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  1. 1h

    muondecay subscribed for 92 months!

  2. 13h

    MaelstronSolenor subscribed for 44 months!

    Away with these pesky adds. =P

  3. 14h

    corefluxx has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 Was looking up to see if I can find info on that press griddle... It seems to be a Toastess Waffle/Sandwich grill from the 500 series... likely from the 1970s as that is when most of the listings I found seemed to indicate.

  4. 15h

    Crazyginder22 subscribed for 47 months!

  5. 15h

    ramiel117 subscribed for 50 months!

  6. 15h

    Lord_Hosk subscribed for 73 months!

    Do you know what happened 73 months ago? Twitch started counting my sub streak. EVEN THOUGH I SUBBED ON DAY ONE IT DOESNT COUNT... im not bitter.

  7. 15h

    DiscordianTokkan subscribed for 74 months!

    Now I want cheese.

  8. 15h

    wedge_x subscribed for 18 months!

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    Dumori subscribed for 92 months!

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    homunculusbob just subscribed!

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    LornonPlays subscribed for 3 months!

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    drfox17 subscribed for 45 months!

    45 Months! That's as many as Nine 5s!

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    Icebox_Blues subscribed for 33 months!

  14. 16h

    ChroniclerC subscribed for 90 months!

  15. 16h

    Ghostlex subscribed for 4 months!

    really botched my first run, hope you have more luck

  16. 16h

    vargasbball3 has gifted 2 subs in the channel!

    misfitsmavis is a new subscriber!

    joba99xd is a new subscriber!

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    Austellion subscribed for 15 months!

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    jazzyjrw subscribed for 44 months!

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    FitalShell subscribed for 27 months!

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    Korlashheirtoblackblade subscribed for 24 months!

    2 years! here's to many more

  21. 17h

    floofynewf subscribed for 18 months!

  22. 17h

    korvys subscribed for 94 months!

    Hooray for spooky magic. Can I scare James? OooOooo~ Less than 2 months to Desert Bus ~ooOOooOoo

  23. 17h

    realMuninandHugin subscribed for 15 months!

    Go team arachnid

  24. 17h

    Ivannorr subscribed for 10 months!

  25. 17h

    PruPruh subscribed for 61 months!

    Just changed my money stream for LRR to Patreon and ngl I'm gonna miss my pretty sub arrow and all the cute emotes here. lrrAWW

  26. 17h

    thelastgedi subscribed for 41 months!

    I remembered to resubscribe for once!

  27. 17h

    Wiliart subscribed for 4 months!

    Is this the follow button?

  28. 17h

    SmithKurosaki subscribed for 17 months!

    17 months! may the luck of the draft be with everyone

  29. 17h

    dysond subscribed for 17 months!

    woo time sure has flown since Graham played FF7

  30. 17h

    Suffix subscribed for 97 months!

    Getting CLOSER....

  31. 17h
    180 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
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    elder_cod has gifted 5 subs in the channel!

    sacredserenity is a new subscriber!

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    Devonaut is a new subscriber!

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    SoulChiller is a new subscriber!

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    GrumblingMoblin subscribed for 71 months!

  34. 17h

    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    Cheer50 Well played G.

  35. 17h

    Simriel subscribed for 43 months!

    43? That's more than 4 tens, and that's awful

  36. 18h

    Driosenth subscribed for 69 months!

    I only get to do this once. 69 months, NICE!

  37. 18h

    Masslost subscribed for 28 months!

  38. 18h

    JocelyneAnne subscribed for 59 months!

    Getting ready to send my sub to kindergarten.

  39. 18h

    EquisC subscribed for 15 months!


  40. 18h

    tomcove6888 just subscribed!

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    CienZaufania subscribed for 10 months!

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    PoorDecisionMachine subscribed for 48 months!

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    theshaunathon subscribed for 36 months!

    oh wow 3 years!

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    chrisvonclause subscribed for 43 months!

  45. 18h

    eienkizu subscribed for 5 months!

  46. 18h

    TangleTrail subscribed for 91 months!

    91 months and counting, lets go 100

  47. 18h

    Ctabbe subscribed for 80 months!

    80 whole months! it feels like just yesterday...

  48. 18h

    Strayethoughts subscribed for 41 months!

  49. 18h

    MDK_Marshal subscribed for 88 months!

    [insert witty message here]

  50. 18h

    seasikberry subscribed for 18 months!

    pithing needle has been relevant for me so far

  51. 18h

    errantvalor subscribed for 5 months!

  52. 18h

    Chaotically_Random subscribed for 72 months!

    6 months, DANG time flys

  53. 18h

    kirbytronic subscribed for 26 months!


  54. 18h

    Charlymandias subscribed for 42 months!

    New cards yay!

  55. 18h

    jasaria subscribed for 42 months!

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    Digitaldude2 subscribed for 19 months!

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    SolarBlitz1 subscribed for 31 months!

    Woo midnight shenanigans!

  59. 18h

    hexy_lexy just subscribed, thanks to laikagoat!

  60. 18h

    MaybeTara subscribed for 84 months!

    Well look at this I found a sub button, thanks as always for the streams and community <3

  61. 18h

    sophieghost subscribed for 6 months!

  62. 18h

    Drew_64 subscribed for 24 months!

    24 months, I'd make the mandatory joke about how long that is, but Math is for blockers.

  63. 18h

    libraryrulesrule subscribed for 28 months!

    stream day

  64. 18h

    JustAConspiracy subscribed for 31 months!

    So it's time again to venture back to innistrad....

  65. 18h

    KanisGamesTV subscribed for 8 months!

    the wolf pack hunts this...afternoon?

  66. 18h

    Gekyouryuu subscribed for 92 months!

    werewolf? there wolf. *points to wedding in next set* there castle.

  67. 18h

    PsybrnetiCToasT subscribed for 27 months!

    It’s midnight friends!

  68. 18h

    DelphiSantano subscribed for 53 months!

  69. 18h

    patricklickman subscribed for 29 months!


  70. 18h

    Steelwolf171 subscribed for 70 months!


  71. 18h

    krfsm subscribed for 15 months!

    15 months? that's a reasonable number!

  72. 18h

    walkeroftales subscribed for 14 months!

    Ahh! Is this LRRMTG or the Let's Nope? So spooky!

  73. 18h

    AlienNanobots subscribed for 49 months!

    MID hype!

  74. 18h

    elder_cod subscribed for 9 months!

  75. 18h

    Stormgod519 subscribed for 2 months!

    So glad to be here!!!

  76. 18h

    djalternative subscribed for 30 months!

    Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf, when the wolfbane blooms, and the Autumn moon is bright.

  77. 19h

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    Hello! You are all awesome!

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    62MGcobra subscribed for 33 months!

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    mitomanox subscribed for 13 months!

    Thanks to @TheMerricat for my sub gift!

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    the_beardzilla subscribed for 24 months!

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    lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG

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    almost 6 years and totally worth it

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    54? That is... time sure do time, huh?

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