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  1. 45s

    mendokusai_kitsune subscribed for 2 months!

    might only be able to sub once in awhile due to outside interference but LRR has all my support

  2. 4m

    zshunter subscribed for 2 months!

    The two month anniversary of me going full time again, getting fast enough internet for twitch and my first paid twitch sub.

  3. 5m

    AWells44 subscribed for 50 months!

    fresh meat this week

  4. 5m

    DEATHlikescats has cheered with 100 bits!


  5. 5m

    Foxsploder subscribed for 13 months!

  6. 6m

    forestfieldforestfield subscribed for 20 months!

  7. 6m

    ogier300 subscribed for 57 months!

  8. 7m

    EikoandMog has cheered with 100 bits!

    cheer100 Cheering for all our wonderful guests :D

  9. 7m

    Thomas subscribed for 2 months!

    Here's an easy one <3

  10. 7m

    Going_Medium subscribed for 45 months!

  11. 7m

    KingOfDoma has cheered with 500 bits!

    Pride500 Gifting you bits because this is the first time I'm watching you guys on stream with my new, actually good wifi dongle! Yay no lag!

  12. 7m

    Zappeljakob subscribed for 27 months!

    So many new People O.O

  13. 7m

    Cinominn subscribed for 16 months!

  14. 8m

    Astro_Nata subscribed for 30 months!

  15. 8m

    sheqesi subscribed for 26 months!

    Thank you all so much for bringing the laughter during these crazy times!!!

  16. 9m

    shurtal subscribed for 60 months!

    5 years? I think? I'm bad at division.

  17. 9m

    CoffeePrincess has cheered with 100 bits!


  18. 9m

    Electrodyne has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 If I give you bits thanks to Beej's dancing, is this like virtually putting a dollar in his waistband?

  19. 14m

    Nahmbra subscribed for 40 months!


  20. 17m

    01thorin01 has cheered with 1000 bits!


  21. 19m

    Sgt_mentos subscribed for 2 months!

    Oh man, it's always nice to have these people during hard times, thanks for all the laughs...

  22. 20m

    vagrant_fiction just subscribed!

  23. 24m

    Jokulhaup1234 subscribed for 80 months!

  24. 25m

    iSmartMan1 subscribed for 69 months!


  25. 26m

    Marenai subscribed for 22 months!

  26. 26m

    Saphling subscribed for 3 months!

    Jacks are being thoroughly boxed!

  27. 27m

    Dog_of_Myth has gifted 2 subs in the channel!

    Sergue_Thorien is a new subscriber!

    FoxNoodleSoup is a new subscriber!

  28. 29m

    Laserbeaks_Fury just subscribed, thanks to Dog_of_Myth!

  29. 30m

    Crowgould98 has cheered with 100 bits!


  30. 30m

    HorusFive subscribed for 19 months!

    Happy Pride- be excellent to each other!

  31. 31m

    UncannyJimjams subscribed for 27 months!

    it's a third sub baby!

  32. 36m

    TK_thats_me subscribed for 41 months!

  33. 36m

    Vector_Zero subscribed for 21 months!

  34. 36m

    UnhingedBear subscribed for 37 months!


  35. 37m

    SaiaseiGM subscribed for 59 months!

  36. 37m

    CandyNuke subscribed for 57 months!

  37. 37m

    Terradana subscribed for 9 months!

  38. 37m

    tarasque037 subscribed for 13 months!

    happy Jack Box :)

  39. 37m

    HbombAndFriends has cheered with 145 bits!

    ShowLove145 patbaeCaev patbaeLego

  40. 38m

    stormsomething subscribed for 10 months!

  41. 38m

    nikasaur just subscribed, thanks to gnome_friend!

  42. 38m

    fishthemfishfish subscribed for 41 months!

    Oh woah look at this fierce group of folks!

  43. 38m

    breadisbest1 subscribed for 21 months!

  44. 38m

    toenolla subscribed for 51 months!

  45. 39m

    SierraSaysDrinkWater has gifted 10 subs in the channel!

    TwistedPear is a new subscriber!

    SunsetOcelot is a new subscriber!

    ZeroPolarity is a new subscriber!

    Evandill is a new subscriber!

    someone_evil is a new subscriber!

    Durhall is a new subscriber!

    texasman208 is a new subscriber!

