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    pride51 here is an example of giving them money on twitch!

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    *barks in French*

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    Thanks for the amazing rhythm games and times. Hope your day has been going well.

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    Sleep well!

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    27 months for the 27 hour Le Mans! What, you didn't know?

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    pride1570 "Doc, note I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod." The last of my bits for today.

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    uni109 Just got here. Can we start from the top ;)

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    pride51 Congratulations

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    pride2020 "No word, no bond, row on." #TeamPalindrome LAP 181

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    Oh I see we're driving cars?

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    Doors are overrated anyway lrrSPOOP

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    pride1010 "Embargos are macabre. Sad Nell, listen O', not to no nets. I'll lend a Serb a camera, so grab me." #TeamPalindrome

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    pride110 "Daedalus: nine, Peninsula: dead." #TeamPalindrome

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    pride200 "Gateman sees name, garageman sees name tag." #TeamPalindrome LAP 171

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    coggy9 subscribed for 27 months!

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    Orastes subscribed for 83 months!

    Morning Ian. first chance I've had to view anything live in months

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    ClockGear subscribed for 9 months!

    How are you holding up, Ian?

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    cheer150 "Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?" #TeamPalindrome

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    cheer50 repair fees n of x, a pit stop for every1

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    Like the Ghost of Vlad I too have returned for 19 months.

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    pride200 "Max, I stay away at six A.M." #TeamPalindrome LAP 161

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    Go Moomin! And also Ian.

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    PrancerInflatableReindeer subscribed for 20 months!

    just got here can I get a quick recap?

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    JoannaTastic subscribed for 20 months!

    Great work Ian on the PB and great work LRR on everything you do!

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    pride60 "Golf, No, sir, prefer prison, flog!" #TeamPalindrome

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    cheer550 repairs fee n of x, this should cover most of the ones i slept thru

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    pride200 "Don’t nod." #TeamPalindrome Lap 151!

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    pride200 "No, it never propagates if I set a "gap" or prevention." #TeamPalindrome Lap 141

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    pride200 "Ten? No bass orchestra tarts, eh? Cross a bonnet!" #TeamPalindrome

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    pride110 "Pull a bat! I held a ladle, hit a ball up." TeamPalindrome

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    48 months! It's the 4 years!

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    cheer500 I won't be able to make it to the end, but thanks for the stream!

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    PerpetualDM subscribed for 60 months!

    I enjoy LRRmans

  67. 1d, 9h

    ExhaustedElox subscribed for 73 months!

    YES! The one stream I hadn't gotten on the list! Keep it going, Ian. :D

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    pride200 "Flee to me, remote elf!" #TeamPalindrome LAP121

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    TheKingWiggins subscribed for 21 months!

    Get to resub during one of my favorite events! Thanks for this

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    Glad to see an LRR stream after work.

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    pride105 "Nate bit a Tibetan." #TeamPalindrom LAP 111!

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    Jesus is coming back soon repent for your sins Cheer95

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    Back from work and Ian is still driving. Glorious.

  76. 1d, 10h

    Peter200lx subscribed for 49 months!

  77. 1d, 10h

    loudestmute subscribed for 14 months!

    This is the kinda discussion I came here for.

  78. 1d, 11h

    PinkHoneyCMB subscribed for 42 months!

    But what if we turned... Left?

  79. 1d, 11h

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    pride103 "Pusillanimity obsesses Boy Tim in All Is Up." #TeamPalindrome

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    banwidthraptor subscribed for 57 months!

    May your lap times be consistent and your tire ware even.

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    muxy219 #TeamCHaos

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    GrunkusDunkus subscribed for 35 months!

    Greetings and goodnight racers! 35 months? that's almost 3 months!

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    RandomFedora subscribed for 16 months!

    I needed the emotes back lol

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    Olveron subscribed for 25 months!

    Here is more of Jeff's Money

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    is crazy! 5 months!

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    Reality no longer exists.

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    pride110 "Ladle histolytic city lots I held, Al." #TeamPalindrome Lap 101!

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    Gant? Gant?!

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    pride110 "Sal is not in?" Ruth asks. "Ah, turn it on, Silas." #TeamPalindrome LAP 99!

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    Feriority subscribed for 35 months!

