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No-one can forget.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (10:18 from now).
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    cheer217 I'm really enjoying CTS. I hope it stays in the weekly rotation even after the plague is over.

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    Our Silver Subiversary

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    7 months? that's like 8 but different!

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    I love you goobs

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    Pride200 - got'em

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    almost got that 80~ pummel away!

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    Execute Order 66

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    Oh, hey, apparently this is up.

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    55 months. One more and I'll be speeding.

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    sub updated to 3.1, in this update: more supporting the wonderful content that's helping me get through the never-ending quarantine. Hope you all are making it through all right!

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    Whoo 3 months!

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    It's some amount of sub babies!

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    6 orbits around the sun.

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    48months, that's 21 months away from the best number

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    we welcome our new bloody party overlords

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    Thanks for all you do. Keep on keeping on.

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    This game seems messy.

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    That's one more than last month!

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    5 Years! Lets go Adam!

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    Always love Crossing the Streams, weird chaos.

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    30 months and counting!

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    Thanks for all the laughs and good times. I'm really grateful that the space you foster is so LGBT friendly. #runnerandproud

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    weird nonsense game doing weird nonsense

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    Totally normal number!

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    Cheer111 So this is like if Mario Party dropped the act and was as overtly hateful as it was covertly hateful.

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    12 months! That's almost one year!

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    RIPCheer500 So, Adam's catch phrase this game is 'Oh, that looks bad'

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    Love you, LRR crew. Thanks for six months of fun, here's to six hundred more.

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    cheerwhal100 My bitshake brings all the boys to the yard - and they're like, it's better than yours - damn right, it's better than yours - you can take it, but I have to charge~

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    Welcome to AFKCTS the ultimate hybrid stream

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    Usually watch this with the SO, they're out of town working so we have to enjoy it apart.

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    10 months? That's almost a year!

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    first day out of hospital and away from ventilators? And LRR? Bonus.

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    Speed doesn't matter on the on subtrain because There's no colliders!

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    G, your Bond rewatch podcast is amazing. I will be watching along with my dvd collection. Thanks for making great content.

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    42! The ...reverse 2 years?

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    Time for some friendly pummeling from behind!

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    This week, LRR plays "Fiddling With Audio Settings"

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    Day 930 - I find myself resubscribing to my favorite Twitch Streaming comedians. I hope this message find them well and sane...ish

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    hell yeah paying myself a small fraction at a time

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    Yeah! Finally get to watch you guys live!

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    New CtS game!

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    I don't know what I'm doing!

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    A Tibetan monk opens a tub of margarine and sees the face of Jesus. He throws his hands to the sky and shouts "I can't believe it's not Buddha!"

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    Sub Baby TWINS!

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    pride301 glhf

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    Pride300 Oh, this is gonna sound fun...

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    Yaayy 3 months of decent times enough to have a lrr sub

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    Touch plants, get pants

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    Don’t know this game, but it has “Pummel” in the title so should make for a good stream. :)

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    Doing some data analysis and need my LLR community to keep me from going crazy. Love ya, #BLM

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    Tokyo Mirage Sessions was a great weeb game, thanks!

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    i dtill smile every time i read nsburg

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    First time I'm catcing a stream in a while! Been in that vod squad for a while.

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    This will be the one time my subscription in months and my age in years match up ever.

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    Corgo69 katesHype

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    Party500 Bits for victory!

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    Since Now Kiss currently isn't an option for this niiiiiiiice resub, I will just leave this here...

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    Pride321 Looks like I need to run out- so I guess I'll catch the final fight on the VOD. Thanks for the Play Thru Kathleen and best of luck for the next PIF

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    Let the third year of subbing begin!!

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    Finally figured out how to sub message! I can't stay today, but I just wanted to drop in and say hello!

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    pride300 i havent caught up with the stream yet, but good luck killing god with the power of advertisement (i assume)

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    Party500 To the end and beyond!

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    1 year bb!!!!!!!

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    ShowLove100 The grand finale! (Probably. Maybe.)

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    We must become one with the water!

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    tuning in a bit late because of work, but wooo! Dead Space and spoopy boys!

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    The phrase you're looking for is "Derpy like you're lost in DOS"

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    Adam, it was a real good joke!

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    Hi Adam, you beautiful person you, from your biggest Savifan!

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    Just wrote a lengthy email to my boss requesting social distancing/mask wearing finally be a thing at my office, cause logic. Pretty stressful, so thanks for streaming and being goofy my duuuude! (This applies to chat as well lrrHEART )

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    Hi Adam, you're looking very today.

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    Adam, how did you get so good at games?

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    I love that the Ripper looks like the product of a drunken tryst between a miter saw and the Half Life 2 Gravity Gun. Cheer100

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    Nice- WAIT NO. dammit.

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    Look at you. The coolest cat around!

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    that scream. So good.

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    My mind is stuck in this weird limbo of "4.3 years feels like just yesterday" and "4.3 years ago feels like an eternity ago." I blame 2020.

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    Upon your Google hacking: "I can only share personal information if verify your identity." Cheer100

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    Pride200 We're *gestures outside* but we're here now and you're being charismatic as fuck so we're doing okay.

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    pi_is_not_three subscribed for 7 months!

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    Cheer100 You need more stuff to read out loud and delay the stream, clearly Kappa Also you're a precious human <3

  217. 1d, 10h

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    Cheer100 Alexa play baby shark

  218. 1d, 10h

    AdzyW subscribed for 46 months!

    Adam you're a frickin SAINT. Also your live tweets on JoJo had me howling. What did you think of the sudden DROP of the Pillar Men's Theme?

  219. 1d, 10h

    Salikon subscribed for 2 months!

  220. 1d, 10h

    empyreon subscribed for 56 months!

    lrrHEART chill vibes in these trying times for y'all lrrHEART

  221. 1d, 10h

    VintageSpiffy subscribed for 9 months!

    If you get too spooped, just use the Joestar Secret Technique, and run awaaaaaaay!

  222. 1d, 10h

    CaptainAmero subscribed for 3 months!

    Glad to be here live for once! Thank you Adam for the amazing work you are doing, it's appreciate by me and by many others!

  223. 1d, 10h

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    Cheer100 Here’s hoping that we don’t break the computer again this week!

  224. 1d, 10h

    cgwonder subscribed for 11 months!

    Sometimes it do be like that

  225. 1d, 10h

    TalesFromTheManaCrypt subscribed for 16 months!

    yeay spoop time!

  226. 1d, 10h

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    Pride200 It's okay to be struggling, we all are. The important thing is you're aware of it and trying to work around it without burning out.

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    I am this old

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    You got this, buddy.

  231. 1d, 10h

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    Who's ready to monetize some content? Am I rite Gamers?

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    Sweet sixteen! Thanks for all the entertainment!

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    Pride69 Thanks Cori and Cam lrrHEART

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    Hi friendos!

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    Good evening.

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    ShowLove300 Yay for being able to support a group that's helped fill many an otherwise dull time

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    Thank you for all the great streams!

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    This sub is brought to you by the Sub Joke Liberation Front - freeing sub jokes from subs since 2017!

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    Slightly over 2 years!

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    This is why I play minecraft

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    I just want to tell you all good luck, and we're all counting on you.

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