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In space, you can't jump.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Hobby day continues with ZOIDS! Sturm Tyrann Build Part 3 with Alex & Cameron along for the ride.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (11:31 from now).
Please keep in mind that many of the following quotes are taken out of context, be it for comedic effect or out of necessity. Take all of them with a grain of salt and bear in mind they don't necessarily reflect their originators' views and opinions. That being said, if you find any quote to be particularly awful, please notify the moderator of your choice to have its removal evaluated.
  1. #100
    Do you remember me? I'm the man who wants to give you a tickle.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  2. #99
    I have a giant soft spot for tubas. They're cute.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  3. #98
    I think it would be unwise to stream all night and then call in sick at a job with very internet savvy people.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  4. #97
    I like the idea that I'm fighting with just a giant, serrated straight razor.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  5. #96
    I will never date a tenor again. It's baritones and basses all the way down.
    — Mia [2015-04-02]
  6. #95
    Every single molecule in my body is itching today.
    — Mia [2015-04-02]
  7. #94
    You go here when you die and then you hallucinate for a while and then you come back to life and you murder more people.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  8. #93
    Hell, the Gospels are fan-fiction.
    — Cameron [2015-04-02]
  9. #92
    If you want to become a digestive tract and a head, you just have to take out the parts that don't fit that. Done.
    — Heather [2015-04-04]
  10. #91
    I profusely apologize for being the source of most screaming in this game.
    — Alex [2015-04-04]
  11. #90
    I run in skirts all the time.
    — Adam [2015-04-04]
  12. #89
    Is there a button we can press to experience grief?
    — Alex [2015-04-04]
  13. #88
    So is this game, like, nothing but hobos and werewolves from hell to breakfast?
    — Cameron [2015-04-01]
  14. #87
    To be fair, he is a literal monster. I'm just an *sshole.
    — Graham [2015-04-01]
  15. #86
    I put my whole hand inside a pig's butt and pulled out its innards.
    — Graham [2015-04-01]
  16. #85
    Sloths are awesome. They are one of my favourite animals.
    — Paul [2015-04-01]
  17. #84
    Most of my regrets in life is trusting James.
    — Felix [2015-04-03]
  18. #83
    James' stream is the party stream.
    — Graham [2015-04-03]
  19. #82
    The last thing I need is more Magic cards.
    — Graham [2015-04-03]
  20. #81
    I'm so sad. I really, really wanted that wall meat.
    — Alex [2015-03-31]
  21. #80
    Hail Satan!
    — Adam and James [2015-03-28]
  22. #79
    I think we just got one-shotted by jiggling dick man.
    — Alex [2015-04-03]
  23. #78
    Chat has me confused and I don't like it.
    — Adam [2015-03-28]
  24. #77
    Everybody knows that people who touch me light on fire.
    — Adam [2015-03-28]
  25. #76
    It's not that I don't believe you, it's that I don't believe *in* you.
    — Felix [2015-04-02]