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When you punch a polar bear, that's bedtime.
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Please keep in mind that many of the following quotes are taken out of context, be it for comedic effect or out of necessity. Take all of them with a grain of salt and bear in mind they don't necessarily reflect their originators' views and opinions. That being said, if you find any quote to be particularly awful, please notify the moderator of your choice to have its removal evaluated.
  1. #164
    I didn't get to where I am in this game, i.e. making no progress ever, by being cautious.
    — Cameron [2015-04-19]
  2. #163
    I don't like murdering men in wheelchairs… but sometimes it's useful to do so.
    — Cameron [2015-04-19]
  3. #162
    Could I just start injecting my thigh directly with vodka?
    — Cameron [2015-04-16]
  4. #161
    It seems a bit presumptuous to worry about my mental health as I wander through this city murdering people for no apparent reason.
    — Cameron [2015-04-16]
  5. #160
    A capacity to feel terror is really at the core of who I am.
    — Cameron [2015-04-16]
  6. #159
    I'm not very good at this game. But I will yell at it more than most people. So, I hope you are entertained.
    — Cameron [2015-04-16]
  7. #158
    If your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong.
    — Cameron [2015-04-16]
  8. #157
    Pee in my cube!
    — Alex [2015-04-24]
  9. #156
    I take instructions from other people like orangutans take typing lessons.
    — Kathleen [2015-04-22]
  10. #155
    Nobody wants to poop in the dark.
    — Heather [2015-04-22]
  11. #154
    He's like a vending machine. You insert bullets and death falls out.
    — Alex [2015-04-21]
  12. #153
    According to McDonald's official canon…
    — Graham [2015-04-23]
  13. #152
    That's not how roads work! You can't do that!
    — James [2015-04-23]
  14. #151
    James accidentally turned on the XBox with his face.
    — Graham [2015-04-23]
  15. #150
    I'm a cruel god.
    — James [2015-04-23]
  16. #149
    This pile of meat is gushing all over me.
    — Alex [2015-04-21]
  17. #148
    We need a youth culture that goes and hangs out in landfills.
    — AlexanderDitto [2015-04-22]
  18. #147
    I seem to be firmly inserted into this insect.
    — Alex [2015-04-28]
  19. #146
    Isn't learning and filling your trousers with stool fun?
    — Alex [2015-04-28]
  20. #145
    I just have to wait for the frog thing to arrive and murder everybody.
    — Beej [2015-04-20]
  21. #144
    Let's go to a less dangerous level… the island covered in fire!
    — Paul [2015-04-20]
  22. #143
    Mucus is extremely motivating.
    — Kathleen [2015-04-20]
  23. #142
    Hooray! I got f*cked by past me!
    — Alex [2014-12-09]
  24. #141
    It's the scariest of all monsters: the Jumping Jack Dinosaur.
    — Paul [2015-04-06]
  25. #140
    I always wanted to spend my afternoon very clumsily shooting at Germans.
    — Alex [2015-04-18]