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The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (1d, 11:59 from now).
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    Cheer50 bits for the LRR folk

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    I never know when to hit this. All of what LLR does is so great. Thank you.

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    Well la do da

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    always love to see gladiator

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    *Flips table* "Hmph, I thought you might"

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    N i c e

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    Thanks for all the MtG fun!

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    Thank you for helping preserve my sanity during quarantine. What you do matters and helps a lot of people. Much love <3

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    Hell yeah, f*** yeah, it's LRR

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    lrrSPOOP lrrHERE lrrSLOTH

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    Just popping in real quick to reup and say HIYA HIHIHIHI~

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    if you clean a vacuum cleaner, you just made a vacuum cleaner and you are now a vacuum cleaner

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    Time to point at the checks!

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    Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Almost caught up on the vods. Thanks for the great stream Paul!

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    Watching your first session inspired me to finally play this game myself. I'll watch the rest much later.

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    34 months of Kojima's Sick Mixtape and other great games.

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    makes me want to get that space shuttle set

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    That's as much as two tens, and that's wonderful.

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    49. That’s a square number.

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    42 months? I'm sure that amount doesn't have any cosmic significance whatsoever!

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    woohoo new set

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    A LRRMTG? Colonel, what's a Canadian stream doing here?

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    I finally hit Gold in Constructed with my Jotunn Tribal deck, thanks y'all for the help

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    cheer100 Hi LRR sending love and just wanted to say thanks!

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    Sometimes you just have to send a message about what you opened in your pool, utility be damned.

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    it sub time

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    Thanks for the great content, keeping me entertained at 12.30am BST whilst my son struggles to sleep (Teeth teeth teeth...). LRRve to you all!

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    time for that book learnin', son

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    Happy new standard!

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    oh no, help, lrr is getting me interested in magic again

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    cheer500 ey yo thanks for streaming. Y'all are fun. And red/white in this set constantly dumpsters me. Like, hilariously.

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    4 years of watching on Twitch. How time flies.

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    Cheer100 yesterday i played against a CEDH version of bareforce one helmed by Ayula and the player was so excited about this set

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    Cheer50 I second those bits.

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    Cheer50 Bits for the amazing G and Serge combo

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    been watching since you started on the escapist, but this marks 12 months of me watching Lrr on twitch! I appreciate yah Graham - You and Lrr have made so much great content. Happy to support you, excited see what you get up to in the future!

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    Much love!

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    We're heeeeeeere!

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    How's school going? seabatPjorg

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    its a button

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    Cheer100 Magecraft seems pretty control friendly and that makes me scared for standard

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    Love what you all do!

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    nice board, nice sub

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    I just learned its my subversary so I guess its time to go check my sideboard for some Lesson emotes! Thanks for all the great content G and LRR friends!

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    This set looks fun

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    \o/ Graham and Arena? Ohmigob my day has been immediately improved~

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    Destroy target nonblack creature.

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    Strixhaven? For my second sub birthday? You shouldn't have!

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    Hey Just got back into magic for this set after watching your PPR. Had alot of fun with my silverquill sealed deck.

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    I've had this pinned for so many months. It's time for school, Yay?

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    That code was almost as long as this sub

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    I'm still astounded ive been able to be here this long. the first PPR was my intro to LRR back when I was in high school. now I'm 3 years into college and I still adore yall's content. thanks so much!

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    Oh hey - that’s a really nice amount of months! 👌🏼

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    cheer500 Already opened all my packs and went 5-3 with Prismari. Love you guys, time to get to class!

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    Has it already been half a year? Time sure flies when you're having fun!

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    ima get back to new stellaris but i like you guys sso you go on the tv

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    Enough months of LRR being the answer to life the universe and everything

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    Have'n the Strix

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    Always Hyped for new magic!

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