TehAmelie: i don
TehAmelie: get it
Metric_Furlong: because it derives from the latin word for '{of/on the) left' when it's used in English in its normal meaning, to describe something suspicious or untoward
TehAmelie: mumble grumble keyboard faeries
Metric_Furlong: you are saying that 'something about this isn't right'
TehAmelie: aah
Didero: I don't know if it's right, but the sin is there
Didero: Or something
TehAmelie: i thought it might have to do with the "sin" part. didn't think about the left/right paradigm because it's so purely english
AshBurnem: I love latin-root words. They're practically romantic.
TehAmelie: i did just discover the word "sin" comes all the way from the proto-indo-european word for truth
AshBurnem: Neat!
TehAmelie: probably meaning the negation of it
Metric_Furlong: also, on the subject of puns that are generally unintelligible to their audience
TehAmelie: i like the idea of the entire concepts of right and wrong being derived from true and false
Metric_Furlong: (this time not about those 'Japanimes' that the kids are into these days)
TehAmelie: strong Sinistar vibes of the middle one there
TehAmelie: might even have guessed that without the context of this conversation
Metric_Furlong: (survey-maker randomises the order of the options for each access, so 'the middle one' could be any of the three)
TehAmelie: fine i mean "Shady Astrology"
Metric_Furlong: ah, no it's not Sinistar
Metric_Furlong: but good guess though
TehAmelie: dangit
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL hello everyone! Ready to walk around while carrying heavy things?
TehAmelie: i had already banked my first Furlong point and all
AshBurnem: Yay Paul!
TehAmelie: sounds like good clean exercise
Metric_Furlong: hey Paul
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie eh, there's always next time
Didero: Hi Paul! No, not really, is it ok if I leave the heavy lifting and shooting to you this time? :p
Metric_Furlong: (that feature is largely why I switched to using the site over strawpoll - because it was becoming clear that ordering bias was influencing the results)
TehAmelie: what if we drink enough Monster energy drink to cause death by blood loss to compensate for all this health?
beowuuf: sergeHi hey chat
Metric_Furlong: (and yeah, I've been doing these for long enough that I felt comfortable making that inference :p )
Metric_Furlong: hey beowuuf
beowuuf: the title is changed, i see nothing can get in the way of sam lifting heavy things and putting them down elsewhere :)
AshBurnem: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul loves a good long walk, so Death Stranding seems like the perfect fit! Game: Death Stranding) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (4m from now).
TehAmelie: lifting and carrying heavy loads: the masculine experience
TehAmelie: well fit
beowuuf: i don't think i have enough to time to hunt down those sketches :p
TehAmelie: i mean i am talking out of 35 years of experience with trying to be a man: it's primarily about the ability to carry heavy stuff
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
AshBurnem: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
NicoTheSly: Paul time :)
beowuuf: lift it, wrestle it, assess it, weight is the hidden centre of the male experience
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Play it Forward! Ready to go walkies with Paul? Walkies? Walkies? Who's a good Porter! Is it Sam? I think it is! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun πŸ“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EzWhDrrVoAobC6k.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1384189550549889031
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: bit of a jumpscare there due to Multitwitch w/ Adam and having the volume cranked way too high
AshBurnem: Is the audio a little... weird?
GapFiller: certain amount of blood but fortunately not too much
beowuuf: feels like dogmeat should appear in this game for about 10 minutes as the companion piece to them disappearing from friday's agatha fisty :p
Didero: That is a good going-live tweet
AshBurnem: Well, if the audio was weird it is fixed now.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @AshBurnem thanks for the heads up
beowuuf: ah, my laptop was muted
Metric_Furlong: there's a poll up, while people are waiting https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3596610xff744CE5-108
AshBurnem: <3
TehAmelie: you get a kind of doppler effect on the music if twitch is having to work through lag. it happens mostly at the start of streams to me
GapFiller: hai Paul nalvHi katesHi sergeHi
LoadingReadyRun: (I have to make a few changes to the audio routing when I'm streaming locally, vs running a remote stream
wench_tacular: well, well, well(erman), look who it is... https://cvp.tlgif.me/#WzUwLjc4LDcwLjYxMjgsMTUuNzE3OF0=
GapFiller: TehAmelie gotta admit one of the wyrd tings missed abt my old less powerful setup was that old cassette tape esque warbliness from stream quality trickery
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB lrrPAUL lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: not that having a setup powerful enough to handle source lvl is bad mind
GapFiller: just esoteric problems eh
Metric_Furlong: wench_tacular there's a lot more members of The Beardtones than I'd thought Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: @wench_tacular I believe Dale is in there somewhere, too :)
beowuuf: hidden dale? ooh
TehAmelie: protip: bandwidth is the key
wench_tacular: I suppose I'll have to rewatch..
aWabbajack: lrrHEART
saberpilot: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrARROW
GapFiller: !picnic
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
TXC2: Hidden Dale: the most dangerous kind
Metric_Furlong: lrrFINE
x0den: how do you tell a hidden dale something?
TXC2: Here we GO!
AshBurnem: lrrFINE_HF
beowuuf: "tell dale" "but he isn't here" "oh, isn't he?" <scary sting music>
TXC2: Paul song HYPE
GapFiller: good evening Paul lrrPAUL lrrHEART
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP awabbaCheeseBB lrrPAUL
TheAinMAP: SingsNote lrrPAUL SingsNote
beowuuf: hey paul
JackWhoWanders: @beowuuf stop giving me Dale-based nightmares
beowuuf: :D
JackWhoWanders: Hey Paul!
wench_tacular: jlrrCooltunes
TXC2: now is this a song about coal mines? or Fallout? Kappa
TehAmelie: *writes down* ask for some Paul originals at Desert Bus
Didero: These songs are a genuine highlight of the stream, thanks Paul!
beowuuf: is there a third verse about meeting conan o'brien with a funny hat?
TheAinMAP: Hello Paul.
PixelArtDragon: Oh nice, got here just in time
flufff42: Merry timezone!
beowuuf: mads "clifford" mikklesen
PixelArtDragon: How many chapters are there?
Metric_Furlong: PixelArtDragon the internet says 15
PsychoI3oy: πŸ‘ σ €€
TehAmelie: ooh i hope the internet lies
Metric_Furlong: the internet? lie?
NightValien28: how do walk?
TehAmelie: it would be funny
TXC2: Standing: the hot new trend
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat!
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: You passed it.
NightValien28: good afternoon TheMerricat
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
TXC2: heartman sandiago Kappa
Tom_Bruise: oh right, we have to take Amelia down to Nicholas Winding Refn's house
TheMerricat: I missed Friday's episode due to breaking my foot, anything of import happen or did we spend most of it connecting preppers?
LordZarano: !findquote passed
Scy_Anide: Heartman, the best MegaMan character.
TXC2: TheMerricat Deadman gave us back BB
Didero: @TheMerricat We fought in WW2 and our baby got fixed and returned to us
TheMerricat: Woot :)
Zaghrog: Deadman also revealed things about himself
TheMerricat: Ah did we find out about how Deadman came to be?
Didero: Oh right, Deadman revealed he's made up of various body parts
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat We did
wench_tacular: that seems inconvenient
TheMerricat: Hehe.
beowuuf: we learned mads name is clifford and he's a war vet and that's why his beach is the shared war beach, deadman is composed of 70% deadmen, and now loves BB. Also we have BB back. WE call them lou, maybe, because we lost a pregnant wife with a child we were going to call lou. Maybe. Though it may me mads, since itsa rumour deadman shared, rather than sam said
JackWhoWanders: Did we have THAT scene with Guillermo del Toro yet?
Tom_Bruise: what, the scene where he jumps us in the shower?
CaptainSpam: @Didero I mean, we're all made up of various body parts.
beowuuf: the shower scene? or is there something scarier?
JackWhoWanders: Yeah
TheMerricat: @JackWhoWanders if you are talking about the shower scene, that was the episode before Friday
TXC2: JackWhoWanders the one in the shower? yes
Didero: @CaptainSpam Says you!
PsychoI3oy: yes, yes you can
Zaghrog: zip lines all over the mountains
JackWhoWanders: Awww I missed it :( Oh well, that's why vods exist :)
JackWhoWanders: Also thnx for the info guys:)
LordZarano: Oh yeah, we found out that Mama's body wasn't necrosing too
Lord_Durin: I'm here for some infrastructure
electric_claire: Ah yes, the game's story, that's what we're all here for
racoonius: hi everyone
Didero: Wait, is this 'Mama' our actual mother The PResident or the mama that had a ghost baby and merged with her twin?
Tom_Bruise: Let's 3D-print some roads and ziplines I guess
TXC2: hello racoonius welcome
CaptainSpam: It's time for SimStranding, where we build infrastructure!
TXC2: Didero the latter
Didero: @TXC2 Thanks!
LordZarano: @Didero The ghost baby one
racoonius: Paul i did see you in the Wellerman comunity video.
BusTed: I love that that question makes sense.
CAKHost: PCC Man has a lot of LEDs
Didero: @BusTed I had the same thought :p
Didero: @LordZarano Thanks!
beowuuf: this is hideo kojima, by the end of this game we might find mama was all three
CaptainSpam: All three, AND an AI system.
JackWhoWanders: Honestly if you told me PCC-man was the official in-universe name of a character in this game, I would believe you
TheMerricat: Ditto of what @JackWhoWanders said chat. I'd have caught up on friday's vod over the weekend but I've spent the whole weekend trying to take care of the aftermath of my fall. Seems like podiatry must be a profitable career since none of the doctors that my insurance company gave me to follow up with are accepting patients (ironically they 'find' this out as soon as I tell them my insurance carrier.. :-/)
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat I'm so sorry to hear that lrrAWW
beowuuf: that sucks themerricat lrrAWW lrrHEART
NightValien28: TheMerricat hope you managed to get the care you need though
TXC2: sorry to hear that TheMerricat lrrHEART
NightValien28: but its a good friend paul
Dandinstorm12: hey chat
MrSVCD: Alay
JackWhoWanders: @themerricat that sucks, lrrAWW
TheMerricat: The travails of living in the US chat. thanks for your well wishes though :)
MrSVCD: Aloy?
TXC2: hello Dandinstorm12 welcom
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TheAinMAP: Whee!
Metric_Furlong: the arm strength on this man
electric_claire: This seems much more convenient than walking'
TXC2: MrSVCD it's a tallneck yes, both games use the same engine
ArcOfTheConclave: iirc, you can dismantle other people's structures so they no longer are in YOUR game
GapFiller: TheMerricat lrrAWW lrrHEART lrrHEART nalvHug
electric_claire: Also Sam's grip strength is incredible
X_modem: or you can change the hologram at other people's structures too.
beowuuf: weeeeeeeeeee
beowuuf: -
beowuuf: -eeee
JackWhoWanders: @electric_claire my headcannon is that Sam hasn't been able to feel his hands since the start of the game.
noSmokeFire: sam's shoulder must be getting sore
JackWhoWanders: it's just meathooks by now
LadyGrey21: I worry for sam's wrist
NightValien28: huzzah?
beowuuf: same needs jesse's idle animation from control of rubbing his shoulder all the time
TXC2: booray ?
Ivannorr: you fell on Lou
NightValien28: maybe lou is cold
Tom_Bruise: Lou's sad because you fell down a mountain after dismounting
wench_tacular: chill out Lou
beowuuf: i said lou-urns
Tom_Bruise: this zipline is not well-placed for dismounting's sake
Genie_M: yup, snow BT does that
beowuuf: so snow just sucks full stop?
Tom_Bruise: yo these ghosts don't want you developing infrastructure
PharaohBender27: katesScared
JackWhoWanders: Well, we're boned...
wench_tacular: NIMBYs
noSmokeFire: we need a snowmobile
PMAvers: "Not in OUR backyard!"
