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Always compare everything to Spider-Man.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Dice Throne Adventures) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:11 from now).
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    pandajaks just subscribed!

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    Martin_FcG subscribed for 35 months!

    Just missed the spoopy bois. Ill wait for the Vod.

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    cheer500 So much for depth perception!

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    Charlie_Victor7 subscribed for 35 months!

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    BirkaBirkowski subscribed for 17 months!

    in the closeup on the pause screen you can still see her other eye thru the eyepatch lmao

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    Pride500 - One werewolf makes it

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    Cheer100 Zombie In A Zombie Movie!

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    Therberus has cheered with 5000 bits!

    Cheer5000 LRR content makes up about 80% of my internet media (shout out the youtube!), it's only fair that I contribute to your continuing success and also to the employee health insurance funds. Thank all the LRR's people for all you do, truly the world wouldn't be as good without in it raavaLove

  12. 19h

    cameronj115 subscribed for 10 months!

    I Love this show keep up the good work guys

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    3 months! Here’s to many more!

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    Can't have ads interrupting spoops

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    Nothing like saying YEP! to subscription while watching Let's Nope!

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    Cheer50 Here are some bits for you.

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    quick send a sub message to detract from the teen drama!

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    it's the hag of haggest haggler

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    8 months woop woop

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    what’s up gamers it’s me the working stiff

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    Boops for everyone!

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    Here's to a nice stream!

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    engaing in dingle bingle! (... what is it I'm doing? literally just got here as you said that)

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    Happy Spoop Times, y'all!

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    UnusuallyLargeMoth subscribed for 47 months!

    I heard Adam "Melon Crusher" Savidan demonstrated his incredibly powerful thighs- for his next trick I wanna see him crush a melon with his hand grip.

  50. 21h

    DanFromAus81 subscribed for 6 months!

    It could be worse. Could be Lance Boyle.

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    Beerdar, Beerdar, Beerdar, 2000!

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    25 months! thats a quarter of something I think! Glad to spend it with the spoop boys!

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    Some amount of months!

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    "What do you have there, Cori?" "KNIFE!" "NO!"

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    LurkerSpine has cheered with 100 bits!

    Cheer100 spooky books

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    A friend just got me this game for my Birthday

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    what did?

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    U won't tell adam you're the cool aunt

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    that's like 1/12th of 14 years

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    56 months, that's a long time. Is that before Covid? I don't remember time anymore.

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    how does one whamjangle Minecraft?

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    Anything to avoid the IKEA commercials...

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    Five whole years, time sure keeps on keeping on

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    The 7-year?

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    61 Months? I'm almost at a stack!

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    Pretend I'm funny, quick

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    2 years! have an awesome stream!

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    Good morning Serge and Uno!

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    oh look another button to press

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    Cheer50 Bits for the Bit Gods!

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    Pride500 - Glurp, glurp, glurp....thank glurp

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    cheer500 Thanks for the Glurp!

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    7 ate....9?!

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    Cheer169 Bits for my big ovoid baby

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    Oh hell yes it's the best game

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    it's been 14 months and it's time to start asking the hard-hitting questions.

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    Get-well-hugs for G

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    Any Thoughts on Crispix? Brilliant cereal, or waste or money?

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    Party100 Nice one, Adam!

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    /me drinks

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    oh heck, some of my favorite people! Sending y'all lots of good thoughts!

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    Cheer5000 Glurp for the Glurp god

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    There is now shark swimming in the glurp

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    21 months POG

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    The one year!

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    Cheer1000 touchdown emoji

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    GLURP PrideFloat

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    Oh we drinking Glurp PogChamp

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    oh no, I was told I have a glurp deficiency. does this equal a prescription strength glurp?

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    All Slivers are now Kirbys in addition to their other types!

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    Oh boy, Glurp, my favorite~ *chug chug chug chug chug chug*

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    39 months? that's almost glurp

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    Live LRR?!?! Live Glurp?!?! But its neither my birthday nor xmas?!?! What the heck is happening?!?!?!?!

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    Iiiiiiit's GLURPING time! lrrHORN

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    G L U R P

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    The 37 Button!

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    glurp glurp glurp

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    don't forget to drink a warm glass of glilk before bedtime

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    wooo end of stream resub

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    have some science bits ShowLove100

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    As always I have nothing worth adding but since Twitch thinks I should say it anyway… um… Hope everyone’s having a good day