ;-)
nullvoid8: oh bus, I just looked up the spoilers about Lou, and that makes so much more sense than what I thought happened
Lithobraker: Riiiiiiis isn't Danish just Norwegian with gravel in your mouth? Kappa
Riiiiiiis: Lithobraker hehe..hmm.. no.. but there is a lot of comparisons like that :-)
Lithobraker: or is it the other way around?
Riiiiiiis: Swedish is just drunken danish :-)
Taveena: LOOK AT THIS GRaaaph
LightingExpert13: thought his arm would tell him if there was ghost
Riiiiiiis: LightingExpert13 we dont have the BB now
TheThromborax: not stone, but surprise cement ruins
nullvoid8: no BB: no arm
TheThromborax: I really like the environmental artwork in that spot
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Thank you! It was! | Here’s the editing timeline, to cut a 2hr40 recording down to an 1hr33, without losing any gameplay. https://twitter.com/SonofMakuta/status/1382405189064388613 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ey9ZJJNUcAEoN-t.jpg | @SonofMakuta> @LRRMtG The editing on this is wonderful. It's so slick. The pop-in talking heads are such a nice touch. It must've been loads of work, but it's ⤵
LRRTwitter: ⤷ incredibly watchable. || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1382421630543044608
Lithobraker: Oh god that screen shot...
LightingExpert13: @riiiiiiis true, prior thought it came out without bb. i was wrong.
MAPBoardgames: "Me wait all day for cave paintings to come down stream"
Lithobraker: And I thought editing a podcast was painful
Aenir798: Your "package", maybe?
TXC2: yeah she wants the D ;p
MAPBoardgames: So, its a long story. Let me tell it to you in detail.
Lithobraker: Oh no! all your lenses!
wench_tacular: I'm a delivery driver, not a magicain
LightingExpert13: that editing looks like fun
TheMerricat: so 99% damage you say?
wench_tacular: I like that she has pictures up in the lobby
Lithobraker: It's "less-lethal"
TheThromborax: the shotgun is serious
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul
TheMerricat: thanks for the stream! and yes forever buckshot is something that exists
wench_tacular: cheers for the stream
wench_tacular: cantweSTEALTH
TheMerricat: rubber vs forever... phone....
GapFiller: thanks for streaming Paul lrrPAUL lrrHEART
LordZarano: Yup, image search says rubber buckshot is a real thing
Didero: Thank you for streaming during your morning, Paul, I love being able to watch a Paul stream live
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4:00 from now).
Riiiiiiis: Thanks Paul
LightingExpert13: thanks all for being great.
TXC2: back in the before times
TXC2: !vods
TXC2: !vod
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TehAmelie: in the game of dice throne, dice friends are cast aside
Riiiiiiis: lirazel64 good luck with the Danish :-)
TehAmelie: (i presume)
MAPBoardgames: I'm going to check it out to see what kind of wizardry Paul has cooked up.
TXC2: !events
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ContingentCat: oo legos
TXC2: !patreon
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !ytmember
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ContingentCat: Thanks Paul lrrHEART
Riiiiiiis: Thanks Paul *waves*
TXC2: !discord
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DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TXC2: !twitter
GapFiller: bye Paul
nullvoid8: thanks Paul, bye all
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
TXC2: !show override off
LRRbot: Currently live: Let's NOPE
Invitare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3:43 from now).