Zaghrog: these ghosts are also far less concerned about the snow
TXC2: PCC man cares not for grenades
saberpilot: we don't like their kind here!
JackWhoWanders: "Not in OUR snow-covered wastelands!"
Tom_Bruise: they're not even in their own backyard! Go back to Hell if you care so much, ghosts!
Genie_M: yep, snow is the most problematic biome in regards of BTs
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noSmokeFire: if you zip through a BT is it like biking into a cloud of flies?
noSmokeFire: do they get stuck in your teeth
hexy_lexy: hey all you wonderful friends who i love beyond measure!!!
TXC2: hello hexy_lexy welcome
Dandinstorm12: uh
TheMerricat: Hey @hexy_lexy
hexy_lexy: is... is this what its like to chew 5 gum?
Dandinstorm12: kinda
ArcOfTheConclave: Ziplines seem like bypassing the game's main hook and best gameplay mechanics.
TXC2: hexy_lexy no this is what happens when you bite into a peppermint patty Kappa
Tom_Bruise: Stealth-slicing ghosts back to hell does kinda feel like chewing 5 Gum, it must be said
BasilHunter: check LOS or the Zip line?
BusTed: Number 1 or number 2
Tom_Bruise: only thing that'd be better is throwing blood-dipped batarangs at ghosts to send them back to hell
JackWhoWanders: @arcoftheconclave yeah, it is kind of broken.
TXC2: "would sir care for the poo or the pee grenades?"
Zaghrog: are we anywhere near where we were planning to put a zip line?
hexy_lexy: @TXC2 -The Pee Pee Poo Poo Man
Tom_Bruise: it's the Reedus-multiverse at work
PixelArtDragon: Turns out the blood they take from you every time you rest really gets around
beowuuf: reetuses
OmnipotentTrevor: Has Paul visited any of the hot springs in the game yet? You can even take along a passenger if you have one.
saberpilot: snow drift?
Zaghrog: too steep?
hexy_lexy: "doesnt have any particular moral quandries." just full stop :P
Genie_M: nope
Tom_Bruise: Imean, we've bred jobs into certain dogs, is this any different really? Kappa
Genie_M: no gloves, no offroad skelly
wench_tacular: just using your legs like a pleb
Dandinstorm12: Paul "No prepared" Saunders
Dandinstorm12: *not
TheMerricat: Good news, once we get the ziplines up we can just zip back and grab our gear. :P
saberpilot: climbing up a hill XD;
NicoTheSly: At least you have boots on.
beowuuf: look, we don't know the sort of moral debates that go on behind the scenes, it's possible they had a long, fraught debate and didn't laugh once
wench_tacular: uses no terrain legs
TXC2: we have the PCCs, that's all that matters Kappa
beowuuf: rockies, snow, winter planet. The PCC's are life
saberpilot: I'm Sam Bridges, and this is my favorite hill in the United Cities of America.
TheAinMAP: One step forward, two steps back.
Genie_M: magic otter hoodie helps
wench_tacular: shouting at mountains seems fine
Genie_M: 1.2.58 - implemented avalanches
hexy_lexy: @wench_tacular what could go wrong? :p
wench_tacular: dawww
TXC2: beowuuf the PCC's are life, the PCCs expand the chiral network
beowuuf: do you reckon if you pick the 'wrong' ending for mass effect 3, that shop tries to dissassociate itself from shepherd's endoursement?
beowuuf: the BT's and the PCCs are one...
Mkingston: Getting the entire map ziplined is so satisfying.
Genie_M: i never really liked ziplining - sure it's quick and convenient, but takes the part i enjoy the most out of delivering stuff
Tom_Bruise: aww yea, eat that, ghosts, we've built infrastructure
NicoTheSly: Oups, no cargo o.O
beowuuf: in-fra-struct-ture *clap clap clapclapclap*
PsychoI3oy: was that the 'motors' that were destroyed after getting in the tar?
hexy_lexy: dangerous mountain? i think you mean "Slip-n-Slide" :p
Genie_M: yes
wench_tacular: it did
hexy_lexy: yes
TXC2: it sure did
Lancelive: very advanced hood technology
Genie_M: skelly, gloves
Oliin: I've gotta say, the thing that throws me the most in this game is Guillermo del Toro's model is in it, but when he speaks some other guy's voice comes out.
JackWhoWanders: I mean it's a cute otter hood, why wouldn't it make cute otter sounds?
Tom_Bruise: let us style and profyle on these ghosts in our gold exoskeleton
Lancelive: the second half of it will be a breeze
beowuuf: did we get another piece of advice from the mountineer have way up?
TXC2: well they don't have arms, so i suspect no :p
beowuuf: *half
ArcOfTheConclave: Well Paul, the springs keep arriving damaged.
PharaohBender27: Welp
hexy_lexy: welp
Genie_M: took your 228 kilo pack
TXC2: losinghorns.wav
TheAinMAP: benginFacepalm
X_modem: robot parade robot parade wave the flags that the robots made
Didero: It's important to learn how to delegate, and those bots need the practice
hexy_lexy: Awkward_Fart.wav
HundreydAundre: Autonomy has failed thee?
Zaghrog: time to deploy another zipline right here
TheThromborax: if they do an enhanced edition, I hope you can see your bots in the world
beowuuf: you realise they take the boxes off their shoulders and ski everywhere on them, hence the damage
Genie_M: you have spare shoes?
Lancelive: if you build it, they will zip
PharaohBender27: @Lancelive katesLol
TXC2: it's good to have that perspective
Invitare: an All Terrain Skeleton sounds like a high level enemy
TheThromborax: I think this has become my favorite game
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Part 1 of the NORTH100 Strixhaven set review is up! | @sergeyager, @BWheelerMTG, and @jrhwhite look at White, Blue, and Red. | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hG7V-YL7AI || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1384200423943200780
beowuuf: there's also a sealed game of G v Nelson up
Invitare: seems like you need one to get up to the first one
TXC2: the lightning bubble
PsychoI3oy: normally that happens out of view, but that was a lost package entering your game
Tom_Bruise: wait, how are we expecting to zip-line UP a mountain?
Tom_Bruise: Sci-Fi Super Ziplines I guess?
PsychoI3oy: the first streamer I watched had the same thing happen and i poked the death stranding subreddit to figure out what it was
TXC2: Tom_Bruise pretty much
accountmadeforants: This game has a liberal interpretation of ziplines.
PixelArtDragon: "Try jumping"
Lord_ZYRK: Our zipline is a laser powered by ghosts, and you're worried about *gravity*
Tom_Bruise: I wouldn't be if we didn't keep falling down mountains
LordZarano: Unlike Deep Rock Galactic it seems you are perfectly safe while ziplineing in this game
accountmadeforants: Lord_ZYRK Gravity might make the All-Terrain Skeleton angry.
TXC2: one should always be worried about gravity
TheThromborax: put it on the pointy rock @loadingreadyrun
Lancelive: is there any way to 3D print some dynamite? nilesyThink
TheThromborax: you can build on rocks. I can on PS4, anyway
Zaghrog: it works?
electric_claire: @Lancelive The way Sam moves around that dynamite would explode in an instant
accountmadeforants: Dewit
Lancelive: @electric_claire very true
Genie_M: at least pull up your legs
TheThromborax: @lancelive kill an NPC, drop their corpse somewhere, run away, wait
e_bloc: Corgo300 ziplines are my favorite part of this game
Sly_chocobo: "Sam was found 14 miles away after clipping a rock doing 200mph on a zipline"
JackWhoWanders: And thus the core gameplay went by by
X_modem: It's laser time boys, put on your 3D shades
noSmokeFire: if ziplines are growing on you, consult a doctor
TehAmelie: sic transit gloria ludo?
e_bloc: for time sensitive missions they are a lifesaver
Tom_Bruise: That's the Zip-Bridge guarantee!
JackWhoWanders: Well you gave Sam the same birthday as me, so I hope we'd get along.
noSmokeFire: The Doctor who?
racoonius: Paul i did see you in the Longest JohnΒ΄s wellerman comunity video
Lancelive: bloodbags, a refreshing and healthy snack for the road
Genie_M: 1080 kg
wench_tacular: it's safer there than in your veins....
Tom_Bruise: Always ask your waiter for an extra doggy bag to put your leftover blood in
Zaghrog: upgrading preppers apparently gets you cool stuff
noSmokeFire: can we unlock one of those beer hats for blood bags?
Genie_M: that's a TON
TehAmelie: that's one of the several imprial tons isn't it?
PharaohBender27: O_o
TheThromborax: mahooooosive
Genie_M: that's 2 full large floatis and you
Genie_M: or a truck
Ivannorr: you can do multiple trips
TehAmelie: like, one third hogshead
TheThromborax: do it anyway. walk
Genie_M: also you can go back and forth
TXC2: time to truck up the mountain eh?
TheThromborax: or car
Genie_M: with the zipline you're quick for even time sensitive stuff
ArcOfTheConclave: if you have a private locker on each end of the zip network, you can do multiple trips
Tom_Bruise: Can we put that handcuff thingy on the truck and have the truck zipline along the mountain?
TXC2: we gotta take to fuel up in a truck, wages of fear style
Genie_M: zipping up and down a few times it could work - you can carry ~350kg with a power skelly, so it's 3 round trips
wench_tacular: quite the hoarder
TehAmelie: next we'lll see Optimus Prime on a zipline
RandomTrivia: Oh the mountain is in the way... That's unhelpful.
RandomTrivia: Can we blast it to smithereens? :D
Zaghrog: voidouts...
Lord_ZYRK: Yeah, we just need a corpse first
RandomTrivia: Clearly not using enough high explosive then :D
saucemaster5000: Unlocks extremely fast mode of travel, immediately complains there's no way to skip it -- the human condition
TehAmelie: the Transformers comics i read when i was little had these fact sheets about the characters that always said their strength was measured in the tens of millions tons that they could lift. no better way to teach kids about power creep
Tom_Bruise: yea but aren't transformers, like, thousands of years old and from an alien planet?
Tom_Bruise: Why are they sports cars 'n stuff?
CaptainSpam: Yeah, it taught kids that power creep was cool and bigger numbers were more awesomer. :p
TehAmelie: was that the point? maybe it was just me who never bought it
lirazel64 is amused that Twitch blocks the word "creep".
LordZarano: "Robots in disguise"
Widebaker: Does LRR have a discord server?
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
LordZarano: !whichcord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Widebaker: Thanks!
dkosa: stranded not strand
Tom_Bruise: I think the point was to sell toy cars that turned into robots
saucemaster5000: gotta whale something.
TXC2: "we're whalers on the moon, we carry our harpoon!"
NightValien28: whaling in general is a bad idea, so I am not that surprised they would try it LUL
Robot_Bones: Bad ideas haven't stopped anyone before!
X_modem: meanwhile deadman remains clothingless.
Dandinstorm12: Paul "...Beach" Saunders
chefkanin: We'l sing our mary toune
Robot_Bones: they call him Beachman
LordZarano: Hover thingy?
TehAmelie: moon rhymes with harpoon. i just now realized how important that random happenstance was in forming the picture the people in Futurama has about our time
Lancelive: magic babies though
beowuuf: hey kids, the wacky future the transformers movie and the tie in comic series existed in was 15 years ago :p
Dandinstorm12: 0
Dandinstorm12: 0%
wench_tacular: "human resources"
saucemaster5000: no more questions
Genie_M: it would need 2 lv2 hover thingies + this skelly to manage it in one turn
Tom_Bruise: it's a contractual obligation to donate blood at every opportunity
MatthewDennisMTG: @beowuuf this is dealing psychic damage to me
Alephred: The Transformers movie had exactly one F-bomb, as allowed under PG ratings, at the time.
chefkanin: Im not completely sold on that it is a good thing to connect people to the network
LordZarano: Oh I guess there's no point using hover thingy just to go from the door to the zipline, no matter how heavy
PixelArtDragon: Remember when they said "they're not handcuffs, we promise"?
