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The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the PiF hot seat for a playthrough of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Game: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) at Wed 09:30 AM PDT (6:39 from now).
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  1. 2h

    Musical_Marauder subscribed for 46 months!

    oh, I didn't realise you were still streaming for today, greetings from Tasmania, the island under australia!

  2. 3h

    urthai subscribed for 45 months!

  3. 3h

    chenhsi2 subscribed for 73 months!

  4. 3h

    Crow_T_Human subscribed for 24 months!

  5. 3h

    MrForceOfWill subscribed for 19 months!

    HEY G hows it going Any word on the videos being restored on youtube

  6. 4h

    JustAConspiracy subscribed for 32 months!

  7. 4h

    ElektroTal subscribed for 58 months!

  8. 4h

    Pheonix888 subscribed for 44 months!

    Here, let me help out that full inventory of yours. :)

  9. 4h

    LiveFaust subscribed for 38 months!

    Oh, hey G. I've been meaning to ask... Did you ask for this?

  10. 4h

    RockPusher subscribed for 60 months!

    This just in - local man needs inventory space, turns to alcoholism

  11. 5h

    KevinTheShark has cheered with 50 bits!

    The drunk Adam Jenson voice, with him referring to himself, reminds me of the Frank Grimes "because I'm Homer Simpson" speech Cheer50

  12. 5h

    snowb0und subscribed for 61 months!

    Tha shkyy above the port wash the color of televishion ...who menshunned port?

  13. 5h

    Xenguin47 subscribed for 40 months!

  14. 5h

    I_Am_Clockwork subscribed for 88 months!

  15. 5h

    eDRoaCH subscribed for 88 months!

    I'm moving through time! And so can you, with whisky!

  16. 5h

    jkarkov subscribed for 97 months!

  17. 5h

    holidayMD subscribed for 94 months!

    The return of my favorite House of Stark stream!

  18. 5h

    Nenluen subscribed for 61 months!

    Drinks? Drinks!

  19. 5h

    mtvcdm subscribed for 85 months!

    I'll take Potent Potables for $4.99 a month, Graham

  20. 5h

    sonic_danno subscribed for 42 months!

    Finally catch it live! Glad to see the drunk knight rise in real time!

  21. 5h

    Alahmnat subscribed for 22 months!

    Drunk Jensen times are best times <3

  22. 5h

    Natimus_Prime subscribed for 69 months!


  23. 5h

    PharaohBender27 subscribed for 36 months!

    The 3 years!!! Also, I have now subbed for as many months as I am old in years. This will be the only sub-month where that is true, which I find neat.

  24. 5h

    SerGarretCameron subscribed for 60 months!

  25. 5h

    Phailhammer subscribed for 97 months!

    You didn't ask for this, but I'm doing it anyway.

  26. 5h
    10 raiders from Foxmar320 have joined!
  27. 7h

    Lord_Byron47 subscribed for 52 months!

  28. 7h

    Durdenstein subscribed for 15 months!

  29. 7h

    Mathonwy subscribed for 41 months!

    41 months? Where did the time go?

  30. 7h

    e_bloc has cheered with 666 bits!

    Cheer666 this game slaps

  31. 7h

    lithuasil subscribed for 33 months!

    Now the stream cam pans back at it's all an elaborate LRR sketch

  32. 7h

    bv310 subscribed for 81 months!

    Clap Clap Clap

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    fhorrigan subscribed for 9 months!

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    corefluxx has cheered with 100 bits!


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    PlagueFishyRN subscribed for 5 months!

    it was tommy boy!

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    SurfDownstage subscribed for 29 months!

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    LithelyUnshod subscribed for 43 months!

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    Mr_Dirty subscribed for 51 months!

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    D1cey1 subscribed for 60 months!

    Oh hey 60 months. That's like 20 quarters right?

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    abaoa_qu subscribed for 74 months!

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    OrionPax21 subscribed for 71 months!

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    Catastrophil subscribed for 4 months!

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    Veraphage subscribed for 78 months!


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    Nefarious_Ned subscribed for 70 months!

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    jetpixi subscribed for 29 months!


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    Kramburger subscribed for 87 months!


  47. 8h

    OccasionallyManly subscribed for 49 months!

    time for spoops

  48. 8h

    thevikingbear__ subscribed for 22 months!