    SomePolishDude is a new subscriber!

    safety___third is a new subscriber!

    donuteater is a new subscriber!

  46. 39m

    Dragonality subscribed for 19 months!

    Box Jack hype train chugs along

  47. 39m

    flatluigi subscribed for 16 months!

    jackbox jackbox jackbox

  48. 39m

    hoktauri subscribed for 47 months!

    so many months

  49. 40m

    snailkane has cheered with 300 bits!

    Pride100 Pride100 Pride100

  50. 40m

    Crowgould98 has cheered with 100 bits!


  51. 40m

    InsaneMuadib has cheered with 3600 bits!

    Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer1000 Cheer1000 Cheer1000 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Thank you all including Wheeler for all the joy you've brought to me the past 2 years. it's been a rough year and you've all kept me going through it :)

  52. 41m

    AttackCowboy subscribed for 6 months!

    wheelerY wheelerH

  53. 41m

    edgbedg subscribed for 2 months!

  54. 42m

    lostluckDev subscribed for 30 months!

    now that this sub is 30 months old, it's life is over, clearly.

  55. 42m

    jordorowsky subscribed for 39 months!

    just jackin it...

  56. 42m

    malc subscribed for 60 months!


  57. 42m

    maywecomein subscribed for 37 months!

  58. 43m

    fullofliesandbees has cheered with 500 bits!

    Cheer500 I needed some positivity today, glad to catch this live.

  59. 43m

    ArmadilloAL subscribed for 43 months!

    Luckily it only takes a single click to resub!

  60. 43m

    TheMightyTaylor subscribed for 4 months!

    Thank you for being such a continuous source of light in these messed up times.

  61. 43m
    ruscobrog converted from a Twitch Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
  62. 44m

    BrainBetter subscribed for 3 months!

    Can't believe it's been three months of quarantine already. Thanks for all the great streams!

  63. 44m

    el_dwardo subscribed for 10 months!

  64. 45m

    JustChrisWood subscribed for 23 months!

    I got nothing witty. Hope everyone's staying safe out there.

  65. 45m

    Sakurazaki1023 subscribed for 75 months!

    Thank you for being a beacon of positivity, especially this week.

  66. 45m

    cmdrud87 has gifted 1 sub in the channel!

    theandew is a new subscriber!

  67. 45m

    syupweque subscribed for 13 months!

  68. 45m

    control_rig subscribed for 31 months!

    Thank you all for creating such a wonderful community.

  69. 45m

    InsaneMuadib subscribed for 24 months!

    Two years! Thanks for all the laughs you all have brought to my life.

  70. 45m

    BionicShoulder subscribed for 55 months!

  71. 45m

    maintainpriority has gifted 5 subs in the channel!

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  72. 46m

    Quillpaw subscribed for 19 months!

    time to box some jacks!

  73. 46m

    ProcrastianArt subscribed for 5 months!

    Staying up to join in for this one!

  74. 46m

    Beofryn subscribed for 33 months!

  75. 47m

    lady_olynder subscribed for 12 months!

    12 months? that's amost a button that must be pressed

  76. 7h

    cardinalwiggles subscribed for 13 months!

    Have some free Jeff Besoz money!

  77. 7h

    Cannons_are_an_instrument subscribed for 56 months!

    56 moths? That's almost a swarm of outdated joke formats

  78. 7h

    Nomili subscribed for 19 months!

  79. 7h

    manwichcannon subscribed for 2 months!

  80. 7h

    MidgardSerpent subscribed for 73 months!

    Really enjoying this Play It Forward, but behind enough that I'm watching on youtube. Thanks for all you folks do, both to create content for me to enjoy, but also to foster a great community.

  81. 7h

    dumbo3k subscribed for 30 months!


  82. 7h

    Simonark subscribed for 29 months!

    Life sometimes gives me a platform to say something when I have nothing worth saying. The result are sentences like this, I'll try to do better next month.

  83. 8h

    quasi79fu subscribed for 4 months!

  84. 19h

    Pinky_purin just subscribed, thanks to ricin!

  85. 21h

    InquisitorGaia subscribed for 14 months!

    heya ben, heya adam

  86. 21h

    seemsdeece has cheered with 100 bits!

