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Please keep in mind that many of the following quotes are taken out of context, be it for comedic effect or out of necessity. Take all of them with a grain of salt and bear in mind they don't necessarily reflect their originators' views and opinions. That being said, if you find any quote to be particularly awful, please notify the moderator of your choice to have its removal evaluated.
  1. #51
    When a man loves a cartoon pony very much… they share a very special kind of shame… and then he sticks it in her pooper.
    — Julie and Cameron [2015-02-26]
  2. #50
    Don't be vulgar, Chat!
    — Cameron [2015-02-12]
  3. #49
    I'm *tumescent*. That's how excited I am.
    — Cameron [2015-02-12]
  4. #48
    I don't quite like weaponizing my ability to make conversation.
    — Cameron [2015-02-12]
  5. #47
    What are words? Nobody knows what words are. Least of all me. I tried looking into words once. Didn't take.
    — Graham [2015-03-20]
  6. #46
    Our long national crisis is at an over.
    — Graham [2015-03-20]
  7. #45
    Our usual Chat can be reasoned with.
    — Graham [2015-03-20]
  8. #44
    I'm full of alcohol.
    — Graham [2015-03-20]
  9. #43
    You have to get up pretty early in the morning to have enough time to tell James how bad he is at Minecraft.
    — Paul [2015-03-18]
  10. #41
    It is tree sex time out here.
    — Kathleen [2015-03-13]
  11. #40
    Do you want me to, like, burp or vomit or something so I can get in on this… trifecta?
    — Graham [2015-03-14]
  12. #39
    I'm gonna give away these earrings. Let me just poop on them first.
    — Kathleen [2015-03-16]
  13. #38
    I don't think I've ever had a fluffy poo.
    — Kathleen [2015-03-13]
  14. #37
    I just wrap my loins in toilet paper. Saves time.
    — Alex [2015-03-13]
  15. #36
    More VIT!
    — Omega_Lairon
  16. #35
    I think I may have just had a tiny stroke.
    — Cameron [2015-03-13]
  17. #34
    Our cats still staunchly refuse to get jobs.
    — Graham [2015-02-27]
  18. #33
    I am no longer moist.
    — Alex [2015-03-13]
  19. #32
    It's the antithesis of all that is good and right in the world: a treasure chest that bites you.
    — Paul [2015-03-09]
  20. #31
    There is invisible siege weaponry, that only I can see… because I am being assisted by the soul of a door.
    — Paul [2015-03-09]
  21. #30
    Retrospect is 20/20.
    — Adam [2015-03-08]
  22. #29
    I kind of like the idea of a shipping container full of bootleg Botox catching fire in the port of Vancouver.
    — Cameron [2015-03-05]
  23. #28
    Alright, let's just chug a fetus.
    — Cameron [2015-03-05]
  24. #27
    We now have mutilated baby heads everywhere. I hope you're happy with yourself.
    — Serge [2015-03-07]
  25. #26
    I'm so moist.
    — Paul [2015-03-02]