    Happy almost 2 years Spoop Bois! Thanks for all you do!

  49. 8h

    Dragoknight101 subscribed for 38 months!

  50. 8h

    DEATHlikescats subscribed for 18 months!

    18 is a spooky number, right?

  51. 8h

    Pharmacistjudge subscribed for 82 months!

    what about Jaywalking House? or Embezzlement House? Petty Theft House?

  52. 8h

    Driosenth subscribed for 70 months!

    hey Adam, when you first got to vote, did you go for Richard Bedford Bennett or William Lyon Mackenzie King?

  53. 8h

    TheFreak013 subscribed for 4 months!

    Spooky stuff and things.

  54. 8h

    Armyguy0 subscribed for 16 months!

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    shendaras subscribed for 10 months!

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    ranen951 subscribed for 20 months!

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    zeanith_helfire subscribed for 8 months!

  58. 9h

    KevinTheShark subscribed for 62 months!


  59. 9h

    e_bloc has cheered with 1000 bits!

    Cheer1000 oh hell yeah murderhouse. I don't know if I was the first to suggest this one but I'm sure glad you're playing it

  60. 9h

    AlienNanobots subscribed for 49 months!

  61. 9h

    Ferisar just subscribed, thanks to kumatsu!

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    JadenMina subscribed for 17 months!

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    Cyberferret2 subscribed for 31 months!

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    ShhIAmARealCat subscribed for 15 months!

    Spoopy bois I hope you have an incredible night and rest of your week :)

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    lady_ramkin is a new subscriber!

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    dementedchiptune subscribed for 8 months!

  68. 9h

    aussz subscribed for 83 months!

    love you guys

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    Mc40k subscribed for 64 months!

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    DarknessKingCoH subscribed for 29 months!

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    buhlian22 subscribed for 5 months!

    Spoop time!

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    OdysseyofOddDucks subscribed for 26 months!

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    Natabuu subscribed for 39 months!

  74. 9h

    aussie_rob_w subscribed for 94 months!

    Let’s go!

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    Rumiir_the_Dragon subscribed for 91 months!

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    Sogheim subscribed for 23 months!

    lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP I'm already scared lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP

  77. 9h

    James_LRR just subscribed, thanks to ThreeTwoOnePantsOff!

  78. 9h

    TheExplodedGamer subscribed for 38 months!

    This game could be so many things, I'm excited

  79. 9h

    kainvalentine subscribed for 10 months!

    its almost a whole year of goofs and laughs!!!!! :D

  80. 9h

    fireiceair1989 subscribed for 44 months!

    fireic1Love fireic1Pop

  81. 9h

    Stripe_dog subscribed for 57 months!

    Can't believe I'm only 3 months away from supporting LRR for FIVE YEARS.

  82. 9h

    monatommo1985 has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 It's Spoops time!! :-)

  83. 9h

    theevermist subscribed for 16 months!

    Spoopy boys yay!

  84. 9h

    LadyDesco subscribed for 55 months!

  85. 9h

    the_dungeonmaster subscribed for 5 months!

    Ah yes, a murder house as opposed to an assault condo or stabbing bungalow

  86. 9h

    hesterbyrde subscribed for 18 months!


  87. 9h

    YawnLance subscribed for 32 months!

    The only thing that's overwhelmingly positive about these stream is the boys, right gamers?

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    CienZaufania subscribed for 12 months!

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    MegaDosX subscribed for 16 months!

    Hey look, my sub can drive now!

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    ThreeTwoOnePantsOff subscribed for 29 months!

    Something something 29 months something

  95. 11h

    virtualcatastrophe subscribed for 17 months!

    Hey Cam. Thanks for all the hard work you do <3

  96. 11h

    arcticdnd has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 My friend doesn't own any Australian instruments, But I digeridoo. Ill banish myself to the shadow realm now.

  97. 11h

    HushRabbit subscribed for 26 months!

  98. 12h

    stephentoostronk subscribed for 10 months!

    Do you prefer this DEATHLOOP or Dishonored's mechanics?

  99. 12h

    AgentWynter subscribed for 31 months!

  100. 12h

    Kiloken subscribed for 27 months!

  101. 12h

    ArdCollider subscribed for 6 months!

    it's turds, chat. he means turds.