    35 can be expressed as the sum of two odd primes in 35 different ways

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    pride0110 "So may Obadiah, even in Nineveh, aid a boy, Amos." #TeamPalindrome

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    almost 3 years!

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    Here for the..... gritty butter chat?

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    Drive Safe!

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    pride110 "Too bad, I hid a boot." #TeamPalindrome don't wan't you to get bored in the pit

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    MrJWhit subscribed for 32 months!

    I'm going to be honest, this is mostly for the purple discord name, don't mind me.

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    pride131 "I saw desserts? I'd no lemons, alas no melon. Distressed was I." #TeamPalindrome sergeOrder_HF sergeOrder

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    muxy89 because 9208 is a beautiful number

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    Martin_FcG subscribed for 21 months!

    How are you travelling Ian? Have you had a breeat in the last few hours?

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    pride70 "Step on hose-pipes? Oh no, pets." #TeamPalindrome

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    muxy161 #TeamCHaos

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    pride160 "Stop! Murder us not tonsured rumpots!" #TeamPalidrome

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    Happy to be here.

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    pride113 "No, it's a bar of gold, a bad log for a bastion." #TeamPalindrome

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    cheer107 For the LRRCopter fund

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    pride121 "Set a broom on no moor, Bates." Lap 80 #TeamPalindrome

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    mahpete_ subscribed for 10 months!

    oh yeah, this button exists

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    Ayy, my subaversary.

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    pride110 "Live not on evil deed, live not on evil." #TeamPalindrome

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    Cheer440 Team Order Bits

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    pride120 "Stella won no wallets." #TeamPalindrome sergeOrder sergeOrder_HF

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    Defrost subscribed for 82 months!

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    pride148 "Pets tell Abe "ballet step"." #TeamPalindrome

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    PogChamp100 PogChamp100 to make the total bits 6969

  130. 1d, 16h

    zoe_myr subscribed for 16 months!

    Hi Ian. happy subiversary. Haven't been doing quite this much driving but really glad I decided to go with the Fiat 500 sport. also wine lover for life.

  131. 1d, 16h

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  132. 1d, 16h

    Damagicsausage subscribed for 62 months!

    Through some shady management and questionable sponsorship choices your team has been tasked with finishing last as well as setting the record for slowest LeMans lap. What is your car of choice and why?

  133. 1d, 17h

    Angnor33 subscribed for 81 months!

    Happy LRR Mans everyone!

  134. 1d, 17h

    NikiGothBunneh subscribed for 44 months!

    Ah lrr mans, good luck!

  135. 1d, 17h

    senshisun subscribed for 5 months!

    Of course, when I finally catch a stream, it's the 24 hour one. Hang in there, Ian and crew!

  136. 1d, 17h

    Simriel subscribed for 33 months!

    Oh Man, it's a LRR

  137. 1d, 17h

    dormouss subscribed for 30 months!

    Thanks LRR for being a harbour of calm from the buckwild seas right now.

  138. 1d, 17h

    Notimagain subscribed for 80 months!

  139. 1d, 17h

    krfsm subscribed for 3 months!

  140. 1d, 17h

    MWGNZ just subscribed, thanks to AnAnonymousGifter!

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    We should all aim for clown car status

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    Corgo1111 GANT GANT

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    pride140 "Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?" #TeamPalindrome

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    ContingentCat subscribed for 38 months!

    that's almost 3 years!

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    rrtycoon2 has cheered with 300 bits!

    cheer300 a bit a second.

  152. 1d, 19h

    fastlane250 subscribed for 8 months!

    Wish I didn't have to work overtime this weekend, I'd watch this whole thing.

  153. 1d, 19h

    vingris_ subscribed for 13 months!

    Here's to another 13 months of good luck

  154. 1d, 19h

    doctorGunsforhands subscribed for 45 months!

  155. 1d, 19h

    sjard42 subscribed for 52 months!

    vroom vroom

  156. 1d, 19h

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    57 months at Lap 57

  157. 1d, 19h

    ExachixKitsune subscribed for 60 months!


  158. 1d, 19h

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    61 months? Damn time flies!

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    pride131 "Poor Dan is in a droop." #TeamPalindrome

  163. 1d, 20h

    bv310 subscribed for 68 months!