    You bois honestly make my day everytime I can make one of you laugh at one of my stupid jokes Cheer100

  87. 21h

    prince_infidel subscribed for 9 months!

    9 months. are...NOT THE FATHERS!

  88. 22h
    Esoterus is continuing the Gift Sub they got from PatFromIT!
  89. 22h

    Esoterus just subscribed!

  90. 22h

    DrWreckage subscribed for 30 months!

    You two really help me get through these times. Keep on keeping on.

  91. 22h

    jetpixi has cheered with 300 bits!

    Thank you for helping to turn my very intense frown upside down Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100

  92. 22h

    Zenithcubed just subscribed, thanks to thesimbiote!

  93. 22h

    iris_of_ether has cheered with 200 bits!

    Corgo200 Bless you for your spoop boi banter tonight. It's appreciated. :)

  94. 22h

    Pywodwagon subscribed for 8 months!

    Adam is clearly just trying to distract from his personal pirate treasure he has stashed away

  95. 22h

    4q72 just subscribed!

  96. 22h

    EikoandMog has cheered with 100 bits!

    cheer100 Everything changed when Newfoundland attacked.

  97. 22h

    e_bloc has cheered with 100 bits!

    Corgo100 its a real joke they havent banned winota

  98. 22h

    EC_as_That subscribed for 75 months!

  99. 22h

    Scar_Red_Tiger subscribed for 47 months!


  100. 22h

    sholmes_gaming subscribed for 2 months!

    Have some Bezos Bux

  101. 22h

    sinecwid subscribed for 51 months!

  102. 22h

    RighteousDevil subscribed for 3 months!

    In this future, do you think space interns require five years experience being murdered by space monsters to even talk to space HR?

  103. 22h

    OmegaoMolecule subscribed for 6 months!

    its da boys cuttin da limbs off woohoo <3

  104. 22h

    Larkonus subscribed for 51 months!

    If watching speed runs have taught me anything, if you swing at the doorway enough you'll clip out of bounds.

  105. 22h

    annoyingcameraguy subscribed for 15 months!

  106. 22h

    TheDoomRhombus subscribed for 37 months!

    Tune in next time for another thrilling episode of BEARDS! IN! SPAAAAACE!

  107. 22h

    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 Ben I am on your side. That innocent serge act doesn't fool me. He has the heart of a villain.

  108. 22h

    e_bloc has cheered with 300 bits!

    this is not libel but Serge is 100000% a serial killer. Corgo300

  109. 23h

    AbnormAnomaly subscribed for 25 months!

  110. 23h

    LonelyTex subscribed for 50 months!

    waddup spooky bois

  111. 23h

    mirshebs subscribed for 22 months!

  112. 23h

    PhorrestGaze subscribed for 45 months!

  113. 23h

    e_bloc has cheered with 1000 bits!

    Corgo1000 which impossible stream comes first: Adam playing minecraft or Adam playing MP Civ 6

  114. 23h

    SlyTQ just subscribed, thanks to Dog_of_Myth!

  115. 23h

    ranen951 subscribed for 6 months!

  116. 23h

    Toxxick subscribed for 47 months!

    Oh look. A Button!

  117. 23h

    direbaka subscribed for 27 months!

    You should check out the different ways you can die in this game on your own time... there are some amazing ones.

  118. 23h

    absorbedtulip9 subscribed for 13 months!

    hello two of my favorite spooky people! how's the stream going?

  119. 23h

    TheBehemothBarn subscribed for 29 months!

  120. 23h

    cabbageboy_ subscribed for 17 months!

  121. 23h

    hd_dabnado subscribed for 28 months!

  122. 23h

    Cepsys subscribed for 28 months!

    looking forward to 28 more months of spoop boi antics

  123. 1d, 0h

    flikerz1 subscribed for 60 months!

  124. 1d, 0h

    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 every game is a horror game if the right person plays it. If you get scared playing it then it counts.

  125. 1d, 0h

    Perchipy has cheered with 500 bits!

    cheer500 Today's my convocation and I cried hard when I saw my name on the list of graduates. Philosophy and social anthropology wasn't the easiest to major and LRR was always there for me when things felt too much. This is my first cheer and I want to share it with you guys. I say LoadingReadyRun is THE positive influence in my life and I truly mean it. This is my heart-felt thank-you.

  126. 1d, 0h

    DGZenos subscribed for 62 months!

