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You can't break it any more once it's already broken.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (15:41 from now).
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    Spooky nights twice in a row? is this halloween week?

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    50 months. That's almost half a year!

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    cheer50 Bits for your amusing joke.

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    *chk* welcome to the loadingreadyrun riverquest safariventuuuuuure *chk*

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    about to start the terrible 2s

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    +45 is the international dialing code for Denmark

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    91 is a large number

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    25 months that almost half a James Turner year according to Serge

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    sup ghost

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    *Gasp* Is it that time again for the Spoopiest game there is. lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP

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    72 months, that's divisible by 9.

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    40 months, that's almost half a year!!!

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    fireic1Pop fireic1Pop fireic1Pop

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    and you may find yourself in a haunted house, with some beautiful boys, and you may ask yourself, "Twitch, how did I get here?"

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    Legally, my sub is an adult in Japan now! Kanpai!

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    Please save our precious cinnamon roll!

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    2 fun fun years

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    A different day for spoops!

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    My this 32 month resub curse you with 32 spooky ghosts.

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    Two years baybee

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    ripcheer50 meds reminder for those whomay need it and remember to hydrate

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    Do I believe in Ghosts? For a decent living wage i will believe in whatever you want.

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    OOOooo much scare, such ghosts

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    Spoop on my chest, Bens!

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    PrideRise lrrSPOOP lrrFINE

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    Ghost squad! Ghost squad! Ghost squad!

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    We're HERE

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    Thanks to @FionasGotIT for my sub gift!

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    Obligatory "Nice"

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    this week is terrible.. got told my grandpa has till Friday to live.. pls make me laugh guys..

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    Serge and spoops??? Oh this should be interesting...

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    7 Years work of subs. I look forward to hanging out with ya'll every week

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    Two spoops in a row? I'm in.

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    Oh boy, the big 2-0!

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    Let's Nope is always a fun time!

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    #spoops #plaid #nope #LRRisloveLRRislife

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    Corgo119 glad they gave you a heads up

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    I wonder if the resubscribe noise will scare ben. HEY BEN

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    cheer50 So how's this been going?

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    its a friendly knife

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    oh, hey, time.

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    What's sub Ben

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    Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Is this the much anticipated Resident Evil: Agent spinoff?

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    Happy spoops

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    always spoopy empty houses

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    Started watching today for da spookiness but stayed for the review of the interior design

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    Nifty fifty!

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    "Sorry friend, this place is zoned for low level hauntings only, we can't put in a gazebo, however a fibreglass slide is within planning code"

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    Hi Ben! This is the first time the button happened on Let's Nope! Thanks for all the fun!

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    diapers engaged

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    Hey LRR

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    Oh hey I get to sub again here too. Guess Ben gets all my subs

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    26 months? That is a pair if baker's dozens!

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    time to nope it up!

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    New Spoops? NEW SPOOPS!

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    cheer500 Happy Tuesday!

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    Cheer100 so Ben can buy more cookies and milk

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    Validate me.

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    Nothing worse than a grabby coworker

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    Hi all

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    benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN

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    Garbage? I LOVE garbage!

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    I usually don't but I guess this number is special

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    This sub is brought to you by Machiavelli’s Gloves – now available in real velvet!

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    13 minutes !

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    19 minutes!

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    I feel your resource gathering pain, I recently had to grind for like 1200 ish observers

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    That's alot of months

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    84 months! that's a large positive integer!

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    oh hey - a button. Hi James PrideWave

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    65 months is a lot of months.

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    Hey 42 - that's one of those meme numbers

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    love when I get a nice round number

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    Good old mine time

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    Here’s to holes and tunnels

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    Hey kids, what time is it??

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    It's the Mine O Clock Crew! Good morning ❤

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    Goodness, 7 years? so much has changed, new town, now a nurse, new bachelors, thanks for so many years of hard work

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    James, read my game today too!

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