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The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Vanilla Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PST (1d, 9:43 from now).
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    Sub Hype!

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    Metric system FTW

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    cheer200 I have opinions about lofi beats and linux distros.

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    Corgo100 Corgo100

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    I made myself a snowballAs perfect as could be.I thought I'd keep it as a petAnd let it sleep with me.I made it some pajamasAnd a pillow for its head.Then last night it ran away,But first it wet the bed.

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    the fi doesn't get much lower than this, or I mean it can but at that point it's just OG Pong

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    oh wait we are in a new areaa?

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    Hiya all! How are you Ian! The Three and a quarter years!!!

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    10 months with the best people on the internet

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    Heyho Friends!

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    Nice to see you live ian!

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    cheerwhal100 cheerwhal100 Obligatory "I see" I see, I see to get it out of my system. Do you see?!

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    Frankenfruity subscribed for 46 months!

    I'm behind on vods and can't stay, but Ian you are a delight and so far this has been the most wonderful playthrough of anything I've ever watched. An absolute joy, keep it up! lrrHEART

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    2 years of subbing, many more of enjoying great LRR content. Thanks for all that everyone does lrrHEART

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    Corgo100 Corgo100 lets chop some wood 100 emoji

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    Time to fish

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    slidding past the three year!

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    30 months!

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    Kappa100 watching Adam playing a weird game makes my WoW Classic AV reputation farm a lot more pleasant

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    Cheer50 good day squire, it took me a while to realize this. the Japanese Voice Actor of Morgana also voices Pikachu from Pokemon

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    Cheer210 adam you would burn an orphanage for warmth :D but we like you anyway, what does that say about us

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    woop woop 2 years

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    Road Quest was AWESOME! I'm really glad yous guys did that, and I enjoyed watching the suffering.

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    All in on Jack Frost.

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    daryldutch's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
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    daryldutch's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
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    Cheer126 nice Adam, Nice.

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    Back from being out with the public. Nice to relax with Adam.

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    Just over 2 years being able to support the lrr humans and what they make! Thanks for being awesome and making awesome things!

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    Corgo158 rapscallion

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    was this the guy we messed up to get ourselves arrested?

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    Corgo100 Here’s some credit, Adam

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    56 months must mean im S-link 10 right?

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    2 more months until my streak is Nice Kappa

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    Love you guys so much.

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    Getting that Adam's Gamehaus sub achievement.

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    It's MY BOY! And this is my resub message. seabatPjorg /

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    Sub hype!

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    Happy Saturday with Adam!! lrrADAM lrrADAM octoHA lrrADAM