TXC2: it's kinda shocking there isn't a clone factory pumping copies of us for that purpose
Lancelive: good tippers, these doctors
Genie_M: zipline and 3 round trips is _much_ quicker than hover thingy walk
CaptainSpam: High-capacity blood!
beowuuf: matthewdennismtg: sorry :D
wench_tacular: @TXC2 are we sure there isn't? it would explain all the blood packs
Tom_Bruise: "We need your blood to be nice and juicy, Sam. Don't neglect your health"
Robot_Bones: I mean they pump us full of beer and Monster energy drink to make sure we go to the bathroom alot
beowuuf: txc2: i think the only shocking thing is that this plotline hasn't been revealed yet. It must be on the cards!
TXC2: wench_tacular they're from a multi-verse of Sams, which now I think about it, may as well be what I just said :p
flufff42: β€œPCC man isn’t what he used to be anymore.”
TXC2: beowuuf indeed
Lancelive: o7
Dandinstorm12: yay
RandomTrivia: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
TXC2: this totally, 100% still alive woman thanks you
Lancelive: with the ziplines?
wench_tacular: they should have ordered early
chefkanin: do we know if we can carry it yet?
Genie_M: zipline professionals wanted
TheThromborax: truck it!
TheAinMAP: That's a tight schedule.
JackWhoWanders: You have ziplines yoh can totally do it
Genie_M: 4 round trips
beowuuf: president dead, i mean death, i mean president stranding thanks you!
NicoTheSly: 6 minutes for 4 trips :/
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (1:55 from now).
Ivannorr: S rank
Genie_M: S rank, complete, normal
wench_tacular: perfect
NicoTheSly: Leaning tower of cargo <3
Genie_M: too large
Lancelive: we're having a kegger tonight
Genie_M: for ziplining, no
ArcOfTheConclave: limmited by both?
wench_tacular: sure
ArcOfTheConclave: only half a ton
Genie_M: it can be done in 3 if you have upggrades, that's how you can complete in 6m45s
hexy_lexy: "dont overdo it" he says after giving us a quest to overdo it
Lancelive: it's so nice that the apocalypse destroyed the laws of physics
Didero: If you can't see the actual zipline, he just looks like a really weird superhero
TXC2: !clips
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LordZarano: Can't hold one in one hand while ziplining with the other?
hexy_lexy: *indiana jones theme plays*
Genie_M: "the scenic route"
MatthewDennisMTG: omg your hat
Dandinstorm12: right?
hexy_lexy: its The Otter Hood and its necessary
TheMerricat: it's a gift from Conan O'Brien
TXC2: just the complete non expression on Sam's face
ArcOfTheConclave: @MatthewDennisMTG the otter hat has mechanical benefits and so the Speedrun uses it
Lancelive: kinda looking like a battering ram
MatthewDennisMTG: wow really? what benefits does it have?
TXC2: I feel like we should be tipping over :p
Genie_M: 3:35 for one trip here
Genie_M: so ... 6:45 for all is
Genie_M: nope
Ivannorr: you needed to switch it to partial
ArcOfTheConclave: Opps
chefkanin: oops
jessieimproved: It's very unclear how many people actually exist in these underground city bunkers
Dandinstorm12: whoops
noSmokeFire: all that for something
beowuuf: it's not automatic?
Didero: welp, time to wipe the save :p
ArcOfTheConclave: you had to put it in the private locker
Tom_Bruise: You blew it, you maniac
TXC2: Bad UI design is bad
Alephred: You will eventually see the inside of one bunker, and it's the size of a small apartment.
ArcOfTheConclave: def gone
Genie_M: you can do it again
TXC2: "a zipline road"
Alephred: These bunkers are much less nice than your safehouses.
Tom_Bruise: I think he'd just be happy to have a neighbour
chefkanin: yep
TXC2: Tom_Bruise a person does not build a bunker up a huge mountain in order to have neighbours :p
Dandinstorm12: probably
Grandpigus: what did the algorithm predict for strixhaven cards? I need more trampbopoline
cmzin_apns: <message deleted>umbrβ–„β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–ˆβ”€ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–ˆβ–’β–ˆ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–ˆ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–„β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–„β–“β–‘β–‘β–ˆ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–’β–„β–“β–’β–‘β–’β–“ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–„β–€β–€β–€β–„β–„β–’β–’β–’β–’β–“β–€β–’β–‘β–‘β–’β–“ ────▄▀░░░░░░▒▀▄▒▓▀▒░░░▒▓ β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–“β–€β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–“ β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–“β–ˆβ–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–“ β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–ˆβ–’β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–“β–€ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–€β–„β–„β–€β–€β–€β–„β–„β–€β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–“β”€ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–“β–€β”€ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–“β”€β”€ ──────────────▄▄▄▀▄▄▀
Dandinstorm12: lrrHAM
Dandinstorm12: er
RandomTrivia: sergeModLove sergeModLove
hexy_lexy: #BlessOurMods
Tom_Bruise: @TXC2 well it's a good thing we're away most of the time and not actually staying in that safe house, huh?
TheAinMAP: sergeModLove
CaptainSpam: lrrHAM sergeModLove lrrHAM
TXC2: Tom_Bruise indeed
thatfoxystoat: indeed
TheThromborax: is he holding off on the story mission?
TXC2: TheThromborax yes, today is infrastructure day
chefkanin: O like it
beowuuf: be prepared mentally, not equipment wise
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Because we only played 4 rounds of sealed during the Strixhaven PPR opposed to the regular 8, folks were keen to play some more. So that's exactly what we did. He's bonus match the 1st feat. Graham and Nelson! These were recorded the Sunday after the PPR. https://youtu.be/ZqBlaSMPr0I || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1384209765111263238
hexy_lexy: funnily enough, "that last part is also part of that motto" is ALSO part of the motto :p
TheThromborax: @TXC2 very good!
TXC2: pretty sure "Be prepared" is the scouts motto
beowuuf: if you try to pack stuff for every situation, it takes forever. Mentally preparing yourself for disappointment takes seconds
hexy_lexy: @TXC2 no thats the song from the lion king :p
TXC2: hexy_lexy :D
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chefkanin: A well prepared backpack is heavy
Dandinstorm12: lrrSPOT
TheAinMAP: Ow.
chefkanin: bad armor
NicoTheSly: Poor Lou :(
beowuuf: lou is short for lou-k out I'm gunna fall on you again', right?
Tom_Bruise: quit your crying baby, you're at least covered by an adamantium flask
PixelArtDragon: We found out its name?
TXC2: I don't like how the cord moves like a snake
Mysticman89: "try jumping" a la dark souls
NimrodXIV: did we find out where the name Lou came from?
Alephred: Yes, it's the name Sam would have given his own child, who died.
chefkanin: his baby
NimrodXIV: ooooh
TXC2: allegedly
Saulens181: perfect
Tom_Bruise: "well, I guess you're my son now, piece of protective equipment"
beowuuf: might be sam, i don't think he confirmed the story deadman heard was definitely him? of course, if it ends up being mads, then the kid would be called lou anyway, soooooo
Lord_ZYRK: Yeah, we were told a story about a man whose pregnant wife died, and how he wanted to name his child Lou, but no one was named
Lord_ZYRK: no one else*
beowuuf: yeah, it was a story the president had said of 'someone' she missed and deadman put the pieces together of it being sam
TheAinMAP: Hang in there.
NimrodXIV: his poor arm
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
beowuuf: anyone know who cori's guest is today?
Lord_ZYRK: It's strongly implied that it's Sam, but I don't trust shit in a game like this on assumptions
X_modem: I thought there was a rule in English class that you couldn't leave a dangling Sam.
Alephred: That zipline must be hell on his shoulder.
Metric_Furlong: poll's still up, if people want to do something weird during break https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3596610xff744CE5-108
JackWhoWanders: I'm fairly certain that the game will never have further ambiguity about the man from Deadmans story being Sam, but I could be wrong
Metric_Furlong: (three Furlong Pointsβ„’ still available - to anyone playing the guessing game)
TXC2: and we're back
beowuuf: no clue metric :D
TheThromborax: I believe it is dynamic
X_modem: It brings in things based on your connection rating.
PsychoI3oy: I believe everyone shares with a different group
Genie_M: I tried to build on the places you are but didn't see your stuff / did not see my stuff in your game
X_modem: The more you're connected the more things from other players games come into your game
TheThromborax: the things in your world are created by a set group of people which will change as you/they play the game
rudisc: I think if you give likes or deliver packets for other people you see more of their stuff
TheThromborax: someone stops playing, someone else comes into your world
TheMerricat: you can make social contracts with specific people, which ties them specifically, but I think the rest is dynamicly choosen
TheThromborax: however, your stuff is not, I don't believe, necessarily in their world.
Metric_Furlong: beowuuf well, I suppose this does answer the question about whether chat has an easier time with games or japanese cartoons Kappa
TheThromborax: you found him!
TheThromborax: I bought this game on launch day and I'm ashamed to say I only bothered to find this guy about a week ago
Metric_Furlong: TheThromborax well, better late than never, eh?
sydnius: Biff?
TheThromborax: @Metric_Furlong there is still one person, to the west of the Timefall Farm, who I still haven't met
TheThromborax: I never go there
beowuuf: metric: the answer is 'brain sleepy now' :D I'm sure at least i'll feel foolish hearing the answers to games!
NicoTheSly: We might have left some dark area earlier in the game too
Saulens181: can we build a zipline in that corner or somehting?
Metric_Furlong: beowuuf now, to be fair, I don't know how well-known some of these are going to be either :p
X_modem: also time to fall decays structures, so they may have had a zipline network that's falling apart.
Genie_M: it seems the game tries to keep a cohesive group together to build with each other
Genie_M: but things do get worn down
Niahlah: Ah, a true canadian experience I see
Niahlah: seriously.. I remember trudging through snow like that as a teenager
beowuuf: snow joke
Metric_Furlong: cool it with the puns, chat
hexy_lexy: once you get used to it, its snow problem
Metric_Furlong: we need to keep things chill
Niahlah: that's snow blizz?
beowuuf: icy you are not a fan of low hanging fruit
PsychoI3oy: check the share locker?
Niahlah: I thought that was just Beej
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LordZarano: Oh, so this time the storm's destruction was real?
TXC2: the Beej has been observed wearing pants
Genie_M: you have your all terrain legs with you?
TheThromborax: Isn't it the little circle?
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 I'll inform the authorities
Sogheim: oh hey it's Paul! hello Paul! sweet, I can't tell what's the mountain and what's the sky
TXC2: Metric_Furlong nah Heather knows already Kappa
TXC2: hello Sogheim welcome
Genie_M: sweet and deadly
beowuuf: sergeHI
PharaohBender27: OUCH
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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CAKHost: :C
beowuuf: get it together indeed sam
Tom_Bruise: how- How did you live?!
Didero: At least you fell on your back, so you didn't crush the baby?
Genie_M: yowch
Sogheim: dang
Didero: just your spine
CAKHost: Was just wondering if your No 1 grenades will freeze in this weather.
The_FlyingDutchman: soooo.....how does itcry when in amniotic fluid? I have questions....anatomical ones
Tom_Bruise: by all rights, there should not be a single bone in your body left, it all oughtta be dust
Sogheim: hold up, "Lou"? what happened to BB?
Genie_M: they got named
PharaohBender27: @Sogheim We started calling them Lou
Metric_Furlong: The_FlyingDutchman the power of Scienceβ„’
Lord_ZYRK: You got a problem with Lou? DansGame
Zaghrog: Sogheim the name Lou came out of nowhere a few streams back, by now we have learned where that came from
saberpilot: poor Sam :(
TXC2: Might?
Aenir798: Narrator: "It was a bad idea."
The_FlyingDutchman: ahhh yes science...
