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The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them.) at Sat 11:00 AM PST (12:51 from now).
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    throwntowolves subscribed for 70 months!

    Adam, Serge want to run some keys?

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    UNSANCTIONED MAGIC SOMEONE ALERT THE DCI! Thanks for all the awesomeness, y'all are awesome.

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    Happy 12 months. 😁

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    zoe_myr subscribed for 10 months!

    Adam is orange Cassidy the most powerful being in the AEW universe? like taker/Leaner is for WWE.

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    aliasv just subscribed, thanks to gnome_friend!

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    I'm...watching live? What is this PAX timezone madness?

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    HuntersCheer100 bonus20 #BlameJames

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    Reading the card explains the card!

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    glad to be 5 months with my favorite spoop bois.... wait, wrong stream :p

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    HuntersCheer700 bonus140 Fair and balanced magic.

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    Its UNbelievable how long I've been subbed!

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    Almost to two years. hard to believe I've been watching you on YouTube this long. Only pop in to sub :)

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    16 months, its Magic time!

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    Always fun seeing an unset

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    Yay! Silver bordered madness!

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    I’ll bet you say that to all the squirrels.

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    hidingbox subscribed for 15 months!

    This is Unsanctioned!!!

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    Held in the lion's eye—Zhalfirin saying meaning "caught in the moment of crisis"

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    Unsanctioned Fight Club HYPE

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    harvester369 subscribed for 42 months!

    I'm glad I get to catch this live tonight!

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    hi chat HI LRR :)

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    If I warn you NOW that you're about five months away from needing a new sub badge, is that enough lead time?

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    An unsanctioned re-sub!

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    It's coming!

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    I am SO READY for this sanctioned Unsanctioned event HuntersCheer250 bonus50

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    I am SO ready for some shenanigans.

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    FriendlyNeighborhoodGM subscribed for 45 months!

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    So...36 months, 34 month streak. That's 3 years. Man, I can only hope I see 3 more. Love what you all do, keep doing what you're doing. #BlameJames

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    KitTheThird subscribed for 9 months!

    Nobody's live right now, but, thank you lrrHEART I've been watching LRR since 2007, and I'm so lucky I found yall. You've helped me through high school, a really nasty breakup, and now grad school. Good community, good peeps. It's not enough, but thanQ!!!

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    HuntersCheer69 bonus13 Thanks for streaming Alex, Ian and Beej

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    cheer50 Bits

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    One year already! Thanks for all the fun!

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    Been A while since I resubbed on TTSY so Here I am

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    15 raiders from VieVentar have joined!
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    Is that the beginnings of an unstoppable automated house army I see before me? I for one, welcome our new cozy A.I. overlords!

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    Roadhog123 subscribed for 21 months!

    Woo! TTSF! with Alex!

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    2 1/2 years where has all the time gone?

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    HuntersCheer100 bonus20 TTSF brought to you by e_bloc

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    HuntersCheer100 bonus20 What was that about nobody wanting to sponsor you

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    Oop. Forgot the bits that were supposed to go with that. HuntersCheer250 bonus50

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    Wooooo! PAX!

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    breaking lurk-mode to thank y'all for getting me back into MtG!

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    Good luck sirs.

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    Irsaan subscribed for 7 months!

    M A G I C B O I S

  121. 1d, 7h

    ChiefEngineerMichael subscribed for 20 months!

    I didn't get to use this during the (mostly) penultimate Gameha¨us, so I'm using it now! I'm going to miss your particular one-on-one chat with... Chat, and I'm hoping we'll get to see you in something more to make up for our "Alone with Adam" time!

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    cheer100 Can you enable Cardboard, please?

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    Can I transfer 27K Channel Points to Seabats for...reasons?

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    Oh, thank Kytheon, the good draft set is back!

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    Magic, magic, magic, magic. lrrHEART lrrAWESOME

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    Loving the look of the new merch on the lrr store :)

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    32 months I'm really starting to invest in this show lol

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    have a sub-six-year-old

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    I lurk, I sub , I lurk again!

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    Two sub-babies? That's almost a full baby!

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    heya beej and have a wonderful day

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    made it

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    amazon's been letting me give you guys money for how long!?

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    I iz bak!

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    First live stream I've caught in aaaaages! Glad to be back.

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    long time listener, 28th time subber. Thanks for being awesome and i cannot WAIT to buy that pride shirt at Pax Tomorrow!

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    Checkin points

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    got no message here

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    Checkpoint? Subpoint!

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