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    Moth_ just subscribed, thanks to BlueDaNewb!

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    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 I LOVE the half second delay on Ben's panic. I finally get to know when he is going to jump!

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    muddboy87 subscribed for 19 months!

    a number of far apart months for our distancing bois

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    Cheer937 Good Job Solving a puzzle... FOR BABIES

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    Corgo419 cool puzzle

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    until_may subscribed for 39 months!

    its almost here...

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    They wimped out on giving Jill Chris-style watermelon biceps? Cowards. 0/10.

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    AbnormAnomaly subscribed for 23 months!

    This is my first time subbing live to my burly spoopy boys. Normally I have to sub during the Minecraft baby hour.

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    Cheer100 On a bench back in just outside the subway car there's a note about ammo crafting.

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    Cheer50 Travelling via air despite being infected? Seems relevant right now

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    Cheer100 In RE canon the protagonists never actually get bit.

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    spicydungus subscribed for 39 months!


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    Raithencore235 subscribed for 22 months!

    ITS MY FAVOURITE BOYS... uhhhh.... hi!

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    kiwirogue subscribed for 40 months!

    Ooh, start of Res3, enjoy!

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    Stripe_dog has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 They tell you the run button when you reach the T junction.

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    Tasha_Eryn_Jay subscribed for 50 months!

    This is what happens when you don't wash yo damn hands!

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    Antiagone subscribed for 17 months!

    Thanks for all the content - keeping us all laughing in self-isolation.

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    Cheer100 That was the only scene that really warrants a trigger warning.

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    Nemesis is now a Kingdom Hearts character, that's actually all one belt! cheer100

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    old man reporting in

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    Corgo100 The evil has taken up residence... can't we just give it an eviction notice or something? Have fun boys lrrSPOOP

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    Been watching since 2009, finally able to support financially!

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    poggies my doggies PogChamp lrrSPOT

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    Corgo100 Enjoying some evil residents with homemade fish curry. Thanks for playing so I don't get scared and throw my controller at the spoops!

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    Cheer100 Jar Jar Ben...ks

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    HeyAustralia subscribed for 3 months!

    Thanks so much for all the awesome LRR content you make! With the quarantine and being furloughed from work, you all make this time so much nicer! <3

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    Cheer100 this week, is it Adam’s turn to shrink Ben and put him in a jar?

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    Surviving quarantine with the spoopiest boys around.

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    Cheer100 I like RE, I like LRR. I think I'll like this stream.

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    Inquisitor_Xian subscribed for 57 months!

    The quarantine has driven me kooky so its time to get spooky! I apologize for that. Love you boys! stay awesome

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    Rathclav subscribed for 38 months!

    Opps, missed a lot of streams, so better click this button.

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    This is a great stream to resub in

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    Just in time to watch some spoopy bois

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    The only twitch channel i consider a public service, thanks for the great content

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    Haven't laughed this hard in a while! Thanks Cam and Cori!

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    This is a weird mass effect mod....

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    Do a flip

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    Something, something, life, universe, et al joke

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    Hi Cam and Cori!

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    At last! It is birthed after a long term

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    Pride100 Cheers! Is adam gonna join ben for lets nope!?

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    I mainly watch LRR on Youtube, and constantly forget to sub, but just wanted to say thanks for the countless hours of content

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    Five bloody years what even is happening

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    40 months? That's as many as 4 tens, and that's terrible.

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    18 months, that's long enough for twins right?

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    subbed for 5 years! I can't believe it's been that long

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    I cant believe its been 4 Years since i subscribed to Loading Ready Run. Keep being awesome guys lrrHEART

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    WowoT is continuing the Gift Sub they got from 3and4fifths!
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    One third of a sub baby with the bestest people on the interwebs. lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW

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    over three metric sub babies!

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    70 is a big number I guess.

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    jlrrTenner Cheer100

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    Hey, Now, Hey, Now. Don't dream it's over.

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    Wooo, quarantinentertainment!

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    Hello, and good Morning from Australia! It's very early here. 3:38 AM

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    its been 3 months where has the time gone ?

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    Cheer69 lrrHEART

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    lrrHEART ysbrydPunjail lrrHEART

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    Pride200 - So good.

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    <insert witty message>

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    One year, woo!

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    cheer200 Bits you won't see until the end! Unless you are cheating! :D (And/or are Paul)

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    you cannot escape chat

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    A beacon of chill and normality in a very stressful time. Thank you lrrHEART

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    lrrARROW wheelerY wheelerH

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    Well well well, what have we here.

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    Cheer245 Thank you so much for this play through, loving it so far and it's keeping me sane while I work. I really hope you do another Final Fantasy in the near future. I vote for FF9

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    60 months! That's six times 5/6th of a year!