    Ben your beard makes me think of the werewolves from bloodborn, it rocks.

  127. 1d, 0h

    VelvetFalcon subscribed for 43 months!

    Probably the last time I'll be able to sub for a while, but thanks for all your hard work!

  128. 1d, 0h

    reallegitstreamer subscribed for 13 months!

  129. 1d, 0h

    CamelAttack just subscribed, thanks to AnAnonymousGifter!

  130. 1d, 0h

    TalesFromTheManaCrypt subscribed for 15 months!

    yeay resubs.

  131. 1d, 0h

    holes just subscribed, thanks to Smapdi_Flaffermann!

  132. 1d, 0h

    Cyberferret2 subscribed for 20 months!

  133. 1d, 0h

    PlorpleBen just subscribed, thanks to Smapdi_Flaffermann!

  134. 1d, 0h

    DanaeArielle subscribed for 10 months!

    Hi spoop boys, thank you for streaming, I needed some positive and uplifting content today ❤️❤️❤️

  135. 1d, 0h

    yalc321 subscribed for 37 months!

    Dead Space? More like Dork Space! Hah, got'em

  136. 1d, 0h

    thatladyinplaid subscribed for 38 months!

    38?!? That's almost my age in months! Glad I get to sub with my fave boys!

  137. 1d, 0h

    blip2004 subscribed for 18 months!

    Gotta go Fasssst

  138. 1d, 0h

    Ba_Dum_Tish subscribed for 68 months!

    Time for another installment of Adam and Ben discuss putting holes into everything

  139. 1d, 0h

    VintageSpiffy has gifted 5 subs in the channel!

    Trymantha is a new subscriber!

    Strickly_Bear is a new subscriber!

    kernslavedrawer is a new subscriber!

    steevn_p is a new subscriber!

    dokuroyaiba is a new subscriber!

  140. 1d, 0h

    whistarn subscribed for 35 months!

  141. 1d, 0h

    Faulpyr subscribed for 75 months!

    Great start to a great stream!

  142. 1d, 0h

    flarfmuffin just subscribed, thanks to Smapdi_Flaffermann!

  143. 1d, 0h

    Austere_Squire has cheered with 100 bits!

    Pride100 Lots going on lately and you guys are helping-- BEN HOW DID YOU DIE ALREADY- make it better. Happy Pride Month, y'alls!

  144. 1d, 0h

    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 you game like I do.

  145. 1d, 0h

    Smarpy just subscribed, thanks to Smapdi_Flaffermann!

  146. 1d, 0h

    CommanderCrossing subscribed for 70 months!

    no longer nice but here for the chill/ not so chill

  147. 1d, 0h

    ThreeTwoOnePantsOff has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 the favorite Spoopy Boys make every Tuesday a little better. Thanks for being capital-g Good people.

  148. 1d, 0h

    HorusFive has cheered with 100 bits!

    Pride100 Be Excellent to One Another

  149. 1d, 0h

    DwnStgRghtGaming subscribed for 2 months!

    So happy to be actually watching live for once. Now take my Bezos money and GO CHOP SOME LIMBS SPOOPY BOYS!!!!!!!!

  150. 1d, 0h

    YawnLance has cheered with 100 bits!

    Pride100 Don't have a joke tonight, but thank you for providing a space (that pun was unintentional but I'll take it) for us to take a moment and breathe, relax, and decompress a bit. Have fun spoopboys lrrHEART

  151. 1d, 0h

    mollymauk_jay subscribed for 52 months!

    Woop Spoop!

  152. 1d, 0h

    ThinksTooMuch subscribed for 66 months!


  153. 1d, 0h

    cgwonder subscribed for 10 months!

    Let's cut some LIMBS

  154. 1d, 0h

    eric_christian_berg subscribed for 29 months!

    Thank you.

  155. 1d, 0h

    Rynehawk subscribed for 5 months!

    my favorite spoopy bois

  156. 1d, 0h

    kid_flashionable subscribed for 10 months!

    I'm so happy to be watching this stream, thank you so much for spooping it up tonight. Always appreciate you guys. Love you guys!!

  157. 1d, 0h

    Boi_Ginny subscribed for 15 months!

    Fifteen months of awesome! Thanks much ❤️

  158. 1d, 0h

    WyleeCoyote556 subscribed for 76 months!

