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Use absolute aggression.
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    Y'all are good people. lrrSHINE Even Bartleby

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    Cheer50 Bits!

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    Hells YEET

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    The Sturgeon. Famously the most accurate fish in the animal kingdom.

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    This is as many as four tens! And that's terrible.

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    protect the state!

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    Maxim 34: If you're leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun.

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    Hello All, How's Lethal Destiny?

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    Friendly Fire is the most efficient means of Spreading Democracy and showing your patriotism. You're not supporting Super Earth fully unless you're saluting in the heart of an explosion.

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    throwing in my $1.05, because Freedom isn't Free

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    I have no idea how one dives a hell, but I can't wait to learn-

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