Alephred: The most precarious thumbs-up
Sogheim: I just don't wanna get too attached to a BB, seems like a bad idea
TXC2: there it is
TheAinMAP: sergeFall
Mkingston: No Skyrimming here
TXC2: !clips
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NimrodXIV: OW
Mysticman89: teach that baby distress tolerance
Mkingston: #badparenting
saberpilot: kojima and his ladders
Saulens181: how's the cargo?
Genie_M: ow!
Tom_Bruise: yo did those boxes always blink?
Widebaker: haven't played the game..... why does he carry a baby around all the time? ^^
Saulens181: they sure did
Zaghrog: Paul likes to live by "one is not zero"
Aenir798: @Tom_Bruise They blink when they take damage.
NimrodXIV: "We only fell off a mountain, it's okay Lou"
TXC2: Widebaker it helps us to detect ghosts
wench_tacular: look, do you want to come out and do the deliveries?
NicoTheSly: Avoid sudden movements. Jumps of the mountain.
Tom_Bruise: yea it's our ghost-sensing son
TehAmelie: hmm imagine if you had a small child instead of a fetus in a can. what if this game did an Ico
Widebaker: Ah, yes. that makes sense, thanks XD
Zaghrog: to be clear, the baby is not our son or daughter
Widebaker: it's just a kid?
NicoTheSly: @Tom_Bruise isn't BB a girl?
Saulens181: it's our baby, but not *our* baby
TXC2: not biologically, but they are ours
Mysticman89: Life would be pretty simple if you were just hanging out in a vat of fluid. Maybe our future VR based lives will be people in tube with vr headsets
saberpilot: I'm not sure if anyone knows BB's gender
Tom_Bruise: I don't know, it's our chost-sensing child, and we adopted it all good and proper
Widebaker: I see. how did we get it?
Mangledpixel: it was assigned to us, I think
TXC2: it's a fetus, it doesn;t have to have a gender yet
Aenir798: @Widebaker The previous owner was killed by ghosts
TehAmelie: okay, real talk, as someone who grew up in a family. blood means nothing. being there is everything
Zaghrog: Widebaker the baby has been referred to as a BT, a tool. They maintain a connection between the realm of the living and the dead, so they can be used to help detect ghosts
TXC2: ^
Aenir798: @Zaghrog BB not BT, BTs are the ghosts
Widebaker: Wow. Kojima's mind is really fucked up XD
Zaghrog: ah, good point
Zaghrog: BB, not BT
Widebaker: but thanks people :)
beowuuf: that one was someone else's, we temp got it, then rescued them when the bb was going to be 'decommisioned'
Zaghrog: also, a BT's mother is a stillmother, braindead
Zaghrog: again, BB not BT
saberpilot: if it went that fast in real life my partner and I would already have iron man suits XD
Mangledpixel: Widebaker oh, believe me, this is just the tip of the Kojima iceberg
Mkingston: I wish I could zipline like this to work
Genie_M: go up, and fall down again
TehAmelie: one-handed?
Sogheim: this feels like cheating.
LordZarano: We were helping someone move a dead body and then as they were killed by the ghosts that the body attracted they told us to take their BB
Widebaker: @Mangledpixel I was kinda scared, you'd say that
saberpilot: at least Sam has been kinder to BB than any other person/people I've seen with them. Some folks think that might be not so great, but I think it's nice
Widebaker: YEAH! GET A TRUCK!
Widebaker: Road Quest 2.0
saberpilot: monster truck o_o
beowuuf: then later we found the bb when we carried the body of our dead adoptive mother the president to an incinerator
TXC2: wages of fear time!
Tom_Bruise: So far we haven't had any scantily clad women with weird backstories that require them to be scantily clad, so as far as Peak Kojima goes, we've still got room to grow
TXC2: good start
beowuuf: uuuuuh...fragile's backstory?
NicoTheSly: We should build the road near Mountain Knot City
saberpilot: for Kojima that's progress. And Fragile was clothed mostly, IIRC
Widebaker: @Tom_Bruise that is an excellent point, actually
CaptainSpam: Sam is not taking this ride well.
TXC2: beowuuf to be fair, theres was a reasonable justification there
canoecrasher: I think it's because he still has his pack on while sitting in the cab
Mangledpixel: saberpilot was still hella objectified, though
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
CaptainSpam: lrrFINE
wench_tacular: ouch my spine
Didero: These are the sounds that make me turn down the volume so people nearby wont' think I'm watching porn :p
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
Mkingston: parrotProGamer
TehAmelie: "Fragile" may not be scantily clad but she has the emotional veracity of Quiet's scantily-clad-ness
NeoSilverThorn: "Lou, I think I need a chiropractor."
LordZarano: How damaged is the cargo now?
beowuuf: txc2: eh, i'm giving kojima little wiggle room given previous offenses :p
sydnius: FBtouchdown
Sogheim: with driving like that, maybe Paul should have starred in Road Quest
TXC2: beowuuf fair
saberpilot: @Mangledpixel true. I haven't seen many Kojima games (mean to watch some playthroughs after this one) but I've seen... clips and I feel like Fragile is Kojima taking a step into the 21st century, sadly XD;
Neljandik: @Didero well, we don't see whats the real reason he is grunting
Mkingston: Time to 3D print a zimmer frame
Tom_Bruise: and her story does involve getting molested, so Fragile gets kinda close, but still. Could be worse
Widebaker: that truck has like no suspension
Mangledpixel: saberpilot yeh, maybe
canoecrasher: Is the cargo stored on the outside of the truck?
Widebaker: Paul's style of driving might outmatch Ian's recklessness
Mangledpixel: we'll see how her story plays out before I make that supposition
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rudisc: @canoecrasher No that’s batteries
Genie_M: outside are extra batteries
saberpilot: that's entirely fair. I hope it ends better than most of Kojima's female characters
TXC2: Pretty sure Paul Doesn't have a drivers license IRL :p
Tom_Bruise: I have almost no faith that it does
GDwarf: "I only fell of a few mountains"
Metric_Furlong: I see some other people may have had a similar idea about clipping things
TehAmelie: i wouldn't get your hopes up. there's no indication so far Kojima has managed to understand women are people just like men
Alephred: Handsome minds think alike!
PharaohBender27: @Metric_Furlong It was a very clippable moment :D
TXC2: talk of the devil
Robot_Bones: no pressure Sam
saberpilot: @TehAmelie that's incredibly disappointing. :(
Metric_Furlong: Alephred and so do ours, too Kappa
Genie_M: offroad legs
LordZarano: "We're going to get through this because of you, Deadman's been walking around naked this whole time"
saberpilot: every time I see "Lou Pacified" I have this image of him getting a little pacifier
Tom_Bruise: I would like a pizza after a mountain adventure like that
wench_tacular: it better be Sam
keroan0: That doesn't make me feel great... "We don't stock clothes for fat people"
wench_tacular: yay, namesake babby
RandomTrivia: D'awww
chefkanin: Its the future all boots are one size fits all
Tom_Bruise: yea, it's like that jacket from Back To The Future 2, but for boots
TXC2: it's never does Paul :p
Zaghrog: keroan0 considering deadman was never born, he might have strange measurements besides being large
GDwarf: Well, that was odd
PharaohBender27: lrrSPOOP
RandomTrivia: benginSpoop
ContingentCat: wow gross
beowuuf: why????
wench_tacular: aaaargh
chefkanin: yuk
Mysticman89: is the yellow text actually significant in some way, or is that just random flavour where the character use colour for funsies?
CaptainSpam: See, Sam? That's why you don't tap on the glass. Aquariums were right all along.
NicoTheSly: they grow up so fast
Widebaker: MY MAN
Genie_M: there are so many of these
TXC2: I was expecting the head to turn around like in the exorcist :p
Widebaker: one does not simply pee sitting down
Mangledpixel: it's when it refers to game mechanics, I think
keroan0: @zaghrog maybe, but he is the only person of size in the game... not great.
beowuuf: more than from a whole shower
wench_tacular: the tldr
Zaghrog: keroan0 thatΓ€s fair
RandomTrivia: Did he... just... indicate to the camera operator?!
CaptainSpam: We never see Sam wash his dang hands after he uses the toilet.
beowuuf: no mads? aww
RandomTrivia: What even is a 4th wall
TXC2: RandomTrivia yeah he does that sort of thing
beowuuf: how many levels of wall are you on?
TXC2: beowuuf Mads is for closers Kappa
Mangledpixel: RandomTrivia did you see in the previous stream where he squirted beer at the camera?
beowuuf: lol
Tom_Bruise: the game has yet to ask us to switch controller ports, so there's still walls for this game to break
LordZarano: He winks at the camera after taking a shower too
RandomTrivia: @Mangledpixel Pffft, I've missed a few of these but that's good :D
yusufa72a: wow darl dicson
cardinalwiggles: what does necro mean?
TXC2: cardinalwiggles decomposing
Genie_M: going boom
keroan0: @cardinalwiggles they explode!
NicoTheSly: Corpse bomb basically
Zaghrog: necrosis and heading for voidout
Mangledpixel: they explode with the force of a small nuke
chefkanin: she so tiny
Tom_Bruise: yea so normally when people die they go BOOM, but this one didn't for... some... reason
TXC2: uh, where is the body?
beowuuf: anti-matter bt's contacting matter bodies
cardinalwiggles: eek
cynimo: did we ver find out waht bt stands for?
Alephred: Beached Thing, I believe.
Tom_Bruise: Beached Thing, I believe
Alephred: Jinx!
Genie_M: Beached Things
Zaghrog: chiral matter builds up in humans but when they die, that matter wants out. That happens in about 48 hours and causes a massive explosion
Tom_Bruise: Boo!
beowuuf: the body decaying attracts the bt's and mama isn't decaying yet? something like that?
Mangledpixel: "Yeah, we know it sounds dumb, that's why we just call them BTs"
beowuuf: oh, nm then
cynimo: you mean like whales only crossdimensional?
LordZarano: Also, they waited around to find out that this one didn't go boom, instead of immediately incinerating
Genie_M: Mama does not decay because...
Tom_Bruise: reasons
NicoTheSly: wasn't mama a bit dead? Like some part of her was already gone?
NicoTheSly: She was kept alive by the BT baby
PharaohBender27: @Genie_M Because her chirals all went into Lockne, I guess?
Mangledpixel: cynimo precisely, and whales do appear in this game as an allusion to that
Zaghrog: NicoTheSly yes, but she didn't really die until she was separated from the undead baby and reunited with her sister
LordZarano: Mama is still alive, but mind-melded into her sister's body now
Neljandik: the body is in the truck so drive?
TXC2: drive or fly
Genie_M: She probably died the same time their child did - her body at least was cold to the touch
Genie_M: Sam said when they touched
Lithobraker: A delivery van and we pee in a bottle? Do we work for Amazon ?
Mangledpixel: Lithobraker basically, yes
LordZarano: MΓ₯lingen
Mangledpixel: if Amazon was also the US government
Alephred: Sam does not pee in a bottle. In fact, the game tracks where he pees in the world.
TXC2: you mean it;s not?
Alephred: The game aggregates data about where all players pee.
Lithobraker: Just got here, who's the deady?
TXC2: Lithobraker Mama
NicoTheSly: @Alephred wait what? That's weird.
beowuuf: so this is our fourth body ferrying, but only our third person. current living / dead stats are 50/50
Alephred: (common pee locations are marked by those little red holographic mushrooms, the more frequent the pee, the larger the cluster)
Metric_Furlong: the arm strength on this lad
TXC2: "life is regrets" it sure is
Alephred: @NicoTheSly This game has a lot of quirky design decisions. :D
Mysticman89: at that point you may as well load the body into a ballistic launcher
Genie_M: well depending on your thoughts on Mama before
LordZarano: @NicoTheSly Sam's body fluids have BT repellent properties
Riiiiiiis: Life is wasted on the living
MAPBoardgames: He'll be comin' over the mountain when he comes. SingsNote
Metric_Furlong: this can't end well
JackWhoWanders: @alephred This game has a lot of "quirky" "design" "decisionman"
NicoTheSly: Yeah, I know, but tracking everyone's favourite pee spot has crossed a line :P
Lithobraker: @TXC2 Wait I thought we already incinerated her? Have I missed some important *plot*?
