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Please keep in mind that many of the following quotes are taken out of context, be it for comedic effect or out of necessity. Take all of them with a grain of salt and bear in mind they don't necessarily reflect their originators' views and opinions. That being said, if you find any quote to be particularly awful, please notify the moderator of your choice to have its removal evaluated.
  1. #8549
    Real-world physics is such a downer.
    — Paul [2023-05-29]
    Rocket League on Crossing the Streams
  2. #8548
    Palms are free real estate.
    — Az [2023-05-29]
    Art on Rhythm Cafe
  3. #8547
    Do not waste katana!
    — Cori [2023-05-29]
    Art on Rhythm Cafe
  4. #8546
    My parents instilled in me an unnecessary sense of responsibility.
    — Ian [2023-05-28]
    Melatonin on Rhythm Cafe
  5. #8545
    Who's better at destroying evidence? Let's find out!
    — Heather [2023-05-28]
    Melatonin on Rhythm Cafe
  6. #8544
    My manners compel me to say "thank you", but be aware I don't mean it.
    — Ian [2023-05-27]
    Special Events on LoadingReadyLive
  7. #8543
    You seem like a man who likes to lick things.
    — Bengineering, to Beej [2023-05-27]
    Special Events on LoadingReadyLive
  8. #8542
    Can we make a pact this summer to get me to use a chainsaw on something?
    — Alex [2023-05-22]
    Jackbox Party Packs on Crossing the Streams
  9. #8541
    Horse club: we live with our choices.
    — Carrie [2023-05-22]
    Art on Rhythm Cafe
  10. #8540
    And people say this is the wholesome stream." "DO they?
    — Ian and Heather [2023-05-21]
    Beat Blitz on Rhythm Cafe
  11. #8539
    The less said about nut milk on this stream, the better.
    — Ian [2023-05-21]
    Beat Blitz on Rhythm Cafe
  12. #8538
    Yeah, Magic players are idiots.
    — Wheeler [2023-05-19]
    Magic: The Gathering on Friday Night Paper Fight
  13. #8537
    Stick your head in the gramophone, Kathleen, it'll all be okay.
    — Cori [2023-05-15]
    PowerWash Simulator on Crossing the Streams
  14. #8536
    I can't jump when I'm grasping the gnome.
    — Ben [2023-05-15]
    PowerWash Simulator on Crossing the Streams
  15. #8535
    I am the villain.
    — Angel [2023-05-15]
    Art on Rhythm Cafe
  16. #8534
    I'm about to make some very poor decisions.
    — Beej [2023-05-13]
    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Bonus Stream
  17. #8533
    If you have to ask who baby is, you're probably baby.
    — Serge [2023-05-12]
    Magic: The Gathering on Friday Night Paper Fight
  18. #8532
    I need 50 pounds of grubs.
    — Cori [2023-05-08]
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince on Crossing the Streams
  19. #8531
    The score is, Heather wins.
    — Heather [2023-05-07]
    Mozart Requiem on Rhythm Cafe
  20. #8530
    He's a video game character, he's not gonna need all those organs.
    — Heather [2023-05-05]
    Just Chatting on CheckPoint Plus
  21. #8529
    I called it!...other then the time I flip-flopped.
    — Cori [2023-05-05]
    Marvel's Midnight Suns on Play it Forward
  22. #8528
    Do you think being a swarm of bugs counts as a negative condition?
    — Adam [2023-05-04]
    Board Games on LRRMtG
  23. #8527
    It may look silly, but I once flashed a statue and it gave me treasure.
    — Cori [2023-05-03]
    Marvel's Midnight Suns on Play it Forward
  24. #8526
    When you're on the train, you're on the train. To the train.
    — Ian [2023-04-29]
    Special Events on Friday Night Paper Fight
  25. #8525
    I'm not here to make optimal doughnut plays.
    — Bengineering [2023-04-26]
    Board Games on AFK