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    TheDoomRhombus subscribed for 49 months!

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    Dandinstorm12 subscribed for 91 months!

    whats up

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    InkAndFig subscribed for 63 months!

    Hello ^^

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    muondecay subscribed for 93 months!

    Delicious lööps!

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    Drew_64 subscribed for 25 months!

    25 months? That's nearly some other number of months! (that's how the joke goes, right?)

  109. 14h

    StarShock2002 subscribed for 94 months!

    Hows everyone holding up?

  110. 14h

    falgar_ subscribed for 50 months!

  111. 14h

    scratchmonkey subscribed for 39 months!

    nice cut James, looking so fresh and so clean

  112. 14h

    WyleeCoyote556 subscribed for 93 months!

    ABP - Always Be Poutineizing

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    richard_ermen subscribed for 44 months!

    44 Months and loads of fun. Thank you for being you ^_^

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    tolchuk123 just subscribed!

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    now son, don't touch that cactus

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    stizzet subscribed for 20 months!

    oooo I pushed the button, both dangerous and exciting 😜

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    chuckaw1977 subscribed for 32 months!

    chucka1Love chucka1Love chucka1Love It's the boys back playing more Minecraft...gonna be a good day!!!

  128. 16h

    kerbalized_ subscribed for 32 months!

  129. 16h

    Sakurazaki1023 subscribed for 92 months!

    That's a lot of months lrrDOTS lrrARROWS

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    anclag subscribed for 8 months!

    I like buttons

  131. 16h

    rocketjohn subscribed for 49 months!

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    DiscordianTokkan subscribed for 75 months!

    The Three Quarter Yeeeaaaar!

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    Pride500 - cliff hanger bits

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    dismallyOriented subscribed for 37 months!

    37 months, had to join in for the last bit of Alabaster Kingdom. Shoutouts to La'Ron and Noordin, and happy to meet Shauntelle and Kortney!

  140. 1d, 9h

    Territan subscribed for 11 months!

    And let's make THIS thing official...

  141. 1d, 9h

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    FitalShell subscribed for 28 months!


  143. 1d, 12h

    Thequickgreyfox subscribed for 7 months!

    Subiversary and I get to spend it catching monster drawings. A great start to the week

  144. 1d, 12h

    johnhelix subscribed for 19 months!

    It's shiny.

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    itomathefuzzy subscribed for 9 months!


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    I always do my hacking while crazy drunk, just like Adam taught me.

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    *HIC* What...what's dis button do? *HIC!*

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    A digital way to look at a digital man doing digital things.

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    How's it goin Graham, sup chat.

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    I didn't cat for this.

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    That's a lotta months

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    2 years (plus/minus) thanks for the entertainment!

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    almost one year!

  169. 1d, 15h

    malacorath subscribed for 69 months!

    Just want you to know, that because of you I bought Human Revolution, got in a hilarious argument about hot sauces, and am contemplating watching the pre-Brosnan Bond films for the first time, so I hope your happy!

  170. 1d, 15h

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    cheer100 have a round on me.

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    almost 2 years! I drink to that!

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    y'all are great.

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    graham gameplay? sweet

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    Sub for Baxter!

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    Kitty! acsHi

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    78 months? That's numberwang!

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    Oh right, its drinking time.

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    woooo 89 months! Now chugalug Adam!

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    Great to watch more DX:MD. Also Baxter.

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    Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 No conspiracies here, nope!

  187. 1d, 17h

    codatski has cheered with 300 bits!

    Cheer300 I have fond memories of playing the OG Deus Ex with my dad, challenging each other to weird rules to follow while playing. Then Human Rev. came out when I was in college. I played it a lot to help with homesickness. So what I'm saying is, thanks for the nostalgia, the chill streams, and being as cool as you are. (I know it is weird to have Cyberpunk dystopia be nostalgic but *shrug*)

  188. 1d, 17h

    RocknGrohlNerd subscribed for 16 months!

    Hi Baxter and G

  189. 1d, 17h

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    Hello Graham and chat.

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    greatwahooney subscribed for 46 months!

    Is this that video game about the importance of consent that I heard so much about?

  194. 1d, 17h

    kat2kool subscribed for 68 months!

    Time to break and enter the Jensen. Wait.

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