ArcOfTheConclave: look at the map here
TXC2: Lithobraker apparently we didn;t
TehAmelie: ooh, are we playing Crazy Tazi again?
Alephred: We did not incincerate Mama, her body is special, so we're taking to be studied.
NicoTheSly: Sam running around "marking his territory"
Invitare: RIP VOD
JackWhoWanders: @lithobraker we didn't, we delivered her to her sister who then merged with her
Spluuga: BB just jamming to the music
Scy_Anide: Butt lake!
LordZarano: @Lithobraker Mama the engineer, not our monther the president
TXC2: probably not, no
LordZarano: *mother
MAPBoardgames: All dressed up and no where to go. Walkin with a deadman over my shoulder. SingsNote
Zaghrog: Lithobraker Mama = MΓ₯lingen, not our mother who was the president
lirazel64: Define "real"
Tom_Bruise: oh yea, Lake Peaches, that's where Rainbow Mika goes to train
Zaghrog: Lithobraker we did bring our mother, the former president, to be incinerated
JAGxTERRA: just got in here. is that a person paul is carrying
TheMerricat: Oh, this will be our first "Heartman" visit won't it be chat?
Saulens181: yes
TXC2: hello JAGxTERRA it's a corpse yes
Saulens181: yes it is
JackWhoWanders: @jagxterra it WAS a person
Genie_M: now for one of the most confusing characters
beowuuf: syyymboliiiiiism
TXC2: TheMerricat yeap
Riiiiiiis: how does Mama become MΓ₯lingen? In Danish it means "the measurement"
JAGxTERRA: well that is all then
keroan0: Oo, this crematorium has an accent fireplace. Classy
Invitare: It's not weird, it's Kojima
Genie_M: Heartman is a thing
Mangledpixel: Riiiiiiis because she had a ghost baby
TXC2: Riiiiiiis mama is a nickname, not a translation
TheMerricat: @Riiiiiiis she got the nickname Mama due to her BT kid, not from her actual name
Riiiiiiis: fair
TehAmelie: i confess, at a glance, it's impossible to say if you're carrying a live person or a corpse
ArcOfTheConclave: nice lake
rudisc: This place also has a pool on the second floor, very classy
NicoTheSly: It ain't crematorium. It's a lab :)
Tom_Bruise: Between the first corpse delivery and the second corpse delivery, I think Kojima has some things to work out with his mother
Zaghrog: also, Mama is easier for english speakers to say than MΓ₯lingen
Alephred: Mama is a nickname, like Die-Hardman. It's because she had a baby.
Lithobraker: It's weird, but not surprising given this is Kojima
Invitare: or Deadman
justgravey67: why does he have to rip of the necklace? just use the clasp
Alephred: Wait until you learn Die-Hardman's actual name.
Zaghrog: I imagine MΓ₯lingen would have gotten some kind of nickname regardless
canoecrasher: If that's how we read memory sticks in the future, why are they still shaped like USB drives? They could be any shape.
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TheMerricat: Chat, is there a "What is your Kojima nickname" generator out there and if not, why not? :)
cynimo: also imagine you briefly levitated everytime you log on to the wifi
TehAmelie: in movies people rip their necklaces off. it's a law, like hanging up the phone without saying goodbye
Riiiiiiis: cynimo dont you? :-)
Metric_Furlong: canoecrasher probably just easier to repurpose the existing desgins than make new one
Zaghrog: canoecrasher memory stick is not accurate, the q-pid device is filled with chiral matter
X_modem: He was with the first expedition but they didn't have the USB key.
cynimo: no I must be doing it wrong, maybe that's what all the cookies I don't accept were for
RandomTrivia: Uhhhhhh
Tom_Bruise: @TheMerricat Polygon has one
Lithobraker: @Tom_Bruise Kojima has issues with women in general
wench_tacular: time until resus?
LordZarano: @TheMerricat BDG came up with one I think
Lord_ZYRK: Oh look, it's Dallas Corbin
lirazel64: Please proceed into the cutscene.
TheMerricat: :)
keroan0: This person is very dramatic
wench_tacular: jlrrCooltunes
Aenir798: I hope the timer is for Heartman
Genie_M: he's dead Jim
Mangledpixel: literally listening to the funeral march?
MAPBoardgames: It looks like a psychiatrists' chair. "So. Tell me about your mama..."
TehAmelie: charitably, perhaps, he doesn't have issues as much as he's never had to consider the idea women may be people
ArgentumFlare: Kojima, master of subtlety
lirazel64: Dead Mwrch from Saul
Tom_Bruise: Kojima has thus far written two types of female characters; Maternal ones, and Fucked Up ones
MAPBoardgames: Heartman is a flatliner. That sounds like a dangerous hobby.
Aenir798: Ah, I get it! He's called Heartman 'cause he's a man and his heart no work!
Sly_chocobo: oh this is some creepy flatliners kinda.. thing
NicoTheSly: Listening to Nocturnes with his pants down. I already like that guy
phenexian: that doesn't sound sustainable
JackWhoWanders: @tom_bruise that's not true, he also wrote cute fetish ones!
niccus: you thought powernap was intense
keroan0: The ads really don't add to the atmosphere
jessieimproved: fuuuuudge
MAPBoardgames: but I'm not bragging...
Didero: Why did he dispaly that number mirrored to himself?
foopoiuyt: Wants to make sandcastles
Zaghrog: well, I imagine he doesn't have a choice
TXC2: he should be making 28 trips a day, but whatever
PixelArtDragon: And when exactly does he eat, sleep, and poop?
Alephred: 'Heart-shaped' is the PG description for that lake.
TXC2: he's like that guy from lost, but worse
JackWhoWanders: That's not a real thing
Invitare: ah Kojima
NimrodXIV: you do know...hearts don't actually look like that?
phenexian: that's the point, his is a wierd shape
Sly_chocobo: Oh thats *super* healthy
Robot_Bones: I'm just here to give you this body so....
keroan0: Ya heart 'aint gonna last if you keep dong that my dude
Sly_chocobo: Like I knwo folk cope in different ways but *yikes*
JackWhoWanders: "Hi we've just met. Here's my life story and pictures from my medical exam apropos of nothing!"
DeM0nFiRe: lol
Solid_Fuel: thats some thick glasses? 1cm
ArcOfTheConclave: Heartman's heart shaped heart is not normal in game.
Tom_Bruise: Aand with that, whatever dramatic effect that scene had, poof
Saulens181: oh my god kojima
TehAmelie: not to cast any stones (they're already thrown) but it's pretty entertaining to envision amy given Kojima game gender swapped
keroan0: Please don't feel up the body. That's super weird
NimrodXIV: was it necessary to take off her clothes?
JackWhoWanders: @tehamelie GIMME!
TXC2: isn't no decomposition REALLY bad even without the voidouts?
TehAmelie: i know right
Genie_M: and now we get infodumped
Saulens181: just resting his hands on the corpse
TheMerricat: @TXC2 only if it happens alot
Didero: "Gotta go, my heart attack is waitin' for me!"
JackWhoWanders: @tehamelie I need Fatwoman and male buff fortune in my life
noSmokeFire: I thought he had twenty minutes between heart attacks
TXC2: we have ALLREADY seen that rule broken
PixelArtDragon: Wait, but don't we also have someone at our beach?
Alephred: This guy is played by director Nicolas Winding Refn, btw
TehAmelie: let's write fanfiction (no but really)
noSmokeFire: also...doesn't he *manually* trigger the heart attacks? why does he have to do them every twenty minutes?
Genie_M: yup
TheMerricat: @noSmokeFire no, it's part of his condition.
MAPBoardgames: Didn't we meet our sister on the beach. Even BEFORE meeting on the Maddlesfields
Metric_Furlong: PixelArtDragon apparently we didn't tell Heartman that
Tom_Bruise: I guess he did the heart attack induction a few too many times and now he can't stop it?
saucemaster5000: whatever happened to "till DEATH do us part"
Alephred: Nicolas Winding Refn directed Drive, among other things.
Solid_Fuel: I kinda don't like this guy
lirazel64: Would you lie down already?
JackWhoWanders: @tehamelie hell yeah, I'm down.
Tom_Bruise: oh this scene is operating on Dragon Ball Z time isn't it?
TheMerricat: This guy would be less creepy if his eyes worked better, he doesn't look at what he's suppose to be.
Sly_chocobo: Paul, s..s top trying to make it make sense.. ^^;
TehAmelie: Fat Man's codename IS the name of the nuke dropped on Nagasaki, to be fair. not that she couldn't be a girl anyway
Didero: I think he just can't let go of his family
Tom_Bruise: the last five minutes will last three episodes
keroan0: His life doesn't make much sense in general it seems
Sly_chocobo: You'll upset Mr Kojima :D
Metric_Furlong: are we suggesting the man who's been flatlining himself for years might not be entirely rational? Kappa
Genie_M: look around
TXC2: it will 100% be longer then 3 mins
JackWhoWanders: @tehamelie I mean, true but "Fatwoman" rolled off the tongue better than !FemFatman, although honestly given this game Fatmanwoman could be a legit Kojima name
MAPBoardgames: Breaktime?
keroan0: I'm calling it. This guy has brain damage
saberpilot: just hanging out with a corpse. like you do.
Tom_Bruise: quick, get a bowl of hot water, I wanna try something
Solid_Fuel: turn his hour glass
Didero: Zoom in on stuff?
Genie_M: zoom in on things
Didero: Oh, I would've hoped you would get more info
MAPBoardgames: @Tom_Bruise I like the way you think
beowuuf: we're actually sam, weird
TheMerricat: There's stuff you can mess with here, but I can't remember what all is interactive.
saucemaster5000: This is when you move everything on his desk one inch to the right
saberpilot: so... he likes that you looked at mama?
Aenir798: This is when you take a bathroom break IRL LUL
W_Livi: Can you move the camera while zoomed-in?
TheMerricat: the phonograph too.
Lithobraker: Sam is just messing around with his new binoculars
NimrodXIV: he Likes you looking at things while he's out..how
lirazel64: I think this is now Sonata Pathetique
Genie_M: The
canoecrasher: Why is the floor padded?
noSmokeFire: maybe a camera had a near-death experience
Tom_Bruise: he brings a ghost camera with him, duh
TXC2: a picture of Iceland is what that was
saberpilot: @canoecrasher I think so if he dies without preparing he doesn't hurt himself
TehAmelie: we probably could talk this over privately, JackWhoWanders. i'm open to email or discord
NicoTheSly: Maybe in case he falls?
TXC2: canoecrasher in case he has a heart failure not near the chair
cynimo: well on the bright side we finally discovered a creepier decoration than clowns
keroan0: In the apocolypse, I like to make artistic renditions of the cthulu monsters that are trying to eat me
Zaghrog: that was actually real close to 3 minutes
saberpilot: why does he have music playing while he's dead? who's there to listen to it if he doesn't have company? XD
Zaghrog: maybe slightly less
Lithobraker: @saberpilot he's clearly a theatre kid.
Didero: Isn't this incredibly destructive to your heart?
saberpilot: aaaaaahhh
DieselShot: the first STRAND type LoadingReadyRun!