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    Thanks for the entertainment over the last 12 months and well beyond. Glad to be sharing my sub-iversary with you Graham!

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    CaptainEnder7 subscribed for 77 months!

    My first Final Fantasy was VII. Fell in love with the series and especially the music. Thanks for the play through Graham.

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    Cheer200 dear time guardian, how do you control time with boxing gloves on?

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    Was hoping to catch up on the vods in time to watch this episode live, but alas I am one behind. I'll just leave this sub here for later.

  153. 1d, 6h

    Hangedman subscribed for 40 months!

    Tox Boxes are rare enemies in the Mario franchise. They resemble metal or stone boxes with multiple faces that roll along set paths. The paths they go on are usually similar to their width, making it nearly impossible for Mario to walk around. Tox Boxes f

  154. 1d, 6h

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    Pride100 Thanks for making isolation that much more bearable!

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    Bidudldu Beep!

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    Have to resub for that great impromptu improv.

  158. 1d, 7h

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    ShowLove500 As a hospital worker put on stress leave way before the current situation and returning to work tomorrow, I want to thank LRR from the bottom of my heart, you're doing good work keeping us sane!

  159. 1d, 7h

    brainbosh subscribed for 37 months!

    Love watching this in prep for the remake, and Where is Korea in this game??

  160. 1d, 7h

    Domidwarcer subscribed for 28 months!

    Hey, Shall have to catch you in the vod, but thank you for this stream and all you do.

  161. 1d, 7h

    Critterbot subscribed for 7 months!

    One of my favorite internet humans is playing my all time favorite video game, words cannot explain my excitement!

  162. 1d, 7h

    Rekiara has cheered with 500 bits!

    Cheer500 I've been replaying my own fave FF game thanks to this stream, so now I'm required to walk into this room full of strangers and remind you all NOT to listen to Ondore's lies.

  163. 1d, 7h

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    cheer1000 EDK!

  164. 1d, 7h

    Gulleko subscribed for 15 months!

    Ah yes, Cloud totally looks like an Alfred.

  165. 1d, 7h

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    LRR is awesome love watching your stuff, stay healthy

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    WizardZedd subscribed for 80 months!

  167. 1d, 7h

    iamthemidboss subscribed for 6 months!

  168. 1d, 7h

    OessiMC subscribed for 40 months!

    Finally abel to watch this live. This laythrough has motivated me to finally relay Final Fantasy X which i never beat as a kid.

  169. 1d, 7h

    togashinaruta subscribed for 76 months!

    I was listening to BNFs and the lastest Play it forward at the same time last Sat, (i was looking for a part of the broadcast i missed) and somehow, you and Kathleen were tossing to each other, and the music choices were thematic for the gameplay.

  170. 1d, 7h

    ryuhimora has cheered with 100 bits!

    cheer100 Should I go back and time how long it takes to get a gold chocobo? wouldn't be a bother

  171. 1d, 7h

    ashnixs18 subscribed for 2 months!

  172. 1d, 7h

    tipulsar85 subscribed for 29 months!

    Old 7, Who dis?

  173. 1d, 8h

    shurtal subscribed for 58 months!

    Date night? Crossing my fingers for Barret.

  174. 1d, 8h

    paronomasiac042 subscribed for 38 months!

    38 months?! That's nearly a different span of time!

  175. 1d, 8h

    Pywodwagon subscribed for 6 months!

    In the final fight against Alexander in 14, you go back in time to save yourself in the cutscene before the fight

  176. 1d, 8h

    Risingphenix87 subscribed for 11 months!

  177. 1d, 8h

    Almost_Alaska subscribed for 50 months!

    Just peeking in on my tea break at work (I'm alone, cataloguing, in a public library). Need to catch up a week of VODs, but looking forward to catching up!

  178. 1d, 8h

    nifleon subscribed for 7 months!

    There's so much of this game I forgot about. This is a nice bit of nostalgia.

  179. 1d, 8h

    SWPilgrim has cheered with 100 bits!

    Party100 The reviews for FFVIIR are largely very positive and Im unimaginably hyped.

  180. 1d, 8h

    Jigokuro subscribed for 47 months!

    I finished the latest episode on YouTube in time for this, only to find out there are parts not on yt yet so I'm still behind. bitterTears

  181. 1d, 8h

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  182. 1d, 8h

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    A big guard for our trying times, etc

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    cheer500 Sephiroth is located where sailors hang out

  189. 1d, 8h

    PerpetualDM subscribed for 55 months!

    Thank you and the rest of the LRR community and crew in these odd times. You're a real help. I've been watching your FF7 VOD with my girlfirend and it's reminded me of my deep love for JRPGs and your commentary is great flavour.

  190. 1d, 8h

    JonnyGlitch subscribed for 45 months!

