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The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Wingspan) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (15:31 from now).
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  1. 5h

    Roger_Job329 subscribed for 6 months!

    Doggo recommendation Revenant (Revy)

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    Sevinon subscribed for 25 months!

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    Spooky Bench man!

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    The_Kraken19 subscribed for 76 months!

    What do you call a pig with no legs? A groundhog.

  7. 6h

    aquinas_0 subscribed for 36 months!

    14 hours remain

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    HatsWearCats subscribed for 85 months!

    Dats a lotta months

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    anbuagent12 subscribed for 11 months!

    Thanks for having a near-constant stream of enjoyable content. Get yourself some Ice Cream after the stream.

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    jetpixi subscribed for 20 months!


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    friendtrain subscribed for 13 months!

    13 Months?! That's a whole year

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    Kirkygirl just subscribed, thanks to Dog_of_Myth!

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    Serpens77 subscribed for 30 months!

    Big long 30 month massage

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    Electrodyne has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 I suppose "Candyman" is not a name option

  16. 6h

    Yolysses subscribed for 33 months!

    Call them Bucket

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    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 Ben I will cheer you 10,000 bits if you name your dog Xantos. Ball is now in your court.

  18. 7h

    hesterbyrde subscribed for 9 months!

    Thanks for the spoops and the positivity, y'all! cheers!

  19. 7h

    azkovo subscribed for 8 months!

  20. 7h

    TheBearBee subscribed for 40 months!

    I think the Matrix books based on the movies were better

  21. 7h

    Omthebox subscribed for 80 months!

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    TheAngryRedBird subscribed for 32 months!

  23. 7h

    TheExplodedGamer subscribed for 31 months!

    had a pretty crappy day, my new rode psa1 came in the mail, I broke my blue yeti while putting it on it off and it is horribly squeak, feel like crying. I don't know why I'm telling this to the internet but I'm just so down :( love yall

  24. 7h

    Montesque64 subscribed for 9 months!

    I'm quite enjoying this game. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  25. 7h

    ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa subscribed for 36 months!

    Oh no I'm late because I was cooking, but at least my food was tasty. Any tasty food in this one?

  26. 7h

    MidnighterKnight subscribed for 18 months!

    Late to the spoop, hope no frights were missed.

  27. 7h

    Makimachine subscribed for 13 months!

    Perfect, number 13 during Let's Nope. Booo!

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    MilkInBag just subscribed, thanks to Kramburger!

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    lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP

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    Time for spoops!

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    Love subbing durring the spoopy hour

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    flashlights. neat!

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    letfireraindown subscribed for 27 months!


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    gundamschwing has cheered with 500 bits!

    SwiftRage500 Just sold a Jeweled Lotus to a friend for far too many dollars because Magic players. Take some of my money so I feel less guilty.

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    Telephoneline subscribed for 6 months!

    I've never shared a sub message before, but Hi chat, Hi LRR.

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    TheAlanHeffley subscribed for 55 months!

    Ah tg he Lets Nope! My favorite GYLTy pleasure!

  41. 8h

    NDCazzy subscribed for 46 months!

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    thevikingbear__ subscribed for 13 months!

    Happy year and a month!!!!!!!!!! How're the best spoopy boys doing tonight??

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    Kelderan subscribed for 14 months!

    Spooky times! Catching it live gets my sub!

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    Kramburger has cheered with 200 bits!

    cheer200 YEAH YEAAAAAH

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    ThreeTwoOnePantsOff subscribed for 20 months!

    Two-Zero Month-o’s

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    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 Ben I am so happy for you that you are in your new place! Congratulations!

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    DHCanadian just subscribed!

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    ravage2002 subscribed for 20 months!

    Finally able to catch you guys live! NICE!

  49. 8h

    ClodiumSoride subscribed for 37 months!

    Missed the first part of this, so I'll catch you folks in the VOD.

  50. 8h

    Kramburger subscribed for 78 months!

    Knock knock, open up the door, it's Spoops

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    MegaDosX subscribed for 7 months!

    Lucky number seven!

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    many boontons have passed

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    Tonda Gossa!

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    Bummer, I missed it! To the VoDs!

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    cheer300 Thanks so much for such a great stream!

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    cheer333 This was Great

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    lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY

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    Ah! Something funny to say... uh. Brain is Bearly working right now. I’ll have to claw around a bit more... hibernate.

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    Gimme that sweet sweet honey

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    32 months! For you!!!

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    ShowLove900 Have to bounce for a meeting, but I look forward to how very, very well this plan will totally work out in the VOD!

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    thank you all so much for helping my wife and I through a helluva year. Never underestimate the importance of your comedy.

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    Hey Boo-boo!

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    Cheer100 hi

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    I couldn't bear to miss this sweet stream

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    What? Anthony Rapp with LRR? A good day to watch a stream.

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    So excited to be here for Bear Crime Time! Hope to see Michelle around here regularly.

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    PrideKoala Just popping in from YT. enjoy~

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    ooh this looks fun. heists are always great

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    Is that Anthony Rapp of Discovery? Beware Mushroom space for all you Fun-gis

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    76? That's almost sunny in Philadelphia!

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    I'm always up for a good heist movie

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    Awww yeah this is gonna get hijicksy!

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    pride51 lrrHEART

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    let's get that honey!

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    Hey, the number of months I've been subbed is the same as the number at the end of my username! Isn't that neat?

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    Bear hype!

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    This sub is a secret, shhhh.

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