Metric_Furlong: Didero yes, and he has the x-ray to prove it
TXC2: Didero profoundly yes
Scy_Anide: How did he land this mountaintop villa?
wench_tacular: finally an ideal customer for quibi
W_Livi: I dig that the resolution is high enough that you can make out a bunch of those bluray titles
NicoTheSly: No Game of Thrones for that guy :)
saucemaster5000: everyone in this world really overshares with their postman
keroan0: Uhh? Please don't wink at me strange man
X_modem: 🀣 @wench_tacular
noSmokeFire: I wish he'd stop going in for hugs
io_Otter: Heartman sure can just see the player camera huh
TXC2: "an accident" = the same accident
TXC2: is my bet
saberpilot: @saucemaster5000 just like David Brin's book >>
Genie_M: yup
Tom_Bruise: if Reedus can spray beer over the camera, Winding Refn can wink at it I guess
ProtatoBlood: at least 3
ProtatoBlood: Keepo
ArcOfTheConclave: less than 3
Lithobraker: At least 21
Spluuga: 5 or 6 my dude
Tom_Bruise: Too many.
Mangledpixel: ArcOfTheConclave oh, bravo
ArcOfTheConclave: < 3
MAPBoardgames: Get in the sea!
TXC2: "how many cycles of exposition are you on my dude?"
saucemaster5000: oh it's the ghostbuster library lady!
cynimo: everytime a strangely named character heavy-handedly delivers exposition about his name I feel like at some point someone hit Kojima on the head with a huge wooden sign with the word symbolism on it
TheThromborax: Paul, once you know you're on your last stream of this game, I encourage you to make popcorn
TXC2: so his search is 100% futile
niccus: hit with an exposition folding chair in the metaphorical wrestlemania
TheThromborax: "Literalism"
accountmadeforants: It's a story though
cynimo: I agree that's what makes it extra weird
Lokno: The kojima storytelling style just seems to be exposition and music video visual metaphor
Tom_Bruise: it's not subtext, it's text
Metric_Furlong: yes
DieselShot: omg
DieselShot: he just named him HEART MAN
noSmokeFire: you don't use a defibrillator when someone's heart stops. it's used TO stop hearts that are fibrillating.
Mangledpixel: defibrilators don't start stopped hearts! gahh!
DieselShot: iCan't.
niccus: "die" in the conceit of the game
noSmokeFire: @Mangledpixel thank you!!
noSmokeFire: Heartman: not a medical doctor
Alephred: I would think he'd pronounce it 'Heart-Man' and not 'Heartmn' like an actual surname, then.
Sly_chocobo: "The pain lingers" Yes that is uh.. long term heart damage..
MAPBoardgames: he waived that off OUR screen
Didero: Defibrilators are for 'correcting' a racing heart, right?
Invitare: he just interfered with your UI
Aenir798: It's a magic defibrillator that starts stopped hearts
Sly_chocobo: @Didero Yup.
Lord_ZYRK: It's every defibrillator in any fictional work ever
Genie_M: Big Info
TheMerricat: I believe the saying is "Hideo Kojima has met authors who use subtlety, and thinks they are all cowards.:
saberpilot: if you have a history of your heart stopping, maybe don't talk to this "expert" >>
accountmadeforants: Are we getting dino ghosts, now? :O
noSmokeFire: do dinosaurs have a beach?
beowuuf: I am Belomancy Fork for now, but I am a clone of someone else.
noSmokeFire: are we going to have to deal with dino BTs?
keroan0: No, the dinosaurs did not migrate to Colorado before dying permanently
Genie_M: the theory is - yes
NicoTheSly: Someone said it's not the first DS
ogundiety: I mean, if you rig a defib a certain way, it will case -a- beat of your heart (since that is what electricity does to a muscle..)
Tom_Bruise: That seems really smart
Invitare: that seems unwise
Aenir798: Inb4 he forgets about it
Mangledpixel: guess we'll have to use the door to the dinosaur past
sydnius: Grimlock!
ogundiety: But I don't...think that will workd in the way he'd want
Lord_ZYRK: Didero your heart chambers pump in a specific sequence. Atrial fibrillation is when that sequence gets fucky. A defibrillator makes your heart contract all at once to unfuck things. That's an oversimplification, but you get the point.
PixelArtDragon: "how to survive our predicament" Those dinosaurs died too, I wouldn't be taking pointers from them on surviving extinction events
canoecrasher: Ah ok.
Tom_Bruise: and that's why putting that on mute was smart
TXC2: and that's why the padded floor
cynimo: Now I want this game to end with same frolicking in a field with ghost dinosaurs
cardinalwiggles: they can get real awkward in a lot of situations
wench_tacular: sweet floor
Sly_chocobo: So.. Kojima just.. clearly doesnt take this seriously at all does he?
saberpilot: aww, that was nice of Sam
Invitare: that was nice of him
Sly_chocobo: Or just .. likes taking 'serious' discussions and adding slapstick etc
Metric_Furlong: PixelArtDragon I mean, the ones that were the ancestors of birds did...
Aenir798: LUL
beowuuf: lol
Tom_Bruise: Kojima has... never quite known how to maintain a consistent tone
Sly_chocobo: Like.. that..
NimrodXIV: wow rude
cardinalwiggles: and my super secret to eternal life is...... pass out
LordZarano: You'd have thought he wouldn't even notice it speaking by now, given that it happens 60 times a day
Lokno: what
niccus: he sort of does, but also he's aware that people think he's too much
MAPBoardgames: That IS really bad for the records and the needle
HundreydAundre: Heartbreak? What for?
Alephred: I would say Kojima treats everything with equal seriousness.
jessieimproved: It's really weird that Die-Hardman is watching him, like, all.the.time
keroan0: That was.... extremely strange. And that's saying something for Kojima
CAKHost: So you can send likes from your Beach?
Sly_chocobo: @Alephred as in.. none at all ? : P
jessieimproved: like all die hardman is doing is staring at a Sam screen all day
Genie_M: Heartman is the strangest part of the story
Tom_Bruise: hey, he's also very busy daily maintain that skullo-face
Alephred: @Sly_chocobo Personally, I think he treats everything as super serious, even stupid things.
MAPBoardgames: banana-fana-bo-biologist
CAKHost: You know, after all the people we met, Die Hard Man is the most normal, considering his gimmick is to wear a mask
Neljandik: But imagine how fast the bomb digs
Lithobraker: KNOT? There's totally gonna be a character named Gordian isnt there?
saucemaster5000: not how YOU dig for fossils maybe
Sly_chocobo: @Alephred
RatekStormcrow: I winder how you can confuse an antimatter bomb for a brush
Mangledpixel: oh, you know, for fun
Robot_Bones: protection
keroan0: They never said he was a very competent paleontologist
Sly_chocobo: @Alephred Ah, sorry about that. I dunno, its not a *bad* thing exactly? I enjoyed MGS resurgance a lot more when I realised it's supposed to be kinda goofy
Tom_Bruise: so that's what dynamite fishing has become in the future; antimatter bomb digging
Alephred: 'No matter how much I dig with this antimatter bomb, I never find any fossils!'
TheMerricat: To be fair chat, as far as bat s*** weird goes, Hideo Kojima is only at maybe stage 3 or 4 compared to some other Japanese authors I've read. I don't know if it's cultural or I just managed to find a motherload of Japanese oddity but stuff like say Junji Ito works or Satoshi Kon's movies....
JackWhoWanders: I just want to say that the Kojima name-generator that was linked earlier just named me Bose-Einstein Condensate Cat and told me that this was a horny name. I may want to register an official name chang2
TXC2: isn't it in fact the smallest mass excicition?
TheMerricat: LOL @JackWhoWanders
beowuuf: come *on*
Lord_ZYRK: TheMerricat don't you bring facts into people's memes
accountmadeforants: Well, if he *says* he needs an antimatter bomb, we should definitely give him one.
Metric_Furlong: TheMerricat hell, the man playing Heartman has made weirder things than this :p
RandomTrivia: Has the paleontologist considered using, I don't know, conventional explosives for that?!
beowuuf: fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times, just...what the lrrEFF
lyropithic: I feel like a bomb would damage ancient fossils
MAPBoardgames: So Fragile carried a bomb and it ruined her. So now they are training Sam to carry bombs in her place.
TheThromborax: Paul, these hills are full of dangers. make sure you are ready for them
Tom_Bruise: nah it's fine, it's a future bomb
NicoTheSly: Skip forward couple of minutes to Sam faceplanting into some valley
CAKHost: Can't you grab one from your private locker?
Mangledpixel: it's a smart bomb, you see, programmed to only blow up things that aren't priceless fossils
cynimo: maybe he doenst need it for archeology maybe he just wants a bomb for his birthday
beowuuf: jackwhowanders. Cool! I am your evil clone, who is really Belomancy Cat :D
RandomTrivia: Just stack it carefully on top of the pile
RandomTrivia: LUL
wench_tacular: what kind of amateur does he take us for?
CAKHost: Yep, bomb secured! :D
Tom_Bruise: "Oh please, Die Hardman, I've learned that the hard way in a past alternate universe"
X_modem: Not that it makes any sense, But I think we're supposed to believe that the antimatter bombs only dissolve the tar when enacting with the tar somehow?!? πŸ€·β™‚οΈ
JackWhoWanders: @beowuuf *clone
PixelArtDragon: Considering the only reason they have porters is that people like the human touch, you'd expect them to be okay with using more stable robots for the really dangerous stuff.
JackWhoWanders: *clone high-five*
X_modem: being it's "magic tar"
TheThromborax: Paul, you need to make sure you are threat secure on this route
Alephred: The Kojima name generator is an 11-page form? Maybe I'll do that later ..
TheMerricat: Yeah, given BT's are anti-matter themselves, I'm not sure how an anti-matter bomb is the magic weapon vs their tar.
beowuuf clone high five, but tries to stab you with a fork as I have a violent name. It should really be an arrow but, kojima
TXC2: what is tar?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Walk around the fire.
TXC2: that could work
Zaghrog: good advice for tar
PixelArtDragon: That's actually decent advice
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:44:07.
PixelArtDragon: !badadvice
LRRbot: Crush a dew!
beowuuf: !findquote dew
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Spluuga: as far as I understand tar is water from the beach?
TheThromborax: this is not where I would do a pacifist run
beowuuf: !findquote crush
LRRbot: Quote #5087: "I walk over to the person being crushed and say 'This must be very novel for you.'" β€”Kathleen [2018-06-18]
PixelArtDragon: @LRRbot Can't crush a dew, we only have Monster Energy
saucemaster5000: you gotta hand it to a storyteller whose worldbuilding and explanations are so elaborate because each thing he makes up to explain the previous thing is equally bonkers and nonsensical
Alephred: A pee mushroom!
Lokno: Thanks for the summation?
TheMerricat: Why does Die Hardman always feel the need to recap every infodump we get? Do they think we are just skipping the cutscenes...?
Lithobraker: Ah the classic Kojima repeat the exposition you've already heard.
Alephred: I believe the pee mushrooms also attract cryptobiotes?
Metric_Furlong: TheMerricat might be assuming the player's stopped playing after the preceding scene?
Mangledpixel: dammit it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a BT
MAPBoardgames: as you do
Lokno: Now this is podracing
Tom_Bruise: just be sure to keep that pet bomb on a leash
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PixelArtDragon: It gets antsy if it doesn't get its walks
TXC2: a walk, a stroll, an amble, a saunter
W_Livi: "The bomb doesn't matter... it's the exact opposite of matter, in fact"
ArcOfTheConclave: A bomb seems like something you don't want to tilt.
RandomTrivia: It's important to walk your antimatter bomb frequently, it helps to develop a strong bond lrrBEEJ
Aenir798: Remember to always put on the antimatter bomb's collar before going outside.
Metric_Furlong: let's find out
ArcOfTheConclave: that would be cool but no
RandomTrivia: This would be an exceptionally bad time for an avalanche to happen
NicoTheSly: Mountain is angry
TheThromborax: I do not recall seeing an avalanche
io_Otter: Like, I don't want to give too much credit, but I wonder if it's an anti-matter bomb to clear anti-matter tar bc a normal bomb would explode too much given physics
canoecrasher: lrrFINE
Mangledpixel: I don't know. Try yodelling.