    Crevasse? Oh look at Mr Fancy Pants.. Crevasse

  191. 1d, 8h

    PinballWitch subscribed for 28 months!

    Hey Graham, can't stick around, but wanted to hop in and drop my resub while you were playing. Left you a message on the latest vod about the tower defense game. Hope you're keepy well and I'll catch you in the VODs <3

  192. 1d, 8h

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    Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Bits for acquiring Big Guard

  193. 1d, 8h

    Tinasaurus_Rex subscribed for 26 months!

    Haven't had mental stamina to watch a lot of content recently, but seeing your playthrough of FF7 sparked nostalgic joy so here I am! Heading back to catch up on the vod, thanks for the entertainment! :D

  194. 1d, 8h

    A_Catastrophic_Success subscribed for 28 months!

    Graham go do the thing. You know, the thing that only experienced players know about which I am totally not making up because I have never played this game.

  195. 1d, 8h

    Roscoe_DarkHorse has cheered with 500 bits!

    cheer500 At first I worried about watching anyone playing thru something so defining to my childhood. But G, you have been everything I needed in these weird ass times. Thanks for keeping my sanity going, and streaming at a super nice time for us UK folks!

  196. 1d, 8h

    MehallD subscribed for 76 months!

    76 is less than the number of stairs in the Shinra tower.

  197. 1d, 8h

    Patron_of_the_Moon subscribed for 35 months!

  198. 1d, 8h

    ceiran_91 subscribed for 26 months!

    I keep forgetting I need to manually do this every month

  199. 1d, 8h

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  200. 1d, 8h

    DRMagnify subscribed for 24 months!

    We're Here! For Two Years!

  201. 1d, 8h

    unremitting subscribed for 52 months!

    The last time I had this much time off work was when I destroyed my shoulder. Now as then I have LRR to help get me thru

  202. 1d, 8h

    daemonflowers subscribed for 21 months!

  203. 1d, 8h

    Khador1 subscribed for 32 months!

  204. 1d, 8h

    Evochron13 subscribed for 76 months!

    76! what's the chance of linking straight into FF7 remake Play it Forward?

  205. 1d, 8h

    Emergent_OS subscribed for 31 months!

  206. 1d, 8h

    sprunderscore subscribed for 39 months!

    Thanks for playing! This brings back great memories as I've been watching the VODs.

  207. 1d, 8h

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    22 months!!! Almost two years! Thanks, G!

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    Oh I have a button? Boop

  212. 1d, 8h

    cptcobalt subscribed for 64 months!

    oh wow 64 months... nintenlrr 64

  213. 1d, 8h

    mrMorphius subscribed for 51 months!

    JRPGs with G* on a Monday?? Heck!

  214. 1d, 8h

    DotaProp subscribed for 48 months!

    HI G! Really enjoying the show and have been playing along (I got a LITTLE ahead to Mideel) grinding in this game is actually very soothing during this time so Im probaably gonna get everything done before I finish

  215. 1d, 8h

    CrmsnDragoon subscribed for 76 months!

    Just popping in to get this to fire, see you in the VOD!

  216. 1d, 8h

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  217. 1d, 8h
    248 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
  218. 1d, 8h

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    Cheer255 Hey Dr. Graham. Thanks for this slice of normalcy in these scary times. Much love to you and yours.

  219. 1d, 8h

    Kikazi subscribed for 72 months!

    I've never actually played a FF game, but your love for this game has caused me to pre-order the remake. Thanks for the awesome stream! lrrHEART lrrAWESOME

  220. 1d, 8h

    shaneandkk subscribed for 25 months!

  221. 1d, 8h

    UnspokenKibbles subscribed for 60 months!

    Five years? I've officially been continuously subscribed to LRR for half as long as I've been in postsecondary education.

  222. 1d, 8h
    combattwombat converted from a Twitch Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
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    Evilfriend79 subscribed for 3 months!

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    jonnykefka subscribed for 80 months!

    And it'll feel like another 80 months until Friday when I can play the FF7 Remake.

  225. 1d, 8h

    MaybeTara subscribed for 67 months!

    67 months?! Thanks for bringing us a long for the ride, it's been a joy to experience this game with you.

  226. 1d, 8h

    superherofae subscribed for 29 months!

    Thanks for being here to help me and my girlfriend through quarantine <3

  227. 1d, 8h

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  228. 1d, 8h

    Kerrisis subscribed for 39 months!

    The FF7 nostalgia rollercoaster continues! \o/

  229. 1d, 8h

    HorusFive subscribed for 17 months!

    Yo G- thanks to you and Adam for SWS yesterday. and this. and everything you're taking the time to do to help us all thru

  230. 1d, 8h

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    49 months! Woo

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