    LRRMans is one of my favourite yearly traditions around here. This year's game looks really nice!

  164. 1d, 20h
    PipeSmokingOwl converted from a Twitch Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
  165. 1d, 20h

    red_shoes_jeff has cheered with 100 bits!

    Party100 Personal Best Bits!

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    Zooms and vrooms! Bring more zoom, get more vroom!

  167. 1d, 20h

    Travilogue subscribed for 39 months!

    Encountering the first LRR Mans was what tipped me over to upgrading from LRR Follower to a LRR Subscriber

  168. 1d, 20h

    princessauto just subscribed, thanks to TheElrad!

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    cheer110 "Go deliver a dare, vile dog!" Lap 44! #TeamPalindrome

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    pride60 "alula" #TeamPalindrome

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  176. 1d, 21h

    cptcobalt subscribed for 69 months!

    happy lrrmans :D

  177. 1d, 21h

    ultin00b subscribed for 51 months!

    24 hours of LRR Mans is the best time to resub!

  178. 1d, 21h

    Ravynn subscribed for 78 months!

    78 Months for 24 Hours of LRRMans!

  179. 1d, 21h

    Roscoe_DarkHorse has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 repair fees 7 of x. Cuz manuals are a pain

  180. 1d, 21h

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    pride104 "Repel a leper." #TeamPalindrome

  181. 1d, 21h

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  182. 1d, 21h

    gibbousm subscribed for 11 months!

    Drive Ian Drive!

  183. 1d, 21h

    soupgiraffe subscribed for 7 months!

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    PharaohBender27 subscribed for 23 months!

    23 months! That's (actually) almost 2 years!

  185. 1d, 21h

    e_bloc has cheered with 567 bits!

    Corgo567 just glad I was here to see GANT GANT

  186. 1d, 21h

    Driosenth has cheered with 60 bits!

    pride60 "I’m a tune nut, am I?" #TeamPalindrome

  187. 1d, 21h

    adamjford subscribed for 70 months!

    Not as nice anymore

  188. 1d, 21h

    Roscoe_DarkHorse has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 repairs fee 6 of X. 1st non-crash one too!

  189. 1d, 22h

    Driosenth has cheered with 60 bits!

    pride60 "Cain: a maniac." #TeamPalindrome

  190. 1d, 22h

    xantos69 has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 Ian what is the track length for one lap?

  191. 1d, 22h

    nosole subscribed for 85 months!

  192. 1d, 22h

    annoyingcameraguy subscribed for 16 months!

  193. 1d, 22h

    Sasha_conyst subscribed for 50 months!

    TransgenderPride I came out as Trans and have an appointment to start HRT on the 9th. This community has been a good light for those of us in the queer community. <3

  194. 1d, 22h

    Driosenth has cheered with 120 bits!

    pride120 "God, Art! Name no pup “One Mantra Dog.”", #TeamPalindrome

  195. 1d, 22h

    Evolvonik just subscribed!

  196. 1d, 22h

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    Pride100 now this is pod racing

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    pride60 "Tips spill, lips spit." #TeamPalindrome

  200. 1d, 23h

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    cheer50 repair fees 5 of x, i missed this getting a drink, whoops

  201. 1d, 23h

    realhillwolf subscribed for 17 months!

    Hurry hurry go fast go fast!

  202. 1d, 23h

    Thagnok subscribed for 14 months!

  203. 1d, 23h

    Driosenth has cheered with 170 bits!

    pride170 "Wet sanitary rat in a stew." #TeamPalindrome (Also the sheet now tracks Upper Control and Lower Control Limits for splits so we can track consistency and time improvements statistically)

  204. 1d, 23h

    BtEtta subscribed for 60 months!

    5 years, and not as a "…since March" joke.

  205. 1d, 23h

    AlliterativeAlternative subscribed for 13 months!

    bus is comming

  206. 1d, 23h

    orthiar subscribed for 17 months!

    Alpha Flight bus go zoom.

  207. 1d, 23h

    Inglonias subscribed for 46 months!

    the world is burning. lets play some video games

  208. 1d, 23h

    autoglassrepair just subscribed, thanks to TheMerricat!

  209. 1d, 23h

    Roscoe_DarkHorse has cheered with 50 bits!

    cheer50 repair fees 4 of x ?