    Hail to our valiant Nopesmen!

  159. 1d, 1h

    Beowulf_Bjornson subscribed for 69 months!

  160. 1d, 2h

    io_Otter subscribed for 55 months!

  161. 1d, 2h

    Fracaswell subscribed for 82 months!

  162. 1d, 2h

    meisbored subscribed for 36 months!

  163. 1d, 2h

    Elenodul subscribed for 71 months!

  164. 1d, 2h
    214 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
  165. 1d, 3h

    misteline subscribed for 34 months!

    Always love a Can stream. Sorry I missed you going live today, see you in the vod!

  166. 1d, 3h

    ratis_gameur just subscribed, thanks to TheMerricat!

  167. 1d, 3h

    canoecrasher subscribed for 33 months!

    Hey Cam! Happy Tuesday!

  168. 1d, 3h

    McArgh subscribed for 43 months!


  169. 1d, 4h

    giant_alien_spider just subscribed, thanks to TheMerricat!

  170. 1d, 4h

    Olveron subscribed for 23 months!

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    jawat2021 subscribed for 14 months!

  172. 1d, 5h

    Sabrewing just subscribed, thanks to AnAnonymousGifter!

  173. 1d, 5h

    Dandinstorm12 subscribed for 75 months!

    75 eh. That's a number

  174. 1d, 5h

    thebumblingbagofbogusluck has cheered with 100 bits!


  175. 1d, 6h

    TranquilCalamity subscribed for 24 months!

    <insert obligatory "two years" meme here>

  176. 1d, 6h

    CMDRNuffin subscribed for 11 months!

    11 months already? That's, like, two whole years!

  177. 1d, 6h

    Dyllbert subscribed for 48 months!

    4 Years!!! (but more because twitch messed it up.....)

  178. 1d, 6h

    snake__brine subscribed for 29 months!

    Heyo all! 29 months and it's good to see you all!

  179. 1d, 7h

    Floofys subscribed for 11 months!

    Is this Terraria?!

  180. 1d, 7h

    Karfsma778 subscribed for 38 months!

  181. 1d, 7h

    Mattifier subscribed for 6 months!

  182. 1d, 7h

    snowewolf subscribed for 14 months!


  183. 1d, 7h

    Abavus subscribed for 33 months!

    33 months is almost 15 seconds

  184. 1d, 7h

    Parkes04 subscribed for 36 months!

  185. 1d, 7h

    Elle_Cognito subscribed for 12 months!

    Working from home= LLR to accomany my data crunching, huzzah!

  186. 1d, 7h

    r_craddz subscribed for 29 months!

    Drink that coffee then :)

  187. 1d, 7h

    eldrazi_trainer subscribed for 26 months!

  188. 1d, 7h

    CommiePuddin subscribed for 73 months!

    I, too, am a fan of dungeons.

  189. 1d, 7h

    AnderKryst subscribed for 25 months!

    whee...some dungeons!

  190. 1d, 7h

    Milambus subscribed for 43 months!

  191. 1d, 22h

    NotCainNorAbel has cheered with 500 bits!

    Pride500 Lots of fun

  192. 1d, 22h

    PharaohBender27 has cheered with 120 bits!

    Cheer120 This campaign has already gone . . . over the edge B)

  193. 1d, 22h

    narset6691 has cheered with 100 bits!


  194. 1d, 22h

    Banrael has cheered with 300 bits!

    cheer300 The important thing is lrrFINE

  195. 1d, 22h

    HorusFive has cheered with 250 bits!

    VoHiYo250 I'm having a wonderful time. I have no idea what's going on.

  196. 1d, 22h

    GreayStone has cheered with 100 bits!


  197. 1d, 23h

    Opera707 subscribed for 8 months!

    sending out an sos

  198. 1d, 23h
    14 raiders from VieVentar have joined!
  199. 1d, 23h

    CtrlUltDefeatLive subscribed for 33 months!

    Sub Hype!

  200. 1d, 23h

    AzureShok subscribed for 28 months!

  201. 1d, 23h

    corefluxx has cheered with 100 bits!


  202. 1d, 23h

    The_Cakemeister subscribed for 25 months!

    25? How square.

  203. 1d, 23h

    edgeyberzerker subscribed for 46 months!