Invitare: would it matter much if avalanches were a thing?
TXC2: "for all the weather" MAssive Crunching noise :p
Invitare: you just come back to life
TheThromborax: Not only is there no day-night cycle, there's no sun
TheThromborax: look up on a clear day
Alephred: Night hiking would be awful, I'm glad there is none.
TheMerricat: Yes, there are avalanches according to the wiki.
niccus: i'd guess at some point they tried nighttime but it's just not pleasant
NicoTheSly: Maybe it's just a dinosaur BT?
Mangledpixel: so... go left?
cynimo: yeah the very idea sounds dreadful
cynimo: of nighthiking in this i mean
Lithobraker: @TheThromborax oh god, it's like Shenmue
TXC2: theres no sun? so maybe we're already on the beach the whole time!
cynimo: by Hideo Kojima and M Night Shymalan
X_modem: I feel like a day night cycle is part of cut content, like you have that one scene at night when you get off the boat... kind of like the animals at the beginning of the game.
cynimo: I mean the boss wears a skullmask ...
corianderd: oh i thought your bro was asking about LRR
ContingentCat: yeah it was always pretty obvious
Lord_ZYRK: Good. . . bad. . . they're the guys with the antimatter bombs.
TXC2: corianderd :D
TheThromborax: The bad guy is so CARTOONISHLY bad, it's hard to imagine that Higgs is secretly the good guy
GamesAndInk: Wait yeah
MAPBoardgames: I think we can trust the guy in the skullmask
corianderd: my boss wears a skull mask too
GamesAndInk: Some people think they might NOT be evil?
RandomTrivia: corianderd column A, column B
Robot_Bones: could they be... the Patriots?
GamesAndInk: "Are we the baddies?"
PixelArtDragon: My adoptive sister is impersonating my adoptive mother...
Alephred: It's the classic tale of morally grey vs. evil.
beowuuf: paul and graham looking to each other like 'wait, I thought you were going to organise the shady evil stuff.... you mean, we've just been running a good company this whole time? dammit!'
TheExactSame: feels a little like something tmbg might sing about
TheThromborax: Yeah, avalanches are real and I don't think I ever saw one before. Very cool
Tom_Bruise: this is all just one elaborate ruse to kickstart the war economy again
vegetalss4: So less "*when* will they be revealed" and more "what you you mean *revealed*"
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beowuuf: it feels like it will be the simpsons 'how to cook for forty humans' reveal at this rate
Lord_ZYRK: beowuuf "We're thinking of starting an internet sketch comedy group-" "An EVIL internet sketch comedy group!" "Well. . . we haven't finalized all the details yet."
TheMerricat: Chat, have we actually gotten Cliff's backstory yet? Or are we still working on BB visions?
beowuuf: 'i wear a skull mask to remind you off DEATH so you will appreciate being alive and giving it 100% for the betterment of mankind.
TXC2: TheMerricat we know he's a war vet, that's about it
PsychoI3oy: themerricat, no real backstory, just 2 fights
beowuuf: lord_zyrk: pretty much :D
Mangledpixel: oh wait, is he called Cliff because we are called Bridges?
NicoTheSly: Any1 else worried about us hitting the rocks with out bomb?
beowuuf: cliff and ford ...
PixelArtDragon: It's really wild to hear that LRR got started as "we want to vlog a trip, but we need to build up a fanbase before we do that"
TheMerricat: LOL @Mangledpixel. All I'm going to say when we start getting to the part where it looks like we'll get his infodumps, start popping popcorn. :)
Mangledpixel: heh, ok :)
TXC2: PixelArtDragon I know right?
MAPBoardgames: I've been wondering. Are we a bloodomancer?
Metric_Furlong: very long cutscenes? in a Kojima game?!
X_modem: understatement
JackWhoWanders: @metric_furlong I know right!?
ContingentCat: shocking
Tom_Bruise: A while back I heard a rumor that Kojima wanted to venture into filmmaking and By GOD that'd be amazing
jaxiclus: Kojima has finally opportunity to do whatever his auteur madness demands, of course there is long cutscenes
TXC2: the devil you say
TehAmelie: all i know is the supercut of all the cutscenes is almost as long as the whole LOTR movie trilogy extended edition
PixelArtDragon: I haven't actually played any Kojima games...
TheThromborax: the ending cutscene is still playin
canoecrasher: Maybe we should put the hood up over our ears. It looks cold.
MAPBoardgames: Then the bomb falls off the lift and turns the shelter to a crater.
TXC2: to be fair A LOT of games these days have long cutscenes
Metric_Furlong: yes, these days
jaxiclus: Luckily most really long cutscenes are ending or epilogue
PixelArtDragon: Hang on, the rain causes rapid aging, but the snow is just regular snow?
saberpilot: he looks like kirk with that thing... on his shirt
NicoTheSly: That explains our will to jump off the cliff recently
TXC2: PixelArtDragon no it's time snow
TheMerricat: @PixelArtDragon AFIAK, snow causes aging till it hits the ground.
beowuuf: snow is worse than normal rain
PixelArtDragon: So then what's with all the snow in our hair?
beowuuf: everything about the snow is worse, bt's are faster, decay is faster
TheMerricat: @PixelArtDragon power snow from the ground.
TXC2: it's fine after it's hits something
ArcOfTheConclave: ground snow =/= sky snow
beowuuf: uuuuuuuuuuh
TXC2: that's new
PixelArtDragon: That guy is DEFINITELY doing a Kirk cosplay, down to where the phasers were kept in TOS
saberpilot: lrrHEART
TheExactSame: @PixelArtDragon had the same thought
saberpilot: glad we're all on the same page XD
TheMerricat: They all voided out?
MAPBoardgames: Not that strange. All the high population locations were wiped out
RandomTrivia: They said the thing! Roll credits!
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
TheExactSame: and ... whoa re you now?
jaxiclus: High population -> more dead bodies = more explosions? East coast is full of nice big circles
PixelArtDragon: Wow, we're getting really lucky on the Heartman timings
Lithobraker: This guy is clearly not a geologist, he isn't even drinking a beer!
TheMerricat: Exactly how does this communication system decide who gets to talk to us and when? I mean are we just in a perm Zoom meeting and only being shown the guy talking ?
NicoTheSly: Speaking of East, we have 2 dark areas there :O
accountmadeforants: #Beaches
saberpilot: so... this has happened 5x before?
ProtatoBlood: nanomachines, son
wench_tacular: he's a beach, you're a beach, everything is beaches
TheMerricat: And you've left dirty footprints all over our lobbies.
Tom_Bruise: "Unless, you know, something bad happens AGAIN and we lose all of everything AGAIN"
Alephred: @saberpilot They're saying the various historical mass extinctions are all Death Stranding events.
saberpilot: so were dinosaurs like beach 3.0?
wench_tacular: stop overloading your variables!
TheExactSame: life's a beach and the n you die?
Mangledpixel: son of a beach
MAPBoardgames: I want to see heartman keel over while chating with you.
saberpilot: ooooooh okay, I get it now. Thanks @Alephred
TheMerricat: Overloaded Operators are all the fad @LoadingReadyRun
NicoTheSly: Inception Stranding
Lithobraker: Our Jurassic Park reboot will be the most accurate yet!
RandomTrivia: Has Paul's camera always tracked his movements?!
PixelArtDragon: @MAPBoardgames I was thinking that too
jaxiclus: In it for the beaches
TheThromborax: one of the interesting things about the story-telling in this game is that no one has any fucking clue what they are talking about
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
cardinalwiggles: !next
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
Metric_Furlong: thanks for the stream, Paul
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TheMerricat: :D
TheThromborax: thanks, Paul
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Paul! lrrHEART
GapFiller: thanks for streaming Paul lrrPAUL lrrHEART
NicoTheSly: Thanks, Paul :)
RandomTrivia: Time for HORSE GANG
JackWhoWanders: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !events
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PsychoI3oy: πŸ‘
beowuuf: horse gang horse gang horse gang
sydnius: Infrastructure is hard
Mangledpixel: h o r z
wench_tacular: odds on more furniture distruction?
GapFiller: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
noSmokeFire: no dice!
MAPBoardgames: No Dice Friends this week? lrrAWW Awww
Alephred: Thanks for the stream!
GapFiller: yes thats not a horse but theres no horse emote so gotta use whatevers to hand
beowuuf: bye paul, have a good day!
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !discord
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Riiiiiiis: bye paul
GapFiller: bye Paul
TXC2: !twitter
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
TXC2: !ytmember
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SilverBramble: what did he say was on tonight? something about Jacob?
beowuuf: if you enjoy tonight's horse club, last week's is on youtube ready to be experienced :)
PsychoI3oy: Tarkov with James
Metric_Furlong: SilverBramble no dice friends, but james'll be playing some Escape From Tarkov
beowuuf: escape from tarkov with james
SilverBramble: ah, thank you!
Metric_Furlong: up next is the triumphant return of Can't Draw Horses Club
beowuuf: playing at the usual funko friendly time of 4am bst I preume? :p
PixelArtDragon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (0s from now).
PixelArtDragon: Got there!
RandomTrivia: (horses not guaranteed, actual ability/inability to draw horses not mandatory)
Metric_Furlong: and in the meantime, there's an unusual poll still going https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3596610xff744CE5-108
RandomTrivia: NICE
LordZarano: James Tarkov. Jarkov
Alness49: Ah yes, the most important part of the Hoss, the Hands.
BlueMechanic: I look forward to more fun powerpoints and hopefully no shelves falling over this time
beowuuf: huh. james, the man in charge of the schedule and the tarkov stream, has not put it on the schedule :p
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today's topic for Can't Draw Horses Club is HANDS. Hitch yer wagon to @apsalar and @alexsteacy as they explore one of the greatest secrets of anatomy on http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun πŸ“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EzXK3Q5VIAYAvvO.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1384235516615294985
beowuuf: yay, alex!
PixelArtDragon: Wait, horses don't have hands.
GapFiller: PixelArtDragon not that thatll stop em
Metric_Furlong: PixelArtDragon they are measured in them, though
GapFiller: as My Horse Prince proved
beowuuf: you have to be able to know the rule for drawing hands before you can break the rule of not drawing hands
SilverBramble: yay!!
LordZarano: Horse height is measured in hands
beowuuf: ^
GapFiller: tho that might just be that one horse
CyberColossus: hey chat
TXC2: isn't there a gif of a horse taking off it's hooves to reveal hands?
GapFiller: gotta rewatch those early Now Kisses
pygmybean: haie!
LordZarano: for some inexplicable historical reason
Metric_Furlong: (all three Furlong Pointsβ„’ still available, for anyone playing the guessing game)
TXC2: Hello CyberColossus welcome
ArdCollider: @TXC2: it's a deer, but close enough. ungulates all have hands under their hooves
beowuuf: There was that one episode of quantum leap where sam was asked how many people he'd killed, cause you put handprints on your horse for each one, and he put two on there, and it was like 'oooh, snap, continuity'
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
LordZarano: lrrSIGNAL
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PsychoI3oy: 🐴
RandomTrivia: And with a shorter countdown than normal
GapFiller: does it really count if we were never offline to begin w/
LordZarano: that was fast
GapFiller: surely thats just a glorified blip
pygmybean: horse time!
beowuuf: we did briefly go offline :)
MAPBoardgames: I had to refresh
CaptainSpam: HORSE
beowuuf: and sadly, that might mean someone's twitch didn't refresh when it came back again, cause twitch
TXC2: GapFiller for legal purposes, yes Kappa
GapFiller: yknow what sure if people have to refresh then it totes counts
damn_i_am_pretty: man, finally a art stream about Hans
CaptainSpam: Today's topic is hands? Oh, good. GOOOOOOD. That's totally not a giant leap from circles last week. Kappa
beowuuf: hands are just circles with ovals attached
pygmybean: we cant go straight from circles to HANDS
TXC2: I hope Rob liefield shows up next week when we do feet Kappa
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lemmel: Horses with hands? Horses from hands? uhhhhh Hands!
