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Dank memes can be beige.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Vanilla Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (4:43 from now).
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  1. 6h

    TheMerricat has cheered with 1000 bits!

    Party1000 And they call him - Single Shot Serge!

  2. 6h

    notthepenguins subscribed for 35 months!

    I'm... glad to know the MIB can't just mind wipe us?

  3. 6h

    JuniorRoll subscribed for 36 months!

  4. 6h

    haseo_sora has cheered with 225 bits!

    uni225 very silly commander idea i need to share... ponies the galloping's rarity as a commander in a game that only allows un cards in it as commanders!!! that is all!!!

  5. 6h

    Banather subscribed for 28 months!

  6. 7h

    scratchmonkey subscribed for 15 months!


  7. 7h

    Pocalem has cheered with 50 bits!


  8. 7h

    NicotineRobot subscribed for 2 months!

    Hello to my favorite judge!

  9. 7h

    Thane1607 subscribed for 15 months!

    another month of money for friendly internet Canadians

  10. 7h

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  11. 7h

    Pheonix888 subscribed for 21 months!

    hurrah for road-quest! voted and entertained tonight! thanks all of you.

  12. 7h

    Mewyabby subscribed for 33 months!

    Hello! Watched the Road Quest premier earlier. I was wondering how much you've seen so far.

  13. 7h

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    ferisar is a new subscriber!

    painfully_dyslexic is a new subscriber!

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    QuietJay subscribed for 25 months!

  15. 8h

    JACQUESEB subscribed for 12 months!

    !!! dungeon crawling AND business management!? *Adds to gaming list* also good morning chat (or nightfor some of you)!

  16. 8h

    TSSaloic_ subscribed for 31 months!

    Thirty-One Months as a Pioneer watching great content.

  17. 8h

    kumatsu subscribed for 35 months!

    One thing I learned from my trip is Time is an Illusion. I think my Monday has been 40 hours long.

  18. 8h

    drfox17 subscribed for 22 months!

    I meant to drop this last night, but I forgot!

  19. 8h

    Teangeolai subscribed for 3 months!

  20. 8h

    PharaohBender27 subscribed for 12 months!

    THE ONE YEA- Well, actually, it's been 11 months because I began subscribing in November 2018, but subscriptions begin at 1 month, so - eh, lrrEFF it, let's just say the one year for simplicity's sake

  21. 8h

    AlchemicalPanda subscribed for 12 months!

    Woo a year!

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    krizzasaurusrex subscribed for 14 months!


  34. 1d, 5h

    UncannyJimjams subscribed for 20 months!

    Didn't I already get the sub notifier? oh well let's go again! I need some very positive Serge after binging through a scary game playthrough before bed, thanks for all the content!

  35. 1d, 5h

    TheBearBee subscribed for 25 months!

    Why is Serge here so late? Has the dungeon expanded into the moon base?

  36. 1d, 5h

    ShadowQuaza just subscribed!

  37. 1d, 5h

    zazamost subscribed for 22 months!

  38. 1d, 5h

    ConspicuousCompiler has cheered with 100 bits!

    Scoops100 Technically not a sub.

  39. 1d, 5h

    zu_o just subscribed, thanks to brokengolem!

  40. 1d, 6h

    CurlyTurnips subscribed for 32 months!

  41. 1d, 6h

    grennysohail subscribed for 34 months!

  42. 1d, 6h

    EJGRgunner has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 So if I understand this game properly, you fight monsters, navigate platforms, and loot dungeons... all in attempt to git goods>

  43. 1d, 6h

    EJGRgunner has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 Of course it was healing! It's a do-deca-heal-dron!

  44. 1d, 6h

    MBPro216 subscribed for 7 months!

    Good Luck Serge!

  45. 1d, 7h

    Thomas_Harry_Reid has cheered with 300 bits!

    cheer300 when you think you can sleep after a wheeler stream but there's a Serge stream going on <3

  46. 1d, 7h

    Heinzes_ subscribed for 9 months!

    sub baby hype!

  47. 1d, 7h

    the_silent_holographer subscribed for 20 months!

    Round numbers

  48. 1d, 7h

    rogerivany subscribed for 14 months!

    Subiversary on vacation.

  49. 1d, 7h

    Pharmacistjudge subscribed for 58 months!

    Shopkeeper I have a quest!

  50. 1d, 8h

    Shparky2197 subscribed for 38 months!


  51. 1d, 8h

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  52. 1d, 8h

    brainbosh subscribed for 32 months!

  53. 1d, 8h

    Diabore subscribed for 37 months!

  54. 1d, 8h

    curativePlague subscribed for 17 months!

    I work night shifts on US East coast, it's nice to catch a stream live!

  55. 1d, 8h

    Mikiao subscribed for 33 months!

  56. 1d, 8h

    ReverseCreations subscribed for 38 months!

  57. 1d, 9h

    jadeworrior subscribed for 67 months!

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    Koi_Coyolin subscribed for 2 months!

    Sholud I learn French, German, or Japanese?

  59. 1d, 10h

    Songar87 subscribed for 23 months!

  60. 1d, 10h

    The_Cakemeister subscribed for 18 months!

    Gross, two babies.

  61. 1d, 10h

    TheMerricat has cheered with 100 bits!

    Kappa100 Ok, maybe they both are unreliable....

  62. 1d, 10h

    TheMerricat has cheered with 100 bits!

    Kappa100 I feel as if Ian is an unreliable narrator.

  63. 1d, 10h

    Morendur subscribed for 51 months!

    You know I don't think I've ever re-subbed in a Cafe' stream, let us fix that shall we? Here is to another wonderful 51 months of Rhythm, anime, and DESERT BUS!!!!

  64. 1d, 10h

    Telenstray subscribed for 34 months!


  65. 1d, 11h

    kusinohki just subscribed, thanks to Dog_of_Myth!

  66. 1d, 11h

    Wordeno subscribed for 10 months!

    Roadquest is one of the best things LRR has ever done, hyped for tomorrow's episode!

  67. 1d, 11h

    zunniest subscribed for 23 months!

    it's almost time for me to catch the desert bus for another year. beet wishes to everyone again for a successful run!

  68. 1d, 11h

    Phailhammer subscribed for 73 months!

    THe Notes of Patches and the Accents of Ian. *slaps piano*

  69. 1d, 11h

    chrono2x subscribed for 61 months!

  70. 1d, 12h

    Traion subscribed for 41 months!

    Oh look it's the cool Rhythm People. And Ian is here too!

  71. 1d, 12h
    162 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
  72. 1d, 12h

    treyhawk42 subscribed for 22 months!

    Time for some rhythm.

  73. 1d, 12h

    mtvcdm subscribed for 61 months!

    I heard you had to bring your own food to the Cafe, so I brought a sub.

  74. 1d, 13h

    MercurialVox subscribed for 36 months!

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    another month, another sub!

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