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GapFiller: TXC2 nalvLUL nalvLUL nalvLUL
beowuuf: it's like a hand turkey but a horse
CaptainSpam: There are reasons I generally just draw mitten-like appendages. :p
Laurence72: Maybe this is a stream about how to take good care of your hands so they don't get cramps or other repetitive use injuries?
Mangledpixel: start! your! stables!
Welbog: Let's draw anything but horses!
GapFiller: apparently Liefelds art is better these days
beowuuf: time to shoot the shit but not the horse
PixelArtDragon: It's not just me that's not hearing any sound, right?
GapFiller: still not great obvs but certainly a step up from when he was mainstream
beowuuf: no sound
LordZarano: Hands are difficult to draw. So are feet. Just ask Rob Liefeld
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beowuuf: now sound
beowuuf: yay ointro
PixelArtDragon: @LordZarano Just put fog around them, it's fine
ContingentCat: lrrSIGAL lrrSIGAL
TXC2: here we GO!
beowuuf: hey cori!
ContingentCat: * lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PixelArtDragon: That's such a good intro
SilverBramble: Hi cori!
CaptainSpam: MIC 5!
Saulens181: muted
MAPBoardgames: That intro is cool.
SilverBramble: muted
ContingentCat: Muted Cori
beowuuf: no sound :(
Metric_Furlong: hey silent cori
GapFiller: good evening silent Cori lrrCORI lrrHEART
Mangledpixel: no cori!
MAPBoardgames: Also Cori is muted
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun no sounds
SmithKurosaki: mic 5
damn_i_am_pretty: mike five
ContingentCat: Hi Alex
beowuuf: alex has sound
keroan0: Hey Alex!!!
Saulens181: hi Alex!
SilverBramble: haha we heard Alex
Metric_Furlong: and audible Alex
PixelArtDragon: Hello, Alex
arrowbounce: Hi alex
CamelAttack: Hi Alex!
CorvaxIsClever: Hi Alex
Mangledpixel: we can't hear Cori but we can hear Alex
SilverBramble: Cori, you're muted
CaptainSpam: Cori is MIC 5'd.
GapFiller: hai Alex lrrALEX lrrHEART
arrowbounce: Alex, start monologuing
Mangledpixel: @LoadingReadyRun Cori is muted
Metric_Furlong: Alex, we need you to relay what Cori's saying
DanielJGrouse: it's interesting to hear only the remote person for a change
CaptainSpam: What?
beowuuf: alex is all about fast tracking this mofo
wench_tacular: what
ContingentCat: what?
punchcard: Cori muted
frnknstn: what?
arrowbounce: what?
MAPBoardgames: Alex is the horse now.
beowuuf: set up reversed from last week
CyberColossus: how?
beowuuf: try showing alex to see if we can hear you cori? :p
GapFiller: HOW!?
SilverBramble: i love that I can lip read her "How!"
wench_tacular: magic
Laurence72: Blame James?
CyberColossus: still no
Welbog: Gremlins
damn_i_am_pretty: the Witch's Curse!
keroan0: Cory is just operating on a frequency that is above human hearing
MAPBoardgames: I don't feel drunk... *looks at coffee*
Metric_Furlong: Alex is down
beowuuf: i blame win 10 updates myself, they seem to be hitting people this week
CamelAttack: The Horses are trying to stop cori from learning to draw them
InkyGhoast: im glad we're doing hands with alex, the hands in his comics are really good
CyberColossus: cori is too strong
PixelArtDragon: This is what we get for going against the divine rule against drawing horses
beowuuf: aww, still no cori :( it shoudl ahve worked!
GhostValv: I mean I could be drunk and Cori could also be muted
pygmybean: alex is a fucking artist.
Alness49: Cori is speaking the silent Horse speech
ANeMzero: that is a very good horse
InkyGhoast: ah yes #blamejames
SilverBramble: yay!
CaptainSpam: There you are!
GapFiller: #BlameJames
beowuuf: yay! hey cori!
TXC2: there we GO!
Metric_Furlong: Cori's audible again
wench_tacular: yay!
Laurence72: Yay!!!!!!
Welbog: I blame James.
ContingentCat: oh very quiet cori
PsychoI3oy: InkyGhoast, but horses don't have hands
GapFiller: GO GO GO
arrowbounce: Yay, you did it! :D
CyberColossus: She's here!
wench_tacular: you can still #blamejames
SilverBramble: we can still blame James
CorvaxIsClever: Hi Cori
CaptainSpam: We're still going to #blameJames, if you don't mind.
CAKHost: Teeth?
GhostValv: it fine :)
beowuuf: #Cori_Is_James
ShaneLeeAtk: Take it from the top1
TXC2: Hello Cori and Alex
RandomTrivia: Alex! lrrHEART
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
Laurence72: He IS great and wonderful!
wench_tacular: this one does
SilverBramble: hahaha
CaptainSpam: Yes. They do now.
RandomTrivia: LUL
lemmel: They do now
ContingentCat: yeah, horses have a lot of teeth
pygmybean: *more teeethz*
InkyGhoast: horses do indeed have many teeth
Welbog: Where does the horse stop and the cowboy start?
Lord_ZYRK: Everybody wants a horse with teeth that go ALL the way up
PixelArtDragon: Look, if it was accurate, he'd be in the wrong club
Alness49: The horse is 48% teeth, right up to the thorax!
SilverBramble: if he drew them properly he couldn't be in the club
beowuuf: can't draw horses club or shouldn't draw horses due to the nightmare fuel?
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: How is the shelf doing, Cori?
CyberColossus: umm...
wench_tacular: too many teeth!
SmithKurosaki: TEETH
RandomTrivia: Oh goodness
InkyGhoast: can't draw horses, can't find a presentation, it's a monday for us all
Manae: So many teeth
ShaneLeeAtk: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
CranstonSnord: go to your "mane" scene
PixelArtDragon: TEETH
RandomTrivia: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
badpandabear: That's why you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The mouth is a lovecraftian nightmare
beowuuf: counterpoint: not enough teeth
SilverBramble: oh god too many teeth
ContingentCat: hello horse friend
ritchards: !advice
LRRbot: Always trust the octopodes.
ritchards: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Rhythm Cafe
ContingentCat: um?
arrowbounce: Does that horse replace teeth the way sharks do?
ritchards: !show override horse
LRRbot: Recognised shows: afk, beej, bonus, bookpasswords, checkpoint, crap, crossing, desertbus, dicefriends, eighteen, gamehaus, gamesofchance, gplp, heather, iancam, iddqderp, ihorner, import, kathleen, longgame, lrl, lrrmtg, lrrtech, mineoclock, newday, nope, nowkiss, onemore, paperfight, playitforward, rhythm, stark, swiftlycam, talkingsim, things, tinker, videojames, watchplay
wench_tacular: dont
CyberColossus: never change lrrbot
damn_i_am_pretty: Hans Christian Anderson?
CaptainSpam: These things happen.
pygmybean: why am i not surprised alex draws with a sharpie? I think its the horror games. hes not afraid of anything especially permanent marks on artwork
GapFiller: this is a real problem
Welbog: Wibbly
GapFiller: we all remember My Horse Prince
Laurence72: Is this a Breckenridge Jazz Hands fan art stream?
PixelArtDragon: The tentacles are the real challenging part
punchcard: Just skip the pinky.
wench_tacular: yes, thankfully
beowuuf: alex seems to be going for far less layers too in digital (hopefully we can ask later). embrace the mistakes!
LordZarano: Fingers are much longer and narrower than people think they are
RandomTrivia: lrrCIRCLE !
GhostValv: the taters
RobotInProgress: its a mass
Metric_Furlong: it's a muscle in the jaw, iirc
wench_tacular: good Ted talk
ritchards: Nice TED Talk!
tinaun: aa
CyberColossus: sweet lord alex
punchcard: Chewing muscles
RandomTrivia: The masseter is the muscle that moves the lower jaw
Invitare: is the shelf standing this week?
CranstonSnord: or (Mr) Ed Talk
Laurence72: I LOVE it!
keroan0: That horse has... so many teeth
Lord_ZYRK: That perfectly normal horse is packing some STOPPIN POWAH
InkyGhoast: oh Alex is drawing my new sleep paralysis demon
SilverBramble: I love the prepped talks, makes me feel like someone's on the ball
beowuuf: Ted talk? more like Ed talk! LIke...mister ed... who was cool. It was a cool talk
RandomTrivia: Alex has created something truly terrifying
aiamethyst: it's a big jump from circle to hands
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Lord_ZYRK: Ah, the beautiful mesas of the southwest
ANeMzero: Yes
RobotInProgress: hands-plants
GhostValv: ye
ContingentCat: volume's good
Mangledpixel: yep
wench_tacular: oh god, a forest of hands
CaptainSpam: Good on volume.
InkyGhoast: it's good
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frnknstn: Loud and clear!
ANeMzero: You're now louder than Alex's pen
Laurence72: That's Frank en STEEN
therisingtithes_: this is quite a horse
GapFiller: sergeModLove
GapFiller: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
beowuuf: cori warms up our audience brains with her words, then warms up her hands with some nice arts
CaptainSpam: Shame I've got actual job work to do around this time of the day. Durnit!
RandomTrivia: Oooooh, new eraser
Welbog: Unboxing stream
wench_tacular: like my heart
RobotInProgress: Fresh eraser~ delicious!
pygmybean: alex, continuing his "no ragreets" drawstream
InkyGhoast: ooh no table today?
keroan0: Nothing better than a new eraser
Lord_ZYRK: If there's anything I know about art, it's that everything makes you a bad artist.
GhostValv: nubbin
Lord_ZYRK: Went to art school? That's bad
Lord_ZYRK: Didn't go to art school? That's bad.
RandomTrivia: Aaaaaaaaah
TXC2: boy that is an old school rubber
beowuuf: resist the urge to stab the eraser in the middle with a pencil so it then goes horrible and falls in half :(
ContingentCat: ooooo
frnknstn: show dominance over pencil case!
CaptainSpam: Oooo.
RandomTrivia: Oooooohhhh
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ContingentCat: kneading erasers were the original figit toy
beowuuf: oh gee, we're OG
Manae: This makes me really want to dig out my art stuff. Been a good fifteen years since I did some serious drawing and that is allllll on me
pygmybean: monopolized art supplise
josh___something: Hello friends!
LordZarano: There's electric erasers now, like a dremel with an eraser on it
TXC2: hello josh___something welcome
GhostValv: hah
Manae: Most of my "art" is technical sketches
beowuuf: 2B or not 2B? That is the joke
josh___something: What a neat coincidence
RandomTrivia: LUL
TXC2: is.....is Neir named after the pencil?
ContingentCat: oh wow
wench_tacular: show off
josh___something: That was an angy sharpener(?)
MAPBoardgames: For a second, I thought Alex was sharpening his pen.
TXC2: pointy
beowuuf: last week, shelf falling over, this week, eye removal
RandomTrivia: "Pencil sharpening noises" otherwise known as BRBRBRBRBRBRBR
pygmybean: i love dull pencils. thick linework is my friend
PixelArtDragon: A few years ago I just started using mechanical pencils and can't go back to normal ones
TXC2: surely is about pressure per area
ArdCollider: what's your sharpener of choice, Alex? my grandfather had a super-nice heavy hand-crank one with a vacuum base
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chrono2x: Oh yeah, can't wait for all of the horses!
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pygmybean: step 1 to make hand... picknick blanket
Manae: If your lathe tool is as ablative as pencil lead I suggest checking your materials, feeds, and speeds :P
bennbomb: is this a new weekly series?
beowuuf: r e f e r e n c e is your friend